Wild Rose (2018) Movie Script

[acoustic guitar strumming]
[mellow steel guitar notes]
[woman] Never get too big
Never get too heavy
You never get too cool
You stop paying your dues
Oh, yeah
What can a poor boy do?
Better go back to your mama
Oh, she'll take care of you
Christ, I'll no' miss that country
rubbish first thing in the morning.
I bet you'll miss methough, eh?
I hope I get the chance to.
Stay out drinking
Till the morning comes
Oh, yeah
- What can a poor boy do?
- Autograph, please.
[inmate] You're gonnae
be the next Dolly Parton!
- Go on, yourself!
- Cheerio! Cheerio! Cheerio!
- Fuck! Oh, yeah!
- Country girl
Take my hand
Lead me through this
diseased land...
Can you keep your foot still, please?
[laughs] I've appealed it, so
it'll be off before it's on.
Well, while it's on, you cannot
leave the registered address
after 7.00 at night until
7.00 the next morning.
Is that me?
Got to keep on keeping on
Fuck's sake!
Crazy women mess your head
Wake up drunk and bleeding
In some strange bed
Oh, yeah
What can a poor boy do?
- [warder] And don't come back!
- You better go back to your mama
Oh, she'll take care of you
Oh, country girl
Take my hand
Lead me through
this diseased land
I am tired, I am weak
I am worn
I have stole, I have sinned
Oh, my soul is unclean
Country girl got to
keep on keeping on
Country girl
Got to keep on keeping on
I go out walking
After midnight out
in the moonlight
Just like we used to do
I'm always walking...
- He's in his bath.
- "Hello, Rose-Lynn.
Would you like a cup of tea? How are you?"
[man] I'm always
walking after midnight
Searching for you
[woman] Cover yourself, for God's sake!
Cover yourself!
[bell ringing]
[Rose-Lynn moans]
[Rose-Lynn] Oh, fuck, yeah!
[imitating American accent] All
the way from Glasgow, Scotland,
please welcome a little girl
by the name of Rose-Lynn Harlan
to the Opry.
Rose-Lynn Harlan, ladies and gentlemen,
performing for the first time
here in Nashville, Tennessee.
- [Rose-Lynn] Whoo!
- Fuckin'-A.
Right, I'll see you.
- When?
- [siren wailing in distance]
[birds chirping]
[gate squeaks]
[doorbell chimes]
[boy] Mum!
[Rose-Lynn] Oh, hi.
[door creaks]
Come on, Lyle. Come on.
Where do you think you're going,
all done up like a fish supper?
[chuckling] Christ, he's
got you down, so he has.
That's scary. Don't do that.
Anyway, I'm not going anywhere.
I'm having my dinner wi' yous.
[Lyle chatters to himself]
[chatters to himself]
He never shuts up, you never speak.
What's going on in there,
eh? Sponsored silence?
Did you miss me, eh? Hmm?
[door opens]
[door closes]
- [sighs]
- [woman] Rose-Lynn?
- I thought you were your mum there.
- [Rose-Lynn laughs]
That cannae have been 12 month.
The time's went in like that.
- Aye.
- [door opens]
Hello, Marion!
Night, both of you.
[door closes]
She looks good. Amanda.
Aye. So she should. Enough time at it.
- Does she still lie out here on tin foil?
- Oh, aye.
One peek of the sun and
that one's in a bikini.
- Other day she was in after my butter.
- Your butter?
Puts it all over her.
"It's natural, Marion."
Aye, natural if you're a roll.
[Rose-Lynn chuckles]
Mary was gonna come tonight to see you,
but she's awful bad
with her arthritis, so...
- Oh, that's a shame.
- Aye.
It's in her knees now so
that's her had to retire.
It's, uh...
Eight pound an hour, holidays.
Says she'll see you into
it as a favour to me.
Cleaning, aye? Aye, very good.
Why, what were you thinking?
Thinking? No.
I wasnae thinking. I've just got
out. Don't you worry about me.
No, I wasnae. I was
thinking about your kids.
I'm going to Nashville.
Well, you better mind your tag doesnae
go off when you're going through security.
First thing I'm going down the
Opry I'm gonna get my job back
and I'm gonna work for it.
There's nothing for me here.
There I can be honing my
craft, out gigging every night.
Honing your cra...?
Do you not think you've
sacrificed enough for that fantasy?
- Have we all not sacrificed enough?
- How's it a fantasy?
- It's the only thing I'm good at.
- Learn a trade.
- Go to college.
- You're not listening.
I don't care what you do, but do something.
I've got my talent and I'm gonna use that.
Have you not been watching telly?
There's no shortage of folk who can sing.
[door slams]
[man on TV] ...a high, distinctive
whistle as they fly home over the water.
- [banging]
- Argh.
Fuck's sake!
[muffled scream]
[woman on stereo]
I beg your pardon
[instructor] Here we go. Step and swivel.
- Back to back, out, in.
- I never promised you a rose garden
- Along with the sunshine
- Turn.
[instructor] Come on,
Sandra. Watch your feet!
Oh, the Lone Ranger rides into town.
Do you wanna get me a wee beer, Jackie?
[instructor] Watch me!
Don't watch your neighbour!
Eyes on me, no' your neighbour!
[Rose-Lynn] So, what have I missed?
[Jackie] Was there mice before?
- [Rose-Lynn] Aye.
- Well, then,
there's nothing new under the sun.
I hear you're on the tag.
Cannae fart round here.
Aye, I am, but I've appealed it, so
a couple of weeks I'll be brand-new.
Fridays and Saturdays, boom.
Fridays and Saturdays we've
got Mississippi Tundra.
[Rose-Lynn] Who?
[Rose-Lynn laughs]
Christ, yous must be desperate!
Nobody wants to see a
convicted criminal up there.
Folk come here to get away from all that.
Johnny Cash was a convicted
criminal, you bawbag.
Anyway, away back to your mousetraps.
I need this job, Jackie,
and it's my fucking band.
It's the house band. You're
your own worst enemy, you.
I wouldnae agree. There's
strong competition.
- Fuck you! Fuck off!
- Fucking stupid cow!
- You nicked my job, did you?
- Get off! Get off me!
- Get your hands off me!
- Get out.
- Ten year I've been working here.
- Right, you're barred.
- Get out!
- Fucking no-fucking-hopers' clubhouse!
[Alan] You're an animal. An animal!
[bottle smashes]
[woman] Didn't know you were on mornings.
- How's your lassie?
- [Marion] Oh, ask me tomorrow.
[lively chatter]
He lives in the bottom half of the house.
There's another house up the stair.
My mate Andy lives there.
And then they bought the house next door.
Lauren lives next door with a wee balcony.
[woman] I've been living On
the wrong side of Memphis
I'm really breaking
away this time
A full tank of gas
and a '69 Tempest
Taking me to that
Nashville sign
No turning back,
I've come too far
I'm headed down 40
With my old guitar...
[song continues through headphones]
[intercom beeps]
Fuck's sake!
They've got CCTV,
so anything you do to that
gate, we can see from in here.
I've not done anything to the gate.
You were effing and blinding at the gate.
Shoes off.
[woman chattering on phone]
Ah, that's so sweet. [chuckles]
Oh, yeah, that's fine. That's fine.
[whispering] Come in and sit down.
Yeah, I've got to go.
I've got someone here.
Ah. Okay.
Pleasure. Speak to you later. Bye.
Hello! I'm Susannah.
- Hi.
- Thanks for coming.
So, um... where have you
been working before now?
She's been up in Stirling.
Haven't you, Rose-Lynn?
But she's no plans to go back.
- Oh, it's beautiful up there.
- Majestic.
Right, I'm off to spend a penny.
So, it's 12 an hour.
Twelve? Actually, Mary gets...
Eight pound? Right, but...
she can afford to go that low
because she's on the brew as well.
Brew? She drinks?
- I don't think Mary drinks.
- No, no.
The brew is like, you know, the dole.
- Really?
- Mm, yeah, yeah.
Whereas I'll not be up
to anything like that.
It's just not me. Know what I mean?
Don't embarrass her by mentioning it.
Oh, you were needing more bleach, Susannah.
I'll give you the receipt for it.
Oh, okay. Thanks.
- Oh, Jesus!
- Rose-Lynn? Sorry.
Um, I'm just gonna pop out and...
- I'll be back in about an hour, okay?
- Okay.
Or... or maybe less.
I'm in and out all day so I don't
know when I'll be back. Just...
- [music playing on headphones]
- Great.
Right, see you in a bit.
[vacuum cleaner restarts]
[front door closes]
[vacuum cleaner off]
[car door closes]
[car drives off]
[Rose-Lynn whistles]
- [clock ticking]
- [sniffs]
[muffled music on headphones]
[music playing]
Well, you've broken your
vow And it's all over now
But someday, baby When
you've had your pay
You're gonna want your
mama But your mama will say
Keep movin' on
You been away too long
Well, I'm through with you
It's too bad you're blue
I'm movin' on
That big eight-wheeler
Rollin' down the track
Means your true-lovin'
mama Ain't comin' back
I'm movin' on
I'll soon be gone
You were flying too high
For my little sky...
Fuck! Jesus! Fuck!
- [vacuum cleaner off]
- Yous gave me a shock.
- Where's your mum?
- [both] Parking the car.
Yous are like something
out of The Shining.
[boy] What's "The Shining"?
[clock ticking]
Well, are yous coming in?
[child squeals in distance]
[bird chattering]
[Marion] There's a yeasty smell in here.
[woman] What kind of smell is it?
- Yeasty.
- What smell?
Well, I don't know, but it sure as
hell isnae somebody baking bread.
- Hang on a minute.
- [music on phone]
She won't touch ham and
he won't eat anything but,
and they've both now decided
they don't like yoghurt.
Have you got a calendar?
You need a calendar.
For putting down their gym days
and their holidays and if they're
needing to bring something in.
Nine times out of ten
they willnae tell you,
so you need to go through
their bags once a week
and you need to pay these.
You can do it. You've got a wage
now and you can pay in instalments.
Your gas, your water
and your electricity...
your TV licence as well.
Okay-smokey. Well, that's you set up here.
Remember, you have to be
in immediate range of that
from 7.00 at night until
7.00 in the morning, okay?
- [knocking]
- [man] Hello?
- Hi?
- Excuse me?
- Hi. Yeah?
- Is that your wee boy out here?
- Lyle?
- [Lyle] Open up, it's the police!
- Lyle? Lyle!
- Hi-ya!
- Hi...
- [Marion] Get in here.
Right now!
[pans clattering]
Right, that's me away.
You know where I am...
if you need me.
No, no, you're staying
here with your mammy.
But you'll see me every day.
You'll see me every day, dafty.
[Lyle] I'm coming home with you.
[Marion] No, you stay with
your mammy. Now, be a good boy.
Come on, take hold of him now.
- Take hold of him.
- [Lyle cries]
[Rose-Lynn] Come on. Shh, shh.
[Lyle] I want to go with my granny!
[Rose-Lynn] No, you don't. Shh, shh.
- [Lyle screams]
- [Rose-Lynn] Come on, Lyle.
[Lyle] I don't wanna stay here!
[Lyle continues screaming]
[train rumbling past in distance]
[chattering outside]
See, on Friday, will we
go out for our dinner?
I remember what your favourite is.
It's pizza.
I like sausage, cheese, tomato.
She likes cheese, tomato and cheese.
[Rose-Lynn] Are you coming with us?
- [Rose-Lynn] Right, that's me away.
- Okay.
The kids tell me you're a
country and western singer.
Are you taking the piss?
No! No, not at all. Why do you say that?
Country and western? No, it's just country.
Oh, I didn't realise.
You must be very good because all
I've heard all week is "Rose-Lynn."
- Why country?
- 'Cause it's three chords and the truth.
And it goes like that, just
gets whatever's in there out.
Anyways, I'll see you next week.
Thanks very much. Bye.
[chattering, laughing]
All right. Thanks.
Oh, sorry. After you.
Him, that fucking prick.
Shit. Sorry, mate. Fuck.
- [woman] Get out!
- Fuck.
- Oh, sorry, pal. Sorry.
- Watch yourself.
- Ah, don't worry about it. It's fine.
- [groans]
I'm all right, Davey.
- That's me. You fucking idiot!
- No, no, no. I just fell on the floor.
- Where you going?
- I've got my curfew.
Never mind the curfew. Come on, stay.
- Drink mine.
- Stay. Oi!
[phone ringing]
Hello. Galloways the
butcher's. What can I get you?
Yeah, I'm playing with you.
I'm only kidding you on.
Aye, yeah, Rose-Lynn Harlan.
I'm here.
All right, okay, bye.
- Oh...
- What happened to pizza?
You cannae promise them
something and then just disappear.
- You cannae do that.
- I didnae disappear.
I was at my work, waiting on my wages.
Please! You're not
fooling anybody, Rose-Lynn.
And you cannae fool me.
See, you tell them something,
you don't go back on it.
That's basic.
That's basic.
[Marion] Right, pizza. Come on.
[Lyle] You don't like pizza.
[Marion] I'll have something else.
[woman] I am an old woman
Named after my mother
[lively chatter]
My old man is another
child That's grown old
If dreams were thunder
And lightning was desire
This old house would Have
burnt down a long time ago
Make me an angel That
flies from Montgomery
Make me a poster...
[country music playing inside house]
...wild side of life
- As I listen to the words...
- Kitty Wells! What a trailblazer.
I've been listening to this stuff since
you left on Friday and I can't stop.
It's a revelation. See you in a bit.
It wasn't God Who
made honky-tonk angels
As you said in the
words of your song
[steam hisses]
- [knocking]
- Come in.
You know, I was um... I was just thinking,
I could give you some recommendations.
Like, strong women and all that.
Oh, I'd love that. I'd love
that. I'd love to hear you sing.
Where do you sing? Is there,
um... Is there a scene?
Oh, no, no. No, there's fuck-all here.
It's actually what I'm...
- I'm actually trying to get to Nashville.
- Oh.
I'm needing to raise a couple of
grand so I can get flights and a hotel.
I cannae drive, so I'm
needing a driver as well.
It wouldnae be more than two or
three, definitely less than five.
Rose-Lynn, I...
I'm sorry, I can't just give you
money, if that's what you're suggesting.
- I'm sure it wasn't.
- No, it was.
- I can't do that.
- How no'?
I'm not being funny, but I just thought
with all the smelly
candles burning everywhere
and bottled water and all
that, you wouldnae miss it.
I'll be old and grey before
I've saved up, whereas you...
I mean, yous could just
drink out of the tap.
Anyways, never mind.
[door slams]
What are you actually doing...
while you're waiting, saving to go?
I've been the star fucking attraction at
Glasgow's Grand Ole Opry since I was 14.
- And?
- And what?
Why haven't you gone in for
one of those TV talent shows?
They're no' for folk who can sing.
They're for folk who want to sit in
with their saag aloo and watch the telly.
Isn't it a way of meeting someone here
who can introduce you to someone there?
There's nobody here. That's why I'm away.
No one in the whole of Britain
knows anything about country music?
- Except me.
- Except you?
Yeah. And Bob Harris.
Who's that?
Well, he's a DJ at BBC Radio 2.
Pure legend, man. Ancient wee guy.
He knows everything about country
music. All the stars, they're his pals.
[Susannah] That's great.
That's who you need to write to.
Aye, yeah, it's good thinking. I'll
just away and pop round his house!
No, I cannae do this.
- Why not?
- 'Cause I feel like a fanny.
Okay, you two, go on outside.
- No!
- Yes, ten minutes.
All we're gonna do is
listen outside the door.
It's... it's fine. It's fine. It's cool.
- You sure?
- Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
[computer beeps]
Hey, kids, turn off the TV
No, I don't wanna
watch The evening news
So come on over here
Sit down next to me
And let your
mama look at you
And you and you
Your beautiful faces
That I wanna keep safe
As long as I can
I'm telling you right now
There's gonna be
peace in this house
There's gonna be
peace in this house
Gonna be some tender talking
And some sweet
little nothings that
Add up to the somethings
We can't live without
There's gonna be
peace in this house
Some belief in this house
Every good thing
that ever happens
Happens from the inside out
I'm telling you now
There's gonna be peace
- [clapping]
- [exhales]
Goodness! Amazing!
[clapping, chattering continue]
- [Susannah] Want to stay for dinner?
- Oh, no, thank you.
So, where do you stay, Rose-Lynn?
- Ah, Pollok way.
- Aye, yeah.
- Sam's from Clydebank.
- Clydebank?
How did you get here from
Clydebank, break in through a window?
Learned a trade from my father
and then I started up on my own.
[Rose-Lynn] Aye? What trade?
Is that they big glass things
stuck on the side of houses?
I'm no' being funny, but who
needs a conservatory in Glasgow?
- You'd be surprised.
- Oh, aye, I would be.
- [Sam] What are you looking for?
- [Rory] iPad.
- [Sam] Did Mum say you can have it? No?
- [Susannah] No.
Tell you what, let's go
play some football, eh?
Oh, you're getting heavy, boy.
- Do you want kids, Rose-Lynn?
- Aye, yeah.
Just not yet.
How was school today?
Is Mrs Pat still there?
Oh, she hated me, Mrs Pat.
Is Miss McDonald still your favourite?
Miss McDonald left.
[water running]
[train rumbling in distance]
- You hungry?
- Mm-hmm.
[Susannah] I've got something.
"Dear Susannah, so wonderful to
hear from you after all this time.
I passed your email on to Liz.
Remember Liz used to piss in the sink?"
She, um... Oh, she works on
the Today programme
and she sent the link to her
husband who covers sport for Radio 2
and he forwarded the link
to Bob Harris's producer.
Oh, my God!
- Oh, my fucking God!
- Wait.
"Bob would be very happy to meet her
if she fancied coming down to London
to watch a live recording."
Do you know how many times
I've written to that wee bastard
and how many BBC pens I got back in return?
How did you do that? How
did you even fucking do that?
- Sent a few emails.
- I cannae be...
I cannae believe it. I'm fucking shaking.
- That is just...
- Oh.
Thank you, thank you. That
is fucking mental. Brilliant!
Bob Harris?
Whispering Bob Harris?
[gasps, sings] BBC Radio 2
Aye, I know, I know. It's mad.
That would be some doors
he could open for you.
Is... Is it all right if you babysit?
Oh, of course she will.
- How did this come about?
- Susannah.
Oh. Very nice of her to help you.
Can she unlock tags as well?
You served 12 months
for attempting to smuggle a
package of heroin into Cornton Vale
by throwing it over the perimeter fence.
I didnae know it was heroin.
But you were reckless as to
what the package contained.
If you mean, was I off my face and
didnae ask what was in it, then aye.
I had wains and everything
and they give me the jail.
Pure ridiculous.
That's what my advocate said at
the time... it's no' my fault.
Well, whose fault was it?
Well, it was the judge's, obviously,
for giving me the sentence.
Your Lordship,
a more contrite young lady
it would be hard to find.
Ms Harlan has done a
lot of soul-searching.
She has... dug deep.
And she's put her childish ways behind her.
She now works full-time as a daily woman
and her children are
living with her once again.
Though Ms Harlan is no longer in prison,
neither is she free.
Wearing a tag means she is
unable to seek employment
in her own line of work.
- You just told me she's a daily woman.
- Yes.
But if you turn the page, sir...
you'll see my client is also
a promising young country
and western singer.
[Rose-Lynn scoffs] Oh, for God's sake.
It's just "country."
[louder] It's just "country."
My lord, this young lady must
be allowed out in the evenings
if she is to make a new start.
- [music playing]
- [chattering]
- [cheering]
- Yeah!
- You are barred.
- You can take that up with my lawyer
who'll be having a whisky and Coke.
[Elliott laughs]
[Jackie] Oi, you! Oi,
you, what did I just say?
She's barred!
Outlaw State Of Mind!
- Jack, tell her!
- ...in no time at all...
- Go back to your mice!
- What is this? What the fuck?
Stop that, will you?
- [Alan] This is a joke!
- Off you bop.
[man] Ladies and gentlemen,
- Rose-Lynn Harlan!
- Whoo!
- Come on!
- You bitch!
Cut my teeth on
Daddy's old LGO
And I lost my mind
Somewhere in New Mexico
And TW put a
snake on my back
I keep a red bar on my side
And there's people
all across the land
From East Kentucky
down to Alabama
Whole lot like I
am all the time
I'm in an outlaw
state of mind
- Come on, Glasgow!
- [cheering]
[applause, whistling]
I got friends who know
How to have a good time
Yeah, they roll their own
Drinking Carolina shine
I've seen the devil
In a dark coal mine
I've been higher
than a Georgia pine
And there's people
all across the land
From West Kentucky
down the Rio Grande
Just don't give a damn
All the time
I'm in an outlaw
state of mind
[whistling, cheering]
Come on!
Sorry, sorry.
There's people all
across the land
From New York down
to old San Fran
Who just don't give a damn
Oh, I'm in an
outlaw state of
[Rose-Lynn] Oh, thank you very much.
First class! I hope you're not
expecting me to give you money for that.
Ah, gracious as ever.
There you go, just in case.
Oh... Oh!
- [whistles]
- Thank you, thank you!
Fuck, fuck. This is fucking
me off the fucking blocks!
Right. I'll see you when I come back.
Bye, bye.
[tannoy] We'd like to welcome
passengers travelling with us today
from Glasgow Central.
That's good, isn't it?
You get your breakfast.
You're lovely. You're fine.
Don't you worry about it.
- He sweats around girls.
- Shut up!
Free toast and tea. Free bacon
rolls and nobody's touching it.
- That's not bad, is it?
- It's a waste.
Do you want one? Here,
I'll get you one. My shout.
[all laugh]
[all chant] Bacon rolls,
bacon rolls, bacon rolls!
Bacon rolls, bacon
rolls, bacon rolls
Jump in.
- Go on, go!
- Good luck.
See you! Bye!
You seen my bag?
- Sorry?
- I left my bag here.
I left my bag and my jacket on this seat.
Um, I think you took it with you.
No, I didnae take it with me. I left
it here. It cannae just disappear.
Did...? Did anyone come and take it?
How is it not your responsibility?
'Cause this is all I've got now.
That and these. Just tell me. Tell
me, what is it I'm meant to do?
The train was thoroughly checked
and nothing's been handed in.
You might be best talking
to the transport police
and getting a crime reference number.
Are you okay?
Do you need to phone someone?
I'm only trying to help her.
Sorry! Excuse me!
Sorry. Sorry, mate.
Hi, I'm looking for the
B... I'm looking for the BBC.
Right, okay, you'll need
to take the Tube down to...
What? No, I don't have any mon...
Do you know where the BBC is?
Oh, thank fucking God!
Hi. Rose-Lynn Harlan.
- Who are you here to see?
- Bob Harris.
- Have you got any ID?
- No.
No, some bastard stole my
bag on the way here, so no.
Right. I'm gonna need you to sign in.
What, is it MI5 here?
Jeez, they give you less
hassle in the police station.
- Are you Rose-Lynn?
- Aye.
Hello. I'm Mark, Bob's producer.
Oh, jeez, it's so good to see you, boy.
- [gulps]
- You got here, then?
Aye, I did.
So, the studio is through here,
and... round here is our control room
and in the control room is Bob Harris.
- You must be Rose-Lynn.
- I cannae believe it's you. Oh!
Honest to God, I thought you'd be tiny wee.
[both chuckle]
Oh, is that where they go,
Miranda Lambert and all that?
- All they folk who come in here?
- It is, yeah.
And we've got someone
fabulous playing later.
Would you like to have a look around?
So, this is very exciting,
meeting a home-grown country star.
From Glasgow! I mean, it's
a great music city, Glasgow.
Oh, yeah? I'm trying to get
to Nashville, obviously, but...
I mean, who's ever heard of
a country singer from Glasgow?
That's ridiculous. It cannae be.
Why not?
See my life? My life's like
being one of these transsexuals.
You know? When you're born a man, but
you were meant to come out a lassie.
Yeah, that is me. I should
have been born in America.
I'm an American, but here I am.
- Do you write?
- Oh, no.
- Can you play?
- [burps] No.
Honestly, I don't think it matters
whether you're from Glasgow,
Scotland or Glasgow, Kentucky
if you've got a voice and
you've got something to say.
I watched your link, and
you really do have a voice.
So, what do you need to say?
[acoustic guitar playing]
Don't waste your
life on that guitar
You may get gone But
you won't get far
You're not the first
You won't be the last
You can tell us all about it
When you come crawling back
That road you're on
Just winds and winds
You're spinning your wheels
You're wasting your time
When the lights come up
And I hear the band
Where they said I'd never
be Is exactly where I am
When I hear the crowd
I look around And I
can't find an empty chair
Not bad for a
girl going nowhere
[footsteps inside]
[Marion] Have you no keys?
Where's your bag and your jacket?
Susannah just picked me up
from the station just now.
I left it on her back seat.
- Was it good?
- Aye.
[water running]
What like was it? London.
- It was hoaching.
- Oh, that's what Mary said.
She's been down a couple
of times to see her nephew.
Says you cannae move for people.
Honest to God, wherever you
go people are up your nose,
in your mouth, under your nails.
I couldnae stand that.
What was he like? Bob.
I think he was...
He was saying I'm needing
to write my own tunes.
What am I gonnae write about? The
bleach ran away with the broom?
You don't stick at things.
You know, that's your trouble.
But look at this house.
When you put your mind to something...
you can do anything.
- Do you want a cup of tea?
- Oh, no. I'm away to my bed.
I'm up early the morrow.
But you can ask me for my dinner.
Lyle's telling me how he
likes your mince and tatties
and he doesnae like mine.
- [Marion chuckles]
- I don't have a mince.
My mince is your mince.
[door opens]
[door closes]
- Did I wake you up?
- No.
I wanted some water.
[water running]
What's your book about?
About a girl and her dog.
That sounds a bit babyish for you.
Key Stage 2.
Boo! [laughs]
Why are you doing that?
I don't know.
Here, I'll take you back to bed.
[birds chirping]
[Rose-Lynn] Those are
nice. Who are they for?
This one's for Isla and
this one's for Shona.
Isla and Shona.
Yous have half-term coming
up. Do you know that?
You have a whole week off school.
What will we do, eh?
We'll go away for a few days, to the beach.
- I've not went to the beach.
- Yeah, you have.
You're too young to remember.
We went just before...
just before yous moved in with your granny.
You wanted to pick up all
the shells. Remember that?
How come we werenae allowed to see you?
'Cause your granny didn't
want you coming to the jail.
Who else was gonna bring you?
'Cause of baddies?
Aye, uh-huh.
You werenae a baddie,
though. You were an outlaw.
- Who told you that?
- You did.
No, I wasnae an outlaw.
I was a fanny.
You said fanny!
How was it? I tried
calling you so many times.
- Oh, I know. I lost my phone.
- No! What happened?
- Actually, it got pinched.
- Oh, really?
Yeah, out of my bag, with my bag.
- Crap.
- Didnae matter.
- It was fucking-A!
- Was it?
I'm gonna get there. I am
gonna fucking get there.
Yes, you bloody are.
- Listen.
- Yeah?
I'm gonna be 50 in a minute and...
I was gonna have this drinks party for
which I've got very little enthusiasm for.
'Cause over the weekend I realised
what I really need is a "party" party,
a great big fuck-off house party,
featuring, say, a set by... a
young up-and-coming country singer,
Rose-Lynn Harlan.
What? You want me to play at your party?
Yeah. Will you?
- Well, aye, yeah, course I will.
- That is brilliant.
That is not the exciting bit.
The exciting bit is,
instead of bringing gifts,
people will contribute to a cause
that is very close to my heart... you.
You perform a set.
If people like what they
hear, which they will,
then they invest in you, in your career.
That's, like, a hundred people
spending between 50 and 100.
By the magic of
crowd-funding, you are there.
- Where?
- The Isle of Man.
What, you're gonna tax your
pals to come to your house
for an audience with your daily woman?
- You've lost the plot, hen!
- [Susannah laughs]
- Oh, do you have a band?
- Aye, yeah, course I do.
- When is it?
- Next Sunday.
You've already booked the week off,
and you can use that time to rehearse.
Oh, no. No, I cannae do that week. But
it's cool, I don't need to rehearse.
I've been playing with
these guys since I was 14.
Rose-Lynn, you definitely
need to rehearse.
If you're asking people for money, if...
If you want people to buy in to the
idea that you're gonna make it out there,
then you need to put in a
really professional performance.
Oh, yeah, cool, yeah. Fucking-A.
[Susannah walks away]
I cannae fault it.
[both chuckle]
- Susannah's needing me in next week.
- She cannae have you.
Kids are on holiday. She can
do without you for a week.
You said you'd take them away.
Well, it's no', uh... it's no'
cleaning I'd be doing, it's rehearsing.
I'm doing this gig at her house.
She's invited all these people
and I'm gonna perform with my band.
And then they're gonna invest.
Invest? Invest in what?
In me, in my career,
in getting to Nashville.
I don't remember her investing in Mary
when she was in agony with her hip.
Eighteen-month waiting list.
If she'd money to spare, she
could have forked out on that.
She isnae forking it out.
She's giving me a chance to earn it.
But it's got to be good, no pub band.
We havenae long to put it together.
I phoned the school to see about
holiday club, but it's all full up,
and I'd rather they were with you
'cause I don't want them thinking...
Thinking what?
That you cast them off
when you get a better offer?
Or that all this is for nothing 'cause
you've still got one foot out the door?
I cannae help you.
I havenae booked the time off.
You've been there 20 year.
- Special circumstances.
- I've used that enough.
Aye, when I was fucking up.
What's for you will no' go by you.
This is me trying to
make something of myself.
Surely to God that's a good thing for them.
A good thing for them?
No' letting them down
again and again and again,
that would be a good thing for them.
And I thought you'd turned a corner.
More fool me!
- [Wynonna] Where are we going?
- [Lyle] To the beach.
We're going to go into the sea
and look at different jellyfish.
Come on. That's a good boy. Come on.
Here we go.
Oh, in yous come.
[Lyle] I don't want to go in there!
Mary's gonna look after you
for a wee while this week, okay?
I didn't say a week,
Rose-Lynn, I said today.
- [Lyle cries]
- [Mary] Oh, you're fine, you're fine.
Come on. Mum'll be back. You'll be fine.
- [door slams]
- [Lyle cries out]
[Rose-Lynn] Well, I never did
crawl And I never did toe the line
Ah, no. Come on, this
is... It's way too slow.
Well, I never did crawl And
I never did toe the line
No man is master of
me I ain't that kind
I just put on my
travelling shoes
If you want to win
You just can't lose the time
Or stay behind
Well, I was born to run
To get ahead of the rest...
[children arguing]
And all that I wanted
Was to be the best
Just to feel free
And be someone
I was born to be fast
I was born to run...
- Thanks, Amanda.
- Oh, nae bother, nae bother.
Yous know me from old, don't yous?
We can play a wee game... hotels.
You can be the waiter and
waitress and I'll be the guest.
See yous later, okay?
I hate you!
[Lyle] I hate you!
Right, come on.
...makes you feel all right
Well, I was born to run
To get ahead of the rest
And all I wanted
was to be the best
Just to feel free
And be someone
I was born to be fast
I was born to run
I was born to run
To get ahead of the rest
And all I wanted
was to be the best
Just to feel free
And be someone
I was born to be fast
I was born to run
I was born to be fast
I was born to run
Yeah! That was much better.
[driver] Wow, who else has this
lassie invested in? Rod Stewart?
Right, now, it's been a long
time, but I do love a call sheet.
So, if you could all be
here from 4.00 tomorrow,
then we'll run sound check from 4.30,
and after that... we'll
go to the lighting cues.
Big day tomorrow, gents. This
girl has cleaned her last floor.
[man laughs]
[Susannah] Leave it. You
don't have to do that.
No, it's all right. I'll just...
I'll just pop them inside.
I nicked it from the tech guys.
Fancy a smoke?
Oh, no, I've... I've got to go.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Can you roll it?
When I first met Sam,
we lived in this shittiest
little flat on Clydeside.
There was nothing there,
not like it is now.
We had rats because of the river,
we were broken into nearly once a week,
but we had these really,
really amazing parties.
Don't really want this.
- Do you have someone?
- No, I'm... free as a bird.
Lucky you.
You're young.
You're incredibly talented. You're
at the height of your powers.
There is nothing you can't do.
This is your time.
Once you've got kids, it's
a little bit different.
[door closes]
I'd better go.
[Sam] Hello?
- How are you, honey?
- I'm fine, thank you.
- I'll drop you home.
- Oh, no, you're all right.
- It's fine. I'll just take the bus.
- No, come on.
- Sleep well.
- Aye, yeah.
See you in the morning.
You homesick, aye?
[Rose-Lynn laughs]
What, is this the one where you
try and stick it up the daily woman?
No, no.
This is the one where I
tell you that I'm on to you.
I know you did the jail.
And I know what you were in for.
Susannah's bought into
whatever it is you're selling,
and I'm not about to take
that away from her now.
But I don't want you
anywhere near my kids, so...
See the morrow?
Sing your song, get your money,
then you're gone.
[exhales heavily]
Lyle, hurry up.
We haven't got all day.
Rosie! Where you been, man?
Havenae seen hide nor hair of you.
[key turns in lock]
- All right, wee man?
- I'll be in in a minute.
[children arguing]
You all right, pal?
Aye, you know, I'm brand-new.
[thudding from inside]
His name's Lyle. He's five.
He swung on a wardrobe and it fell on him.
I think it's just his arms that he's
hurt, but maybe his head as well.
Okay, Lyle, do you mind
if I have a wee look?
- Ow!
- Shh, shh, shh...
- All right.
- She's gonna have a wee look, okay?
- Any allergies?
- No, I don't... I don't think so, no.
Fabric plasters.
Okay, um, we'll need to X-ray him.
It's one of those nights in here,
so it might be a while
until a doctor sees yous.
- [Rose-Lynn] Okay.
- [Lyle] I want my granny.
- Shh, shh...
- Please! I want my granny!
- Please! I want my granny!
- It's okay, it's okay.
[curtain opening]
- Are you Lyle's mum?
- Aye, yeah.
- Dr Yousaf. I'm sorry about the wait.
- No.
The X-ray looks fairly
straightforward, but he'll need a cast.
When can we go home?
We can't get the cast on
until the swelling's come down,
so we are looking at a couple more hours.
I'm sorry it's been such a long night.
[sighs] Oh, fucking hell.
- Where is he?
- He's still asleep.
Right. I'll take this one home and
you can stay here with the wee fella.
What's for you will no' go by you.
Maybe 20 year in the baker's is enough
for you, but it's not enough for me.
Away and get me a wee cup of tea, darling.
What's the matter with you?
I just... I just need you to help.
Help me.
Help you? Help you do what?
Leave him here while you go
to a party? Is that the plan?
I don't know what this awf'y
toffy woman thinks you are,
but she wouldnae give you a brass
farthing if she knew the truth.
You havenae even told her, have you?
She doesnae even have a
clue that you've got kids.
If you're no' even prepared
to acknowledge their existence,
there's no hope for you.
And there's sure as hell none for them.
Go. Go to Nashville.
Do whatever it is you
wanna do. Come on, darling.
Let's go see your wee brother.
[woman] Well, I only
came into this bar
To hear a sad song...
[crowd chattering]
I couldn't get
you on the phone
So I let it ring
On and on
In a lonesome serenade
[laughter, chatter intensifies]
Maybe I should
try to find a way
To kinda, sorta,
maybe work it out
Rose-Lynn! Where have you been?
Jesus Christ! I thought
you were a no-show.
The band have had to talk me off a ledge.
You look tired. Are you all right?
Oh, yeah, aye. I'm... brand-new.
- Oh, good, good.
- Great.
Come on, let's go. You
gave me such a fright.
And a double-barrel
Okay, um...
so, not long ago, a spark of
light flew in through my door
and reminded me of why I fell in
love with Glasgow in the first place.
The girl, like the city, is gallus.
[crowd] Whoo!
She's funny and, above all
else, she's completely fearless.
And with your help,
she's going to Nashville
to do what she was put on this earth to do.
I'm so proud to know her
and call her my friend.
Ladies and gentlemen, put your
hands together for Rose-Lynn Harlan!
[cheering, whooping, applauding]
Okay? Let's go.
[accordion plays]
[guitars play]
[rhythmic clapping]
[sound fades, distorts]
[heartbeat pounding]
[breathing erratically]
Sor-sor-sorry. Can
you just give me...?
Give me... give me five.
- [murmurs of surprise]
- What's wrong?
Hey? Hey!
Rose-Lynn, please.
What's going on? What are you
doing? Where are you going?
What's happened?
Oh, darling. Come on.
I don't know what... what you see
when you look at me, but it isnae me.
- What are you talking about?
- I'm not at the height of my powers.
I'm not free and there's
so, so much I can't undo.
I can't undo going to the jail.
I cannae undo chucking in heroin
to all they lasses in there
already fucked from drugs.
And do you know what else I cannae undo?
Having two kids.
Two beautiful children before I was 18.
Wynonna, she's eight,
and Lyle, he's five, and I...
I got 12 months in the jail
and I left behind two kids.
Yeah, that's the truth.
Not this.
That, them.
Everything I made you think I am...
I'm not.
Sorry, I'm just...
[dog barks in distance]
[gate hinges squeak]
[dog barks in distance]
[chattering on TV]
[Lyle groans softly]
Come on.
[gull cries]
- I see an island over there.
- An island?
- It's a clam.
- Do you think you can open it?
[distant chatter]
Miss Harlan?
[no audible dialogue]
I mean, I'll be happy just...
All right, then.
[electronic beeping]
[talk radio on]
Happy birthday to you
Did you make a wish?
You can have mine.
Right. Who's having the first slice, eh?
- [Lyle] Me.
- [Rose-Lynn] Yeah? Good.
[children chattering in distance]
[gate hinge squeaks]
[sighs softly]
[door opening]
- [Marion] It's only me.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Have you got a wee minute?
Aye, yeah.
You already gave me something.
What's this for?
Why are you giving me this?
I wanted you to take responsibility,
but I never meant to take away your hope.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Maybe there is more to
life or maybe there isnae.
I don't know.
I've never been further than Dunoon.
But you need to away and see.
I cannae start all that up again.
It's finished.
I always said I'd go to college
if I hadnae had to go to work at 15.
And I would have.
I wanted to be a pharmacist.
The thing is... [scoffs]
what was stopping me, you know?
Even after I had you, I could have gone.
But I think it was just easier for me to...
to want things for you
than to go after them for myself.
I hadnae the gumption.
That's the truth.
But you...
you do.
I'll look after the wains.
You go.
You see what's waiting for you.
Where did you get all this money from?
Amazing what you can do...
20 year in the baker's.
[door opens, closes]
[Rose-Lynn] Don't be
afraid to graze your knees
Jump over the fences
Climb up trees
Folk, they will say
don't fly too high
But put on those wings
And reach for the sky
And it's all right
to be all wrong
You've got to be weak
If you wanna be strong
So dance your own dance
Sing your own song
And live the life
you dreamed of
Till the dreamer is gone
[Rose-Lynn] Great.
- There you go. Thanks very much.
- Have a great stay.
Thank you.
How long are you in town?
Oh, I don't know.
I don't know. It just... Well, it
depends what happens, you know, so...
Well, I wish you what I wish
all y'all who come here...
may all your heartbreaks be songs
- and all your songs be hits.
- [chuckles]
- Thanks!
- Third door on the left.
[traffic passing]
[exhales gently]
[siren blares]
[music playing, overlapping]
[muffled music]
[man] Well, there's five o'clock
freedom And the whistle would blow
Gates would burst open
The river would flow
Later that night shifts
To the dance halls...
[music playing, overlapping]
[woman] I'm missing my roots
I'm getting rid of the fire
Nobody needs a $1,000 suit
Just to take out the trash
Ain't gotta be alone...
How do you get to sing?
You gotta go through our booker.
There's a wait list.
It's all on the website.
- But what if I'm only here for a while.
- [sighs]
There's people here from all over,
from... Australia, New Zealand, Germany.
We're all trying to do the same thing.
You know, it's Nashville.
It's a company town.
So eventually you're gonna
meet someone who knows somebody
who works someplace who can help you out.
- Can I get you something?
- No, I'm fine, thanks.
[vehicle horn blares]
Welcome to the Ryman, the
mother church of country music.
This is the exact spot
where bluegrass was born
and where Johnny Cash met June Carter.
Now, it was right here that
country music found an audience
beyond its own back porch
and countless careers took off.
Now, when the Grand Ole Opry
put down roots here in 1943,
the live radio and TV show
brought the likes of Elvis Presley,
Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins,
Minnie Pearl, Patsy Cline, and Roy Acuff
to the stage and into living
rooms all around America.
[guide continues speaking]
[low chatter]
[switches clicking]
When I reach
The place I'm going
I will surely know my way
And I will turn
And look inside me
And bid farewell
to one more day
I will fly
Beyond this valley
I will open up the gates
And when I reach
The place I'm going
I will surely know my way
I was born
Without a whisper
I was born
Beneath the rain
And when I reach
The place I'm going
I will surely know my
- [music playing, faint]
- [chattering]
- [door closes]
- [cigarette lighter clicks]
You would not believe
how many people do that.
On the tour? Give old Wyatt the slip,
get up there, sing a whole damn song.
Aye, I thought that wee Disney prick
was gonna call the polis. [laughs]
I have no idea what you just said.
But look, I'm getting drinks a week
from Saturday with my buddy Laurel.
She's some kind of deal at Curb Records.
So, if you wanted to meet her,
you could come by the restaurant.
No, no. Thanks, but...
I'm away.
[woman] And when I reach
The place I'm going, babe
I will surely know my way...
- Quitting already?
- No.
No, I'm just kicking off.
[Rose-Lynn] Airport, please.
We have hands to
hold our sorrow
We have tears
to heal the pain
And though your eyes
Ask many questions
On your lips I hear my name
I was born without a whisper
I was born beneath the rain
But when I reach
the place I'm going
I will surely know my way
I will surely know my way
[door opens]
[chattering on TV]
[door closes]
[dishes clatter]
Mum! [giggles]
Oh, God, look at you, eh?
Look at you!
- [Lyle] Mummy, you're back.
- I'm back!
- I'm back! Did you miss me?
- Yes.
Yeah? How much? Ten million?
[Lyle] Yeah.
Have yous been looking
after your granny for me?
[Rose-Lynn] Uh, as you can
hear, I'm no' from Nashville.
I'm from right here in Glasgow! Whoo-hoo!
Er, well, this is a... a tune that I wrote.
[plays chord on guitar]
You'll be lucky if you get three
chords out of me, honest to God!
- [audience laughs]
- Anyway, I'll give it a go.
I've worn out the stones
In front of your doorstep
Coming and going
Coming and going
You left the lights on
I always knew that
I should have said thank you
A thousand miles ago
But I pushed you away
Put a pin in a map
Then I got lost in the storm
Had to find my own way
Make my own mistakes
But you know
that I had to go
Ain't no yellow brick road
Running through Glasgow
But I've found one That's
stronger than stone
Ain't no place like home
Ain't no place like home
Moon hanging low
Over my window
Shoebox of dreams
Hid under my bed
Follow the bright lights
City of gold
I had to leave to realise
All I needed was here
Mama, we both know
That there's nothing
That a little time And
Patsy Cline wouldn't fix
Had to find my own way
Make my own mistakes
But you know
that I had to go
Ain't no yellow brick road
Running through Glasgow
But I've found one That's
stronger than stone
Ain't no place like home
Ain't no place like home
I'll just click my heels
Three more times
There it all is
What's always been mine
Ain't no yellow brick road
Running through Glasgow
But I've found one That's
stronger than stone
Ain't no place like home
Ain't no place like home
Ain't no place like home
Ain't no place like home
Ain't no place like home
Ain't no place like home
[song ends]
[cheering, applause]
[Rose-Lynn] He wore a Texas
tuxedo She wore Cadillac green
They went together Like
a match and gasoline
Big Davey Campbell
from the abattoir
And Annie O'Malley
Works the Laurieston bar
4,000 miles east
of Tennessee
Paisley Road West
is the place to be
He was a king of the cowboys
Stealing the night
She was a queen of Memphis
Robbing the bank of life
Whoa-oh, robbing
the bank of life
Two shots of whisky
and an Irn-Bru
Hands up!
No one move!
King of the cowboys
Stealing the night
Queen of Memphis
Robbing the bank of life
King of the cowboys
Stealing the night
Queen of Memphis
Robbing the bank of life
Robbing the bank of life
[song ends]
Wear this, don't wear that
Don't step out of place
Just smile, don't say too much
Put that make-up on your face
Just keep pretending
You're having a good time
'Cause that's the price of fame
When you're standing in te line
That's the view from here
That's the view from here
It's like
champagne and tears
When all you want's a beer
Keep your loved ones near
Oh, keep your
loved ones dear
'Cause famous folk are weird
That's the view from here
oh-oh-oh, oh-oh
Hey, hey, yeah
That's the view from here
Oh, that's the
view from here
It's like
champagne and tears
When all you want's a beer
Keep your loved ones near
Oh, keep your
loved ones dear
'Cause famous folk are weird
That's the view
From here