Wild Rovers (1971) Movie Script

Well, I mean, I don't know,
but they say
that's what he said.
Mornin', pa.
- I know what he said.
- Oh, mornin...
If he said...
If he does...
Mornin', Paul.
What he says,
Then, what do you...
What do you aim to do about it?
What would you like me to do?
Well, hell, he's... he's, uh...
He's... he's got 3,000 head
of sheep there, pa,
and he's braggin' about
grazin' 'em on r-bar grass.
I... I think there's, uh...
Only one thing to do.
What's that?
Run 'em off...
Pa, just run 'em off,
that's all.
A man's that crazy,
you're probably right.
Meanwhile, we got lot of
work ahead of us,
you eat up and let's get to it.
Pass the eggs,
little brother.
How 'bout some more coffee?
All right.
Come on, move on, move on.
Let's go.
Git on!
Move. Move on out!
Yaa. Yaa!
Good evenin', Nell.
It's been a long, hard day.
Good god almighty.
Now, what the hell happened?
He just went loco.
He started kickin', snappin...
He's dead, pa.
Damn jughead.
I warned Barney yes...
All right. Let's get doin'
what we're supposed to do.
Bodine, you and post
take him into town.
Get a blanket.
I'll get his stuff together
and go into town tomorrow
to make arrangements.
Any family?
Well, he talked about
an uncle in Muskogee.
- Good man.
- Yeah.
Get another. With roundup
in a few days, we need him.
Paul! What the hell's
the matter with you?
What'd I do?
You know,
I been thinkin'
about what happened.
It just don't make
no goddamn sense to me.
I mean, one minute
there's Barney,
and the next...
Because some
goddamn loco jughead...
You know, what I'm
tryin' to say is...
I can't even
get the way to say it.
Yeah, 'cause it don't seem real.
Oh, it sure don't.
You know, somethin'
like that happens...
Somethin' that a man's
got no control over.
Somethin' that
he'll never understand
no matter what way
he looks at it.
Like a really bad, crazy dream.
And it can scare hell
outta you, too.
You know, the thing
that scares a man the most
is to find out and discover
just how uncertain
life really is.
Like that, you know,
thing happened to Barney.
Realizin', even if he
don't want to admit it,
that deep down in his gut
it just as easy
could've been him
and might be,
any minute, any second.
Crazy jughead.
Somethin' like that.
Of course, it's natural
to chew on it.
But sooner or later
you just gotta get rid of it
and get on with what you got.
Ain't nothin' much you
can do about it anyway.
Ain't nothin' much?!
Ain't nothin'!
Gotta do the best
with what you got
while you got it.
Ain't that the way
you see it, Ross?
Sure is the way I see it.
You scared of dyin'?
Yeah, kinda.
Except, I sure as hell
don't spend much time
thinkin' about it.
Yeah, me either.
Hah! Hmm, mmm.
Yeah, that banker man's
got himself a real nice woman.
Yeah, but about 5 years
she won't be
lookin' so nice,
and that banker man
is gonna see you
walkin' down the street
some day with
a sassy young thing,
and he's gonna say to himself,
"Mmm, that cowboy's really
got himself a nice woman."
And he's gonna envy you
somethin' fierce.
'Cause he's stuck with his,
and you can just trade yours in
anytime you feel like it.
Ain't you ever felt like
gettin' married?
Oh, I've felt like it
a hundred times,
but there's a big difference
between feelin' and doin...
Thank god I just been feelin...
Ain't you ever wanted
to have children?
Oh, I got children.
Two I know of, and there's
bound to be more.
Oh, no, I mean
raise a family, settle down.
What the hell for?
You can't be a puncher
all your life.
You've gotta plan for
something, don't you?
You never been to Mexico, huh?
There's a place down there
that a man with a little money
can get himself
a damn fine spread.
Plenty of people
to get the work done.
Lots of time for lyin' around
soakin' up the sun,
lovin' those young,
black-eyed beauties.
Sounds good.
You savin' your money?
Ha ha. You savin' yours?
Shoot! I try.
I can't seem to save nothin...
Why should I be any different?
Because you're...
I'm older, wiser. I've learned.
I've had experience.
- Yeah.
- Hell, frank,
you show me a young cowboy
or an old cowboy
or an in-between cowboy
that's got more than
a few dollars in his poke,
and I'll show you a cowboy
who stopped bein' a cowboy
and started robbin' banks.
Well, then let's you and me
Rob us a bank.
That's safer than
gettin' married.
- Get up, there!
- Mmm.
Get up, there!
Dear lord,
we thank you for this food
we are about to receive,
and we pray that you take
our recently departed friend
Barney Drago
into your loving care
and keep him safe.
Well, here's to Barney.
Poor bastard.
But you know, if it's
gotta happen...
I'd rather have it
happen like that.
You know, quick like,
so you don't think
about it beforehand.
You know what?
You know what?
I'm really gettin' drunk.
I am gettin' too drunk.
I ain't had nothin' to eat
since breakfast, you know.
Neither have I.
I can't handle
a whole lot of whiskey
unless I got somethin' solid
in my stomach first.
I don't wanna spoil
your fun or nothin',
but if I don't eat pretty soon...
Now, look, you're not
gonna spoil my fun. Come on.
Get you a big steak.
Well, we'll come
right back to it.
Maybe we'll stop off
at Maybell's.
Well, why not? I ain't had none
of that for a while, either.
But I want us to have
one drink first, see.
Are you sure?
One drink's ok because
it sort of makes
my appetite a little sharper.
I can tell just exactly
when I'm ready... wait.
Uh, this one's to you, Ross,
and to Mexico...
And to, uh,
that ranch you're gonna
have yourself someday.
To someday.
Somethin' stinks in here.
Well, it ain't me, Ross.
Smells like sheep.
I think we'd better
have one more.
Oh, shit.
Good evening.
Ross, the man here...
I believe he wants
to talk to you.
- You ok?
- Yeah, I'm ok.
You son of a bitch.
Aah! You goddamn animal!
Ooh! Ooh!
Why, you miserable...
Get outta here.
Thanks, Dave.
Don't mention it, Ross.
You all right, partner?
Good job, frank.
Art, gimme a hand
with the big red.
He's stuck on the wall.
God damn it. I no sooner get
this place all fixed up...
I'm an old Texas cowboy
far away from home
if I ever get home
to Texas
I never again will roam
too damn cold for me
and the winters
are so long
before the roundup
will begin
my money is all gone
I've worked down
in Nebraska...
Is there anything here for me?
Oh, that sheepherder Hansen
and a couple of his men
are clutterin' up the place,
that's all.
Huh? Mmm, howdy, sheriff.
You look a mite peaked.
You want to spend
the night in town?
I can fix you up with a cell.
No, I'm just gonna lie here
and rest my way back to health.
Now, look, we're gonna
be just fine.
You just point us
in the right direction.
Hyah, yah!
Oh, god. Am I sick.
Yeah, well, there's one
thing for certain...
What's that?
It can't get any worse.
Hey, Bodine,
- Huh?
- Wake up. Wake up.
Come on, wake up, Bodine.
What the hell did you two
get into last night?
You stink like a couple
of rancid polecats.
Better wash off
and change right quick,
or you're gonna miss breakfast.
Flapjacks and sausage.
Oh, god.
Oh! Unh!
What the hell
you doin' down there?
Come on!
Mayden's a cow town,
and most of it was built
with r-bar money.
It's your town,
but if you kill somebody,
you're gonna be arrested...
And if you bust up the saloon,
you're gonna have to pay for it.
I'll have a talk with Dave
and see what he figures
the damages comes to,
and then I'll, uh,
oh, I'll take somethin',
just a little somethin'
each month from your pay.
West fence.
Yeah, I bet he...
Busted a couple of
saloons in his time.
More than a couple,
and he probably
paid for 'em, too.
He ain't in here.
Well, if it ain't
the big man himself.
Hansen, you've been
spoutin' off your mouth.
Now I've got somethin' to say.
If you set one foot
on r-bar land,
if one sheep grazes one blade
of r-bar grass, you're dead.
Bill Jackson!
Who is it?
It's Walt Buckman.
Come out here!
All right, all right.
I'm coming.
Oh, god damn it!
Hey, where ya goin'
with the blanket?
- Come on.
- Whoa!
Gimme that...
Get back in, for Christ's sake.
Oh, Walt.
Ugh. What can I do for ya?
I want you to turn Hansen loose.
I gave him fair warnin', so if
he's gonna start somethin',
let's get it over with.
All right.
I'll see you
for supper Saturday.
Hyah! Hy-hy-hy-hyah!
Hyah hyah!
Hyah hyah!
Hey, Bodine?
I been thinkin'...
How old are you?
I'll be 46 in July.
I'll be 50 in July.
Well, in another 25 years,
I'm gonna be just like you.
Well, what's wrong with that?
Well, I'd rather be rich.
I'd rather have that ranch
and all them pretty girls now
than bust my butt,
and break my bones
punchin' cows for
the next 25 years.
You got a point.
Well, then, let's you and me
ride into town tonight
and Rob us that bank.
Oh. Oh, it's you, huh?
Uh, how do you feel?
I feel fine, pa. Why?
Ooh, uh, I was just thinkin...
I'm goin' to St. Louis
the end of the month...
Wanna come along?
Well, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Spend a couple of weeks.
Take care of some business.
Have a little fun.
can I tell you for sure about...
About what?
It's about St. Louis. I mean...
You don't have
to make up your mind
right away.
I'm goin'. I gotta go.
I gotta take care of things.
I'd love to have you
come if you feel like.
If you don't, there's no sweat.
Strictly up to you.
What's that? What's, uh...
What's what?
What's up to him this time?
He's making up his mind if he
to come with me
to St. Louis or not.
Oh, he is, huh?
Yes, he is.
Somethin' wrong with St. Louis...
Hell, no, John, it's just...
Would you like to come?
Hell, yeah, I'd like
to come. Shoot, he's...
I knew you would, yeah.
You did?
Where the hell they goin'?
Town, I expect.
Hey, where you goin', Bodine?
To town.
Well, what the hell for?
We got roundup tomorrow.
We'll be back in time.
I never knew of
old Bodine goin' to town
except Saturday nights
since I knowed him.
Well, he sure went
to town last night.
No, no, I mean
of his own hoof, pa.
Yeah, I know
what you mean.
I bet I know what he's up to.
Damn you, boy.
Supper's ready.
Uh-heh. Comin...
You decide to come
along, and, uh...
I'll get that new saddle for ya.
What, what?
- What?
- What?
Who's there?
Bill Jackson.
Oh, it's the sheriff.
Maybell Tucker
is bringin' in a new chippy
from Kansas City...
Watch your mouth.
Well, it's, uh...
That's why them...
them two went to town, pa.
That's not somethin' we talk
about in front of your mother.
Don't be so rough on him, Walt.
He's a man now.
Then he oughta have
a little more respect.
I know about Maybell Tucker.
Well, that's not the point...
Is it, Nell?
No, I guess it isn't.
Look, isn't this...
It's awaste of time talkin',
Joe. Wait till you get it done.
The less chance there is
of somethin' goin' wrong
and everybody bein' unhappy.
Come here. Come here.
Yeah, good old thing.
Well, you look like
you just had yourself
a whole bunch of pups.
How long ago she had the pups?
Well, it couldn't have
been too long ago.
You're still full
of milk. Let's see.
Mmm. Right sweet, yeah.
A lot of people
have their life savings
in that bank.
Yes, ma'am, I...
See, I... I can't honestly
get too upset about it,
'cause I ain't never done
nothin' like this before.
I sure ain't expectin'
on doin' it again, either.
That doesn't make it right.
No, no, but when I...
When I think about
all the stuff I'm gonna
do with that money,
it don't make it
all that wrong, either.
Now, listen,
when we get to town,
the first thing you do
is go right to the bank,
and if anybody asks you
what you're doin',
you got an answer?
No, I never go
to the bank at night.
Well, you'd better
think of somethin...
You know you're not gonna
get away with it.
Well, the way I look at it, Joe,
it's kinda up to you
whether we get away
with it or not,
'cause when you consider
what's at stake...
I mean, all that money,
your wife, your family,
things like that...
You'd better play it
pretty smart.
But all I meant was
that even if you did get the
money, sooner or later,
they're bound to
catch up with you.
You just concentrate
on gettin' the money.
I'll worry about gettin' caught.
She ain't even
due in till next week.
You wanna bet on that?
I'll bet she got in early,
and them two horny cowboys
found out about it, heh.
Why would Maybell say
she's due in next week
if she ain't
due in next week, huh?
Naw. Maybe Maybell
don't tell nobody else,
but she'd tell Bodine.
You know how fired up she gets
every time that old
stud Bodine gets around.
You believe all that
Bodine bullshit?
I surely do.
You comin' with me or ain't you?
- Wait a minute, John.
- Come on.
Trust me, John.
Now, I'm your brother.
Yeah, I know
you're my brother,
I can trust
you'll buy that round.
Come on, John.
Goin' to town to see what post
and Bodine are up to.
Yeah, pa.
What so special about
Kansas City chippies, Paul?
Oh, hell, John, I don't know.
It's just a damn woman.
Roundup starts tomorrow morning.
Your boys are more interested
in a 2-bit whore
from Kansas City.
Why is it whenever
they do something
you disapprove of,
they're always "my boys?"
Because if they was mine...
If they was mine,
I'd have peeled the hide
off of 'em a long time ago
and taught 'em the meaning of
respect and responsibility...
But you raised 'em, Nell. Hmm?
You raised 'em your way,
so I figure
you deserve the credit.
Good night.
Good night, Walt.
Chippies got marvelous legs,
the highest hips, and they say
the most beautiful biggest tits
I have ever seen on a woman.
The baby's hungry.
Young man.
Get out.
She has to feed the baby.
Just remember, I got
your mama out here.
Good old girl.
What's up?
What's up?
She has a litter of puppies
under the porch.
I expect she wants out.
- Big litter?
- 11. 3 died.
That's it.
I raise.
Oh, hiya, Ross.
Howdy, Dave.
Sorry about last night.
Yeah? Well, let me
tell you somethin...
You got somethin'
to be sorry about.
Well, you know somethin'?
You hit pretty hard.
Oh, I do, do I?
Well, what's your
pleasure this time?
Aw, come on.
I gotta get home.
Oh, I don't think so.
Come on, Kevin.
1am Jose.
Oh, well, no, you're not.
You gimme those.
What did you say your name was?
I hear Barney Drago
got himself killed.
Yeah, he got, uh,
jammed up in a corral.
Horse kicked him.
Tch. Can't trust them jugheads.
I had me one once...
You know, with that
faraway look in his eye?
Tch. Bad.
Sure can take a man
to some crazy places.
I knowed the first time
I swung a leg
over his ugly hide,
he was out to get me...
And you know, he didn't
give a good goddamn
if he got hisself
while he's doin'
the gettin', either.
Man had any sense,
he'd, uh, save his money
and get into some
other kinda work.
But where are you
gonna find a cowboy
that's got any sense?
That's true.
Another one, Dave.
What the hell did he
tie you up for out here?
Didn't he know there's
a bank robbery goin' on?
Hey, Luann,
you gonna play or not?
You gonna play stud?
Joe? Open up.
It's open.
Hey, looks like
they're here, all right.
You're damn right, they is.
The horses is.
There's old Charley boy.
Yeah, that don't mean a thing
if that Kansas City
chippy's not here.
She's here.
Those sons of bitches.
Don't let it bother you.
We're goin' to the sheriff,
and then you're gonna
convince your partner
to release my family.
I should've listened
to frank. He said
that if I left you alone
for a few seconds
you'd try to do something
foolish, and here I was
givin' you credit
for havin' more sense.
You tell frank
if he doesn't hurt anybody,
I won't prosecute.
You and him can just
clear out. Take off.
And you got my word.
The law won't touch you.
Well, under the circumstances,
I'd say that's a pretty
fair proposition.
But, I'd like it
a whole lot better
if the sheriff
was sayin' them words.
Hold it!
Joe, you know as well as I do
the sheriff's not gonna make
any promises like that,
none that he's gonna keep.
No, as far as I'm concerned,
the sheriff's out.
Then I've got no choice.
Well, that's a damn shame...
For both of us.
I don't care what kind
of a man he is,
he's not gonna hurt
a little baby.
You're probably right, Joe...
But he'll kill your wife
without even battin' an eye.
Mr. Buckman, if Ross Bodine
and frank post was here...
What the hell are their
goddamn horses doin'...
I don't know what the hell
their horses
are doin' out front,
but they ain't in here!
Come on, Maybell.
This is my house, Mr. Buckman,
and when you call
me a liar, honey,
you ain't welcome.
Come on, Joe.
You a drinkin man, Joe?
- What?
- I mean, what do you do
when you ain't workin' at the
bank? Eh, you go fishin'?
What are you getting at?
Oh, nothin' in particular.
I just thought
it'd look a lot less suspicious
if we was havin'
a friendly conversation.
Last time I went fishin'
is when I was a kid
down in del mar, Texas.
Daddy used to take me
out to the creek
on Sunday afternoons
after church, and...
I'd sit there
and fish all afternoon
while he smoked
his smelly old pipe.
I mean, it'd get dark,
and he'd even light a lantern.
I'm tellin' ya,
don't let me
be tellin' ya all week.
They ain't due till next week.
Probably after Wednesday.
Hey, Bodine!
Who's that?
Well, it looks like
young Johnny Buckman.
What does he want?
He'll let us know
when he gets here.
You just take it easy
and let me do the talkin...
What's up, Johnny?
You know, uh, Joe billings.
Mr. Buckman.
Joe. Uh, where the hell
is, uh, post?
Last time I saw him,
he was headin' into Maybell's.
Well, that's his horse, isn't it?
Oh, yeah, uh...
Joe's horse, uh, cast a shoe,
and Rufus Coleman
was havin' supper.
Couldn't get it shod
for a couple hours,
so Joe was worried about
gettin' home too late,
and frank loaned him
Charley boy...
And he was more than happy
to spend some more time
at Maybell's.
Anything wrong?
No, no, no. I, uh...
Well, I just thought
you and post had come into town
to get a crack
at that new chippy
that Maybell's bringin' in
from Kansas City.
Well, she's not due
for another week.
Yeah, yeah, right.
I thought, uh...
What the hell was
all that with Maybell?
What did she lie to me for?
Said that, uh,
she hadn't seen post.
He wasn't there.
Well, I'll be damned.
That's peculiar,
'cause he's there.
Son of a bitch.
I'll see you at the ranch.
Sure, Johnny.
You know, there's one thing
you can count on
with young John.
He's got a short fuse.
When it starts smokin',
he doesn't spend too much time
figurin' things out.
He's liable to wreck the place.
Well, whatever he does,
he's liable
to keep a lot of people
busy for quite a spell...
Includin' the sheriff.
Get your lyin' ass
out here, Maybell!
No 2-bit whore slut's
gonna lie to John Buckman
and get away with it!
I wait all goddamn night
for a hand like that,
and then some inconsiderate
son of a bitch
has gotta decide to shoot up
the son-of-a-bitchin' town.
I know frank post's in there,
I'm gonna find out why
the hell you say he ain't.
All right, Maybell,
you get your ass out here.
Hey, post ain't in there, huh?
What's going on here?
I don't know. I was asleep.
You crazy bastard!
You cut loose with that 6-gun
just one more time,
I swear I'll let you
have both barrels.
Why'd you tell me
you haven't seen frank post?
Because I haven't!
You "bullshit" me one more time,
John Buckman,
and it'll be your last bullshit!
He's in there right now.
He ain't!
And even if he was,
why would I say he wasn't?
Well, that's what I'm
trying to find out, dummy!
John, hold it, brother. Hey,
you're spoiling a whole lot
of good fun now.
Bodine says post is in there
right now.
John, what the hell
difference does it make?
It makes a hell of a lot
of difference,
'cause something's
going on around here!
John! No!
That ought to convince him.
If it doesn't, shoot his horse.
- Shoot his horse?
- Ah, then shoot him.
But you've got to
explain it to his pappy.
That wasn't
too goddamn funny!
Ha ha ha!
Now, what is this?
What's going on?
Hey, Ross, is that you?
Yeah. Me and Joe billings.
What is it? What's wrong?
I hurt him, but I
don't think he's dead.
So you be real careful
where you put your foot down.
Where's Sada and the baby?
They're in the house.
Stop worrying about your family,
and you start concentrating
on that cat.
Hey, Ross, he's a big one.
Tried to get that
ol' bitch and her pups.
Put up quite a fight
'fore he killed her.
You stop talking.
We're coming in.
Easy now, Joe.
You all right?
How'd it go?
Oh, a few bright moments.
Beginning to give me a headache.
Oh, I don't wonder.
How much?
Holy sweet love of Jesus!
I'm comin' up all over
in duck bumps.
Oh. Oh. God.
Molly Brown is dead.
Don't look. She's all mangled.
- There's a box in...
- Yes.
The kitchen.
You all right?
Jenny's sleeping.
We need 2 horses
and supplies, Joe.
Help me bury her.
Yeah, sure.
We've only got one horse.
Go with Joe and get the horse.
I'll do the burying.
No! I don't want you
to bury them.
If you won't let Joe help me,
then I'll manage alone.
Where's the horse?
Out back by the lean-to.
If anybody shows up,
get 'em into the house pronto.
Don't forget your hat.
l trust ya.
Hey, Joe, I've been thinkin...
How much the boys at the r-bar
gonna be out come payday?
Uh, 23... no, 2,500.
Well, there's 3,000.
That's 2,500 for the r-bar
and 500 for you and your family.
Ross and me get plenty,
and, uh...
Well, you know, it's one thing
stealin' from strangers
and fellas you hardly know
well enough to say howdy to,
but, uh, those punchers
out at r-bar,
they've been
pretty good compadres.
Hey, Ross, let's go!
Now, you understand I'm
not trying to cancel out
any friendships.
As matter of fact, if I'm lucky,
I'll pick up a few.
We don't want the 500.
Aw, now come on, Joe, take it.
Now, you and your family
kind of got the shi...
Well, uh, the dirty end
of the stick tonight,
and you earned it.
We didn't earn anything.
We didn't do anything willingly.
Hey, Ross!
Look, I don't care
what you do with it,
'cause I ain't got time
to argue.
But you be sure those boys
at r-bar get this
with the compliments
of frank post and Ross Bodine!
I'm sorry if I
caused you any trouble.
What, they givin' ya
a farewell party or somethin'?
I just left 'em something
so they wouldn't forget us.
Since when did bank robbers
have trouble being remembered?
Oh. Uh, Walter...
Easy, boy.
Easy, boy. Whoa, boy.
Whoa, boy.
Come on.
It's Charley boy.
Belongs to frank post.
Somethin' sure scared him.
You said Johnny and Paul
rode out after frank post
and Ross Bodine.
Yeah. Well,
that don't mean much.
It turnin' cold, huh?
You ought to put more on.
At least, uh, put somethin'
more around your shoulders.
I didn't know you were awake.
Would you like me
to fix you some chocolate?
Fine. Fine.
We're not gonna give it back.
They stole it.
They're gonna hang
or go to prison.
Whether they gave you
$3,000 doesn't make...
Jesus Christ, Sada!
God damnit to hell!
Why can't you say
anything without swearing?
What do you think
is the first thing
they're gonna tell the sheriff
when they find
I kept the whole 3,000?
They won't believe that.
Nobody'd believe
that crazy story.
Well, then...
Joe, do you realize
how long it would take
us to save $3,000?
20 years.
Maybe never.
Yeah, but that has nothing to do
with going out
and stealing something.
- I'm not...
- Just please...
Go into town. Think about it.
And if you decide that you...
That you just have
to tell the sheriff...
Then you bring him back here,
and I'll...
I'll give it to him.
I'm only going into town, Nell.
I'll be back in time
for breakfast.
Hey, where are we gonna
get us another horse?
Ben's place.
That's 30 miles away.
Must be a horse
closer than that.
Not for sale.
Who's talking about buying?
Ordinarily, it ain't my policy
to look on the sorry side.
But if we was to get caught,
we'd probably have to do
about 5 years
in the penitentiary
for bank robbery.
Is that right?
Maybe. Maybe more.
Yeah. But for horse stealing,
no maybe.
They hang you right now.
come on,
you melancholy folk
wherever you may be
I'll sing about the cowboy
whose life is light
and free
hey, I just
thought of somethin...
Benny ain't got no horses.
All he's got is mules,
ain't that right?
That's right.
You expect me
to ride a goddamn mule?
Well, there's nothing wrong
with a good mule.
You ride him, then.
We're partners. We'll cut
cards for the horse.
What for? You said yourself
ain't nothin' wrong
with a good mule.
That's what I said.
But if, uh,
Benny ain't got a good mule...
I mean, a real good mule.
I mean, a real good kind
that there's nothin' wrong with,
then we'll cut cards. All right?
who roams
about the prairie
at night when he lies down
his heart is gay
as flowers in may
though his ass
is on the ground
all right, all right. All right!
Hold your goddamn horses!
Oh, Maybell,
I'm sorry to disturb you
Wait. Hello, Joe.
I'd like to help out, honey...
No, you don't understand.
I'm looking for the sheriff.
Well, the sheriff is...
No. The bank has been robbed.
Now, will you
wake him up, please?
I gotta get dressed.
I got money in that bank.
Bill! Bill,
come on, bill! Get up!
What the hell's going on?
Ah, shut up
and get back to work!
Does Walt Buckman
know about this?
No. Nobody does. Just me.
Bill! Bill, did you
hear what I said?!
Maybell... will you get
the hell out of there,
or I'm gonna blow a big,
fat hole in your door?
I said the bank's been robbed!
Now, you listen to me, bill!
I helped you,
you son of a bitch,
get to be sheriff. And I can...
Goddamn son of a bitch!
Next time, you son of a bitch,
I'll see you downstairs!
Pull up.
Whoa, whoa.
Swappin' time.
How much further?
My butt's is frayed
to a faretheewell.
Oh, it's a long way.
Won't get there until afternoon.
What do you got?
Ain't he cute?
Frank, what the hell you doin'
with a little pup like that?
He ain't even weened.
Well, I'll figure something out.
All we need's
a little bit of milk.
Where the hell
we're gonna get that?
Well, Ross,
I'm surprised at you.
Any man who can Rob bank
of $36,000
should find us
a teeny little bit of milk.
Sometimes, boy, you do amaze me.
Don't you love me no more?
Oh, I love ya.
I just can't figure out
what the hell to do with ya.
Well, you gotta admit
he is a cute one.
Yeah, he's cute.
I just couldn't resist it.
Ooh, goddamn!
What's the matter?
He just peed my shirt.
Ha ha ha.
How long will it take you
to round up a posse?
Well... no. God, no.
Not till, uh, 7, 8:00.
They'll be long gone.
Ever try to round up a posse
before they've had breakfast?
They can't get far
with one horse.
Then they'll get another horse.
I want 'em caught, bill!
You've got your deputy.
I'll let you take my boys.
Now, the four of you
ought to be able
to get the job done.
Listen to me.
I want 'em back, you understand?
Look, Walt, if I deputize
your boys here,
they ain't
gonna have jurisdiction
across that territory line.
They aren't, huh?
Well, no r-bar hand
ever done anything
like this before.
And it's gonna be
a cold day in hell
before one even thinks about
trying it again.
If the sheriff has to stop,
then you keep right on goin
and bring those cowboys back,
you understand?
Dead or alive?
Alive, of course!
That is,
if they give you that choice.
Howdy, Ben.
Howdy, sergeant.
Ben and me was in
the army together
for a spell.
That ain't gonna buy you much.
Ain't gonna buy
your friend nothin...
Good-natured veteran, ain't he?
We robbed us a bank last night.
My partner here's
got a new little pup.
Thought you might
have some milk.
Also, I'd like
to make a deal with you
for one of them mules.
Ha ha ha ha.
Climb down.
Ha ha ha ha.
It's all right, darlin'.
It won't be long now.
You still good, Ben?
Pretty good.
Good as you used to be?
My legs ain't.
Hands is.
If I had to come around
all of a sudden-like,
I'd end up in a heap.
But if I'm facin' it
to start with...
Hey, you scared the hell
out of my dog.
Maybe you'd like
to try your hand.
I gave up shootin'
bottles and tin cans
when I was rich enough
to buy my own bullets.
It's all right, darlin...
Uh, maybe you'd like
to teach us old-timers
a few new tricks.
I can think of one trick
you might be interested in.
Which one is that?
The one where you hurry up
get my dog milk,
or I step on you where it hurts.
The trick is you
can't do nothin' about it,
'cause you wasted
all your bullets
shootin' a bunch
of stupid bottles.
What do you say, sergeant?
I make it a point
never to argue
with an animal lover.
You can have all the milk I got.
There's your milk.
That's a cat.
Yeah. Whatever it is,
you want some milk,
that's where it's gonna get.
She'll take his head off.
It might not.
I heard about a bitch wolf
that suckled a skunk once.
I remember, in Virginia,
fox raised a litter of hounds.
Aw, Bodine, I don't...
You want that pup to live,
you ain't got no choice.
Now give here. The cat knows me.
Here you are, kitty.
Look what I got you here.
New customer.
Hey, look at that.
I'll be damned.
Tell you what...
You give me the pup,
and I'll give you the...
Oh, no, you don't.
You ain't gettin' that pup.
How you gonna feed it?
Uh, he's got a point.
I don't care...
Trade you for my best mule.
You ain't gonna find no mule
'tween here and mile city.
Heh. That's a 3 good days'
ridin' on 2 good horses.
We need that mule.
I need that dog.
I'll give you $20 for the cat.
- Oh, for Christ's sake.
- It ain't for sale.
Let's have some coffee.
How you gonna carry a cat?
You carry the cat.
I got the dog.
What will you take for the cat?
Well, what you're sayin'
is, then,
if you don't get the dog,
we don't get the mule, huh?
That's right.
Give him the dog!
I'll ride the mule.
That's best for everyone,
especially the dog.
Thanks for everything.
Be seein' ya, Ben.
Bye, sergeant.
Don't you worry, Sonny.
I'll take good care of the pup.
You do that, old-timer.
Let's go! Come on, Bodine!
They should be
in Wyoming by now.
Yup. Close enough
so we ain't gonna catch'em
'fore they are.
We're going back right now.
Yeah. We might as well,
too, John.
We're not cut out
for this kind of work.
The old man said he
wanted 'em brought in.
You want to go back, you tell
him that's what I'm doin'.
All right. Give him
some grub and tobacco.
Don't be such a damn fool.
Now, them boys,
they can be in Mexico,
Indian territory, god knows.
Now, ain't that right, sheriff?
That's right.
That's a long way, John.
Then I better
get going, huh? Heh heh.
What you gonna do
when you get born
in the wrong family, huh?
Come on.
- Kind of spooky.
- Yeah.
Yeah, they haven't
been grazing too well.
Put an extra man on each guard.
Yeah. That's a good idea.
If anything goes wrong,
send someone in for me.
Otherwise, I'll see you
bright and early.
Want somebody
to ride back with you?
What for?
You can make me that offer
after about 6 more birthdays,
and not before.
Whatever you say, Mr. Buckman.
I say, "up yours."
Did he really send them 2 boys
after Bodine and post?
Well, if he did, it ain't
any of your business.
Damned fool
thing to do if you ask me.
Nobody asked you.
Somebody's bound to end up dead
or crawlin' around,
wishin' he was.
Should've left it alone.
The sheriff could've handled it.
They worked with him,
and they stole his money.
A man like Buckman ain't gonna
let a thing like that alone.
You still want to go on
with this?
They're no better off
than we are.
Now what kind of stupid
argument is that now, huh?
Just 'cause they're drowning
or freezing to death,
that ain't no reason we
got to do the same. Now, is it?
I aim to get 'em, Paul.
You got to start thinking
like a reasonable human being
for a change.
Well, that's our goddamn money.
We just ain't got no right.
Pa told me to do something,
I'm gonna do it.
Now, you want to go on back,
just get the hell out of here
or get the hell off my back!
Hey, frank.
Wake up.
You see what I see?
So what?
Well, that means I'm
through ridin' a mule.
Are you crazy? You gonna
catch yourself a horse?
Who the hell's gonna break him?
Who the hell do you think?
Come on, saddle up the mule.
Ross, we can't stay here for...
It ain't gonna take
that long. Come on!
Jesus Christ.
Hold still,
you jerk-headed mule.
Stay. Come.
Ok. Let's go.
Come on, now let's go.
Here we go now. Come on.
You dumb son of a...
Come on, now. Let's go!
Ohh, goddamn!
Stop it. Stupid...
Come on! Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on.
Come on, mule, run.
Yee-haw! Yee-haw!
Go get him, Ross! Go get him!
I got him, Ross I got him!
I got him! Aw, shit!
No, I don't.
Yee-ooh! Yee-ooh!
Shut up and hold on.
Whoa, you bitch.
- Whoa.
- Whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa.
Whoa, ho.
Whoa now.
Watch your head there.
Now hold her, frank.
I'll get her tied up.
Hold her.
- Now watch it!
- Whoa, whoa.
Whoa now!
All right, let me take her.
I'm-a go get the saddle.
You silly girl.
Ho now.
Ho now.
Ho now.
Ho now.
Easy, Daisy.
Whoa. Whoa.
Keep bitin' on that ear.
Keep bitin'.
Whoa, girl.
Ok, you can let her go now.
Ho now, Daisy. Ho.
How come Daisy?
First girl I was
ever in love with
- when I was about 8.
- Heh.
She was a sweet little thing.
You think this one's
just as sweet?
She's gonna be.
All right, Daisy,
this is where
you and I get engaged.
Ok, let's do it!
All right. Show me something.
Ok, Ross. Stay with it.
Beautiful! That's it,
stay on her, Ross.
I bet you didn't have so much
trouble when you was 8.
Stay on her! Hold on to her!
That's it! That's it!
Ride her now. Ride her!
Waltz with the lady.
Waltz with her. Whoo!
You're doin' it!
You're doin' it!
Hang onto her now!
Hold her, Ross!
Hold her! Ride her!
Waltz with the lady. Whoo!
Ho, ho, ho, lover.
God damn.
What'd I tell ya?
saddle me up
with an old gray hack
with a big wide seat
right on his back
they padded him up good
with a gunny sack
with my beddin' on
when I got on,
he left the ground
went up in the air
and turned around
and I busted the earth
when I came down
oh, what a terrible fall
now in the mornin'
if you don't die
I'll give you
another horse to try
oh, can't ya let me
walk, says I
oh, yes, says he, to town
now I've lived in cities
and I've lived in towns
I've traveled this country
all around
one thing to say
before you start
kiss your wife
insure your life
kill yourself
with a pocketknife
I swear
that's the best way
I wanna show
you somethin...
Easy now, girl.
Easy now.
Ho now. Ho now.
Ho. Ya see.
Plum gentle.
Ain't that just
like a woman though?
Always gotta have the last word.
You know,
it's growed a bit
since I seen it last.
Yeah, well, seein' how
you already been to Benson...
Tell ya what.
We'll draw straws
to see who goes in.
Now who's gonna hold the straws?
Why, hell, there're only
2 straws. You can't cheat.
We'll cut cards.
And you're gonna shuffle?
Now whoever goes in
has gotta buy
a new deck of cards
'cause these feel like
they been soaked in honey.
I ain't gonna look at mine yet.
Now don't you look
at yours either.
Ok, you wanna trade?
- You don't trust me.
- Nope.
Well, the feeling is mutual.
Ok, then let's trade.
You sure?
Ok, let's trade.
Ok, now what I got is yours.
What you got is mine, right?
That's right.
8 of spades.
2 of diamonds.
God damn!
Now what we need is some grub
and some tobacco...
And a new deck of cards.
How much you think
I ought to take with me?
How the hell should I know?
Take what you need.
Take the whole goddamn thing
for all I care.
Don't make no goddamn
bit of difference to me.
Now look...
You're just lucky that
you have to stay behind
because I gotta go in there
and face all that temptation.
Now there's nothin'
il can do about that.
I'll only be about an hour or 2.
Boy, I sure don't
see why we gotta be
so almighty careful.
I'd rather get
caught than go on like this.
3 weeks. 3 miserable
goddamn weeks.
A man could just...
What's up?
Well, I just figure
it's liable to be a long time
before we hit another town,
and in the meantime,
bitchin' to me
all the way to Mexico.
So why don't we take
a little bit of this
and spend it...
And raise some hell?
Pardner, I'm gonna
shoot the first man
says you ain't got style.
And I'm gonna shoot
the first woman.
Sure has changed a bit.
Hey, what're we gonna do first?
Find us a big bathtub.
You get a couple more
buckets now, son,
you hear?
Hey, frank. Mmm?
Man gets into
civilization like this,
he hardly knows
what to do first.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Will there be
anything else, sir?
I want ya to go out
and buy these supplies
I've listed.
What time is it?
7 minutes after 1:00, exactly.
All right. Wake me up at 6:00.
Just check on me
every once in a while
to see I haven't drowned.
Sure thing.
I'll be back soon
as I can now, son.
You take care of 'em.
Yes, pa.
Is that ok?
Hey, Ross.
What d'ya think
the poor folks is doin'?
What's up, Brad?
Look over on that hill.
Well, can't say I didn't
give 'em fair warnin'.
Better get your guns out
'cause they're gonna shoot you
whether you got 'em out or not.
I ain't gonna get
you killed. Yaaah!
The old man can go
straight to hell.
This just don't make
no sense to me, John.
Keepin' on like this.
We don't even know
if we're headin'
the right direction.
I'm leavin' you at the next
town, little brother.
What's the next town?
Oh, god, I don't know.
It's probably Benson.
I don't know.
Hey, you. You asleep?
dah dum, dah hmm hmm
dah, hmm hmm
dah Dee Dee
hey, Ross, you busy?
What's up?
Uh, well, nothin' right now.
I'm gonna go play some poker.
Wanna play?
I think I'll just
stay right here.
Good luck.
See ya in the mornin...
See ya in the mornin...
Well, I'm gonna play
some cards first.
I see an extra chair.
Can I sitin?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
All right.
I can open.
I'll see your 5 and raise you 5.
All right, boys.
Takes Jacks or better.
All right, young man.
$20. Ahem.
Hmm. All right. I'll see that.
Your 20...
And I'll raise you 20.
I call.
You call?
I'm raisin' you.
Looks like the boy's
got somethin...
Well, let him get it said then.
40 more.
Well, now you know somethin'?
I believe him
so I'm just gonna fold
'cause I ain't got doodly-shit.
60 to me, huh?
Uh, 2.
Ok, dealer takes 3.
So, what're you gonna do?
I'm gonna bet 100.
I'll see ya.
What're you doin', ruff?
There's your 100...
And 100 better.
Beats me.
And 200 more.
I'm out.
Ain't got that much.
How much you got?
You fellers know each other?
That's a bet.
You called.
Lay 'em down.
Full barn.
7s, full of Jacks.
You cheated me!
Don't shoot me.
Jesus Christ.
No, I ain't got nothin...
Now the next son
of a bitch that moves...
I don't think the
bartender was gonna shoot ya.
Why the fuck didn't
he put out a sign?!
Some kinda poker game.
How bad you hurt?
I'm ok. I'm bleedin...
Take this. I'll be back.
You want me to get ya a doctor?
No, I don't need no doctor.
You could pick up my winnin's.
I think you'll find
that it's correct.
You sure you don't want
me to get the doctor?
Thank you.
Good luck.
I should've stuck
with what I was doin...
What are you doin'?
I'm gonna give her $100.
Now you take good care, darlin'.
You'll pay for that.
I'm bleedin' to death,
and you're givin'
away our money.
Come on, come on. Yah! Come on.
I'd like to talk to the sheriff.
Go right ahead.
My name's Paul Buckman.
Me and my brother here
come in from Montana.
Yeah, I know who you are.
How you know?
Ah, sheriff Jackson sent word.
Y'all get on down and
come in the office.
I wanna talk to ya.
Let not your hearts
be troubled.
If ye believe in god,
believe also in me.
In my father's house there
are many mansions.
If it were not so,
I would have told you.
If I go to prepare
a place for you,
I will come again and
receive you unto myself...
We better get
on back, little brother.
He told us to do something,
we better do it.
Mama's gonna be needing us.
The last thing pa said
was bring frank post
and Ross Bodine back.
I aim to do it if it takes me
the rest of my life.
He was a man
by the name of Yost.
Ruff Yost.
He's a no-good son of a bitch.
He drew down on post,
and I guess when he did,
all hell busted loose,
'cause when it was all over
there was 3 men
and a woman dead.
That sounds like
self-defense to me.
Yeah, but a reliable witness,
he, uh, he don't
think Bodine oughta
got that bartender 'cause, uh...
Then there's that little matter
of bank robbin', you know.
Go home.
Ain't got to prove
nothin' no more, John.
This ain't up to us.
They was r-bar men,
they stole r-bar money.
Aw, hell, John.
They stole circle-c money
and lazy-w money
and they stole half
the money in town.
You're talking
about r-bar money,
he said it'd be
a cold day in hell
before anyone tries again.
But he don't
mean nothin' now, John.
He's dead, John-boy.
No, he ain't, Paul.
We're the ranch now, you and me.
You understand that?
How you doin'? You wanna stop?
No. Not much longer till dark.
Have another drink.
Now, frank, relax,
'cause I don't want you jerking
while I'm gettin'
this thing out.
Ain't there a better way
to do this?
I wish there were, partner.
Oh, come on!
God damn it, I haven't
even started!
Have another drink.
Come on!
Come on, drink it all,
god damn it.
I don't wanna have
to hit you in the head.
Oh, god damn.
Hold on.
Oh, god, Ross! God damn, Ross!
God... de... ro... ohh! God, Ross!
God damn it, lie down!
Damn it, come out of there,
you son of a bitch!
Sure wish I felt like
things were gonna be...
Just dandy.
They crossed here, I'd say,
sometime this morning.
Well, that's the Utah line.
You... y'all gonna go ahead?
So long, sheriff. Ahem.
Listen, son, why don't
you turn around
and come go back with us,
and maybe he'll give it
up after a while?
Nah. He'll... he'll
either bring 'em back,
or he'll die trying.
I don't care much
for him lately,
but I think I'd rather
see him bring 'em back.
Hoo, John!
Thanks, sheriff.
Come on, boys. Let's go home.
Little brother!
I know it ain't too appetizing,
but you oughta try
to eat something.
It ain't that I don't admire
your cooking, Ross,
but tonight I think I'm
just gonna have t0o pass.
How 'bout a drink?
I couldn't handle that, either.
Probably dying. Heh.
You're burnin' up.
I'm so cold, I can't
stop shakin...
Let's take another look
at that leg.
It's not so good, huh?
No, it ain't so bad.
Hell it ain't.
If it hurts worse,
you can cut it off
and I'll kiss you for doin' it.
Ok, it's infected.
We gotta get you to a doctor.
Yeah, there's one right
over the next hill. Heh.
And he's got
2 beautiful daughters.
Hey, wouldn't that just be...
That'd be just as good
as you could get, huh?
We'd better be headin'
back for Benson.
What happens if we keep goin'?
Well, this is
awful big territory.
Not many people around.
Bound to run into somebody
sooner or later,
but I wouldn't guarantee it
wasn't later than sooner.
Well, we made it this far.
I guess I can make it
the rest of the way.
It's too big a gamble, frank.
It's my gamble.
It's my gamble,
and I'll bet you $1,000
we find us a town quicker
than it would take us
to get back to Benson.
Ok. I mean, I don't
wanna bet you,
but if you wanna do it that way,
that's the way we'll do it.
Now, if you need anything,
just holler, huh?
Hey, Ross.
- Yeah?
- Hey, Ross.
You wanna stop?
I don't wanna stop. I feel...
Easy, partner. Hold on.
Hold on, partner.
Think I'll ever see Mexico?
Why, hell, yes.
After all this, it better
be as good as you say.
It's better.
I just didn't want
to tell you too much.
Uh, afraid you'd get
too anxious.
Tell me now.
Well, uh, a lot of it you know.
Tell me again.
It's green.
Yeah. Yeah, it's green
most of the year.
Uh, lots of grass,
plenty of water.
We can run us
1,000 or 2,000 head
if we wanted to,
but, uh, that kind
of spread spells work,
and I figure we've
done enough of that.
We'll just get us
a few Mex cattle
just to keep our hands in.
But once we get that
real fine hacienda built,
plenty of people to do the work
and the cleaning up,
you and I are gonna
take it easy.
Whoa, now.
And I tell you, some
of those Mexicana girls
are just about as pretty
as you'll ever wanna see.
Yes, sir, frank.
I give you my personal
word of honor
that if there's one place
in this whole world
where a cowboy can
kick off his spurs
and be happy for the rest
of his life,
that's where we're going.
So hang on, partner.
It ain't much farther.
Well, I guess by now
you got me figured out
as someone that don't
surprise too easy,
for one thing,
and I ain't the most
superstitious bronc crasher
in the world, for another.
But I tell you, frank.
The more it goes,
the more I see every day,
the less I wouldn't swear
that we ain't really got
much to say about it.
Maybe it's all been
figured out up front.
And except for a couple
of measly detours,
which is left to us
to make it seem like
we're really calling the shots,
we're just doin'
what was decided
the day we popped
into this old world.
'Cause, hell, look at us.
Now, honestly, you ever seen
a more unlikely combination?
Now, who the hell
would figure us
throwing in together?
I remember the first day
you came to work for the r-bar.
Talkin' like a windy Texan,
actin' like a clown,
and wearing that silly-assed
hard-boiled derby.
And I decided that just about
everything about you
wasn't my style.
And I made a calculation on you
faster than I ever made one
before or since,
and I gave you just one week.
Just goes to show you
how wrong a man can be.
Just goes to show
that when it comes
to something special,
like lovin' a woman
or judgin' a man,
man just don't know shit.
A week later, we was walkin'
around each other.
A month later,
we was swappin' lies.
And a year later,
we was robbin' us a bank.
I guess I started out hating
your healthy young guts...
'Cause it was mostly
all behind for me
and mostly all ahead for you.
Anyway, for what it's worth...
You turned out to be
one goddamn fine cowboy.
Be seein' you, partner.
All you wild rovers
you listen to me
wanna tell you the tale
of my sad history
I'm a cowboy of fortune
a lover of life
too old for a sweetheart
too young for a wife
I've drunk me
some whiskey
and roped me a steer
I've busted wild broncos
my clothes,
they are ragged
my language is tough
but a sweet-lovin' woman
can smooth out the rough
oh, I've tasted it all
and I'm tellin' you, men
if I had me the chance
I'd sure do it again
but the days
are much shorter
and winter is nigh
sooner or later
a man's gonna die
so drink to the rovers
the last of their kind
they're wild
and they're woolly
and out of their minds
just a few more tomorrows
they won't be around
forgotten by all
6 feet in the ground.
Yah! Come on!
You son of a...
Bodine, I'm sorry.
Me, too.
He was mine, you son of a bitch.
He was mine, Paul.
Help me take him back, Paul.
I've gotta...
Gotta take him back!
You gotta help me, Paul.
Gotta help me
take him back, Paul.
Stand up...
Stand up, you son of a bitch.
All right. All right?
I got him, pa.
Look what I got!
Look what I got.
I done what you told me, pa.
Get Ross Bodine...
Gotta take him...
Take him back...
I gotta see...
I did what you want.
Paul... help me.
Beautiful! That's it,
stay on her, Ross.
Boy, I bet you didn't
have this much trouble
when you was 8.
Stay on her, Ross. Stay on her!
Hold onto her! That's it!
Ride her, now, ride her!
Waltz with the lady.
Waltz with her. Whoo!
You're doin' it!
You're doin' it!
Hang onto her, now!
Hold her, Ross!
Hold her! Ride her!
Waltz with the lady. Whoo!