Wild Search (1989) Movie Script

- Don't go away, come back!
- What are you doing?
Don't hold me!
Get down the car!
I hit you! Get down the car!
Let her go!
- Let her go!
- Leave me alone!
- Darn it!
- Let's go!
Fantastic, has he come or not?
You know who you are?
You better don't go to that place so often.
Can't a police call for prostitute,
one must live happily.
The most important thing is to be happy.
Here he come!
Hi, Mew!
Hi, Wah, how's life going on?
Just OK!
Even that car worth a few hundred thousand,
what are you doing now?
Mew, are you investigated me?
Why are you looking for me?
I want to sell you some important information.
What kind of information?
Purchase of ammunition.
Have you any interest?
If yes, let us discuss the price first.
How come you be so realistic
after only a few months.
Mew, you should understand.
When I am still a police under you.
Any information received will be free.
Now, I am jobless, how can I survive?
OK, if the information is true.
I will apply for the under-cover fee.
I will call for you for any further information.
- Have a good time.
- You get in first.
Mr. Chan, why leave so early?
- Yeah!
- Thank you!
- So long!
- Bye-Bye!
We are looking for Elaine.
- Elaine, haven't seen for a long time!
- Yeah!
- This is Mr. Yoko!
- How are you!
Just take a seat!
This house seems quite good.
- My company is the sole agent.
- Really?
- If you like it, We discuss it later.
- Alright!
- Take a seat!
- Please sit this side!
What have you broken inside?
Why so noisy, where do you get that bicycle!
Inside that room!
- Say hello to uncle, Ka Ka!
- Uncle!
- Mew! Which floor?!
- 4F
- How many people in there?
- Not sure!
- Is that reliable?
- Of course!
What next?
All take very good attention.
Here are some samples.
And pistols, Browning pistols.
Besides these samples.
If you still want more powerful and bigger caliber.
We also have stocks.
But the price will be a bit higher.
Mr. Yoko say that here is fifth thousand
for deposit.
He will settle the balance
once the ammunition arrive Japan.
And we hope the ammunition can shipped
to Japan as soon as possible.
Let's me do it.
Get down.
Be careful.
Let's escape!
Ka Ka, don't be afraid.
Bullet, I've been shot.
- Mammy.
- Don't be afraid.
Mammy, what happen to you?
Give the way...
We get on the spot some US dollars
and some pistols.
All the suspects has escaped.
What has the landlord said?
This is an empty unit.
The neighbors said that the landlord
has immigrated.
An real estate has the sole agent for this.
The dead is the boss of the real estate agency.
That means nothing.
We have found an I. D. card on the dead's body.
And her name is Elaine Lee.
Hey man, give her something to drink.
Yes, Sir!
Hey, do you still feel cold?
- I am Mew Mew.
- What? Mew Mew!
Right! Mew Mew means Kittens!
- What's you name?
- Ka Ka!
Ka Ka? Let's be friend kid.
I am not a kid any more, I will four next month.
Oh, a big girl!
Fantastic, do you know Mammy's name?
Elaine Lee!
Do you know your own address?
- Mew!
- Uncle Jim!
Is that the kid.
Nam, call the headquarters for the dead's address.
And go there for investigation tonight.
Mew Mew, Mammy bleed a lot.
Mammy will be OK!
Darn it, using a kid for disguise
for ammunition dealing.
Elaine Lee doesn't seem to be a country woman.
I got it from the headquarter.
This is the one. Quick!
Police! Get in, none of your business,
shut that door.
Don't make so much noise.
Give it to me.
Who's at the door, Cher?
Shut up.
Shut up, police!
- Don't fire!
- Don't move!
Don't you make any move, old man! Search!
Don't move!
Kau, what's happening?
Lee's house is being searched, let's go and see!
Here come the leader of the village...
Wait, don't go over!
What's wrong?
We are investigating a case,
none of your business.
I am the chief here, everything is my business.
So you understand the law,
search while you arrived.
Have you finished?
Why are you so mad?
Don't stand on my way!
Who's the one in charge?
Are you the one?
You don't be mad! I am C. I. D. Sergeant Lau.
We've proof to believe that here is some suspects
and ammunition.
- Are you OK?
- It's OK!
- This is the search warrant.
- Search warrant?!
Chun, see what's written there?
What are you searching for?
People living here are good citizens,
don't say anything nonsense.
Lee, don't be afraid,
I am here, everything will be OK.
Pa Pa, I can't read it.
Darn it, what have you learned in school?
Can't even read a few lines?
- Look, it up at the dictionary.
- Darn it!
- How?
- Nothing can be found.
Old man, what's you name?
Is Elaine Lee living here?
There is no such person here.
You have looking up the wrong place, Sir!
What has happened to my sister?
We have solve an ammunition case.
In an empty unit this afternoon.
We have found a dead named Elaine Lee.
And also a kid Ka Ka.
Sister has died?
Is Elaine Lee living here, Miss Lee?
That's darn's business.
If you want to know, go to find it out yourself.
Pa Pa, sister has died.
Miss Lee!
Can you give me your sister's address.
I don't know the exact address,
but I can show you the way.
Mew, we have found a name card of Elaine Lee.
Your sister still own an antique shop?
Darn it, her life is quite comfortable.
- Kee, go to search there.
- Yes, Sir!
Miss Lee, please take me to your sister's house.
Sit well, you better behave yourself.
Be smart!
Is this the MTR exit?
Not this one!
Are you sure?
I already told you that's not the one.
How about this one?
Similar, but not this one!
It seems the one at the back.
Darn it, it's a single entry,
we've to drive a big round.
Miss, are you sure that it is at the back?
Do you know that
we are finding your sister's home.
And not finding the MTR station.
If you don't take me to the right MTR exit.
How can I show you the way to sister's house.
That is the one!
What's happening?
Go and ask whether they know how to drive?
- Get down and have a look!
- Yes Sir.
- Where is the house actually?
- Here it is!
Who's the one who bumped at Sergeant's car?
- Are you the driver?
- Yes.
- I have already step on the brake.
- Be luck it's not so hurt.
- I have already step on the brake.
- Alright!
That is the sign.
Every MTR exit gets this sign.
This the exit for Queen's square.
Hey Miss, where are you going to?
Over that side!
We just come over from that side.
If you don't take me to the right MTR exit.
How can I show you the way.
Alright, let's get into the car...
Just a few steps will arrive.
- ask them to follow me.
- Yes, Sir!
I have to get my hat.
Can't you go without it?
Mew, that's the house.
Danny, can you hear me?
Any one hear my call, any one answer, roger.
I am Sergeant Lau Chun Pong!
Two suspected men are getting down the flat.
Block their way, over!
Any one hear my calls,
Danny, where have you been?
Do you see two men passing?
Have you seen two men passing?
The street is full of men,
who are you talking about?
The two just come out from the flat.
Miss Lee, just be helpful, where they have gone?
Gone up a car and go away!
What is the color of the car?
You don't drive too fast, can you,
it's something look like white.
Black or white, which color?
How can I recognize it so clearly
in such darkness?
What's the plate number then?
I am trying to help you,
but not car racing with you.
Can't you drive a bit slower?
What's the plate number then?
How do I know?
It seems the one at the front.
Sit well!
You are on the wrong lane.
Is this the white car, is it?
Coming car!
Police, Get down!
Put your hands on the roof of the car.
You are happy now.
Everything has gone confused
for your wrong direction.
Do you recognize the two men?
I wonder what's your eyes for?
When will you take me to see sister and Ka Ka?
My sister had died, what's your eyes for then?
Take it, if not, how can I drive?
See whether the dead is your sister?
Mew, the photos and some documents
of the dead has been missing.
That amah said that she's been tied up
while sleeping.
Can she recognize the one?
The antique shop has been in a mess.
Nothing can be find.
Aunt Cher, I don't want to go to grandpa's house.
Say hello to grandpa when you see him.
Grandpa doesn't like me.
Who said so?
Papa, sister has really died.
You handle her funeral.
Ka Ka, say hello to grandpa.
Come, say hello! Be good, Ka Ka, say hello!
Ask her father to take her back.
I have already said that she won't get
a good result by following such man.
Mr. Hung, everything is of your order.
Any document concerning you with Elaine.
Have been diminished already.
How about Buller and that Japanese?
Hide already.
- Show me to their place.
- Yes!
Ka Ka's father surnamed Hung.
Ka Ka is a illegitimate child.
That's my sister's secret,
even Ka Ka doesn't know about it.
Where does that Mr. Hung live?
How do I know?
I have been dining twice with him together
with my sister.
Mr. Hung!
Mr. Hung, that is Mr. Yoko and Cheung, the dealer.
How do you do?
The investigation is carried on intensively,
so I take him here.
How's Elaine case happened?
Elaine was shot at that time,
and the police were dashing in.
For sure she can't escape.
So you killed her yourself.
Where's you gun?
Mr. Hung, my life was saved by you in Vietnam.
If you want it, you can take it any time you like.
The first day I took you to HK.
I have already taught you.
Don't let any thing out of your hand.
Don't leave any information.
Please don't kill me.
I won't tell anything to anyone.
Ah Kee, Ah Kee!
What, Mr. Hung?
Ask someone to keep an eye of the antique shop.
Buy the whole shop once you get the opportunity.
Will there any trouble, Mr. Hung?
Ask some one else to deal with be OK.
The goods I ordered will soon arrived,
nothing can be changed.
We have found many Vietnam shipment voucher.
But we can't see any Vietnamese goods?
How do I know?
This is my sister's shop,
smoking is prohibited here.
Sir, our shop mainly do wholesale overseas.
Once any goods arrived,
will be repack for shipment.
How's the business here?
Just alright.
I wonder who will come
to buy such expensive goods.
See clear whether this one is right?
How about this one?
- Right!
- really?
Is the mouth of that uncle big or small?
Big mouth, smaller than the lion's mouth.
- This one?
- Bigger!
- How about this one?
- Correct!
- Why that look like you.
- Really!
It's so ugly!
Small kid, trick me?
What so ugly!
You don't think it's ugly, your eyes are awful.
The nose and the mouth are not
of right proportion.
Uncle Mew Mew be quick!
I want to see Mammy!
You can't cheat her for the whole life.
Uncle Mew Mew, quick take me to see Mammy
at the hospital.
Ka Ka can't even recognize the bad,
how can I take to Mammy?
For sure I can recognize him
if I once come across him.
Do you still remember my telephone number?
What to do if you see that man?
Call you right at once.
Let me tell her.
Cry no more,
I want to see Mammy!
Or else I will abandon you.
I will not take care of you.
Aunt Cher, don't leave me alone.
Then you better stop crying.
Come, let me hold her.
Ka Ka, you are an adult,
so you can't keep on crying.
Stop crying!
Say hello to grandpa when you see him, OK?
- Can you hear me?
- Yes!
Hi, Cher!
Why do you come here?
I just come back from interior China,
how's Elaine case?
Come here, let Aunt Cher told you.
Please come in the house and have a seat!
I am Sergeant Lau Chung Pong!
Just call me Ah Leung!
Cher, there's many housework to do.
How can just take her in and out everyday?
Let me do it!
Sir, please ask her father to take her back.
Grandpa, Ka Ka will be obedience from now on.
How she is even made her mum died.
And still remain such little kid for me
to take care.
Papa, don't be mad.
Sorry, I better leave first.
Uncle Mew Mew!
Bye Bye Uncle Mew Mew!
Bye Bye!
- Let me show you out.
- It's OK, I can!
Bye Bye!
Take that thing over that side first,
I will take this my own.
Thank a lot.
Please hold the lift for me.
Miss Lee! Where are you going to do?
Sister's house is giving back to the landlord.
So I have to take these stuffs home.
Let me help you.
- I am so sorry!
- Don't mention it...
Thank you!
Why are you here?
Your Papa said that you are here.
I purposely take a photo for you to see.
Do you know him?
That's Mr. Hung, where do you get it?
We found out that your sister has a safe box
in the bank.
There is such a photo inside.
And also the birth certificate of Ka Ka,
but it was written illegitimate.
Sir, please look for Mr. Hung for me.
I want to talk to him about Ka Ka.
No problem, anything more to move?
Nothing much, only small stuffs.
- Nam, give a helping hand.
- Help?
It's OK!
No problems! Let's go!
- Thanks a lot!
- Welcome!
- Really need to help?
- Go.
How? Is it heavy? Be careful!
It's not so heavy.
Take a rest first if it's too heavy.
It's so heavy.
Hold it!
Any damage of the cupboard?
Nothing damage of your cupboard.
Come, turn the round...
It holds my leg.
Take your leg out first. Take it out.
Miss Lee, which floor are we?
Darn it, only 5F.
It's really a big pity!
Take a rest first, Sir.
Not much time.
You have to rest even not much time.
Be careful...
Hold it! It really hurt.
Are you alright?
It's OK!
Wipe your face first, Sir!
Thank you, Miss Lee!
Just call me Cher.
Then you don't call me Sir.
Call me Mew Mew just like Ka Ka.
Mew Mew, are you a pussy?
Then call me Nam Nam.
From a C. I. D. then a baby sitter,
and now a coolie.
Thank a lot, Mew Mew!
Two C. I. D. are looking for you, Mr. Hung!
Mr. Hung is not free now.
The arrangement of the cards are so bad.
You both can't enter.
- What's happening?
- Police!
I think you must be Mr. Hung!
We are coming here hoping that
you can give us some information of Elaine Lee.
We have to invite you to police station
if you do not co-operate.
Please come and have a seat!
Close the door!
- Do you smoke.
- Thanks!
What's you connection with that woman?
We have been together for a few months.
And you have support her
to open an antique shop. Right?
No such thing.
Do you know she deals with ammunition?
I don't know.
You don' know?
Even the newspaper has written it.
Sir, what exactly do you want to know?
I am rich, I have reputation,
I know plenty to women.
If any one of their business count on me,
I will be fully occupied to death.
You better check my background first
before you come over to me.
Many high ranks are my acquaintances.
Right, you are No. One.
I am busy, you better go now.
The dead's sister wants to see you.
Joking, I don't even know her.
- How about Ka Ka?
- Who's she?
- You must know her.
- No!
Mr. Hung! if you don't want to see her sister.
I think that the reporters must have interest.
To know about the illegitimate child of Mr. Hung.
Darn it, you threaten me?
No matter who you aquatint,
you better behave yourself.
I will come again.
- Mr. Hung!
- Darn it.
You said that your have already diminish
all the hints.
I am sorry, Mr. Hung!
Actually, Mr. Hung doesn't want
to see you willingly.
But Ka Ka is his child.
Ka Ka, say hello to Papa.
You are the sister of Elaine, right?
Take a seat!
Where's Mr. Hung Chi Hang?
Here is Hundred thousand dollars.
Border Mr. Hung no more. Do you see it?
Come, eat some cake first.
Mew, I must see Mr. Hung, help me.
Mr. Hung, how much will you donate this time?
You will know it later?
- Mr. Hung, look at that side.
- Ok!
- Why has you been so early?
- Yes!
Will they call the police
since we are not invited?
Silly, who am I?
We don't even dress like attending a party.
It's Ok!
Well, by taking this, you will look like.
Hey, rotter, where's your boss?
How can you donate so little?
Just for charity.
Elaine's sister has come, over that side.
Excuse me!
Thank you! Drink some soft drinks first.
It's wine!
I don't know it's wine as well.
Mr. Hung!
You are looking for me?
It's not me, it's she.
Do you still remember me?
Of course, come over and have a talk.
Why are you looking for me?
It's about Ka Ka, I want you to take care of her.
Why must she follow me?
You are her father.
Don't said anything nonsense.
I have no connection with your sister.
You know it clear yourself.
Sir, please don't me to accept that kid.
Even if you reach what you want.
She doesn't have any fine day.
I know it, so I take her here.
I just want you to tell her the whole story.
Forget about that.
Mr. Hung. The cheque you issued last time.
I think you has missed one unit.
The living standard is much high,
to support one to school.
Even a million doesn't sound much.
Do you all agreed?
Of course, it's just enough.
Can't buy one Mercedes as well.
Are you alright to issued another cheque for me.
Of course!
Mr. Hung is really a big charitable man.
You must have a good result.
Let's go over there!
Keep well the cheque.
Why we have to take his money.
It seems that we are greedy.
You don't want to help Ka Ka?
Who say so?
Don't fight!
Stop fighting!
Darn it!
Help... Hold it!
Stop fighting!
No more photo taking.
- I ask don't to take it.
- Take what photos!
- Stop fighting!
- Go, quick!
Mew Mew, are you alright?
Darn it, where are you trying to escape?
You don't chase.
Where's my gun?
How are you? What are you trying to do?
You better stay here, don't move!
Order someone to attack me.
Do you need help. May I call for an ambulance?
- I am alright!
- Thank you!
My God!
The flowers has damaged.
I will buy you some later.
You still got the time for joking.
How are you? Wise cop!
Are you over excited with that one million dollars.
Mew Mew just let him go!
You better get off the car!
Sir, beware of you gun.
Beware, it will fired accidentally.
You shut up and get off the car.
Don't let the reporter take the photo of your gun.
Don't take any photos!
You will be dismissed by doing this.
You are suspected to order someone
to attack the police.
Get down the car!
Are you out of your mind?
It's none of your business.
You better get down the car.
I will charge you for resisting arrestation,
get down!
Drive away!
- Get down!
- What are you trying to do?
You think you are No. with a gun?
Get away!
Be calm!
Don't move, kneel down!
I will report to the police, be careful!
Alright, as you will. Cher, call the police!
You better kneel down yourself.
Uncle Jim.
Mew, the headquarters has informed me
that you are being complained.
The one above called me personally,
he wanted you to give him a detailed report
of what happened today.
Uncle Jim, Mew has been attacked.
Right, so what?
Sir, I can be the witness.
Being attack only.
Now they charge you of taking out a gun
without any reason.
Are you clear?
But we get witness.
They also have witness.
And also some photos.
Why are you so impatient?
That Mr. Hung is a man of reputation.
Then you better report it truly.
It's not the first I being complained.
You will be finished if I report it truly.
Mew, it will be OK. Uncle Jim will handle it.
Don't eat chili.
Any more else?
Especially cigarette and wine.
You have to stop smoking and drinking wine.
Later we have to go and buy some pots.
What are you observing?
To see whether there is any leak.
You hear.
To what?
Listen whether the sound is abnormal or not.
Then what?
Then means it has leak, listen carefully.
Miss, you have broken all my pots already.
So trouble for so little purchase,
I better close it.
The people nowadays are impolite.
Only observing, she has to scold.
People are rich.
Can we report them impolite to the police station?
Are you out of your mind saying such thing.
Thing is like this.
- Don't drive too fast.
- I know it already.
I ask you not to drive so fast.
After buying the medicine and the pots,
she said that she have to buy me some bandages.
I already said it's OK.
Then I told her that I am a bit exhausted.
She massaged me.
How intensive she is.
It's really good.
Fantastic, right?
Woman is really troublesome,
how come need to buy so much medicine.
A can of beer will be OK.
Women are born to be so troublesome.
I haven't seen you been so happy
for a long time already.
It does with, that woman is quite beautiful.
You better shut up.
Don't teach me to date the woman
in front of my wife and son.
Sorry, May, I am just joking!
Ka Ka, take the tea to grandpa!
- And chat with grandpa!
- OK!
Be careful!
Grandpa, it's you tea!
Has grandpa talk to you?
Ka Ka, do you still remember
Mew Mew's telephone number?
Good girl!
Wait a minute!
Mew, it's Cher!
Hi, Cher, what's happening?
Nothing, I just want to know
whether you have drunk that medicine or not?
I am just having it.
How do you feel?
It's bitter!
Bitter is good!
One important thing I've forgotten to tell you.
You have to add that small pack, after one hour.
Do you see what I mean?
Any big different?
Of course, my father taught me so.
And you have to drink it while it's hot.
Cher! Who has to take medicine?
It's Ah Leung!
Why does Ah Leung need to take medicine?
Being attack.
Being attack, let me talk to him.
Are you Ah Leung?
Are you Alright?
What's happening?
Tell him that I have to go to the toilet.
Who are you?
I am his friend.
Where's Ah Leung then?
- Ah Leung...
- He's in the toilet.
He's in the toilet.
Why he has to go to the toilet?
Drinking too much beer.
Still drink the beer.
You ask him whether there is any blood
in his stools.
Ask him to see whether there is any blood
in his stools.
Hey, check whether there is any blood
in the stools?
Don't know how to take care of oneself.
Still drink beer while taking medicine.
That woman again.
Stop drinking beer while taking medicine,
it's harmful.
No, I haven't drink any beer.
Why can't you take care of yourself.
Anything more to remind me,
I'm really big head.
Nothing, I have to hang up!
Hang up already!
Woman is really troublesome.
Trouble? I think you seems very pleasant.
You have to take this medicine daily.
Stop smoking!
And drink less beer.
Be careful!
- No!
- Why?
Let them learn something.
Give it to me.
Switch it on,
come again...
Then? What's wrong?
Sand has run into my eyes.
Let me blow it out for you.
Be careful!
Not yet, it's still inside!
- Any more?
- Yes!
Alright... My pupils are blown out by you as well.
This one!
That guy has been following me
for a few days already.
Bullet will find out who he is, right?
Must have some connection with that police.
Mr. Hung, you better keep calm.
Bullet will settle the whole thing.
- Ask him to be quick.
- Yes, Mr. Hung!
- You been here long?
- Just a while!
- Are you drink?
- It's still early!
They have all come.
Quit from parking already.
Of course, can't even survive.
See what do you want to do.
See whether I can help or not?
Mew Mew, don't worry about me.
It's quite easy to survive.
I still do not get any information
after following that Mr. Hung!
Will he be innocent with
that ammunition dealing?
He's a Sino-Vietnamese.
Come to HK less than years.
Will he be so rich only doing garments?
Right, the under-cover fee of last time
has not yet issued.
You just take this first.
On you knees.
Escape, run for life.
You better show up yourself!
Come out!
Darn it, I have to kill you today.
Darn it, I must kill him.
Bullet, hold it!
Start it now!
Can't you move downtown with me.
The business of my metalwork shop is growing,
I need your help.
You always said that I am stupid and clumsy.
How can I help you.
That woman is so clever,
why don't you ask her for help.
- Let me do it!
- No need!
- Cher!
- Mew Mew!
Looking for me?
I have a picture of the suspects for Ka Ka to see.
She's playing out there, let me show you the way.
- Let me help you!
- No need!
What's your name? Are you Cher's brother?
She's my wife!
Ka Ka!
Mew Mew!
Uncle Mew, I have call you last night.
But no one is on the phone.
Really? Mew Mew is on duty last night.
See, do you remember this man?
That is muscular uncle.
Is that the one inside the empty unit?
Have you arrested him?
Not yet, he's kill one of our men last night.
The bullet found on the location is the same
with your sister.
We suspected him to be the one
who killed your sister.
Mew Mew, cycle with me.
Alright, let's go cycling.
Hey, can you lend me your bicycle?
Alright, return to me later.
I will put it back here.
Cher, let us go home.
How's your being complained case proceeded?
It will be alright!
Are you going home?
Mew, let's go cycle there.
- Let's go...
- Sit well.
According to the statement of the five witnesses.
You charged Mr. Hung of being order someone
to attack you.
Then you forced him to get off the car.
Two of his staffs has tried to stop you.
You used your gun to force Mr. Hung to kneel
on the ground.
Do you have any objection to this?
I've been attack first before I met Mr. Hung.
I strongly believe that he's the one
who order his man.
I will take action only if
he resist to co-operate.
But now the one suspected to attack
has not yet been arrested.
By what do you think that they are co-operative?
You can just ask Mr. Hung
to get down the car for investigation.
Mr. Hung did not have any attacking weapons.
You don't need to use your own gun,
and ask him to kneel down as well.
Any more to add.
How come champagne is so expensive.
I just buy one for celebration.
He has not yet come out?
How's the situation?
Retained temporary, and dismissed
under consideration.
What, for celebration?
Mew, it'll be OK.
It's just a cover up, and just a explanation
to the public.
My wife and son had been killed
by the robber,
who had given me any explanation?
I've been a cop for sixteen years,
I've been working hard.
No one will complain if I am lazy.
Mew Mew, Ah Leung is the husband of Cher.
You ask me how deep is my love
and how much do I love you.
My love is true and my affection
to you is absolute.
The moon can be my sole representative.
You ask me how deep is my love
and how much do I love you.
My love to you will not change.
The moon can be my sole representative.
You kiss has already move me,
Our love is in my mind ever and forever.
- Aunt Cher!
- Good girl!
Papa! Why are so early?
Good health!
Ah Leung, happy new year!
Thank you, Papa!
Has Papa told you that I want to move in?
Not yet!
Papa tell me to ask you.
What has China been since last time you get in?
Nothing does change.
But Hong Kong has changed a lot.
Cher, I have separated with that woman already.
You know how much do I need you?
I have the same conversation with you
during our divorce.
I really want to move in.
You won't be satisfied even if you move back.
Mew Mew, I am Ka Ka, please come quick
to rescue me.
What's wrong?
Grandpa said that he will sell me.
Where's Aunt Cher?
Aunt has gone out.
Mew Mew, come to rescue me.
Grandpa won't sell you.
Mew Mew, quick, come to rescue me.
You will be hurt by climbing up so high.
Get down and stop crying!
I will sell you if you keep on crying!
No more crying!
Ka Ka, where are you?
Ka Ka...
Ka Ka, answer me!
Ka Ka...
How about this side, let's go over that side.
Uncle Lee, where was Ka Ka
when you last saw her?
Papa, tell us where was she?
Let me do it!
Lee, you are wrong by doing that.
She is your granddaughter no matter how.
She has not done anything wrong,
how can you treat her like this?
- Papa!
- Papa, where are you going?
Uncle Lee!
Papa, why are you walking here and there?
Papa, please open the door!
Leave him alone!
Lee, why are you hiding there?
Be good, don't walk away...
Come over, I will give you candies.
We must find her, take a drink first.
Be good, don't run around!
Grandpa, please do not sell me.
Ka Ka know that I am wrong.
- Ka Ka!
- Alright, don't cry!
Don't cry!
People will tease on you if you keep on crying.
Let me hold you!
Ka Ka, let Aunt Cher hold you.
Alright, stop crying!
Let me take her to my place.
We go together.
Cher, where are you going?
Take care of Papa for me, I will be back soon.
Bye Bye!
Come in!
Please close the door for me.
I will take her to the bedroom first.
Can we cook something to eat,
I am rather hungry!
Of course, may I help you!
I can handle it myself.
Hope that your husband will not misunderstand.
We have divorced already.
But he is still cared for you.
Have some one to care. Must be very lucky.
I always don't understand why
when you cared for him.
He will not treasured it.
But when your affection has faded,
he will say that he need you.
Let me do it!
- Thank you!
- Don't mention it!
We have been grown up together,
we both came from interior China.
And then get married.
He become the boss of a metal workshop
less than two years.
I can read from your face you carries good luck.
No later,
I discovered that he has another woman,
and a son as well.
The son was two already when I found it out,
you are right by saying that, my eyes are useless.
I am just joking, you still remember it.
Let me do it!
And now he want to reunion.
The mirror has broken,
what's the use with a crack on it?
That's only the point of view.
There's some cooked rice in the fridge,
let's fried it.
Then please take care of Ka Ka
for the time being.
Just take it easy, she'll be fine here.
Thank you!
Bye Bye!
Miss, please sign here for all the goods
have been checked.
Ka Ka, have you dressed up yourself, time is up.
It's OK.
Woman is really trouble!
Going to school.
Go to school after eating the breakfast.
Have you washed your hands?
Go and wash it.
Hi, Nam!
It's for you!
Uncle Lee!
He's looking up for you at the police station,
so I bring him here.
- Please come in!
- Thank you...
The environment seems good, your own house?
It's under installment.
He is trying to know about you.
Uncle Lee, take a seat!
You are so free?
Being alone at home.
So I come here to visit my grand daughter.
- What do you want to drink?
- It's OK!
I've washed my hands!
- Ka Ka!
- Say hello to grandpa!
Ka Ka, why are so impolite?
Grandpa has bought you one telephone.
Call grandpa if you are free.
- Take it!
- Take it!
- Take it!
- Say thank you to grandpa!
Ka Ka, open the door!
It's OK!
Will Cher come over here later?
I have asked her to meet at the ballet school.
Climb more higher, the tree is very tall.
Are you hungry?
Then go to find some food.
The kids nowadays are much luckier,
had to eat the skin of the tree when I am small.
Papa, why are you here?
Uncle Lee is coming to see Ka Ka!
Let's dine together later!
Ah Leung has come to see you today,
he's still home when I came out.
I am confused as well.
Must a woman stay with only one man.
You make your own decision.
The goods from Vietnam has arrived today.
Have you checked them?
Yes, but nothing special.
Let's go and have a look.
Time will be just match.
Keep your foot in. Don't make any noise!
The warehouse is at the left front.
That's Mr. Hung's fellow.
Right, he is trying to relocate my goods.
Let's call the police.
- Hi!
- What's wrong?
I am Sergeant Lau.
Some one on the next street is trying to steal.
Please inform the headquarters.
Take care!
Kneel down!
Mew Mew, you've been hurt.
Kau, escape after moving this last case.
Kau, BB, come over!
What's wrong?
Drive away!
Escape, here comes the police.
Stop and don't move!
Kneel down, hands on your heads.
Don't move! Kneel down.
Don't move!
The tire has burst.
Mew, how are you?
Bumped on their car!
- Drive the car to them!
- the engine has broke down.
Mew, how are you?
Big Eye, how are you?
Mew, wake up!
Quickly drive the car!
Big Eye!
Stop it, quick!
Mew Mew!
The door can't be opened!
The car is moving backward, wake up!
Quickly get down the car!
Escape, the police is coming.
Mew Mew!
Bye Bye!
Any one answer the phone?
No one!
Don't be nervous, drink some water first.
Thank you!
Sorry, we have to close now.
I am sorry!
Let's go!
Be quick!
What are you looking?
You dare to betray me?
Say to the judge.
Darn it! Come out.
They force me to do so, it's not my will.
I will kill if I see you one more time.
Get in that car!
No one can save you. Looking for what?
Here are the medicines for a few days,
you have to follow the schedule.
Doctor, is he OK?
It's OK, just some connection
with the bones will be OK!
Take a rest, I leave now!
Kee will be the witness on court,
Mr. Hung will be of big trouble.
You idiot.
Police is looking for you everywhere,
we better go back to Vietnam.
I have found a ship.
I won't go, I have to kill that police.
He has to compensate for my leg.
Do you feel better today?
I think the Chinese medicine will be better.
Sleep for awhile.
When can we go car racing?
I prefer taking the public vehicles.
It won't hurt so much when in accidents.
Quickly drink it, or the nurse will scold
when seeing t his.
Don't be silly!
Has Ah Leung come to see you?
Yes, he comes everyday.
I will talk to him when I get out here.
- It's too hot.
- It's so hot.
This necklace belongs to my wife.
She asked me to give it to you
in my dream last night.
It's OK already.
She also said that I always forget everything.
So she asked you to take good care of me
from now on.
If you don't said no, I will promise her for you.
Put it on!
This necklace weights more than a tael.
Ka Ka, eat more vegetable,
it's good for health.
Papa, I am coming back!
- Is Ka Ka good girl or not today?
- Good!
Ah Leung has moved in.
Who allow him to do so?
I have considered it seriously,
it will be better for us to living together.
But we have no more connection.
This is useless for you to move in again.
I have let the shop to some one else.
I plan to build a bigger house next door.
So that everyone can live better.
Give him one more chance
since you've been couples.
Did he gave me any chance
when he abandoned me?
Mew, your duty has recovered.
Rest more, come back to work
when you are totally recovered.
- Thank you Uncle Jim!
- Where are you going?
To have a discussion with my competitor
of affection.
Do you need any help?
Take care!
Inform us earlier once you get married.
Bye Bye!
Going home...
Ka Ka, help grandpa to feed the chicks, alright?
Of course!
Uncle Lee!
- Mew Mew!
- You are OK now?
- Let me hold her...
- Uncle will hold you later.
I don't want you, you are so ugly.
If you said one more word I will lock you up
with the chicks.
- Is Ka Ka good girl or not today?
- Good!
Mew Mew!
Why you are so late?
I think you won't come again?
The traffic jam.
He is running here to take the Chinese medicine.
Mew Mew play with me.
Come in and have a seat!
Mew Mew, let's go cycling.
Mew Mew has not yet recovered,
let uncle Nam play with you.
Good girl, let uncle cycling with you OK?
Ah Leung is inside.
You better have a good discussion.
Sit well, Ka Ka!
Ah Leung!
- Take a seat!
- Thanks!
Bullet, that police has entered that village.
I am going to kill him.
- Have a drink!
- Thank you!
Ah Leung, Cher told me that you have moved in.
You are a reasonable man.
You understand what affection is.
What are talking about, you are not welcome,
get out here!
We are both adults.
I warn you, get out here!
Why can't we make it clear?
Alright, if you don't want to go, stay here!
Ah Leung...
Ah Leung, why you shut the door,
open it, Ah Leung!
Ah Leung, what are you trying to do?
- Don't border me...
- Are you crazy!
You dared to tempt my wife, I will kill you.
Ah Leung, what are you doing?
Ah Leung is trying to hurt other with a knife.
- What, killing?
- Ah Leung, put down the knife.
Ah Leung, Ah Leung...
Put down the knife, Ah Leung...
Fight no more! You stop it!
Wong, call the police, quick!
Stop it! Ah Leung!
Cycle more faster, so slow!
It's already every fast.
Sit well, are you alright,
uncle is clumsy in cycling.
What can we do?
Get away!
- Darn it.
- Help.
- Tempt my wife.
- Stop it!
Ah Leung!
Kneel down!
Get out!
Kneel down!
You better come out you own.
Kneel down...
- Who's that?
- I am not looking for you.
You will know who am I if you come out.
Police, are you No. one...
Kneel down!
Don't fire, don't fire...
Get out!
Are you OK?
Hide yourselves!
Don't fire!
Where's that police?
Don't fire, he's at the kitchen.
- Show me the way!
- No!
Police, drop the gun down!
No, please don't!
Get up and show me the way!
No, please don't!
Where's Mew Mew?
Don't fire...
You dare fired, I have a man on hand.
Don't fire!
Please don't, it's Ah Leung...
I know you are up there, you better come down.
- If not, I'll kill him.
- No!
Any more entrance?
Get out!
- Help!
- Don't fire, I am coming out!
You better be quick!
You are trying to kill him, release him!
Release him!
Come here!
Are you coming out?
It's on fire!
How are you?
I've been shot!
See whether you can survive.
Darn it!
Stop it!
Darn it, I will drink you.
You stop it!
Kill you...
Mew Mew...
Be careful of Mew Mew!
Fire, Mew Mew is on fire now.
Put off the fire...
Burn you!
Be careful, he's taking a knife.
Darn it!
Kneel down!
Released me...
No, it's too dangerous.
Stand still, can you hear me?
Help, save the life and put off the fire, quick!
Mew Mew, Ah Leung!
Be calm!
Put off the fire!
Ask more people to help.
Be quick!
Be careful, put him down here.
Someone is climbing out!
It's Ah Leung, save him, quick...
Quick, save Ah Leung!
Give the way...
- Hold it! Save him,
- quick...
Ah Leung, did you seem Mew Mew?
Mew Mew are you alright?
Hold it!
Ah Leung!
Ah Leung, are you OK? Ah Leung...
Ignore me, save that police first.
Some one down there, help!
- Mew Mew!
- Be careful!
Mew Mew, how are you?
I will go to help if you are alright.
I am alright!
- Grandpa!
- Ka Ka!
Are you scared?
- Mew Mew, it's OK!
- OK!
Be happy, let's go car racing?