Wild Tales (2014) Movie Script

Hello. Am I on time?
ID, please.
Let me ask you,
my ticket was paid by a company,
can I get the miles?
No, there are no miles for this fare.
I see. Never mind, then.
Boarding is through gate 3.
I'll help you.
Business or pleasure?
Both, I hope.
What do you do?
I'm a model.
Sorry, I should have figured.
Thank you.
Catwalk or advertising?
And you, what do you do sir?
- You're killing me.
- Why?
You said "sir"
and I sank
to the fifth circle of hell.
I have to do something
about my hair.
I'm a music critic.
Sounds horrible, I know.
It doesn't.
Now you're trying to be nice.
Classical music.
I see.
My first boyfriend
was a classical musician.
Well, that's what he studied.
What's his name?
No, he's not famous.
He sent in some works
back when we were together,
but they were never published.
Or printed.
What's the right word'?
Choose whatever term you like
and I'll make it popular.
Pasternak. Gabriel Pasternak.
If I'd known it, I'd have told you
I was a gravedigger, not a critic.
He submitted his thesis
at the Conservatory of Music
when I was president of the jury.
I ripped him apart.
Yes, I was with him at the time.
What you did to him was awful.
He spent a week in bed
after reading the review.
Sometimes I have to destroy
some poor guy's self- esteem
to protect the ears
of an entire population.
I may be wrong sometimes,
but in this case...
His work was...
a dreadful monstrosity.
Are you still in touch with him?
We didn't end on great terms.
But I'm still fond of him.
He was a good guy.
Maybe, but if you present
a piece like that to a jury
there has to be
something wrong with you.
Gabriel Pasternak!
How could I forget him?
We laughed about it for months.
I'm sorry to interrupt,
but I was listening to you.
What a huge coincidence!
Gabriel Pasternak
was my student
at Palomar Elementary School.
I had to tell him
he was being held back.
I can assure you:
the kid had issues.
I've never seen anything like it
in 30 years as a teacher.
He was screaming
and crying like a newborn baby.
Miss Leguizamn?
Ignacio Fontana.
Remember me'?
Ignacio Fontana!
There's a cosmic connection here.
Wasn't Pasternak one of your classmates?
- Are you friends with him?
- Intimate friends.
Poor guy, we were awful to him.
This is beyond unbelievable.
I was a manager at Home Depot,
where this psycho you mentioned
worked for a while.
He always had trouble with customers,
so we had to let him go.
- And when I...
- Excuse me.
Does anyone else know Gabriel Pasternak?
- Me.
- Me too.
Why are you on this plane?
Did you buy your tickets?
I'm in real estate,
they sent it to me to check out a farm.
I have a meeting
with the Tourism Secretary.
They bought the ticket.
I won mine in a raffle.
I couldn't change the date.
I had to fly today.
Gabriel Pasternak is
the cabin chief on this flight.
We did our training together,
we were friends.
Then he asked me out
and when I refused, he started to get...
Never mind.
After takeoff,
he brought coffee to the cockpit.
The door is locked,
the pilots won't answer,
I'm desperate!
I don't know what to do!
I cheated on him
with his only friend.
With him!
Gabriel, are you there?
It's Victor,
Victor Jensen!
Talk to me, please!
- Who are you?
- I was his psychiatrist for years.
Then I raised my fees,
he got mad and stopped seeing me.
Open the door, Gabriel!
It's not your fault!
You're just a victim here!
I'm telling you, plain and simple:
it was your parents
who ruined your life!
They asked too much of you
ever since you were born,
they projected all their
disappointments on you!
They are responsible
for your suffering!
Gabriel, no one here...
has anything to do with it!
Good evening.
Party of one?
I see you're good at math.
One, yes.
Wherever you like.
Today's special
is lentils and rice stew.
Did he order?
That guy's from my hometown.
He's a loan shark, a gangster.
He auctioned our house.
Because of him,
my father killed himself.
Two weeks after the funeral,
he tried to seduce my mom.
He wouldn't leave her alone
so we moved here.
You know how many times
I dreamed of having him
right in front of me?
I'm going to say something.
Say something?
Your dad kills himself
because of this guy,
and you're just going
to insult him?
Let's put rat poison in his food.
There's some in the storeroom.
A good dose and his heart
will blow in five minutes.
Lots of work?
Not with this weather...
I've been trying to get your attention
for a while.
You need to check on
your customers, honey.
Can I take your order?
French fries with fried eggs.
I'll order something else
if I'm still hungry.
- To drink?
- Diet Coke.
Diet Coke?
Diet Coke.
French fries, fried eggs.
Want me to write it?
I hate him!
Make him French fries with fried eggs.
Are you crazy?
Want me to go to prison?
To prison?
Who'll do the autopsy on this jerk?
The FBI?
French fries with fried eggs.
They'll think the cholesterol
killed him.
Just cook his meal, will you?
Can I have your opinion?
You seem like a smart girl.
Come here.
Which do you like better? This one?
Or this one?
The red one.
The red one.
Hold on.
Don't I look too serious?
No, I think it's fine.
Thank you.
Besides, prison's not that bad.
It just has bad reputation.
They feed you, you don't pay rent,
you have nothing to worry about.
And if you make nice friends,
you can have a good time.
You play cards...
Were you in prison?
A While.
And I felt freer in there than here.
This is shit.
What did you do?
Nothing I regret.
And he's running for mayor!
That son of a bitch.
Can you believe it?
Of course I can.
Bastards rule the world.
Wake up, kid!
Shall we do the community a favor?
You did it.
Don't play naive,
as if you hadn't noticed.
That's our country.
Everyone wants these guys
to get what they deserve,
but no one
is willing to lift a finger.
Be proud, kid.
For once in your miserable life,
you're doing something worthwhile.
- I'm not doing anything.
- You're not?
You stay here arguing instead of
taking the food away from him.
You have nothing to worry about.
If there's an investigation,
I'll say I used rat poison in the kitchen
because we were infested,
which is true, by the way,
and some of it,
accidentally fell into a pot.
What will they say?
This is insane.
Could this shit be expired?
There's no expiration date.
How does it work?
If rat poison is expired,
is it more or less harmful?
- Everything OK?
- Yes.
Have a seat.
- What are you having, Alexis?
- Fanta, maybe?
- Should I warm it up?
- No! Leave it.
If I need you to warm it up, I'll ask.
Can I have a Fanta, please?
I've had it with this girl.
We have to do something,
they're both eating.
- Add more poison?
- He's just a kid!
But he'll grow up.
Like father, like son.
We'd better wipe out
the whole family tree.
I'm feeling a bit...
What's wrong?
Are you OK?
This must be freezing cold.
No, stop!
Who the fuck taught you
how to wait tables? Leave.
You goddamned fucking bitch!
Stop it, dad!
Pick everything up.
Pick it up, I said.
Call an ambulance!
Pick them up, one by one!
Take this!
Take this, you thug!
I'll gut you like a chicken!
Come on, moron, move over.
What's your problem?
What a piece of shit!
You motherfucking redneck!
Holy Jesus.
I can't believe it.
I'm at Kilometer 60
on the route between Salta and...
Yes, sorry.
Diego lturralde.
I was saying, I have a flat tire,
at Kilometer 6O
on the route between
Salta and Cafayate.
I'd like to know,
how quick can you get here?
See, the car's new
and I'm not handy with the jack.
What's wrong?
Did you get scared?
Come on, man, drive on.
Keep driving, come on!
Let it go, I don't want a fight.
If I offended you, I apologize.
I'm sorry if I did.
Are you done?
Are you finished?
Careful with...
What are you... Stop!
Come on, man,
I didn't do anything.
What was it you called me back there?
Oh God!
I already apologized.
What more do you want?
I'll get out of the car if I have to,
but I don't think it's necessary.
Good morning, officer.
I'm at Kilometer 60
of the route
between Salta and Cafayate
and I'm being attacked by a man.
It's shatterproof, you won't break it!
You pussy!
The man's license plate is...
I can't see it,
can you send a patrol car, please?
Hurry, he's out of control!
I'm sure they'll be here any minute.
Give it a rest, man!
You wrecked my car! Get lost!
What are you doing?
Son of a bitch!
You son of a bitch!
Fucking bastard!
What are you doing?
Stop, you prick!
You're dead!
I have your license plate,
you son of a bitch!
Did you hear me?
I have your license plate! UIA!
I'll hunt you down and kill you!
Attention, dispatch.
Truck 29 here.
Confirm location, please?
Dispatch, dispatch!
What's your theory, sheriff?
Crime of passion?
How's it going outside?
Ready to go, Simn.
Thank you.
Let's do it.
Attention, we're detonating!
Five, four...
Good job.
There, please.
I'll stop by the office, make a few calls
and be on my way.
I'll be there at 5 with the cake.
I'll be there on time, don't worry.
I hope she likes it.
Yes, she'll love it.
Thank you.
That's 360 pesos.
What is it, imported'?
One, two...
Do you have a receipt?
Yes, we've got cakes, pastries...
A sales slip, a receipt.
Yes, sure, I'll get it for you.
You gang of thieves!
Hello. I parked my car...
Car registration, please.
- I don't like that tone.
- I'm being polite, sir.
I don't think so.
The towing fee is 490 pesos
and the parking ticket
will be sent to your address.
But I'm trying to explain.
The curb wasn't painted yellow,
there was no way I could have known
it was a no-parking zone.
I understand.
If you want to get your car back,
you have to pay the towing fee.
Then you can file a complaint
Monday to Friday,
8 to 2 pm, at the DMV,
Carlos Pellegrini 211, 1st floor.
Let's do something else.
Go and talk to whoever you need to,
I want to leave with my car
without paying a penny,
I want a refund for the cab
and I want an apology.
Why are you laughing?
I'm serious.
Where is the office
where apologies are made?
We're all in the same boat.
Please hurry up.
The parking ticket
indicates you committed an infraction,
we don't need further proof.
Once again, if you want your oar back,
you need to pay.
Otherwise, please leave
so I can go on working.
If I don't have cash?
We accept credit and debit cards,
or come back tomorrow,
but you'll be charged parking fee.
- You know you're a criminal?
- I'm doing my job.
People who work for criminals
are criminals too.
Right. That's your opinion.
Just a miserable slave
to this corrupt system.
Thank you, have a nice day.
Almost there
Don't bother.
Almost everyone's gone
Happy birthday, Camila
Happy birthday, precious.
Can't we do it again?
Forget about it, Simn.
Hello, baby, happy birthday.
Here's the cake.
Hello, kids.
Hi, Antonio, how are you?
- How are you?
- Fine.
We were just leaving.
I'm the father.
I'll see you out.
Why not get a cab
and pick up the car later?
You missed your daughter's birthday!
You make it sound so easy.
I'm tired of being robbed!
The curb was not painted yellow!
Do you have any idea
how furious that makes me?
Do you have any idea
how furious it makes me
that you always have an excuse?
That you blame society
for everything?
Today was the tow truck,
yesterday was traffic,
tomorrow it'll be the rally.
The truth is
you could have left earlier.
You could have helped me set up
and have been here to welcome
your daughter's friends.
But everything else is a priority
except your family.
And I'm such a fool to think
one day you'll change.
But you know what?
Society won't change.
You won't change.
And I'm tired.
What's that supposed to mean?
You're the engineer.
Do the math.
The government allows a company
to rake in the big bucks from these fines.
our elected officials get their cut.
It's outrageous,
but that's how it is.
You have two options:
pay and relax
or you give yourself
a heart attack.
You know what?
I have plenty to live for.
I want to sail, travel around the
world with my grandchildren...
- Don't get so upset.
- Right.
Take it easy.
Good morning.
I got this ticket.
I already paid the towing fee,
but there's been a mistake,
the curb wasn't painted yellow.
- May I?
- Sure.
It's 560 pesos.
I'm a bit anxious about this,
so please, hear me out.
The curb wasn't painted.
I think you should send someone
to the address of the infraction
so you can check I'm right.
Then, on behalf of the city government,
you should apologize,
because I'm right,
you should give me back
the towing fees
and compensate me for all the time
I'm wasting.
According to the ticket,
your car
was in a no-parking zone.
That's proof enough.
The fine is 560 pesos
and you have to pay it either way.
If you don't,
interests will start accumulating.
Are you listening?
Proof enough my ass!
I'm telling you the curb
was not painted yellow.
First, don't insult me.
I'm doing my job.
Second, you should know
how the law works.
The fact that you don't know it
doesn't mean you can avoid
the consequences for breaking it.
If you kill someone and say:
"I didn't know I couldn't do that,"
YOU go to jail.
Maybe no one told you that,
but you'll go to jail anyway.
Get the picture?
That example is pretty inaccurate.
I'm supposed to know by heart
where I am not allowed to park,
whether the spaces are marked or not'?
That information
is available on the DMV website.
I see.
- Can you call your superior?
- There are none.
What are you?
The fucking president?
Sir, there's a lot of people here.
If you're not going to pay,
please step aside.
How does it feel to be a crook?
Tell me.
Security, window 7!
I'm submitting a complaint,
exercising my rights as a citizen,
that makes me a criminal?
Want to call security?
Call security! Go ahead!
Call them now! Do it!
What are you doing?
Get off me!
Sign here, please.
- Hey, buddy.
- How are you?
They didn't rape you, did they?
This is unbelievable.
This is really... unbelievable.
It's crazy.
Seijas sent the company lawyer
to take care of everything.
Finally some goodwill,
because lately...
Maybe that's not the right word...
Your name is all over the news,
along with the company's name.
Seijas's partners aren't too happy.
The city government
is one of our biggest clients.
They're letting you go, Simn.
It's been decided.
You're currently unemployed,
Mr. Fischer.
Why, is that a crime?
I never said that.
But it sounded like
that's what you were implying.
It's not a crime,
but it is a problem
when you have to provide
for your family every month.
She's referring to child support,
which includes clothing,
tuition, medical insurance.
Excuse me.
I've supported my wife year round
ever since I met her.
And my daughter will always have
what she needs.
If I have a problem,
don't worry, I'll work it out.
Fortunately my client is now working,
so we don't see why Mr. Fischer
should have shared custody.
Excuse me.
I've been paying for everything
for years.
Just because this month
she's employed and I'm not,
I don't have the right
to joint custody of our daughter?
I hope the judge realizes
how unfair this situation is.
What the judge will realize
is how violent you are
when you refer to your wife...
What violence?
I'm describing reality,
where do you see violence?
I see violence all over the place,
Mr. Fischer.
I see violence on the streets,
when I turn on the TV.
And I see violence
in this newspaper article.
I'm convinced that less contact
a child has with this kind of event,
the better it'll be for her well-being.
Victoria, do you want to take
my daughter away from me'?
No, I don't want to take
your daughter away from you.
What's wrong?
Are you going crazy?
My client and I are finished here,
we'll see each other again in court.
You're not going to say anything?
Are you working for her?
- Get a therapist, Mr. Fischer.
- What?
It's from the heart.
I'll talk to you later,
someone's here.
A kiss.
I'm Simn Fischer,
I spoke with Mr. Ederer's secretary.
I'm supposed to leave my CV.
Sure, I'll give it to her.
I'd rather give it to her personally,
and if Mr. Ederer's here,
I'd like to have a word with him.
I worked for over ten years
at Seijas Raffo Martinez and Associates.
I'm not a rookie.
The engineer is on a construction site.
And his secretary?
She's out for lunch.
It's 4 pm.
I don't handle her schedule.
You know what?
I won't leave a damn thing.
You can all go fuck yourselves:
you, Ederer and his secretary.
Especially his secretary.
Go fuck yourselves.
Lunch at 4 pm?
They must think I'm an idiot!
The blue Chevrolet?
You're rude.
This is a fascist regime.
I have to pay first and complain later?
You won't stop until a tragedy occurs.
"An act of terrorism,"
according to the official version.
The defense claims it was an accident.
"The engineer worked with explosives,
"and the tow truck movement
caused the explosion."
The prosecutor responds:
"The fact there were no victims
proves the engineer
"meticulously calculated
the explosion range."
This is the 4th time
my car's been towed.
Help me Dynamite!
Please Dynamite:
Blow up the tax office!
Insurance company refuses to pay:
"The tow truck company's responsible
for the damages."
There are questions about the tow truck
company's concession.
On social networks,
thousands demand the release
of the engineer known as "Dynamite."
Thank you.
Happy birthday, Dynamite...
What happened?
What happened, Santiago?
Say something!
Promise me he won't go to jail.
We'll do everything we can.
We reiterate: right on Libertador Avenue,
a driver struck a pregnant woman
and drove off.
The driver did not stop
to help the victim...
Santiago, tell me the truth.
Were you drinking?
Did you smoke pot'?
The eye witnesses couldn't identify
the car brand nor the license plate.
As we speak, the police is
analyzing security camera footage
in order to identify the vehicle's owner.
Hit and run.
Another murderer behind the wheel...
Who's the car registered to?
It's in my name.
- And this is the registered address?
- Yes.
What have I done?
What have you done'?
You ruined our life, you asshole!
Help him, Mauricio, please!
Get him out.
Santiago, listen,
I need to ask you some questions.
Look at me.
Was anyone else in the car?
Did you tell anyone what happened?
Let's take a look at the car.
The windows are tinted.
Were they closed?
I think so.
- Try to remember.
- Yes.
Did you get out of the car
to see what happened
or did you keep driving?
I kept driving.
Where were you coming from?
A bar downtown.
Did anyone see you arrive
or leave in the car?
Your friends, a girl?
I swear I can't remember.
we have just been informed
that in the ambulance
heading to the hospital
both the woman
and her unborn child passed away.
Police is still gathering information
through footage from security cameras
and interrogating witnesses...
- Thank you, ma'am.
- You're welcome.
I'm really embarrassed to have
to make this proposition...
but we've known each other for years
and I feel we have this kind of bond.
you're a father,
I know you want the best for your kids...
So I think this arrangement
may be good for you too.
If you say you took the car for a drive
last night while we were sleeping...
and that you were driving
at the time of the accident,
I'll hire the best lawyer
to get you the shortest sentence
With good behavior,
you'll be out in a year and a half.
- Is that right?
- That's right.
And for doing me that huge favor,
I'll pay you 500,000 dollars.
You wouldn't earn that in a lifetime.
And your family will be set for life.
You know Santiago...
He wouldn't survive in prison.
He couldn't stand it.
Please, sit in the car.
Grab the wheel with both hands.
Touch it everywhere.
You'd had some whiskey.
Your bosses were sleeping.
As you parked the car, like every night,
you felt like going for a ride.
If they'd asked, you'd have said
the tires needed air.
Then you bumped into something
and you can't remember anything
after that
until you woke up in here.
I can't thank you enough.
Don't touch him, please.
It's alright, ma'am.
Excuse me.
I've been thinking and...
I don't know...
I'd like to discuss it with my wife.
She can't know about it.
At least not now.
We can't take the risk.
What if she talks'?
Think about it.
You end up with no deal
and you'd go to prison for perjury.
Well, then.
You two take my van
and go to the country house.
When you drive by a toll booth,
look down.
Don't stop at gas stations,
if you want to buy something,
pay cash, don't use your credit card.
Come on.
Let's go!
Get in the car again, please.
He should sit in the back.
Bring the seat forward.
You two go upstairs
and go to sleep.
You don't know anything, okay?
You calm down
and keep quiet.
I'll take care of this.
That's okay.
- Mauricio Pereyra?
- I'm his attorney.
I was about to call the police.
Come in, please.
Such an awful tragedy!
An hour ago,
my client heard noises downstairs.
He thought someone had broken in.
He went into the garage
and found the groundskeeper
sitting in his car, drunk,
in a state of shock.
Then he heard the news, he put two
and two together and he called me.
Mauricio Pereyra,
this is the prosecutor on duty.
And this is Jos.
He's worked for the family for what?
15 years?
Now we're going to speak
to the victim's husband.
The father of the unborn child...
Sir, what do you have to say?
What do I have to say?
What do you think?
Turn that off, it's not necessary.
I've got one thing to say.
Whoever did this is going to pay.
Are you listening?
No matter where you hide,
I'm going to...
Very well. What happened, Jos?
Excuse me.
you have the right to remain silent.
I'll be representing Mr. Torres
at my client's request.
He has never had any trouble
with the law and he's the father of two.
Can you tell me about the accident?
I always park Mr. Mauricio's car.
I wanted to take the new one for a ride,
to take the Beemer for a spin.
And last night...
I'd been drinking.
And I went for it.
I never thought something
like this could happen.
I went down Libertador Avenue
and I sped up.
I was driving really fast.
And I bumped into something,
I couldn't tell what it was.
It was a blur.
I thought it was a dog.
I heard a loud thud...
And I got scared
because I thought I'd dented the car.
I wanted to return and try to fix it
before Mr. Mauricio woke up.
May I?
Jose, can you please sit
in the driver's seat?
- Should I touch it?
- Yes, grab the wheel.
Sit back.
Could you shut the door?
Do you use the rear view mirrors
when you drive?
The mirrors?
Yes, of course I do.
Because in this position,
you can only see the roof.
It's a miracle
you only ran over one person.
They must have moved
during the crash.
All at the same time?
I think this car was driven
by someone much taller than you.
Does anyone else live in the house?
My wife, my son...
my dog.
No need to wake up the dog,
but I'd like to meet
your wife and son.
Sure, no problem.
We'll ask them to come down.
Do I have your permission
to start negotiating?
Is it that bad?
No, everything's fine.
He's willing to make a deal,
but it's going to be expensive.
How expensive?
One million.
He saw your house, the way you live.
He won't take less than that.
The good news is
he'll take care of everything.
He knows the police chief,
most of the judges
and he'll help us reinforce the alibi.
The groundskeeper's?
Can't we leave him out?
Somebody's got to be responsible.
Two people are dead,
it was all over the news.
Fine, but I don't know
if I have that much cash.
It's 1.5 million dollars!
And there's my cut too.
Your cut?
Of course.
I'm the one negotiating all this.
I pay your firm a fortune every year!
This is different.
These are not fees.
I'm putting my name on the line.
I was about to lend you my oar
so your wife and son could make a getaway.
You're not being fair.
How much are we talking about?
I don't know.
Half a million?
Look, if you'd like to call
another lawyer,
that's fine by me,
my work ends here.
Go and close the deal.
Is everything okay, Jos?
Well, not really.
Why not?
For going to prison,
I'm getting the same as your lawyer?
I know I'm poor, but...
- What you're doing is awful.
- Awful?
Then you go to prison.
Last night I watched a Western,
had a cup of tea
and went to bed early.
What else do you want, Jos?
Be clear, time is running out.
The money we agreed on...
and an apartment 'm Mar de m.
Mauricio, Jos.
Can we all talk?
Justice, justice!
Let's get to the point, gentlemen,
time is of the essence,
there's no room
for misunderstandings.
The story stays the same.
I'm going to need you
and your family to testify,
so no one leaves town.
You'll leave the house in cuffs,
with a hood on.
Outside there'll be press
and angry people,
they'll ask you questions,
call you names, don't say a word.
We avoid controversy,
let the trial move along,
get a conviction and everyone's happy.
Stop, mom! It's my life!
He wants to go out there and confess...
It's the right thing to do!
Say something,
he has no idea what he's doing!
Santiago, calm down...
Your mom is right,
we'll fix this.
Can you shut the door
and take care of Santiago, please?
Let's go!
Cam down, San.
Can we proceed?
From now on, you'll be the middle man.
I won't talk to Mr. Pereyra again
until he testifies in court.
And you, Jos, avoid talking
to anyone except your lawyer.
I'll need some cash
for operational expenses,
let's say 30,000 dollars.
I'll need it first thing on Monday.
Just one question.
What do you mean
by operational expenses?
There are officers outside,
the police chief is there.
If someone saw or heard anything,
we need to cut them in.
We have to avoid loose ends.
So if you're OK...
You'll have the money on Monday,
but it's coming out
of the budget we agreed on,
I won't pay one more penny.
- Mauricio, please.
- Yes, please...
That's what I say. Please!
I know I'm in a rough spot,
but I won't be gutted like this.
What the prosecutor
is saying is reasonable.
Let's not argue over 30,000 dollars.
You pay it then.
Take it out of your share.
Gentlemen, there's no time for arguing.
If you want to proceed
we have to do it now.
Then you Pa)! it-
You're getting 1 million dollars
and you want an extra
30,000 for contingencies?
Who's getting a million?
He's right.
The million includes contingencies.
Your cut plus the 30,000 add up
to a million dollars.
Don't touch my cut.
You know what, guys?
It's over. The deal is off.
What do you mean it's off'?
It's off!
It's over! No one gets anything!
No more!
You said you wanted to confess?
That's perfect.
Go out there and talk.
I gave you the best education
and you always did
whatever you wanted.
So now, go screw yourself!
Calm down.
Can we be reasonable?
What happened?
They're all vultures!
That's what happened!
But it's over.
I didn't kill anyone!
...the house of the alleged murderer
right here in San Isidro.
This morning there was
an accident on Libertador Avenue...
Open the door.
I have something important to tell you.
Can we talk in a civilized manner'?
It's settled, we have an agreement.
The 30,000 dollars will come
out of everyone's share.
I don't want to hear about it!
It's over!
Get out of my house!
Let me remind you
two people are dead.
If Santiago is found guilty,
it will cost us much more.
Jos, on the other hand, is penniless.
Right, so who will compensate
the victim's family?
The money should go to them,
that's the right thing to do.
That scumbag earns a salary
that comes out of my taxes?
He should investigate what happened!
You want to represent my son?
Discuss your fees with him!
If he can pay,
it's between you two.
Do what you have to do!
Do your job!
We had a deal,
it's not honorable to back out.
I'm sorry if I offended you,
but I've always defended
your family's interests.
I thank you with all my heart!
You're an angel!
Can I talk to them
to see if I can improve the terms?
Excuse me.
I think we have
a better deal to offer you.
Jos takes the initial 500,000
and says forget about
the apartment on the beach.
The prosecutor and I
split the million.
Not one penny more.
But we have to do it now,
The press is outside
and the prosecutor needs
to let the police chief
into the house.
I'll put up a total of one million
and you split it any way you want.
- What do you mean, one million?
- Take it or leave it!
If you don't like it, get lost!
You come back here with
any other proposal
and I'll press charges against
you for extortion.
Against you and the prosecutor!
Prosecutor, can you reveal
the identity of the suspect?
I can't give any details right now,
but the case is virtually closed.
There's only one suspect
and I'm about to present
the brief to the judge.
Thank you.
Justice, justice!
Watch out!
Always showing some skin, Bocha!
And now...
it's time we all stand up
and give a big hand
to welcome our dear...
Romina and Ariel!
Let me hug my father-in-law!
Take good care of her.
I'll be watching.
Thank you!
I gave him a few good tips...
Long live the newly weds!
Everyone look this way.
A big smile!
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
This is a little something for you.
You shouldn't have.
You being here is gift enough.
Are you having a good time?
You're so beautiful!
Your family is so nice.
Too bad this country is so unsafe.
Roni's wallet was stolen last night
and he didn't even realize it.
That's horrible!
How awful!
Yes, things are bad now,
but little by little...
So many beautiful people.
All friends of yours?
Well, those are our friends
from the country club.
We hadn't seen each other
since we were 13,
but with Facebook and all,
we got back in touch.
Those back there
are my college friends
with their boyfriends.
Well, the ones who have boyfriends.
Those are...
Ariel's co-workers...
Are you having a good time?
- Yes. Are you?
- Good...
Your typical wedding.
You're something, you know?
You too.
Do you know any good place
for us to learn the tango?
Yes! No... Not me.
But I know my cousin would.
I'll introduce you.
Fuck! I don't...
What is it?
No more wine for you.
No, don't do that.
Act like you're talking to me.
Ariel, who's that girl
with the long hair?
Which one?
That one over there.
Your co-worker.
No reason.
And how does Lourdes know
your guitar teacher?
My guitar teacher?
A few months ago
someone called your phone
when I answered, they hung up.
You said it was your guitar teacher.
It seemed weird, so I saved the number.
And now I call and Lourdes picks up.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You don't know?
With all the cell phone companies
and special deals out there,
this girl just happened to buy
your guitar teacher's phone line?
Especially if you never
introduced them.
Isn't it an amazing coincidence?
- So?
- What?
Answer me or I'll ask her myself.
- Romi, please, don't.
- Don't "Romi" me!
Answer my question!
Ariel, does everyone at table 27
know that you fucked that girl?
Did you invite all those jerks
to our wedding? How could you?
I'm sorry to interrupt.
May I have this dance
with the prince?
Of course, my queen.
Here's your prince.
What happened?
Romi, are you okay?
What is it?
Just a moment.
Bocha, can I have a minute?
Baby, stop it.
Let's enjoy our wedding.
Did you sleep with that girl?
Please, tell me the truth,
I need to know.
Yes, baby.
But it didn't mean anything to me,
I swear.
Romi, please,
let's not make a scene here.
- It was a mistake.
- Let me go!
I'm sorry! Really, I made a mistake.
I want to be alone!
What was that?
- Did you see her?
- You're asking me'?
Everything Okay?
Shall I get somebody?
Are you all right'?
Clearly you're not all right.
Calm down.
What happened?
I just found out my husband
cheated on me
with one of our wedding guests.
That's awful.
And now I don't know what to do
with all those people down there.
Calm down, these things happen...
Time heals all wounds.
If you love him,
you'll be able to forgive him.
- If he's the one for you...
- I don't know if I love him!
I don't know if he's the one for me...
He's an asshole!
Well, then...
To hell with him.
And don't worry about the guests,
you're not the first woman
at that party to be cheated on.
if you spend your time worrying
about what other people think
you're screwed, kiddo.
All better?
If I were you,
I'd go downstairs,
move the party along, end it early,
and then, back at home,
tell him it's over.
What happened to you is awful,
I won't deny it.
But you have to move on.
Get the hell out of here!
Don't say a word!
You don't know
who you're messing with!
I'll take every penny you have,
every property your dad put
in your name
to get around taxes
will be mine.
We are married.
Legally married.
I'll spend all my days
sleeping with any man who looks my way
anyone who gives me
an ounce of love.
And when it's you
who wants the divorce,
I'll take acting lessons
so I can stand before the judge
like a sad little puppy
and tell him I'm fighting
to make this work,
that way our marriage
will last forever.
I'll post all your secrets on Facebook!
I'll torture you
until you scream with pain.
You'll be so humiliated
that your only way out
will be jumping off a bridge.
And then,
when death do us part,
when your death do us part,
I'll have it all.
Ariel, calm down.
Come on, buddy.
Where the hell have you been?
Put me down!
Put me down, assholes!
Gustavo, tell them to let me down!
Something is wrong!
Can't you get them to
put me down!
I'm telling them!
Marianito! Turco!
Careful, boys.
Goddamn it, Comanche!
Stop it!
Leaving already?
No, no, stay.
We worked it out.
Really, don't worry, come with me.
Stop, I'm getting dizzy!
Relax, this is great!
Stop it, please!
Did you ever go to that amusement park?
The one they closed down
because the rollercoaster flew off the...
Call a doctor!
...and she threatened to take
every last dime,
even all his properties...
- We're taking her home...
- Yes, that'd be the best.
I'm very sorry about this.
It was still a wonderful party.
Excuse me, please.
Most of the cuts are superficial,
they'll heal quickly.
But we'll take her in just to make sure
that no tendons are torn.
Does she have good medical insurance?
Romina, please, go back inside.
I'm just asking about her insurance.
Great. Stay there.
I'm fine.
Romi, dear, are you okay?
- Are you sure?
- Yes, don't worry. Relax.
Why don't we use this break
to cut the cake?
Come on, girls,
don't leave me hanging here.
Come on, girls.
It's been a terrible night,
but now I want to relax
and enjoy my wedding.
I don't think I'll get married again.
Mili, you got it!
I can't believe it!
A picture with Mili!
Wouldn't you like to marry Mili?
Come on!
All the rest may be bullshit,
but let's prove the ring tradition
comes true!
Wouldn't that be great?
Stop, Romi.
We should do the garters,
toss the bouquet...
Do you want to continue
or call this off?
We're calling it off.
We're calling it off.
But why? You're such a party pooper!
Girls, here it goes!
Besides, we still haven't had
the hot pastrami.
Boy, that was expensive!
Ariel, tell them.
We spent a whole week arguing
about the pastrami.
We decided on it, we paid for it,
and now I want some.
Romina! Stop it!
Let everyone go home.
This isn't a joke.
My family's lawyer even suggested
I press charges against you.
Don't tell me this is all mommy's idea.
Cut it out, Romina!
Your mom is a real...
wedding planner.
Stop it!
What did I do to you?
It was nothing compared to
what you're doing to me!
please, calm down.
Shoot this, Nestor.
Nestor, turn the camera on.
You too, get over here.
Shoot this, please.
If I get married again...
If I ever find a guy who's worth it...
I'm going to show this video
at our wedding!
I'll even watch this with my kids.
Instead of Dora the Explorer
and all that crap, I'll play this video.
I know!
I'll put it on one of those digital picture
frames that play photos
in a loop!
Get off my daughter, bitch.
Stay out or it's hell!
I was going to help you, Bocha.
(Luca, some here.
Honey, are you all right?
You take care of her,
you take him.
What is he on?
Nothing, he had an emotional shock.
No drugs here...
Can you walk?
What's the name of the bride?
I need you to sit down so
I can take your blood pressure.
A chair, Mauro!
Sit down.
Take his jacket off, please.
Can you sit down?
Are you okay?
Relax, Romi, relax.
Can you get her some water'?
Easy, Romi.
You just need to rest.
Wait, Ariel.
Calm down.
It's fine.
Nothing happened.
We are all right. Okay?
No, Ariel!
To my father