Wildhood (2021) Movie Script

All my relations.
Hey uncle.
Got room for three more in there?
I'm Pasmay.
I saw you dancing at a pow wow last year.
Nice job son !
No one noticed I was there!
I'm gonna regret this.
You're smarter than you look.
Mother Mary's ready to see you now.
Come in.
My goodness!
This is Lincoln.
Lincoln here is looking for his mother.
Thinks she might work here.
A lot of mothers work for me.
Come, let's have a look at you.
I know those eyes.
Caused me lots of problems though.
Your friend's quite rude.
You should let him know where Sarah is.
You act angry all the time...
...and maybe you are, but you have a big heart.
You care more than anyone I know.
I'm sorry.
Yo where you from man?
Cape Breton.
What are you doing?
We're just playing around.
This isn't how we greet guests.
Come over here.
Here's some money.
Go to the store and get things for supper.
All of you come with me.
It's okay, come with me.
My name is Lincoln.
I'm your son.
I love you.