Wildlife (2018) Movie Script

Pretty good. That's good.
Try it again. Whap!
Make sure your fingers
are in the right..
That's not bad. Okay.
Ready? Go!
- You got it.
- Oh, oh, oh, oh, over here.
Oh, oh, I got it!
Come here.
Joe, napkin's in that box
behind you.
So did you have fun at practice?
Yeah, it was okay.
There's no law that says
you have to play football.
He'll be fine.
He's just gotta show 'em
what he's worth, that's all.
Hon, where's the carving knife?
Is it..
Uh, it's just
on the counter there.
I'll just go and grab it.
Oh, guess what.
We're using
the same math textbook
that I had in Lewiston
last year.
Already done it all.
Well, they should put you
in a more advanced class then.
Do you want me to call them?
Oh, no harm
in letting the boy get ahead.
This way, he'll be the front
of his class.
He could be the front
of his class, anyway.
You'll tell the teacher
if it gets too easy. Right, Joe?
Yeah. Okay.
Do we need a comma here?
- Yeah. Here. I've got it.
- Okay.
That's a full count.
- Yeah?
- Can you help me?
Rusty needs to be careful.
He winds the pitch.
That's in there. Strike three.
1960 has been a heck of a year.
Now fire can be
a positive force.
Clears the undergrowth
and helps the forest regenerate.
You'll make a home
out of that timber someday.
But these fires
are burnin' out of control.
The fire started
about 60 miles west of us.
That wind is carryin'
the smoke over the plains
and dumpin' it right here
in our valley.
And that's a real danger.
Scar your lungs
without you knowin' it.
You know, nine out of ten fires
are preventable..
You don't have to take notes.
It's the same
as the bomb drills.
If the fire ever gets to us,
it will be too late.
Now does anyone
have any questions?
My old partners can't believe
the luck we've been
having up here.
Luck's not luck
when you plan for it.
Signs all pointed north
those boys were scared
to take a risk
and didn't move fast enough.
In a moment.
- Leg's acting up.
- Alright.
Hope Jerry's treating you well.
Oh, he's a good one.
I went ahead
and booked a lesson for tomorrow
after he damn near fleeced
the pants off of me.
Oh, no, no, you gentlemen
were just buttering me up
for next time.
You're not supposed to wager
with our guests, Jerry.
Well, don't worry about it.
It was all in fun.
Well, gentlemen,
you can follow me
if you'd like another beer
on the house.
I'll take one, Clarence.
Thanks, Jerry.
See you tomorrow,
Mr. Cartwright.
I thought my husband
had already paid for everything.
- It seems the check bounced.
- Oh.
I... I'm so sorry.
We, um, we had to switch banks
when we moved.
That must be the problem.
Must be nice
being around young people
all day.
All that spirit.
I guess.
It can tire a person out.
Oh, I know.
I worked as a substitute.
The last place we lived,
the teacher had a baby
and I ended up staying all year.
I believe we've made our hires
for the fall.
No, I wasn't..
No, my... my... my husband
and I decided
I should be home
with our son now.
Brinson, ball!
Come on.
You grab that. Bring it in!
Alright, the offense
is getting through.
You gotta stop that.
You can't have that
in the game.
At school, they told us
to be careful outside
because of all the smoke.
Do you see any smoke?
They are making people afraid
for no reason.
How's football going?
You're gonna be the next
Bob Waterfield?
I don't know.
Oh, that's alright. I'm not gonna
be the next Walter Hagen either.
Oh, I bet you could be.
Nah, he could miss a shot
and still win the hole.
The game came naturally to him.
But wasn't it the same for you?
I thought it was that easy.
There's probably
something wrong in that.
Dad, I..
I'm not... I'm not really sure
that I like football.
Are you making friends
on the team?
They already know each other.
I know.
Ask 'em personal questions.
Works like a charm.
People love to talk
about themselves.
Jerry, you got everything done?
Clarence, this is my son,
Joe Brinson.
Joe, this is Clarence Snow
president of the club
and the best golfer out there.
Jerry, I'd like a word with you.
- That's fine.
- Give us a minute, son.
Oh, could it wait till tomorrow?
I... I have to get him
back home for dinner.
This won't take long.
- Okay, finish up, son.
- Yeah.
Count that, would you, son?
Are we rich yet?
It's a little over $80.
Two weeks' pay.
What's a man entitled to?
What do you think?
Did he say why he fired you?
He says I overstepped my
boundaries with the customers.
I'm just personal, you know.
That's what
people like about me.
It's an important part
of the job.
- No, I know.
- No, I'm too well liked.
That's my problem.
They just, they just don't
want small people like us
to get ahead.
Oh, Jesus.
What am I gonna
tell your mother?
Did he even give a good reason?
Doesn't have to have a reason.
You must have done something
he didn't like.
...that man is a damn fool.
How is he ever gonna find
a better man for that job?
- You're not angry?
- No.
Not at you, anyway.
I'll... I'll find
something better.
You're right. This is
an opportunity in disguise.
The phone will be ringing
off the hook
once people hear you're free.
Hey! H... Hey!
Enough of that.
Why don't you see
if there's a game on the radio?
You won't have to worry
about anything, Joe.
No, I'm, I'm not worried.
Hey, I... I missed the bus.
Can you drive me?
Uh, your father has the car.
You'll have to take your bike.
- Did he get an interview?
- I don't know, sweetheart.
- Yeah?
- Can you..
Oh, yeah. Sorry.
Uh, no, he isn't in right now.
Concerning what?
Hey, kiddo.
Shouldn't you be in school?
Yeah, uh, Mom sent me
to find you.
A man from the Wheatland Club
What do they want?
They said
they made a big mistake.
They want you to come back.
- They do?
- Yeah.
You have to call right away.
They said there's a job
available tomorrow.
I have nothing to say
to those people.
What do you mean?
I won't work for people
like that.
- But, Dad.
- Joe, I'll..
You tell your mother
that I won't work
for people like that.
If they call again,
I'm not interested.
Go on.
Did you mail the rent?
I will. Tomorrow.
You see, they're hiring
at the Valu-Mart.
I didn't, I didn't come
to Montana to bag groceries.
No, it'd just be
to tide us over.
I am not doing a teenager's job.
Maybe I should go back
to work then.
- I'm making contacts, Jean.
- Just a part-time job.
Till you get established.
It would be a good way
to meet people.
It's about time
I made some friends around here.
Sure. If that's what you want.
Well, would you hire me?
Yeah, you look nice.
Thank you.
Mom, is Dad, is Dad okay?
Of course, he is.
Then wh... why wouldn't he
take his job back?
I don't know.
Maybe his pride got hurt.
That happens sometimes.
Right, but he's still looking
for work though.
He's interviewing, isn't he?
He says he is.
Will we have to move again?
He's been out of work before
and he always finds his way.
We have to trust him.
That's all.
Come on. Zip me up.
- Joe.
- Hm?
Get out of my bathroom.
How come you don't always
take the bus?
I like to ride my bike.
You're not gonna be able
to do that much longer.
- The weather's about to turn.
- Yeah.
I'm... I'm not looking forward
to that.
I am.
First sign of snow, my dad gets
to come home from the fire.
Oh, is your father at the fire?
He's gone almost every time
it's happened
and he still has eyebrows
and hair on his head too.
Don't think I've ever met
a real firefighter.
He's not a firefighter.
He works in construction.
But times like these, they use
all the men they can get.
Have you been watching
on the news?
No. Our TV's been on the fritz.
I have been
a substitute teacher.
I've also been
an accountant of sorts
um, so I'm, I'm good
with numbers.
And I'm also very good
with children, so...
We have no positions.
Could I speak
to your manager then?
His answer's the same as mine.
We're not hiring.
I can answer phones.
I can type...
You know,
you should try the pharmacy.
I hear they're looking
for a girl.
I asked over there.
Um, your ad in the paper says...
There is no
secretarial position.
The newspaper ran an old notice.
God knows why.
It's giving me a real headache
today sorting that out.
I'm sorry.
That must be frustrating
for you.
Yes, it is.
Do you have anything for a man?
My husband's looking for work
as well.
You don't happen to know
how to swim, do you?
There are two mixed age groups
and one junior class
and they'll let me teach
privately too.
Can you believe the luck?
Imagine, people in Montana
wanna learn to swim.
- Why do you think that is?
- I don't know.
Maybe we're all about to get
washed away in a big flood.
Some of us
will get washed away
but some of us
will float to the top.
- It's better, isn't it?
- Much better.
A happy ending
for the right people.
People who signed up
for swimming at the Y.
Maybe I should get a job too.
That is a fine idea.
We can all pitch in.
No, you... you have school
and football. That's enough.
He'll learn more at a job
than he will playing football.
He, he won't learn anything
bagging groceries.
Why don't we let Joe
decide for himself?
- Don't threaten me, Jean.
- Oh, grow up.
Jerry, you have your feelings
hurt is all.
You have to face facts.
- Is everything okay?
- Oh, kiddo.
Just turning the radio.
...three parts divisions.
I learn the number of men
already out on the line
what equipment's up front
and that more is on the way.
The campaign fire
is just like war
and war, as we all know,
is grim.
Yes, our objective goes
pretty much without saying.
Put the fire out
as quick as we can.
Fingers together.
Fingers together. Okay.
Now push the water.
That's great.
So let's try it in the pool.
Everybody, down.
- Name?
- Joe Brinson.
- Age?
- 14.
- Any work experience?
- No, sir.
So have you ever handled
this kind of equipment before?
No, sir.
But my mother says
I'm a quick study.
Hm, alright.
Come with me then.
Watch your head.
See, one of the first things
you wanna do
is to check to see
if the bulb is still hot.
So just use
the back of your hand.
Go ahead.
Now don't touch it,
but, yeah, that's good.
Now you wanna ask
the customer to take a seat.
So go ahead.
And if it's a group,
you might have them stand up
and, uh, you know,
tall people in the back
short people in the front.
And then..
...you know, warn the customer
you're going to turn
on a bright light.
And always remember to smile.
That is great.
Now swim towards me.
You're doing fantastic.
I wanna see
both of your legs kicking.
We are a powerful country
but I believe we can be
a more powerful country.
Now in 1960,
in these dangerous
and difficult
and challenging times
I believe we can get
this country moving again.
You see
people like to come in here
to remember something good
that's happening
in their lives.
They wanna make
that happy moment permanent.
That way,
they can keep it forever.
And we're here
to help 'em do that.
- Do you understand?
- Yes, sir.
Let me show you
how to work the register.
Civics test was hard.
All those dates.
Yeah, I know. I'm, I'm behind.
I heard you quit football.
Uh, yeah, yeah.
I had to get a job.
You're working
after school then?
Not today.
- Ruth, where are we going?
- You'll see.
Sorry, I'm late.
Talk to your father.
Tell him not to act like a fool.
I am not being foolish.
I put my name on a list,
I waited for my chance
and now they finally have
a place for me.
You don't know anything about
fires. You'll get burned up.
Well, I've been reading
about them. I know enough.
You've been reading about them?
You've been studying up?
Don't turn my words on me, Jean!
Dad, what's going on?
Your father is leaving us
to go and fight those wildfires.
What? Dad, why?
Ask him, Joe. He won't take
a job at a grocery store
but he'll go out
with a bunch of deadbeats
and risk getting killed.
- You don't have to go there...
- What does it pay?
- What?
- What does it pay?
- A dollar an hour.
- Oh, my God.
Jerry, listen, you don't have
to do this. I'm working...
I know,
but it won't be for long.
What if, what if
you get yourself killed?
It's gonna snow.
The fire's gonna go out...
What if it doesn't?
What if it never snows at all?
- Joe, what do you think...
- Oh, my God. Don't ask him...
He's almost grown. He has a say
in what happens...
...your father gets burned up
and you never see him again?
- You guys go straight...
- Don't say that, Jean!
You can't keep running
every time
something doesn't go your way!
You don't know what I'm doing.
Don't I?
I'm a grown woman, Jerry.
Why don't you act
like a grown man?
I wish I had some money
to give you.
I feel like I should.
What are you gonna be
doing out there?
Digging trenches
the fire won't cross.
Doing whatever
they need men for.
How long are you gonna be gone?
I got this hum inside my head.
I... I need to do
something about it.
You understand?
You tell your mother that
I didn't mean to make her mad.
You're too old to give your dad
a kiss, hm?
You know,
men love each other too.
- You know that, don't you?
- Yeah.
He left.
He said that he didn't mean
to make you mad.
He has
very beautiful intentions.
Maybe he's gonna leave me.
I don't think
he's gonna do that.
We haven't been intimate lately.
You're old enough now
to hear that.
Don't answer that.
I told him
we shouldn't have come here.
What kind of a man
leaves his wife and child
in such a lonely place?
You probably think
I'm making too big a deal
out of this, don't you?
I don't know
what you're thinking.
Tomorrow something will happen
to make things feel different.
You think so?
Goodnight, Mom.
One kiss
One little sigh
That's all you gave me
When you said goodbye
But someday baby
Someday darling
You'll have to take
the bus today.
I'm gonna look for a better job.
I thought you liked the Y.
I did.
How do you feel? Strange?
I wouldn't be surprised
with your father
taking off like that.
- Uh, no, I feel fine.
- Good.
No use feeling sorry
for ourselves.
We might have to move
to a smaller place.
Would you mind that?
Well, have... have you talked
with Dad about it?
This fire could go on
for a long time.
I have to be smart about things.
Uh, Dad said he'll be home soon.
As... as soon as it snows.
You're wasting your life standing
there watching me, sweetheart.
Go to school.
Well, will you be here
when I get home?
I'm not going off
to fight any fires
if that's what you're asking.
Take one and pass it down.
You all have 15 minutes
to complete the quiz
on last night's homework.
Sir, I didn't get a chance
to complete the homework.
Why not?
Um, I..
Joe, you're still gonna
have to take the quiz.
Just do better next time.
Mickey Mantle
or Bobby Richardson?
Uh, Mickey Mantle..
There's no way
they're gonna win.
Where does your family
come from?
Several places.
- Who do you have for English?
- Miss Todd.
Yeah, I had her last year.
Everybody thinks she's tough
but as long as you do
the reading, she likes you.
It's a neat car.
It's not ours.
It's too bad.
I don't think I have that power.
As a matter of fact,
I think I went to high school
with a gentleman who, uh
is in control
of the boiler of that building.
Well, you have powerful friends
in powerful places.
Maybe for our next class,
you'll find...
Well, that would be fantastic.
Joe, didn't you have work?
- No, not on Tuesdays.
- Oh, right.
Where are my manners?
Mr. Miller, this is my son,
Joe Brinson.
It's good to meet you, Joe.
I recently taught Mr. Miller
how to swim.
And he's going to give me
a job at his car dealership.
- Isn't that right?
- Sure is.
- Has Dad called?
- No, he hasn't, sweetheart.
I hear your father
is fighting this fire.
You worried about him?
No, sir.
That's a brave boy
you got there, Jenny.
Warren wants to learn
about poetry.
He's going to borrow
a book from me.
That's correct.
I'll just go and fetch it.
What do you have there?
Toilet part.
Real man of the house, huh?
Doesn't he seem like a nice man?
He fought in two wars
but never learned to swim.
Isn't that odd?
That's not supposed to happen.
Uh, Mom?
- What is it?
- I fixed the toilet.
- What?
- I... I fixed the toilet.
Hold on.
I'm on the phone, sweetheart.
I'm sorry, it's just my son.
What were you saying?
Uh, what time's dinner?
For no one but you
I've paid
ten million lives
Ten million lives
Ten million and two
There you are.
Where'd you go?
I was going to make dinner.
Well, how do you like
this particular get-up?
Looks nice.
I used to dress like this
all the time when I was younger.
I'd stand behind
the bull chutes at the rodeo
and hope some cowboy
would approve of me.
Made my father very mad.
They called us chute beauties.
Isn't that an impressive thing
to know about your mother
that she was a chute beauty?
Yeah, Dad told me about it.
He said he liked it.
Yeah, it's probably nice to know
your parents were once
not your parents.
Who were you on the phone with?
Don't worry. If it had been your
father, I would have put you on.
Do you like Miller?
Oh, you mean Mr. Miller?
Yeah, do you like him?
Not very much.
Things do happen
around him though.
He has that feel about him.
And what's his wife like?
He doesn't have one anymore.
She left him, apparently.
How would you like
to skip school tomorrow?
You know what they call trees
in a forest fire?
You know what they call
the trees left up
when the fire goes by?
They call them
the standing dead.
What happens to all the animals
that live out here?
They adapt, I suppose.
Sometimes the little ones
get confused and burn up.
I used to cry about it
when I was a kid
but my father said
that didn't help anything.
You know what?
He was right.
That must be the stage-up.
That's where
the firefighters stay.
Let's drive in and find Dad.
I'm not going looking for him
in this mess.
Ugh, that sickening smell.
Get out there.
See what it feels like.
Do you like it?
You had to see
what he finds so important.
I'm sorry we both can't
sympathize with him.
How do you feel about your name?
I've never thought about it.
We chose it
because it was plain.
You could be anyone
with that name.
I suppose.
I never liked that.
It seemed
like a waitress' name.
What would you
rather be called?
Well, there used to be
a singer named Ladie.
- How would that be?
- I like Jeanette.
You have to like me
the way I am.
Anyway, I guess at my age,
I don't have much choice.
How old are you?
I'm 34.
Does that seem
like the wrong age?
Would you like it better
if I said I was 50?
No, 34 is alright.
Well, I won't be
this age forever
so don't get used to it.
I think your father
has a woman out here.
He wouldn't do that.
No? Why do you think
men do things?
They either go crazy
or it's a woman. Or it's both.
I... I don't think that's true.
You don't know anything.
How could you?
You haven't done anything.
He's gonna be alright, Mom.
What about me?
You're gonna be alright too.
Where are we?
That's Warren's house.
Mr. Miller.
I looked it up
in the phonebook.
What? Are we going inside?
I had something to ask him,
but it can wait.
He doesn't live
like a rich man, does he?
Just a plain house
on a plain street.
I feel like I need to wake up..
...but I don't know what from.
Or to.
That's a big change.
Come on, let's get you home.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hi.
Mm, looks good.
I'll start the car
and you can tell us about going
back to the world fair today.
- Did you have fun?
- I sure did.
Everything I saw was..
Joe, what's going on
over there?
- Why aren't you at school?
- Oh, Dad, Dad. Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Where's your mother?
Uh, she, uh..
She went into town, I..
H... how are things up there?
It's a mess, really, but
we don't have control over it.
We just watch it burn.
A... are you coming home soon?
Uh, how's school going?
- Can I help you, honey?
- Oh, yes.
I'm, I'm looking for my mother,
Jeanette Brinson.
Oh, I don't think we've had
a customer by that name today.
No, no, she... she works
for Mr. Miller.
Or maybe she's seeing him
about a job.
I don't think..
Cameron, look right there.
Move a little closer.
Yeah, that's perfect.
Yeah, you look great. Alright.
I'm gonna give myself
a party
Serve old memories
Think of how it used to be
Remember all the..
Where have you been?
You weren't there
when I woke up.
I'm sorry.
Dad called.
This morning.
When you were gone.
Did you have a nice chat
about me?
All my character flaws
on parade.
No, I... I think he misses us.
Where'd you say I was?
I said you went into town.
Yes, I went to the dealership
to get a few things done
just to get started.
You were there this morning?
Don't worry.
It'll only be part-time.
I still have a son to raise,
I think.
Here, put this on.
Mr. Miller invited us over
for dinner.
If I prayed every night
You'll come back to me
And maybe
If I cry every day
You'll come back to stay
Oh maybe
This is my desperation dress.
What do you think?
I think Dad would like it.
I'm sure he would.
And as much as he paid for.
Those are the Helen Apartments.
A couple of the girls
from the Y live there.
What would you think of that?
Living by the river?
I like our house.
It's not our house, Joe.
It's a rental.
Ugh, Canada.
I live near Canada now. My God!
I can't stand Canada tonight.
You look like a beauty
pageant queen, Jeanette.
I was on one occasion.
You should always say
nice things to women
especially your mother.
What will you have to drink,
Oh, just a little something.
Gotta keep my wits about me
with you two.
Tell me, Joe,
how's your old man?
- Is he coming home soon?
- I hope so.
Who's this?
Oh, that's my wife..
I'm sure she regrets leaving.
Well, she hasn't called me up
and said so.
Poor old thing.
Nobody's nice enough to you.
It was never like this
in Washington.
Or Idaho.
Every time we've moved,
it's gotten colder.
Your husband had to go
where the work was.
He had work in Idaho,
but he insisted on leaving.
You don't get anywhere
if you don't try.
I started with a small farm
and simply never stopped
trying for more.
Well, that's different.
You worked for your success.
Jerry's always looking
for a shortcut.
He gets an idea in his head
about what's gonna
make him happy
and he won't let go.
I respect
what your father's doing.
When he comes home, I'm gonna
discuss a job with him.
Well, that... that's great.
Isn't it, Mom?
Well, I'm glad someone's here
to take care of us.
Tell me, Joe
have you thought about what
you want to do with your life?
Uh, no, not really.
Uh, maybe I'd like to work
at a, a railroad someday.
No, that's not very good.
You need to come up
with a better answer.
- Kid's only 15, Jenny.
- 14.
See? Plenty of time.
Your mother says you want to go
to school back east.
- Is that true?
- No.
I, I... I wanna go to school
where my parents went.
- Washington State.
- No, you don't, believe me.
You said you liked it there.
Well, what do I know?
I left before I hardly started.
You wanna grow up
to be like Warren.
He went to Dartmouth.
Yes, but I learned everything
that meant anything in the army.
But the army
didn't make you rich.
Other people's incompetency
made me rich.
Money begets money
based on no other principle.
Just because we're... poor
doesn't mean we're incompetent.
Of course not.
But money begets money
and that's how
the rich stay rich
and the poor stay poor, right?
That's not what I'm saying
at all.
Would you mind very much
telling me
where the little girl's room is?
Just through the bedroom.
Put that record on, won't you?
Have you ever been up
in an airplane, Joe?
No, sir.
I own one. I could take you up
sometime if you'd like.
- Uh, yeah, sure.
- We could take your mother.
Once it was fall like now.
Only colder.
I was flying up to look
at some poor man's failed crop
and suddenly
there were all these geese
in formations, you know.
Big Vs.
Do you know what I did?
I turned the engine off,
4000 feet up
so I could listen.
They were all around me
honking and honking
up in the sky
where no one ever heard them
except God Himself.
And I thought..
...this is like
seeing an angel.
It was the most wonderful thing
I ever did in my life.
Ever will do.
Were you afraid?
Yes, I was afraid.
Because in that moment,
I had lost all humanity.
I had all these people
on the ground trusting in me.
My wife and my mother
and my four businesses.
But they didn't matter to me
in the slightest.
Not that I didn't care
about them.
I just didn't even think
about them at all.
Do you understand
what I'm talking about, Joe?
Yes, sir.
You want a glass of wine?
Yeah, okay.
Here's to the angels..
...and to your old man
not getting burned up
like a piece of bacon.
Uh, thank you.
Mm. Look now,
the pretty lady's back.
Why is it so gloomy in here?
Someone put on
some dancing music.
- Oh, we'll dance.
- Mom, I have homework.
Come on, Joe.
Dance with your mother.
Come on.
Joe, dance with your mother.
Come, da.. Joe, come dance
with your mother.
There you go.
Don't think I'm cold..
Joe, you're a terrible dancer.
I'm ashamed of you.
Warren, you'll have
to dance with me.
There's nobody else.
Look, Joe.
Warren's a man who can dance.
He's one in a million.
Don't think I'm cold
if I say you're too bold
I've been fooled
by that moon up above
I want your kiss
just as you want my kiss
Ah come on relax Max
Hold it down boy
Take it easy fool
Relax yourself
The evening's young yet
Mm come on and relax Max
Relax Max
Your mother
is a very passionate dancer.
Did you know that, Joe?
It means I go till I drop.
When Joe's father and I
first got married
I rented a little
sailor costume
and I did a little tap dance
when he got home from work.
It was an anniversary present.
- He loved it.
- I bet he did.
We have to go.
I'm irritable all of a sudden
and Joe's bored.
Well, you can't drive
in this condition.
- Stay the night.
- No.
Come on.
There's another bedroom.
I can drive us.
Uh, Dad taught me.
Joe can drive us.
Well, you can put a coat on
at least.
Wait here.
You don't mind, do you?
I like driving.
"Calm that experience."
That's what my mother
used to call it
when my father
would roar in drunk.
Don't worry,
I'll get us home safely.
You're a good boy.
One day, you'll get
a big promotion
which is to say you'll be grown.
You can leave.
This should do the job.
Don't you have
one of your wife's coats?
They're in a bag somewhere
to be thrown away.
Come on, Joe. The fun's over.
My heart's just pounding away.
I drank too much.
That makes your heart race.
I don't wanna wear this coat.
Can you imagine
what the neighbors would say?
Stay there.
I'll be back in a minute.
...I surprised myself
and had a good time.
Did you?
There you go.
Can you smile?
Get the smile.
Across Northern Montana,
we're still waiting for snow.
The low tonight
for Great Falls..
Local news..
Shh. Be quiet.
Okay. I'm trying.
Hurry up. Get dressed.
You scared me! Oh, God!
You scared me. You can... you
cannot sneak up on me like that.
I didn't mean to.
What was he doing here?
What does it matter?
Do you love him?
Do you still love Dad?
He wants to make things better.
Maybe I'm not up to that,
I don't know.
I wish I was dead.
If you've got a better plan
for me, tell me.
I'll try it. Really.
Maybe it will be better
than this.
I don't have one.
Ah, hey.
Oh, I thought I would
never see you again.
- How are you doing?
- I'm good.
Okay. Here.
Here, Dad.
Go on, put that up.
Hi, Jean.
Hello, Jerry.
I don't know who I'm waiting
to impress here.
You smell like a campfire.
Well, I should.
I've been out in it.
- Are you hungry?
- Mm.
No, we ate on the road.
You must be tired.
Come, sit down.
Well, how was the fire?
Did you put it out?
Well, we got most of it.
The snow should take out
the rest.
That's good.
Yeah, it was,
it was hell out there.
Can't tell ya. I..
...had to stop a man
from running in the fire.
- I had to drag him down.
- It sounds dangerous.
It was.
But I'm happy to be home.
Well, we're glad you came.
I have some good news.
I talked to a man up there
about a job
at the Forestry Department
up at the eastern front.
And they'd even provide us
with a house.
But we'd have to move again?
Well, you know,
it's not that far.
And plus, it's a good time
to be up there, you know.
I have something
to tell you too.
What is it, Jean?
I have taken
an apartment in town..
...for myself..
...and I can move in tomorrow.
It's a tiny place,
but I can afford the rent
and there's room for Joe
if he wants to come.
It's a surprise, I know.
I'm surprised myself.
Have you lost your mind, Jean?
No, I don't think I have.
Well, you can't... you can't
get mad at me
'cause I went to some fire.
I'm not.
I was, I'm not anymore.
Well, then what... what is it?
Ah, I need some time
to figure things out.
Figure what out?
Jean, are you
stepping out on me?
Yes, I am.
But this doesn't
have to do with that.
Who is it?
Who is it?
Uh, it's Warren Miller.
I've been teaching him at the Y.
Oh, you've been teachin' him?
Are you movin' in with him?
Joe, go to your room.
Jean, are you moving in
with him?
No, I told you,
I'm taking an apartment.
The Helen Apartments.
They're down by the river.
I know where they are.
What? Are you... you havin'
a, a hard week?
- Is that it?
- No, not very hard.
Or are we not getting along?
I think so.
Boy, boy, boy!
I won't have this conversation
if you won't take me seriously.
Stop it.
Well, it's a wild life,
isn't it, son?
Leave him be. He doesn't know
what is and what isn't.
I think I'm wasted on you.
I think you are too.
It'd be nice to live on the
eastern front. Don't you think?
You think... your mother
would take a chance on it?
Yeah, sure, Dad.
You know, she just needs
something to believe in again.
You'll see.
Go on.
Have some of that delicious pie.
You know, I'm surprised
about this Miller though.
You know, I mean..
...has it been going on
for a long time?
I don't know.
You know, I just, I don't
that she would choose him.
You know, he's an old man and..
...he's married at that.
He's not married anymore.
What? You know him then?
No, I..
I... I've met him once.
When did you happen to meet him?
He... he just stopped
by the house.
W... what happened
when he stopped by the house?
He... he borrowed a book.
You.. You never see him again?
Darlin' forever forever
Where did you see him again?
Forever if you want to
I'll play the part
Mother and I went to his house.
We had our dinner there.
Just to be with you
You did.
A few nights ago.
- Did you stay all night?
- No.
No, we ate and then we left
and that's all.
But I'll always be
Just a fool
If I if I could be with you
Did your mother
do something that..
...you wouldn't like
to have to tell me about?
For the rest of of my days
In so so many ways
Did you see them, uh, together?
Just to be with you
Thrills me
through and through
And darlin' forever forever
You can taunt me names
Take my love for granted
But I'll always be
just a fool
Where'd you see them?
- They were in the house.
- In our house?
Darling forever
Dad, please,
we should just go home now.
Stay in the car, Joe.
What the hell's going on?
- Dad, Dad.
- Get out here, Miller!
Dad, Dad.
What's wrong with you?
How could you?
How could you do this?
Jerry! Goddammit, Jerry!
You are a goddamn drunk!
You hear me, a fool and a drunk
and you've ruined my house.
- Fuck you, Miller.
- No, no, no, no!
Get away.
Stop! Stop! Stop it!
- Stop!
- Who is that?
- None of your business!
- Where's my wife?
How should I know?
Goddammit, Jerry,
you have a son here.
What do you think's
gonna happen now?
The police are coming.
They'll put you in jail.
I'd be ashamed.
Come on.
What are you standing
around looking at?
Joe, come on, come on, help me.
Give me a hand.
Yes? Can I help you?
What is it, son?
- Where did you go?
- Are you okay?
I went to the police station.
I thought you'd be there.
Oh, I... I, I talked
to Mr. Miller and, uh..
...we agreed
that it was a misunderstanding..
...and he's not
gonna press charges.
What's going to happen?
Nothing. I'm in the clear.
No, I mean, what's going
to happen to us?
...what's going
to happen to us?
I don't know.
I'm going to bed.
I have school tomorrow.
I won't blame you
if you hate me.
Sorry, I'm late.
That's okay.
You eat?
Yeah, we had something in town
after school.
- Finish your homework?
- Almost.
Alright. Watch the game later?
Ah, I... I promised Ruth
I'd study with her
but maybe I'll catch
the end with you.
Joe, letter for you.
What does she say?
Is she still in Portland?
Yeah, she's fine.
She... she wants to come visit
and she bought a ticket.
Uh, she arrives at 5:00 p.m.
on the 20th.
What, April 20th?
That's tomorrow.
Can I have the car?
I can, uh, I can pick her up
after school.
Well, Joe, um,
you don't know her plans.
You don't know how long
she's gonna be here for.
I know. It... it's fine.
Thanks, Dad.
You've grown.
Yeah, well, I'm trying.
Couple more inches
would be nice.
But how's Oregon?
It's not always what I expected,
but I'm getting along.
And how are your students?
They're fine.
- Yeah?
- Some of them like me, I think.
And I've made
some good friends at work.
- Joe tell you the good news?
- What news?
He made the honor roll again.
- That's wonderful.
- Thank you.
- Can I..
- Sure. Thank you.
And how is work, Jerry?
Turns out I do fine
as a salesman.
I'll send you some money
when I can.
Oh, you don't have to do that.
So how long
will you be here for?
Just through the weekend.
I have to be back at work
on Tuesday.
Uh, can you stop by
the photo shop tomorrow?
I, um, wanna show you something.
- You're still working there?
- Yeah, on weekends.
- He's been promoted.
- Is that so?
Yes. Yeah, I'm, uh,
I'm taking portraits now.
But will you come by?
Both of you.
So we have some cameras
and frames here
and people can come,
get their negatives developed.
- You do that for them?
- Yeah.
Okay. And this is where
we take all the portraits.
Very official.
Okay. So, Mom, sit here.
Oh, no.
I didn't even set my hair.
No, that doesn't matter.
It's just for me.
And, Dad, you can sit here.
Why don't I take a photo
of you and your dad instead?
Because I want one
with all of us in it.
Okay, hold still.
One, two, three.