Wildwechsel (1973) Movie Script

Wild Game AKA Jail Bait
A Film by Rainer Werner Fassbinder
After the play 'Wildwechsel'
by Franz Xaver Kroetz
-It's tenderness
-Early in the morning
It's saturday,
and the kid's still asleep
Ten years ago I had no wrinkles at all;
not even five years ago
I can't see them
-But when you look close?
-You look as you always did
Skinny women do have more wrinkles
That is a fact
Chubby women like me stay
younger longer
You are right
To slim down a bit wouldn't hurt
-Did you submit the lottery tickets?
-Yes, on thursday
One doesn't win anyway
All peeping at the telly...
and nothing tip top...
-Hannie, get up!
-I am up already
I am going back to bed for a moment
... are you coming?
She must be packed off to school,
and we must go shopping in town
One doesn't go before nine, though
-Are you coming yes or no?
-Whenever you want
Hurry up. You'd better wash first;
Your cocoa is too hot now
Dad must bring me
Let him sleep! He can only sleep in on
saturdays. We also must go into town
He can drop me at school
We're not going yet
But, I'll ask him, anyway
He is reading the newspaper
Take me dad, or I'll be late
-Don't you say good morning anymore?
-Good morning!
Will you take me to school?
-We must go into town
-Get up now and you can bring me
If you really want it
Hurry up!
Then we won't be late
He is taking me though
Come have breakfast
I don't want anything to eat
I've done a roll
Because I am getting too fat
You don't understand it anyway
-Are you taking her?
-I am up anyway
She twists her father round her finger
If one is eating in a hurry,
that's no good either
Besides, she would be late for
the third time if I don't take her
-That's right, no?
-When you insist on it
-Can you make me a coffee?
-I must see to her first
They want to pay us every two
weeks now
They do with us what they like
I'll have to make the money last
Long-distance transport is better
-You bring it back on again
-It would make a change
-You can't switch over at forty-five
-Others worse than me do it
You won't be home anymore,
not for one single evening
You don't want me to do
long-distance transport?
Absolutely not!
It would make a change
They earn over a thousand
For just one hundred Mark extra...
and goodbye to family life
Always on about long-distance;
you stay where you are
We won't let you do it,
so that's that
I only mentioned it
We are allright as it is
Are you ready? Let us leave now...
It's almost quarter to
-I am ready
-You got everything?
Leave some lunch for her
She can do it herself at her age;
there's plenty in the fridge
Hurry up
-It's allright
Take care
He wouldn't have done it for me
Now you can't escape
Ever had a French kiss?
-You know how it's done?
-I'm not stupid
Come on, then
I don't want anyone to see it
He's only a foreign worker
How old are you?
I look older, but I'm fourteen
You look older
I'm fourteen
How old are you?
I am nineteen
You're five years older than me then
Where are you off to?
We must go where no one sees us
I know a nice place
Is it far?
-Ten minutes
-That's not far
-Sure you're not a virgin still?
-What's it to you?
-What's your name?
-Franz Bermeier
I'm Hanni Schneider
Do they call you Franzl?
-You like Franzl?
-I prefer Franz
Call me Franz then
Whatever you like
Have you had a boy before?
Tell me
They've asked often enough
I don't; I'm different
Somebody must be the first
-It's great
-It did hurt
Then you shouldn't have come with me
You get dressed again?
No one is coming
Why not?
What else can we do?
-Ever smoked?
Let's have a cigarette before we go
I want to jump down, too
No one's stopping you
I daren't
Stay there, then
You're no virgin anymore now
I had no idea this morning
Are you sorry?
It had to happen, and now it happened
It doesn't matter
-Do you like me?
-I wouldn't have done it, otherwise
I don't know... I think I like you
That's her
-What do you like to drink?
-A coke
Aren't you working today?
The freezer's out of order,
so we can't slaughter the chickens
It's my first break since I got here
We have two weeks off
I wish they'd pay me off
What do you do on your holiday?
Having a holiday
In the paper I saw an ad for a holiday
on the Costa del Sol
Journey and stay all in for 275 Mark
Where's that?
The seaside
You'd get a lovely tan
The sun's always shining there
I'd like to go there
Why not?
I'd like to go there
With an Italian, a papagallo,
or whatever they're called
With you
You want to go to the Costa del Sol?
We'll go then
We got to go there
The water is so salty,
you daren't open your mouth
I don't mind the salt
A holiday is important
We just rot away in this place
Go to the Costa del Sol
No one's stopping you
-What should I do there?
-If you don't like it here...
-You don't want me to go
-Why not?
You think I'll go?
When you want you hair cut,
let him do it, he's a hairdresser
-Are you?
-Not me, him
Actually, yes
Why aren't you working as one?
I've got a temporary job
He was sacked because he's a bad
Better than you
If he's learnt how to do it...
Keep your hands off my head,
anyway, it's too risky
One morning I woke up bald;
he's practicing on me
Watch out, or I'll cut something off you
That's her
-She's young
-Still at school
-No, fourteen
She's under age; if you're caught,
they will jail you
They won't get me
Did she had a period yet?
I didn't ask
Take care when you screw her
When you don't know eachother too
long, it doesn't really matter
Was she a virgin?
What do you think?
She's got breasts
She's not bad
When she's eighteen, she'll be everyone's
A right whore then
Not the worst, then
-The toilet is a pigsty
-Men's toilets too
You ordered my Coke?
You've got a telly too
You like it?
-We don't have one
-We've had ours since ages
We've known each other for a while now,
but haven't slept together in a bed yet
Now's our chance
Before the telly, they often went to the
cinema, would've been better for us
Now, they rarely go to the cinema
What are you staring? The last show
finishes just after ten
You must be gone by then
Do you long for me?
Why not? We meet every day,
it's getting like a habit
-Wouldn't you like another?
-I've got you
Those dolls
I'll throw them out
-Have a favorite? -I do
-Which one? -Nevermind, come on
Switch off the light
You don't know my place?
The cord
Very modern
We'd like a word with Herr Grtz
He's in the next room
Could we speak with Herr Grtz, please
Herr Grtz, customers
Are you employing Franz Bermeier?
It's a police matter
-None of your concern
-Private matter
-Where is he?
-At work, where else
Follow me
Are you Franz Bermeier?
I'm a police officer
I've got a warrant for you
-Let's speak in private
You may speak out, he's a friend
Besides, it must be a mistake;
I've done nothing wrong
Come along quietly
Haven't I any rights?
Come on, it's in your own interest
You might be able to give us
some information
Is it because of a girl?
Why? Do you know something?
We tell each other, we're colleagues
Give me his address?
-I got nothing to do with this
-We can believe that
-Foreign worker
I can't believe it
It's all in the evidence
It's good you weren't here
They came by car and rang the bell
"Is your daughter in?", they asked,
"come to the station, then"
"It's some unpleasant business", they said
Did you see that lad?
They showed me his picture
He's in custody in town
And she's still sleeping with her dolls
Where is she, anyway?
At choir practice for sunday's service
I let her go without going on at her
We must sort this out
Did the neighbours notice?
I don't think so, it was an ordinary car
They said nothing until they were
in the living room
Read the evidence, it's all in there
I've read it
You'll need to go there in the morning
I'm not going alone
I'll come with you
You always come with me
to the tax office
You know I can't get on with officials
I'll come with you
Children are so precocious now;
the police said it happens often
What's that to do with me?
I've only got one daughter
The man seduced her
They should condemn him to death
He ought to be hanged
Death penalty has been abolished
They should reintroduce it,
for child-seducers
Or I'll kill him with my own hands
Couldn't he have picked another?
Did he have to interfere with precisely
our child?
You know what Hanni told them?
He didn't seduce her
She told the police they
both wanted it
She's protecting him
I don't believe this of my child;
it's a lie
He didn't rape her,
that's for sure
He didn't have to rape her
He knows his tricks
It was mental seduction, and she was
defenseless; that's how it went
What are we to do with her?
Nothing, we do nothing with her
She's been punished already
It wasn't her fault, or else
she's no longer my daughter
That's why its not her fault
Won't you speak to her about it?
I'll kill her, if it happens again
before she turns twenty
Tell her that from me
That's all I've got to say
It's too late for talking
We should have taken precautions
Are you holding me responsible?
When I'm on the road I can't
know where my daughter is
So now it's my fault?
You couldn't have known she would
do such a thing
You would've put a stop to it
if we had known... or?
I don't feel guilty, because I did
all I could. She never lied before
If she said she was going to see a friend,
how could I know she was going to a man
Of course you couldn't
No one can expect that from us
It's ridiculous
But we can do anything about the fact
that she's been seduced
Is it you?
Who else did you expect?
No one
Father won't be in yet
You're late!
I stopped to look at an accident,
a cyclist got hit by a car
-No, only injured at face and shoulder
See how easy it happens,
be careful when you ride a bike
Why not put the lights on?
It's out of order,
I'll go to the electrician tomorrow
Dad will fix it
It can't be the bulb, because I've
put a new one in
I expect it's the switch or the wires,
so we need the electrician
It's very dark
Well, when the light's broken
Where are the candles?
I'll buy some tomorrow
If it weren't for the street lamps, it would
be really dark, you're unable to cook
Stop jawing and lay the table
Ordinary or soup plates?
Ordinary... It's liver and potatoes,
no spoons
I thought I had come to take you
Where have you come from?
See you in town
Put it over there
They released me yesterday morning
-Nine months already?
-Still seventy days to go
They released me for good conduct...
yesterday I hung around town
Today I am here
They released you just like that
-First I had to promise I wouldn't see you
-They must be stupid
They let me go because they thought
I'd keep away from you
At first I wanted to stay away, but...
now I am simply here
We can't go to the old place,
it's too dangerous
If we're seen together, they'll
send me back
Let's go somewhere else
We'll find something now
we're together again
You haven't forgotten me?
Stupid question
See you tomorrow
Two beers please
That's a lovely coat
Shall I buy it for you?
Dad would never buy me a coat
like that
But I will buy it
What does your father earn?
Nine hundred, I think...
I don't get that much, but I'll buy
it for you, anyway
Nine hundred is quite a lot
-I'll earn it one day
-And now?
About six hundred
-That's quite a lot, too
-Others earn more
You can have the coat if you want it
I heard you are seeing your
old friend again
Who told you that?
It's a slender, a dirty slender...
we haven't met at all
I told you we haven't met!
You saw him yesterday,
under the bridge
Whoever told you that
is a liar
You were seen
What if we met by chance?
Why don't you tell me when I ask you
Because you're always on at me
Did he wait for you?
You just have to tell me
Then I'll slowly get up, and go
straight to the police
Then he'll serve out the rest of his
time and perhaps a bit more...
But it wasn't like that
We really did meet by chance
You should have walked on...
without a glance back
Well, when you haven't seen each other
for months...
You're shameless
It was nothing
He said: "Do I see you again?"
I said: "You've seen me now"
We didn't stop longer than a minute
Then we said goodbye for ever
Like ordinary people
You aren't ordinary
I didn't know that
Now you know
Anyway, just because we met, doesn't
mean we are seeing each other
Keep it that way
If I hear of such a thing again, I'll
report him straight to the police...
and you'll get to know me
What did you cook for him?
What you said, but he didn't eat much
because he was angry
Somebody told him I'd seen Franz
Is it true?
-You didn't tell me
-What was there to tell?
What did father say?
I told him we met by chance
He believed that?
Yes, but if we meet again
he'll turn Franz in
Have you been intimate?
What do you think?
I love him
I'm sorry we decided to have a child
We could have had a nice life
You should have thought of that
Hold your tongue
That's gratitude after all that's
been done to you
If father said he'll turn him in,
he'll do it
Do you want Franz to suffer?
You know what he gets when you get
caught... years
You won't see him before you're
It would be for the best anyway
But dad believed me
I don't see what he has against Franz
He ought to keep his hands off,
and not interfere with you
He doesn't interfere,
I love him
At your age there's no love,
except for your parents
But, I'm still love him
Wait for two or three years, til
school is finished
-What's it to do with school?
-You're still a child
Time passes quickly,
if you're patient
You'd think differently if you had
parents like mine
When I was young,
well, about seventeen...
I bought silk stockings with my
own money
Twenty-two Mark they cost
I wore them on a sunday...
and my father clothed me and ripped
them to bits
I wouldn't have stood for that
Things were different then,
he would have taught you
What a business
It would've been allright
if no one had seen it
But what's done is done
So why worry?
-Your parents worry
-But I can't live without Franz
I won't give him up
because of father
I'd rather kill myself
That would be the limit, involving
us in all that
Well, it's true
What have we done to deserve this?
Other people's children are different
For heaven's sake don't get pregnant,
that's most important
We're careful
You won't tell father what I've said,
will you
If you do, I won't trust you
and I won't tell you anything
I don't want to know another thing
He's not going to like it, everything
is beginning all over again
I want a simple family life,
like other people
Father is neglecting things, he shouldn't
have to worry about you so much
He should be putting his mind to
other things
Mama, why are you crying?
Why shouldn't I cry?
If they pick Bermeier up...
...then we'll have peace
Why did they release him before
his time was up?
Every lout gets parole today
Under Hitler he would have had a
lesson in a concentration camp
Why do you go on about the Nazis?
He was released for good conduct
Because there are no women in prison
They should be castrated,
cut it away
And that's that
But now we haven't a regime,
we have a government
They can't even protect children
The Nazis had their faults too
They gassed the Jews, that was wrong...
but rather 100,000 gassed Jews, than
pig mugging about with my daughter
We needn't blame ourselves
Johansser has three sons and a
daughter, how do they manage?
Compared with them Hanni lives
like a princess
Yet, they are decent
Don't get worked up, it's no use
Our own flesh and blood ruining us
She's got no decent morals
Well, I am expecting
It may be late
I told you
I've had a test, I am pregnant
It costs ten Mark
-We'll get an abortion
-By whom?
We'll find a doctor, just take a
morning off school
I'd have to take a note
It's that or a child
Have you got a thousand Mark?
Why thousand?
I heard it costs a thousand
Six hundred
I can raise that
The trouble is, you're so young
I look older
You don't...
You look fourteen
You said yourself that I looked
A doctor can tell how old you are
He'll have you taken home by
the police
-Shut up then, if it's impossible
-We needn't argue over it
Something must happen before its
When father sees, he'll kill us
I know
We must think of something
-Why not, it doesn't matter now
We must make the most of our time
I will think of something
Don't throw my coat on the floor!
That coat will have to be returned
It's not yours
A gift is a gift
It's Herr Bermeier's
We don't need his presents
Because you envy me
That coat is whore's pay
Such language before the child!
I don't want that coat here
Keep it, and it's all you leave with!
You own nothing here
You're behaving badly Hanni
She made her bed, and she must lie
in it
-I pay for everything here
-But not the coat
-That's mean!
Go to your room, it's time
to go to sleep
I won't get rid of the coat
She's still a child
It's not my idea of a child
That's your upbringing
Why didn't you take it away from her?
What a bloody mess
We need somewhere to live
Come down to earth
Forget it
I can't do a thing, because of my
parents and the child
I'm edgy
It's no wonder
This is no way to live
No, because the child will arrive
before long
How long has it been?
Can't you count up to three?
It doesn't show
Just be patient
But it autumn, you'll be back
in prison
Shut up about that
And you are stupid
If I would have a revolver, or
a rifle...
I'd go up to him and say: "Stop
interfering with our love, or else..."
Would you say that?
He would agree, then go straight
around to the police
Then you'll see what they do when
they've got you trapped
I haven't a gun anyway
That's no problem, you can
buy one
You need a licence
Not always
-You need to be twenty-one
-You needn't
I promise, I get you a gun
You won't manage it
Do you know what he is?
An unskilled worker
His father cuts peat for a farmer,
at Dachau
Just as I thought
He hasn't got a room of his own,
he sleeps in lodgings
I haven't invested fourteen years
of money in the kid for that
If it was a decent young man from a
family like ours...
I'd say: "Hanni is still a child, but the
future is to come"
We were young ourselves once...
but without money there's no love
and without a trade,
there is no wive
Especially when it's my daughter
We have bad luck
First, he does time
Then, when he comes out, he acted
though nothing had happened
That's fanaticism, he must be
doing it deliberately
Or he is sick
I don't understand it
I couldn't do such a thing
That's the youth of today
And what were we? We had no youth
They called us up in '39
On my birthday we were in
Nothing to eat, no proper clothes...
A couple of lousy anti-tank weapons,
20 degrees of frost...
At night we hurdled up in "winter-aid"
...but shivered as though we
were naked
We weren't youths, we were soldiers
Are you asleep?
Yes, but I'm listening
Better go to sleep
Those times were different, there's
no comparison
Still, we are decent civilians
Times have changed
According to the papers, they print
all sorts of glums on...
All you need is money, and I
haven't got it
If Hanni goes on like this, the
future looks black to me
It would be no problem for a
film star
But an unskilled workman can't
cope with it on his money
That's how it is
I always think; times have changed,
when I can't make things out
But we won't live to see
different times
Neither will Hanni
We must think things out
Hanni won't grow up like
other people
In five years she'll blame us
for everything...
...that she has no normal future
At the moment she's not interested
in a thing
But that'll change
Do you think she'll stick to him?
It is not love, it's nothing but
We have to bridle it, and see its
kept in proportion
Where did you get it?
I bought it
You stole it
Bought it, I said
Give it to me
What will you do with it?
That's not why I bought it
-What did you buy it for?
Give it, when your father finds
it he'll hit you, like over the coat
He'll never find it, I hide it
What's it for?
To shoot a dog?
Why a dog? No dog is hurting me
-What then?
What are you on about then?
What did I say?
You talk nonsense, give it to me
Take it
Look at it, or are you afraid?
I want you to screw me
With my parents in the next room,
I'm longing for it
You know what my mom said
my father had said?
"You should be castrated, cut it away
and that's that"
Just cut it away, then you'd be
like I am
Then it would be all over between us
What use would you be to me,
He is no man for our Hanni
A jailbird
Someone who takes whatever
comes his way
I've had two women in my life...
after the war... and then you
You'll turn him in?
Should I wait 'til they're caught
in the park?
We'll be ruined
She'll be expelled from school
And I'll turn to long-distance
driving, to keep away from her
We couldn't stay in this town,
Right, tomorrow I'll turn him in
You ought to sleep on it
That wouldn't change the facts
I am dead tired
Growing children mean growing
That's what my mother always said
-That's the place
-It's padlocked
I can break it open
I don't know, suppose it goes wrong
Then, don't do it
No one can force you
Where are you going?
I'm going home
You won't take advice, will you?
Do you think I care?
If you want to get rid of me...
-I won't stop you
-I didn't say that
It's all because of you, they'll find
out that I'm pregnant
It's not that I'm not worried about it,
but... I don't want to lose you
I must think it over
Not too long, they'll soon find out,
they are not blind
I need some time
I can do it myself...
...but if I do
I don't want to see you again
Allright, I'll do it
I'm the men here
It's men's business
I knew you'd protect me
when you did give me a child
-It has to be done
-It's him or me
He has to go
He has to go, because we
need room
I want to tell you something
Leave me alone, all you ever tell
me are things I don't want to know
Franz wants you to know something
Have you met again?
I'll kill you if you have
He just wants to apologize
He said: "Tell your father I'm
working in the woods again...
...and I'll wait for him there"
"I want to shake hands with him,
and apologize"
"Because I reckon I ought to, to
put things right"
He has a bad conscience
You can't refuse someone for that
What does he know about
We haven't met since I promised you
it was all over
Now he dares to look you in the face,
is that a bad sign?
I know his trouble, he's afraid I'll
turn him in
He admits he was in the wrong, he
won't go against you again
Because I can break him
Don't refuse to do it, he really
is in earnest
Then, let him come to me
Then people will see us together
Over there is nobody
Besides, you've got a car
I'm not wasting petrol on him
See him after work today
at half past four
Allright, face to face then, that's
what I've always wanted
Maybe it's well if he sees me
When he lies to my very face,
I'll tell him that next time...
...I won't go to the police...
I'll kill him with my bare hands
That'll sort him out
It really is for the last time
Better not tell mother, she'll only
get worked up
I don't need your mother for this,
it's between him and me
-It's men's business
-I think so too
Do you want my coat?
-Then you'll get cold
-No, I'm too hot
Put it around me, if you're cold
I give it back
I'm not cold
Why is he taking so long?
We'll get cold when it takes too long
Put it on properly, then you
won't feel cold
It's ok
Did you bring any cigarettes?
They are in the left pocket
-There aren't any matches
-Maybe in the other pocket
I've got matches in my purse
But that's at home
They'll have some at the Kiosk,
shall I go there?
No, it's not that important,
we just won't smoke
He'll be here soon, then we'll
get some on the way home
It won't be long
-What if he doesn't come?
-He will
-It was stupid to forget the matches
-You can smoke two at a time, soon
We can go to the Kiosk when we
get home
Then the girl will know that
we've been here
Nobody knows us here
Still you can't be sure
Waiting is boring
We could go to the cinema tonight,
shall we?
-What's on?
-There's always something
He's coming
See him?
I told you he would come
I expect he was held up
He must be nearer, or you'll miss
-How near then?
-I don't know how close
You should try
Going the wrong way, I told him to come
here, he never listens
Try a shot now
You got him, but not properly
He fell down, but he's still alive
Shoot again
Now you've got him!
He's dead!
Can't you sleep?
I'm waiting for father, go to bed
Where can he be?
Engine trouble, I expect
I hope nothing has happened
-An accident?
But he has driven for twenty years
without an accident
Can I do anything for you?
I had some coffee
Go back to bed
You must sleep too
I'm not tired yet
He'll be back soon
I'm going to the toilet, then to bed
There's no end to our troubles
He'll be here soon, you will see
Just wait for a while
That's right
He is found
-My husband?
How do you know it's really
my husband?
Officer Strecke identified him,
he knows him
He was an acquaintance
Why didn't he tell me, then?
Because he is dead?
You only believe things if they
are in writing
You want to identify him?
It's true enough, he's been shot
An entire magazine, eight shots
Why then?
Pistols usually have eight shots
I didn't know that
Women needn't know about weapons;
at least, they're supposed not to know
May we come in?
Why? We've just done the house work
-Doesn't matter
-Is your daughter in?
Leave it to me to tell my daughter
We must ask her some questions
Ask me
My husband is my concern
Let's go in, then we'll talk
Go to your room, this is not
for children
-Is this your daughter?
-Who else
I'll call you when you are needed
What is it?
Have they got father?
Where is he?
She'll have to know someday
Daddy passed away
Now get out, or I'll box your ears
It's no place for children
It's sad, very sad. They found him
in the woods, shot
He was found by some passers-by
I told you he was dead
Where is he now?
In the morgue
It's a case for the coroner
What's he to do with it?
You must be prepared for the worst
after four weeks
We would like to ask you
a few questions
Perhaps we can start with you
You don't seem to be very upset
Because I already suspected
Otherwise he would have
come home, or written
If dad knew you weren't crying
he'd killed you
Grief also can be inside
-Everything's fine
-I haven't any pain
How do you feel in yourself?
With a belly like that
I've lost my figure
I look a real sight, just like a frog
It'll all be over in a month
-I got red streaks on my feet
-That's normal in pregnancy
But it's ugly
You get a child as reward
Are you glad about it?
If it wasn't for the kid I wouldn't
be in prison
It's your own doing
Maybe? The stupid kid is the
cause of everything
The child is not to blame
You must understand that
-What is it?
Because it's dead
It died two minutes after it was born
It wasn't right, it was deformed
A boy or a girl?
It would have been a boy
-Dreadful weather today, is it
-You can say that
It died
Two minutes after it was born
Did you see it?
Tell me
A glimpse, after it died. All deformed,
you couldn't make a head or tail of it
The doctor said it was caused by the
business about father
In your belly?
Where else?
The accused are strictly forbidden
to conversate
Leave them be, they're just some
poor devils
I'm not stopping them, but it is
strictly forbidden
If we'd known before that it would
If the thing with father hadn't
...then it probably wouldn't
have died, the doctor said
Now they are both dead
-That's fate
-Stupid it is
Now nothing's left between us
It's over
It wasn't real love...
It was purely physical...
That's what I told the court
I agree, it wasn't real love
Come on in, it's about to start
Did you had a name for the boy?
I thought of Michael
That would have been nice