Will vs. The Future (2017) Movie Script

- Did you see that?
- No.
- Yes.
- Really, Darren?
What? I saw killer robots
from the future,
I'm not gonna lie.
That was the future,
- Stop asking her questions.
- I want to know.
It was the future.
I told you.
[electronic blips]
Darren Katz and
Heather Ellison.
- What?
- That's my name.
Choice one:
Tell people what you saw
and have no one believe you,
which leads you to an obsession with
proving it happened
until each of your lives
and you, Darren,
end up a laughing stock,
and you, Heather,
move back in with your step mom.
Choice two:
Never mention this,
grow closer because of your secret bond,
fall in love,
get married,
and raise two
chocolate labs.
Golden labs.
- Choice two.
- Choice two, please.
[electronic blips]
[clears throat] Um, so I kind of want to
sleep in a real bed tonight.
- Yeah, let's pack up.
- Yeah.
- Mom--
- Almost got you.
All right, I'm working another
double tonight,
so there's leftover lasagna
or, um,
- chicken fingers for dinner.
- Got it.
Are you wearing the same outfit
as you were yesterday?
Einstein wore the same thing
every day.
Yeah, and look what
happened to him.
The water got
shut off again?
Yeah, but I'll get it
turned back on, okay? Don't worry.
I'm gonna pick up
more shifts next month,
and we'll have
more money--
- This is everything?
- Yes, but babe, don't worry about it,
just get your homework
I'm gonna
figure it out tonight.
120, 98... 71.
Okay. I got this.
These bills aren't due
'til next month.
Pay this, push this,
This one is due Friday, but
they'll take a payment plan.
Give them 80 and
offer to pay 30 every month.
Okay, here's a bank offering 50 bucks
to open a checking account.
Take that.
And this check I got for my article
on tech trends to pay the water bill.
And the money that's left
is our food budget.
It'll be tight
but-- [exhales]
that gets us to
next month.
Honey, you're incredible.
No, I'm late.
Girl: Will.
So, where do we land
on my plan to empower the students
by encouraging
open borders
and individual
freedom of movement?
What? Oh, right, your plan to sell
fake hall passes.
You say it like I'm
doing something illegal.
Hailey, it--
it is illegal.
Until it isn't, and maybe then
it is again.
I don't have time
for their games.
I'm confident I'm on the right side
of history here.
So, are you in or--
- I'm out.
- I'm gonna need an answer.
I just answered you.
It was very clear.
Okay, this might
look bad at first,
but I really thought
you'd come around.
Hailey, you're gonna
get me suspended.
That's the school's paper.
I had to.
They search my locker now.
Can you believe that?
Where's the trust?
I just need you to get me
the teacher's signatures,
the school logo,
the bar code,
the stamp for the dates,
and cut it.
That's not
almost finished.
You leave me
to do everything.
Feels like we're basically
on the same page here.
Quick. There's Principal Rhodes.
Shut it.
William Jin.
You like running recklessly
through the halls?
I wasn't.
Should have been.
Heck of a time saver.
I also get dressed
while driving.
Knocked seven minutes off
my morning routine.
So, how's that
science fair entry coming?
Uh, okay.
Okay? No, no, no, no.
No, okay is, uh--
is, uh, Glenn Furg.
You're okay, Furg.
Hey, ho!
You, Will,
are exceptional.
Let me see
what you got.
I'm still fine tuning.
Come on.
It's this idea I had
for a battery,
but it, like,
never runs out.
An infinite fuel source.
A game changer, huh?
You're right on schedule.
Uh, for the science fair,
I mean.
Very impressive work, Will.
Principal Rhodes.
Call me Barry.
Or Tad. Went by that
for a while.
Couple options for ya.
Is Tad your middle name?
- Tad? Of course not.
- [beeping]
Got a safety meeting.
What's this thing
with people and safety?
You know, wh--
when's enough enough?
Am I right?
Man, I hate that guy.
Also, that new girl looks like
she'd be down for buying a hall pass.
- Help me close her.
- What new girl?
I'm Athena.
Do you know where
room 207 is?
That's my homeroom.
I can show you.
Hall pass.
Will: So, continuing our tour,
these are more lockers.
Uh, here's
a water fountain.
They give you water
for free?
Well, if you like
water fountains,
then you'll love
this hallway,
'cause they've got
a bunch of--
Laces out, gentlemen.
Come on!
We should just wait here
for a second.
Catch our breaths.
I'm breathing at
a normal pace.
Pretty weak offering today.
Except yours,
This is top quality
Transition shoe.
Can take it right into
your evening.
Oh, yeah.
This is going into the rotation.
- [stomps foot]
- [gasping]
Oh, my friend Hailey
showed me this thing.
If you hold down
these two buttons...
[cans clattering]
...gives you a free one.
Extreme Voltage?
You've never had
Extreme Voltage?
It's carbonated beverage,
recalled July 3rd, 2021,
after it's found to cause
migraines, night terrors,
and permanent
spleen damage.
What is that thing?
Never mind.
A lunch lady left a bagel
in the toaster.
There's no real danger.
I don't know what
that sentence means.
[alarm blaring]
What are you doing?
Whoa. We can't go in
the teacher's lounge.
We have eight minutes,
46.49 seconds until they return.
Hey, that's
school property!
What is going on?
I am leaving now.
You can't leave,
William Jin.
Who are you?
My name is Athena.
The rebels sent me
back from the future to find you.
- What?
- My name is Athena.
The rebels sent me
back from the future to find you.
- What?!
- My name is Athena.
Stop saying that.
I-- I heard you.
No, this isn't possible.
William Jin,
born January 8th.
Birth weight:
7.35 pounds.
No siblings,
father deceased.
Your favorite mushroom
is portobello,
but you tell everyone it's shiitake because
you like saying shiitake.
And whenever you're nervous,
you make this sound--
Anyone could have
told you that.
Last night you dreamt
a talking dog
wouldn't let you into
a night club.
But my outfit was
totally fine.
You're telling
the truth. How?
If we had more than six minutes
and 20 seconds, I'd explain.
Wait, wait. You said
the rebels sent you?
What happened
in the future?
Bad things.
I know why you're here.
In every sci-fi movie,
the only reason people go back in time
is to save the future
of a leader.
- I know, but--
- So, you're here to protect me--
- Listen, I'm--
- No, I've got this.
So, you're here
to protect me
because I grow up
to save the world.
You grow up to
destroy the world.
You grow up to become
a half man, half machine,
who enslaves
the entire planet.
That's impossible!
I'm not evil.
I've never even gotten detention.
- I volunteer.
- No, you don't.
I've thought about
Wait. If I destroy
the world,
why did you come back
to protect me?
I never said I did.
My mission is to
save the world,
which means
eliminating you.
- [whirring]
- [wheezing]
What are you doing?
Shorting you out
because you're a robot.
I'm not a robot.
I'm a girl.
Oh. I thought because
you're from the future,
and you act robotic--
It's called being
and you can't just short stuff out by
throwing liquid--
- [sputtering]
- No!
[electricity crackling]
You shouldn't have
done that.
Because now
I have to do this.
Now, what'd you think
that was gonna do?
I don't know.
- [grunting]
- [gasping]
Can I give you some advice?
Try something heavy.
[indistinct chatter]
- Will.
- Hey, Furg.
Safe to go back in.
I can't.
This girl attacked me.
That's inappropriate.
We need to tell
a responsible grown up right away.
No. It-- It's okay.
Never mind. I was joking.
Oh, is the joke from
a comedian you heard,
or did you just
make it up?
I made it up.
I get all my jokes
from comedians,
and I change
the specifics
to sound like
it came from me.
Sounds like a good plan.
We'll see.
- [banging]
- Will! Hey, you in there!
Open up!
Where were you today?
Open up!
Oh, hey.
Did anyone see you
come here?
Were you followed?
I know how to
lose a tail.
What happened to you?
Did you ditch school?
You never do that.
And what's that?
It's the closest thing
I could find to a weapon.
There's literally
a baseball bat right there.
Dude, are you okay?
No. You know that girl
we met this morning?
I get it.
You made the hall passes
and you realized
you don't need me.
I'm just your
paper girl.
You took my idea,
and now you and this new girl
are running with it--
- Hailey, listen--
- No, you listen.
You betrayed me.
But you know what?
I respect you for it.
[cell phone buzzing]
Oh. My mom
keeps texting me
'cause I'm supposed to
check on Mr. Hamilton.
Your neighbor
smells like tuna fish.
Like really, really
good tuna fish.
Find out
what brand he gets.
Actually, could you
go over to his house?
This girl,
she could be out there.
I'm gonna get a snack.
- You got this.
- I don't got this!
I believe in you.
- Mr. Hamilton.
- Heya, champ.
I-- I'm just
checking in.
Okay, it's just
I only have a minute.
Mr. Hamilton?
What is this?
- Hello, Will.
- Ahh!
Do what you want to me,
but please let
Mr. Hamilton go.
He has nothing to do
with this.
Uh, Hamilton works for us.
He's the advance team.
You're really bad at
identifying robots, aren't you?
He only says
three phrases.
"Heya, champ,"
"You're telling me,"
and, "Uh-huh."
But that's impossible.
We've had so many
great talks.
- Mr. Hamilton.
- Heya, champ.
So, it looks like my mom
had to get another job
so we can afford to stay
in the school district.
And I just feel bad.
She's giving up so much.
You're telling me.
You had to give up a lot
in your life, too?
Heya, champ.
You're right.
I am a champ.
I just need to
focus on school,
and I'll get a job
and be successful,
and Mom won't have to worry
about anything anymore.
I'll do it.
I will.
Thanks, Mr. Hamilton.
We talked all the time.
I invited him to my birthday party.
I don't think you're gonna
make that party.
Let's try this again.
- [groaning]
- [electricity crackling]
Ahh! Mr. Hamilton, help,
she's getting electrocuted.
Heya, champ.
You're okay.
Why would you do that?
You saved the life of
someone who was sent to destroy you?
I mean, when you say it like that
it does sound a little dumb,
but you can see now
I'm not evil.
I saved you.
Maybe a small part of you
is good.
Yes, it is.
That's my favorite part.
Stop talking.
What is that thing,
It's a data base that cross-references
historical documents
about you and
this time period
to help with
my mission.
[electronic blips]
So, what, it like
reads my diary
in the future
or something?
Your diary's in here, too.
You didn't read it,
That thing is
how you found me.
- It knew about the fire alarm.
- Yes.
- We can stop it.
- Stop what?
If that thing knows
everything about me,
then it also knows
how I turn evil,
which means we could
stop it from happening.
- No.
- I am not evil,
at least not yet,
and I don't want to be.
My mission is to
Your mission is to stop the world
from being destroyed.
This is another way
to do it.
- That's not up to me.
- But it can be.
You've got two months.
Should we make it three?
Two months is great.
That's how long I'm stuck in
your time period, anyway.
I'm just gonna need, like,
a little more info.
The way
time travel works is
you can't just jump to
whatever day you want.
Otherwise, there would be cowboys
riding dinosaurs in ancient Greece.
That sounds amazing.
There are time portals
that we have to locate.
The next one back to my time
is in two months.
Seriously, do you ever feel ridiculous
saying "time portal"?
Okay. I'm totally ready.
Whatever it is,
let's change some destinies.
If you want to
change your destiny,
we have to change
all the events
that lead you down
the dark path.
First thing: You can't
talk to her anymore.
- Hailey: He didn't do anything.
- [laughing]
And then--
- But Hailey is--
- I know exactly who Hailey Roskins is.
Okay, so she's not
the best influence,
but how would you feel if I told you
to ditch your best friend?
I don't have friends.
You don't have
one friend?
When you're running from
killer robots
every waking hour,
it makes it hard
to get to know people.
Sorry about that.
What if me and Hailey were, like,
evening-weekend friends?
- Text only?
- No contact.
[sighs] But why?
Or we could always
go back to plan A.
What else?
Quit the science fair.
[scoffs] Of course,
you'd ask me to give up
the one thing I've been
working on for...
So that's a yes?
[sighs] Yes.
One last thing.
Stand up to
Gary McGinty.
Is this a joke?
Oh, let me check.
How do I even do this?
He's about to steal money
from those kids.
You need to stop him.
What do we have here?
What'd I tell you
about this hall?
Okay, I get it.
To change my destiny,
I need to confront and alter who I am.
I need to do
the right thing.
No matter how hard
it may be.
[coins clinking]
DeLuca, I told you to stop bringing in
these dollar coins.
They weigh down my pocket.
Hey, Gary.
No dollar coins.
Unless they're those
Susan B. Anthony ones.
I like her.
Leave them alone.
What'd you just say?
It's their money.
You shouldn't steal it from them.
If you don't want to.
I don't know if you have
a death wish or...
some other thing.
But you don't want to be here
when I finish my
20, 19, 18--
This is the only time
I enjoy using numbers.
- 17, 16--
- Gary.
Still stickin' with
the countdown gimmick.
Like it.
Always on brand.
Can I have a second
with my friend?
15, 14...
Dude, what are you doing?
You're acting like me.
And you are not
pulling it off.
If I could speed this countdown up,
I would.
You're lucky
I don't make the rules.
- 10...
- I can't explain.
Just-- just get
out of here.
What? No.
I'm not even supposed to be
talking to you. Just go.
What do you mean,
not supposed to?
...two, one!
You can't hit me.
That's why
I'm doing this,
to prove that
not only can I change,
but other people are--
Principal Rhodes:
That's enough,
Three days suspension.
- What?!
- Furg!
Get your stuff,
get outta here!
Come on.
This way.
That was only
the beginning.
You made an enemy
for life.
For life!
Will, my office, now.
I've been trying to
solve this puzzle for two weeks.
Turns out,
Will, Will, Will.
You skipped school
Then you get into
a fight.
What's that about, bro?
Too much?
I can't talk about it.
It's complicated.
you need to refocus.
The science fair's
coming up--
I'm sorry, I can't do
the science fair, either.
It's the new girl,
isn't it?
She's from the future.
- How did you--
- I knew the rebels sent someone.
You know, that's why
I jumped back, too, to protect you.
Listen very closely.
Everything she's told you
is a lie.
Boy: [laughing]
Get back here, Brad.
I'm sorry, I don't know
if you heard me.
I said she was lying.
No, I heard you.
Look what she's
making you do.
Give up on your goals,
get beat up.
Did she say
stop talking to Hailey?
So she's making you
alienate your friends, too.
You know,
that's just-- Gahh!
Will, you are good.
But this girl is
trying to turn you
so you grow up to help
those evil rebels.
So, this whole time
you've been posing as the principal?
To keep an eye on you,
That's what
best friends do.
Oh, yeah. Future,
we do everything together.
There's this one time--
Look, I don't want to
ruin it.
I'm just gonna say...
[chuckles] Trust me.
The whole world loves it.
It's hilarious.
Wait, but Athena told me that
the whole world hates me.
I become a monster.
No, that-- that's what
she wants you to think,
so the rebels can use you.
Will, you grow up to be
a great man.
You're finally able to
help your mom.
Look inside yourself.
Are you a monster?
Wait. Why should I
believe you?
you created me.
I know. [chuckles]
Pretty awesome, right?
You're born and then
you die and in between you wonder why
You know it's over
before you know it
But most people
never know it
Time is not a line,
it's more a circular design
You know it's
never really over
More like over
and over and
I versus the future
I versus the future
You're here and
then you're there
And then you're there
and then you're where you started off
You're on a racetrack and
at zero time you kick back
The past is always pushing,
it's a river always rushing
And it don't know
where it's going
Just keeps going
and going and
I versus the future
I versus the future
I versus the future
I versus the future