Willie Dynamite (1974) Movie Script

Seven women in the palm
ofhis hand
Willie D.
Willie D.
Got a woman for every man
Willie D.
Willie D.
It's magic the way he
runs his game Ooh, Willie
Never treating two girls the same Yeah
Seven fantasies
Got what you please
It's no different
from any other industry
Oh, Willie D.
Willie D.
Ooh, oh, oh
Oh, Willie D.
Willie D.
He's got to try to be
number one Ooh, Willie
No time for kindness
till his dream is done
He's commercialized
And he's selling lies
Makin'so much money
he can't be satisfied
Oh, Willie D.
Willie D.
Ooh, oh, oh
Oh, Willie D.
Willie D.
Oh, Willie
Today, more than ever before,
the operator of a small
business must combine...
a set of rare abilities.
The first is aggressiveness.
Now listen here,
you jive-ass dude.
The price of meat
has gone up everywhere.
Second, the ability to make
instantaneous decisions...
and find a challenge...
in the face of adversity.
Third, the desire
to surmount any obstacle...
no matter how great...
or small.
Excuse me.
And so, in the oldest and finest
of our traditions...
I take this moment to salute
that kind ofloving effort...
that has made
America's little business...
grow into
America's big business!
Some say his business
is cold and a crime
Willie D.
Willie D.
He's operating
to cop your mind
Willie D.
Willie D.
Silk and satin if you
pay his price Yeah, Willie
He'll set you up
in his little paradise
How can you lose
The streets are so alive
With so much sadness
He's got to survive
Oh, Willie D.
Willie D.
Oh, Willie
Oh, Willie D.
Willie D.
Oh, Willie
Willie D.
Oh, Willie
Willie, me and
my little thing...
are gonna make you
a millionaire.
Baby, we are late.
Where's Pashen?
I've got an important meeting.
She'll be here in a minute.
Willie, give the girl a chance.
She ain't hardly been in the life.
Baby, are you runnin'
these chicks or not?
Now, I told you
to keep an eye on her!
Damn, Willie!
I ain't got but two pair
of everything.
What you want me to do?
I thought you want what
I wanted. Honey, you know-
Now, we got something
together or not?
You know it,
Maybe you're gettin' too old
for the responsibility...
of bein' my bottom lady;
maybe it's too heavy.
Oh, oh, Willie.
Oh, shit.
You know that ain't it.
Then what's happenin'?
- Where is the bitch?
- I'll get her.
I'll get her.
Where've you been? Get your ass in
there before Willie breaks somethin'.
This ain't shit!
You call this production?
You ain't no West Side junkie
bitch makin' it on a garbage can.
I put you in the finest hotel
in New York...
with over 2,000 plastic chumps that
got just one thing on their dumb minds-
gettin' a piece of you.
Willie, please listen! Listen, shit!
I got this down, baby.
Seven girls out there. Every 10 minutes,
one comes off the production line.
Like that.
Dig it?
Ten minutes! Dig it?
This is a business, baby.
A production line.
And just like
G.M., Ford, Chrysler...
Willie's comin' through.
These threads.
Why? Because
Willie's sellin' an idea.
You makin' these chumps believe they're
gettin' the thrill of their lives.
You're not only burnin' the chump's
body, you're settin' fire to his brain.
He's in the big town,
on big business.
You gotta make him feel like he's
ballin' the Statue of Liberty.
Remember the dream
that you and Willie's got.
This ain't gonna take us
where we want to go.
I ain't playin'.
This may be the number two spot
in the entire city, but dig it.
I aim to be number one.
bring me some scratch.
That's the seventh.
Virtue C to Applejack.
Bill Daddy.
Hey, Bill.
Hey, huh?
Yeah, my bitch? She's on
her way back to the house.
Willie, yeah! Hey,
man! How ya doin', baby?
What's goin'on?
What's happenin'?
Go on.
It's the best.
Try this.
Give me the rest
of the money, woman.
Oh, that hurts so good, man!
That's the shit you remember
when you forget everything else!
I'm cool.
Whoo! But I don't know
how you do it!
Don't know how you do it, man. I mean,
dudes gettin'burned everywhere today.
I mean, since the hearing,
cops want double sugar.
Why, you can't find
an honest one for shit!
Oh, man.
And the bitches.
Ooh, man! Them bitches is so freaky,
they don't know what they want to do next!
I mean, look. Two-tone Afros
and- and leather jump suits.
Hey, you know what
one of them bitches said to me?
She said, " Ah, would you pay
for my silicone?"
I don't know what they want
from me, man!
I feed 'em and I clothe 'em
and I rejuvenate 'em!
- That's inflation, baby!
- Yeah!
You jiver!
Trouble is them pussies
you runnin',Jack.
Hey, they get any older, you're gonna
be takin' down their social security.
Hey, now, do I have
to stand around here...
and listen to them
insulting my wives?
I want to deal
with a bigger insult, man.
The heat.
It's comin' down hard. We
got to get our shit together!
Now, we always been loose.
Dealin' off the turf like it was never
gonna run dry. That ain't no business.
No other game is run
so disorganized.
Look around.
Everything that is taking care
of business is together, dig it?
And together.
- Except us.
- Right.
And now we're feelin'
the heat.
And the action's gonna get scarce
and the turf is gonna get hard.
What're you sayin', Bell? Now,
we've seen these times before.
- Never so heavy as now.
- Well, I don't see any other way other than to ride it out.
There is a way.
We organize.
Each of us gets his own turf.
That way,you can cool all those
strange freelance bitches.
And when the heat comes down,
all you do is cool it for a while.
Meanwhile, business is still goin' on
elsewhere, dig? Which takes care of you.
The johns don't panic...
and we don't jam up
on each other.
How's it sit with you, Cyrus?
- I'm with you, Bell.
- Top?
Milky Way?
I can dig it.
The idea's fine.
But, one thing.
Who's gonna do the dividin'?
Willie. Willie.
The organization votes.
I thought we was all
Free enterprise,
you dig?
Now, this organization would
kind of close that off.
I mean, in all respect
to your idea, Bell.
Some dudes got big stables. Does
that mean they get more turf?
The organization will see
that everyone is satisfied.
Then there's another problem.
- My bitches.
- You sayin' you can't control your bitches?
What I'm sayin' is...
they deserve any area
they can control.
Well, I respect your ambition,
Willie, but you got to have vision.
Now, I run every kind of bitch, every
kind of place, and I know one thing-
When it comes down on you,
you either collectivize...
or you run...
like a solitary rat.
Let me lay it
on you, Willie.
Alone,you always gonna have
to take the risk...
your bitches will be pulled, the
man will never put his hand in.
You'll be crowded and
jammed up from every turn.
I like the competition.
And I can deal with any heat.
Also, you dig, the bitches I run
are selected to win.
I mean, I'm controllin' some tough,
aggressive, mean-lookin' animals.
Now, can I tell them that they can
only run in one part of the jungle?
I gotta split.
Be cool, men.
Hey, what is it, Willie?
Hey, what's happenin', fellas?
Y'all got it. What's happenin', man?
Hey, damn!
Gotta get me one of them.
Then you better start stealin' your
mama's milk money. All right, then!
Hey, Willie, I saved your
spot for you. Yeah, hey.
You be extra careful
watchin' it tonight.
Anyone come messin' with it,
you tell Willie.
Willie? It's Pashen.
She's been busted.
Damn! When?
Hour ago.
Okay. Yeah, shit.
I'll be right down.
Okay, okay.
You just sit tight.
Just stay out there and
keep doin' business. Okay.
They towed it, Willie!
The cops come and towed it away.
And it's not even
a tow-away zone.
And I was watchin' and lookin' and it was sittin' right here
- Shit!
Just lookin', and it went
right on away.
And I don't know what happened
to it, but all I know is it left.
Police Pier.
Let's swing to more rhythm and blues
on the early morning music station.
Have a good day, huh?
Oh, my God.
What are you doin'?
Come on.
Come on, now.
It's time for the most beautiful
assistant D.A. in the city of New York...
to get his ass out of the sack. No.
Damn it, Cora!
You are merciless!
Ten lousy more minutes.
No, no. I want you to get
back to your apartment...
so you can shower and shave... Yeah.
and spray on
some sexy deodorant...
and then start paintin' them
double-breasted pin stripes...
all over your fine
black body.
Why don't you move in
with me, hmm?
Live in sin?
So you can get
10 more minutes of sleep?
All right.
Let's play another game.
It's called, um,
"Let's Get Married. "
And then
move in with me.
Oh, sure, Bob.
Anything you say.
Can't you see me being
introduced to your father?
Hmm. The first black supreme
court judge of Philadelphia.
"How'd you meet her, son?"
"Well, uh, uh, Dad, um,
"she was up on two counts of possession and
loitering for the purposes of prostitution...
and I was prosecuting her. "
Come on, Cora.
You were also a model before
you decided to save the world.
Listen, I'm not tryin'
to save the world.
I'm just tryin' to help
a few girls. Mm-hmm.
- How about helping me?
- Try and understand this.
Right now, I'm believable.
I mean, they know I've been through
everything they've been through.
The streets, the pimps,
the whole number.
Married to you,
I'm fuzz.
I'm just another social worker trying
to reform the world from 9:00 to 5:00.
You can understand that.
Right now, all I
can understand is this.
Come on, Bob.
Come on.
Come on, now.
Stop it.
Are you crazy?
I said, stop it.
Mmm, baby.
Stop it now!
Hello there,
How ya doin', Connie? It's
doin'. What can I tell ya?
I can dig it.
What you into, honey?
Coke? Meth? Skag?
You don't see no holes
in me. No, not yet.
What are you, a cop?
No. I'm not a cop.
One of them social workers come
to rehabilitate my nasty ass?
Well, I got someone to take care
of me. You watch your own ass.
Well, unless he gets here
real soon,
you're gonna be inside the Women's
House of Detention for a spell.
And they just love 'em
young and pretty in there.
You're gonna be
very popular.
You're so young, and you'll have so
many girlfriends to keep you company.
All right, girls.
Ah, it's gettin' late.
What happens now?
You'll be arraigned.
If no one's out there to post bond,
you'll go inside until your trial.
Maybe you'll stay six months,
maybe you'll stay longer.
Listen, bitch,
what is your game?
Game? I'm not
into any game.
You want action? I can get it
for you. No splits with anyone.
What you mean?
You're young. You've got
style. You could model.
You mean, sell my body
and pay taxes on it?
Listen to me!
You're gettin' a choice!
You're clean!
You could have a real life without
busts and horror-show johns.
There're no strings. I can keep
you goin' until you get settled.
If you need help, you call me.
If I can help, fine.
If I can't, I will find someone
who can. Now, that's the whole deal.
You think about it.
Maybe you'll have the time.
...with these any day. I must be
doin'somethin' wrong with these boobies.
I'll be outside...
just in case
no one shows up.
Four seven nine seven three.
Violation of Article 240...
of the Criminal Code
of the State of New York.
Loitering with intent
to commit prostitution.
How do you plead?
Your Honor, I plead-
That depends.
Just a moment.
- How do you plead?
- That depends, Your Honor.
- What?
- This isn't her first offense, is it?
No, sir. The accused has
been convicted 43 times.
Is she represented by counsel?
I can't afford no counsel.
What do you think I should do?
I beg your pardon?
I ain't got no money for no bail
or nothin' like them other times.
I'm freelancin' now.
Well, I can't spend
any more time on this case.
Either you will enter a plea immediately,
or I will hold you in contempt.
What was that? That was
" Guilty," Your Honor.
All right. You may strike the
rest. Let me see the record.
In the light of
the defendant's past record,
I can only marvel
at her incredible stamina.
$250 dollars
and five days.
All y'all can kiss
my big black ass-
Get that woman out of here
before I cite her for contempt!
One seven eight six four.
Violation of Article 240 of the
Criminal Code of the State of New York.
Loitering with intent to commit
prostitution. How do you plead?
- Psst.
- Is the accused represented?
May I have permission to speak to
Your Honor in the accused's behalf?
All right, Miss Williams.
You have permission.
Your Honor.
I have been informed that
this is a first offense.
Therefore, on the entering of a plea of"
Guilty," I shall parole the accused...
into the custody of Miss Williams
for the period of one year.
What is the plea?
- One moment, Your Honor!
Ah, Your Honor,
I represent the accused.
I am entering a plea
of" Not Guilty. "
- So says the accused?
- Yes.
Very well. This case will be
held over to Part Five.
Bail is set
in the amount of $2,000.
Ah, thank you,
Your Honor.
Oh, my God, Willie. I never would have
- I thought I was gone for sure.
Oh, Willie,
I was so scared!
Oh, Willie.
It's okay, baby.
You're cool.
Do what you want.
I give you your release.
You're free.
Lookin' for work?
What does a pimp know
about work?
Right in the heart
with a silver bullet.
That's round one.
Who do I score it to?
You ain't seen nothin' yet.
She cost you 2,000 bucks!
Figure it out.
She was busted at 1:30.
That's prime time.
Now, you gotta make
that production up.
And I gotta add it
to the overhead!
They were just there, Willie.
It never happened to me before.
- Where were you?
- In the prone position, where I was supposed to be.
I ain't no baby-sitter. Besides,
weren't supposed to be no cops there.
I'll take care of that,
You just do your job.
What am
I runnin' here?
I give you
prime protected territory!
I set you down in a gold mine
and you blow it!
You put heat in that hotel and you'll
be back walkin' 8th Avenue for nickels.
See this?
This is what you put your
heads into. That's all.
This is the jive-ass fantasy these
clucks spend their lives droolin' over.
Study the way they do their
number and you got the edge.
Was my man here
with the clothes?
Let's see it.
Who are you? I ain't
the Avon lady, honey.
Ah, cool it. Cool it.
I'm not a cop.
- Well, who are you? Tell it quick.
- I'm a friend of Pashen's.
No, she was at the court.
I told you, I'm not a cop! Uhh!
Okay, now.
Now, why doesn't everybody sit?
I said, sit!
Hey, watch it!
That's a $40 bag!
You must be jokin'.
It's worth 20.
- How much?
- Twelve a cap.
Six on 4th and Columbus.
How much you pay for that?
Don't tell her nothin'.
Why not?
Willie's man sold it
to us at cost.
Forty-five bills.
I got one like it
last year for 22.50.
And the wig?
Thirty-five. 9.50,
Gimbles. Check it out.
What are you tryin' to prove?
Nothin', except you are the saddest
ripped-off bitches I have ever known.
Get it together!
I mean, you wear out your back.
You bring in the bread.
You feed Willie,
dress him like a king.
He's wearin' mink,
and you get rabbit.
He gets more than 90 percent
to protect you,
but he can't keep the heat
away from himself.
You are bein' ripped off
on everything.
Now, baby, I mean, do what
you wanna do. I'm no preacher.
But do it for yourselves!
You don't need Willie.
Didn't you know?
We liberated now!
Maybe we should
form a union.
- And why not?
- We're not $10 prossies.
Our man is number one
in New York.
Well, you face it, Honey.
He may be number one,
but, to him,
you will always be...
number two.
We must all get together...
and do this again...
Come on, Willie. Let's
go. Move it. Get out.
Come on. Get over there.
Get up against the car.
Spread the legs!
All right.
Get in the car, Willie!
Take that car down
to the precinct. Get in!
Hey! Hey,you want a lawsuit?
- Name?
- I want to know the charge.
- Name?
- I want to call my lawyer.
- Name?
- I was not advised of my right to keep silent.
Name? I was not advised
of my right to counsel.
- Name?
- This is unconstitutional.
I demand to know the charge-
Now then, give us 10.
I'll give you 20.
Spell it!
W- I-L-L-I-E.
D- Y-N...
A- M-I-T...
E- E-E-E!
- The charge?
- Suspicion of armed robbery.
Armed robbery?
It's a felony. $100 from
a Puerto Rican grocer.
Have you flipped
or somethin'? $100?
- You fit the description.
- I fit the description?
A man in a brown coat.
A brown coat?
This is lamb!
I paid over a grand for it!
Okay, he's been booked.
He's in the bull pen.
Call me
when you're ready.
You read the paper?
There's an article here
on the Muslims.
What do you want, Celli?
All I want to do is retire.
I'm thinkin' about you.
What is it?
Are you Orthodox
or what?
Or what?
Well, what I mean is that,
according to this...
you're either gonna have
to leave the force or be-
Excommunicated? Is that
what you're talkin' about?
Tell me, Celli.
You're a good Catholic.
You know, turn the other
cheek, do unto others.
All men are brothers.
All that stuff.
When are they gonna
excommunicate you?
We're ready for you.
Do you think this new evidence will
have enough bearing on the case?
All right. Turn right.
This is lamb!
It was parked
in front of the precinct.
It's a tow-away zone.
How's tricks, Willie?
I hope you got a warrant,
'cause what you're doin'
is unconstitutional.
C'mon, now.
Don't get excited, Willie.
You know we can search if we
got a reasonable suspicion...
that you're carrying something
that could get you into trouble.
You had my car towed here?
Then you made the search?
How's that gonna look?
I want to call my lawyer.
Get 'em up!
Spread and lean!
Don't forget
to measure my inseam.
Ooh. Hey, go easy on Willie.
He's tender.
You know, he works with women
all day. You know how it is.
The ones you can eat
with a spoon.
Hey, come on. Take
it easy. Take it easy.
Willie's got to answer some questions.
We don't want to harm his sexy voice.
Okay, Willie. You recognize
her? She O.D.'d last night.
You killed her.
Not my style.
You hooked her good
and used her.
Then you dropped her
for the stable you got now.
Never hooked her
on anything.
Am I responsible for what
happens when they leave me?
I told you.
Not Willie's style.
I operate with class.
You used her!
Body, mind and soul! Pimp!
And left a dead hulk
where a woman used to be.
Why all the concern
over a used-up junkie?
She your sister?
Yeah, Willie.
She's my sister.
She's your sister too.
What do you want, cops?
All I wanna do is retire!
What's this heat
gonna cost me?
What did you have in mind?
Charge me.
It's all right, son.
Watch it.
That's slander.
Now, that's search
without a warrant,
unlawful detention,
false arrest,
threat and use of force,
police brutality...
and I'm a minority group.
Wait'll I call the N.A.A.C.P.
That Willie's
a clever boy, Pointer.
Son of a bitch memorized
every one of those statutes.
I just watch Ironside.
It's Pashen.
They busted her again.
She wasn't even workin'!
She went down for cigarettes and
theyjust took her off the street.
They busted the bitch again.
Get her out.
I don't care if it is Saturday.
Get her out!
How much?
Why, you son of a bitch!
I ought to report you
to the Bar Association.
Willie, some of the girls
are worried.
They saw cops
in the building.
Nobody worries. There's
nothin' to worry about.
Did you ever have
to sweat the cops?
Not only cops,
but there was a woman here.
What woman? She said she
was a friend of Pashen's.
I don't know if she was a cop
or someone else.
But she told the girls they were bein' ripped
off, they were payin' over on everything...
and the split
was too small.
You get the girls to work. I'll
be there later, same as always.
And I'll crack
the first one who panics.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Let him in.
Then call the police.
Listen here, bitch!
Mr. Dynamite.
I catch you messin' around with
my women, I'll cut you down.
Oh, you have such
a charming way of rapping.
What kind of shit
is this, anyway?
Just say I'm a kind of
a consumer protection agency.
A sort of a Ralph Nader
for hookers.
So you listen to me,
Mr. Willie Dynamite.
I'm declarin' war on you.
You dig it?
I'm gonna make you number one
minus one, which equals zero.
Now, you got 30 seconds
to get out of here.
You got the police
on the line?
- Mm-hmm.
- Good.
Tell them he's armed
and preparin' to rape us.
Rape you?
You think
the cops'll buy that?
I'd rather rape
a watermelon.
Ten seconds
and I start screamin'.
You on notice, bitch.
Dig it?
I met her in here
about a year ago.
Now, she's makin'
20,000 a year.
It's nice.
I can make
five times that.
I know.
She's up
for her first movie.
It's funny.
What's funny?
I think you're prettier.
Ooh, that's a nice ring.
Who gave that to you?
When you have somethin'
with a man, you don't play.
Twenty grand a year?
We can make that in one month!
We produce! Like that!
Every 10 minutes, you dig?
When you are out there-
I mean, really out there,
your head is on top, flyin'.
Maybe five hundred bills
of leather on my body.
And being dug.
I mean, really dug!
I swear to you, I feel
like I'm somethin' else!
Somethin' no $10
flatback ho ever dreams of.
I'm somethin' else,
dig it?
You can't touch it.
And when they touch you,
how do you
handle that, hmm?
I can make it. It's just
getting past that one second.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Yeah, you can make it.
Ain't nothin' to it, right?
How would you know?
How would you know anything?
Listen, I had somethin' bigger and
worse to carry around than Willie.
I had somethin' to feed in me makes
Willie look like a gospel singin' angel.
My guts were on fire,
24 hours a day.
I sold everything I owned, everyone
I knew, loved, ever cared for.
I mean, there was nothin' I wouldn't sell.
There was nothin' I wouldn't do for that.
Leave me alone. Yeah,
sure. I'll leave you alone!
I'll leave you all alone.
Say, you got a smoke?
Oh, you ain't stuff.
You just a ho...
like the rest
of us in here.
I'll leave the magazine...
just in case you want
something to read.
You got trouble.
Aunt Emma is inside,
along with Uncle Ford.
I got trouble.
Time to face
the dinosaurs.
Mama! Willie brought
you somethin'.
Well, say somethin'.
Oh, it's a beauty.
Mama, give Willie
a kiss for it.
That boy don't need
no kisses from me.
Well, aren't you gonna
try it on, Mama?
I'll try it on later.
Now, will you finish so
we can all get to dinner?
A man in Willie's position should be donatin'
10 percent of his incomes to the church.
Charity is a commandment
of the Lord.
What the Lord want
with Willie's money?
He's got all those rich
white folks to get to first.
You can't be neglectin'
the church and be doin' right.
Ambition can destroy a man.
Bear witness.
Bein'in business
for yourself ain't easy.
Things ain't always steady,
are they, Willie?
Steady? No.
Up and down.
Oh, my goodness!
Oh, really?
Didn't you say something about
an album they was recording?
An album?
Oh, sure. The album.
As their agent,
you get 10 percent?
Then you should give
10 percent to the Lord.
Well, I for one would like
to see them in action.
Ooh ooh
Willie, do they ever
do benefits?
Well, I'm sure they perform every
chance they get. Don't they, Willie?
They better.
Who is it?
Room service.
We didn't order anything.
Compliments of the manager, sir.
Oh, did you see that?
Exposing himself
right out here in the hall!
Put me down!
Some say his business
is cold and a crime
Willie D.
Willie D.
He's operating
to cop your mind
- Good morning, Willie.
- W illie D.
Willie D.
Silk and satin
if you pay his price
Yeah, Willie He'll set you
up in his little paradise
How can you lose
Morning, Willie.
The streets are so alive
With so much sadness
He's got to survive
Oh, Willie D.
Oh, Willie
Oh, Willie D.
Oh, Willie
I went to Willie's
Was it fun?
Well, he didn't
exactly invite me.
You mean, I'm gonna have to have you
indicted for breaking and entering?
I found bank books
and a payment ledger.
- I copied most of the numbers and the names of the banks.
- Mm.
What can I do with it?
You can't indict someone
for having money in the bank.
But it's from illegal
sources, isn't it?
Prove it.
I don't understand.
Willie has no other source of income
except the money he gets from those girls.
Couldn't we prove that?
It would be almost impossible
to connect it.
Well, then there's nothing
we can do.
I didn't say that.
I have a friend
who probably would...
find this
very interesting.
I want to see him finished,
wiped out.
My feeling is
you are not the only one.
All right,
he's clean.
You're a hard man to reach,
Willie Dynamite.
I wanna rap.
Go right ahead.
The heat is
irresistible, Willie.
It's hittin' the fan
right and left.
I'm talkin' about
your survival now, Willie.
That's mighty decent
of you, Bell,
'cause I'm always thinking
about your survival too.
You're wastin' prime time, Willie.
You can't hold what you claim.
It'll cool out.
I don't think so, Willie.
I don't think so.
Take a rest, Willie.
You can always come back.
Sure, Bell.
I could always come back.
Better still, Willie,
I wanna show you a new area you
can work while you're lyin' low.
Start up, Willie.
Where we goin'?
You know the Bronx,
don't you, Willie?
You, get out!
Lie down in the gutter.
Pray I don't run you over.
Now, Bell, climb over
like when you was a kid.
Nice and slow.
Now, get down, Bell.
That's it, Bell.
This way, now if
we have an accident,
you don't get no whiplash.
Shut the door!
Welcome... to the Bronx.
Willie! Willie!
If you don't like it,
why don't you kick my ass...
like Willie kicks yours
every time you-
You dirty bitch!
Don't get up on my account. Crawl!
He wanted us
to go with Bell.
Good. Here you go, baby.
Come on. That's it.
Get in the flow. Right.
Feel it. Yes, that's it!
Ha-ha! That's all right!
Come on. Stick with it.
That's it!
Oh, beautiful!
Here you go.
I hope we can sell you.
Willie's here, baby.
It's all right.
All right.
They can't touch me.
It's okay, baby.
gonna be all right.
Ain't nobody gonna hurt
you. No more, Willie.
I don't want it anymore.
What's the matter, baby?
I want out
of the life, Willie.
I don't want it anymore.
That bitch
been rappin' to you.
I knew it!
Listen to me.
What happened to us?
To our plan together?
You're Willie's woman.
No one else.
No, Willie.
No more.
I can't do it anymore.
Listen to me, baby.
Ain't Willie been good to you? Didn't
Willie buy you everything you ever wanted?
Willie, please! Please,
don't make me do it anymore.
Remember the way it was before,
baby, when Willie found you?
Remember the stink in the
halls? Remember the roaches?
Willie, please!
Remember the junkies?
What they did to you. How they
wanted to do you. Please listen to me.
Remember how Willie took
you out of it... Please.
and brought you to
live here. Listen to me!
Remember Willie's dream,
how Willie's gonna be
number one.
And all of you
are gonna share in it.
Willie needs you now, baby, like
you needed him before, remember?
Willie needs you.
You're his woman, not like
the others. You know that.
You know how special
Willie thinks you are.
You're Willie's woman.
Willie's woman?
My woman.
Oh, Willie.
Make it right.
Please make it right.
Go get Willie.
What is this jive time
shit? I beg your pardon?
Split, dog.
You don't own nothin'.
This is our property.
Uh... I-
I beg your pardon.
You are walking
on Willie's territory.
He ain't shit.
I beg your pardons. I think
we've changed our minds.
I said walk, chick!
I don't take orders
from nobody but my old man.
See you later, girls. We're
not in the mood now anyway.
Get back here,
you faggot.
God damn you!
Damn it!
Let me outta here!
This way, Officer.
Over there.
What's wrong? I'm sorry, but
your accounts have been frozen.
What did you say?
Weren't you notified?
You're under investigation
by the Internal Revenue Service...
for income tax evasion.
No. I don't want
no witnesses.
Whoa! Watch out!
Watch out!
Look out!
What the fuck is goin' on?
Catch you later.
The tenement.
The tenement next
to the alley on St. Mark's.
Maybe I should've shot you.
They call it mercy killing.
Ain't but one other apartment
still got anybody living in it.
Rodriguez on the top floor and one
young guy that hardly comes here.
He's right above me.
Stop, or I'll shoot!
Since no bail has been posted
in the directed amount,
I remand those arraigned to the Women's
House of Detention pending trial.
All rise.
Just do what we say, baby,
and you won't get hurt.
Where the hell you goin'
with that shit?
She doesn't want you.
Where you think
you're taking her?
Nobody cuts out
on Willie Dynamite.
Look, you bastard.
Get me something.
I need something.
Sure, Willie.
Anything you say.
I got just what you need
right now, Willie.
Good-bye, Willie.
I found a little coke
in your place, Willie.
You won't need this.
Look what I found, Willie.
Who would want
to hurt you, Willie?
And why didn't you
report it to us?
You know we're interested
in your welfare.
Very slow.
At this range, I get
two birds with one stone.
Looks like some friends
got here before we did, Willie.
Willie, was that
real mink?
That's a shame.
My ex-wife would've dug that.
Where have we got him?
Possession, use of
narcotic implements,
carrying a concealed weapon.
Three counts.
It won't stick.
No way.
Oh, Willie.
I know it doesn't sound
like much,
but, you see,
Pointer here...
is gonna find something
better sooner or later.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey, man, what-
Hey, that's my car, man!
What you doin', huh?
Cut that shit out!
Hey, man, that's some jive shit!
Why don't you stop them, man?
See what they're doin'to my
car? Make them cut that shit out!
Why don't you cut
that shit out?
You're gonna need this.
Boston's cold at night,
and my friend Celia's
a fresh-air freak.
Always leaving the bedroom
windows wide open.
Husband's always catching
pneumonia at the weirdest places.
You want something
to drink?
Coke? Beer?
Hold on.
Guess who's up
for arraignment tomorrow.
An old friend of yours.
What you want from me?
I'll call you back.
I thought you wanted
to see him destroyed.
Don't you want to be in
at the kill?
I thought you hated him.
Yes, I wanted to destroy
what he was.
But hate him? No.
I don't hate him.
Is this the Cora Williams
we all love and admire?
You sound like...
you're sorry.
This is the low-life pimp
we are talking about, remember?
The scum we wanted
to bring down!
We should be out celebrating!
I gotta go back inside.
Does that mean
you won't be there?
We're gonna fix it.
You wait and see.
We're gonna fix it.
You're gonna be just as
beautiful as you ever were.
Seven eight two three four.
The state of New York
against William Andrew Short,
alias Willie Dynamite,
for violation of Article 220
of the Criminal Code...
of the State of New York,
possession of
narcotic implements.
The accused wishes to know
if there was a warrant...
for legal entry.
The accused pleads
"Not Guilty" to the charge.
I make bail
in the amount of $20,000.
The accused claims this is
a first offense, Your Honor.
Your Honor, the accused
is a notorious procurer,
and while technically
it has no-
- Is the accused represented by counsel?
- No, sir.
And this is a first offense
of a narcotics indictment?
Yes, sir, it is.
The accused
must be represented.
We'll hold over until 2:30.
See that he gets legal aid.
As to matter of the warrant, will the
district attorney please see me in chambers?
Yes, sir.
He'll be out by tomorrow.
You Willie's mother?
Are you all right?
Mm-hmm. You must be
a friend of Willie's.
What's gonna happen now?
Well, um, they'll get
Willie a lawyer.
Maybe they can lower
the bail.
Are these courtroom lawyers
any good?
It's really
up to the judge.
You know so much.
Isn't there something
you can do?
I don't know-
Ma. Call an ambulance.
This moment
Seems like
it will never end
Never end
You can't face the day
When did this pain begin
Pain begin
King Midas
Your own memory
You can't trust
When everything you touch
Turns to dust
Things never last
my friend
Oh, never
No matter the cost
If you had one more wish
One more wish
You'd never regain
The things you lost
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
ooh, ooh, ooh
Hey- Will- Hey, Willie,
don't, man. God, Willie.
Hey- Willie!
Willie! Don't! No!
Willie! Willie!
Willie! Willie!
Willie! Willie!
Your mother's
in the hospital, Willie.
Your mother's in the
hospital! Do you hear me?
"Willie. "
Your mother's
dying, Willie!
You listen to me.
Listen to me!
Your mother is dying! Do you
hear me? Her heart's giving out.
She's calling for you.
She don't know no better.
Go on,you bum.
You pimp.
Go on, kill me! You're
only good against a woman.
Hit me!
Kill me!
I don't know anymore.
They don't know how long.
It's Willie, Mama.
Can you hear me?
Please... understand.
I- I wanted you
to have...
I'm sorry.
Oh, my-
Oh, my God!
Willie, listen to me.
Get away.
Stop, Willie.
Get away!
Where are you going?
What are you gonna do?
Let's go
to my place, huh?
I guess I was wild from the
start. You know the kind?
Had to try it all
before I was 15.
I was turnin' on
before I was 20.
No one could hold me.
We know the life,
don't we, Willie?
How do you make someone
who hasn't been there know it?
Better, how do you keep
someone who has from going back?
Is that what
you're afraid of?
I don't know.
Yeah, sure I'm afraid of it.
I live in fear of it
every day of my life.
I feel like... I'm walking
on the edge of something.
Any second,
I could fall over.
And you want me
to live like that?
No, we're different.
You're ambitious.
You'd get what you want.
Am I being reformed,
social worker?
I got a few cuts
and bruises.
But remember,
everything heals.
Even Pashen? And Honey?
Willie, please don't hate me
for what I've done to you.
That's over.
This is for Pashen.
I want you to see
she's like before.
Make it right.
Hey, mister, that your car
they're towin'?
Not anymore.
When darkness sends shadows
round your feet
And your motion
ends in stumblin'
And the moonlight shows
only half the face
Of the sign that spells
"Dead End"
And autumn has peeled
the green away
And left your soul
brown and crumbling
Left your soul
brown and crumbling
Don't you know
you gotta keep on movin'on
Keep on movin'on
Keep on keepin'on
When nothing
can ease your mind
And you've got
no place to hide
Got no place to hide
And the wind whistles fears
you've never heard
Tearing at your pride
And all your dreams
are made of sand
You better wipe the dust
from your eyes
Wipe the dust
from your eyes
Don't you know
you gotta keep on movin'on
Keep on movin'on
Keep on keepin'on
You gotta keep on movin'on
Keep on movin'on
You gotta
keep on keepin'on