Win Win (2011) Movie Script

Mommy, can we play croquet today?
Where's Daddy?
He's running.
From what?
Shh. Oh. Oh.
Oh, shit.
How was your run?
Good. It was good.
Eat your breakfast.
ABBY I don't ke it.
You do too. Stop coloring.
I'm impressed you're keeping it up.
What brand is this?
They're the same.
Daddy, look, it's your team.
Oh. Hey. That's my team.
That's great, honey. Are they winning?
That's more like it. Oh, oh.
Aw. Hey, hey.
Sweetheart, do not use words like that.
That's a bad word. Okay?
Yes, that is a bad word.
Yes, it is.
What? Don't look at me.
Mm-hm. Okay.
Goodbye, sweetie. Goodbye, jellybean.
Bye, Daddy.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm good. Why?
Just checking.
Okay. Bye, guys.
Can I have more juice?
Mike! Did you call Fenn about the tree?
No. I will today.
Please do. I don't want it coming down
on the house.
Yeah, you're right. I will.
Love you.
I love you too, sweetie. Bye.
I'm down here.
What's up, Vig?
Donna's out sick. I can't find
anything without her. This sucks.
Who was that guy?
Oh. That sucks more.
That's the p umber. I called him
to look at this piece-of-crap boiler.
Because it clanks and it's
driving me crazy. You don't hear this?
I hear it. I just figured that it's old, so...
He said we have to replace it
because it's gonna blow.
What? We just had it fixed
like three months ago.
He said that job was crap.
That guy did crap work.
Can you believe that? That little scumbag.
How much to fix it? Did he say?
Ah, 6 grand.
Holy shit!
That's right.
Holy shit!
Tell me about it.
And I gotta tell you, I'm not doing great.
My bus ness is off,
and my stepson wants to get the Lasik.
Really? Isn't he k nd of young for that?
You know, I really don't care.
If he wants to get Lasik and it
makes him happy, then he can have it.
Okay, so, uh...
...what you want to do here?
Okay. I was thinking...
...let's just leave it for now. We just...
...put plastic on the files.
What you thinking?
That sounds great. That's good.
For now.
Yeah, fine.
Let's get out of here
before this thing blows.
I'll get some plastic
before practice.
Good morning, Shelly. How you doing?
A little hungover. My boyfriend's a moron.
I'm sorry to hear that.
How'd the team do last night?
We lost.
Your noon cance ed.
so you just have the 10:30 and the 3:00.
Anything else?
The toilet's not flushing again.
Should I call someone this time?
No, I' I take a look at it.
Who have I got at 10:30?
You think your son stole t?
Yeah, I know he did.
Why would he steal your cat?
He's jealous of her. Very jealous.
Wow. I can see why.
It's a nice-looking cat.
Oh, yeah.
What's Vig doing with that plastic?
Who knows?
Leo, remember you got lost
and the police had to help you a few times.
That's why we got Jolie to help you.
So, what do we do now?
If that judge deems you incapacitated,
you'll need a guardian.
If we can't find your daughter-
She can't even find herself.
Okay. if we can't find her, then the state
will become your guardian.
What state?
You know, the state... of New Jersey.
That's crazy.
I don't need New Jersey's help.
I got Jolie. And there's nothing
going on between us, so you know.
Okay. I'm sure that there's not. Uh...
Let's first try to find your daughter,
and then we'll go from there, okay?
Am I still hungover
or is that noise getting louder?
You're probably still hungover, Shelly.
We got copies of Leo's financial
statements. The guy's loaded.
Leo? Yeah.
Any uck finding his daughter?
No, that lady is gone.
I have tried everything.
Let me see his file again.
Can't the state just leave him in his home?
That's what he wants.
Yeah, they could. But they won't.
It's too much work.
They' I move him into Oak Knoll.
Pass me a brochure.
But he's got Jolie. She can handle it.
No, she can't. The guardian
has to make all the decisions.
It's the difference
between a babysitter and a parent.
Well, that's a bummer.
I wish I could do it.
I could use the extra 1500 a month.
Fifteen hundred doI ars?
Is that the commiss on?
It's in the file. I told you, he's loaded.
Mike F aherty's off ce.
Move! Move! Stay right on him.
Don't cross your feet!
Stay on him!
Keep your chest right down on him!
When I say
Other man:
Come on, let's go!
Move, don't cross your feet:
Hey, hey, hey.
Whose headgear is this?
Whose headgear? Stemler, wake up!
How's the team doing?
Not good.
What the he happened, man?
We used to be good.
Not anymore.
Shit. Could we stop for a second?
Holy shit. That sucked.
You're running good. buddy.
You're kicking my ass.
I'm trying to get out here
a bit more often, you know?
You gotta be kidding me.
Lori. Texting me at 7 in the morning...
...asking if I want an antique
sewing table we bought together.
Do you?
No! I want my fucking house back!
Is she still with that guy?
What, my contractor?
Guy I hired? Yeah.
Scumbag's probably walking around
my house wearing his tool belt.
Ha, ha.
Take a picture.
For chrissake.
Come on, take it.
Come on, it's cold!
Don't send it.
Too late. I hate her.
Maybe you should move back to the city.
Get a new job. Shake things up a little bit.
Finley called. He's starting
a fund in May. I'll wait for that.
That guy is starting
another fund already? Wow.
The guy's an animal. He prints money.
Heh, heh.
Come on.
Let's finish strong, alright?
Hold up!
What's wrong?
Just hold up.
Hold up.
You okay?
I can't breathe.
You're breathing funny.
Mike. Holy shit. Mike, you okay?
I'm gonna call somebody.
Don't ca, don't call. I'm fine.
Fuck. Shit.
Okay, Mike...
Hey, hey. Is it your heart?
Buddy, are you having a heart attack?
No, I'm not having a heart attack.
I just can't breathe.
Okay. You could be having a heart attack.
Let's lay down.
It's wet. I don't wanna lay down.
You're dying. Lay down. Come on.
Do me a favor and squeeze my hand.
Squeeze my hand.
Just squeeze it.
Are you cold?
Yeah, I'm lying on the ground.
Okay. All right. I'm gonna blanket you.
I'm gonna warm you up.
I'm gonna warm you up. It's okay.
Shh. Shh.
Are you all right?
How long has that been happening?
Couple of months.
Doctor says it's stress.
He prescribe anything for you?
Yeah, jogging.
What do you think I'm doing out here?
That scared the shit out of me.
What are you stressed about?
I don't know.
Just work, money, everything.
Is it that bad?
Yeah, it is.
It is.
I don't know if I can
keep my practice going.
Really? Holy shit, Mike.
I've tried everything.
I have no idea what to do, Terry.
You told Jackie?
No. Not yet. I don't want to freak her out.
Good call. Alright.
We just have to come up
with a new strategy, right?
What else can you do for money?
What am I gonna do, bartend?
I'm a lawyer, Terry. I practice the law.
I know.
I'm not some fricking scumbag.
I help out o d people for chrissake.
No offense, but your pal Finley,
all he gives a crap about is making money.
Yeah, but that's why he makes it.
No shit, Terry. Thanks for the update.
I'm just wrapping up.
Sharon called. She wants-
Jack, I gotta take this other call. Okay?
All right. Bye.
All rlght. Bye.
Hey, Tom.
Hey, Mike.
How are you?
Good, good, thanks.
Thanks for getting back to me.
How you doing?
I'm good. I'm very good. Ha, ha.
Good, good.
So, what's up?
Listen. I was just following up
to see if you had any overflow.
It's been a slow month on this end.
Yeah, look, I gotta be honest.
It's been a slow month on this end too.
We really don't have overflow at this point.
Sorry about that.
Right. Yeah, okay.
I wlsh I could help.
No, I got it.
It's been slow here too.
I appreciate that. Yeah.
Okay, good. If you need to reach out...
Stop. Hold on.
Leo. Hold on a sec, Leo.
Go back through.
Somebody stop that gentleman, please.
Any word from his daughter?
No, Your Honor. We have the two
cert fied letters returned unc aimed.
There is no phone number for her.
We can't find her.
She is the only I ving family, correct?
Correct, but Mr. Poplar
has not seen her for over 20 years.
Your daughter.
Oh. She's late. Probably shopping
for some crap or something.
Thank you, Mr. Flaherty.
Okay, as Mr. Poplar has been deemed
incapacitated by this court...
...I'm appointing the Office of
Public Guardian to serve as guardian...
...for his person and property.
Do you have the order for me to sign?
Yes, I sure do, Your Honor.
Then please approach.
Your Honor, if it pleases the court...
Yes, Mr. Flaherty? What is it?
I would be willing to serve
as Mr. Poplar's guardian.
You've known him how long?
Two weeks?
More like five.
And you want to be his guardian now?
May I approach, Your Honor?
Counsel, approach.
What's going on, Mike?
Judge, I feel I would be a better candidate
than the state in this particular case.
Yes. Stop saying, "Really." It's annoying.
I live in the same town as Mr. Poplar.
Proximity hardly qualifies him
as a guardian.
And as his lawyer...
...I am in a better position
to execute exactly what my client wants.
Mr. Flaherty
is Mr. Poplar's court-appointed attorney.
I know, Stu. I appointed him.
Well, that hardly qualifies him
as a guardian.
I mean, why should we go along with this?
Judge, Leo has told me
that he wants to live at home.
He has the money to do that. I wanna make
sure that happens. If the state can do that-
Counsel knows we can't do that.
We're spread too thin
to give that kind of individual attention.
But there is an excellent elder-care facility
in Mr. Poplar's town. We'll put him there.
Mr. Poplar wants to live at home.
You can do that, Mike?
Yes, I can. Really.
Did we win?
Uh... Yeah, I think we did.
Are we going to the park?
No. I'm gonna help you sett e into a new
place so you can live right here in town.
I don't need a new place. I have a house.
I don't need that fancy stuff.
I know.
I just need you to I ve in this place
for a little while. It's very nice. You'll like it.
Did the judge say that?
Yes, the judge said so.
Still all my song shall be
Nearer, my God, to thee
Have a great day, gentlemen. Okay?
All right. Come on, crazy-legs.
Let's go, Mr. Mayor. It's cold.
We have to get bagels for your mom.
I have to make one stop first.
I gotta shut the water off
at a client's house.
It's freezing out.
I don't want his pipes to burst.
No, I mean why are you doing it?
Uh... Oh. Because I'm his guardian.
What? Since when?
Since last week.
That's a big deal.
Were you even gonna tell me?
It's not a big deal. I was gonna tell you.
You don't have time
to take care of an old man.
He's at Oak Knoll.
They take care of everything.
I just have to check in on him
from time to time.
Well, who pays for that?
He does. Come on, kiddo. It comes out
of his estate. And he can afford it, trust me.
I don't get it.
You've never done it before.
No, I haven't.
So why are you doing it now?
Because it's the right thing to do, am I right?
We couldn't find his daughter...
...and I just wanna help the guy out.
It's not a big deal.
It sounds ike a big deal.
You should have told me.
What's a big deal?
Is this gonna take ong?
Nope. It'll be two minutes.
Who's that?
No idea.
Who is that, Mommy?
JACKIE: I don't know, honey.
Daddy's gonna find out.
How you doing? Can I help you?
You looking for Mr. Poplar?
He doesn't live here anymore.
Where does he live?
Mind telling me
why you're looking for him first?
He's my grandfather.
I came to live with him.
You live around here, Kyle?
No. Ohio.
Ohio? Where are your parents?
It's just me and my mom. She's back
in Columbus. She couldn't come.
How did you get here?
Really? All by yourself?
That sounds like a big deal.
Leo, how you doing?
You have a visitor.
Who? Him?
Come on in. I'll turn off the TV.
Let's just kick it around,
as they say, man to man.
This is Kyle Timmons, Leo.
He's your grandson.
Came from Ohio to see you.
I don't have a grandson.
Yeah, you do. We just never met.
You gonna bring me home?
No, he's just here for a v sit.
Okay. You want to watch a little TV?
Yeah. Sure.
Well, I'm very good at keeplng secrets.
There's some things
I won't even tell myself.
What is it, son?
You're looking at It.
So I'll pick you up in about an hour.
- llke everybody does, Father,
only you're too polite to say anythlng.
So you called his mother?
No, not yet.
Oh. He was smoking too. He's 16.
Well, he's probably on drugs.
What are you gonna do with him?
We're gonna send him back,
is what we'll do.
I certainly hope so.
You got your hands full over there.
Now taking care of that old man too?
Sounds like too much, Mike.
It is too much. And somehow
he forgot to tell me all about it.
I told you.
No, not until I asked.
His daughter should be taking care of him,
not you. You got me to worry about.
I don't have to worry about him.
He's at Oak Knoll.
Can we play croquet today?
The whole thing sounds crazy.
It is crazy. It's crazy.
Who's crazy?
So he lives here now?
Your grandfather's in the early stages
of dementia, Kyle, so he needs a little help.
Are you a friend of his
or something?
Uh, I'm his guardian.
What does that mean?
I make sure that he's well taken care of.
That's cool.
Meow, meow.
Meow, meow, meow, meow.
Oh, hey.
Everything alright?
Did you reach your mom?
Yeah. I told her I was coming home.
Did she wanna talk to me or anything?
Okay. Well, I'm sorry
you can't stay longer.
But maybe you can come back
again and v sit with your mom.
Yeah, maybe.
If I wanna smoke, should I go outside?
You shouldn't be smoking.
I know. But if I do.
Then you should go outside.
All right. Good night, Jackie.
Good night, Kyle.
What are you doing?
We have kids, Mike. I'm not taking
any chances with Eminem down there.
There's not even a bathroom down there.
Can you get these people to get me some
Cocoa Puffs? I really like them.
You got it.
That Mike is a standup guy.
You need cereal, go see him.
Okay. We should go, Kyle.
Okay. Bye, Leo.
You going to work?
No, I'm going home.
Don't take any shit
from any of those guys.
I won't.
Here's 50 bucks, in case you need it.
I have money.
Actually, it's only 43, but take it.
You never know.
I have enough money, but thanks.
Well, good luck, Kyle.
You too, Mike.
Yes, it is.
W ho is it?
Take care, fellas.
POLICEMAN: Yeah, all right, Mike.
So, what happened?
I decided not to go home.
Then you decided you'd break
into your grandfather's house?
You mind if I have a quick smoke?
Yes, I do. Get in the car.
You wanna talk about t?
Not really.
Well, good uck with that, pal.
Oh, you'll see.
Kyle, we can't help you
unless you tell us what's going on.
Is there a reason
you don't wanna go home?
What happened to your eye?
Kyle, you can trust us.
I can't live there anymore.
With your mom?
Did she do that to your eye?
No. She's not even there.
She's at a clinic or hospitaI or something.
I'm iving with Craig.
Who's Craig?
Her boyfriend, I guess.
But he's an asshole.
Does she even know you're here?
My mom? She doesn't care about me.
How do you know? She's probably worried
sick and doesn't know how to reach you.
She could've called, right?
We don't have a choice.
Ah. What are we gonna do, adopt him?
But I'm not sending him back there untiI
I talk to his mom. She better call me back.
Honey, I know that this is tough...
...but we're not in a position
to take care of another kid right now.
I don't care. I'm not sending him
back there. I can't.
For the record, I'm not happy about it.
Fine. Then we don't have to do this.
Yes, we do, Mike. We do.
It makes me so angry and so damn sad
to see him in this situation. He's just a kid.
Yeah, I know. know.
I wanna go to Ohio
and beat the crap out of his mom.
Okay, come on.
No, I do.
I wanna beat the crap out of her...
...and her stupid boyfriend.
I'm serious.
I know you are.
I just don't think that beating the crap out
of everybody is the best solution. That's all.
It feels ike it.
It's just one thing after another.
So get rid of him again.
I can't. We gotta flgure out
what's going on back there.
You talked to his mother?
Not yet. Jackie's left her like 30 messages.
She's driving me crazy.
Motherfucker. He is wearing his tool belt.
What? Who?
No, nothing, dude. Sorry. I'm distracted.
Where are you?
Are you watching Lori's house again?
It's my fucking house. And, no.
I'm driving. Where's the kid now?
In my waiting room.
Jackie made me take him with me.
Listen to me, Mike. You listening?
This isn't the time
to long that stock. Know what I mean?
No. What does that mean?
You need to do what's best for you now.
That's not taking care of another kid,
especially a convict.
Yeah. We, tell that to my wife, okay?
I found her.
Let me call you back.
Get rid of the convlct, Mike.
She's in a drug treatment program
in Co umbus. Got five weeks to go.
Jesus Christ. Can I talk to her?
No, they said she would call you.
Kind of a sweet kid,
but what's up with the hair?
W Who thhe hell hknows?Yeah?I
Hey, Mike. Hey, Shelly.
You think I can go see Leo?
Um, yeah, sure. Okay.
You know where it is?
Yeah. Down the street, right?
Okay. But just stay there.
I will come get you about 3.
Yeah. Later.
Klll me
Just klll me
Just klll, klll
Klll me now
Kill me, kill me
Oh, for crying out loud.
Rew, what the he are you doing?
Get down there. Coach!
Phil, shut that off.
Watch t, guys.
Everybody, watch this. Everybody, watch,
because none of you are doing it right.
Get your chest on him.
That's a little too much.
A litt e further back, coach.
Like this?
Uh... Good, right there.
Get your full weight up on your toes.
Put your full weight on him.
Like that. Cross-face, grab the ankle,
and drive right through.
What up, pancake?
Shut up, Chewbacca.
More like the Secret Apprentice.
What are you, 10?
Wookiees wouldn't survive on the-
Hey! Hey!
We are trying
to teach you something here!
And you are all screwing around.
Shut up!
The last time that I checked, we haven't
won a sing e match. Right, coach?
It's embarrassing.
MIKE: It's embarrassing!
I'm not getting paid enough to sit here
and jerk around. I don't know about you.
I'm not getting enough.
I care about what I do!
So does Coach Vig! And so should you:
Run them, coach. Run them.
I can't stand ooking
at these punks anymore.
Let's go, ladies!
Have some more corn.
Thank you.
JACKIE: I' get you some more milk too.
Mike, did you ca I Fenn about the tree?
Uh... Ahem.
Yeah. But I talked to Terry.
and I think the two of us can do this-
Oh, no, no, don't start.
You two are not cutting down that tree.
Just caI Fenn.
I'm gonna get her some Tylenol.
Do you wanna play croquet?
When it's warm out.
Yeah. Maybe.
Daddy, can I watch TV?
Yes, you can.
But just a half an hour, all right?
Hey, Mike.
You think I could practice
with you guys tomorrow?
Yeah, if you want. Sure.
All right, thanks.
By the way, what I did in there today,
yelling ike that, I don't usually do that.
That's okay. They deserved it.
I don't have wrestling shoes.
Don't worry about it. You wrestle before?
Take it easy, alright?
All right.
Come on, get an ankle! Get an ankle.
Vig, can I have a second here?
Thanks. Okay, guys...
...listen up. Kyle here's gonna be
working out with us for a little while. Okay?
What up, Kyle?
VIG: Caros, you and Jimmy rotate him in.
You got 10 seconds to get an ankle,
then we switch it up.
He'll try to take you down first,
then switch. Take it easy.
Okay, here we go.
Fahrenhelt 101
She got the long legs to prove it
Switch it up. Here we go.
She's a triple-X movie just walking by
Lip gloss, high heels
I'm loslng my mind
She's coming at me like a wrecking ball
Man, it's cold.
You have fun?
When's the last time you wrestled?
Couple years ago.
Why'd you stop?
Just felt like it.
Hey, let me ask you something, Kyle.
How good are you?
I'm pretty good.
Holy shit.
Holy shit.
Did you see it?
This is the kid? Kyle Timmons?
That's the kid.
Yeah, right?
He finished second at the states in Ohio.
Ohio's tough, dude.
Says he had 17 pins his freshman year.
What is that?
I'm playing Wii Golf.
Oh. That's cool.
Yeah, I'm awesome.
What'd he do his sophomore year?
I don't know. I couldn't find anything.
I don't think he wrestled.
I don't know.
He doesn't talk much.
He's kind of a weird kid.
Want another beer?
Why can't I have one kid
on my team like that, you know? Just one.
Well, you do. Right there.
Take that kid to states.
He's not on the team. He's not
even a student. Been here for three days.
So what? Enroll him.
I can't enroll him. He's just here until we
reach his mother and we figure this out.
All right. So he's gotta do something.
Let him wrestle.
That's a nice bow, man.
Yeah. Wedding gift. Yeah.
Dude, look at it this way.
You're he ping the old man out, and this kid
is like a bonus for doing the right thing.
Yeah, I'm not just
helping the old man out.
It's not like it's charity work, you know?
I'm getting paid for it.
Yeah, no shit, Mike. Everybody gets paid.
But, dude, think about it, all right?
What are the odds of this kid ending up
on your doorstep and wrestling like that?
That's a sign.
Check it out. One of his matches.
He's setting him up. See?
He's setting him up. He's gonna throw him.
There he goes.
Oh, my God!
High five! Yes!
Here's $5 for lunch. I don't know what it
costs. But let me know when you find out.
I have money, but thanks.
Good for you. Save it.
Come on, take it. It's too early to argue.
Okay. I'm ready. Let's go, pal.
See you tonight.
Bye, Jackie.
Yeah. Hold on.
You sure we should do this?
Why not? I mean, if he's here two more days
or two weeks, it gives him something to do.
Unless you want him hanging out here.
No, you're right. We should do it.
Hey, Mike.
We got a check from Leo Poplar's trust for
Uh-huh. Yeah, right. I'll take that.
Shouldn't I deposit it
in the business account?
No, it's not a legal fee, it's a personal fee.
For what?
I ended up taking on Leo's guardianship.
Yeah. Didn't I mention that to you?
You definitely didn't mention that.
Yeah. It ended up playing out that way.
I gotta get going, okay?
Can we put some of that in the business
account so they don't take our copier back?
No, not this time.
Next month, I promise. Bye, Shelly.
We need our cop er, Mike.
I know.
That noise is getting louder.
I'm not hungover today.
That's good.
That's good?
Hey, honey.
No, I'm good.
Yeah, listen, can you do me a favor?
Mail the health insurance check.
I forgot to mail it.
I think it's on the desk.
Hey. What up, fellas?
Hitting the showers, huh?
That sounded weird.
The guy's unbelievable.
You want me to talk to Reed?
No, let me check with Kyle first.
Oh, yeah, coaches' office. Hey, Vig.
Hey, Terry.
What are you doing here?
What am I doing here?
What do you think? I gotta see this kid.
He's incredible.
He's good to wrestle. Mike cleared him.
All right.
So where we at?
Uh, we're trying to figure out
where he fits in.
Heh. Wherever the hell he wants, right?
Uh, no, not right.
Unfortunately, we have a system here.
Excuse me, Vig.
Hey, Kyle. Come on in. How's school?
It's okay.
Good. This is my friend Terry.
Hey, man. Good to meet you.
Great to meet you. We come.
Terry. Terry.
How are the shoes?
They're good.
Here you go.
I wanted to ask you something, Kyle.
Think you might wanna wrestle in a match?
Good. We got one on Saturday.
What do you wrestle?
I used to wrestle 103,
but that's not gonna happen.
I could make 119 by Saturday.
Excellent. Done.
Is there anyone there now?
Jimmy Reed, but he's not very good.
Yeah, but he might actually
be better off at 125, Vig.
Don't you think we should wrestle off?
There's no place I'd rather be
Than anywhere else but here
Can't you see that I'm
Sick and tlred of all the bullshit
Good luck, man.
Okay, et's get them started.
Wrestle off!
All right, let's go.
Come on, come on, come on.
Keep time. Vig.
I'll do it. You don't mind, do you?
No, go ahead.
Let's go, guys. Shake hands.
Wow. That is really fast. That's really fast.
Shh, shh.
Good match.
JIMMY: Didn't feel good.
I don't think we can teach him anything.
Just being in that place
brought back all the memories, I gotta say.
The smell. It's like a form of self-abuse.
Were you guys really that bad?
Mike was average.
Right? I sucked. Sorry, Abby.
That's okay.
You were really better than Terry?
Yeah. Mike was scrappy. Abby, your dad was
like an angry little ferret when he wrestled.
We should have joined the ski club.
We could have gotten busy
with Alison Shepherd on overnights.
Who was busy?
Your Unc e Terry's just being silly.
Sorry, Abby. Getting busy is bad.
Ha, ha.
So is getting married.
For crying out loud.
Getting married is bad?
Different viewpoints are important. Right?
No, not right, Terry.
You really need to get back up
on the horse.
Okay, Mom.
MIKE: We should go.
I have to stop by the office.
How do you think
we'd do against Kyle, like, now?
Are you kidding me? He'd kill us.
Both of us, together.
Yeah. Yeah, you're probably right.
Kid's got man strength, dude.
Man strength?
Mm. Like, not kid strength, man strength.
I wouldn't say that
around the locker room, Terry.
What are you doing in there?
Trying to figure out what's wrong
with my fricking backup system.
Just call your IT guy.
I don't have an IT guy. IT guys cost money.
You know what?
I'm just gonna say what's on my mind here.
I wanna be an assistant coach too.
Yeah. Why not?
Dude, I'm value added,
especially compared to Vig.
How are you value added?
Well, first of all, I'm fun.
There's no denying that.
Secondly, unlike Vig,
I actually used to wrestle.
Yeah, but, Ter, you sucked.
Mike, come on. I'm serious here.
I need some distraction in my life
right now. I'm sitting in that condo...
...just thinking about Lori and that guy...
...having sex in the jacuzzi I paid for.
It's fucking unhealthy.
I'm going kind of crazy right now.
We start at 3:30 p.m.
Don't be late.
My brother.
Hey, I'm not gonna let you down.
To the team.
What should I wear to my first practice?
Just a singlet.
Yeah, so we can see your man strength.
Incoming call. Do you copy?
Incoming call. Charlie Squadron
taking heavy fire. Requesting air strlke-
Hello. Hello?
This is Jackie Flaherty.
Kyle's staying with us.
Oh, I am gonna kill that lady.
Your phone rang. Your mom called.
You answered it?
Yeah. We've been waiting
to hear from her.
What'd she say?
She didn't say anything. She hung up.
You talk to her?
No, but can you please not
answer my phone anymore?
Yeah. Yeah, you're right. Sorry.
Oh. Here. You shouldn't be smoking,
but if you do...
...could you put the butts out in here?
I quit.
Now that I'm wrestling again,
I can't smoke.
Pretty cool, right?
Yeah, it's very cool.
Was that Abby?
If it is, she just ran away.
Hey. Were you outside?
Yeah. I went for a run.
It's pretty early.
You do that every morning?
In season, yeah.
Oh, um... You think I can use the weights
in the closet?
Absolutely. Help yourself.
All right. Thanks. Mike.
That was Kyle. He was working out.
Is he gonna do that
every morning?
In season, yeah.
I hate you.
One-nineteen. Good.
One-nineteen, got it.
Look at those tattoos.
Kid is so fricking cool.
Now's the revolutlon
They're pushin' you down
They got it, you want it
Don't give it up
Now's the revolutlon
All you, dude.
It has to start sometlme
Now's the revolutlon
They're pushin' you down
They got it, you want it
Don't give it up
This song sucks.
Rew picked it. He's an odd one.
Vig, which one is your kid?
VIG: None of them. He quit.
Really? Your son quit?
My stepson.
I thought t'd be a nice way to bond...
...but he said it wasn't fierce and quit.
Harsh. So what are you still doing it for?
Vig is leading by example.
Winners never quit, right?
That's right, even if I'm not fierce.
Um, I sit there.
Sorry, I gotta sit next to Mike.
It's good luck.
Says who?
Guys. Guys. I don't think we should fight
about our seats in front of the kids.
I'm not really fighting.
Come on.
All right. Sit wherever you want.
I feel overdressed.
Let's go.
Don't worry about It.
I always sit there.
First day.
Up! There you go! Shoot!
Take him down, Caros! Come on.
There you go.
All right, Carlos.
All right.
Good match.
Yeah, great, thanks.
Hey. Okay, you ready?
Okay. This kid is good, so, you know,
you just be ready out there.
Okay. Can you give me a slap?
Slap me across the face,
like you're trying to wake me up.
Uh-huh. Okay. Like that?
Yeah, but a little harder.
Go ahead,
hit him.
MIKE: Let's go, Kyle!
Let's go, Kyle. Take this punk out:
Oh, Terry, hey, cut the shit, man. You're
a coach. You're not sitting in the stands.
I get excited. You know how I get.
I know.
I'm just coaching. Come on, buddy.
Okay, Kyle.
Let's go. Kyle!
MIKE: Get your head up!
Focus up.
Go on, Kyle!
Fresh start.
Get out of that.
MIKE: Keep the leg back!
Get out of that.
Get out, Kyle.
Two, red.
Get back on base!
What the hell is he doing?
It's his first match, give him a break.
Eye on the prize, eye on the prize.
Hey. You okay?
Did he smile?
Yeah, I think he did.
Hey, beautiful!
Here we go!
Told you I'm good luck.
Had nothing to do with luck.
Beautiful. How'd that fee? Pretty good?
Yeah. Okay.
You ready?
Yeah. Can you slap me too, coach?
Well, I said you cannot
touch the other gloves...
I'm off to the market. Be back in a bit.
Can I go with you?
Uh, yeah, okay.
All right.
Let me grab my sweatshirt real quick.
I wanna go with Kyle.
No, sweetheart, it's almost time for bed.
Oh, Cocoa Puffs. Is that your brand?
No, they're for Leo.
How nice. Drop it in. It's on me.
Go ahead.
How's he doing?
He's okay. He can say
some pretty funny things, though.
The other day he told me I was fired.
Fired? For what?
I don't know. He just fired me.
Hmm, I think I have to meet this Leo.
Grab me two spaghettis.
Do you have any homework?
A litt e. I hate homework.
You ever think of going to college?
Yeah, but just to wrestle. My old coach
thought I could get a scholarship.
Yeah, I heard you were pretty good.
Why'd you quit?
That's okay. You don't have to tell me.
You like tacos?
Me too. I make a mean taco.
Let's go! Let's stay focused:
Focus, guys! Good things will come!
Okay, coach, let's bring them in.
Come on!
Let's go. Sit down, everybody!
Have a seat.
Bring it in.
All right.
I wanna spend this week
working on bottom position.
Ha, ha.
Now, did you guys all see what Kyle did
the other day? He exploded up, right?
Kyle, show the guys what you did.
It's kind of my own thing.
Well, can you share it with us?
But it's not even a move or anything.
That's okay.
All right.
Well, I just tell myself that...
...the guy on top is trying to take my head
and shove it underwater and kill me.
And if I don't wanna die on bottom, I have
to do whatever the fuck it takes to get out.
Okay. So the move is, "whatever
the fuck it takes." Let's go. Let's work on it!
Whatever the fuck it takes! Let's go! Up!
Come on, guys.
You think because you pay the bills,
you have the right for all the say... don't see to her,
you don't care for her...
Your mother wouldn't come, huh?
That girl was always a tough kid.
She say bad things about me?
Yeah, but I never listen to her anyways.
But you should. That's your mother.
Respect that.
Could you turn that down?
I hate that judge.
She's the reason I'm here.
But, Leo, this place is pretty nice.
But it's not my house.
I paid for my house.
I own my house!
Damn judge. Shut it off!
- this woman $1500
In transitlon-
You wanna go for a walk outside, Leo?
Yeah. Let's go to my park.
Your park, huh?
Yeah, my park.
Hey, did you bring the tape?
Yeah, it's in my bag.
Mike, can I ask you something?
Mm-hm. Yeah.
Of course. What?
Leo told me that some judge
made him move into that place.
He said that, huh?
Yeah. Is that true, or is he just making it up?
No, that's true, pal.
...because they take
really good care of him there, you know?
But he wants to live at home.
Oh. I know.
I know. It's, uh, complicated.
Yes, this is him.
Oh, hi.
Yeah, can you ho d on just a moment,
please? Thanks.
Uh, I gotta take this.
I'll be in in a m nute, okay?
All right.
What? She doesn't even know us.
I think she heard that I'm a lawyer,
and I have a family...
...and that was good enough.
For how long?
Another month.
Until she gets out of rehab.
A month?
Holy crap.
But, you know, she said
that this Craig guy took off...
...and she really sounded kind of shaky.
I can't believe this lady.
No, I know.
Where is he, anyway?
In the basement wth Abby.
This is crazy.
Yes, it is.
So, what do we do?
We et him stay. I don't know.
Do we even have a choice?
I guess we don't.
What's up?
You nervous?
I am.
You're not wrestling.
Yeah, I know, I'm just nervous a lot.
Ever think about wrestling in a match?
I'm just waiting for the green light
from coach, you know?
Yeah. That's cool.
Dude, I'm glad I'm not wrestling today.
These guys are ranked fourth in state.
You're wresting Kenny Randall.
He's undefeated. He's tough.
Really tough.
Whole team's tough.
I hate going to this fricking place.
Maybe that's why you're nervous.
Yeah. Maybe.
All right, cut the chatter! Cut the chatter!
Now, you should all be playing
the "What If" game.
What if he shoots a single leg?
What if he controls my wrist?
What if we all got pinned like last year?
Stemler, I swear to God, I'm gonna
throw you right off this bus myself.
Now, shut up.
My bad, Coach Vig.
Shut up!
Way to go, Stemler.
Shut up, Stemler.
They really pin all of you?
Just about.
It's gonna be a fucking bloodbath.
All right, Carlos. Kyle.
Okay. This is Kenny Randall.
He's very good.
Yeah, I heard.
All right, but you have an advantage here.
He has no idea who you are, right?
He's gonna be over-confident.
Take advantage of that.
He's gonna come at you, definitely.
Use his momentum, take a shot,
and put him away. Okay?
- and Randall, Sheffie d.
Why'd Daddy hit Kyle?
I have no dea.
Come on, guys.
Focus, Kyle, focus.
Let's go, baby. Let's go, Kyle!
Look alive! Look alive!
Let's go, come on! Come on!
Be a winner, Kyle:
Shake hands.
Don't wait. Go after him.
Take your time, Kenny.
Work around, take him down.
No way.
Holy shit. Holy shit! Holy shit!
He just pinned Kenny Randall.
Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!
Guys, guys, guys, calm down.
Calm down, calm down, alright?
There you go, Kyle!
How about that?
He knows who I am now.
You're goddamned right he does!
Can I watch TV in here?
Oh, yeah.
Oh. Wait, I wanna
show you something first.
Ste la, who's that?
She started doing that
at the wrest ing match today.
That's cool.
Okay, I gotta ask. Those tattoos.
They must have hurt, right?
Not really.
No, come on, don't I e to me.
I got it on spring break. Hurt I ke hell.
What does it say?
Jon Bon Jovi? I'm a fan.
Yes, rea y.
I'm a Jersey girl.
You got a problem with that?
No, I do not.
That was fun today. You're good.
I'm glad you started wrestling again.
Yeah. Me too.
No quitting this time. You got that?
Can tell you something?
Of course.
I didn't quit my old wrestling team.
I got thrown off.
I stole a car.
What? You don't even drive, do you?
That was part of the problem.
Whose car did you steal?
A teacher's.
Oh, my God.
I know.
It was really stupid.
Yeah, it was really stupid.
You could have killed yourse f.
Everything just got messed up after that.
Hey. We all do stupid things.
But the good news is
you got another chance.
And you're kicking butt.
That's the way to do it.
Yeah, I guess.
Oh, totally is.
You know who'd agree with me?
Ha, ha.
Why you wanna tell me
How to llve my life?
Who are you to tell me
If it's black or white?
Mama, can you hear me?
Try to understand
Is innocence the difference
Between a boy and a man?
My daddy llved a lle
That's just the price that he paid
Sacrificed his life just slaving away
Oh, If there's one thing I hang on to
That gets me through the night
I ain't gonna do what I don't want to
Gotcha. Ow.
Too hard, bro.
Shining like a diamond
Rolling with the dice
Yeah, go!
Oh, shit!
Awesome. Unh.
Yeah, baby! Unh.
Have a nice day
They don't have a heavywe ght.
Korsic will be happy.
Tell him so he doesn't puke.
He doesn't have to lose weight.
Why's he puking?
Oh, well, this is a team for the ages.
Hey, guys. What's up?
Stemler wants to wrestle today.
You do?
Yeah, coach.
I'm pretty sure I'm ready. Right?
Where you gonna wrestle, Stemler?
He can wrestle at 119.
If I bump up to 125 and get a pin,
and Jimmy goes 130...
...then we're only giving up one weight
class and we actually have a shot.
Yeah. He's right.
It's possible.
...have you ever wrestled in a match before?
No, I have not.
He's just waiting for the green light, right?
I think now's my time.
I feel the force.
One twenty-five.
Okay, we're gonna start 125,
DePasquale and Timmons.
And then finish 119,
Tomlinson and Stemler.
I'm ready, coach.
Oh, boy.
It's gonna be fine.
Hook him, come on! That's it!
Now ho d on to him!
Hook the arm, Carlos, that's it!
Stay on him!
Hang on to him! Hang on to him!
Very good.
Good boy, good boy, good boy.
Great, Carlos! Awesome.
How we doing?
Shit, we can win this thing.
If Stemler doesn't get pinned,
we can win. We're up five.
That's a huge fucking "if."
I can hear you, coach.
Sorry, Stemler.
Okay, come on, Stemler, let's go.
All right, buddy.
You've been practicing a long time.
A long time.
Yeah. Yeah.
And you're ready for this, okay?
You get in trouble,
you just listen to me. I'm right here.
Okay? All right?
Stemler, you're not gonna get pinned.
You are not gonna get p nned.
No way, a I right?
Now, I'm gonna slap you. You ready?
Yeah, but not so hard.
Let's get this going here!
You gotta check in.
Sign in.
Let's go, Stem! Let's go!
You got this:
Holy shit, it's Darth Vader.
Are you kidding me?
No way.
I can't do this.
What are you-?
Don't take that off.
It's just a mask.
For chrissake, Stemler.
MIKE: It's a protective mask.
What's going on?
If he's Darth Vader,
you're the Secret Apprentice.
You got this.
Ref, what's he doing?
Let's go.
All right, Stemler.
Let's go, Stem.
Good man, let's go. Let's go.
All over him. Right here.
Shake hands.
Don't give an inch.
All right, Stemler.
All right.
Thattaboy. Good start. Alright.
Just keep trying.
I can't watch this.
Let's go, ref! This kid's not doing anything!
It's stalling!
MIKE: Doing great, Stemler.
Come on, Stemler!
Keep it going!
Tough it out, buddy!
All right, Stemler.
Stalling, green.
One, red.
Shit. Shit.
Just keep going.
We're one point from a tech fall.
We're gonna lose on criteria.
No shit. Really?
If he loses by 15 points it's a technical fall...
...and even though the score is tied,
we're gonna lose.
All right, fuck this.
Hey, Stemler. Stemler!
L sten to me. You need to get up, buddy!
All right? He is trying to drown you!
He wants you dead! Okay?
But you are not gonna die
on the bottom, are you, Stemler? Right?
You hear me?
All right, you remember the move?
Whatever the fuck it takes.
Whatever the fuck it takes! Get up!
Come on, Stemler!
Wrestle him! Wrest e him!
Let's go, Stemler!
Keep going, buddy!
Go shake his hand. Shake his hand!
Thank you very much.
I'm proud of what you did today.
That win meant a lot to the guys.
Yeah. Good coaching with Stemler.
Let me ask you something, Kyle.
What's it like to be as good as you are?
What's that feel like?
I don't know.
I guess it just feels like I'm in control.
Of everything, you know?
Yeah, I do. Must be nice.
It is.
Get your leg free. Greg, get your leg free.
Gotta get your leg free. Arch your back!
Arch! Arch! Fight! Arch! Fight it!
Get your leg free!
Get your leg free! Arch! Up, up, reach!
Reach! Fight it!
District champs, baby.
Pure fucking poetry, baby!
District champs, baby.
Hey, Leo.
Guess who just won the districts.
I did.
Check it out.
And guess what.
Mike got a call
from a co ege scout about me.
Hi, baby.
What are you doing here?
I just came to get you, honey.
And to see Grandpa.
Baby, I missed you so much.
Can I get a hug?
She go down?
Yeah, she passed right out.
How's he doing?
He's upset.
And don't b ame him.
It's weird she shows up like that.
And of course she's late, the druggie.
Can you stop with the "druggie" thing?
P ease.
What? She's a druggie.
I understand that.
You're gonna talk to her, right?
Yes, I intend to.
If you don't punch her first.
Okay, uh, that's her.
It's not my fault if I punch her.
You know what? It is.
That will be your fault.
Mike Flaherty. How are you?
Come on in, please.
Sorry, but my cab was late, so...
That's not a prob em.
Not a problem. Come in.
This is my wfe, Jackie.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
Uh, can I take your jacket?
Oh, yeah. Yes.
Thank you. Ahem.
You have a really nice home.
Thank you.
Uh, do you wanna sit down?
So Kyle's downstairs
with Abby, our 6-year-old.
Oh, okay.
Can I get you a drink?
Uh, water or soda? Anything?
Oh. No, I'm...
...f ne.
Okay, uh, I'll go get Kyle.
Yeah. How's he doing?
Uh, actually, he's doing very well.
Extremely well.
Yes, he's going to the high school here.
And he's wrestling on the team, actually.
Yeah, that's great. Mm.
He loves wrestling so much.
Oh, he's a sweet kid. Our girls love him.
That's nice. I'm sorry.
I don't mean to-
It's just been a really hard time
and everything.
And I feel bad that-
Oh. Come on.
Now, come on. These things happen.
We loved having him here.
It's okay.
Hey, honey.
Uh... This is Abby.
Abby, this is Kyle's mom.
Hey, Abby.
Hey, kiddo, you think you could
go get Kyle for us?
He left.
MIKE: He left? What do you mean?
He left out the window.
I'm really sorry about this.
CINDY: It's okay. Thanks.
You know, Kyle is doing really well
with the wrestling here, Cindy.
He has the regions this weekend, and if
he wins there, he goes on to the states.
That's great.
It is, you know.
Could be a really good thing for him.
It might even mean a scholarship.
You know?
So I was wondering, actually, if you
wouldn't mind maybe staying around...
...another couple of weeks?
I don't think I can afford
to stay in the moteI for that ong.
Do you think maybe
we could stay in my dad's house?
Yeah, I think that we could
probably make that work. Yeah.
Yeah. Then, yeah.
Rea Iy?
That's great. Great.
Sorry. Excuse me. Ahem.
Yeah, Kyle's over here.
Good, we found him.
Yeah, we're playing Wii Golf.
I'm destroying him.
Hey, not for nothing, dude,
but this kid really hates his mother.
All right. Great, Terry. Thank you.
No, I'm serlous.
More than I hate my ex-wife.
Okay, I got it, Terry. Great. Thank you.
All right.
He went to my friend's house,
we can get him there.
Yeah, you know, I think, um,
I probably should just go back to the motel.
It might be too much for him tonight.
You sure?
Yeah, think it's probably better.
I know how he can be.
It's hard, pal, I know.
But she's staying so you can finish the
season, that's pretty nice of her, you know?
I told her you'd go see her today.
Oh, you know, wherever you want.
Uh, you could see her here,
we could go see her at Leo's house.
She's moving in this morning.
All right.
I'll go see her at Leo's before practice.
But I wanna go alone.
Hi, Mike.
Hi, Betty.
How's the foot?
Cindy's here.
Really? Did she say why?
No, but she's here with an attorney.
Hey, Cindy. How you doing?
Hi. Mike Flaherty.
Eleanor Cohen.
Great to meet you.
So nice to meet you.
Well, I didn't realize Cindy
was represented by counsel.
Oh, yeah, she retained me last week to
help sort out the situation with her father.
Okay. Uh, we I, come on in.
Well, thank you.
I thought, uh- I thought you said
you just got here two days ago, Cindy.
Uh, Cindy wanted a little time to settle in
and spend some time with her father.
Sure, yeah. Um, so how can I help?
Cindy's decided to have
a more active role in her father's care.
Mm-hm. Great. What kind of role is that?
Um, I want to take care of him.
Uh, do you wanna move here?
Cindy's decided to bring her father
back to Columbus.
That's where my support network is now.
It's home.
My only concern is that
that may not be what Leo wants.
Yeah, I already talked to him about it.
He seemed to like the idea.
I understand that, Cindy. But, uh... know, you haven't
seen Leo in a long time...
...and he's battling dementia now.
So it kind of puts me
in a tough position here, you know?
Yeah, I understand.
But seeing that she is the presumed
guard an, we hope to avoid litigation.
So do I. And I know that we can.
We definitely can. Um...
Now, I'm sorry,
but I actually have to see another client.
But we should set up another time
to talk about this, definitely, okay?
Is it that bad?
Yeah, it's that bad.
Take her to court. You'll kill her.
I can't.
What do you mean? She's a mess.
You're a pillar of the community.
I just can't go back in front of Judge Lee.
It'll look very bad. Trust me.
I can't afford that right now, Terry.
Well, then dump it.
Dump t. Just give her back Leo.
It sucks, but you got your business
to worry about.
Yeah, I do. Maybe you're right.
Incoming, dude.
MIKE: Hey, pal.
Do you know she wants to take Leo back?
Yeah, I know. She just told me today.
You're not gonna let her do that,
are you?
I don't know, Kyle. It's complicated.
What's complicated?
She doesn't give a shit about him.
You can't let her do that.
All right. Why don't you just go get ready
for practice, all right? I'll deal with it.
But I told her I'm staying wth you guys
until I leave.
Stay focused, Kyle.
What's your play?
Well, I have no fricking idea.
She's looking for a payout, dude.
Just give her an exit.
What does that mean?
Give her some of Leo's money and
send her home. He's not gonna miss it.
No, I can't do that.
She's not even in his-
That's right, she's not. And she
doesn't know it, and that's my play.
Wait, what's your play?
Don't worry about it.
Can you get practice started?
Really? Yeah.
Good, go.
Want me to slap you, get you psyched?
No, I really don't.
I know that we're all concerned
with what's best for Leo...'m hoping that we can
settle this in an am cable way.
Well, so do we.
Well, um, to that end, I thought that
I would lay all the cards on the table... that maybe you can understand why
I'm hesitating in turning Leo over to Cindy.
Okay. Um...
Cindy, your father disinherited you
from his will, completely.
And I'm afraid that that can't change
now that he's been declared incapacitated.
Is that true?
We' have to see a copy of the will, Mike.
Certa nly. I brought you a copy.
Thank you.
You bet.
Then who did he leave it to? Kyle?
Then who? You?
No, no.
He actually left it
to the municipal parks system.
He wanted the town park
dedicated in his name.
Oh, my God. He is such a scumbag.
Oh, my God. No.
He never cared about a fucking thing except
himself and his goddamn fucking money!
CINDY: Oh, my God!
Don't do this.
Oh, God, can't believe this.
"Please" what?
I need to discuss this with my client.
Discuss? I'm not taking care of him
if I'm not getting anything.
That's it. No!
Stop it.
Oh, my God.
Uh, we're finished here, Mike.
Understand completely.
I'm gonna leave that with you.
Thank you.
CINDY: How did you not know this?
Look. Calm down.
What the fuck were you doing?
Brass balls, buddy. Brass balls.
Yeah, and she's moved back to the motel.
Yes, it is. think it worked.
It totally worked.
They opened their kimono
and you made them eat the trade.
I don't know what you're talking about.
No, no, really.
It's time, coach.
Hey, you ready?
He's ready.
This is exciting, huh?
You think there are scouts here?
Definitely. Wait till we get to the states.
Atlantic City?
Oh. We're gonna have so much fun.
Good uck, baby.
Okay. L sten up, all right?
One more win and we go to the states.
That's all that matters,
that's all that counts.
Hey! Listen to me.
You stay in this, okay?
This is your place.
This is your place, you control it.
Remember? You control it!
Now, go get him! Finish it!
At 119, we have Timmons,
New Providence...
...and Brown, Saddle Brook.
Ready to go on the whistle, kid.
Here we go.
Okay, we're ready.
Good game, gentlemen.
Come on, Kyle, you got this.
Head up! Head up! Head up!
That's a po nt, right?
Yo, what do you got?
Unsportsmanlike conduct.
Kyle! Control. Settle down.
One point, red.
Just sett e down, okay?
Let's go, Chris!
Sprawl, Kyle! Sprawl!
Foot's on the mat. On the mat.
On the mat.
Sett e down.
No, that's it. Over. Over.
How you doing?
I'm sorry.
Hey. It's all right, man. It's all right.
I don't wanna go with her, Mike.
I don't.
Okay, pal.
Hey, buddy. Heads up.
Take them to the car, would you?
I'll be right there.
Why are you here?
I wanted to see my son wrestle.
Yeah, well, your son had a pretty good
chance to do something special in there.
Maybe even change his life.
And that's gone now,
so I hope you're happy.
That's not my fault.
It isn't?
Why do you think he ost his shit
in there today? Huh?
What do you want?
I want my father.
It didn't sound like that the other day.
You have no idea what my father
used to be like.
He was different.
He treated me like shit.
So you're gonna return the favor, is that it?
I want that commission!
That's mine!
Is that what this is about?
Fifteen hundred dollars? My God.
Isn't that why you took him?
Okay. You know what, I'll tell you what.
You want the commission?
Fine, I will let you have it.
You don't even have to take Leo.
I will take care of him for free,
and I will send you the check.
On one condition.
What's that?
That you eave Kyle here with us...
...until he finishes high school.
I'm his mother. He belongs with me.
You sure he feels that way?
Don't you tell me what my son feels.
He's coming with me,
and there isn't anything you can do.
Then you can't have that commission.
Oh, well, we'll see about that!
Yeah, we will.
I want to see my son!
Give him a call. You got his number.
We were right there, Mike.
Right fucking there.
Now we got nothing.
Are you okay?
Mike. Your mom's here.
Dinner's almost ready.
You seen Kyle?
He's not in the basement?
Oh, for chrissake.
I'll find him.
Thanks, Terry.
What a day, huh?
Yeah, right.
You okay?
What are we gonna do?
There's nothing to do. I can't stop her.
She's gonna take Leo and Kyle with her.
You don't think you can beat her in court?
No, I don't. Nope.
Well, isn't it obvious
she just wants him for the money?
I just can't win this one, Jack.
Trust me.
I do.
Hey, Kyle. Honey, come in.
I'm so glad you came.
Have a seat, honey.
You want a soda or something?
What do you want?
I just wanted to say
how sorry I was about the match.
Is that why you called?
Just to tell me that?
I a so wanted to say that I'll do
whatever you think is best for Leo.
I promise.
Then leave him here, where he is.
I have to tell you, I'm not sure
that's what Leo wants.
Just read the parts in yellow.
What is it?
It's the transcript
from when Leo was in court.
My lawyer got it for me.
This isn't real.
The judge told Leo he had to live there.
No, honey. This is official from the court.
That's what Mike said.
He gets paid
for being Leo's guard an, Kyle.
And then he just put him in that place
so he wouldn't have to deaI with him.
Leo belongs with us.
Because we deserve that money, Kyle.
Not some lawyer.
You're a big boy.
You can understand that.
Look, Kyle, honey-
Shut up. Just shut up.
I don't care about any of this.
Just leave Leo alone!
Do you hear me?
Do you?
Thanks, Karen. I appreciate it.
Yeah, bye.
No, he's not at Stemler's.
Where could he be?
I don't know.
Uh, maybe he went for a walk.
We should take a drive.
Your mom can stay with the kids.
Where we gonna go? Ho d on. Yes?
He o?
Yeah. this is him.
Who is it?
It has been a very long day.
I need some answers.
Now, if you can't give them to me,
get me somebody who can.
Sir, please stay calm.
We're doing our best.
You've lost my ward.
Calm down.
We'll find him.
"Calm down"?
We're gonna sue your ass.
I'm sorry.
How could you just let him escape?
Look, he's definately
not on the premises.
A lot of the time,
they just try to go home.
We're about to go there now.
Unbelievable. Unbelievable.
Hey, folks,
keep an eye on each other.
The lights are on.
JACKIE: It's gotta be him.
Hey, did you bring the key?
MIKE: No, I forgot it.
Shh, Terry!
My bad, my bad, my bad.
Ring the bell.
I just did, sweetheart, okay?
I think I hear a TV.
Rea y?
You're right. Okay. Um...
Hold on, hold on.
Ho d on.
Yes, there he is.
JACKIE: What's he doing?
He's watching TV.
He's not responding. Hit the bell.
Dude, is he dead?
I have no fricking dea.
Dude, this is kind of spooky.
Should we break in?
Okay. I've got a key back at the office.
I'll go get it.
You guys stay here.
Come on in.
Super spooky.
You go first.
Oh, for God's sake.
I'll go last.
You okay, Leo?
How'd you get here, pal?
Leo, did you walk here?
I brought him.
You brought him?
Are you out of your mind?
We've been worried sick about him.
About both of you.
You didn't have to worry about us.
Really creepy. Just saying.
What the hell are you doing?
Making spaghetti.
Jesus, have you lost your mind?
You can't just take him out of the home.
This is where he belongs.
No, honey, he needs to be at Oak Knoll.
We talked about this.
Yeah, we did.
I remember.
Listen to this.
"Mr. Flaherty:
Mr. Poplar wants to live at home.
Judge Lee: You can do that, Mike?
Mr. Flaherty: Yes, I can. Really. "
W haait? Whatt is this? Wlhaat?
It's true, isn't it?
W haait is tlhis?
You're just like her.
Kyle. Kyle!
Hey, Kyle. Hey,
will you hold on a second?
Don't touch me!
I'm sorry, come on.
I said, don't touch me!
Jesus. Okay.
Let me explain, okay?
Explain what?
How you lied to me?
How you lied to Leo?
No, that's not how it was, okay?
Then how was it, Mike?
Calm down. All right? Come on, man.
Calm down.
Watch the head fake.
I'm not gonna wrestle with you.
Hands up, hands up.
Stop t, okay?
Don't egg him on.
That's not helping.
It is. This kid's a good wrestler.
Calm down.
You see, I told you.
Stop it!
Okay, buddy, get to your base. Good.
Mike, stop it!
Okay, buddy.
I'm trying to stop it!
Sit out, Mike!
Sit out!
Would you stop coaching and break it up?
Ow. Get the hell off me!
Break it up!
Kyle. Kyle.
Kyle! Aah.
Come on, get up. It's okay.
I- No, no, no.
I'm just the ref. I'm just the ref!
Just the ref!
Come on!
Is this true, Mike?
Did you say this to the judge?
Yeah, I did.
So then why did you move him
if he wanted to stay here?
Because it would have been
too much work to leave him here.
Okay? I couldn't handle it.
Then you shouldn't have taken him.
I had to do it, alright?
Because I needed the money. Okay?
We need the money.
So you took some old man
out of his home to make money off him?
What, are you out of your freaking mind?
No. No!
I did not think that it would
get this complicated, okay?
Really? Or you just didn't think
you'd get caught?
Jack, where you going?
Incoming call. Do you copy?
Incomlng call. Charlie Squadron taklng
heavy fire. Requesting air strike Bravo.
Do you copy?
Delta Squad, disengage target.
He o?
Hello, Mom?
He o?
Did your mom just crank-call you?
So did you and coach get into a fight
because you lost?
No, we got in a fight
because he's an asshole.
Yeah, really, Stem.
Well, I'm sure he'
make it up to you, bro.
You're the best wrestler he's ever had.
I mean, he's always been cooI to me,
and I suck.
Hi, Leo.
I fell asleep. Ahem. I'm sorry.
Sorry for what?
Wanna go home, Leo?
Yes. I'd I ke that.
Where's Kyle?
He slept at Stemler's.
Uh, Oak Knoll.
So, what are you gonna do?
I have to go to court.
No. you can't. You told the judge
you were keeping Leo at home.
I know.
Tell her you changed your mind
and he needs to be in a home.
No one could argue with that.
I can't do that.
Why not?
Because it's not true.
Oh, well, I'm glad you're done lying now.
Just in time to lose your practice.
That's how your family survives.
Did you ever think of that, Mike?
Yeah, all the time.
I'm sorry, Jack.
I really am.
I know.
Hey, pal. How'd you get down here?
The window.
You hungry? I'm making pancakes.
I'm leaving. I just came to get my shit.
Right now?
Hey, Kyle.
L sten, I just wanna say I'm sorry.
I know, Mike, you're sorry.
Everyone's always sorry.
I'm moving Leo back home, Kyle. and I'm
gonna fight to make sure that he stays there.
It's too late, you'll ose.
My mother's gonna take him.
Maybe, but I'm st gonna try.
So what? You want me to forgive you now,
is that it, Mike?
No, I just want you
to give me another chance.
This is bullshit!
Hey, Kyle, I sten-
I want to be a one.
I just wanna be down here alone.
Okay. All right. Yeah.
Kyle, I just wanna say we love you.
Hey, guys.
Hey, Mr. Poplar.
Good to see you.
How's it going?
What are you doing here?
Dude, I'm your assistant coach.
Just notice who isn't here.
Ah. Hey, Mike?
Hey, Eleanor.
Can I talk to you?
Uh, sure. Hold on, okay?
You know the transcript alone
is enough to hang you.
Yeah, well, we'll see what happens.
Shame on you, counselor.
Is that it?
No, my client would like to talk to you.
Is your deal still available?
What about Kyle?
He can stay.
Then, yes, it is.
And you' send me the checks?
Every month.
You take good care of him?
We will.
I wanna say goodbye.
Kyle, come here for a minute.
Your mom wants to talk to you
for a minute.
Nice shot.
Not bad, not bad.
Check this out.
All right.
Nice, dude.
This ma et's crap.
Hey, guys.
Hi, Daddy. I'm winning.
That's great.
What up, coach?
Hey, Stem er.
Kyle, can you move those
garbage cans around the side?
All right.
Thanks, pal.
All right, I'm switching co ors.
I'm not feeling the orange.
Hey, honey.
JACKIE: Hey. How was work?
Good. I got stuck at the office with a client.
I know, Shelly called.
I dropped off the fan at Leo's today.
Thanks for doing that.
I'll be right back down.
You got time to eat?
Uh, I'll eat there.
All right, make sure you do.
Hey, barkeep.
I will take a banana daiquiri, please.
All right.
Would you like an umbrella with that?
No, thank you, but keep those coming.
So how you doing, pal?
I'm pretty good.
I was driftin', cryin'
I was lookin'for an island
I was sllppin' under
I'll pull the devll down wlth me
One way or another
I'm out of my mind
Think you can wait?
I'm the way off the line
Think you can wait?
We've been runnin' a sleepless run
Been away from the baby way too long
We've been holdin' a good-nlght gun
We've been losin' our exits one by one
I'm out of my mind
Think you can wait?
I'm way off the line
Thlnk you can wait it out?
All I have Is all
Thlnk you can wait it out?
All I have Is all
Think you can wait?
What I'm thlnkin' is simple
I'll sell apples and ice water at the temple
And I won't make trouble
I'll pull the devll down wlth me
One way or another
We've been runnin'a sleepless run
Been away from the baby way too long
We've been holdin' a good-night gun
We've been losin' our exits one by one
I'll try
I'll try
But I couldn't be better
All I have Is all
I'll try
But I couldn't be better
All I have Is all
I'll try
But I couldn't be better
All I have Is all