Winchester '73 (1950) Movie Script

Boy, oh, boy,
a Winchester '73!
What I'd give
to have that gun!
One of a Thousand?
First one I ever seen!
But mister,
that's a real gun!
I heard it took over
a year to make it!
Yeah! They give the first
to President Grant!
I'll sure be in good company
when I win that one!
We've hit a lot of towns,
Lin! What makes
you think he'd be here?
He'll be here!
We've been wrong before!
He'll be here!
On account of that?
If he isn't here already,
that gun'll bring him!
Hyah! Hyah!
Stayin' overnight,
We'll board your horses!
Two bits in the corral
with grain feedin'!
Four bits to stall 'em!
Real clean stall?
Yes, sir!
You can look for yourself!
You look like
an honest man!
Here! I'll take
your word for it, mister!
I don't care!
Let go! Let go!
You've got no right
to treat me this way!
I'm not doing anything now
that I haven't been doing
for the last six months!
-Just till over the Fourth!
- Why don't you pick on
the gunslingers...
and the tinhorn gamblers
instead of a girl tryin'to make
an honest dollar?
What about Steve?
You know I'm expecting him
any minute!
If he comes to town
and finds I'm gone, he's liable
never to catch up with me!
Come on!
Oh, no!
Is there something
I can do for you, ma'am?
- Stranger in town?
- That's right!
But I was talkin' to the lady!
Yeah! Well, don't fret
about it, Lola!
If Steve comes along,
I'll send him on after you!
Thanks, anyway!
Get up! Hyah!
Lola's all right!
It's just that some folks
in town!!!
think the dance hall girls
might give the place
a bad name over the holiday!
Not that I'm one of them!
You boys plan
to stay for a while?
We might!
Dodge House about
the best place in town!
Might be full up,
but I'll put in a word
with Jake!
Oh! Might as well
drop off your guns
here at the office!
Let's have 'em!
- Now, wait a minute!
You must have a real good reason
to ask a man to do
a fool thing like that!
We don't allow anybody
to wear guns in Dodge City!
Hadn't you noticed?
- Who's ''we''?
- Oh, didn't I introduce myself?
Well, where in the--
Where'd I put that thing?
I had it here someplace!
A man could get himselfkilled
hiding his badge like that.
I'm the marshal, Wyatt Earp!
Oh, well!
Come to think of it,
everyone did look
kind of undressed!
Yeah? Hmm?
here's some more guns!
Take good care of'em!
You're gonna get this
office so cluttered up
with six-guns!!!
a man won't have
a place to spit!
We got half the guns in Kansas
hangin' on the wall right now!
An awful lot of law
for one little cow town!
This is the kind of cow town
that needs a lot of law!
You boys gonna try
for the Winchester?
I sort of thought I would!
You'll have some
tough competition!
Who do you think
is the toughest?
Well, uh, as of now,
uh, Dutch Henry Brown!
You ever hear of him?
No! Can't say I
recall the name!
Local boy?
No! I'd say he was
sort of in on a pass!
You can sign up for the shoot
over there!
That's Dutch Henry Brown!
I thought you said
you didn't know him!
I said I didn't
recall the name!
Pick out a name
and write it down!
All right if I
use my own?
Some folks do!
Yeah, some folks do!
Lin McAdam,
that'll be two dollars!
Bein' as you're a stranger
and nobody knows nothin'
about you,
I'm just gonna
make your odds five to one!
I'll take a little
of that!
And who would you be?
High-Spade Frankie Wilson!
With a hyphen!
That's what I sit on
when I get tired!
Friend of yours?
I wouldn't exactly
call him that!
Personal matter?
Yeah, very!
Have you got
any goat's milk?
Ain't cow's milk good enough?
Give it to our cat!
Don't hurt her!
This personal matter,
I hope it can wait
till after you fellas
leave town!
It'll wait!
Oh, uh, for the!!!
gentleman at the end!
From the gentleman
at the far end of the bar!
Let's have a nice, quiet
Fourth ofJuly, shall we?
We're about to begin
the proceedings.
Right this way.
All right!
Gentlemen and ladies,
today, at our
centennial celebration,
we are going to make history
here in Dodge City!
My old man shoots a Henry,
and he says it's
the best gun there is!
Gentlemen, if you please!
Ain't no better
than a Spencer!
When the Winchester people--
A Spencer's better
than anything you can get!
Young men, dry up!
Without being unkind to
either the Henry or the Spencer,
do you suppose we could
agree that this is
the finest gun in the world?
Can I touch it?
You can, if you keep shut
till I get done talkin'!
All right!
Fellas, this is what
you're shootin' for!
Take a good look at it
and say a prayer!
Pass it along
for the others to see!
That's real pretty!
While the contestants
are examining the prize
to be awarded to the winner,
I'll tell you
something about it.
It seems when
the Winchester people are
turning out these here guns,
every so often,
maybe one gun out of
every ten or twenty thousand,
well, it comes out just perfect!
Now, naturally,
it ain't for sale!
I would give a year's wages
for that gun,
but money won't buy it!
It wouldn't be right
to sell it!
So the Winchester people,
they have given it a name.
They call it
One of a Thousand,
and that's a good name.
President Grant has got one
and Buffalo Bill Cody.
And today, you're going to see
one of these here men
win something...
that I would give my right--
that I would give
my left hand to own!
If you folks'd
behave yourselves,
I could give my right hand!
However, that is the prize!
All right! First group,
pick up your rifles,
get your shells
from Bat Masterson
and the sheriff here!!!
and take your position
on the firing line!
Rules for the contest are!!!
three rounds of three shots each
to an elimination!
High score wins!
Over there, boys!
Hold your rifles!
Ready, boys?
Aim! Fire!
One bull's-eye
and two in the first
for number five!
One bull's-eye,
two in the first, number five.
Three bull's-eyes
for number six!
Three bull's-eyes,
number six.
Better check it.
It's a real tight group.
You call it luck,
or do you come by it natural?
Let's just say
I learned from a good man!
Three bull's-eyes
for number seven!
Three bull's-eyes,
number seven.
Almost the same grouping.
Huh! Hmm!
Looks like you fellas might've
learned from the same man!
He taught quite a few folks
how to shoot!
Only trouble was,
he taught him how!
He didn't teach 'em
what to shoot at!
Maybe he figured
a man should know that
without tellin'!
That was his big mistake!
He lived just long enough
to find it out!
Huh? Well, all right!
Next group up to the line!
All rounds being completed,
the decision
of the judges is!!!
a tie between Lin McAdam
and Dutch Henry Brown!
The targets-- The targets
will be moved back 25 yards!
You all right?
- Yeah! Find out where
he put up his horse?
Right next to ours,
next to Wells Fargo!
Don't try anything,
not with Bat Masterson
and Wyatt Earp around!
You gotta wait, Lin!
- I'll wait!
Pass the cartridges.
Lin McAdam!
Three in the bull's-eye
for Lin McAdam!
Dutch Henry Brown.
Three in the bull's-eye
for Dutch Henry Brown!
Looks like
we could move this target
clear to the next county!!!
and they'd still be
shootin' even!
Wait a minute!
See if he can hit this!
Suit you?
All right.
- Ready?
- Uh-huh!
Plumb center!
Here, I'll put up this time!
I wouldn't want to play my hand
on borrowed money!
All right!
You ready?
Whenever you say!
I've never seen the beat
of this shooting!
Well, it's not plumb center,
but it is a good hit!
Well, wanna try again
further off, McAdam?
Further off?
Oh, sure! Might get
a little expensive though!
Say, uh, you want sell?
How much?
One dollar!
One dollar!
One dollar!
One dollar!
I thought I had him beat!
See what you
can do with that!
Anything you say!
All right, Dutch Henry?
All right!
A miss!
Looks like another miss!
I wouldn't wanna
say you're wrong, Marshal,
but I didn't miss it!
I don't see any mark,
except maybe this scratch
on the inside rim!
That was my mistake!
I shot through it!
You missed it!
Can I borrow this
for a minute?
I'll do it again,
if you want!
You mean,
you want another shot?
Is that it?
No, not exactly!
I'll tell you what!
If I hit it, I win!
If I miss it, I lose!
You don't have to shoot!
Don't go makin'
any such fool deal as that!
If you're gonna have to shoot,
he's gonna have to shoot!
I'll take that bet!
Lin McAdam says
he's goin'to shoot a hole...
through this here
postage stamp!
Are you ready?
The winner!
Fine shootin'!
Thank you!
The boys would like to engrave
your name here on the gun stock!
So if you let us have it,
you can pick it up
in the morning!
That's real nice of'em!
I appreciate it!
How much
will you take for it?
It's not for sale!
That's too bad!
That's too much gun
for a man to have
just for!!! shootin' rabbits!
Or for shootin' men
in the back!
If it's all right with you,
I'll get my gun!
You mean you're
pullin' out of town?
All right! Get your gear and
stop by the office, and Virgil
will let you have your guns!
And see that
you get out of town!
I guess I won't have time
for that engraving!
I suppose!
You're pullin' out too?
That's right!
All right!
I wanna congratulate you!
That was real fine shooting!
Thanks! You pick up the guns
and the horses! I'll get
the stuff out of the room!
I can't think of anyone
I'd rather see own that gun,
except maybe me!
Fine! Fine! Thank you!
You understand I don't care
what they do to each other
once they leave town!
But there'll be
no gunfighting--
I understand perfectly!
And I promise you
there won't be!
All right!
Virgil, did Dutch Henry
pick up his gun?
No, he didn't pick it up!
I think this is his!
I thought he was gonna come by!
Why and how could he come by
and pick it up
if it's still here?
Sometimes you
don't make sense!
Of course he didn't come by,
or I'd have seen him!
Dutch! It's Wyatt Earp!
It's Earp, and he's got a gun!
Let's get out of here!
I don't know what
your quarrel was before,
but you can add
the rifle to it now!
Yeah! Yeah!
I don't know about you,
but after two days,
this saddle's pounding
the back of my neck!
Why don't you run up and hit him
over the head with it?
What I wouldn't give
for a pocketful of shells!
While you're at it,
dream up a few for me, will you?
And a six-gun to go with it!
I ain't felt so naked
since the last time
I took a bath!
You got a long memory!
A funny man, huh?
But I still want a gun!
You'll have one as soon
as you get down to Riker's!
Maybe he'll buy you
a bath too!
There's more smoke!!!
up on the saddle back!
Take a look!
Can you read it?
I don't have to!
Injun smoke always
means the same-- trouble!
You think they know
about Custer?
All I know is,
I wanna get my business done
and get outta here!
If you were smart,
you'd do the same!
With what?
Mine doesn't come
as easy as yours!
Then why don't you
try it my way?
Or is that too rich
for your belly?
Call it that
if you want!
There's some things
that even I wouldn't sell
to an Indian!
Are we gonna quarrel?
Howdy, Dutch!
Been a long time!
Anybody inside?
Fella named Lamont!
Indian trader!
Did you come far?
Far enough!
Notice much smoke
on the way?
Looks like they're
working up a sun dance!
We're hungry!
This is Joe Lamont.
Dutch Henry, Johnny and Ben.
Looks like you might
have been in Dodge City
and left in a hurry!
Was that meant
to be funny?
He's all right, Dutch!
Just that he notices things
like guns!
You sellin' these?
You a half-breed?
I'm white,
and you haven't got a gun!
That's right!
So I'll buy some of these!
I might even get one
that was meant to kill
a white woman!!!
or her kids!
It's empty!
How much you got?
Less than $20!
I left the rest
in Dodge City at 5 to 1!
Uh, 7.58, 9.
I went for the whole kit.
We'll take three six-guns
and some 44-40s
for my Winchester!
What'll it be?
- $300!
Three hundred?
Why, you two-bit thief!
I ought to wrap 'em
around your neck!
A six-gun doesn't bring
better than $25
anywhere in the territory!
- Does for me!
- Why--
Wait a minute, Dutch!
You got no call
to insult this gentleman!
All right! So he's
an Indian trader!
I know of a lot
worse things!
What, for instance?
That you're not gonna get
the price down that way!
I'm sick and tired
of goin' around naked!
Dutch, we need guns!
We got $82!
What'll that bring?
Mind if I look
at your Winchester?
I can use
a four-pound steak!
Or will that cost 300?
No, I get my beef cheap!
Have one on the house
while you're waiting!
One of a Thousand!
I've heard of'em,
but this is the first I see!
Play your red six
on the black seven!
The red six!
I'm not much of a hand
at cards!
Just killin' a little time
until Young Bull
sends his man down!
Yes, sir,
that's a real fine gun!
Don't suppose
you wanna sell?
I'm buyin', not sellin'!
Your black jack
on the queen!
What's Young Bull doin'
this far north?
I wouldn't know!
But he wants guns!
They all want repeaters
since the Little Big Horn!
Thought I'd clean up
and get out!
Might go ranchin'
up Montana way!
What happened
at Little Big Horn?
Haven't you heard?
Sioux jumped Custer!
Wiped out his whole command!
Yes, sir, gettin' to be mighty
tough country to travel!!!
without a gun!
So I see!
Now, that gun there,
I'd be willing to give you
300 in gold!!!
and let you take your pick
of six-guns and repeaters!
Might even throw in
50 rounds of shells!
Move your king over
and get 'em all up!
I'm not tradin'!
You're about ready
to fall outta that saddle!
Why don't we
rest up for a little?
I'm not that tired!
Four or five hours ain't
gonna make any difference!
We've been chasin' him
since-- since
I can't remember!
That's right!
We've never been
this close before!
It might just be
that Young Bull's man
won't show up!
Might be!
You'll be stuck
with those guns!
After that meal,
I'm down to $80!
That's still enough
to play poker with
if you fellas want cards!
I lost one place
that way!
Since then I've reformed!
Well, I'm not much
at poker myself!
Still, if it's only
for a dollar or two--
Who knows? You might win
another 20 and have the price
of one gun! That the idea?
Three guns,
if your Indian friend
doesn't show!
Well, cut!
First jack deals,
anything opens, right?
Do you mind?
No, not at all!
Your deal!
Would it do any good
for me to suggest that
we bed down for a while?
That's what I thought!
When do we sleep?
As soon as we get to Riker's,
we'll sleep then!
Could be Dutch
didn't go to Riker's!
Wyatt only said if he was Dutch,
he'd go to Riker's, providin'
he was goin' to Tascosa,
which is only what somebody
said they heard Dutch say
where he was going to!
I think you better spit!
Just wanted to get your tongue
straightened around!
You know what I mean!
That's the reason
we're goin' to Riker's!
Come on!
Three kings!
I've heard of beginner's luck,
but I didn't know
it could be this good!
That clean you out?
At least we ate!
I'm about
to give mine back!
I could act like an Injun trader
and lower the price,
but I won't!
Offer still goes--
300 in gold for your Winchester,
whatever you pick!
No deal!
I'm a very patient man,
but you're talkin' like a fool!
Give him the gun!
- I said no deal!
- Be smart! It's a long, hungry
ride to Tascosa without money!
Again, I don't wanna sound
like an Injun trader,
but with all that smoke in
the hills and you with no guns--
Why don't you shut up?
The man's right!
Give him the gun!
You bought a gun!
Now all I need is a beaver hat
and I'll be dressed for Easter!
I'll be happy to find
one of these things
that works!
No wonder the Indians
try to shoot around trees!
Your deal!
Aren't you ever satisfied?
Not till I get
my gun back!
Want me to pick out one
for you, Dutch?
Find one that won't
crack open in my face!
You got any Winchesters?
Ah, there's nothin' here
but a bunch of junk!
I won't need a rifle!
Just get me a six-gun!
It's gonna cost you
300 to draw cards!
Well, we weren't playin'
for that kind of money!
Playin' table stakes,
aren't we?
Three hundred to draw cards!
Well, I may be foolish,
but I feel lucky!
How many?
I'll play these!
Now I don't feel so lucky!
Your bet!
Give me your guns!
Oh, no!
Table stakes!
Aces full on eights!
Just missed being
a dead man's hand!
Not enough!
Four threes!
Drop it!
You hadn't ought
to done that, Dutch!
You know I run a decent place!
One on the house
before you leave!
- Who said I was leaving?
- You're leavin'!
Don't forget your shells!
You may need 'em!
Open 'em up!
Young Bull, sorry to see you
all wearing war paint!
What's the matter?
Trouble between the tribes?
We will look at the guns!
They are old, worn out!
They are not the guns
of which we spoke!
I'll admit
they're not Winchesters,
but everyone's a repeater,
and they'll all shoot true!
You lie!
If you were a white man,
I wouldn't take that!
But you're an Injun, so--
Yes, I am an Indian!
So it is wise
to listen in silence
while you wait to cheat me!
All white men are thieves!
In peace,
they steal our land!
In war,
they kill our women!
And you are a white man!
If you want my gold,
bring me the guns
with which Crazy Horse
and the Sioux of the north!!!
made their war
at the Little Big Horn!
Then you know
about Custer, huh?
This is gun I want!
There isn't enough money
in your whole tribe
to buy that gun!
This is gun I want!
There's a thousand in gold
and my gun!
You missed him!
If I did, he's deaf!
That's the trouble
with these old Henrys!
Takes 'em too long to kill!
Let's go down and get a gun
that does it right now!
I don't think
it was a bullet!
I said it wasn't a bullet!
Why do they always scalp
when they kill?
You'd think they'd
let a man keep his hair!
Never mind his hair!
Some Indian's got my gun!
He said he was going
to Tascosa, huh?
To meet up
with WacoJohnny Dean,
in any man's language,
means trouble!
I'd say good riddance!
You see,
it's like I said!
When Wyatt told me if he
was Dutch, and if he was going
to Tascosa, he'd come by here!
But that was only what
somebody heard Dutch say
where he was going to!
Anyhow, I was right!
Mm-hmm, you were right!
Thanks a lot!
You've been real friendly!
Let's move along!
You mean you're gonna get up
and ride away
from all this comfort?
I know! We've never been
this close before!
It's better than
a two-day ride
into Tascosa!
Sure you won't stay here
for the night?
Thanks, no!
We'll ride!
Yeah! On account that
it makes much less sense!
Have it your own way.
But keep your eyes open
along the ridge.
See ya!
Good luck!
If I had been there--
Wyatt Earp or no Wyatt Earp--
they wouldn't have
run you out of town!
It doesn't make any difference!
You found me, didn't you?
I don't like it!
I may just tell him so
next time we meet!
Well, you're not
gonna meet!
Not unless he comes out
to our ranch!
Is it a pretty place,
It's the old Jameson place!
About 40 miles
outside ofTascosa!
That wheel is enough
to drive anybody crazy!
I should have greased it
back at Doan's store!
Can we move right in
and start living there?
You can!
What about you?
Well, like I told you,
I gotta meet some fellas!
It'll only take
a day or so! It's--
Well, it's a deal!
Oh, please, Steve, please,
no more deals!
That's why I worked
in Dodge City!
That's why I got the money!
That's what I mean!
You got the money!
Now I gotta get some!
Can we outrun them?
I don't know!
I don't know!
Come on, boy! Hyah!
The wheel!
That wheel,
it'll split off!!
Hyah! Hyah!
Steve, what are
you gonna do?
Ride ahead and find help!
- Steve, what about me?
- I'll get help!
Steve, come back!
Stella, come on!
Come on!
Cavalry in the valley!
Come on!
I'm sure glad
we run into you!
Are ya?
Mind if I
help you down, ma'am?
Do you mind
if I kiss you?
No, ma'am!
I'd like it!
Providin' your man
don't mind!
That's for saving my life!
Now you disappoint me!
I thought it was 'cause
I'm pretty!
Got some coffee
boilin' on the fire!
Wanna just sort of
help yourself?
Oh, coffee!
You know,
now that I look at you,
you are pretty!
Never thought I'd
have a woman around
when I cashed in my chips!
You don't know about them?
And them?
Them Indians been keepin'up
pinned down all day,
waiting for those reinforcements
you brought in!
Figured you knew,
till your lady kissed me!
Guess you'd better tell her!
Yeah, I hear 'em!
I told you
night ridin' wasn't smart!
I guess you did!
Now we're smack
in the middle of'em!
I guess you're right again!
Bein' right ain't
gonna do us any good!
What'll we do now?
Now? Keep ridin'!
With Indians all around us?
Maybe you'd feel better
if we stopped!
Mmm, no!
Well, maybe we'd just
better keep on ridin'!
It was such pretty hair!
I had it
ever since I was a kid!
A little thin on top,
but I'd sure like to keep it!
Come on! Come on!
Wrong way, Lin!
We're headin'
right into their camp!
That's no Indian's fire!
It's too big!
Come on! Pour it on!
Here they come!
You'd best get
under the wagon!
I can shoot!
But I don't want you
to get hurt!
Stop that fool shooting!
We're friends!
Don't shoot!
Hold your fire!
Name's McAdam! Thanks for
leaving the door open for us!
This is High-Spade!
Glad to see ya! I'm Wilkes!
This is Steve Miller!
How are you?
How are you?
He and his lady came
calling a little earlier!
You got a woman here?
They jumped us
on the rim too!
Well, hello again!
Do you know him?
Not exactly!
We just sort of met
without talkin'!
He's the fella I told you about
who offered to gun
Wyatt Earp for me!
I didn't know
it was Wyatt Earp!
I don't like to break up
this gabfest, but we make
a wonderful target!!!
standin' here
in front of that fire!
You men, what are you
looking at? Keep your eyes
where they belong!
They'll be coming in
any minute now!
At night?
That's the best time
for a raid, isn't it?
Let's hope they wait
until I have a cup of coffee!
Got any cooking?
I'll get you some!
You from Fort Bascom?
That's where we're headed!
New in the territory, huh?
Pennsylvania Ninth!
Picked up our mounts
at Fort Smith!
Been ridin' ever since!
Pennsylvania Ninth!
You fellas were
at Gettysburg, weren't ya?
Left a rib there!
One of them Johnny Rebs
hung me up on a bayonet!
Real group of fightin' men!
Never knew when
they were licked!
They give us a real bad time
at Shiloh and Bull Run.
Say, about these Indians,
seems like they hardly ever
attack at night!
- Why?
- Well, they figure
if they're killed in the dark,
the Great Spirit
can't find their souls
and whip 'em up to heaven!
Something! I--
I, uh--
I don't mean to be forward,
Sergeant, but if you've never
fought them before--
Keep talkin'!
You ain't forward!
Well, it might be a good idea
for your men to
catch up on some sleep!
- They're gonna be real busy
in the morning!
- How many sentries?
Oh, two oughta be enough!
You men turn in,
get some sleep!
Coates, Murphy,
take the first sentry duty!
Call your relief in four hours.
I see you've done my chores
for me again!
Yeah, you can say thanks!
This cavalry,
a little on the young side,
most of'em!
What do you guess
for our chances?
What chances?
This is a little softer
than the ground!
That's real thoughtful
of you!
Thank you!
My woman's got yellow hair!
Did have yellow hair!
It's white now!
Where is she?
Home with the kids!
Got one bigger than you are!
Go to sleep!
Hey, Mossman,
you awake?
Yeah, I'm awake!
Pretty, isn't she?
I don't like yellow hair much!
My wife has brown hair
with red in it!
I hope the kid has brown hair
with red in it!
You see, this'll be
my very first own home!
Not that I didn't have
a nice home,
but this'll be my very own!
You know?
I know!
- Did you have a home like that?
- Sort of!
With your wife?
No, I haven't got a wife!
No, it was with my father!
Is that where you're going now,
to your home?
No! My father was killed!
They're pretty, aren't they?
Sometimes they sing
all night.
I know what they are!
Maybe you'd better try
and get some sleep, huh?
I can't sleep!
Can you?
I mean,
if I tried, I could!
Aren't you afraid of tomorrow?
Would it do any good
for me to lie to you?
I'm afraid!
I guess everybody
gets afraid sometimes!
Yeah, I guess so!
Yeah! And I made you
some coffee too!
I'll do the same
for you someday--
How soon do you think
they'll come in?
Anytime now!
Hear them talkin' first!
You know, I was chattin' with
a fella out in the territory,
name of Riker!
He was tellin' me about how
the Sioux, under Crazy Horse,
wiped out Custer!
Clever fighters,
those Sioux!
It seems they knew all about
your Springfields
being single-shot!
You mean
they had repeaters?
They sent in
the first wave light
so it'd draw the fire!
Then they sent in a heavy second
wave before the Custer men
had a chance to reload!
You think these fellas
have repeaters too?
And they'll try
the same trick?
Yeah, I kind of
think they will!
Only this time,
we just might outfox 'em!
- On account of we got
two Winchesters!
- And a Henry!
You'll save your fire
for the second wave?
It's up to you, Sergeant!
Whatever you wanna do!
- Sound all right to you?
- I guess!
Round out, you men!
Go to your places
and take 'em as they come in!
Take care of the girl!
Take out
those pistols!
Morning, ma'am!
Good morning!
I fixed you a spot
over yonder under the wagon!
That was nice of you!
That saddle
was real comfortable!
That's good!
Say, uh--
Just in case you, uh--
I know how to use it!
I understand
about the last one!
They'll be comin' down
in about three more whoops, Lin!
What do you pick
for our spot?
Well, they'll come in
under the sun!
Let's get up to
the other end of the wagon!
Let 'em have it!
Let's concentrate
on the chief! We get him,
we might have a chance!
All right! This is the big one!
It's all or nothin' this time!
So long, partner.
Good luck.
And one other thing,
Out here we play
winner take all!
No use leaving
all those repeating rifles
lying out there to rust!
Never thought of that!
Go out and pick up them
fast-shootin' guns and anything
else that you happen to like!
You're a man after my stamp!
Wish we'd have
had you with us
at Bull Run!
We might not have
run so fast!
I wanna tell you something!
I was with you at Bull Run!
So was High-Spade!
Only we was
on the other side!
Good luck, Sarge!
Good-bye, boys!
See you again!
- So long, Sergeant!
- Lin!
Before you go,
this is yours!
Oh, yeah!
The last one's still there!
Well, so it is!
May I have it?
You just never know when
a girl might need a bullet!
Sure, if you want it!
I want it!
Hey, Sarge!
Look at this!
Look what I found on this one!
Oh, he was their chief!
I saw that Lin fella drop him!
Real pretty shot!
Well, now!
''Dodge City Rifle Shoot
Won By--''
It don't say who won it!
Do I get it?
No, some officer would take it
away from you at Fort Bascom!
It's too good for an officer!
No, it rightfully belongs to--
Hey, Lin!
I hope you won't think
this is second best,
but one of you fellas
oughta have this!
That's a real fine gun!
Take it with the thanks
of the U! S! Cavalry
to protect your lady!
And I wish it was
a Congressional Medal
for Bravery!
You earned it!
Help you in, ma'am?
That one's
'cause you're real pretty!
Good-bye, ma'am!
Good-bye, Steve!
This is
theJameson place?
That's right!
That garden you were
talking about-- we could
plant it over there!
Maybe you wouldn't want
a garden! Would you?
I don't know!
Maybe you don't
want to go in!
I'll go in!
Sort of nice,
isn't it?
You'll like it
after it rains!
Gets green, and there's
water in the run!
Oh, hello, Mr! Miller!
You got back real soon!
Yeah, I did! This is
Miss Manners, the lady
I was telling you about!
Oh, how do you do?
Come in, won't you?
that's my husband--
he's in town!
Sit down!
I'll fix you
a bite to eat!
Oh, uh, we don't want
to cause you any trouble!
Oh, no trouble!
None for me! I have to
go into town!
But if Miss Manners
could stay--
You're not going anywhere
till I fix you some supper!
Now, sit down!
What's your name?
And what's yours?
Cute kids! They sort of
go with the place!
Sort of!
As soon as we get married,
you'll be wanting kids!
They got plenty of room
for it here!
Bonnie, Gary,
come on up here!
Don't bother the folks!
Oh, they're
no bother at all!
Come on! Gary!
Steve, why do you
have to go into town?
I've got to meet a fella!
WacoJohnny Dean!
You don't know him!
I know about him!
He's no good!
That's 'cause
you don't know him!
Do you like this?
I don't know!
It's on account of
what I did back there!
I'm not sure!
I won't lie to you!
I went yellow!
Crazy yellow!
It-It came over me
all of a sudden!
But I came back for you!
You know I came
back for you!
I'd-- I'd give my eyes
if it didn't happen!
And someday
I'll prove it to you!
Well, hello, Steve!
What kept ya?
Roan, Latigo,
look who's here!
Yeah, I saw him!
How many was there
when they started?
Twelve, I think!
There's only nine now!
I make it eight!
What a pair!
You live here?
She's with me!
Her name's Lola Manners!
I told you about her!
Yeah, but you didn't
tell me she was, uh--
Steve, what's
all this about?
It's old home week
in Texas! Happens
every Saturday night!
Steve, you want
a laugh?
While we were waiting
for you, we jumped
over to Hays!!!
down in the big blue,
just for jokes,
and who was there?
Noonan the marshal
and a dozen men
from the Triangle Bar!
You have no right
to come in here!
You got any coffee?
I said--
And I said,
you got any coffee?
Waco? Waco!
There's a woman
and youngsters in there!
Send 'em out the front door,
and we'll hold our fire!
Then what?
Then you can
come out too.
Under arrest,
but I'll promise you
a fair trial!
And if I don't come out?
Then we'll
gun you out,
and you know
we can do it!
All right, now!
Send that woman
and her young 'uns out!
Come and get 'em!
All right,
but remember,
you asked for it!
Where's the coffee?
You're about the lowest
thing I've ever seen
standing in a pair of boots!
Why don't you let this
woman out of here! She
hasn't done anything to you!
And these kids--
You ought to be ashamed
to look at them,
you two-bit,
Why don't you stand
in back of her!!!
when Noonan
starts gunning?
I want to see it,
remember it,
so I can tell my friends
about WacoJohnny Dean,
another brave man!
They're coming out,
Not you!
you want to see this,
you want to
tell your friends!
And I want you
to tell it right!
are you coming out?
She didn't mean
all that!
Let her get out while
she can before they
start coming in!
They won't come in!
But this is the only
chance she'll get!
Where did you get
that gun?
I won it!
Let's see it!
I'll buy it!
I'm not sellin'!
Name a price!
Make it big!
I'm not sellin'!
All right, Steve!
Have it your way!
Cook up some coffee!
With Noonan
sitting out there?
I'll make it!
Let him do it!
I know bett--
I said,
let him do it!
You don't mind,
do you?
I don't mind!
Send out that
other woman, Waco!
And we want her now!
I can see his point!
But she likes it here!
Come on! Sit down!
We've got lots of time!
Have you, uh,
known him long?
Long enough!
No bad habits?
just bad company!
Maybe we can
change that!
I'm a likable person
when you get to know me!
Are you?
And you're
a lot of woman!
Too much woman
for, uh--
Hey, Waco!
They're bunching up
around the barn!
Mind if I take care of them?
Oh, you'd miss!
You know how
I hate noise!
What was I saying?
You were talking
about yourself!
Where did I stop?
You didn't,
but you can now!
I already know about
WacoJohnny Dean,
the fastest gun in Texas!
Lady, why limit me?
This one
I can't miss.
Lenny, Nick,
gather up some brush!!!
and out it on that rig
and head it right
for the center of that house!
This is what
I want-- coal oil!
fill them buckets up with
this here, and bring 'em
outside, and hurry!
Coffee's ready!
Well, bring it on!
Put an apron on!
He'll look better!
What are you
trying to prove?
Just trying
to buy a gun!
You sure you don't want
to sell it to me,
kitchen boy?
You can serve us
next, waiter!
I like mine black!
Steve, give him the gun!
Can't you see what
he's trying to do?
Coffee's ready!
Ah, clean it up!
Clean it up!
I tried to--
Get ready!
Let her go!
I believe
it's time to go!
And walk into those guns?
Would you rather fry?
Last man out is a fool!
Run for it!
We'll go this way!
It's shorter!
Easy does it!
Why don't I take
one of the other horses?
Guess why!
Look! He's gettin' away!
Yeah! Don't shoot!
Can't you see
that's a woman?
When do you figure
to hit Tascosa?
Around 2:00
or 3:00 tomorrow!
I remember when
you were taught
that trick!
Long time ago!
Yeah, long time!
Did you ever wonder
what he'd think!!!
about you hunting
down Dutch Henry?
He'd understand!
He taught me to hunt!
Not men.
Hunting for food,
that's all right.
Hunting a man
to kill him?
You're beginning
to like it.
That's where you're wrong!
I don't like it!
Some things a man
has to do,
so he does 'em!
What happens
when the hunt is over?
Then what?
Well, I hadn't
given it much thought!
Maybe we could get
the ranch back
together again!!!
and round up the strays,
and then we can--
I haven't given it
much thought!
Now might be
a good time!
On account of
we're coming pretty close
to the end of the trail!
Yeah, I guess
maybe you're right!
You've been fine people,
riding along with me!
That's what friends
is for, isn't it?
that's the way
your dad always said it!
Yeah, he did,
didn't he?
He said if a man had
one friend, he was rich!
I'm rich!
Oh, now we're
playing games!
Cute little echo,
Your echo's confused!
This time
it's Dutch Henry!
Hey, he's got
a woman with him!
Maybe that's
what kept him!
As though I didn't know!
Sometimes I think he's
a little on the crazy side!
Yeah, so do I!
But I think quiet!
Howdy, Dutch!
John, Dan!
Want to come along?
I wouldn't leave you
for money, bright eyes!
Boys, this is Lola!
She's crazy about me!
Where did you get
my gun?
Your gun?
This was given to me
by a very dear friend!
It's my gun,
and I want it!
And if you
don't get it?
Do you want in
on this Tascosa deal?
I didn't ride out here
to pick blueberries!
Then I'll say it again!
That's my gun!
Well, as long as you feel
that way about it,
the gun is yours!
Where's Long Tom
and Dudeen?
Didn't they show?
They're inside sleeping!
Rode in late last night!
Where's Latigo
and the others?
Um, they're not here!
Got themselves
all shot up!
How come?
Oh, it's a long story!
With tears!
I'll tell you
over a drink!
Haven't I seen you
I've been somewhere!
In Dodge City!
You were playing
a piano and, uh--
Yeah, that's why Earp
ran you out of town!
Who plays the piano?
Sure! Roll one out
and I'll toss off
a tune!
I'll take you up
on that as soon as
we get to Tascosa!
Which by the way
happens when?
What are we sitting
around here for?
We won't be for long!
Now, here's the setup!
First, John, Ben and I
ride down to Trygillo!
That's here!
And when we get
to Trygillo--
Take a walk!
You heard what I said!
Take a walk!
She's doing swell
right where she is!
Now, uh,
what happens
at Trygillo?
He doesn't like you!
Well, don't tell him now,
but I don't like him!
Get smart,
and I'll crack you
across the ear!
Look, Waco, this time
tomorrow you and her can
play pat-a-cake all you want!
But when I line up a deal,
I don't want any dance-hall
woman listening in!
Why don't you
cook up a few eggs
for the man you love, huh?
In other words,
take a walk!
Just a very short one!
Uh, nice place
you got here!
How would you like
to rent it out
for our honeymoon?
Here's the layout!
We pick up the stage
at Trygillo!
Now, there's four men
riding, guarding the gold!
They'll ride it
to Tascosa! That's here!
Where will I be?
In Tascosa,
with Dudeen and Long Tom!
Right across the street
from the bank,
there's a saloon!
Dudeen and Long Tom
will have the horses
tied off...
in front of
Jenkins Bar.
Now, after they carry
the gold into the bank,
the four guards ride on
to the livery stable.
You stand at the bar,
and you'll see the stage
when it pulls in!
At the piano!
Lola's gonna play
for me!
Aren't ya, honey?
I know!
Take a walk!
What else do you know?
So I'm in the saloon!
What happens then?
The stage pulls in,
they take the gold
into the bank!
I go with 'em!
You go into the bank
and make your play,
and if there's
any trouble--
I cover you
from the saloon, hmm?
That's right!
Get started
as quick as you can.
Come on.
Did you help yourself
to that too?
It was given to me!!! by
your friend in the picture!
Do you know him?
I know him!
Then we've got
something in common!
He's been trying to give me
one of those for a long time!
- You're a strange person!
- Am I?
First you kill a man
to get that gun!
Then you just
give it away!
Oh, I'll get it back
from old debts!
The same way I got it
from old Steve!
That's all right!
It's better than all right!
Take your hand off your gun!
We got no quarrel!
Haven't we?
That business with Steve?
Oh, he wasn't for you!
I did you a favor!
Thanks! Maybe someday
I can do the same
for you!
Did you love him?
I guess I did!
You two had
a lot in common!
A lot of woman!
I wasn't trying
to be funny!
When you talk
like that you are!
Or didn't you know
he was yellow?
I knew!
You kill me!
You want a drink?
You mind
if I get one?
I don't mind!
Your clock right?
Little fast, I think!
The stage is due at 3:00,
and it's always on time!
Oh, looks like
you're full up!
Looks like!
Isn't that--
Isn't that, uh--
Well, hello again!
Well, hello,
nice people!
What are you doing
in Tascosa?
Well, let's put it
the other way around!
What are you doing here?
Oh, playing the piano!
I never woulda guessed it
if you hadn't told me!
Where's that Steve boy?
Drinking whiskey?
He's dead!
- Sudden, wasn't it?
- Very!
He was killed
by that gentleman
standing at the bar!
The one who's
looking at us.
Don't seem right for people
to go around killing
nice folks like that!
He's not people!
He's WacoJohnny Dean!
Riker told us Dutch
was riding to meet--
WacoJohnny Dean! Yeah!
You haven't got a chance.
Don't quarrel with him.
I got no quarrel with him!
Watch his left hand!
I been ridin'
to meet up with a man
name of Dutch Henry!
will ya?
Hopin' to run into him
here in Tascosa!
Wouldn't happen
to know him?
I may! How long
do you know him?
Long enough to tell you
how he got that scar
above his right eye!
I gave it to him
when he was 10!
Now you want to
give him another?
Where is he?
I don't tell you?
Then what?
Where is he?
Where is he?
Where is he?
I'll take you to him!
Right now!
Lin, look out!
He's walking you in--
Tom, the horses!
It's Judge Henry!
- Lola!
Get out of the way!
Where are you hit?
In the arm!
You little fool!
Here, Lin!
I'll take her!
She's hit in the arm!
Don't let him go!
Oh, why'd you let him?
Dutch Henry's
a murderer!
I know, ma'am!
So does Lin!
It was Dutch
who killed his father,
so it's right
for him to go!
Doubly right,
because Dutch Henry
is Lin's brother!
The old man taught you
better than that!
You're caught below
another man's gun!
I guess I forgot!
Don't mind my calling you
Matthew, I hope!
I like it better than
Dutch Henry Brown!
Matthew McAdam!
Has a good sound
to it!
I guess that's why
the old man gave it to you!
You got yourself
in trouble again!
I can smoke you
outta there easy!
First chance I had
to thank you for--
for winning me
my gun!
Shoots real pretty,
wouldn't you say?
I didn't get a chance
to use that gun, Matthew!
But I intend to!
There's something
you forgot too!
The old man told you
never to waste lead!
Now you're short!
Not that short!
Well, that's
the way it was!
The old man sired
two sons!
One was no good!
Never was any good!
Robbed a bank,
a stagecoach!
Then when he came home
and wanted to hide out,
the old man
wouldn't go for it!
So Dutch shot him!
In the back!