Wine Wars (2017) Movie Script

China is 7 hours ahead of France.
I'm Zhang Shui. Get Wille for me.
This is Wille speaking.
It's been quite a while.
You know, I'm a cop.
I have been too busy to call you these years.
You aren't mad at me, are you?
How can I be mad at you? What do you want?
I'm coming to France this time
to bid for a bottle of wine for our country.
You are bidding for a bottle of wine for our country?
Hold on a second.
Wille, you know wine better than me.
But you can't be better than
the state wine-maker of Kublai Khan.
He was also an state astronomer
of the Yuan Dynasty,
who cuckolded Kublai Khan.
Kublai Khan of Yuan Dynasty
had a state astronomer good at wine-making,
you know?
Bro, you lost me.
Don't keep interrupting me.
Kublai Khan had a beloved concubine,
who was ravishingly beautiful,
and had a huge crush on the state wine-maker
and did whatever he told her to.
The wine-maker decided to take his secret recipe
and the girl away from Central Plains.
I love you, baby.
They wormed their way into Marco Polo's caravan
on his way back to Italy
after he bid farewell to Kublai Khan.
But they would never expect that
the civil war broke out as soon as they got there.
The boring civil war drove the wine god
to France.
It's said that in 1855,
his descendant made a superb wine
in France with the secret recipe.
They called it Wine God.
The recipe was supposedly inscribed
on the bottle cap.
Had the state wine-maker not gone to France,
China's wine-making
could have been the top in the world.
Wille? Wille?
And its reserve price today
is 5 million euro.
Brother, look,
you, a cop,
are bidding for a bottle of wine in France.
Should I believe you?
You are my family,
so you've got to help me.
I'll fly out tomorrow
and get to Paris in the morning.
No need to pick me up.
Just get a great car for me
with Chinese GPS.
See you in France!
Merci beaucoup.
Merci beaucoup. My 1 million.
Wille and I grew up in an orphanage,
as dear to each other as brothers.
One day, I was on the lookout when he stole buns.
Got it!
Someone steals my buns again!
I knew I was gonna fall with him
if I reached for him.
But I did it anyway without any hesitation.
What I didn't expect was that
that bun was the last thing
Wille and I ate together in the orphanage.
Because a Frenchman came to the orphanage that day
and played a game with us.
Each of you can choose
a kind of fruit on that table.
But I never thought that
fruits could change a man's life.
Just take them.
And I sent them away with my own hands too.
This will do.
Please put out your hands.
Wille, You picked two grapes,
so Mr. Andre will adopt you
and take you to France.
I don't want to go to France.
Wille didn't want to leave at all.
If it weren't for me,
he wouldn't have been in France now.
You can go if you want to.
Listen to me.
- What are you doing?
- The headmaster is waiting for us outside.
- What?
- Just go!
I'm not going!
Zhang Shui. Zhang Shui.
Don't forget me.
Zhang Shui.
Don't forget me.
Actually, I wanted to go to France too.
But they only picked one kid.
Two years ago,
I suddenly lost touch with Zhang Shui.
He changed his number, and address too.
And he didn't even invite me to his wedding.
Finally, I found a number,
and I had to call this Mrs. Zhang
that I never knew.
- Hello?
- Hello, Mrs. Zhang, I'm Wille.
May I speak to Zhang Shui?
We are divorced. I gotta go.
Guo, change my phone number for me.
You got it.
We have been brothers for over two decades.
If you don't want to tell, I won't ask.
Wille has always wanted me to come to France,
but I find that the difference
between us grows larger,
so I cut off from him for two years.
It's not like I don't appreciate his good intention,
but I don't want to take advantage of him.
When Zhang Shui is here,
we will treat him as planned?
Who is it?
Zhang Shui.
I see. A moment, please.
I'll open the door for you.
You son of a bitch move to a new house again.
Mr. Zhang, I'm sorry, but the door is broken.
Maybe it is mad at you too.
After all, you haven't shown up for two years.
Please wait.
The repairman is on his way.
Open up.
Wille, you got it right.
Zhang Shui waits until dark.
Bonjour, Water.
I'm Mille.
Hi, I'm Wille's housekeeper, Mille.
He is doing detoxification and purification.
Come here.
You mean pooping?
He has been doing it since 3 p.m.
Mr. Zhang, Wille wants to
take you back to your childhood today.
What do you think?
Back to my childhood like this?
Isn't it fun? I'll take your luggage for you.
You want to play with me?
He'll be here in a minute.
Mr. Zhang,
this is how we play the game.
All the girls in swimsuits are thieves.
You only have to put on
the captain swimming trunks.
And you will be the only captain here today.
So just put them on.
We have various sizes for you.
I don't want any of those.
I'll just wear my own underpants.
Mr. Zhang,
you must know your underpants aren't waterproof.
We have prepared patterned swimming trunks for you.
Are they patterned swimming trunks?
Ah, Mr. Zhang.
- Wille.
- Let me down, Mr. Zhang.
I'm handling a case here,
not on a vacation.
Let go of me.
Wille, get your ass over here!
Lighten up, would you?
We haven't met for a long time.
I'm just teasing you.
I'll open a red Burgundy for you.
It's made by my friend Olivier.
We also have karaoke here.
I can sing with you if you are in the mood.
Dude, dude.
Let's get down to business.
We should go to French Credit Bank
tomorrow morning.
I have paid 5 million euro
and made an appointment.
So we will tell them
you are...
You are the boss, and I'm the bodyguard.
But you have to take a tasting interview
before the auction.
We can't bid for the wine unless you pass it.
I really know nothing about wine.
Only someone like you who sleeps during the day
and picks up girls at night
knows it.
Drink a toast
to your boss,
and I'll bid for the wine.
Some private home cuisine
and a luxurious karaoke
don't make you the boss.
You know, without me,
you would be nothing now.
Bodyguard, you ask me for a favor today.
Serve it.
You want to play a drinking game with me?
You are dead meat.
You are in luck.
Thanks for your two grapes.
They gave me all the good luck.
Just give up.
Cut the crap. Come on.
Screw you.
how is your adopted father?
He passed away last year.
I couldn't find you.
Come on, let's drink for him.
And wish us success
on our bid for Wine God.
You call it Wine God.
I call it aged vinegar.
Forget it.
I don't care if it's gone rotten, stunk, sour
or something,
I have to get the wine.
This is my mission here.
Wish me success!
I'll give you the money
for the bidding.
I don't want your money.
I can handle it.
What if the rivals bid more than 5 million euro?
Then I'll bid higher.
Just wait and see.
Here I am.
Why are you late again, Lu Fei?
You know I'm a slow walker.
You came all the way here
to bid for a bottle of wine?
Are you sure about that?
Rest assured.
I will get it.
You can only call it bidding when you are paying.
What we do is robbery.
I did some research.
Wine God's owner is the eldest son
of the Khan family.
During the European
debt crisis,
So his sister has to sell
their finest wine in stock.
When that is sold out,
they have to sell Wine God.
LK's little sister, Yvonne,
is the auction organizer this time.
And the guy who will protect us
in secret is here too.
His nickname is
You got any problem with that name?
I'm afraid he'd cough too bad from smoking
to hit the target.
Ha ha ha.
What a great name.
He is not a smoker.
I'll get there by train in two hours.
And I'll see you at French Credit Bank.
Mr. Fang.
Mr. Lu Fei.
Ms. Yvonne is interviewing
the other group of bidders.
To keep each group of bidders' identity a secret...
Please take a break here
and drink a glass of champagne.
Drink champagne? Do you have caviar?
I have paid 5 million euro of reserve fund
for the auction.
So don't tell me you don't even have caviar.
I only want Beluga.
And give me two egg whites and some onion.
No problem. This way, please.
Just take it.
You don't even have an ashtray.
The key point of informed consent is
even the bidder or the wine taster he hires
passes the tasting interview,
we have the ultimate right to cancel the auction.
We won't sell Wine God
if we can't find the right bidder.
And we will return your reserve fund by then.
Sirs, I have told you the key point.
Ms. Yvonne, no problem.
This is for you.
My brother folded me a more delicate one
with two champagne lids
and fooled me that it was an amulet.
Mr. Wille, can you do that?
No, Ms. Yvonne.
I never
make anything to fool anyone.
If you don't like my champagne lid,
I can give you something else.
Someone likes to give girls Hermes or Chanel,
but I like to give them
Lunar meteorites.
Would you like to go to my house and pick one now?
And let him
bid for Wine God.
Mr. Wille, are you serious?
Is it really Wine God?
The world looks different
in different people's eyes.
If you are a swindler,
you have the eyes of a swindler.
you see everyone in the world as a swindler.
I'm not a swindler. I'm swindled.
Mr. Wille, Mrs. Wille is waiting for you outside.
In the tasting interview tomorrow,
if you can identify over 90 glasses out of 100,
you will be qualified to come back to my chateau
to bid for Wine God.
see you tomorrow.
About the tasting interview tomorrow,
do you think you can pass it?
Can you do me a favor?
Buy some new clothes for yourself.
So I will look better to Yvonne
when I win tomorrow.
You are paying.
- Palmer, 1990.
- ...beg to stay.
Latour, 1961.
- Why do we have to break up
- You also add some aged vinegar in it.
when we obviously love each other?
Do we always linger
outside the door of our hearts?
All you care about is your self-esteem.
You pretend to be a cop when you are only a driver.
And now you have the nerve to yell at me.
You cheated on me.
If I don't yell at you,
you will bring him to my bed, won't you?
It's midnight. Can you just cut it off?
I try to give you everything you want.
Don't I?
I drive from dawn to night.
And for what?
It's all for you and this family.
Here's the divorce agreement.
Do whatever you want!
Wille, I'm sure that
you will pass the interview tomorrow.
Remember, a man has to succeed,
or he won't be able to keep anything.
Do you remember that?
Yeah, I remember.
Brother, it's the "Zhang Shui" of wine.
It's so tasty. What is it?
Lafite, 1953.
Big brother forever.
How much love can be repeated?
How many people are willing to wait?
When you want to cherish it and turn back,
you won't know if that love is still there.
How much love can be repeated?
How many people are willing to wait?
When our love has completely changed,
do you still have the courage to love?
When our love has completely changed,
do you still have the courage to love?
For this auction,
I've denied all the foreign bidders
and only kept two groups of Chinese bidders.
There are four of them.
The one called Wille
and his bodyguard Zhang Shui.
The one with an accent called Fang Changfang
and the one with a scar on his face called Lu Fei.
He is also a cripple.
But there is no one called Leo.
A cripple with a scar.
I think he is Leo in disguise.
If Leo has done plastic surgery,
why does he leave a scar on his face?
I think Leo tries to confuse us with that.
So LK, I'll use Yvonne to bait him
at the tasting interview.
I'll shoot at Yvonne,
and the one who saves her must be Leo.
I'm confident about this plan.
I will definitely get Leo back to the chateau.
If I fail to,
you can send me to the guillotine.
If I kill the two groups of bidders,
you don't have to be guillotined, do you?
You can fire the gun, but don't kill anybody.
Our goal is to trick Leo back to the chateau.
Or we will never get Wine God.
I want you to assist us
at the tasting interview.
Our Khan family shouldn't stay unknown.
Only Leo, your second brother,
knows the secret recipe.
Once he hands out the secret recipe,
together we can
make our family great again.
Although he killed our parents,
I can pretend that never happened.
I know you are desperate to meet Leo.
Do what I tell you and your wish will be fulfilled
the doctor says you only have one week left.
Where did you
hide Wine God?
Just tell me.
I'm your eldest son.
If you don't tell me about the secret passage,
I'll kill Leo before your eyes,
then I'll kill Yvonne and my stepmother.
LK, don't threaten me.
Wine God really doesn't exist.
Leo and Yvonne are from that mistress.
If you don't give me Wine God,
I'll kill them all.
My mom was driven to death by that bitch.
Leo, where is Wine God? You must know.
Tell me.
Or I'll kill your mother, too.
- I don't know. I don't know.
- Tell me!
Please don't hurt my mom.
Tell me, or I'll blow your head off.
There must be a secret passage
your dad didn't tell you.
Otherwise, they couldn't get to the railway station
down the hill so quickly.
Three minutes left.
Th relative humidity is 65%.
It's about to rain.
A storm may arise from a clear sky.
I'm like a Rain God here.
Rain God?
If the car slips and we have an accident,
my family will be devastated.
You don't have family.
I'm your only family, aren't I?
Don't worry.
I have done some modifications.
The car is bullet-proof
and has top class antiskid system.
When you start the car and smash the gas pedal,
it roars,
but you can't hear anything.
It's sound-proof and bullet-proof.
Being rich and tasteful,
I'm king of the world.
I know you are unparalleled and invincible, okay?
Let's go to the interview now.
Mr. Wille, you identify 98 glasses out of 100.
Congratulations, you pass the interview.
Don't jinx it.
There is another group of bidders.
when the second group of bidders get here,
we'll start the game,
and make them believe we want to kill Yvonne.
The one who saves Yvonne must be Leo.
Lu Fei.
When will you get there?
In three minutes.
I will be there in a minute.
As long as you feel happy.
Marlboro, how does it go?
Nothing special.
They have made it through.
Tell them to stop.
Brother, take it.
You go hide behind a tree now.
And we'll drive off when we get the chance.
The glass is bullet-proof.
Stop, stop!
Oh, damn it!
The dumbass can't even shoot a gun.
You wanna leave? I'm not done yet.
DG, the gunman.
Wille, the car is on fire. Run!
They also have a gunman.
Who told you to shoot?
If I don't test them,
how can I figure out who is your second brother?
Yvonne, listen to me.
Find an excuse to calm them down.
The four of them have to come to the chateau.
If you let them go, I'll kill them.
You son of a bitch, come out!
Goddammit, come out!
Who is this son of a bitch? Who the hell is he?
Also a brother of mine.
Brother my ass.
Damn it, drunk already?
I didn't know you were such a wimpy drinker.
I told you not to marry that woman.
You gave her your heart and money,
but she cheated on you anyway.
What are you doing?
I have been your driver for seven years,
and you only pay me 7,000 yuan a month.
You ask me to go to France
and play a cop in front of him.
That's never gonna happen.
You are really not going?
All right, the wine I talked about
will be sold by public auction in France next week.
It is called
Wine God.
A secret recipe is hidden in it.
If I can make wine with that recipe,
I will be rich.
If you can go to France
and ask Wille to get the wine for me,
I'll pay you 1 million.
Am I a loyal friend or not?
You can wait at home for me to deal with Wille.
Take us to Wille's house first.
Dude, are you okay?
I... I...
We suspect that
the Chilean bidder who was denied by us
hired a gunman to take revenge on us
with this prank.
We have reported the case to the French police.
Since the tasting interview was interrupted,
Mr. Fang,
I must invite you to the final auction directly.
Mr. Wille, do you agree?
Yes, Ms. Yvonne.
I suggest we hold the auction in my house,
so we don't have to go to your chateau.
No, no. Listen to me.
I'm afraid we have offended some American big shot,
so he dropped two guided missiles in our yard.
I can't take that anymore.
So let's go to her place.
The auction continues,
and the venue remains the same.
Please feel free to quit now.
Mr. Fang, you are such a rat.
You want to kill us when you can't beat us.
Am I right?
Lu Fei, you were the one who hit Zhang Shui.
So you should drink.
Ms. Yvonne, this way, please.
Ms. Yvonne,
I start to believe that
there really is a secret recipe in Wine God.
Which explains the gunman.
Why do you want to bid for Wine God?
Does someone ask you to?
A cop.
What kind of cop
would be interested in Wine God?
Well, cut it out.
Let's play Fight the Landlord.
All right! Hurry up then.
Don't make me wait too long.
I heard that
this bottle of wine
was handed down from Yuan Dynasty.
Our Khan ancestor moved to France in Yuan Dynasty
and had made wine for generations.
Due to his excellent technique,
the local vintners cut him out together
and even threatened to kill his entire family.
So our ancestor sealed the secret recipe
in this bottle of Wine God with rice carving skill
and made a deal with the vintners
that his descendants couldn't make wine
with that recipe.
So there really is a secret recipe in the wine.
All right.
Enough of that.
I have something for you.
The Lunar meteorite, SaU 9.
You don't like it?
I'm the landlord this time.
The gist of the game is that
nobody is your eternal enemy.
If you don't explain why you also came to France,
Wille and I won't do anything for you.
I came to keep you company.
Keep me company?
You also brought a scarface with you.
Who knows what wicked plan you are cooking up?
Zhang Shui.
Stop nagging.
Remember, you and Lu Fei are farmers this time.
Lu Fei is your friend.
Friend my ass.
How did you get that scar?
Tell me.
So I'll tell you the truth.
The truth is you're asked to kill me
in a car accident
and then pocket the money without sharing
with anyone else.
It's the truth, isn't it?
My friend.
Why are you crying?
Do you know what loyalty is?
I'm not like you, Zhang Shui.
I'm more generous than you.
If you want the money,
don't try to be the boss here.
Lu Fei.
You are drunk, aren't you, Scarface?
Drop the act!
Did you hire that gunman?
Why would I hire
such a bad shot?
Don't worry.
I'll bid for the wine
and pay you as we agreed.
I treat you as a brother.
If you get Wille into trouble,
I'll kill you.
Come on, brother, cheers.
Who is Zhang Shui?
My brother.
Do you know who Leo is?
Who is that?
The real owner of Wine God.
Then I am Leo.
I'm sorry, Ms. Yvonne.
I don't mean to bother you,
but Lu Fei stole my car.
That dirty thief chickened out.
Do you regret it now?
I knew that son of a bitch was no good.
You deserve that.
I don't want to stay in the rabbit hole myself.
I am scared.
LK brought two strangers to the chateau today.
Listen to me.
I'll pick you up
when it's safe.
Wait for me here.
But I'm afraid they will hurt you.
This is a magical amulet I made for you.
One for you, and one for me.
I gotta go.
I have blocked all the exits in the chateau.
So the secret passage is their only way out.
Wine God isn't the only thing Leo wants this time.
He is coming after you.
Here's the trigger.
We can blow the bridge when necessary.
Nobody will survive.
The ancestor of your Khan family was a wise man.
The map of the secret passage
is only passed to the eldest sons through generations.
Without the map,
we will never find it.
So we have to trick Leo back to the chateau
to help us get to Wine God.
We wait and hunt.
Leo and his mother were badly injured,
but he got to the railway station faster than us.
So there must be a secret passage in the chateau.
And Wine God has been hidden in it.
He didn't take it with him.
If he doesn't get back,
I'll send you to the guillotine.
Welcome to our Khan family,
a sweet little land of 500 acres.
Tomorrow, Wine God will come under the hammer.
The highest bidder
will get it.
Before the auction,
I'd like to invite you to a ritual.
Everyone in our Khan family
is a great hunter.
Now is the mating season of teals,
when the male and female all chase
after each other.
Let's break up the lovebirds
with our bullets.
And the roasted duck legs made from them
taste particularly good.
Wine God is in the lake?
Mr. Zhang,
The teals across the lake are about to land.
Find a target and shoot it.
Don't fiddle with your gun.
The teals are mocking you.
You are a bodyguard, so you must be a great shot.
Why are you sitting still?
Just shoot them.
Shut up!
Why do you give a damn about whether I can shoot?
You scared all the teals away.
I have nothing to shoot at!
Oops, missed it.
Auction is a competition of money.
It may hurt you as well as your rivals.
I know you have plenty of money,
but so do I.
I own a coal mine in Shanxi
and a chateau in the Northeast.
I know you don't.
Can you tell me
how much property you have?
Isn't Zhang Shui hired by you?
You never thought that
he couldn't even fire a gun as a cop, did you?
No way.
Zhang Shui is hired by me?
Why would I hire a bodyguard who can't fire a gun?
To clean up my house?
Come on.
There are so many teals here.
Ha ha ha.
Wille, wait.
You must make it clear to me.
Or I won't let you
go drink champagne with Yvonne.
Tell me or I won't let you leave.
So tell me something first.
How many things are you hiding from me?
What are you talking about?
Tell me.
I saw what you
and Fang Changfang did under the table.
you are not a cop.
When are you gonna stop lying to me?
You have investigated me behind my back.
With all those girls, why do you want to find me?
You son of a bitch!
You should know me.
I never set a brother up.
He is willing to pay, so I just take it.
Besides, I didn't lie to you.
I just kept you in the dark.
You refused to come to France all these years.
And you are hiding things from me.
Isn't that lying?
I can be persuaded by reason
but not be cowed by force.
Besides, your money
was given by me with two grapes.
Give it to you and get it back?
I can never do something like that.
Besides, what's so difficult about
bidding for the wine?
Just lift a finger,
and he will pay me 1 million.
1 million, you know?
What kind of brother are you,
cheating me for money?
How could you do this to a brother?
You lied to me for 1 million.
I can pay you if you need money.
Stop it.
You hit my nose.
You hit me really hard.
Get out of my face if you won't.
At the auction tomorrow,
you want me to play it soft
or play it hard?
Tell me.
I'll tell you later when I get the answer.
I didn't hurt you, did I?
Fuck off.
Did I hurt you?
You cheated a brother for 1 million.
- Go drink champagne with Yvonne.
- You are fooled.
Don't be silly.
I know you are not Leo.
Leave with Zhang Shui now.
It's for your own good.
I've made up my mind.
I will stay to help you
even if I'm not bidding for Wine God.
Fang, I get more confused
after I listened to your story.
Lu Fei is Yvonne's missing brother.
Leo is Lu Fei,
and Lu Fei is Leo.
I don't know who is who now.
It's so confusing.
I really don't get it.
Can you take it seriously?
How can I make you trust me?
If Lu Fei hadn't saved my life in Taiwan,
I wouldn't have been who I am today.
When I was little,
I was a beggar and a thief in Taiwan.
One day, I was caught stealing
in the market
and almost killed.
My right leg was fine,
but my left leg was broken.
Luckily, Lu Fei showed up.
He lent a helping hand to me,
and drove them away
with a fire.
It's Lu Fei who gives me a second life.
Now he is here to save Yvonne.
How can I turn him down?
But now, brother,
Yvonne's life is in your hand.
She has been controlled by LK as a kid.
If I didn't stop Lu Fei,
he would have come back and gotten himself killed.
Yvonne has been selling wine
from five Chateaux of Bordeaux for LK
and doesn't know
they are adulterated.
This is the scheme LK used to threaten Lu Fei.
He asked Yvonne to hold a fake auction
to draw Lu Fei back.
And Lu Fei asked me to play Leo
and try to get you and Wille
to bid for Wine God
to confuse LK.
Today you can help us and get paid.
It's not hard
for you.
it's my fault that I didn't tell you
I'd come to France for the auction.
Lu Fei warned me that
LK would plant a gunman at the interview.
It's my fault
not telling you that.
That's because I was afraid it'd scare you away.
I can't do this myself.
We are running out of time.
I'll pretend to be Leo
and draw LK out.
Lu Fei has had someone lay an ambush to kill him.
You just wait for me in the rabbit hole.
When it's done,
Lu Fei will take us out through the secret passage.
Nobody will know what happens
in the secret passage.
Pretend you don't know me
and you and Wille will both be fine.
What you need to do now is very simple.
Spray the perfume on the table on Yvonne,
and this is yours.
What do you mean by this?
I promised to pay you 1 million.
This is 1 million euro.
The extra part is my apology.
what if Yvonne doesn't believe me?
She will believe you.
Take this champagne lid.
Tell her that
her brother Leo is waiting for her
in the rabbit hole,
and ask her to take you with her.
I just tell her that?
Don't forget that.
Mr. Fang,
I have been an unfortunate guy
for half my life.
You offered me a job and never give up on me.
I'm so grateful for that. Really.
Don't tell Wille about us,
and don't get in touch with him.
I'll call you
if I need anything.
You gave your story to me
and paid Zhang Shui 1 million euro.
Is it worthwhile?
Just regard this as the price of lying to him.
What if I find out that
Wine God has been taken by LK?
If LK has found Wine God,
he wouldn't have held the auction to draw me back.
So how can you be sure LK
would believe that I am you?
When you walk out of the secret passage,
LK will believe that you are Leo.
You have planned all this
not to get Wine God
but to revenge.
Don't tell anyone about
this secret passage or Wine God.
Remember my words.
I will avenge you.
We have spotted the prey.
Be careful yourself.
Come in.
Mr. Fang,
I need to talk to you.
Where is Mr. Fang?
Your second brother Leo told me to give you this
and asked us to wait for him in the rabbit hole.
I've turned on three-way calling.
Wait for Mr. Fang's instruction.
Get ready to shoot.
Pay attention to the room
where the light goes out.
Your water pipe
smells really bad.
You left your mother's body on the train,
and I helped you bury it.
How do you want to pay me back?
is your sister,
and I help you raise her up.
Although she sells adulterated wine for me,
she is the one who'd be convicted.
I won't report her
as long as you give me Wine God.
When I get the recipe,
I'll share it with you.
Sounds good?
Drop the act.
Give me Wine God
and the 20 million euro is yours.
You come back and want to buy it from me,
which means you didn't take it with you,
so it's still in the chateau.
Oh, no.
You are not Leo.
He wouldn't buy it from me.
you just come out of the secret passage
and don't know what happened here, do you?
Marlboro, kill him!
Shoot him!
Marlboro, shoot him!
Kill him!
Give me the map of the secret passage,
and I'll reward you well
by giving you legs of Iron Man.
They are bulletproof and strong,
and can take you to wherever you want.
Isn't it cool?
Can you invite me to a drink?
I'll do that if you take me to the secret passage.
without Wine God,
you won't get the map.
Brother, take care.
I'm Lu Fei.
What's your name?
My name used to be Leo.
But now,
it's Fang Changfang.
I give you two options.
Come to meet me,
or Zhang Shui dies.
Zhang Shui?
Where is he, Zhang Shui?
I can't take your call, so don't call me.
Just stop calling me.
no need to call Zhang Shui.
He won't pick up.
All the exits of the chateau are blocked by LK.
We won't be able to get out unless we kill them.
Stop calling.
The secret passage is our only way out.
How am I gonna make you believe me?
Bruising me like this,
are you happy now?
Listen to me.
Zhang Shui is also my brother.
And I paid him.
So your big brother should call me boss.
Where is he?
In the rabbit hole.
What hole? Make it clear.
I won't tell you,
but I gave him a check of 1 million euro.
As a token for my brother.
Where the hell is that rabbit hole?
My train is about to arrive.
So I'm running out of time.
Don't ask me about the rabbit hole again.
I'll ask Zhang Shui to meet me
in the secret passage.
If you refuse to help me,
Zhang Shui and Yvonne
will be left in the hole forever.
You can kill me now
if you don't trust me.
Come on.
You claimed to be Leo.
Let me see Wine God first.
...496, 497.
It took me 550 steps to get here as a kid.
And now it's 500 steps.
Because my feet were smaller.
Go back to the secret passage in half an hour?
What do you think I am, a leopard?
Three bottles of Double Magnum?
You mean three bottles of 3-liter wine.
Fang, what do you want
by asking me to stay here
with three bottles of wine?
Wille, what are you doing here?
It seems the only way for me to meet you.
How can you drop the ball now?
I thought you told me he was a swindler.
You know what?
You won't get away with that.
My train is about to arrive.
Don't act rashly.
The two trains are heading the same direction.
We each take a fake Wine God to defend ourselves.
Only when we kill them
can we get on the train and leave here safely.
Do you want a gum?
Fang, when the train stops,
you take the lead.
How do you know they are ambushing us out there?
Go see it yourself if you don't believe me.
No, we should see it together.
Follow my lead, guys.
Let's go!
Loser, Wine God is here!
Look here!
I actually broke it.
Kill the two engineers.
Why don't you listen to me?
Oh, my!
The engineers are dead.
Draw them out.
Gun is not your thing.
Come out!
- Zhang Shui, take the magnet bomb.
- Get your ass over here!
When it hits the target,
it will blow up in 5 seconds.
Very handy.
Come out or I'll shoot.
I'll blow you up first.
I will shoot.
I'm not bluffing.
Wille, take two. See you soon.
Wait, what are you doing?
I'll go kill them first.
See? I just shot.
Wille, kill him already.
He is threatening your life.
- Follow my lead.
- Go!
Wait a minute.
It's inconvenient for you to take the wine.
I'll take it over.
- Give me Wine God.
- Just go.
Wine God is here.
Stop it man, now!
Don't shoot! Take that!
Jackass, jackass, jackass!
You can't get away.
What Jack and Rose?
Give me Wine God.
You can't fool me.
You are out of ammo, aren't you?
Do you know how to shoot a gun?
I don't need to shoot.
Are you done?
Go to hell, you jackass!
Zhang Shui.
Wille, I'm here.
Zhang Shui.
Ow, when I jumped,
I think I pulled my inner thighs.
Ow, the underpants are too tight.
Ow, they hurt.
You got cramp?
I think so.
Go to hell!
Brother, don't lie to me again.
Shoot me!
It's noisy. I can't hear you.
Is it fun?
Missed me all the way.
You don't want to kill me, do you?
How do you know that?
How can you kill me when I have Wine God?
Well, let's talk.
We haven't met for years.
Don't small talk me.
Your hair is Grey now. Kidney deficiency?
Your plastic surgery can even fool your mom!
- Come again?
- Can you get that?
Shut up! Just shut up!
Shut the fuck up!
We almost got killed here.
So listen.
Come to France and live with me.
Shit, why do you become so gentle now?
Because I heard you.
You said you could be swayed by gentle persuasion.
Gentle persuasion?
Got cramp?
You almost got me killed!
1 million euro!
We almost died!
And you lied about the cramp!
Stop it! You almost broke my leg!
Anything you say.
Let's get over there
and drive the train.
You know how to drive a train?
When I first came to France,
my adopted father taught me how to drive a train.
I can drive all kinds of trains
even with my eyes closed.
Shut up! You are such a legend!
You jackass.
Get on your knees.
Why do you have more guns?
Get on your knees.
Give it to me, so I won't kill you.
I think Fang was killed by the bomb.
Lucky for us, you can drive a train. Let's go.
Help him up
and take him on the train.
Hurry up!
What happened to you?
I pulled my legs when I jumped.
Come on, set it back for me.
Much better.
Where is Wille?
He is over there driving the train.
He can drive a train?
His adopted father taught him that.
And you actually believe him?
It's none of your business. Let's go.
For a second there, you thought I was killed
by the bomb, didn't you?
Haha, no.
I know you too well.
Besides, you can't die.
You still owe me money.
You didn't tell me you were coming to France.
You have made up for that with a few millions.
You didn't tell me
you were bringing so many bombs.
How much should you pay me for that?
You know what? 1 million per bomb.
What do you think?
I detonated one. What about you?
3 million for you, okay?
I'll invite you for a drink
to celebrate.
Keep your word.
It's handmade in Italy.
The whole car is made out of walnut.
So luxurious.
Have a look.
What a roomy and bright train.
What? Fang, you are Leo?
Give it to me!
Bite me!
Put it down.
With a push of the button,
the bridge will blow up.
You think I really can't hit you?
I don't want to die with you.
Tell that guy to give me Wine God.
This damn watch doesn't even show the time.
- You...
- Pretentious.
Who are you trying to scare here?
It's connected to a bomb?
I don't believe that.
What the fuck are you doing?
Why do you use the f word?
Get out of the way.
I treat you as a brother.
If you trick me,
I'll kill you.
Trust me.
You offered me a job and never give up on me.
I'm so grateful for that.
Do you take it down?
Yeah, every word.
Give me a massage.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Forgive me.
Zhang Shui, let's hide behind there.
Wille, you call that driving a train?
Wille, are we dead?
It's all your fault.
Wille, you ditched the train.
Can you really drive a train?
There's no steering wheel on the train.
You just need to either speed it up
or slow it down.
You can learn it in no time.
You lied to me, too.
I should've driven it myself.
It's Wille who gets you killed.
Don't blame me.
Wille, with the recipe of Wine God,
I'm officially going into the wine business.
Never. It's Yvonne's business.
No one can touch it.
How can you take her side, kid?
Zhang Shui, I want to hug you.
Oh, yeah?
We can't touch the recipe,
but how can we not
taste Wind God?
Wille, who's more important, Zhang Shui or me?
Of course it's you.
If you marry Yvonne,
and she holds a grudge against me,
what will you do?
I'll go to the French Vintners Association
and denounce her as an adulterated wine seller
to get her a ten-year sentence.
That will do, right?
If Zhang Shui teases me again,
what will you do?
I'll steal his 1 million euro
and send him back to the Northeast to be a driver.
You are right.
Drop the act and get up.