Wings: Sky Force Heroes (2014) Movie Script

You say that you believe
In trading one for two
You never thought of me,
too bad I always think of you
You are the generator,
i am electrified
See me a little later,
I'll feel better amplified
I know what you need
Know what you need
You need for me
to tell you that
I got what you need
Got what you need, but i
could never tell you that
I know what you need
Know what you need
You need for me
to tell you that...
MAN ON PHONE: Sky force emergency hotline.
What seems to be the problem?
WOMAN: Yeah,
I'm here at the engine factory
And I think we made
a fire that's, like, too big.
There's this guy
from sector four
And he's, like, stuck in it.
MAN: Calm down.
Sky force is on their way.
MAN: Colonel, we got a code red
down at the old engine factory.
Come in, colonel.
Roger. This is colonel.
We're on our way.
I hope you had your coffee this morning
because it's time to save some lives.
We got a code red.
Hudson, windy,
- Ace.
- Ready to rock and roll!
This situation is a hot one.
We've got 5,000 gas tanks
sitting on a burning fuse
So there's no room for error.
And, ace, you wait
for my signal.
Roger dodger.
According to my brain,
there's definitely a lake
Two clicks away
from the factory, guys.
- Don't ask me how I know that.
- That'll work.
- Two clicks.
- Got it, boss!
Okay, team, arrowhead formation.
I just wanted to boil
some water!
I'm never making pasta again!
Pay no, pay no...
Fall in.
ACE: Whoo!
This is what I live for...
Saving lives, 9:00 to 5:00.
Ace, stay in formation!
I got this.
Fred, you're the copilot.
I need you and ace
to get back up here now.
Ace, man, cool your jets!
I think the colonel's
trying to say something.
No time for small talk, Fred.
Another one of those tanks explode and
there won't be anything left to save.
That plane will be the death of me.
- Oooh.
- Whoo.
- Okay, team, get ready to back him up.
Oh man, this is a lot of fire.
Open the hatch.
Let's show this fire
how we do things downtown.
FRED: Let's get this goose out
of the oven before he's cooked!
Hudson, where are you, dude?
I'm coming.
- ACE: Talk to me, bro. How's it looking in there?
- Whoa!
Lots of smoke,
lots of ff-Fire.
Ow, oh god, very smoky,
Hard to breathe.
Ow oooh.
Where are you, little plane?
Oooh, okay, here we go.
Come on.
Oh! Say the word,
You know what to do, Freddie.
- Let 'er rip.
- All right, all right, all right.
Shower time, here we go.
That's right,
you're gonna get some wet.
Get your wet on.
Stay cool.
I gotcha.
Oh oh oh.
I'm dropping the safety line.
Whatever it takes, hotshot.
Oooh, ace, I found him.
I'm topping him off
with some gas,
- But we've gotta get this guy outta here.
- Thanks.
I was getting worried
with all the smoke.
Relax, big guy.
You'll be out of here in a hot second,
no pun intended.
You're going down, roof!
Gunner, move in.
Hudson, where are you, dude?
I'm right behind you.
All right, all right,
watch the paint job, gunner.
You know our policy:
Scratch-Free or your money back.
Okay, easy easy.
Okay, watch it.
Watch the beam on the left!
One on the right.
Little more right.
Okay, there you go.
You're out!
Ace, I've gotta get back
to the safety line.
Oh oh!
Don't start pulling
until I give you the heads up.
Oh! Whoa!
- Ahh.
- Here we go.
Ace, wait wait wait!
Don't pull the rope!
I can't reach it!
Operation tidal wave
In three,
Two and...
water go
I love my job.
Saving lives and taking names.
- Not too shabby.
- Here I come!
Whoo! Would have been faster
if I had time to stretch.
But you know what they say...
Where there's smoke, there's fire.
Or magicians.
- Oh yeah, baby.
- Ow!
Baby, you are smoking hot!
You try going
into a burning building
And coming out
all kool & the gang.
- There he is, oh my god. Can you sign my wing?
- All right, settle down.
If you could just form
a straight line over here
- In this direction, please.
- Put 'em on your mailing list, Fred,
'Cause we gotta jet.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Aw, no need to thank us.
We're just saving lives.
- That's what we do.
- They love us!
FRED: We gotta keep the fans happy.
You know that.
ACE: I gotta admit,
you were pretty good in there, Freddie.
FRED: Pretty good?
Cheeseburgers are pretty good.
- Pancakes are pretty good.
- ACE: Who am I kidding?
We were awesome! But were we good
enough to get the big promotion?
FRED: Oh yeah,
we're a shoo-In.
Hey there, purty lady.
Easy there, bucko.
Good job today.
You know, it's all
in a day's work.
Quit stealing my lines.
So, windy, when we going
out on that date?
Oh, ace, we're better
as friends, don't you think?
- Yeah.
- You and Fred though, now that is a match made in heaven.
Flyboys for life!
Ace, I need a word.
- Yes, colonel?
- C'mere, kid.
- You know what went wrong?
- What went wrong?!
More like what went right.
Uh, everything!
I'm gonna tell you a story.
And you're not gonna like it,
but I'm gonna tell you anyway.
- You wanna hear my story?
- Yes sir.
Well, the short version is
i can't promote you.
Yadda yadda yadda,
blah blah blah blah.
What do you mean
you can't promote us?
Colonel, we are wings-Down
the best team in the sky.
Well, that seems to be the case,
now doesn't it?
But your behavior
out there today
Was irresponsible and rash.
Well, I'm sorry, colonel.
It will never ever happen again.
- You have my word. Ever.
- It won't happen again, huh?
You keep saying what
you think I want to hear,
But if you can't say
what's on your mind, son,
Then what kind of leader
are you?
MAN ON RADIO: Emergency, sky force.
Power plant's on fire.
The fire's four miles across.
Most of them tanks
burning already.
Wind velocity's up
at seven knots
And 200 planes is
trapped inside without fuel.
And rescue teams be advised:
Fire is dangerous.
- My intelligence is showing
A location of 43 latitude,
78 longitude.
Sounds like a job
for the Aceman.
I know what
you're thinking, ace.
But you remember the last time
When we thought we were
gonna get a big promotion,
But the colonel got all mad because
we didn't wait for the team?
Colonel, something's wrong.
Those planes wouldn't just be
sitting down there for no reason.
They must be out of fuel.
Come on!
Ace, stay in formation.
Sky force is not about you.
It's about the team.
The last thing I ever want
to do is let you down,
But there's lives to save.
I'm... I'm going in!
Ace, it's gonna blow.
Oh man.
This is a very
explosive situation.
Ace, you will stand down!
- That's an order!
- I know what you guys are trying to say,
But that's just not
something I can do!
I totally agree.
And it's gonna be even more fun
when we wait for the team.
That's what I'm talking about, Fred.
Let's do this!
This will be
a perfect place to just wait...
- for the team!
- I'm going to swoop in and get a closer look.
there's fireballs all over the place.
You know how you always
make it out alive? Well,
That ain't gonna happen.
- COLONEL: All right, windy, you're my eye in the sky.
- Whoa!
Ace, I'm right behind you.
Ace, fall in.
I can't do that, colonel.
I'm sorry, but those planes need us!
All right.
All right.
Come on.
- That's all you've got.
- Easy!
- Oh-Hhh boy.
- Keep it together!
- Don't panic! I'll panic!
- What's going on?
- We're losing power.
- Oh, ace!
Whoa, I'm going down!
Come on, ace, think!
ease off on your main thruster.
I'm trying-Gggg!
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Work with me, ace!
Colonel, get out of here.
It's too dangerous!
Come on, ace.
Work with the colonel.
You gotta go on without me.
- My wing's shot.
- No, bad idea.
- Together.
- What the heck are you guys doing down there?
Use your flux capacitor!
I think that's what it's called, right?
Get out of there already.
Great Scott!
No! Oh!
3000 block, 1:36 a.m.,
Aluminum scrap was stolen
from the backyard of a home.
A Davidson robot and a
former employee of the robot
Were charged with theft
and fourth-Degree burglary.
In other news tonight,
members of sky force
Had an accident and it was bad.
- Phillips-Head screwdriver.
- It doesn't look good.
- Shine that light over here.
Gimme that wrench.
Ace, wake up.
- Oh, look, he's awake.
- You've been sleeping for like four days.
- Where are we?
- At a hospital for planes, duh!
Otherwise known as a garage.
Dude, I thought you were
a goner back there.
Yeah, whoa,
that was a close one.
Where's the colonel?
What happened?
I'm so sorry, ace.
When the search party
went out to look for him,
All they found was this
super-Sweet hood ornament,
- Which I would like to keep.
- No no.
No, it's all my fault.
You were just doing
your job, ace.
Accidents happen.
Don't beat yourself up.
He was... He was...
He told me not to go
in there and I just
Turned my back on him.
On behalf of the members
of the staff,
The hospital for planes,
otherwise known as a garage,
- We salute you.
- Thanks, guys,
But can you give us some space for
a few extra microminutes here?!
Thank you, guys.
I guess I wouldn't even be
here if it wasn't for you.
You saved my life,
but... But I'm not sure I deserve it.
Thanks, come again!
- Get your balloons!
- Well, Fred, I've been doing some thinking
- And I think it's time to get a new job.
- What?!
What are you talking about?
What are we gonna do with our old job?
Explain, Lucy.
We can't have two jobs.
Man, you know that I can't go
back there after what happened.
Come on, grab one of those
newspapers over there
- And let's see who's hiring.
- Would you like some coffee with that, some donuts?
A little wheel massage?
Hmm, pizza delivery,
chicken delivery,
Door-To-Door door salesman.
Oh, here's a good one:
Yeah. There's a new
mailman in town
And his name is Aceman.
Whoo, all right.
- Let's do this, Freddie.
- Hold on, ace.
We've gotta make sure all these
letters have proper postage.
Flyboys for life!
Okay, am-1, you're up!
- Hey!
- Aooooowhee!
- Hey wait!
- You forgot something!
- Aw, don't take it so hard.
- Great. Just great.
It's only your job...
which you no longer have!
Okay well,
no more Mr. Mailman.
Okay, moving on.
What do you say, kid,
we let our freak flags fly?
Yeah... What?
FRED: Ace,
you got the sign upside down!
- Oh well.
- Okay, let's see, multilevel marketing,
Babysitter... Who wants
to sit on a bunch of babies?
What else is there?
Anything fun?
Why would they pay us
to sit on a baby?
Oh hey, crop dusters.
You in?
Sounds awesome.
There's nothing like farm life.
- You know, getting up when the sun rises...
- Hmm?
...going to sleep when
the sun goes down,
Not watching TV or knowing
what goes on in the world.
- That's gotta be...
- All I wanna know is
- Is you gonna work hard or hardly work?
- Hey... Hey hey.
FRED: Uh, hardly work.
I mean work hard?
I mean what you said.
I mean the first one.
- You tiresome, boy.
- Just don't poke me again please.
Hey, this is actually a lot of fun!
Oh, look at Aceman,
dropping some dust!
Yeah ha!
Ace, no!
- Sorry, my bad!
- City-Slicker wheel jockeys!
- I can understand why you're upset, but...
- You fired!
Okay, so apparently getting
a job is not our thing.
- So why don't we go back to sky f... Mmmm.
- Don't you say it!
Okay, let me spin my wheels a little more.
Used-Car salesman,
Celebrity chef, anonymous chef.
Oh, here's an excellent opportunity...
We can work in a coal mine.
Oh yeah, the mine!
That's where all the tough planes work.
A couple of guys like us,
we'll fit right in.
Mmm-Hmm. You remember
the story about the bird
Who used to work in a mine
and was coughing all the time?
I forget what kind of bird,
but he was like,
"I don't like working in a mine
because it's a horrible idea!"
Just relax.
It'll be fine.
I'm so over this job.
- Yeah, I tried everything to get fired.
- ACE: Huh?
- Back to work! I'm so angry.
- Here's our manager boss man.
- If you wanna just wait here for a second...
- What do we have here?
A couple of rookies, huh?
Welcome aboard.
You're just gonna love it here.
All you've gotta do is
put in 150 hours each week
And you're free to do whatever you want.
Ha ha ha.
Take in a roboball game. Some planes
even like to go to group therapy.
- What do you mean rookies?
- Rookie?
Fresh off the runway,
greenhorn, wet behind the ears...
Call it what you want. You have two
weeks to prove yourselves, rookies.
Okay, what do we do?
Well, those boxes aren't gonna
move themselves, rookies.
Let's get to it!
Lift the box, carry the box,
Drop the box...
In that order, mind you.
It's a very
detail-Oriented job.
Wow, sounds really...
Yeah, really exciting.
Come on, man. We used to carry
planes out of burning buildings.
This is a piece of cake.
Wow, this doesn't
look too dangerous.
And by that I mean it looks
really really dangerous.
Whatever you say.
Okay, I can do this.
I think I can do this.
It's a little heavy.
It's getting heavier...
All right.
Up... Oh, all right.
Almost there.
Flyboys for...
All right, look at
the big-Time mining boy.
Guess someone doesn't need Fred's help.
So I'm gonna take a nap.
If the alarm goes off,
hit the snooze button. Thanks, buddy.
I think I pulled a propeller.
I'm turning around.
- All clear for landing.
- ACE: Coming in hot!
- Over here.
- Help!
- Whoa, brakes!
- Slow down, mister.
- No, you can't come in like that!
- Where are the brakes?
- Hey, move it. Watch out!
- Slow down!
Also I don't have any brakes!
How do you fly without brakes?!
- Fred!
- I'm getting too old for this.
This thing is heavy...
Really heavy.
- Do these seats recline?
- You have no idea.
Knock knock!
- Huh, what?
- Wakey wakey, get up!
Fred, come on!
Get out here before...
economy plus has got a lot
more leg-Room supposedly.
We would have been better off
flipping burgers.
- You're gonna get flipped.
- Who does this guy think he is?
I know. It's like who died
and made you the head miner?
I know.
- It's the worst.
- Sorry about that, boys.
I mean, what's your problem?
You're such a loser.
I must have added a little extra
weight on there accidentally.
Eh, don't quit your day job.
Hey, you, rookie!
What do you think you're doing?
This is a runway,
not a parking lot.
You're either in the air or taking off,
so move your tail.
- (BANGS) Hustle!
- Hey!
I appreciate the enthusiasm,
but you're not built for this.
(YAWNS) - Come on, Fred.
We just started.
We can't just quit
every job we get.
Uh, first off, we didn't quit
any of those jobs. We got fired.
Big difference.
And second of all,
I have to go watch roboball. So if you
need me I'll be lying on the couch.
- This guy's got two dumb engines.
- Thanks, pal.
And a one and two and three.
- Hey, "base," going somewhere?
I was just taking
a little rest, that's all.
Oh, just taking
a little rest, are you?
Well, why don't you cop a couple of
"Z" s in the boss's office?
He wants a word if you're not too
drowsy there, sleeping beauty.
Oh, Lambchop.
Remember the time
you broke your propeller
And I let you keep working
even though
You wouldn't stop complaining?
If I just got some time off...
Not a lot,
Maybe just one day a year...
I could catch up on some sleep.
Who said that you're
allowed to sleep?
Oh well.
Then I guess I'd better go grab my stuff
And get ready
for the unemployment line.
Uh, wait wait wait wait wait.
- Lambchop, maybe I was a little hard on you.
- Huh?
I'll give you another chance.
- Just kidding!
- LAMBCHOP: Trapdoor!
- Why didn't I see that coming?
- BOSS MAN: Okay, next.
- Okay.
- Ah, Acey, boy.
- Stand up straight, don't slouch, don't fidget.
- Uhh oooh ohhh boy.
Look at me when I talk to you. What do you
think of your performance here so far?
Uh, you know,
learning the ropes,
Get a feel for everything,
you know...
I'm not paying you
to learn about ropes!
What do you think this is,
a rope factory?
This is a coal mine!
You want to learn about something,
Learn about coal!
What is wrong with you?
- Fumbling around the mine like a bad joke.
- Uh well...
- Yeah, I can explain that.
- Oh, that was... - Well,
your two-Week trial is up, ace.
Time to face the music.
I have nowhere else to go.
- You can't fire me.
- Oh, that's a Y.P.,
Not an M.P.
I want you to give me
One good reason why
i shouldn't fire you.
- Hmm?
- I'll do whatever it takes to stay here.
(SIGHS) - I'll work weekends,
holidays, what do you need me to do?
- Great, just great.
- You don't even have to pay me overtime.
- Hmmm.
- Please just give me another chance.
You, ace, you drive
a hard bargain.
Is that 10w40?
Maybe I won't throw
the book at you.
I... I... I won't
let you down, colonel...
- I mean boss.
- Just kidding!
This is your last
warning, rookie!
Next time
I'll throw...
a bigger book at you!
Now get out of my hanger.
Whew, the boss is giving us
another chance.
I think he's finally starting
to warm up to us.
- BOSS MAN: Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
- Oh, you do?!
What gave you that idea?
The book he threw at your head?
Maybe it was his condescending tone,
like the one I'm using right now.
- Dude, I'm sick of screwing everything up.
I know I can do this, so let's get back
to work and show 'em what we're made of.
You're starting to sound like
those guys we always made fun of.
Why is that? Oh, I know! Because your
brain is turning into axle grease.
I'm just trying to make the best of it,
so if you don't mind...
We used to fly with the greats,
now look at us.
You're living in the past, man.
We belong here now.
Why can't you get that
- Through your little robot head?
- My head is not little.
For your information,
i have an average-Sized robot head.
Uh, Fred.
- Don't interrupt. I was... Oh ow!
- Right behind you.
Come on, dude.
Pick up the pace.
This ain't a parade.
- Uh, Fred.
- These mining helmets stink!
- I'd be safer in a shower cap... Dah!
- Watch where you're rolling, roller scooter!
- Hey.
And you, rookie,
what are you looking at?
Oh, I heard about
these geniuses.
- Yeah?
- You think you're just gonna wheel around here...
...bumping into everyone like you own the place?
- Okay, you got a problem?
- Guys, guys.
- You better bring it!
- He didn't mean anything.
- Let your robot speak.
- He's just a little tired, that's all.
- All this loading and unloading.
- He got lucky this time.
It was an accident, that's all.
Do you know what happens to planes
who can't pull their own weight?
- Fred, cool it.
- Oh yeah?
Do you know what happens to
planes that talk to me like that?
- They get de-Iced. That's right!
- Come on, quit it.
- De-Ic-Ed.
- Dude, give it a rest, will you?
- Hmmm.
- Come on, stop making such a scene.
Well, I'm sure glad
we're on the same page.
Or do I have to spell it
out a little clearer?
Oh no, we're all
on the same page here,
- Mr. Big yellow helicopter, sir.
- Come on!
Ain't no thing
but a chicken wing.
Oh, you got some wheel
on you, sally.
We run the rodeo around here.
- So giddyup, buttercup.
- Hey, stop picking on the rookie.
Just because he has
a bad paint job
Does not mean
he's not a cool guy.
- Okay?
- Just...
- stay out of my way or I'll disassemble you.
- Uh-Huh.
- And your little dog too.
- Slow your roll, roller scooter.
Hey, what'd you say, girl bike?
- ACE: Huh?
- Banana seat!
Enough, ace.
You're not a cargo plane.
You're barely a commuter.
Open your eyes.
This is not who you are.
You're a rescue plane.
You don't know the first
thing about handling loads.
No, dude, I used to be
a rescue plane.
Now I'm a cargo plane.
See that? Past tense,
Present tense.
It's kind of the same thing,
But not really.
Actually it's kinda the opposite.
Not a rescue plane anymore, bro!
Got it. What do I care if you
want to throw your life away?
Don't mind me, I'm just
a sidekick robot
And I love carrying around
boxes in a stupid mine all day.
Outta the way, fools.
Let me show you
how... Ugh.
(STRAINING) Let me show
you how this is done.
You don't think I can do it?
You don't think I can do it?
That's what I'm talking about.
But but but.
Oh, look at the hotshot rookie.
Yeah, go for it, boy.
Man, I am beat!
Ooh, I think I dislocated
some landing gear back there.
Hey, what do you say we go home,
pop open some antifreeze
And watch some roboball, huh?
Man, that sounds good!
Ace, you need to hear me
tell you something,
And it's not about
your brake-Fluid leaking.
Dude, I was
in a really good mood,
But you're seriously
being a downer right now.
You're not gonna smooth-Talk me
this time, you big wingnut.
No way.
I've had it with this.
- Maybe we should spend some time apart.
- What?
What are you talking about?
You're blowing this way out of proportion.
You're blowing this
way under proportion.
- I used to look up to you.
Like, "ace is the man!
Ace is the coolest!"
Now honestly,
You're just kind of a dweeb.
Let it be, man.
Just let it be.
Let sleeping dogs lie, man.
No no no, ace!
Sky force is not a sleeping dog.
And guess what?
Neither am i!
What, do you think
your exhaust don't stink
Just because you used to be on sky force?
Sky force is the past.
Let me get this straight.
- You're saying that no one cares about sky force?
That's what you're saying?
You're saying the words
"No" and then "one"
and then "cares
About sky force"?
Is that what... Am i
miscommunicating here?
Help me out.
Well, guess what?
Mind your own business, Sucka!
Wha... I... I...
Oh, who?
I'm done being your copilot.
Well, guess what, bro?
Maybe I don't need
your help anymore.
I mean... Wow.
After all we've been through?
That's it, I get it!
No more help from me!
You're not gonna have this
robot to kick around anymore.
I don't need you either.
You fly like a blimp!
Not so fast, wing tip Willie!
- I'm-A gonna get you!
- Whoo-Hoo-Hoo!
Oh yeah? Well,
we'll just have to see about that, Blimpy!
You'll never catch me, copper!
Wing tip Willie was going to turn himself
Into the authorities this morning,
but then he said, "ha ha, I tricked you"
And flew back up into the sky and made off
with over 10,000 frequent-Flier miles.
So, kids, don't go outside
if you see a plane like this
Because these are America's
Most wanted planes, baby!
- Now back to roboball.
- Oh yeah, go rivers!
I love roboball.
I'm kinda surprised
you're into roboball too,
Given the cultural
differences... You know,
That you're a giant
green helicopter.
- Actually, roboball is very popular in India.
- Whoo!
I don't want to toot
my own horn, but beep beep.
I was quite the champion.
Oh, excellent move!
- FRED: Oh man!
- That was the same move my brother was making
- Right before he injured his cockpit.
Yeah, take him to school, kid!
- Ow.
- Wait, where'd the ball go?
- Listen.
This is getting... Ow!
I only have one hanger.
Ha ha ha.
Uh, you're missing the game!
- Come on, Johnson.
- ANNOUNCER: Johnson and Beckett.
Johnson rolls.
He picks, he rolls.
- He picks his rolls.
- And it's good!
- And nice shot.
Oh boy, I'm very excited
about that last move.
- Yeah!
- I did not see it coming one bit.
Yeah, I used to do
that move too.
Like all the time.
I was a total champ on that front.
Just ask ace.
He'll tell you.
- Whoo!
- B.T.W., Where is your homeboy?
I don't know.
But you are his copilot. You should
be definitely knowing these things.
- That is your job.
- Well, maybe it isn't my job anymore.
By the way, can I fly
with you for a little while?
It's not working out
between me and ace anymore.
Well, I suppose. My copilot
is on vacation right now.
So actually my cockpit is free.
But what about ace?
You know, but but but.
But-A but but but?
I've had it with that clown...
For good and that's it.
What's that?
Wait a sec, are they
watching roboball?
All right!
Oh, it's Fred.
- ANNOUNCER: 30 seconds on the clock.
- Sorry, 28.
- Oh boy, this game is really coming down to the wire,
As they say.
Oh, the anticipation's killing me.
Pass it, pass it!
You can do it, come on, man!
Yes, go go!
Oh wow.
He's really got a handful
of wheel on that one.
And Johnson at the buzzer!
- Fantastic! What a beautiful display of robot engineering.
- This is great! I'm so happy!
I'm feeling
genuinely happy right now.
I don't miss anyone named ace.
You are not
fooling anyone, Fred.
Please do yourself a favor
and go talk to your homeboy.
How do you expect me to talk to him
when he's acting like such a meathead?
It makes me so mad!
You know what I mean?
There's no talking to people like that.
It's all just moving rocks and boxes.
Rocks and boxes,
rocks and boxes.
What a tragedy.
Me and ace?
You see, we used to be
part of this elite
Rescue mission squad
or whatever.
It was called
Sky force.
Sky force was the greatest
force of all forces.
Yeah, it was something else.
- But but?
- But then the accident happened.
To make a long story short,
the colonel died,
Ace blamed himself and now
we live in a coal mine.
Don't worry, little robot.
Everything will turn out just fine.
But but but-A but but.
Coming up next,
a song made famous by a Bulgarian robot.
No one knows the name of it,
but it goes "mai ya hee."
- Oh oh oh.
- I love this song.
- What a great change of mood.
- Yeah, I love this song.
- I love this song so very much.
- Yes, yeah yeah, whoo!
- Oh yeah yeah, do it.
- Do it.
- Oh yeah.
- Okay.
- Wah ha, yeah, whoo!
- Scrub-A-Dub-A-Dub.
- Staring out of a window
- Watching time...
Cold cold cold!
I've been stuck
in the motion...
- Ah, my favorite part.
- But it's time
I tried...
- Yee ee eee, right behind the wing there.
Yep, that's where
i hold my tension.
- Ah, good as...
- WINDY: Ace?
- Is that really you?
- What?
- No way!
- Windy! Hey there.
I haven't seen you in so long.
What have you been up to?
- You gotta tell me everything.
- You know, a little of this, a little of that.
You know, stuff.
What about you?
Still saving lives in the sky.
You know how I roll.
I've really missed you, dude.
Yeah, you know,
I'm doing pretty good too.
- I got a new job.
- Oh really?
You flying private now?
I've always wanted to fly first class.
- So chill.
- Mine.
- Oh!
- Mine?
- I work in a mine now.
- Oh.
That sounds...
So what kind of stuff
do you do in this mine?
Eh, it's hard to explain.
Come on, Bromeister.
Tell me about a typical
day in your life now.
I strap a bunch
of rocks to my back
Then carry them from one end
of the mine to the other.
Well, if it makes you happy
That's good enough for me.
I understand it's not
only about the job.
It's about the people you work with.
That's what really matters most.
- On the inside of course.
- I had to beg for my job
Because my boss wanted
to fire me.
But it's okay because i
told him I'd work for free.
Oh, and I get yelled at every day
by a giant yellow helicopter.
- Mm-Hmm.
- Good seeing you again, windy.
You're a winner, ace...
On the inside of course.
You should come back
to sky force.
Ugh, stupid door!
Home sweet home.
Remember the time
we drove all night
Just to end up
in a parking lot?
- Watching the world
And waiting for our hearts to stop...
- Flat tire.
Wonderful ending
to a wonderful day.
You couldn't hang on so you
just gave it up... - (MUTTERS)
Come on, where are you?
Hey, Fred, where'd you put
the tire pump, man?
You won't see me cry...
Hey, thanks for leaving
this place such a mess, Fred.
Those empty barrels really
tie the whole hanger together.
- And I'll be fine
'Cause the sun's
gonna shine...
Guess I gotta do
everything myself!
Don't worry, I got it!
I'm good!
Uh... Oh oh!
Come on, come on.
So take your time and you can
tell me what you find
But all you're gonna find
Is what you left behind...
- Wow.
My old sky force pics.
As if I didn't feel
bad enough already.
Watching the world
and waiting for our hearts...
Maybe I could go back.
Why couldn't i?
Ahh, I can't go back.
(SIGHS) Somebody's just gonna
end up getting hurt again.
So what's the story
with this new quota, huh?
- Don't get me started.
- Someone was telling me the boss is gonna have us
- Work twice as hard for half the pay.
- Yeah.
I don't even know what that means,
but it sounds really bad.
- Real bad.
- And did you hear about the storm?
It's supposed to be the
biggest storm in 70 years.
- It's insane!
- Ow! Don't hit me.
I don't know how they know that,
but they do.
Word on the street is boss man
was made out of recycled metal.
Come on, I'm running on fumes.
Let's go get something to eat.
Oh oh.
Check out
little red riding hood.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, did you get lost
on your way to grandma's house?
Oh, burn.
Hey, t-Bone.
Boss just hit me on my Cellie.
He said we gotta
step our game up
If we're gonna make
quota this week.
I got a plan.
And if I ain't got a plan,
i got a plan "b."
Because I'm always thinking stuff,
you know what I mean?
- Hey, rookie.
- Yes sir.
We got a new quota,
so stop playing with your landing gear
And get ready to go all out,
'cause this new quota's ridiculous,
Silly... Heck,
it's downright impossible.
But that don't mean
we can't do it.
We just gotta work harder, boys.
So what are you thinking?
Think something smart, t-Bone.
You're good at that.
You have a fully functioning brain.
- Mine's like a fishbowl.
- Calm down.
I'mma learn it to ya.
Two loads,
I'mma take two loads
and fly twice as fast.
Two?! You can't do two
at the same time.
But you're the boss, hoss.
Two loads at the same time?
I'm big!
- So big.
- (PANTS) Here we go.
I got this.
I got this thing.
No, wait, come on.
I really do got this.
I got it!
- Whoo, flyboys for life!
I feel fantastic.
Like nothing could possibly
go wrong today.
Hey, Magellan, you want to point
me in the right direction?
T-BONE: All right, boys,
we're gonna take a little shortcut.
My pops learned it to me
back in the day.
It might be a little choppy,
so put on those "fasten seat belt" signs.
JUMBO: Oh great,
i love shortcuts.
But but but but but.
Good thinking. The sooner we get there,
the sooner we get home.
Thanks for the update.
All right, jumbo,
just follow him I guess.
This is so much fun,
and totally safe!
Uh, t-Bone?
On second thought
I'm having second thoughts.
You sound like one of those
'Fraidy cat robots
- That my daughter plays with.
Are you a robot or a man?
Is that a trick question?
Get a better grip
on the throttle, man.
Hey, where do you think
you're going, hotshot?
What's the matter, big man?
Little breeze ruffle your feathers?
- Whoo-Hoo!
How about you just keep
a grip on that load
Or I'll ruffle you, rookie?
Yeah, you tell him, t-Bone.
- Wah! Fear emotion.
This is nothing!
Don't get your thrusters in a bunch.
- Gah.
- Hey, what's going on?
I can't pull up!
My system's out of whack!
But-a but-a but but.
Stay frosty, t-Bone.
We're on our way.
What the...
(GROANS) My copilot hit
his head or something.
- I can't steer.
- Oh no!
T-Bone, quit messing
around back there.
- You big joker.
- I think I made a mistake.
This wasn't a good idea.
This was a terrible idea.
I confuse the two sometimes.
L... I see the light
at the end of the tunnel, guys.
Tell my sweet little
single-Engine Cessna
- I love her!
- That won't be necessary.
Hold on, t-Bone.
I'm coming!
T-Bone, listen to me!
If you want to live,
you've got to drop your load now.
- I can't!
I can't do it.
- I'm trying.
- Okay, I got you.
I got you.
Steady now.
Save yourself, rookie!
- Don't try to be a hero.
- Keep it steady.
All right, work with me here,
big guy, come on.
Come on.
Fred, jumbo, where are you guys?
We're getting
out of this, t-Bone.
This is Fred to base.
Come in.
- We gotta work together.
- Fred to base.
Base to Fred.
Freddie, Basey.
Your basic Fred.
Are you there, base?
T-Bone's in trouble.
Requesting permission
To drop our load and return to base.
Nobody drops their load
without my permission, got it?
- Do not drop that load!
- What's that?
I can't hear you over all the evil
coming out of your mouth right now.
I'll call you maybe.
Jumbo, you ready to be a hero?
Sounds like
a plan-Ley, Stanley.
We got this.
But you gotta let go.
It's a very sticky situation.
Come on, we gotta work together.
Jumbo, you're here for a reason.
How do we drop his cargo?
You have to get
to the manual release lever
- Located on his back.
- It's no use.
Don't give up, man.
Come on.
Here we are, coming to help you.
Fred, jump out
and grab the lever.
You can do it, buddy.
- ACE: My back!
Hang in there
a little longer, ace.
I'm going to release the emergency
release that says "emergency release."
- Hold steady.
- Whatever, Fred, just move.
- There's no time.
- Hey, look who it is.
I see the lever.
Just hold still.
Sky force 101, class in session.
Here goes nothing.
I can't reach it.
If you're gonna do something,
Fred, you'd better do it fast.
Don't worry, I got this.
I can do this.
- This is sky force maneuvers.
- Hey, man, that tickles.
Almost there.
Gah... Come on.
Oh, come on, almost.
It's so close, i...
I got it... I got it!
- I got it.
- Come on, Fred!
- What am I doing?
I really enjoyed working
with you guys.
All right, on nine.
- T-BONE: We're alive, whoo! We're alive!
- ACE: Whoo!
Right on, Freddie.
Flyboys for life!
- I need a vacation.
- Ah, thank goodness!
You scared me, man.
Don't be doing that!
I'd say get in here
and hug it out,
Aw, but we already did that.
You boys are okay.
You'd better check
your oil pan, t-Bone.
- Looks like it's been leaking.
- Boy, were you scared.
- I wasn't scared!
- I have a sweating problem.
- Oooh.
Now let's get back home before
t-Bone here has a heart attack.
- You said it.
- Ay ay aahoooo!
Oh, smile Emoji.
Hey, look, the gang's all here.
There's my cousin Porkchop.
And there's meatloaf.
Hey, what's up Salisbury?
Rib-Eye, how are
you fools doing?
Yeah, all right.
I guess I did something
right for a change, huh?
T. Y... Thank you. T.H.X. And other
variations in the form of gratitude.
Man, you shouldn't have.
Say, you mind if we keep this
between ourselves?
Aw, don't sweat it, man.
I got a reputation to protect.
(CHUCKLES) You're a good cargo plane,
Whoo, that was crazy!
I can't believe you pulled it off.
That was nuts, man!
I was like, "how is he gonna pull off carrying
a five-Ton helicopter with his wings?"
And you were like, "Fred,
I'm pulling off carrying a helicopter
With five-Ton wings," and I was like,
"wow, do it, man. You're insane!"
But we pulled it off.
It was crazy!
- I still can't believe it.
- All right, guys, save the drama for your mama!
- What?
- But, boss, we were just...
Trying to be a hero.
Oh, look at the big hero.
"I'm gonna go save some lives."
Well, we don't want no heroes
and we don't need no heroes.
Got it, chump?
Everyone back to work!
Hmm, guess I told him, huh?
What the hey?
My... Who did that?
- You're all fired!
FRED: Another day in that mine,
i was going to lose my mind.
Girl, things you never
never knew before...
Hey, check it out.
This is my jam, Stan. Shockball.
ROBOT: You look like you
know how to play Shockball.
It's all in the wrist.
Hey, there's that
dust-Cropping guy.
- Didn't he fire us?
- You almost won, but you didn't.
- Now step right outta here.
- Crop duster!
Watch and learn, little girls.
Easy as one, two, three
- Oh, simple as do re mi...
Oh yeah, new high score.
A shocking turn of events.
- Nice shot!
Oh man, the Mathletes
are gonna bug out
- When they see this.
- It's like a giant jawbreaker.
You wanna touch it?
In your dreams!
That looks good.
Fred, go win me one of those.
Okay, who's up next?
Lemme teach you a little lesson
in competitive Shockball.
- Gimme that.
All right, it's all
in the suspension.
- Focus, ready?
- Hit me with your best shot.
Steady, fire!
- ROBOT: You missed!
No refunds.
Store credit only.
Wait, where'd the ball go?
Hey, ace, you watch what I was doing there?
- Listen to me, baby...
Maybe if you keep your mouth
closed and your eyes open,
You might learn a thing or two.
Watch it, would ya?
Would you be careful with that thing?
Stay out of my backswing this time.
That's like
carnival etiquette 101.
- Ready?
Get a load of this.
- What's up, my brothers from other mothers?
- Huh?
Oh, you missed.
- Again.
- No no no no no no.
No, ah ah!
You boys enjoying yourselves
- This place is sweet!
- Well, I owe you one.
- Yeah.
- So why don't you get yourselves some cotton candy,
- On me?
- Oh boy, I love cotton candy!
But-A but but but.
- Yeah, it's pretty yummy.
Look, the show is starting.
Flyboys for life!
- Club remix!
- ACE: Awesome!
- Yah!
- Whoo!
ACE: All right, everyone!
Line up like a Broadway musical!
Jumping up and down,
like one, two.
Go go, yeah.
Come on, little guys.
Make me shake my wings.
Oh, I feel it.
Yeah! Oh!
- Hit it.
- Again.
- Whoo!
Go wings!
That's the "prop" in propeller.
- JUMBO: Come on, kids. Show them what you've got.
- Whoo!
Oh yeah, I'm impressed.
Look at that footwork, eh?
Go jumbo, go jumbo, go jumbo.
T-BONE: Oh yeah,
let me show you how to t-Bone it.
Back down, ho ho ha!
You're so light on your feet.
And shift!
I put the "t" in bone, baby.
And twist!
T-Bone, aren't you gonna do the
Merengue with me? You taught me.
- T-BONE: Ha ha! I got it, oh yeah!
- JUMBO: Go jumbo, go jumbo.
Go jumbo.
There ain't any meat
on this t-Bone! Whoo!
- Yeah!
- Wow.
Who knew that'd be fun?
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,
without further ado,
The flying Camacho brothers.
- Whoa!
- JUMBO: Oh my gosh.
They're almost touching bellies!
So incredible.
Man, these guys are good
and they're going up, up,
And now they're going down.
How do they do that?
Hold on, folks.
It's the piggyback tuck and roll!
- Flawless!
- Maybe I'm just crazy,
But isn't that the same move you
used to do back in sky force?
Yeah, I used to be able
to pull off that trick.
I bet t-Bone could do
that trick in his sleep.
- Huh, t-Bone?
- Easy-Peasy.
- Lemon squeezy?
Yeah, you just have
to remember to land right.
On your landing gear.
Ha! Yeah, I remember
this one time
I went in wheels first and boy,
was I racking up frequent-Flier miles.
This guy comes out of nowhere
like, "what are you doing?"
(LAUGHS) - Oh, t-Bone,
you are an excellent storyteller.
- Tell me more.
- He is!
- Yeah.
- But but but.
Hey, ace, let's blow this joint.
I want to show you something.
Dude, I've seen your wheelie.
It's not that impressive.
Good night, folks,
and safe travels.
I'm gonna go buzz the tower.
It's not so scary when you look
at it from up here, is it?
Uh, Fred, what are
we doing here?
Remember the time we drove all night
just to end up in a parking lot?
After the accident,
they shut down that old power plant.
It's empty.
There's no one down there.
I don't know about you,
but when I have a problem,
I walk right up to it and say,
"who's your daddy, problem?"
I don't know
what that means, Fred.
If you're still here 10 years
from now, carrying rocks
From one side of the mine
to the other
And watching roboball games
at my mom's house,
- I'm gonna take your wheels off.
- Look, dude,
Maybe I like working in the mines.
That's just who I am, bro.
Dude, you're sitting
on a winning lottery ticket.
- Uhhh.
- You're so money you don't even know it.
It would be an insult to guys like
me if you're still here in 10 years.
You owe it to me to go
back to sky force.
And more importantly,
you owe it to yourself.
You know what?
Actually, time to saddle up, Freddie.
Do you have to do that?
Do you have to steal my lines every time?
Tell me what you find
But all you're
gonna find...
Here's how it's gonna go down.
As soon as ace comes
around that mountain,
He's gonna see
this burning warehouse here.
And as a former
member of sky force,
Instincts are just
gonna kick in.
I don't know if this was
such a good idea.
That fire is looking
rather dangerous.
Well now, jumbo,
he's gotta face his fears
- If he wants to be a man.
- Oh.
i hope he becomes a man today
And not a shish kebab.
So you turn to the sky,
wondering why
But, girl,
you gotta stop looking up
I like it up here
and I'm never gonna drop...
Wow, this old power plant's
like a ghost town.
Maybe this wasn't
such a good idea.
Ace, times like these,
you just gotta keep flying!
One wing in front
of the other... I mean, uh...
One... The wings
next to each other...
I mean at the same time.
You know what I mean.
- I don't know what that means.
- Ha ha!
Well, we're here now,
so we might as well make the best of it.
And who knows, there might be
some planes that need saving.
- Over there, for example.
- Huh, yeah.
Right, like there's some plane stuck
in a burning building over there.
You never know.
Check it out just in case.
Yeah, whatever you say.
Hey, there is a fire over there!
Go figure.
- Here they come, here they come!
- Awesome sauce!
It's all you, kid.
Go get 'em.
Someone must be in trouble,
eh, Freddie?
Better go check it out.
(PANTS) Here we go.
Time to do what I do.
I can't!
I can't do it.
Oh, dude, there's lives
to save down there!
- Oh, so close.
That was a big bowl of failure.
I used to love flying
into burning buildings.
What's wrong with me?
COLONEL'S VOICE: If I had a nickel
for every time I heard that.
- Colonel?
- Things happen for a reason.
C'mere, kid.
- Sometimes
You just gotta fly
and not ask why.
But why?
L... I let you down, colonel.
Hey, man,
who are you talking to?
The colonel.
I won't let him down this time.
There's someone in danger
and I'm going in.
Come on, ace.
Come on, ace!
- Come on, be money.
- Oh, the tension.
- Go go go go go!
Come on.
- Whoa.
Nice job, ace.
Whoo yeah!
I can't believe
how easy that was.
What was I so afraid of?
It's like I always say,
Flyboys for life.
Thanks, colonel.
I needed that.
Hey, what am i?
Chopped liver?
Yeah, you too, buddy.
Flyboys for life!
- Come on, yeah!
I like when things work out good.
It gives me that warm
and toasty feeling inside.
Hey, you got any marshmallows?
- And graham crackers?
- No.
- But I did bring s'mores.
- Cool!
- COPILOT: What's a s'more?
Where is everybody?
They should have been
back with those loads
At least an hour ago.
I just don't understand.
Hey, boss, you got
a call on line three.
Gimme that!
Boss speaking.
It's a complete white out
up here.
It's snowing
like a dirty diaper.
- We gotta get these planes down the mountain.
- What?!
It's a winter wonderland
of snow out there.
Make some snow angels,
You know, maybe a snowman.
Have a snowball fight.
Everything starts with snow.
I don't know, what else can you do in
the snow? Get out there and have fun.
Afraid I can't do that.
These planes are on thin ice.
We're freezing our propellers
off up here
And it's my job everyone
comes home safe.
Who cares about safe?
I don't care about safe.
Does anybody care about safe?
I have insurance.
Ha ha ha ha!
How about you do
your job, t-Bone?
- Or you're fired!
- Well...
sorry you feel that way, boss.
(SIGHS) But what's right is
right and you ain't right.
This is like the biggest
snow storm in 70 years.
Winds are
at an all-Time high
And temperatures are at
an all-Time low.
It's like a dirty diaper out
there and I'm trying to hold on
'Cause I need this job.
Wow, the biggest
snow storm in 70 years.
70 years!
I'm not built for this.
- Hmm?
- He's crazy to have us work tonight.
Wait, he knows I only
have one wheel, right?
Remember that time
we flew across the canyon
And the boss was like,
"guys, quit dropping loads!"
Yeah, I think t-Bone might
be a distant second
To all that cargo
we threw down the canyon.
- 'Cause I know I'm not paying for it.
- Dropping loads!
I crack myself up.
That guy's so weird.
T-BONE: The boss doesn't care
if we freeze to death up here,
But that's not gonna happen.
You hear me?
Everything will be fine
As long as we use
the buddy system.
All right,
now everyone find a buddy.
you and gravy go first.
JUMBO: I sure do love the buddy system.
It keeps you warmer.
T-BONE: Porkchop,
sarsaparilla, move out!
- But but but but.
- No plane left behind.
- Porterhouse, where are you, big guy?
- No left plane behind.
Hustle hustle hustle!
Okay okay okay,
keep it moving, folks.
Nothing to see here.
Oh, focus, focus!
Go go go!
Move move move!
Whoa, go back, go back, go back.
Hustle hustle.
Absolutely no left plane behind.
No right ones either.
Okay, now this was a bad idea.
We gotta get
everyone back inside.
- FEMALE VOICE: Help. Help me.
- JUMBO: You hear that?
- Do you?
- Help?
It sounds like
someone is in trouble.
My wheel's stuck.
I don't want to go
to airplane heaven.
This isn't good.
Don't worry, cheesesteak,
I'm coming!
93, 9... Jumbo!
Where's jumbo?
Jumbo, where are you going?
Get back here, that's an order!
Beep beep, excuse me.
Pardon me.
- Out of the way, Porkchop.
- Sorry, hello, thank you.
- Jumbo's coming!
Watch it, oh god.
Oh boy.
Don't worry.
Watch out.
Right in front of you.
Almost got it.
- Jumbo to the rescue!
- I got you.
- Whoa-Oaaa!
- (LAUGHS) Hey!
- But who has me?
Not today, cheesesteak.
Not today.
You're gonna live.
I got you.
- I got you.
- He was so brave, but unfortunately...
- Get back inside!
...he went to airplane heaven.
(SOBBING) - Get inside.
Jumbo, you down there?
I can't see you, buddy!
We gotta get back inside, jumbo!
Oh no.
Everyone back inside now!
The whole mountain's about to come down.
Wait wait, don't close it yet.
Here I come.
Hold the gate.
I'm coming.
Wait wait wait wait!
Wait, guys, I'm still outside.
- Come on, t-Bone.
- Oh, hurry hurry!
- I'm gonna make it.
- Come on, you can make it.
Whoa, dude!
Did you feel that?
It's probably just the boss
making an example of someone.
Hmm hmm.
- Uh...
- I'm sick of hanging around the hanger all the time.
Let's go do something.
This storm is crazy, man.
- ACE: Whoa.
- Did you check the traffic report?
Maybe not. Maybe we should stay
inside and play a board game.
This is totally stupid.
Oh, come on.
Ah, cold cold cold.
Come on, up!
- Everyone stay focused.
- Ahhh!
Ahh, wha?
Better shut the gate.
Oooh ahhh oooh ahhh.
Oh oh oh.
- Coming in cold!
- Hey, look out!
- BOSS MAN: Rookie!
- Who, what, where?
- Rookie!
- What are you doing here?
It's really coming down down there.
I hope everyone's okay.
What, are you a weatherman now?
Keep it moving, chump!
I think you might want
to shut the whole mine down
- Till the storm blows over, you know?
- Uh-Huh.
(LAUGHS) Think you might want
to mind your own business.
Now fly away, little birdie.
Fly away.
Boss man, apparently there's a bunch
of planes stuck up on the mountain.
- Don't kill the messenger!
- Seriously?
- Let's go check it out, Freddie.
- What?
- Those planes might need our help.
- Don't you dare
Try to be a hero, rookie. Last time you
cost me an entire shipment of coal.
- An entire shipment!
- Man, someone needs to teach you a lesson.
- Don't you even care what happens to them?
- No.
I can't take it anymore!
I quit!
Just like you quit sky force, right?
You big poopie head!
You let your old boss down,
Your team down because
you're nothing but a loser!
A lah-Hoo-Hoo-Ser!
Ha ha ha, yeah,
that's pretty funny.
Oh hey, I got a little
something for you.
- I've been saving it up.
- Huh?
- Oh no... (COUGHING)
- Take a sniff of this!
Come on, Fred.
There's lives to save!
How dare they throw
the book at me.
What are you looking at?
- Huh?
You wouldn't hit a robot
with glasses, would you?
- Ow ow ow!
That's... Ow!
Dude, you sure about this?
Yeah, this is what we do, right?
The colonel always had a plan.
Even if he didn't have a plan,
that was his plan.
Hmm, oh well, I guess
we'll have to wing it.
That was his plan...
To not have a plan.
Plus the weather's probably
gonna be an issue, too.
On second thought...
- Maybe we should call for backup.
- Huh?
Are you saying what
i think you're saying?
That's right, Fred.
This is a job
For sky force.
I'm not getting through.
I keep calling, but it's going
straight to voicemail.
- Should I send a text?
- Send a text!
- Girls never answer their phone.
- Oh, that makes sense.
We gotta work together.
It's time for a throwback, Freddie,
To when things were awesome!
Awesome sauce front and center.
You've got this, guys.
We're counting on you.
Where am i?
He left me all alone.
I'm scared, t-Bone.
Oh, ratchet?
Ratchet, wake up.
Wake up, ratchet.
Oh ah oh uh hi.
- Shock.
- What are we gonna do, man?
We're trapped.
It's f-F-Freezing.
This reminds me of the time
I was walking through
a herd of cows.
Whoa whoa!
Hold on, Fred!
Hang on to your hats
and glasses.
Ace, be careful.
The wind isn't letting up!
Whoa, what a mess!
It's kind of like
a dirty diaper.
How the heck
are we gonna get in there?
Oh whoa!
T- Bone!
Anybody home?
- Careful.
- This is crazy.
Let's check the perimeter.
They've gotta be
around here someplace.
- Let's do it. Come on!
- Hoo-Ah!
Where are you guys?
- Careful.
We're all gonna shut down if we
don't get some fuel in here.
- Yeah, and the bathroom's not working either.
- Wait, come back!
- Here, drink some gas.
- It's unleaded.
- Does anybody know how to work this radio?
Oh oh!
Hold on, I'm gonna get you.
Come on.
- Ace, it's t-Bone!
- Huh?
- What happened to him?
- T-Bone's trapped.
(GROANS) Wake up, t-Bone.
T-Bone, hold on.
- Don't you sleep!
- Come on, t-Bone.
It's time to wake up!
Wake up!
Wakey wakey, eggs and bacey.
Come on!
- Is that you?
- We're getting you outta here, brother.
They're all inside,
trapped in the mine.
You gotta do something, buddy.
Ace, don't forget about me.
Flyboys for life, right?
You're getting
out of here, okay?
You listen to me.
How'd you get stuck
in here anyway?
Come on, t-Bone!
What should we do?
Think, ace.
Come on, think.
- Huh?
Wait a minute.
Is that... Up there!
Got your text, bro.
- ACE: Awesome!
- FRED: Whoo-Hoo!
I've really missed you, dude.
- Windy, I missed you, girl.
- Yeah!
We can't land with these winds, dude.
And that runway
is pretty much gone.
All this snow can
give way any second.
This is like avalanche central
up in here.
(MOANS) We're gonna
freeze to death.
- Where'd that rock come from?!
- Okay okay.
Don't fill up your oil pan just yet.
Help is on the way, okay?
And we're done.
All right, t-Bone,
it's time to blow this popsicle stand.
Gunner, let's hoist
This bad boy up up and away.
this radio just doesn't want to work.
Wait, what...
What's that?
- Huh?
- Wait, do you hear it?
- What?
- RATCHET: Noises.
- Oh oh, is it...
It's... They're here!
Help is here!
I got it!
Hey, windy, silly question,
- But did you bring any bombs with you?
- Uh, no. Why do you ask?
Well, the only way
that door's gonna open
Is if we blast it open.
Okay. Maybe Hudson has some.
You got any bombs, bro?
Funny you should ask that.
I do.
i can't get a read on your location.
I'm going to disconnect
my tracking device
So you can hone in
on the exact location
To detonate the bomb.
Fred, hurry up back there.
We don't have much time.
They're gonna be here any second.
500' from the mine and closing.
Hudson, let's deliver
that bomb, big guy.
- You can do it, bro.
- Yeah, duh.
Like we've never
dropped a bomb before.
- Ain't no thing with a chicken wing.
- That's what I'm talking about.
Oh yeah, I'm the boss.
Are you sure about this?
At this point it all comes down
to faith and trust.
I thought you were
gonna say pixie dust.
It's time to detonate, Suckas!
- Oh goodie.
- You're at 400'.
Soon you'll be at 300'.
After that you'll probably
be at 250.
That's 250!
- Here comes 200.
- Ow.
Let's just say
you're pretty close now!
- Watch out.
- I'm old.
- WINDY: Hudson, pull up!
- You're gonna crash!
- Uh-Oh.
Watch out, watch out!
- I'm gonna have a boo-Boo.
- Bright lights, bright lights!
- WINDY: What the heck is going on?
- Fear emotion!
- Stop being a baby,
You big baby!
We've got an avalanche on our hands.
Hey, what's happening, guys?
Talk to me.
The tracking device is
running out of power.
It's up to you, ace.
Just get out of here.
- Go save some lives.
- But what about you, man?
Are you gonna be okay?
If we don't blow the door now,
it'll be too late.
Just go get outta here.
Use your battery to power
the tracking device.
- Are you gonna be okay?
- Dude, come on!
I mean it.
Everyone's depending on us.
You need to save them.
Just go, man.
I know we can do this.
I know we can.
Ace, you gotta get to Hudson.
Roger dodger.
Hudson, give the bomb to ace.
- Bomb's gotta go down there.
- Thanks, captain obvious.
Okay, see that plane?
- Huh?
- Jump down on it.
- Who me?
- Yeah you.
- I'm not going down there.
- Sure you are.
Come on, man,
you never hooked a bomb to a plane before?
I am way too high for this!
Come on, bud.
All right, yeah!
- Good job. Now what?
Red red red red red red!
No, green!
- Where am i?
- Hurry up already.
- Hoo-Ah.
- Oh, waiting waiting!
Wait, whoa!
Are you okay?
Quit fooling around down there.
No, I'm not okay!
How does this look okay?
I'm the opposite
of okay right now.
- Come on, get it together!
- Oh my... Don't rush me!
All right, got it!
All right!
Oh yeah!
I love the smell of cargo in the morning!
All right, soldiers,
we're taking that hill!
Ace, we're out of time. You get to
that mine and you drop that bomb.
Roger that.
Need... gas.
It's good to have
the old ace back.
We really love you.
- WINDY: But just as friends!
- Don't forget to say goodbye next time, ace!
That won't be necessary.
I'm freezing my wingnuts off over here.
Wakey wakey, eggs and bacey.
Freddie, get outta here!
It's too dangerous!
- Fred?
- It's all you, man.
WINDY: Fred, you've gotta get out
of there when that bomb drops.
- I'll pick you up on the runway.
- ACE: Hold on!
Copy that.
Boys and girls, this is
t-Minus 10 seconds to glory.
Just do what you gotta do, man.
Let's get ready to detonate in 10,
Nine, eight...
Okay, Fred.
- We're gonna get out of this one.
- Oh!
- One spoke in front of the other.
...five, four,
Three, two...
just a few more feet.
- Fire in the hole!
Hey, Fred!
Windy, can you see Fred
from your position?
Fred, Fred!
Is that cargo i smell?
Oh oh, they're here.
They did it!
I'm going out in the snow now
Because it's all okay.
Freddie, Freddie!
Watch out.
Hey, Freddie!
There's no time
for small talk, baby.
Come on!
We've gotta find Fred.
Fred, Fred!
There he is!
- Now I really need a vacation.
- Freddie!
- Don't be doing that.
- Fred, you're okay!
Running on fumes
and I'm still saving the day.
- JUMBO: I think I could totally get used to this.
- Wah!
But but but.
Such an exciting day.
- We did it, brother!
- I see you found your lady friend.
Oh yeah, baby.
Say, any openings in sky force
For the nice big jumbo plane?
Everybody loves
a good jumbo plane!
- Man, quit your jive talking.
Flyboys for life!
As they are saying.
Flyboys forever!
Not what I would have said.
I think you mean
"flygirls for life."
- JUMBO: Random animal noise!
- ACE: Yeah!
- Whoo-Hoo-Hoo!
Sky force emergency center.
We got a major blaze over at
the bluebird shipping docks.
Man, they've gotta quit
playing with matches.
Come in, sky force.
Where are you at?
This is team captain ace
to base.
Team captain ace to base,
we are on our way.
You sit there
by yourself...
Hey, ace, we've gotta
make a little pit stop.
I gotta use
the little robots' room.
There is no "i"
in teamwork, Freddie.
- You should know that by now.
However there is a "we" in wee.
You know what?
I'm not gonna make an extra stop.
- You're just gonna have to hold it.
- Here's jumbo!
You'll have to wait till "we"
both have to go, all right?
So, windy, baby,
What do you think
of my sweet new hood ornament?
- Yeah, it's a falcon.
- Okay, I'm impressed a little.
You say that you believe
In trading one for two
You never thought of me,
too bad I always think of you
You are the generator,
i am electrified
See me a little later,
I'll feel better amplified
I know what you need
Know what you need
You need for me
to tell you that
I got what you need
Got what you need, but i
could never tell you that
If you could say it once
I'd say it all the time
But something's
getting in the way, ooh
If I am so afraid
Then you won't hear it back
And I will never know 'cause
i could never tell you that
I could never tell you that
No, I could
never tell you that
I know what you need
Know what you need
You need for me
to tell you that
I got what you need
Got what you need, but i
could never tell you that
You say that you believe
In trading one for two
You never thought of me,
too bad I always think of you
You are the generator,
i am electrified
See me a little later,
I'll feel better amplified
I know what you need
Know what you need
You need for me
to tell you that
I got what you need
Got what you need, but i
could never tell you that
If you could say it once
I'd say it all the time
But something's
getting in the way, ooh
If I am so afraid
Then you won't hear it back
And I will never know 'cause
i could never tell you that
I could never tell you that
No, I could
never tell you that
I know what you need
Know what you need
You need for me
to tell you that
I got what you need
Got what you need, but i
could never tell you that
I know what you need
Know what you need
You need for me
to tell you.