Winner (2024) Movie Script

(intense music)
(intense music continues)
(intense music continues)
La la la la la la la la la
[Coach Calamity] You can be anything,
you can be anything you want to be.
[Tiny Toffee] Even a horse racer?
Even a horse racer?
Even a horse racer?
[Coach Calamity] Yep, even a horse racer,
we call them horse jockeys.
[Tiny Toffee] But I'm just a little seahorse.
Is that allowed?
[Coach Calamity] Looky here little girl.
Look here little girl.
The odds are totally against you,
but just 'cause you can't walk
(notification beeping)
doesn't mean you can't race.
- Hi Samantha.
- How's it going, Chloe?
Great, I am just about ready.
[Samantha] Well, the final mix is due Monday.
So we record today, or not at all?
Oh, great. Today it is.
[Samantha] Great, let me know when you're ready.
(papers rustling)
Hello and welcome to "Goodnight
Times and Happy Rhymes."
I'm your host, Chloe Pomensky.
[Samantha] Just Chloe.
I am your host, Chloe.
[Samantha] Continue.
Today's story takes place in a far away world
you might've heard of, or dreamed of,
most probably while you're in the bathtub.
It's a fun and colorful world
filled with loads of bubbly characters that would-
- [Samantha] Cut.
Listen to the words that you're saying.
Fun, colorful, bubbly.
You don't sound that
- Right.
- It's not a documentary,
Chloe, our show's meant to
be an imaginative playground
for kids under 10.
Yeah, of course, can I go again?
- Please do.
- Okay.
Today's story takes place... On the actual beginning.
Hello and welcome to "Goodnight
Times and Happy Rhymes."
I'm your host, Chloe.
Today's story takes place in a far away world
you might have heard of, or dreamed of,
most probably while you're in the bathtub.
It's a fun and colorful world
filled with loads of bubbly characters
that will get your heart racing.
In fact, today's story is all about a little racer.
Well, she dreams of racing,
but she's not quite there yet.
[Samantha] Cut, the thing is, you sound goofy now,
and kids can tell when it's fake.
Right. Got it.
[Samantha] I thought you practiced already, Chloe.
I did.
I've totally distinguished
each of the character's voices.
[Samantha] But you couldn't get
the most important one right.
Take five and, I don't know.
Try to find some real positivity, then call us back.
A hundred percent Samantha, and thank you-
(line beeping) again.
[Coach Calamity] If you wanna be a horse racer,
that's awesome 'cause you can be anything you wanna be.
[Tiny Toffee] Even a horse racer?
Even a horse racer?
Coach Clamity hesitated for a second,
scratching his giant clam chin.
[Coach Calamity] Yeah. Yep.
Even a horse racer, we call them horse jockey.
We call them horse jockeys.
(intense music continues)
(intense music continues)
Tiny toffee could see the wheels turn.
Tiny Toffee could see the wheels turning
in coach calamity's giant clam brain.
(intense music continues)
(keyboard clicking)
(notification beeping)
[Tiny Toffee] But I am just a little seahorse.
Is that allowed?
But I'm just a little seahorse, is that allowed?
(phone buzzing) (intense music continues)
[Announcer] Chloe Pomensky, are you ready
for the vacation of a lifetime?
Because you've just won our
Save the Rainforest competition.
Send us your details to redeem a free trip
for you and your plus one, and then pack your bags
'cause you're heading to
paradise, also known as Malaysia.
(upbeat music)
(phone clicking)
(upbeat music)
(upbeat music continues)
(upbeat music continues)
(keyboard clicking)
(phone buzzing)
[Mom] Oh, Bubs, you never win anything.
I am so proud of you.
Thanks, mom, that means a lot.
[Mom] Look, I know you hate being all alone,
so I can go along with you if you insist.
Thank you, I'll think about it.
Look, I gotta get back to work, so let's chat later.
(phone buzzing)
[Alex] Shit sakes Chloe, a free vacation?
I know. It's awesome, right?
[Alex] Has mom weaseled in already?
Alex, come on, it's meant to be like a romantic getaway.
[Alex] But you've been single for like a decade,
Not a decade. Seven years.
[Alex] Well, either way, Chlo,
I'd love another vacation, work's been pretty stress-
(intense music) (camera clicking)
Today's story takes place in a far away world
you might've heard of, or dreamed of,
most probably while you're in the bathtub.
It's a fun and colorful world
filled with bubbly characters
that will get your heart racing.
(intense music continues)
[Blackmailer] Chloe. Now
listen, we hacked your hard drive
and took everything from you, your private videos,
your naked photos, everything
that you don't want us to see.
You understand me, Chloe Pomensky?
Now you need to pay us $50,000,
or we'll post every naked photo of you online
for the world to see.
And you'll never work in children's radio.
There's no vacation bitch, this is ransom.
(intense music)
[Mom] A scam, oh, that's so typical of you, Chloe.
What do you mean, mom?
This has never happened to me before.
[Mom] What about those monkeys you're always adopting?
- That's a scam.
- No, my donations help
with their rehabilitation.
[Mom] Why are you buying monkey rehab
when you can't pay rent?
Is there any way that Alex can help me?
[Alex] Why would I lend you 50 grand
for another third world con?
You still owe me.
Alex, if they share my
photos online, I will kill myself.
[Alex] If that's your only solution, do it.
[Mom] Calm down, Chloe, you'll survive this.
You're an endurer after all.
- Do you know what that means?
- Yeah.
It means you watch while I eat shit again.
(phone clattering)
(keyboard clicking)
(intense music)
[Samantha] Chloe, you missed our Zoom follow-up
and the audio engineer can't wait, so that's it.
You've blown your chance.
Some advice for the future.
When someone gives you professional feedback,
use it to better yourself
rather than disappearing into your shell.
Kids Radio is a serious art form, you know?
And we only reward dedication here.
Please don't bother us again.
(phone thumping)
Tiny Toffee was a cute little seahorse
who worked in her father's bakery.
Every morning started pretty
much the same for Tiny Toffee.
First she mixed 10 buckets of dough.
Then she kneaded 120 bread loaves.
Then she created a bunch of
never seen before pastry shapes
before tasting each one of them
to check that they were just perfect.
This last job she made up, but she sure was good at it.
Now, in case you've never been inside a bakery
early in the morning, it is absolute chaos.
Cherries, chocolate chips,
syrup and egg wash cover every surface.
On this particular morning,
Tiny Toffee was testing a new system,
a little go-kart she could ride at top speed
to get everything done in
the bakery a whole hour early.
But her dad was not impressed.
[Dad] We've baked bread the same way for years.
Why do you have to make it so complicated Tiny Toffee?
(upbeat music)
[Tiny Toffee] But dad, I'm really good at racing around.
So good in fact that maybe I shouldn't work here at all.
[Dad] Nonsense, (phone buzzing)
you're a seahorse.
Everybody knows seahorses
work in bakeries and that's that.
Tiny Toffee hopped off her go-kart
and spent the rest of the morning sulking around,
and stealing chocolate chips.
Later at school, she spoke to her PE teacher,
the giant clam, known as Coach Clamity.
[Tiny Toffee] Coach Clamity,
I need your help with something.
See, I love racing around, but my dad hates it.
Does that make me a bad seahorse?
Coach Calamity had some wise words.
[Coach Calamity] If you like racing around,
that's awesome 'cause you can be anything you wanna be.
[Tiny Toffee] Even a horse racer?
Coach Clamity hesitated for a second.
Scratching his giant clammy chin.
[Coach Calamity] Yep, even a horse racer.
We call them horse jockeys.
(upbeat music continues)
[Tiny Toffee] But I'm just a little seahorse.
Is that allowed?
[Coach Calamity] Who better to race a land horse
than a seahorse? (phone buzzing)
Tiny Toffee can see the wheels turning
in coach's giant clam brain.
[Coach Calamity] You know, you are the fastest
little racer I've ever taught,
so I'm gonna make you an offer.
[Tiny Toffee] What's that?
[Coach Calamity] I'll help you go pro.
How does that sound?
Tiny Toffee the seahorse jockey.
(upbeat music continues)
[Tiny Toffee] I love it.
I always dreamed of racing horses.
I bet they're totally similar to us seahorses.
[Coach Calamity] You're probably right.
And just like that Tiny Toffee had her world
turned upside down in a good way.
Chapter two after the break.
(intense music)
- I got spiked, Chloe.
- What?
I can't hear you go somewhere quiet, Alex.
[Alex] Why is this happening to me?
I'm not the idiot who gave all their passwords
- and shit away.
- What do you mean
you got spiked?
[Alex] I finished my set and I was in the crowd
and I felt a sting in my shoulder.
I thought it was an accident, but just listen,
[Blackmailer] Alex, you feel a needle in your back, yes?
The man who do this works for me.
There is snake venom in your body right now, Alex.
And I know what kind of snake,
because it come from my country.
I make everything happen today, you see?
First we hack into Chloe's computer,
and now we put venom into your body, why you ask?
'Cause you will now help your sister pay
the $50,000 ransom.
And when I get your payment,
I will tell you where is your anti-venom.
My guy hide it close to you at your party.
So be quick and pay me, okay, amigo?
That's crazy.
[Alex] Yeah, it is, Chloe.
I could die here.
I don't know what to say, Alex.
I've never been scammed like this before.
[Alex] Shut up, just get a payday loan or something
and send it to the guy.
Did you hear me?
I'm trying to put on the biggest show of the year.
Your shit has nothing to do with me.
Okay, I got it.
I'll try to speak to him.
[Alex] I already called the ambulance.
Hi Samantha, it's Chloe.
I am really sorry that I didn't call you back
for the retake, but I just sent you a new recording,
so please let me know if that's an improvement.
The thing is,
I haven't told you what's going on with me today.
Basically, I'm in the middle of some family drama
that started a couple years ago
when I borrowed money from my brother.
I had a really bad accident.
And long story short, I just really needed the money
to get by.
Anyways, today, he's been randomly harassing me
and threatening me, and he claims that gangsters
have poisoned him and that
they're going to kill him and me
if I don't pay them a ransom.
I know this sounds insane.
Right now I'm just trying to keep it together
because the Tiny Toffee story
really does mean a lot to me.
But if I'm not the right person for that story,
I can do other stories.
I've also been been thinking about this one,
about an orangutan who lives in the jungle and alone.
And she has to defend her land every day
with all these really cool weapons.
Like, well,
anyways, I can pitch that to you another time.
Just tell me when.
So yeah, I'm really sorry again.
And I really hope that you give me another chance.
Okay, bye for now.
(phone beeping)
(papers rustling)
(phone buzzing)
- What mom?
- Everything's gone crazy,
Chloe, those gangsters got
Alex with the snake poison and-
- I know, okay.
What do you want me to do?
[Mom] This is your fault.
They're even after Justin now.
- My Justin?
- Listen to what
they sent Alex.
I can't hear anything.
Do you know how to play it while you're on the phone?
[Mom] How do you, this god thing?
Just play it on the computer, mom.
Can you hear now?
[Blackmailer] Alex, we think you and Chloe
cannot make the ransom payment.
No problem, we have a new plan.
Listen carefully, we put another needle
in your office, under your chair.
You take this second needle
to your business partner,
DJ Justin Sane, and you put this needle
into him before he sees you, okay?
You must follow my words, Alex,
'cause I know everything.
I know Justin is your number one DJ.
And I know he was, how do you say it?
The love of Chloe's life before she was crippled.
So you will put the needle into Justin
and he will pay the ransom.
And you and Chloe will be safe
- Be quick amigo.
- You and Justin
were like a decade ago.
How do they know everything?
It was seven years ago, mom.
[Mom] Well, what the hell do I do now?
Your brother's in serious trouble.
Are you sure that Alex isn't just making this up
to get back the money he loaned me?
[Mom] Oh, for the love of God,
phone him yourself and be helpful.
(intense music)
Alex mom played me the message
where the guy told you to spike Justin.
[Alex] I don't know what to do, Chlo.
I can't see properly.
- Right.
- Is that it?
Not even, sorry.
Honestly, I have a feeling you're playing with us.
(intense music continues)
- Oh, wow.
- What do I do, Chlo?
Mom's moving cash from some accounts
to see how much the business has got,
but it's taking too long and, Christ ugh.
And your credit is obviously useless.
- Is the pain bad?
- Of course it's bad.
It's snake venom.
I'm sorry Alex, just whatever you do,
do not spike Justin.
[Alex] You would say that, he's not Jesus, you know?
Maybe if you tell him what's happening,
he'll pay the scammers on your behalf.
[Alex] On my behalf?
This was your problem, remember?
Well, I'm not worth 50 grand to Justin, am I?
You are his business partner.
[Alex] God, this is so unfair.
I need, (vomits) there's blood in my puke, Chlo.
I don't wanna die in this shitty toilet, what do I do?
Where's Justin right now?
[Alex] Getting high on the dance floor probably.
I haven't told him in case.
- In case?
- If he's the only person
who can get 50 grand tonight, I might have no choice.
(intense music)
The paramedics said they'll try to stabilize me
when they get here, but if
they don't know what snake it is,
they can't do much, and if it's deadly, I'm screwed.
Are you gonna help or just sit there like an idiot?
You know, you have been the worst brother
since my accident.
[Alex] Don't do this now, Chloe.
You were the one twerking on an eight foot rigging.
That's not my fault.
Well, when you pay someone to perform, you insure them.
Everybody knows that.
[Alex] I'm sorry. Okay?
That's why I sent you the loan no questions asked.
Oh, and look how you acted after that.
And that was only eight grand.
Why should I believe this is even real?
[Alex] You saw my face Chlo, I'm not making this shit up.
I guess I'll have to just
spike Justin like the guy said.
Why, none of this is his problem.
[Alex] It isn't mine either.
My battery's low, I'm getting that needle for Justin.
Then I'll call you back, don't go anywhere.
Jesus Christ.
[Alex] Sis, I feel like I'm on fire.
What has a medic given you?
[Alex] We don't have medics at our shows.
What, even after your own sister was paralyzed?
[Alex] They'd shut us down if they saw
what the kids take here, you know that?
Oh god dammit, it's like a blowtorch.
Remind me to never get bitten by a snake.
This was meant to be our
biggest show since the pandemic.
Jesus, Alex.
[Alex] Okay, so I got the needle for Justin
from my office, now help me think so I do this right?
Okay, just go to Justin and show him the needle.
Explain that it was meant for him,
but that you don't wanna get him involved,
and ask him for a cash loan.
[Alex] So I get landed with the 50 grand debt.
Yeah, maybe?
I could see him dancing with a girl.
He's totally out of it.
Like, I could walk past and
spike him without him knowing.
Alex, he is your friend.
Just show him the needle and explain everything.
[Alex] But you don't believe me, so why would he?
Yeah, I hear what you're saying.
Holy shit, I just realized the guys
who got me out here, so they're probably watching me
as I speak.
Stay on the line, sis, I keep getting waves of.
Okay, when he kisses her, I've gotta do it.
Please don't. Okay.
Look, it's probably just some friend
and he's gonna see you coming
with a needle and then what?
Alex, Alex!
If you're just trying to scare me, please stop, okay?
I'll give you back the eight grand as soon as I can.
[Alex] Did it, he didn't see me.
Get that asshole on the phone.
I want my anti-venom now, Chlo.
(keyboard clicking)
- Chloe.
- Hold on,
I've just written him.
Toilet four under the trash can.
[Alex] Got it, there's an IV drip and then a bottle
that says anti-venom.
- Hell yeah.
- Okay, just lie down
and wait for the paramedics to arrive.
[Alex] They're already here, I heard them before.
Okay, that's good. That's good.
- Alex.
- What?
I'm really happy you're okay.
I mean, you're still my big brother.
(Alex coughing)
[Alex] You can't ever tell Justin it was me
- who spiked him.
- Okay, I-
- [Alex] Shut the fuck up and listen.
I know you do anything to have him back.
So I'm warning you, you keep your mouth shut, Chloe.
(relaxing music)
(relaxing music continues)
(relaxing music continues)
(mug clinking) (relaxing music continues)
(phone buzzing)
- Samantha.
- Chloe, I got your message,
- My message?
- About your brother
- harassing you.
- Oh, right.
[Samantha] Now, don't make me regret this,
but I'm giving you one last chance.
Woman to woman, I sympathize with you.
So take my advice and call the cops right now, Chloe.
He should be dealt with.
You're totally right, and I'm going to report him.
I'm just recording our
conversations first for evidence.
[Samantha] That's good thinking.
Did you get my new take?
[Samantha] Uh-huh, that's mostly why I called.
- And?
- Tiny Toffee's dad
is still wrong, but you're
getting closer to nailing it.
(phone beeping) Everything all right?
Yeah, it's just.
Sorry, nevermind, what were you saying?
[Samantha] Tiny Toffee's dad sounded better,
but still a bit like a baddie.
Isn't he a baddie?
[Samantha] There aren't any baddies in our shows.
None of the voices should be scary, Chloe.
All right, if you give me a minute, I can go again.
(paper rustling)
- Ready?
- Yeah, answer my Zoom please.
(computer beeping)
[Dad] We've been baking bread the same way for years.
Why do you have to make it so complicated?
[Samantha] More mellow.
[Dad] We've been baking bread the same way for years.
Why do you have to make it so complicated Tiny Toffee?
[Samantha] Good. Continue, please.
- [Dad] Nonsense.
- Sorry.
[Dad] Nonsense, you're a seahorse.
Everybody knows that seahorses work in bakeries
and that's that. (soothing music)
- (phone beeping)
- Great.
[Dad] Maybe I was a bit hard on you, let's make a deal.
You don't have to work on the weekends
if I get to watch you race.
- Awesome, Chloe.
- Is that it?
[Samantha] Can I get some crowd voices
as well from chapter three?
Sure. (paper rustling)
Hold tight little girl, or you'll fall off.
[Samantha] Again, please.
More friendly and supportive, nothing negative.
[Crowd Member 1] Hold tight, little girl,
or you'll fall off.
[Samantha] Good.
[Crowd Member 2] Look at her,
she's sliding off the saddle,
I think it's her first time.
[Samantha] Excellent, Chloe.
[Samantha] While you're here,
we might as well do the racetrack boss.
(phone beeping)
Did you hear me?
Yeah. Yes, gotcha. (paper rustling)
[Samantha] Chapter three again.
[Racetrack Boss] Is this the little girl
who wants to race at my racetrack?
Good luck out there, Tiny Toffee.
You'll need it.
[Samantha] Now, just one more character please.
- Coach Calamity?
- That's the one.
So I just didn't get any of the male characters right?
[Coach Calamity] You could be a go-kart racer,
but is that what you truly want?
(phone beeping)
See that one with the big nostrils?
He's yours.
No, no, no, that's not how you get onto a horse.
I believe in you, but you gotta believe in yourself
Tiny toffee.
[Samantha] Fantastic, really great job, Chloe.
You're done for now.
How about we talk shop for a bit?
You said you had an orangutan story to pitch us.
Another time, please, Samantha.
- Okay.
- I've just really gotta go.
Chat soon. (intense music)
- Chloe, my darling.
- Hi baby.
- How's everything?
- Everything's fine.
But we never agreed to spike Justin.
[Dario] Yes, but remember what I said, darling.
We need a backup option
in case your brother can't afford it.
Right, do you think that Justin will pay soon?
[Dario] Sure, my guy gave him a heavy neurotoxin
to confuse his nervous system.
So he will get heart palpitations,
and then hallucinations,
and then breathing problems.
Like a very, very bad trip, so he'll pay eventually.
Trust me.
Geez, is that also what you gave Alex?
[Dario] No, I gave him a cytotoxin,
more painful but less deadly.
He's still your brother at the end of the day.
Okay, and so, you said you gave Justin a neo or neuro?
A neurotoxin, - But he'll recover
- also like Alex?
- Sure, he might have
a panic attack or a meltdown,
but he'll recover a hundred percent, my darling.
Okay, good.
[Dario] Don't worry, Chloe.
We're so close to winning this game.
And then we can finally be together.
- I can't wait.
- Your photo gave me
wild feelings, I want to do
everything with you right now.
- Like what?
- You really want to know?
Yeah, it turns me on when you follow your instincts.
[Dario] I wish you were lying here on this table
in front of me.
On a completely separate note.
Great job with the voice messages.
You can be pretty terrifying when you wanna be.
[Dario] (laughs) I want it to make your job easy.
You did, acting is just reacting.
[Dario] True, baby, how about another sexy photo
as a reward?
I'm crazy for you, Chloe.
Mm, incoming. (intense music)
[Dario] Man girl.
Tell me what you wanna do with me.
[Dario] Ah, I'd like to show you in person,
if you know what I mean?
I know, I can't wait to be lying next to you
- watching the waves roll in.
- And exploring those jungles.
Baby, you are right.
Borneo is perfect for us.
There's reptile parks all over.
So when you're volunteering with your monkeys,
I can be earning cash.
Just imagine meeting up every night after work
on the beach to watch sunset.
[Dario] We can do yoga together and go night swimming,
and then fall asleep under the stars together.
Yeah, it's like a fairytale.
[Dario] Trust me, when you grow up in Cuba,
you never dream to travel the world
and have this kind of adventure life
with a beautiful American.
Can you check if Justin's paid yet?
[Dario] Okay. No.
He's not texting anymore.
Should we be worried?
[Dario] No, the venom is working as we speak.
Well, he takes party drugs,
could that mess up his heart?
[Dario] He didn't give a shit about you, Chloe.
How many visits did you get in hospital?
- I know.
- Seriously, what kind of man
abandons a lady when she is weak and crippled?
This isn't the time for feeling-
- Okay, calm down.
Okay, you can trust me.
That's why we're using your account.
[Dario] But now you make me think too much.
I think you must phone Justin.
What? No way.
I haven't spoken to him in years.
[Dario] Okay, I checked, no payment yet.
Phone him now, Chloe.
- Seriously?
- I have to know
your feelings for him are done.
Why do you think I put two needles there?
Call me when he's paid.
(intense music)
(intense music)
[Justin] Chloe?
[Justin] Wow, I thought you were never gonna pick up.
Sorry, I was on a work call.
How are you?
[Justin] Didn't you see my texts?
They poisoned me.
Yeah, I know, the same thing happened to Alex.
They hacked my computer and stole my photos.
[Justin] Bad, pretty crazy.
Yeah. How's your heart?
[Justin] Broken? (giggles)
It's pretty rich coming from you.
I mean, is the venom doing anything?
[Justin] It's been super visual.
Like I had to leave the party
'cause I was seeing things that weren't there.
Yeah, some snake venom does that, I've heard.
So did you pay the ransom?
[Justin] I mean, it's so much money, Chloe.
And I don't have any of it.
[Justin] I've only got debts.
I'm not even surprised this happened.
I'm sorry.
This is all my fault.
[Justin] How?
The scammers totally played me.
They told me I won a free trip to Borneo.
[Justin] And then they were like,
"Let's poison her ex from seven years ago
who dreamed of going there with her
in a cruel twist of fate."
Yeah, right.
[Justin] I got robbed years ago.
People think you're rich if you're on stage.
Don't you have like 30 grand to give the guy?
[Justin] I'm a drug addict, Chloe.
Alex and I might have 20 to split when this show's done,
but I don't think this venom takes that long.
[Justin] It's a pretty original way
to get someone like I've been roofied before,
but never snake venom.
Do you have any clients you could get money from?
Nah. (tiger doll tearing)
Trust me, I would've cashed in already.
I am sorry that you're a drug addict.
[Justin] Same here.
I'm gonna go, Justin, okay.
[Justin] No, please stay.
Why, what more is there to say?
[Justin] So much?
(soothing music)
Are you angry with me?
[Justin] Angry with you?
Definitely not.
Thank you for saying that.
[Justin] Your private photos got stolen.
No woman should have to go through that, even-
- Even?
- I just mean, yeah.
That's cruel, I'd never blame you.
You're also the victim.
I'm sad now.
[Justin] Same.
This is a shit reason to be talking again.
(soothing music continues)
Yeah, I just wanted to respect your wish
to end things with me.
[Justin] Oh, god dammit Chloe, I'm so, so sorry.
I should have phoned you way more.
Yeah, you should have, but you were scared.
[Justin] How did you know that?
It was obvious that you were scared, Justin.
[Justin] Yeah, I guess there was so many other words
I've used to describe myself,
like, asshole, coward, sociopath.
Don't do that to yourself.
[Justin] I wanted to help you after the accident, Chloe.
But when Alex described you rotting away at home,
I just wanted to run.
- Rotting?
- Sorry. I'm high.
My words always come out wrong when I'm like this.
- Ugh!
- What was that?
- Was that your heart?
- Yeah. It's weird.
I'm cold but I'm sweating like crazy.
- Where are you?
- On the roof?
It's nice and empty here.
You know, you'll have it written in your diary
to like get fit or cook more vegetarian or something.
- Yeah.
- I've had it written down
that I'm gonna make it up to you for so long.
But I have no idea how.
I even spoke to a santeria shaman
and gave him free entry to our parties for life.
- Why did you do that?
- In case he could fix
your spine, I wanted that for you so badly.
The part that hurt the worst
was that you just left straight away.
[Justin] I know, I know.
I promise, I try to forget that I hurt you
every single damn day.
Well, don't erase the past.
I mean, I still think about you.
[Justin] It's so unfair.
I don't hate you Justin.
Okay, so don't beat yourself to death.
I mean, I know that the accident was my fault,
because Alex literally never lets me forget.
Yeah, I only climbed up there
because I thought that you could see me dancing.
And I figured you would warn
me if something was gonna move.
But I also had no idea what
you were dealing with back then.
[Justin] What do you mean?
I mean, if I had known all that stuff
that you told me later about your stage anxiety
and putting reading lenses in your glasses,
so that you couldn't see the crowd from the stage.
And I never would've climbed
up there in the first place,
but I didn't know what was going on with you
because I was young and dumb.
And I just expected my boyfriend to be Mr. Brave DJ.
Just killing it every night for the crowd
without being vulnerable himself.
I was just like a dumb fan girl, basically.
[Justin] You are wrong, Chloe.
[Justin] You were an awesome singer.
Way more than a dumb fan girl.
Thank you.
But my point is, I held onto
the reality of what happened
for a long time now, just to stay sane.
And I think you should too.
Do you think you could get like 20 grand
for the guy just, Justin?
(Justin coughing) Justin.
[Justin] Jesus, that felt like a heart attack.
Go to the medics, okay, we can talk later.
[Justin] It's useless, Chloe.
- Remember my uncle's farm?
- What?
[Justin] His horse has got bit all the time.
If you don't know the snake, you can't do anything.
Okay, well, at least just get up off the roof.
Okay, go downstairs.
[Justin] It won't do anything stupid up here.
Oh, it's weird 'cause this poisoning thing
feels like a divine punishment
in a calming kind of way.
You're high.
(Justin snorting)
[Justin] Coping mechanisms.
Please get off the roof, okay?
- It's weird.
- If I was gonna kill myself,
I would've done it by now, Chloe.
Don't say that.
[Justin] I'm sorry, look, there's also a girl
in that party who will make
this a difficult conversation
for me, but let's get back to our convo before.
It felt good, like we were making headway.
Only if you get off the roof.
[Justin] Okay, but dammit, Chloe.
Maybe I am feeling self-destructive.
I mean, if someone's poisoning you,
the only thing you can do
is take the whole thing into your own hands.
This is not you talking, okay?
This is the cocaine or the venom or whatever.
[Justin] I'm lying flat, I can't fall.
It's so beautiful from up here.
I really wish you were next to me.
Is there any way you can get money from somebody?
[Justin] Sorry, you are the nice one.
Maybe someone will lend you the 50 grand.
Actually, you don't, this isn't your,
I should have, I mean, the amount of cash I pay on-
- Hold on, hold on.
(phone clicking)
Justin. Justin.
[Justin] Yeah.
Stay with me.
[Justin] Sorry. Spacing out.
My heart's beating like crazy.
Can you get some water at least, please?
[Justin] I've got. Taste like rum.
(phone clicking)
God dammit, my hands are too sweaty.
I was reading about orangutans not long ago.
They make gloves, you know?
[Justin] They make gloves outta leaves
to grab spiky fruit.
I was thinking about you, Chloe.
Remember when you booked
us to play that rainforest fest?
But you only did it 'cause
you wanted to visit orangutans.
That's still the coolest plan I ever had with a girl.
I don't remember you taking it very seriously.
[Justin] Yeah, but I love that whole animal
- sanctuary fantasy.
- Loved like,
my dreams are over.
[Justin] Oh, sorry, Chlo.
Paraplegics can still travel and do cool stuff.
And don't call me that, you're not my brother.
[Justin] You're gonna think this is crazy,
but when that asshole was telling me
about the venom in my bloodstream,
my first thought was you planned it.
Like it just seemed a perfect revenge for you
after all this time.
I would never do that.
I don't think I've ever stopped loving you, Justin.
[Justin] Yeah, your brother always reminds me,
but do you forgive me?
- Yeah, I do.
- I don't know.
[Alex] Justin, come here towards me.
- I'm so sorry, Chloe.
- No, Justin!
(phone clattering)
(Chloe screaming)
Chloe, I got him before he jumped.
Bro, listen to her.
This is how much he wants you to live,
and make him pay the ransom, sis.
[Justin] I'm so sorry, Chloe.
Dario baby, I need Justin's anti-venom
'cause his brain is fried.
[Dario] Keep him on the line, Chloe.
He will find the cash somewhere.
He can't, he is in debt and he just tried to kill himself.
[Dario] Cabrone, then stay with him and keep him alive.
Alex managed to save him,
but I just need to keep his mind clear.
[Dario] It doesn't work like that.
You're too emotional right now.
Yeah. Obviously.
[Dario] Stay calm, otherwise he will manipulate you.
(intense music)
You want us to get paid right, my darling?
Chloe, open up.
I know what's going on.
Mom, why are you here?
I can't say over the phone
in case the cops are listening.
- I know what's happening.
- Chloe.
Chloe, where are you?
[Mom] Let me in.
Mom, you know I don't do surprises.
- Just say it.
- Christ. Okay, come closer.
Your housemates can't hear this.
[Dario] Chloe, what are you doing?
Hold on. (intense music continues)
Okay, what do you wanna tell me?
[Mom] That black mailer, I think think it's your brother.
- Okay.
- I went through every account
and found enough cash in the business to pay,
but Alex told me not to.
He said Justin should pay the ransom.
- Why?
- That's what's confusing.
I know your relationship with your brother's broken,
but Justin's his business partner.
Yeah, that's why I suspected it was Alex all along.
[Mom] So what do I do, I got the accounts all open?
Okay, don't call the cops.
[Mom] Of course, what do you think I am?
Okay, so obviously Alex is trying to scare the money
out of me, or out of Justin, or both of us.
So, if you pay the 50 grand
in crypto to the blackmailer,
it will go back to Alex, so he can't get mad,
because the business won't lose anything.
[Mom] I think this is just so unfair to Justin,
- Obviously. And.
- And?
Someone else was terrorized today, mom.
[Mom] Right, it wasn't fair to you either.
Okay. Okay.
You have to make that payment now
'cause Justin is really struggling with the venom.
And then send me the proof and I'll send it to Alex,
and I'll just tell him that I got a loan,
and that I paid the blackmailer.
So he'll think he won and he'll finally help Justin
with the anti-venom.
[Mom] But I can't do it, Chloe.
What do I have to re-explain, mom?
[Mom] No, I can't do crypto.
She's Christ.
Actually, nevermind, it's not even that easy.
Okay listen, if you send me the money,
I'll convert it into crypto
and I'll pay the blackmailer.
Who's Alex, you said so yourself.
And then he'll help Justin with the anti-venom.
- Okay. When?
- Now, as quick as you can.
[Mom] So, I gotta go back to the office?
Yes mom. A-S-A-P.
And then text me when there's proof of payment.
[Mom] Okay.
- Also, mom.
- Yeah.
Thanks for saving my, and Justin's.
(intense music continues)
[Alex] Chlo, Justin's losing consciousness.
I need to know what he's taking.
Cocaine, I think, he was sniffing a lot.
- And?
- Rum, I think.
[Alex] Yeah, we found the bottle, the medics here.
I also Googled snake venoms, and it's clear
that he got spiked with a neurotoxin,
so it it'll affect his breathing,
his heartbeat and his vision.
- She says it's a neurotoxin.
- Okay.
Hold on one second.
[Dario] Chloe, what the fuck.
If Justin dies before he pays us, we get nothing.
Yeah, I told you, I'm trying, okay?
You're not making this any easier.
[Dario] You want me to speak to him?
No, he's barely awake, I'll do it.
[Alex] He's panicking, Chloe
- Rock. Get off!
- It's me, Justin. It's me.
He's hallucinating, let me talk to him.
(Justin grunting) Justin, can you hear me?
Justin. (Justin grunting)
[Alex] Listen to Chloe, Justin.
Hey, stay with my voice, okay?
Listen to me, I have to tell you something,
- [Justin] Chloe.
- Yeah.
Stay with my voice, okay?
Close your eyes, you and I are gonna go
on a long vacation together, okay?
To a tropical island with-(Justin grunting)
[Alex] It's just me, Alex.
He's scared of my face.
Stay with my voice, Justin.
Okay. Listen to me.
We're gonna go on an adventure together,
and we're gonna find all the best jungles
and beautiful beaches with, are you listening?
[Justin] Yeah, Chloe.
Okay, and we will eat nothing but healthy fruit,
and we'll feel good inside again.
And we'll work together every day
with amazing animals and the sunshine.
[Justin] Yeah.
Does that sound nice?
[Justin] I wanna feel better, Chloe.
Okay, breathe in slow, okay?
Okay, breathe again with me.
And out. (Justin breathing)
[Alex] Good job, Chlo, it's working.
Okay, stay with me, Justin, okay?
Because I have something else to tell you.
Next time I see you.
- No way! Ow!
- Get him down.
- Put his sunglasses on.
- What?
Put his sunglasses on, they're short distance
for his stage anxiety.
[Alex] Stay down, bro. I'm warning you.
Alex, put his sunglasses on, it will calm him down.
[Alex] Stay down Justin, or I'll, ugh!
He's hallucinating. (Justin screaming)
[Alex] Okay. He's restrained.
Alex put his sunglasses on, okay?
It will help with the visuals.
[Alex] His sunglasses aren't special, Chloe, drop it.
Yes, they are.
You just saved his life.
He has no reason to hurt you. (Justin grunting)
[Alex] Keep your hands off me, Justin.
Alex. Alex!
- What?
- Would you just be nice?
Okay, he's paranoid and vulnerable.
Just put his sunglasses on!
[Alex] Jesus, Chloe, he doesn't wear special sunglasses.
Why do you think he even told you that?
If Justin wore long distance blockers, I'd know, okay?
We can't set up a show if he can't see
two feet beyond his decks.
And also don't let him up.
Also, he wouldn't be able to spot
girls in the crowd to bang.
Shut up!
[Alex] This asshole texts me soon as his set's finished
telling me which girl to bring back.
He seriously doesn't get stage fright.
- You're lying.
- No, I'm not.
I tried to warn you before, but you didn't wanna listen.
The front row girls are the only thing
Justin's ever cared about.
(intense music)
You are lying, okay?
You are the pig that couldn't even loan your sister
a little bit of money to survive without-
- [Alex] Wrong again, Justin loaned you that money
through me and he's been demanding it back,
'cause he's an addict.
That's what you get for dating the one guy
I warned you about.
Wake up, Chloe, you twerked on a god dammed amp rigging
while your boyfriend eyed other girls in the crowd.
That's where your life went wrong.
So give me a break and help get Justin right.
He's not your boyfriend anymore.
He's my god dammed business partner.
Chloe, I'm sorry, Chloe.
The thing is, he's the only DJ that kids pay to see.
And you want mom and I to have jobs, right?
(phone clattering)
(intense music continues)
(Chloe weeping)
[Mom] What's wrong now, Chloe?
- Doesn't matter.
- I sent you the $50,000.
Cheer up, okay, we're gonna save Justin.
I know you still love him to death.
Thanks, mom. (sniffs)
(intense music)
(birds chirping)
(birds chirping)
(birds chirping)
(birds chirping)
(birds chirping)
(birds chirping)
(mouse clicking) (intense music)
(keyboard clicking)
[Dario] Chloe, Chloe, well done, my girl.
I don't know how you got it and to your account,
but that's fine, just transfer it to me now, okay?
First tell me where it is.
[Dario] Chloe, what's the matter?
You don't trust me now?
[Alex] Justin stopped breathing, Chloe.
He's gone blue, what do I do?
Dario, tell me where the anti-venom is.
[Dario] Okay, my darling, here's the truth.
There is no anti-venom for Justin.
His snake venom was not even deadly,
so he'll be fine in a few hours, okay?
Now send the crypto so I can
book our tickets, my darling.
I'll book us for a scuba diving tour,
plus some surfing and whatever else you want
when we get to Borneo, my baby.
Just send the money now, baby.
[Alex] He's not breathing Chloe, we're losing him.
Alex, listen to me.
Mom sent me the money from your business account,
and I sent it to the blackmailer.
And he told me that there is no anti-venom for Justin.
- What?
- But he said that he's gonna
pull through, so you can relax
and just let the medic handle it.
[Alex] Chlo, we'll be bankrupt.
(keyboard clicking) (intense music)
(intense music continues)
(intense music continues)
[Samantha] Nice to hear from you, Chloe.
Was the Tiny Toffee contract satisfactory?
Unfortunately not, Samantha.
I appreciate the offer,
but I actually don't wanna take the job.
[Samantha] You what now?
I totally disagree with your vision,
because baddies or whatever you wanna call them
do exist, even in fairytales.
And I'm not gonna not teach kids that.
So you may as well lose my number.
(intense music)
(upbeat music)
(upbeat music continues)
[Dario] Chloe, my love, I'm so sorry about before.
I was rude, because you made me panic.
But I can't wait for the money.
I just need to get a little bit right now
to cover the cost of my guy, you know?
And for the venoms and also because,
I just want to see you so soon.
You understand that, right?
- Chloe?
- I understand Mr. Morales.
[Dario] Mr. Morales? it's me, Dario.
And I want to congratulate you
on your vocal performance today.
You'll be pleased to hear
you have passed your audition
- with flying colors.
- What?
I'm offering you a job, Mr. Morales.
It pays $50 a day,
and you'll be starring as the male voice in my show.
Now, you'll be playing the role of a baddy,
but you have proven that you have what it takes
for the role, so what do you say?
[Dario] Chloe, my love, what about our plan
to meet in Borneo?
Regarding that role?
Unfortunately, you were not convincing
as my long distance lover.
I just think you should have looked into the role
a bit deeper to convince me.
I mean, think about it.
How is a woman in a wheelchair
gonna go night swimming
and surfing with you and exploring jungles?
Huh? I... Now don't worry about it,
because as long as you stick to voice work,
you fit into my plan just great.
And the best part, you can do the work remotely.
So you don't even have to leave Cuba,
- You Bitch!
- Now, on a personal note,
Mr. Morales, do not fuck with me ever again.
I have every single email, voice note,
message, conversation,
as well as all of your
personal information recorded.
So from here on out, you will stop lying,
and you can refer to me as Mrs. Pomensky, understood?
Huh? (intense music)
Expect notes for the show over the next few hours.
So check your email.
[Dario] Oh, okay. Okay.
You win Chloe, you win Mrs. Pomensky.
Oh, and one more thing.
Kids radio is a serious art form,
so don't go disappearing into your shell
anytime I give you professional feedback, okay?
- Whatever.
- Oh, be ready to record
your lines in the next two days.
I will call you at 9:00 AM sharp,
and that will be on Borneo time.
(intense music continues)
(intense music continues)
[Alex] Chloe, Justin's out of it, completely gone.
They're saying he might be in a coma.
(intense music)
I am so sorry to hear that, big bro.
But we're endurers, aren't we?
So you'll figure it out.
(intense music continues)
(intense music continues)
(intense music continues)
(upbeat music)
I'm a baddie, I'm a motherfuckin baddie
I'm a baddie, I'm a motherfuckin baddie
Take a trip, trip out, take a dip
Check it out, what about it
Catch it out gimme some bread but lose the cheese
I gotta, I gotta do what I do
I'm a baddie, there's somebody
I'm a baddie, I'm a mother father baddie
I'm a baddie, I'm a mother father baddie
Ooh, now you turn me out
Ooh, you're gonna take me out
I'm a baddie, I'm a mother father baddie
I'm a baddie, I'm a mother father baddie
I'm a baddie, I'm a mother father baddie
I'm a baddie, I'm a I'm a mother father baddie
I'm a baddie