Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey 2 (2024) Movie Script

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There's a story we're all familiar with
about a boy and a bear.
But as Ernest Hemingway once said,
all things truly wicked start from innocence.
Now, friends, see the true version
of events surrounding this pair
and how exceptionally different
they are to what we've all been told.
Since last we saw our Christopher Robin,
things haven't been so good.
The 100 Acre Massacre,
as it came to be known,
sent shockwaves through
the quiet community of Ashdown.
And the public outcry against
Christopher was fierce.
Suspicions grew.
Few believed him.
Most did not.
He became a pariah.
But a small group of locals
believed Christopher.
And set out to hunt the creatures
of the 100 Acre Wood.
Over the course of months,
they searched and searched.
If Pooh and his friends were out there,
the places they could hide were diminishing.
Since then, some time has passed.
And winter has arrived once more.
A cold and unforgiving time.
With the 100 Acre Wood no longer safe,
Pooh was forced to reunite with
some of his long-lost friends.
Necessary if they had
any hope of surviving.
In an effort to pick up the pieces,
Christopher finished his medical training
and joined the staff at Ashdown
Hospital as a junior doctor.
But it quickly became clear the
community didn't trust Christopher.
His future was very much in doubt.
Unknowingly, both Christopher and Pooh
were facing the same ostracism.
They knew they could not go on like this.
Change was coming.
However, one thing
remains certain.
Wherever they go, and whatever
happens to them on their journey,
that boy and his pair
will always be playing.
And sadly, there would be
many casualties along the way.
...of the 100 Acre Wood.
Do you have a message for us?
Take control of...
I can't believe we're
really doing this right now.
Can you just focus
for once, Jamie?
Okay, calm down, Mia.
I'm saying, just focus.
if you're here, please move
the planchette to yes.
If you can, if you're here,
please give us a sign of your presence.
Holy shit!
Holy shit!
Holy shit.
You guys heard that, right?
No, Mia.
We didn't hear the loud
fucking bang on the roof.
This is so stupid.
You guys, stop!
You shouldn't be here.
Shouldn't someone go check that out?
You first.
You were the one who asked for a sign, Alice!
What, are you afraid?
Yes, I am!
And I am not about to fuck around and find out.
What do you think is gonna happen to you?
I know...
Jamie! The door!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Who dare to survive?
No, please!
Help! Please! Help!
No! Please!
No, no!
No, no, no, please!
Please no. No!
No! No!
Who's the abomination now?
And you're fully awake.
Take a moment.
How are you feeling?
Good, I think.
Do you recall anything
from the session?
Any images or...
Yeah, yeah, I started to remember
when I was younger.
Playing with poo in the woodland, and... mum and dad didn't know.
It just goes blank.
It's okay.
It takes time for our minds to organise
what's unearthed in hypnotherapy.
See you tomorrow?
Same time?
Chris is eight metres away.
What are you doing here?
So, how was it?
Fine, yeah, good.
And I appreciate you caring
about me, but yeah.
I think you should keep your distance
for a bit and keep driving.
No, sorry, it's not going to happen.
Look, can you just
get in the car?
I'm serious.
Chris, I'm serious,
get in the car.
Thank you.
You know, you keep
doing this lately.
What am I doing?
You keep trying to push me away
and it's not going to happen.
I'm not, I'm not.
Honestly, it's just...
With my parents getting
harassed in the town, and
their house getting vandalised,
by me getting shit at school,
I don't want to be dragging my mates into it.
Look, Chris, I just,
I don't care what people think
and I know you and
I know they are all wrong.
That's what friends are for.
- Well...
- Shall we go?
Get driving then.
See you.
Oh, by the way, I'm babysitting
that little shit Freddie the next couple of nights,
so, sadly, I'm not going
to make it to Cara's rave.
No, that's not a thing.
You are coming.
I ain't going to that
fishy place on my own.
Honestly, I need the cash.
So, no, sorry.
And also, I didn't really fancy dressing up
like a gimp for the night anyway.
I hate you.
I love you.
Oh, can you ask Finn
if he still needs a ride?
Oh, mate, I'm gonna kick off.
I finished working up on your car,
I drove it here, parked and went inside
to chat for your dad for like
five minutes and then
we come outside and some cunt
had already lit it up.
I didn't want you
to see this, Chris.
I'm going to dash out.
Don't take it personally, dude.
It's all right.
That'll come off.
- No, I don't, I don't think...
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You've got this, kid, okay?
I love you.
Just give it time.
It'll change.
Yeah, yeah, you're right.
Yeah, all right.
Oh, dear Lord.
Call it in.
Those freaks can't hide from us forever.
Darrel, we're losing light.
So we what?
Go back?
You need to relax, man.
All you gotta do is keep your eyes open.
Because we ain't going anywhere until
those things pay for what they did to my girl.
Darrel, mate, they're not out there.
I saw them once.
They're right there.
Be all right, mate.
We're gonna find them.
There can't be many more places
that they're hiding.
They're close.
Closer they've ever been.
Ashdown views our
existence as a plague.
As horrors of the 100 Acre Wood.
An evil which they created.
They will never cease their hunt for us.
We trusted Christopher.
We can never trust
them ever again.
Look what our lives have become.
Each day, we get
weaker and weaker.
But remember.
what happened last time.
It's time to decide.
Either we take the fight to them...
...and perhaps survive.
Or we lay down and die!
You see that?
I see you.
Guys, I heard someone else there.
Just a minute...
...or two.
Go check it the fuck out then.
Go on.
Hey, shit.
What's getting on, man?
There's definitely
something out there.
Let's kill it then.
Don't fucking move!
It's fucking real.
You've never seen anything like it.
Christopher's right.
All of Ashdown will burn.
Fuck off!
You ugly fuck.
What the fuck is it?
Fuck knows.
Oh, Shep!
Oh, fuck!
Oh, Shep!
Shut up, man!
Oh, fuck!
Who did this, man?
Okay, so, Alex.
My name is Chris.
And I am gonna make this
really, really simple, okay?
So, over in seconds.
So, Ruby, you're gonna hold on
to Alex's hand really, really tight.
It's gonna be like a sharp little scratch.
No, no, no, no, no, no,
you're gonna be good.
You're gonna be good, okay?
It's gonna be over in seconds.
And as soon as we do this, it is gonna
feel 20 million times better for you, okay?
Okay, ready?
Okay, deep breath in me.
And we've got this.
Three, two...
There we go.
That is all done.
Thank you very much, Alex.
You're gonna feel so much
better after that, okay?
Well done.
Can I have a word?
Hey, will you grab it?
I didn't want to have
to do this during the holidays.
But at this point I have no choice.
People I answer to
don't like the attention
that all this has been
getting on the hospital.
We've had complaints.
About me?
With all this...
stuff that's happened around the horror film
that's come out, it's the perfect stop.
Listen, I know you didn't do
those awful things.
No doubt in my mind.
And I've told them
over and over.
But what?
Like, seriously?
God, it's really, really
fucking hard to be here.
I have something
shit happen to me.
They don't care
about that, okay?
They only care about getting
the heat off themselves.
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Can we get base six pretty, please!
Oh, God, that's Aaron.
Hey, hey, hey.
What happened to him?
We're not sure he's picked up
in the outskirts of town like this.
Do you know him?
Yeah, that's Aaron Jones.
He's from his school.
He's moving fast!
That's awful.
I'm so sorry.
Can you blame them?
Well, these people don't care
about their workers, Daphne.
They just pretend they do.
And now that it's become a problem, they're
just trying to distance themselves from it.
I didn't say it's the right thing to do.
I just said I'm not surprised.
Dinner's nearly ready.
Can you come on down?
Are you joining us?
I'm just gonna grab something
while mum reads my therapy session.
How will she load this properly?
Come on!
Chris, can you go and get her?
Or I'll wrung her neck.
You know, Mum has been calling you for ages.
Getting annoyed.
She calls me Ella
and my name is Bunny.
I mean, you've got two names.
It's absolutely fine.
Just Bunny.
And just Ella.
Just Bunny.
What are you doing up here then?
What's all this?
Before you get mad, I asked
Mum and she said it was fine.
What was fine?
Is that Billy's teddy?
Did you go in Billy's room and get that?
Mum said Billy would have
wanted me to have it.
OK, Bunny, in future,
you really need to ask me before
you just go in there and take stuff, OK?
It's not your bear.
Besides, I'm doing
this to protect us.
Protect us from what?
Well, at school told me you were crazy
because you believed there were
scary animal people in the Hundred-Acre Wood.
But since I know you're not crazy,
here's still a little bit weird.
That must mean the scary
animal people are rude.
So I'm making a list, keeping an eye out,
and make sure nothing bad happens to us.
Well, I mean, now you've explained it,
there's so much more sense.
Okay, look.
I might be, like a little bit weird, right?
Big bit.
Big bit?
You are.
Okay, all right, cool.
Okay, I'm weird, all right?
But I want to promise you that
nothing bad is going to happen to you.
I'm not going to
let it happen, okay?
I actually really think that Billy
would have kind of liked this.
I'm sorry if I got a bit annoyed.
But do you know who's going
to get more annoyed at you?
And I think...
We are going to need protection.
No sudden movement, son.
Now look right up at that tree,
straight ahead.
And what can you see?
Is that a cardinal?
That's right.
Good job.
How about over here, Luke?
Just up there, what can you see?
Looks like a...
Great job, Luke.
Why don't you find
something for me?
How about...
- I don't wanna play this game.
- Luke.
Daddy? Where are you, Dad?
Did you know that unconscious...
...fear-driven memories
can remain totally hidden
from our conscious mind?
Is that what I saw last time?
I believe so.
I'm going to take
you back there.
Let's begin.
Feel all weight drift away.
Focus only on me.
...reality shift and wane.
From now... the past.
From your conscious memory
to your unconsious.
Take a deep breath.
Sit back and relax.
Close your eyes.
Imagine yourself in that place.
Become fully immersed.
Can you see it?
Oh, how our memories deceive us.
Christopher imagined his early moments
with Pooh filled with joy, innocence,
and happiness.
But the truth was much darker.
Pooh was never who
Christopher thought he was.
His naive young mind simply wiped away
what he couldn't understand or explain.
Scary, wicked things.
It's mine and Billy's birthday.
Flynn, Lexi, Kara, Ava...
Everyone's there.
This was the day Billy was taken.
Christopher, focus.
- What is happening?
- No!
- Okay, okay.
- I saw him.
Saw who, Chris?
I can see. I was face him.
It's okay, it's okay.
I... It was blurry, but I can see him!
What did you see?
I don't know, I don't know!
I saw him, alright!
Okay. Okay.
He took my brother.
He took him.
It's OK.
Help me, please.
Okay, now, Chris, listen to me.
You're doing really well.
Listen to me.
Chris, it just takes time.
And we're going to break through.
Just stay with it.
It was like...
...I could literally see him,
but it was just blurry and
I just think I'm getting
close to something, you know?
That's incredible Chris,
that's a proper breakthrough.
Oh yeah, I mean it would be
if I could actually see him.
Yeah I know, but look.
I've tried to and
we were so young, no one
remembers anything from that age.
You know, it's like
I can't believe no one ever
cracked it or found out
what happened to them.
I mean that monster
is still out there.
Speaking of monsters,
I am going to murder this kid.
Was he that bad?
Wait, let me put it this way.
Tonight, the maniacs decided
he's the killer in a slasher film.
What? I mean, I guess,
you know, he's got good taste.
It's not funny Chris.
He's even setting bloody
booby traps to kill me.
It's like a horror
version of Home Alone.
Cara is calling me again.
She is relentless.
It's like, I'm sorry,
I can't come to your rave.
I don't know what else to say.
Well look, don't worry about that.
I will sort it out for you, okay?
But I wanted...
I wanted to say something to you.
I wanted...
Say thank you for...
just being there for me.
And I'm sorry if it feels like
I'm pushing you away at times.
Way to make it awkward, Chris.
That was cringe, wasn't it?
Just ignore what I said.
I'm kidding.
Of course I'm here for you.
Well, unless you piss me off and then
I'm going to set Psycho Freddy on you.
Speaking of, I should probably go
check he's not burning the house down.
Okay, I'll chat to you soon.
Oi, Freddy Krueger,
what are you watching?
Isn't this movie
about your boyfriend?
Er, okay, first of all,
he's not my boyfriend.
And second, yes,
but it's all lies.
Was he wearing a bear mask when
he killed all those people?
No, he didn't kill anyone.
Besides, you should
not be watching this.
My dad lets me watch
whatever movies I want.
Well, clearly, you shouldn't.
You're too young
and impressionable.
And potentially sociopathic.
Doesn't matter.
We're turning it off.
Besides, it is your bedtime, mister.
Okay, Freddy.
Freddy, where'd you go?
Okay, Freddy, this isn't funny, okay?
Come on out.
Fred... Freddy...
You! You are about to find out
the Jason loses in this one!
Go to bed!
Come on, get up to bed!
Here's Pooh time.
Like pigs to the slaughter.
Dear God.
It's like a nightmare.
Fuck it, let's bounce.
That's my line.
My therapist said that
I should talk about this.
I just want to remember.
When the searches started... was like a dream... a nightmare, really.
And then...
One day the...
The town just gave up knocking.
Since that day, Ashtown changed.
Like a dark cloud
hovered over it.
And everyone seemed hollow.
The town failed those children.
We all let them down.
- No.
- Yeah.
No, you didn't.
Sorry to interrupt.
No, no, no, no, Dad. It's OK.
I want to talk to you both about today.
Today, I, um...
had a...
memory from back then.
This blurry image of this man, and I...
I think that's the guy that took them.
And then I remember calling out
to you, Dad, and then he just...
he just drove off.
I mean...
You sure, this isn't one of those,
like, false memory?
You know, the mind can make up
all sorts of things.
Mum, I'm...
sure about this, seriously.
He's not making it up.
I remember it.
I remember hearing Chris
calling out for me.
I remember seeing him stand
in the middle of a dirt road.
I'll never forget the look on your face.
Chris, look...
I didn't think that this hypnotherapy
was gonna do anything for you.
But maybe I'm wrong.
If you can remember that person
in any kind of detail, anything at all,
it could reopen the
whole investigation.
Death and suspected Arson.
Disturbing practices.
Unexplained disappearances.
"All units: Multiple officers go missing
in the 100 Acre Woods!
I repeat: Multiple officers go missing
in the 100 Acre Woods.
All units, please respond to the situation. Over."
What's going on?
Officer Daughtry just wanted to
ask you a few questions, Chris.
That's all.
Morning, Chris.
I was just telling your
parents there was another
incident in the 100-acre
wood the night before last.
Two hunters were attacked and
killed and one seriously injured.
Hopely you know him?
Yeah, Aaron, I...
Sorry, you said that
he was attacked.
I thought it was an accident.
Yeah, well...
we've got all hands on deck out
there now, scaring for clues.
Some feel there's someone setting in
similarities to the 100-acre massacre.
And given your involvement in that,
we wanted to speak with you.
Is that all right?
Yeah, yeah, it's fine.
I appreciate that.
Chris, can you tell me where
you were the night before last?
Yeah, I was just here with Mum and Dad.
And Mr and Mrs Robin,
you can confirm that to be true?
Yes, it was me.,,
His dad, our daughter Ella,
and then, and Chris.
All right, that's good.
I just needed to clarify that.
Mrs Robin, we may require a statement, alright?
We get a lot of false reports about Chris,
but considering the recent events,
it's paramount that you're
completely honest with me.
We've also got word
that Aaron is awake.
We're trying to get him to open up, but...
he says he'd like to speak
to you first later today, Chris.
What's he like?
God, honestly.
Hey, man.
Hey, how are you?
Yeah, good.
How you doing?
Good, thanks.
- Now, let's go inside.
- Right.
Off you go.
Oh, cool.
Oh, hey.
Oh, my God.
It's been a minute.
How are you?
I'm so good.
How are you?
How many people are coming to this?
Oh, God.
Like, a hundred.
It's been fucking madness.
Everything's finally almost done.
It's going to be the best party ever.
Did you guys check out the mall?
Yeah, they look great.
What are these even for?
Okay, grab a drink if you want.
Aves and I are gonna give you the grand tour.
Here's where people can come,
chill, smoke, hook up, whatever.
Uh, Aves, can you make sure you get
all this construction shit out of here in time?
Over here, we've got this
ridiculous silent disco.
I'm so glad you're all coming.
Oh, Cara, babe.
I told you I'm working.
I can't come.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Who is that man?
I totally don't mind
you not showing.
But does that mean
Chris is a no-go too?
Well, no.
He's probably going
to come with Finn.
- I just think with the murders and all...
- Cara, it's not...
I'm struggling to get people
to actually come here,
let alone if they find out
a murderer is gonna be here.
Well, yeah but I didn't
actually do it, FYI.
No one saying he did.
I just, you know all this
town does is talk about what
happened last year and
I don't want them to talk about this.
And I can't let anything
get in the way of that.
Don't worry about me.
I'll go home then.
Why did you say that?
What's the point?
It's alright.
I'm so sorry that
this happened to you.
You're gonna fine, alright?
You're gonna get through this.
When they, um...
When they called me,
they said that you...
heard something you
wanted to tell me.
Hey, um... Could we grab
a moment just us, please?
What do you mean?
Did you see them?
How many of them were there?
What did they look like?
Tell me everything
that you saw, please.
Aaron, hey.
Oh my God!
There is no God.
He never closes down.
I know what you did.
Don't fucking move.
Don't fucking move.
Calm down, you must be looking
for someone else.
No, no, no, no.
I fucking saw you.
You took my brother and
you took my friends.
And fucking tell me what happened.
I can see you're very upset.
I swear to fucking God,
I'll fucking kill you.
Tell me.
It's just shite luck.
For them kids.
I never knew why he wanted them.
And at that time, I didn't care.
Who wanted them?
Doctor Gallop.
He offered to pay
my gambling debts.
Man I owed made other men disappear.
I just didn't really
know what I was doing.
So I got very, very,
very drunk indeed.
And I drove around a bit.
You know, and then I stumbled on
this children's sleepover party.
I just grabbed them and
dumped them off at Gallop's.
And then he honoured
his side of the bargain.
Is he still alive?
My brother?
He was experimenting
with them kids in the lab.
Disgusting things.
Changing their genetics and what not.
Tampering with nature.
Combining human and animal DNA.
Playing a God.
And it worked.
He turned them wee kids into monsters.
Then he got spooked.
Decided he had to get rid of them.
Destroy all the evidence
of what he'd done.
I kept an eye on him.
I did.
I followed him all the way to 100 Acre wood.
I tried to stop him.
There was two pistols swung at him.
He walloped me with his camera.
I was out.
But when I came round
he'd killed all the kids.
And then they buried them.
I grabbed his pistol. I...
Shoot that bastard between the eyes.
I think I'm panic. I didn't know what to do.
So I buried him away from the kids.
I made sure that I remember that place.
The thing is...
...them kids, they didn't stay buried.
I went back the next night.
They all gone.
So someone took him.
Someone dug him up. Or...
If you dug someone up
all the soil is displaced.
It's a mess.
This was not that.
The earth was pulled
back away from the hole.
As the earth it self was
to rise up.
Them kids pulled themselves out.
So they were still alive.
Last year...
when that massacre happened,
I seen the papers.
I heard the chatter.
Nobody believed you. I did.
I knew what killed
them teenagers.
Same ones Gallop killed and buried.
Same ones that dug
themselves out of the earth.
Same ones living out
there ever since.
After I killed Gallop
I was no about to get caught.
I had a wife and kids.
I didn't want to lose them.
The irony is
what I done turned me into a monster.
She left me.
Took the kids.
Karma I suppose.
That night I went back to Gallop's lab
took anything that might incriminate me
and I set fire to the place.
I burned the whole fucking house down.
Because I knew this day would come.
So I'd...
I thought I didn't want it to.
But actually it's a great relief.
No longer bearing all my weight.
Now the weight is all yours.
I'm really sorry for what I've done.
I haven't been going
to pardon my soul.
What the fuck Lexi?
Honey, I'm sorry.
Look, I think there's
someone in the house.
You're right.
I'm not falling for that one.
- What is it? What is it?
- Come on, come on.
My mask.
Yeah. Listen.
Can someone swing by my house
and check on my grandson Freddy?
He's at home with a babysitter and
they're not answering the phones.
I'd really appreciate it.
Calm down. Calm down!
What's going on?
There's a fucking monster inside!
Is this some sort of joke?
No, no, no, no, that thing from
the 100 Acre Wood, it's inside!
This is not joking,
it tried to kill us!
Will you just calm down?
My colleague will come in. Alright?
Check out back while I search
the main premises.
Fuck you!
This could be my greatest challenge.
And yes, the experiments failed at first,
but I knew I was close.
I persevered.
I knew I had to.
I have finally achieved
a genuine breakthrough.
My research, my work is coming
to fruition with these new subjects.
The children.
They resist, but I must continue.
Every day they're changing, growing,
evolving in ways I could never have imagined.
There's been an incredible increase
in bone density and strength.
And they're taking on the physical
characteristics of the very animals
their genetic sequence
has been interconnected with.
And I have witnessing some extraordinary abilities.
Evidence of regenerative capabilities,
particularly in one of them,
born from the axolotl DNA
integrated into them.
In other words, it's working.
Restraints broken on multiple occasions.
Facial structures.
Heartbeat, teeth.
Grow rapidly and become sharper...
Nails harden themselves...
But I fear this must come to an end.
And so...
As much as I try to resist, I've come
to genuinely care for each of them.
But they are becoming dangerous.
Unpredictable. Their animalistic
tendencies are taking over.
Soon, I fear I may become their prey.
So the only way forward
is to make them my prey first.
And reset.
The hunt is on.
Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy.
Of course I'm telling the truth.
It was one of those creatures.
It's exactly what
Chris Robinson said.
Honestly, miss.
I can't believe it
until I actually see it.
Oh, Chris.
Chris, thank God.
You were right about everything.
What do you mean?
One of them attacked me and Freddie.
Are you both okay?
Yeah, yeah. Now we're fine, but...
Look, they got away, Chris.
It's not safe out there.
There's been loads of murders
leading to Ashtown and...
Chris, they've...
They found Flynn dead.
Have you tried to contact your parents?
Okay, I really think you should, I don't know,
I think they might be in danger.
What are you doing with those?
Uh, I see.
Yeah, okay.
That's a choice, buddy, but now
we have a problem, because you see,
Bear's only got one leg,
so how's he going to walk?
He's probably going to have
to hop around, right?
Come on.
Oh dear.
For goodness sake,
she'll be the death of me.
Alright darling, you just wait here.
I'm gonna check Mummy's okay.
Please, please!
Mind arrogance
And pain
Mind arrogance
And pain
Time for you and Tigger
to have some fun.
Thank you.
Have a look at this dickhead.
What the fuck is he wearing?
He looks very stupid.
My chaos
My chaos
- Chris...
- Hey Lexi, where are you?
I'm with the police, why?
Okay, okay.
Just stay exactly...
where you are, okay?
Because he's got my sister.
They need to find him.
What, Bunny?
Chris, what's happened?
Are you alright?
Are your parents okay?
Just stay where you are, okay?
Roger control.
All right.
Any description of the suspects?
Um, monsters.
Receive an extreme caution.
Over and out.
Just don't move.
Look, he's not calling me back.
No, no, no.
We have to get him right now.
Calm down.
No, you're not listening to me.
He is not calling me back.
Get off me.
Shut the fuck up.
Hello everyone.
Come here, you fluorescent bitch.
Time to clip your wings!
Help me, help me! Ava!
Help, Ava!
You gonna help me.
Better watch where you go, bitch.
It's below you!
Dance, bitch!
You're next!
Oh, Christ! Come on!
Come on!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Where's Pooh?
You don't do this.
I'm sorry we didn't believe you.
She can't fly like Owl.
Hello, Christopher.
Fuck you!
Where is my sister?
Come on!
You gonna fuck me?!
I can see you, you witless bint.
I'm sorry...
...that you got taken away.
I'm sorry about what
happened to you.
Just give me my sister.
Just please, tell me where she is.
No! No!
Oh, bummer...
I'm sorry, Billy.
Your brother?
He was right there in front of me
this entire time.
That's not your brother, Chris.
He's something different.
I was about...
I did not find Bunny like this.
When I told her that I'd
protect her life, it failed.
No, look at me.
None of this is your fault.
Are you ready?
Nicole found the girl.
She's in shock, but she's okay.
Are you okay?
Nicole, I'm sorry I left you.
I'm sorry I left you.
Why are you throwing it away?
Because we don't need him anymore.
Foolish, Christopher Robin.
Oh, how little you know.
Our strength is in our friendship.
Oh Pooh, you are indeed
a bear of little brain.
But I hope you back, yeah.
We'll all be back.
For you, Christopher Robin.
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