Winnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving (1999) Movie Script

It'd make him so sad.
Do you think turkeys
are among the fiercest creatures?
And so, at last,
the grand day began beginning.
Do you see your shadow?
He's so cold,
he can't even speak.
- Ear muffs?
- Checkerooni.
Every season brings a reason
Why, a vertical half-gainer.
How unusual.
Hot water bottle?
It looks to me
as if you're learning to fall.
Here's some hot chocolate.
Please see your shadow.
What was that?
It's a rather sad thing, indeed.
And from all through the forest
they came.
To be joyful
Did you see me?
I want to go skiing.
Some are. The fiercest ones
tend to be rather much so,
You know,
I recall I had an uncle Horatio
I'm not very good.
But this day
has become quite like any other.
That was my stomach.
Now promise me
you won't go so high ever again.
One by one, all coming together,
- The hot water bottle.
- I believe it's in Rabbit's house.
Oh, no. Very good... for going down.
Every season
brings a sun your eye can see
It must be near time for dinner.
who used to dive
in just that manner.
Actually, I don't see a thing.
Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh
each bringing something special
of his own.
He's sweating up a storm.
while the ones which aren't
are far less.
I suppose this is all
the thanksgiving I shall have.
Yes, I've gone
a bit rumbly in the tumbly.
Excuse me, Mr Owl.
No shadow?
He's... sweating away to nothing.
Tubby little cubby
all stuffed with fluff
It's not safe.
Do I have to do everything myself?
What you need is a way for going up.
Winter's over! It's gone!
But I like it.
Where do you suppose
we'll find them?
A rather small plate, I'm afraid,
from a rather small animal.
Yes, now, where was I?
He's Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh
He's melting. Get a bucket.
We have to save him.
- Hooray!
- You're a hero
I think they might be
any number of places.
When the winter wind
begins a-blowing
If only I might share
what little I do have.
But I like you
There's a life that needs to be saved.
Oh, right. Uncle Horatio.
Was that your stomach?
Willy nilly silly old bear
Got the lemonade. 52.6 gallons.
and I don't want anything
to happen to you.
You're stepping in Piglet!
for telling us spring is here.
I suppose I could.
There, there.
Rabbit will take care of you.
They often lurk about
in bushes such as these.
You'll soon be playing in the snow
I don't think so.
Hooray for Piglet!
Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh
I work in volume. That's my secret.
Couldn't I?
I promise.
I never even told her I loved her.
Although I'm only a bear
of very little brain,
They do?
And it won't be long till Christmas
Tubby little cubby
all stuffed with fluff
Come on, everyone.
We have to get ready for spring.
Fresh biscuits from a recipe
passed down by my great uncle Torbitt,
But it's the ones in trees
you really have to be careful of.
Did you say something?
Now, as soon as you're up,
raise the landing gear.
Oh, yes!
I can think of no reason not.
He's Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh
Comes to set your heart aglow
There's a lot to do.
Poor Piglet!
Oh, dear!
Like what?
Your legs.
dashing good cook,
who once made a three-minute egg
He's gonna faint.
Willy nilly silly old bear
A great many things,
such as airing out our houses.
They say the swimming ones
are by far the most dangerous.
Like this?
So every season brings a reason
An amazing accomplishment.
in a mere 45 seconds.
And then after Horatio
took third place at Rome,
Yes. Now,
are you ready for take-off?
Absolutely astonishing.
Altogether astounding,
Oh, dear! No!
Thistles. Enough for everybody.
Oh, dear!
To be giving
Am I doing this right?
- How do you feel?
- Well, I feel very badly
he went off to Acapulco,
or was it Topeka?
And spring cleaning.
Poor little bird.
if I do say so myself.
A turkey
will be lurking in the trees,
nobody will like 'em but me.
No, she's not.
Not bad, but you have to
choke up on your grip.
I gotta get a ladder!
for saying it was spring
in the middle of winter.
Never mind.
Giving thanks
for the seasons of good cheer
Thanks for giving!
The hot chocolatey ice cream is here!
Because she's not flying.
ready to attack us with a jump.
Forgive me. I gotta go!
This will surely be
the happiest of Thanksgivings.
Did you see us? We were flying.
And most important of all,
my garden.
What? That?
Don't worry about that.
Hello, Rabbit.
And what is this?
Don't hello me.
With bony arms
and legs and teeth and knees.
Now everything is as it should be.
The secret to great gardening
is knowing when to plant.
It was all my fault.
You're all right.
Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh
But most of all, we're grateful
But I was the groundhog.
Well, it's mine.
You're deliberately teaching her to fly
and against my wishes.
Or would be. We're only lacking...
Enormous eyes and one big hump.
Tubby little cubby
all stuffed with fluff
Only five minutes till noon.
What has become of them?
And, thanks to you,
I know that when is now.
But my calendar...
Just a moment.
For the loved ones we hold dear
Oh, dear.
More than all right.
She was absolutely made for flying.
When you taught me how to plant carrots,
that was my very first one.
Snow, spring, winter... The pages.
He's Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh
But you only said for Owl
not to teach her how to...
I think that turkey
might be dangerous.
What are you talking about?
Honey, acorns, ice cream?
I never should have asked you
to be a groundhog in the first place.
Willy nilly silly old bear
Every glorious season of the year
All my friends
are certainly very happy with me.
Oh, we don't even know
if he has got one.
I was going to save it special.
When I say owls, I mean bears too.
It's Thanksgiving.
And I suppose they should be.
My, my. No, this isn't right at all.
For you.
Coming through.
Make room. Watch your backs.
But the decorations, the food...
Welcome to the 100 Acre Wood
After all,
1 did tell them winter was over.
But he'll still be
very awfully strange to us.
Do you understand?
And you. How could you?
This is not
what Thanksgiving's about.
- The party.
- It's all right here, long ears.
Nice catch, bunny boy.
- I think.
- Can you ever forgive me?
where voices come together
in joyful celebration.
You promised.
Every glorious season
What do you know? I guess...
Well, you should have told me.
We'll never know
until we've caught one.
And Owl's gonna teach me.
It's not? But, Rabbit, I thought...
Everything except you.
Of course.
I say, might someone
lend a hand here?
But, Rabbit, I just have to fly.
Look. I stubbed my toe.
Of the year
And the seasons gently turn
like pages in a book.
I know, and that's why
you have no business thinking.
It shall be my pleasure, my dear.
Did you hear that?
Piglet forgives me!
A little practice, and you'll be able
to fly south for the winter.
I'm sorry.
A time of giving
shared with good friends
It means everything to me.
Who made that thistle soup?
But now
I'm here to do it for you.
That's all right.
Unusual weather
we're having this spring.
I shall try the honey.
and a silly old bear
named Winnie the Pooh.
Does it mean more than I do?
You're unmelted!
What's wrong with honey
and acorns and ice cream?
Now why don't you just
run along and...
Are you all right, Rabbit?
Fly south?
So clean, it squeaks.
You've done it.
Now we can have a proper Thanksgiving.
No, and I don't plan on being all right
for a very long time to come.
Hey, bunny boy.
Why don't you give the kid a chance?
Why, nothing short of everything.
Never. You keep
your big feathers out of this.
I should like to propose
this Thanksgiving celebration
It reminds me of the time
Aunt Ophelia joined the Royal Opera.
Hiya, bunny boy. Just dropped by
to see if the kiddo can come and play.
Every season
brings a reason to be happy
You're all right.
You see, Thanksgiving
is about tradition and custom.
Yes. Thank you.
be held in honour
of our good friend Rabbit
You stay out of this,
and just let go of that.
My, it is a big turkey, isn't it?
Cassie all right.
If she were meant to fly south,
she'd have wings.
Buy in bulk. That's my motto.
Habit and routine, defined
and refined over many long years.
Oh, no.
for the planning and hard work
he put into it.
Oh, bother.
The poor dear, alas,
quite laid an egg.
Every season
brings a reason to be glad
- But...
- Right now.
If that's Piglet,
then who is this?
You saved her.
And rather loud.
So there.
- Hear, hear!
- Three cheers for bunny boy!
It's about grand dinners
with turkey and cranberry dressing.
Why, you're a hero.
And somewhat fierce.
But Rabbit...
No, she can't.
Look at my house.
And her debut proved a swansong.
I do have wings.
This is the tastiest Christmas ever.
It kind of resembles Eeyore
around the eyes.
The once-a-year plates
and pumpkin pie.
I was just teaching her
something useful.
Still, I suppose we should open it.
When the sun is shining
up above you
- It's a mess.
- Cassie's sorry.
That piglet!
There's gotta be some efficient way
to process these pumpkins.
Flying will lead to no good.
No, it's just a pile of snow.
How to weed carrots.
What a splendid evening.
Why, without these things,
But I think perhaps
you should have made more popcorn.
And honey bees are in the hive
Go ahead.
Why didn't I stay in my garden
Thanksgiving Day is nothing,
no more than a chilly Thursday.
What a lovely feast
Remember the promise you made me
about not going too high?
No can do.
Not in my job specification.
There, there. I's not your fault.
Is he lucky? Weeding carrots
is what tiggers do best.
You said
you didn't see your shadow.
I see.
with my nice, safe carrots?
There's food enough
to calm the most ferocious of beasts
- Oh, dear.
- Now just hold still.
What a happy reason
to be glad that you're alive
Excuse me, Rabbit, but
there is something I've been wondering.
Then I don't know whose fault it is.
While the critics dismissed
her performance as a bomb,
You do it.
You told us winter was over.
Sounds like
you might be on to something there.
Well, yes, but...
- I've almost got it.
- Couldn't move if I wanted to.
Perhaps we should wait
for Tigger and Eeyore to arrive.
Oh, dear. I did, didn't I?
I wonder why we worried
Ophelia herself had a blast.
If it isn't spring, winter
or Groundhog Day,
Well, now that we've got you,
what are we supposed to do with you?
Good. Then no more talk about flying.
So every season
brings a reason to be giving
And scurried all around
He is?
What's the matter? Am I
making you look bad in front of the kid?
Not that I mind, really.
Just thought I'd mention it.
what day is today?
- Blast! Very good!
- By diggity! That's it!
We prepared for spring.
It's only polite, you know.
- Is he?
- Even if he isn't,
Looking for the very thing
that we've already found
We're going to have lots more fun
than flying.
Why, Piglet and Tigger and I
shall take care of her.
It's November 13th.
There should be fields full of flowers.
You're pulling out my carrots!
It really would not be
Thanksgiving without them.
he is.
But what if Santa
gets stuck in the chimney, Mama?
I'll blast!
November 13th?
Friends, near and far away
If you hadn't have told us,
we never would have known.
Giving thanks
for the good things that appear
And the little princess bird
was thrown into a deep dungeon,
Not six feet of snow.
So these are carrots?
I'm sure he knows all about chimneys,
Sharing all today
Have I hit yet?
You can't even take care of a carrot.
- How can we ever thank you?
- You can't.
We're ruined.
What do you know?
Do you realise what this means?
Why, it's almost Thanksgiving!
with only her faithful friend Rabbit
to protect her.
No, Rabbit. Cassie saved you.
Gathering to say we're thankful
What if he doesn't like
the cookies I left for him?
And it's all your fault.
I'll take care of her myself.
When you hear
that birds are singing
But don't worry.
I'd better start making
some hot chocolatey icey cream!
Friends, friends in every way
But then,
when things looked blackest, and...
You don't believe
I can do it all alone?
He's going to love your cookies.
It just happens I've jotted some
quick thoughts on this very matter.
So clean,
one could very nearly eat off it.
Be it winter, fall or spring
But how?
Autumn's gentle breeze
grew stronger,
Make each and every day
But what if Santa...
Well, I don't need anyone.
What a beautiful gift
the seasons bring
I flew!
Our Thanksgiving Day
If you'd care to see.
and a feeling of anticipation
hung in the air
Special delivery for a Mr Rabbit.
There's probably no one
in 100 Acre Wood
I'm sorry you have to be out
in weather like this.
What do you say? Does Uncle Tigger
know how to bounce or what?
You what?
- Oh, my. The pie!
- I say! My word!
There's so much more
than more here
of good things to eat,
and sharing a season of thanks
Well, if you insist.
Another half of jalapefio,
and a tad more turmeric.
Aren't you proud of me?
who knows more about baby birds
than me.
Hold on a second.
It was in here somewhere.
It's altogether true
Now I can fly south.
And being all together
is the best thing to do
I bet you're the best bouncer
in the whole world.
for all that's held dear.
Hey, I thought I remembered it.
Rabbit's Helpful Guide
to Celebration Organisation.
Why, she's going to be
no trouble at all.
That's right! You soloed!
Yes, siree. That's what I like.
Here itis. It's from a Miss Kay, Cat...
It's the first day of autumn!
I'm gonna bust
every ski-jumping record there is!
Friends, near and far away
Oh, boy. There's nothing
holding you down now.
Part 1 - Duties and Responsibilities.
A dessert with attitude.
Every season brings a reason
That was nothing.
Now I'm going to clear that tree.
I'm gonna ski
where no tigger has skied before.
Sharing all today
A magnificent bone china,
left to me by my great grandfather.
lam so high.
Don't you think I know?
Tigger and Eeyore, you will
gather cranberries for the sauce.
To be cheerful
Gathering to say we're thankful
Let me see that.
No trouble at all.
It's almost like we were flying.
But, Tigger. How can you ski...
Oh, my goodness gracious.
Say no more, long ears.
Friends, friends in every way
Once I crank her up to 2,000 centigrade,
this baby'll be done in no time.
Every season brings a reason
And now that one.
We'll get a whole bushel of berries
or my name's not Tigger!
It's from Cassie.
when there's no snow?
What's this? Calendar pages?
Make each and every day
our Thanksgiving Day
Rock-a-bye and keep still
You should smile
No snow?
Why, it's...
Actually, I'll embarrass the tree
if I jump it all at once,
- Who's Cassie?
- Who is Cassie?
Why, of course there's...
You're driving me crazy
You provide a pumpkin pie dessert.
Make each and every day
When the leaves
start falling all around you
so I'll take it in three bounces.
No snow?
Yes, siree. I'll get right on it.
Our Thanksgiving Day
It's only November.
It's nowhere near Groundhog Day.
There's the scent of autumn
in the air
What gives here? We ought to be
swimming and smothering in it.
I like to start work early.
Keeps productivity up
She's only the smartest, sweetest,
most wonderful little bird
It was a most thankful day
for Winnie the Pooh and friends.
That was fun.
and your overhead down...
Oh, what a happy reason
in the whole wide world.
Why, today's
the first day of winter.
Piglet wasn't quite as wrong
as I'd thought.
For of all the things they had
or ever might,
I have had a thought, or so I think.
Rabbit once rescued her.
You'll see
the dinnerware is polished.
To be grateful that you're there
Oh, my.
I'd better apologise to him.
the grandest one of all
was the gift of friendship.
Isn't it?
I'll see to the decorations.
Really? How did you rescue her?
And what I have thought is this.
I'm glad one of us is enjoying this.
Could you read me
one last bedtime story?
I don't know. My watch stopped.
So every season there's a reason
And as for you two...
If we cannot find a turkey,
Daddy's sad?
There. That wasn't so bad.
To you
falls the most vital duty of all.
Daddy? No, I'm Rabbit.
perhaps the turkey
shall have to find us.
It was a very windy day
You mean, before you leave?
To be giving
I've gone to find a real groundhog
The thing everyone so looks forward
to seeing on the table.
and the snow was blowing so hard
you could barely see the ground...
That is precisely
what I'm afraid of.
No, I didn't mean that.
I meant...
who can tell me when spring really is.
Giving thanks for the good things
Scarf? Check...
You don't need me
to read you a bedtime story.
- Honey?
- Turkey.
What I mean to say
He must be kidding.
That we share
As clean as a whistle.
is that one cannot trap a turkey
without first having a trap.
Excuse me, but did you say turk...
P.S. I'm not kidding.
Every last little thing.
Back, you monster!
You don't need me for anything.
Now it's fun to get together
And so, as Pooh and Piglet
set about solving their problem,
In the breezy autumn weather
Well, yes. Of course. A turkey!
Hey, bunny boy!
Anybody home?
It's a wonderful gift
a few pages over,
Please don't tell Rabbit
I'm learning to fly.
Our Thanksgiving is no more.
What's a turkey?
Good morning, Rabbit.
Beyond compare
Tigger and Eeyore
were having troubles of their own.
- But...
- See for yourself.
I can't...
I see you're having breakfast.
This is a turkey!
I can't move.
The absolute, 100%,
single-most critically crucial...
There is nothing
to be thankful for.
May we join you?
I'm slipping.
Join me?
Christopher Robin?
Help me.
crucially critical, immensely important
part of the whole entire holiday!
Berries, berries and more...
It's gonna be a Thank-less-giving.
Hold on! I'll save you!
I don't care what happens to her.
I have a carrot patch to plant.
These berries aren't fresh enough
for us. They're blueish.
Oh, yes. That sort of turkey.
- But we still have...
- No.
What are you doing?
Could be cos they're blueberries.
Yes. Here.
Do you know which day it is?
We're trying to find out
when winter is, long ears.
Calling all groundhogs.
We do not.
You'll need this.
Come on, donkey boy. Only the best
berries is good enough for us.
- Which?
- Only my most favourite day of all.
What to do?
I don't remember saying that.
And you're the only one
with the calendar, Rabbit.
There, there. Quiet down.
Thanksgiving Day.
Aren't you ready?
Better luck next year.
Perhaps they just can't hear me
under all the snow.
Swing your tail
and toss Cassie up to me.
Yes, I'm not.
Is it? And what are you thankful for?
Berrily, we roll along
Please don't pick the cherries
Yes. Sol am.
Well, what are you looking at?
One for the money, two for the show.
Some Thanksgiving.
Well, let's see.
As of first thing this morning,
Sing a berry pickin' song
Love them pretty berries
Why, nothing short of everything.
Haven't you ever seen a baby cry?
And so Pooh and Piglet
began their search.
Three to get out of here
and here you go.
Reminds me
pretty much of any day.
And then when you feel the drag ratio
overcome your lateral velocity, voila!
Here, just give her a bath.
But most of all, I'm thankful
for the company of friends,
Leave them berries where they are
Those 'll never do
today is Groundhog Day.
And they searched
and they searched.
Oh, dear...
Oh, dear.
Hold on tight.
Tiggers love them red by far
those are much too blue
That'll keep her and you
out of trouble.
I'm afraid this really has become
no more than a chilly Thursday.
From the top of page 23
all the way to the middle of page 47.
Groundhog Day?
such as yourself.
I think the groundhogs
must have flown south for the winter.
And I'll pull you up.
Which reminds me.
I must remind the others.
We won't let 'em get away
we'll track 'em in the woods
Why is Rabbit always
so grumpy around Cassie?
Happy Thanksgiving...
It's Groundhog Day!
March em home, whaddya say?
Berries is better than good
Perhaps I should try
to find one later,
And you will be joining us for
Thanksgiving dinner, won't you?
Get ready for take-off before
you're snowed in for the whole winter.
Well, perhaps
he's just not as fond of her as we are.
What's Groundhog Day?
Berrily we roll along
Please don't pick the cherries
like sometime next spring.
Being all alone and lonesome is
not something that tiggers like best.
Sing the berry-pickin' song
Love them cranny-berries
Everybody knows that, buddy bear.
I shouldn't miss it for anything.
But where's Rabbit?
After all I did for them,
working a holiday.
Then I really must be going
as there is very much to do
I can't leave
without saying goodbye to him.
I've got to get her back.
Where could he be?
Well, it's the day a groundhog
comes out of his hole.
I'm sure he was just busy
with his garden.
and very little time for doing it.
How will we know
we've built a proper turkey trap?
Could you possibly find me
a small bird-sized towel?
I should have charged them
time-and-a-half overtime.
Silly old bear.
I rather doubt we will
until we've trapped a proper turkey.
Wait a minute, bunny boy.
More tea, Owl? Yes. Thank you.
And if he sees his shadow, that means
there will be six more weeks of winter.
She's gone.
His garden.
Hooray, hooray
today is the day
There you are.
- Pooh Bear?
- Yes, Piglet?
Don't mind if I do.
You shouldn't have come out here
all alone.
How shall we get out?
But if he doesn't,
spring starts tomorrow.
Oh, bother.
To give thanks for giving
and give thanks away
Where is it?
Exactly. Spring?
We'll gather together
Oh, no! You're frozen solid.
We're gonna make
old long ears proud.
It seems the time is right
and the time is now.
What happened to winter?
And share all our treats
Just wait till he feasts his eyes
on this feast.
I'm sure
there'll be plenty of honey to eat
It's gone. Over. We missed it.
Here's the towel.
And I'd just like to say...
I have to get you home. Quickly.
We're gonna make this
the best Thanksgiving ever.
Hey, Casserino? Before you go,
how about a little S-O-T-T7?
Christmas too?
Hooray, hooray
According to the calendar,
Christmas too.
Today is the day
The rip-roaringest, shindiginest
celebration of them all.
Perfect. Why, I'll plant my carrots
so early this year
To give thanks for giving
and give thanks away
Smooch on the Tigger.
But the only way to be
completely sure winter is over
they'll be ripe by spring time.
Thanks to trees
Thanks to bees
is to find the groundhog
and check with him.
That's what tiggers love best.
Whoops, I almost forgot
What's that?
Thanks for the honey
in my honey pot
Look at the time. We've gotta get going
or Thanksgiving's gonna be gone.
Who are you calling a groundhog?
Hooray, hooray
There itis.
See me?
I'm a gopher, not a groundhog.
Today is the day
Last one there's a rotten elk!
Oh, my. She'll float away!
To give thanks for giving
and give thanks away
What are you trying to do?
Insult my ancestors?
She'll never come down!
For me?
Thanks for the night
and thanks for this day
I got you!
Be careful. You know,
that's a very strong wind.
And thanks for the honey
that's coming my way
And now, Piglet, we need only
find bait for baiting the trap.
Thanks for Thanksgiving
It's Thanksgiving Day
Now where would we find a groundhog
to see if spring's here?
I know Rabbit's real busy,
Would you know what turkeys like?
but could you remember to tell him
I'll never forget him?
I'm not certain.
Perhaps they're fond of honey.
Oh, dear.
I'll remember to... to tell...
As a very small, timid animal,
What else
do you think they like?
What was it?
I have enough trouble being a piglet.
Perhaps someone else...?
Now, my dear, it's time to soar.
Nonsense. You're a perfect...
Wait for me. I'm coming, Cassie.
Do give my regards
to everyone down south.
Wait till bunny boy
sees all the... berries?
We was robbed!
What are we gonna do? Everyone's
counting on us to get the berries.
Without 'em, Thanksgiving's
just like any other old day.
- What are we gonna do?
- Guess we start starting over.
Don't go!
I changed my mind. You can fly.
What incredible luck.
Somebody's dropped a whole trail
of berries. Come on, donkey boy.
Just don't go away.
Did you think I would leave
without saying goodbye to you?
I hope spring
decides to come early this year.
I can't wait to see Cassie again.
It's the most peculiar thing.
For the longest time,
I thought Rabbit didn't like her.
You know,
sometimes people care too much.
I think it's called love.
Do you think
we should tell Rabbit?
Don't worry.
I believe he already knows.
And that was the last time
I saw her.
Nicest story I ever heard.
You said it, buddy boy.
Oh, my goodness. Look at the time.
We have to finish the tree.
Come on, everybody. Now,
be careful. Don't break anything.
Oh, dear.
It's so short.
Next year, we should
try to make it a little longer.
Do you like to eat acorns?
No, I'm not too fond of acorns.
Good. Then next year,
we shall string acorns.
You got it, buddy boy.
Can you see it, Mama?
Mine's the highest one.
It certainly is, dear.
- Why, it's a lovely tree.
- A fine specimen indeed.
Now that is what I call
a splendiferous tree!
There. That should do it.
Oh, dear. Oh, no.
Mercy me, what have I done?
What exactly have you done, Rabbit?
I've forgotten the most important thing.
Don't you see?
The star. Why, every Christmas tree
needs a star on top.
I was just so busy I forgot all about it
and now Christmas just won't be right.
It doesn't matter.
It's a beautiful tree.
We'll have a fine Christmas.
I've got an empty honey pot at home
that would make
a fine top for any tree.
Thank you,
but it just wouldn't be the same.
Look, Mama.
A falling star.
Help me, everyone.
Make a wish.
I think that falling star
is falling this way.
Goodness gracious.
Why, that's no falling star.
Merry Christmas.
I'd say Rabbit's wish came true.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
And so, another Christmas
came and went in the 100 Acre Wood.
It had been a joyous season of giving
for all our friends,
but especially for a little bear
named Winnie the Pooh.