Winning Ticket (2018) Movie Script

Oh my God.
You left your cake behind.
No problem.
Every finger has a theme.
All the great fashion icons.
Coco Chanel. Monroe. Dior.
Madonna. Dolce Banana.
Gabbana, Lotta. It's Gabbana.
No problem.
I'll take care of it.
Where has Fifi gone? It's everywhere
here. We have wireless.
That's animal cruelty. Dogs can't eat
chocolate. It was only smelling.
Here's the refugee.
No problem.
But you have to buy a new cake.
Eevi, thank you.
You are always so nice. Bye.
Bye. Come on, Fifi.
Typical Eevi's customers. She's the
only one who can handle the grannies.
Hi. How can I help?
What name, please?
Virve Salonen.
It's cake. Not poop.
But of course.
Do you have any free times?
Right away.
Eevi, you can stay, can't you?
No, I can't.
What was that all about? I don't
feel too good. Must be a cold.
A cold?
I feel my sinuses blocking.
I don't even hear that well.
OMG. Go home then.
Don't make anyone else sick.
Yoga in the sun
Hello! Hey!
You! Madame!
Read the magazines at home.
I wasn't reading this.
You were.
Can't you feel it out a bit?
That's what the cover is for.
No one comes to eat here and then
decide, if he's going to buy or not.
That would be stealing.
Are you calling me a thief?
I didn't say that.
You meant that.
A poor, scruffy thief. Leaving
fingerprints on your glossy mags.
As if I couldn't afford them.
Well, do you?
Can you afford them?
Something else?
Keep the change.
Take something with this.
No. Take some gum.
Get a lottery ticket.
WINNING TICKE Thanks. Remember to stretch out.
We have the labor talks again
in the company.
One would think that people want
to decorate when times are tough.
Do you remember Virve from the
school? Virve "Mean Girl" Salonen.
She came by today. What does
she look like these days?
Still like liver sausage.
Same mousy hair.
How can all the bitchiness
in the world be packed in her?
She was really mean to you
in the school.
Lucky you're a grownup now.
You can look after yourself.
How's Piritta?
She's good.
Think, she invited all the girls
in her class to her birthday. Help!
There's a dozen of them. I forgot.
Told you I won't be a good godmother.
You're not bad. You'll both come
to the adult party?
OK. Bye.
Kari and mac and cheese.
How's my little mouse pie?
Not a nice day.
But had a workout with Hanna.
Did you remember the ketchup?
Maybe I did. Maybe I didn't.
How was your day?
In the instrument business?
I sold a five grand guitar to one
managertype. A basic PALM.
"Played a little myself".
A bit like you.
What do you mean?
You don't play much any more.
At least not to me.
Haven't thought about that.
It'd be nice to go somewhere.
Do something together.
We were in Bulgaria just then.
It was 4 years ago.
Do you still love me?
Maybe I do. Maybe I don't.
What's this?
A flower.
Eevis. I do.
I won't be long.
Hi, dad. Take your time.
She's on a new medication.
Makes her blabber even more.
So there you are.
How are things in here?
Good. But there's one thing.
Well? Different animal groups
are trying to cheat me.
Mommy. You're making things up.
No, I'm not.
One quite large mole
comes around all the time.
Have you been at the chair gym?
Or anywhere at all? I have.
We swing like a king.
Who has dug this out?
Your father's cleaning up the attic.
Made this for the primary masquerade.
Trying to be Pippi Longstocking.
But all I was the official
"Miss Eastern Bloc" of the school.
Good thing you have moved
forward in your life.
Somehow I feel my life
hasn't even begun yet.
Or, was that it?
just be more positive.
I am. Looking forward
to this evening.
Kari has a gig and
I can watch TV all night. I see.
Here we go.
We will draw 7 numbers
and 2 additional numbers.
Eight. Thirtyseven.
Fourteen. Six.
Twelve. Fifteen.
Additional numbers:
Twentythree. Thirtyfive.
The winning row is:
6, 8,12,14
15, 21, 37.
If there's only one winning row
the jackpot will be...
fifteen million euros!
Fifteen million...
She must be sleeping.
Hi there!
Jesus. Eevi. Are you sick?
Where's Kari?
He's not answering my calls.
He can't when he's on stage.
He's outside carrying the equipment.
Has something happened? No.
Everything's fine. Good.
Look what we found backstage.
A Mlkkygame!
How many? Three.
Right. Siru's turn.
Hell! Six! That evens the score.
Reko, your turn.
I'll watch the lottery first.
What would you do? If you'd win?
Take a long holiday.
We'd make a record. No more
weddings, no more covers.
When you buy the ticket,
it makes you think.
It could be you.
Someone always wins.
Eevi. Oh my God.
Did you just piss yourself?
It happens when you have a cold.
Or a broken cartilage. Or something.
You never play lottery. This time,
I did. And I had all the numbers.
All of them? I think so.
At least, I circled them all.
Well, where is it?
In a safe place. In the freezer.
Freezer! It's thermal paper!
The cold destroys it!
After a waiting period of three
weeks, you can collect your winnings.
Kari. Kari. Oh my God.
Is this a dream?
Eevi Puttonen.
Let's get married.
We are already married.
Let's do it again.
This looks like a prison.
Natascha Kampuschstyle.
Pretty cute.
Too sugary.
A gingerbread house.
Hansel and Gretel.
Tennis and a rooftop jacuzzi.
Darling. Can you fix me
my morning heroin?
And the pilot will fly us
to Paris, to go shopping.
Why us? You and me?
Why not? I've been working for 15
years and can never afford anything.
I bought a ticket and I won.
Could've happened to anyone.
Anyone at all.
So why not to me?
We could have a party. A big party.
We could rent a manor house.
Or buy a new car. A SUV.
We could order catering. Drink real
champagne. Or buy a summer house.
Don't want to lock myself in a cabin.
We can buy a new home anywhere.
Even abroad. Let's at least
take a holiday somewhere warm.
I don't have the patience right now.
Patience to do something fun?
Go somewhere. Enjoy life.
What part can't you understand?
We can do whatever we want.
We have to think carefully.
How to proceed? Who to tell?
Hanna, at least. I don't want people
to change their attitude towards us.
Why not? Our own attitude towards
ourselves will change anyway.
Now you're naive, my dear nuthead.
Keeping it secret is worse.
Let's keep a low profile.
At least to start with.
In a SUV?
You can't stop me of buying
some new clothes at least.
If this becomes public
we'll have a queue of people at our
door with various wants and needs.
Let's keep a real low profile.
But let's buy new track suits
from a thrift store and wear them
at home. Or buy more lotto tickets.
Put 15 millions in a piggy bank and
spend only when we win next time!
I'm trying to keep it under control.
Not to screw up and lose it all.
First we have to wait for
3 weeks before we get the money.
Then you can do whatever you
want. It was your ticket after all.
Of course we'll split the money.
Share everything.
Just like we always have.
We're in this together.
So we are.
You and me.
One more time, on behalf of the
Gaming Company, congratulations.
We'd like to hear how you feel.
It must've been
quite a bang for you.
It hasn't been easy.
At least, not for me.
I feel a bit unreal,
like I'm cheating everyone.
That'll get better with time.
What are your plans now?
To go on with our lives. Like before.
Except today we have a day off.
We're still the same
Puttonen couple. Right.
But winning always
means a little identity crisis.
Is that so? People are ready
to invest a tiny sum every week.
Be able to dream.
I guess it's the money they want.
Dreams often stay as dreams.
But what happens when they come true?
Can't see the face now.
The balance of your account
We are just an ordinary family.
Ownership belongs to everyone.
You are on our side, aren't you?
Never leave your pal.
Money needs to be somewhere safe.
From ourselves.
If the money runs out and I go
back to square one, I'll hang myself.
It won't.
We'll make the money grow.
A dispersed stock portfolio.
Innovative private equity funds.
I want to invest in
somewhere concrete.
Let him finish.
Equity funds are concrete.
Real estate, solar and
wind energy, forest. Forest?
I told you. A summer house.
Dispersion reduces the risk.
I don't want to disperse. Invest
in something I can't understand.
In cyberspace
where you can't cash them.
You can cash them in due time.
We'll give you a detailed plan...
The money can disappear. Suddenly
it's only digits. Ones and zeros.
Well, inflation can also eat it.
Calm down. Your blood sugar is low.
Give her a banana.
And how about the talk of
the moral of the banks and investors?
Well, that's not his fault.
If you want to prioritize values,
maybe sustainable development funds.
It's your money.
Someone invests in arts,
someone donates to charity.
Your choice. We can also help
in family lawrelated issues.
What are they?
Well, do you have a prenup? A will?
We'll die all right.
But we'll never divorce.
This building was renovated in 2013.
Exoffice space, now apartments.
What are your first impressions?
We could go upstairs,
to have a look at the sauna.
Please, take a pen.
So you can take notes.
Go ahead.
Was it so that this is
free in 2 weeks?
That's written in here!
Not too overthetop.
Let's buy this. So quickly?
The winning was quick, too.
Or do you want call a dowser?
It's not even empty.
So? It's hot property.
The other couple clearly likes it.
We'll buy this!
Room service, good morning.
You had ordered some breakfast.
This way!
Eevi's phone, Kari speaking.
Hi. She's on her way to work.
She left her phone home. Okay.
Didn't we agree we'll keep on
working? Business as usual.
Don't you also have to go then?
Of course. I'm starting at 10.
Have a nice day,
Let's take a holiday. Spend time
together, just the two of us.
Well, we've been together pretty
tightly for the last 15 years.
Can't afford the time. I have so much
work to do. Let's have a look later.
Did you take a taxi?
You've been messing around.
That hairdo is not from here.
A nice waistcoat. Quite chic.
Is it real? It glows like real fur.
These days
even faux fur looks real.
Let us see the washer.
No, I won't.
There we are. It's real.
A murderer.
Synthetic fibres are made of oil.
Which is an animal. Plankton.
Yes, if it's dead.
Dead plankton.
Eevi, the customer is waiting.
Do you speak Finnish?
Yep. I just thought
cause you're so quiet.
What do you do for a living?
I'm in sales. Ow!
Some people get muscle tension
if they can't handle their feelings.
Aggression. Hate. Things like that.
The emotions stay inside their body.
I let it all out.
Being straight is my thing.
Mm. Or bent.
Your spine is a bit bent.
This is going to hurt a little.
When is your next free time?
Da, da. You massage really well.
Although you're so tiny.
Not everyone has the guts
to attack a strong woman like me.
Here's your receipt.
I'm booked for the whole summer.
What a pity.
Call me if you get free times.
You feel somehow familiar.
No, I don't.
Dear child, we can't choose
our customers here.
Unless they're drunk.
Or violent.
My wrists can't handle
big people any more.
You've been a bit different lately.
Taxis and furcoats. Rabbit,
I mean. According to the washer.
Eevi dear.
Have you inherited someone?
As a matter of fact, I have.
You still have to do your job here.
See, not everyone here has
inherited money. I, for example.
I'm so burnout.
I really need a holiday.
If Iina could take care of some
of my shifts. I'm quite busy enough.
No. We can't have any burnouts
or mindfulls in here.
Ness. It's mindfulness.
Who'll take care of the grannies?
They'll be OK for one week.
Look at you, new leotards.
A new hairdo.
Did you get a raise?
Rob a bank?
I see.
Some bloody mystery aunt
has left you a large inheritance?
I know! You're the girl
who won the lottery jackpot!
That's right.
Well, we're going to
take it really easy.
Easy? Are you crazy?
What's the point of the jackpot?
Well, everyone's taking holidays
in Thailand except me.
Well, now I'm everyone.
Come with me, I'm buying.
When? Right now.
See what I found.
A fivestar beach hotel.
A private pool.
I can't go anywhere.
I have to work.
And throw the adult birthday party.
You're both coming, aren't you?
Sunday, at three.
Of course.
Wow. Is that your new buggy?
Well, the old one was always broken.
The exhaust pipe fell off.
A million congrats, darling.
Gee whiz! Have fun!
We'd like to buy some art.
Very well.
What exactly are you looking for?
Er... A painting or something.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Look, there's no picture there.
Maybe you have to paint it yourself.
Exactly. just like in Ikea.
I can't understand these.
You don't have to. You can just
experience them. Feel them.
I feel.
I feel something right here.
Somewhere inside.
It's just from your childhood.
The bubble gum machines in bars.
In relation to the embodied
subjects of MerleauPonty...
I've had it with phenomenology.
That is just basic readymade.
Or maybe I'm just hungry.
I'd like to have the ore...
the orecchiette pasta, please.
I'll have the veal cheek
with truffle polenta, please.
Our concept requires
a lot of small portions.
To taste from each other.
OK. So we can't order
our separate meals?
Of course you can. But maybe
it's a little boring. Boring?
Well, maybe some...
...roasted pumpkin and some tuna.
How would you like the tuna?
Well done.
Tuna is often a bit dry
if you have it well done.
If you already know what we
should have, why do you ask?
I don't eat raw fish.
It might have worms.
I'd love to have...
...roasted chestnuts
and salmon, in black bean sauce.
Terribly sorry, but those two
don't really go together.
I won't put them
in my mouth at the same time.
Take some in your cheek.
Take some in your cheek.
Tongue in cheek?
No, the veal's cheek.
Something to drink?
Finnish lake water, if it's OK. I'd
like to suggest our wine of the week.
R's French. Chartron etTrbuchet
Bourgogne Aligot.
That really compliments your meal.
OK then. Goes without saying.
Thank you. And excuse us.
You're on her side.
Next time, you order the drinks.
I want to have what I want.
Not what I'm told to.
Just drop it. And don't shout.
I wasn't shouting.
Blocks my ears.
If you can't handle people talking
in a pub, don't come to a pub.
This is a gourmet restaurant.
Control yourself more, less of me.
Oh, our little otter got analytical.
Don't get sore over this. Don't
tell me when to get sore or not.
Hey, Eevi.
Did you give her a hundred?
Of course, after all that.
Still. We didn't eat anything.
A super snooty place.
Get it back.
No way.
I'll do it. No, you won't.
Or I'll walk. Alone. Somewhere.
Be my guest.
You'll make it up in the morning.
Everything will be fine.
Maybe. I don't know.
Hey! Hey!
I'll ask you straight and
I don't mind if you say no
but our washing machine broke down
and the dryer also
so maybe you could lend me
a couple of hundreds or a grand?
A g rand?
ls it too much?
Of course not. Don't worry.
I'll put it on your account.
Daily financial affairs
Eevi Puttonen.
Li rim.
So, this is the foyer.
That's the bathroom.
There are some cleaning utensils.
So, if you cold vacuum and wipe...
I take care all.
Upper dust one month.
I see. OK. This is the kitchen.
This is the living room.
Those plants need a lot of water.
Yes. I take care.
And this is Kari.
Also quite thirsty, I'm sure.
Good morning, dear.
This is Lirim.
Lirim, this is Kari.
Lirim will keep the place clean
when I go to Thailand for a week.
Yes. I take care all.
I'm sorry.
Pervie peeping tom!
She doesn't speak Finnish.
Is mister coming?
What mister?
Husband or boyfriend. No.
But maybe I can still eat?
No animal. Sorry.
It was a lizard.
I think, maybe gecko.
But it's not bad.
In Thailand it means happy.
Lucky. And money.
My team won 30.
How fascinating.
The pervie peeping tom!
Hello. Have a nice dinner.
Yes, yes.
I have a lizard in my room.
A lizard in the room?
What can I do about it?
Are you mad at me?
No, no. I'm just too busy at work
that I can't take time off.
Ask someone to catch the lizard.
I already have. Hi! Hi!
Here's the perverted peeping tom!
Can you turn it down a bit?
I can hear everything. Thank you!
Kari! The mouse pie is back!
Hi, Lirim. Where's Kari?
Kari is house out.
House out? Outhouse?
He is out.
We were in the studio the whole week.
The publishing party is at Tavastia.
Think about it. The same stage
where The Ganes played. Yes!
I thought you were busy at work?
I'm starving. You forget to eat
when you have the flow.
You haven't been working?
No. Since when?
Pretty much, since the jackpot.
I've been afraid that
someone will screw me.
But I couldn't even dream
it could be you.
The guys said that it's criminal
not to chase your dreams.
Oh, the guys were told right away?
And I couldn't tell Hanna.
They are loyal to me.
I'm sure. And to your wallet.
Don't be cheap.
I've been sweating my butt off...
Sweating? Especially last week.
You've been playing an artist.
Spending the money, originally
my money, in God knows what.
What are all these new amps?
A home studio.
Why do you need that?
And now, it's all your money?
You've been lying to me.
We were supposed to share.
I want my music
to be taken as music.
Not some lucky winner's clowning
around. What could I do about that?
You would've lost control if
I hadn't laid out some rules.
It's a good thing you're working.
I work out of my own free will.
You seem to work hard.
Real hard.
Well? How was it? What was
the destination? Madeira? Seashells?
Thailand. Must've been fun.
OMG, what a carbon footprint.
It was fantastic!
A friend of yours came by, for
a treatment. She was asking for you.
A blonde, giggling all the time.
Miia, yes. Must've been her.
Took one of those comfort packages.
She was asking for a discount
cause you're a millionaire.
Eevi, is it true that
you have won in the lottery?
Fuck me.
Oh, my.
The unemployment's still high.
In the old days,
when we graduated, we got jobs.
And there's those lucky ones
who have property
and can partially retire early
and don't have to work any more.
I have an appointment.
Please, come in.
What's the color of today?
Anal red.
Aniline. just that.
I'm so bored with this.
Let's get your nails really pretty.
Iif not quite anal. A bright color.
But the color brings a risk.
People only notice that if it's too
blingbling. Not who you really are.
You sound like you know
who you really are?
A good point. I've been thinking
just about that lately.
Who am I?
You're worse off than I am.
You're Eevi!
Eevi Raitakari. You're confusing me
with someone else.
Virve Salonen. I remember
all sorts of things about you.
Now that you brought it up, so do I.
You were my continuous nightmare.
Harassing me through the school.
Whatever I did, you laughed at me.
Good thing I didn't kill myself.
Does "Miss Eastern Bloc" ring a bell?
Well, that was then
and this is now.
Right. Glad I don't have to
look at you any more.
You're overreacting.
I have to say I recognize
the situation.
Really? I thought for a long time
one Noora was laughing at me.
But it turned out
she had a chronic cramp on her face.
Myokymia, like this.
Playing the victim is so easy.
It certainly wasn't
myokymia in her case.
Jeez, what ring marks.
It's that table again.
Let's put some cold on your face.
Everyone has traumas.
No need to shout about them.
Can I get my anal now?
Eevi! You have a term of notice!
Well, sue me.
Maybe not quite that.
All the best to you, Eevi.
It's wonderful.
Do you want to try it on?
I can't. I've promised myself
to become reasonable.
No, thank you.
Your working position is bad.
Eevi. What's up?
That's the reason for your pains.
Fix that and save a lot of money.
Can I help you? Pippi.
The strongest and richest in the
world. And sassiest, in her own way.
I'll give you a friendly price.
No signs of myokymia.
I want an apology.
We were just kids.
Not worth it, supporting this place.
Nasty vibes, bad service.
Sorry to hear.
She's the owner.
Sorry. I've always found
you so amusing.
I want to buy this place.
You? Do you want to be
an entrepreneur?
Not really. How much?
Bill of sale
So, you bought
Virve's workplace?
Against my financial adviser's words.
But I decided to be uncharitable.
How was the trip?
Terribly hot.
The pool was too small.
It wasn't at all like the brochure.
I even had a lizard in my room.
Well, that's good.
The locals believe they bring luck.
Not that you need
any luck any more.
What is that supposed to mean?
Well, you really shouldn't complain.
Look at this.
See what I found.
Nice. Thanks.
I thought you were broke.
The grand was for the washing machine
and the dryer. Right.
Thanks. Do you want
to see the receipt?
If I get screwed, I feel worthless.
I'll pay you back.
I also want to say something.
It's OK when you call me
asking for help,
complaining about how you feel.
But you forgot Piritta's birthday.
You could've done something.
An SMS from the trip or...
She was expecting you.
I am really sorry. This lotto thing
stresses me so badly.
I'll pay you back tonight.
And stop bothering you.
Well, diamonds really are
the girl's best friend.
I can have you banned from here.
Yep, just like they do at the Casino.
No need, no need. I'll take it.
Wow. Was it expensive?
It's bigger than the one I gave.
I didn't know you like diamonds.
What's the problem?
I had a fight with Hanna.
Help me. Can't you be
the one on my side?
I want back to where we came from.
To square one.
You don't, believe me.
Besides, there's no way back.
Hi, Reko! OK.
Are you going fishing?
No time.
Eevi, what's with the silly car?
I won the lottery. How's mommy?
How much?
15 millions.
Dad, you can have
whatever you want. Whatever.
Domestic help. Spa holidays.
Assisted living. Whatever.
Where do we start?
I don't want anything.
I have everything I need.
Well, at least the firewood. Chopped
and delivered from now on.
Now you can finally have things.
Just tell me if you need anything.
You always wanted stuff.
Already as a child.
I never had anything. Even my clothes
were ugly, discount store stuff.
We gave you what we could afford
after the mortgage.
And one has to save money.
Save. Always save.
What for? The end of the world?
Why do you have to be like that?
Things are like they are.
You're as rich as a Croesus
but still such a sourpuss.
Money doesn't bring you happiness.
It makes everything possible.
Kari can make his dream come true.
Play at Tavastia Club.
Well, now that you have money,
there is one thing.
Again? I thought she has
a new medication.
I heard at the gym that
there's this new thing.
It'll be bigger than Coconut Cola.
A pyramid scheme.
It's a bit like a pyramid.
Just a small investment.
And you'll get it back tenfold.
No. No, no, no.
Boys and girls. One horse,
two horse, three horse.
Like the Ganes always said,
from the soul, asshole!
From the soul, asshole.
Bravo, Kari. Bravo, dudes! Yes!
Thank you. This next song is
dedicated to a very special person.
Without whom I wouldn't be here.
My taxi driver, Matti.
He ran the red lights
when I went to get my bass guitar.
Which I had left at home.
Masa! Way to go!
Masa. This is for you. Bring it on!
What a place!
Soon you won't hang out
with us ordinary people at all.
Making friends with
formula drivers and hockey players.
Actually, I've met
quite a few of them.
It was great
when you played Ganes.
Almost as well as they did.
It was our own arrangement.
It sort of, just slipped out.
I was sure you had told them.
No problem.
I hope it wasn't too inconvenient
for you at work.
Eevi doesn't work any more.
What? Doesn't work?
What is she doing?
Buys furcoats and diamonds.
What? Coming.
Come and tell us what's
the best band in the world!
What's eating you? You have bought
some ramshackle, overpriced shop.
Are you ransacking my things?
Not really. just been
emptying the removal boxes
while you've been busy.
What are you going to do with it?
Sell something. Maybe shovels.
Not myself, that's for sure.
This doesn't make any sense. Look
who's talking! Mr. BigTimePromotor.
Should've bought some more audience
while you were at it.
I am so happy for you. Really.
You seem to be so balanced.
Sorry. I'm such an emotional person.
Well, what does it really feel like?
The winning moment was pretty great.
Better than anything afterwards.
So, you could say that money
doesn't buy you happiness?
I guess you can be happy or sad,
rich or poor. Don't know.
Do you think you're materialists?
Let's change the subject.
Oops. How clumsy of me.
Lucky you're millionaires.
And this is nothing.
Let's put the vacuumbroom on.
Lirim will take care of the rest.
What's Lirim?
The cleaner boy.
And if he doesn't,
whip him into shape.
I'm going to bed. You can stay for
a while if you keep the noise down.
Just pull.
Pull, pull.
Er... Get the hell out of my bed.
Push or pull?
Who had...
I don't know!
Don't move!
Bull's eye! Don't move.
Hey! There we go again.
Enough! This freeloading
stops right here and now!
Stop. Miia, stop! You're always
laughing over nothing.
There's nothing funny here tonight.
And Siru, you can buy your own
silk sheets and make a mess of them.
Or do you still live
with your mother?
I can give you a lift... if need be.
I'm so disappointed in you.
You pulled Kari in, making a record.
And the stupid launch party
which doesn't interest anyone.
Just swindle all
the money out of him.
And you, Kari. You are
the biggest disappointment.
You haven't showed for a long time
that you give a shit about me.
Just selfcentered lies.
Out, the whole lot of you.
The party is over. Beat it.
Not sorry but out.
One thing, to make sure all's clear.
The record was 100 % Kari's idea.
All this has had a big effect on
my personal family life. Thank you.
It's not easy to focus to your work.
Be a paramedic after spending
the whole night at the studio.
It's sort of, like, being hungover.
Why haven't you said anything?
We wanted to help you out.
Kari, this is your dream.
Let's order pizza. Family size. These
rolls and mashes just make me mad.
Yeah! Pizza.
I don't need parasites
like this in my life.
We made a record. We liked it.
Now we celebrate and order pizza.
Order pizza.
You always think one is enough.
But it leaves you slightly hungry.
Double onion!
Eevi. If you don't want to be
a part of this, you don't have to be.
Maybe a kebab as well.
All the same to me.
What will you have?
What pizza will you have?
Please, leave now.
Yeah. Thanks.
Hey! Wait!
Dad! Dad!
I can't handle any women's babble
right now. just go away.
Your father had a fall.
He was unloading the firewood.
A cut and a concussion.
Have to look after him. I'll do it.
But there's one thing.
The birds.
Mom. There are no animals or birds
trying to cheat you. Don't lose it.
We found this last night.
If you can help us to put it up.
You should've taken that Jukka.
The one from the trade school?
He was gay.
So what?
Never trust a man
who plays some instrument.
Never trust a man
who actually exists.
Well, maybe you could
trust a concert pianist.
Why don't I see that I'm enough?
I should trust myself.
Surprisingly well said.
Oh, mommy.
I love you.
So do I.
Life can be tough, but between
hard times, we laugh and dance.
Sorry, Lirim. I already cleaned up.
If you could take the garbage out?
And you have worktime left,
come back inside.
I don't know anything about you.
Let's have coffee.
Let's chat, for once. And not
clean up, as you always do.
I am so grateful to you.
You're one of the few people I can
trust in the middle of this chaos.
I could show you my holiday pics.
Oh, I almost forgot.
I have a surprise for you.
It's in the bedroom.
This came today, Lotta.
With your name on it.
Hi. Good that you called.
I forgot these.
This is for the garbage room,
this for the back gate.
What's happening in here?
I'm going to start a beauty parlor.
Da, da. A great idea.
Good thing you move on.
It's not easy to
get rid of old rubbish.
Nothing's easy.
Except your mother. She was easy.
So she was.
Couldn't keep me in line.
I had my share of tough times
as a kid. A lot of shit to swallow.
We all had. And still have.
And yet, we're swallowing shit.
Hi. Is Piritta home?
I have a surprise for you.
You just had a birthday.
So you can have anything.
Just say what you need.
A coffee maker?
Maybe a bit boring.
A spaceadventure Barbie?
Maybe the ponies.
Ponies. And? What else?
That will be all, thank you.
Do you live here?
Don't know.
What will you do?
Don't know.
How can you leave like that?
Without saying one word?
Don't know.
Well, so sorry. I thought
we had things to talk about.
But you seem to be
too busy for that.
A van full of toys. You seem to think
you can do what you want.
They were going to be recycled.
And I wanted to think of Piritta.
She can't be a part
of our disagreements.
You can't bribe us because
you're a lottery winner.
A lottery winner!
Is that all I am to you?
Look at me. I am I.
Eevi Puttonen.
Eevi from the first grade.
Who had a bump in the forehead
cause she fell down on her bike.
And you thought it was cool.
I thought you were so cool,
wearing green knitwear.
Already on the third grade.
I was your friend. And you
don't cheat or exploit your friends.
I am your friend.
This necklace...
A freebie from Piritta's girlie
magazine. It's plastic, you dimwit.
You're a dimwit.
You're a small dimwit.
You're a big dimwit.
You are so dim.
I've never seen anyone dimmer...
Keys and locks to the sun!
You got to keep your job?
I did. Luckily.
I'm drowning in work
cause there's less of us now.
Just when I was about to ask you
to design my parlor.
Well, that's a job I will do.
Even on my own time.
You just keep Piritta company.
Have you heard anything from Kari?
He doesn't seem to want
to share my joys. Nor sorrows.
You can't run after him.
You have your own life to live.
Focus on that.
What's this slime?
A special opening offer.
When they put me in my grave, I want
you to make me a mask like this.
Before the coffin, that is.
I'll make you such a revitalizing
mask, you'll wake up from death.
A man? Eevi.
Kari. Kari Puttonen.
Eevi Puttonen.
Are you busy tonight?
Maybe I am.
Maybe I'm not.
If I were free...
...were you possibly thinking
about coming over?
Maybe. Maybe not.
Oh my God.
Men are sometimes so complicated.
Men need to be managed,
Deep inside, Brje appreciated when
I made all the decisions for him.
And me. And you.