Winter Love Story (2019) Movie Script

Erica? I have a grande
non-fat mocha for Erica?
It's actually Eric.
Sorry. Have a great day!
Do you think that they know
that we do that on purpose?
You do that on purpose.
And if you weren't my best friend,
I would've fired you by now.
Please, you love it, Billy.
Er, Beckham... Becca!
- Very funny.
- OK, I'm gonna be late.
- I wish you were coming with me.
- Me too.
This place isn't gonna run itself.
You can tell me all about it after.
Here comes the nerves.
- You'll be great. Good luck!
- Thank you!
Cassie, hi.
Piper, hi! I'm so glad
that you're here.
What kind of publicist would I be
if I wasn't at my client's
very first book signing?
- Are you excited?
- Yeah...
Excited, nervous,
tempted to run and hide.
Don't be silly. Your book is amazing!
I read it twice already.
Not even my mom
has read it twice.
It's so relatable.
You put into writing everything my
girlfriends and I secretly talk about.
Well, it is based
on my real break-up.
I know! It's like you got
your heart broken just for us.
And all the things
you did to move on.
I mean, who goes skydiving
to get over a heartbreak?
Just doing my part.
It's going to be really great to
have a familiar face here today.
Let's get inside.
This "familiar face" is freezing.
- So are you ready?
- Define ready.
Just relax and be yourself.
This will be fun.
OK, but you're sure that I won't
have to read or answer questions?
Because I really hate speaking
in public.
Which is why you'll only be
signing copies of your book...
- ... until Elliot turns up.
- Elliot?
Of the "Dread Monarch Saga".
- Right, the dragon guy.
- The best-selling dragon guy.
I used the fact
that he's one of our authors
to get you displayed
next to him.
I think the dragon ate
part of my display.
Well, if you're not happy
with it, we can move it.
Oh no! Are you kidding me?
My book is on display in a real
bookstore. I think this is fantastic!
Well, it's just the beginning.
Come on, let's get you set up.
- Hi! Ms. Winslett?
- Hi!
I really loved your book.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Mom, hi! You came!
- I wouldn't miss it.
You're not missing much.
This takes me back
to my very first book signing.
I'm pretty sure you never had
a crowd this small.
It was a different time.
People read more books then.
It's madness out there.
Mom, this is my publicist Piper.
Hold up.
Your mother is Jeannine Jordan?!
But your name is...
My maiden name is Jordan.
I have read all your novels!
May I get a picture?
Only if you don't mind taking a picture
of me with my very talented daughter.
Of course.
This will look great
on my website.
That would be
great press for Cassie.
You never told me your mother
was an award-winning author.
When people hear about this...
I don't really want
to throw that around.
My daughter wants to launch
her career all on her own.
Which I fully support.
Don't worry, honey.
I'll just show the picture
to my friends at hot yoga.
Make sure they buy the book.
That must be Elliot.
Shall we head over.
What, and leave all my fans?
Come on.
Who's Elliot?
- The Dragon writer.
- Welcome, everyone.
We all love his amazing,
"Dread Monarch Saga",
so it is both a pleasure
and an honour
to welcome the one,
the only Elliot Somersby.
Thank you.
Is it always like this?
Pretty much.
I'll introduce you later.
Thanks very much and thank you
for buying my little dragon saga.
- Is that for me?
- Yeah.
Thanks, but I'm OK
with my bottle of water.
He's really laying
the "aw shucks" routine on
pretty thick, don't you think?
Don't know if he can write, but
he can certainly work a crowd.
Today, I would like to read a passage
from my second chronicling
of my "Dread Monarch Saga",
"Dragon's Lair".
"The wounded dragon
flew through the air
"for what might be
one last time.
"Klar-Al stroked its brow,
"clung to its neck,
and whispered,
You are my Eternal Warrior".
Princess of the Nine Kingdoms
and heir to the Crystal Scepter.
- The what?
- You haven't read them?!
"And so I shall forever be".
"the winged creature replied
with a great sigh,
"its valiant spirit
ascending through the veil
"from which there is no return,
"not even for a dragon
as noble as he".
Thank you all so much.
You know, Mom, it's really sweet
of Piper to introduce us,
but we should just go.
This line's gonna take forever.
The writing isn't bad.
It's a book about dragons,
how hard can it be to write?
We should probably leave.
Elliot's just gonna
take a short break.
- We really should go.
- Don't be silly.
- I thought I recognized you!
- You recognized me?
- Elliot, this is...
- I am such a huge fan.
I don't know if you remember me.
I was in your Freshman Lit
class in Princeton.
Between your novels and your
classes, you single-handedly
inspired me to change my major
from business to creative writing.
I'm really sorry about that.
I can't believe the Jeannine
Jordan is at one my events.
Well, no, actually,
I'm here for my daughter,
but I am glad I got
to see your reading.
- I'm the daughter. Hi.
- Hi. I'm the dragon writer.
- You heard me?
- It's OK.
You know, writing dragons is easy;
it's the elves that give me
the most trouble.
I'm so sorry, Mr. Somersby.
Please call me Elliot.
All my critics do.
I shouldn't have said anything.
You know, I know nothing
about dragons,
and I'm sure writing about them
is very challenging.
It's OK. I appreciate
your honesty.
And thank you so much
for bringing your mom.
Can I sign a copy
for both of you?
She's actually here
for my book signing.
Elliot Somersby,
this is Cassie Winslett.
She's one of MacDonner Press'
new authors.
So embarrassed.
Cassie, it's nice to meet you.
Welcome to
the MacDonner Press family.
I mean, I could sign a copy
of my book for you if you want.
I deserve that.
Sorry to interrupt, but
this crowd is a little restless.
Great. Such a pleasure
to see you again.
- Well, thank you.
- Cassie, I'm gonna read this.
- You don't have to.
- No, I want to.
It was nice meeting you,
new writer Cassie.
Isn't he great?
He's a major talent.
Sorry, I have to take this.
How about I treat you
to a celebratory latte?
OK, all I have heard about is this
Elliot guy and his book signing.
I want to hear about my
brilliant best friend's.
- Tell me, how did it go?
- It didn't really "go".
- Couldn't have been that bad.
- Let's just say I've signed
more coffee cups here
in an hour than books there.
OK, I think you're being modest.
Is she, Jeannine?
He even won her over.
She's the toughest critic I know.
Do you remember
my first grade book report?
I remember.
She made me do four revisions,
and it was a 30 page book...
30 page book on butterflies!
And to cheer you up, I made you
a vanilla bean ice cream float...
With the cookie crumbles?
- I think that was the start of my career.
- Writing is rewriting.
My Princeton students pay a lot
for that advice.
What? You think I can't read
and hear you at the same time?
And to answer your question, Cassie
had a small but supportive crowd.
And by that, she means her
and my publicist, Piper.
You haven't done any publicity,
you refuse to throw my name around.
Because I don't want
everyone to know me
as "PEN/Faulkner Award-winning
Jeannine Jordan's daughter".
I want to make my own name
for myself.
And I respect that, but if no one
knows that you've written a book,
you're not gonna be known
as anything.
Now, take Elliot here...
They're on a first-name basis.
His performance made me
interested in reading a story
about a talking dragon.
And I'm enjoying it.
So why should that matter to me?
Because I would never have
picked up a fantasy book
and now I can't put it down.
Sweetheart, you could have
the same effect on people.
It's Piper, I need to take this.
Just excuse me.
Piper, hey.
Is there really a talking dragon?
Well, technically, it's telepathic.
- Gotcha.
- OK, I'll see you then.
So my book editor wants to meet me;
what do you think that means?
Well, if it's lunch,
that's a good thing.
What if it's at their office?
- Who wants more lattes?
- With cookie crumbles?
- Coming up.
- OK.
Hi, I'm Cassandra Winslett.
I have a 10 o'clock
appointment with Gwendolyn.
Go right in,
they're expecting you.
Thank you for coming in.
You know Piper and Julian...
We didn't officially meet,
but nice to see you again.
- Here he is, Elliot.
- Hello again.
- Hi.
- Did you finish my book yet?
I have encyclopaedias
that are smaller.
- Did you finish mine?
- I did, actually, yeah.
You're kidding?
No. It's alright, you could make it up
to me by reading mine on the book tour.
What book tour?
Piper and Julian told me how well
you two hit it off at the reading.
You had great chemistry.
- We barely spoke.
- I felt it, too.
We recently had success pairing new
writers with our established authors.
And as you may have noticed,
Elliot tends to draw a crowd
wherever he goes.
Sure, but my book is
a romantic comedy memoir
about getting over a breakup,
and Elliot writes...
...nerd novels. I'm sorry.
Successful nerd novels.
Still, I don't see the connection.
Here's the thing, Cassie.
You need the exposure,
especially with females 18 to 35.
That's a large, loyal market
that still buys books,
then blogs and tweets about them.
And they happen to love
Elliot's novels.
I saw.
Practically passed out
when he put on his glasses.
You know, I'm sorry, but do you
even need those glasses
- or are they the fake kind?
- I'll never tell.
So much chemistry.
It's palpable.
This is why we want
you two on tour together.
Me on a book tour.
OK, well, how long is the tour?
It's a week trial run. Just a
few Northeastern college towns.
And what does a trial run mean?
Here's the thing...
your book just came out,
and our early projections
show sluggish sales,
which is making it hard
to get reviewers to read it.
But these things
take time, right?
Slow roll-outs are a thing of the past.
Name recognition sells.
So the hope is that by teaming
you with our star author,
we'll see sales increase.
And if not?
Then, unfortunately, we'll have
to re-evaluate our partnership.
- No pressure, right?
- I'm sorry.
It's tough for
new writers out there.
But we love your book and
we see a lot of promise in you.
What did you want me to do on tour?
I mean, aside from
winning Elliot's fan base.
Similar to the signings
yesterday, but with readings.
I just... I really hate
public speaking,
so what if I just sign the books
and let Elliot do the talking?
Well, there's also interviews
and Q and A's...
Maybe we could
come up with something
that doesn't end with me
breaking out in hives
or freezing on stage.
It's just not very good
for sales.
Well, I was told that
your mother was at the reading.
She's a big draw.
Maybe you'd be more comfortable
doing interviews with her?
The press would eat it up.
This has been a great meeting.
Just really, you've given me
a lot to think about.
Thank you.
I wasn't expecting that reaction.
- Cassie!
- Yeah.
I'm so sorry. I didn't mean
to run out like that.
I'm very appreciative
of everything
...that you're trying to do for me.
I can imagine how overwhelming
this all seems,
but we have to do something big
to get people to read
your wonderful book.
I'm just another
wannabe writer in a coffee shop.
- This should warm you up.
- Thanks, Becca.
What's going on with you?
Nothing, why?
You just hung the sign
I'm so sorry.
And I heard you call a customer
by his correct name earlier.
I couldn't think
of a funny name.
For Joe? That's a softball name.
Everything rhymes with it.
You know, I just...
I have a lot of my mind.
The book?
What are you doing here?
Cassie! Please excuse my rude
barista. How can we help you?
I actually came
to talk to the rude barista.
This is the dragon writer.
- You didn't say he was cute.
- Maybe I don't think he's cute.
Order anything you want.
It's on us.
I like her.
Can she do that?
That's my roommate, Becca.
She owns the place, so yeah.
Look, I just wanted to come by
and apologize for what happened
today at MacDonner Press.
- I did feel a little ambushed.
- Yeah, I could tell.
I'm sorry, I thought they would have
given you a heads-up about the tour.
I appreciate the apology,
but you didn't have to come
all the way down here to deliver it.
Well, I also have
an ulterior motive.
I want you on this tour.
You want me
to be your opening act?
Opening act, it's...
You're funny.
Listen, I'm actually
on the clock,
so if you could just make it fast,
whatever you have to say.
As a barista?
Not all of us were bestsellers by
age 27, so some of us have to work.
- You googled me.
- And you're stalking me.
How did you find me, by the way?
Is tracking
one of your dragon powers?
Yeah. That and I asked Piper.
Look, I think you that you have
a fresh approach to storytelling.
That's why I requested you
to be on the tour.
Listen, the tour is
an incredible opportunity...
- But?
- Nobody wants to hear from me.
The moment anyone finds out
who my mom is,
I cease to exist as a person
and much less a writer.
And I mean, come on, admit it,
that's why you wanted
to tour with me, right?
To get closer
to your literary hero?
OK, I admit that the thought
might have crossed my mind,
but that's before I read
your book and realized
what a witty, original writer you are,
not just a barista who is
Jeannine Jordan's daughter.
Well, maybe I am a witty,
original barista, too.
I imagine you're
a lot more than that.
Listen, this is where
I'm gonna be tonight at 7.
We're going over the details
on the tour.
I hope I see you there.
- I don't think she's coming.
- She'll be here.
Give her 5 minutes.
See? What did I tell you?
Listen, I am so sorry
that I'm late.
I would actually blame
the train, but it's my fault.
I almost let my nerves
get the best of me.
All my pleading worked then?
It's slow season at the coffee shop,
so the timing just worked out.
Coffee shops have slow seasons?
Can't tell you how excited we are
for this awesome book tour!
- It's going to be epic.
- It's going to be epic.
- Don't forget "awesome".
- It's just a quick tour.
- Here, Albany, Boston and Buffalo.
- They love you in Buffalo.
- Me?
- No, Elliot.
Cassie, if you need anything,
I'll be your point person.
So you give me a call,
it doesn't matter the time.
We reserved a rental car.
We're driving? I thought
you were a best-selling author.
I have a dog,
and she prefers to drive.
- Your dog knows how to drive?
- She's a very clever dog.
- Then why can't she fly?
- If you would prefer to fly,
we can make arrangements
or get you a driver.
I don't want to make anything
overly complicated.
Great! Then you can ride with me.
I'd enjoy the company.
- What about your dog?
- She's a lousy conversationalist.
I love it! This is great PR.
Plus the two of you will have a chance
to get to know one another
and trade writing tips or whatever.
OK, I have one condition.
I already told them that your mom's
not coming along as a wingman.
Make that two conditions.
What he just said
and I control the driving music.
OK, but I get to pick
the road snacks.
Well, Mr. Somersby, looks like
we have ourselves a deal.
- When do we start?
- Monday.
Monday as in two days
from now Monday?
We're hoping to get ahead
of any potential snowstorm.
It'll go fast. Before you know it,
you'll both be back
and working on your next books!
Elliot, people are already asking
about that third book.
Yeah, the third book.
It's the big finale.
And, Elliot,
I also have you down for...
Blue fine-points for signing,
breath mints,
room temperature water,
extra blankets for your room,
concierge service.
Anything else?
No, that's fine.
Thank you.
What about you, Cassie?
What do you need?
- M and M's. No red ones.
- "M and M's, no red ones".
I think that she's kidding.
- I don't understand.
- Cassie thinks that I'm a diva.
- I didn't say that.
- But you thought it.
But I didn't say it.
I can already tell this tour
is gonna be a success.
- I'm tweeting out the dates now.
- It is going to be...
- Awesome.
- Epic.
Do you think
that I'm overpacking?
Not at all.
I've never been on a book tour,
I don't really know what I need.
You definitely need this.
It'll look way better
on you than on me.
Maybe Elliot will like it.
I'm not interested
in what Elliot likes.
He wasn't wearing
a wedding ring.
- I don't care.
- It would be interesting.
You going on tour to promote
your breakup book
and then falling in love.
It could be your sequel!
I will take your sweater,
but not your sequel.
Yeah, I think this is
a two-person job.
- I just... I can't...
- Here, just...
- OK.
- Yes!
- Three.
- OK. Oh, my God! Oh no!
We're good.
- OK.
- Great.
- I packed it up.
- Yeah, you did.
OK, OK. Hey, Mom!
Right on time.
This reminds me of the first time
I sent you off for summer camp.
Very funny, but we're
gonna take another one.
I want a real picture.
This is a big deal.
- OK, Mom, it's not prom.
- No, this is better.
You are never gonna forget
your first tour.
Or my only tour.
Cassie, stop talking like that.
This is the first day of the rest
of your long, fabulous career.
I want you
to savour every moment.
Mom, you didn't have
to get me anything.
Your father gave that
to me on my first tour.
You should have it.
"Always write from the heart".
He'd be so proud of you.
Thanks, Mom. I love it.
Come here.
OK, come here.
Sorry, am I interrupting?
No. We're...
We're just saying goodbye.
I can wait in the car,
if you want to take a minute.
- No, it's OK.
- Alright. Let me get your bag.
Bags. You pack enough?
I can pack more if you want.
No, no, this'll be my...
my workout for the tour.
Well, I will miss you both.
Take lots of pictures.
I'll put them on your fan site.
- I don't have a fan site.
- You do now.
- Bye!
- Bye!
Have fun!
Elliot, don't drive too fast.
OK, so I need to get this
out in the open.
Alright, I'm listening.
I know you're the big draw
and I'm the tag-along new writer,
but we're equals and despite
my barista experience,
I am not here to fetch your
coffee or get you baked goods.
Never crossed my mind to have
you fetch anything for me.
OK. Well then, drive on.
I made a road trip playlist.
Is this your entourage?
- Yeah. That's Bungee.
- Bungee?
- Like jumping?
- She was a bouncy puppy.
You are way less scary
than bungee jumping.
So, is she the secret
to your success?
You guessed it. She's the
brains behind this operation.
Well, I hope
that you get comfy, Bungee,
because it is going to be
a long ride.
Actually, the first leg
is pretty short.
You read the itinerary, right?
Piper sent that
to me this morning,
but I didn't have a chance
with all the packing.
I hope you packed a life jacket,
because they are throwing you
in the deep end.
What do you mean?
I don't want to go in the deep end.
I want to get out of the pool.
- How can you be so calm?
- You get used to it.
- How are my favourite authors?
- I think I'm gonna be sick!
You should do it now
before you get on TV.
- You're not helping.
- Just take a deep breath.
That's it.
And another one.
Now, when you get out
there, don't look in cameras.
Just look at Samantha.
- Samantha?
- The host.
She's gonna ask you about your
book. Like what inspired it?
What's your routine? Easy stuff.
Pretend like you're talking
to one of your friends.
- One of my friends. Got it.
- OK.
You're ready for us?
- OK.
- Be good, Bungee.
How does he make everything
look so easy?
That's Elliot.
I'll be just off camera.
Don't forget to smile.
But not too smiley.
Smile but not too smiley.
That makes perfect sense.
Are you live tweeting
the interview?
What? No, I'm just making
some arrangements for Bungee.
You're gonna be OK.
You just have to breathe.
Why does everyone keep
reminding me to breathe?
Has anyone ever forgotten
to breathe? Is that a thing?
- It's OK.
- I'm gonna be right here
if you need me, OK?
I got your back.
Elliot Somersby.
It's been a while.
Samatha Wallace, hi.
How are you?
And you must be Cassandra Winslett.
The interns cannot stop talking
about your book.
Well, good things, I hope.
We all have
a breakup story, am I right?
Elliot knows the drill. We're gonna
start with a segment on his book,
and then we'll move
on to you, Cassandra.
Sound good?
- You can call me Cassie.
- Cassie it is.
I'm just trying to be myself.
OK. Here we go.
Welcome back. With me now
is Elliot Somersby,
author of the best-selling
"Dread Monarch Saga",
and an exciting new writer,
Cassie Winslett.
Let's start with you, Elliot.
First of all, congratulations!
Your second book is doing
even better than the first.
How does that feel?
Can't lie, Samantha,
it feels pretty great.
And I know your fans are eagerly
awaiting the third book in the trilogy.
Any idea when we'll be able
to see that?
Let's just say I'm working
very hard
at giving it the
ending that it deserves.
As for when you're gonna see it,
well, I can't give away
all my secrets now, can I?
And, Cassie, I assume that there
are no dragons in your book.
No dragons.
Although it is an adventure book,
if you consider everything that I did
to get over my breakup an adventure.
I thought that the chapter
where you go stand-up paddle
boarding is hilarious.
Would you say that "My Heartbreak
Year" is your "Eat, Pray, Love"?
Well, I did a lot of eating.
Though the "journey" was local
and definitely on a budget.
- So it's accessible?
- Yeah.
- Pardon me?
- Yes.
And, We've all had
our heart broken.
I know I've done
my fair share of wallowing,
but I realized it's not
about holding on to the past,
but your future and learning to
love yourself as you move forward.
Sorry, I'm kind of rambling.
- I'm a little nervous.
- It's fine.
The question that we
all want to know is:
...what does your mother
think about all of this?
My mother?
For those in the audience
that don't know,
Cassie's mother is
author Jeannine Jordan.
And this is your first book, she
must have had tons of advice, right?
...we're very supportive
of one another.
Well, it looks like we're
out of time.
I'd love to thank my guests
Elliot Somersby
and Cassandra Winslett
for being here today.
Stay tuned. When we come back,
we are gonna learn how to grow
tomatoes in the snow.
Great job, guys!
I hope you have
a great rest of your book tour.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
I completely bombed that, Elliot.
I'm sorry.
You know, if you wanna back out
of touring with me...
- ... I completely understand.
- Hey, hey. It wasn't that bad.
Are you OK?
I just... It's a lot.
I'm gonna head back
to the Green Room
to make sure Bungee hasn't eaten
any pillows or anything.
I heard there's a gift basket
with our name on it,
so, you know, I could stress eat
some candy right about now.
So, what did we get?
A couple of mugs and candy...
...and copies of our own books.
Well, at least, we could sign
each other's, sell 'em online.
You know, I know we have
to do these interviews,
but I don't have to like them.
Why? You got this.
You know, growing up,
...I was always sheltered
from my mom's writer life.
And then when I was 10,
my dad died...
...and the shield
wasn't there anymore.
- Sorry, that must've been hard.
- It was. Especially on her.
I mean, suddenly, she's single
and juggling everything and...
You know, she is so impressive,
and I would happily
talk about her all day long,
it's just it's everybody else.
They want to pick us apart.
Is that maybe where
the stage fright came from?
I guess so.
The fear of not living up
to what came before?
I get it.
You know, growing up,
it didn't matter what I wrote,
my teachers always compared
my work to my mom's.
- I mean, I was a kid!
- Yet you still became a writer.
It's hereditary, I guess.
It's just I really want my book
to be my own voice, you know?
I don't...
I don't want to be seen
as the "kid of someone famous".
It's very important to me
that I make my own way.
I mean, otherwise, what's the
point if nobody's interested?
You make them interested.
You're the writer,
you tell the story.
Is that some
of your wizard wisdom?
First of all, there's
no wizards in my book.
You haven't read my book yet,
have you?
What snacks did you bring?
Nice pivot, great pivot. I'm
gonna let this one go this time.
Come on, it's all beef jerky
and potato chips!
There's some turkey jerky
in there too.
Yeah, OK.
You have not been
on a road trip with a woman
in a while, have you?
Bungee would eat it.
Bungee would eat
this grocery bag!
OK, we need to make a food stop.
OK, alright. You know what?
I know the perfect place.
Normally, we don't allow pets, but
it's slow and your dog is adorable.
Thank you. It's so cold outside,
I really appreciate it.
And I'm also a fan.
Where did you find this place?
On a list of places
where all your fans work?
Actually, believe it or not,
I ate here three times a day
for two days straight.
- What? How did you do that?
- I was on my first tour.
I was younger.
I was trying to save money.
But you gotta admit, though,
the food is pretty good.
- You're right, delicious, but...
- It's better than beef jerky.
But not dog treats.
Right, Bungee? You want one?
- Yeah, good girl. Yeah.
- You two are cute together.
Yeah, well, we've been
through a lot.
She was a congratulations
for my first book.
From your publisher?
No. From...
from my ex-wife, Allison.
You know, sometimes I think Bungee
likes her more than she likes me.
Why is she with you?
I'm sorry.
I don't mean to pry.
No. Road trips are fueled
on gasoline and stories.
Well, I did spill my guts
to you earlier.
Allison just recently
moved to Buffalo.
She hasn't seen the dog
for a few months.
since we've been divorced.
So I just... I thought it'd be nice
if they saw each other.
Well, it's very amicable of you.
You know, I got
the idea from you.
- What?
- Yeah.
Your book, that chapter
when you first see your ex?
When I do my first
and only flash mob.
Yeah. That was really funny,
by the way.
And I guess I just...
I was thinking
that maybe I could reconnect
and remain on good terms
with her.
I just wrote it.
I didn't think anyone
would be influenced by it.
Well, I was.
So, thank you.
May I get you anything else?
We should hit the road
if we want to get to Boston.
Be safe out there.
They're saying a winter storm
is definitely gonna hit.
Should we be worried?
No. No. If there's anything
to worry about,
Julian and Piper
will let us know.
Snow angels!
I can't remember
the last time I did that.
You want to make one,
don't you?
Yeah, but it's not
very professional.
What are you waiting for?
Come join me.
- Hi!
- Hello!
- Busted!
- Hi!
Mr. Somersby, I am so excited
to have you stay in my home.
Thank you.
Thanks for having us.
- That's nice.
- This is Cassie Winslett.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
We don't normally do that.
I've been tempted
to do that myself.
- Mr. Somersby...
- Please. Call me Elliot.
Elliot, would you come and sign
the guest registry, please?
Otherwise, the gals in the book club
will never believe you stayed here.
- I'd be happy to, of course.
- That's good.
I'll send my husband
to get your bags.
Great, OK. I'm just gonna
go grab Bungee.
You come on with me.
And this is your room.
- It's cozy.
- And if you'll follow me,
Mr. Somersby, I have
just the room for you.
It's right this way.
- Hey, neighbour!
- Hey.
I didn't take you for being
a bed and breakfast kind of guy.
I just figured these places
are a bit more dog friendly
- ... than hotels.
- Hey, is...
is your room the size
of a closet, too?
Maybe like a walk-in closet.
You wanna check it out?
This is amazing!
I think my room
would fit in here four times.
- The B and B owner was a fan.
- Yeah, clearly.
Even Bungee's dog bed
is bigger than mine.
Tell you what, why don't
we flip for the room.
Come on, you're kidding.
Only a crazy person would
risk giving this up.
Call it.
I'm serious, call it.
Must be your lucky day.
Hey, thank you.
- For what?
- The coin toss.
- I saw that it was tails.
- Was it?
Must have missed that.
Come on.
Enjoy the room.
- Hey...
- Becca, hey. Are you busy?
No. I was hoping you'd call.
How's it going with the writer?
It's not at all what I expected.
He's so down to earth.
And we're actually staying
at a bed and breakfast.
Were there no hotels available?
That's the thing. He has no ego.
We're staying here for his dog.
A bed and breakfast for his dog?
How bad is it? You can tell me.
It's nice. I mean,
it's not trendy or anything,
but it's traditional.
You have to send me pictures.
- OK, I will.
- OK.
I gotta go.
Have fun.
Elliot, are you in there?
- Hey.
- Hey.
Listen, are you hungry?
The B and B host brought up
a lot of food
...that I'm pretty sure
was meant for you.
Yeah. Sure.
She's a really big fan.
I think we better enjoy this
before she finds out
I didn't start book 3 yet.
You haven't? But you seemed
so confident about it
in the interviews.
Wait, does Gwendolyn know?
Actually, you're the first
person I've ever told.
It's gotta be weird,
knowing it's your last book.
Can I be honest with you?
Like a writer to writer thing?
I think that I'm avoiding writing
because once I finish, who am I?
You're the guy who wrote
a huge book series.
Yeah, sure, but what if I can't
write anything like that again?
I don't want to be
a one-hit wonder.
it would be three hits.
- You know what I mean.
- Yeah.
I don't want to be known
as just the "dragon" writer.
Come on, you don't really see
yourself that way, do you?
I didn't see myself...
I didn't see myself
being divorced,
and that happened a year ago.
So between that and the series
coming to an end, it's just...
It's a lot of change.
Well, what a pair we make, huh?
You've got writer's block and
my entire future is on the line.
- At least we won't go hungry.
- Yeah.
That's for sure.
Cassie, are you awake?
I'll be right there.
Come on, Bungee!
Bungee! Bungee! Bungee!
Hi! Hey, good morning, Bungee.
- And Elliot.
- Morning.
I was just about to take
Bungee for a walk.
I was gonna get a coffee.
Do you want one?
- Yeah, sure. Thank you.
- Alright.
Now, let's go for a walk.
Come on.
She loves you.
Hey, you know, why don't
I take her for a walk,
and you could go get the coffees.
No. I couldn't
ask that of you.
Yeah, hey.
She and I are pals now.
Seriously. Besides, I could
use a blast of cold air
in the face to help wake me up.
I was up late last night...
Well, I wish
I could say the same.
OK, sure.
Just a quick word
of warning: squirrels.
- Beware of them.
- OK. Watch out for squirrels.
OK. OK, come on.
No, to the right!
To the right!
- She saw a squirrel?
- Yeah, she saw a squirrel.
- Bungee! I'm sorry.
- No, it's fine.
All over you.
You've got a little...
I have to...
- I gotta take this.
- Yeah, yeah, of course.
Hi, Ally...
No, Bungee is...
She's good.
Yeah, she's getting
plenty of exercise.
OK. Alright, bye.
We just got our first review.
- How much do they love you?
- This is not me.
- This is you.
- Mine?
Yeah. It looks like this book
tour is... it's paying off.
Well, I mean...
...I know reviews are
subjective and everything,
so I don't really care,
but... what does it say?
Do they like it?
Please tell me they like it.
It's from the "Times Book Review",
and yeah, they love it.
I quote,
"Cassandra Winslett's
honest account of moving on
had me in tears of laughter".
It also says, "New writer Winslett
is the voice for women under 35!"
- I'm so relieved!
- You deserve it. You do.
Looks like somebody else
has read your review.
Yeah. Becca is asking me
if she can post my review.
Piper is so excited that she's
flying up for the readings.
And they're both requesting
more pictures for the fan site.
Well, I can help with that.
A photo of you reading your
first congratulatory texts.
Hey, it's my mom.
Yeah, we'll... we're gonna
give you some privacy.
- OK.
- OK. Congratulations.
- Thanks.
- Come on.
Hey, Mom!
Did you read the review?
I did. I knew they were
going to love you.
I can't believe it.
Why not? Everyone else
can see how amazing you are.
It's time that you start
to see that, too.
Thanks, Mom.
Now, go out there
and own that tour.
"... as the wounded dragon
flew through the air
for what might be
the last time".
Thank you.
- OK, I warmed them up for you.
- You can just stay up there.
You got this. Come on, go!
Go, go, go!
- Good job.
- Hi!
This is my first time
reading in front of a crowd.
I'm not as skilled
as Mr. Dragon here.
I wrote this book
after having my heart broken.
"After the breakup, I got tired
of seeing my puffy eyes
"and messy hair in the mirror,
so I decided to stop feeling
"sorry for myself
and start living. First,
"I made a list of all the things
I'd always wanted to do.
And then second, I decided
to take a year and do them all".
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
I think my reading actually
put people to sleep.
I think I put myself to sleep.
Listen, if you can learn French,
run a marathon
and do all those other things you wrote
about, you can definitely conquer this.
- I really believe that.
- If you say so.
Besides, they don't look asleep
to me.
Alright, so because public speaking
is pretty much unavoidable,
I think that we should work
on your stage fright.
Is it unavoidable?
I mean, I won't tell if you want
to do all the talking.
Two words: book deal.
OK, fine. You're right.
It's just I need to practice.
Why not right now?
Ladies and gentlemen,
the Bard of Breakups,
Cassie Winslett!
My God! Hey!
Alright, so you're on the stage.
You go up to the mic.
What's the first thing
that you say?
- Hello? Howdy?
- "Howdy"? Seriously?
I don't know.
It is way different
doing it in front
of a group of strangers
than it is with you and Bungee
and the open road.
The audience is there for you.
They're on your side.
Try this. Close your eyes.
Brace yourself, Albany,
the next week looks
to be a snowy one
as a winter storm
blows down from the north.
- Now, let's return to our music.
- OK, now I am worried.
I think we're gonna
get ahead of it.
Forget about the weather
for a minute.
OK, close your eyes.
Alright, you're on stage.
Now, picture speaking
to all of your favourite people.
Elliot's never agreed
to tour with anyone before.
- He hasn't?
- Nope.
As outgoing as he is on stage,
he's actually really private.
He's all about his writing
and his dog.
Julian and I even took bets
on when he'd request
to start driving alone.
Thank you.
Before I start,
I just want to take a moment
and introduce
a good friend of mine,
Cassie Winslett.
Cassie just released
a fantastic new memoir.
I think you should hear from her
before you hear from me.
What do you say?
Would you like her to read
a passage from her book,
"My Heartbreak Year"?
Come on.
Cassie Winslett, everyone!
Just go on like we practiced.
Close your eyes.
Picture all
your favourite people.
"It wasn't that he was
the love of my life.
"He wasn't even one of those
great loves that you read about
"or see in the movies.
"It was that he loved me
"at a moment
when I thought I needed it.
"But it was
after he broke up with me
"on my birthday...
"... that I realized it wasn't his love
that I needed, but my own".
That was great.
You know, full confession:
that wasn't so bad.
I'm gonna be your opening act
pretty soon.
I highly doubt that.
Nothing prepared me for reading
my own words in front
of a roomful of strangers
and having them "get" it.
What a rush!
Becca said
that my social media following
is starting to grow
since the review,
and some people are even posting
pictures from the reading!
- Hashtag "Way to go".
- I know I'm being obnoxious.
- It's just... it's so unreal.
- No, you're not.
We should go celebrate.
We have to be in Buffalo
by the end of the night.
- We can make a detour.
- What about the storm?
What storm?
Come on, what do you say?
Alright. Maybe...
don't tell Piper.
- Bye, Piper.
- We'll see you in Buffalo!
So I noticed that there was
no winter activities
in your many breakup adventures,
so today we're
going snowshoeing.
That's awesome, I've never
done that before. Is it hard?
No, it's easy. We even got
a doggie daycare for Bungee.
- So, what do you think?
- Yeah, it's fun.
Hey, you wanna race?
I don't know how far
we're gonna get.
It's OK. Ready? Go!
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Hey, Becca.
Did you get the photos I sent?
We just went snowshoeing.
Yes. Are all book tours
like this?
If they are,
I never wanna come home.
Here comes Elliot. I gotta go.
Tell everyone I said hi.
OK. Bye.
Only 17 texts from Piper
wondering where we are.
Yeah. Well, 6 from Julian.
He says that the snowstorm
is definitely heading our way.
OK, come on.
Come on, Bungee.
Looks like we didn't get
ahead of the storm.
Should I text Piper, tell her
we'll be there tomorrow?
Yeah. Yeah, I think
that's a good idea.
Hey! We're in luck,
we got the last cabin.
It's a two-bedroom, two-bath.
They're getting it ready now.
I would sleep in a tub
if it got us out of this storm.
Alright. Come on, Bungee.
Let's get the bags.
You know, I gotta say, between
the fire and the gift basket,
being snowed in is not that bad.
Yeah, well, the owner's daughter
is apparently a fan.
I should send her a thank you.
Of mine.
That's great!
- Really, way to go.
- Thanks. Yeah.
You know, I actually make
a killer hot chocolate.
Yeah? Is that
one of your many skills
you learned
on your breakup adventures?
It is actually. I ended up
taking a chocolate-making class
and a cheese-making class,
but not at the same time.
Well, I don't know
if you know this,
but I make a pretty mean
cup of hot chocolate myself.
Are you suggesting
a cocoa cook-off?
I might be.
What do you say?
Challenge accepted.
- You're going down.
- I don't think so.
- Is yours ready?
- Alright.
No peeking, 'cause
this is a secret recipe.
OK. Hey, eyes
on your own pot.
So, have you been thinking
about a second book yet?
Well, I have a notebook
full of ideas,
but I'm not sure
I like any of them.
There's got to be one idea
in there that you like.
- Well, they're all fiction and...
- Your mom writes fiction.
You know, you can't run away
from who you are.
I'm just not sure I'm up
for all the comparison.
Something tells me that
you can handle almost anything.
Well, I think that
my hot chocolate is ready.
Yeah. Mine too.
Prepare to be wowed.
You know, we're always gonna be
compared to someone.
I'm competing against myself
every time I write a new book.
Yeah. How's that going,
by the way?
It isn't.
It will.
I believe in you.
You know, I think I'm gonna wait
for the book tour to end
before I decide my next move.
I think it's important
to remember that you're creating
your own name here.
In the future, there's gonna be
a whole new generation of readers
who know Jeannine Jordan
only as Cassie Winslett's mom.
Ever thought about becoming
a motivational speaker?
Alright, why don't we
switch and drink?
- Sure.
- Alright.
Wait, wait. Hold on.
Is that peppermint?
Very good.
Yeah. I put cinnamon in it
and then just a dash of cayenne.
You know, I actually think
I like yours better.
I think I prefer yours.
Alright, should we
call it a draw?
Well, there are no losers
when it comes to hot chocolate.
Hey, buddy.
Yeah, we got held up by the storm,
but we should be there this afternoon.
You'll have plenty of time
to see her.
Yes, Ally,
I'll call you when we get there.
OK, bye.
- Hey!
- Hey.
- Morning, sleepyhead.
- I fell asleep on you, didn't I?
Yeah. Just when I was telling you
a pivotal plot point in my new book.
- Are you serious?
- No. No, I...
- I wish.
- Thank you for this by the way.
Yeah, well, that wasn't me.
That was the dog.
Well, that was
very kind of you, Bungee.
You just looked so cozy,
I didn't want to wake you.
The roads are all clear,
so we should be good to get back
to civilization now.
Well, I kind of like it here.
It won't take me long
to get ready.
I like it here, too.
Come on, Bungee.
Come on, Bungee!
I bet it's Piper
asking for our ETA.
And it's Piper asking
for an ETA.
Hey, Piper, what's up?
We were just talking about you.
Are you close?
We've got a full day ahead.
Unless Elliot suddenly decides
to drive like a grandmother,
we should be there
in about 30 minutes.
Great! Julian and I are already
at the inn. We'll meet you here.
- No more detours.
- We'll come straight there, I promise.
What? Do I have something
on my face?
- You've been reading my book.
- How do you know that?
So, what do you think?
I've been waiting very
impatiently for your thoughts.
Really? Mine?
Of course.
I respect your opinion.
Well, I haven't finished it yet.
Alright, well,
what do you think so far?
inventive and artistic.
And what really surprises me is
how realistic the characters are.
Like the queen...
- Klar-Al.
- Klar-Al.
Even she's faced with really hard
decisions, like leaving the dragon's lair,
you understand why she has to go.
You do?
Yeah, of course.
I would do the same thing.
I mean, she can never reach
the height of her powers the dragon's world.
Yeah, I never really thought
of it that way.
She's inspired by her ex.
Yeah, and I'm the dragon
she left behind.
I don't see you as a dragon.
Well, you haven't seen me
when I'm hungry.
You know, I don't know
what you have planned next,
but I would have all of the main
characters travel back on their own,
instead of forcing them
back together.
It could make
for a more dynamic ending.
It's not a bad idea.
- We're so glad you're here.
- We were getting worried.
Welcome, Mr. Somersby.
I'll be taking care of your dog
during your stay.
I've been given a complete
run-down on her feeding
and her exercise program.
There is a dog bed and
blankets waiting in the room.
- She's in good hands.
- Great. Thank you so much.
Now I understand your list.
Extra blankets, water;
Bungee is the diva, not you.
- You figured it out.
- OK, Bungee, let's go.
We have an appointment
at the doggie day spa. Come on!
I want a spa appointment.
I don't think
there's gonna be time for that.
There's been some changes
to the itinerary.
In addition to the signing,
we've also added a radio interview.
And then there's the Q and A
at the university tonight.
- We have to make up for lost time.
- Also congratulations, Elliot.
- For what?
- You've been awarded
the American Publishers'
Author of the Year Award.
The reception is in New York
in two weeks.
Elliot, that's huge!
OK, go freshen up. We'll meet
back here in 45 minutes.
- They'll get your bags.
- OK.
Alright, you guys,
I ask all my guests
to join me in the Book Chat
Speed Round.
Now, the rules are
very, very simple.
Answer as many questions
as you can
in under one minute.
Are you ready?
- Sure.
- OK, we're setting the timer.
where do you like to write?
My best friend's coffee shop,
"Brewed by Becca" Princeton, New Jersey!
- Elliot?
- Usually my laptop.
- Come on!
- That's not a real answer.
OK, favourite book that
you've read most recently?
"My Heartbreak Year"
by Cassie Winslett.
- Is that another joke answer?
- No. I've read it multiple times.
You have?
OK. Off that answer, what do you like
most about each other's writing?
His imagination.
She makes me want to be
a better writer.
And that's our speed round.
I honestly don't know if we could've
topped that last answer anyway.
I'd like to give
a huge thank you
to Cassie Winslett
and Elliot Somersby.
Thank you guys
so much for coming on.
- Thanks for having us.
- And we're off.
Thanks. That was a blast.
I'm sorry, I just gotta
return this call.
That was really incredible
what you said,
but you have
your own book to promote,
you don't have to pretend
to be into mine.
I didn't. I meant
every word of it.
- Really?
- Yeah.
But I do have to go. I'm late.
I gotta drop Bungee off to Allison.
But I'll see you at the Q and A?
I can't wait to send these
pictures to your roommate.
- You and Becca are friends?!
- Yeah, we text all the time.
She reached out about your website,
and now we're constantly
trading photos.
The three of us should have
a girl's night when we get back.
Yeah, sure.
Where did Elliot go?
He went to go see his ex.
She wants to see the dog.
What does "huh" mean?
I'm just really impressed
that they get along.
I mean, he was crushed when she left.
I think he blames himself.
How did it end?
He spent more time working on
his book than his relationship,
...and one succeeded and one failed.
I guess it's just how it goes.
Let's get a coffee.
Alright, we have time
for a few more questions.
- You in the second row.
- This question is for Cassie.
Which adventure was your favourite
and which was the hardest to do?
Which adventure was
my favourite?
I'm gonna answer
your second question first.
The hardest was going out
to dinner by myself.
I don't mean just
sitting at a bar
scrolling through your phone
trying to look busy, alone.
You all know
what I'm talking about.
I challenged myself
to go out to dinner,
to sit at a table
with no book, and no phone,
and just enjoy being there.
Which was
surprisingly difficult.
But it also became
my favourite adventure.
I appreciated the food more,
I made friends with strangers,
and, most importantly,
I felt good about myself.
I challenge you all to try it.
Well, I have one more question.
Elliot, it's my understanding
that after the signing tonight,
this is the end of the book tour...
Yeah. Yeah. It went by fast.
Yeah, it did.
- What do you plan to do after?
- Write.
I mean, you're all waiting
for the third book, right?
Anything you want to tell us
about your final book?
As someone who just finished
reading his second book,
I'm not even thinking
about a third.
I'm gonna read the first
and second book over again.
Who's with me?
Cassie Winslett
and Elliot Somersby!
- Thank you for the save.
- I owed you one.
That was a long day.
Well done, everyone.
- Who wants to celebrate?
- Actually, I was...
I was gonna show Cassie
around the city.
That's OK, we can go together.
Julian, we should go.
We have a lot of work to do still.
- We do?
- Yeah.
Sure. We have tons of work.
Have fun, you two.
Let go.
Let me know where you are.
OK. You can pin it on the phone.
There's a setting for pinning.
You know, I never thought
I'd say this,
but I don't want
this book tour to end.
Neither do I.
- I've been thinking...
- Yeah, so have I.
- You go first.
- No. You, please.
I think I'm gonna stick
around here for a little while.
I want to give Allison and Bungee
just some more time together.
Yeah, I totally understand.
That's very... responsible.
Allison asked me to drop
Bungee off tomorrow morning.
So, I won't see you tomorrow.
This is our last night together.
I'm sorry, what was it that
you wanted to say to me?
I was just... gonna say...
...that I'm starving, and we
should have a farewell meal.
- Yeah. I'd love that.
- Yeah, I would love that, too.
- Hey, Cassie.
- Yeah?
Thank you for making this
the best tour that I've ever had.
Let's go eat.
Becca? Is anyone here?
Welcome home, sweetheart!
- What is all this?
- It's your Welcome Home Party!
- I can't believe you did all this.
- It was your mom's idea.
You were so nervous about the tour,
and then you went out
and you won over everyone.
- I am so happy for you.
- Thanks, Mom.
Your social media's on fire.
You have to check out your website.
So, some are the ones you sent me
and others, your fans tagged.
And the rest came from Piper.
That one,
that's my favourite.
I don't even recognize myself.
Well, that's because
you don't see what we see.
OK, I'm gonna get us
something to drink.
This one is my favourite.
That was from
the last night of the tour.
You fell in love, didn't you?
- I didn't mean to.
- We never do.
- Do you want to talk about it?
- No.
No, there's nothing
to talk about. He's...
He's in Buffalo.
It's where his ex is.
That's ironic.
Maybe he should read your book
for pointers on how to move on.
He did. A few times.
You know, it's fine.
I'm being silly.
We were just two writers
on a tour, so...
Hey, there's no tears
at your own party.
Yep. You're right.
- Come on, time to celebrate.
- Yes.
Thank you all
so much for being here.
I'm so lucky to have
such a great group of friends.
Mom, thank you.
You know, your...
your notes on all of my book
reports were overkill...
...but you made me who I am,
so thank you.
Cheers to you.
Did I ever tell you that I became
a writer to avoid going into medicine?
You were gonna be a doctor?
Your grandfather had this dream
that I was gonna join
his medical practice.
I didn't know that.
Yeah, he was so beloved
and so respected,
and I thought I could never live up
to any of his accomplishments.
So, I told him
that I was studying medicine,
but secretly I was writing.
- I bet grandpa was so upset.
- He was.
Not that I was deceiving him,
but because I didn't try.
I thought I could never be
as good as he was,
so I just avoided
medicine altogether.
What are you telling me, Mom?
I know it can't be easy
for you being compared to me,
but instead of running away
from your dream,
you're still going for it,
and you've handled it
with such grace.
Honey, I was never that brave.
Mom, you're the bravest person
that I know.
Keep writing.
It's what you're meant to do.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
- Hey, roomie.
- Hey.
Wait. Weren't you
in that same spot when I left?
I hit a groove and I can't stop.
- What are you working on?
- A new book.
- It's a novel.
- Really?
I still haven't figured out
the ending yet.
- It's not about dragons, is it?
- No way.
OK, good.
Speaking of...
No, I haven't heard from him,
and I'd be surprised if I ever do.
That's not what I was
gonna say.
I got an alert about
this new Elliot interview.
I'm sorry.
You get alerts about Elliot?
I set up alerts about the two of you
when you were going on tour,
and I just haven't
changed my settings yet.
Yeah, OK. Sure. Great.
- Alright.
- OK, watch.
Am I bringing a date
to the Awards?
Let's just say
that I'm working on it.
He's working on it! That's code
for he doesn't have a date.
Or it's just proof
that instead of moving on,
he is working things out
with his ex.
OK, this might be our first
friend fight, 'cause I disagree.
- Hey, look who's here!
- Piper?
This place is so cute!
I can't believe we finally
get to meet in person.
I know! We talked
so much during the tour,
feels like I've known you forever.
- That pic you sent...
- The one of them laughing?
- It got so many "likes".
- Nice!
I don't mean to interrupt
girl-bonding time,
which I'm loving by the way,
but what are you doing in Princetown?
I mean, I know
our winter mocha latte is good,
but I don't know
if it's leave-the-city good.
No, they are that good, actually.
Your presence has been requested
at the American Publishers
Awards tomorrow night.
The one Elliot's receiving?
MacDonner Press has a table,
and it's my job to make sure
you look the part of hot new writer.
- What does that look like?
- It has less coffee stains.
I haven't
seen him since Buffalo.
I feel like I imagined
the entire trip.
You didn't imagine anything.
He's gonna be excited to see you.
Trust me.
How's the man of the hour?
It's a little...
it's a little fancy.
Usually, my fans
are dressed in costume.
Do you have your speech?
- Yeah.
- Great.
- Excuse me.
- Yes.
I'm gonna go find our table.
You look incredible.
You're not so bad yourself.
Good evening, all.
Will everyone please take their seats.
I think that's our cue.
- Me?
- Of course. Who else?
Cassie, it's wonderful
to see you.
I'm very happy to be here.
We have a lot to celebrate:
a successful book tour,
your rising sales,
and... MacDonner Press
extending your publishing deal.
Really? Thank you.
I'm so sorry. I just...
I got really excited.
That's great news.
Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you and welcome to this
evening's Awards' presentation.
I am thrilled
to present this year's
American Publishers Author
of the Year, Elliot Somersby.
Thank you.
Thanks very much.
Thank you.
What an honour, thank you.
Thank you so much.
I'd like to thank the American
Publishers for this incredible award.
As some of you might know,
I just recently wrapped a book tour.
While on the road, I realized that
even though writing is a solitary craft,
I couldn't have done it alone.
I'd like to thank
Gwendolyn MacDonner
and the entire team
at MacDonner Press.
And I'd like to thank Allison
for always encouraging me
to keep writing,
even when I was just
a wannabe writer.
When I was working
on my first book, she, she just...
She was always there for me.
I am so sorry. I don't feel
very well, I think I should go.
Sorry. If you'll just bear
with me for a second,
I have so many people
I'd like to thank.
Finally, I would like
to thank my fans
who I wouldn't be here without.
So, thank you, everyone.
This award truly is an honour.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Where's Cassie?
- She didn't feel well.
- Take this.
- Yeah.
Hi. Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
- Congratulations!
Are you sure
you heard him correctly?
Yes. He made a point
of thanking his ex.
Are they back together?
I don't know. He's just...
He's not over her.
You know, I actually convinced
myself that he felt the same way.
And I got all dressed up, and...
I just... I felt so foolish
I had to leave.
If it makes you feel any better,
you looked beautiful.
Some heartbreak expert
I turned out to be, huh?
OK, let's go or we'll be late!
Is that Elliot again?
He's been calling non-stop for three
days; are you ever gonna answer?
Until I know what to say,
that phone is staying my pocket. Let's go.
Fair enough.
- Nice!
- Alright.
Let's go get ready.
Thank you all so much for coming
to what I consider to be
my do-over signing.
This bookstore means a lot to me.
I basically grew up here.
I bought my very first book here
with my allowance money.
And I also kicked off
my first book tour here,
though I didn't know it at the time.
I'd also like to announce
that I'm officially coming out
with a second book.
Thanks to all of your support,
I am actually writing a novel,
and I believe that a sneak peek of my
very first chapter is on my website.
Just saying that this novel has been
a labour of love is an understatement.
And it looks
like we have a question.
- Take it.
- OK. A question in the back?
Yeah, I know that this book is fiction,
but the pages on your website,
they seem kind of real.
I was wondering
what the influence was.
Well, sir,
the book is inspired by a...
a road trip I took
on my very first book tour.
And, who is the influence
for your dashing leading man?
I don't believe that I used
the term "dashing" to describe him.
I mean, that was just implied.
Well, he was based on the writer
I went on tour with, loosely.
Elliot Somersby,
maybe you've heard of him?
I have actually. He's a very,
very talented writer.
So have you... have you thought
of an ending yet?
I'm still working on that.
Well, maybe your dashing
leading man could help you out.
You know, I actually think
that he has been too busy
in his own personal life to help.
So if anyone else
has questions...
- Yeah, I have another one.
- Wait, what are you doing?
It's fun. I've never been
on this side before.
I mean, no, what are you doing here?
What about Allison?
- We're not together.
- But your speech.
Is that why you left?
Why don't we take five,
and those of you who'd like
to line up for the book signing,
Cassie will be with you shortly.
Allison and I,
we're just trying to be friends.
That's it.
You were the one
that I wanted there that night.
You did? But...
I invited you.
I just wanted it to be a surprise.
It just seemed like you had a lot
that you needed to work through.
Yeah, well, I did.
And I needed to do it alone.
I needed to get over myself.
I needed to write.
I needed to stop living
in the past, move forward.
I was able to do that
because of you.
Because of your book.
And if you'd stayed
for my entire speech...
...this is what you would have heard:
"Every story has a hero.
"A character who enchants us
and challenges us,
"who inspires us
to be better people,
"who makes us see the world
in a whole new light.
"And I wouldn't be
up here tonight
"if it wasn't
for the hero in my life,
Cassie Winslett".
You see, Cassie, I...
I didn't just fall in love
with your writing...
I fell in love with you.
I love you, Cassie Winslett, and I...
I hope that you love me back.
I have loved you since
the very first book signing.
Well, then I guess this is
a great place to do this.
I just have one more surprise.
- Bungee!
- Bungee, come here!
Come here.
She didn't want to miss this.
This next joint book tour
is going to be huge!
We're going to need
to double the appearances.
- I like that idea.
- You like that idea?