Winter Ridge (2018) Movie Script

[static buzzing]
And you say you have
no memory of anything?
Nothing. I remember telling Eddie
we needed sugar, that's all.
You mean Edward, your husband?
Husband's body
is with the coroner.
Looks like a heart attack.
Doctor's outside
waiting to have a word.
- And you were gardening?
- Yes. I mean, I think I...
Please, just try your best
to remember, Mrs. Royce.
I've told you, I don't know.
I can't remember.
I'm afraid that's not
very helpful, Mrs. Royce.
She's still shaken.
Let's give her some time.
I'm being thorough,
that's all.
We don't have time.
You heard her,
she forgets more and more.
Harris, her old man's died.
Probably because he's an old man.
It's as simple as that.
Let's wrap this up.
- Don't you think we should...
- He's tried.
Excuse me, gentlemen,
I do hope you're not planning
on keeping my patient
in there any longer.
Dr. Joanne Hill,
Mrs. Royce's doctor.
- She has had rather a night.
- Haven't we all?
[Joanne] I did actually encourage her
to stop driving a few months ago,
but she just drove off into town
and forget what she'd came for.
I mean,
she's completely harmless
but driving licenses
are a bit of a gray area
with dementia patients.
It's OK, I'll take her home.
- Barnes.
- What?
Isn't it your anniversary?
It's OK, I'm almost done.
I'll take Mrs. Royce home.
Go, go home to Sara, go.
After you.
I knew you'd still be here.
You know you just
assaulted a detective.
Need to get you
down to the station.
Come on,
I'm dragging you home.
I will, but I've just
got to finish this up.
- Then I'm all yours.
- Ryan, it's our anniversary.
I know.
And I love you more than ever.
Come on, give me half an hour.
I promise.
Half an hour.
All right, it better be,
or else I'll be locking you up.
Oh, really?
Are you mad?
Eat some bread, will ya?
Mike Evans.
Disorderly again.
And I can't put him in the cells
'cause they're flooded, so...
What we gonna do with you?
I know things are tough
with your daughter
and her transplant
but this isn't helping.
I'm OK.
Just need to go home
and sleep it off, all right?
Yep, all right, fine.
Go on, let him go.
Stay out of trouble.
And leave your truck
where it is.
A walk will do you good.
All right, what do I got left?
Do you have
any anniversary cards?
Over there.
[vehicle zooms by]
[door shuts]
[woman on TV indistinct]
[phone buzzing]
[voicemail] Message
received today at 9:15 p.m.
Hey, when are you coming home?
You said you'd be back
nearly an hour ago.
Also, I can't remember if you said
you liked salt or sweet popcorn.
Isn't that awful?
Married six years,
and I still don't know
what popcorn you like.
[engine revving]
- Anyway, I...
- [tires squealing]
[Velcro ripping]
Good afternoon.
How long have I been out?
Couple of hours.
Look like you need
a couple more.
You know, you don't need
to be here all the time.
We can look after her.
Do you know who left this?
[Ryan] Anything?
[man] They're cut and dry.
So he just keeled over.
That's what the medic thinks.
Seen it before.
Must have been the excitement.
Yeah, I thought fishing
was supposed to be relaxing.
[car door shuts]
[Ryan] Who is it?
Jack Dowling,
collapsed while fishing.
Do I need to go down there?
I'll sign it off.
Come on, I'll buy you a coffee.
My old man used to fish.
I never really saw the point.
Just sitting there waiting
for something to happen.
You look rough.
I found this.
In Sara's room.
I understand why you're angry.
I get it.
When my old man died,
my mum, she cried for days
because he left her.
You can't let it eat at you.
You can't think that
everyone is against you.
It's just a lost book.
Maybe you should take
some more time off.
What do you think?
[man] Barnes?
So they put it down
to a heart attack.
You look confused.
Maybe I am.
- [sirens wailing]
- [woman] What do you need, Ryan?
I just need to know if there
have been any other visitors
in the past couple days
besides me or family?
Not that I know of.
I'm not aware of this.
- Just give me the records.
- I can't access the records.
Ryan, stop, I can't...
I'm trying to help you!
- Jessica, please!
- Ryan.
I want to know who wrote this.
I understand you're upset but you
can't just go barging in here.
Get me the records, Jessica.
[man] I want to see her.
Where is she? Where is she?
- Get security, Daniel.
- Go home, Mike, you're drunk.
No, you don't, where is she?
Is it this one, eh?
Or this one?
Well, where is she?
Well, you lot can't help us so I'm
taking her somewhere that can.
Oh, so now
you want to help her?
Do you realize what
she went through
when you were in prison?
You're a terrible father, Mike.
Don't make this worse
than you already have.
- Just go...
- Stay away from me, will ya?
It's Daddy, come with Daddy.
I don't want any trouble.
I just want to see my daughter.
- Michael...
- Come on, come with Daddy.
[Michael] Holly.
Holly, stay where you are, baby.
You cannot stop me
from helping my daughter.
He just assaulted a patient.
You're leaving.
Just go.
[Michael yelling]
Get off me!
[siren blaring]
That's how you deal with things,
have another pop
if it makes you feel better.
Say something else.
Go on, say one more thing.
I just want
to see my daughter.
She's in there.
She needs me.
My wife's in a fucking
coma because of you!
Leave me alone, will ya?
Ryan, please stop.
Get him off me!
What the fuck are you doing?
Leave now!
All right?
- Are you stupid?
- What?
I can't keep clearing up after
you every time you go for him.
I was with Sara, he was here,
so I dealt with it.
You dealt with it.
That's you dealing with it,
is it?
He files a report
and you're suspended.
Do you understand that?
Do you understand?
Don't worry about me.
[man] How's Sara?
She's the same.
You don't have to ask every day.
- [radio static]
- [man] Yeah?
[man on radio]
We've got a situation
over at the Royce's house.
[man] We're on our way.
[indistinct radio chatter]
[man] We called the water board
to shut off the pipes.
Her neighbor said the water
was pouring down the path.
That's when he found her.
Water was coming from
an outside tap over there.
He turned it off
and called it in.
Apart from that,
no one's touched a thing.
Two bodies in two days.
Bit of a coincidence.
Could just be
old age though, right?
Let's just wait for the coroner's report.
She's on her way.
You all right with this?
Last time I saw her was...
[man] Was the night
of Sara's accident.
She didn't know what day of the
week it was then, poor old girl.
Maybe this was for the best, eh?
Poor choice of words.
She could have slipped,
knocked herself out.
No wounds
from the fall though.
There's no signs
of a struggle either.
- [man] I'd say natural causes.
- Thank you, doctor.
There's a small puncture
at the back of her neck.
Could be nothing
but it's worth looking into.
Harris, request a
full toxicology report
on both the Royce's.
Found this in the kitchen.
It was open on today's date.
Thought it might be useful.
Same thing every day.
It's just the same thing.
Prayers, pensions,
see doctor, shopping.
Page after page.
[man] When we found her,
she barely knew her own name.
Why go to the doctor's
every day?
Want to pay Hill a visit?
No, let's go see
Mrs. Dowling first.
Great, Mrs. Dowling.
I don't understand.
They told me yesterday
Jack had a heart attack.
[man] Yes. The medics think
that was the reason
you husband drowned
in the river.
Look, there's been
a series of heart attacks.
We'd appreciate
any help you can give us.
Did you notice
anything odd at all,
leading up to your
husband's death?
He wasn't a well man
towards the end.
I'm sure he would
have welcomed it.
He drank and smoked
since he was a boy.
Thinking about it now, I'm surprised he
didn't have a heart attack 10 years ago.
Perhaps you'd better
ask Dale Jacobs.
Dale always went fishing with Jack.
He was there that day.
I presume you knew that,
Thanks for your help.
The report said
he was on his own.
Okay, great, thanks.
Dale Jacobs lives at Lemington
Drive with his granddaughter.
Yeah. You know her?
We were friends growing up.
Are you sure they closed the
path to the Royce's back garden?
Single officers on duty
until we know...
Got it.
- Bring her out!
- Granddad, please.
- Bring her out!
- Please, Granddad.
Who are you?
It's Ryan.
This is Detective Harris.
- Can you put that down, please?
- Right.
Well, there's a
strange woman in there,
and she won't let me
see my wife.
Let's see if we can
sort it out.
Just put that down first.
Ryan, please don't worry,
he's just confused.
Granddad, Granny went
a long time ago, OK?
Please, Dale, just relax.
I'll fucking relax
when you find my wife!
My wife.
Ruth. I was at the funeral.
You remember, it's me, Ryan.
I'm here, it's OK, Granddad.
- What did I do?
- It's OK, it's OK.
- What did I do?
- Doesn't matter.
We wanted to ask you about your
fishing trips with Jack Dowling.
- Jack?
- Is everything OK?
Kim, can you go inside, please?
[door shuts]
He had a heart attack.
He was found dead by the lake.
[breathing heavily]
Ryan, I need my inhaler.
It's in the car.
- You sure?
- Yeah. He's fine, go on.
[Harris] Mrs. Dowling told us
that Dale was there too,
so we just came to
ask a few questions.
He was meant to go but he had
a bad turn that morning.
Took some time to calm him down.
And he spent all day
in his chair.
How long has he
been like this?
Couple of years now.
Usually, it's manageable
but every now and then,
he has these outbreaks.
The tablets just don't
do anything anymore.
[car engine starting]
Granddad, wait!
Ryan, he's not supposed
to drive.
- Stay here, I'll go.
- Please, make sure he's OK.
He really wouldn't hurt anyone.
[tires squealing]
Quite a view.
I painted this once.
Now my fingers don't hold the
paintbrush the way they used to.
I can't even paint Amanda
a picture for her birthday.
It's peaceful.
I think we
take that for granted.
"An hour is the sea
between others and me.
With them would shelter be."
I saw that written
on a pebble once.
One of those things they sell
in the seaside gift shops.
It's the small things
we remember.
It's only gonna get
worse with me, you know.
Medical bills, care homes.
They're gonna be
feeding me like a baby.
I just want to feel
important to someone.
I'd be better off gone.
If not for me,
at least for Amanda.
Dale, I understand
what you're going through.
After Sara, I just...
I just stopped
talking about everything.
At first, it was a...
Made me feel bad, but then it
just became a way to get by.
You have someone at home
that loves you
and cares for you.
So why don't you let me
take you home
so she can see you?
[Harris] Just give us a call
if you come across anything.
You sure you're gonna be
all right on your own with him?
- Yeah, we'll be fine.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Detective...
- Oh, it's Harris.
I'm new.
I figured.
Hello, sweetheart.
Ryan, my collection, back here.
This is my space.
This is where I do my work.
I got light, light, light,
and it's where I do
all my paintings.
This one?
You have this.
It's a gift.
I love it.
Royce's will
is on its way over.
Tell you what,
can you hold onto it for now?
- Sure.
- Gives me an excuse to swing by.
- Okay.
- It's beautiful.
Both the Royce's recently
made changes to their wills.
They had a joint bank account.
They left most of their money
to the BCA.
- The Blackrock Church Association.
- Correct.
I've spoken to Dan's bank.
He also recently made
donations to the church.
There's more.
This guy, Reverend James Shaw.
Forced to leave his last parish
because of financial irregularities.
Doesn't seem like
it's received
a chunk of inheritance money.
There's no one here.
Every one of these
gold plaques has a name on it.
Mr. and Mrs. Royce.
Jack Dowling.
They've all got one.
Can I help you?
I'm afraid we're closed
for refurbishments.
There's no service here
until the roof is done.
- We're not here for service.
- Oh.
Can I help you then?
Detective Harris,
this is Detective Barnes.
We're just chasing
a few inquiries.
The people on these plaques,
they've given money
to the church?
That's right.
Benefactors have the privilege
of having their name forever
on the memorial pillars.
Did you have
a close relationship
to all these people?
I'm sorry,
why are you here again?
Just asking some questions.
[Harris] How well did you know
Mrs. Royce?
She and Edward
were devoted worshipers
since they retired to Blackrock.
And Mr. Dowling?
Tragic, but it
wasn't a surprise.
The poor man
was riddled with problems.
Was he not?
Is that everything, gentlemen?
Or can I help you
with anything else?
No, that's it.
How did Dowling's plaque
go up so quickly?
What's that for?
Let's get back to the office.
There's something I need to check.
What's this gonna prove?
Just pull it up.
[printer whirring]
Remember the Royce's house
two days ago?
This is their house
two years ago.
[Harris] Yeah, so?
Notice anything different?
[soft grunt]
Mike Evans.
We have an inebriated driver
coming in.
Can you get
a cell ready, please?
It was all so quick.
I just lost...
Do you realize how many
people you could have killed?
Get off me!
The fuck are you on about?
Do I even know you?
He's not the drunk.
She is.
You need serious help, mate.
For fuck's sake.
Just book her in.
You all right?
What was all that about?
Just forget it.
You're lucky he cares.
He wouldn't do that
for anyone else.
Yeah, I know.
So, I say tomorrow we wait
and see what the reverend does.
Shall we get a man on him
and one on Mike Evans?
Keep an eye on both? But we don't
have anything on the reverend yet.
What about the plaques?
And the donations?
Bollocks to them.
We need hard evidence,
something concrete.
I hope you're right
and not just wanting
to focus on Evans
because of what's going on.
I've just had an interesting
conversation with the mayor.
About the church...
Cool off on the reverend unless
you've got something worthy.
And if you do,
you bring it to me first.
Otherwise this
investigation ends here.
We think we might
have something.
Think is not enough!
Didn't Dowling have an excess
of insulin in his blood?
But he had diabetes.
- And the Royce's?
- Same.
Look at this.
Mrs. Royce wasn't diabetic.
There's our proof.
Get a list straight away
of everyone who passed away
in the last year
through diabetes.
Confirm they all had
the insulin dose.
[Harris] So at the moment, we can
only prove Mrs. Royce was killed.
We need to try and link
both the Royce's to Dowling,
otherwise it just looks like
they accidentally overdosed.
With their age and diabetes,
it could hold up.
The killer knows
the insulin covers it.
I'll check the hospital
and other areas
that store insulin.
You think we should look into any
other beneficiaries of the church?
Make a list.
Let's not pin our hopes
on a killer priest.
You still convinced
it's Evans?
I don't know.
He isn't this calculated.
Busy, boys?
Toxicology report, sir.
It suggests we're
dealing with murders.
We confirmed all the victims
had insulin in them.
With their age
and health problems,
it was just enough to kill 'em.
Anyone young and healthy
and they could have survived.
We know he's only
going after OAPs
with ongoing health problems.
Easy targets,
going after vulnerable.
Call me if you get anything.
And both of you, have a shower.
Smells like someone
died in here.
Good work.
You have one saved message.
Hey, when are you coming home?
You said you'd be back
nearly an hour ago.
Also, I can't remember if you said
you liked salt or sweet popcorn.
Isn't that awful?
Hey, Ryan.
Got those records you asked for.
No unexpected visitors.
Just family, hospital staff,
and yourself.
Means a lot.
looking out for you.
Both of you.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry I flipped out.
It's OK. I understand.
I know what you're up against.
You need to trust me and take
some advice and get some rest.
How's work?
Starting to get somewhere
with a case.
Feels good.
When I'm there, time just...
doesn't stop for a second.
And then I come here
and see her like this and...
She'll get through this.
I know she will.
I really hope she does.
[Dale] So I just write it down.
It makes me feel like
I know what to do.
Okay, so I think the key point
to understand here
is that Dale controls his
impulses by observing routines.
And these routines
offer him comfort
and a chance to notice if
things are beginning to slip.
So would you say that you notice
when your state of mind
begins to change?
[Dale] It just happens.
There's no warning.
One minute, everything's
all right and the next...
And it's worse in the evenings.
Yes, that's sundowning.
It's actually the time of day
when sufferers of Alzheimer's
and dementia feel most confused,
because of course
as the sun dims,
so too can consciousness.
It's actually
an evolutionary trait
that we're all inherited.
But for dementia patients,
it is acutely heightened.
Okay, and on that note,
we are out of time, I'm afraid,
so we will call it a day.
But I'll look forward
to seeing you all next week.
Thank you, doctor.
Would you like
to come to my office?
So, detective,
what can I help you with?
Mike Evans.
He's usually in your group.
Not today.
He is a regular though.
Does he open up to you
like the others?
I can't really go into detail
about what a patient
says in my sessions.
That's private and confidential,
you should know that.
Aren't there exceptions
if other lives are in danger?
To an extent, yes.
But can you confirm that?
No. No, not yet.
Look, I understand
your pain towards Mike
and I really want to help but I
honestly don't know where he is.
This isn't about my wife.
It's about something else.
Okay, um...
He's not in the most
stable condition, mentally.
He... he rarely talks
in sessions, let alone opens up.
He sometimes storms out
halfway through a session
and the only real
conversations I've had with him
are about his daughter.
Does he speak to
anyone in the group?
Only Mr. Jacobs.
You know him?
Yeah, I know the family.
Look, I know Mike's not
the most popular person in town,
but he has actually really
helped Mr. Jacobs
control some of his outbursts.
The two just seem to relate
about Mike's daughter,
Dale's granddaughter.
Oh, and they recently went
on a fishing trip together,
I believe.
Evans attended counseling but no sign
or contact since his last visit.
I think I know
who can find him though.
- Who?
- Dale Jacobs.
I looked through
all the records.
There was a break in at the
hospital about nine months back.
Needles, morphine,
fentanyl, oxycodone,
midazolam and insulin.
All on the list
of missing items.
Guess who was brought in for it?
Mike Evans.
I signed it off.
If you find him, bring him in.
But don't do anything stupid.
Has to be him, but why?
What satisfaction can
he be getting out of it?
I looked into it. Starts off with
drowsiness, then you fall asleep,
except you never wake up.
there's worse ways to go.
Does he think he's helping them?
[scoffs] No, that can't be
his motive for these killings.
Let's check if all the victims
are on the transplant list.
Maybe Holly was ahead of them and
Mike's killing them off to speed it up.
I checked already.
None were.
There's something
missing here.
- I need to talk to Dale.
- Want me with you?
On my own.
It's less stress for him.
Hey, how are you?
All right, yeah.
Dale and Kim?
Kim's at her father's.
Grandpa's all right.
He's been much more
in control since, you know.
How are you?
Is there any progress?
Still the same.
The doctors are doing
everything they can but...
Actually came to talk to Dale,
about his therapy sessions.
- Is he about?
- Yeah, he's at the back, painting.
[Sara's voice echoing]
Hey, when are you coming home?
I knew you'd still be here.
You said you'd be back
nearly an hour ago.
Isn't that awful?
[voice echoing indistinct]
Hey, when are you coming home?
Said you'd be back
nearly an hour ago.
Ryan, it's our anniversary.
Let me go.
[sirens wailing]
- How is he?
- Could be a crack to the bone.
He'll have a hell of a bruise
but hopefully nothing severe.
Hey. How you doing?
I found this
a couple of days back.
I didn't think much
of it but now...
We had our problems, but...
Promise you'll catch
whoever did this.
I will. I promise.
Next time call for backup
before running into the woods
after an armed killer.
How's Amanda?
Coping. Nothing we can do.
No results.
You see anything?
Happened so fast.
Just came out of nowhere.
You proved a murderer exists.
Yeah, he knew the area well.
And smart.
Forensics have searched
the woods, found nothing.
We started work
on locals with guns.
It's flagged Mike Evans.
He's had a gun license
since Summer '96.
Let's bring him in.
That's enough.
We're watching his house
and his work.
We have blanket surveillance
on his phones.
We'll wait for him to show up.
I know you want it to be him.
He should have
killed me in the woods.
Let's go.
[car door opens, shuts]
Can we get a comment on the
recent shootings, detective?
No comment, boys. I'll answer all your
questions tonight at the conference, OK?
Are there rumors
of a killer on the loose?
- Can you confirm or deny this?
- No comment. Get rid of him.
All right, lads,
that's it, go on...
- Sir, do you not think the public deserve to know...
- Off you go!
Thank you!
Ryan, she's got worse.
I tried calling.
She's developed an infection
in her blood.
Doing everything we can.
She's stable for now,
but it's not looking good.
When's the specialist come in?
What do you mean, tomorrow?
I want him here now!
Look, Ryan, this place is
full of people in need of help.
I've witnessed it all. Ninety-year-olds
surviving a dozen heart attacks,
people beating cancer,
people waking from
comas after years.
So there is hope?
I'm not saying there isn't.
I'm just saying you need to be
prepared for the worst.
Because those people are
as rare as lottery winners.
Sorry, I have to go home.
It's been a long day, and back
first thing in the morning.
We have a sighting of Evans.
A neighbor called it in,
Coldwater Lane,
ten minutes ago.
He's armed, remember?
[tires squealing]
[phone ringing]
I need an ambulance
on Stanton Street, quick.
I'm OK.
Just get after him.
Okay, OK.
I know you hate me
for what I did.
Can't change that.
You got any sense of mercy,
you'll help me
save my little girl.
I wake up...
I wake up every day...
thinking about what I did.
How I hurt you.
Pleading that you wake up.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- It's a little late for sorry.
- No. No, no, no, it's not.
See, I hate myself.
But I love my little girl.
I know this is gonna be
the last time...
I know it's gonna be the last
time I ever see her again.
But you...
you can help her
have a life to live.
Answer me one thing.
Why didn't you
kill me at Dale's?
I didn't kill anyone.
No, no, no,
what have you done?
What have you done,
why did you do that?
Answer me!
I'm sorry about your wife.
No, no, stay with me.
Stay with me, stay with me.
[Mike] "If everything
has gone to plan,
you'll be loading me away.
I've been a terrible person,
and a terrible father.
I've hurt a lot of people.
I'm sorry for what I've done
and I don't expect you
to forgive me.
I don't expect
anyone to forgive me.
I need my life
to mean something.
My donor card proves that
my heart is a perfect match
for Holly's transplant.
Only have one thing
left to give.
And if it is successful,
then my life has a purpose
so my daughter can live.
[no audible dialogue]
[Mike] If you could die to save
your wife, I'm sure you would.
The hospital
won't break regulation.
Promise me you'll fight for it.
If not for me, then for Holly.
I'm begging you
to help save my little girl.
[no audible dialogue]
She doesn't deserve to die.
She has her
whole life ahead of her.
[phone ringing]
I'm so sorry, Ryan.
We had to move her over to life
support or she would have...
Is there anything
that can be done?
At the moment... no.
Shouldn't you be resting?
I was, but I'm bored already.
So, Holly Evans
made it through then?
Surgeon said she'll make
a full recovery.
That's great.
I don't think Evans did it.
What? Why?
Before he died, he told me
he didn't kill anyone.
Why would he lie with
the last breath he had in him?
This is Mike Evans
we're talking about.
I thought you would have
been more relieved.
Yeah, I know. But after seeing the
sacrifice he did for his daughter,
that's not the personality
of a cold-blooded killer.
What else we got?
What about Dr. Hill?
Already cleared.
She was running one of her
therapy sessions at the time.
So this is what
heroes look like.
Well done, boys,
you made the headlines.
OK, what's the problem?
Not convinced.
- About what?
- The case.
Everything we needed
was found in Evans's yard.
It's done.
Something about
that care home.
It's all connected somehow.
Royce's, Dale, Evans, Dowling.
They were all there.
That's our link.
[Joanne] And how are you
feeling about life now, Ryan?
- The same.
- [Joanne] How so?
I'm fine just
to go through each day.
[Joanne] Is the medication
helping at all?
Still having
the nightmares but...
I'm used to 'em now.
And your wife...
is she still on life support?
I keep seeing her
in a crowd of people
and then she just disappears.
She's watching me,
following me everywhere I go.
I know it's not real,
but I don't want to wake up.
[Joanne writing]
It's beautiful, isn't it?
What city?
Antwerp, Belgium.
[phone ringing]
My grandfather lived there.
I used to visit
all the time as a kid.
I'm sorry, would you just...
Excuse me for a moment.
Yeah, sure.
[Mike on tape] I understand this is the
only way to save my daughter's life.
There's no other way.
That's why I know us both.
[Jessica] Hello?
Jessica, listen,
about nine months ago,
there was a break in
at the hospital, right?
[Jessica] What?
Needles and a bag
full of drugs.
Yes, but Mike Evans was...
Forget Evans. Listen, was there
anything that didn't make sense?
[Jessica] Ryan, it was
nine months ago.
Jessica, please,
just try and remember.
[Jessica] Well, at the time,
I thought it was odd
that it happened
at the exact moment
- security was swapping shifts.
- Anything else?
[Jessica] It's about
the only time in the day
that someone could pull it off.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Look, I'm just gonna get home.
I'll call you in a bit, OK?
[breathing heavily]
What are you doing, where am I?
You'll understand shortly.
Understand what?
You killed those people.
I was 21
when I first met Giles.
I was rushing up
these big stone steps
to get to my class and I had this
ridiculous dress on, so I slipped.
I was falling backwards
and it was Giles that caught me.
And that was that.
I mean, I literally fell
for him right then and there.
And we had Amy
when we were very young.
She just made everything
100 times more beautiful.
And then Giles got sick
and in those days,
dementia was much more
difficult to treat
so his condition
escalated very quickly.
He was always so restless.
Dementia patients are very hard
to look after when they're young.
Just about the only time
he was calm
was when he played with Amy.
He always knew who she was
but he often...
He often forgot who I was.
He became so protective of her.
Sometimes it was almost
as though he thought he needed
to protect her from me,
like I was some sort of threat.
Of course, he would often
just wander off on his own.
You know, you of all
people should relate.
You've lost your wife...
My wife's not gone!
What are you doing?
Where are we?
What are we doing here?
You've just got no idea
what it's really like
to see your loved ones
fade away.
Or in Giles's case,
to see his mind just go
to the point where they have
no idea who you are anymore.
And they can cause
harm to themselves.
And others.
So I made it my business
to care for those people.
When Giles was hospitalized,
I would visit him
as much as I could.
I would take Amy to see him,
but that was hard on them, too.
So I'd just sit there
by myself for hours and hours.
Just like you do with Sara.
Just waiting for
something to happen.
You're praying
that she gets better.
One night when Giles
was home with us,
he woke up and he took
my baby girl from her cot.
I was asleep.
I couldn't watch him all
the time, it was impossible.
All I ever wanted
was a daughter,
a best little friend,
and she was taken away from me.
So, you see, I'm not a murderer.
It was an act of mercy.
My patients were
relieved from their pain.
That doesn't make it right.
- Who gives you the authority?
- They do.
- What?
- It is their decision.
And Evans? What about him?
Well, that was easy because you
wanted to believe it was him.
You're sick.
You think that's...
At Dale's.
That couldn't have been you.
You don't surely think I could
do this by myself, do you?
Listen to me, Ryan.
Joanne looked after my father
when he was ill.
We spent three years looking
at him, watching him fade away.
When my mother was diagnosed,
I didn't want her to suffer
in the same way.
Joanne helped her...
just pass peacefully...
with dignity.
That's your justification
for going on a killing spree?
You think you can just
go round playing God,
deciding who lives and who dies?
We didn't decide.
We gave them an option.
They made their own choice.
Ryan, we brought you here
to try and reason with you.
I thought you would understand
after everything
that's happened with Sara.
I mean, what have you gained
from all those months
just watching her waste away?
Don't you dare
use Sara as a reason...
Ryan, she can't be saved.
We thought of ways to help,
trust me.
Trust you?
You were like family to me!
You know what, Ryan?
- [gun cocks]
- None of this really matters
because I cannot
let you end this.
We have far bigger
plans than you!
Joanne, please.
He's not part of this.
We need to leave.
No, he'll come after us.
You and I both agreed, OK?
We'd make a fresh start,
just you and me.
We have to go now.
No... they will come after us.
I'm not willing
to take that risk.
"Serial Killers
Sentenced to Life,"
that is what
the headlines will say.
Joanne, you're not a killer.
Now, give me the gun!
- Give me the gun.
- Please, John, don't do this.
Give me the gun!
No, no!
It's you!
You made me do this!
Joanne, it's over, OK?
Just put down the gun, please.
I can't do this without John.
- I can't do...
- Joanne, listen to me.
I can help you.
Just put the gun down, OK?
Listen to me.
Joanne, what are you doing?
Joanne, listen to me.
[baby crying]
Joanne, wait! Joanne!
Joanne, no, wait!
Joanne, no!
Stay with me.
Look at me.
[mumbles indistinct]
Just leave me.
No, no, no.
I'm gonna get you
to the hospital.
[John] It's OK.
I'm not scared.
Hold on, hold on.
[Jessica] Hey.
If you need anything, I'm here.
[air pumping]