Winter's Dream (2018) Movie Script

Only you can keep me falling
like a summer rain
Get me so hot
and cool me off again
Only you can send me flying
like a meteorite
Blazing through the heavens
in your sky-blue eyes
Only you, only you
Only you
Only you...
I really adore
the way you adore
The way that we danced
before on the floor
Like every night
is Saturday night
You take me to town
you're shaking me down
I can't even tell
there's no one around
The candles are
our city lights
Only you
can keep me falling...
[Ty]: Hey, Phil.
Don't worry,
I closed the account.
They loved the idea.
[Phil]: Good to hear.
We've got all our people
coming from the West Coast.
...Only you can send me flying
like a meteorite
Blazing through the heavens
in your sky-blue eyes...
Thanks for putting those
in the window, Josephine.
We need all the volunteers
that we can get.
Only you...
[Ty]: Listen, I gotta go.
I just arrived
at Bliss Mountain.
Run inside, and see
if you can find someone
to help us
with our bags.
-No, Phil, not you.
And watch our for that ice,
it's slippery.
Yes, Dad.
I'll be careful.
I know what
you're saying, okay?
Look, I'll talk
to the office
as soon as I can, okay?
Ooh! I'm sorry!
I'm sorry--
No, not you, Phil.
Here, let me... help you.
-Thank you.
-Just a suggestion,
you put your skis
back-to-back, like that,
throw 'em
over your shoulder,
tips down.
All right?
That's perfect, thank you.
Uh, hello?
Do you always carry on
two conversations at once?
Sure, yeah.
I get twice as much
done that way.
But the two people listening
only get half as much done?
I never thought of it that way.
First time to Bliss Valley?
Uh, yeah,
from New York.
I'm here for 10 days
with my daughter.
One of us is getting ski lessons
from Maddy Morrison this week.
And the other?
Doesn't really
have time to ski
because he's too busy working
to pay for his daughter's
ski lessons.
Well, uh,
welcome to Bliss Valley.
Oh, I almost forgot,
we're throwing this big bash
on Saturday,
with live music,
and fun and food.
Maybe you could come.
That's great,
thank you.
Uh... I got it.
-I know how to--
Skis back-to-back.
[car engine spluttering]
Come on!
Looks like I've gotta...
call somebody.
Boy, oh, boy.
Oh, no, Jasper,
that does not
sound good.
Are we gonna have to
borrow the Snowcat
from Epic Mountain again?
[chuckling ruefully]
No, Kat, we're not.
A New Year means
new beginnings,
and if I can keep
the ski lifts going
at the resort,
I can sure fix
that old thing...
If you say so.
Though I must say,
when I inherited
the resort,
I didn't realize
I'd be inheriting
a mountain of problems.
Have a good one.
Good morning, Kat.
Oh, hey, Mayor.
I think it's gonna be
beautiful today.
There's lots of snow
on the mountain,
and it's meant to be
clearing up this afternoon.
So they say.
All we need now
on those slopes
are some actual skiers.
Oh, you're preaching
to the choir.
Have a nice day!
Yeah, they just arrived.
We'll order some of those
new boots, too, okay?
[entry alert chimes]
-Hey, honey.
The new skis
just came in.
What do you think?
Wow, impressive.
Yeah, they've got
a good weight.
You'd fly on those things.
It almost
wouldn't be fair.
My racing days are over, Pops.
I'm just sayin',
on skis like that,
you would fly
like the wind--
Well, maybe if you wouldn't
have been on the interweb,
you would've seen
the left-hand turn.
[entry alert chimes]
You're right, son,
they are open.
Oh, good morning.
Welcome to
Heart of the Mountain.
The ski conditions
are top-notch today.
Well, thank you,
I just need directions.
I got a little lost
coming off the highway.
Let me guess, you're looking for
Epic Mountain?
Is that close by?
Well, it-it's the next valley.
This is Bliss Valley.
So, uh, you go
up the highway,
second exit.
It's big,
you can't miss it.
It's a big chalet, yeah.
Well, great,
thank you.
We've got a lot
of new merchandise.
[chuckles] Uh, well...
I'll get everything I need
up at Epic.
Is this you
with the U.S.
National ski team?
That's Maddy Morrison!
That girl's a superstar.
That's Maddy and me.
Come on, you-you know her?
Well, she may be famous now, but
she grew up here.
And just so you know,
Kat here,
she was on
the U.S. team, too.
Sorry, Kat, I'm...
I'm just proud, that's all.
All right, well,
thanks so much.
Come on, Bart.
Okay, uh...
I hope to see you
this weekend,
We've got our Winterfest
It's the 50th year this year!
[entry alert chimes]
Gonna be great...
Once again,
we're losing business
to Epic.
Don't let it
bug you, Dad.
It's the same scenery.
We've got better skiing.
I mean, what does
Epic Mountain have
that we don't have?
Well, a multi million-dollar
parent company,
a state-of-the-art
fancy restaurants,
a super-fast gondola--
Okay, okay, okay,
I get your point.
To be honest,
I just don't think
our little shop can survive
another season like this.
Our Winterfest
is our silver bullet.
We've got the torch parade,
live music,
and Maddy Morrison
herself coming in
to coach all the juniors
for the exhibition race.
And with you
at the helm this year,
I know Winterfest
is going to be a winner.
Hey, I, uh, I gotta go.
I gotta meet Lindsay,
we're gonna pass out
these flyers.
So, will you be okay for an hour
without me?
I can hold the fort.
All right.
Love you, Dad.
So, you have to tell me
how you persuaded
Maddy Morrison
to come here and coach?
Uh... it's just
for a week.
Still, that's
a big deal.
Well, Jasper called
on behalf of the resort.
She doesn't actually know
it was me who invited her.
There's a lot of history there,
most of it not good.
But I think it's good
to have a gold medalist here
to teach these kids.
It brings a lot of attention
to the mountain.
You know what,
you are as good a skier
as Maddy ever was.
Why don't you coach
these kids yourself?
Well, because nobody wants their
aspiring champion
to be coached by the girl
who choked at Trials.
She's the star, I'm not.
You're still
defending her, huh?
Look, I know she can be
arrogant, but...
she's the champ.
[pager alert beeps]
Hang on,
I'm getting paged.
Tommy Adams...
has his tongue stuck
to a frozen
basketball pole again.
Yeah, again.
You'd think he'd learn.
Here you go.
Dad, this rocks.
How did we get a room
with a perfect view
of the mountain?
The hotel wasn't full up,
so we got a free upgrade.
Kitten socks.
Are you nervous
for tomorrow?
To train with
the great Maddy Morrison?
But, you know, if I ever want
a shot at Nationals,
I'm really gonna
have to step up my game.
Spoken like a true
future champ.
And you're my dad,
so you have to say that.
all your instructors in Vermont
said you had real potential,
and they're right.
All right, look,
I'm gonna set my alarm
for very early
in the morning,
so you can get up
and do your stretches.
We'll have some
blueberry pancakes,
and we'll be the first
people on the hill.
What do you say?
How about
blueberry pancakes first,
and then stretches after?
You're in the driver's seat.
I need coffee.
let's go!
Jasper, we have
less than a week
until the event.
What can we do
to make this year
really special?
Hey, what if we have
a parade with floats
for Winterfest?
Hmm? I mean, we've got
to up our game somehow.
Uh-uh, that's not gonna
bring in the tourists.
We need
to think bigger.
We don't have
the budget for bigger.
Ah, therein
lies the problem...
Kat Miller... hmm.
What do I know
about all this stuff anyway?
I mean, last year, I was just
driving the snow plow.
Well, you know what,
we'll figure it out.
And there she is.
I can't believe it.
-Maddy, hi.
-It's been a long time.
So, you did
come back home
and settle down.
Yeah, I did.
I'm actually
chairing the committee
for the Winterfest this year,
and I'm the one who suggested
Jasper invite you.
Oh. Hi.
[camera app clicks]
Thank you.
Well, whatever I can do
to help the Junior skiers out,
so much the better.
Plus, it helps out
the town.
So, um, I've been doing
some coaching
up in Vail and Aspen,
and after I teach
this Winterfest class,
I'm heading up to Epic
for the rest of the season.
Oh, well, thanks
for helping us out first,
we really need it.
So, your name
comes up a lot.
I was just doing
a guest coaching stint
up at Sun Valley,
and some of the skiers
were just wondering
what you'd been up to.
Oh, well, I run
the ski shop with my Dad,
and I'm working with
some future champions myself.
so you're doing
some coaching?
Hey, it's Maddy Morrison!
Not exactly.
Girls, welcome
to the beginners' class.
Let me help you with these.
Who is ready
to have some fun today?
Hi, kids!
Maddy Morrison.
Well, I'd better
get up to my class.
See you at the top
of the mountain!
Hey, Maddy, can I,
uh, grab a selfie?
Sure. All right.
[camera app clicks]
Make sure to put
a filter on it, right?
Okay, yeah.
And tag me!
I will.
All right, we're gonna
head up the mountain.
You got all your gear?
I got your skis.
Dad, come on,
we're gonna be late.
I can't believe I overslept.
It must be
this fresh mountain air.
It's so nice--
Here, I'll take those.
Gimme, gimme, gimme.
Dad, you don't need
the pancakes--
Yes, you have to
eat something.
We'll eat it
on the lift, okay?
-Come on.
-All right, let's go.
You okay, Dad?
This is exciting.
Be careful, though.
All right.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
I haven't been on
in a long time--
Oh! Oh!
That's breakfast. Okay.
All right, girls,
let's swing
our right foot forward...
And really lean
into the stretch.
That's really good, Rachel.
Bend your elbows,
and dig your poles
into the ground,
and really push...
Here, take these
energy bars,
you're going
to need them.
Thanks, Dad.
Hi, sorry!
Sorry we're late!
Completely my, uh,
my fault.
-This is my daughter, Anna.
Hi, Anna.
Welcome aboard.
You ready to do
some serious skiing?
-You bet.
Join the group.
-Wish me luck.
-Good luck, honey.
You're Maddy Morrison.
Okay, sir, thank you so much.
-She's in good hands.
-[Ty]: Bye!
All right, we have
a little exhibition race
for you this weekend,
which means
we have one week
to get you warriors
ready for battle.
Who's in?
All right, gals, let's go!
All right, Amy.
You got this, girl.
Good, good, good.
Keep your head up, honey.
That's awesome!
Great job!
Let's go!
Push it!
Push harder!
Come on, pick it up, let's go!
[muttering] Same old Maddy...
That's okay.
It's okay.
Sometimes, we fall,
and then we gotta learn
how to get back up.
You all right?
Kat, I lost my scarf somewhere!
Oh, uh...
[wind gusting]
Oh, there it is.
I'll be right back.
Found it!
Come on, Anna!
It's your turn!
Come on down!
Come on, you're up next,
let's go!
What's up?
Come on, Anna!
Let's go!
Pick up
your speed, Anna!
Lean into your edge, Anna!
Come on!
Push it!
[Maddy groans]
No, no, no,
there'll be no one
to pick you up
if you fall
during the race.
You gotta learn
to do it yourself.
Okay, pick it up,
let's get back in the fight.
Let's go, girls!
Try to relax.
Let your skis feel
the slope of the mountain.
You were on your inside edge,
that's why you fell.
Thanks for the advice.
Let's go, Anna.
Come on.
Hey, kiddo!
How'd it go out there?
[sighing] I must have
fallen, like, 10 times.
I'm sorry.
Uh, how was-how was Maddy?
She a good coach?
Uh, well, she's a better coach
than the people up in Vermont,
but she was
barking at me all day.
Well, I just saw you come
down the mountain just now.
Your turns looked so smooth.
You're already
Well, thanks,
but that wasn't Maddy.
There was this ski instructor
who saw me up on the hill,
gave me a tip,
and it actually
really started to work.
Yeah, okay,
I'll see you later!
Ooh, hey,
there she is right now.
Oh! Hi!
I just wanted to say
that your tip actually really
started to help my turns!
Oh, yeah.
I mean, turns were always
the hardest thing for me.
I mean, you're flying down
the mountain one way,
and then boom, you're going
the other direction.
Well, thank you.
Um, I'm Anna, by the way.
This is my Dad, Ty.
-Tyler Decker.
Nice to meet you.
You two
know each other?
Mr. Multi-Tasker.
I'm Kat Miller.
Yeah, um, Kat here taught me
how to carry my skis properly
So now she's
helped us both.
So I guess we owe her
two thank you's.
You're welcome.
a ski instructor?
Oh, I just instruct
on the bunny slope, but, uh...
What's this work?
What do you got
going on here?
Oh, just some
computer stuff
to pay for
all this splendor.
I work in advertising.
Yeah, have you seen
those dancing juice boxes?
Really? That's you?
Yeah, guilty
as charged.
[alarm beeps]
Oh, gosh...
time for
your protein shake.
[Anna sighs]
Uh, yeah.
My, uh, Dad's other job
is being my part-time coach.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, I studied at
an in-depth ski academy.
The Internet.
Oh, I see.
No, uh, I may advise
a little bit,
but Anna is always
in the driver's seat
when it comes to her training.
Although she's technically
too young to drive.
All right, well,
it's nice to meet you guys.
Wait a second,
are you, uh, the Kat Miller,
like, the skier?
I've seen your races
on YouTube!
You're amazing.
What are you doing
in Bliss Valley?
I've just been working
at the ski shop with my dad.
It's, uh...
called "Heart of the Mountain".
You guys should
come by sometime.
Yeah, do you mind
if I come by
if I have any more questions
about my technique?
Well, I don't really coach
at that elite level,
but if you would like,
you could just
stop by the bunny hill,
and I'll give you
a few pointers.
Yeah, yeah.
Great, thanks.
Nice to meet you.
Can you believe that?
Kat Miller?
Okay, now that we've learned
how to balance on our skis,
I have one important question.
Who here likes pizza?
[kids cheering]
Yes! Me too!
Okay, so you just think
about pizza.
You got a pizza slice
right here, like that.
Point your skis down,
shaped just like a pizza,
and you stop!
Just think about pizza.
And stop. Okay?
Come on, Lauren,
I want you to try.
There you go.
[Ty shouting]
Oh, wait, wait--
Oh, my gosh.
Whoa! Whoa!
I'm good still!
Are you all right?
Yeah, totally good,
thank you.
I'll take this!
I'll put it
at the bottom of the hill!
Hey... Hey, sorry
about earlier.
It's my new skis
coupled with, uh,
the altitude,
and my complete inability
to actually ski.
Yeah, well, it happens
to the best of us.
Have you tried
the cocoa here?
It's really good.
Thank you.
I'm living proof
that skiing ability
is not genetic.
Oh, well,
there's always room
in my bunny class.
May I?
-Oh, thank you.
-Thank you.
Anna told me about
your racing career.
Very impressive.
Oh, that's
ancient history.
I don't compete
Well, you made a huge
impression on her.
Can I join you?
Thank you.
Anna's only 15,
but she has her eyes set
on Junior Nationals.
She's so driven.
She's the one
who wanted to come here
and train with the great
Maddy Morrison.
I really hope
that works out.
Are you going back
on the slopes again today?
'Cause, uh, I gotta keep
my guard up.
No, no, I have other business
to attend to,
so you're safe.
Work calls, huh?
No, something more important,
mending a lucky sweater.
As a single dad
I wear many hats.
I can mend a sweater,
make blueberry pancakes,
and be on a conference call,
That's pretty impressive.
my superstar now.
Hey, are you done already?
Uh, no, just
a 15-minute break.
Hi, Anna.
How's it going?
Uh, it's, um...
a little bumpy.
I'm just quite
used to the slopes here yet.
Yeah, skiing gates,
it's all about rhythm,
you know?
It's kind of like a dance.
You know what helps me
is music.
Visualize your turns
to the beat.
Thank you.
I should get back
to class now,
but I'm done with Maddy
tomorrow at 2:00.
Do you think maybe
you could show me
a few things afterwards?
I'd love to, but...
I just do
the bunny hill.
Well, the advice
you've given her
has already changed her skiing.
It really has.
I'm really flattered,
but I just don't think
it's a good idea.
Okay, well, I should
get back to the slopes.
All right,
you've got this.
Go get 'em, honey.
All right.
Oh, wait, lip balm.
-That was quick.
Lip balm, sunscreen,
I'm ready for everything.
Well, I gotta
get back to work, too.
I've got a Winterfest
to wrangle, and...
I wear a lot of hats, too.
Thanks for this.
Thank you.
So, who was that
I saw you dining with
at our fine cafeteria
Oh, Ty.
He's an advertising guy
from New York.
He's here
with his daughter.
They were just asking me
if I could give her
a few pointers,
and, you know...
She's really a great skier.
That's great.
I think I've seen her
on the slopes.
Oh, I'm not...
I'm not going to.
She's here for Maddy.
Oh, well, we all know
that Maddy's a pretty
hard coach on her kids.
Well, she's a real coach.
And you have
real-life experience.
Yeah, too many memories, too.
You know what, Kat,
you've just gotta
get out there,
start taking chances again.
I'm pretty happy
the way things are.
I was just up at Epic.
Look what I found.
"A light show,
"celebrity appearances,
and gourmet chefs
cooking on the street."
How can Winterfest
compete with that?
We're totally out-matched.
Epic has a massive
advertising budget.
I mean, we can't compete.
[sighs heavily]
Or maybe we can.
I might know someone
who could help.
Kat, hi!
This is a nice surprise.
Yeah. I've given it
some thought,
and I can give Anna
a lesson tomorrow,
but not for any pay.
In exchange for
some business advice?
All right,
what did you have in mind?
Well, I had
the brilliant idea
of becoming the organizer
of the Winterfest this year,
and I'm in way over my head.
So, how can I help?
Well, if I could just
pick your marketing brain
on a way to get this event
to just snowball.
What do you think?
I think I'm in.
Thank you.
ready to do
a little coaching?
Is it that obvious
I'm nervous?
Just relax.
If you need a rescue,
I'm just a call away.
Wish me luck.
All right, Anna!
You ready to hit the slopes?
You bet!
All right.
You bet!
How do these binding
things work again?
Why don't you meet us
at the lodge in a couple hours?
I was hoping to, uh,
to come up there
with you guys,
see what you've got
up your sleeve.
I guess.
If you can keep up.
There we go.
Now, what are we
gonna work on first?
Uh, exploding
out of the gate?
Or, uh, angle of attack
on the turns?
Uh... you know,
tucking in...
being in the crouch?
Not exactly.
Something I thought up
for Anna.
Okay, Anna, when I say go,
when you ski down the hill,
I want you to stab
as many marshmallows as you can
with your poles!
What exactly
does that accomplish?
Anna needs to use
her pole plant
to initiate her turns,
and then trust her edges.
And you mix marshmallows
and training, it's fun.
Did your coach
teach you that?
Uh, the opposite,
Well, then why...
Why would...
Would it be okay if...
You know...
the backseat coaching?
I'm sorry,
I get overzealous because...
No, it's okay,
It's just maybe we could have
a little bit of girl time?
Okay, okay, sure.
Trust me, everything
will be okay.
All right, I'll go
have some cocoa.
Okay, Anna, go ahead!
Good try!
Just missed it.
We'll work on that.
Way better.
I got three this time!
Look at that.
Wow, your turns
are looking sharp.
What do you say,
we take a breather?
All right.
You think we should
check on my Dad?
He's probably okay.
You know,
he's down at the lodge,
drinking too much...
[together] Cocoa.
My dad means well,
but I think if he had his way,
he'd be skiing
10 feet behind me all the time
to make sure I'm safe.
So how long
have you been skiing?
Since I was little.
We used to take
lots of family ski vacations.
My mom's family
is from Vermont.
Yeah, I was always the one
that wanted to stay behind
in ski school
when the rest of the kids
had gone back to the lodge.
Yeah, I can relate.
And now I'm in
the Youth Ski League,
and we're traveling so much,
and Dad can't really make it
'cause of work,
you know?
So it's great that we get
to have this week together.
You know what,
the wind's starting to blow.
Maybe we should head back
to the lodge
and roast up some
of these spare marshmallows.
-What do you say?
Race you back?
You're on.
Let's go!
You can't get
ahead of me!
How'd it go?
It was intense,
but surprisingly fun.
All right.
Yeah, she was great.
She's really starting
to trust her edge
on her turns.
So the marshmallows worked.
I had a feeling things went
pretty good out there.
Hey, Kat, do you think
we could do this again tomorrow?
What about
Maddy's class?
You came all the way
across the country for her.
I came here
to improve my skiing,
and things are really
starting to click with you.
I mean,
I am up to my neck
in Winterfest stuff.
Maybe you guys could
help decorate, and help--
Absolutely, yes.
Yeah, totally.
Thank you so much, Kat!
And, uh, tomorrow,
do you think
we could work a little
on my form?
We're on.
Hey, Anna...
come on over for some cocoa.
Yeah, totally.
All right.
Well, that's good.
How is it
that your daughter
talks me into
absolutely anything?
[laughs] Well,
welcome to my world.
By the way,
I didn't forget
about my end
of our little bargain.
Do you know
that Bliss Valley
has almost
no online presence?
I mean, I reached out
to some of
my marketing friends,
and put some information
out there,
started a little
social media campaign--
Would you like to go
on a little mission with me
into town?
I've got to drop off some boxes
to the fire station.
Yeah, yeah,
I could get an insider's
view of the town.
Oh, wow,
look at this theater.
Hey, that
looks good, Tony!
Lookin' good, Tony!
Hey, what's, uh...
[rattling box]
What's in these
old boxes, anyway?
Oh, there's a dozen
wand lighters,
and a whole lot of torches.
I want the firefighters
to light 'em,
not a volunteer,
you know?
Yeah, that makes
good sense.
Well, this place doesn't
have the energy of New York,
but I guess
that's the charm.
That's the appeal.
I've got some, uh,
marketing brainstorming
going on in here
right now.
And you grew up here?
Uh, yeah,
I was born here.
I'm a mountain girl.
But I did go off
to college,
and I toured
all over the world
in competition,
but I ended up
coming back here
because it's home.
It's a nice home.
Yeah, it is.
And the thing
about Bliss is,
our skiing is better
than Epic,
and nobody knows it.
We'll they're gonna know.
Bliss is a hidden gem,
with the best snow around.
It's warm, quirky,
It's the best kept secret
in the West.
There's a reason
they call it "Bliss."
How's that sound?
Oh, that sounds good.
Look at this.
I mean, ice sculpting
in the park, fires..?
You don't find that
at any cookie-cutter resort.
This place is special.
Okay, so, I've seen the town,
I've seen the resort.
Where's the best restaurant
in town, the best food?
Oh, the Mountain View Grill.
It's up at the resort,
but it's the best restaurant.
Okay, what makes it
so special?
Well, it wouldn't be
the decor or the architecture,
that's for sure,
but they have
a really creative menu,
and it's got a good vibe,
you know?
Okay, sold. I'm in.
I mean, I can't do all this
thinking and brainstorming
and marketing
on an empty stomach, right?
So, uh, should we
head up there tonight?
My treat?
Oh, uh...
All right.
All right.
Come on, let's go
drop these off.
Yeah, this is getting
kind of heavy.
I was gonna say something.
So, are you ready
for your date?
[Kat]: It's not a date,
it's business.
I'm just not sure
about this dress.
Well, come out,
let us see.
Hey, you look
Oh, I don't know.
Aw, it's just 'cause
you're used to
wearing ski pants.
Excuse me?
Kat, emerald is definitely
your color,
and you have always
been my gem.
Oh, Pops, that's cute.
You look beautiful,
Aw, thank you so much.
See you later.
Have fun
on your date.
It's not a date!
It's a date.
[chuckling together]
Where is Anna?
Uh, well,
she made friends
with some of the other
girls in the hotel,
so they're having
a camp-in tonight.
A "camp-in"?
It's the opposite
of a camp-out.
They're roasting
in the hotel
lobby fireplace.
It's a new thing.
It sounds fun.
I'll be right back.
All right.
You're right,
this town
has lots of character.
Wait until you see it
on Saturday night,
when we have a torchlight
parade of skiers
just coming down
that mountain.
Well, that is something
I definitely want to see.
I've got a funny feeling
I'm not the only one.
I called a couple
of Denver TV stations,
and asked them if they'd be
interested in covering
the 50th anniversary
of Winterfest,
and they seemed interested.
Thank you.
That's a great idea.
[Ty's cell phone chimes]
Ah... [chuckles]
They're hashtagging
their camp-in.
That's actually pretty good.
I think I might
have to borrow that one.
That's a chip
off the old block.
Wow, 400 followers
That's a really good way
to get the word out.
Ask her if she can hashtag
"Heart Of The Mountain"
and "Winterfest."
All right.
It makes me so happy
to see her
having fun with friends.
You know, she's gone
a lot, racing,
and she doesn't have
a whole lot of down time,
and making friends is just...
I get that.
The junior racers,
they just don't have
a typical life.
And Anna is not a typical girl.
She's fierce.
Well, it takes drive
to be a champion.
And a driver.
But she's got the desire,
she's got the talent.
She just needs
the guidance,
you know?
You've raised
a really awesome girl.
Thank you.
To be honest,
I feel like I'm out of my depth
most of the time.
I mean, being a single dad
and working,
and juggling all that,
we don't really get the...
the quality time.
Well, you're doing
something right,
that's for sure.
Anna's Mom loved to ski,
and I think that's
part of her passion.
It was really hard on her
to lose her mom.
It was hard on both of us.
I don't know,
her skiing
is something
we can connect on,
so I encourage that
whenever I can,
even when it scares
the daylights out of me,
and it does.
Yeah, I know.
But you know,
maybe if you relaxed
a little bit,
then that might help her
to relax a little bit.
I know, I'm a little
overzealous sometimes,
but honestly,
your innovatively
fun approach to training,
that really,
really is working for her.
Well, I mean,
you know,
people don't realize
how much pressure
athletes put on themselves.
You know, and a good coach
can focus that intensity,
whereas the wrong coach
can just make it
completely overwhelming.
That sounds kind of personal.
Yeah, it's a long story,
which ended up with me
giving up racing
and moving back home.
judges me here,
and I can be around
the people
and the mountain that I love.
Do you ever miss it?
Like, putting yourself
out there?
Yeah, I do.
But I think the thing
that I miss the most
is just...
being on a team.
That's probably
why I stepped up
to be the chair of
the Winterfest Committee,
'cause this town
is like my family,
and family...
supports one another.
Now it's all on me
to save it.
Not all on you.
On us.
Remember? Our deal?
We're a team now.
Compliments of the house?
Oh, wow.
Thank you.
new beginnings.
Okay, that dinner
was fantastic.
Yeah, five stars.
I told you, it's great.
And then Yuri
with the violin?
I mean, who knew?
Oh, well, I mean,
it's got character, that place.
Oh, Maddy!
Uh, we were just having
dinner at the Grill.
Oh, we're just
heading there now.
So, I heard you've
started coaching now?
Just one student.
My student.
But I think my class
may have been
a little too much
pressure for her.
I don't know
about that,
but I just hope
you don't mind.
Oh, of course not.
Whatever's best
for Anna.
Thank you.
Kat Miller?
Oh, my gosh.
We used to be
on the U.S. Ski team.
Oh, yeah.
What brings you
to Bliss Valley?
I work for
the Ski Federation now,
and my colleagues and I,
we were just
heading up to Epic,
and when we heard
Maddy Morrison
was in town,
we thought we'd stop by
and say hi.
Well, I hope you get a chance
to check out our little town.
while you're here.
Yeah, this place
is like
the best-kept secret
in the West.
Uh, my daughter and I,
we flew all the way out
from New York
to be here,
and just between you and I,
the snow here is a lot better
than it is at Epic.
You should check it out.
I wish I could.
Our schedule is so tight.
We're considering Epic
for the next year's
Junior Nationals.
[Ty]: Epic, really?
We better not tell him
about Winterfest then.
it's a big thing
they have here,
this Saturday.
Music, fireworks,
torchlight parade,
and a big exhibition race,
because you know,
Bliss Mountain
makes champions,
just like
these two right here.
Yeah, Maddy's gonna
be there, too.
I will.
Aw, as much
as I'd love to,
our time is so short.
In any case,
it was so good
to see you again.
It's great to see you.
Uh, you guys
have a good night.
You too.
-Good to see you.
-Good to see you.
Are you kidding me?
Junior Nationals?
That would bring
tons of skiers here
and so much publicity.
Bliss deserves
a chance at that.
I think we just
planted a seed, though.
10 to 1, he shows up
at Winterfest.
You think?
Bliss Valley
is back in the game.
I hope so.
I hope so.
All ready for some training?
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah...
let's train.
Uh... Dad?
Oh, uh,
is it okay if I come?
Sure, the more, the merrier.
All right,
what's on the agenda?
More marshmallows?
Uh... I've got
something else in mind.
Come on.
All right.
Hey, Kat,
aren't those poles
supposed to be used
up on the mountain?
You gotta learn to walk
before you can run.
Can you hold
her backpack?
Oh, sure.
All right, Anna,
get that book out
of my backpack for me.
All right.
Anna, here's what
I want you to do.
I want you to hold
the book out like this.
With your arms
tucked in
like you're reading it.
Like this?
Like you're
reading it.
But what does this
have to do with skiing?
I might have
another book in there
for patience?
You wanna borrow it?
Ah, no.
All of this actually does
serve a purpose, okay?
Keep your hands out.
Hold that for me.
All right, Anna,
I want you to
hold onto your poles,
just like you were
with the book.
See them out there?
Okay, your upper body is still,
and your lower body
is feeling the turns.
In your peripheral vision,
you see your poles,
always looking two gates ahead,
and reading the mountain.
Add some music.
[turns on song]
And feel the beats...
and now you're skiing
perfect slalom.
You don't
need to do it.
But I'm skiing
perfect slalom.
Thanks for all this.
It seems like
an awful lot of work
for such a little race.
It's an exhibition race,
and it's in a couple of days.
Ah, this
takes me back.
all the pre-race
It's exciting!
Okay, stand
on those forward,
and push
on the boots.
How's that?
Hey, Kate is this you
in these pictures?
Oh, that's her,
all right,
back when she was
Anna's age or younger.
You were
quite the competitor.
Yeah, that was
a long time ago.
[cell phone chimes]
Oh, hang on.
Everything okay?
It's the Mayor,
he's calling for
an emergency meeting
about Winterfest.
Something's up.
Will you
come with me?
I'd love to.
Okay, Dad, will you
take care of this?
-We'll see you there, Lindsay.
-You bet.
Your committee meets
at a picnic table?
This is Bliss Valley,
not Manhattan.
This is our City Hall.
-What's going on?
Oh, hey, Kat.
Uh, well, I was just
telling everybody
I've got some good news
and I've got some bad news.
The good news,
I got a call from
a TV station down in Denver,
and they're gonna send up
a news crew tomorrow.
That's great!
And resort bookings are up.
What's the bad news?
Just one little thing.
We may have
a full house,
but dining is gonna be
a bit of a problem.
Jasper, do you
wanna tell her?
Yeah, the resort dining room
sprung a leak last night,
so the place is a mess,
carpets are a loss.
I mean, folk'll need galoshes.
Well, where's
everyone gonna eat?
Well, the Grill
seats about 80 people,
and even counting
the cafe and burger joint,
we just can't handle
those kinds of crowds.
I guess there's
restaurants up in Epic...
We can let people
eat at Epic...
Guys, guys,
we've got to think.
We may not have
but we've got to work
with what we do have.
Does your family still own
the barn behind the resort?
I mean, it's mostly
just for storage.
We park the plows there
in the summer.
But it's easy enough
to empty it out quickly?
Well, yeah.
What exactly
are you getting, at Kat?
Just thinking outside the box.
Wow, it's right
at the base of the mountain.
It's beautiful.
Yeah, this is gonna work.
Here, come on.
All right,
watch your heads, guys.
[Kat]: Whoa-ho-ho...
There's plenty of room in here
for food and fun.
It's a Ski Barn.
You know, you ski in
for a bite,
and then
hit the slopes?
We can have
a dance floor here,
and put up
winter decorations.
Uh, sounds great, Kat,
but it's gonna
take some work.
Hey, Mayor,
do you think
you could speed up
some permits for us?
Yeah, I think we could
probably do that.
Well, what are we
waiting for, huh?
Let's get to work.
Let's do it!
All right, cool.
You won't give up
that easy, though
You turn
to root a tree to grow
Your ivy walls
can't keep me in
I am a heart...
..That's hard to pin...
These ones?
You look amazing!
[chuckling] Stop.
That's beautiful.
Oh, no, no.
You do look great.
Are you gonna come?
Uh, no, I'm really
happy right here.
Are you serious?
It does not look
like it's easy,
and I don't have
that talent.
Okay, wait.
I got your back.
All right,
I'll sit in a chair.
No, you're gonna
push the chair.
All right,
here we go,
I'm doing it, honey!
It's gonna
hold you.
I'm on the ice.
Oh, look at this.
Here, we're going.
Can you go this way?
Whichever way you wanna go.
Hey, I can do this.
I'm slow.
You're doing great.
I'm just walking.
Got it?
I'm skating!
I am skating.
-You are!
-You're doing it!
All right...
Thank you.
What do I do?
Just come on.
Very carefully.
Oh, this way.
Let's thaw out
by the fire.
Oh, excuse me,
can we get two cups
of cocoa over here?
Thank you.
Thanks for everything, Ty.
It's really coming together.
Just two days to go,
and two days till Anna's race.
It's just
an exhibition race.
Same blood, sweat, and tears
goes into an exhibition race
as any other.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you very much.
Oh, I love
the cocoa so much.
Hey, can I ask you a question?
What happened, on that day,
at the Trials?
Um, Maddy and I
shared the same coach.
A tough one, I bet.
Oh, tough as nails.
He'd play us
against each other...
Maddy really responded
to his approach,
but I didn't.
A great coach
brings out the best
in every athlete,
but his style
didn't bring out my best,
so when race day
finally arrived,
I was a bundle of nerves,
and the snow was perfect,
and Maddy had just gotten
an amazing time,
and then it was my turn,
and so I'm flying
down the mountain,
and I'm a little bit off,
and I'm pushing,
and I'm pushing,
and I'm trying
to find my line,
and I just crashed,
I just wiped out, hard,
with the whole world
there to watch.
All those years of training
in just a few seconds, gone.
It was...
It was one race,
Why didn't you... try again?
I got scared.
Well, maybe
this is kind of
a second chance.
You can train Anna
the way you always wish
that you were trained.
You know, I feel like
I kind of already am.
Well, I think
that's a beautiful thing.
As are many things
around this town.
You know, I've been so busy
working and raising Anna,
I haven't really had time
for much else.
Well, it's a new year.
Maybe it's time
for a fresh start.
I've got to say, this trip
has turned out to be
a whole lot more
than I expected.
[girls enter, laughing]
No! Yes!
Oh, hey, Dad!
Lindsay let me drive
the snowmobile!
The snowmobile?
That's good.
That's good.
Don't you need
a licence or something
to drive those?
Oh, hey,
it's Bliss Valley.
Yeah, yeah...
It most certainly is.
Hey, hey!
Oh, hey, Dad.
All right, let's talk
breakfast, huh?
Uh, in a minute,
I'm training.
Just need to get that...
All right,
I'm training, too, okay?
[humming playfully]
[laughs] Hey,
you're in a good mood.
Finish all your work?
Nope. No, no...
but, uh, you have
a training session with Kat
in a couple of hours,
so we've got
just enough time.
Time for what?
Making blueberry pancakes
with my daughter?
-[chuckling] Okay...
-Come on!
I'll mix,
and you...
Ooh, uh, Dad,
maybe just... flip.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Uh-- Ooh!
Oh, yes, that's my daughter!
I'll take the flour...
All right, turn
this music up, okay?
Hey, here you go.
Three? Two?
Easy on the sugar.
Whoa! Oh!
There it is.
Hey, how'd
the morning shift go?
The barn
is coming along.
you and Ty were
smiling an awful lot
at each other
last night.
[chuckles] Sure.
Come on, Kat,
anything else
you want to tell me?
Like what?
You've never been able
to keep things from me before,
so there's no sense
in trying to start now.
I'll admit Ty's a nice guy.
And, uh, he's funny,
and he's
attractive, but...
So, what's the problem?
We're just having fun.
I mean, he's a single dad
with a daughter,
and they live halfway
across the country.
There are lots of people
who make long-distance
relationships work.
What matters most
is that you two connect.
Yeah, but it's just
easier to...
Stay hidden away?
You know, you have
gone out on dates,
here and there,
but when was the last time
you actually
put yourself out there?
You deserve
good things, Kat.
You just have to...
give yourself permission
to be happy first.
Thanks, Coach.
That was awesome!
Oh, I couldn't agree more.
I just let gravity
take the way,
like you told me to.
What did you think, Dad?
I think you're amazing.
And I think you've learned
a lot of things this week.
I'd say you're ready
for race day tomorrow.
Come on.
Uh, Kat, this is Emily.
We met in Maddy's class.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
Emily has
a question for you.
What is it?
I was wondering
if you could coach me, too.
Oh, looks like
word's getting out
about the new coach in town.
We just moved to Bliss,
and I'm gonna need a coach
going forward after this week,
and I've seen you
and Anna,
and, well...
will you?
Uh, well...
I don't know,
I'll think about it.
I could talk to your parents.
Have them call me
at Heart of the Mountain
ski shop?
Definitely. That's great.
Come on, Emily,
I have a trick
I want to show you,
but first, we're gonna need
to stop at the snack bar.
The snack bar?
We're gonna need
some marshmallows.
Bye, hon'.
you might have
the makings
of a booming
coaching business here.
I never intended
to start coaching.
There's been a lot
of unexpected things
this week.
Hey, meet up later
and help decorate
for Winterfest?
Honestly, Kat,
I never pictured you
as a coach.
It just sort of
turned out that way.
I don't mind a little
friendly competition.
As long as you're
getting Anna ready
for the race tomorrow.
Yeah, she'll be ready.
You know, because
these girls came here
to learn
how to be champions.
Yeah, well,
we'll give it our all.
I know you will.
Good luck out there.
I guess it's on.
Oh, uh, Ty...
one side is...
higher than the other.
That's the whole idea.
Well, no, it's like, you know,
Foxy the Ski Fox
is skiing down the hill,
gaining momentum.
Yeah, I like that.
That's great.
I do, yeah.
Good idea.
Hey, sweetheart,
how's it going?
Oh, hey.
It's going so great.
All the stores are gonna be
lit up with candles,
and the skiers are gonna
be coming down the mountain
with torches--
it's so exciting.
-It sounds fantastic.
-Yeah, it's great.
Hey, Kat?
The ice sculptor in town,
you know, he's been
working overtime already.
Yeah, he's really been
earning his pay.
You know, I actually
paid my way through college
making ice sculptures
for weddings.
No way.
I did.
So, I could see if I could,
you know, make a few,
if you want.
I'm not gonna say no.
Absolutely, thank you.
Yes, yes.
Okay, sweet.
This place is looking
It is.
Thank you so much
for all your help.
Thank you.
You know what,
I think this crew
could use some coffee.
You wanna help me?
I'd love to.
Okay, let's go.
All right, I need
five mochas,
three lattes,
and five cocoas.
That'll be
a few minutes.
Um, these are on the house
while you wait.
Oh, wow.
Oh, thanks.
You're welcome.
Oh, that smells good.
so nice here.
Mm... mm!
What is it about cocoa
and the mountains?
'Cause it's amazing.
Yeah, I am feeling
a little bit more
like a Bliss Valley-er.
Or Bliss Valley-an?
Bliss Valley-ite?
Bliss Valley dude?
How about just...
"Living in Bliss?"
Living in Bliss.
It's a lovely community
to be a part of.
I mean, it's fresh air,
fresh snow,
ski coaches.
Oh, thanks.
Thank you,
for everything
you're doing, Kat.
You're welcome.
[clinking mugs]
Oh, thank you, son.
Your dad's
on decoration duty,
and he wanted me
to bring you this.
Are you
as excited as I am?
The race is tomorrow!
Yeah, I'm starting
to realize that.
What's up?
I guess I'm just
a bit nervous.
Yeah, well,
pre-race jitters
are totally normal.
Once you're on the hill,
you'll be fine.
You've raced before.
It's no different.
I don't know.
It just feels...
do you trust me?
Because I'm telling you,
you are gonna be great.
why don't we have
one final lesson tomorrow?
We'll go to the top
of the mountain,
do a dry run,
get you
used to the course.
That always calmed my nerves.
What do you think?
That sounds great.
As long as my coach is there,
I'll be good.
I'll be there.
Oh, hey, Kat, um...
I got you something,
to say thanks.
You didn't have to do that.
You didn't
have to help me,
but you did.
It's from Winter Tree Resort
in Vermont.
First one my mom took me to
as a kid.
She said it would me help
to stand strong
and remember my roots,
and also
that family is something
that grows with time.
She had one, I have one.
It's been one of
my lucky charms
over the years.
That's so sweet.
I can't take
your mother's pin.
No, really,
it would be nice
to share this with you.
Thank you.
Coming to Bliss Valley
has been amazing,
for me, for my skiing,
for my dad...
All right, we'll have
that practice run tomorrow,
all right,
I'll see you at noon?
Big day tomorrow.
I am thinking positive.
Thanks, Dad.
Me too!
I guess, uh,
I've got a few nerves.
Look, honey,
no matter
what happens,
you have done
a great job.
I'll tell you,
I'm almost as excited
to watch Anna race tomorrow
as I was to watch you.
Well, you know, she's nervous.
I'm clearly nervous, but...
it's just, you know,
it's just bringing up
a lot of memories, so...
I just want you to know,
I'm really,
really proud of you, Kat.
I know it wasn't easy for you,
seeing Maddy this week,
and jumping back
into the whole
competitive world,
but helping Anna
the way you have been..?
If I could
hand out medals,
I'd give you
the gold.
Thanks, Pops.
Thank you.
And look, Anna is
gonna be just fine.
She's got you to lean on,
and her Dad.
Nice fella, Ty.
What are you hinting at?
Who, me?
Yeah. [laughs]
You're hinting.
I'm just saying
he's a stand-up guy,
for someone who's not
from Bliss Valley.
Where is he from--
I think he's from
New York, or...
I-I'll be right back.
Well, today's the big day.
We just have to finish
setting up
before the race this afternoon.
Look at this!
Ring toss with the icicles?
I love it.
It's awesome.
[chainsaw droning]
Jasper! Who knew
you were so talented?
I know.
He's like Michelangelo
with an ice block.
Kat, I have to tell you,
I am just so impressed.
I mean, things are really
coming together for Winterfest.
Now, why don't you
walk me through
all of the activities?
Oh, well, the race
is at 3:00,
and then at sundown,
the Fest officially kicks off,
where we have cocoa
and cider,
and games, and the band,
and then we do the torch parade
down the mountain.
Do you think maybe
we're taking on
a little too much?
Me too.
You keep up
the good work.
All right.
Oh, thanks.
So, uh, the ski barn,
it's almost complete.
I've gotta tell you,
it looks fantastic.
I can't believe
we made it.
You did a great job.
Uh... so I will
see you at noon?
Oh, yeah. Yes, you bet.
All right.
I, uh, I have some
errands I've got to run,
so see you then.
Six more boxes of lights!
Courtesy of
the hardware store.
Okay, thanks a lot, fellas,
that sounds perfect.
We'll see you
at the barn.
The band says
they're gonna be setting up
in an hour or two.
Kat, I've got
to hand it to you,
You've really made this
all come together.
I'm just
so glad it's working.
The speakers are
about to be delivered,
along with the sound system
for the band.
And what about
the generator?
Well, yeah,
to make everything run,
unless they're playing acoustic.
Oh, gosh, I totally forgot
about the generator.
Maybe the hardware store
has one we can borrow.
Could I get you
to pick that up?
I've really got
my hands full here
directing all this traffic.
Well, I've got
a practice run with Anna...
Uh, yeah, I got it.
Ty, I've just got
to zip across town
to pick up a generator,
I shouldn't be long,
and then we'll go
up to the mountain
and do her practice.
Okay, we're just about to go up
on the lifts.
We'll do some stretching
at the top and wait for you.
All right, I'll see you then.
Thanks, guys,
just put it right
in the front there.
Hey, thanks again.
[starter chugging]
Wait! Uh, guys?
Oh, no...
[starter chugging]
Hey, guys?
My truck!
All right...
No pressure there.
You've got this, honey.
You all right?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
You want to do some more
stretching or something?
No way.
All's good, Dad.
Is Kat gonna be here soon?
Yeah, she'll be here
any second.
I can call her
if you want me to.
Yeah, that'd be good.
I have no reception
up here, honey.
Come on...
[starter chugging]
[engine rumbles and starts]
Yes! All right.
[voicemail beeps]
Ty, it's me again.
I was at the hardware store,
and my truck wouldn't start.
I'm really sorry.
I'll try to get there
as soon as I can.
You know, Dad,
maybe I should do one run
down the course
before Kat gets here.
Whatever you want.
You're in the driver's seat.
Hey, Maddy.
How's it going?
How are...
How are you?
Great, actually.
I'm about to take
a few of my girls
down on a practice run,
down the race course,
you know?
You about to do the same?
I thought it would help prepare
my mind for the race.
You sure?
I mean, I might
just be saying this,
because I'm just
a little disappointed
that I didn't get a chance
to finish training you.
You know, I'm sorry,
you're a great coach,
it's just...
Maybe I needed to do
my own thing.
But like Kat said,
you're the best skier
that this mountain's ever seen.
She said that?
Well, where
is she anyway?
She'll be here any minute.
Yeah, I'm just waiting for her.
You guys can
go ahead of me
if you want.
Oh, no, we wouldn't want
to jump the line.
All right, maybe I'll take
one run down the course,
and then head back up.
Are you sure?
Yeah, yeah.
Okay, cool. Cool.
Stay safe.
Right. Thanks.
[call ringing]
[Kat]: Lindsay?
Hey, Kat, you're gonna
want to come by Ski Patrol
as soon as you can.
Why? What's wrong?
Anna had a little mishap
on the mountain.
Okay, I'll be right there!
Is she okay?
She's fine,
she's just shaken,
She took
a pretty good fall.
Anna, what happened?
Kat, I'm so sorry.
I should have waited for you.
I just,
I thought I'd do it
on my own.
Then on the third turn,
I must have hit
some ice or something.
I guess I was just rattled,
with Maddy
and everybody watching.
I'm so sorry
I was not there for you.
this is all my fault.
No, it's not
your fault, Kat.
These things happen.
I'm her coach,
I'm supposed to be there
to make sure they don't.
I just thought I could do it.
You can do it.
She's just
going to need
to rest a little bit first.
That's a great idea.
Honey, come on,
let's go back
to the hotel, okay?
Then you can rest up
before the race.
[quietly] Dad...
I don't want to do the race.
I don't.
Anna's feeling
better, but...
she wants to go home.
She says she will not race,
and I've got work
in a few days, so...
I'm sorry.
Do you really
have to leave tomorrow?
It's going to be
a busy week.
Well, I'm sorry
how the trip turned out.
I just don't want her
leaving here
feeling like she failed.
I know.
Maybe the whole thing
was just a little
too much for her.
You know, Ty,
I had my chances,
but she's got all these
chances in front of her,
and I hope she takes them.
She really has potential.
Yeah, I know.
I just don't
want her to miss out.
thank you for everything
you did this week.
It's been...
Well, it's been
pretty amazing.
I better, uh...
go check on Anna.
I know she'll want
to say goodbye
before we leave.
That bad, huh?
What do you mean?
Well, when you were racing
and had a bad day,
you started waxing skis.
It just soothes me.
Would it make you
happy to hear
that the resort
is close to capacity
and the barn is ready to go,
thanks to you?
That's great, Pops.
what's up?
I just feel terrible
about Anna.
I'm really sorry to hear that.
I know this has been
hard on you,
but you've seemed happier
this week
than you have
in such a long time.
Yeah, I just don't know
what I was thinking,
I lost focus,
and I failed
as Anna's coach.
You tried.
sometimes, trying
is good enough.
I'm gonna go scope out
a seat on the slopes.
Why don't you come?
The race
is starting soon.
I'll think about it.
Your personal best
is always good enough.
Well, I think I got
most of the stuff packed.
The race should be
starting soon.
Be a shame to miss it.
Are you sure
you don't want to do the race?
Of course I do.
Well then, do it.
So what, you fell?
You get back up
and try it again.
Anna, you are the most
tenacious person I know,
and you're a great skier.
Don't ever doubt that.
You're just
saying that, Dad.
Your skiing has improved
so much during this week,
because of all your hard work,
and Kat's lessons.
I think you owe it to yourself
to see this thing through
to the end.
What if I wipe out
again, though?
Then you get up again.
I'm just...
I'm scared.
I know, honey,
and that's okay.
Just as long
as it doesn't beat you.
Honey, everybody
gets scared.
I'm scared
every single day.
Like, work and stuff?
No, no, not work.
Work doesn't really mean
that much to me--
not deep down, no.
Then what?
Well, to be honest, I'm...
I'm scared I'm not gonna be
all the parent that you need.
You're a great dad.
And what if I make a mistake?
Even if you did,
you'd always bounce back
and do something right again.
You have nothing
to be scared of.
And neither do you.
You're a great skier,
and an amazing daughter.
Life gets difficult
around the turns,
and we've had to navigate
some pretty tough turns
the last few years.
But I am so proud of you,
and your mother would be, too.
Mom would be proud of you.
Oh, uh, hey, Dad,
which suitcase has
my ski clothes in it?
Uh, the purple one. Why?
I've got a race today.
You decided to come.
I'm glad.
Yeah, I wanted to just
wish you luck, and...
I know you did your best
to get your girls ready,
and I hope they hit
their personal best
and stay safe.
Hey, coach?
You're here.
I thought it over,
I'm not giving up.
I'll wait down here.
Good luck!
I'd wish you luck, too,
but you don't need it,
because just by you being here,
you've already won.
Come on, let's go.
Let's get you up there.
Come on.
[crowd cheering]
Welcome back
to the Slalom Exhibition Race!
What a beautiful day here
at Bliss Mountain Resort,
with this amazing group
of talented, young skiers...
Maria Gartner is up next,
and moving
to the starting line...
[countdown timer beeping]
Wow. An impeccable start
from Gartner,
very impressive.
And extremely dynamic
on that opening turn.
Maria Gartner is on course...
[crowd cheering]
Our current leader
in the Winterfest Slalom
is Maria Gartner from Cleveland.
Maria is one
of Maddy Morrison's protges,
and it's very clear,
she has a great future
in front of her.
Up next, Anna Decker.
Yes, Anna!
Let's go, Anna!
Let's go!
You can do this!
Okay, Anna.
You know what
I'm going to tell you,
focus on your turns,
pay attention to your breathing,
but the best advice
I can give you,
just have fun.
As far as I'm concerned,
it's all marshmallows
on the snow.
Racer to the Starting Gate.
All right, this is it.
Good luck.
Thanks, Kat.
You got this.
And our final slalom racer
of the day is Anna Decker...
Oh, it's happening.
...hailing all the way
from New York City.
Excuse me, hi. Excuse me, hi.
Hi. Excuse me. Hi.
I'm her dad.
This one.
[countdown timer beeping]
And Anna Decker
is out of the starting gate!
A strong start from Anna.
Wow, Decker is really setting
a new standard.
She's around the first corner,
and now into the second
part of the mountain...
She's really moving nice.
It's neck and neck here
with Maria Gartner's time.
Can she make it?
Man, she's fast!
Keep going, keep going!
Go, Anna!
She looks so smooth!
Good, good, good, good.
Come on, Anna,
you got this!
Go, go, go!
[everyone cheering]
Yes, Anna!
Good job!
That's a great race!
[crowd cheering]
Yeah, girl. Yeah!
Yeah, nice job!
[crowd cheering]
Way to go, baby!
I'm her dad,
I'm her dad.
And with a time of 1:07:48,
our winner today...
Anna Decker.
[cheering] Yes!
Oh, my gosh!
[laughing in triumph]
I did it!
I knew you could do it.
That was amazing!
Oh, my gosh!
All right, yeah!
My daughter!
Anna Decker!
[laughing in triumph] Yes!
Your kid did
a pretty good run.
Yeah, she did.
It was great.
I'm proud of her.
And congratulations,
your skiers
did well, too.
Good job.
I mean...
great job.
I'm spending
the rest of the season
up at Epic, you know,
I might send
some skiers your way
that might...
how do you say this,
not respond well
to my coaching style?
If you don't mind?
You know what, I'll do
the same thing for you, too.
Oh, on one condition.
You teach me
about those marshmallows.
Oh, uh...
How'd you come up
with that anyway?
Well, I'll let you know
after Junior Nationals.
Oh, okay,
fair play, fair play.
Kat! Kat!
[laughing in triumph]
That was amazing.
Oh, my gosh!
I'm so proud of her.
she was great.
You were pretty great, too.
Thanks, Ty.
Uh, yeah, we...
We should go.
-Okay, let's do it.
[Jasper]: Actually, when I look
at a block of ice,
I don't just see
frozen water.
I see the soul of my subject,
waiting to be freed.
Thank you, Danielle.
Isn't she great?
She'll be joining
the rest of the members
of the band over in the barn
where you can hear
even more terrific music.
welcome to Winterfest.
Now, as soon
as the sun sets,
we're going to bring on
the torchlight parade
and the firework display,
so, everybody,
I want you to grab yourselves
a candle,
a torch, a flashlight,
and let's light up
our beautiful mountain, huh?
[crowd cheering]
That is what
I call aprs-ski.
It's amazing.
Oh, I couldn't have
done it without you.
Thank you.
This is a nice little
town you've got here,
one that sure knows
how to throw a party.
Derek, I thought
you couldn't make it!
Well, I didn't
think I could,
but Maddy convinced us
we should come
check out the Fest.
She also reminded me
how great the slopes
were around here,
so we moved some things around.
And I gotta say,
after seeing the skiing
earlier today, I agree.
Yes, we have amazing snow!
As a matter of fact,
our snow is so good,
it got the start
of not only one,
but two champions.
Hey, maybe even three,
who knows?
Kat taught me
half of what I know
on these slopes.
Are you gonna tell her?
Tell me what?
Do you think your slopes
are good enough
for the Junior Nationals
next year?
Yeah, really.
I think Bliss Valley
would make
a great addition to our roster.
Now, of course, that would mean
thousands more people
coming here every year.
My only reservation is,
do you think your facilities
could handle it?
Of course, we can handle it!
Oh, my gosh!
We'll be in touch.
All right. Thanks, Derek!
I'm so proud of you.
I'll see you around.
Did you hear and see that?
Oh, my gosh!
that's incredible.
Junior Nationals!
Who's ready
for some fireworks?
[tapping microphone]
Uh, hello, everyone,
may I have your attention,
Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls...
Light 'er up!
If only
you could see me now
If only
you could hear me out
If only it was only me now
If only you could see me now
Okay, that's amazing.
That's amazing.
If only
you could hear me out
If only
there was only me now...
Have you got
your binoculars?
Oh, what is this?
[laughs] Ty...
Thank you.
Hey, the ski barn,
sounds like
it's hoppin' over there.
May I have this dance?
I'd love to.
I'd have to say
that our scrappy
side of the mountain
is looking
pretty good tonight.
Yeah, I would say so.
So, what's next for you?
I like the bunny hill,
but I'm thinking...
maybe I should coach
some up-and-comers,
you know?
What about you?
You going home tomorrow?
Yup, yup.
Sad to see you go.
Not me.
Yeah, well,
I have to go home
at least for a little while
if we're going to sell
our house in New York.
I don't understand.
Anna and I talked it out,
and since I can pretty much
work from wherever,
why not right here
in Bliss Valley?
I mean, it's got
an unbelievable mountain,
great place to train
for Junior Nationals,
and-and besides,
she wants to be near her coach.
Won't you miss New York?
Why would I?
Everything I want is right here.
[Mayor]: Attention, everyone.
[chuckling in delight]