Wintertide (2023) Movie Script

[suspenseful music]

[electric buzzing]

[tense chord]

[car engine starts]
[cassette whirring]
["Miracle" by
Chris Burke-Gaffney playing]

If the sun don't shine
If the rain don't fall
Is there anyone who would
notice the world at all?
If the clouds don't roll
You would never know
All the things
we take for granted
[music stops]
[engine idling]
1011 Helmsdale Street
at Woodvale.
10-8. All clear.
[dispatch over radio]
Sounds boring.
Matter of perspective.
[dispatch] FYI, there are
transports in your vicinity.
You stayin' warm?
Warm enough.
[dispatch] All right, then.
Over and out.
[electric buzzing]
[idling stops]
[buzzing continues]
[buzzing stops]
Finally, something to report.
[electric buzzing resumes]
[buzzing stops]
[stray growling]
Uh, need that transport.
Same location.
[dispatch] Stray?
Yeah. Good.
[dispatch] Copy.
Transport's engaged.
[stray growling, banging]
[Beth breathing heavily]
[low growling]
[handle rattling]
[banging, growling]
Okay, enough.
The fuck are you doing?
[banging, growling]
[grunting] You know,
you're supposed to report them,
not take them on joyrides.
Why is it acting like that?
It's the way
they've been lately.
Wow. Who are you and
why have we never met before?
I-- I'm Beth.
This is my quadrant.
Aren't you a little surprise?
how long you been on this route?
Why is it so angry?
Oh, yeah. This one?
He's a fighter.
Aren't you, buddy?
[stray growling]
So what you doing after this?
Have you seen him?
At the inn, maybe?
Uh, not that I can remember.
-Whoa, papi!
-[stray growling]
[stray snarling]
Easy does it. Easy.
Easy, easy, easy.
-Here we are.
-[growling abates]
There you go, now.
Not such a tough guy now, huh?
[man exhales] See?
Humanity. You gotta treat 'em
with a little humanity.
'Cause that's what we do.
We care. Come on.
Hey, uh, can you call
this number if he shows up?
Well, can I call it
even if he doesn't?
It's my dad.
Yeah. Sure.
All right. All right, Takeda.
Talk to you later. Come on!
[stray growling]
[shower running]
[shower stops]
[tense music]

[Beth] I kinda
felt it this time.
[Nat] What?
That feeling of not being alone.
You felt like
someone was in your house?
Outside, looking in.
Just that feeling, you know?
So, your neighborhood's
like mine, right?
You're the only one that
stayed in that quadrant?
And there's no one else
around for...
Twelve, fifteen blocks?
Okay. So, you know,
you're not quite comfortable yet
being in the house alone.
[faint guitar music playing]
You ever have
a mouse in your house?
-You don't see it.
You don't see it,
and then... you see it.
Ew, and yes.
And you realize that every time
you thought you saw something
in the corner of your eye,
you were seeing it.
-Forever after that,
every time you see something
in the corner of your eye,
-you spin around.
Yeah, but there's no mouse.
Or mice.
It's gone, but your brain
keeps seeing them.
you can't keep blaming
yourself for what happened.
I can blame myself
for not seeing it coming.
And now she's in my dreams.
Every night, it replays.
Of course, that's only when I
actually manage to get to sleep.
And that's why...
you take these.
Those aren't the meds
you're taking, are they?
No, these are extra.
Sleeping pills!
I'm not sure I want
any more dream worlds
-than I have already.
-You need to get some rest
so you can stay happy, and
then maybe you won't get sick.
[guitar music continues]

[bar patrons laughing]
-[Beth] Carol.
Double whiskey, please.
They mix weird with your meds?
mine give me wicked nosebleeds.
Yeah, I, uh, heard that happens
with solgar glycine.
I'm not taking that one.
Or any of the other ones.
Don't tell anyone.
I... just haven't needed to.
[patron laughing loudly]

[guitar music fades]
[tense music]

[electric buzzing]


[loud dance music playing]

Hi. I'm Tabitha.
-Like the cat.
-Like the cat.
[both chuckling]

[tense music]
[faint, overlapping whispers]

[soft whooshing]
[airy moaning]
[low growling]
[airy moaning]



[low growling]
[Beth] Hungover?
[labored breathing]
[Tabitha] I don't drink.
[Beth] I had fun last night.
[labored breathing]
[Tabitha] The fucking dark.
[Tabitha grunts softly]
Do you have your meds?
Maybe you should...
[Tabitha breathing raggedly]
What's the point?
[low growling]
interrupted by lamps.
[choked] ...and...
[Beth chuckles]
[Tabitha panting]
[mug shatters]
[labored breathing]
Is it funny?
It is funny, isn't it?
[choked panting]
[Tabitha grunts]
[choked breathing]
I think you should
probably leave now.
[Tabitha gasping]
Can I give you a lift somewhere?
[sighs] Nice knowing you.
[phone ringing]
-[dispatch] This is dispatch.
-Is this a good time?
-Oh, hi.
No, I-- I wasn't
expecting your call.
Can you come down?
Can I bring a friend?

[man whistling]
You ever met the innkeeper?
It's been a while.
Who's the innkeeper?
Dedicated his whole life
to this place.
Came out of retirement, even.
No medals for him, though.
Just a bunch of useless strays.
But he is dedicated.
'Cause you know what?
[both] We care.
-[keypad beeps]
-[lock clicks]
She's here for that new intake.
Been a while
since we've seen you.
Been a while since
I've gotten a call.
Can I see him?
Need your John Hancock.
Lots of signatures here.
Just to visit someone who might
not even be the right person?
It's not a petting zoo.
Still taking your meds?
Of course.
You sure?
Daily dose of solgar glycine.
Sunny ways.
Your mother...
she was before all of this.
We hadn't figured it out yet.
But you've figured it out now?
Just show me if you
found my dad or not.
[tense music]
There was a time we tried to
house them all in jails.
Remember that?
Why didn't that work?
They didn't have me.
This is the guy
Tom wanted you to see.
Come over here.
Show us that beautiful face.
[electric buzzing]
[stray growling]
"We care."
[muffled growling]
[Beth] What was that?
Maybe he just wants to be
treated like a human?
Maybe he wants you to mind your
own business.
I haven't seen them
that aggressive before.
They've just had
their life energy sapped.
You know, the least we could do
is treat them with some dignity.
[sarcastic] Okay.
[dispatch over radio]
Paging innkeeper.
Transport pickup request
on line one.
[laid-back music]
[water splashing]

You need a lifeguard?
I-- Sorry,
I didn't mean to scare you.
You didn't.
You volunteer?
-What sector?
I grew up there.
[man] Yeah.
There's probably more people
when you were there.
Strange times.
Strange circumstances.
-Strange new realities.
Well, the city's so empty.
I never meet anyone new.
I still meet strangers.
There's always someone new.
Well, that is very nice for you.
["Can I Come Near"
by Graham Shaw playing]
And there are so many things
that I can tell you
And there are so many things
I need to hear
Can I come near
Can I come near
Can I come near
-[Beth gasps]
-[music stops]
[ominous music]
[dispatch on radio] Central.
Hi, uh, this is
patrol volunteer J1987,
reporting a stray in
wooded area near Hubert.
[dispatch] All transports
are on other calls now.
-All of them?
-Afraid so.
Can you wait with it?
Does the inn have vacancy?
I don't have that information.
Well... it better.
Are you in a safe location?
-[Beth] Sure.
-Okay, just stay calm.
They're not hostile.

[Beth] Yes, they are.
Just maintain visual for now,
and I'll send the next
available transport.

Don't make me.
[low growling]
Fuck it.

Come on.

[stray growling]

No! No!
No! [exclaims]
[air whooshing]
[man] Stop!
[Beth gasping]
[siren approaching]
[transporter] Wait!
[Beth] Dad!
-[transporter] You call it in?
Are there any more?
Wait! I need your tag number
for the report.
I-- I don't know, it's in my
logbook. And can we just wait?
What's the issue?
You don't know your own tag?
It's your quadrant registration
and the first three digits--
Right, right, okay.
Three-- 344121.
[dispatch] This is transport.
Additional pickup
requested near you.
[Beth] Dad?
[Nat] At least you know
he's still alive.
I always knew that.
[faint guitar music playing]
Are you okay?
Feeling great, actually.
So you're taking your meds?
Of course.
Come on. [laughs]
Geez. You know,
I don't know why you do it.
Me neither.
What is that you're eating?
It smells terrible.
It's potato salad,
and it smells great.
Stop changing the subject.
[knocking on door]
That's a late arrival.
We're only open for a few
more minutes. What do you want?
So I still have time
for a drink?
How'd you find me?
There's only
a handful of bars open.
And frankly, you kinda smelt
of booze when we first met.
That is, um,
terrible detective work.
-[Nat] Uh, I'll take your coat.
Thank you.

Feeling okay?
Yeah. You?
Curious, though.
What dose are you on?
I, um...
I don't take meds.
Cheeky. Why not?
My mom was medicating
when she turned,
and to me, it didn't help.
Yeah, yeah,
but that was before they--
Figured it out? Yeah.
That's what everyone
keeps telling me.
But I don't think
they figured anything out.
I think those people-- things,
they're getting worse.
At least the ones I've seen.
And I wonder if it's the meds.
Is that your informed
medical opinion, doctor?
And I haven't needed them.
Do you worry about,
you know, getting caught?
Takes character.
What about you?
-Fairly high dose.
Sensitive type.
Oh, yeah?
What's wrong with that?
Nothing at all.
Pass me his coat.
Both coats?
-As in, you're both leaving?
Together? In your coat?
Just pass me the fucking coat.

Stay warm.

[ambient music]
[eerie music]

[air whooshing]
[airy moaning]

[music stops]
[Beth] Hey, handsome.
Sleep okay?
You kept me up too late.
In a good way?
Yeah, well, I'm exhausted.
And I have to go to work.
So thanks for that.
[pills rattling]
You okay?
You should get going.
You got it.
[tense music]
Thanks for the memories.

Hey there, sweet thing.
[Jason] You walking home
by yourself this morning?
The car's just up there.
That's pretty far.
Not really.
It's just around the corner.
Well, why don't you hop in here?
I'll give you a lift.
Not today, Jason.
Come on.
I'm lonely too, you know.
Nice and toasty in here.
You know where to find me.
Let me know if
you need anything plowed.
[wind gusting]
[sighs] Fuck.

[electric buzzing]
["Miracle" by
Chris Burke-Gaffney playing]
If the sun don't shine
If the rain don't fall
Is there anyone who would
notice the world at all?
If the clouds don't roll
You would never know
The things we take
for granted
-[phone ringing]
-[panting] Damn it!
-[ringing continues]
-Hey, Nat.
-[Nat] Where are you?
Uh, sorry I'm late.
[Nat] And that dude?
Uh, no, um, last night was fine.
Uh, he turned out to be
not so nice this morning. Uh...
-[Nat] You okay?
-Yeah, I'll be right there.
Okay? I just need to
check in on something.
[Nat] Okay, well, you're late.
I'll see you soon.
Oh, oh
It's a miracle

Come out with me for patrol
tonight. It'll be fun.
-No, thank you.
-Come on.
You said you wanted
a distraction.
This is how we do it.
I really don't do well on those.
Better than
spending the night alone.
I-- I don't wanna
see one of them.
You won't.
Can we play that tape you have
with those old songs
you got from your dad?
For my dad.
It was something I made for him.
I might be persuaded
to play the tape for you,
provided you don't bring
any of that potato shit along.
["Can I Come Near"
by Graham Shaw playing]
But you reap
what you sow now
And do you think...
Why are these houses
even being maintained?
Like, why do all that?
[Beth] Keep the illusion
that everything is
going back to the way it was?
Who knows?
Maybe it could.
You know, if you wanted to,
you could snoop in
a different house every night.
Wanna what?
Can I come near
Can I come near
They're just houses.
They won't hurt you.
How about this one?
-Come on. It'll be fun.
Breaking in? Aren't you supposed
to protect them from that?
Yeah, so we're covered.
I think it's a bad idea.
[sighs] You wanna know
why I'm doing so well?
'Cause I've let go of all
the rules that used to exist.
Well, you know,
some of us like the rules.
[Beth scoffs]
Have you noticed that
the universe isn't exactly
following its own rules?
I swear, half the time,
I'm not sure what's real
and what's a dream.
It's all blending together.
I can assure you,
this part is real.
How are you with
a real screwdriver?
[sighs] Okay.
Can we live here?
I know, I wish
we thought of that sooner.
Okay, I'm gonna check it out.
[eerie music]
[whispering] Dad!

[door creaking]

[Nat] Beth?
Beth, get down here, now!
[breathing heavily]
-Now what do we do?
-Good question.
Can you call a transport?
I could if I hadn't have
left my phone in the car.
[strays growling]
We can use the phone here.
It'll be disconnected
all winter.
Oh, fucker!
I knew this was a bad idea.
Oh, God. What do they want?
Why are they doing that?
We gotta lock the door.
I think we might've
busted the lock coming in.
Hey, hey, we can deal with this.
You know, there's gotta be
a back door.
I was already back there.
There is no back door.
I knew it was
a bad idea coming in here.
Yeah, about that.
The reason
I wanted to come in here
is-- is because--
-[Nat] Because?
-[Beth] Yesterday I saw--
You knew this place was hot?
Yes, but I think it's my dad.
Where's your dad now, huh?
I still don't know.
I can't believe
you didn't tell me.
Look, forget that, okay?
This is the plan.
I'm gonna go out there
and draw them away from the car.
What? That's fucking crazy.
No, I'm gonna draw them
south down the street.
Great. And then what do I do?
Take the keys and drive north.
Wait, what are you gonna do?
You're gonna drive around
this whole block
behind the house
and meet me on the south side.
We're fucked. We can't do this.
You know what? We can.
[strays banging the car]
[strays growling]
[eerie music]
Okay, go, go, go!
[panting] Oh.
[car engine starts]
["Can I Come Near"
by Graham Shaw playing]
But I would love just
to walk in...
[tires skidding]
If you want to, just say so
And there are so many
things that I can tell you
There are so many things
I need to hear
Can I come near
Go, go, go, go, go!
[panting, laughing]
-Are you okay?
-Look, I found my phone. Whoo!
They'll have to send more
than one truck this time.
[music stops]
[siren wailing]
[Nat] This is
the frigging apocalypse.
[Beth] Nah.
I can't believe you lied to me.
I didn't lie. I just left
some information out.
Why didn't you tell me
you saw your dad in there?
I knew you'd freak out
for no reason and not come.
That is a reason.
Come on.
It got the blood pumping.
Ever since it got dark
everything is so, ugh.
We need this.
Just because you have some
witchy immunity to strays,
doesn't mean you can drag me
into dangerous situations.
-I'm not immu--
-Shut up!
You don't take your meds
and you regularly
interact with them.
You're such a straysist.
You don't contract it from them.
It's a previously
unknown condition
affecting the
cerebral cortex predicated
-by the lack of sun--
-I know the bullet points.
whatever it is I've got,
I think my dad
understands it somehow.
I'd like to find him
and ask him.
Bullshit. [sighs]
That was a really
selfish thing you just did.
Got you out of the club.
You could just apologize.
[eerie music]
Hey, I thought I'd come by
and see how you're...
What the fuck?
[phone buttons beeping]
[phone ringing]
[dispatch] This is Central.
Hey, I'd like to
request a transport.
Can I get your 20, please?
I can't send a transport
if I don't know where you are.
[sighs, sniffs]
[car engine starts]
[tires skidding]
Come on.
[grunting, panting]
[electric buzzing]
[buzzing continues]
Okay. What? Huh?
Come on!
Goddammit, you fucks.
What do you want from me?
You need some help?
All right.
[buzzing continues]
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. That
should be a enough.
Let's give it a push, huh?
Whoa. You're pushing.
I'm driving.
-Okay, you ready?
-And go!
-[tires skidding]
[sighs, panting]
Well, no need to thank me.
All in a day's work.
Thank you.
You're very, very--
[shower running]
[eerie music]

[air whooshing]
[choking, gasping]
You have to stop.
I can't.
They're coming for you.
What you're taking from them,
eventually they'll want it back.
[phone buttons beeping]
[phone ringing]
-[dispatch] Central.
-I have a pickup.
Another one?
Another one.
He's there with you?
Yes. He's in the bed with me.
I'm reporting
to have you pulled from patrol.
Just send me a transport.
All our units
are presently engaged.
All of them?
I need to get him out of here.
I've only got, what,
an hour or so
before he gets active.
Then it sounds like
you better get busy.
-[phone line clicks]

If the clouds don't roll
You would never know
All the things
we take for granted
Ain't so sure
You don't know
it's the way I feel
It's a mixed-up
bit of emotion
But it's something real
Whoa, it's a miracle
Whoa, it's a miracle
Quite the crowd you run with.
What's going on?
How the fuck should I know?
They get weirder every day.
This is because of me.
[electric buzzing]
[intense music builds]
[Beth grunting]
[man grunting]
[Beth panting]
It's a heart injection
so you have to administer--
Shut up! Put it away and fix
the window.
From now on, do us a favor
and stay away from here.
I am sorry
about the patrol thing.
You're lucky I'm desperate
for friends.
I shouldn't have taken you
into that house.
Well, at least it wasn't boring.
There's more.
Something's happening
that I don't understand.
I keep having these dreams.
About your mom?
But there's also something new
and it's just about me.
These dreams are so vivid,
but they're not real.
And yet they're connected
to something real.
Something in me.
Do you think it's possible
for the things we do
in our dreams to change
our lives while we're awake?
You wanna know what I think,
I think you need
to take your meds
like all the rest of us.
Like, did that not occur to you?
The only thing I see
that's different about you
is that you're avoiding all
and you put
everyone else at risk.
I can't tell
what's real anymore.
[eerie music]
[electric buzzing]

Is that any way
to treat a friend?
Well, if it isn't
the dynamic duo.
What? It's a public space.
What do you want?
Oh, little old me? Well,
I am so glad that you asked.
You see, what I want
is to protect
the sick and healthy population
of this city--
-Oh, God.
-As is my duty.
But you see, I can't
because now I'm suspended
from my job, thanks to the
ruckus you caused this morning.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Oh, I wish I was.
Shit![sighs] I'm sorry.
Seriously, what the hell
was that about?
Does nonsense just
follow you wherever you go?
'Cause that's a real problem
for some people
and I wouldn't put it past you.
I'd say that theory
isn't too far-fetched.
I know, okay? The weirdness,
it's my fault.
But how and to what degree
I can't figure out.
Well, how should I put this?
With most of the recent strays,
I was sort of with them
before they turned.
So what? That's fine.
Everyone knows that
it isn't sexually transmitted.
But I'm still tied to them.
Okay. This is an odd question,
but how's the wiring
in your place?
Come again?
Well, some of the older places,
they have bad grounding,
half-assed repairs.
God knows no one
does inspections anymore.
I haven't had any issues.
My dad did it
and he's an electrician.
But-- but what does
her electrical panel
have to do with the strays?
Surely you've noticed
that they interfere
with electrical systems
when they show up
and are deterred
by electrical fields?
Tell me more.
So, this is what it takes
for you to have me over.
Why do they cause these
electrical disturbances?
Well, it's not just that.
They seem to really avoid
large electrical fields.
And you've seen this?
A few times.
They don't like it at all.
I don't know. Hm.
You know, maybe the three of us
should snuggle up together
tonight and create our own
energy field for protection.
Thank you for your insight.
I'm staying here tonight, Beth.
Are you sure?
Well, I'd be happy
to stay with you both.
Finish your explanation.
Well, there's not much else.
But does this have
anything to do with the guy
that you were looking for?
My dad?
I don't know.
I'll be okay by myself tonight.
I got you. I-- I wanna stay.
Maybe you could stay in my room
and I can stay out here.
I'll be fine.
Plus, I wanna check out
your futuristic UFO bathtub.
I love baths.
You sure
you're gonna be okay tonight?
Yeah, absolutely.
What about her?
Goodnight, Tom.
[water bubbling]
[electric buzzing]
[eerie music]

[Nat grunting]
[air whooshing]
[music builds]
[Beth panting]
[Beth whines, grunts]
Nat? Nat?
Oh, fuck!
[eerie music]
Oh, fuck.
[Bruno strumming guitar]
Bruno, have you seen Natalie?
[Bruno strumming guitar, stops]
[eerie music]
[Beth breathing heavily]
[recording] Hello.
Due to a high volume of calls,
we're unable to assist you
at this time.
[eerie music]
[electric buzzing]
What part of don't come back
here was unclear to you?
Have you seen Natalie? The
friend I was here with before?
They just got like this
when I showed up?
A few minutes before.
It's like they know
when you're on the way now.
How am I doing this?
Come on. You know them
better than anyone.
What have you done?
What have you been up to?
How come everyone's
turning except you?
Half the sickles I put in here
have some connections to you.
I don't know. Get off me.
But you do know.
I should intake you right now,
throw you in there with them.
Please. My friend is out there,
and I don't know if she's okay.
I have to find her.
[strays banging the doors]
Only you can figure this out.
Look, whatever it is
I'm doing to them,
I'll find a way to stop.
But I think it's--
it's happening in my dreams.
In your dreams,
not in the world.
Does that make it any less real?
The results here
are pretty real.
Well, my dreams must be too.
If your friend has turned and
you are the reason,
well, perhaps you're also
able to reverse it.
If you take it from them,
they must be able
to take it back.
Just help me find Natalie.
It's the first step
for me to make this right.
[eerie music]
[wind gusting]
She knows this place.
She might have wandered inside.
Just stay here.
[eerie music]
["Snowbird" by Anne Murray]
Beneath this snowy mantle,
cold and clean
-She's not here.
She was with you
last night when I left.
No. She ran off last night
right after you.
-I'm trying to help her.
She probably
turned 'cause of you.
I-- I didn't mean to.
It is you.
You're the one doing this.
No, we just need
to make sure she--
You need to stop.
For its coat
to turn to green
The snowbird sings
the song he always sings
And speaks to me of flowers
That will bloom
again in spring
When I was young
My heart was young then, too
that it would tell me
That's the thing
that I would do
But now I feel
such emptiness within
For the thing that
I want most in life's
The thing that I can't win
Spread your tiny wings
and fly away
And take the snow
back with you
Where it came from
on that day
The one I love forever
is untrue
And if I could,
you know that I would
Fly away with you
The breeze along
the river seems to say
That he'll only break
my heart again
Should I decide to stay
Spread your tiny wings
and fly away
And take the snow
back with you
Where it came from
on that day
The one I love forever
is untrue
And if I could,
you know that I would
Fly away with you
Yeah, if I could,
you know that I would
Fly away with you
[electric buzzing]
[Beth panting]
[electric buzzing]
[strays growling]
[doors unlocking]
[recording] Hello.
Due to a high volume of calls,
we're unable to assist you
at this time.
[eerie music]
[electric buzzing]
[buzzing intensifies]

[Beth breathes shakily]
Did they follow you here?
maybe you'll be safe here.
The energy confuses them.
I realized if I could
avoid them, maybe I could...
turn it around.
This is where Mom was heading.
I think she knew it was coming.
She wanted to show us
where to go.
Why are you avoiding me?
I need you.
It's the reason I'm here.
I couldn't put you at risk.
I have the same ability you do.
I'm already at risk.
I need your help.
Beth, connection is the problem.
The only way to stay safe
is to stay away from each other.
My friends...
it's my fault.
When you connect with someone,
you take something.
You take and you take
until there's nothing left
and that person
is lost from the world.
Is that really the way it is?
It is now.
There's no other solution.
Is that happened to Mom?

I'm not gonna let that happen.
Can I take this?
I might not be able to
help you out there next time.
Goodbye, Dad.
[eerie music]
[electric buzzing]
[labored breathing]

[ominous music playing]
[electric buzzing]
[eerie music intensifies]
[strays growling]

[air whooshing]
[airy moaning]
[light buzzing]
Beth, wake up!
[emotional music]
Did you know
I've been watching you
for weeks on end
Probably not
Well, I think
you should know now
And do you know
That so many things
you say and do turn me on
That's why
I'm letting it show now
And there are so many
that I can tell you
There are so many things
I need to hear
Can I come near
Can I come near
Can I come near
La la la la
Do you think
That the game of love
is the game of chance
It may be so
Well you reap
what you sow now
And do you think that we'll
feel this way two years now
Maybe not
But that's no reason
to go now