Wintertochter (2011) Movie Script

Come on, Katharina, you're doing great!
Keep going, come on!
Great, Katharina! 1:12:38.
Yours is 1:14:10.
No, I'm sorry.
A little to the right.
Stop. Back up a little. That's it.
- I don't know,
maybe there was a mix-up at the lab.
Kattaka, Mrs. Graumann's picking you up.
- Why?
Yes, of course, I know...
But I was getting the Christmas tree
with Dad! - Sorry. Too much going on.
Knacke'll be there, too.
Excuse us, but...
- Coming!
Right, just once more.
Say "cheese"
as if it were the last time.
Ten euros.
It was five yesterday.
Joke! It's on the house.
Here I am, Sweetheart!
Kevin, indicate!
Where are we going, Mrs. Graumann?
- To the Russians on the shooting range.
You'll see.
Come on!
Like my old man always says,
"A tree should look like you:
well-built and wide at the bottom. "
- You just wait, I'll show you!
See who finds the best tree!
Thank you. Bye, Mrs. Graumann.
Why didn't you get a tree?
- Me?
I don't need Christmas.
Say hello to your parents. - I will!
I win!
What kind of miserable wretch is that?
Even the Asians have better ones!
Kevin, here, you take her.
I'm going bonkers.
Mummy, Mummy!
- Leave me alone.
Play with Kevin.
- This'll be you soon.
Merry Christmas, Mate.
- You, too, Mate.
Thank you.
Here I am, Sweetheart!
That'll come in handy.
I'll take one of all four of us.
I'll do it
with my new camera.
- Very well.
The self-timer is here...
- I know that!
Look, there's Mrs. Graumann.
She doesn't need Christmas,
she said yesterday.
Now get over there.
To Mum on the sofa.
Say "cheese"!
- As if it were the last time.
It's probably Knacke. I'll get it.
Hello, this is Father Christmas,
who's speaking?
This is Alexei, who's speaking?
Father Christmas, I told you that.
What's Father Christmas' name?
Kattaka, or rather Katharina.
Like the great Tsarina.
Like who?
- The Russian empress.
Is Margarete in? Margarete Wiese?
Here I am Sweetheart!
Szczecin? But... Since when?
My daughter, yes. No, listen...
You can't.
Because I won't have it. No!
Who was that?
It was Alexei.
He doesn't know about Kattaka.
That's the main thing.
We should have told her ages ago.
- We leave everything the way it is!
We have an agreement.
What did you tell him anyway?
- Nothing. Nothing at all.
Where did he get our number?
Why did he call here?
- Where he got our number?
It's in the book.
Every fool could find it.
What should you have told me? What?
Nothing. Nothing at all.
Come here.
- Margarete, please.
It's like this...
What's wrong, Dad?
- Katharina...
Daniel isn't your real father.
What's that supposed to mean?
Why are you doing this?
- She has to be told sometime.
You know, when I met Daniel
you were already there.
You were always
like my own child to me.
I fell in love with you both,
like a twin pack.
Leave me alone!
- Kattaka...
You know, he...
Alexei was a mechanic
in the Russian barracks.
I'd just turned 20.
He could fix anything. He fixed
my old bike. It's still running.
But when
the Russian soldiers left for good...
Alexei left, too.
Back to Vladivostok.
But you were there.
You know,
even if Daniel isn't your real father,
we three belong together.
You're still my daughter, you know?
Good night.
- Night.
I can't find
these petrol receipts anywhere.
Daniel, you can't be serious!
Here are some biscuits, too.
So where's he now? In Berlin?
No, in Szczecin.
Where's that?
Is it far away?
- Yes, Kattaka, it's in Poland.
He's a stranger.
I could use one like this.
My old man got me a pirate ship.
He doesn't have a clue.
You do look a little Russian.
Every time I called Dad "Dad"
it just wasn't true.
What's he called anyway?
What does he do?
He works on a container ship.
- What? Really? So what is he?
Captain? Helmsman? Or ship's cook?
Maybe he's in Honolulu.
Or on Bikini Anatoll!
No, he's in Szczecin.
Szczecin? That's just round the corner!
- No, it's very far away, in Poland.
Rubbish! My dad bought his car there.
It's a two hour train ride up,
and a one and a half hour car ride back.
- You sure?
Yes, I was there!
We were caught speeding.
27 km/h too fast!
So you can imagine...
What's wrong?
Szczecin isn't far away at all!
You just don't want me to see him!
What? No!
It doesn't matter how far away it is.
You belong with us.
- Liars! - Kattaka!
Where are you going?
To Szczecin!
Come to your senses!
You can't just run away!
- You've been lying all these years!
To me and to my real father.
- I'm your real father!
You're my real daughter.
The baby's your real daughter. I'm not!
We could meet him in the summer
after the baby has arrived.
In the summer?
He works on a ship, remember?
Damn it, you win! We'll drive up
together in the morning, OK?
Yes, you're bound to find him!
Thank you for doing this, Mrs. Graumann.
- We'll be back by this evening.
Shouldn't I go with them? - There's
no point. You know what she's like.
It's the only thing I have of him.
And this?
Turn around and wave at them, now!
Do it!
Or we're not going.
Dear God!
A pretty lighter.
Where is Vladivostok?
Vladivostok? That's almost in China.
I hope we'll find him in Szczecin.
You drive very slowly.
Well, it is an old banger.
No customs checks?
Are there no border guards?
There should be customs checks here!
My passport, right? Or what?
Here's my...
Good day.
You know... indicator's broken.
I just fixed it.
Born in Olsztyn? Me, too!
Do you speak Polish?
- No...
Back door's broken, too.
- No, it's just a little twisted.
Good Day!
Knacke? - Kevin?
- I've got my passport, don't worry!
Where did he come from?
- No idea.
That was close!
I swear, they wouldn't even
have noticed I'm gone.
What did you tell my old man
so he allowed me to come along?
That I'd charge him for the petrol,
if I had to turn back because of you.
Right, Mrs. Graumann! That's where
the harbour is. - Kattaka, indicate.
If it weren't for me, girls...
And up ahead to the left.
Stop, get back here!
You stay right by my side.
- What is this?
I want us to stay together at all times.
Take my picture. We have to
document all this. - Don't want to.
Maybe he'll take you along,
your dad, on his ship.
To Honolulu or Bikini Atoll?
Or Timbuktu!
- That's in the middle of the Sahara.
Maybe they can tell us something here.
So, where is he?
Kattaka, I'm sorry, he's gone.
How, gone?
His ship put to sea last night.
Where to?
To Gdansk.
Come on, Kids,
we're going back.
- Gdansk? Where is that?
Mrs. Graumann, where is it?
Also in Poland.
- So what are you waiting for? Come on!
To Gdansk? Over my dead body!
You said yourself it's also in Poland.
No, I'm not going there!
But why not?
Your parents
wouldn't agree to it, either.
We didn't bring anything to stay over.
It's a silly idea.
But it isn't that far at all!
Just follow the coast!
- We're going to Berlin and that's it!
Get in!
We'll go to Gdansk or nowhere at all!
- Your parents will be waiting for you.
To hell with them!
It's their fault we missed his ship!
Get in!
What if he sails from Gdansk
to Vladivostok?
I've got no address.
I can hardly look for him in China.
Give me your mobile again.
What, to Gdansk?
- Gdansk?
That's out of the question!
Mrs. Graumann,
Gdansk is out of the question.
It would be better for the child,
if we went.
It's freezing!
Do you think he'll be pleased about me?
Sure! A pighead like you?
What more could he want?
I couldn't put up with a daughter
like you, but a Russian like him...
Come on,
we have to move on.
Some music, eh?
Here, Kattaka, look!
Knacke, leave it, we're going.
Why didn't you ever tell us
you were born in Poland?
There's nothing to tell.
was part of Germany in those days.
Doesn't sound very German, Olsztyn.
In German it's called Allenstein.
Olsztyn, Allenstein.
Some Polish or Russian areas
used to be German.
Some Russian areas
used to be Polish.
Were your parents Polish?
At some time
everything used to be something else.
What's this key you've got here?
- Put it back at once.
Put it back!
- Look out!
Knacke, we're almost there.
You need some kind of special permit.
Come on, we'll try again tomorrow.
I'm sure we'll get in without it!
I've been driving for so long,
I'm done in!
Kattaka, come on, I'm hungry!
Come on.
We'll find us something to eat
and a place to spend the night.
See what's on that truck?
- Maybe it's from Germany.
"Stolen today, in Poland tomorrow!"
- Really?
My old man says
they nick everything with an exhaust.
Kevin, we're going in there. Period!
I thought you were hungry.
Sometimes all they want are the tyres.
So what if we're left without tyres,
Mrs. Graumann? What will you do then?
Then we'll have to go on foot.
Here you are.
Come on, Kattaka.
I don't think you'll find him here.
we'd like something to eat.
- Just a moment.
Hello, group, good evening. Welcome
to "The Bat". What may I bring you?
The Poles' have left!
Your exhaust still there?
Who is this guy?
We'd like a beer, two cokes
and something to eat...
- Pirogi is a local specialty.
With cottage cheese, sauerkraut,
mushrooms or meat?
What kind of meat?
- Pork, beef or bat.
What? You eat them?
It was a joke. We'll all have the bat.
Ah, toilet.
Don't you feel well?
I can't eat this right now.
Now get out your mobile
and call your parents.
Tell them we've arrived.
- I won't talk to them.
Get a grip on yourself!
This is not just about you!
Get out your mobile and call them!
Do you think I'm enjoying any of this?
Battery's dead.
Switch it back on.
- Forgot the PIN code.
May I? Berlin...
Yes, Mr. Wiese, everything's fine.
I'll hand you over to your daughter.
Kattaka, your father.
Don't know him.
Hello and goodbye.
My bed!
What are you doing here in Gdansk?
With your gran?
Mrs. Graumann isn't our gran.
Kattaka's looking for...
- What's your name?
Why's your German so good?
I spend every holiday
in Germany.
My parents own a cargo boat.
It travels from Gdansk
via Duisburg, Nuremberg
and Passau to Vienna.
I'd rather go with them
then play waiter here.
I want to be a captain on
an ocean freighter.
So I go to the school of shipping here
and stay with my granddad.
If there's anything you need,
I live in the attic. Good night.
End of the war...
I was here as a little girl, yes.
Come on in.
Is there anything you need?
- No, but... can I ask you something?
How can we get into the container port?
Into the container port?
It's not easy because of customs.
It's important.
I'm looking for someone.
A man.
- Want to get married?
Just joking.
What do you want with this man?
What do you do when you're at a loss?
I hang upside down like a bat.
It helps me think. Different perspective.
An idea will come.
How will he do that?
- You'll see. Hurry up!
Wouldn't it be better to wake her?
- No. We'll do it without her.
Come on.
You can come up now.
What did your cousin say?
Very funny. Now, tell us!
Welcome to my harbour tour.
What's "hello" in Polish?
Hello, Danuta.
I'm Kevin. Kevin Knackmann.
You're most welcome!
You're cousin's hot.
I think I'll become a postman!
This ship's from Panama. The next one's
from Russia. That must be the one.
Nobody's going to believe this!
Now what?
This is our chance.
We'll deliver the post, OK?
Sure! That's exactly what we'll do!
She'll drive on
and pick us up on her way back.
What's wrong?
Yesterday you couldn't wait for it.
What will I say to him?
For instance, that you swim 100 metres in
1 minute 12 seconds.
Wow, this is awesome!
Down the back to the right.
Nobody there.
The stuff he has!
Come on, let's go.
Who is this Russian anyway?
You don't know? I thought
you knew everything about each other.
Kattaka, look!
You can learn Russian with that.
Now you have two brothers as well.
- Someone's coming!
He's her father?
What did you think?
Kattaka, wait!
Where is she?
I have to go in.
There are two children in there.
I have to look for them.
Are you mad? Where is she?
You can't go out by yourselves,
what were you thinking?
You stay here.
Why did you run away, dear?
Shall we go there again together?
To his ship?
Shall I tell him?
- If you do, I'll jump into the water.
When I saw him I just wanted to bolt.
Let's go home.
That'd be best.
I don't know
where that is anymore, home.
Neither do I.
What about your parents?
My parents...
died a long time ago.
I wish mine were dead, too.
She didn't speak to him.
No, it's...
It's all a bit complicated.
No, she doesn't want
to speak to you, either.
Maybe you should've
told her the truth ages ago!
Yes, of course.
See you tomorrow, Mrs. Wiese.
Was only the contact.
Thank you.
That's my real name.
Lene Siwy.
Daughter of Maria and Karl Siwy.
From near Allenstein.
Olsztyn, yes.
I come from Lvov.
Have you ever been back?
There's no point.
Tomorrow we're heading back to Berlin.
So where is Olsztyn?
I'll show you.
Thank your granddad again from us.
- I will.
Get a move on!
Or we won't be back before midnight.
Alright! Man!
I went to the "toaleta".
Katharina? Come on.
What's wrong?
I don't want to go back to Berlin!
Give that to me!
Give it to me and get in!
We're going to Olsztyn.
I'm sorry I slapped you last night.
But let's go.
We're going to Olsztyn
no matter how scared you are!
You just don't want to go home.
- Neither do you.
I am scared.
Waldek, do you get that?
I don't understand, where are we going?
Hello, group? I need information!
First we head for Ostroda.
I could've told you that!
But you can't be our interpreter.
Don't stay down in the snow.
Those who stay down freeze to death.
Don't stay down in the snow.
Those who stay down freeze to death.
- Mrs. Graumann?
Step on it!
Will you step on it!
Mrs. Graumann...
- Mrs. Graumann, what's wrong?
I'm alright.
We can't do this by ourselves.
We must get help.
Still no signal?
Over there.
I'll talk to him.
We can warm up here!
She's got no fingers.
Knacke, look at her hand.
Like some?
It was the Germans.
- What? - During the war
she had to work
for the Nazis in a factory.
Her hand got stuck in a machine.
They didn't stop the machine.
They need help with the bus.
Get out, Katharina.
You have no business here.
What is this, Katharina?
What I said about my parents...
I didn't really mean it.
Right now I'd rather have no father
than two fake ones.
Your father was a soldier?
He was hit by a hand grenade.
I can hardly remember him.
And your mother?
Hand me the soap, please.
I called that pub.
They're in Masuria now.
When they call next,
they'll be past Moscow!
You were right.
We should've told her a long time ago.
We could also turn back to Berlin.
I have to go on.
This is where you lived?
No, down there.
This is the manor.
You stay here.
What are you doing up there?
Kattaka, the photograph!
Get down!
I can't.
I'll help you.
I've got you. Don't be afraid.
Hold on here.
It's the only photograph of my mother.
And that's you?
I hid all my treasures here
before the Russians came.
The Russians?
It was war.
World War II. We had to flee.
We walked for days
through the snow all the way to Gdansk.
To Gdansk? All the way?
Dead bodies by the side of the road.
"Those who stay down freeze to death. "
They all wanted to get on a boat,
but there was no room for all of them.
But you made it.
I did.
Down by the docks there was a boy
who had two pirogi.
I was hungry and thought
he might share them with me.
I let go of my mother's hand
and ran after him.
Then I was pulled on board a ship.
I thought my mother was on board, too.
But the soldiers hadn't let she through.
She kept calling out for me.
I screamed...
I just kept screaming.
The ship put out to sea.
She grew smaller and smaller...
That was the last time I saw my mother.
You shouldn't have run away.
I always kept hoping she'd find me.
But all escape routes
must've been closed.
Later in the children's home
they told me she'd been pronounced dead.
You see,
that's what I've been afraid of for so long.
I wanted to...
I've always wanted
to tell her I'm sorry.
There you are!
I'll tell you in a minute. Come on.
Next year you'll visit us, my son.
Take me to Olsztyn station and you'll
make it to Berlin before New Year.
No way! My old man
will make mincemeat of me soon enough!
I like meatballs.
Will you poor this in? Into the tank.
Let's hope his ship's still there.
Please, open up.
Open the gate.
He's doing it.
See you later.
I'm sorry, but...
I don't speak Russian.
What were you doing in my cabin?
Looking for you.
Can we talk alone?
Come on.
In there.
Shouldn't we go with her?
- She has to do it by herself.
Back in Berlin you once...
fixed my mother's bike.
Margarete's bike?
I'm Kattaka.
Or rather Katharina.
Like the great Tsarina.
We spoke on the phone!
Where is Margarete?
- At home.
What do you want?
It's a lie! Your mother's lying!
Damn it! I don't like it either!
I'm sorry.
Suddenly I have a new child.
It's not easy...
I know.
I'll see how Kattaka's doing.
Mihau, it's your turn!
Wait, I can't walk that fast.
There she is! Mrs. Graumann!
What are you doing here?
It's Christmas at home today.
Today's New Year's Eve!
- That, too.
But in Russia on December 31st
we hold the Yolka celebration.
Dedushka Moroz brings Christmas gifts.
- Who?
Dedushka Moroz.
Father Frost... Father Christmas!
When you called
we were just unwrapping our presents.
You ruined our Christmas.
Mum, Dad!
Are you alright, my darling?
- Why didn't you tell me about Katharina?
You left without a word!
- You never told me, and I was there!
We're almost there. Mind the step.
The doctor and the midwife
will be right here. -A midwife!
Everything will be alright.
Don't worry, Kattaka.
And you, take care of our daughter.
See you in a bit.
Are you a good swimmer?
100 metres in 56 seconds.
I do it in 1 minute 12 seconds.
- That's good for a woman.
I'm second best in our club.
A gift from Father Frost.
And your family? Do they hold
the Yolka celebration by themselves?
I hope Mum's alright.
It's good against cold ears.
Come on, put it in!
Bull's eye!
Not bad considering his age!
So, what's he like?
His children are called Misha and Maxim.
It's crazy.
Now I've got a dad and an "otyets".
So you're Russian now?
At least half.
So where does your heart lie?
In Germany or in Russia?
Or maybe even a little in Poland?
- Kattaka!
The baby's here!
Everything went fine.
It's a boy!
- What? My sister's a boy?
They were wrong.
Would you like to see him?
- Yes! - Come on.
He's still exhausted.
Your brother's very keen to meet you.
Want to hold him?
Happy New Year, Lene.
To you, too, Kattaka.
Three brothers in three days!
I'd like to see anyone beat that.
His address in Vladivostok.
Almost in China!
You think the old banger could take it?
Here I am, Sweetheart!