Wired Shut (2021) Movie Script

That's a nasty habit.
I did things that I swore.
Were never gonna
know in my life.
I won't even see her again.
baby was gone.
I had nothing.
I thought about ending it all.
Every morning,
I had to come up with
a reason not to do it.
And then one morning,
I just couldn't find a reason.
I was just about to do it.
That call.
then Robbie.
He said he wanted to try again.
It was like a sun
beam shot directly in.
Lit up my heart like
the 4th of July.
You remember when
we used to touch
listenin' Sheryl
Crow in the kitchen?
You used to dance on my feet,
tap out the beat on my hip
with your little fingers.
"Soak Up the
Sun" still my favorite song.
Yeah, I know
I have a problem.
I'ma be good now.
If I get clean,
I'm not just asking.
I'm pleading with you now.
just gimme one more chance.
One more chance.
He was the one great
thing I got left.
Hey dad.
I don't know why you
seem so surprised.
Mom tried calling you.
You're drinking again.
I know.
Mom thought this
would be good for us,
for me to come up here before
I go to school in London.
She wouldn't want this.
I got in
to the Royal College of Art.
I'm doing my MBA in photography.
That erm, that probably
needs changing.
I'm goin' to bed.
Let me call you sweetheart
I'm in love
I need your WiFi code.
Forgot this place is
a fucking dead zone
and it's time for your meds.
So how much
of that was true?
Enough for
me to sound convince...
Do you have internet?
Wasn't me.
I mean you are on a
shit ton of painkillers.
Can't you fix it?
Are we joking?
Well this place has a
backup generator, right?
Pay up.
Drink your dinner.
It's your turn.
And I want you to
drink your dinner.
That's not true.
You know, I really think
you need to eat something.
You're gonna talk about lying?
You wanna talk about lying, dad?
Okay, yeah.
Yeah, let's talk about lying.
Let's talk about how
from the ages of 10 to 18
I didn't see you after 6:00 p.m.
because you were out writing
when really you were
getting shitfaced
and pissin' away all of our
family's money at the casino.
Let's talk about
the burner phones
and all the dating profiles
that you had under fake names
so you can communicate to
your dozens of mistresses.
Or how about the
time when you told me
that mom's bruises on her face
were from her falling
down the stairs?
Shall I keep going?
or should I name one of
the thousands of things
that you've done and you never
even once apologized for?
You know,
this was an opportunity for
us to make up for lost time.
I'm here because my mom,
the parent who actually
raised me asked me to.
That's it.
Jesus Christ.
Preston, shut up.
Jesus Christ.
You're a fucking idiot.
You know that, right?
Yeah, I think we
already knew that.
I'm not laughing.
Baby, you gotta ease up.
And you made us late.
It's not my fault you
looked in the wrong place.
Everything goin' to plan?
I put the pill in his drink,
but I didn't see him drink it.
You didn't see him drink it?
No, but that doesn't
mean he didn't.
We'll just have to prepare for
the fact that he may not have
and act accordingly.
We don't hurt him.
You're not getting
cold feet, are you?
No, I just-
- We've come too far
to get cold feet now.
Does this look like
I'm getting fuckin' cold feet?
- Fine.
- Good.
You're the only thing
that keeps me sane.
I don't know what I'd
do if you ever left me.
You know I love you, right?
- I love you more.
- No.
- Yeah.
- No.
- Yeah.
- Mm-mmm.
Where is he?
It's so cute.
I almost feel bad emptying it.
I said almost.
What are you doing?
I'm trying your birthday.
You really
think that's gonna work?
Well people are a lot less
imaginative for these things.
Are we surprised?
He's not here.
'Kay, relax.
It still doesn't mean
that he didn't take it.
I wanna check downstairs.
You good?
Dear Em,
it's been years since we've
last had a conversation.
Well a conversation
that lasted longer
than a few words anyway
and that's no one
else's fault but my own.
I've failed you
not only as a man
but as a parent
and a role model.
I wanna make things right.
I will do anything
to make things right.
You have every right to hate me.
I would hate me too.
I hope.
Hi daddy.
Shut the fuck up.
The great Reed Rodney.
Oh by the way, read
"Countdown to Kill".
Really bad.
'Kay, let's just
get this over with.
I understand.
I'd probably be pretty
confused too if I were you.
In your position,
I'd have a crap
ton of questions.
Who am I?
What's your darling baby
girl doing tying you up?
How the hell did
all of this happen?
Right under your nose
without you noticing.
I've seen the safe.
I know you have it.
Let's not go down that road.
What I need from you
is the combination to open it.
We're gonna empty your safe.
We're gonna leave.
I'm gonna warn you
right here, right now.
I am not
a patient person.
So if you don't do
exactly as I say,
let's just not do that.
If you look at my
girl like that again,
you're gonna need a lot
more than those braces
and elastics you got in there.
Those are my terms.
What do you say?
The combination.
Fair enough.
The fuck are you doin'?
What'd I say?
- This is fuckin'-
- I'm in control here,
not you.
This is not how it
was supposed to go.
You were supposed to
drink the syringe.
You were supposed
to be so drugged up
that you wouldn't even
understood what was going on.
By the time you even realize
that you've given
us the combination,
we would've been long gone.
I found your letter.
It was surprisingly
Don't let this fuckhead
manipulate you.
You said you wanted to
make things right with me.
This is your last chance.
Are you actually
falling for this shit?
He doesn't give
a shit about you.
He never has!
Did you really
mean what you said?
where did you get a gun?
He doesn't love you.
Think about what you're doing.
I know exactly what I'm doing.
I'm not gonna let
you ruin this plan
by thinking he's anything
other than a sack of shit.
I'm not ruining anything.
You don't know what
I was thinking.
So just put the gun down.
You'll thank me later.
What's the combination, Reed?
If you're tryin' to
prove your love to me,
this is not how you do it.
I'm gonna count
down from three.
Preston, stop it!
Preston, I need you to calm down
and think about
what you're doing.
Okay, shooting him
complicates everything.
Get out of my way.
Not until you calm down
and see things rationally.
Do you love me?
Do you love me?
What are you talking about?
If you love me, prove it.
Get out of the way.
Let me do this right now.
I can't.
I gotta give it to you.
You have
a beautiful home.
I mean the elevator's a
little fuckin' ridiculous.
Sorry for the rude awakening.
Guess I got tired of
I'll tell you one thing.
Your situation?
Well it's not that great.
Sorry, honeybunch.
Could you repeat that for me?
I'm havin' a
hard time hearing you.
One more time?
Take a goddamn chill pill.
Em, Em, Em, Em, Em, Em, Em.
You stabbed me.
You stabbed me in the
shoulder with a pen.
God. You know, I
wasn't even gonna hurt you.
I just wanted you
to fuckin' move!
But that ship has
long sailed.
Now you're right there
in with him.
What do you want?
I hate fathers.
Oh god.
They always find a way to
fuck everything up for me.
You wanna know somethin', Reed?
I met your daughter
one year,
263 days
and 14 hours ago.
Now I'm not for mushiness
and sentimentality.
But from the moment I met her,
I knew my life had changed.
Remember that first night out?
You remember.
That stupid little bar.
We sat and talked
for what, six hours?
Six hours straight.
I mean I don't think
I've ever sat that still
for that long my entire life.
I don't think I ever would've.
And to be frank,
I think you fell
pretty hard for me too.
I know everything
about you, Reed.
You're just like my old man.
Only difference is you got
nicer clothes, fancy car.
And you hit your wife
instead of your kid.
You know what the
kicker to all this is?
This whole thing,
it's her idea.
Tie you up, robbed blind.
Use it to start a new life.
Ain't that right?
Fresh identities, new
house, the works, you know.
Come to think of it, she
even came up with this lie,
about getting into
school in London.
That was a good one.
Maybe I'm just waitin' for
that absolute right moment.
Now I mean when Em heard
about your little accident,
all systems were go.
Darling, please.
The men are having a drink.
Here's lookin' at you, kid.
Wow, rich alcoholics
really have the
best taste in booze.
It's your turn.
Here comes the choo-choo
That was great.
Really great, guys.
Really good.
The biggest takeaway is
this is 100% your fault.
You made your bed.
Now you're gonna lie in it.
Yeah, it's okay.
How's it feel?
How does it feel?
I mean you're such a
worthless piece of shit
that your own daughter
would take you hostage
and rob you.
I mean even
to a guy like me,
that's bad, man.
Gimme the combination, Reed.
Gimme the combination, Reed.
Do you wanna know what
your daughter tasted like?
It wasn't that bad.
That's okay.
I'm gonna let you
use your imagination.
But I will tell you
that she loved getting fucked.
I mean really loved it.
Isn't that right, sweetie?
Mmm, yeah.
All right, let's get
to the good stuff.
You got somethin' to
tell me now, Reed?
Yeah, you do.
What is it, buddy?
Let it out.
Mm-hmm, that's a three.
That wasn't so hard, was it?
Come here, you.
Let me help you, sweetie.
Long time no see.
You gonna shoot me, Reed?
You're not gonna shoot me.
I kept a little
souvenir for myself.
It's her wedding ring finger.
Now nobody else can have her.
Now maybe I can
actually find somebody
who appreciates me.
Have you ever
taken a life, Reed?
You know what it feels like,
to stop a beating heart
with your two hands?
Have you ever looked
in a man's eyes?
Look in mine.
And knowin' what it looks like
when it all comes crashing
down like a house of cards.
I have, man.
Hey Reed, lemme tell
you something, man.
Let me call you sweetheart
I'm in love with you
Let me hear you whisper
That you love me too
Keep the love light glowing
In your eyes
So true
Let me call you sweetheart
Let me call you sweetheart
Bye daddy!
Now you're gonna
watch her cut her throat.
Every day for the
better part of my life,
I've had this burning fire
in the pit of my stomach.
My hatred, my complete
and utter rage for you
in everything that
you've ever done,
it never leaves.
It's created this
hole in my insides.
And it's there when I wake up,
it's there when I go to bed
and it affects everything
I do in my life.
These past few weeks, I've
been doing a lotta thinking
about who I am and
who I wanna be.
And I used to fantasize
about the robbery
and how it would somehow
fill that void.
But I know that
it would've just made
everything so much worse.
More importantly though,
I realized something else.
I am sick and I'm tired
of being so angry.
I don't know if I'll
be able to forgive you
for the things you
did growing up.
If you are serious about
being a different person,
then so am I.
What do you say, dad?
What is this?
Is this your new book?