Wisegal (2008) Movie Script

My mother always says
people are not fools.
Nobody chooses the Devil.
The Devil chooses you.
Come on, come on,
let's talk about this!
Open the dooror I'll b!
You're not gonna
leave me, Patti!
He choose my mother
the day she was born.
[wind whistling]
He didn't come for her
The way I see it,
he waited until Grandma Angie gave in to her enraged fatr
and abandoned her baby on the steps of St. Peter's Cathedral.
[baby crying]
Actually, it was right after.
When Grandma Angie decided
to keep my mother
and wasn't allowed to come home.
That's when he knew my mother was ripe for the taking.
Here you go, folks. All he had to do
was break her spirit.
Turns out...
that wasn't so easy.
No matter what he threw at her, she came back swinging.
We're late!
[bell ringing]
Grandma Angie says that's
because my mother is a genius.
You find her a Dumpster,
she'll make you a feast.
How'd it go?
So, growing a little impatient, the Devil changed his strategy.
This isn't a hotel,
you know.
I see you.
Every night.
Don't you got someplace to go?
Are we under arrest?
I brought you dinner.
For the first time in her life,
something went right.
Now, it wasn't Romeo and Juliet,
but she was happy.
Hey, babe.
Joey was born, then me.
Is it good?
Ooh, that's good.
You all right?
Yeah, I'm okay, babe.
I'm fine.
Then... he knocked her flat.
[monitor beeping]
My father's cancer took
two years to kill him...
and all their savings.
They towed the car.
Do you believe it?
And I couldn't even
take the bus.
The bus driver said
to me I didn't have
enough change and I looked
at him and I said,
"My husband just died.
You can't give me
a freakin' ride?"
That's when he showed up.
This is Mr. Russo.
From the funeral parlor.
Mrs. Montanari, we offer
three packages: Deluxe,
and Beloved.
Now, try not to think of
them as better or worse.
Do I have to pick now?
No, not at all.
I'm here to make this
as painless as possible.
If you'd like to call me;
think about it
overnight and, uh...
let me know tomorrow, okay?
Oh! Geez!
I'll be fine.
Thank you very much.
At least let me take
care of your pants.
Mrs. Montanari, you have
enough on your plate.
I'm sorry you had to come
all the way down here
for nothing.
I just, I can't think
straight right now.
No, I understand.
You loved him.
He gave me a sandwich.
It was the first time
anybody ever gave me anything.
[organ playing softly]
I'm sorry for your
loss, Patty.
[speaking Italian]
You should probably speak up.
I don't think
everybody heard you.
You want the ring?
You can have it.
In fact,
you give me a good price,
I'll throw in the pillow, too.
All right, guys, pay attention.
See this ring?
The idea is to keep
an eye on the ring.
Here we go.
Put it under the middle cup.
Here we go... around,
and around she goes.
The idea's to watch the ring.
Where is... the ring?
Try again.
It's in your pocket.
Not bad.
You're right.
In my pocket.
You're pretty sharp.
He's not my son for nothing.
I don't have it all.
That's okay.
Hold on to it for now.
Call it a loan.
I... I didn't ask
for a loan.
Well, you might need it.
Thank you, anyway.
Come on, boys.
Let's go find your grandma.
You want to take the boys home?
I'm going to get
a few things.
Bye, Mom.
I'll see you at home.
Be good for your grandmother.
How are you holding up?
I'm so sorry about Dante.
Well, thank God he's not in pain
anymore, you know?
You're absolutely right.
He was a good man.
He shouldn't be suffering.
You know, Patty,
what are we going to do,
you know? Life.
It's a crazy thing.
Make it $25.
I'm going to pay you at the end
of the week, okay?
I'm, I'm, I'm sorry.
You know word gets around.
I'm so sorry...
That's, that's okay.
You take care.
Put it in sideways.
I knew that.
[chuckles]Hey, I got you
I didn't want to bring
them by the house
what with Dante being
sick and all.
Yeah, I quit.
Right. Cancer.
I'm such a dope.
Well, th
Well, that and I'm, uh, broke.
Hey, come here.
Come on.
No, what are you
Come on take this.
Let me help
you out.
Don't insult me.
Please, please.
All right.
Not for nothing.
Come work for me.
I can't break
Think of it as a public service.
All those taxes.
How are we supposed
to smoke, huh?
Ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas!
Hey, Patty.
You doing Jimmy's route?
Yeah, I am.
Huh. All right.
All right.
You know what?
Give me one of those.
I thought you quit. I just changed my mind.
All right.
Oh, thanks, man.
No worries.
Take care.
I always knew I was a genius.
Face like yours, I'm gonna
double my sales.
There you go, babe.
I'd say that's
a conservative estimate.
Frank, we, we were just...
I can see.
Nice hat.
It's very fetc
It's very fetching.
Frank, this was a
last-minute thing.
I, I swear to God I
didn't have a chance
to pass it by
Bones yet.
You're a big man,
You don't need to tell me
everything you do.
[nervous laugh]:
Okay, then.
I'll, uh...
See you tomorrow.
What the hell was that about?
You took the words
right out of my mouth.
You told me you
don't need money. I don't.
Which is why you're
wearing an elf hat,
moving stolen goods?
Oh, I don't do this for money,
I do this for fun.
You should see
what I do for money.
Hey, you know you can
go to jail for this?
Nobody goes to jail
for selling cigarettes.
Says who, the brain trust who
talked you into doing this?
What's he giving you,
ten cents a pack?
You always get so involved
in other people's
personal business?
Ah, the world's got
bigger things
in store for you,
Mrs. Montanari.
Believe me. That is very poetic.
But at the moment,
I got to make Christmas happen
for my kids.
If you need a job,
come work for me.
At the funeral home?
I won't make you wear
funny hats.
No, thanks.
I think I'll pass.
A lesser man might feel
A better man might
look for other ways
to make an impression.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
And, uh...
good luck with that elf thing.
I don't believe in luck.
Neither do I.
All right,
no peeking.
One... two...
Well, don't all shout at once.
But Joey said
Santa wasn't coming.
I said "maybe."
Well, Santa always
comes for good boys.
Go ahead.
[knocking at door]
That's probably him now.
Wise guy.
[wrapping paper tearing]
Mrs. Montanari?
Special Agent Wolford.
I was hoping we could talk.
[nervous laugh]:
Talk... now... uh...
You know, it's not...
it's not really a...
The house isn't...
I don't mind.
Uh, all right.
Come on in.
Uh, just right the
[car horn honks]
Tell me again, huh?!
Where is it?!
I don't know!
I don't know, please.
The guards, they took
me in at the border.
They asked me questions.
When I came out, I drove away.
I pulled the car over
There was no suitcase.
I swear on my kid's eyes,
I swear!
On his eyes?
You swear,
do you?
I swear!
Maybe I should open
your head up and check!
[man crying]
That's enough
for now.
come here.
Give me that.
You lying sack of...
Hey. These are my boys.
Thanks, Ma.
So, uh...
you know, shouldn't you
be out celebrating?
Just tying up a few
loose ends, really.
Rich, where's the money?
Frankie, I don't have it.
[drill whirring]
What am I supposed to tell
Palmeri, that you lost it?
I don't have it. I got a problem with that.
That's $500,000.
You want me to believe that
the border patrol got lucky,
is that what it is?
It's either that or
somebody tipped them off.
Who tipped them off, Richie?
Who tipped them off?! I didn't, Frank.
And if I find out it was you,
I'm going to drill
a hole in your brain,
then I'm going to drill
a hole in your heart,
I'm gonna drill a hole
in each one of your eyes.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I got to go open presents
with my family.
Bones, take him
in the car out back.
What about the
restaurant, Frank?
The restaurant?
Well, you just
gave it to me, right?
Yeah. What do you say?
Yeah, Merry Christmas, Frank.
Merry Christmas, Richie.
Yeah. Let's go.
So, um, you know Jimmy Limo?
'Cause some people
are saying you guys
might be working together.
Well, that's weird.
Maybe he didn't explain
some things t
People who sell cigarettes
are required to pay taxes,
and not paying those taxes
is a federal offense
for which you can
be put into prison.
Is that right?
Yeah, that's right.
Well, it's a good thing I'm not
working for him then, huh?
All right.
May I?
Oh, geez... Oh, no, it's a right.
I'm sorry. No, it's all right.
It's all right.
Oh, God.
I didn't really like it anyway.
Hey, listen.
You need to be careful, okay?
He's part of the Gambino family.
He works under
Salvatore Palmeri.
He's in the Mob?
[indistinct conversations]
Right here.
Take 'em out,
you put 'em right here.
All right, here we go.
Thank you. I'll get them, lady.
I'm going to help you,
all right? Let me help you.
Frank, we should have
done it right there,
before it comes back
and bites us in the ass.
We'll give it some time,
see how it plays out.
Okay, we'll give it some time.
What the hell is that?
Ho! What are you doing?
Put those back.
Hey, put those back.
Put those back.
What the hell's this?
Don't listen to him.
Keep going. Put 'em back.
You keep going. Who are you?
Who am I? Who are you? Who am I? What are you...
These belong to Mr. Russo.
If he would like them moved,
he can come out here
and do it himself. Are you out of
your mind?
Put that... Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay, just move
this stuff inside
already, will you?
Come on, let's get it
off the sidewalk. All right, go.
Go... move it. You heard him,
move it inside. Get in there.
You know what you are?
A bully.
And a hypocrite.
Calling the FBI
to keep me from selling
a few cigarettes when
you do worse every day.
You don't know what I do. Oh, no?
Tell me I'm wrong.
Tell me I'm wrong and I'll
pack it all up and go home.
Jimmy Limo has been working
this neighborhood for 20 years.
No FBI agent ever
come to his house
on Christmas Eve. No, I was helping you
make smart choices, but since
you obviously aren't
capable of listening
to reason, maybe we need
to do something else.
You know what?
I don't respond to threats.
That wasn't a threat.
Trust me... if I
threatened you, you'd know.
You know what my mother says?
Never trust a man
who says to trust me.
Come with me.
Come on.
Come take a walk.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
Whoa! What the hell
are you doing?
Carmine, take care
of these guys, will you?
Frank, I got it.
Hey, put me down
right now! Afternoon, Mr. Russo.
Hey, Merry Christmas, Tom. Oh, hi, Tom!
And to you, too. You know Patty?
Put me down!
And you're embarrassing me.
Don't you ever do that again.
Take a look at this.
It's yours.
I want you to run it
however you like.
All you have to do is pay me
rent, you pocket the profits.
Are you crazy?
You need a job, I just
acquired a piece of property.
You don't even know me.
But everybody deserves a chance.
I wouldn't work for you
if you were the last person
on the planet.
I don't think that's true.
I think you do whatever it takes
to put food on the table.
And you're too smart
to walk away
from the best opportunity
you ever seen.
Am I right?
In the end, he won.
The same way he wins every time.
Not with threats...
No strings?
On my life.
...with promises.
Want to take a look, huh?
Check it out? Don't you touch me.
Regrettably, the restaurant
has run into some
financial difficulties.
Originally, I was
going to close, but, uh,
after meeting Mrs. Montanari,
I became convinced that
a person with her vision...
Excuse me, Dad.
Not right now.
Dad, I need to talk to you.
We got heat.
I think the wife filed
a missing persons report.
You should come outside, okay?
Okay. Good, son. No problem.
Uh, Mrs. Montanari,
would you care to finish?
Uh... okay.
Well, first of all,
you can call me Patty.
Uh, and...
I think that once we all
get to know each other,
we're going to have
a really great...
All right.
[woman laughing]
Well, I'm glad somebody
thinks tha
Look, hone I don't know
who you screwed to get this job,
but I'm telling you right now,
it's no prize.
And if the last guy
couldn't make it work,
well, then, uh...
you don't stand a chance.
you got a way to make rent?
How I pay my rent...
is none of your business.
My mistake.
The way we were talking,
I thought th
I thought that maybe
we could be friends.
Well, my friends...
usually call me June.
Okay, here's the thing.
As long as you work for
these goombahs, you're doomed.
I mean, they're going
to show up one day with,
you know, a truckload
of hijacked cows,
and, all of a sudden,
you're running a steak house.
The next day, shrimp.
Or some other thin
Maybe I should make it a bar.
There are 15 bars
on this street.
None of them have
ever broken even.
You have a very negative
attitude, do you know that?
Well, I'm just saying that...
that these psychos
are the only reason
this place ever stays open.
then I will just have to make it
successful enough
to run on its own.
You know, the place
is an arm pit.
It never made nobody a nickel.
I say we burn it down
we give the insurance money
to Palmeri and that's it.
Yeah, well, maybe it needs
a fresh pair of eyes.
Come on, Frank, we owe the guy
half a million bucks.
This may not be the best
time to launch a, what,
culinary experiment, you know?
You're retarded.
Listen, Frank.
I think maybe you're thinking
with the wrong part
of your body.
Ho! With all due
respect, boss.
I'm saying, what do you want
a broad in there for?
Her? I can think
of a few reasons.
Hey, Jimmy, I'm serious.
I mean, don't we all get
enough trouble at home?
[laughter]That's true.
Point taken. Hey, no women in here.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm so glad I found you.
I have to show you this.
Are you kidding? Oh, here we go.
[speaking Italian]They do a show
in the Village.
It's s
It's sold out for months.
No way that's a guy.
Why would you do that
to yourself?
I was thinking we
could have one like it.
Frank, we ain't
running no gay bar.
The place in the Village
clears ten grand a night.
Why don't we talk
about this over dinner?
Oh, no. Oh, no.
I got to go.
Come on, Nino.
That's your turn.
Yeah, two.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry. Hi.
I'm so sorry, Sister Carolina.
Mrs. Montanari, this isn't
a baby-sitting service.
I know, I know.
It won't happen again,
I promise.
Hi, boys.
So... how was
everybody's day?
Okay, we'll talk
about it at home.
I'm sorry.
It's a big job, you know?
And I'm still
getting used to it.
Then why'd they give it to you?
Don't hold back.
I'm serious.
You're a mother.
How'd you end up
running a nightclub?
Well, maybe I have talent.
You make good sandwiches.
All right, so we have two bars.
One here and one in the back,
so nobody ever has to wait
for drinks.
The dance floor is going
to be Brazilian mahogany.
It costs more, but
it doesn't scratch.
Yeah, and what's, uh,
what's that back there?
Oh, that's a stage.
Get 'em thirsty
and keep 'em
Well, I should put you in charge
of my lots in Florida.
["Oh Girl" by the Chi-Lites
What do you think?
Come on.
Come on.
Let's dance. No, I'm not dancing
with you.
Why not?
Because, I...
well, I don't know,
I don't know how to dance.
Well, you don't
know how to run a
nightclub either.
Come on.
What about your wife?
She doesn't like to dance.
All right.
I just don't know how
Oh, girl
How I depend on you...
You all right?
There you go.
To give me love
when I need it
Right on time
you would always be...
I thought you didn't
know how to dance.
I... I don't.
Whole new life.
[man clears throat]
Excuse me for interrupting.
Come on in, Tom.
Mr. Russo,
I just want to say I'm pleased
that this property has come
into your hands,
and I know that,
under your guidance,
we can expect nothing
but greatness.
This is for you.
Thanks, Tom.
Nothing but greatness.
Just, uh, one other thing.
The thing we talked about.
The kids on the corner.
I took care of that.
All due respect, they're back.
No criticism intended;
I just thought
you should know. None taken, Tom.
You kn
You know me better.
Thank you.
Bye, Tom.
Thank you, Mr. Russo.
The drugs, they come
down from Harlem right
out on the playground.
And you take care of it?
Do I make you nervous?
'Cause you can walk
away anytime;
no hard feelings.
No, I don't want to walk away.
'Cause neither do I.
It's nice.
Come on, come on.
Just make sure there's
no water marks.
You know? Don't hurt yourselves,
hey, fellas.
Yeah, you wish.
Patty, sweetheart,
where do you want the booze?
Oh, uh, you could just put it
around the corner.
Trust me, just keep
your eyes on the audience.
If you don't take the pause
you'll lose the effect.
What if ther
To see you?
What, are you kidding me?
It's going to be a
lynch mob in here. Hey!
I hope that's just
an expression,
'cause otherwise, we're
in really big trouble.
I made the chair move.
Come on.
Um, there's, um,
some guy at the back door.
Says he needs
to talk to you.Oh.
All right.
I went by your house
and your mother said
you were here, so...
So, you work here or...?
In a way.
Wow, huh?
That's Frank
for you, huh?
Always taking risks.
Not like Palmeri, though.
I think he's... he's a
bit more old-fashioned.
I wouldn't know.
And now Frank owes him
all this money and...
Well, the word is Frank's
on pretty thin ice,
and if this place doesn't fly...
I don't know what to tell you.
Is that why you came here?
Actually, no, it's not.
[gentle laugh]
You didn't have to do that.
Oh, it's nothing.
Hey, good lu
[snaps fingers]
Tell Frank I said hi.
That's good there.
[pop music playing
in background]
Not bad, huh?
Not bad.
Never would've believed it.
All we need
is people.
Holy moley.
You look nice, Patty.
Thanks, Jimmy.
I'm going to go check outside.
Shut your mouth.
You'll catch flies.
Hey, Patty, good luck.
My grandmother was calling
my mother a genius
before I was born.
I took it as a matter of fact.
To me, she was a force
of nature,
like a bolt of lightning,
gathering heat,
waiting to strike.
This was her night.
Holy Mary, Mother of God.
How do you breathe
in that dress?
The whole Gambino family
showed up.
Benny Marino, Canairsie;
Fredo Rossi, Sheepshead Bay;
the under boss, Vito Giordano.
Hi, sweetheart.
Oh, you've
done good.
Oh, thanks.
[speaks Italian]
Even the Boss of Bosses,
Salvatore Palmeri.
Who's that guy?
Relax, it's Sal.
They didn't know why they came.
But they knew it was a mistake
to stay away.
It means we're a hit.
You hope.
My wife.
Normally, I wouldn't come,
but this I had to see
with my own eyes.
Thank you.
Let's go say hi
to Sal, huh?
[drum roll plays]Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Pandora's Box,
the box you shouldn't open
unless you want to play.
[Aretha Franklin's "Respect"
What you want Ooh
Baby, I got it Ooh...
What you need Ooh
Do you know I got it
Ooh All I'm askin'
Ooh Is for a little respect
when you come home
Just a little bit Hey, baby
Just a little bit When you get home
Just a little bit...
Frank only wants
what he can't get.
That's when he's at his best.
...While you're gone
Ain't gonna do you wrong Ooh
'Cause I don't wanna Ooh...
All I'm askin' Ooh
Is for a little respect
When you come home Just a little bit
Baby Just a little bit
When you get home Just a little bit
Yeah Just a little bit
[musical interlude]
Ooh, your kisses
Sweeter than honey Ooh
And guess what?
Ooh So is my money
Ooh... All I want you
To do for me
is give it to me
When you get home Re, re, re, re
Yeah, baby Re, re, re
Whip it to me
R-E-S-P-E-C- Find out what it means to me
R-E-S-P-E-C- Take care, TCB.
[song ends, scattered applause]
[applause growing
in volume and enthusiasm]
Whose idea was this?
[cheering and applause continue]
[distant siren wailing]
Hey, Patty...
I just got the reviews,
hot off the press.
Word is out:
we're a hit.
That's great.
I'm very happy
for you.
Hey, what are
you doing?
You're going to freeze to death.
Put this on.
Come on, I'll give you a ride.
No, that's all right.
I'm going to walk.
What do you mean
you're going to walk?
You're going to walk six blocks
in the cold?
What am I supposed to do?
I'm not gonna chase you, Patty.
[tires screeching]
What the hell is all that?!
You take off,
you walk away
with my jacket.
I thought I was working for you.
You are.
And Palmeri?
Is that why you've been
avoiding me all night?
Do you owe him money?
Who told you that?
People talk. Yeah, well, they say a lot
more than they know.
You are not working for him.
He's just...
he's admiring.
Okay, well, I don't
want him there every night...
you know, acting like
he owns the place.
Do you want to kiss me?
I'm going crazy.
It's all I think about,
all the time.
That's one hell of a line.
You didn't answer my question.
I just don't want them
at the club every night.
[birds singing]
You should probably leave,
because the boys are going
to be up soon, for school.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, Vito.
Good morning.
What's up?
Well, Mr. Palmeri would like you
to come into his office
so you can talk, you know?
Okay, I'll be right there.
No, no, no.
Mrs. Montanari.
Tell him I got to get
my kids to school.
Are you out of your mind?
I'm not making them late
because some self-important
thug wants to talk.
Look, you don't say no
to Palmeri.
What's he going to do,
shoot me for packing lunch?
I've seen people die for less.
Look, just tell Vito
that you're going to go.
I, um... just wanted
to see for myself
how busy a person could be not
to accept an invitation.
I... I take it that, uh,
you know who I am.
And I assume
you know of some of what I do.
Why do you work for me?
I mean, why not, uh,
you know, uh...
a waitress,
a secretary, a nurse?
Those jobs don't have perks.
Who is this big shot?
Ma, take the kids. And do what?
Make breakfast.
But her eggs are runny.
Excuse me for one second, okay?
Listen to me.
You will eat those eggs
and you will not complain.
Do you hear me?
But they make me sick.
All right, zip it.
I'm sorry.
No, no, no, uh...
Nothing should come
between a mother and her sons.
Good, good.
I have some, uh, business
interests in Canada,
and I would like for you
to, uh, collect the dividends
once a month.
What kind of dividends?
I would need for you to
get it across the border
without anybody finding it.
That sounds very dangerous.
Could be.
Well, in that case,
wouldn't it be smarter to use
someone with bigger shoulders?
You know, I could
also use an armored car,
but that might
attract a lot of attention.
So let me get this straight:
Even though we've just met,
you trust me more
than an armored car.
Well, I was, um...
quite impressed
what you did with
the broken-down diner,
and, uh, I'm willing
to take the risk.
What if I'm not?
Well, you'd be well compensated.
It costs more than you could
afford, to replace a mother.
Yeah, that's for sure.
However, if you should
decide to do this,
I would guarantee you
and your entire family, uh,
would be taken of
for the rest of their lives.
And, believe me, I would
never have asked you
if I didn't think
you could do it.
What do you think?
It's your decision.
Look, I, um...
I've never pushed anybody
into a job
that they didn't want,
and I very much
respect your decision.
I didn't make a decision.
I'll do it once,
see how it feels.
Then I'll make my decision.
What was that?
What was what?
That thing you
were doing with him.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
I'm talking about the way
you were acting with Sal...
like it was a private
We were making
a business arrangement.
What, you think
you can play him?
You can't play him, Patty.
He's playing you.
You're acting like a baby.
Do you know what you have to do?
You know what
he asked you to do?
Yes, he asked me to drive to
Canada and pick up some money.
Yeah, these guys are
not like us, Patty.
They're Sicilian.
They don't work with women.
You try and take their money,
you're gonna end up
in the drink.
And if not, you still got
to make it past the border.
So it's okay
that I work for you?
Look, Patty, the last
guy that went up there,
he lost $500,000, now he's dead.
You want to go up there?
Why didn't you say anything?
I was looking right at you!
I said to you,
"Frank, what do you think?"
'Cause it's not my place
to say no for you.
Why would I say no?
The guy promised
to take care of my kids
for the rest of their lives.
Then take this.
Get that out of here.
No... if you're gonna go,
take it;
if not, don't go.
plain things is that my mother was bullied,
or tricked, or even
backed into a corner.
But it wouldn't be true.
She walked in of her own free will with her eyes wide open.
And she'd be
the first to say it.
[gun clicking]
[bullets clinking]
How long
are you going?
[exhales sharply]
Uh, just a few days.
I'll be back before you know it.
If I were you,
I'd take the bullets.
[ship horn blowing]
Right th
Right through here.
Watch your step.
[indistinct conversations]
Don't be afraid.
Come on in.
Straight ahead.
[indistinct conversations]
Around the corner here.
Straight ahead.
Around the corner.
Here, you can wait right here.
[indistinct conversations]
[groaning]Seven out.
[machine whirring]
[door opens]
Watch your step.
[both speaking Italian]
[speaking Italian]
Okay, the [speaks Italian word]
part, I understood.
It's not very nice.
You kiss your mother
with that mouth?
I also think you said
something about $400,000
instead of $500,000.
You give me the $500,000
and I will let you
keep your family jewels.
[Aretha Franklin's
"Respect" plays]
What you want
Baby, I got
What you need
You know I got it
All I'm asking...
Somebody's having fun.
Somebody had
a very nice vacation.
Turn off the music, ma'am.
Let me see some I.D.
[songs stops]
Here you go.
Could you pop the trunk?
Uh, can we skip it?
I did a lot of shopping,
and I promised the boys
that I'd be home in time
to make pancakes.
Pop the trunk, please.
You did good.
Well, I told you.
The exchange rate
is very favorable.
Have a nice day.
You, too.
My mother makes no excuses
for the choices she made.
But she would also say,
don't be too quick to assume
you wouldn't make them, too.
What are you doing?
What are youdoing?
Is that real?
Why aren't you in school?
Grandma went shopping.
She went shopping?
She said there was a sale.
She needed to get there early.
Okay, the two of you,
you just wait right there.
I'm going to go change
and I'm taking you to school.
Are those for us?
I don't know.
Is your name Nino?
Yeah, go ahead.
Come on, I'll take you.
100 bucks says you can't
beat me to school.
What are you going
to do with $100?
[ringing bell]
Out of my way.
[ringing bell]Coming through, coming through.
What'd you do that for?
I don't know
I don't know.
Maybe to, uh,
correct a misimpression
I might have left
last time we were together.
Which would be?
That I was a small-minded,
jealous sort of person
who could underestimate
the capabilities
of the woman he loves.
I don't think
she came to that co
She didn't?
I think
she was just really happy
you were here when she got home.
Come on, get on.
Get on! We got to beat
these kids to school. All right, all right.
That's it, that's
Watch your feet.
We're coming, boys!
Six years later,
and my mother
was as tight with the Mob
as if she were a made guy.
She was involved
in loan-sharking
and ran crap games all
Between the nightclub
and her collections in Canada,
she earned enough money
to move us
from an apartment
on Flatbush Avenue
to a townhouse in Prospect Park,
and helped Frank pay off the half mil he owed Sal Palmeri.
Where's that Parmesan?
But it wasn't for power
or money.
The reason she did it
was family...
You've done me wrong...
...a bigger, more devoted family than she had ever known.
You took a sip Just a sip
From the Devil's cup...
These guys showed up
for everything...
Uncle Al, Uncle Tito,
Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Bones,
Uncle Carmine.
Just who do you think
you are
Stop acting like
some kind of star...
Not so fast.
This is for college.
Home in an hour.
And that was just
the immediate family.
There was also Eddie and Mikey, Jackie and Vic.
Even the cops.
So many guys on the take it
made you wonder who wasn't.
Breaking the law was just
the price they all paid
to be part of things.
Hey, Patty...
you, uh, see a gold
cuff link anywhere?
No, sorry.
Hey, Frank.
My wife is going
to slit my throat.
I'll keep my eye out.
Hi, June. Sorry we're late.
Someone forgot a present,
so I said I wouldn't
show up empty-handed.
Oh, you're sweet. Thank you.
Joey, take this,
put this on the table.
How you doing?
I need a drink. That's all right.
Now, now I'm a coat rack?
What's going on with the wig?
Eh, she got it Third Street.
Hey, listen, um, here's a little
something for the boy.
Oh, Sal.
Oh, Patty.
Come on, he's like a son to me.
Buy him a car.
First he goes to college.
No, he doesn't need college.
He's got me.
[both laugh]
You know something,
if I was a little less
honorable, uh,
I'd have taken Frank out
the first day
I laid eyes on you.
If you were
a more honorable guy...
Hey, be nice.
Okay? Relax.
Take a breath and get
the look off your face.
What look, Sal?
Be nice, tough guy.
I apologize, Sal.
All right.
All right.
Enough about honor, just
go make a plate, and you
take this for me, okay.
Thank you for coming, Sal.
Thank you.
They broke the law,
but they owned the neighborhood.
Joey never bought it,
but from where I sat, it seemed like a pretty good trade.
The part I didn't get
was that we were all
paying a price:
even the innocent bystanders,
Mouse! like the guy
who sold us groceries.
Want to see something?
You shouldn't be here.
Get out of here.
Mr. Gallo?
[distant siren wailing]
We tried to find out what
he was doing there,
and he clamped right up.
Kept on saying, however,
that he was a friend of yours,
and that's all we could get.
I've been a friend of
the Montanari family
for many years.
He had this in his pocket.
Of course he wouldn't
say where it came from.
I'd like to know...
...how he found that body.
Watch your fingers.
What the hell were
you doing out there?
Answer me, Nino.
What were you doing out there?
A dead body is not nothing.
And don't you ever
use my name with
the police.
What's the matter with you?
You know those guys.
Say they do favors for you.
You want me to go to jail
for the rest of my life?
Is that what
you want? All right, all right.
Did you steal
Carmine's cuff links?
You steal.
I'm telling you, Nino,
I'm telling you right now,
if I get caught up in this mess,
I'm going to kick your ass.
You lay one hand on my ki
and I will cut it off.
It's for his own good.
How did you know?
About the body.
I don't want you
taking risks like that.
Why did he die?
I'm not sure.
I didn't take those,
by the way.
Just for the record.
It must seem kind of strange,
me asking to see you
after all these years.
I'm glad you did.
My son got in trouble the
Yeah, I know.
He's a good kid.
I'm sure he is.
Well, I was just hoping that...
maybe you can keep an eye out,
and let me know if there's
something I should know.
Really? Yeah, absolutely.
Oh, that's great.
I appreciate it.
Hey, Patty...
that grocer, Gallo...
he was a friend of yours, right?
Well, I wouldn't say
he was a friend.
He was my grocer.Right.
You know why he was murdered?
Yeah. He got into it
with some kid,
selling drugs out front of h
No, that's impossible.
They don't sell drugs.
Looks like Mouse
is selling to me.
What do you think?
Well, I mean, if he is,
Frank doesn't know about it.
They're liars, Pat
They are liars, and
they're killers.
That's how they get by.
Where is he?
Is he here?
He's upstairs
in the apartment. Frank!
Hey, what's going on?
What are you
doing here? Where's your son?
Hey, you know better
to come to my...
He's a drug dealer, Frank!
What are you talking
I need him to
stay away...
Hey, we're in the middle
of dinner here.
You stay away
from my kid! Hey, hey.
Hold on second, hey!
He's garbage! Will you control yourself?
Do not come near my son!
Take it easy. He's a drug dealer!
Your son.
Selling drugs to kids
in our neighborhood.
She's lying.
I saw pictures...
FBI surveillance...
of him at the grocery store.
Pictures? How'd
you see pictures?
They brought me in
for questioning.
He's all over them.
Are you...
Are you selling?
Did you hear what she just said?
Yeah, I heard what she said.
She doesn't know...
They got pictures,
you understand?!
Yeah, but, Dad...
[grunting][blows landing]
I told you.
I told you to come to me.
I told you!
What's wrong with you?
There's one thing
you had to do...
just one thing... is stay clean.
Just one thing!
Stay clean... that's all
I ever asked of you.
Frank, let him go.
I'm sorry.
No. Where were you?
Enough, enough. Where were you?
You're supposed
to keep an eye on him.
You keep telling me
he's clean. Enough!
Enough for now!
You be quiet.
How dare you come here
like you got the right.
It's not enough,
your fancy apartment,
your fancy car,
my husband seven nights a week?
Get the hell out of my house.
Patty, go home.
Get out!
[school bell ringing]
Once you start
paying attention,
change happens very fast.
You see evidence
signs you've been missing
for weeks, maybe years.
No place is safe,
not even your own home.
Every act of kindness
hides a threat,
every friend becomes an enemy.
There's no one to turn to,
and no going back.
The deed is done,
your soul is sold.
So, Patty, you're heading up
to Canada, right?
Uh, yeah.
I'm actually leaving
in about an hour.
Sal wants you to take June.
She's getting a little jumpy
from all the attention.
He needs to distract her.
Is he crazy?
I can't take June.
It's one time.
Two girls on a shopping trip.
You'll be fine.
Do you know how many
times I say that?
"I'll be fine."
And then I throw up.
Don't get all dramatic
on me, honey. No, Jimmy,
I'm serious.
I can't...
I can't keep doing this.
I got to get out.
I got to take my kids
and move someplace safe.
Nobody gets out.
We're like a retirement home...
you just get old,
and then you die.
Simple as that.
It's a good life.
15 agents,
right outside my house.
Can you believe it?
Haven't had fun in,
like, three days.
So who was this guy, anyway?
A grocer.
Oh, God, you would've thought
he was the g.d. Pope.
June, what are you
doing to yourself?
What? What?
The coke;
what do you think?
I'm just trying to have
a little fun, all right?
Well, you're gonna, you're gonna
have to throw that stuff away
before we get to the border.
I'm not throwing this out.
Yeah, you are, June.
No, I'm not.
Okay, look, we're going
to the border.
I'm trying to have fun
on this trip.
I haven't had any fun.
Will you just let me
have some fun?
What are you doing?
Here's another one for you.
Let's try this.
Oh, yes.
Oh... oh...
Ooh, I will take it.
Oh, good.
I'll wrap it up for you.
It is nice, you have to admit.
Who the hell is that guy?
I saw him
at the border.
Could I get whacked
for fooling around?
I gotta go.
Listen, just pay for the coat
and meet me at the hotel.
Do me a favor... do not
talk to that guy.
But I haven't...
Don't talk to him.
How about some hats?
[sales clerk
speaking indistinctly]
An agent?
Yeah, trying
to look like tourist.
Or maybe he was tourist.
I think he followed me
across the border.
That's a pretty active
All right, just give me the
money so I can get out of here.
You're early;
Montreal doesn't deliver
till t
till tomorrow.
Okay, then give me what you got.
Do you want to call Sal
or should I?
I knew it was a mistake
to use a broad.
You should get out.
You should think about
a helping profession.
Like nursing.
[loud bang]Police!
Hands on the counter!
Where's the money? What money?
Wrong answer!
Keep an eye on her.
Let's go.
Ma'am, are you okay?
I think I'm going to throw up.
Uh... Is there a bathroom?
This way.
Right here.Okay.
[indistinct police
radio communication]
What the hell's going on?
Where is she?
She's in the washroom.
Are you out of your mind?!
There's another door!
Where the hell have you been?
I'm bored out of my mind.
Get dressed. We better be going
somewhere nice for dinner.
We're checking out.
Are we in trouble?
We can't go back together.
I need you to carry the money.
I can't.
Oh, yes, you can.
You're gonna take these,
you're gonna wrap
the money to your body,
and then you're gonna put
your clothes on over it.
I've done it 50 times;
nobody's ever caught me.
Once you get across the border,
go to your apartment,
and then, and then call me
at the club, all right?
No, I'm not kidding,
Patty, okay? I can't.
I'll go crazy,
or I'll start crying
or some crap like that.
I mean, they'll arrest
me, and then...
Listen to me.
I don't have time for this.
If we don't get that money home,
we're both dead.
Okay, we're gonna be okay.
Any day.Gin.
What do you mean gin?
[overlapping comments]What are you doing? Come on.
Get out of here. What are you
talking about?
That is gin. It means I win.
No, it means you cheat.
[overlapping comments]How does
he get gin?
I do not cheat.
Hey, hello to you, too.
Hey, Patty,
how are you?
Hey, Patty.
You're early.
Something came up.
Deal me out.
Who's deal, me?
Yeah, do it.
What do you mean
something came up?
They got busted.
Busted how?
Hey, Patty, how did
you slip the G?
What happened to the money?
June has it.
You gave the money to June?
Yeah, I don't know
if you've noticed,
but there's FBI agents
everywhere we go.
Where is she?
She's on her way home.
Then why aren't you with her?
I'm waiting here
for her to call me.
No, no, you don't wait here.
You stay with her.
And you sit on the steps
all day, if you have to.
You know what, Frank,
don't tell me what to
While yo
While you're waiting here,
she's helping herself
to the cash,
and keeping up
with her drug habit.
You know what? I been doing this
for six years without your help.
Is that what you want me
to tell Sal?
No, you know what?
You can tell Sal to go to hell.
Hey, Frankie, take
it easy, come on.
It's not her fault.
Excuse me?
It's not her fault.
Did I ask
your opinion, Bones?
Did I?!
[pounding on door]
Oh, my God.
Sweetie, what happened to you?
My father, he was
a little upset.
Can I come in, Patty?
Yeah, yeah, come in.
I'm in trouble, Patty.
I think Palmeri's
going to kill me.
No, no.
Nobody's going to kill you.
It's my fault.
The drugs... Gallo...
the Feds tightening up on us.
Why would Palmeri
be afraid of the Feds?
I don't know.
I was hoping you
could talk to him,
remind him how much my father
does for the family.
Sweetie, I think it'll sound
better coming from your father.
I don't have much pull
with him right now.
Look, he was upset.
Because he loves you,
and he cares about you.
Okay, go to him.
He'll help you.
Yeah, sure.
[weak laugh]
I never meant
to get Nino in trouble.
I'm sorry, Patty.
It's okay.
Don't you ever backtalk me
in front of my crew.
Like you got me
on some kind of leash.
Did you beat up Mouse?
You did, didn't ya?
Kicked him like a dog,
your own son.
You know, you're beginning
to sound like my wife.
Frank, he's scared.
He thinks Sal's gonna kill him.
Well, maybe he's right.
Well, then you need
to do something.
Yeah? What do you want me to do?
You tell me.
Go to Sal!
Why you keep talking
about Mouse?
Because he came here asking
for help, Frank.
Mouse came here?
Why would he come to you?
Because instead of acting
like his father,
you beat him up.
Well, tell me something.
Is there something going on
between you two?
Oh, my...
No, don't you turn away from me!
I asked you a question!
You keep your hands
off my mother!
Hey, don't you touch him!
Get out of my house!
[glass breaks]
Sweetie, I'm sorry.
I'm okay.
Look at me.
I'm okay.
Why do you always got
to defend him?
Come here.
Come here, sweetheart.
You're always talking
about family.
Family this, family that.
I told you they're not family.
Ma, please don't start with me.
Hey, how come
you weren't inside?
You having some problems
with Frank?
Mouse came to me for help,
and I sent him away.
Mouse is too far gone.
Nobody could have helped him.
I want you
to wear a wire, Patty.
Palmeri's cleaning house.
I'd like to stop him
before he gets rid
of somebody else.
I just need to hear somebody say
that Palmeri ordered the hit.
That's it.
And when it's over,
we'll take care of you.
We'll get you a nice house
someplace out of the city,
somewhere your kids
will be safe.
Sounds so easy.
Good guys and bad guys...
pick a side.
They're criminals.
So am I.No, you're not.
You made a mistake.
Now you got a chance
to make it right.
These people helped me.
I made them my family.
I knew what I was doing.
You're not the same as they are.
You don't know.
I know what I see.
Hmm. Everybody says that.
And they all say
something different.
Thanks for the coffee.
I, uh... I got these
when he was born.
500 bucks a box.
I was passing them out
like candy.
Frank, I'm sorry.
I really am.
I, uh, I can't go home.
Mary's cleaning up the house.
The cupboards, the drawers,
the floors, everything.
Smells like a morgue.
Don't look at me like that.
Like what?
Like you hate me.
I don't hate you, Frank.
I could never hurt you.
You know tha
You're inside me all the time.
What's going on?
Why do you have a gun? I'm next, Patty.
Palmeri blames me.
Will you turn it off?!
What do you mean,
he blames you?
What do you...?
Because of Mouse.
He's my kid!
Just follow orders.
Honor, huh?
Follow orders.
Okay, Frank,
I don't know
what's going on,
but you gotta get out of here.
No! No, what are you talking
about, "get out of here"?
I have two boys
I have to protect. I understand that!
You're walking around
with a shotgun!
Patty, I got it
all worked out, okay?
Got a friend
owes me a favor.
I want you to call him, okay?
Ask for plane tickets
someplace warm.
I don't even care.
It's over, Frank.
No, it's for all of us.
It's over. I just need
some time
to get back on my feet.
We'll be like we were before,
only even better.
I promise, baby, okay?
I promise.
Patty, holy crap,
you ever hear of a phone?
I tried calling.
You don't answer.
Yeah, well, I been busy.
Is Frank in trouble?
Listen, I can't hang out.
He thinks there's
a hit out on him.
He wants to leave town.
Yeah, well, maybe he should.
What is that supposed to mean?
It means I don't know.
Oh, June.
Why would Sal go after Frank?
'Cause he's completely paranoid.
Some FBI agent gave him
a nervous breakdown
saying somebody in the family
gave Mouse those drugs.
Who would do that?
It doesn't matter, okay?
Sal is freaking out.
Last night, I thought
he was gonna kill me.
Listen, if I were you,
I would go to that club,
clean out the safe
and walk away.
That's easier said than done.
Patty, listen to me.
It is not just Frank
who's been marked, okay?
It's you, too.
I gotta go.
I'm real sorry.
Now, if th
and I was watching it,
I'd say she planned on
taking the money and running.
Only, see, he got there first
because he knows how
very smart she is and...
well, he has to stay two steps
ahead of her at all times.
Whatever you're thinking,
you don't have it right.
You have no idea
what I'm thinking.
Sal, I've always been
loyal to you.
I might be thinking about, um,
what it feels like, maybe,
to look down a barrel
at the end of your life...
and all those things
that were important to you,
just knowing you c
and just get to feel
a little rain on your face.
Frank wasn't helping Mouse.
He knew what he was doing.
Okay, but killing him
is not gonna make things better.
Might send a message,
don't you think?
You told me...
that the most important thing
in life was family,
you remember that? That's right.
If there is no family
there's no trust, trust.
And on that subject,
I had a little thought:
Why don't you take care
of Frank,
put an end to my troubles?
You... you want me
to kill Frank.
That does sound a little clumsy
when you put it like that.
You're insane.
You see, now, Frank,
he was a lot more polite
when I asked him to do Mouse.
He was a lot more polite.
[door closes in distance]
Hey, what'd he say?
Did you get the tickets?
What happened?
You tell me.
I must have be
I must have been crazy
to stand up for you.
What are you talking about?
[voice breaking]:
Did you kill your son?
Mouse crossed the line.
I tried to warn him
a hundred times, Patty.
He was marked.
I couldn't give it
to somebody else.
So he wouldn't suffer...
so they wouldn't come after you.
You make me sick.
Patty, open the door!
Come on! Come on!
Let's talk about this!
Open the door
or I'll break it down!
Patty, come on!
You're not gonna
leave me, Patty!
You cannot leave me!
I'll find you!
I'll find you wherever you go!
You understand?
Open the door right now!
Patty, open up!
Open up right now!
[banging continues]
[uncocks gun]
Time for school...
up, up, up, up.
You heard her. Get up.
[brushes teeth, spi
Hey, where you going?
I'm taking the boys to school.
You're welcome to come.
No, that's okay.
Have a good day.
I thought he wasn't
gonna stay with us anymore.
Shut up.
Okay, I need you guys
to do something for me
and it's very important.
Go to class like
it's a normal day.
At 11:30, ask to be excused.
Grandma will be
waiting outside.
If she's not here, do not wait
even for five minutes,
do you understand?
This is where you're gonna go.
Ask to speak to Robert Wilford.
He'll make sure
you're all right.
That says FBI.
Yeah, we're not gonna stay
with Frank anymore, sweetie.
I promise.
I just need
some time to get
some stuff together
before we go.
Yeah. Go where, Ma?
I don't know. Florida maybe.
What's happening?
Okay, sweetie, it's okay.
Are we gonna be all right?
Please, I need you to be brave.
I made some mistakes,
but I'm gonna make it
all better, all right? Okay.
I love you.
I love you, too.
I love you.
I love you both.
Take care of your brother, okay?
Joey, Joey.
She has a gun.
Do you think she's
gonna kill him?
Ma said we should wait.
I need to talk to Sal.
Oh, all nice-nice now
you want to see Sal.
What if Sal don't want
to see you?
[gun cocks]
Oh, come on, you stupid bitch.
Put down the gun.
If you want to talk to me,
put it down.
Where the hell is she?
It's only five minutes away.
I'd take my time, if I were her.
[drawers sliding]
Where is she?
You tell me, Joey.
Where is she?
I'm calling the police. No, you're not.
Give me the phone!
Let go!
Hey, I asked you
a question.
Where's your mother?
I don't know where she is!
Leave him alone!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
It's okay.
We're okay, right, Joey?
You're fine.
Your dime.
I spent a lot of time
asking myself
who would've been crazy enough
to work with Mouse,
risk their whole life
for a few dime bags.
And then I realized...
it wasn't Frank.
It wasn't even a guy.
It was right in front of me
the whole time.
You gave her drugs
to keep her happy,
and she found a way
to make a profit
on the side.
And who could blame her, really?
Nothing to call your own,
just waiting for the day
someone turns you in
for a better model.
Yeah, that sounds very tragic.
Why you telling me
all this crap, sad story, why?
What do you want?
I want to get out.
I want to take my kids
and I want to move away.
And I want you to let Frank live
as long as he leaves me alone.
So you betray me, and then you
come here and ask for favors.
No one betrayed you. You got this guy
living in your house
like a sniveling little child.
Frank did everything you asked.
He killed his own son
because you told him to.
His rules.
Who broke those rules,
Frank... or you?
I'm supposed to meet my kids.
Meeting's not over.
My kids have a letter.
If I don't show up,
all of this information
goes straight to the FBI.
Of course they have a letter.
The FBI has tons of letters.
I'm still here.
Look, um...
...let's try to
understand each other.
This has nothing
to do with appearances
and, uh, certainly
not even a little bit
to do with fear.
It has everything to do
with weakness...
my weakness.
Patty, um...
I know, um...
Go on. You can go.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[door closes in distance]
Up here.
Where's Nino and Joey?
They're okay
They're in their room.
Go get them ready.
Where you been?
I went to see Sal.
And what happened?
We made a deal.
He won't kill you if you stay
away from me and my family.
Um, I don't understand.
What does...
what does that mean?
It means it's over
and I get out.
I won't be needing this anymore.
Good-bye, Frank.
True to his word,
Palmeri called off the hit.
Frank, who expected to go out in a blaze of fire,
died three years later
of colon cancer.
In spite of the shortage
of witnesses,
Salvatore Palmeri was sentenced to life in prison
for ordering the murder
of Mouse.
Pretty soon, most of the guys we grew up with
were either locked up or dead.
Agent Robert Wilford was
promoted; so was Bones...
an undercover agent
the whole time.
June OD'd.
Accidental or not, nobody knows.
Ma did okay, considering.
MAN [over P.A.]:
Sunliner Express now boarding
on track eight
for Orlando and Miami.
My mother, she taught me
everything I know:
How to think for myself,
how to question authority
and most important,
how to say no...
because when theevil shows up with a truckload of promises,
it's harder than you think
to walk away.