Wish (2023) Movie Script

Once upon a time, there was a young man...
who believed there was nothing more important
than a wish.
Not just any wish, of course.
The one that drives your heart.
The one that makes you who you are.
But he also understood just how impossible
it can be...
to make that wish come true.
How easily dreams can be destroyed.
And so, he set out to do something about it.
He studied the magic of the world
and became a mighty sorcerer...
able to protect from harm or ill will
any wish given to him...
and for the good and the worthy,
even grant that wish.
The sorcerer didn't know if the world
would want his gift.
But he and his loyal wife
found the most perfect island...
deep in the Mediterranean Sea.
And there they built a kingdom
like no other...
where anyone, any family,
no matter where they came from, were welcome.
Can this boat go any faster?
And to their joy, people came...
settled there from far and wide...
gave their wish
and appreciation for his protection...
and with the very real hope
it could one day be granted.
And everyone agrees...
there is no one more deserving...
than my grandfather.
A most loving...
and handsome...
man who turns 100 years old today.
That's it?
Now you're done talking?
Valentino's never done talking.
If only we could understand you.
The King has called a wish ceremony today!
This is it!
No, it can't be a coincidence
the King is calling a wish ceremony...
on your birthday.
Putt, putt, putt, and knock on wood.
Tonight's your night, Saba.
I can feel it.
Asha, let's bake a cake.
But I love cake.
I mean, I can't.
I'm giving a tour and then...
I'm helping.
I'm helping Dahlia.
Yeah. So...
-Why'd you say it like that?
-Like what?
What are you up to?
What makes you think
that I'm up to something?
Because I know your pauses.
I'm maturing.
My pauses are changing.
Can't talk now, I'm gonna be late.
I'll see you at the wish ceremony.
I wouldn't miss it.
I've got a good feeling about it!
I'm here!
I'm here. I'm here.
Just one second.
Let me catch my breath.
Hola, shalom, salam.
Everyone ready?
Welcome to Rosas
Come on, come this way
Where the greatest creations
Are all on display
There's no other place
Just as full of surprise
Where your dreams and your reality
Can collide
You wanna dance on beat?
Or to have hair touch down to your feet?
Go to outer space
Well, hey, you've come to the right place
'Cause here in the city of Rosas
You can turn all your wanting to wishing
No what ifs and no wonders
Oh, here in the city of Rosas
It's unlikely that you'll be unhappy
With so much to discover
A home for me, for you
And all of us
The City of Rosas
So, like, we have this king named Magnifico
And he built Rosas many years ago
With lightning for hands
And eyes that can glow
No, no, no, I'm totally kidding.
But he is powerful
He's just like us
With a twist
And someone that I'd like to kiss
Oh, dear!
A magic swish
And there you have it, poof!
There's your wish
And hey, did I mention when you turn 18
You get to give your wish
In a ceremony
And he keeps them safe
Every wish he acquires
And once a month
He grants someone's greatest desire
It could be you someday
Or my Saba Sabino's
Oh, I can't wait
Does it hurt?
Do you cry?
Oh, no and you won't even miss it
When you say "goodbye"
'Cause here, in the city of Rosas
You can turn all your wanting to wishing
No what ifs and no wonders
Oh, here, in the city of Rosas
It's unlikely that you'll be unhappy
With so much to discover
A home for me, for you
And all of us
The City of Rosas
I'll give my wish.
Do you really forget your wish
once you give it?
You forget without regret.
I want to meet the King.
You're in luck.
There's a wish ceremony tonight.
You're welcome to stay and watch.
-I love food!
This is amazing!
-I want to live here.
-So do I.
-I'm never leaving.
-This is delicious!
Help me!
Best friend and honorary doctor
of all things rational.
My interview is in one hour...
and I'm so nervous
I think I'm going to explode.
Interview. What interview?
You mean the interview
with our velvety sweet buttercream of a king.
Oh, please don't say it like that.
My best friend, the King's apprentice.
I'll be famous.
I have forgotten how to talk.
I have no words.
Is my mouth drooping?
I feel like it's drooping.
Quick, ask me an interview question.
Okay, Asha, what's your weakness?
I get irrational when I'm nervous.
No, no.
You care too much.
I do? Wait. Is that a weakness?
That's why it's perfect.
You're welcome.
Just relax.
You're surrounded by friends.
-I like cookies.
-Me first.
-Look out.
-Out of my way!
-Yes, yes, yes.
Give me the cookies.
-Out of the way!
-Slow down.
-Move over. Okay, okay.
-I love cookies.
-Safi, they're lemon.
-Oh, no.
Life is so unfair.
Take mine.
Bazeema, where did you come from?
Oh, take mine, too. I can't eat.
Oh, right. Your interview with the King.
Hey, look at me.
Don't worry.
We'll be here for you when you fail.
Oh, there are the cookies.
Safi sneezed on those.
Oh, thanks.
Not that I blame you
for trying to cheat the system.
What? I'm not trying to cheat at anything.
Come on.
Everyone knows the racket.
The King's apprentices
get their wishes granted...
and usually their family's wishes, too.
Not always.
Maybe always.
Wait, isn't your Saba turning 100 today
and still waiting?
Ignore him.
Not to mention the fact
that you're also turning 18.
Happy birthday.
In a few months...
not today.
And when you give your wish to the King...
you don't wanna have to end up
like Simon here, do you?
Huh, what's wrong with Simon here?
I don't know.
You're kind of boring now.
No offense.
Have I become boring?
Do you all think that?
-No, not boring. Just...
Oh, Simon, don't worry. You're still you...
and I bet you'll get your wish granted
really soon.
Unlike your poor old Saba
who's still waiting...
The Queen.
-Your Majesty.
-Queen Amaya.
Oh, my goodness.
Asha, the King is ready for you.
Now? Am I late? I thought I...
You're fine. The last interview...
It was a disaster!
...finished early. Shall we?
Oh, okay, I'm ready.
I am so not ready.
You're fine.
Just don't touch anything.
Don't forget to curtsy...
-and tell him I love him.
I'm kidding. Do not tell him that.
Great. Thank you. Thank you so much.
Bye. Don't get your hopes up.
The apprentice should always
keep the fire going...
because the King likes his tea hot.
He also likes to talk. Quite a bit.
-Feel free to just listen.
-Oh, I'm a good listener.
Some items might seem strange...
but why a sorcerer needs
what a sorcerer needs...
-is not your concern.
And above all...
do not expect to see the wishes.
Don't even ask.
Yes, ma'am. I mean, I won't, Your Majesty.
I'm rooting for you, Asha.
-You are?
Thank you, ma'am.
But... why?
Well, I see the way you look out for others.
It's clear how much you love this kingdom...
and its people.
Well, of course.
That kind of generosity has always been
the true essence of Rosas.
Now, are you ready to meet the King?
Oh, I hope so.
He'll be right with you.
I'm going to check on the ceremony.
Oh, okay.
Fire Magic...
History of Spells.
No, no. No, no.
Asha, that book is forbidden.
Hi. I was just...
What's happening?
I put a spell on the glass.
Well, I just thought the
etchings were pretty.
Yes, but the book is dangerous.
Then why have it?
A king must be prepared for everything.
Hold on.
Hold still, hold still.
-Don't move, I got it.
-No, no.
A bit of exercise.
Are you okay?
No. I...
I mean, yes.
And I understand if you want me to leave
and never show my face again.
Oh, please, let's not overreact.
You're here.
You've certainly got my attention.
So, go ahead.
Tell me why you think
you should be my apprentice.
Okay, well...
I care too much.
Okay, that's interesting.
It's my weakness.
Figured I might as well get through
all the bad stuff right up front.
Fair enough.
And your strengths?
Glad you asked.
I'm a quick learner and a hard worker...
and I help well.
And I'm young, so I'm malleable...
but not too young
so that I'm too malleable.
Oh, and I like to draw.
Is this anything?
What am I looking at?
It's a goat.
-It's hopping.
-See? It's hopping.
-Oh, again. That is a unique talent.
Do we call that a talent?
Oh, well, it's just something
my father taught me.
-I think I remember your father.
He was a philosopher, wasn't he?
Always talking about the stars.
We used to climb that tree
on the high ridge...
where it becomes just you and the stars.
You know, he'd say...
"The stars are there to guide us...
"to inspire us...
"to remind us to believe in possibility."
Well, even when he was sick,
he'd take me out at night to dream.
All I dreamed about was him getting better.
How old were you when he passed?
That's not fair, is it?
When I was young, I too suffered great loss.
I didn't know that.
I'm sorry.
My entire family.
Our lands were destroyed...
by selfish, greedy thieves.
If only I'd known magic then.
You see, I founded this kingdom...
so there would be a place
where everyone is safe.
Asha, no one should ever have to see
their dreams destroyed before their eyes.
No one should have to live their life
feeling the pain of that loss every day.
And that's why I do what I do.
And that's why I want to work for you.
Come with me.
You're one of the very few
I have ever invited in here.
But if I'm to trust you...
I need to know you understand...
just how important they are.
The wishes of Rosas.
You can feel them, already, can't you?
They are everything.
I'm sorry. I don't know why I said that.
No, no, that's it.
They are everything.
I didn't expect them to be so... alive.
You see...
people think wishes are just ideas.
But no, no, they are a part of your heart.
The very best part.
If happiness was a tangible thing
It would be you
If you'da told me the feeling you'd bring
I'd think it untrue
And people search for a wonder like you
All of their lives
You still amaze me after all this time
You pull me in like some kind of wind
Mesmerized by the hold I'm in
Leave you here, I don't wanna
I wanna
Promise as one does
I, I will protect you at all costs
Keep you safe here in my arms
I, I will protect you
At all costs
At all costs
What's pain when I look at you
No way I could explain you
Even if I tried to
I'll never dream like I used to do
If someone tried to hurt you
I don't see how that could happen
I'd fight for you in ways you can't imagine
Felt this, no I haven't
I hope it would be all right
To stay right here beside you
And promise as one does
I, I will protect you
At all costs
Keep you safe here in my arms
I, I will protect you
At all costs
At all costs
If you're ever feeling like you're lost
I'll come find you
Man all fronts
There's no ocean I won't swim across
To be right by you
And not just once
Here and now I swear on my response
I'll remind you
And promise as one does
I, I will protect you
At all costs
Keep you safe here in my arms
I, I will protect you
At all costs
At all costs
You know, Asha...
I would love to see someone wish
to be the best apprentice...
a mighty sorcerer has ever had.
What do you say?
It's my Saba Sabino's wish.
It's his birthday today...
and he's 100 years old.
That's impressive.
Your Majesty...
would you maybe consider...
granting his wish tonight?
Well, that was fast, wasn't it?
You know, most people wait a few months...
even a year...
before they start asking me for things.
I'm so sorry...
-I did not mean to...
-No, no, it's okay. It's okay.
Here, let me see the wish.
It is a beautiful wish.
But, unfortunately...
it's too dangerous.
-Your Saba longs to create something...
to inspire the next generation.
Great wish...
but too vague.
Create what?
A rebellious mob, perhaps?
To inspire them to do what?
Destroy Rosas, maybe?
My Saba would never do anything
to hurt anyone.
-You think that.
-I know that.
Well, you're young.
You don't know anything, really.
Whereas it is my responsibility
to only grant the wishes...
I am sure are good for Rosas.
So, most of these wishes
will never be granted?
Yet I still protect them like all the others.
Can't you just give them back instead?
Excuse me?
The wishes you're not going to grant...
you could just give them back.
Then, I don't know,
the people can try to pursue them themselves?
You know, if they're dangerous...
then they can be stopped,
but if they're not...
You've completely missed the point.
People come here because they know
they can't make their own dreams come true.
The journey's too hard.
It is too unfair.
They give their wishes to me, willingly...
and I make it so they forget their worries.
You make it so they forget
the most beautiful part of themselves.
And they don't know what they're missing.
But you do.
And now I do.
It's not fair.
My Saba is good.
The people of Rosas are good.
They deserve more than...
I decide what everyone deserves!
Mi Rey?
Sorry to interrupt.
But it's time for the ceremony.
Is it, my love?
Seat Asha with you on the main stage.
Oh, no. No, no. It's okay.
I insist.
Are you ready, Rosas?
Another beautiful night in my kingdom.
So good to see you.
Good to be seen.
First things first.
We have two new citizens
ready to give their wishes.
Helena, Esteban...
you're going to be very happy here,
I promise you.
Now make a wish...
and hold it in your heart.
It's a real weight off, isn't it?
Forget without regret.
Okay then...
who is ready to have their wish granted?
Grant my wish! Over here!
Now, I have been challenged today...
to take a chance...
and try something new.
Thank you, Asha.
And it is with clarity
and an open heart full of love...
that I grant today's wish to someone...
-who has very patiently waited long enough.
-It has to be Sabino.
Sania Osman.
Where is Sania?
-There she is. Come on up.
-He said, "Sania?" It's me? It's me.
It's me!
Coming through, thank you.
It's just so exciting!
Sania Osman...
I mean it when I say...
it truly is my great pleasure...
to grant your heart's desire...
to sew the most beautiful dresses...
in all the land!
My wish has come true.
Poor Saba.
He's waited so long.
See, never, ever get your hopes up.
Obviously, I will not be offering you
the position as my apprentice.
But don't worry...
I will still protect your Saba's wish...
and your mother's...
Mi Rey?
Now that went well, don't you think?
Are you hungry?
Come now, we don't waste food.
Dig in and enjoy.
You're right, Saba.
We should be looking at the bright side.
you got to the final few being considered...
for the most prestigious position
in the kingdom.
And Saba...
there's always next time.
Cheers to that.
I need to tell you something.
Tell me what, child?
I don't think...
your wish...
will ever be granted.
-Why would you say such a thing?
Because the King told me so.
He said it's too dangerous to grant.
My wish is dangerous?
No. That's the thing...
I don't think it is at all.
You saw it?
I did.
And you should know what it is.
No. No.
Don't say anything.
But it's so, so beautiful.
Well, clearly Magnifico
feels otherwise, so...
Saba, what gives him the right to decide?
He is the King...
and he has made everything possible for us.
If you had seen them, if you had felt them...
like I did, you would understand.
It's not just yours, Saba.
There are so many wondrous,
powerful wishes...
that will never be granted...
-just floating there, helpless.
-Asha? Asha!
Sit down, calm down.
I can't! I can't just sit here with you...
Saba, knowing your incredible wish...
-and not tell you.
-Then don't.
You are excused from the table.
Why? Why would you want me to know a wish...
that can never be?
But I didn't...
But it's your wish.
Are you trying to break my heart, child?
No. No.
I would never, ever try...
I'm sorry.
Isn't truth supposed to set you free?
Well, why do I feel so weighed down by it?
If I could show them everything I've seen
Open their eyes to all the lies
Then would they change their minds
Like I did?
But when I speak, they tell me, "Sit down"
But how can I
When I've already started running?
Oh, this is where we've been
But it's not where we belong
And I may be young but I know I'm not wrong
So, I look up at the stars to guide me
And throw caution to every warning sign
If knowing what it could be is what drives me
Then let me be the first to stand in line
So, I make this wish
To have something more for us than this
So, I make this wish
To have something more for us than this
Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah
Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, ah, ah
More than this, oh
I never knew I needed room to grow
Yeah, I did what I was told
When someone told me, "No"
Now I've got all of this freedom in my bones
But I've still got the lid on
So it doesn't overflow
'Cause I've got reservations and hesitations
On where I should even begin
I'm past dipping my toes in
But I'm not, no, I'm not past diving in
If I could just be pointed
In any given direction
On where to go and what to do
My legs are shaking but my head's held high
The way you always taught me to
So, I look up at the stars to guide me
And throw caution to every warning sign
I'm sure there will be challenges
That find me
But I can take them on one at a time
So, I make this wish
To have something more for us than this
So, I make this wish
To have something more for us than this
-Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah
-So, I make this wish
-Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, ah, ah
-To have something more
More than this, oh
So, I make this wish
To have something more for us than this
Can you feel that?
What's happening?
No. No, no, no.
Mi Rey,
you spoil us with your magic.
Whatever that was...
it was marvelous.
I didn't do it.
And it affected my wishes.
Is it some sort of warning?
I believe I have just been threatened.
Who would dare threaten you?
What was that?
You felt it, too, didn't you?
It was electric.
It was joy and hope...
and possibility and wonder...
inside the most loving light.
Can light be loving?
I sound ridiculous...
don't I?
I'll take that as a yes.
Stay back.
No, no, no.
Ho-ho there.
Wait, what are you doing?
That is private.
What are you?
You kind of look like...
a star.
Okay, you can't be.
I mean...
I know I wished on a...
This is crazy.
-We love crazy!
-I'm seeing things.
What are you doing?
Valentino, don't eat that.
It didn't work.
When does the magic happen?
Oh, something's happened.
I'm talking! I am talking.
Who knew my voice would be this low?
Magic is chewy.
Sparkly and spicy.
Okay, I have a few thousand questions...
starting with...
"How did I manage to connect with a star...
"all the way across the sky?"...
and ending with...
"How is any of this possible?"
Just relax.
To all your questions,
there is one very simple answer.
Which is...?
Well, think about it.
We're no different, you and me.
We are all...
And completely entirely made
of the very same, very special thing...
which is...
Let's just try this another way.
Have you ever wondered why
You look up at the sky for answers?
Or why flowers in the wind
Are effortless and eloquent dancers?
Or what forms the rings in the trees
Turns a pine from a seed?
What's passed down generationally?
-To you
-And to me
And why our eyes
All look like microscopic galaxies?
Have you ever wondered why
You look up at the sky for answers?
Well, you don't have to look too hard
We're here for all your question marks
If you're try'na figure out
Just who you are
Don't look far
In the sky and your front yard
In your heart and in your scars
If you really wanna know just who you are
You're a star
-Boom! Did we just blow your mind?
Well, I've known the entire time
When it comes to the universe
We're all shareholders
-Get that through your system
See, we were all just little nebulae
In a nursery
From supernovas
Now we've grown into our history
We're taking whys right out of mystery
-Now we're taking in
-All the star exposure
We eat the leaves and they eat the sun
See, that's where all the balls of gas
Come from
Hey, you still look like you're hanging on
By a strand
But if you just see the mushrooms
Then you'll understand
So, your dust is my dust?
Well, you don't have to look too hard
It's all around and not too far
If you're try'na figure out
Just who you are
You're a star!
Do you know you're a work of art
Even in the deepest dark
If you really wanna know just who you are
I'm a star!
Here's a little fun allegory
That gets me excitatory
This might sink in
In the morning
We are our own origin story
If I'm explaining this poorly
Well, I'll let Star do it for me
-It's all quite revelatory
-We are our own origin story
Well, you don't have to look too hard
It's all around and not too far
If you're try'na figure out
Just who you are
You're a star.
No matter where you end or start
We're all each other's counterparts
If you really wanna know just who you are
I'm a star!
-Ooh, I'm a star
-Watch out world, here I are
-Hey, hey!
-You know who's looking sharp?
-Me! I'm a star!
You're a star
Watch out world, here you are!
Hey, hey!
You know who's looking sharp?
-You! You're a star!
That was nuts!
I've never felt so connected.
We should do this more often.
It's a shame we don't get along better.
Hey, thanks for not eating me, John.
Don't mention it, Bambi.
It's all good.
This is extraordinary.
And my father said that
we were connected to the stars.
That's why I wished...
and now you're here...
for me.
Well, what do I...
Wait, do you grant wishes?
Oh, no, I'm sorry.
Obviously not.
Forget I asked.
I'm just not sure how this works.
I wished for more for us, for my family...
and for...
No, no, no.
Not in, like, a selfish way.
I just want their wishes to have a chance.
Look, see, King Magnifico has their wishes
in the castle...
captured in these ball-like, bubbly things...
that are very beautiful...
but very locked up...
and he'll never give them back.
What are you doing?
My mother was shaved for that yarn!
Yes, that's the castle.
You mean, we take them back ourselves?
But if we take them, isn't that stealing?
I mean, we can't...
they don't belong to him, do they?
Well, okay, but...
Wait, wait!
Slow down. We need a plan!
Meant to do that.
I'm coming!
What was it? What was it?
Who could have commanded it?
Why is there nothing?
Mi Rey, what has happened here?
I don't know who we're dealing with...
and these books are useless!
Just breathe.
Do not tell me to breathe.
Everything I do is to make sure
that never happens again.
And when you're threatened,
you do not breathe.
You focus.
To summon such light would demand
a spell so powerful...
No, you yourself say,
"Forbidden magic is not the way."
A king must be prepared to do anything
to protect his kingdom.
First, you must protect yourself.
That's what I'm doing.
Not like this.
We know nothing of these pages.
You command great magic.
But with this book...
I fear it commanding you.
Please, put that book down.
If you want answers about the light...
I suggest you look to your people.
-They love you.
-I know.
-They would do anything for you.
-Of course they would.
You are their handsomest, most beloved king.
You're right.
I am a handsome king.
Oh, my love, excellent advice.
Rosas is so lucky to have you.
As am I.
Everything is fine.
Can you stop squiggling, please?
You're drawing attention.
Hi. Hello.
You know, I'm just gonna...
What's in the bag?
You can come out now.
Are those pajamas?
Thank you. I feel seen.
Okay, focus.
I need to talk to Dahlia.
There has to be a way
to sneak into the King's study.
Without anyone seeing you.
Yes, yes. I'm way ahead of you.
Star may alarm the masses.
-Much like a talking goat.
Which is why you're both staying here.
With the chickens?
Did you see what just came out
of that one's...
I'll be right back. Stay quiet.
Come on. Even you have to admit, Gabo...
that light last night felt amazing.
It was probably a curse.
No! This batch is for the King!
A squirrel just said "Good morning" to me.
I have no response to that.
I didn't either. Right?
I mean, what do you say to a squirrel?
I really have to watch where I'm going.
You touch 'em, you wash 'em.
It was an accident.
How? How do you always do that?
Hey, how are you and your poor Saba
this morning?
And curious.
How do the kitchens get food up to the King?
The formal servers bring his meals
to the dining room.
So, what about when the King eats
in his study?
-Who brings it then?
Well, his study is off-limits.
Details are known to only a select few.
Including you?
No comment.
-Ladies, please.
-Who is in there?
I don't hear anything.
Dahlia, if you know a secret way
into the King's study...
you have to tell me.
Why? What is going on with you?
Wait, wait, wait.
What are you doing?
I gotta collect eggs.
No! I mean, let me. I'll do it for you.
Nah, that's okay, Asha.
But your allergies!
All that sneezing.
That can't be good for you.
Are you trying to take the chickens
away from me?
-You know Safi loves those chickens.
-I do.
-Are you okay, Asha?
-Something's up with you.
What are you hiding?
-Life is to be lived!
And nobody.
-What is going on in there?
-Why are you all sweaty?
You can tell us anything.
Move or we break the door down!
No, no, no.
Fine. Fine!
Last night, after everything happened...
I made a wish...
on a star.
What are you, five?
And the star answered.
That's it, ladies.
Your wings can't fly but your voices can!
Okay, ladies...
big finish!
These are my friends.
This is objectively impossible.
What? Why am I making you sad?
Simon's 18.
He's already given his wish to the King.
I can't remember what I lost.
Don't accept it.
No. Stay away. No, no, no!
Am I the only one who realizes
this is gonna end very badly?
Not if everyone keeps quiet about Star.
Magic is forbidden by anyone
other than Magnifico...
who is also the only one authorized...
to grant wishes.
Wait. Does Star grant wishes?
No, but I think it wants to help me
pursue mine.
Like a fairy godmother.
Life is not a fairytale.
What did you wish for?
No, you know what?
Don't tell us. I want no part of this.
That's the King's call to assemble.
Please, Magnifico can't know about Star.
And I promise, my wish won't harm or affect
any of you.
Or Rosas.
That's a big promise, Asha.
But we trust you.
Don't we...
Where did she go?
How does she do that?
It's okay. We won't tell anyone, Asha.
About the chickens.
We got you.
Right, Gabo?
I don't squeal.
-What are you not telling me?
-Okay. Okay.
Yesterday, I kind of challenged the King.
-It's complicated.
Dahlia, what would you do if you found out...
the wishes of those you love
with all your heart...
will never be granted?
You mean your Saba's wish.
And, thanks to me, my mother's.
I'm here to get their wishes,
so I can give them back to them.
You're here to steal from the King?
It's not stealing.
The wishes don't belong to him.
And you can't just ask Magnifico
for them back?
I think I've ruined my chances
of asking Magnifico for anything.
This is how we get food to the King's study.
It's perfect.
-A new way to climb!
-Okay, look out!
-We can't fit.
-Backing up.
Are you sure about this?
Magnifico could come back any time.
And that's why you're gonna stall him.
Please and thank you, best friend ever?
How am I supposed to stall a king?
You'll think of something.
You're a genius!
-To the left.
-Let's go up!
-I have to reach the pulley-thing.
-And we ride!
I'm sorry, that was right in your ear.
-I can't believe that light last night.
-That light was amazing.
Like nothing I've ever seen.
Quiet, quiet, quiet!
I know you are all wondering
about that little light...
last night.
A light I did not command or condone!
It was magic though quite clumsy
and amateurish.
It was also completely forbidden.
There is a traitor amongst us...
who defied the law.
They used magic to put you all at risk!
But don't worry...
they are no match for me.
And I assure you...
when caught, they will be punished...
You are awfully slow at this.
I think we're here.
Adventure awaits right outside this door!
Let's go.
Oh, no.
No, no, no. It's locked.
I'll ram it.
It hurts without horns.
What are you doing?
Star, please don't break anything.
Yes, but don't hold back.
-What's happening?
-Just go all out.
Throw magic dust everywhere!
It'll be fine.
Rosas needs you.
Any information would be most helpful.
And I know you will never, ever...
let me down.
Thank you.
Your Majesty, wait!
Yes, go on.
Hi. Hi.
Hi, I'm Dahlia.
I make your Magnifico cookies.
Fantastic. What can I do for you, Dahlia?
Thank you for asking.
You said any information would be helpful.
But pragmatically speaking, what qualifies?
How about circumstantial?
First hand? Second hand?
What about hunches?
How about hunches?
Yes, any.
Any information about who or what
caused the light would be helpful.
So, yes, hunch. Hunch away.
You said it was amateur magic...
but how come don't you know how they did it?
Perhaps you could define "amateur"?
This is about what you know.
It is about your safety...
and most importantly,
the safety of your wishes.
Do you mean our wishes aren't safe?
Of course, they're safe!
Good as new.
Hope he didn't need those.
Right, the wishes.
That's actually a door...
and Magnifico waved his hand and it just...
Okay, how about this? Nothing?
Or this?
This? Or this?
-You got it!
Star, I'm glad you are having fun...
but you have to focus.
Please, find my Saba's and mother's wishes...
as fast as you can!
How do we know our wishes are safe?
We never see them.
Why can't we see them? Why is that a rule?
And why can't we remember them?
One question at a time.
Since we're asking, what if we want
to change our wish?
Good point, wishes can change.
Let's form a line, everyone will get a turn.
You know what would comfort us?
-Another wish ceremony.
It would make us all feel so much better.
-Please, Your Majesty!
-We could do it now!
No! Not now! Bad timing!
Wishes, wishes, wishes!
Is that all you can think about?
A Wish Granting Ceremony?
Whoever identifies the traitor...
your wish will be granted!
But hear this!
Anyone who helps the traitor...
anyone who lets me down...
your wish will never be granted!
Wait! Your Majesty...
How brazenly they question me!
They only question you because
you make them feel safe enough to do so.
I'll be with the wishes.
Disturb me with nothing but good news.
I can't help it if mirrors love my face
It's genetics
Yeah, I got these genes from outer space
Peep the name, I'm magnificent
I put the "I" in omnipotent
I'm passionate, I'm not petulant
Someone praise me for my benevolence
Just look
I'd give the clothes off Benito's back
If you really needed that
I'd be the first one to volunteer
If your home were to crumble
Or if you were in trouble
I let you live here for free
And I don't even charge you rent
I clean up all your messes
And I'm always there when you need to vent
I give and give and give and give
You'd think they'd all be content
And all I really want
is just a little respect
And this is the thanks I get
This is the thanks I get
And this is the thanks I get
And this is the thanks I get
You're so brilliant
Oh, that's the least you could say
There's more, admit it
You're cute and strong and bold and brave
See this kingdom, I built it up
And you still complain? Ungrateful much?
Mmm, are you sure that you're not the prob?
I'd love to see you try and do my job
I granted 14 wishes last year
Come on, that's a high percent
And now you're questioning your king?
The disrespect I just underwent
You know, I always got your back
Yeah, really though, it's no sweat
Since the day you were born
And the day that we met
And this is the thanks I get
This is the thanks I get
And this is the thanks I get
And this is the thanks I get
I didn't wanna do this
I swore I'd never do this
But I'm hypnotized by how these pages flip
'Cause I refuse to have my power stripped
A potion, a spell, a summon, a curse?
Anything to make that light reverse
To this book I don't want to be tethered
But desperate times
Call for desperate measures
Where was I? Oh, yeah.
There's a traitor in this town
And still I remain unbent
Come on now, explain yourself
I'm sure it's all just an accident
Well, whoever finds them first
Now, that's a wish well spent
Honestly, keeping you safe
Should be worth every cent
And this is the thanks I get
This is the thanks I get
And this is the thanks I get
This is the thanks I get
Ooh, this is the thanks I get
I have just the place for us to work.
I was not afraid, Sakina.
Because, like all goats...
I believe the greater the challenge
we are willing to face...
the greater the life we live.
I know you said you didn't want to know
a wish that could never be.
But now...
you can make it be.
It's so simple...
so pure.
Asha, I know you think
you're doing a good thing, but...
I should never have given Magnifico my wish.
This belongs to me.
Asha, I may never actually inspire anybody...
but now at least I have the chance to try.
I'm going back for your wish next, Mama.
That's right, Asha.
You've been turned in.
Where is it?
Where is the star?
There's nothing here for you!
How did you do it, huh?
What sorcery did you use?
I know no sorcery.
You ripped a star from the sky...
and used it to steal from me.
The wishes don't belong to you.
You were never going to grant my Saba's wish.
And he deserves to have it back.
-They all deserve...
-I told you...
I decide what they deserve.
Please, Your Majesty.
She made a mistake. She won't do it again.
Oh, I know she won't.
Does this feel familiar, Sakina?
My wish.
Yes, your wish that you gave to me
for safekeeping...
because we all know what happens to wishes...
out in this real world.
They get crushed.
-Sakina. No!
What is this?
What a gift.
All this time, I've protected the wishes
not knowing...
the power they yield.
I feel as if I can do...
The star.
I must have it.
Let's go! Now!
-What is that?
-Is this yarn?
-Hurry, hurry.
From one domesticated animal to another...
help us!
That's it, Sakina. Hold on!
We've run out of land.
There's a boat.
Go, return to your stables.
If anyone asks, play dumb.
I say we head for the islet.
It's closest. We can hide there.
Oh, thank you.
My heart knows this feeling.
This is grief.
Oh, I didn't mean for this to happen.
I know, baby.
I was foolish to think
I could change anything.
I should never have wished.
It's true.
My wish has ruined everything for my family.
And now everyone in Rosas is at risk...
because of me.
Asha, no.
Everyone is at risk...
because of Magnifico.
Our dear Rosas.
Your father's heart would break...
for what we now know.
I know what you're thinking...
because I'm thinking it, too.
-I love you both very much.
-What is going on?
-When you get to the islet...
-...stay hidden from view.
-What are you doing?
I have to stop him.
-It's too dangerous!
I started this.
I have to finish it...
for everyone.
I cannot swim!
No, no. I have not seen a shark.
I'm just practicing.
To harness a star...
A staff.
A staff of such power, even the night
will bow to my command.
One branch of mountain ash...
bathed in Tollen's potion.
Molten iron for strength...
copper for a strike.
And most important...
the power cast
from the innocent hearts of three.
You dared to question me...
and all that I do for you.
You don't deserve to be granted.
But, through me...
you may serve a greater purpose.
My love.
Such sadness.
Amaya, darling, come! Come!
You're just in time to meet my new toy!
Now, that is power.
Am I glowing?
I feel as if I am. Yes?
How could you?
-You know the ways of forbidden magic are...
Much like I am by my own people.
By that girl.
She did this.
She pulled a star from the sky...
to destroy everything I've built.
No, she only wanted her family's wishes back.
Do you side with the traitor, Amaya?
No. No.
You know I would never side
with a traitor of Rosas.
I have believed in you
from the moment we met.
We built this kingdom together.
There is nothing more important than that.
Now, let's go set the stage.
I'm on the hunt!
You know, all of this is
just a bump in the road.
A gigantically, humungous bump.
We have to find Dahlia and the others.
All I see are feet.
Look at these poor people!
Asha stole and destroyed their wishes.
She must pay!
They say her family's gone missing.
I bet she killed them.
This whole thing feels wrong.
Your faces!
It's okay. You're okay.
It's just a play on light.
You know I love you, Rosas.
The Queen looks scared.
Okay, okay, enough play.
I think we're thinking the same thing...
Wait, discreetly!
You are all probably wondering
why you are here.
Yes, there's a savage teenager
running around with a star...
destroying wishes.
guess who bravely came forward...
and identified her.
Give a big cheer for...
Simon O'Donohue!
I know, I know!
Tell me, I was as surprised as you all.
Our sleepy little Simon here.
No need to be nervous, Simon.
Be proud! Show us your joy!
-Your Majesty?
-Oh, my.
I know, a talking mouse...
but don't panic.
I'm very clean...
and I have an important message for you.
"You once said,
'Generosity is the true essence of Rosas.'
"I can see your fear...
"but Rosas needs your help now.
"Love, Asha."
The "love" part was my idea.
Okay. Bye.
So, my dear Simon...
are you ready...
to see your wish?
To be the King's most valiant...
courageous, and loyal knight!
Just not a loyal friend.
It is my great pleasure...
to grant you your heart's desire.
-Long live the King!
-Long live the King!
Isn't that wonderful?
There are six more traitors, Your Majesty.
Dahlia, Gabo, Dario...
Safi, Hal...
and Bazeema.
Find them,
so they may pay for their betrayal.
Find Asha, so you may be rewarded.
But most importantly...
find me that star...
so I will have the power...
to grant all of your wishes!
It's a dead end.
A dead end with un-sanded mahogany.
Good find, Valentino.
My butt found it.
So, this is where you go when you sneak off,
huh, Bazeema?
Thanks for keeping it all to yourself.
Introverts deserve sanctuary.
I'm happy for you.
We're safe here.
No, we're not safe anywhere.
We're fugitives, thanks to Asha.
She said she just wanted her family
to have their wishes back.
Oh, and you believed her?
It's the truth, Gabo.
-We're all gonna die!
Hey, Asha.
Please say you didn't destroy
those people's wishes?
Of course I didn't.
It was Magnifico.
Likely story.
Wait, the King was acting awfully...
Simon looked like he was in pain.
Yeah, right before he snitched on us.
We're doomed!
Not if we fight.
You've been deceived
Magnifico is not the man he claims to be
He's more vicious
Than I could have ever comprehended
When I made a wish and Star came down
This is not what I expected or intended
But now that it's happened
I don't regret it
'Cause now I've seen him
Show his true colors
And shades of green
Saying that your wishes aren't safe
Because of me and that's a lie, lie, lie, lie
And I, I know I can't do this on my own and
If it's not us, then who and when?
If we don't fight, he knows he wins
Not allowed
Knowing what I know now
The lengths he'll go, there's no amount
I won't sit back watch this play out
That's my vow
Knowing what I know now
Get up, yah!
Know I'm not the only one
-That's fed up
-Yah! Yah!
Wait 'till they hear our feet go
Dun dun dun dun
I don't think he's prepared for what's comin'
A revolution, hit the ground runnin'
-If there's one thing he can't keep down
It's us and the strength we've found
It's too loud
Knowing what we know now
Knowing what we know now
And who, who knows if we'll succeed
But we won't stop and we won't retreat
-Or turn 'round
Knowing what we know now
Knowing what we know now
Hoo, hoo, hoo, hah
Hoo, hah, hoo
Can he tell what we're becomin'?
Hear it in the way we're drummin'
I was sweet but now I'm something else
Yah, yah, yah, yah
-Ain't it nice of us to drop in
-To take what's ours, to take it back in
-Thinks we're nothin'
-But we're something else
I've seen too many bad things
That I can't keep count
-He loves
-One thing more than himself
-His crown
Knowing what I know now
Knowing what I know now
The good in him, I've watched it melt
I was fooled by the love I felt
-So profound
-Knowing what I know
-I know
-I know
-We know now
Knowing what we know now
Your Majesty, this is Star.
You are extraordinary.
You need to know...
Magnifico has embraced a most corrupt magic.
He is intent on capturing Star.
He wants to take all of your energy
for himself.
Then Star needs to leave, like, right now.
No, no. If anyone's leaving...
it's gonna be you.
Star won't go until those wishes are free.
Does that mean you have a plan?
Of course we have a plan.
Fantasyland in the sky?
How about Neverland?
The perfect nanny for your horrible children?
Poppin' this one!
True love, how sweet.
So much for true love.
Mi Rey!
Asha and Star
have been spotted in the forest.
Is that so?
How fortunate.
Shall we gather the citizens...
so they can see you capture her?
Oh, we've been gathering them a lot lately,
don't you think?
Oh, I'm kidding!
Sound the trumpets, Amaya.
I'll bring back the girl and the star!
Okay. We must work quickly.
And quietly!
I'll lead Magnifico as far away as possible.
And as soon as he leaves the castle...
you go help the others free the wishes.
I know, okay?
I'm worried, too.
Wait. What are you doing?
Oh, a stick.
What do I do with this?
It's magic.
Thank you.
You have to go. Go now.
Okay. I can do this.
Come on, come on, come on.
Good luck, Asha!
Challenge accepted.
Through the heart we understand the world.
Oh, look, hot drinks.
-Star! You're here!
-Oh, thank goodness!
This is it, everyone.
First we open the roof...
and then Star returns the wishes.
The Queen said
we need to look for giant pulleys.
Maybe these pulleys?
Start climbing!
As my mother always said...
"If someone falls...
"leave them!"
No, buddy, we're not doing that.
You can come back 'cause I hate heights.
Oh, nice!
And away we go!
Oh, this is high.
Here. Obsidian oil...
for protection from the pages.
This reads like a recipe book...
for the foul and the savage.
Look for anything on how to break his staff,
bind his magic...
or at the very least...
break the hold it has on him.
I don't get you at all!
It won't move!
I'm trying my hardest.
Hey, Dario, buddy!
It's called a pulley for a reason!
This is no time for riddles!
Come on. It's as obvious as my baby beard.
You must pull together.
On my count.
Nine zillyboo.
Twenty alphabet.
Wait, what?
I can't count.
That's it. Give it all you've got!
Oh, he's become practically untouchable.
No metal can break his staff.
No spell can bind his magic.
And no one can bring him back from this.
"Embrace forbidden magic just once...
"and you commit to it for eternity."
I can't turn, I can't turn, I can't turn!
I can't stop staring.
Work for me, stick.
Oh, dear.
We need more weight!
Well, it's not falling if you jump.
All right, fine!
For Rosas!
Jump, everyone!
I'm gonna die!
I'm gonna live!
Are those our wishes?
-They must be.
-Oh, the wishes are free.
The wishes. She's freeing them.
Our girl.
Come on.
Saba, you're 100 years old.
But my will is strong. Yeah!
They did it!
It doesn't matter. You're too late.
Magnifico's never too late.
You really think you can take me?
Thanks, John!
Any time, Asha!
Please don't hurt me.
It's not me you should be afraid of.
Good evening, Rosas!
Wow, the stars are out tonight.
Oh, except for you.
You're trapped now, aren't you?
But you see, what can I say?
I really, really don't like being betrayed.
It is you who betrays your people!
Nope, nope, nope.
I've had enough of you.
Your Majesty!
Your little trick didn't work, Amaya.
I still got what I wanted.
What's this?
The wishes aren't yours to free.
They are mine!
Now, bow down to your king!
Star, get away from there!
Well, hello, Asha.
So glad you could join us.
How's the whole...
"taking your wish into your own hands"
working out for you?
Oh, wait.
I don't actually care.
Hello, there.
-Let's do this!
Mirrors, mirrors on the wall...
who is the handsomest?
I win.
Wishes really do come true.
You don't deserve Star!
I told you I decide!
Oh. No, you don't!
There will be no wishing on stars ever again!
In fact, there will be no more hope...
no more dreams...
and no escape.
No chance to rise up.
No one to tell any tales.
No one to challenge me ever again!
You... are...
We... are...
So, I look out at the stars
Just like me
And I'm begging you to see this as a sign
You really need to learn to give up.
'Cause I know that if you choose
To stand beside me
We'll be greater than all his magic combined
So, I make this wish
So, I make this wish
-So, I make this wish
-So, I make this wish
To have something more for us than this
We've had generations of expectations
Wondering why and wondering when
We're past dipping our toes in
We know it's do or die, it's sink or swim
We were all confusing your promises
For protection
But we know what we've got to do
Hope unchanging with our wish held high
The way you've always taught us to
No! No! No!
So, I look out at the stars just like me
And throw caution to every warning sign
What we do in this moment is defining
And we can take it on if we align
So, I make this wish
To have something more for us than this
Those are my wishes!
So, I make this wish
To have something more
For us than this
-We did it!
-They're free!
-My wish.
-It's beautiful.
I'm going to make it happen.
I can't wait to get started.
This feeling.
Come home.
There you are.
Oh, my beautiful wish.
Mama, you got your wish back.
-My baby!
I'm so happy for you.
Oh, this guy.
What do you have to say for yourself?
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I don't expect you to forgive me.
I was just so scared
I'd have to live without...
all of me.
And I wanted so badly to believe in him.
So did I.
We all did.
Never trust a handsome face.
That's why I hang out with you guys.
You get over here.
This is your King.
Amaya, thank goodness!
Do you see what they've done to me?
-Well, you do love mirrors.
-That is not funny.
Get me out of here at once.
What? After everything I've done for you,
for Rosas...
this is the thanks I get?
This is the thanks you deserve.
Hang it on the wall...
in the dungeon.
Please, no! The dungeon smells really bad!
Long live the Queen!
Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen!
Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen!
-We never needed Magnifico.
-Magnifico, Schmagnifico.
Excuse us.
This way, this way. She's just over here.
Queen Amaya, I found her!
Your Majesty.
I hear you long to fly.
Well, Peter here wants to build
a flying machine.
-You two should work together.
Let me know how I can help.
I'm just getting started.
This is more than I could have
ever dreamed possible.
I dream of a utopian metropolis
where all mammals are equal...
and wear clothes!
Wait. Where'd you go?
I know.
I'm sorry I broke it.
Wait, is that a magic wand?
Okay, thank you, but no thank you.
I am no good with magic.
I mean, I put a dress on a tree.
I will take it for her.
It's for Asha.
But what am I supposed to do with it?
Be our fairy godmother.
I mean, what else?
No, I couldn't be that.
I could?
Thank you.
And you wonder why I'm grumpy!
I'm sure she'll work on it with Star, right?
Oh, no.
I know you too well now.
You're going soon, aren't you?
So you can be there for others to wish upon.
I will miss you.
Oh, my voice is really high when I cry.
Well, soon doesn't mean tonight.
Oh, thank goodness!
That was just too much for me.
I am only three weeks old, after all.
Star, how can we ever thank you?
That's easy.
Just keep wishing.