Wish Dragon (2021) Movie Script

What is this?
Don't you know who I am?
I demand you open this gate!
Now, follow me.
Carefully, just like this.
Okay, raise your paper.
And with scales, some grass, some clouds.
Huh? Oh.
Stupid teacher.
-Hi, Mom.
-Hi, sweetie.
Hi, Dad.
There you are. Hungry? You want a snack?
Hey, Dad.
-What'd you learn?
-We learned about dragons.
-Your mom forgot you. She doesn't...
-Jimmy, stop. It's rude.
You know it's only the two of them.
She's trying her best.
I'm Li Na.
I'm Din.
You can walk home with me.
My dad's always late.
Sticks and stones, in secret codes
We speak a language all our own
We hide and seek
I follow where you go
Your heart is magic
Pure and tragic
Just like mine, but you can have it
Now until forever, not alone
Paint your dreams on an endless sky
-I'm gonna get you!
- See the world dancing in your eyes
-Which one?
-This one.
Fly, little Clucky!
I'll call you later.
No, no, you first got to
multiply the top by the bottom.
-Come here, little monkey. Up!
-Bye, Din!
Doesn't matter what we're doing
I can't stop this feeling
When you're near
-You're late!
-I had to get the stuff!
All right, scales. Oh! Roller skates!
Ready, set, awesome dragon kite!
I guess it didn't work.
Paint your dreams
On an endless sky
I see the world dancing in your eyes
Just you and me, you and me
Yeah, it's gonna be
Gonna be just you and me
Yeah, it's gonna be
Gonna be all right
Let's make a promise
to be best friends forever.
Friends forever
year by year,
upon this we will always swear.
-Come on. It's time to go.
-Dad, we said...
Li Na, we've been over this already.
I have to go, Din.
But I fixed our kite.
Come along, Li Na.
Take care, kiddo.
Bye, Din.
Eyes ahead, Na Na.
We're off to a a better life,
and we have to leave this one behind.
Okay, uh, next up, 235 Gao Shue Street.
-Thank you!
You're welcome!
-Delivery! Have a nice day!
-Thank you!
-Delivery! Welcome!
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Oh, Wei!Wei,Wei, Wei, Wei!
Din? Be careful.
What are you doing?
-Wei! Old buddy
-Dude, you gotta watch where you're going.
-Think you could get the assignment?
-You haven't been to class in two weeks.
I gotta earn extra cash
for this thing I'm working on.
Thing? Wait a minute,
does this have to do with that girl?
What? No.
Okay, it's her birthday.
I'm planning something special.
So, can you just get me
the assignment, please?
-I'll do your homework for a week.
Thanks. You're the best.
So smart and yet so stupid.
Last delivery.
Uh, hello?
Uh, hello?
Did somebody order dumpling soup?
-Um, hello?
-Come in.
It's locked.
I know.
Oh. Well, uh, I'll just
go around.
Did you order the dumpling soup?
I am a god.
but did you order the...
And I have chosen you!
For you are pure of heart.
Oh. Um.
Well, I try to be friendly.
Keep my five-star rating.
Now, will you be paying with cash or...
Take this.
It contains everything you need.
Um, actually, I need $7.35...
You dare reject the will of the gods?
Kind of
You know what? This one's on me, okay?
I really gotta run, so
Thanks for the teapot and have a nice day.
Wait. Hot sauce! Huh?
It's just not the same without hot sauce.
-Don't you have somewhere to be?
Wait, five o'clock?
How have I been here for an hour?
I gotta go!
Don't close. Please, don't close.
Kid, be realistic.
Wait! Wait, wait, wait!
Okay, thank you for your help!
-Hey. I know!
-Your mom's looking for you.
Water, water, water.
-D7 to checkmate!
See you tonight.
I said, "If you don't like garlic,
eat something else!"
"Like a napkin!"
Hey, Mom.
Here's the groceries you wanted.
Look who's here! You're late.
Oh. I, uh, stayed late
for study group, as usual.
Eat. Food for your brain.
Thanks. I'll just take this inside
and have it with a side of calculus.
Ah, look at him,
all grown up and working hard.
Little Din with a college degree.
Can you believe it?
-I only wish my son had been so dedicated.
-Such a good boy.
Doing my best.
I'm gonna go get sta...
I'm happy for you, kiddo.
Your future is all set.
-A steady job, a big paycheck!
-A shiny new refrigerator.
-A nice car.
-And a flat screen. Big one!
Now, now, stop distracting him!
-He's got work to do.
-Din! I'll be right over.
Uh, yes, so much work to do.
I better get started on that...
Here's the assignment.
The teacher said if you don't come
to at least one class this semester,
he's going to fail you.
Oh, hey, Ms. Din.
Even if you ace the final
I'm sorry.
I knew it. You've been skipping school
and lying to your mother.
What have you been doing?
Lounging in some internet cafe?
-Can you believe it?
-Such a bad boy.
You're not helping!
Why do this? You're a good student!
You could ruin your future.
-True. There goes the college degree.
-You're not helping!
-I just...
-Just what?
I was just doing a little side job.
Side job?
You have one job, and one job only.
That is to study.
-I know, but...
-But what?
What could possibly
be more important than studying?
Nothing, Mom.
-This is getting juicy.
-What did he say? I can't hear.
You're not helping!
-I know I'm hard on you, but I'm...
-You're right, Mom.
You're right.
It's there?
This can't be right.
-Uh, what are we looking for again?
-A teapot!
Open the door.
Good evening, gentlemen.
This area's off-limits.
Can I help you?
Yes, I believe you can.
Stop! Stop! Stop right there.
-Put your hands where I can see them.
I'm afraid that's not going to happen.
-Uh Okay, sir.
-You first, man.
-You're under arrest.
-Hold on a minute, there.
I'll fix that later.
Aiya. She's late again.
Oh, uh
What? Oh, that old thing.
Well, well, well.
Look who decided to show up.
Starting to take me for granted, huh?
I'm kidding.I'm kidding.
So, what do you think of the suit?
Good enough to get into the birthday party
of the famous Li Na Wang?
I think so too.
Okay, Din, tomorrow's the big day.
How are we gonna do this?
What am I gonna say?
Happy birthday, it's your best friend Din!
No, that's too strong.
Good evening, Li Na.
Will you allow me to kiss your hand?
Ugh. Man, quit being a creep, Din.
Oh yeah, sure, I'll dance with you.
Say, you look kind of familiar.
I got you a present. You still like kites?
What am I saying?
Of course she still likes kites.
Okay, just calm down.
Be honest.
Hey, Li Na. Happy birthday.
I just want to say,
it's been a long time and
I miss you.
Oh no!
Oh, gosh. Um
Hold on, I can fix this.
Oh, come on.
What was I thinking?
No, no, no!
I must look totally crazy.
It's just
I don't know what else to do.
I can see my whole life
laid out ahead of me,
and I'm trying my best,
trying to make everyone proud,
but the whole time
it feels like something is missing.
I just wish
I just wish I could keep our promise.
Tea is ready.
Wait, what? The tea is ready?
Well, that was
Greetings, great master!
The heavens have opened,
your wishes will be granted,
for I am LongZhu!
Oh, a peasant boy.
Well, this'll be easy.
Look, I know what you're thinking.
"Do my eyes deceive me?"
"A super, all-powerful,
magical Wish Dragon!"
"Could this be real? Is magic real?"
It's real.
Now that we got that out of the way,
onto the important part.
Am I am I dead?
Grandma! It's Din!
-I fell off the roof. I'm coming for you!
-No, no.
No, you're very much alive.
I am a magical Wish Dragon,
who will grant three wishes
to the owner of this teapot.
And you, sir, are my master!
So, go ahead, wish away!
Okay, you got me.
Where are the hidden cameras?
-Great joke, guys.
-Is this a hologram or something?
-I assure you not.
Do you wish for
a suit of armor made of solid gold?
It shall be so.
Do you wish
for the strength of 1,000 men? Boom!
-It shall be so.
For the finest carriage in all the land?
Pow! It's yours!
The wings of a hawk!
Or the legs of a giraffe.
Feels good up here, right?
Or anything else
that your heart desires.
I'm thinking about starting one of those...
Where they sell animals. Pet-type stores.
You going to sell Chow Chows?
That's a good dog.
No one will be selling anything
if we don't find that teapot.
Every time I try
to make casual conversation,
you guys give me a hard time.
So, you're a Wish Dragon?
How many wishes do I get?
You get three wishes.
-How do you fit in this teapot?
-Uh, it's magic. It's a magic teapot.
So small. How old are you?
-That's not...
-Where'd you come from?
-All you need...
-Look at your arms.
Why are you pink? Shouldn't you be green?
Your face is so soft. I want to touch it.
Oh, can you breathe fire?
Okay. Look, peasant boy.
I don't have time.
I'm not here to be your friend...
Whoa, you have to earn my friendship,
and frankly you're not doing a good job.
Listen carefully.
Every Wish Dragon must serve 10 masters
before they're free
to enter the spirit world.
And you are the last one.
Now, I've been stuck
in this teapot for 1,000 years.
The sooner we get this over with,
the better.
Have I made myself clear?
I'm terribly sorry, young man,
but I need that teapot.
Uh, I... I think it's his.
Only the owner of the teapot can see me.
Well, I'm sure he won't miss it.
No way. I found it. Whoa!
Not good.
I wish I knew how to fight.
Come here.
That's a good teapot.
What the
No, no, no, I didn't mean that.
I take it back.
Gimme that.
Give me that teapot right now.
Huh? Oh!
Whoa, I just kicked through a door!
Gimme! Gimme! Mine! Mine!
You little twerp!
Uh nobody's home?
I'm done asking nicely.
Are you telling me a teenage boy
out-fought two full-grown men?
-Well, sir...
-Actually, three men.
-You should have seen him.
It was 1,000 punches a minute.
Kicks everywhere.
I've never seen so many arms and legs.
This is not good.
The boy knows what he has.
Sir, if I may ask,
what exactly does he have?
That's none of your business.
I'm paying you to find it.
-That is your only concern.
-You haven't paid.
You'll be paid when I have the teapot,
beyond your wildest dreams!
Do you understand?
Forgive our incompetence, sir.
But the boy did leave something behind.
It's only a matter of time
before we find him.
Din, up now!
-How about a kick to the face?
-Huh? I said up!
-Breakfast is on the table.
Thanks, Mom.
What a crazy dream.
Din, I'm working late tonight.
So, leftovers for dinner, okay?
So, leftovers for dinner.
Stupid shoes.
Hey Mom, if you could wish for anything,
what would it be?
Din, why are you
asking silly questions? Eat.
Okay, but seriously, Mom,
if you could wish for anything.
-A big house in the countryside?
-Din, we went over this yesterday.
I want you to focus on your future.
That is what I wish for.
I'm more focused
than I've ever been in my entire life.
Hmm. Good.
Now hurry up. You're gonna be late.
-What's that face? I know that.
-I don't have a face. What?
Go to school. Stop planning things.
Um, hello?
Dragon thingy?
You in there?
Excellent work, peasant boy.
One wish down, two to go.
We could be done by lunch.
What did you do to me?
Why do I know kung fu?
You're welcome. You wish you could fight.
I made you a master.
I didn't wish for Hey, that's not fair.
You said "wish."
Oh, so just 'cause I said "wish,"
now I'm stuck with these kung fu powers?
Yes, it's all very cool.
So, onto that second wish.
Let me recommend the all-time favorite.
A giant pile of gold!
Now, repeat after me.
"I wish for" You're not talking.
"A giant pile of"
You're not saying anything.
Hey, stop rushing me.
Ah, you must be the conquering type.
I see that killer instinct in your eyes.
Easy. Just wish for
your very own personal army!
Why would I need an army?
You're quite a simple fellow.
Not to worry.
Here's one the peasant-folk love.
I can allow you to speak with a loved one
on the other side of China!
I'm a loved one.
I can't hear you. You're very far away.
-There's a wall here. It's cool, but...
-You mean, like, a cell phone?
What dark magic is this?
Where is the tiny orchestra?
How do they fit in this metal box?
Two wishes. Anything I want.
The birthday party.
I know what I want.
Wait, a wish?
Yeah, yeah, a wish.
A giant metal bird?
-What are you doing?
-Uh, riding my magical Wish Dragon. Away!
What are you doing?
If you're not gonna let me ride you,
we catch the bus.
The "bus"?
Is that some kind of animal?
-How long have you been in that teapot?
-Is it still the Qing Dynasty?
How did you get in there?
Don't ignore me when I'm talking, peasant.
It's not a little man. It's television.
What's this?
Ah, the spoils of war on display?
-What is this invisible force...
-What purpose...
-Stop light.
-What in the world?
-Ice cream.
-How is this...
-I know it's all amazing...
When you've been around
as long as I have,
there's nothing in this world
that could amaze...
"Shrimp chips."
Peasant food, no doubt.
Okay, we're here.
-You gonna make a wish now?
-I will. Just wait until we get there.
Get where?
Great Wall of China!
A giant chariot made of steel and glass!
Long, this is bus. Come on.
-Out of the way.
-My word!
-And watch your step. Carefully.
-Thank you, kind sir.
-No. There must be a better
-Long, what are you doing?
That's more like it.
Long, what are you doing?
Getting a personal carriage.
I can't afford a personal carriage,
which is why we were taking the bus.
Did you just steal my money?
-we won't make the express.
-Hey, where did you get this?
-You know, magic.
I, uh, had a really big lunch.
This is more like it!
Uh, what is this?
-That some kind of national holiday?
You mean to tell me this happens
every single day?
The sun is moving faster than us.
This is worse than my teapot.
Ugh! I'm never going to make it in time.
I wish this traffic would just...
Yes, go ahead.
Long, I'm not gonna
waste a wish on traffic!
Look, Din, you're gonna have to use...
You're gonna have to...
You're going to have to...
You're gonna have to use...
Use a wish!
You son of a cabbage farmer!
There is no place to go!
Blow your trumpet all you want.
It won't make any difference at all!
You know, Long,
we'll get there eventually.
Even if it takes all day.
All day?
I heard one traffic jam
lasted three weeks.
If only I had
a magical dragon that could fly.
I know what you're trying. Not gonna work.
I spent 1,000 years in that teapot.
I can spend hours in your traffic.
Hey, I got an idea. Why don't we listen
to the tiny orchestra while we wait?
Not gonna work, Din.
Use your wish, Din.
Careful what you don't wish for.
-Push me too far, I will not hesitate to...
-Fly everywhere?
You're amazing! Look.
Is there anything you can't do?
Well, that's very... Ah!
Anyways, where are we going?
Ah, there it is! Down there.
We're here.
-Wishing time.
I see where this is going.
Now, when choosing a palace,
it is very important that...
Uh, what are you do...
Quit goofing off. This is serious.
Okay, what's the wish?
Okay, you see her?
Hi, good evening.
-Thank you for coming.
-Li Na, happy birthday.
How are you?
That's my second wish, Long.
-I wish...
-Stop, stop, stop!
-I can't do love.
-What? No, Long, it's not...
Couple of rules.
I can't time travel, I can't kill,
and it pains me to inform you, not really,
I can't make people fall in love with you.
No, no, no, it's not like that, Long.
She's my best friend.
That's my wish.
I want my friend back.
Wait, rewind. You can wish
for anything in the whole world,
and you waste it on a friend?
What could be more important?
-Is that a trick question?
Literally anything else.
Let me think, a golden chamber pot,
a palace made entirely of jade,
an army of terracotta warriors!
Why are you wasting a wish on some girl?
Oh! That's right.
Sorry, I can't expect you to understand.
I haven't explained everything.
Down, please.
Ten years ago, a cool spring day.
A gentle breeze.
A lonely boy waits after school. Me.
Enter the girl, Li Na, throwing dumplings
and defending my honor. Then we
This is really happening.
This should be so easy.
Three wishes and I'm done.
But no, I get stuck with this simpleton.
Just look at him with his mindless grin.
So naive. So ignorant.
So stupid.
What have I done to deserve this?
And then she drove away
and I never saw her again.
It's okay, Long. I get emotional too
just talking about it.
I can't make people fall in love.
Why would I make someone your friend?
What? No, she's already my friend.
I just need to get into the party.
A wish! Why didn't you just say so?
Yeah, I wish to be aprinceling.
All right, here we go.
Stand back and it shall be so!
Done and done. Now, onto that final wish.
What is this?
What? I made you a prince.
No, no, I said princeling.
Like one of those guys
with the fancy suit,
the Rolex watch and the chauffeured car,
the personal assistant...
That's like ten different wishes.
You have two.
Fine. How about a temporary version,
just for today?
You're seriously going to wish
to be rich for 24 hours?
I don't care about that.
I just need toreconnect with Li Na.
She won't care if I'm poor.
I'm sorry I'm laughing,
but that is the dumbest thing
I've ever heard. Of course she'll care.
Yeah, well, it's my wish and not yours.
Shoot me with your magic juice.
Fine, 24 hours.
And the car.
And the personal assistant who has to do
everything I ask for the next 24 hours.
Long, you look good as a human.
Now, walking can be tricky, but...
Okay, party time.
Oh, uh.
Good afternoon.
I'd like to inquire about a customer.
Sorry, I can't give out
Follow me.
Oh, yeah.
Now, these are my kind of people.
The servants' entrance is around back.
This is amazing.
Oh, you got in.
-I've never been so humiliated in...
-Coat check, thank you.
There she is.
She looks so
-Li Na.
-It's so good to see you again.
How does it feel to be 19, dear?
Oh, well, I've actually been feeling
really confused lately...
Great, dear. What would you say
about being the new face of Shin Makeup?
Actually, I no longer rep products
that use animal testing.
-Where's your father?
-Li Na?
I'll have him sign the contract.
-Li Na!
-It's so great to see you again!
I want to talk about your future.
I've been thinking about my future.
Inflatable bras, the future of fashion.
I want you to be a part.
-Yeah, I'm not sure...
-That's great!
I'll have a shoot scheduled ASAP.
-Happy birthday!
-It's so... Oh, it's you, Buckley.
We're halfway through the list.
You're doing great.
Yeah, great. Any word from my dad?
He's working hard, just like we are.
So, how about a little bit less of this,
and more of this!
All right, Din. Here we go.
Got it. Game face.
-Whoo. Here we go!
-Hi, Li Na! Happy...
Hi, it's so great to see you again.
-Oh, I feel that same way. So...
-This is just the greatest day of my life.
Uh, wow, you too?
Uh, wait, before I forget,
I brought you a little something.
-Hi, it's so good to see you again.
-Actually, we never met.
-If I may?
-Hi, it's so great to see you again.
So, how's your best friend?
I I don't know what happened.
She didn't even recognize me.
Great. Dreams crushed.
We're done here, right?
I'll have two to go.
Ladies and gentlemen, time for a treat.
If we could have the birthday girl
and her father come to the dance floor
There she is.
And now her father, Mr. Wang,
come to the stage.
Calling Mr. Wang!
-Come on, Dad. Don't be shy.
-Mr. Wang?
Mr. Wang, come on down!
I'm sure he'll be here any second.
Mr. Wang.
Wang? Do I have the right name?
What kind of father doesn't show up
to his daughter's birthday?
-I know.
-Come on.
-We gotta do something.
-Mic was on. I apologize.
Ladies and gentlemen,
if I could have your attention here.
It's time for the entertainment portion.
Long, make some smoke. Lights.
From the streets of Shaolin,
kung fu like you've never seen it before.
Introducing the great master!
Trained in the art of Dragon Style.
Now, everyone,
keep your eyes on the stage as I
Uh, that's it.
Show's over. Thank you, folks. Bye!
Personal assistant.
Never been so insulted.
Lucky number eight!
Sir, caviar crme anglaise amuse-bouche?
You don't have
any, uh, shrimp chips, do you?
Uh, no.
Oh, no.
What's a man like you
doing all by himself?
So true. Who needs wine
when you have good company?
I believe you've misunder...
I don't normally
move this fast, but
Sorry, must run.
Li Na?
Oh, handsome?
Playing hard to get, I see.
Water. Water. I just need water.
Where's that kid?
-Li Na, is that you?
-Go away. I'm busy.
Ah, yeah, I can see you're busy.
Yes, very busy.
Okay, I I just
I'm the one who did
that whole kung fu thing.
I was just trying to
I know what you were trying to do.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Here, take this.
Thank you.
Just just one night
out of the whole year,
I thought maybe he could make time.
I don't know why I'm letting it get to me.
I'm sorry.
This is so embarrassing.
I don't normally cry like this.
Here, you got a little something
on your face.
Yeah, it's not really coming off.
I'm sorry.
I must look totally crazy.
No, no.
I just don't know what else to do.
It's like, I can see my whole life
laid out ahead of me,
and I'm trying my best,
trying to make everyone proud,
but no matter how hard I try,
I just feel like
Something is missing.
There you are, snake eyes.
I'm sorry, do I...
Oh! Ah!
Oh, jeez, are you okay?
I'm fine.
I'm sorry for being so rude.
I don't think I got your name earlier.
Have we met before?
Um, well, actually
There you are. Miss Wang, thank goodness.
Just in time.
Your father will be here any second.
-He made it?
-Uh, yes.
Li Na! There you are.
-Oh. Hi, Dad.
-Buckley informs me the party was perfect.
Oh! Uh, yes, it was.
-Thank you, Dad.
-You had a good time?
Yes, of course.
I spoke to everyone you wanted me to
and I think I was able to make
some really important connections.
Hello? Hello? Ah, there we go.
Here, I brought you something special.
Oh! Uh
-Here you are.
-Go ahead. Open it!
I had to send my assistant
to half the jewelers in Shanghai.
It's true.
-I know you appreciate something special.
-Oh, of course.
Just as much as last year.
Thank you, Dad.
Oh, uh, did I?
Na Na, I'm sorry. You know, I...
Well, you can never have too much
of a good thing, right?
Excuse me,
I I didn't see you there, young man.
Allow me to get you a closer look, sir.
Here you are.
Good quality leather,
excellent suit, Rolex.
And what's the family business?
Uh, dumplings!
I mean, Dumpling House.
I mean, restaurants in general.
All of them.
Ah, a young man of means, I see.
Reminds me of myself.
You two should have lunch.
-Uh, yes.
-Of course. I'd love that.
Let's have arrangements made.
Forgive my manners.
I didn't get your name.
Oh, I'm
-Pleasure to meet you, Dan.
Where would you like to go?
The Pearl Tower's excellent.
I have a reservation...
-Excuse me, sir. A very important call.
-Just give me a few minutes.
Sir, they said they need to talk now.
Put them on.
Good evening, sorry to keep you waiting.
So, um, would you really like to...
Yes. Yeah.
See you tomorrow, Dan.
We talked and it was just like old times.
We made arrangements
to have lunch. Can you believe it?
I can't believe
you didn't explain what a toilet is.
Everything is going to plan!
Oh, really, Dan.
Uh, I'll come clean when the time's right.
You're not gonna,
because there is no right time.
You're the peasant, she's the princess.
Tale as old as time.
And we all know how that ends.
-No, not good. Terribly. Horribly!
Long, we have a special bond
that runs deeper than money or status.
Why'd you lie?
Well, I uh
I'll tell you.
Because the minute Li Na finds out
who you are, this will all fall apart.
You should learn
to have faith in humanity.
I've been around for 1,000 years.
I know how humans work. Not you.
-Poor Long. I see your problem.
-You're my problem.
I wouldn't expect your tiny,
reptilian brain to understand
the power of human friendship.
It's okay. I'll be your first
and only friend. Come here.
I had a million friends
when I was human. Oh, no.
-were you a...
-Yes, yes, I was human.
For heaven's sake,
have you even looked at the teapot?
And I was the best human ever!
One of the most beloved, respected lords
in history! You know why?
-You had a lot of friends?
I had all the wealth and land and power,
and everyone loved me for it.
Wait, if you're so great,
why haven't I heard of you?
We... Well, obviously some jealous rival
took credit for everything after I died.
You died.
The heavens made you a Wish Dragon?
Yes, as a reward.
-You don't seem happy.
-I'm very happy.
So, if you would just use your last wish,
and wish for the same thing
as every other master,
then I can be done
and leave this wretched world.
And finally return back to heaven,
where everyone is waiting to welcome
the great emperor home with a parade.
They have parades in heaven?
My point is there's a simple solution
to every problem in the world.
Including yours. Use it.
So, that's what you've learned
after all these years?
Crap, ten o'clock?
My mom's getting off work.
Long, we gotta go! Hurry! Let's go!
Sir, surely you can
extend the loan one more week.
I promise, I can pay you back, sir.
Please, sir. I'm begging you.
This company is my life's work.
I have a family and a respons...
-Is everything all right, sir?
-It's fine.
just don't tell Li Na about any of this.
Well, have you found it?
We've located the boy's apartment, sir.
Yes, and?
There's no way he can come or go
without being caught.
Okay, in the teapot. Everything's normal.
-Lights on.
-Think you can bring Li Na to this dump?
Quiet, you! Homework out.
Her fridge is bigger than this apartment.
If you're not gonna say
something helpful, don't say anything.
She's here!
Uh, your suit.
Huh? Oh, no!
Din, I brought you some
Hello, Mother.
Sure is hot out tonight, isn't it?
No, it's freezing.
You coming down with something?
Oh, no. Just studying.
Okay. Here.
-I'll heat you up some leftovers.
-Li Na will love leftovers.
-Hey, stop it!
-Stop what?
Uh, stop worrying about me. I'm fine.
You don't seem fine.
-How was school?
-Great. School was great.
You lie to everyone, not just yourself.
-Leave me alone.
No, Mom. I was just
-You know where to find me.
-talking to somebody else.
Din, I'm going to ask you a question.
Remember, I'm your mother.
You can tell me the truth.
Are you
drinking alcohol?
-No. Gimme that! I'm not drinking.
-Where are you hiding it?
Don't lie to me!
Staying out late! Skipping school!
-You're acting crazy all the time.
I am your mother!
I know when something is wrong.
-What is it?
-Nothing is wrong!
Just tell me the truth.
Whatever it is, I can help.
Mom, you can't.
Believe me.
You can't.
Go to your room.
Don't come out
if you're going to disrespect me.
-I wasn't...
I hate this place.
-They're really going at it.
-Bring that chair.
Popcorn, anyone?
I can hear you.
you need a real dinner.
Sorry, Mom.
Hey, little buddy. You're so cute.
You have family? Are you hungry?
You're such a cute, fluffy,
little, hairy-faced
-It's him! Wake up!
-Huh? Huh?
-Hey, boss! Boss!
-Hey, boss!
-The boy!
Okay, Din. You can do this.
Just tell her the truth.
Good evening, sir.
-Oh, hey, Dan!
-Sir, may I take your jacket?
-My jacket? I just got this.
Good one, Dan.
Yeah, good one.
Sure. I have plenty more of these at home.
-Thank you. Here you are.
Sorry about all the fuss.
My dad insists on "only the best."
Actually, Li Na,
there's something I need to tell you.
I know what you're gonna say.
-You do?
It's so nice to meet someone
from a respectable family
that you enjoy talking to, right?
-Madame, your table is ready.
Right. Respectable.
Long, I'm supposed to be
from a respectable family.
No. What? I'm shocked. I'm stunned.
-It's exactly what I predicted.
-I need your help.
You were from royalty. Tell me what to do.
Fine. Do exactly what I say.
-Okay. Deal.
-Sir, could I offer you a hot tow...
You shouldn't let commoners talk to you.
-Sir, I just...
Wanted to offer you a hot towel.
Sir, you just...
Madame, your table.
Demand another table,
claiming it's far superior.
Li Na, this table simply won't do.
Allow me to show you another one.
This is the table for the hors d'oeuvres.
Well, you tell Mr. and Mrs. Hors D'oeuvres
that this is our table.
Dan, you're such a funny guy.
Uh, are you sure you didn't mean
suave, classy, respectable.
You're too good. I'm gonna cry.
I would have her executed
for mocking royalty.
I appreciate you trying
to make this place interesting,
but how about somewhere else?
Somewhere else? Like more fancy than this?
Not good enough?
-Well played, child.
-No, like, a walk or something.
May I take your order?
-Spare no expense. Money's no object.
-One of everything.
Sir, there are over 600 items on our menu.
-Better make that three.
As you wish, sir.
So, listen, Dan, about last night,
sorry for acting so weird.
To be honest, it's nice
to have someone who listened.
Ignore her and she's yours.
Look. Rich people
never pay attention to anyone else.
All they talk about is their own business,
how much money they make.
-It's almost an art form.
-Are you listening to anything I said?
Not a word.
Um, okay, well, I was saying
it was really nice to talk to you
We're close, Din.
Tell her how many palaces you own.
Let me stop you. Did I tell you
just how respectable my family is?
-Your first entree.
For nothing.
Dan! You know what?
-You're just not who I thought you were.
-Wait, Li Na.
I don't understand.
That worked on all 17 of my wives.
-I can explain.
-What now?
I, uh
We should
We should go for that walk.
Maybe a run!
Bon appetit!
Hop on.
Who were those men?
Probably out to kidnap us for a ransom.
Come on. This way.
Oh, no.
You've always wanted
to be in a street fight.
-Stay calm.
-Come on, please.
Look what I found!
Look at me.
How did I become a piata?
-I think we lost them.
So, when exactly
were you going to apologize, Dan?
The other way! Other way!
Li Na, I really do want to say I'm sorry.
Sorry for what exactly?
Sorry for acting like such a jerk.
Apology accepted.
Now, get him, Dan.
Kick him right in his stupid face!
Kick him!
Hand over the teapot, kid.
I didn't sign up for this.
If you made your last wish, we... Oh, no.
This literally could not get any wo...
-Good one.
-Ah. Thanks.
Eat metal, dirt bag!
How do you like them apples, huh?
Trust me.
-Li Na, I think we're gonna have to...
Don't worry. We got this.
Oh, no!
Oh, my God!
You know what, Dan?
This is turning into a pretty good date.
Oh, no!
-Are you okay?
-I think so.
I'm fine. Thank you for asking.
Oh, boy.
What happened?
Time's up, Dan.
What happened?
Well, we jumped off a building.
We almost died.
-Your 24 hours are over.
-We beat up some gangsters.
-Okay, that was mostly you.
You gotta teach me some of that kung fu.
Wait, what happened to your suit?
Look, Li Na.
There's something I need to tell you.
You have one more wish.
You don't have to do this.
My real name isn't Dan.
You're Din.
I'm sorry.
But why did you lie?
I wasn't planning to. I just
I was worried that if you found out
it was, well, just me,
everything would end.
So, you still live around here?
In that same old shikumen?
I told you this wouldn't end well.
I remember this alley.
We used to take a shortcut through here
on the way home from school.
Uh, yeah.
And Mrs. Chu would sell
those roasted yams.
Hey, look at that! It's Mrs. Chu!
Hi, Mrs. Chu. It's Li Na Wang.
-Do you remember...
-One buck, two yams. No bargaining!
-Some things never change.
Sold! Next.
-Ow, ow.
So good!
Hold on, is that
No way!
Yeah, new decade, same sweatpants!
Hey, Din, what do you think
about a little race?
-Three, two, one, go!
Not fair.
So, your old apartment
has to be right around the corner.
Oh, I don't know
if that's such a good idea.
-Hey Weijing, you have any green onions?
-Hi, Mrs. Song.
I'm sorry. Do I know you?
Hey, Mom. So, uh, surprise!
We have an unexpected visitor.
A girl? That's why you're acting crazy?
All this time worried you were drugged out
in some internet cafe. It was a girl.
-It's Li Na!
-Just a...
Li Na? What are you doing here?
Just visiting an old friend.
Well, where are my manners? Come in.
You and I are not finished.
-She's so pretty now.
-Like a princess.
Well, her nose is a little flat.
Start with this.
-You really shouldn't go to...
-You're skinnier than a broom handle.
-I wasn't expecting...
-Li Na!
Did you know Din puts flowers
on Clucky's grave every year?
Mr. Huang, cut it out.
I did not know that.
He's so cute. He even cries a little.
I am not crying. I am mourning.
-He even brings flowers.
-A tiny bouquet!
Come in.
What? You're saying that's not my son?
You knew. Don't lie to me.
You were lying to me this whole time.
You just wanted
to inherit my dad's business.
-Right. I will.
-I know what you did!
You think you can fool me?
I saw you with that guy.
You have no idea.
I should've listened to my mother.
-I am your mother.
Oh, wow. Oh!
It's like a time machine up here.
Yeah, sorry. This is the only place
I can get peace and quiet.
You'll never have peace.
Because the ghost
of Clucky will always haunt you!
No, Clucky! You're dead.
Are you gonna cry?
Are we gonna see tears now?
I regret nothing. You were delicious.
You're gonna know
what regret tastes like.
Get away from me, you ghost chicken.
-Why did you eat me?
-It was Li Na. She made me do it.
Selling me out.
-That's cold.
-It was your idea.
Yeah. I guess we had
a lot of crazy ideas back then.
Huh? Oh!
Hey, do you remember that promise we made?
-The pinky...
-Of course!
How'd it go? Um
Friends forever, day by
Year by year,
upon this we will always
-Are you okay?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
Sorry, I wasn't expecting
my own giant face.
So embarrassing.
Don't be embarrassed.
When I first saw that, I almost fell over.
But it's been nice.
Kind of like you were back.
But, you know, giant and glowing,
and super glamorous.
Doesn't hold a candle
to the real thing, though.
What do you say we go for a real date?
No Dan or any of that.
Where have you been?
The shoot starts in an hour!
What happened to your hair?
I'm sending a car!
I had a really wonderful time tonight,
but I have to go.
-Thanks for letting me borrow this.
-Keep it till next time.
No, really, I...
Not like I'm not gonna see you
for another
ten years.
the truth is,
I have this whole other life now.
You know? A career.
A future that my dad
worked really hard for.
Certain expectations I have to meet.
Let me guess.
I don't meet those expectations.
You don't understand.
I I'm just trying to be
I'm sorry.
Hey, Din.
Did you know that shrimp chips
don't actually have any shrimp
in the ingredients?
things are simpler when you're children.
But you're older now.
And, well,
you have to be realistic.
Good news, Long.
You can finally be rid of me.
I'm ready for my third wish.
You are?
Make me rich.
Piles of gold.
However you do it.
-I thought it wouldn't matter.
That she wouldn't care.
That was stupid.
Give me the gold,
and I can have some of that good life.
People will treat me with respect.
Heck, I'm sure everyone will want
to be my friend then.
Are you sure?
Am I sure? You've been telling me
to make this wish since we met.
Well, you were right. Okay? I was wrong.
There you go, that's my wish.
Just grant it, and you can
go back to your spirit world
and your stupid parade in the sky.
Just grant the wish, Long.
Din, I'll grant your wish.
But first,
there's something I need to show you.
You found the boy.Where is he?
-At the Pearl Tower, sir.
-Yeah, with a girl.
-But I'm afraid he escaped again.
-What? How?
Hey, that doesn't belong to you.
Listen to me. I am out of time. I need...
-Li Na! Aren't you supposed to be at...
-I'm sorry, Dad. We really need to talk.
Of course.
-I'm just on a very important call.
Do you remember when we lived
in that oldshikumen?
-I know we didn't have much but...
-Don't worry, Li Na.
We'll never go back to that life.
But, Dad, don't you evermiss those days?
Wha... Where is all this coming from?
That that young man last night,
the one you arranged a date with,
that was Din.
From our old neighborhood?
And he's the one who took you
to the Pearl Tower.
Yes, and I know what you'll say.
You'll tell me to stay away
and to leave that old world behind,
but the truth is,
I think we might be happier if...
Li Na, everything's going to be all right.
I'm gonna go talk with Din.
-Bring the van in two minutes.
Dad, are you okay?
-What's going on?
-Don't worry.
I'm going to fix everything.
Where are you going?
What is this place?
-This was my home.
I was born into royalty.
I learned from a young age
that gold is power.
So, I set my sights
on expanding my fortune
and let nothing stand in my way.
My subjects were loyal
and worked tirelessly year after year.
My daughters were married
to the finest families,
to expand the kingdom's glory.
And my son, I sent off to win treasure.
He came home a hero.
Soon, I had more gold, more land,
and more monuments
than any lord who had come before me.
And yet,
as I laid on my deathbed,
I awaited the parade
of loyal subjects and loving family.
But there was none.
With my last breath,
I cursed all who had forgotten me.
I arrived at the gates to the spirit world
and awaited
a great procession to welcome me.
I demand you open this!
Instead, the gods transformed me
into a Wish Dragon.
Not as a reward,
but as a punishment.
I was imprisoned and sent down to Earth
to serve ten masters
and learn the true meaning of life.
And to be honest,
all these years,
all these masters,
I have been failing.
Until I met you.
I don't know the meaning of life.
But the things you care about,
your friends, your family,
are worth more
than anything I ever possessed.
And no amount of gold can ever buy that.
It's your wish, Din.
Make sure it's what you really want.
Mr. Wang? What are you doing here?
Please, give me that.
I don't have time for any more games.
They work for you?
No one's going to get hurt,
but I need those...
Stay away from my friend.
Finally, I'm saved.
What's wrong with you?
I told you not to hurt the kid.
I've been bowing to others my entire life.
And now, everyone will bow to me.
No! No! No! No!
-Mr. Wang.
-Dragon, I summon you.
Din, Din!
I'm your master now.
And I know my first wish.
No! Oh, my God.
What happened to you?
-Get in the teapot.
-Li Na.
-No, no, no.
Call an ambulance!
You're gonna be okay.
Li Na, listen to me.
I'm sorry.
I tried to save it,
but the business is bankrupt.
I wanted you to have everything.
And now, I've left you with nothing.
I never needed any of that.
All I ever wanted was my dad.
All I wanted was you.
One touch and you're done, kid.
Yeah, get him, boss. Touch him.
Touch him good.
Ooh, sparks.
Long, I summon you.
Ah! Whoa!
Uh, dragon guy? I summon you.
Din! Din?
I wish for enough puppies
to open a pet store.
Yes, puppies!
It shall be so!
Hey, little fella! I'll name you Teddy.
No, bad Teddy! Bad boy!
Hey, boss! I got the teapot!
Don't let the boy get it!
-Help us! Summon the dragon!
-Wish for something! A gun, anything!
Wish? Dragon? Summon?
-Dragon guy.
I wish I had longer legs.
Um, okay.
Are you joking?
I summon you!
I command you to throw this kid off.
I cannot intervene. You're not my master
until you have sole possession.
-Let it go.
Let it go!
Long, Long, I can't see you!
There's no need to die tonight, kid.
Come work for me.
I'll give you all the gold you want.
-We're both wishing for the same thing.
No, we're not.
I don't need gold.
I have something
more important to wish for.
I need that teapot.
Well, at least you'll make
a good statue in my office.
Long, no!
What's happening?
Welcome, LongZhu.
-What's going on? Where am I?
Your service as a Wish Dragon is complete.
Complete? I haven't finished.
I haven't finished my tenth master.
You have put the needs of another
before yourself
and shown us that you understand
the meaning of life.
You are now free
to enter the spirit world.
Is that a
In your honor.
No, I can't! I have to go back.
Turn me back into a Wish Dragon!
I have one more wish to grant.
Ridiculous. The laws of heaven forbid it.
You're ridiculous!
Old man in a skirt.
-This isn't a skirt!
-Send me back!
You dare reject the will of the gods?
Fine. If you're not gonna
send me back, I'll go myself!
-Stop that!
-Stupid clouds.
Stop stop that this instant!
Ah! My friend needs me.
We will permit you to return.
But only under one condition.
Your final wish,
great master.
I wish
Dad? Dad!
There you are, Maurice.
Here we got Pocket and Mr. Pants.
And all 234.
Wow, nice puppies.
Nice legs.
-Thanks. Toodles.
Din, I
When I said that you needed
to be more realistic, I didn't mean that...
It's okay, Mom.
I'm sorry I can't give you a better life.
You've given me a lot, Mom.
Everything that matters.
it's late and, uh, we should have dinner.
Mr. Wang?
-What are you doing?
-Is Din all right?
Din, what trouble have you started now?
No, no. No trouble at all.
I just came to apologize.
I know what you did.
Thank you.
Ah, well, where are my manners?
Sit, sit, sit!
-We were about to have dinner.
-You don't have to.
Nonsense. Nonsense. It's my pleasure.
And besides, we haven't had guests
in, well, a couple hours!
They're much too young
to be holding hands.
Shut up!
Here, you look like you could use
a good, home-cooked meal.
This is the most delicious soup
I've ever tasted.
Na Na!
Na Na! Well, what do you think?
It's too much, isn't it? I'll get another.
It's great, Dad.
Put it up in the front window.
-Yes! By tomorrow or no deal.
Okay, hurry up with those dumplings.
You, step aside.
Good job.
Din! Hello? Where are the teacups?
-We open in ten minutes.
-I'm on it.
Teacups, teacups, teacups.
Greetings, great master.
Oh, a peasant child.
Long, what are you doing?
You're supposed to be in the spirit world.
Yeah, uh, about that,
uh, things got a little complicated.
So, I'm back!
Back? To serve another ten masters?
You guessed it.
But, you've been waiting 1,000 years
just to get through those gates.
I know, there was a paradeand everything,
but you had one more wish.
It was the only way.
You gave all that up for me?
This is what I want.
For the first time, it feels like
I have a little wisdom to offer.
Maybe make a difference down here.
Besides, there are no shrimp chips there,
and I still haven't ridden
in one of those metal birds,
and no air conditioning.
No air conditioning in heaven!
There's actually plenty of...
Thank you, Long.
Thank you.
Din, why is there
a pile of broken teacups in the...
Know what? I don't want to know.
Okay, Din, let go.
Let go, Din.
See you soon, Long.
I am a god.
What are you looking at?
A god, that's what.
All that I could want
I got right here
What would I make a wish
I don't want more than this
Everything about you is topsy
Boy, you are the world
Every last diamond and pearl
I can't stop singing, singing
Got me dancing on the ceiling
All the best things are free
Smile don't cost a thing
Can't put a price tag on a feeling
Go ahead and move me
Clap your hands and feel the beat
Do, do, do your thing
Like I got nowhere to be
You, you, you and me
We got more than any king
Got a priceless energy
Taking over me
And I can't stop singing, singing
Got me dancing on the ceiling
All the best things are free
Smile don't cost a thing
Can't put a price tag on that feeling