Wish For Christmas (2016) Movie Script

- Good morning, everyone.
- Good morning.
Advent is the time we
anticipate the coming of Christ...
... we light the first candle as a reminder
to stop and prepare our hearts...
... to celebrate Jesus' birth at Christmas.
And we prepare knowing
... that the Nativity is just a precursor...
... to the day Heaven
and Earth will be reunited.
Charles Dickens said
I will honor Christmas in my heart.
... and try to keep it all year.
This year...
... let's have Christmas change
the way we live our lives.
And now I'd like to invite my
brother's family the MacLarens...
... to come up and light
the first Advent candle.
That's great!
So I haven't heard from you about
those foreclosure cases with our bank.
We could really use the
two of you representing us.
Put some muscle behind
this thing, you know?
That's not our kind of deal Turner.
We represent clients who
can't afford the legal services.
That's exactly why
I should take this case.
Put some money in your coffer
then go do some more pro-Bono work.
We have plenty...
and it's not about the bottom line.
Let Christmas change
the way we live our life.
Maybe I can figure out a way
to sweeten this deal a little bit.
I wouldn't hold your breath.
Some day, some day...
He's a businessman, through and through.
Even at church!
- Hey! A beautiful service today, brother.
- So am I.
Thanks for coming.
Hey Anna!
Hey uncle Paul.
I'm great. Thanks for asking.
Anna, honey. People are
important than your phone.
Mom, I am talking to people!
- Hey you guys!
- Hi!
Ok, so I'm not going to make
it for bible study this week
because I can't seem to pick
up babies early these days.
Oh no! Oh you know what.
Bring Hazel and Anna can babysit.
MacLaren creed.
- Serve selflessly.
- That's right!
Thanks Anna!
- Goodbye.
- Bye.
Thanks a lot mum!
Come on family, let's go.
Get some food.
- Good morning honey.
- Good morning sweetie.
- Is this tie too bold?
- Honey you are bold.
You know Judge Graham.
The man put people's ties on trial.
I like it!
Very Christmassy.
I'm not sure it's appropriate.
I think that was easy this time.
That tie just saved us a morning fight.
So what exactly are the plans
for when she's in college?
- I thought you could be her roommate.
- Oh!
Because you don't look a day older
than the day that I met you.
No way!
Total freedom next year.
You will not be scouting around my campus.
And I will wear whatever clothes
I want and do whatever I want.
- How did you change so fast?
- I was prepared.
Okay... hey roommates...
We have not had 10 minutes
together as a family, please.
Thank you, okay.
Luke 1 says:
"John the Baptist was a child
Elizabeth had waited for. "
"And he was the man God used
to prepare the way for Jesus. "
"This year prepare your
hearts for Christmas
by preparing a way for Jesus".
Ah! We haven't prayed yet.
- I hate all these rules.
- Okay, they're not rules.
- Anna, they're our way of life.
- Keep it short, Mom.
Let's pray.
Thank you dear Lord for this food.
Thank you for blessing our day.
May we spread "light" wherever we go.
- Amen.
- Amen!
And you're still ours
for the rest of the year.
Wish it wasn't.
I wish I wasn't still at home.
I need to get to school and
start planning the decorations
for the town's winter ball.
You're in the committee this year?
Well, once the pick us.
That is so exciting. You
have such a creative mind.
You're definitely a leader, honey.
They would be lucky to have you.
Well, it's gonna be the best
ball this town has ever seen.
- I gotta go. I'm gonna be late.
- Bye, honey.
Can I have some money for Starbucks?
You know what. Your mom actually
just made a fresh pot of coffee.
Love lavishly.
Anna, you know that's
not what that means.
But I'll tell you this...
If you babysit for
Rebecca at bible study...
we will give you the money for Starbucks.
- Can I get an advance?
- Nice try, Anna!
Have a good day
at school, sweetie.
An advance!
Hey, Anna.
- Colton!
- What's going on?
Nothing. Just... putting
my gym clothes away.
I thought you didn't
have gym this semester?
Did you want to ask me something?
- I would love to go to the ball with you.
- Great!
I've, er...
Never asked somebody without
having to actually ask them.
- Text me the deets.
- Yes, awesome.
- I'll see you in science.
- Yup.
He asked you?
All I asked for
was a one red rose.
Can't you guys take instructions?
When we're planning
decorations for the ball,
I need to know that you're
paying attention to what I want.
Meredith! Save it for when I have to give my speech.
Your speech?
Yeah! My speech.
I mean, who else wiould do it?
Well, there are a lot
of people in this town.
Someone from the Decorating Committee
always gets to give a speech, Rachel.
Last year, the Knitting Club
decoration design got picked and...
I don't this town could survive
another one of those speeches.
So we better get picked and...
I'll give a speech.
There was yarn everywhere.
My grandma started collecting
it and she made me this sweater.
And that's why it should
never leave the closet.
At least she doesn't have
to get change at school.
cos her parents just lets
her wear what she wants.
I can't believe you
just said that out loud.
Don't ever say that again, Rachel.
What's this?
Hey Ava.
Dustin wants to know if you
want to go to the ball with him.
Dustin asked me that?
- Ask him?
- Yup.
Oh, and he told me to give you this.
Why did he pick a carnation?
You should go over there
and give him your answer.
Okay, maybe we could all go together.
I'll go along if
someone would company.
it's cool to make him wait.
Bringing Light to the Law
- Hello, bringing light to the law.
- Amen.
We have a date to change lives.
Rebekah, I need you to
pull all the foreclosure
files for the last 18 months.
Yes of course.
- I had a bit of an accident today.
- Oh no! What kind of accident?
I rear-ended someone on my
way to work this morning.
Well, at least you're okay.
You're okay right?
Oh yeah!
I'm fine. It's...
- My car is the one in trouble.
- Well...
We can replace your car,
we can't replace you.
That is true.
Look! If it's okay with you, I'd like
to bring it to the shop by 2 pm today.
How about this? Why not I go
with you and I'll drive you back.
Even better.
Thank you so much.
Don't mention it.
- What do you think of this tie?
- It's fine!
I like it!
You will not believe
what I just found out.
The Winter Ball has been
moved to Christmas Eve night!
What? That's impossible!
- This is gonna be so much fun!
- Yeah!
This isn't fun!
It's a disaster!
It's Christmas Eve night.
Oh Anna, that's right!
You'll have to go to church.
You guys will have to go too.
I already asked. I can go.
I'll be able to go.
Oh Anna, you wouldn't be able to miss
church for you on your death bed.
I'd better start planning my speech.
Oh! I have a great idea for the theme.
It should be a trip to the North Pole.
Good idea, yeah with reindeer.
And thick snow and everything
can be really sparkling.
Oh yes, it looks perfect.
Can't you read?
This isn't a trash can.
It's a tin of salvation.
It's where people put their
change so other people can get it
and be changed.
- That's worth 5 cents.
- That was just worth 5 cents.
It's worth 5 cents she says
well not after I got to walk
to the recycle center...
deal with the crazy guys that run it
and wait in that line, then
you know what it's worth?
And I'm losing money.
This... is trash.
Yeah, have a Merry Christmas, princess.
Are you sure they're plugged in?
Man, why do they still
make lights like this?
The question is, why did I buy them?
Hey, look.
I think I need some legal help.
Oh yeah?
You know, I get a little behind in my
mortgage. The bank keeps calling me.
And I keep telling them I'm
gonna get caught up but...
They sent me this huge packet in the mail
and I just can't make any sense out of it.
- Did you ever get the gist of it?
- Yeah, get out of the house.
They want you out of your house.
Dad, what are you talking about?
Come on, Colton, you know
we've been struggling.
Yeah, but I didn't
know it was like this.
- I thought I could turn it around sooner.
- Yes.
Don't worry.
I got your back.
Yeah, we got your back.
We're gonna help you find
that burned out bulb.
That's the thing. If one bulb
doesn't work, the whole strand's out.
- Colton asked me to the Christmas Ball.
- Really?
That's great. All right.
You forgot to text me.
- So text me.
- Okay, I will.
- I promise. I'll talk to you later.
- Okay.
Hey buddy.
Bringing light to the law.
- Gotta change into my mild-mannered self.
- Anna!
- You got to help me, please.
- Just a second.
I'm in so much trouble.
I really messed up.
What happened?
I emailed legal documents
to our physician.
- How?
- I don't know.
And I'm freaking out because...
I know this is going
to be the end of me.
Not even your parents can
overlook something like this.
Have you done anything
since you have sent it?
Okay. Let me in.
Just start to download a plug-in
and then apply to the email.
And then you can undo
the list of email.
- Fixed!
- You fixed it?
Thank you Lord.
You have got to be kidding me.
I'm so disappointed!
- Okay, everybody, I present to...
- Okay, wait, wait, hang on honey.
Rebekah's freezing.
- Mom, then you're going to be freezing!
- No, I'm gonna be fine.
- Thank you.
- Put this on. Here you go.
Okay! You're on.
Okay everybody. I present to you this
year's annual bringing light to the law.
May we carry the spirit of
Christmas all year round.
On three.
1, 2, 3...
Merry Christmas!
So good!
Oh shoot!
I'm gonna be late to get Hazel.
No no no! You keep it.
It looks great on you.
- I can have it?
- Yes, please.
And thank you so much
for lending me your car.
Oh, you're welcome sweetie.
- Bye.
- Bye!
That's right, Anna.
You're gonna have to be seen...
driving in your car with
your parents next to you.
Tragic, isn't it?
Now you owe me a favour.
I tell you what. How about I just
forget about your little wardrobe change
and we can call it even.
Alright, let's go.
37 cents!
What's wrong with people?
They used to care.
Well, it's gonna be
a long night for me.
Who's your designer jacket.
I want it.
You have two coats.
Give one to the poor.
- If you have extra food...
- Oh, convertible!
If you have extra food, Anna...
give it to those who are hungry.
Give generously.
- Hey, Merry Christmas!
- Hey, Merry Christmas!
- Hold on. Hold on.
- Hey, let's give him something.
It's okay sweetie, it's okay.
There you go!
Appreciate it, brother.
- You bet.
- Hey! A hundred bucks!
Well, well, Mr. Rockefeller!
- Merry Christmas to you too, buddy!
- Merry Christmas Santa.
- Daddy!
- Anna, you have a perfectly good car.
it's not a convertible.
Besides, it's not you
guys can't afford it.
Well, by the way. Your
can fed a lot of families.
Would you pray?
Pray? It's just pizza.
Oh wait. Yes...
Yes, I'll pray.
Dear Lord...
Please bless this pizza
we're about to it.
Me and our shared bodies.
And please allow my parents to
let me go to the Christmas Ball
even though it's been moved
to Christmas Eve night.
- Amen.
- Amen.
I'm sorry.
What was that about the ball?
Okay. So, they moved the
Christmas Ball to Christmas Eve night.
- That's very disappointing.
- I know! It's insane.
Well, I had this really pretty
dress picked out. Oh well.
Mom! You're right.
You have a beautiful dress.
And dad you loved the ball.
I have an idea!
We should still go.
Anna I'm sorry.
We're gonna be going to
Christmas Eve service at church.
Let them change the
Decorations Committee.
I thought you said you
still need to be picked.
We're gonna be picked.
You can still plan the
decorations, sweetie.
What if we go to an earlier service?
There's only one service on Christmas Eve.
You know that, Anna.
Let's talk to uncle Paul.
Maybe he can change the time.
Sweetie, the service is
important to other people,
not just to us.
They shouldn't move it around just
because it's more convenient for you.
Well, it's not important to me.
Okay. Let whoever wants to go, go.
I've gone to Christmas
Eve service for 17 years.
This is my last Christmas Ball.
All of my friends are going.
And Colton asked me.
I'm his date.
We put God first in this family.
I am sick of all your rules!
It's how we live life.
I wish...
I wish my parents
didn't believe in God.
- So who did Turner hire to take the case?
- As far as I know, no one yet.
Oh, that's good.
Make it easy on us.
Now the bank has a
winning case here, honey.
These people haven't paid
their mortgage for months.
What happened to the manger scene?
- Is that yours?
- No! Mine's right here!
- Where's mine?
- I don't know.
- Here! Check the kitchen table. Here it is.
- What's going on?
Your father and I are taking a really big case.
No, what's going on
with the decorations?
This isn't in style any more, honey.
My taste have changed.
We're gonna redecorate.
And the inspiration today comes
to us from James Russell Lowell.
Wealth may be an excellent thing.
For it means power. It
means leisure. It means liberty.
Come here.
I want you to have leisure and liberty.
I want you to go to the Winter Ball.
- I can go?
- We're all going to go.
Here! Go grab yourself a Starbucks.
Have a great day at school, honey.
Bye sweetie.
Let's go babe.
Yeah, let's go, go!
Bringing light to the law where
we carry Christmas the whole year.
- Angel on the floor.
- I'll get it. I'll get it.
Got it.
- Those are our Christmas decorations.
- You call it season procedure.
Here you go.
What does that have to do with this?
Making the office rules.
Final. Alright.
Everything okay?
- Can you just get rid of this?
- Yes, of course!
Great. Thank you.
How did you convince your parents to let
you go to the Winter Ball on Christmas Eve?
Hashtag, I always get my way!
So for this year's theme I was
thinking it should be like...
Santa! Like a trip to the North Pole.
I like that.
I don't.
Me neither.
It would be a royal ball.
I like that.
Like an event thrown by a queen.
We could even assign people titles.
Like "Lord" and "Duke", "Duchess".
Hashtag royal, who's
gonna be the queen?
I'll be the queen of the ball.
It was my idea, so I'll be the queen.
Rachel, would you run
and get us some coffee?
- What do you want?
- My usual.
A large, non-fat latte
with one pump of caramel.
I'll have...
- I like gingerbread.
- Hurry.
Sorry. I'll have what Anna's having.
Ooh, hashtag love it!
Oh! I meant to tell you guys...
I got us invited to a college party.
- Hashtag, love that!
- Hashtag, stop it!
- How did you get us into a college party?
- A friend of my brother's.
I hope your parents
will let you go, Anna.
Aren't you supposed to
be getting us coffees?
Mum! Dad!
I've decided I'm not going
to church. Just say no.
We're not going either.
I was wondering if you could give
me some money to buy a dress.
Oh no!
- But Mum!
- Now, we're going together!
- What?
- We're going shopping.
Find anything good?
Well, that's sweet.
But what do you think of this?
It's good, right?
How's church?
I'm Shopping!!
Her mom's there?
Something is not right here.
What is going on with her parents?
Oh! I like that one.
I can't believe you've
ever get that dress.
What are you kidding me?
You look hot in it.
Well you are. You look
great in that dress.
A couple of alterations, and you are
going to be the knock-out of that ball.
- Mom, no one says knock-out, it's a passe.
- Till today.
- Hey Mom, you know what would be hot?
- Yeah. What's that?
A belly button piercing?
- Oh! That's a great idea!
- Really?
Hey! My daughter wants to
get her belly button pierced.
- Don't be shy. He's gonna do it.
- Mum!
So do you any legal paperwork?
Any... like a waiver.
So it's a... no. Okay
alright we're up for you.
Mom! You always said
that if God wanted me to
have a piercing, I would
have been born with it.
Are you hearing this right now?
She's so going to do it.
Okay so, how does one
pierce a belly button?
I'll do it!
- Hello.
- Hey girls.
- Where's Uncle Paul?
- Oh! Dad's in there.
- I think I'll go get some more garland.
- Sounds great.
- Uncle Paul!
- Anna!
What a nice surprise.
Missed you in church today.
This sheep was always
my favourite in Nativity.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Mine was always baby Jesus.
- Yeah, I guess your's is a better choice.
- You know...?
These two are actually related.
Not like how you and I
are related of course.
But Jesus is the lamb of God.
Does God give us what we ask for?
He can!
But not always exactly what we ask for.
You see, Sarah laughed when she was told
she would have a baby when she was old.
Yeah, I know. Like Elizabeth.
But, what if what we're
given isn't a good thing?
I think it's a good thing.
I mean, someone would
think it's a good thing.
You probably wouldn't
think it's a good thing.
Well, I'm not sure Mary thought is was
such a good thing to be pregnant at 13.
Then an angel had to
convince her fiance...
that she was carrying the son of God.
Why didn't Mary think
it was a good thing?
- You're what? 17 now right?
- Almost 18.
So imagine 5 years ago...
then imagine being pregnant.
And then finding out you're
pregnant with the child of God.
Mary, would have been in 8th
grade in today's standards and...
your cousin's 13.
Looks beautiful but...
it's only half way.
I know. That was a
lot to drop on a kid.
But God used Mary to bring
us... the Savior of the world.
- Does God still do supernatural things?
- Absolutely.
We sometimes just come to know.
You know they're either...
too small to see or...
they don't look exactly the
way we think a miracle should.
God says "For my thoughts...
are not your thoughts".
"Neither are your ways, my ways".
Sometimes I think it's hard
to see what God is doing.
A miracle could take years.
Or overnight?
- In an instant!
- I like that!
- Thanks Uncle Paul.
- You got it.
Hey Merry Christmas.
That's great, whatever.
- What?
- That's stealing.
So, now all of a sudden
you care about something?
Oh! I care.
I don't think you've ever
cared about anybody, ever!
Coming from the guy stealing
donations from the poor.
Oh! That's right. I'm just doing
this till my penthouse is ready.
You don't think I'm poor?
- Well I know you're a thief.
- I know you're a brat.
Give me back my dad's money.
Read the sign to donations.
Why don't you run along, princess.
Who wants meet Santa? 5 bucks.
Have a great day at school!
I got '97, Schlesinger vs Gainer.
,- Put that one down.
- Almost got it.
Anything I can do to help?
I wish you could but it's
way above your pay grade.
She didn't finish paralegal school.
We need our car back.
But... my car is not fixed yet.
I'll go get the keys.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Thank you.
Colton! I'm glad you stopped by.
- You are, sir?
- He's so formal, I like that.
"Sir" is my father's name.
Alright, you can call me "Mr.
- Think about your future, man.
- Dad!
We're just going on a date.
He isn't proposing.
This school did me very well.
Okay, what time shall
I have Anna back?
Oh! Aah well...
School starts at 8 am.
Have fun.
Your dad's acting kind of weird.
Believe me, you have no idea.
You know I could never afford
to go to the school, Anna.
We're having trouble just trying
to stay in our house right now.
What are you talking about?
My dad lost his job and
we're being foreclosed on.
Well, don't worry.
My parents will help you.
- That's what they do.
- I just wanted you to know.
You'll be fine.
- To our business.
- To our business.
- Are you expecting someone?
- No.
How are you?
- Hi!
- How are you guys?
- Hello.
- You brought too, well goodness...
Yes, yes... I...
You have got to get
some wine or something.
I completely forgot.
Why didn't you cancel it?
- How do we get rid of them?
- Well guys, uh...
It's really a fancy setup.
I don't think we've ever had a
Bible study by candle light before.
I like it. It's different.
So... Where's Anna?
She has a date. I'm so
sorry, I completely forgot.
That's okay, I'll just um...
try not to let her distract us.
Hey! That's... tenderloin?
Yeah, it's amazing.
Thanks for cooking it.
Did you make enough for everyone?
No, no, no honey.
That's a very expensive...
It's okay honey.
What do we always say?
People are more important than things.
We can replace that vase
but we can't replace you.
- Right Elizabeth?
- It's a very expensive vase!
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
I'll send you the bill.
Thank you for bringing my jacket.
If I will take that back.
It is really turning cold out there.
Luke! Would you like to
start us off in prayer?
You know what? I'm sorry, there's
actually no time for prayer tonight.
Yeah! There's a little
bit of a mix-up here.
Bible study should have
actually been cancelled.
- I appreciate your understanding.
- Okay.
I think we need to add
them to our prayer list.
I can't believe I've
ever been here before.
My dad and I used to come here
all the time when I was a little kid.
Sometimes we come at night
just to view the stars.
I loved it.
When it snow it was like my
own personal planetarium.
I used to imagine I was...
walking on Enceladus or...
It's one of the saddest moons.
Its surface is frozen solid but...
some people think there might
be an ocean under the ice.
You have a good imagination.
I like to see things that
other people can't see.
I think I like Enceladus!
Bringing light to the...
I mean "MacLaren & MacLaren".
Merry Christmas, Mr. Turner.
Rebekah, you forgot our new policy.
I'm sorry Sir. I will try to say
the right thing from now on.
Happy Holidays, Mr. Turner!
Yes, of course. I will let them know
that you're running a little late.
Okay, bye.
- What do you guys think about this color?
- I like that. It's subtle yet elegant.
Too blue.
How about red?
- That's just so bold.
- No. Royal blue.
- That's what she has. Blue.
- No.
Royal blue.
It's a different color.
- Are you guys ready to hear my speech now?
- Not really.
As a little girl, I always
wanted to be a princess.
But now, I realized the
power of being a Queen.
Everything in its rightful place.
I'm very happy you came around.
This is gonna be a lucrative
deal for both of you.
For all of us...
We are looking forward to
doing business with you.
So I'm very curious.
What changed your minds?
You were right. Trying to
put some money in our coffer.
Focus on ourselves for a change.
It is Christmas after all.
- Very expensive time of the year.
- We have big plans...
We want to turn this firm into the
most prominent firm in the Boston area.
Deals like this are going to bring us the
attention and the money that we're after.
I love the way you two think.
Merry Christmas.
Happy Holidays!
Won't be home for dinner.
You're on your own.
Antra Coltan...
That's it.
You guys are so cute.
You're going to eat together forever.
- What are they talking about?
- Shopping.
Are you sure you're not
gonna get in trouble?
Oh if I do, are you
gonna get into trouble?
- Different. My dad's not so...
- Strict?
I don't want your dad to hate me.
I'd like to stay on his good side.
Maybe my parents are so wealthy they
don't even know what's going on in my life
Total freedom.
So this is a college party.
Alright, who wants to play us?
So beautiful!
Do you want to know something amazing?
Well the stars are so far away...
that we have to measure
the distance in light years.
What's a light year?
A light year is the distance
light can travel in one year.
- Explain.
- Well...
Light travel is about
670,000,000 miles per hour.
That's light's speed.
Besides our sun...
the closest star is Proxima Centauri.
It's more than 4 light years away.
Oh no...
You are one of those closet
space adventure guys aren't you?
More like closet astrophysicist.
I like reading about the universe.
It's amazing.
And my parents believe... believe...
that the God created the universe.
First there was nothing,
and then there was light.
That's right actually.
Before all this, space was nothing.
Complete void, infinite darkness.
And then something happened.
The brightest light that's ever been.
That's how it all started. With light.
Hence, let there be light.
- Creation.
- Yes!
Do you believe that?
- I don't know
- I do.
So how far does light travel?
The light from our stars has traveled
across vast darkness to find us.
Seems light spread
throughout even science.
Most science are a way to
explain what we call creative.
All the rules of physics,
speed of light, the elements
God set it all in motion.
When we look into the sky...
we're looking into the past.
Those stars we see...
the light from them is just arriving.
But they're so far
away, it is possible...
the light has gone out.
The stars turn off?
They die out. Mostly by exploding.
In the beginning of creation...
The universe was full of
giant stars that exploded.
The stuff those stars were made
of scattered across the universe.
And everything, even you,
are made of that matter.
We are all made of stardust and fire.
And the Lord God formed man
out of the dust of the ground.
For someone who is not
sure what they believe
you sure know the Bible pretty well.
Well, I've been going
to church my whole life.
Stop it!
Here we go.
Here it is, guys.
Stop it!
She said stop!
- That was awesome!
- Best party ever. Anna you rock!
Come to the office after school.
Pick out your favorite. Merry Christmas!
MacLaren & MacLaren,
this is Rebekah speaking.
How may I help you?
Did you find the file yet?
Please hold.
I was just looking for it right now.
Okay. Don't forget rule number 5.
Let the phone ring
twice before you answer.
Right. I forgot. I'm sorry.
I'll do that next time.
- Thank you for holding.
- Rebecca, did you type my brief yet?
Please wait!
I was just looking for
a file for Mr. MacLaren
and then I will type
your brief right away.
I'm so sorry about that.
How may I help you?
Excuse me, Rebekah?
- Please hold.
- Um.
Do you think it will be much longer?
I'm sure she'll be with
you in just a moment.
I'm sorry about that.
How may I help you?
Rebekah, Turner's
secretary just called and
said you had her on hold for 5 minutes.
Yes, I know.
She hung up.
That doesn't surprise me.
Okay, don't forget office rule no. 2.
The client comes first.
Well, you have a client here and
he's been waiting 20 minutes.
New rule. Don't say
that over the intercom.
And now back to the list.
Yes Elizabeth?
Did he hear that?
Where's that file Rebekah?
Rebekah? Do you hear me?
Can you hear me? Rebekah?
Rebekah, Rebekah, can
you hear me Rebekah?
I'm sure that she will be with
you in just another moment.
- It's important, I'll wait.
- Hello?
- Okay!
- Hello?
File's done.
What file?
For Mr. MacLaren!
Hello! Hello, hello, hello.
I have your file.
- I'll be right out.
- Me too.
- Don't bother!
- What?
- I'm coming out there.
- Fine!
Please do it.
I don't know what happened to the
two of you but this is insane!
Do you have any idea what
it's like for me out here?
I should have running
shoes on, but I can't.
Because, rule no. 9
says, "dress to impress".
And who uses the intercom anymore?
I mean it's the 21st century!
These rules are impossible!
You all don't even
follow your own rules!
I mean... Just today
you broke all of them!
What happened to the
real 10 commandments?
What happened to your way of life?
You are fired!
Sorry you had to see this, Alex.
Come on, let's go to Luke's office.
Hi Anna!
I'm gonna lose my home.
We're sure we can a find
to make your payments.
I need more time. That's why
I came to you guys for help.
Unfortunately our position has changed.
There is a conflict of interest, Alex.
Our client is the bank now.
And they own your home.
I just don't understand.
Best of luck to you, Alex.
- Hey there sweetie.
- Ready to go shopping?
Oh shocking... Not going to bother!
No no no! Oh!
What about that one?
- Why did you fire Rebekah?
- You want a stick or an automatic, honey?
Why did you fire Rebekah?
She couldn't follow the office rules.
This one has heated leather seats,
so it's perfect for the winter.
Can I just have ten
minutes of your time?
I don't care about the cars.
Honey, you have been begging
for this moment for a year.
This should be fun!
What happened with Rebekah today?
Sometimes it hard but but you have
to do what's best for your business.
Honey, she messed up
one too many times.
Your mom and I got to talk and
we realise that she just wasn't...
- educated enough... you know!
- Yes!
Well, she just couldn't do
what we needed her to do.
Babe, this has got a backup camera.
What about Colton's dad?
Oh! Mr. Smith couldn't
pay his mortgage, so...
they're gonna evict
him from his home.
You said you would help them.
I heard that.
- We represent the bank now.
- Things have changed.
We... changed.
I told Colton you'd help them.
Please understand
this is just business.
How long until they lose their house?
Can't we just enjoy
looking for your new car?
I don't want a new car!
You're supposed to be helping people.
It's Christmas.
You do realize how insane this is?
My parents are about to evict my boyfriend.
No, now, technically the
bank is about to evict them.
- And you're helping them!
- Anna...
If Mr. Smith had paid his mortgage
on time, this would not be a problem.
His name is Alex.
- We're not the bad guys!
- No.
That's nice! Wow!
- Yes... I like it.
- Who are you?
Power, everything.
I love it.
- She would look good in this.
- Where did she go?
Uncle Paul...
- How do you bring someone to faith?
- Well hello!
I'm just fine, thank you for asking!
It's been a long tough day here but
you know... I'm getting right along.
Good. So how do you do it?
You talking about your parents?
I did disappointing talk with your
father on the phone the other day.
But you know, Luke's actually
the one who brought me to faith?
I would have figured it
was the other way around.
We were both in college and when
we came home for Christmas break...
your father was on fire.
He'd met this girl.
She loved the Lord.
Something she told him
really got under his skin.
But in a good way, you know.
God forgives us for
our every wrongdoing.
And there was a time in your father's
life when he was really in it for himself.
If he could turn a particular situation his
way, I mean, that's exactly what he did.
What that girl said
really changed him.
That girl was your mom.
Soon after that I caught
that very same fire.
Ended up in seminary school.
How do I do that?
Start a fire.
Well, you read your bible, you pray...
Come to church.
I could get them the bible.
Well, you dust off the old
Faith-O-Matic from the basement.
- What?
- It was a joke.
You can't give someone else faith.
- You have to discover it.
- But I don't have time for that.
You got to make time for that.
I'll worry about myself later.
Shouldn't someone else be raking?
Sometimes the best way to lead
is to lead by example.
- Thanks for the advice.
- You got it.
- Is every of you okay, Colton?
- Yeah of course. Why?
Oh I overheard some
stuff my parents said...
Oh yeah. Don't worry,
everything's fine.
Please, just tell me the truth.
The truth is that I just want to
enjoy being with you right now.
Look at the manger.
How did that reappear?
Can we keep it?
If you must.
At least turn on a star.
It's broken.
You know, I learned my lesson.
If you trying to make
a point or something.
I'm sorry, honey.
I don't follow.
If this is some kind
of elaborate hoax, I've...
learned my lesson.
- We forgot to pray.
- We didn't forget.
Mm mm.
How's planning the ball coming?
It's going to be a royal ball.
We're hoping to assign
each guest a title. So...
everyone can refer to each other as...
as "Duke" or "Duchess" or whatever.
Oh that sounds fun!
Oh! I want a title.
Okay, give me a title.
- Peasant.
- It's not what I was hoping for!
It's not good enough.
I was hoping just for
it to be a little higher up!
You better be nice Milady...
Or I'll wash the colors
with your whites Milady.
Oh you know what? I want to
be Luke the Duke of No Rebuke.
- It's so good.
- Yeah, that's dumb.
Come on now, I was hoping you
would show me your favorite
and wed me to this
poor pigeon girl.
Stop it!
- But that won't make you a Duchess.
- I want to be Queen.
- Okay, Queen? No.
- Okay, I'll be Duchess.
I'm the Queen.
And then Colton will be the King.
Oh! Where are they moving?
Your "King". Have they
found a castle yet?
- Colton's leaving?
- Gotta be out of the house by tomorrow.
Things turn around but...
I always promised they will be out.
Look! People promise to
be on time for a date.
They don't promise
to leave their house.
Sooner than later just because
it's more convenient for you.
Did they promise to be homeless?
Okay homeless? Nobody said
anything about being homeless.
How do you apply to college
without a home address?
I was trying to encourage him to
have a better future than his father,
example, you know you
sometimes you have to...
you have to show people the way
or else, you know, they
won't get the message.
Your father's right.
She's always so exasperated by us.
What was that about? Oh dear!
How can you not tell me!
Why didn't you tell me?
I'm your girlfriend. You're
supposed to tell me everything.
- Colton! Say something!
- What do want me to say?
That my dad lost his job.
That we lost our house,
that we're pathetic?
I didn't want to lose too, Anna?
You're not going to lose me.
What's gonna happen now?
Where are you going?
Where are you guys moving to?
Do you have a place to go?
We're gonna stay at my... with my
grandparents. We'll figure it all out.
I wish you had told me.
I could have done something.
- I wish I could have done something.
- What could you have done?
Do you want to pay for the house?
- I made a mistake.
- This has nothing to do with you.
- It does.
- What are you talking about?
- I made a wish.
- You made a wish!
And then this happened.
- You wanted me to lose my house?
- No! I didn't wish for that!
What are you trying to tell me, Anna?
I wished that...
This is so out of control!
My parents...
they're always so...
All I wanted was... I wanted
everything to be better.
- I messed up.
- How?
Has this become... all about you?
You actually do think the entire
world revolves around you, don't you?
- Colt listen to me.
- No!
Everyone listens to you.
Now you listen to me.
I don't know what you're
trying to tell me.
But my real life is kinda falling apart
right now, if you haven't noticed.
So if you didn't come here to help...
then I really wish you
would just get in your car...
and leave.
I don't know what your problem
is with carnations anyway.
Did you put that there?
Well, can you get rid of it?
I'm brushing my teeth.
Can you get rid of it?
I was rearranging my sock drawer.
I've got to rearrange
my ties afterwards.
When you're done can you do it?
When you're done can you do it?
- It's gonna take a while.
- Me too!
I have a lot of ties!
I have a lot of socks!
I have a lot of socks.
Oh no! No, no no no.
This is my bench.
I'm gonna need the whole bench.
All right. Thank you.
What's the matter?
The princess not getting everything she
wants for Christmas this holiday season?
What's wrong with you?
Cat got your tongue?
Well, if you're not going to talk to me,
would you mind moving down a little bit?
It's time for me to turn in.
Do you sleep here?
Every night!
I'm sorry for yelling
at you the other day.
It's easy for me to miss
what's actually there.
Well thank you.
What I didn't see
was someone in need.
Who am I to judge anyone?
Well Princess...
it's not your judgment I
got to worry about anyway.
We have that in common.
I stole this from a little kid today.
I'm kidding!
Found them in a gutter.
Okay so, this was the store that
I was telling you guys about.
It definitely has some of
those stuff that we need.
Let's check it out.
- Those shoes!
- I know!
Yeah, okay. Over there?
- Yeah.
- Over there?
- Rebekah!
- Oh look who it is! Hi Anna!
- Rebekah!
- Hi Hazel.
I feel terrible.
I'm sorry you lost your job.
Me too, but sometimes...
things don't always work out
the way we think they will...
I know what you mean!
- You have to get that.
- Anna! We found the crowns.
I'll catch up!
I'm impressed. You're
handling this all so well.
I'm trying.
I'm actually really embarrassed
with the way I acted...
and I'm sorry that
you had to see that.
I really wish it hadn't
ended the way it did.
It breaks my heart but...
I've been praying a lot lately and
I'm just wondering how
God will work this all out.
Yeah, me too.
I don't know what's going on
with your parents. What happened?
Oh I'm sorry Anna, Hazel really...
wants to go see all the decorations.
- You want to be a Christmas princess?
- What do you say?
We're still working on that one!
- Thanks Anna.
- You're welcome.
- Have a good day. Alright honey.
- Bye!
- Bye!
- See you later.
Here! Can you take one
of these bags, please?
- Anna, you get in the middle.
- Yeah.
This was such a good idea.
Everyone's gonna love it.
- I think we got it all.
- Yeah, I think so.
One, two, three.
Are you sure you're
paying for all this.
- There's something I need to do.
- The presentation's tomorrow!
Great, thanks a lot Anna!
Come on, we got to get these.
Why do I have to be the king?
Cause you got the best bone structure.
Come on.
You know like? On a string
of Christmas lights when...
one light goes out and
then none of them work.
The coffee's great.
Thanks for asking.
But please, let's hear about you.
And now I have this whole string
of lights that are off and...
no matter what bulb I change
I can't get them back on.
I can't find the bad bulb.
And the problem is...
every time I try to fix one,
it's like another turns off.
Maybe you're the bulb.
I don't know how to
undo what I've done.
I'm afraid I can't but...
The light for my Christmas
lights is out there somewhere...
I just need to get it back.
The Light shines in the darkness...
and the darkness
does not overcome it.
The Life-Llight blazed
out of the darkness...
The darkness could not put it out.
That's not mine.
That's John 1:5.
Colton said that about the stars.
Everything God gives
you has a purpose.
Do you believe that?
I want to.
The verse goes on. It says...
Well whoever did want him...
who believed he was who he claimed...
and did what he said...
he made to be their true self.
The child of God self.
What does it mean to
be your true self?
Only God can reveal that.
- How does He do that?
- We have to ask Him.
I like that.
Anna! It's presentation day.
I wish you'd been here to help
us get these cut-outs out.
They were totally jammed.
Why do you have to go
up my house anyway?
Because you have the biggest garage.
Do you think this is good enough?
- I'm so nervous.
- Pull yourself together.
No nerves allowed.
Stay calm Merd. You're
going in the stocks.
You guys. This is all wrong.
Meredith, did you
forget grab bag sample?
No! It's right here.
- We need to change the theme.
- What?!
Christmas Eve should be about Jesus.
If there's going to be a
dance on Christmas Eve,
it should be about his birth.
Are you out of your mind?
We're making a
presentation in 15 minutes.
That's impossible Anna.
You're joking right?
She'd better be joking!
I'm dead serious.
This is so like you, Anna!
Suddenly you have a new idea and
just have to have it your way.
Everybody should just
bow down to your whim?
Well, not me.
- Not this time.
- It's not about me.
It is, Anna.
You're kind of like that!
- Just a little, sometimes.
- It's about Jesus.
Why didn't you suggest that
from the beginning then?
This was your idea, Anna!
We spent the last month planning.
We spent our own money
for this presentation.
I did spend all my babysitting money.
Her parents don't give her
whatever she wants, like yours do.
- That's true.
- That's why her shoes are so last season.
You're not the Queen, Anna.
Not anymore.
Come on, Meredith.
Let's go.
Hello paint.
- Hi!
- Come on in.
- Hi Hazel
- Hi.
I had no idea!
I really appreciate you
offering to babysit.
This is amazing.
- Is that Mary and baby Jesus?
- That was gonna be.
My next painting.
I never realize there were
drawings underneath the painting.
Underneath everything are
layers... that we can't see.
I was going to give that to
your parents for Christmas.
You gotta get going. You don't
want to be late for your interview.
- What are you interviewing for?
- Gallery Coordinator at the Arts Center.
You know, it's funny.
I never would have applied
if all this hadn't happen.
God does work in mysterious ways.
Have fun.
Bye Sweetie.
Now a touch of pink.
- Hey Merry Christmas. Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
That's it?
That's all you got?
Go get your own block!
I don't think he's trying to be Santa.
Elizabeth and Zechariah were
totally following after God.
[We have good news]
Mary and Joseph were...
[We have good news]
expecting a king.
[About the town winter ball]
The shepherds had imagined a
[About the town winter ball]
sovereign leader to make things right.
[It's going to be amazing]
Mary, Joseph and the shepherds...
[It's going to be amazing]
find themselves huddled...
around a humble feeding trough...
gazing at the King of Kings.
God used angelic messengers to
transform an ordinary countryside
into an extraordinary billboard
announcing the arrival of his son.
God uses his ordinary people...
doing ordinary things,
in ordinary places...
with ordinary family and friends...
to manifest the extraordinary...
by bringing heaven to earth.
- Hey Anna. Where've you been?
- Church.
- Oh you know, you don't have to go.
- I know. I want to go.
- What's all about the clothes?
- Get rid of all these old stuff.
Making room in my closet
for my Christmas presents.
No peeking.
Santa knows if you do.
I'm sure someone will be
pumped about these donations.
Oh honey, I'm not donating.
No no no.
I'm selling those on consignment.
Are you kidding me?
There's some valuable
stuff in that bag...
Gonna sell it, get some
money, buy something new.
Your dad's even selling a few things.
Okay but, you used to give
all of your old clothes away.
I know.
Such a waste.
Anyway, I got to get to work.
It's Sunday afternoon!
Exactly! You gotta
stay ahead of the game.
And that is the key to success.
So then, they told us that our team
was the best in 5 years.
- They loved it Anna!
- That's great. I'm happy for you guys.
Happy for us!
Can we talk about something
besides the Ball for a change?
But it's this weekend.
What else would we talk about?
Well, did you know that Charlie and his
friends are about to play a prank on her?
- Ava?
- Yeah.
I almost feel sorry for her.
- Well, what are they gonna do?
- Letter-bomb.
In 5 minutes her
table's gonna get hit.
Someone should stop them.
The only thing that will stop
them, is if you were sitting there.
Where are you going?
Hey can you feel like...
Can't afford jelly and that's why
they douse it in peanut butter.
Why are you sitting here?
I just wanted to sit with you.
Look! If you're here to play a joke,
I mean, you can just get it over with.
And go sit over there by your
friends and just leave me alone.
I'm not going to play
a joke on you. I promise.
Look! I'm sorry for the way
I've treated you in the past.
Everyone's wondering
why you're sitting over here.
Let them wonder.
There's your boyfriend.
Actually he's not.
I blew it.
I'm sorry.
- Yeah, me too.
- You think you can fix it?
I wish!
Should try fixing 'em.
I'm not sure he wants me to.
You never really know until you try.
You should go for it.
Can a burned out star reignite?
You want one?
What's up?
Thought it might be
a pizza kind of day.
Well, I never say no to pizza.
Dear Lord, thank you for
this delicious pizza.
That has the most melted,
greasy, perfect cheese.
And thanks for friendship.
- Hey kid. Thanks for dinner.
- My pleasure.
I got to say, you don't
strike me as the praying type.
I am now.
You know, I bet I can count on one
hand the number of times I prayed.
- Well, the last one came true though.
- What was it for?
Alright, you can't laugh...
For a friend!
- I knew you gonna laugh!
- That is so cheesy!
- Hey, I got you something!
- What?
For me? I've never gotten a
present in a long, long time!
Oh no! This is nice!
That is so nice!
- I didn't get you anything.
- Actually you've just given me something.
Hey! You gotta be excited.
The Winter Ball is tonight, right?
No, wait.
It's tomorrow night.
- I'm not going.
- What?!
- It's your big night!
- No, it's not my big night.
I don't know. The Winter Ball just...
isn't me anymore.
Since when do you not
make something yours?
You know what?
You go tomorrow night.
You make that night whatever
you want it to be, Anna.
I'd had enough of this mush.
This pizza ain't gonna eat itself.
It's true.
- Here you go!
- Thank you.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- That is a real good pizza there.
- Yeah! It's really good.
Dear God,
I believe You can bring
my parents back to You.
Please make them follow You again.
Please bring their hearts back to You.
You look beautiful!
Do you know why tonight is so special?
Of course!
It's the Winter Ball!
But you're not wearing
the dress I bought you.
This one is more me.
You're perfect!
You look like a right queen, you do!
Are you ready?
- I just need to get one thing.
- Okay.
- You look very handsome.
- So do you.
Thank you. I always
wanted to to be "handsome".
I mean beautiful!
I see you found the
fake cheese crackers.
Why do they taste so good?
- You'd think they'd taste like plastic.
- They do.
That one tastes like fake bacon.
So? You wanna dance?
Did you get my text?
Anna, this is Linzi.
Linzi, this is Anna.
- Colton, I...
- And now, to kick off...
this years Winter Ball.
Anna MacLaren!
Better get up there. You don't
want to miss your big moment.
- You're gonna do great!
- Don't mess it up!
As a little girl, I always
wanted to to be a princess.
Tonight, I may look
like a princess but...
I haven't always acted like one.
I had it all planned out.
I was going to be Queen.
The star of the Ball.
Meredith and Rachel...
you're the real stars.
You both put so much into tonight.
And I believe you want it
to be special for everyone.
You should be proud.
I was told by someone
important to me...
that the light that we see
from a star is so old...
that the star might be gone now.
It's light is infinite.
And I believe if you see it...
makes it still real.
There was a girl named Mary.
Like me, she had a plan for her life.
But God had a better plan...
for her to bring the
Light of the World to us.
And that night...
shepherds found the
baby lying in a manger.
I've learned...
that when we believe...
we carry his light with
us wherever we go.
Come with me to church...
to celebrate the true
meaning of Christmas.
The birth of Jesus Christ.
Hey Princess!
Well look at you!
Oh okay, okay.
You know a star can never reignite.
But thank God he made us human.
I'm sorry.
To have gone back on my word.
I... I ...
I really lost sight of
what was most important.
We're not working with
the bank any more.
You should have never taken that deal.
And I promise you...
that we will do whatever we can
to help you and your family.
I just hope you'll forgive us.