Wishmaster (1997) Movie Script

Once, in a time before time,
God breathed life into the universe.
And the light gave birth to Angels.
And the earth gave birth to man.
And fire gave birth to the Djinn. Creatures
condemned to dwell in the void between the worlds.
One who wakes a Djinn shall be given three wishes.
Upon the granting of the third, the unholy legions
of the Djinn shall be freed upon the earth.
Fear one thing only in all that is...
Fear the Djinn.
Make your second wish.
Astonish Me, Djinn.
Show me wonders.
As you wish.
Help me, sorcerer.
Help me!
Free us wizard.
Remove this curse.
Help us.
Behold. By all the names of God,
This is not what I wanted!
Then wish it away exalted one.
Wish it away.
No more wishes.
I beg your majesty. Silence.
But my poor people.
I must...
Do you wish their fate on the entire world?
No more wishes. Please.
I warned you, wizard.
Hold your tongue.
I'm the wish, is all this creature needs.
Three wishes granted
to the one who woke him
lets him open the gateway between worlds.
New wonders, majesty.
New splendors.
And new and terrible masters.
(America, present day)
I'm surprised you're here in person Mr. Beaumont.
Paperwork is completely in order.
I waited it ten years, for this piece.
Antiquarian sculpture.
Eight foot tall.
A statue of the pre-Islamic God,
Ahura Mazda.
Under Islam, these gods were outlawed.
It's a miracle this was ever made.
Jesus Christ!
What the hell is he doing?
God dammit!
Does the word DUMB ASS
mean anything to you?
Watch that crate!
That's very expensive stuff!
Up yours...
...ahh shit!
Ughhhh. Ten years...
Hi. I can help you?
Maybe. I got a pawnshop down
the garment district,
5th and Tooley. The armpit of the universe.
Anyway, this came in this morning.
I had a hunch about it. Gave the guy a good price,
and I'd like you to appraise it.
Well, I think you made a smart move.
- Nick?
- Shannon?
I think we have something
Alex should take a look at.
Hello Betty!
Wow. This is ah... uh, this...
Which is its providence?
History. Where did it come from?
Oh! I bought it from a guy
he said he got it from his grandmother.
That's all I know.
I've heard that one before.
I tell you what. I want to have my
best appraiser take a look at this.
Shannon here is going to
fill out a receipt for you.
And thank you for, uh... choosing Regal Auctioneering.
I guess that's it.
I guess it is.
Nice game.
How is um... Rick ?
I don't know. I haven't spoken to him.
It's over.
What's it been now? Six and a half weeks?
Are you counting?
I thought. Maybe we, uh...
- What?
I thought maybe we could go out.
We go out all the time.
Yes, we go out all the time,
but we don't "Go Out".
There's a difference.
You are my best friend.
Do you know hard a friend is to find?
I dont wanna...
I do not want to mess that up.
Dates are a dime a dozen.
Aw come on now. It's so old.
It's a date.
Wait. You know what it is?
I'm just...
I'm just worried about losing
what little I've got left now.
Including you.
How about dinner and a movie?
How about hotdogs and a ball game?
Playing it safe, huh?
I am going out on a limb here.
I'm casting a spell on you here Alex.
Maybe it'll work.
I'll see you later.
I'll be at the lab.
Hey Alex.
Think about what I said.
My god. A fire opal this size.
It's magnificent.
How magnificent?
Excellent translucence.
No other color traces.
It's unique.
Oh that's a good word.
Oh I love that word.
Should that show quite a price? Yeah?
Oh yes.
- I am salivating. Get me a report ASAP?
- Yes.
- Nick?
- Hmm?
- Oh, ummm.
- Yes!
What's this?
You woke me.
You woke me.
I didn't hear you come in,
you scared me. I...
What's the verdict?
I think... ...there may
be something wrong with it.
Does it affect the value?
I have to talk to a friend of mine.
We're gonna have to run some more tests.
Like what? A physical?
- There'something inside of it?
- Right.
I don't know. I'm no gemmologist.
I could run some spectral analysis,
infrared. Get some readings.
That'd be great. Can you do it now?
Oh hoh no. Hold on.
I got about two hours worth of
Professor Leiber's bullshit to take of first.
I'll get to it as soon as I can.
Come on. Do you want to stay?
No, I can't. I have got to put my
girls through their basis.
Thanks. This is really important.
So call me later. Okay?
You're the best Josh.
I owe ya.
Yeah. Well, how about that dinner then?
That was very good.
Very good. Do you know why you missed?
You didn't have stillness.
All of you can put the ball in the hoops
as long as you take your time.
take a breath.
Get your aim. Right?
But you don't always have that time in a game.
Somebody is always going to be trying
to take the ball away from you,
and that's when you need stillness.
Not in your body. Your mind.
When you get a chance to make a shot,
you've got to forget about everything else.
Time doesn't exist.
The other players do not exist.
It is you and the basket.
You see it, you find it.
Shoot the ball.
Laser targeting for analysis
Wow. This is the easiest date you
have ever gotten Aickman.
What is that?
You awoke me.
End laser scanning.
End the laser scan Dammit!
"Hi. Geophysics. We're probably
changing lead into gold right now."
So, leave a message.
Josh, it is Alex,
you are there?
- Josh, something
- Alex
really weird happened to me on the court,
and I really need to talk about it.
Is somebody there?
- Yes.
- Oh my god.
- Is the pain terrible?
- Oh god.
I can help you with that.
I can ease your suffering.
All you have to do is ask.
Tell me you want the pain to cease
As you wish.
Oh my god...
Computer malfunction. It must
have been one hell of a computer.
- Josh.
- Hey!
- Josh. JOSH!
- Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey miss.
- Hey lady. Lady. Hey hey.
- Josh! Josh!
Is he? Is he?
Get off of me!
I'm sorry.
I'm detective Nathan.
And you are?
Alex Amberson.
Alex Amberson.
Alright? Good.
I take it that you knew the...
um, Josh.
He was my best friend.
I'm sorry.
Look, uh.
You want to have a seat?
No. I want to know what happened.
It looks like an accident.
An equipment malfaunction maybe.
You have any idea what he was working on?
He was analysing...
...a gem stone.
For me.
Excuse me lady. Uh.
Help out an old altar boy?
If you ain't got no change, a dollar will do it.
Hell, I'll even take five.
I'll wait until you get back.
Look. How many times do I gotta tell you?
Hey, you left customers in there.
That's not a good way to run a business.
Don't tell me how to run my business.
You're a fucking bum.
Well you don't tell me how to run my life.
You're a fucking prick.
I'll talk to anybody I want to.
You don't own this fucking sidewalk.
You wanna know something?
I do own this fucking sidewalk.
You wanna know why?
Because I pay fucking taxes.
Fuck you.
No. Fuck you.
I hope you die, you sack of shit.
I hope you die, and I hope you
float down the gutter
so I can fuck'n piss on ya.
Bald headed baboon.
Piss complected afterbirth
to a Chinese gang banger.
Educated idiot!
"I own the sidewalk."
"I pay taxes"
I got your taxes swinging.
I tell you what to do with your taxes.
And I hope they poke a
hole into your kidneys
when they are heading up
towards your throat.
I hope you rot in hell.
And that goes for your...
Who is that?
A friend, perhaps.
Tell me...
Do you really mean those curses
you hurled so freely?
Damned right I did.
What would you do
to have them come true?
A cigarette and a handshake
is about all I got right now pal.
Not quite.
You have a soul.
That, I'd trade for a shower and a jug of Jack.
Then the death of your enemy would consider a bargain.
You really are fucked up.
You know that?
But I do like the way you think.
Indulge me then.
What would you have happen?
Give it some thought.
Enjoy it.
He should only get cancer.
Should only get cancer and die.
As you wish.
Welfare checks. Food stamps.
And another thing I...
Hey buddy, you Okay?
- You okay?
- I do not know.
Let her. Let her...
Let her go.
Was it worth it?
Run, insect.
Run and tell those you will,
what you will.
Tell them there is something
loose in their city.
Something which feeds on wishes,
but tell them quickly.
while you still have a soul.
You're not enjoying it.
Put it out.
I am really sorry about Josh.
I know how close you guys were.
No, we were'nt as close as he wanted,
and now it's just to...
Alex. Listen to me.
What happened to Josh
is not your fault.
I think it is.
There was something...
...weird, in the opal.
I think that was what exploded.
I think what I gave Josh is what killed him.
Do you have any idea how
crazy that sounds?
Yes. I know exactly how crazy it sounds.
That's the problem.
Do you, um...
Do you want me to call Dr. Montiglio again?
I'm fine.
I'm just upset.
You're not just upset.
You're imagining things,
just like the last time.
This is nothing like the last time Shannon.
Why don't you go to bed?
I don't want you to worry.
Can you can the "Big Sister Act"
for just one night?
The fire was years ago.
You got me out. Okay?
I got you out.
I didn't get mom out.
I didn't get dad out.
Not "Didn't".
Could not. Not your fault.
Just like Josh, it's not your fault Alex.
You really gotta stop
blaming yourself,
or the whole fucking thing
is gonna to start again.
The therapy, the nightmares, everything.
No, it isn't.
It's nothing like last time.
But something's going on.
Something bad.
I'm gonna find out what it is.
Ready to play, Alex?
I can smell your fear.
I'm looking for a dock worker
named Etchison.
- That's him over there.
- Is that him?
Mr. Etchison?
Sweetheart, you can call me
anything you like.
Please. I don't have time for your games.
Well that's a damn shame.
'could be fun.
Oaky. Let's talk about the opal.
The jewel?
I don't know what you're
talk'n about.
That's odd. Your friend Clegg knew
exactly wat I was talking about.
I don't know him either.
I think you do.
Middle aged guy, runs a pawn shop.
Ratted you out at the first snip of a lawsuit.
Alright. What's the deal?
Are you a cop?
No. And we don't ever have to involve
them if you tell me where you got it.
Out of that statue. After the accident.
You must have seen it on the news.
It killed a guy.
The Beaumont piece?
How the hell should I know?
There was some guy who had
bought it. Yeah.
Hey. Like, give me a couple hndred.
Did I get fucked?
How nice to see you again.
Mr. Beaumont, I am so sorry
about what happened.
Yes. Irreplaceable.
One of a kind.
We are talking about Ed Finney,
your assistant, right?
Oh yes.
Yes of course.
Well, if you are not too
broken up about him,
I'd like to ask you a few questions
about the sculpture.
Anything you wish.
Well, the newspapers seem more concerned
with the details of the accident
than a crane operator and such.
- That drunken swine.
and less concerned about
the details of the statue itself.
Was it bejeweled?
No, undecorated.
A likeness of Ahura Mazda.
One of the few to have been made
after the Islamic conversion.
I tell you what. Here uh...
Let me show you something.
You'll be interested in this,
I think.
Any new treasures at the auction house?
My room of t Lost Gods.
Once worshipped, now...
Every culture of ancient history.
See that?
Down there.
That was the space reserved
for Ahura Mazda.
Yes, what exactly is Ahura Mazda?
It's the objects I collect. Alex.
It's not theologies they represent.
But for what it's worth,
he was a monotheistic diety
So he was a god of good then.
Interestingly though, legend has
it that, uh, the opposing force
if you will, is actually his own shadows.
So, in a way, he himself was
the source of evil.
There's someone at the University
I'd like to put you onto.
A very smart woman. She has done some
catalog descriptions for me in the past.
She could be of some help.
Provided you catch her in a good mood.
Hey. Who's the teacher's pet, huh?
Why the hell are you working
in the dark man?
Wait a minute. Who are you?
What the fuck?
Oh my g...
Am I to understand this is not
something you wish to see?
Uh huh.
Very well.
My eyes!
My eyes!
Oh my god.
I can't see.
I can't see.
You bastard!
My eyes!
My eyes.
Alex! Raymond! What's the matter?
I don't know what happened.
You fainted.
Can I get you a drink or something?
Some water?
No. I'm fine.
I guess I'm just under a lot of stress,
but I'm fine. Honestly.
I hope you'll be well enough
to attend my party.
What it was, to celebrate my acquisition.
Your boss, Mr. Merritt
received the invitations.
You and your charming sister
should be most welcome.
Well thank you. I'd like to,
but I think I may be busy.
...little more...
Little more.
Hold on.
- Ah. Back two feet.
- Okay professor.
Good. Good.
That's good.
I told the Dean's office that the
paperwork would be there tomorrow.
I'm Busy.
Okay. Good.
I think you are mistaking
me for someone else.
I'm Alex. Raymond Beaumont must
have called you, about me?
Oh yeah. What an insufferable prick that man is.
Still, it's not your problem.
Unless, of course, you're
stupid enough to be working for him.
Or sleeping with him?
Oh good. Well that establishes your
discerning good taste.
A little...uh...no, no no no no.
That's not gonna work.
Up stage.
Uh huh? What can I for you?
Absolutely nothing at all, until I
can get your full attention.
I like you.
I'm just interfering here anyway.
This is a, uh, co-production.
Folklore department. That's me.
Drama department. That's not me.
As soon as Professor Benson gets here
I'm gonna be run off to him.
The stone of the secret fire was first written
by the Empersia, around
Around 900 years ago.
A court sorcerer is said to have
imprisoned an evil spirit within it.
An evil spirit?
Yes. A creature from the
spaces between the worlds.
A Djinn.
A Djinn?
A genie?
Now hold on a minute. Froget what our
culture has made of the Djinn.
Forget Barbars Eden.
Forget Robin Williams.
To the peoples of ancient Arabia,
the Djinn was not cute nor funny.
It was something else entirely.
It was the face of fear itself.
How's it look?
You tell me.
I'm glad you approve.
Um. You want to try something else?
A different style maybe?
Oh, no. Don't like feeling confined.
I had enough of that.
Okay then, follow me.
With pleasure.
Now, will this be cash or charge Mr....?
Nathaniel Demerest
Call Me Nathaniel.
Okay Nathaniel.
Cash or charge?
Which would you prefer?
I don't know?
This is my first day in your world.
I am pleased to see beauty as a constant.
Does it bother you... knowing that
your beauty will fade?
That your looking glass will day by day
tell you a long and unhappy story?
Well. I mean... That's life. Right?
It happens to all of us.
Like it or not.
It doesn't have to, Ariella.
Ask and see what happens.
Ask for an end to change.
An end to decay.
Say, "I wish to be beautiful forever."
I wish to be beautiful forever.
Pleasure doing business with you.
Soon I will find you.
...would you like to do this some other time?
No. I'm a... I'm...
I just wanted Professor Derleth
to check out my costume.
Well obviously it's scary enough.
Go back to rehearsal.
You alright?
Okay. The Djinn, the word is both
plural and singular by the way,
are a race created after the angels,
but before mankind.
Powerful. Magical. Evil.
I though that genies granted wishes.
That's what the myths say.
They're obliged, but their true motivation is
always usurping this world for themselves.
I never heard that.
What I heard was...
A sweetened fable.
Over the centuries, faith became fairytales.
We avoided our terror by taming
it into fictions and inventing stories
of magical lamps to rock our
children to sleep.
And the old stories are darker.
Much darker.
In the old writings, the Djinn is everything
that we ever feared.
An utterly inhuman race of beings,
that mean us harm.
Older than our oldest history.
More powerful than our worst imagining
and driven by an ancient and endless malevolence.
Detective Nathanson.
I was told downstairs you were in
charge of the Aickman investigation.
I was.
The case is closed. At least as far as
homicide is concerned.
Unless you got something to tell me.
Actually, I was hoping you
had something to tell me.
Oh, really? And what would that be?
Nothing much.
An address.
A woman called Alexandra.
What the hell makes you think
I can give you her address?
What's your interest in this case anyway?
Why do you keep looking over there?
You see that guy?
Guilty as sin.
Walked on 7 counts.
Walked each time.
Made of teflon makes me sick.
You know what I would like?
I'd love to know.
Just once I'd like it to be easy.
I would like to nail that prick
Dent to the rights.
Murder One. Everybody's an eyewitness.
Hey! You!
The stone of the secret fire
created by a great Persian sorcerer
to save his people from the Djinn.
is as much a curse as a blessing.
because it is a doorway between the worlds.
And like all doors, can be opened
from either side.
Adjinn, once freed, can use the stone
to bring forth his race to our reality,
and overwhelm humanity.
But the Djinn must first charge the stone
by gathering the souls of humans
who have had a single wish granted...
He must then activate it,
by finding the human who woke him
into this world, and granting
him 3 wishes.
The sole limitation to the Djinn's
power is that it may only be
used in the service of wishes.
Sorry sir. We're closed.
I am trying to locate an employee.
- No on here. Just the boss.
- Alright, I'll talk to the boss.
Open the doors please.
It's appointments only
after business hours. Okay?
You're becoming a bother little man.
the doors.
Okay pal. It is time for you to go.
Get out of my way.
I don't think so asshole.
Do you have any idea how frustrating
it is to have unlimited power,
and only be able to use it when some
worm asks you for something?
No. I can't say that I do.
I can't say I give a shit either.
Ask me for something.
I want you to leave.
No. No.
I have to get inside.
Well now, you's have to go through me.
And that is something I would love to see.
Who the hell are you?
How'd you get in here?
The guard opened up on me.
I wonder if I could ask your help.
I'm looking for Alexandra Amberson.
Ale.. Sh.. She, she was off today.
I asked you who you were.
Someone she's expecting.
Prehaps you'd be so kind as to
give me her home address.
Wait a minute. If she knows you,
how come you don't have her address?
I said she's expecting me.
I didn't say she knows me.
Oh. Well in that case, um.
Maybe you better e-mail her,
because I can't give you her address.
You understand.
Would you happen to know
where she is right now?
Yes. I would.
- would you tell me?
- No. I wouldn't.
Hey, hey!
That's a very valuable piece.
You would like it to be 100
times its valuable?
Would I like it to be 100
times more valuable?
Holy shit.
What are you,
David Copperfield or something?
How'd you do that?
Old family secret.
Where is Alexandra?
Ahhh. Well, I'm sorry, but I don't
really feel, um, comfortable telling you.
What would make you
comfortable Nick?
Name it.
What's my limit?
Your imagination.
Well, I am not a greedy man...
How about a million dollars?
Let's just see.
Oh. Wait a minute. You forgotten
to fill in the beneficiary.
Oh silly. It's my son Nick.
He owns a very
prestigious auction house.
There you go. Thanks for your business
Mrs. Merritt. Enjoy your flight.
Hey. Yourself.
What the hell are you doing?
Learning the rules of the game.
I leave work early to get you back
the car, and you're not even ready.
Um Hm.
I lost track of time.
Okay. Just uh.
Just give me a second. Okay?
Okay. That was great.
Come on everybody. Let's take a five.
Stillness Miss Amberson.
That's how I did it.
Stillness. Just like you said.
Yes. Go
Can I have your phone again?
God. Who is this woman anyway?
Damn, it's a machine.
Professor Derleth, this is Alex.
I really need to talk to you as
soon as possible. Please call me back.
Thank you.
Excuse me miss.
Do you mind terribly if I borrow your phone?
I'd be happy to pay for the call.
That's Okay.
Alright. That ought to keep
you from tripping. Go.
Nobody home.
Useful little items, arent they?
I claim that, which is old.
- Hello.
- Miss Amberson
It's detective Nathanson.
We need to talk.
There was a guy here looking for you.
I think...
Only you can end their pain Alexandra.
Only you can free them.
Patience, friends.
Hi, Uh... Can I come in?
The stone is charged. It's charged with
people's souls, fed with their fear.
And the Djinn is after me.
I need to know what the hell to do.
Alexandra, this is the 20th century.
Don't you think all that sounds
a little unlikely?
Would you like something to drink,
by the way?
Thank you.
Well, I would.
This is a nice cabinet, isn't it?
Your boss would really like this.
My boss? I never told you who I work for.
You didn't?
Then how would I know?
Maybe Beaumont mentioned it?
Oh, yeah!
He did.
Let me explain.
You are obviously looking for some piece
of magic. Some spell
to get rid of this hypothetical Djinn
that you're talking about. right?
They certainly existed.
- You are cold?
- No, I'm fine.
Would you like me to put the heat on?
No. Just please continue.
Where was I?
Oh yeah! Spells, sorcerers.
You were born into an age of reason
and an age of science.
All the sorcerers are dead
and all the spells lost, to time.
But the Djinn itself.
The Djinn, if it existed.
Would be all there was.
Imagine that.
The only magical thing
in a rationalist world.
A vulnerable world of disbelief.
Where no reason would ever rescue you.
Nor Science save you.
He would have a fine old time.
Wouldn't he?
This is no joke.
No, it's not funny.
Are you hungry?
I'm not hungry. I'm not thirsty.
I'm not...
Why do you keep trying
to do things for m...?
I'm sorry.
I guess I'm just a little tense.
I guess.
But I'm fine.
Where were we?
Oh, yes.
No spells.
No hope.
If there's no hope. No magic.
I'll have to rely on myself.
Match wits with a creature older than time.
Match wits with a prince
of the Dark Dominions.
Pit your tiny 20th century brain
against one that walked
the spaces between the worlds,
and trod the wings of angels
beneath his concrete feet.
Oh Alexandra, you're a delight.
Really. You are.
I'm glad I can amuse you.
Oh. I hurt your feelings.
I'm sorry.
Let me make it up to you.
What can I do?
I must be going now.
Sit down!
Sit down.
Where's Wendy?
But I wouldn't go in there if I were you.
I needed her face.
You killed her?
Actually, I can't kill anyone.
Not unless they wish me to.
Your research should have told you that.
She didn't wish to be dead
You lying sack of shit!
I showed her my true face.
Her reaction wasn't very flattering.
As a matter of fact,
she got down right hysterical.
I merely asked her if she if she wished
to be released from her fear.
You're a dangerous person to know,
Your scientist friend. Your boss.
The policemen. Wendy.
By the bye.
Where is that tasty little sister
of yours today?
If you harm Shannon
I kill to you.
Spare me child.
Behold my true face.
Oh my god.
The shit just hit the fan. Didn't it?
Let's get this over with, shall we?
Make your wishes.
Three wishes Alexandra.
Doesn't that intrigue you?
Just a little?
Anything you want.
- Anything?
- You ask for anything
I must grant it.
A trip to the moon.
A visit to Cairo Egypt.
What happens if I wished you dead?
Why, how remarkably original
I'll tell you what.
I'll give you one free wish.
A sample. Get you into the
spirit of the game.
Alright. I want you to destroy yourself.
Blow your brains out.
Very well.
That which is eternal cannot die.
But if it's any consolation sweet Alex,
that hurt like hell.
Make your three wishes.
I always tell my girls
to know their opponent.
I think I will, make a wish.
I wish...
to know what you are.
What are doing?
Granting your wish.
You wish to know what I am.
To you, I am this.
The cry of the abandoned child.
The winter of the whipped beast
I am the face that stares back
at you from the shadow
do you mirrror?
The hollowness, at the heart of all
your hopes, Alexandra.
I am despair.
'careful what you wish for.
So. How do you like me so far?
I didn't wish for this.
You're supposed to be outside.
You're not supposed to be here.
I am bound by that which I bind.
Contained and by that which I contain.
This isn't what I wanted.
Well then. Word your
wishes more carefully.
Oh Alexandra. You left
your sister all alone.
Not to worry. I'll find her and
keep her company.
Don't you go near her.
I mighr have to.
You know how persuasive the
pain of loved ones can be.
Stop me then.
Wish yourself back.
I wish I was in my apartment.
Right now. Without you.
Shannon, where are you?
We got to get out of here.
Alex. Waited as long as I could.
Gone to Beaumont's party.
Join us if you can!
Two wishes in. We're so connected now.
Wherever you go, there I'll be.
Wherever you are, I will find you.
Going my way?
Excuse me ma'am. Ah..
Is your name on the list?
You have got to help me.
This guy is crazy. He's dangerous.
He broke my window.
He is trying to kill me.
Excuse me sir.
Is Mr. Beaumont expecting you?
I asked you a question.
Am I expected? Yes.
I wouldn't be here, if it weren't
for Mr. Beaumont.
Well that sounds good.
But it doesn't sound like an invitation.
I don't care what it sounds like.
Step aside.
Let me make this real simple for you.
If your name isn't on the list,
you don't get in.
I've dealt with your type before.
Mister, you've never even
met my type before.
I am going through that door,
and you will not to stop me.
Is that perfectly clear,
Doorman? The name is Valentine.
Johnny Valentine.
You remember that when they ask
how you lost your eye.
Forgive my brassness.
My eagerness for the end game has skewed
my judgement. I'll make you a deal.
I don't make deals.
What else do you have to do?
Keep assholes out of parties.
And what about tomorrow?
Surely you are not telling
me this is all you can do.
Nor all you ever have done.
It certainly isn't all you ever wished for.
Tell me the truth. Don't you grow weary
of this job, day in and day out?
Wouldn't you like to escape to
a more exciting profession?
What the FUCK does that have
to do with you?
Take the chance Johnny.
Answer the question.
Would you like to escape?
As you wish.
Houdini did it in two and a half minutes.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Alex, I didn't know you were com...
What are you doing?
I'm trying to get you outta here.
Come on. We gotta go.
Get the hell off of me.
Shannon. We have got to leave now.
Trust me.
No. Trust me. you obviously haven't
seen Beaumont's new friend.
You remember the guy from
the basketball court?
...and I was at Cindy's party, of course,
the one where they served the
divorce papers in the middle of dinner.
It was hysterical.
People talked about it for a year.
I remember a certain potentate date, whose
last party was talked about for centuries.
What do you mean, it went down in history?
God, how I'd love to
host a party like that.
As you wish.
Ted, you can see right through me.
My God.
Not yet, human.
Soon. Very soon I will be...
Perimeter! Everybody get to the house now!
We have unfinished business.
It's going to stay unfinished.
Listen to their screams child.
Listen to their music of their agony.
You Bastard!
You can save them, Alexandra.
Just wish it away.
No. I won't.
I can't.
My patience wears thin.
What are you gonna do? Kill me?
Where's your third wish then?
I don't need you dead Alexandra.
I just need you to wish you were a...
- Raymond.
- Alex. Alex, what is going on here?
Raymond. Have you seen Shannon?
Raymond. Raymond?
Gosh, Raymond?
Hey miss. Come with us.
We're trying to get this under control.
Get out of here.
Get OUT!
He's coming!
Please. We have got to go!
We have got to...
it's not going to do any good!
No more doors.
No more rooms.
No more excuses.
Make your wish.
I will not wish.
Not even when I show you the
latest addition to Beaumont's collection.
The final flowering of his wish.
A little masterpiece of my own.
I call it "SISTER".
Oh god.
Rather a good likeness,
don't you think?
I especially relish...
the 'trapped-animal' look in the eyes.
You vicious son of a BITCH!
You don't approve?
Alright then.
You know what I say?
If you can't beat them,
burn them baby.
Oh no.
Remind you of something?
Make your wish.
I suggest you do it quickly, dear.
Oh god.
I wish...
I wish...
Wish on, child.
I wish Mickey Torelli hadn't been
drinking on the job, 2 days ago.
Not by...
You should never met me.
I'm surprised you are here in
person Mr. Beaumont.
The works, completely in order.
I've waited 10 years for this piece.
Hey Mickey, watch it!
Look! What do you think that is?
That's a... That.
Pre-Islamic stuff you got in there!
Now slowly. Thanks!
Okay! Got it!
Oh yeah. This will make some
very nice engagement gift.
- Very at least a nice engagement gift.
- Yeah.
Hi Nick.
- You're late.
- Sorry.
I'll give you 2000 for them.
So, what are we doing tonight?
Ohhh, what's the matter Josh?
Are you afraid of the complications?
You know what?
I think this could help.
Does that help?
Yeah, where uh...
Where are we going tonight?
Dinner and a movie.
With me?
I was thinking more about, um...
...about hotdogs and a ball game.
Um... Are you...
Are you alright?
anonymous fan of the Wishmaster!