Witchcraft 15: Blood Rose (2016) Movie Script

Rose, there's no fighting it.
You will do what I want.
I'll never help you.
Tough talk, bitch.
The only way to save your mother
is for you to give yourself to me freely.
What do you mean?
If you do that and your
powers transfer to me,
and I'll let your mother go.
How do we do this?
Through our sexual energy.
Thank you, Sharon.
That will be all now.
But I thought...
You may go.
Please, my dear, continue.
You ready?
Tara, come back to the yoga studio!
You must return to the studio!
Tara, you must return to the studio.
Tara, Tara, come back.
You must return to the yoga studio.
You have to come back immediately.
Sharon, I'm right here.
I told you to leave.
Yeah, well, I didn't.
What the hell's going on?
I saw the cops go inside.
Come inside.
Hold it right there.
You gotta be kidding me.
Who let these two idiots in?
It wasn't me!
Well, you take care of it.
I have to complete the ceremony!
That's on you, buddy.
Take a look at her.
Mortal pleasure
certainly has its benefits.
Got one.
I'm gonna have to speed this along.
Come on, bring it, copper.
But he's mine.
Samael, angel of death, I command you.
You command nothing, you cockroach.
My god, Sharon.
What's going on?
It's a battle.
They need our energy, Tara.
Who needs our energy?
There's no time to explain.
All that I need you to do is obey.
Nice try, angel.
That's archangel to
you, monkey boy.
First, I'm cockroach,
and now I'm monkey boy?
Looks like I'm moving up in the world.
Sex magic is the most powerful magic,
created to create.
The earth has bestowed
upon us erotic magic,
and we must use that to vanquish
the forces of the mundane.
Create with me, Tara.
Give yourself to me, Tara.
Give yourself with the power to create.
Is that all you got?
Leave now or the mother dies.
Will, let's...
No, it ends here!
Your choice.
I can take it.
Do it!
Do it, Rose!
Did we just help Rose kill Samuel?
We tried to save Samuel.
But he was corrupted
by the forces of evil,
and Rose rightfully
vanquished him from our coven.
Now we must protect rose
with everything we have.
She's very fragile but very useful.
What are you two doing here?
We're here to get Rose.
Who are you?
I'm a friend.
What's going on around here?
I don't know.
It was just supposed to be a meeting
with our coven elders, that's all.
Yeah, as far as I know.
That's not at all what's
been going on around here.
What do you mean?
Your fearless leader
tried to raise Samael,
the archangel of death, tonight.
This studio, it's supposed to be
a place for white magic only,
where witches and warlocks
can practice craft in safety.
I had no idea that Samuel
was into anything else.
I swear.
Rose, I'm so sorry.
I had no idea.
Are you okay?
I think so.
Ladies, you wanna do us a favor?
Don't tell anybody we were here.
Because I don't wanna
have to do the paperwork.
Come on.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't you ladies just keep this open
and run it like it should
be ran, white magic only.
Okay, good luck.
Come on, Tara.
Of course.
Thank you.
I'm very honored to be
serving the coven in this way.
Well, it's been difficult.
We're rebuilding ever since
that mess with Samuel.
There's some progress.
We have one student who's
showing incredibly high hopes.
She's a little skittish
concerning all that's gone on,
but she's specially powerful.
Are you sure?
I understand.
Yes, sometimes things do need to be done
for the greater good.
I'm uncertain as to if she'll cooperate.
She doesn't really understand
how the coven functions.
I'll try to use my powers of persuasion.
Into the light, out of the
darkness, Aradia be praised.
Goodbye, sir.
Okay, it looks like all
the yoga mats are cleaned,
bathrooms cleaned, studio floors swept,
and vending machines stocked.
You want me to get started
on the website now?
Seriously, I can't even
look at the homepage.
It's so ugly.
How are we supposed to rebuild the coven
without an effective internet presence?
Aradia be praised,
you're doing a great job.
I have to admit.
I'm pretty amazing.
And I totally want to get
into that website today.
But first, I need you to go grab Rose.
I need her in the office for something.
Teacher's pet getting
called into the office.
Now, stop it.
I love you all equally, but
Rose has certain abilities
that the coven needs to
take advantage of today.
I'll text her now.
Thank you.
Aradia be praised.
Aradia be praised, absolutely.
Damn it!
Magic, M-A-G-I-C.
Damn it!
Fuck, my spelling is for shit.
Hey, I got your text.
What's up?
Girl, you would not
believe the day I'm having.
Spoiler, it sucks being a dyslexic witch.
So you texted me to come help you spell?
No, smart ass.
Sharon wants to see you.
Something's brewing,
but she didn't say what.
Dude, come on.
She's cool.
The whole thing's cool.
How so?
She wasn't the one that
tried to sacrifice you.
She didn't kill your mom.
That was all Samuel, the warlock dick.
It will be fine.
I promise.
I guess.
It's just gonna take some time.
I get it, trust.
Just know I always have your back.
Punch it in.
Aradia be praised.
I guess I should get back there.
See you at home later?
Okay, seriously, do my bidding.
Damn it!
Hi, Sharon.
Tara said you wanted to see me.
Hey, Rose.
Come over here.
Aradia be praised.
How is my favorite student?
I'm your favorite?
Well, don't tell Tara or any
of the others that, but yes.
And why is that?
Don't be so coy.
You're a very powerful woman.
You're probably gonna be sitting
behind that desk one day,
running this branch of the coven.
Isn't that something you want?
I don't know what I want.
Do I have to choose now?
Of course, you don't.
I'm sorry if I seemed a little bit pushy.
I'm so excited for you.
I know, and I'm grateful
for everything you've done for me.
I'm glad to hear it.
Well, are you ready for our lesson today?
I thought we weren't
starting till tomorrow.
I've been told we need to speed up
your training a little bit.
There are, how do I say this,
some forces that could
potentially harm the coven,
and we need everyone in tiptop
shape as soon as possible.
It's just that...
Now, don't make me beg.
Sad witch.
Okay, okay, I'll do it,
just stop making that face.
All right.
Let's sit down on the yoga mat,
you in front of me, facing the other way.
Okay, slowly put your head into my lap.
Easy, easy.
Focus on your breathing.
Now let me enter you,
guiding you from the inside.
Yes, yes.
Let me in.
what are you doing?
Just relax.
Let me slide into your mind.
This feels strange.
I feel like I'm disappearing.
Let it happen.
Sharon, no!
Move aside!
Big papa to little mama.
Big papa to little mama.
The bird is in the nest.
Hey, Lutz, relax.
Hey, I got a great joke.
Have you heard of the serial prostitute?
They don't snap, crackle, pop.
They just lay there and bang.
Shit, I crack myself up.
Little mama, we've got
one of our regulars.
Damn it, Eden.
Don't make me have to go
in there and bust you.
Get on top.
You like that?
Don't you stop.
That's what you pay me for.
Who said I was paying you?
Slap me.
Fuck me!
Sharon, no!
It's Eden, dummy!
Hell's brought you to Eden.
You will serve the house of Aradia.
You are a vessel.
You are a conduit.
Death shall be your offering.
My god.
I'm getting outta here.
Break it up, y'all two.
I thought I told you if
I was gonna catch you
on the job again, I was gonna take you in.
Three strikes, you're out, young lady.
What the hell's going on here?
I didn't do this.
This is not me.
I did not do this.
Hands up where I can see 'em.
Is anyone else in here?
Answer me, is anyone else in here?
No, I'm by myself.
Start talking.
We were making love,
and then blood came all over his face.
And he started talking
crazy and jumping around.
And I don't know what
happened, but I didn't do this.
So you're telling
me you didn't off him.
I just said I didn't do it.
I fucked this guy for
money, and that's it.
I did not kill him.
Put your
hands behind your back.
Are you fucking kidding me?
My god, can I at
least get dressed first?
Yeah, go ahead.
My god.
Aradia be praised.
Tara, can you come in here, sweetheart?
What happened in here?
We had a super intense training session.
Poor thing's wiped out.
Could you help Rose up
and take her back home?
Hey, girl.
What happened?
Let's get you home, okay?
It's done.
Aradia be praised.
You were conceived in darkness,
a child of three monsters,
of earthly loins to serve a higher plane.
This is your destiny.
Open yourself to it.
Open yourself.
Hey, lazy.
Those spells aren't gonna cast themselves.
Better get out of bed.
So what happened in there?
I don't really know.
She said she wanted to
guide me from the inside.
Guide you from the inside?
Sounds pretty lesbotronic to me.
I don't really remember much after that.
We sat down, and it felt like
someone was slipping into my mind,
like Sharon was wearing me or
something, then I blacked out.
Sounds really weird.
We've been working on some
mind control stuff lately
but nothing that intense.
The only thing I remember
is that there was a man
and a girl, and he started
bleeding from his eyes and mouth.
And it felt like I was killing him.
To be fair, you've done it before.
Yeah, but I have that under control now.
There's no way I'd just
kill someone like that.
I don't know.
Maybe it was just a dream.
Although I did have a weird vision.
I think I saw myself being conceived.
Like your parents having sex?
I know!
But the thing is they didn't
look like my parents at all.
Can I tell you how much I love living
in our little witchy sorority together?
Well, actually, it's my house, so.
And how much I just
love my witch sisters.
What do you want, Danielle?
Why do I have to want anything?
Can't I just love my witch
sisters unconditionally?
You know we've met you, right?
I need you guys to clear out later.
My boyfriend's coming over.
Clear out of my own house again?
Not gonna happen.
But he gets weirded
out when you're here.
He can't get it up when
he knows someone else
is in the house.
Girl, go to his house.
I can't.
He has roommates and he shares a room
with one of them, and it's gross.
This sounds like a problem
with a very simple solution.
You leaving?
No, you leaving to his house.
But I'll pay you.
I hate it here.
Why does Sharon make me live
with you two fun killers?
You can always go back to the YWCA.
Shut up!
Okay, one more time
because I love a good bullshit story.
My god, I am no bulshitting you.
I got a call from my agency
for a date at that hotel,
some guy named Jamal.
He paid for the room.
He wanted sex with a
little bit of rough stuff.
He's in the middle of strangling
me, and he started bleeding
all over the place and turned
into Linda fucking Blair.
And that's it.
And then your boyfriend here
came in and arrested me.
And here we all are, happily ever other,
and can I please fucking go now.
The chances of you
walking out of here tonight
are approximately zero.
You're gonna be charged with
murder unless you can come up
with a better story, and I
know you can't afford bail.
My god.
I booked a gig on It's
Always Sunny for next week.
Why in the world would I kill some rando
just as my career is taking off?
That's a great question,
and I look forward to hearing your answer.
Let's go.
I'm gonna take you into booking.
Have fun.
You guys are worse than my manager.
Damn it, Spanner!
Don't sneak up on me like that.
You're lucky my gun wasn't unholstered.
And why is that?
Because you'd be dead by now.
I tried that once.
It just isn't my style.
God, I hate a warlock
with a sense of humor.
I heard you got a problem
and you needed my expertise.
Good news travels fast, I see.
Take a look at these.
Died underneath a prostitute.
Not a bad way to go if
you don't count the part
where he bled out through his eyeballs.
Looks like a
dark forces kill to me.
Kind of a showy way to off someone.
I mean high traffic area,
and it's not exactly a secret
that cops bust hookers
there a dozen times a day.
My guess is that they
wanted the body discovered.
Do you think somebody's
trying to send a signal?
Well, well, well,
if it's not mister sunshine and rainbows.
How are your spider senses
now with your dead dear John?
My guess is that he committed
a heretical act against the coven.
Heretical act as in?
As in he really pissed them off.
And as we begin to align ourselves,
stacking our chakras from crown to root,
we begin to align
ourselves with white magic,
and the earth,
and Aradia.
And then we can truly become
a pure vessel for power and influence.
Now let's put our palms together
and bow.
Into the light and out of the darkness.
Into the light
and out of the darkness.
All right, great work today, guys.
Great things are on the horizon.
Now remember to keep on
practicing in between classes.
And I will see you all
again next Thursday.
Make sure to check with Tara
with all of your schedules, all right?
Sharon, we have company.
Will Spanner, I presume.
Nice to see you again.
Are you interested in our special?
10 classes for the price of eight.
My back would never forgive me.
There's something I need
to talk to you about.
It's very important.
Tara, can you give us a minute?
What is it now, Will Spanner?
Did the LAPD send you over
here to harass my school?
What do you think about this?
My god.
That's gruesome.
It is.
If you're implying that I
have anything to do with this,
your powers are failing.
That sort of retaliatory
tactic died with Samuel.
Who said this had to do with
anything about retaliation?
This is right up Samuel's alley.
Since he's left and now, you're in charge,
this is gonna be my first stop.
I told you.
I'm not involved.
We have a witness,
and she's ready to talk.
If she so much as nods
towards this studio,
you and I are gonna have a big problem.
Well, until then, get your
street shoes off my yoga mat.
And tell your detective friends
the next time they wanna stop by,
they're going to either need
a warrant or a yoga mat.
Aradia be praised.
Hey, Tara, what's up?
Remember that Spanner guy,
the one that helped you
kill Samuel and everything?
He's back.
He walked in on Sharon's
newbie class asking questions
about some gruesome murder that
has witchcraft all over it.
She denied it, of course,
but Spanner seems to think she's in on it.
My god.
Is that what she used me for?
You tell me.
Tara, can you have her come
to Sharon's office this afternoon?
She wants another
private session with her.
You got it.
Did you hear that?
You've been summoned.
I really don't trust her.
I know.
Just play along.
If we find out she's really using you
for something terrible, we'll both bolt.
Spanner here.
Yeah, I think I was wrong
about that Jamal kid.
But I think the studio's involved.
I suggest you get over here
and double team Sharon.
Rose, come here, sweetheart.
I hope that you've fully recovered
from our session the other day.
I know it's probably absolutely
draining but it's worth it.
I have recovered, thanks.
That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
Well, let's sit down.
I'm all ears.
So I had a strange
dream the other night.
I saw my parents making
love, and I heard your voice.
But they didn't look like my parents.
And I mean it was like
I was watching a movie.
Rose, there's no easy way to say this,
but I guess the time has come.
Who were those people?
They were your real parents.
The woman that you think
is your mother, Beth,
she's not your real mom.
Beth was assigned to you by the coven.
We've had our eyes on you for a while now.
So the other thing I saw,
that man bleeding from his eyes,
dying in the motel, that
was me, right, you and me?
I'm going to admit something to you,
and it's something I'm not proud of.
But yes,
you and me, we killed that man.
Because he was one
of hundreds of children
that Samuel fathered over
the eons that he's been here.
Just the other day, the
oracle, a seer for our coven,
he contacted me and told
me that one day, that man
would realize his true lineage
and try to resurrect Samuel.
And that would be absolutely disastrous.
Rose, it wasn't just for
the good of the coven.
This was for the good of mankind.
You used me.
I know it's hard to understand.
No, no!
I won't let you do that again.
I'm not letting you do it to me again.
But the job isn't over.
There was a girl with him.
And if that girl says anything,
talks to the police about
a single thing that went on
in that room, not only would
it be absolute destruction
for the coven, but it would,
do you understand, Rose?
I won't, no.
No, I won't use my power
to clean up your mess.
Of course, you won't.
Look who's all grown up.
I can't say that I'm not
a little bit disappointed,
but I'm proud of you.
Well, you're standing up for yourself.
One day, this coven is going to be
in good hands, your hands.
And I can see that now more than ever.
Well, thank you.
Forgive me for asking.
Now why don't you have a good
day with Tara and Danielle.
And then tomorrow, when you return,
we can resume our one-on-ones.
No tricks, I promise.
You understand why I
can't do this, right?
I mean you know I'd do
anything for the coven but...
Of course.
I've been there many times.
Come here.
Now go, get out of here.
You are the child of three
mothers, three powers,
brought together from three
loins to be our powerful savior.
Let me in, Rose.
We could do great work together.
All you have to do
is let
Wait, what am I doing here?
Sharon, what have you done?
What have we done, my dear?
You have no idea what
a nightmare that was.
I just now got let go.
I don't know, some dude paid my bail.
I have no idea who it was,
and I do not give a shit who it was.
All they said to me
was, "Don't leave town.
"We might have some
more questions for you."
Fuck that shit.
I am leaving town tonight.
Fucking New York.
I am a classically trained actress.
I belong on Broadway.
What the fuck is that?
It's nothing, the wind.
Now what the fuck is that?
All right, fuck this.
I can't.
Dude, come on.
What did I do?
What is wrong with you?
What do you mean?
I mean you're all in here.
I was having a nightmare.
Well, your nightmares are boner killers.
Hey, what's going on?
Nothing with miss
nightmare on weird street,
moaning like some sick animal in here.
You are killing my sex life.
Okay, you're banished.
I think Sharon used me
to kill someone again.
Okay, so what's going on?
I was sleeping, and she
forced herself into my mind.
Again, I'll say that
sounds very lesarrific.
I tried to stop her,
but the next thing I
know, I have this vision
of a woman covered in
blood, dead by her car.
You didn't see it happen?
And here's the weird thing,
I wasn't unconscious.
I was in her office.
I know it sounds crazy, but
it's like we switched bodies.
She was in mine, using
me to kill that woman,
and I was in hers just waiting there.
That is some freaky
Friday shit right there.
How am I gonna stop her?
If she's strong enough
to take over my body,
how do I keep her from using me again?
Rose, I get it's silly to
think this is the same girl
we rescued from a demon a month ago.
It's absolutely ridiculous.
And I guess going to the yoga studio
to investigate is a waste of time.
And taxpayers' money.
It's too bad we have no leads.
But she's so powerful.
All right.
Aradia be praised.
Tara, can you have Rose come
in my office immediately?
That would be a great idea.
You're that detective
from the yoga studio the other day, right?
I am.
Is Rose here?
No, she just left for the studio.
Okay, good.
Do you mind if I come in?
Go ahead.
I'm Danielle, by the way.
It's nice to meet you, Danielle.
You must be new here, yes?
Yeah, I moved in about a month ago.
Sharon set it up.
That Sharon, always helping.
So what's going on?
Are Rose and Sharon in trouble?
No, not at all.
It's just that, well, me
and your housemate have,
you know, some relations.
Hello, daddy.
I had no idea.
It's not like that at all.
I just came here to check on
her and make sure she's okay.
Can I get you something to drink?
No, I'm okay right now,
but I would like to take a
quick peek into your brain.
Danielle, what's happening
at the yoga studio?
What's going on?
Those detectives are back.
They're asking questions about some woman
who was killed last night.
Apparently, your name came up.
Take a breath.
If Sharon really is using you,
there's nothing she can do
while the cops are here.
You're right.
Punch it in.
Aradia be praised.
Okay, I'm going in.
Listen, Rose, a couple of
nights ago, there was a woman
that was murdered, and they
think we're somehow involved.
Well, it's a little too
early to start accusing people.
We got some information from the scene,
and we wanna take her in for some clarity.
We'd like to take you down the station,
ask you some questions.
Am I under arrest?
No, we're just taking
you in for questioning.
Listen, they can't
hold you for more than
a couple of hours without
actually arresting you.
So if you're gone for too
long, I'll go grab a lawyer
and I'll come down to meet you, okay?
That's absolutely true.
Well, okay.
Listen, I want you to
tell them everything.
Anything you think is
important, tell them.
Don't hold back.
Got it?
Okay, come here.
It's gonna be okay.
The car's out front.
Wait, what's going on?
Can I have a second?
I'll be out, I promise.
You got two minutes,
and we'll be over there.
Got it.
Okay, what the fuck?
It's okay.
They just wanna ask me some questions.
And this way, I can tell the
truth without Sharon around.
Okay, but seriously,
don't tell them anything that's
gonna get you in trouble.
You know how they are.
We all understand about
spells, and mind control,
and magic whatevers, but
cops are like, "Yeah, right."
I know, I know.
I just don't think you
can use magic as an alibi.
I gotta go.
I'll see you at home?
What a nightmare.
I'll say.
I'm so exhausted.
Can you just cancel my classes?
I can't teach today.
And then you can get the day off too.
Yeah, of course.
Why don't you
go make those phone calls
you needed to make?
What call?
Yeah, right.
Good call.
It's just us girls now.
Look, I know you've been through a lot,
and I don't blame you if
you don't wanna talk to me,
or if you think you owe Sharon something.
But trust me, trust me, you don't.
What happened to you, what
Samuel did to you is terrible.
But I think Sharon's
heading down the same path.
And if she is, we need you to tell us.
Look, I know it's hard.
I do.
But for your own safety,
if you know anything about
what happened to those two
people, you have to tell me.
I'll tell you.
Samuel wasn't killed that night.
But we saw you destroy him.
I can take it.
Do it!
Do it, Rose!
Well, when I say he wasn't killed,
I mean his soul wasn't killed.
He's cursed to remain on our plane
until he can summon his
godly form from hell
and reunite it with his
physical being here on earth.
I can't believe I'm following
along with this, but go on.
That man in the motel was Samuel's son,
and he was trying to bring him back.
Who told you this?
But she had nothing to
do with this, I swear.
I'd tell you if she did.
And the girl?
She was working with him.
I'm not sure how she was
connected to the coven,
but they ordered her killed too.
Then why did she write your name
in her blood on the concrete.
And please don't tell
me it was a coincidence.
Because they wanted me to
do it like I killed Samuel.
She must have found out they'd asked me
and assumed it was me
when she was attacked.
You keep saying the coven.
Who are you talking about?
I need a name.
I don't know.
I don't, I swear.
Rose, if you are trying
to protect someone...
I'm not!
Why would I protect them?
They almost killed me.
All right.
I'm gonna let you go.
Do not leave town.
And do not get wrapped up in this.
I'm not 100% convinced
that you're not involved.
But if you aren't, keep it that way.
I promise.
Now get outta here.
I know you're there.
Either you're getting better
at this or I'm getting worse.
Seriously, how do you do that?
Do you float in here?
Do you walk through the wall?
You're the detective.
Worse than a warlock
with a sense of humor,
a warlock with a cryptic sense of humor.
So what do you think about her?
She's definitely involved.
I can sense it on her, but
I don't think she's guilty.
How so?
I don't know exactly,
just a sense that she
committed a crime yet didn't.
I stopped by her house and
read her friend, Danielle.
Did you get anything?
Scanning that girl's brain
is like searching through
an empty trashcan.
But that yoga studio
is definitely involved.
Again, yeah, in hindsight,
we probably should have shut down
the witchcraft yoga studio
when we had the chance.
I did find out one piece
of useful information.
A tattoo.
It represents some sort
of doorway or conduit.
I'm beginning to think the
murder was a sign, not a warning.
A sign of what?
Nothing good.
Trust me.
This was all for your benefit.
Although I will say this body is a treat.
That yoga sure is paying off.
Nice breasts by the way.
And they're real!
Sadly, you're never gonna
make it anywhere in Hollywood
with real breasts, even
ones as nice as these.
Sweetie, I'm just having some fun.
It doesn't all have to be horrible.
What the fuck are you doing?
I swear to god.
No, you swear to Aradia.
What did you tell them?
I'm going back down to the
police station right now
and I'm gonna tell them the truth.
No, you're not.
Listen to me, listen to your intellect.
I did what I needed to to protect you.
And you may not like it, but
you're a part of this coven.
And that means when the
coven makes a decision,
we all have to live by it.
That's not fair.
Define fair.
Is it fair that witches have
been hunted for centuries?
Is it fair that our kind has
been stalked and murdered?
Is it fair that we have
to hide our powers?
We are born in a world that
we're forced to live in,
and goddammit, we do what
we need to to survive.
That's just double talk!
I told the detectives enough
to keep them off your trail.
You should be thanking me.
I'm leaving.
Be mad at me all you want.
You're not going to the detectives.
And if you do, you will regret it.
So nobody's here?
No, totes alone.
Are they gonna come back soon?
No, gone for the day.
Well, what about...
Dude, are we doing this or what?
Yes, totally, yes.
Are you fucking kidding me?
My cock is rock hard.
Don't answer it.
I have to.
No, I'm good.
Wait, did you just call me your favorite?
Of course I won't tell anyone.
I'm so flattered.
Yes, of course.
I'm on it.
Okay, we gotta go.
Okay, a second ago, I just told you
how hard my cock is, so...
I love that story.
Get dressed.
We've got work to do.
Hey, is Tara here?
No, haven't seen her all day.
She isn't answering her phone.
I need to text her.
See you later.
Come on, Tara.
Text me back.
I'm so dumb.
I forgot something.
What did you forget?
Totally do my bidding.
Carry her.
Well, I have one stop to make.
Well, two.
I think I want a slushie.
I have something.
Is it impossible for you to enter the room
like a normal person?
The tattoo on Jamal, it's a conduit.
A conduit?
There are witches and
warlocks that act as a doorway
between our plane or any
other demonic planes.
But he's dead.
Doesn't that mean closed for business?
No, they have to be dead.
Spirits use their bodies to crossover.
That's creepy.
The murder wasn't a warning.
It was an invitation.
This is so exciting!
Yes, it is.
But Danielle, just tone
it down a bit, okay?
I think it's about time to
wake Ms. Rose up, please.
Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey.
What's going on?
Calm down.
No, why am I tied to this chair?
Let me go!
I said calm the fuck down.
And don't try to use a magic spell
to get out of these restraints.
I double binded them.
I helped!
Yes, yes, you did.
Our great work is about to begin.
Samuel was right to choose you.
You're so powerful.
Aradia be praised.
Samuel will be so happy to use you
to come back to the coven.
There's going to be an awakening.
Danielle, what are you doing here?
What did she tell you?
Why are you helping her?
Because there's great
work to be done here,
and because I'm loyal to the coven,
and because I'm her favorite.
She told me so.
Don't be jelly.
Where's Tara?
I know she wouldn't betray me like this.
I'm taking very good care of her.
Don't worry.
Hey, Rose, I'm home.
Are you here?
Sorry I didn't text you back.
My phone died, and I had to charge it.
I could feel it.
Samuel, he's in there.
Or he's gonna be.
I'll go in there alone.
This is definitely above your pay grade.
Danielle, sweetheart,
it's time for you to leave.
What about the awakening?
I need you far away.
What if something were to happen to me?
What if I were to get killed?
Who would run the witchcraft yoga studio?
You want me to run the studio?
No, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Just go and wait for word, okay?
Okay, no problem.
Bye, Rose.
I'll totally take care of your house.
Alone at last.
Sharon, you can't do this.
Think about it.
Samuel was a demon, not a warlock.
His magic is dark and evil.
All he wanted was to rule over humanity
and create hell on earth!
Well, as far as plans go,
that one's not half bad.
But I destroyed him.
No, silly young witch.
You can't just destroy a demon.
His life is in every child he sired.
And that man, he got around.
I wasn't lying before when I said Jamal
was also one of Samuel's children,
but that's what makes him
the perfect conduit for Samuel's return.
You're crazy if you think
I'm gonna help you do this.
I need your flesh.
I'm going to feed you to him.
I feel like we should be in there.
I wouldn't if I were you.
Well, we have to stop the
yoga witchcraft murder spree.
Well, good luck with that.
This body
is broken.
What have you done?
Why have you trapped me in
this wretched piece of garbage?
This body,
it will heal.
I have brought you the power.
My child.
Feed on her.
Feed on your progeny.
Take the marrow from her bone.
Suck the power from her soul.
You've done well.
And your reward shall be death.
Rose, it's me!
And now,
the main course.
Get away from me!
But don't you wanna
be daddy's little girl?
We're so much alike.
You've inherited some of my best traits.
I'll never be like you.
Like me?
You'll be in me.
Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
Welcome back.
Time and again, you have meddled
in the coven's business
for much too long, traitor.
Time and again have you
betrayed your own kind
only to carry favor with
the powerless and mundane.
And this stops now!
Rose, use your power!
With me!
My offspring, what is human in you
that prevents the full use
of you hell-given talent.
I'll consume your human flesh
and consume your power and feed.
Our powers shall become one.
We're not strong enough.
I need to channel through you.
You'll kill me.
Just guide the power through you.
Concentrate, open your palm.
Everybody's hands up.
I'm gonna hate to do
the paperwork on this.
What the fuck?
Once again, Rose saves the day.
She's very powerful.
This isn't the last time
bad elements from the coven
are gonna try to take
advantage of her or kill her.
Would protective custody do any good?
You tell me.
No, probably not.
She's gonna have to learn
how to defend herself.
Now that we've worked together,
who knows what type of hell
Samuel would have
unleashed against humanity.
She's powerful, but she's also smart.
She won't let something
like that happen again.
And if she does, I'd
personally kick her ass.
I'd like to see that.
I should get going back inside.
Call us if you need anything.
Just don't need anything.
Got it.
Let's go get a beef dip
sandwich at Pinelli's.
You coming, Spanner?
Hey, sunshine, are you hungry?
You wanna get something to eat?
Something's not quite right.
You think?
We just stopped the demon
from taking over the world.
I'm sure there's some residue left
from that magical bullshit
still floating in the air.
But until that magical
bullshit commits a crime,
I don't think we have
anything to worry about.
So let's go.
Are you all right?
Here, let me help you up.
Tara, what are you doing?
You said you'll always have my back.
Yeah, about that.
So sadly, the days of your best friend
having your back are over.
Now, now, don't cry.
I'll be your new best friend.
I swear.
I won't even hold it against
you that you tried to kill me.
Shut up!
Is that any way to talk to your friends?
I think it's time for some bestie bonding.
Best girlfriends share everything.
So let's start with your powers.
Let me in, you little bitch!
Not a fucking chance!
There's always people in here.
Let's go.
Why didn't we get a
motel room before?
This is fucking great.
Danielle was a lucky girl.
If I had you, I'd never
let you leave the bedroom.
What are you talking about?
You are Danielle.
Sorry, stud.
I'm Sharon.
You're a great fuck, Nick,
but I don't like loose ends.