Witches in the Woods (2019) Movie Script

What was your
Tom Brady story again?
That he called me
the greatest person ever.
Oh, 'cause
you're a fucking liar, dude.
- Mm!
- Whoa, Derek, slow down.
- Oh, baby. I'm on fire.
- Oh my god pull over,
there's something seriously
going wrong with your...
Don't you pretend
like you're not into this.
actually what happened.
No fucking way, man.
On this week's episode
of "Revisionist History"
brought to you by
the grandmaster himself...
I embellish, I don't revise.
Bree, Bree, you better
get used to this,
'cause when dating
my brother, here,
he's got an alternative
sense of reality.
He's also got this other thing,
I can never remember the name,
- Oh, here we go.
- it's... herpes!
- No.
- That's right, it's herpes!
Shut up.
Yo, you're the one that
gets that thing every time.
Wait, "alternative sense"?
That's like "no sense."
He still believes that
Megyn Kelly
was at our rush party
in second year.
- But she was, guys.
- She wasn't!
- She was!
- She wasn't!
I had a whole
conversation with her.
- Dude!
- She's a very nice woman.
I'm the one that convinced her
to shift political views,
- by the way.
- You are in denial.
Yo, Jill.
Jill, you remember Megyn, right?
- Jill? Jill.
- All right, b-babe,
- Wait!
- I'm sorry, but we... we're to...
We are in the wilderness!
- We... please!
- Come on. Give it back.
This is so fascinating. They're
calling me a liar back there,
and I can't get a single word
out of you.
"Stakeholder Management."
This is... this is the eighth
edition of this
fascinating document here.
It sounds riveting.
Should we learn?
- Yes.
- Alison? Learn!
Guys, I need some knowledge.
Read some, read some.
Uh, okay.
"To classify and prioritize
the value of a contributor
to said fund,"
Please, drop more knowledge.
"one must evaluate
risk and reward against..."
Hey Derek, I got a new idea.
- Uh-huh? Huh?
- Roll down the window,
just to get some fresh air
for a second.
All right.
- Where are we going with this?
- Here's my new plan.
We find a bridge,
we pull over,
and we just chuck Jill
right off.
You... hey! Man!
- Funny.
- This is my baby.
- I got your back, babe.
- I know,
but we've gotta save you
from this mind-numbing boredom.
- Oh.
- We could throw the book out.
- Well, okay. Okay.
- Don't you dare. Do not!
Should we throw it out?
Yeah? Can we get a cheer going?
Throw it out! Throw it out!
No don't! Don't, come on!
Hello everyone back here.
Just a joke.
Little jokey-joke.
- Get that phone out of my face!
- Okay, relax.
Didn't seem to mind being filmed
last time I checked.
What is that?
- Uh...
- Come on, man.
What the fuck?
Hi, officer.
What's going on?
Logging truck overturned
about a mile up.
- Road's closed, I'm afraid.
- Closed? For how long?
Few hours, I'm guessing.
Maybe more.
Where ya heading?
- Brook...
- Berkshire North.
Berkshire North
Ski Resort.
Best bet, go back to 7,
and then you
have to loop around from there.
Well, how far is that?
50 miles, give or take.
50 miles?!
No fuckin' way, bro.
- Dude.
- Bro?
I'm gonna have to ask you
to keep moving.
Yep, yes, sir.
Sure, thing, thank you.
I gotta go. You?
You want me to come with?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Hello? What? No, I can't talk.
Oh, uh...
maybe not the best idea.
- Who the hell is she, anyway?
- Bree?
Did you hear
what she said to me?
Yeah, I'm sorry Alli,
I didn't know she was coming.
Thought I could escape it
for the weekend.
- Look, I know this can't be...
- Easy?
People just want to believe
whatever they need.
- Will you wait for me?
- Yeah, of course.
Hey, have you thought
any more about um...
- You know.
- Yeah.
If I continue with the charges,
they can come after me
even worse.
I'm not sure it's worth it.
Yeah, I mean,
I'm sure that's a risk but...
I feel like you'll regret it
if you don't.
fuck 'em, right?
Does your mom know
you talk like that?
Oh, come on.
I swear.
I fucking love you, Jill.
Blue 42?
How's your shoulder feeling?
It's fine,
it's still sore as hell.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Is uh... look man,
a couple of the guys are...
wondering if maybe, uh...
- Yeah?
- Uh...
You were...
'Cause, I... I mean, like,
I don't think you were.
I mean, why would you?
- Right? It's just...
- Yeah, why would I?
It's just, okay, man,
we could really use you
if these suspensions hold up,
and you'd probably start, too.
The guys...
they really want you to...
The guys didn't want me to play?
Is that what it is?
All right, Phil,
what happened sucks.
- It does, but...
- "But" what?
Look, between you and me,
these guys are our friends
and now their careers, their...
their lives, could be ruined.
For what?
- We don't know what happened...
- They're not my friends.
Phil, I'm sorry man I...
Thank you.
What's wrong?
Your friends hate me.
That's impossible.
They just don't know you.
What do you think she did?
- Copulated with the devil.
- Hmm.
That or she spoiled last week's
episode of Game of Thrones.
They're gonna love you.
I'm taking this.
Go. Go.
Help you with something?
I, um...
I thought that bears were
hibernating in the winter.
Well not that bear.
Claw traps are
illegal in Massachusetts.
What would you know about it?
Well, I... I know it's
against the law,
and I can...
prove it. Just...
So, do you know
anything about bears
walking around out there
in the winter
when they should be sleeping?
Why don't you use that
little device
that's glued to your hand there
and look up
"bear attacks, Western Mass."
- Service sucks.
- Yeah.
Well, not for long.
See the clear-cutting
that they're doing?
Because of that
little computer there.
Well, it's disrupting
the bears' habitat,
messing with its rhythms.
So the bear
thinks that it's spring
and it comes out
looking for food
but there is no food.
So the men working in the trees,
they become the food.
What, so that makes it okay
to just...
A dead bear is a dead bear.
It's better than a dead human.
Well, you can do it in a more
humane way,
it doesn't have to suffer.
You haven't suffered
a day in your life.
Have a nice day.
What, does this
make you feel like a man,
- Hey, hey. Hey, hey!
- you can just
- kill an innocent animal?
- Come on, come on, Jill.
- Huh?
- Let's go, come on.
- Get off me!
- Sorry, okay. Oh...
What's wrong?
I don't need you to...
W-what? Need me to what?
Step in like that!
- Yeah, really.
- What's that supposed to mean?
Hey, hey. You're okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, okay?
I'm sorry.
Let's go, let's go.
- You okay?
- I got the directions.
So, what's the plan?
Uh, according to this,
I figured out a quicker route.
- A quicker route?
- That's what I said.
All right, trust me.
We've been coming up here
since we were kids.
Right, Matty?
- We're good.
- All right, yes!
- All right! Let's do this!
- We are good.
Let's see what this bass can do!
What do you
call two jalapeos having sex?
You okay?
Stoughton Valley.
Oh, yeah.
Hey guys, listen to this.
Turn it down a sec.
"Often overshadowed by
the more well-known
"Witch Trials of Salem,
"when Eunice Tilly Osborne,
a servant girl,
"began to experience violent
fits and hallucinations
"the village pastor,
William Stoughton,
"made the swift diagnosis of
'possession by the devil.'
"Soon other disenfranchised
young women
"began to experience
similar 'symptoms, '
"sparking a ruthless witch hunt
"that resulted in
12 women being convicted
"and hung for witchcraft.
Their anomalous behavior became
attributed to the land itself."
You're gonna
make a left up here.
Tod, where's the road?
This is it, right there.
Really, this?
Look, I know where I'm going,
all right, just trust me.
Wait, I... I didn't sign up for
any of this off-roading shit.
Jill, do you maybe have a tampon
that you could
lend Philip back there,
preferably one
that's made for a heavy flow?
Look, there's a service road,
it's just up a bit,
and then there is a hill,
and that is our spot
right there, okay?
Okay, this is a pretty loose
definition of "road."
What are we waiting for?
Yeah, how far
is that service road, bro?
It's like a mile,
maybe two, okay?
How far if we go back?
We can't...
That's really lame. That's
really, really lame, Jill.
Are you sure
you know where you're going?
We can turn back,
if you want to.
Don't be such a pussy, dude.
What about you, Alison?
What do you wanna do?
Would you rather drive back
two hours the way we came,
or would you rather enjoy the
raw beauty of unbridled nature?
We came all this way.
Man, let's just turn back,
she's not gonna... okay?
Gonna what?
Let's go.
Yeah, this is
gonna be fucking awesome!
Oh, no!
- Derek can drive!
- Let's do this!
To the mountain we go!
...severe weather alert
over the western part
of Massachusetts.
Forest authorities have closed
some highways and bridges.
Now, we may be
looking at up to a foot of snow
Hmm, you decide.
I can't choose.
- How much longer?
- It's not long.
All right, we've been driving
this road for well over an hour.
Where are we?
So close.
Anybody have anything to eat?
What, what?
What did you just say to me?
What's going on, Alli?
Tod, where the hell
are we going, man?
We're going the
right way now, all right?
- Tod, okay, Tod.
- Just listen to me...
Let... just shut up
for a second! Listen to me.
I... I actually don't think you
know where the fuck we're going.
- No, ju...
- Easy.
Okay, dude,
if we don't see this road...
- What's going on?
- We're lost.
Go around this bend.
That's the same path
we went down an hour ago.
You've got to be kidding me.
No, you're
not helping Phil, all right?
Just... go right up there.
This is fuckin' unbelievable.
There's gonna be a path and
then... there's gonna be a road!
Okay, guys.
Let's just go back.
I think we are heading back.
I'm telling you guys,
we're driving in circles.
Trust me.
All right, just take this right.
This is the same path.
You really have
no idea where we are, do you?
Un-fucking-real, man!
Does anybody have reception?
- No.
- Me neither.
Got one.
Okay, pull up your GPS.
- Jill!
- she's right, man.
You're not helping, Phil.
Guys, can you both just shut up!
Yo, guys, chill, please.
Lost it.
Check Alli's phone.
Let go!
Whoa, whoa!
Did I do that?
- Jill, I'm so sorry.
- It's okay, it's okay.
W... are you okay?
It's okay. It's okay.
I'm fine. It's okay.
I'm so sorry.
We shouldn't even be here.
Derek, look out!
Everyone okay?
- You stupid fucking idiot!
- You drove us off the road.
"Oh, yeah,
I found a better way, trust me"?
What're you, a fucking dumbass?!
Chill, Derek,
it's not all Tod's fault.
All right, who's fault is it?!
Maybe if you were watching
the road.
What fucking road, man?
We're gonna have to dig it out.
how bad is it?
we're blocked, we gotta...
- fuckin' dig it out.
- Oh, it's not that bad.
- I will.
- Okay, all right.
I'll go get the snowboard
and I'll dig it out, okay?
Let's just get this out of here,
maybe we can get there
in time for a beer.
We're not getting out of here.
Hey, everybody out.
We're stuck, we gotta push.
Oh, yeah, sure dude.
Just use my board.
I'm really sorry, Derek.
Alli, I've gotta go pee,
wanna come with?
- Hey.
- Jesus.
- Phil...
- Sorry.
Hey. No. Are you crazy?
Not here.
It's okay, no one can see us.
When are you gonna tell him?
You understand that
my whole life changes, right?
That's exactly what you need,
One more person
tells me what I need, I swear.
I'll tell him.
I promise, when we get back,
I'll tell him.
I wanna be with you.
I do.
I'm sorry about earlier.
It's fine.
Where's Alli?
I thought she was with you.
Hey, has anybody seen
where Alli went?
How come you didn't answer? I...
Jesus, fuck...
What did that?
It looks like it was
killed for sport, or something.
Alli, what are you doing?
Still warm.
Alli, are you okay?
Let's get out of here, okay?
- C'mon.
- It's not safe here.
What happened?
Nothing, she...
found a dead animal.
Dead? That thing
was fucking mutilated.
Yeah, its guts were everywhere.
All right, can we just do this
so we can get out of here?
- Sun's about to set.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah. Um, okay one of us
needs to drive
while the rest of us... push.
Are you okay to drive?
Uh, let's go.
All right.
You guys ready?
You ready? Okay.
Give it a little bit of gas,
- Push! Keep going! Little more!
- Got it!
- Good! Keep going!
- Push!
Stop it! Stop it!
Park it, park it!
What the fuck was that?!
You did that on purpose!
Get the fuck out of the truck!
Why would you think...
- Could've fucking killed me!
- Relax!
You saw that! She gave it gas!
- Derek!
- She gave it gas!
You fucking saw her!
Get the fuck off me!
- Jill...
- Derek, hey.
Don't touch me! Don't.
Are you okay?
Aah! Fuck!
It's okay.
We need to get out of here, now.
This thing isn't going anywhere.
Your friends are
really fucked up.
It's okay.
Jill, Alli, I...
Look, just chill, just chill.
- What?
- Alli...
I'm sorry.
The sun's gonna set soon
and it's gonna get a lot colder.
We need to get moving.
I wanna go home.
- It's okay.
- I wanna go home.
I know, I know. It's okay.
Okay, does anybody
have a signal yet?
We need to let someone know
we're out here.
Should've done that
a long time ago.
Yeah, anyone?
- Anything?
- Jill.
You had a signal earlier.
Guys look, I... I'm sorry.
I don't know what got into me.
I'm not dressed for this.
All right everyone,
let's get back in the truck.
Guys, I'm gonna try and
get a bit higher,
see if I can get a signal.
Hey, Philip.
Why don't you come with me?
Yeah, sure.
It's starting to snow.
- You getting anything?
- No.
Yo, man!
What the fuck?!
Tell me what?
Nothing? Okay.
You know, I guess I'm gonna go
ask Jill what this means.
- Derek.
- What?!
We need to focus on how we're
gonna get out of here, okay?
Okay, yeah. Let's focus, sure.
Right after I have a little chat
with Jill.
Do you remember
what just happened?
You're gonna make this
really easy for me.
So it's true.
You know what,
as soon as we get back home...
I'm getting you
kicked off the team.
Bye-bye scholarship,
one-way ticket
back to Gary fucking Indiana!
I'll tell her you were there.
That night with Alison.
The video.
You were there. Right?
Excuse me?
Some of your friends,
on the team?
They got big mouths.
Who told you?
Well, you just confirmed it.
- I didn't do anything.
- Exactly.
You didn't stop it.
You didn't tell Jill!
The only reason that you are not
suspended with the rest of them
is because they are protecting
out of some fucked up
sense of loyalty!
I left...
I didn't know, okay? I...
What do you think you're doing
here anyway?
You really think that they're
gonna believe some hood rat...
- over me?
- Oh, wow.
True colors, huh?
I guess we'll find out.
If we start this right now,
it isn't going to end well
for either of us.
We need to concentrate on how
we're gonna get out of here
or we are gonna
freeze to death, okay?
You and I can
deal with this later.
How much gas we got left?
A quarter tank.
That's a few hours at most.
How far could we possibly be
from the main road?
It can't be that far. We could
probably walk to it from here.
I saw we just chill and
wait for someone to find us.
Who knows that we're out here?
Do you have a roadside kit?
Uh... yeah, I think, in the back.
Behind you, Matty.
What, I didn't know we'd be
off-roading in a
fucking wasteland.
Guys, I'm sorry.
We can't stay here the night.
Someone has to go for help.
No way, bro,
we'd freeze out there.
We could freeze in here.
Dude, I packed
for a hot tub, man.
Drinking beer, not...
sleeping out in the woods.
What's your problem?
My problem?
Well, for starters, I'm stuck
with a bunch of lunatics who,
by the sounds of it,
are the reason
I might freeze to death.
No one
is going to freeze to death.
I'll go.
- What?
- I'll go.
I'll go for help.
It's my fault.
It can't be that far
until I find a signal
and then I'll just, I'll...
I'll call someone and I'll let
them know that we're stranded.
Okay, well, you can't go alone.
- We'll go.
- What?
I'm not going anywhere.
You're definitely not leaving
me here with these people.
- I'll be fine.
- I'll go with you.
- No, Alli...
- I don't wanna be here anymore.
Alli, listen to me...
I'm not staying in this fucking
place any longer.
- Alli, it should be...
- I'm not a fucking child, Jill!
Well, whoever's going
better get moving.
Please be safe man.
I was born for this shit.
You sure you wanna do this?
Alli. C'mon, we should go.
- Yeah. Be safe. Yeah.
- I'll see you.
Could you not?
Okay, easy.
I didn't realize I was doing it.
That's a bit of a thing
with you, right?
They've been gone
a really long time.
They'll be back soon.
What was that?
Animal, maybe?
Hey, can we turn up
the heat for a little bit?
I can't feel my toes.
Shit, this... shit!
Turn off your light.
Everyone lock your doors.
What the fuck?
- No, I'm just gonna...
- No, don't.
What the hell is that?
Oh, my God.
Alli, are you hurt?
- C'mon. Let's go, let's go.
- Come on. Come on.
Derek, I need my phone
for some light.
- What's wrong with her?
- Derek, the phone!
Alli, what...
what happened, okay?
Oh, shit.
Talk to us.
I don't... I don't see a cut.
Maybe it's not her blood.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Where's Tod?
Wait, hey, where's my brother?
Alison, is he okay?
Matty, don't panic,
just give her a second.
Can you please tell me
where my brother is?
- Is he okay?
- She's in shock.
- Can you please talk to us?!
- She's in shock!
What is in her hand?
Oh, shit.
If he's out there,
he could be hurt.
Matty, don't.
God, ow!
Alli, you're hurting me!
Guys, help me!
Derek, Jesus Christ, help!
I'm trying!
Her heart is racing.
Has this happened to her before?
I don't know.
Is she on any
medication or anything?
I don't know,
I don't know.
- Check her bag!
- Huh?
For medicine!
God, she's burning up.
Alli, wake up.
Please. Please.
Please wake up.
Please, can you tell me
where my brother is?
Matty, don't!
Can you tell me
where my brother is?!
Matty, just give her a second!
The fuck is she saying?
- Clonazepam? I don't...
- It's anti-anxiety pills.
They use that on people
who have seizures sometimes.
My brother used to get them.
It calms the nervous system.
Let's just giver her one. Here,
just put it under her tongue.
Okay. Okay.
Get her off me!
- Alli!
- Jesus Christ!
- Let go!
- Alli! Alli!
Stop! Stop!
Oh, shit.
What's happening?
Okay. Okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay. Just...
Stay still.
Okay? Don't move.
Bree, Bree stop moving!
I said you should stay still!
Stop moving!
- Shit!
- Fuck!
We need to stop the bleeding.
Is there
a first aid kit in the car?
Derek! First aid kit! C'mon!
That's it, take the gauze and
p-put the alcohol on it. Okay?
Matty. Ma... Matty, hey!
Hey, stay with me.
Okay? I need you to take this
and I need you to press it
against her neck.
Press firmly, okay?
All right, gimme your finger.
Oh, fuck.
Is she dead?
No, no, she's just...
she's just in shock.
She fuckin' attacked her.
It was a seizure, Derek!
Violent fits.
It's just like she said.
What are you talking about?
The pamphlet she read.
It's this place.
It's this fucking place.
- Matty, listen to me...
- What happened out there Alli?
Where is my brother?
- Get out of my way.
- Matt.
- Out of my way.
- Matty.
Help me.
Matty, where are you going?
Tod is out there.
He needs our help.
I gotta go find him.
- Matty.
- No, I can't...
Matty, we need to stay together.
Matty, wait.
What about Bree?
What if it was your brother
out there?
Would you just sit here?
Matty, wait!
We need to wait for someone!
No one is coming.
And I'm not leaving him
out there.
How is she?
Looks like
the bleeding has stopped,
but she's gonna be
in a lot of pain if she...
when she wakes up.
She doesn't look good.
We need to get her out of here.
Yeah, I agree,
she's fucking crazy.
Not Alli, Bree!
You really gonna pretend like...
She just attacked me.
She attacked Bree.
Who knows what she did to Tod?
Jesus Christ, Derek,
she didn't do anything to Tod!
Whose blood is that?
I don't know, hers?
Or... something
probably attacked them!
We should put her outside.
You're kidding, right?
She would die out there!
Philip, you don't
agree with this. I mean...
I don't think that
we should put her outside but...
- something isn't right, Jill.
- She's sick!
- She's been traumatized and...
- We'll bundle her up.
We keep an eye on her.
And what, tie her to a fucking
tree? Are you crazy?!
Do I need to remind you
what manslaughter is?
You know what? I'm not even
indulging in this.
This is insane.
My brother
used to have seizures.
Not like that.
We always used to
joke around, that he looked...
Like what?
Where's Tod?
Why is she covered in blood?
We put her outside
and we watch her.
If she does anything we claim
self-defense. All right?
What about you?
- What about me?
- You attacked Alison.
You crashed the truck,
maybe on purpose.
I didn't crash the truck
on purpose. No.
Well, how do we know that, huh?
Hmm? Maybe you're possessed.
- What
- Yeah, you know what?
I don't feel comfortable
with you in the truck.
Philip, help me tie him up.
You're being ridiculous.
Okay, fine.
But I'm tying her hands up.
She does anything else,
I'm not taking any chances.
She pulls any more of this
Linda Blair bullshit,
I don't care what you do,
I'm putting her outside.
Shit. shit, shit, shit.
What the fuck?!
Are you kidding me?
I saw you.
What'd you say?
I need to find
a shirt or something.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna... compress some snow,
make an ice pack.
Try to bring down the swelling,
maybe that'll help.
Hey. Be careful.
I just need you to know that...
I know something's going on.
With you guys.
- Derek.
- He's a liar.
He'll say anything.
He lied to the coaches
about the video.
He was there.
He didn't stop it.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Shit no, c'mon, c'mon.
We're gonna fucking
freeze to death.
We need to use everything
we can to stay warm.
- Here.
- Okay.
Hand me that.
Here, open this.
What do you wanna do with this?
Open it and dump it.
Wait, dump it?
Yeah, you can eat it, but you'll
probably die from
food poisoning
before hypothermia.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
Be, be, be so careful.
Jill, just, slow,
- slow... okay, okay.
- Yeah, I...
Don't breathe.
Should give us enough
heat to stay through the night.
Why is she doing that?
I can't fucking stand it
Can you shut her up, please?!
we should ju...
- Don't you dare!
- Fuck this.
- Relax! Shut up!
- You want me to relax!
- You want me to fucking relax!
- Would you shut up!
shut up, I'm so sick of you!
Oh, you are?
What did you say to me?!
Jesus Christ! What ha... what
happened to you?
Or have you
always been this pathetic?
I can't stop it.
I can't.
You're gonna die.
Who is she talking to?
I'm sorry.
She is doing this.
She is causing this to happen.
- Fuck this!
- No!
No. What are you doing?
She's out!
You wanna join her?
- Do it.
- Jill.
Don't do anything crazy, okay?
Help me, then!
Do it!
Maybe he's right.
- Hey!
- Don't.
What's that noise?
I don't... I don't hear anything.
Tod's phone!
- I don't hear anything!
- He's got a signal!
He's got a signal!
- We have to find him!
- There's nothing out there!
Hey! Wait, what about...?
Stay with them!
You're freezing.
What's wrong?
Fucking Derek!
He found out about us.
Okay, he saw your messages.
I swear to God,
he is lying to you.
I gotta go.
Guys I can hear it!
It's here.
C'mon, call again,
call again, call, again.
Call again! Fuck me! Fuck!
Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
Come on, come on.
Is it locked?
- No! She's in here!
- Open the door!
Does Derek have the keys?
He might.
Okay. Okay, okay.
Stay here. I'm... I'm gonna
get the keys from Derek, okay?
Over here!
Come on. Come on, fuck, come on.
Ow, fuck.
Oh, thank God.
You left me.
Alli! Alison!
- Jill!
- Derek!
Open the door!
What happened?
She tried to kill me.
Alison? She's out there?
She's gonna kill you, too.
Derek, that... that's insane!
It's this place, Jill.
No! No, Derek, Derek,
listen to yourself.
This doesn't make any sense.
This... this is not possible!
Whose blood is that?
D-Derek, where's Philip?
Have you... have you seen Philip?!
Where's the screwdriver?
I mu... I must have dropped it.
God dammit.
She's punishing us.
Punishing us?
I was there.
I was there.
I didn't know they'd do that.
I'm gonna die out here.
We have to keep moving, okay?
Derek, what are you doing?
Leave your jacket on! No!
It's so hot in here.
- No, its...
- I can't...
Derek, don't! Leave...
Derek, stop, please!
Don't, Derek!
Why are you doing this to me?
How could you do this?!
What did you do?!
Jill!! How could you do this?!
There's someone out there.
Don't, please.
Derek. I need you to get up,
We gotta go,
we gotta make a run for it.
I can't.
Yes. Please.
- No.
- Please.
- Please.
- I didn't know.
I didn't know...
that they did that to her.
The guys.
Derek, not now, okay?
We gotta... okay?
We gotta... we gotta go, okay?
It's so hot in here.
No. C'mon.
Derek, please. We've gotta go or
we're gonna die, please! Derek!
Derek, please!
I'll come back, okay?
Please, help!
Help! Please!
Please, help!
It's me.
What are you doing?
Please, I just wanna go home.
Me too.
- Alison, I don't wanna...
- It's this place.
It's this fucking place.
Don't come any closer!
What are you doing?
- Jill!
- Don't!
- It's me!
- Don't!
- Jill!
- Don't!
What are you...? No!
She is causing this to happen.
Why'd you do it?!
possession by the devil
and hung for witchcraft.
- Please, I didn't...
- What happened to you?!
- What are you doing?!
- You killed Philip!
No! Jill! Listen to me, listen
to me! I didn't do anything!
Jill! Please!
Please, listen to me!
Step away or the next one's
going through you.
I, uh...
I gotta say, I...
I've never seen
anything like it.
Wanna tell me
what happened out there?
I thought she was possessed.
What in God's name would make
you believe something like that?
I guess they told me, I...