Witches of Blackwood (2020) Movie Script

- Hi!
- Hey, what's up?
Well, I finished
the nursery.
You were right.
He's gonna love it.
- Where are ya?
- Not far.
Maybe 30 minutes away, I guess.
Can you hang on a sec?
I really need to pee.
I'm pulling over.
- It's getting dark.
- I can see that.
Just hang on a sec.
Michelle?! Michelle!
Oh, my god!
Oh, here we go.
No, no, no, no.
- Hi, Claire.
- Julian.
Hey, Ben.
- You haven't returned my calls!
- No.
And why is that?
I have nothing to say.
- OK, I think you might have.
- Ben...
No, no, it's fine.
I just wanna hear her story.
- Out of my hands now.
- Really?
I was helping that boy.
Everybody knew that.
He was turning a corner,
making progress in our sessions
and now he's gone.
Why? What happened between
you two out there?
Come on.
- What's going on?
- It's Luke Dawson.
Have you spoken to him?
I tried to,
but he didn't say anything.
- How did he seem?
- He's a bit fucked up.
I didn't
know he had a gun, though.
- Ah! Thanks.
- Pleasure.
- You alright?
- Sure.
gonna be OK, Claire.
Is it?
Small town.
You know how it is.
Small town, small people.
Hey! I don't know about that.
We've just gotta wait it out.
You'll be back at
work in no time.
I don't wanna talk about it.
OK. What WOULD you
like to talk about?
Maybe I'll leave
you to it tonight.
See what the boys are up to.
No, wait. Wait!
- What?
- Stay.
Sit down.
Is that Claire Nash?
Yes, it is.
it's your Uncle Cliff.
Hi. How are you?
I'm well,
it's been a while.
Yes! A long time.
Are you back?
I am.
It's a long story.
But, Claire,
I have some bad news.
I'm afraid Robert
has passed away.
He was found dead
in the forest.
Can you come home?
I tried to contact you.
Your number was hard to find.
Yes. No, of course,
nobody would know.
Yeah, I'll come.
Um, will you be there?
Yes, I'm still in town.
I just wanted to find you.
OK. Thanks for
letting me know.
- This has to stop.
- It's not going to stop.
And one day, she will
follow. She has to.
She doesn't have to!
I've seen it!
She will see it as well.
- Sarah, wait.
- Don't be afraid.
Sarah! Sarah!
What are you doing?
Just getting some air.
I've gotta go away.
Someone's died.
I'm going home.
Oh... OK.
Is there anything I can do?
I'm so sorry.
- Sorry?
- For everything.
You keep saying that!
- I've gotta go.
- Claire! Wait!
You don't fucking get it,
do you? I'm not right.
Nothing's right.
And right now,
I just have to go home.
Thanks for coming, Claire.
Uncle Cliff.
Look at you. All grown up.
You look like your mother.
What happened?
He was found dead
in the forest.
It wasn't suspicious.
I'm so sorry, Claire.
He wasn't well.
These last few
years have been tough.
Things have changed.
- How?
- Things are just... different.
I'm glad you came.
Thanks for letting me know.
I'm sorry it wasn't in time
for the funeral.
I didn't know where to find you.
It's been a long time.
It has.
- You're going to the farm?
- Mm.
Good. I think there are some
things there to sort out.
Your dad left things
in a bit of a start.
The bank is going to be
taking it back soon.
And St Margaret's?
I haven't been back.
You're all I have left.
"Dear Robert,
"I write once again regarding
our beloved Sarah
"for whom I now
hold grave fears."
"Everyone has fled St Margaret's
as she spirals into madness.
"I can't bear it.
"My blood is chilled and I call
on our Lord God to guide me
"but I fear that
he no longer hears.
"She talks incessantly of being
drawn into the forest."
"And of summoning a demon.
"I believe this
is behind the sickness
"that has fallen on Blackwood,
"the men fleeing,
"and the malaise the women
seem to be falling under.
"She talks of the price
to be paid.
"The blood and the
bones of the newborn.
"She wants Claire
home to join her.
"She says that Claire is
the next in line.
"I suspect witchcraft.
"I implore you to leave
and keep Claire away.
"Pray for me, Robert, and flee.
What do you think about
when it's dark?
The sunrise.
Are you afraid of the dark?
- No.
- Good girl.
If Mummy goes away
for a little while,
will you be strong for Daddy?
Where are you going?
I'll never be far from you.
Claire, I don't ever want you
to be afraid of the dark.
Can you promise me that, Angel?
I promise.
- What are you doing, mate?
- Thinking.
Thinking about going away.
Oh, yeah, nice.
On a holiday.
No, just away.
I want you to always be
proud of who you are, Claire.
And where you come from.
I will.
Our secret goes a very
long way back.
Through all the women in our
family before us.
Why do you go into
the forest at night, Mama?
There's something there.
Something that Mummy needs
very much.
What is it?
You'll know
when the time is right.
Uncle Cliff!
Uncle Cliff!
- You scared me.
- Sorry. I was asleep.
How are things at the farm?
I found these.
What do they mean?
What happened to her?
- It was a long time ago.
- What happened to her?
- Weren't you running the joint?
- Claire...
It's not straightforward.
It's complicated.
Sarah was very sick.
I'm sorry, Uncle Cliff,
but things have not been going
very well for me.
Things are happening to me
that I can't explain.
I want to know what
happened to my mother
because I think those
are the answers that I need.
Dad told me nothing.
Just that she went away
and that you were going to look
after her.
And then she died.
And then I read this.
So I'm sure you understand that
I'm a little bit jittery and
a little bit fucking curious.
So I would like some answers
and if you
could help me find some answers,
I would be ever so grateful.
I understand.
Of course I'll help.
Thank you.
But I'm afraid I have to go
and meet someone.
Running late.
Come back tonight, OK?
Can you see yourself out?
Nice doll.
On the house.
- Thanks.
- Passing through?
Staying a while?
A little.
What brings you
to our little town?
A death. Robert Nash.
- He's my father.
- I'm sorry.
- You knew him?
- Not really.
I knew of him.
You know. Small town.
I'm Rachel.
- Claire.
- Pleased to meet you, Claire.
- It's quiet.
- Is it?
- Yes.
- Hm.
- Where is everybody?
- Dunno.
The police station
appears to be closed.
You know when it might open?
We enjoy the quiet.
You'll see.
I'm sure.
Where are you staying?
Thanks for the drink.
But I've got to go.
Sure. Anytime.
Hello, Claire.
- How are you?
- I'm well.
- Well. Look at you.
- I heard about your father.
I'm sorry.
It's OK. It's been
a long time.
I have a little boy. Ricky.
- Nice.
- After his father.
Who's that?
Rick Jenkins.
They're not here right now.
He would've been four
this month.
Where are they, Jen?
Let's get out of here.
You remember?
- Nigel Dobson.
- Nigel Dobson.
Did you do it?
You know I did. You dared me.
I did.
I wonder where he is now.
- He left.
- And Rick?
- Where's Rick?
- He went too.
- Where did they go?
- Away.
The kids?
There's no kids, is there?
- What about St. Margaret's?
- What about it?
Is it still running?
Not sure. Maybe.
Maybe? Come on, Jen. It's me
you're talking to.
She came at night.
She knocked on the door.
I answered the door.
But no one was there.
And when I went back inside...
..he was gone.
She... she took him.
- Why?
- She took others as well.
Other children. Babies.
Soon no one was having children.
Now there are no children.
But I know why she did it.
I know what she wants.
She wants what is
best for all of us.
She is wonderful.
And terrible.
Sometimes, she comes back.
- Back?
- Yes.
She brings things.
Little... things.
What things?
I miss him.
I miss my little boy.
I miss his smell.
His little hands.
His face when he sleeps.
But I understand -
how else could it be?
Where's the cop?
Sergeant Walker.
Claire Nash.
Robert, my father.
Did you know him?
Sergeant Walker, I just want to
know what happened to him.
What can you tell me?
Do you remember my mother?
I know why you're here.
- Really?
- This is my town.
My responsibility.
I won't let you.
Let me what?
I will not let you ruin it
any more then you already have.
This is my town, OK?
You get out. Get out!
All of you get out.
What the fuck?!
You OK?
You don't know who you are,
do you?
What do you mean?
It's getting dark out,
have you got somewhere to stay?
I do.
You could stay here.
I could. But I won't.
be sure to stay in.
Wait! Wait!
I'm sorry.
It's OK.
So cold.
So cold.
She's come back.
Who's come back?
Don't. Don't leave me!
- Will?
- Claire.
- Hi.
- Where are you?
I need your help.
Sure, I can come now.
No, no, no. Don't come,
just listen. OK?
Um, I need you to find out
about a possible suicide,
Robert Nash.
- Is that your father?
- Yeah.
I'm in the police station.
Tell me what's
going on, Claire.
Um, it's difficult to explain.
- Oh, Jesus, Claire...
- Write this down to.
St Margaret's clinic
in Blackwood.
It's close down, OK?
Find out what you can.
Can you do that?
Yes. But I really think
it's best that...
Will, just...
Just trust me, OK?
I've got to go.
I love you.
I love you too.
Missing a piece.
You know what I mean?
Oh, I think you do.
Well, why don't
you tell me, then?
This town's in your blood,
isn't it?
I remember you.
Little girl Nash.
Strange little girl
from a strange family.
Lunatic family. On the fringe of
Lunatic mum. Lunatic dad.
I know who you really are.
You're not a cop.
There's something in that forest
and I'm gonna find
out what it wants,
I'm gonna find out what you,
and I'm gonna find out what
your freaky fucking family want.
What do you know?
It's not gonna happen,
you FUCKING witch!
Back off!
I don't want to fuck with you.
I want to know
what's happening in this town
and I'm not
leaving here until I find out.
Forgive me.
What the fuck?
It was the cop.
- I know. He called me.
- What was he thinking?
I'm not sure. He may regret it,
People around here
won't like it.
- The women.
- Why not?
Having one of theirs harmed.
Look at your mother.
So beautiful.
What happened at St Margaret's?
What happened to my mother?
The hospital couldn't
take care of her.
They tried for years.
The trouble runs deep, Claire.
You should know that.
And I knew she was troubled,
I felt it.
What about you, Claire?
Are you troubled?
No. No, I'm not.
Keep going.
Staff left, patients
In the end,
your mother vanished.
They never found her.
Presumed dead.
What do you mean
'presumed dead'?
I was told she was dead.
You told me she was dead.
It was better
that way, Claire.
- What do these mean?
- What they say.
- A demon?
- That's what she said.
It's all she spoke
about in the end.
Sometimes we see things.
Things they see.
Whether you want to or not.
Sarah told me things
I hadn't heard before.
What things?
People telling me
all kinds of dark secrets,
revealing buried corpses
in dim recesses.
Corners of the mind you didn't
even know existed
till you got there.
Like dark hidden rooms down
below never ventured in.
You go into those rooms
and it changes you.
You realise that people
aren't sick.
Not really.
They just know things
you don't know.
Did she ever talk to
you about the dark?
Your mother spoke
about the dark that day.
She took me down
a room in her soul.
And she showed me
things about the dark that
I never, ever began to imagine.
The dark she knew,
she spoke about that to me.
And she made it sound...
She made it sound what?
She made it sound wonderful.
I've seen strange things,
I've felt strange things.
Things inside my skin
trying to get out.
I know you have, Claire.
Why are you still here?
She keeps me here.
I thought she was dead.
Are you going to get that?
Why don't you?
Claire, you OK?
Yeah, I'm fine.
What did you find out?
Nothing about your father.
There's no reports. Nothing
from the coroner. Nothing.
It's weird.
Are you sure he's dead?
I'm sure.
What about St Margaret's?
You are right. Close.
About eight years ago.
Do you know why?
It's hard to tell.
A few newspaper reports.
Nothing specific.
There was a name mentioned
a couple of times, though.
Do you know
Father Clifford Armstrong?
Yes. Why?
He was running the joint. Then
he disappeared. Without a trace.
- The local cop...
- What about him?
There is no local cop.
The station shut a year ago.
Hey, there's nothing
left for you, Claire.
That's it.
Come home. With me. Now.
Will, you love me, don't you?
Go home. And just wait for me.
I won't be long. I promise.
- All good?
- Yep.
I think we should get back.
- Back where?
- St Margaret's.
My father, I just want to know
what happened to him.
I'm sorry, Claire.
He hung himself.
When your mother was
put into my care,
he felt that somehow her
troubles were his fault.
And he started to fall apart.
He turned his back on his god
and slowly drank himself
into madness.
In the end, I believe he felt
she was waiting for him
somewhere in the forest.
I think he wanted to join her.
I'll wait here.
I think this is your journey.
We've been
waiting for you. Shh!
It's time you found out.
Mum! Wait!
Did you sleep well?
It's true.
You've brought a gift.
Everything is complete now.
All of us together.
What's going on?
- It's Luke Dawson.
- Have you spoken to him?
I tried to but he didn't
say anything.
- How did he seem?
- He's a bit fucked up.
I didn't know he had a gun,
Will, it's Luke Dawson.
And he has a gun.
Hurry up, Will.
How you doin', Luke?
Hi, Claire. I'm fine, thanks.
- Looks like rain.
- Yep.
What are you doing?
Nothing much. Thinking.
About what?
Thinking about going away.
Oh, yeah, nice.
Ni... On a holiday?
No, just away.
Away where?
I don't want to be here
I know what you mean.
Don't you want to stick around
and see if you can't work it
out? Things might get better.
You know you don't have
to work it out on your own.
- People can help you.
- What people?
Friends. Family.
I don't have anyone.
They've all gone.
It's OK, though. I understand
why. It's my fault, really.
I take responsibility
for what happened.
I don't want to be here anymore
so I'm going to leave.
Is that OK?
Sorry, I didn't mean to
cause any trouble.
I just don't know what else
to do. Where else to go.
I know what happened.
Yep. I do. Only I know.
It's dreadful what
he did to you.
But you know what I think?
I think it WAS your fault.
Come on. You know.
Poor bastard didn't stand
a chance.
You knew his weakness
and you prayed on it.
Didn't you?
I like it.
- Nice work, boy.
- Please, stop.
That's what he called you,
didn't he?
He touched you. Good boy.
Don't tell anyone.
Don't tell a soul.
Please, stop.
- Didn't tell anyone, did you?
- No, I didn't. I promise.
And how do I know?
- Do it.
- Please...
For once in your life, just
get something right, boy. Do it!
Do it, boy. Do it.
Hi. I got your note.
Excuse me.
Luke, I wanted to say I'm sorry.
"I wanted you to know that it
wasn't me, not really me.
"I know you might find this
hard to believe
"but it is the truth.
"I just wanted you to know that.
"I'd like you to forgive me.
"For my sake.
"And yours.
MY sake?
Fuck! I'm dead! My sake?
Got you.
I'm kidding. I got you, though,
didn't I? What do you think?
I like what you did.
Particularly the bit about the
'good boy' part, I liked that.
That was fucking great.
I think it's what really
tipped him over the edge,
what do you think, yes?
No? Maybe?
It doesn't matter.
You gave the most excellent
performance I'd ever seen.
You were very, very,
very fucking good.
Now, come on, seriously, "Oh,
I'm so lonely. I've got nobody."
Give me a fucking break!
You did very, very well.
That's the part of you I want.
You have your mother's eyes.
And her heart.
It's true.
Don't be long.
I've been waiting.
You came.
I did.
I called you.
I'm so glad to see you.
I thought you were dead.
I'm not dead.
Let's go home.
Home? I've done
terrible things.
None of that matters.
It wasn't you, was it?
I want it to end.
It has to end!
- It has ended.
- No, darling, it hasn't.
But you can end it.
You have a choice to make.
Yes. It's true.
She's going to be so
beautiful. I'm so proud of you.
- Come on, Mum. Please.
- Stop.
You don't understand.
There is something
in those woods
and it is waiting for you
and your child.
But there is a way
and only you can do it.
That's why I called you.
By doing this,
you will break the line.
But only the flame can do it.
- Now...
- No.
- I can't.
- There is no other way.
- Uncle Cliff?
- Don't be fooled, Claire.
Claire. Help.
- Uncle Cliff?
- I'm here.
Uncle Cliff?
You know who I am.
You know what I
can do for you.
- What can you do?
- I can do whatever you want.
- Would you like that?
- Yes.
- Do you know what I want?
- What do you want?
I want you.
And your little one.
To be happy with me forever.
What's the most beautiful thing
you've ever seen?
The sunrise.
Think of that sunrise, Claire.
Think of its warmth.
Are you feeling
that in your soul?
Now take that feeling
and that happiness
and multiply it.
You can have that.
I can give it to you and more.
- You won't that, that you?
- Yes.
Take my hand, dear.
Come. Take it. Take it.
Claire, don't listen.
Take it.
Don't be afraid.
You're right.
I know who you are.
You can go to hell.
We'll be waiting.
Mum! Mum, let's go.
- No, I'm not going anywhere.
- Mum...
You stupid child,
I can't leave this place.
It's too late for me.
Do you know what it means?
It means a difficult choice,
so let's make it.
Mum, I can't!
You can do it, darling.
Goodbye, darling.
Can we go home now?
Of course we
can go home, Angel.