Witchfinder (2013) Movie Script

knocks on door
You're drunk, John Hawthorne.
What be you after?
Alice is to marry that fool, Silas Hargrove.
Work your magic upon her. Make her love me!
There's nothing I can do to change the
heart of another.
I may know of a way to make you seem to her
as her husband to be...
if a night in her bed be all ye lust after.
Such glamours require a trade in coin.
Or, perhaps a heavier price.
Can ye pay?
Come inside.
Give me your hand.
- We will go down to the altars of hell
to thee, Satan, my master, giver of life.
May Satan grant my desires.
From dark dimensions I call thee forth...
[Demonic voice] My sweet Satan...
Abigail Prynn...
you are under arrest for the crimes of witchcraft.
-What authority do you hold here, William Blake?
- I come in the name of the lord God
who holds you accountable for your crimes!
Martha Proctor's baby was born without eyes, woman!
Can you deny that your magic
has played a hand in that family's fate?
Or the blight that withers Thomas Edwards' fields?
- Let me go! Release me!
Mercy, Brother Blake! Please, dear God, have mercy upon me!
She's bewitched me as the others!
- Brother Hawthorne...
God sees all sins...
and he demands just punishment!
Take him away!
- No! Mercy!
- No! Don't kill me! Mercy! She made me!
- Abigail Prynn...
you are hereby charged of being both
a harlot and a witch
and wilfully consorting with Lucifer.
And in his name, bewitching
Thomas Edwards,
Joseph Corwin,
Nathaniel and Martha Proctor,
and of leading this wreched soul...
from the path of God.
You think to condemn me in the name of God,
William Thatcher Blake?
Has he seen the occasions you've had
to come into my bed
when thy wife grew cold with her affections?
I sentence you to burn this night -
so that your body may be purified
and your soul rendered to God
for HIS judgement!
In the name of Satan -
my revenge will seek you out!
And the blood of your family
will restore the life you now rob from me!
- Papa!
Mary, my little girl.
Did you miss your father?
- I made a wreath for you!
- She spent all morning in the garden making that for you.
- My sweet child.
- And the Lord's work in the hollow?
- God has seen fit to wipe the pestilence from our village.
May we make the best of the time
that He has seen fit to bless us with.
[indistinct] William...
[indistinct] Blake...
Mary! My child!
Breathe, sweetheart! Breathe!
I'll fetch you some water!
My God, Sarah..!
Oh my God!
My child!
My child!
[tortured breathing]
[anguished sobs]
[inhuman laughter]
No! NO!