Witchouse II: Blood Coven (2000) Movie Script

Oh there
it is, that's it.
Pull in here.
Come one, what are
you waiting for?
Oh, I can't
believe you talked me
into coming out here in the
middle of the night like this.
get out here silly.
Yeah, I'm
coming, I'm coming.
let me focus this damn thing.
Where are you?
Oh, there you are.
It's "Dez and Dementia's
Midnight Horror Hour."
With your hostess,
Dementia Shame.
We are gonna get so busted.
And you weren't
worried about that
the first time we
came back here.
The back seat of
your parents' car?
Oh yeah.
You know, I wish they'd
put there damn mall
someplace else.
This is our place.
Our place, huh?
As in our first time.
Wait a minute.
What about that night in
your parents' living room
during the "Bob Newhart Show?"
That doesn't count.
It wasn't a full moon.
Got it, sorry.
Yeah, I just wish
they'd take the bulldozers
and go way.
Anyway, I thought
we'd come up here
for one last fling.
Yeah. Come on.
Come on where?
- Let's have a look around.
- Are you kidding?
It's the middle of the night.
And it's dark in there.
Oh, is my big, bad goth
boy afraid of the dark?
No, hell no.
What is it then?
The witches?
Yeah, right.
Oh, come on, we
all know the stories
about all the witches buried
in the woods out here.
Oh, we even believed
'em when we were kids.
Yeah, we believed
in the Tooth Fairy too.
Oh, okay.
So you're not scared.
Come on, let's go.
Why don't we come
back tomorrow before sunset?
I mean, the light
will be better.
You have light.
Besides, I don't wanna
come back tomorrow.
I'm in the mood now.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
Pretty please?
Do it for me.
You better make
good on that promise
if I have to go into
these damn woods.
Dementia, where are you?
This is no time to
play hide and seek.
Is she out of her mind?
Dementia. Come on.
This isn't funny anymore.
- Boo!
- Jesus!
I almost pissed myself.
Oh, come on. Would
you lighten up?
How do you
know the we're alone?
I mean, anybody could
be out here watching us.
Ooh. A witch, maybe.
After all, this is
their place too.
They're probably as
pissed off as we are.
Maybe they're pissed
off enough for revenge.
well you can just...
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
I heard something.
are so paranoid.
I'm not fucking around.
I heard something.
I'm sorry. It's my fault.
I had to go bring up all
the big, bad witches.
That's not the point.
I'm telling you, somebody
else is out here.
Yeah, just bra me.
You know what? I should
have known better.
To think that this place
held any sentimental
value to you at all.
You know
that's not true.
I heard it that time.
I can't see anything.
You know, let's go
back to the car, okay?
We can't even be alone without
some pervs spying on us.
Come on,
the car's not far.
Oh God,
they're following us!
Are you sure?
I hear something
up in the trees!
I don't
even have a shirt!
Forget it.
I'll buy you a new one.
Ow! Ow!
Are you all right?
Yeah. Fine.
That was three months ago.
The last time anyone
heard from those kids.
At first this footage was
dismissed as some kind of hoax.
Although these days
it seems people
will think anything is real
if it's hyped well enough.
Anyway, yesterday
a crew preparing
the property for
demolition dug up this.
They're graves.
And they're pretty old
from what I can see here.
Four buddies.
They're definitely not the
kids in that videotape.
So we need to find out
exactly who they are.
Myths and urban legends aside,
your job is to get out there
and identify those corpses.
The locals have their
panties in a bunch
because they had to
halt construction
of their new mega mall
until we can find out
whose bodies they are
and get them properly
buried off the site.
That's it, Professor Sparrow.
A few DNA tests, some
historical research
with your students.
You're in, you're
out, you're sleeping.
Sounds like fun.
So this is home?
For the moment, anyway.
This is home sweet home.
Dibs on a room in front.
Don't get too comfortable.
Remember, the rest of the team
is joining us later tonight.
Yeah, and I am not
rooming with Clark.
The man snores like a buzzsaw.
Well, we all make sacrifices.
This house gives
me the chills.
This entire county
gives me the chills.
Speaking of which,
this guy looks
like he ate the
long arm of the law.
Behave yourself, Norman.
That's no way to speak to adults
with weapons.
Yes, Mother.
Mrs. Sparrow,
Sheriff Jake Harmon.
Welcome to Covington County.
Quite the fight your
city council put up
to keep the university
away from here.
I wasn't expecting
such a fuzzy welcome.
You didn't take any of
that personally, did ya?
Well, it
has only been 110 years
since you people
burned your last witch.
You know, you city
folks just kill me.
And who are these
good looking youngsters?
Students of yours?
Oh, yes.
This is Stephanie Zinone.
Nice to meet you, Sheriff
And our resident
man on the moon here
is Norman Soderquist.
What kind of a name is that?
A very difficult
one to pronounce,
but an easy one to remember.
Well fine.
And about the city council,
you have to understand,
they work hard to
attract business
like that mall to Covington.
Means new jobs, a big
boost to the economy.
I understand that, Sheriff.
Well all I want is
those bodies out of there
so we can get on with
business as usual.
Trust me, Sheriff,
we have no desire to spend
a moment longer
here than necessary.
That's what I wanna hear.
Now if you folks need anything,
don't hesitate to
give a call, okay?
We'll put you on speed dial.
Here are the keys.
Thank you.
Have a nice day.
I don't think
I've ever been told
that I'm not
welcome so politely.
Well, we're not here to
win any popularity contests.
Let's just do our
jobs and go home.
Hey, you've always
gotten along with Clark.
Bet the two of you could spend
some real quality time together.
Forget it, Soderquist.
Jeez, it's colder in
here than it is outside.
So much for that warm welcome.
You think these people ever
heard of indoor heating?
I'll find the thermostat.
Talk about goth.
This is the real deal.
If these walls could talk.
And obviously they're going to.
Good a place as
any to set up shop.
I can't believe I
gave up a scholarship
to Oahu U for this.
I could be digging for dead
things on the beach in Waikiki.
At least the others
get to hide out here.
You and I have to go into town
and start stirring up the
locals of this little hamlet.
Unlucky us.
Okay. We should
have heat shortly.
Thank God.
So how's this for office space?
Looks good.
Sir, my things, please.
And try not to break anything.
I'll try.
Steph and
I will get busy in here.
Oh, God.
It's good having a
man around the house.
You're snoring.
I am?
Oh. Sorry, man.
Getting back to sleep.
Inconsiderate bastard.
I didn't know
anyone else was up.
Yeah, just catching
up on my reading.
Anything interesting?
"The History of
Covington County."
Courtesy of the Covington
County Tourist Bureau.
Sounds gripping.
I haven't been
able to put it down.
Oh, juice is on the counter.
Oh, thanks.
So what's the matter?
You can't sleep?
Oh, God. It's Clark.
If only he could use the
power in his nasal passages
for good instead of evil.
They burned them alive.
Come again.
The witches.
It says here they used
to burn them alive
in the town square.
Yeah. It's actually
here in the pamphlet.
Can you believe it?
They even stage reenactments.
So the things really
do cook around here.
You know, I'm
starting to get the idea
this town is a bit off.
You're just now
figuring that out.
Sparrow told us to watch
our step around here,
but this is really sick.
You've never been to
one of my family reunions.
Of course, I'm sure
there are few sites
around here worth checking out.
Yeah. I'm...
I'm sure.
Well, good night.
I hope you get some sleep.
We've got an early day tomorrow.
I love my work.
All right guys, gather around.
This is a first
grave we discovered
approximately 72 hours ago.
Since then, three others
have been unearthed
within a 30 yard radius.
I'm estimating their age
at a little over 200 years.
But Angela, it's
gonna be your job
to verify that, okay?
You got it.
As for the rest of us,
our primary job today
is just to gather
whatever physical evidence
we can from the scene.
Then the remains will be exhumed
and taken to the town mortuary
until we can find any
clues to their identity.
Any questions?
Good. Let's get to work.
Clark, can you give me a hand?
Would you get that out
of my face, Soderquist?
Come on, easy.
Here we go.
That's right. Take it easy.
Are we ready?
Lock and load.
- Oh God.
- Oh.
What is that odor?
Could be something
in the ground,
chemicals or sulfur
buildup of some kind.
There's not much
left to work with.
What time hasn't gotten
to, the worms off.
Clark, can you move a
little bit to your left?
You're blocking the light.
Oh, sorry.
It's okay.
So whoever this is, they waited
a long time for
their 15 minutes.
Let's not ruin it
with bad lighting.
Clothing is
definitely 18th century.
No visible signs of trauma.
Well, let's map out
a DNA sequence for her.
Hopefully that will
tell us something.
Oh, can you help me up?
Come on, yep.
Oh, looks like we've got
our work cut out for us.
Oh God, you're ugly.
Steph, Norman.
I want you to go into town
and start digging around.
Check the town hall records.
Oh, and check with the mortuary
to see if they have
any burial records,
then try to interview
as many locals
as you can get to open up.
Look for anything.
Even old wives' tales.
- All right?
- We're on our way.
Oh, look at this.
Professor, looks
like you have a fan.
Very funny.
You guys have my
cell phone number
if you need anything, right?
Otherwise, I'll see
you back here tonight.
Good luck.
Hey, I thought I was driving.
Forget it, Soderquist.
You just stick to
what you do best.
She means using
the old noggin.
Exercising the old brain muscle.
I think she meant
bullshitting, Norman,
and believe me,
we're gonna need it
if we're gonna get some of
the locals to talk to us.
How goes the investigation?
Just getting out
of the starting gate.
Good. Glad to hear it.
So, what exactly are
you people up to today?
Oh, well today
we're gathering DNA
from our subjects.
Because of the
condition of the bodies,
we'll have to remove
a small bone fragment,
then we would take
it back to the lab
and saw away at it,
and collect our DNA
from the bone dust
that accumulates.
Hmm, I see.
You know, why even bother?
Even if you were to
uncover some foul play,
it's not like we're gonna go
out and round up any suspects.
Know what I mean?
The point is that
these people deserve
a little more respect
than just to be dug up
at the state's convenience
and dropped into the
nearest potter's field.
You really think it matters
to them at this point?
Well, I
don't know, Sheriff.
So far none of them
have actually stood up
and voiced an
opinion either way.
Well, if they do,
be sure to let us know, okay?
You'll be the first to know.
I face the fire
And I try to cool the flame
A sad desire
It fills me up again
In this cold,
cold room I cry
I don't wanna die
And from this cage
I feel my thirst, it rages
In this desperate
heart of mine
Is reaching down inside
Deep down inside
Beautiful country.
Right, give me the
asphalt and smog any day.
Trees make me nervous.
You must be
dying on the fresh air.
Yeah, but
I'm a professional.
Wherever the job takes me.
Question is,
what are you doing here?
Here in this van?
No, here in this field.
It's always been a mystery to me
why you chose to do this.
- Seriously?
- Yeah, seriously.
It was my dad.
He was a medical
examiner for Akron, Ohio.
And his dream was
for his only son
to follow in his footsteps.
He and my brother were so close.
I always envied
their relationship.
So when my brother decided
he'd rather drill teeth
for a living, he
broke my dad's heart.
I guess I saw that
as an opportunity.
And yeah, I know,
call me selfish.
I decided to study medicine.
So how
did you end up here?
My dad died the summer
after my sophomore year.
God, I'm sorry.
I did a little
tinkering with my major.
This way I can pursue my
interest which is archeology,
and still keep my
promise to him too.
The good daughter.
That's me.
So what about you?
What demons brought you here?
Oh, I just like
to play with dead things.
I'm serious.
I know.
- Are we on?
- We're rolling.
Mr. Wilson,
you're the town mortician
here in Covington.
Is that correct?
That is correct.
Wilson Mortuary
serving the community
for nearly 200 years,
providing care for you
and your loved ones
in your time of need.
- Our prices-
- All right, Mr. Wilson.
Thank you, sir.
This is going to
be on TV, isn't it?
sir, I'm afraid not.
This is just for
our private record.
Oh, hmm, I see.
How far back
would you say your records go?
Why all the way
back to the beginning.
We are very meticulous.
This business demands it.
So if
someone had been buried
in this county in the
last two centuries,
you would have a record of it?
Then again, a lot of people
didn't exactly prescribe
to your typical way
of doing things.
And there
would be no official record
kept on those occasions?
Mm, no, not likely.
Not with us at least.
Tell us
about the bodies discovered
at the construction
site outside of town.
Oh yeah.
I got a place all set
up for them in back.
You sure are
pissing everyone off
holding up the work out there.
We figured
someone has to have
some record of four
people being buried
in the same piece of ground.
I'll be happy to go
through my records.
See what I can find.
Unless of course...
I was just going to say
unless they were witches.
And I couldn't honestly tell you
who kept those records.
Okay, so how's it going?
It's good.
We are just about to get started
on the skull from the
first set of remains.
Has it been
thoroughly cleaned?
- Yes.
- Good.
You know, we are gonna
get a major jump on tomorrow
if we can get this
DNA sample processed
and sent out.
Yeah. I just hope it's
not too badly degraded.
Would you like to do the honors?
You betcha.
- Ow, just great.
- Are you okay?
Oh, damn, it's deep.
It hurts like hell.
You know, it looks like you
got some bone dust in there.
You better get it cleaned out.
Oh, God.
Don't worry. I'll
take care of this here.
- Thanks, Angela.
- It's all right.
Christ, I'm so stupid.
Well, whoever our
mysterious subject is,
I hope he or she's not hiding
any nasty little secrets.
Honey, you never
looked so good.
- Hello?
- Hi, how are things?
Oh, hi.
What's up
with those bodies?
those bodies were moved over
from the construction site.
I really don't like
the idea of having
all those people stomping
around my place of business.
Well, you know,
there's nothing we can really
do about it, the court...
Yeah. I know there's than
nothing we can do about it.
Hey, listen to this.
I was up in the attic going
through some old records
and you'll never guess
what I came across.
An old receipt dated 1826.
- Really?
- Bet you'll never
guess what it's for?
All right.
All right.
The receipt is for
four cedar coffins.
That's right.
We may not have
buried those people,
but it looks like we
build the coffins.
And you won't believe whose
signature is on the receipt.
Go ahead.
Well I don't know.
Why don't you just
tell me who it is?
No, no. What?
No, I haven't showed
it to her yet.
I thought I'd do
that in the morning.
Surprise her and all.
Yeah. Sure, sure.
Okay, well
anyhow, that will do it.
Don't worry about it.
- All right.
- I'll take care of it.
Talk to you later.
- Bye. Bye.
- Bye.
Batman needs to cut
down on the caffeine.
Where do you go
when your body
Has become your only friend
You don't mind a
little music, do you?
And what do you
say to the people
What the?
Jesus, peace.
What the?
Oh, please.
Sleeping beauty awakes.
Don't start, Norman.
We've been pouring
over this stuff
for nearly nine hours.
Haven't these people
ever heard of microfilm
or computers or search engines?
I mean this is not...
You know what they're
doing to us here?
They're screwing with us.
You know what's behind
this door, don't ya?
Computers, the internet,
all the information we need
just awaiting the
touch of a keystroke
down, for God's sakes.
I'm sorry. It's iMac withdrawal.
I mean, books,
books give me blurred
vision and headaches
and paper cuts.
My God, paper cuts.
been very helpful.
No one is trying
to screw us over.
It's just your imagination.
No, I don't have
an imagination.
I mean, I not imagining this.
You know what I mean.
Actually, it's
pretty remarkable.
What is?
That they have over
two centuries of history
recorded in such detail.
Well, that's another
weird thing, isn't it?
I mean, if these records are
supposed to be so complete,
I mean, there's not one mention
of those bodies that are buried
out there in those woods.
No, I think we should
talk to that guy.
the librarian mentioned.
What was his name?
Here it is.
Angus Westmore.
He's some sort of
unofficial town historian.
Evidently his ancestors
helped sell the area.
And as you can see,
they liked keeping very close
tabs on their neighbors.
I don't think we're
gonna find anything here
that's gonna help us.
Well, at least the day
wasn't a total waste.
Yes, lest we forget
that we are now
official Covington County
Library card holders.
Oh, my head.
God, I look like shit.
Today, I want DNA samples
from each of the
remaining corpses.
Then we will be
returning back here
to process them ASFP.
Is that it?
I'm sorry...
It's Clark, ma'am.
Right, Clark.
Is there something
about my instructions
that we're not
crystal clear to you?
No, I just thought
it might be easier
to do a full workup
since we going to be
there anyways, so I...
I'm sorry, ma'am.
Nonetheless, we are
doing things my way.
Is that understood?
All right then.
Good morning there.
Well good morning, Sheriff.
Well just be heading out now.
So sheriff, what can
I do for you this time?
Hey now, I'm not trying to
bust your chops, Professor.
I'm looking for someone.
Al Wilson.
You know the fellow that
runs the funeral parlor.
I thought maybe he might
be out here with you folks,
for some reason.
You mean you have yourself
an honest to God
missing person, Sheriff.
Oh well, I wouldn't
exactly put it that way.
I guess he's kind of hard to
find at the moment, s'all.
I'm sure he'll turn up.
Well, I don't know.
I'd be a little
concerned if I were you.
Maybe you should
call in the troops.
That's a good one.
You got me.
Now listen. Don't you worry.
I left one of my deputies
over there at the
funeral parlor.
He'll let you in.
Well thank you.
And good luck.
You have a nice
day now, Sheriff.
I've never seen her
that way before, have you?
It's amazing what a
Wonderbra will do.
Maybe we should
have stuck around
For what?
I mean, whatever it
is, she'll work it out.
I don't think she wants us
nosing around in her business.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
You know, I finally realized
what's been bothering me.
Enlighten me, please.
Yesterday, when we
interviewed that mortician
and he made the
offhanded remark.
You remember, about the witches?
Is it still bothering you?
Yes, it is.
What are you getting at?
Witch trials were
held in this county
up into the latter half
of the 18th century.
I mean, these people
are almost proud of it.
If there were witch trials,
surely some of them were
found guilty and executed.
I don't know about you, but
I didn't see any mention
of executions in the
records we went through.
You think someone's
hiding them?
Someone knows the truth.
So what's next?
Angus Westmore.
Ooh, the town watcher.
Something tells me he
knows what's going on here.
Mr. Westmore, your family is one
of the oldest in Covington?
My family founded this town.
Fought and died for it.
Protected it from
all manner of evil.
Would you mind
elaborating on that, sir?
what are you referring to?
Evil comes in many forms.
Do you believe
in witches, Mr. Westmore?
Ah, Steph, are
you sure you wanna go there?
Do you
believe the people executed
over two centuries ago
were actually witches?
Some, not all?
Sometimes the innocent
must suffer for the good of all.
Do you really want
to know the truth?
Of course we do.
Understand that once
you hear the truth,
you can't hide from it.
You'll share in the guilt
with the rest of us.
If you know
something that can help us,
you have to say something.
Very well.
It began in the year
of our Lord, 1826.
That fall, a young
soldier returned
to Covington from California.
He brought with him
a terrible sickness.
It spread quickly
and spared no one.
A physician was
someone from Boston
but he could do nothing.
Finally, in a moment
of utter desperation,
the town elders approached
a coven of witches
who were condemned to death.
Driven by fear,
the elders entered
into an unholy bargain
with these evil creatures.
In exchange for
ending the sickness,
it was agreed that the witches
would be granted
clemency for their sins.
Their lives would be spared.
They were led by Lilith LeFay.
She led her covenant
to the forest
and there tey kept their word.
The sickness vanished.
The doomed rose from
their death beds.
happened to Lilith?
She and her coven
were betrayed.
The elders began to
regret the ungodly pact
they entered into.
They to sent a team of witch
hunters into the forest
to kill Lilith and her circle.
The witches were drowned.
Their bodies buried.
The earth was scrubbed
with salt to ensure
they would never arise again.
May God forgive us.
Are you saying
that those bodies,
the ones we dug up,
that those are the bodies
of Lilith and her coven?
You asked for
the truth, my dear!
And the question is,
do you believe in witches?
Okay, what do you
make of all that?
I think the man's a nut loaf.
He sort of reminds
me of someone.
But do you believe his story?
I'm able to believe
anything in this town.
But hey, I'm only a tourist.
That's right. You are.
What we need is the
opinion of people.
Sir, hi.
I was wondering if I
could ask you a couple
of questions about
those grave sites
they found outside of town?
Grave sites give
me the, ooh, the willies.
I think I read something
in the Metro section about that.
See a lot of tourists
coming to this town.
They stop me like you do
and ask me questions because
I got the late shift.
Sir, can I
have a moment of your time?
I really don't have time.
Nothing ever
happens in this town.
I mean, if something
happened here,
I wouldn't have to read
comic books all the time
to to get something
to happen for me.
You don't wanna
go in the woods.
The woods, they'll kill you.
The first time I got
laid was in those woods.
We're not from here.
We're just visiting.
I'm from Buffalo.
This area has a
history of peculiarness
but that breeds mystery.
I'll tell you that I
will never go back again.
And it's got nothing
to do with the girl
that I was with.
And we were cleaning the woods
and we were all kind of
high and stoned and...
When I was finished, I felt
this, I can't describe it.
This weird cold sweat
thing that happened.
What about
the kids that are missing?
I said, I don't
have time, okay?
I know the father
of one of the girls
and he's upset.
The kids?
Screw those kids.
So do you think
those kids were punished
in some sort of way?
Maybe they were some of the kids
who made fun of me and now maybe
they went out in the woods
and something got 'em.
And good is what I say to that.
Well I haven't read that
there was a connection
between the bodies they found
and the kids that were missing
in terms of identification
or anything.
can you tell me about
the old house by the woods?
The witch house?
Oh, that house, it's haunted.
Oh yeah.
'Cause I believe in it.
I've been up at
that place before.
Been inside.
Deserted houses get
reputations as being haunted.
was it like inside?
Place is real strange.
When we got in, it was
all dusty and dark.
And when I got in there,
I was walking around.
I heard, sounded
like this old woman
or something was
laughing and stuff.
Candle blew out, the door
of the room slammed shut.
You know what?
One time, my friend, Tommy,
who he was my friend and we
would buy comic books together,
but he moved to Portland.
He went up to the house.
Some other kids dared him.
I told him not to go.
I stayed back and watched.
This cold hand
like touched me.
He went up and he
touched the door knob
and he got a bloody nose.
So you think
you got a bloody nose
because of the witches?
Well, he was a bleeder.
I've read records
that in fact,
the house was burned years ago
and this is another
house entirely.
And I stay away. You know why?
'Cause I'm a security guard.
No, you're not
supposed to say our name
because that makes
her aware of you
and then that can
make you a target.
Have you
ever heard of Lilith LaFey?
That's biblical, isn't it or?
Are you
talking about Lilith LaFey?
Right, now you said
her name and now,
okay, now that we've said it,
I guess we gotta talk about her.
That name sounds familiar.
Yeah, I think we saw
them at Lilith Fair.
I don't know
anything about him.
Lilith LaFey fucking rock!
Oh yeah, she's
that goth chick.
I think she's in 7 Months.
- Yeah.
- Yeah,
well a lot of tourists come
in and ask me about Lilith.
I'm not scared of Lilith.
They have that song, you know?
Yeah, I wanna
rock your world
It's so cool.
So is
Lilith an old wives' tale?
Can you go into the woods,
say her name three times
and she'll appear?
You know, I wouldn't
even say at once.
Three times is
asking for trouble.
I believe in certain
paranormal stuff.
Yeah, I mean, I read, you know.
I see the "Psi Factor"
and all that stuff.
I mean, you know,
Lilith's not that tough,
but I mean, she's
killed a lot of people.
People hear about
murders and witches
and then they, well you
wanna go investigate?
I would investigate travel,
a plane ticket somewhere else.
They existed.
There's historical record of it.
No, but I believe in bitches.
I've dated a lot of 'em.
Whether they were
evil or not, you know,
that's a matter of opinion.
There's gotta
be validity in it.
Otherwise, why do
we keep repeating
the same legends and
stories over again?
I don't need to say anymore.
I gotta go.
Thank you.
The witch house?
Well at least now we know
why they're tearing it down.
Only happened to be the
site of a mass murder.
I wonder if the city has it
on their tourist information?
Maybe we could
write them a letter.
So where
do we go from here?
Well, I am not looking forward
to facing Sparrow
with just a handful
of half-baked ghost stories.
She did say to tell her
about anything we found.
Let's just hope they're
having more luck than we are.
Back to the slaughterhouse.
Soon, my acolytes.
What are you doing?
I wanted to apologize for
my behavior this morning.
I was out of line.
Um, that's all right.
Oh, but it's not all right.
I wanna make it up to you.
Make it up to me?
I have a gift for you.
Oh no, I don't
think this is such a
good idea.
You do like me, don't you?
Because I don't
handle rejection well.
There is something
about me you don't know.
What's that?
I'm gay.
That's okay.
I have something else in mind.
Don't fight it.
It's easier that way.
Welcome back.
We've got work to do, my friend.
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
It sounded like someone
was walking above us.
The attic?
What would anybody
be doing that for?
I don't know.
You know, you're
probably just dreaming.
I don't think so.
Look, believe me.
It's your imagination,
all right?
Now go back to sleep.
I think I'll
have a look around.
Fine, let me sleep.
Hey, who's up there?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh you, girl.
You have got it going on.
Dammit, come out of there.
I'm warning you.
I'll scream, "Rape."
"Vanity," says the preacher.
Jodi, what's going on?
Where is everybody?
Professor Sparrow?
Home sweet home.
At least
they could have left
a light on for us.
Yeah, Motel 6 this ain't.
At least we don't have to
face the professor tonight.
Look, somebody cares.
I am so glad to see you guys.
what's the matter?
Well, let's
put it this way.
If I was in one of those
lame slasher movies,
I would be so dead right now.
are you talking about?
I can't find anybody.
Jodi said she heard something
upstairs in the attic,
so she went up there
to go check it out.
But now everybody
else has gone too.
Oh, and some idiot
decides he's gonna
turn the stupid power off.
Maybe we should
check the kitchen
and see if any of the
knives are missing.
Ha, ha.
I was gonna go check
up in the attic,
but then I heard
you guys pull up.
Let's get inside and
tell 'em the jig is up.
Well we'll need a light.
We can use the light
on the camcorder.
- Norman?
- Okay.
Let there be light.
I guess God is a
woman after all.
That'll work.
Everybody ready?
Ready as we'll never be.
Did anything
unusual happen today?
No, not unless you wanna count
the professor's shitty attitude.
That was pretty unusual.
You know what she did, you guys?
She totally locked us
all out of the lab.
I was working there up
until everyone went to bed.
No one talked to her?
She said she didn't
vant to be disturbed.
- She seemed like
- Ooh.
an innocent professor
but little did they know
that she was really
Satan, uh-huh.
Norman, over here.
It's empty.
Wait, that can't be right.
happened to the new samples
you and Clark took today?
I don't know. I mean, I
gave 'em to Professor Sparrow.
You know, I
can't believe I'm about
to make this suggestion,
but now might be a good time
to give our friend
Sheriff Creepy a call.
Okay, this
is the part where you tell us
that the phone is dead.
What, it's dead?
- Next question.
- Can I see
a show of hands for
staying in motel tonight?
Well, I'm gonna go upstairs.
If the two of you wanna
leave, I'll understand.
Okay, see ya.
I was only joking.
Real funny, asshole.
I can't believe you still have
your stupid send of humor.
I am just
trying to get through this
without pissing my pants, okay?
Oh, that's nuts.
Let's all just get a grip.
Oh shit, it looks
like our luck is holding up.
The battery is about to die,
and we're gonna be losing
light here real soon.
- Aw.
- Ooh.
Uh, what is that odor?
Ooh, what is it?
I'd recognize it anywhere.
The grave.
Subject day, remember?
Oh, my gosh. It
is the same smell.
I mean, this is much stronger,
but it's the same.
Over here.
Norman, the light.
Oh my God!
I didn't notice that before.
What the hell is that?
he could of at least
taken a moist towelette
to that when he was done.
- Oh.
- Oh.
Oh my gosh, look at that.
It's DNA sample, subject B.
Ah, there's something
warm running down my leg.
Norman, how long until
the battery is dead?
It could go
at any minute, like us.
Wait, wait, wait!
I thought
I just saw something.
- Where?
- Down there!
At the other end of the hall!
I don't see anything.
do you think you saw?
I'm not
sure, just a shape.
It might've been
our own shadows.
What is it?
you see anything?
- No.
- Oh.
Is that you?
anyone hear me?
nobody up here, damn it.
No wait,
there has to be.
Where did everybody go?
- We heard someone.
- No, we heard something!
Look, there's
nobody up here, dammit!
He's right.
Did you hear that?
What the fuck?
Now it's coming
from behind us!
Yeah, I'm just
saying we get the hell
out of this house right now!
This time you've got my vote!
Me too, I wanna get the
hell out of this house!
Shit, the battery!
Don't panic!
It's just a house!
- Did you hear that?
- What the hell?
For Christ's sake.
Don't insult me.
Let's get the
hell out of here.
How nice.
I had almost forgotten about
our merry little wanderers.
Let me guess.
Lilith, right?
Ooh, my reputation
proceeds me.
So does your odor.
Such revolt.
Is that fear I smell?
Before this night is over,
you will be begging me
to end your pitiful
little existence.
What the hell are you up to?
Ooh, just a simple
little recipe for revenge.
I think it's about
time this town
paid for what it's done to us.
You bitch!
Ooh, you say that
as if it's bad thing.
You know, it's been really
fun chatting with you,
but we need to be going.
Is that so?
Well let me help you
with that first step.
It's a real killer.
Now for you, little girl.
Screw you!
Changes in my life
When I found you
Where do
you think you're going?
Assuming this bad
horror movie scenario
winds up with the van starting,
you do have the keys, right?
Got 'em!
Okay, now what?
Go for help. This
is Witchtown, USA.
There ought to be someone who
knows how to kill a witch.
That man is certifiable.
He may also be our last hope.
Are you sure they're
not following us?
Yeah, there's
no one back there.
I think the coast
- is clear.
- Oh.
Mr. Westmore?
Come on, it's open.
Nothing like that small
town sense of security.
Mr. Westmore?
It's Stephanie Zinone
and Norman Soderquist.
We spoke to you earlier.
Mr. Westmore, are you here?
It looks like he's out.
Probably down at the bingo hall.
Look at this.
The plot thickens.
It looks like one
of the record books
we researched at the library.
Yeah, what's it doing here?
Angus said his
family were the ones
who kept many of the
town records, right?
Yeah, so the question
is what's in here
that he wants left
out of the public eye?
It looks just like the others.
Births, deaths.
Oh, God.
There's an entry
here for Lilith LaFey.
Born 1796, died 1826.
Cause of death, drowning.
Oh, so he was
telling the truth!
Now we know who
kept the records.
These are all people who were
put to death for being witches.
What the hell went
on in this town?
We chose to survive.
Sheriff Harmon.
What are you doing here?
I live here
You what?
You figured out
enough on your own.
Guess it's about time
you knew the whole truth.
where are you?
I don't understand.
This made it a
lot easier for me
to keep an eye on folks.
think it's about time
we heard the real truth.
It's my job.
It was my forefather,
Isaiah Westmore,
that oversaw the witch trials
and sent Lilith and her
coven to their graves.
But you were digging them up.
It was my job to prevent
that from happening,
but I failed.
You see, Lilith and her coven,
if they were to rise...
They have risen.
My God.
No, this cannot be.
Trust me, it be.
I have a lump the
size of a grapefruit
on the back of my
head to prove it.
Then, it's over.
What is she up to?
When the witch hunters
caught up with Lilith,
she swore with her last breath
that one day she
would rise again
and take a revenge on
the people of Covington.
The sickness.
She'll recall the sickness.
Only this time a hundred fold.
Everyone will die.
I guess we should've
finished her off
when we had the chance.
Tell me, how was
she resurrected?
We found an empty DNA
sample on Clark's floor.
They must've been
injected somehow.
Although, that
doesn't seem likely
since the sample we
drew was degraded.
Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?
Perhaps Lilith
isn't quite as strong
as she'd like us to believe.
In that case, we may
still have a chance.
We must completely
destroy the remains
before Lilith can
complete her work.
But how?
The only way to destroy
what's left of their bodies
would be with some type of...
Let me guess.
Down in the cellar,
right through that door.
In my line of work, you
have to be prepared.
Hurry, there's no time to waste!
Which one is Lilith?
I don't know.
Let's start here.
- Quickly!
- Dude,
I'm going as fast as I can!
All right, give me a hand.
Let me try.
Just tell me something.
What's that, young lady?
The book at your home.
There must've been
hundreds of entries.
318, to be exact.
Where they really all witches?
They were all tried
according to the laws
of the day and made accountable.
That doesn't
answer my question.
Stephanie, now
is not the time!
A lot of those people
may have been innocent.
What was done was
done for a reason.
And it didn't matter
that innocent people died?
It was the only
way to make sure.
And look what it got you.
All of you!
Okay, let's go.
We won't be back.
What was that?
I guess you feel the same
The wheels that change
And the face that's above me
Won't you burn
Damn it!
Saying, so long, so long
Quickly, before they recover.
The miles that
you're bringing me
Well you deserve
some sweet way
I'm going to enjoy this.
Since when?
The only good
Westmore is a dead one.
You first.
It's no use!
Where's the crowbar?
Forget it! Just move!
You're getting weak, old man.
It's empty!
Where are the last
set of remains?
Where you'll never find them.
You had them move it
this morning, didn't you?
That's right.
You're alone now.
Down on your knees and
I'll be quick and merciful.
How pathetic.
Are you offering me a bargain?
I'm offering you mercy.
I don't need your mercy.
Your coven is gone.
You're weak.
And wherever you
go, I'll find you.
You will die with
the rest tonight.
It is your cries for mercy
which will be ignored.
She's on her way back to the
house to complete the spell.
We must follow her.
We have no choice.
So let's go.
It's over, Lilith.
I've been expecting you.
I knew you would be.
You're a fool.
Just as your ancestor was.
It's too late.
It's all been done.
You can't kill me with that.
I know that too.
It took the blood of the guilty
to recall this pestilence.
Now the blood of the
innocent must destroy it.
You crazy son of a bitch!
Just hold on.
I'm gonna get you some help.
It's gonna be okay.
She knows what
needs to be done.
Throughout history, it's been
the blood of the innocent,
to save the rest from evil.
It was true 200 years ago
and it's still so
at this very moment.
You're a freak!
Please, I...
You don't have
to believe anything
this guy's conned you into.
You're not guilty of anything.
You don't have to pay
for these people's past.
What choice do I have?
There's no place left
to run.
Good bye, Norman.
Wasted in front of me
Just before you
can waste it away
Floating above my dreams
That reminds me
that I'm going away
Like it's suppose to be
Like shadows following me
Something new to die for
Pain just goes away
Like it's supposed to be
Like shadows follow me
Something new to die for
Then it just goes away
I can't believe you anymore
Singing my song like
you've done before
I can't love you anyway
I never knew nothing like it
Nothing in front of me
Just as far as
the eyes can see
Nothing left but my
sins I believe in
And I'll be taken away
What is left in front of me
Just all of you wasting away
Running from my dreams
That I can't hide
until they leave
Like it's supposed to be
Like you're part of me
To think you could
die for angels
Bombs away
Like it's supposed to be
Like shadow part of me
Something you could die for
Faith just goes away
I can't believe you anymore
Assure myself like
you've done before
I can't believe you anyway
I know you're
nothing like him