With a Kiss I Die (2018) Movie Script

[woman] In my lifetime,
I've only fallen in love twice.
The first time led to betrayal,
murder and suicide.
The second time
was three days ago.
And meeting her would
prove far more tragic.
Where's my Romeo?
What's here?
Poison, I see,
has been his timeless end.
O' churl, drunk all, and left no
friendly drop to help me after.
Thy lips are warm.
O' happy dagger,
there rust and let me die!
[cell phone rings]
Hey, can you hear me?
Yeah, the convention's
going great.
San Francisco?
It's good. Chilly, but nice.
Hey, I gotta go.
They're calling us back in.
Love you too.
[man] Hi there.
What are you listening to?
Nothing, actually.
I just put these on
hoping it will
deter people like you
from talking to me.
You're so funny.
Am I?
You know, just...
I just saw you there
sitting alone and I think,
- "Oh my god you're s..."
- Beautiful.
Oh yes, but not just beautiful.
- You know, I think it's like...
- Love at first sight.
How do you know it was love, and not
just a chemical response in the brain
caused by erotic stimuli?
After all, the only difference
between love and lust,
is that the first one
requires the intent
of being with one, and only one,
significant other.
So unless you're gonna
drop down on one knee
and pledge your
everlasting love to me,
do me the honor of fucking off.
Why are you following me?
Sorry, I have a message
from Father.
[in foreign language]
Rough day?
You could say that.
I hope you didn't finish
that whole bottle by yourself.
This one still
has a little bit left.
I get the sense that you don't
want company right now,
leaving you drunk
on the edge of a perilous cliff
doesn't seem like the best idea.
You stay. I'll go.
Who's Amaltheo?
God damn it, where are you?!
- I'll get you some water.
- I don't need any fucking water.
Don't look at me like that.
Like what?
Like you care.
- Here, I'll get your hair...
- [gasps]
Shit! I'll call an ambulance!
- Who are you?
- Who are you?
- I'm her nurse.
- Okay well, she needs help.
She's vomiting blood
and she's super drunk.
- I'll take care of it.
- Take care of it?
I said I'll take care of it.
And don't ever come back.
It's okay, agape mou.
Everything is going to be okay.
- Where were you?
- Looking for you.
You've never
missed a sunset before.
[coughs] He knows.
Who knows?
Father. He knows
where Romeo's buried.
That's nonsense, my dear.
He's just trying to rile you up.
This is the ring
I told you about.
The one I gave him
on our wedding night.
My promise that
I would be his forever.
Let's not talk about it now,
my dear.
We need to clean you up and
get you feeling better first.
[knock on door]
What are you doing here?
I'm sorry. I knocked.
I know. Not answering
felt like a hint.
You're okay.
Yes, I'm fine.
You were vomiting blood.
Blood? I was drinking
red wine all night.
What happened to him?
He cut himself on glass.
He looks sick.
And you thought
I was vomiting blood,
so maybe medicine
isn't your forte.
Well, I'm glad you're okay.
Thank you.
For checking in.
My name's Farryn.
Hi, Juliet.
You need to leave.
For 10 seconds there
you were almost likable.
[door slams shut]
You told her your name.
What's in a name?
In your case, everything.
She knows more than she should.
Perhaps it is fate
handing you a gift.
The girl is traveling alone.
Someone helps me home and
you want me to take her life?
I want you to be
with the man you love.
If I complete
the transformation,
like Father wants,
I could lose my humanity,
my capacity to love.
Your love for Romeo hasn't
dwindled for eight centuries.
Completing the transformation
didn't cause your father,
or cousin, or any of them
to stop loving.
They just never knew
how to love in the first place.
You can't give up hope.
Loving someone means doing everything
that you can to be with that person.
[man] I see you're
still reading fantasy.
I don't remember inviting you.
Since when does family
need an invitation, Cousin?
Since they're not
really family, Cousin.
Blood is blood, Cousin.
Father requests your presence.
Since when does Father request?
Then consider it a demand.
He won't allow you
to say 'no' this time.
Then I'll have to think of
another way of telling him,
perhaps a hand gesture.
I have just the finger in mind.
I will relish the moment
when Father finally allows me
to rip that smug smile
off your face.
Thank you for the message,
You make a marvelous errand boy.
Give my regards to the family,
or what's left of them.
Read your future
in the coffee grinds?
No thank you.
The future is nothing to fear.
Why is it a pretty girl
like you here all alone?
I was hoping you could
tell me that.
I don't tell things
you already know.
Fate has already chosen
your future,
but the way you get there will
be as interesting as the ending.
There is a line going all the
way around from past to future,
from good to bad,
that's very rare...
Sorry, do you mind if we stop?
But we're almost done.
I know. It's just...
sometimes it's nice not to know.
She continues to be insolent,
Why do you allow her
to insult us?
The only insult is a son
who's no more useful
at bringing down a mule.
It's time for a more
persuasive message.
[dogs barking]
[in foreign language]
Sorry, I don't speak Greek.
Excuse me.
It's a little early
for a dance, huh?
Look, I don't want any trouble.
- [grunting]
- When a whore touches a prince,
her hands are removed
and her eyes plucked.
You can have my money,
just please let me go!
Money? Money...
I want something
far more valuable.
- [hisses]
- [grunts]
[in foreign language]
Then I'll assume you received
Father's message,
- and I will see you soon.
- [both hissing]
Now you have no choice.
[Juliet] Don't be so dramatic.
She'll tell someone.
Who's going to believe her?
Someone. Anyone.
Maybe no one in America,
but here...
there is far more history here.
And far more hatred.
I know the history.
If I take someone's life,
it's gonna be someone
who deserves it.
Besides, she's probably
halfway back to America by now.
[knock on door]
Juliet? It's me, Farryn.
You shouldn't have come back.
You shouldn't have saved me.
That's a mistake
I can easily rectify.
You're not safe here.
I feel safe.
What you feel is irrelevant.
There's a gathering in two days.
Cousin has your scent.
You won't last a day.
I would if you turned me.
Go home.
And if I don't?
Why do you want to be turned?
I think you know the answer.
Life is too short, right?
There's so many amazing things
you want to experience.
You make it sound so dreary.
I'll let you in
on a little secret,
life always ends the same way,
with humanity destroying
anything beautiful.
Maybe... but despite it all,
there still is a lot
of beauty left in the world.
Didn't used to see it,
but now I do.
Let me guess, that's why
you always carry your camera.
I'm sorry you don't
see it anymore.
But as jaded as you pretend
to be about the world,
I think that deep down, you
don't really want to believe it.
Where you see beauty,
I see life, plucked from earth
and slowly wilting away.
I've seen hundreds of
thousands of people die.
There was once a boy
in Marseille...
he couldn't have been
more than thirteen years old.
He was playing the flute
at the front
of a battle regiment
during the French Revolution.
He was proud to be
serving his country,
twiddling away
at his instrument.
So focused, as if any wrong note
could somehow influence
the outcome.
That's when a cannonball tore
through the lower half of his body.
He was still alive
when I found him.
His insides were
spilled on the dirt.
His legs were shreds of meat.
His stomach laid by his side,
squirming as he cried.
He did everything he could
to hold onto his life,
but what that little boy
didn't understand,
is that when you've lost so much of
yourself there's no point in living.
If you're so miserable
why do you go on?
We didn't come here
to talk about me.
No, we came here
so you can dissuade me.
And yet, here you still are.
Living forever means you have to
watch everyone you ever loved die.
Better than them
watching us die.
Juliet, love, I can't keep
increasing the dosage.
It's strong enough to kill a...
Have you ever lost anyone?
Yeah, my mom.
This ring was hers.
She got so thin that one day
it just slid off her finger.
I promised her I'd hold onto it
until she got better,
but she knew that was
as much a lie as I did.
I watched her waste away
for two full years...
and lost two years
of my life in the process.
And you still think
life is beautiful?
I don't regret spending
a single minute with her,
but I don't want to waste
another minute of this life.
I've forgotten what it's like
to have an expiration date.
I mean, I will someday, it just
seems too far to even imagine.
I'm not immortal, I just age
at a much slower rate.
if you're not immortal,
can you be...
Fire, decapitation, dead blood.
We've become what we are
because our blood has mutated.
Evolved. But there are
negatives too.
We lose our ability
to see color,
and well, our tastes,
they're quite particular.
Human blood.
Yes, but I refuse to hunt,
to take a human's life.
Oh, so that's where
Amaltheo comes in.
He's like a traveling lunch box?
I've had nurses
like Amaltheo before,
but he's the only one who never
asked to be turned, so I kept him.
I promise you I won't
squander this gift.
I'll write the next
great concerto or...
study medicine
and finally find a...
Let's not talk about the future.
In a couple of days
our lives will change forever.
You claim to love living
in the moment,
if you only had two days, how
would you like to spend them?
[microphone feedback]
Okay, so this is a song I wrote.
It's my first time
performing it, uh...
it's my first time
performing period, so, um...
Okay, here it goes.
Something or...
I'll just sing now.
Cover me in lace
I'll bury my bones
in this place
Mark me with a touch
Of your crimson lips
on my face
I've waited so long
Now forever I will cry
My heart is broken
On this cold lonely night
Take me with you, love
Take me with you, love
Take me with you, love
The leaves turn to dust
As a cold wind comes in
Life is now taken
Let winter
Take me with you, love
Take me with you, love
Oh, take me with you, love
[guitar stops]
[speaks foreign language]
Bravo. Good stuff, good stuff.
Not bad.
Ehm, [speaks foreign language]
Did I forget to mention that?
Uh, this way, Juliet. Ah...
[speaks foreign language] Sorry.
- Hey.
- I did not agree to this.
You asked me what I wanted
to do if I had two days left.
But the real question is,
what would you do?
- Not this.
- No,
you'd rather mope around
and never do anything new.
I've performed before.
When I was eleven.
So a thousand years ago?
I'm not that old.
Dolce amoroso fuoco
Che 'l cor m'accende
Per te cara signora
Dolce amoroso foco
A questa donna ardente
I. Prima tra la gente
Serro sempre servente
Dolce amoroso foco
Che 'l cor m'accende
Per te cara
You knew da Vinci?
I modeled for him once.
You modeled for da Vinci?
He was actually one of
the few humans
I ever thought were fascinating.
You slept with da Vinci?!
[laughs] Um...
Relax, he had
far different taste.
But I won't lie, I did go for a
rebellious streak once I got turned.
How long of a streak?
Mmm, a century or two.
How many people
have you slept with?
[both chuckle]
What are you doing?
I'm sorry, I just thought
you, me, the sunset...
I have to go.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
That's twice you've
missed the sunset.
I hope you're not starting to
develop feelings for this girl.
Of course not,
it's just I pity her.
Don't forget, she's just
a means to an end.
What if I turn her?
You said you would
never do that.
That's what you told me.
And after a couple of days...
You made a pledge
to the man you loved.
It is not the same thing.
You want to share your body,
your blood,
your very existence with her,
I don't see how it isn't.
I've slept with
other people before.
But you never cared about them.
This is so, ordinary.
And you're extraordinary.
That girl is not
good enough for you,
and certainly not
for your family.
Now you get to choose
who is and isn't worthy?
I don't get to choose anything.
Never have.
What's that supposed to mean?
Do whatever you think is best.
I'll be here
when you get hungry.
Up kind of early, aren't you?
I make it a point to never miss
a sunrise or a sunset anymore.
The colors are so vivid
they almost don't seem real.
I wouldn't know.
Do you still remember
any colors?
I think so.
I remember my eyes
are dark brown.
I remember how rosy cheeks
got on pale skin
after running in the garden.
But I don't remember sunrise.
Right around the sun
it's bright yellow,
then it fades to a bright
orange, to a burnt orange,
but when the orange
hits the clouds,
it immediately gets swallowed up
by this bluish gray,
and then fades into purple,
right where that bird
just flew by.
And there's a streak of white...
Centuries ago, I told someone
the story of my heartbreak.
He was an English writer,
a womanizing drunk, with a
tongue as sharp as a blade.
I don't know why I told him.
Or at least
I like to think I don't.
He took my story
and published it,
and made it one of the most
famous love stories ever told.
His name was
William Shakespeare.
That's impossible.
At the end of the play she...
Killed myself.
That part is true.
Or at least I tried.
Seems my flare for the dramatic
was only superseded
by my lack of knowledge
of basic anatomy.
I would have died eventually,
more slowly and painfully
than I had hoped.
That's when he turned me.
The one we call "Father".
I hate him every single day for not
leaving me to die in that tomb.
And what about Romeo?
After I was turned,
I tried to find
where he was buried.
I looked everywhere,
hoping to die by his side,
but I never found him.
I figured he must've been burnt
with the victims of the plague.
But it seems Father
has finally found him.
And the only way
he will tell me where
is if I complete
my full transformation.
You're going to keep your promise
to die by his side, aren't you?
[Juliet] This vile
around my neck contains
the exact same poison
that took my beloveds life.
Although I've grown immune
to the poison,
I drink it during sunset,
to remember our love.
But memories fade,
and after all this time,
the only ones I still have left
are the ones on those pages,
floating somewhere
between real life and fantasy.
Sometimes I wonder
if our love was also...
just made up.
Maybe we were just stupid kids
making terrible choices.
I mean, at that age,
who really knows?
But your love was real.
I can see it in the way
you talk about him.
but if our love was real,
and if it was
"once in a lifetime"...
then why am I having those exact
same feelings now for someone else?
I'm not trying to replace him.
I know.
Farryn and Juliet
is an awful title for a book.
Are you okay?
Yeah, are you okay?
Of course, I'm okay.
It's not like I see everyone
as a talking filet mignon.
Go wash up.
I'll be right back.
- You lied to me!
- What are talking about?
Why didn't you tell me?
Your blood, I tasted it.
Tell you what? [Grunts]
Okay, okay, I'm sick.
I don't have long.
I know.
That's why you didn't run.
That's why you
wanted me to turn you.
What's the difference
if I live six weeks or six...
It makes all the difference.
I can't change you.
Even if I wanted to, I couldn't.
Your blood,
your immune system is fucked.
Not only would you
probably die, so would I.
[Amaltheo] Oh babe,
tell me what this vile bitch did
to break your heart.
She does not deserve your tears,
or your pain.
The love you and Romeo had
was unlike anything this world
has ever or will ever see again.
Your love was
once in a lifetime.
Even your lifetime. Never forget
how beautiful that was.
And never forget your promise
to do anything and everything
within your power
to be with him.
In the end, everyone
will get what they want.
[knock on door]
[door opens, shuts]
What do you want?
To apologize.
To see you again.
When my mom told us she had
cancer everything changed.
Not just her health,
but the way people treated her,
fluffing her pillows,
asking her how she was feeling
a hundred times a day.
Everyone looking at her the way
you're looking at me now.
I haven't told anyone
I have leukemia.
Not even my dad.
He thinks I'm at a
conference in San Francisco.
I didn't know turning me
could kill you.
Actually that's not true, I...
Maybe I just didn't want
to believe it, or you know,
maybe deep down
I just really didn't care,
I don't know.
All I know is that
I wasn't ready to die.
Clinging to life just like that
little boy on the battlefield, huh?
It's human nature.
But so is forgiveness.
And then what?
I'm supposed to
say I love you back?
And we will live
happily ever after for a week
before I watch you
wither away and die?
Then don't watch me die.
You said we only had two days,
I think we still have
a few hours left.
Let's make them count!
And then you can go back to your tragic
ending, and then I'll go back to mine.
[door opens, shuts]
[birds chirping]
Time's up.
Then let's run away together.
It doesn't matter
if we have one month,
or one week, or just one day.
At least we'll be
together for that time.
What about Romeo?
I once dreamt
that when he died
he was turned into stars,
and put in the heavens above so
everyone could admire his beauty.
The setting sun was always
a painful reminder of his loss.
But now I realize
he's not in some crypt,
but up there,
more brilliant than ever.
And in some way I think
he brought me to you.
So that I could be happy
once again.
[seagulls calling]
[door creaks open, shuts]
Ah, my darling Juliet.
The brightness of your cheeks
would shame the stars.
Let her go.
Up 'til now
it was just him and only him.
How fickle the heart is.
We got so much to catch up on.
How rude of me, I haven't even
offered you a drink yet.
I don't want a drink.
And yet you'll have one.
Funny how leverage works.
There's nothing like
fresh young blood.
I can't imagine feeding off the same
withering old man like you have.
I guess it would be
like a dog...
eating the same
dry canned food...
over and over again...
day in, day out.
I haven't seen your cheeks
so flushed and alive
since the day you turned.
I remember these family reunions
being far more impressive.
Soon it will be just
you and me, huh, Father?
That's why I'm here isn't it?
You can't turn people anymore.
Maybe you're the one who should
have stuck to canned food.
- Father...
- Enough!
Did you really think
that I was going to
let you get away
with that American girl?
With my bloodline?
Don't you know by now that
you cannot keep secrets from me?
That I got spies everywhere?
[door creaks open]
Ah, there it is,
that human emotion
you're so desperately
trying to cling on to.
[Father] To have what you
always seem to take for granted,
a place by our side.
All you had to do
is what he wanted.
What about what I wanted?
You! It's always about you!
I gave up my life for you,
so you waste all the gifts
you were given.
I watched myself
get old and wrinkled,
for the aches and pains as I
stitched my flabby skin together,
day in and day out, while you
stayed young and beautiful.
And you never realize
how lucky you are.
And then, after all that,
you leave me for her.
You could have offered
to turn me,
but no, you had
to be the same rebellious,
selfish brat you've always been.
I will never turn him.
Him? [Chuckles]
What would I do with
a wrinkled old guy like him?
Our agreement was for you
to take a place by our side.
And there you are.
Now let's try some of that
bitter old blood
that Juliet loves so much.
Bring her.
So this is the girl
that melted the heart of ice.
And this is the deadbeat dad
who likes little children.
She's got your loving
personality too, huh?
Let's be clear,
I don't love you.
In fact, I don't even like you.
But you carry my bloodline,
and it's purer than any of these
impotent half-breeds.
That's what makes you special.
I'm honored.
Well, you should be!
And if you were,
none of this would be happening!
In addition to that ring
you're wearing on your finger,
I got another souvenir.
I remember ripping it from
your tender young breast.
It would be a shame
if it were to find another.
Finally, we see eye to eye.
You said you would
never turn him,
so I guess that leaves us
with only one option.
I have no reason to kill her.
Her life's but
a blink of an eye for me.
When the transformation starts,
your love for her
is going to fade so quickly
without me even
lifting a finger,
and that's far more satisfying.
It's okay, agapi mou.
Too slow, my little angel.
How do you keep getting people
to kill themselves for you?
And how many more have to die?
She was willing to
give her life for you.
Are you willing
to give me yours?
Not even a tear for
your friend of 30 years?
I see the transformation
has already begun.
Let her go!
Of course,
but permit me this
one last moment
to see pain and misery
on my dear cousin's face.
- [hissing]
- No!
What's happening?
A dying girl?
[grunting softly]
You were in love
with a dying girl?
You were in love
with a dying girl!
[laughs, coughs]
Come on, let's get you
out of here.
You're not going anywhere.
You spent the last 800 years
trying to make me less human,
when that was the only thing
keeping you alive.
As my blood turns,
I care less and less
whether you live or die.
To me, you're already dead...
a withering, impotent man
who I can crush like an ant.
Your rein is over,
and everyone knows it.
Now if you
or any of them follow me,
I swear you'll get your wish
and know just how
dangerous I can truly be.
Follow her, you fools!
Kill her if we have to!
Kill her... [coughs]
I hate your family.
I can still make you laugh.
That's cause you say
the dumbest things ever.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
The sun's so yellow
it's almost white.
I love you.
I love you, Juliet, I love you.
I love you too.