With Prisoners (2017) Movie Script

Bring me the roll call sheet
Yes, Lieutenant
Are you responsible for what happened?
Sorry, sir
This is the last time I ask, did you do this?
Sorry, sir
Happy New Year
Let's go
- Happy New Year!
- Don't look! Pay attention
It's your turn
- Five
- Ten
15, it's your turn, what's wrong?
Inspector Lung, I am honored to spend
New Year's Eve with you, drink?
Make sure he gets what he wants!
Thanks to you, I have to come here on my day off
I don't know what you are talking about
I want names
What names? I am not good with names
- Don't fuck with me!
- Sir, I plead ignorance
If you don't
Even I can't save you
I am sorry
You better not let me catch you from now on
Hapy New Year! Be safe!
- Come here, now!
- What now? That hurts
What the hell is going on?
We are just friends. What's wrong?
Friend? You sure have a lot of them
Don't be silly
Sit your ass down!
- He's just a friend
- Friend?
Come with me, come on!
- He's just a friend
- Friend?
What's wrong with you?
Who do you think you are?
Brother, he's a cop
Off duty now, think you can cause trouble
Let it go
I can arrest all of you right now
I don't care if you are chief of police
You are drunk, go home!
You asshole!
You want to fight, let's make it fair
You want some more of this?
What's going on here?
Constable, I am the bouncer here
This gentleman is drunk and
disrespectful to the lady
lam on the job too!
Arrest him, he hit a policeman
He doesn't look like a cop
We had no idea
What is it?
Inspector Lung,
possible assaulting a police officer
- Take them all back to the station
- Yes sir!
Let's just say our goodbyes
Take care of Nana for me
I promise
I will only be gone for 3 months...
It's just juvenile detention centre, don't worry
Fan, it's time for you to go straight
With my job and yours, we can take care of Nana
I have been a thug since I was 13...
What else can I do?
The Judge adjudges that
the Defendant Leung Yick Fan
ls convicted of assaulting a police officer
And sentenced to 2 months' imprisonment
in a detention centre
To be detained in Pik Uk Prison
to wait for referral
Just let me do it
Order to be executed instantly
I know you both are watching over Fan
What the hell?
I was just looking
- You new here?
- None of your business
go back to the M.0. side!
- I'm gonna get you
- Shut up, move along
363121, you are being transferred
It's going to be alright
What is this?
Thank you sir and classmate
Dude, you spelt my name wrong
Sorry sir
He hit me first!
What's going on? He hit me first!
Come on! Hit me
Me and you, outside right now
Bao, Chui, I will take over
So this is the famous Leung Yick Fan
Do you hear what they are saying out there?
Sorry sir
Do you understand? Know the rules!
In here, I make the rules
Let's be clear about this,
you did this to yourself
I don't care if you are big-time gangster,
I am the boss here
Smarten up kid
Chui, take him to his cell
Good morning sir
Good morning sir
Good morning sir
Step up
Do you feel that? There is a fly on your face
- Bed 1
- Yes sir
- Help our new classmate
- Yes sir
Thank you sir and classmate
Learn to be polite in here, learn the rules
Your classmate just helped you
Don't you see a fly on his face also?
Who told you to hit that hard?!
You want to make an enemy out of him?
All of you step up
Yes sir
Show your new classmate how to swat flies
Thank you sir and classmate
Are we learning, someone helps you out,
what do you say?
- Thank you classmates
- I can't hear you
- Thank you classmates
- Say it like you mean it!
Thank you classmates
Keep an eye on your new classmate,
flies are everywhere
Yes sir
- Finish folding your blankets
- Yes sir
Not good enough! Hands straight!
Look forward to the utmost
Wake up! Be energetic!
Morning sir
Just you Sharpie, everyone else here dumb?
Sorry sir
- you came back to be with us again
- Sorry sir
- I know you must have missed me
- Sorry sir
- Old timer, take the lead
- Thank you sir
- New arrivals
- Yes sir
Any misconduct, you will do additional time
Just like the big-boy prison next door
They get a week, you guys get a month
If you want to leave, behave and learn
Ace the board meeting and you get to graduate
Yes sir
Classmate, you look possessed, damn those spirits
You are in luck, I can help
I know a thing or two about exorcism
Get down, shit
See, feel better? You look refreshed
Want some more?
Feeling better?
This time is free
Next time you will pay through your nose
You seem angry, you little shit!
I am asking you
Yes sir
Sharpie, 20 laps
Yes sir
One, two, three, four...
Honey, you called me?
Bring back a carton of that 2% milk please
Sorry honey, I forgot to tell you
I swapped shifts with Sam
I won't be back tonight
But I made dinner...
Work honey...
Hello honey, Hello?
Go back to work then
- When will you be back?
- Thursday's my day off
Stay warm out there, okay
You too, and...
I promise we will have dinner on Thursday, okay?
- Attention
- Yes sir
Good evening sir, I am DC332343, Choi
May we enter the messhall?
Good evening sir
You yelling at me classmate?
Sorry sir
You are a senior here
Any misconduct, you stay for one more month
Sorry sir
- At ease
- Thank you sir
- Line up and approach
- Thank you sir
Ready, step
Thank you sir and classmate
Be seated, align your feet, move the dish
- Stand up all of you
- Sorry sir
- No one is eating until we get this right
- Sorry sir
Be seated, align your feet, move the dish
Gwai, take over
Yes sir
Veggie, sauce, meat, rice, eggs
Thank you sir
- Let's eat
- Yes sir, good evening sir
Thank you sir
4, 3, 2, 1, stop
Asshole, you think you're at a hotel?
- Turn around
- Yes sir
- Turn out
- Yes sir
Body check
- Hurry
- Yes sir
Good evening sir one, good evening sir two,
good evening sir three
Good evening sir! Good evening sir!
Good evening sir five, good evening sir six
Good evening sir! Thank you sir!
- Get dressed
- Yes sir
- Hurry!
- Sorry sir
Sing, my name is Sing
How long have you been here?
A week
You gave up after a week?
What can you do?
Nonsense, we can fight back if we stay together
Those old guys got one foot in the grave
I will kick all their asses!
Quiet, don't even dream about it
Someone fought back once, almost died
If the others hear you, they will tell the guards
Why don't you tell on me?
My brother from outside
told me to take care of you
Just tough it out, 3 months,
you get your board meeting
You are lucky you got Ho at our block
He's the only reasonable guard in here,
the rest are all assholes
Chan and Gwai, they are the worst
One's a psychopath, the other's bipolar, stay away
Forget about it,
you will get the hang of it in no time
Committed theft on January 8th 2016
Sentenced on March 7th
By the Kwun Tong Magistrates' Court
to be held for detention
Good morning sir, thank you sir
- Okay
- Thank you sir
- Good morning sir
- Call
lam DQ363114, Sing, Group C
Committed theft on January 5th 2016
Sentenced on March 2nd
By the Eastern Magistrates' Courts
to be held for detention
- Okay
- Thank you sir
- Good morning sir
- Call
lam DQ333168, Fei, returning, Group C
Commited assault with a deadly weapon
on December 13th 2015
Sentenced on... March 10th
By the Kwun Tong Magistrates' Court
to be held for detention
- Did you forget why you are here?
- Sorry sir
- Do better tomorrow
- Thank you sir
- Good morning sir
- Call
lam DC363075, Holong, Group C
Committed sexual assault on December 4th 2015
Sentenced by the Shatin Magistrates' Courts
To be held for detention
- Okay
- Thank you sir
Your new classmate is refusing to report
Sorry sir
Push ups everyone
Until your new classmate reports
Thank you sir and classmate
Step up
One, two, three, four...
- Report
- Stop!
- Yes sir
- Call
lam DQ363121
Eyes on me! Call again
lam DC 363121, Fan
Committed assault on a police officer
on January 1st 2016
Sent here by the West Kowloon Magistrates' Courts
You do the crime
You do the time, understand?
You just pissed off the entire floor
Sorry sir
Try that shit on me again, see what happens,
down to the quad now
Yes sir
Everyone is calling you soft
If the chief finds out, he won't be happy.
Want me to take care of it?
No, I will handle it
You want your meals today classmates?
Then run like it!
Sorry sir
Report sir, I need to pee
Pee? I don't understand, do you have no culture?
- Washroom!
- Sorry sir
Try again
Report sir, I need the washroom
How bad do you need it?
Gwai, let Ho take care of this
Want the washroom?
Yes sir
Hurry back,
you get 5 more laps for leaving the group
- Thank you sir
- Chui, take him
Hurry up you piss ant
- Keep drilling
- Yes sir
Good morning sir
- Be seated
- Thank you sir
What are you gonna do with all those days off?
Stay home with the wife, rest up
A baby is what you need,
no one wants to be home alone with the wife
It's different with
a little kid running around the house
I get enough stress taking care of
the kids in here
It's not the same, kids in here are hopeless
Not everyone, all they need is a second chance
There is still some hope for them
Tell me again in 10 years
Society doesn't want them anymore
That's why they always come back
It's hard for them, change takes time
But it's far from hopeless
Ho, this is detention center, not a school
Kids are calling you soft, nice
They don't fear you physically
Rehabilitation works with or
without physical punishment
The other guards worry about you,
you need to be more friendly
You lack experience, both in life and in here
Chan and Gwai have seen it all,
you should learn from them...
Yes sir, thank you sir
We must keep a tight and precise schedule and
follow routines
Classmates must be risen and ready
For inspection from 4:30AM.
And must be in bed by 7:00P.M.
Complete all daily duties
before returning to the cells
- Quiet
- Yes sir
Read it again
Life inside must adhere...
- Shut up
- Sorry sir
Another illiterate thug...
Step up
Kneel down
Kneel now!
Mister big-time gangster
Crawl, I want you to crawl
- Crawl, everyone else stand up
- Yes sir
Help him
Yes sir
- Help him
- Yes sir
I love seeing thugs in here
Thugs are my favourite
Big-time gangster huh!
You are lower than a dog in here
lam gonna take special care of you big time
lam gonna tell on you...
You should see your face you thug
You are mine in here
Fan, you alright?
Tough it out, get some rest
Honey, you're back
- I need a shower
- No, you don't
Let's sleep. Stop looking at it
We are still young, there is still time
No, the doctor said there is no chance
I will always be here with you
Sure, yet I sleep alone every night
I need to work
What about my needs?
Good morning sir one, good morning sir two,
good morning sir three
Good morning sir! Good morning sir!
Good morning sir five, good morning sir six
Good morning sir! Thank you sir!
- Get dressed
- Yes sir
- Hurry up, you little shits
- Sorry sir
Boys, am I in a bad mood today
- Sharpie
- Yes sir
- Sing
- Yes sir
Thank you sir
- Fall back
- Yes sir
Don't eyeball me classmate! You want a beating?
Step up
- What are you doing?
- Sorry sir
Arms up
Got yourself a value meal
Spare ribs tastes good
Some veggie to help digestion
And my world-famous buffalo wings
Shitty weather today
Must be shitty outside
This is what it's like in winter
Didn't use to be like this
What's different?
Sky used to be blue
I haven't seen a blue sky in a while
What do you want from me?
I see you are on the mental ordinance list,
you can talk to me
Can you help me get out of here?
If you feel unwell
I can send you to medical for a few days
But your detention will be lengthened,
is that what you want?
I can teach you ways to deal with your anger
Showing improvement in your mental stability
might reduce your sentence
What's for dinner?
Don't start
Seriously, what's for dinner?
- Fish
- My favourite
If you want to lodge a complaint,
fill out a form outside for me
You need some extra training today
Thank you sir
Make a turn
Start moving. Ready!
Left! Right! Left!
That's not done yet, see how dirty it is
Sorry sir
We don't use brushes in here, use your fingers
Do it!
Kneel down, look under
See how clean it is now?
But look how dirty you are
You need to brush your teeth, with your fingers
Now look, see how much cleaner you are
I got plenty more training sessions
like this for you
always clean the toilets with your fingers
Thank you sir
Gwai, want a cup of coffee?
You coming on Sunday right?
Bring the wife, kids will be there
Hey, you can't do that
Were you in a fight?
Did you forget what you promised me?
Get up!
Lift him up
Hang in there
Hurry, he's fading
- Bring him out, quick
- Get back to sleep
- Get out here
- Hurry
Back to your cell now!
Fan, Fan
Do you believe in souls?
They say that if you die in here,
your soul stays in here
Why? It's karma
You are a thug right,
thugs don't believe in karma?
You are a disappointment to everyone you know
You ended up here because of karma,
this is pay back
Sam, take him to the infirmary
6, pass
- Ho, come join us
- You guys have fun
- What now? Pass
- You got me beat
Thank you sir and classmate
363121, return to cell
Thank you sir
Another hanger?
Couple of days ago
What do you plan to do after work?
Fan, I thought you were going to get me back
Eat up, you are going to need the strength
Reporting to you sir, have finished distributing
Best weather for outdoors barbeque
One for me
Do it yourself
Don't burn it
I told you not to run, do you want a beating?
What now? There's no need for a beating
He never listens to me, you take care of this
Did you fall on your knees? Does it hurt?
- No
- Then go run some more
Kids are supposed to run around
That's what kids do
I don't want to worry for the rest of my life
My kid is in the UK
I worry everyday
What are you guys talking about?
You have been married for a while
Still no plans for a little one?
No, not yet
Don't wait too late,
you still need to raise them you know
Few more years,
you won't have the knees to play with them
Ho has knees to spare,
the way he takes shifts for us
He loves his work so much,
he practically lives in there
Youth is what you guys don't have
Samantha, Ho is the best guard we have
It's my job, to teach the kids,
it's our responsibility
Don't you start,
enough with your second chance in life crap
They all deserve a second chance
You can beat them until they surrender
But they will never learn why
We don't beat them into surrender
We break them down so that they can be remolded
They did the crime, they are to blame
They need to know there are consequences
lam all for punishment
if it teaches them to change
To tell right from wrong, to try to start over
Ho is not jaded like you old farts
Guide them on the right path,
the rest is up to them
They don't deserve a second chance
The parents gave up on them,
teachers won't help them
Cops can't control them
We are their last resort
Our way or no way
I used to work with kids like them
They all turned out great
They all have jobs, families now
As you say,
Samantha was your best case, you married her!
And you have a lot of time to teach her
How about the other cases,
how many can you really save?
What did you say?
No work talk after work hours, agreed?
- Chui, we need some more coal
- I'm telling the truth
If you hate it so much, then just quit
Get in the car please
Just quit, go back to Toronto
With me and Mother
You know how busy I am
Then I will go back on my own
Let me think about it, please
Let's go home
You alright?
- Yeah
- 374
Yes sir
I am DC358374 Choi
Good morning sir
- Follow me
- Yes sir
- Where's he going?
- To the psychiatrist
Doctor Lee
How do you know?
Yes sir
Good morning sir, reporting
I'm DC363121 Fan, thank you sir
Follow me
See for yourself
My Nana is sick
I read about it in your file, how have you been?
You can tell me
Do you have family? Who do you live with?
My Nana
My parents left when I was young
Car crash
How is your relationship with your Nana?
She raised me, she raised me all by herself
I want to go see her
You know that is impossible
I will let your rehabilitation officer know,
but chances are very slim
It's best you keep doing well in here
Let the rehabilitation officer
Know you have changed
Maybe they will consider early release
I was doing my job, the cop hit me first
You are not supposed to fight with the police
Stop, you do what you like, I give up on you
Thank you sir and classmate
Thank you sir and classmate
Reporting sir
Sir, can you help me?
Finish your duties
Yes sir
I want to apologize for before
My Nana is sick
I want to get early release, how do I do that?
Water under the bridge
If you want out, you need to get their
Attention every chance you get
Do well in front of the guards on your duties day
Make them happy
I get it
Get some sleep
You must be Mr. Tsui
Call me Ho, mind if I sit?
Ho, how is Fan doing?
He is worried about his Nana
Has he been good inside?
Yes, he is doing very well
When can he come out?
3 months is minimum
3 months
Don't worry, if he keeps it up,
he will be out soon
lam afraid his Nana doesn't have 3 months
I want you to give this talisman to Fan
for good luck
Sure, I will get this to him
- Yes sir
- Come here
Yes sir
If you want to see your Nana
Be the best version of yourself in here
Leave as soon as possible
Thank you sir
Work hard
- Yes sir
- Go on
On a breezy afternoon
A thought passed through my mind
If I could ever fly like a bird in the sky
I wonder where they are flying to
As the earth spins
Why would we ever let go
Maybe after a few years
My memories will fade
Some run close, others run far
Someone is waiting around the corner
Some are laughing, others cry
Everything changes
Some will gather, others will part
While I am still reminiscing
Looking up at the sky
I want to fly like a bird
Letting go of everything on this earth
Why am I still stuck
- See, I told you
- What?
Just like I said
I never asked you what you did to get here
Nothing big like beating up a cop...
just chickenshit
I stole something with my girl
- Stole what?
- Stole a lipstick
Give me that
You wanker
- How much does lipstick cost?
- It's not the money
You asshole. This is my girl
Let's meet when we're free in future
ls something wrong?
I came back with a job to do
Stay away from me
Can't let them know we are close
Why did you come back?
My friend killed himself in here
He left a suicide note
That's all I can say,
I don't want you guys involved
Go to sleep
How was it?
I don't know, but I ordered it
Your wife is gonna love it, my girlfriend did
She doesn't know I am taking a leave
I want to give her a surprise
You're a good husband
- Call
- Permission to use the washroom sir
Hurry back
Thank you sir
Take off all your clothes
Do you want me to do it for you?
Sorry sir
You know I care about you, don't you Sing?
I know you are hurting, still recovering
I brought you some medicine
Hold out your hand
- Thank you sir
- Rub it on yourself
Sir! Sing is having a seizure
I don't hear him complaining, why are you?
Sorry sir
Sir, Sing is in a bad way
He's fading
- Hands down, get back to sleep
- Sorry sir
Do you want an incidence report?
Sorry sir
Sir, what's up?
Spirit possession by the looks of it
He's in a bad way
- Take him out
- Yes sir
Can't you find another day to die
Have to do it on my shift
Someone handed me this letter
It was sent out with other mails from the centre
Someone was kind enough to bring this back to me
Do you know what the letter says?
Any guesses? Remember Fat?
Any idea?
The letter tells a story about his life in here
How he went through hell and
decided to kill himself
The letter names 3 guards from this centre
I want to know why this letter appeared today
I don't know who's behind this and I don't care
All I want is for shit like this to
never happen again
Yes sir
Ho, get back to work
Honey, I am home...
I got take-out, what about you?
I saw a kitten at a pet store today...
we should raise one
I won't bring it back to the pound this time,
I will keep it
Let's talk when you get back.
Lieutenant Ma
No need to salute
In a few years, I will be saluting you
Don't joke about that
Forget about the barbeque, they are assholes
I am fine,
I do understand where they are coming from
Do your time and put in a request
for your transfer
Don't waste your years in here with them
I got a couple years left till retirement
But you still have a chance to climb the ranks
Thank you sir
Attention! Stand
Good evening sir
Messhall count is 30
with one MO list
Thank you sir
We have a special guest today,
the Honorable Mr. Chan is here
Good evening sir
Mr. Chan came to visit all of you
He wants to learn more about your life in here
Hello everyone, I am Mr. Chan
Are you all getting used to the life here?
Adapting to the new environment?
I want to learn and change my life. I like it here
- Remember what you promised me here today
- Yes sir
What about you?
Good evening sir, I am very well sir
How well?
Guards teach me right from wrong
And how to bear the consequences of my actions
That's great
Anything you need, any special requests?
You can tell me, you guys enjoying the food?
No complaints sir, we deserve what we get
Because we have done wrong
I want to learn and change and start a new life
Knowing that you have done wrong is the first step
Being responsible is the next
I want to see all of you leading new lives outside
Thank you sir
Did you hear what Mr. Chan had to say?
Yes sir
- You all should remember it
- Yes sir
I think that will be it for today
You must be tired, let me walk you out
Thank you sir
Be seated, align your feet, move the dish
- Continue
- Yes sir
Who do you think did it?
Can't be one of us
I thought it was Ho, but that's unlikely
He doesn't need more attention on himself
Must be the kids
Any idea who?
Who do you like?
Sing has been a pain in my ass lately
I would bet money it's him behind this
- Bring me the roll call sheet
- Yes sir
Did you find the letter?
Sorry sir
Where did the letter come from?
Sir, I don't understand
You still don't trust me
I really don't know sir
lam only going to ask once more, did you do it?
Leung, put him in his cell
Don't look
I told you it's a piece of cake, I am okay, really
2 more weeks I will get to see my girl
2 weeks
What should we do first?
Dinner and a movie, or straight to sex
Whatever it is, I am just happy to be with her...
No one is allowed up there
Sing, I'll right the wrongs done to you
Rice, sauce, veggie and meat
Sharpie, you crazy fucker
Sorry sir
- Sorry sir
- Thank you sir
- You want trouble, do you?
- Sorry sir
Sit down, you want a beating?
Sorry sir
Sorry sir
- Handsome boy, come here
- I'm Samantha's husband
Honey, Happy birthday
It was supposed to be a surprise
Have fun, but not too much fun
Happy Birthday to you...
What is this?
Get up!
You promised you wouldn't touch that stuff again
- Everyone out of my house!
- Get out!
- You shut up!
- Shut up
- Don't fight
- Let it go
- Sir, he...
- What the hell do you want?
You think I am a punk?
You are crazy, crazy
Be careful what you do in there
You know what to do
What happened?
Sorry sir
Sorry is for shit, I want answers
I just put the letter incident to rest
Now with another jumper
And you dared to hit the kids in quad today
You must hate me
Sorry sir, I lost control
It won't happen again
Lose control on your own time
Somewhere that doesn't affect me
It's been difficult for me
to have the incident settled
Next time you will be suspended
Sorry sir I will make it up to you
We are a team,
when it rains, we all get wet
- You smarten up, do you hear me
- Yes sir
What's with the loner look,
I thought you quit cigarettes
- Just taking a breather
- Not your style
Don't be mad,
the chief said the same thing to us all
Just bad timing, that is all
You need to find a release...
Can't bottle things up, that shit will kill you
Next time you feel like losing control,
try this out
You ready?
I was born ready
What, are you shy?
I will watch your clothes, you guys go
- Oh come on
- Be a man and come out here
- Pay attention
- Yes sir
You want an incidence report, then be my guest
Feet on the floor, eyes forward, arms straight
Yes sir
Right foot out, keep it still
Yes sir
lam leaving in a couple of days...
You kicked his ass in messhall,
he will beat you for it
You are gonna get additional time...
You know me, I can take it
Don't leave any food behind on your last meal here
Once you step out of those gates, don't look back
- Catch you on the other side
- I am gonna get you
- Fan
- Yes sir
- Step out
- Yes sir
So you are leaving tomorrow, what's the plan?
- To see my Nana
- She wants you to live a good life
Still remember
what I said to you on your first day here?
Remember, it's time to pay it back
Clearing your debt to society,
now clear it with your Nana
Learn and change, start a new life right...
Say it like you mean it. What will you do
Going back to be a thug again?
Will you still be a correctional officer?
How did you know?
Chan and Gwai are talking about you
AW plans?
I don't know what I will do yet... Any ideas?
- Come work as a bouncer for me at my club
- You little shit
If you miss Gwai's chicken wings,
you can always come back
Don't jinx it
- Be good
- Yes sir
Good morning sir,
lam DC363121 Fan, Group D
Committed assault on
a police officer on January 1st 2016
Sentenced by the West Kowloon Magistrates' Courts
On March 12th 2016 to be held in detention
- Be seated
- Thank you sir
2 and a half months, that's a new record
What motivated you?
I want to see my Nana
What happened to Sing was very unfortunate
If anyone asks, tell them the truth,
that it was an accident
Yes sir
Anything you want to say before you leave?
I will remember this place, I always will
Nana, how are you, are you liking this place?
I will come visit you, always
I promise, I will live a good life
I am okay
I need to find a place for her ashes
I have some money saved up, we can use it to...
I will think of something
Don't be mad,
I just didn't want you to find out in there
I know
It's big news
What would you like?
Lunch Set B and iced tea
Just coffee for me
Correctional officer exposes corruption
300 thousand hits in 3 hours
Investigative unit has been assigned to the case
We will use every resource to find the bad apples
As you've just mentioned about the centre...
- Brother
- You little shit
So what are you gonna do?
I can't help you
Don't tell me you are going straight
One night's work for over 100 thousand
Find someone else
Brother, you got me in,
I just want to pay you back
You took the blame for what happened that night
We want to pay you back
- Piglet
- You will always be my big brother
In 2 days, we will make a shit load of money
Free money brother
What's there to think about
Big money
I got everything covered
I Will think about it.
Fan, long time no see
You tell Fan to deliver food,
what's wrong with you
He's going straight,
just leave him alone, will you
You want me, go ahead, leave my boss out of it
Why would I want you, did you do me wrong before?
Whatever you want, just take it out on me
Take what?
That is not going to cover it...
What do you want?
I want to come visit you
every single day from now on...
Do what you like
- You alright?
- Doesn't matter
Have a seat
Sorry boss
No worries, I will clean up
Staff members physically and
mentally abuse the young men
Stripping off their dignity
This is not an official recount of the events
Telling the truth has
become my responsibility to bear
Staff abuse the system, the kids have to suffer
No one would dare tell the truth because of fear
The 3S's are the most important things
in the system today
S for short term
Short and intensive rehabilitation
S for Sharp
They must follow strict rules and regulations
S for shock
Teaching them the consequences of their actions
Pitbull got stabbed, who did it?
Sir, I don't know
I heard someone from you crew did it
I don't have a crew anymore sir
Don't play me
I've been here everyday working, ask anyone
If you don't believe it,
you can just call my rehabilitation officer
Did your crew throw you a party?
I haven't seen them since I got out
You got something else going huh? Another scam?
I am straight sir,
believe it or not, I am straight
The hell you are
If you go straight, then why am I here?
- What do you want?
- I want names!
I am sorry sir
Don't let me get you again
Honey, I am having drinks with the guys tonight
I will be back later tonight
Welcome back Brother Fan,
we are gonna turn this town upside down
Let's roll
Oh crap, look out
It is you, Piglet right? I remember you
- Sister, how are you?
- Where are you going?
We just want to celebrate Fan's return
Just going out for drinks, New Year's Eve and all
Gonna go pick up some chicks?
I wouldn't allow it...
Fan only has you on his mind
You promised me we would have
New Year's Eve dinner at home
I will, we will
Don't lie to me
I caught you red-handed
Just a couple of drinks, I will be back
You are not going...
Better yet, I am going with you, start the car
Piglet, you guys go have fun,
I need to be with my girl tonight
You guys have 2 rounds on me
Do you need help?
Don't rush me, this is art
It's almost midnight
So what? Do you want me to stop cooking?
Here you go, countdown begins
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Happy New Year
I just want to help, however I can
- You serious?
- I have more than just this video
Ho, have you thought about the consequences?
There is no turning back for me
This is just the beginning
You filmed this?
They let you use your phone inside?
It wasn't easy,
but I need your help to get this out
Alright, let me talk to the chief editor
See if we can make tonight's deadline
We all knew the moment we got there
In their eyes, we are rubbish, we are dirt
We are useless to them
If you don't have a job,
you are useless in society
If you die in there
No one will care or even sympathize
Your parents can't help
They can't find out what happened in there
It wouldn't help if they did
Even if you tell, they won't believe you
We have been labelled as liars
My experience may sound simple to you
But staying in there for 3 months
ls no walk in the park
If you can't tough it out in there,
you will be hopeless out here
Let me tell you, don't fuck up your life
If you even take one missed step
If you must, please wait until you are over 25
Why? Because compared to juvie
Big-boy prison is like heaven.
In juvie, you need to ask for permission
for everything except breathing
Now, juvie in Hong Kong
Only takes in 14 to 25 year - olds
This is my story,
just in case you find yourself in there one day
At least you know the rules
if you do end up in there
I don't wish this on my worst enemy
I certainly do not wish this upon you
If you fuck up, you gotta pay it back
You need to be tough
Tough not just in your body
Be tough in your mind
You will have a really hard time in there
What they are doing is to strip off your dignity
Whatever you have to endure,
being beaten, yelled at, treated as dirt
To me, that does way more damage
on our minds than our bodies
If we don't even have our dignity,
what else do we have left
Bruises will fade, wounds will heal
The pain shall pass one day
Because the damage is only skin deep
The way they treated me in there
The things I have seen done to others like me...
Shit like that stays with you for life,
trust me...