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We interrupt this program for a
special bulletin now with Sandy Hill.
Seismologists at Caltec, now report at least
three separate seismic events Tonight.
Each in the Northern Hemisphere with Earth
tremors of magnitude 8.5 and above.
And the first location is believed to be
in the Thunder Basin area of Wyoming.
That's about 200 miles
East of Casper.
So far we have no reports of
The other two sites in Europe and Asia
have not been identified.
Stay tuned in to 11-o-Clock news,
For further details.
We now resume our regularly
scheduled program.
We interrupt this program for a special
report, from Evening World News in Washington.
Here now is chief National affairs
correspondent Sander Vanocur.
Good Evening...A Meteor shower
which appears at this time every year.
Erupted into a massive Cosmic event
As pieces of an enormous
Asteroid, plunged to Earth.
Reports are just coming in.
But it appears that at
8:24 pm, Eastern time.
The near..Earth Asteroid
known as 6645 Ventori.
Hurled in from space, and broke apart.
Striking the Earth, at three
separate points around the globe.
Aftershocks were felt from Contrepta island
In the Aleutians.
To santiago in Chile.
In all three.
The meteorites hit
deserted world areas.
Leaving wide impact zones.
Scientists say if any one of them
had struck near an urban..centre.
The results would have been catastrophic.
We begin our coverage with
correspondent Pamela Barnes.
Outside Mount Palomar observatory
in the mountains East of San Diego
Sandy, as this story first broke,
The report suggested that three.
Massive Earthquakes struck World..wide.
The initial shock waves registered within
minutes of each other at Caltec.
The best image we have right now,
is this, infra-red shot.
From a KH11 Reconnaissance
The crater is 2.4 kilometres wide.
More than a mile and a half
The red you see around the rim
is a section of scorched earth.
From a wild-fire, that set the grassland
ablaze, at the moment of impact.
Correspondent Bree Walker was
vacationing in Wyoming, when the Meteor hit.
She came in with the first Fire-Crews,
And we go to her.
Above the crater, I'm told were having
trouble with the feed from Wyoming.
So we'll bring Bree Walkers report to you
as soon as possible.
In the meantime we go to
Barry Steinbrenner
of affiliate KTML in Casper
The fires from the Meteor crater
raging out of control.
Units from the third Air National Guard Wing,
were quickly called in, to extinguish the flames.
More than 10,000 people living west
of Thunder Basin are being evacuated.
By national Guardsmen
amid fears the fires may spread.
And there are numerous reports of power
outages, both North and East Of Cheyenne.
This is Barry Steinbrenner, KTML Action News.
Casper Wyoming
I'm told we've now contacted
correspondent Bree Walker.
She now brings us pictures, of what
is being called impact site Alpha
Located 60 miles North of
Grover? Mill, Wyoming
Bree, can you Hear us?
Sandy, as you well know
I've covered my share of disasters.
The L.A Riots, Hurricane Andrew,
Last years floods in the Mississippi.
Even Mount St Helen? , when she blew.
But nothing I've ever encountered.
Could have prepared me for this.
Lets give you a look from the choppers
camera, mounted below.
What you are looking at now, is the
crater itself, A massive inferno.
The only way you can describe this.
Is that what the fire fighters are Temperatures
1200 degrees Fahrenheit and above.
Any Human Being within miles of this impact,
would have been incinerated in seconds.
As we get into the smoke on the edge of the craters
rim, the scene of devastation below is unbelievable.
The Guardsmen and State Troopers, And National
Guardsmen surrounding the impact site.
When I asked her if yet ?? A massive fire-storm,
that destroyed much of Thunder Basin.
We're told that chopper you see down
below, is flying a team of specialists.
From the department of energy.
We expect that they'll be checking for Radiation,
or any potentially deadly chemicals.
That might be spilled.
And Sandy, Sandy we're just getting word
that there may have been some survivors.
Along the thunder Bay National grab land,
we're gonna go over there now, for a look.
The two other pieces of this gigantic Meteorite came
down, came down first in the Gobi Desert of China.
Along the southern edge of Mongolia.
Minutes later in a mountainous ares of the
Pyrenees, about 20 miles, south or Lourdes.
In southern France.
Now tentatively known as impact site Bravo.
Lourdes was the site in 1858, of the
fabled visitation by the Virgin Mary.
Its been a Mecca for religious pilgrims
ever since.
But tonight as correspondent
Paul Whitaker reports.
The mood there is one of fear.
The churches are full here tonight.
With religious pilgrims giving thanks.
But not because they came to this
Holy site, because they're alive.
In the hours before the Asteroid fell, in the mountains to the
south, hundreds of people were still on the snow capped peaks.
After a long day of recreational skiing.
Just as the earth started to shake,
he and his friends looked up to the sky.
And saw a huge fireball
streaking across the sky.
This woman Sylvie Chounard also survived, but when she got
down, She discovered her husband Jean Paul was missing
I came down in a cable car, and err
Jean sat here, he wanted to sit down,
For the last one of the day.
And he never got back.
Ironically today was
their third anniversary
French rescue trams are combing the
mountain side for skier Jean Paul Chounard.
A bitter twist to an already
frightening turn of events.
The French have an expression.
"The more things change"
"The more they stay the same"
But tonight as the lucky ones celebrate happy to be alive...
.One senses these people will never be the same again
Paul Whitaker reporting from Lourdes,
Little is known tonight about the third
impact site, in China.
But as correspondent Denise Wong
reports from beijing,
the communist government has put
the country on a state of alert
Sandy. Its just after 10:15 in
the morning here in Beijing.
The Chinese news agency has reported, that the
third Asteroid hit at 9:29 am, Beijing time.
It struck at 105 degrees east, 45 degrees north.
Along China's border with Mongolia.
While little more has come
from the government here.
Reuters has just released
this aerial photo taken.
By the French satellite agency
From 12 miles above the Earth.
The crater is almost a mile
and a half across
Denise!! That's almost identical,
I repeat, Identical!
To the Wyoming impact site.
What do you know about casualties?
Well Sandy Too Fong
Is in a remote area.
Of the Gobi Desert, with
no rail lines, on two highways.
In or out.
As a result, it may be days, before the full
damage from this crash site can be assessed.
We'll be back to Denise as soon
as there's more Thank you!!
We switch now to the Johnson Space Center
where Matt Jensen, is standing by
Sandy!! The NASA scientists
who track these enormous Asteroids.
Sometimes refer to them, as Killer Rocks!!
As such one of the first questions
we asked, was how ??
How could an Asteroid of this magnitude
have been so close to Earth.
And not be detected till impact.
In July, the Comet Shoemaker Levy 9
struck the planet Jupiter, in a series.
Of massive impacts, equal in force to
2 million Hydrogen bombs.
These events were monitored
World wide.
Through the enormous eye of the
Hubble space telescope, orbiting the Earth.
Scientist had known for months That these
events on Jupiter were about To take place.
In fact, they actually able to predict
the precise moments of impact.
Dr Kurt Martin was one of the NASA
Scientists Tracking Shoemaker Levy.
Well, what about it Doctor, why
the surprise this time ???
Well first of all, there are at present,
some 25 hundred near earth Asteroids.
OF magnitude of one mile and above,
that could intercept with the Earth.
We've only identified about 10
per cent of them.
Until tonight.
Yes !! well you see
if an Asteroid is coming directly
towards the earth.
Its very difficult to see it
until its literally on top of us.
Doctor Martin..This is Sander Vanocur
in Washington.
Do I understand you to say
the Earth is at risk.
From more of these Asteroids.
Well I don't want to sound alarmist.
But if one of those...Rocks
came down in a big city.
Well!! ... ???
Well what Doctor.
Lets just say it would make the
Russians seem like.
That was Doctor Kurt Martin
of the Johnson space center.
In a moment we'll be joined by Doctor
Jaffe, Evening World news science editor.
But first some rather startling
developments from correspondent Bree Walker
Sandy!!..We're told now that at least three
men have perished in the fire storm.
Touched off by the impact of the Meteorite
believed to be Sheep ranchers who were.
Leafing grazing land, from the nearby
Thunder Basin National grasslands.
The scene is live..And
Its like...
Lush green grazing land.
You can see there the bodies of dead
animals scattered everywhere
Bree!!!.. You should know you should
know your signals breaking up.
Wait a bit something new.
What !!..WHAT!!
Down there to the left
I'll get a closer look.
All I know is the helicopter is over
Thunder Basin National Grasslands.
You have the picture.
My god its a human being
I've no idea how anyone could
have survived this.
If that is a human being it appears to be...
....A Child Its a Child!!!!
We're moving in...Lets just see
Bree Walker and Cameraman
Billy Dunne
I hope you will
They're moving in.
There they are..That's Bree moving in
On what appears to be a survivor.
Moving !!!....Moving towards the child.
She's moving towards the child
There she is OK!!
Cameraman William Dunne behind her.
It was definitely a child.
It looks like it was a little girl.
It was a little Girl
I cannot tell you what she is saying.
As you can see, she appears badly burned
how she survived I'll never know.
Apparently we've lost our signal.
Its just extraordinary to think that anyone
could have survived so close to that fire zone.
It appears the child was trying to say
something, something incomprehensible.
She obviously was in shock.
We try to get back with correspondent
Walker, to learn more about that little.
Girls condition....I the meantime,
we give our affiliates.
A chance to break.
This is Sander Vanocur
in Washington.
Here once again is
Sander Vanocur.
If you're just tuning in, all of us
witnessed a remarkable rescue tonight.
After three fragments from
a giant Asteroid, fell to Earth
causing untold damage World ...wide.
An evening World News Crew, was flying over
one of the impact sites.
When they saw something moving, correspondent
Bree Walker and cameraman, William Dunne.
And Found a survivor.
A little girl, we still don't know
who she is, or what she was saying.
At this moment our Helicopter is flying her
to the mercy medical center in Casper
Wyoming, and we'll get word to you on her
condition, just as soon as we have it.
Joining me now is our
Science editor.
Doctor Carolyn Jaffe
Sandy !!....In the grip of a story like
this, It's a reporters job, to hold back.
Remain dispassionate, and yet.
When you look in the eyes of that child.
You can't help but be moved
I understand you, prepared a report,
on just how powerful.
These Meteors can be.
That's right Sandy, the philosopher
George Santayana, once said that.
"He who forgets history"...
"Is destined to repeat it"
Now the three asteroid fragments
that rained down on the earth tonight.
Ahh, , Weren't the first,
And most likely won't be the last.
The crater at Winslow Arizona, more
than Half a mile across.
An enormous hole caused by an
Iron Asteroid just 60 mt rs wide.
More than 50,000 years ago.
In 1908 an object the same size
exploded a few miles above the ground
at Tunguska river in Siberia.
The shock wave with the force of
15 Hydrogen Bombs.
Incinerated more than in acres
in an impact area.
That would have spread from Maine to The
Carolina's, if it had hit the North East.
The gulf of these were just
BB shots compared to the big one.
Known now as the KT event,
Scientists now believe and object.
In the order of 7-10 Kilometres wide,
impacted 65 million years ago.
Along the Mexican Yucatan
A month after impact the debris from
the giant crater covered the Earth.
In a dust like cloud that blocked
out virtually all sunlight.
Billions of life forms were killed within
weeks, and ultimately THE DINOSAURS.
That had ruled the World for
140 million Years perished.
And Sandy!!...if an
Asteroid even one half that size
were to hit the Earth today,
the death rate could easily match.
That of of the Black Plague,
that wiped out half the population.
Of Europe during
the Middle Ages.
Well the question I've got to
put to you, is how real is the.
To the Earth today
I'm afraid its quite real.
Two years ago NASA Scientists calculated
that the odds of a person dying.
Through a near Earth Asteroid
were about 1 in 20,000.
About the same as being killed
in an airline crash.
And that's what they assumed ??
Until tonight.
You see the danger is increasing.
Why ??...ls that.
Astronomers announced at JPR, say there is a
20% likely-hood, that because of the meteor.
Shower tonight we can expect more of these
Earthbound Asteroids..
Forgive me !!....I apologize, but they're
ready now for that report from NASA.
And then we go to the johnson Space Center
where correspondent Matthew Jensen.
Is standing by...Matt !!! Sandy the men
and women who track these giant near Earth.
Objects, have been working Non stop to
analyse the data ever since the first impact.
At 7:24 Central time....We were inside the
operation center, where we regularly.
Follow the Shuttle flights, then just
moments ago, some data came in from Nasa.
Big radio Telescope at Gold stone in the
Mojave Desert.
And all reporters were asked to move
behind this wall of glass.
They say a statement is imminent but right
now, we're watching and waiting.
We'll be back to you Matt, but first for
an insight on what may be happening.
We go to correspondent Ron Olney at
Gold-stone......Ron ??
Sandy ... this enormous 70mtr steerable
antenna, is part of NASA? s.
Deep Space Network, here to track
spacecraft, when a Comet or Asteroid.
Is identified by one of field telescopes
like the one at Mount Palomar.
The data is fed here and the space debris
as they call these killer rocks.
Is then tracked with precision.
Now the scientists who work here are
normal rather cool understated people.
But about an hour ago when the data on
7645 Ventori was fully analysed.
This marine Helicopter made an unscheduled
landing, a pair of MP? S, raced inside.
Minutes later with one of the scientists
here, they rushed him aboard, the chopper.
Now word yet on the scientists name or his
position with NASA.
But sources say he was flown to nearby
Edwards Air force base.
For a trip by Jet to the Space Center in
Roy!, what could have so important that they
couldn't have linked up with Houston by phone.
Or a Tele- Conference.
Well they're big questions with no
answer form here, Sandy, once here.
It says that the scientists involved may
have something to do with the Asteroids.
Trajectory, , both before and after it
broke up.
Thank you!!, very much.
We just received an update from Denise
Wong in Beijing.
There are no known casualties near the
third impact site designated "Charlie"
However the impact is said to have damaged
the Tingshin Hydro-Electric dam
40 kilometres to the south, power outages
have been reported throughout most
of LANGSHAN province. The Chinese
government is requesting emergency.
Generating equipment, and Red Cross
assistance, for the estimated 7.5 million.
People, now without electricity or running
Doctor we've just got word on the condition of
that little girl found wandering near the Wyoming.
Impact site.
We go now to Evening World News correspondent
Bree Walker, standing by at mercy.
Medical Center in Casper.
The little girl we found at the scene was
badly burned.
She's in intensive care now being treated
for exposure and second degree burns.
Doctors have sedated her, and they say
she's resting comfortably.
Meanwhile Makoma County Sheriff department has set up a
special hotline to try to find out who the little girl is.
If you can help here? S the number
Bree Walker, Evening World News, Casper
There? S more now on the fate of another
victim, French Skier Jean Paul Chounard
after combing the area near the second
Asteroid impact site
French rescue workers, came upon Jean Paul
Chounard, holed in a snow cave near the base.
Of Mount Dimen.
We'll have an update soon, from
correspondent Paul Whitaker in France
Sandy in this era of home video where
people seem to shoot everything
I guess this was inevitable. We just
received tape from KWBF.
Our affiliate in Newcastle Wyoming, some
80 miles from the impact site.
It purports to show Asteroid fragment
Alpha, streaking across the sky.
As it roars towards Thunder Basin, I'm
told it was shot by Chris O neil.
The father of three from Newcastle, the
voice you're hearing is Mr O Neal.
C-mon out, its freezing....Ohh Kylie,
that? S great
Trick or treat.
Look at that!!!!
The tape was analysed by the FAA, and
apparently that was the Alpha fragment.
From 6645 Ventori, we're gonna watch it
once more as it come into the-cameras lens
Sandy we're happy to report that no one
was hurt and the children went on to.
Trick or treat with one incredible story
to tell.
Well thank goodness for that.
There? S new information on that scientist,
rushed to Houston to confer with NASA.
Officials, he is Doctor Avram Mandel.
An Astro Physicist, at Nasa 's Jet
propulsion Lab
Sandy!!!..Sources say Doctor Mandel,
visits the Space Center here at Houston.
At least once a month.
But this is far from a routine trip.
In fact we've just learned that he's flown
here, not on a conventional carrier.
But in the jump seat of a Air Force F16.
With a maximum airspeed of more than 1400
miles per hour.
The flight time from Edwards to Houston,
should put Doctor Mandel on the ground.
Some 22 minutes from now
Sandy!! correspondent Robert Roveno, has
just flown in from Denver.
And he is at the edge of impact site Alpha.
Apparently the police there have just
changed the ground rules
All the news crews here have been asked to
pull back from the immediate edge.
Of the crater. The official reason is
safety, State police saying there.
Have been after shocks, as with the impact.
But none of the press here on the ground
has felt anything.
And there's been, activity at the crater
by Nasa Scientists.
We shot this video only moments ago
Sandy !! as you can see dozens of
investigators from Nasa and the pentagon.
Have been flown in to the site which is now
beginning to resemble a civil air base.
Ahh you can see a chopper from Olney
landing, carrying additional Troops.
Armed with assault weapons, Why ? The
government would need fire-power like that.
At the site of a Meteor impact, is anyone?
S guess ???
Ahh...We're told among the personnel being
moved to this site is a team of mapmakers.
From the US Geological survey.
In addition the FAA now established a
no fly zone immediately over the crater.
They have made it quite clear anyone violating
this restriction, would be fired upon.
So these are the last picture you'll likely
to see for a while.
Ahh Sandy!!!, At impact site.....We're
going to have to cut away.
A statement is imminent from, from the
press room, at the Johnson Space Center.
We go now to correspondent Matt Jensen.
After a virtual blackout since the first
Dale Powers...Nasa director of
Community relations.
Is about to speak now.
Mr Director....Can you....Here we have
a short statement.
There'll be no questions at this time.
Let me just say...Ahh for now, except that
what we're about to show you.
Is based of findings that are
preliminary, at best...
The findings, are not, I repeat NO definitive.
Data just analysed by the Space Centres
computer suggest that the Asteroid....
6645 Ventori, was approaching the Earth on
a precise trajectory, for impact
at 90 degrees North Latitude when it
broke up over the Polar Ice Cap.
The three debris segments that split apart
Landed at the following impact points.
Ah ... 0 degrees longitude, France. The
other two sites, were at 105 degrees west.
In Wyoming, and the same at longitude
East in Mongolia.
At Here and here.
All three sites were located at 45 degrees
North latitude.
That is all we have, , at this point.
You're saying it broke up over the North
pole and came down in a perfect pattern.
That is correct.
We've made no conclusions at this point.
But what are the chances, that a random
Asteroid would hit and break up and fall.
With such precision
what about The fact that Doctor
Avram Mandel is being flow here.
In an Air Force Fighter Jet....
What about it ???
Well you couldn't have got him down here
any faster if you shot him from a cannon.
Well What?s your point???
Well according to his Bio, he is a
founding member of S.E.T.I.
Does that mean that Extra Terrestrials are
Like I said at the beginning, There are NO
There you have it, Sandy!! in fact during Watergate
they would have called that A non denial tonight.
This isn't like NASA ever since the
Challenger disaster.
They've been one of the most open agencies
in the government.
That's right Sandy...But as soon as I
mentioned S.E.T.I.
Well Paul just shut right down.
Yes but!!, just last year their funding
was cut.
Most of the scientists here are members of
And As you know Sandy S.E.T.I is an acronym it
stands for Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.
And these are scientists, who are dedicate
to the belief that.
There is life on other Planets.
Our continuing coverage "Asteroid fire
from the sky", , will resume after this.
World News continues its coverage, with
doctor Carolyn Jaffee, and Sander Vanocur.
For those of you just joining us, we're tracking
the story of a large, near Earth Asteroid.
That broke up over the North Pole tonight, and
collided with the Earth at three sites in.
The United States, Europe, and Asia.
We'll have more on the damage in a moment.
But first news on two of the survivors.
Correspondent Paul Whitaker begins with
this live report, from Lourdes.
In southern France
Sandy !! rescuers are bringing skier Jean
Paul Chounard down to the mountain.
Where he's been stranded since the
Asteroid hit, earlier this evening.
We've been getting reports,
that his condition is critical
He's semi comatose, and suffering from
Frost Bite, and third degree burns.
Getting him down of this mountain, has
been an incredible task.
As you can well imagine.
And his wife Sylvia, is thoroughly
relieved, that he's been found alive.
She's going to accompany him, to the burn
center in Nice.
We'll follow this story, and will get
back to you as soon as we know more.
This is Paul Whitaker AP World News,
reporting from Lourdes.
We switch now to Mercy Medical Center
in Casper ... Wyoming where.
Correspondent Bree Walker is standing by
Sandy...A woman called here to the
hot..line, just moments ago
and said, the little girl is her DAUGHTER.
She gave few other details, but did issue a statement,
confirming the identity of the little girl.
As 8 years old Kimberly Hastings of
Cordales in Mexico.
Apparently she had been missing since last
No one knows yet how she got this far North.
Corales is almost 400 miles,
from where the Asteroid hit.
Doctors say she is still in a critical
condition tonight.
Yet she is one lucky, little girl.
With the mystery over little Kimberly's
identity cleared up.
We shift now to a larger question.
How is it ??? that an Asteroid can break
up and fall to Earth.
With an almost Geometric precision.
My Colleague, Science editor, Doctor
Carolyn Jaffee.
Has found one Astronomer who believes he
has the answer.
We were looking at the Sea of Tranquillity,
and that? S a stretch of craters.
Created over the Centuries, when Asteroids
pock... marked the Lunar surface.
This shot of the Moon, was taken through a
158 inch, reflector telescope.
And operating it is Doctor Robert Pearlman.
A Caltec PH.D.. and Astronomer, who has personally
identified, a half dozen, major Comets.
Doctor Pearlman !!
What's ?? the significance of tonight? S
Well you see, in the Astronomical term,
coming so close to Shoemaker Levy Nine.
Is really unique in recorded history.
We understand, that you actually have
photograph, of 6645 Ventori.
Taken just before it broke up.
This was taken, at an elevation, 12,500
miles, above the pole.
Now four months later, when we attempted to
take another plate.
The Asteroid is ???
Doctor Pearlman...Sander Vanocur.
Hi Mr Vanocur
I understand..You're the Co-Chair with
Doctor Avram Mandel of S.E.T.I.
The search for extra terrestrial
I am !!!
Well Doctor..What do you make of the
announcement by NASA.
That the Asteroid fragments struck, in
precise order.
Well it just confirms what we've been
saying for years
I mean with 200 billion star systems, in
the Milky way Galaxy alone.
The existence of intelligent life beyond
Earth is undeniable.
Right!!..But why??...jump to that conclusion in this case,
just because the Asteroid fragments hit at the same latitude.
Ha ha ha, but that? S a very very good
question, let me see this.
Yes, yes !!...Can you see this.
Yes !! We can.
Alright...Er-mm.. 6645 Ventori, Approached
the Earth.
On a dead center trajectory, for the North
The angles of the three impact sites
A.B.and C are Exactly 45 degrees.
So...The odds against that happening in
nature are something like ohh.......
10 to the 58th power.
Soooo...What are you saying ??
I'm saying that what we've seen tonight is
Could it happen at random ??
Not a chance.
Ohh thank you doctor.
That was Astronomer Robert Pearlman, executive director
of the American observatory In Chips peak Arizona.
We need to point out for our viewers, the
danger of speculation.
At this point.
Because, of the breaking events tonight,
we're bringing new information that's live.
And unedited.
That's right Sandy..And viewers should keep
that in mind, as they watch this next report
Barry Steinbrenner at
KTML in Casper Wyoming.
A 39 year old Crop-Duster Pilot identified as Thomas
Aspell, was questioned by local Law enforcement.
And Air Force officials, and later
released, after reporting a UFO.
The alleged incident occurred as he was
landing his plane some 40 miles.
West of crash site Alpha, near Benson
Why were you in there so long????
Since Casper refuses to talk, We've
taped this interview with Sheriff's deputy.
Anson Peters.
The first official to speak with Aspell.
He told me, that he was just coming down
at around ahh 6:45 after dusting, that day.
Anyway Askell was shaken..I mean the man
was terrified.
He said he was just coming in when, this
Appeared on his right inside, and it followed
him a few hundred feet, as he landed.
And then it, streaked across his windshield,
then took off straight up like a shot.
At this point the, the pilot Askell is in
We checked with the FAA to see if there
was anything unusual on Radar.
And they have no comment.
This is Barry Steinbrenner KTML action news
Well we've just learned that mr Askel, has
sold his story to the National Enquirer.
Though he denies it, the full purchase price
is believed to be upwards of 100,000 Dollars.
Well !! Was there really something up
there tonight???
We took our camera's outside, just moments
ago, to get reaction.
Do I believe in UFOs
I don't know
I like the aliens...I like the theory
I have no doubt, there is a UFO
I definitely, definitely don't think its
But That to me is just arrogance to
think that everything can be explained.
With scientific data and information,
I mean, for years we've always assumed.
That there's no life on other Planets, but
why wouldn't it be there
I'm not surprised
I don't know..I don't think so
I really don't
I don't believe in aliens.
Do you know the White House has been
noticeably silent, in all this.
Because in the time of the country at
the G7 economic summit.
For him that may be a blessing.
But !! there's a least one segment of the administration
willing to comment on the alleged UFO incident.
We go now to National security correspondent
Mark Manetti at the Pentagon.
Here with me tonight is the deputy under
secretary of defence for advanced technologies.
Doctor...Norbert Hazelton.
So Doctor..With NASA's announcement, of
how the Asteroid fragments came in
I suppose that talk of UFOs was inevitable.
Absolutely!....They all come out of the
woodwork, at times like this.
Granted the reporting s
have to be confirmed.
But what about the findings of Doctor Robert Pearlman.
Would you respect the scientist.
There's an irresponsible segment of the
scientific community.
That seems bent, on proving the existence
of little green men.
And that's fine.. The problem is that the US has
been trying to establish contact for decades.
To no avail
7 separate unmanned probes have been
launched towards the edge of the Galaxy.
Beaming messages from Earth.
There have been more than a thousand US
space shots alone.
Since the 1960's..Another 24 hundred by
the Russians
12 men landed on the Moon.
And returned, without sightings.
We wanted to find them, there was nothing.
What about the Geometric patterns of the
How can something so precise, simply be
attributed as a natural phenomena
well I've got just one answer for you.
Hundreds of trillions of them fall to
earth every year.
Each with an intricate geometric pattern,
and no two alike.
Nature is precise in its randomness, and
that is the fascination of it.
Thank you Doctor.
Back to you
Sandy with these allegations of UFO involvement,
we shouldn't forget the real story here.
That the more than 2,000 near Earth
Asteroids, still uncharted by NASA.
Represent a significant threat to the Earth.
Two years ago during a Football game in
New York.
Fans observed this Meteorite streak
through the sky.
Where it almost destroyed a residential
In 1972 an alert photographer in the
National Park, caught this object
as it streaked across the sky at 33,000
miles an hour.
With an estimated weight of one million
It narrowly missed the camp grounds of
thousands of people.
And in 1989, an Asteroid half a mile wide,
narrowly missed the planet.
The Earth had been directly in line with
that giant rock only six hours earlier.
You're saying that we were only six hours
away from catastrophe.
That's right, ahh in fact after that near
miss, a congressional report concluded.
Quote.. Had the Asteroid struck the Earth,
it would have caused a disaster.
Unprecedented, in human history.
Doctor as you know, Government officials
continue to insist that tonight? S Asteroid hits
were Natural origin, there? S a growing
segment of the population who sense.
Something more.
And joining us now is Terence Freeman,
author of the recent best seller.
Messengers from beyond.
Mr Freeman, You're welcome.
Glad to be here Sir.
Ah Mr Freeman, you've warned that a
proponent of the theory.
That intelligent life, has visited Earth
Ah there's no question, there are ancient cave
drawings showing figures in space helmets...
Ah .The Pyramid's, the enormous figures on
Easter Island.
Even the circle at Stonehenge, were all built at a
time before we had the technical skills to create them
I'm sorry Mr Freeman, But!
You, You seem to be denying all of human achievement.
No!..On the contrary. Men and Women
accomplished these things.
But they were guided by forces on high.
Its humanic, you can trace the bench marks
throughout history.
THEY..Come every few hundred years, and we
are long overdue.
Well there are plenty of responsible
scientists, who would argue that.
These Asteroids are long overdue.
You Know ! There is a dictum that
scientists are taught to follow.
It says that when you are faced with an
Ahh the best ...Explanation is usually the
simplest and most logical one.
In this case Asteroids. Not Aliens
I gotta interrupt you both.
We've just received, a disturbing report
from correspondent Robert Marino
He's now on the ground near impact site
Alpha in Wyoming
Sandy...Two events in the last ten minutes have
put the Asteroid impact in a chilling New light.
First our News chopper and about a half a
dozen aircraft, were forced to land.
When an intense radio signal began to
interfere with our navigational systems.
Then after we hit the grass, we began to
hear that noise in the background.
A pulsating hum coming from the
direction of the meteor crater.
The decibels have increased minute by minute, to
the point where you have to scream to be heard
Bob can you get any closer to the rim of
the crater.
Can you get any closer to the rim of the
you hear sound as we move towards
the crater.
Its eerie, it doesn't sound like anything
I've ever heard before.
And it..it ...pow.
In fact....it's painful.
In fact...its Happening.
Its like...
The AP..ls reporting that State police
units as far away as Casper Wyoming.
Have been picking up that same loud
hum, on their Radio's.
And there's this statement just in from
NASA's Jet propulsion Laboratory.
Quote....A persistent audio signal of unknown origin,
on the edge of the FM band is being emitted.
From the crater.....Un quote.
In other words, that apparently benign piece
of space rock is charged electronically.
And sending out some sort of signal
Matt Jensen has more from Houston.
Officials here at the Jensen Space Center, have confirmed
that similar radio signals have now been detected.
Emanating from the Bravo and
Charlie impact sites.
In southern France and in
the Gobi Desert of Mongolia.
There's no official word from NASA.. But..
sources here say that the signals could be natural in origin.
From the result of ..What is being described as ..Q
quote...The pulsating charged lon field.
Which developed during the parent Asteroid?
S flight through the atmosphere.
We repeat at this juncture, the word is
that the signal's are of Natural origin.
Back to you.
There's some activity at the FAA air
traffic system command in Washington DC.
We go there now with correspondent Mike
Caroline..I'm standing in the aviation command center.
Where authorities have now confirmed.
That signals emanating from the Asteroid
site have begun to disrupt.
Commercial air traffic.
With me now is Facility manager David Case, David!
Are you able to shed any light on this situation.
For us...Air traffic is being disrupted across the
country, but as you can see, on the screen behind me.
Ahh the problem is most acute at O Hare in Chicago, Wayne
county Airport in Detroit, and the three New York city.
New York, JFK, and La Guardia.
Mr Case...This is Caroline Jaffee
45 degrees north is the very same parallel,
where the Asteroid fragments struck.
Yes Mam.
Do You want any comment on that.
No!..I'm afraid I have nothing to say about
that, at this time.
If you'll excuse me, I have to get back to
This is Mike Curtis reporting live,
back to you Caroline.
Thanks Mike.
In a moment we hope to have more on those
mysterious radio signals.
We stress again, we don't yet know the
full significance, of all this...
But one thing is clear.
An event that began some 95 minutes ago,
with huge human casualties.
Has now grown into an International air
crisis, affecting thousands.
Our continuing coverage...
Asteroid Fire From the sky.
Will return in a moment.
Now once again with Doctor Caroline Jaffee
and Sander Vanocur.
For those of you just joining us now.
We are following, an ever widening crisis, touched
off by the impact tonight of a massive Meteor.
That broke up, and fell to Earth.
Radio signals from the three impact sites.
Are affecting Air traffic World-Wide, and FAA
officials are recommending people fly tonight.
Only if its absolutely necessary.
We go now to one of the cities hardest hit.
Correspondent Ernie Anastos is in New York.
They come here to Times Square, as they
always do, when the World is in trouble.
The Cuban Missile crisis, The Kennedy
assassination, the war in the gulf...
All recorded up on that sign. When you
want to take a pulse feel of the Planet.
Few places can give you a reading like New
Ever since the Meteor shower started,
several hours ago.
Things we take for granted have been
Officials at New York Airport are
reporting, delays of up to 3 hours.
The situation is worse at La Guardia, and the two
runways at JFK, have been completely shut down.
All New York Valley Air traffic was
diverted to boston, and Hartford.
As interference form the three impact
sites continues to scramble Radar.
The only planes moving at La Guardia, were
outgoing flights.
The resulting gridlock at airports, has
produced massive traffic jams.
This is the Holland tunnel tonight, and as
you can see, traffic backed up.
With thousands leaving the city
by car.
Others abandoned their vehicles and rushed
into the tunnel.
Trying to get out of the city on foot.
New York city 911 emergency center is overloaded now,
and running on backup generators at this hour.
The Police and fire departments have called
in all off duty personnel, during the crisis.
And finally, hundreds of people of all
denominations, jammed St Patricks Tonight.
For a prayer vigil conducted by
Terence O Connel.
So Sandy...Here we are at the foot of the tower,
where the ball drops every new Years eve.
And if we had still been here last December
Looking ahead to 1994
I assure that no one would
have predicted this
Ernie Anastos..Evening World News
New York.
As money markets open now in Asia, there are
reports that trading has been suspended.
On the Hong Kong and Tokyo markets.
Scattered power outages have been reported
,throughout europe and Asia.
But for the most part, people are staying
Just watching and waiting to see if the
unthinkable is possible.
Could intelligent life exist elsewhere,
out side our solar system.
And if so, do they have the capability of
visiting Earth.
Sandy, , you know America is a country that
thrives on conspiracy...
The very word cover-up, is part of our
national lexicon
and For close to five decades now.
Ten's of thousands of Americans, have been
convinced of two things.
That there is something out there and the
Government doesn't want us to know.
The UFO era began in 1947 when a Sheep
Rancher in Roswell..l New Mexico....
Found fragments of what he said was a
flying disc.
Later..The Air Force called it a weather balloon, but
a secret government report made public years later.
Describe the recovery of four tiny bodies,
from the Roswell crash site...
And ever since then, there have been
hundreds of reported sightings.....
However the Air Force shut down project
Blue Book concluding.....
Quote....No evidence has been found, that any of the UFO
reports reflected a threat to our National security.
Well...There? S science fact..And there? S
science fiction.
To help separate the two we go, we go now to a
man who has spent years studying the threat.
From these massive Meteors
Arthur C Clarke..The noted author of 2001
and dozens of other books.
Was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace
He joins us now live from his home in
Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Doctor Clarke...Thanks for being with
us..My pleasure.
Doctor Clarke ..as far back as 1973..In your book
Rendezvous with Rama, , you wrote about the threat..
From near Earth Asteroids..I
isn't that right??
That's correct.
There are those who believe, tonight?
S impacts have some connection to extra terrestrials.
What's you view.....Well I believe there's
plenty of intelligent life out there in space.
That troubles the Earth.....Very unlikely
despite the claim by the UFO
Why? Is that...
We've been sending out Radio.Radar.
Signals for 50 years
a volume of space 100 light years
And we haven't had any reply.
UFO advocates would take it..You have had a
reply, but the government just isn't telling.
Nonsense..I'd give any social date.
About 24 hours from ???
And apart from being broadcast transmissions,
NASA has made attempts to send messages
to any possible civilizations in space.
Using the Voyager Space Probe
I understand you have a copy there of the
disk, they sent out on Voyager two.
Yes a record like this..carrying
.Pictures and messages.
From the peoples of Earth, and from
the United Nations ....
Well if they're out there and we sent them
a beacon.. So to speak.
Why wouldn't they answer???
I'm afraid its a function of time and
The distance between advanced civilizations
may be thousands of light years.
So even if they were travelling at the speed of light
it might take them several millennia to get there.
But just for the sake of argument,
say it was possible.
All right.. but then the question is,
why bother to come here....
For the Earth to be chosen, we must
assume, we are special....
But looking at the primitive state of our
I think that? S very conceited.
So what are you saying ???
Well.. There? S a much bigger issue at stake.
We need to protect ourselves against rogue Asteroids.
Which are very real.
And pose a much bigger threat, to Earth.
Thank you...Doctor Clarke.
That was Scientist and author, Arthur C
Speaking to us from Sri Lanka.
We go to lourdes France where
correspondent Paul Whitaker.
Has an update on the condition.
Of Jean Paul Chounard..The French Skier
who survived the second impact
I'm here at Toulon Airport near Lourdes
France, where just moments ago...
Doctors, Airlifted Jean Paul Chounard to
the burn center in Nice.
We spoke to Chounards wife Sylvie, just
moments before they departed.
What is your husbands condition Please.
Err, um he ah, he was trying to tell me
I don't know maybe, how he survived
I just don't know.
But ...Jean Paul is strong and he
will not give up.
In the meantime, Air France has suspended
all flights in and out of Rome.
Where these bizarre radio signals threaten to
paralyse one of Europe? S busiest Airports.
This is Paul Whitaker Evening World
News ?? Airport Near Lourdes, France
Wyoming Police, have widened the area of
evacuation, to 200 miles around impact site Alpha.
We're about to go live, to correspondent
Robert Moreno.....Near...
Well I'm sorry we're not going there ...W
we?re not, We've just received word.
Of an unscheduled briefing at the White House,
correspondent Mike Curtis is standing by
Mike !!!
Sandy..A formal briefing had been scheduled for 11
pm tonight, to coincide with local news broadcast.
But moments ago the White House press corp... was summoned here,
for what has been described as a high priority briefing.
Press secretary Barbara Schiller, ,er.that
must be her now.
Uhhm..Earlier tonight following the impact
of three Meteor fragments.
President Clinton directed NASA to begin a round the clock
monitoring, of all near Earth Asteroids, ,, ,, , ,,
with a potential of penetrating the
At approximately 9:17 pm.
The Air Forces, Geo Tracking Station, at Sacola New
Mexico, Hawaii, and diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.
Ah, detected the presence of what, appears
to be a second Asteroid......
At 65mtrs, ,, 200 feet in length, it is on a trajectory,
almost identical to the path of 6645 ....Ventori.
The Radio telescope at Arecebo
Puerto Rico, locked on, and they confirm.
That the object is heading towards the Earth,
at an airspeed of 33.000 miles per hour.
The expected impact, in the area of the
polar ice cap is 5 minutes from now.
At 9:52 pm Eastern time, the President and
joint Chiefs of Staff ordered units of the
388 Fighter Wing.
From Hill Air Force base Utah to full alert, ,A pair of
F16 Fighters from the 18th space surveillance squadron.
Were ordered into the air, under defence
condition, two standards.
The planes are armed with Hawk optically Guided Missiles,
capable of destroying the Asteroid before impact.
Ahh...These missiles are tipped with 2
kiloton, low yield Nuclear warheads.
The f16's are expected to be in target range, at
approximately 10:16..Which is 4 minutes from now.
Barbara..How can the President possibly
justify the use of Nuclear Weapons.
Ahhh...Well a panel from the National
Academy of Sciences, met Tonight.
And.. Their conclusion was, that if
the Asteroid penetrated the Ice Cap.
Then the consequences for the Earth?s ecological
balance, could be absolute catastrophic.
What about the radio signals, jamming air
traffic, how will that affect the F16's launch.
Ahh it is our understanding, the traffic is
only affected, along the 45th Parallel yet.
Does the President consult congress.
Ahh... the President did speak with
leaders of both houses, earlier.
And what ?..About other World leaders
Russian President Boris Yeltsin, and Chinese
Premier Deng Xiaoping, have been informed.
Both leaders have expressed their concern, as
has, the chairman of the UN Security Council
let me just tell you, one other thing, and that
is, the military hardware, that is to be used.
Is identical to that which was deployed so
successfully, in the Gulf War....... That? S all.
There's word just in, that the E vac will be
monitored live at the Johnson Space Center.
They're deciding whether or not, to give
the media, access to the feed.........
But NASA, which has been quite quiet
throughout much of this crisis.
Now...Seems to be opening up..
Matt Jensen's live in Houston.
Why ? The sudden turn around?
Sandy ... no one here wants to openly break
ranks with the White House or the Pentagon.
But there are a number of Scientists, who are
unsure, about the use of Nuclear Weapons....
Among them...Doctor Kurt Walden. Who I
spoke with earlier.
Doctor ..What is your concern ??
Its this...With an incoming projectile
moving at 50 times, the speed of sound.
A close quarters air engagement, will be
quite ineffective.
No Sir. The prospect of a Nuclear burst over the Ice Cap,
may produce consequences, even more dire for the Earth ...
For the Earth?s ecology
I'll be monitoring US strategic command,
off an Ai Force base,... Omaha, Nebraska.
We will be listening to the voice of Air force
Ones, control officer, Major Scotty Powell.......
-You will.-be allowed to stay..
That was Dale Powell. The director of
community relations here for NASA...
He's has just told the press, that we will be
allowed to stay here. In the operation center.
Where they will be monitoring the F16's.
So... We'll be back, when the missiles are
ready to be launched......
Doctor there? S late word from New York.
Where the United Nations Security Council
has gone in a special session.
Correspondent Ernie Anastos, is outside UN
Excuse me !!
Could you tell me why ? You're here tonight.
So that the World Leaders know that if we are being visited..t
he Asteroids represent some kind of contact......
- And the World should respond in peace.
Ambassador... what action will the council
In the event of the unthinkable, and these
are indeed extra terrestrials.
We'll try formulate an agenda, for the
sake of it.
Personally... I don't care if its Asteroids
or Aliens.
The most important thing is the keep our
family? S safe, keep our homes safe...
If they come to Brooklyn, we'll know what
to do ...
I come down here with my boys, from st kotch,
figure maybe we could find us, some Aliens.
Smash some heads... Why so hostile..
You Kiddin... I got a brother flies for the airlines.
These things are messing with aircraft... we
got to stop them.
The two fighters that took of from Hill
Air force base, in Utah.
Will be designated interceptor One, and
interceptor two.
We go back now to mission control, at the
johnson Space center
Sandy... We're at T-minus 52 seconds, and
counting here.
You'll be seeing three, pictures up on that
active Matrix display...
On the furthest screen, is a feed from the
tracking station at Sacora, New Mexico.......
Showing the incoming Asteroid... The middle
screen will be a graphic showing the two F16's.
And the Asteroid, in relation to the North
And the image on the far left is from a camera
mounted in the cockpit of interceptor one.
T minus 30 seconds.
That's Major Scotty Powers, the...
Air Force launch control officer.
Confirm... -Lock on guidance.
Prepare to fire
Come on home boys.
What the hells that ???
6-5 ..We're losing video on
india one .....
It seems like we have a direct hit on
the Asteroid.
There's some concern here, that we've lost
the image of the cockpit.
People are watching here
India one... India two.
Shut down.
At 10:16 pm, some 4 seconds before the Asteroid was
destroyed, the transponder signals from the the two F16'S.
Went off the Radar screens, at the same time as sounds we've
been hearing from the craters, were heard at extra speed
transmissions... the two fliers......
Both of Hill Air Force Base, are missing
and presumed dead.
The Nuclear Submarine USS Houston,
which surfaced at the Polar Ice Cap.
Has reported seeing debris, consistent
with the afterburner of an F16.
Search teams are racing to the scene from
Gander in Newfoundland.
Now to the Pentagon where the Air Force is about
to conduct a briefing on what they're calling.
Defensive engagement with the Meteor
deputy under secretary of defence Norbert
Hazelton and General Lucian Alexander.
US Air Force GM staff.
Let me say at the outset that
we are deeply grieved.......
Over the loss of two outstanding Air Force
But they gave their lives so that we
can stand here tonight and report.
On their perfect mission profile.
I want to stress, that the Warheads loads
were extremely low yield ..
Any trace radiation should be spread in the
atmosphere within a matter of days.
The Radio signals from wyoming, ,France, ,
and Mongolia, ,have ceased.
There's every reason to believe that what the people of
the Earth experienced was a natural phenomenon.........
General Alexander...GENERAL ALEXANDER.
How ..How can you attribute this to natural phenomenon,
when we all saw the glow inside the cockpit......
Just a lens flare...With air speeds like
that and the light conditions, over the Pole.
The cockpit awry.
What about the trajectory.
Hey come on 6645 Ventori and the same
Asteroid, the latest one.
They were all on an identical path.
Not surprising, its not surprising.
Its quite possible they were both part of
the same source Asteroid.
Look the pieces simply split in deep
space, and came in on line.
Tell you one thing Ladies and Gentlemen.
IF there was ever an argument for jump starting
the anti missile defence shield, , this is it.
We were lucky tonight.
Good shooting, great hardware.
The Next time it might be a different story.
Next time.
That Anti Missile Shield, the general was
talking about of course is the Star Wars.......
System ...The favourite of President Reagan's.
Put on the shelf when President Clinton came into power
Sandy... The Air Force F16 jet carrying Avram
Mandel, has touched down in Houston
He's about to arrive in the Johnson Space
Center, in Houston.
And Matt Jensen's there live
Caroline, Any minute now that door behind me will open and
the man, who has become something of an enigma, in all this.
Will arrive, and speak, with us.
The action of the Pentagon is frankly
There is a force behind these Asteroids
that is clearly intelligent
fact that they chose to land first in unpopulated areas.
demonstrates clearly that they meant us no harm.
The Radio signal was acting merely as a sort of
transponder, they have steered the second vehicle in.
The entire notion, of a flying saucer is
a fiction...its a fiction............
It took the form that they wanted to take, they
came in the way that they chose to come......
In peace of course !!!!...
What I'm saying is that we have made a pre
emptive strike...people.
We have just declared war.
Its clear that Doctor mandel, is quite
And as soon as we have details of his
meeting here.
We'll be back.
This is Matt Jensen Evening World News at
the Johnson Space Center.
An Evening World News Telephone Poll, suggests
that more than two third of the public.
Now believes that the Asteroids are
connected, to alien life form.
It has been a night filled with charges
and counter charges.
But we would be remiss as journalists if
we didn't separate fact from allegation.
To the best of anyone's knowledge, at this
The giant Meteors that came to Earth
tonight were of natural origin.
All right hmm... -With the radio signals now
silent Robert Moreno is live from Faith.
A Wyoming town less than 50 miles from the
impact site Alpha
I'm here in Faith an old religious community
dating back to the mid 19th century.
The town is well outside the evacuation zone,
there are no reported casualties or incidents.
After the nearby impact
Then ---after the meteor explosion at the
North Pole
Wyoming Edison detected an unusual power
surge, here
They sent a repair crew out to inspect,
when they got here, this ,,
is what they found
Sandy --- the streets are deserted,
everybody has vanished
Men Women Children, cats and Dogs. Cars
are left in the middle of the streets.
And except for the National Guardsmen ,
there isn't a soul here ---
The town is completely empty ---
Frozen in time ---
The side walks are streaming with Trick or
treat bags, as if the Children simply
dropped them as they left ------
I don't know what else to say ---
Its eerie
International guards Sergeant...Leroy
Diggs, told us he was a forward re-con
in Desert Storm
That he never saw anything like this ----
Its like they got swallowed up
We did a full house to house, checked for
radiation, Toxic emissions, we got
Nothing ----
I'm telling ya there's no way to explain
The rescuer workers are even using
motion detectors, set to pick up
the smallest movement
But there's nothing
In a town where 3,000 people lived, work,
and go to School....Everyone is
simply gone
As soon as we have any word on what
happened here...We'll be back
But for now...This is a ghost town
This is Robert Moreno...
Faith , Wyoming
A rather sad note from france, Paul
Whitaker reports from outside the
Colombiere burn center in Nice,
where its now morning...
It's 6:43 am Greenwich time here --
Sandy --And Doctors have just sent
That Jean Paul Chounard the french skier
they took off the mountain has died
He regained consciousness briefly
before succumbing to injuries
sustained, when the Asteroid hit
And Doctors ere able to get a recording
of his last words here
Hearing that it would be exploited by the
Tabloid press his widow Sylvie has requested
that it be released on the networks
Jean Paul
Evening World news continuing coverage
will resume in a moment -------
Continuing our coverage on the aftermath
of three enormous Meteors fragments
that struck the Earth tonight
We go first to correspondent Mike Curtis
at the FAA's air traffic system command
in Washington DC
Radio signals from the three impact sites
may have stopped, -----
but Aviation authorities, report ticket
counters jammed, at Airports Nationwide
This is Baltimore Washington International
Most Airlines report delays of up up three
As dozens of flights are being diverted
Sandy --- This is a Continental lite
market - and fortunately,,the people
at this end of the terminal
Are able to get out, because these flights
are still taking off ----
Authorities say it may be morning before
traffic returns no normal
This is Mike Curtis at the Aviation
command center,,Washington DC
Meanwhile correspondent Ron Olney, has
news on the final words of Jean Paul Chounard
He's outside Nasa's Goldstone facility in
the Mojave Desert
Caroline in this breaking story, that seem
to take a different turn every minute
We've just learned that the last words of
Jean Paul Chounard
Are being analysed here, by Nasa's
They're checking for any similarities
between Chounards incomprehensible
speech pattern
And that of 8 year old Kimberly Hastings
who of course was found more than 6.000
miles away
We'll have more on this when we get it ---
Now back to you
We have an update now on little Kimberly
Hastings, the 8 year old girl found
wandering near impact site alpha
Bree Walker is at Mercy Medical centre,
in Casper Wyoming -----Bree
Finally some good news to report, as
little Kimberly's condition is upgraded
from critical to stable
Doctors are still not able to get through
to her verbally, but there's no way to
know, what if anything she remembers
When the Asteroid crashed
As to how she got to the impact site. When
Donna Hastings, her mother arrived
at the hospital, just moments ago
She was mobbed by the Media, wanting to
know news
How did Kimberly get to Wyoming
They took her from me
We're going to Canada
Sandy ---Doctor Robert Pearlman, the
Astronomer we interviewed earlier, has
done a computer analysis of the first
Three impact sites, he's joining us
now live from his Lab from the American
observatory Kitt Peak, Arizona.--
Doctor Pearlman can you hear me.
Yes Mam ??
This is a 3D Model of 6645 Veturi,
as it came to earth
The break up occurred some 65 hundred
miles above 90 degrees north latitude,
Which is the true North Pole
You can see the three fragments falling to
their impact sites
Designated Alpha, Bravo, Charlie
As I connect the trajectories , you will
see what looks like a Diamond shaped
With its apex above the Pole
The angles on impact are exactly 45 degrees
Forgive me Doctor Pearlman, but that
looks remarkably
like the line drawing you showed us earlier
Whats on you, about this model
Well it will become relevant, when I show
you this !!! ---
Now this is an exact reproduction, of a
pixellated message, that was sent out
in 1973, on Pioneer 11
Here you will see symbols for MAN, The
Solar System, the DNA Double Helix
Which is the basic molecule of life
And a figure representing the Pioneer
Spacecraft itself
You will note the upside down pyramid
Now watch
Its unmistakeable
The Asteroid fragments represented
a symbol
They were using the descent vector to
send us a message
Thats an intriguing theory Doctor
Pearlman, but i'm sure you'll agree,
its subject to debate
Of Course
We've invited Doctor Norbert Hazelton to
join us, He's Deputy under secretary for
defence, and if you don't mind
He has some questions
Not at all
Fire away Doctor Hazelton
Doctor Pearlman
If I understand you correctly
You're saying Aliens visited Earth tonight
No, no, I said it was possible
Come come.. You brought in Pioneer, you've
matched a couple of triangles,
what are you saying ??
Well if you put it like that,
quite frank it sounds improbable
But consider what happened tonight
The pattern of the impact sites, the radio
signals, survivors speaking-in in tongues,
an entire town missing .....
Forgive me Doctor, this isn't some trekkie
convention..There are millions of people
in the World right now -----
Panicking needlessly
Yes and I would like to know how much that
has to do with the hair trigger response of
the Pentagon
If you can show me aliens in those
triangles , I'll give you the second
gunman on the grassy Knoll
Listen you know as well as I do, the
scientific community is divided on this,
But you people
You people see this as an opportunity to
hot-wire Star Wars, and it shouldn't come
down to that...
There's is much more at stake here
You're damn right there is
Gentlemen I'm sorry but we've run out of
You've just heard from Astronomer Robert
Pearlman, and deputy under secretary of
defence, Norbert Hazelton
And Now to recap. The Earth was rocked
tonight by three separate fragments from
an enormous meteor
That landed in the United States, Europe,
and Asia
A second Meteor on a direct path with the
first one was shot down by US planes
Using Nuclear Weapons, over the North Pole
The two Pilots, in that mission perished
After radio signals from the three
meteor fragments began jamming,
Air traffic World wide
There's some speculating that the Asteroids
may have a connection to Extra Terrestrials
That issue has fractured the scientific
While the sole survivor of the Asteroid
impact in Wyoming, and 8 year old girl
remains Hospitalised
Unable to speak
President Clinton in new jetting back to
Washington aboard Air Force One
He's scheduled an address to the nation,
when he lands at Andrews air base
At 11;16 pm Eastern time
Excuse me Sandy, but Doctor Avram Mandel,
the second scientist rushed to the Johnson
Space Centre, has just emerged from
The meeting with NASA officials
He's talking with reporters right now, and
we pick up his comments, in progress
NO no no, i'm way past that, well why do
this here
Because, I'm no longer speaking as a stat
scientist at NASA
Affective at 9:32 pm central time, I
resigned my position
as a concerned Astronomer, and most
importantly, as a human being
I can no longer associate myself with the
governments handling of this ongoing
We were given a gift tonight People!!
We had a visitation --- They came in peace
and we answered them with 2,000 tons of
TNT at he end of a Nuclear Warhead
What if this had been Jesus, or Buddha, or
Or a prophet of old
I mean, haven't we learned anything from
We all know that we have the most violent
planet in the Galaxy
In gods name why did we have to take it to
that ??
Doctor you're upset
Couldn't we do this in the right way
No I want to do this in the right way, that's
why I flew out here
I tried to plead with these people, and it
didn't do any good
Doctor Mandel. You mentioned before that
this is an ongoing crisis, what did you
mean by that
You don't know
No !!!
You mean they haven't told you anything
Look the Doctors clearly disturbed
Avvy,, don't you do this.. THIS IS NO RESPONSIBLE
I'm being responsible to myself now
I'm so sorry
I'm so so sorry
At approximately 10:32 pm Eastern time
The Radio Telescope at umm
At Goldstone Mojave, received a signal
The Air Force tracking stations,
locked on as well --
There are three Asteroids of a magnitude
of two miles each and above that are on
a trajectory
With Earth
They are headed directly towards three of
the Earth's most populace cities, Beijing in
The Peoples Republic of China
Moscow, as well as Washington DC
Are those Cities ???
I don't know, I can only guess and
that is they are the Capitols of the
only three nations on this Planet, who
have a first strike Nuclear threat
The Asteroids are expected to hit
sometime, around 10:52 pm
Eastern time
And That's nine minutes from now
We declared War against them
We did it
And now they've just decided
to respond
So may god have mercy on us all
Our coverage of this continuing crisis
will resume after this
From now on we'll stay on the air
continuously, until this crisis is over
As we count down now to the moment
of impact ---
The Mayors of the nations ten largest
Cities, have all imposed curfews
Looting is widespread, amid fears of
food shortages, as the crisis deepens
Meanwhile the Radio signals, at all three
impact sites, have resumed
This time they're affecting not only
commercial air traffic
But Radio and TV signals across the globe
In many countries telephone service is
The reaction in this country has been panic
Mostly everythings gonna be OK, but I just
don't know what I'm gonna do when
it happens
Well! as of right now I'm not worried.
I haven't seen them, they haven't
really come after me but
If they star coming after me I'm gonna be
I gotta get outa here
My familys waiting for ---
I'm not a religious person --- I haven't
been to Mass in years
But I came tonight
Sandy there are reports of panic World
wide, as fears begin tonight, as you
can see here the
The french police are having no success in
trying to calm the people who are rioting
Crowds in Washington, and other Cities
around the World
The fear has been disrupting candle light
vigils, and other peaceful gatherings
No one seems to know what to do, or where
to go
No place is safe, as we hear out the
magnitude of this crisis
People take to the streets in different
ways,, but one thing is clear
Racial, and National boundary's are
As the World reacts to a greater danger
The Best advice anyone can give,
at this point, is to get inside a
Move to the basement and stay there ..
In the event broadcast stations lose power,
tune to the emergency broadcast network
At AM 640...At FM 102.4
We begin with a series of reports from
Evening World News Correspondents
This is Paul Collingwood in Moscow
Its 6:40 in the morning here and Red
Square is completely deserted
Even during the darkest days of the Cold
War when the US Nuclear Arsenal was
aimed at this city
You never felt such palpable fear
This is not a religious country, but this
morning the Churches, and synagogues
are filled
This is Michael Curtis reporting from
A city normally associated with great power
But tonight all anybody really feels
is powerless
Some people have gone home to be with
their family's
Some are in transit trying to get out of
this city, but ----
A group of people have gathered here
To be together at the feet of a great man,
who once saved this union ...
Perhaps in the hope that he might
somehow, do it again ....
What would you do, if you were told you
only had seven minutes to live ...
Or maybe its a strange attraction we have
for witnessing natural disasters
Tidal waves, great fires, or this ....
Asteroids falling to Earth
Whatever the reason is, all we can really
do is wait, and watch, and pray
This is Denise Wong reporting in Beijing,
where an eerie calm has set in after
hours fierce fighting
Between riot Police and angry student
Now people simply want to be with their
familys, and we can understand why ....
All services are reported shut down
Hospitals are overflowing
And theres word of a massive fire raging
through Shanghai
With no apparatus of fire-fighters to stop
it ....
If this is your last day on Earth you want
to spend it with the people you love
Denise Wong....Evening World News
in Beijing
You know. At a time like this, you cant
help but feel for our correspondents
You know Denise Wong has got
a husband
And two children, up in San Francisco
is imminent to the citys we've just
But if the Asteroids hit Earth,
as feared, the entire Planet
will be impacted
Matt Jensen is standing by as he has been all
night, at the johnson Space Centre
Caroline, as you can see behind me,many of
the scientists here at the operation
centre have gone home
To be with their familys, of the few that
remain. Doctor Kurt Lowden ....
Doctor we've been told that if even one of
these Asteroids impacts as expected
The effect World Wide could be apocalyptic,
could you elaborate ...
Yeah just like the KT event,
65 million years ago
If an Asteroid one mile or larger strikes
on land .....
It'll throw up enough debris to create
what amounts to a Nuclear Winter
If we can see the screens behind us you can
see the three Asteroids as
they proceed on target
They are now some 11,000 miles from Earth,
but closing fast
With 5 minutes, and counting, until the
Asteroids break the Earths atmosphere
Late word from the Pentagon
That there's a plan in place, to meet them
,head on
General Lucian Alexander, is briefing the
Reporters ....
Air Force Space Command, and the US Navy,
are preparing to counter the threat
With Nuclear Weapons
Directed by the most advanced guidance
system ...
Each carrying 10 independently
target-able re-entry vehicles
They'll be launched from the Trident
Submarine USS Ohio in the North Sea
And from Matthew Warren air Force base
in Cheyenne Wyoming
The Soviets and the Chinese, have agreed
not to respond, for fear of an
all out Nuclear exchange
The Peacekeepers and Trident B5 devices,
will hit their target and take them out
With surgical precision, and minimum
collateral damage
Can nuclear missiles be used against UFOs
We still have no definitive proof of
Alien Life-forms
Theres every likelihood that these
Asteroids are the result of a Meteor
shower, of massive proportions
The point is, either we cut and run or we
stand and fight
We're now at defcon 1 ,,T minus 5 minutes,
and counting
You know Caroline, in the midst of a story
like this ..
And you talk about millions of lives being
I cant help but think of one
Kimberly Hastings, in Wyoming
We go now to Bree Walker in Mercy Medical
Centre, in Wyoming .....
With all the hope in this room, just
moments ago
I don't quite know how to say this ...
Shortly after we spoke to you ..
Little Kimberly Hastings collapsed
And went into Cardiac arrest
The crash team rushed in, but they ...
At 8:51 pm
Little Kimberly Hastings,, passed away
And whatever it is she knew about that
Asteroid,, went with her ...
We are now less than 3 minutes from the
first impact in the Peoples Republic
Uhhm ..I'd just want to say something
To all of Linzy ....My little girl
She's six . She had ..She had a tooth out
last week
The Tooth Fairy brought her a Silver Dollar
Honey !!! I want you to know
that Mommy loves you very much
I want you and Daddy --
-You hold each real real tight
You know how much I love you both
I'm just gonna finish up here
and we're all gonna be together
real soon
Caroline you don't have to stay
here ...You Don't
Lets go..Lets just hear it through
Sure ??? ---
We're now less than two minutes, before
the Air Force launches its peacekeeper
We'll be live via Satellites with
correspondent Denise Wong
in Beijing
Paul Collingwood in Moscow
And Mike Curtis here in the Nations capitol
And now for the launch phase, we go to
Matt Jensen at the Johnson Space Centre
Sandy-- the Radio signals, that you hear,
and that is coming through our headsets
Are coming off the feed from impact site
The sound is ear piercing
Its OK Matt, we can hear you now.
The Asteroids have now been designated
X-Ray : Yankee : and Zulu
X.Y.Z -- In a few seconds you'll be able
to see them, moving down towards
At 4-5 thousand miles an hour
The missile exchange will be monitored by
tracking stations in Maui, Sacora,
and in Diego Garcia
all stations Status green alert
That voice you're hearing is the
leader Scotty Powell,
the launch controller
Execute launch command on my mark
Mark --- in ten seconds
His voice is from the US Strategic command
Orford Air force base in Omaha Nebraska launcher closure
over...Missile away
Denise Wong Beijing is Target one
Impact destruction in 40 seconds from now
Uhhmm - the radio interference is too
Do you see anything at all
Ahhm .. You're breaking up Sandy
I'm going to have to take this headset off
But I Think you were asking if I saw
the answer is nothing Yet ????
I can tell you I'm scared
Impact over China at T minus
We've lost the audio, but I assume, thats
a picture of her husband Greg
and her two children
They all live in San Francisco
Denise !!! hold on as long as you can
We've lost contact with Denise Wong in
Matt Jensen can you tell us, the status,
from where you are
Well by the cheering behind me , I'm sure
you can tell we've had total
assimilation on x-ray
But its far from over yet
We believe the first Asteroid, has been
We go now to Paul Collingwood in Moscow
Paul whats it look like, where you are
Nothing so far, This ear piercing signal
in my headset
Sandy for the record...I'm a 4 year
correspondent.... We're all proud
of you Paul, and your column
And tomorrow would have been my 28th
birthday love you Mom
and Dad
-Sandy !!
What happened ??
It should have impacted by now
Paul...It looks like we 've destroyed two
out of three now
Mike Curtis has the lead been destroyed
Well Sandy its really ...It's impossible
to see anything tonight,,its so overcast
All night long... Impact over Washington in
15 seconds -- ohh my
god, now I see it...
Its so bright,,and its coming in fast
Its getting to too close
Why aren't they shooting
at this thing now
How does it feel out there...?
It feels fine...Its like the
day the World went down
Birthday Paul...
Happy birthday Paul
Aww ..Thank you Sandy.Thank you Denise
We're gonna go home
I'd say you've earned it,thanks for a job
well done..Thank you very much
Have a very good day..Have a good day
Reaction from around the World is typical
of this live footage...We're seeing
right now
Well before we sign off
Correspondent Ron Olney has some
information for us, from Goldstone
Sandy the scientists here have deciphered
the speech pattern, of Kimberly Hastings
and Jean Paul Chounard
Heres the feed now
A hundred and forty seven member
Wait a minute
Thats the recorded message we sent up in
Voyager two
Sandy theres a report from Johnson
Space Centre
And Matt Jensen's there ..With a ...
Coming to us live
Caroline as you can see, the elation in
the room behind me, as stopped
People were cheering and celebrating,
Now its as if their balloons burst
Quiet from the end of the room and nobody
seems to be giving any indication why ?
Matt what is it ??? MATT what do you see??
Tell us what you're seeing Matt
Whats the cameraman seeing
I'm told his name is Parfitt
Move the camera to the screen
Show us what, you're seeing on the screen
Track trajectories
Well there's too many, there's too many we
can't do it
Obviously..We'll stay on as long as we can
And we'll keep feeding you the signal
from the Johnson Space centre
As long as possible
With all the Missiles, and all the Power
I can only leave you with this thought
from Shakespeare
The fault give with us,
Not in our stalls, --
But in ourselves
Washington do you read me
Washington this is Houston control, Please
come in
Come in Washington, this is Houston
Control. Washington, come in Wash-------