Without Warning: The James Brady Story (1991) Movie Script

"We got to weed out the greedy
in order to help the needy."
That's the kind of thinking
you're a humdinger at, sir.
"Weed out the greedy."
Right on, Jim.
You had a look at those
things I sent you, Brady?
I got 'em right here, Admiral.
What did Admiral Baxter
give you?
Who the hell knows?
Attention, press pool.
Bus One will stop over at
local campaign headquarters.
Bus Two will proceed
directly to the debate site.
No, you don't tell me.
I tell you what
the president says.
You hope he'll be the president?
Of course he will be!
Brady! James Brady!
Watch out. Admiral Baxter
is the czar of communication.
The admiral is the czar
within the radius of his desk.
The next
press secretary, I hear.
Who told you that?
He can't have said that.
Well now, wait a minute.
I cited a very
imminent scientist
from Texas A&M, I think.
And his research indicated
that even if we eliminated
all man-made pollution,
we'd still have
two-thirds as much
because that's how much
nature produces.
I don't think it's true, sir.
Well, you could
retract the statement.
- No.
- Clarify it.
- Maybe a better explanation.
- No.
Well, what do you think
we should do, Jim?
Just go ahead with the speech
I've written for you.
Give 'em something else
to think about, Jim?
Yes, sir.
Hey, Brady!
Where's the old man
get this stuff, anyway?
What "stuff" would
that be, Homer?
"Trees cause
more pollution than cars."
Well, see for yourself.
Killer trees!
Killer trees.
Killer trees.
Go on, check it out.
Look at that destruction.
Killer trees.
In the months since
Ronald Reagan's
landslide victory,
he's already started
laying the groundwork
for his new administration.
Citing his win
in 44 out of 50 states,
he called upon
the Democratic Congress
to recognize the mandate
he's been given
to chart a new course
for the American people.
Wind's holding pretty steady?
Watch it.
Lunch, Jim!
Come on, Pooh!
Hey, hon.
How 'bout that?
Look, Scott, look!
Hey, Scott! hoo-hoo!
Hey, what, what!
How's my boy? Whaddya think?
You're damn right it's good.
None of the other kites
are up so high.
Elsewhere in the news,
the transition team for
President-elect Reagan
announced another
cabinet member today.
David Stockman will occupy
the top post at the Office
of Management and Budget.
There were no
further announcements,
but more were promised
early next week.
Will you relax?
I am relaxed, Ruth.
Yeah! Right!
I mean, who else
are they gonna get?
Nofziger doesn't want the job.
I know I'm gonna get it.
Thank you!
I don't know, Bear.
I heard Mrs. Reagan wants
a reasonably good-looking
press secretary.
Well, then, there you are.
I was born for this job.
Feet. Scratch my feet.
Scratch your own feet.
Hold on. I got it.
I could have sworn
this was our house.
Brady here!
Mr. Baker.
Yes? Tomorrow.
Good night.
I got it!
Look at him go!
Don't have a heart attack!
I got it!
How do we know you'll have
access to the president?
Anything I say to you,
you may take as coming
straight for the horse's mouth.
Well, you haven't
said anything yet.
You can quote that.
How often do you see him?
Every day.
Everything he says is true.
I'll remind you of that.
With the exception
of what you say to me.
A big brown bear by a coon.
"-A raccoon."
I have dark circles
under my eyes.
And little tiny hands
which grab the grub,
so quickly to your mouth.
Me? Look at that waistline.
Well, what do you
expect from a bear?
I'm a North American brown bear.
Go on a diet.
I'm on one. See-food diet.
Seafood diet?
I see food, and I eat it.
Wanna drop by Portofino?
I hardly got anything
to eat in there.
It's almost midnight.
They'll still be open.
You need it.
You could use a few pounds.
You know what I need?
I know what you need.
: Jim, stop it.
This is the way to live.
We're on everybody's A-list.
Thanks for being such
a shoulder to the wheel.
And for staying home with Scott.
And for giving up
the National Committee
to stay home with Scott.
I'd like to see some revolvers.
Right here.
How much is that one?
That's $27.
But you won't do
much harm with that.
Well, I want one that
could kill a burglar.
A burglar?
Well, then you need
one of these.
Or one of these.
This one's $49.
This one's 42.
Both accurate to within 30 feet.
Fits nicely in the hand?
It's German-made.
It's a Rohm.
- Morning, Fred.
- Morning, Mr. Brady.
- Morning.
- Morning! You going with the president?
The Hilton for the building tradesmen.
AF of I?
Hell, no. You go, Catfish.
Funny, isn't it?
I get in hot water
if I even talk about open shop.
And here, the Russians
can send tanks in
to help Poland
suppress their trade unions.
It's only troop movement
along the border, sir.
I mean, they haven't
sent the tanks in yet.
No, no.
Of course they haven't.
Listen, do you think
you can deal with this
at this morning's briefing?
If I can't, I'll resign, sir.
Highly theoretical methodology
to the supply side of school.
My Eyes Glaze Over.
Can you give us the name of the
new chairman of the Joint Chiefs?
Not decided yet.
Honest. Mr. Daniel?
Here's the list of all the
known candidates for the job
who were at the president's
briefing yesterday.
Why isn't Barnsfield's
name there?
Because he wasn't.
I met Mr. Barnsfield an hour
after the briefing.
He'd just come
from the Oval Office.
Correct. He was invited
in for lunch afterward.
And then what was decided?
No minutes were taken.
He's running the world!
He wasn't when
last seen. Martha.
Can you comment on
the congressional resistance
to the president's proposed
budget cuts and tax plan?
Well, you know,
everybody seems to want
a smaller government
and lower taxes
until it comes time
to cut their program.
The saying on the Hill is,
"Don't cut you, don't cut me,
cut the program
behind the tree."
Cuts have to be made.
We're going to make them.
Very nice.
The shoes. Lord and Taylor?
It's a secret!
You'd better look at this.
What's that?
Get me Catfish!
Change of plan. I will be going
to the Hilton with the president.
Labor's not exactly
the old man's constituency,
and there's gonna be some
tough customers from the press
- in the reception line.
- Okay.
Yeah, one right there,
that's good.
Let me give you a hand
with those, Tom. Thanks.
: Jim!
Raccoon, why don't you
answer when I call?
- 'Cause Scott's asleep.
- Hi, Jim.
Hi, Ruth.
Got you a new pair of shoes.
Why do I need
a new pair of shoes?
You just wait and see.
Sit down, sit down, come here.
Lord and Taylor.
Wait till you see these puppies.
What if I don't like them?
Wear them for me.
Well, we gotta see 'em first.
Look at this.
Hey, not bad!
Come on!
If the shoe fits,
the prince is yours.
Here you go.
Hot diggery!
Gotta wear 'em tonight!
Made a date with Tom Finders
and his wife.
What are you doing home?
Gotta change my shirt. I'm going
to the Hilton with the president.
Hey, how 'bout Dad?
There he is. Hey.
I don't get to see the old
weener beaner much these days.
Hey. Wanna help me
pick out a tie?
- No. I'm tired.
- Come on, come on, come on.
Come on!
Come on, you'll pick out
the perfect one.
Okay, Daddy.
I say you're lucky.
Well, I know that.
I think.
You like my son's taste in ties?
I like a little
more color, brighter.
Yes, I can see that.
All right, people.
Stay there. Stay back.
Excuse me, ma'am.
I need you to step back, please.
- How you doing?
- Really good to see you!
How are you? How are you?
Thank you so much.
It's good to see you.
Bring it up now.
Cycle escorts, let's go.
One more! One more!
Line 'em up there!
Thank you.
God bless. Thank you.
Well done, sir.
I'm glad that's over!
Really got the point
across that time, sir.
Man, that's a tough house.
- Can't get a spot!
- We were here first!
- Hey, move over!
- Excuse me!
Watch it!
Do you see him yet?
Get his gun!
Get going! Get going!
Go! Go! Go!
Where's the gun?
Where's the damn gun?
Here! This man has a head wound!
Hey! Over here!
For Christ's sake,
his brains are coming out!
Go to the George
Washington Hospital.
- So we go to the medical center.
- We don't have time for that. Go to GW!
Look, I can't make that call.
- This guy is losing...
- We don't have time for this shit!
Let's go.
He'll be okay!
He'll be all right!
Dr. Kobrine.
Attending Physician.
Thank you.
What do we got?
We interrupt this program
with a special report.
President Reagan has been shot.
I repeat, the President
of the United States
has been shot
and wounded by an assailant.
Apparently, he had just given a
speech at the Washington Hilton Hotel,
and was leaving the building
when the assassin
made his attack.
Three others are
wounded by the gunfire,
among them, the president's
press secretary, Jim Brady.
I don't know whether
we have an opinion on that.
Well, we can guess.
Guess? I see.
You're here to guess.
The president is
at the hospital now...
It's Daddy!
Daddy's on TV.
He is?
George Washington
University Hospital
along with the president.
We're not able to confirm
this with the hospital,
because their switchboard
is jammed.
I'm afraid that Jim Brady
has been shot to death.
The presidential
press secretary, Jim Brady,
fatally wounded
in today's attack.
Our hearts go out to his family.
Sarah! Is he okay?
Still more reports
coming in now.
- No! He's been killed!
- No!
- Did you get through to the White House?
- No!
And a correction:
Jim Brady is not dead.
Press Secretary Jim Brady
- has not died in today's gunfire.
- Scott, come here.
- We will pass on more news...
- Sarah, go call!
Once again
Jim Brady is not dead.
Arthur Kobrine.
No, no, but he was conscious
when he was brought in.
I want to see him!
There's very little time.
He's not in a condition
in which you should see.
If he might die,
then I have to see him.
Sir, this line must be kept clear.
Yes, Doctor.
Excuse us for a moment, please.
Yes, sir.
Five minutes.
Your husband has been shot
above the left eye.
The bullet fragmented,
went through his brain,
most of it is lodged in
the right hemisphere, here.
And somewhere about here.
So it's in pieces?
- You'll be able to get it out?
- If I can.
It all depends
where they're embedded.
You don't know from these X
No. Not all of them.
Is he gone?
If the operation is a success,
your husband will have
some use of his left leg,
but not much use
of his left arm.
What if it's a failure?
He could die.
Or a vegetable?
I don't know. I... Doctor?
You've gotta save him.
have you got it in for Reagan?
No, no.
No, I'm a Republican.
I think he's doing a pretty
good job so far, don't you?
But you wanted him dead.
I'm sorry, but that's personal.
Yeah, that's strictly personal.
Or that's what
he wants us to think.
Thank you.
Is this your weapon?
Well, it looks like it.
Well, you can take it from
me, it is.
It's been fired.
Six Devastators.
How many of 'em
found their mark?
Well, that's not bad shootin'?
Mrs. Reagan.
Sarah, dear.
Is he in surgery now?
For four hours.
How is the president?
He's out of surgery.
Please sit down.
Well, we're finished.
I got the bulk
of the bullet out.
So part of the bullet
is still there?
Yes, I'm sorry it is.
The rest is embedded
in the bottom of his brain.
What does that mean?
It would do more harm than
good to try to get it out now.
The floor of his brain cavity
underneath the brain
has been badly damaged.
So, the operation
wasn't successful?
He's alive.
He may not be able
to recognize you.
When he comes to?
A little longer than that.
For always?
I'd like to see the bullet.
They'll need this
for evidence, of course.
It's done all the harm
it was made to do.
Pardon me?
I had a girlfriend whose
boyfriend bought her a pistol.
They showed it to me two months
before he killed her with it.
Just a moment.
I'll have to pull his chart.
Mr. Brady?
Dr. Kobrine!
Bear, can you hear me?
Keep trying.
Go on.
Excuse me, let me try.
Mr. Brady, can you hear me?
If you can hear me,
please wriggle
your fingers like this.
Can you hear me?
It's Raccoon, Bear.
It's a week.
So they say.
Good, sir.
Better say two weeks?
No. A week.
What about Brady?
The floor of the skull
underneath his brain
has been shattered.
He's the best press secretary
I ever had.
: Raccoon?
Yes, Pooh?
What... time?
It's Friday.
Bring me... people.
: How... How many?
What people?
We always have
cocktail parties on Fridays.
I see.
He sees.
Did he just make a crack at me?
I think so. Did you?
F-F-F... Feet.
He always likes me
to scratch his feet.
Mr. Brady?
What's this?
What is that, Bear?
But... Butter... fingers.
Butter fingers?
Where he received his degree
in Communications in 1962.
He began his political career
immediately after college,
working as
a field representative
for Senator Everett M. Dirksen.
Brady rose quickly
through the ranks
of campaign-related press
and public relations work
and regional
Republican politics,
working primarily in Chicago.
James Brady had served
less than three
months at his job
at the time
of his tragic shooting.
After working in several
state and local campaigns,
he relocated
to Washington in 1972.
I'm right here.
What... happened... to... me?
A man tried
to shoot the president.
The president's all right,
but you were hit.
Jim, you're...
Jim, you're doing well.
The doctor is amazed
at how well.
No, Jim.
You're not going to die.
Jim, you're,
you're not gonna die.
Help! Jeff, help!
He's having a seizure.
Can I see him?
No, Sarah.
Will he be worse?
I don't know.
Why don't we give it
a couple of days?
Look, Sarah.
The other chunk of the bullet.
Can I have it?
John W. Hinckley, Jr.
Appeared in court today.
Formally charged with
a 13-count indictment,
including the
assassination attempt
against President Ronald Reagan.
Hinckley is pleading
not guilty to the charges.
Hinckley's reported motive
is his obsession
with the actress, Jodie Foster.
He saw her many dozens of times
in the movieTaxi Driver.
And when Foster enrolled
at Yale University in 1980,
Hinckley traveled
to New Haven, Connecticut.
He dropped poems and other
notes at her doorstep,
but Foster refused to meet him.
It was then... He just never...
- Jim.
- Even got a date with her.
John W. Hinckley enthusiastically
supported Ronald Reagan.
- Hello, Mr. President.
- Hi there.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello!
Good to see you again, Doctor.
I've been fine, thanks.
- Mrs. Reagan.
- Thank you.
Hiya, Jim.
Good morning, Mr. President.
- Morning, Doctor.
- Good morning.
Good morning, sir.
How you doing, Bear?
Hot diggery.
Look at that bear!
Darling, would you
look at that bear?
Where's that from, Jim?
- From...
- A gift from Toronto.
Well... I second that.
Well, we all do.
I was in here
for some tests this morning.
I'll be... coming back.
Well, of course you are.
We're looking forward to
having you back in your office.
We need you, Jim.
- Hear. Hear.
- Indeed we do.
You know, Jim, I thought I was
gonna get star billing in this show.
But there, you see?
Upstaged again!
Hi... Hinckley's the star.
Fro... Front page coverage.
Yes, Hinckley.
Nutty as a fruitcake.
And they sold him a gun.
You rest,
and take good care of yourself.
God bless you, Jim.
Jim... Bye.
What did you say?
I said, "And they
sold him a gun."
It just came out.
Don't say anything.
In front of the president,
I understand.
The president is...
The president is a member
of the National
Rifle Association. I'm not.
I'm his press secretary!
His press secretary!
I'm sorry, Jim. I'm sorry.
You're right. You're right, Jim.
Press secretary!
It's my job, my job.
My job.
That's it, Jim.
No, Jim, you aren't done yet.
I want you to make two lines
separated by color.
In one group,
put them in order...
of increasing size.
Then in the other group,
put them in order of
increasing numbers of sides.
Please try again.
Take a break for a minute.
We had a bet, Joe and I.
He said he didn't think
you would come.
But I remember you
from McKevitt's staff.
When the Congressman
pushed for a gun control bill,
you were right there with him.
Janet Dent on our staff
was killed by her boyfriend.
Mrs. Brady,
63 Americans are killed
by handguns every single day.
And a new handgun
is bought every 13 seconds.
Really. You don't
need to convert me.
Then, how do
we get you to join us?
We need someone like you
to speak out.
I wish you'd said
that in your letter.
You know my husband
is still officially
White House press secretary.
Yes, I... I do.
But Mrs. Brady,
you are in a unique position.
Look, I'd like to help you.
Good, and we need you.
I just couldn't.
Not now.
I'm sorry.
Bear, I just signed
your petition.
I wanna see you outta here.
Who? Marion!
Marion Franzovich
from The Globe!
I don't remember.
Why Jim Brady!
He can handle that all right.
Yeah, better you than me?
He doesn't hear me.
He's talking.
I know.
What, Bear?
Art hasn't signed it yet.
Right! When?
You can run, but you can't hide.
Hi, Julie. How are you?
- Jim!
- Hi, Ruth!
Hiya, Jim.
Hiya, Jim.
You... you look well, Jim.
Why... Why haven't...
What is it, Bear?
You been... to see me?
But we have!
You haven't.
He forgets.
No, no, I'll tell you
what it was.
We just haven't been
to one of your Friday nights
with all the regulars here.
We, we came tonight
just to see you with 'em.
Does he wanna talk to me?
: You know,
if you wanna talk to me,
you can talk
straight to my face,
and I'll answer you
straight back!
: I'm not a fucking corpse.
That hurts! Damn you!
Now, I want you
to move your right leg
a little bit, like this.
You're a sadist.
You're happy at your work.
Come on. Come on.
Your right leg. Come on.
Yeah, okay.
And shift.
My right leg again?
Yeah. Your right leg.
Try it now. Come on.
Come on!
Yeah, I saw!
Okay, okay.
- That's enough.
- It's not enough.
Hey, Mom?
I thought you said
you could play with me.
I did, but I can't right now.
I'm busy.
I wish Daddy could play with me.
I do too,
but he's not well, honey.
When can he play with me again?
I don't know.
With all his heart,
Daddy wants to play with you.
What are those for?
To stop people shooting people.
Like Daddy?
Yes, like Daddy.
No, Jim.
I told Sally she didn't have to,
because I took
care of it last week.
Last week, you were here.
When I met with the Senators.
Pooh! Pooh,
you didn't meet with them.
I briefed them.
No, Pooh.
- You didn't.
- I... I did.
About the Summit agenda.
Sally told you what happened
- when she came to see you last week.
- I was there!
Listen, Pooh.
They want me to come
to the White House Correspondents'
Dinner next weekend,
the correspondents do.
We thought that you
could send a statement
that I would deliver.
Well, they thought...
Without me.
Well... Yes, for you.
Only if I write it.
- The speech.
- Of course.
And you can't change anything.
Only if... No! No, of course not.
Don't you tell me
how to do my job, woman.
I... I thought I...
I met with these Senators.
Jim, what are you doing?
Those barracudas!
What's left are the true facts.
Jim... Just a second.
I'm almost done.
No, you're not.
Look to the left.
Turn your head a bit.
Look closely.
On the left side.
I got a little something here.
Democratic Senator
from Arizona gave it to me.
Now why would a Democratic
Senator give you anything?
Hey, hey!
What the hell is this?
It's a Navajo pipe.
I don't think you're
supposed to smoke it though.
Does anyone got any tobaccy?
Here. Let me do it.
No, Jim.
Why not?
Kobrine says.
Fuck Kobrine!
He's the enemy.
Don't be silly, Bear.
She's stuck on him!
What the hell
do you think you're doing?
I'm going.
There's only one master
in the Bear's home,
: And that's the big
brown bear himself!
Should I go after her?
Lots of people go after her.
I've forgotten how nice this is.
I've forgotten.
How -Damn!
Here, give me that.
Hold on.
Hold on.
You're okay.
- Hang in there.
- Everybody out.
Come on.
All right?
Well, should I go?
Suit yourself.
Leave then.
I'm going.
It's okay.
It's all right.
It's okay.
So, I said, "Well,
the next time I see you, Tip",
I'm gonna reset my watch
and it'll be six o'clock."
Take it off.
Hey there, Bear!
Hey there, sir!
- Mrs. Reagan.
- Well, hello there, Jim.
Hey, Catfish.
How you doin' there, Jim?
I'm pretty fit, sir.
My PTs see to that.
Physical Terrorists.
Good, good.
What are they
doing to you now, Jim?
Me? I don't know.
What are you doing to me?
We're fitting
the short leg brace, sir.
They're fitting
the short leg brace, sir!
I see!
Your courage has been
an inspiration to us all.
- It sure has.
- It certainly has.
But you've been
on your back too long.
The work is piling up.
We're waitin' for you, Jim!
I'll be back
within six months, sir.
Okay, goodbye.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, Jim.
See you later, Jim!
No more.
I'm done for today.
We've come to sign
your petition, Jim.
Turn me around.
I wanna go back out and see 'em!
The bear is back!
Sarah, help me.
- Jim, you can't!
- Help me!
I'll never be able to thank you.
But thank you!
I'll see you next week.
The bear is back!
As happy as we are about the
reopening of this press room today,
we're even happier, more elated,
by the presence of a man
who truly belongs in this room.
Jim, we're all
waiting for the day
when you're back here for good.
We miss you, Jim!
I miss most of you.
Now Jim, I'm trapped in here
with these sharks right now,
and we've got this
unemployment story breaking.
How do you think
we should handle it?
I think your resignation
would knock it off
the front page, sir.
It's okay, baby.
It's all right, sweetie.
I'm right here.
I am right here.
It's okay, baby.
It's all right.
Don't you worry.
I'll be right there.
It's okay.
Okay. All right, baby.
It's okay.
It's okay. Here we go.
Here we go. Yeah. Here we go.
You're so good. You're so good.
It's all right.
Daddy's sick again.
I don't like it.
It isn't his fault.
Diana Foxfire! Come on up!
Well, David, it's our money.
We can give it to 'em
or not give it to 'em.
I mean, it's an internal
decision for this nation.
What's this nation
closer to than our money?
Damn! Damn it all!
In a minute!
What's this?
It's just an ad.
Why'd you cut it out?
It's for revolvers.
For self-defense, so they say.
Why'd you circle it in red?
I wrote to the editor about it.
Using my name?
Yes, Jim, it's my name, too.
I was invited to speak
at the National
Handgun session next week.
You don't seem
to want me to speak.
I forbid you to.
I didn't quite hear that.
Do what you want.
Do what you want!
: I told them no,
I'm not going to!
Are you all right?
- Sarah!
- I'm coming!
What the hell you doing?
Don't do that, Bear.
I'm sorry about this afternoon.
It's okay.
It's not that. I'm just tired.
I know what it is.
Bears are...
supposed to be
amorous animals, aren't they?
Don't, please, don't.
- It's the fucking.
- Bear.
I know it's the fucking.
That's not how
you talk to a lady.
I hate Hinckley.
So do I.
I had no idea...
: You enjoyed it so much.
Didn't you?
And all the other things
that go with that.
It'll pass.
: It won't.
Well... What?
We... We could try it.
You could lie on top of me.
Very exciting.
Of course, whether...
I'd be able to come up to it...
that's another matter.
We could take a shot at it.
I'll be the one
to take a shot at it.
Let's get that straight.
All right.
Hey, Doc!
How do you like my...
My new hotrod?
Well, I hope you got
insurance on that thing.
I'm fully covered.
Well, Jim, how are you doing?
Boy, you look happy.
I am.
I can get a hard-on.
Come on!
- He asked me!
- I did not!
But bottoms up!
Said the actress to the bishop.
Stop it.
I got your fire going, Jim.
Thanks, Catfish.
Take your time.
It's your office.
What time's my lunch
with the president?
I'll re-check his schedule.
The African ambassadors
are visiting today.
Take a half an hour.
Right, sir.
Thank you.
I went to my office yesterday.
They'd cleared all
my papers off my desk.
The president couldn't
meet me for lunch.
Jim, the president calls you
his press secretary
for the sake of his conscience.
What... what are you
talking about?
They called, maybe,
two weeks after the shooting.
And they wanted to know
how realistic it was
to think you'd
come back to work.
You didn't tell me.
I told them it would take
at least a year
to know how far you'd come back.
I'll be back sooner than that.
Well, I didn't want you
to be discouraged.
Bear... Bears are tough!
I wanted to keep you
working at your recovery.
I did that for your sake, Jim.
Don't do me any favors.
I don't think
you'll be able to do the job.
I know what I can do.
Jim, what about your one
Your covering over
Reagan's goofs?
Your, your gentle
reminders to him
of the points he's forgotten.
Who are the political correspondents
from The Washington Post?
Bear, you can't remember.
I can remember how it's done.
Well, that's part of the burden
you're gonna have to carry.
Jim, you're not going to heal
as you would like.
Thanks, Mack.
- Hello.
- I've got a kite.
Biggest one they had.
We're gonna fly it.
- Okay.
- At the shore.
What Now.
We can't.
- I haven't got anything ready.
- Well, get it ready.
With Bob and Ruth, like always.
Call 'em. They'll come too.
Are we going to the shore?
To the shore!
I got a kite!
I'm an ace at flying kites.
Jim! Quit honking!
Bob and Ruth can't come,
but they said go ahead.
They had other plans.
It looks like a quiet Friday.
Yes, it does.
Fuck 'em.
You'll see.
I'll make this fucker fly.
You've got it backwards.
: Turn it around the other way.
I see.
It's right there.
You watching?
He's only five years old.
Well, now's the time.
Come here and watch!
Can I go swimming?
Sure, hon.
After the kite.
After the kite.
Damn it! Where's the other one?
Supposed to be two.
Is this it?
Then put it on!
Damn it!
Now look what you've done!
Bring it to me!
Give me...
Well, aren't we having
a grand time flying the kite?
Now, pull!
No, no.
You just... got to run!
Pick it up.
Give it to me.
Careful, careful, don't rip it.
Careful! There!
Okay, now. Hold the tail.
Now, this time,
you run, damn it!
All right.
That's it!
That's it!
Woo-hoo! Yes, run!
Shit! No, no, no, no!
No, damn it, no.
Can't you run, damn it?
Son of a bitch!!
Shit! Son of a bitch!
Don't you use that language
in front of him.
Now, how do you
expect him to talk
if he hears his daddy using bad
language all over the beach.
All over, they can hear you at their
dinner tables, do you know that?
- Fuck! Shit!
- I warned you!
Scott, come here.
- Don't go near him.
- Scott, come here.
We might as well give up.
Hurray. Well, thank God.
You knew Bob
wasn't going to come.
Of course, didn't you?
Why would anybody want to be with you?
I'm still the master
of our house.
Not to me.
Now, now, here we go!
Here we go!
The time I have to wake up?
The time I have to go to bed?
The suits I have to wear!
The talk that's carried on
behind my back!
Good God! Do you think
that I like it?
You like to talk, then talk.
Do you hear me? Talk!
- Leave! Leave!
- Be careful!
Do you know
what a burden you are to me?
And should I take Scott?
Do you think I don't know
the signals that
you give the neighbors
when you think I've had
enough for the night?
Now, you be careful!
I could've been a figure
for the whole of time!
A what?
You can't even fly a kite!
Kobrine told me today.
That I couldn't do my job.
Didn't you know that?
I didn't.
Well... No, I didn't. I...
I thought my faculties
would come back to me.
They still might.
I thought maybe, but...
You will have to tow me...
to the very end of my life.
Bear, you are much more
the bear than ever I knew.
No, you'd better get used to it.
I'm a lesser bear.
You'd better let the
gun control people know
that you'll take a seat
on their committee.
All right, I will.
The moon.
It has a fine line around it.
Can you see?
Yes. I always have.
I never noticed it before.
I've never seen the moon.
Or the line around myself.
What do I do?
Grab that.
Right there.
Cut that out!
- Jesus!
- That's quite enough!
Here, hold this.
I got it. Yep.
Are you ready?
Then, here we go!
Look at him run.
As on previous occasions,
I'm here today as chair of
Handgun Control Incorporated,
a national
citizens organization,
working to keep handguns
out of the wrong hands.
For the first time in an
appearance before Congress,
I have my husband,
Jim at my side.
I cannot tell you how
comforting that is for me.
Mr. Chairman...
I'm not here to complain.
But since you're here,
I'll complain a little.
There was a day,
when I was fortunate enough
to serve the President
of the United States
in a capacity I had
dreamed of all my life.
And for a time, I felt
that people looked up at me.
Today, I can tell you
how hard it is
to have people
speaking down to me.
It's not easy to tell you this,
because I don't want
your sympathy or your pity.
But I tell you, because
you can do something.
Not to help me,
but to prevent this
from happening to others.
I pray that Congress
can find the courage
to quickly pass the Brady Bill.
I'm pleased to be
beside Sarah today.
I finally get to see
what she does up here.