Witness (1985) Movie Script

Jacob was a good farmer.
- None better.
- But not the man to buy a horse for you.
Hochleitner, wasn't it your father
sold him the horse...
with a ruptured testicle?
He told him it was a bee sting
that made him limp that way.
That horse had one good ball,
that's all it takes.
I'm sorry about Jacob.
I know he will walk with God.
Thank you, Daniel.
- She'll be here.
- I hope so.
So, first time to the big city?
You'll see so many things.
Close your eyes.
Samuel, careful!
You come back soon.
And you be careful
out among the English.
Mama, look!
He's a cute little Amish boy.
Isn't he cute? I think so.
We have tickets to Baltimore.
Where is that train, please?
It's delayed three hours...
you'll hear it announced
when it's time to board.
- Take a seat right over there.
- But I-
Just take a seat.
I have to wait on these people.
- Yes, sir.
- There?
Mama, look, what's that thing?
Don't go far, Samuel.
It's over there.
Hey. man!
What the fuck you doing, man?
- Washing my hands, man.
- What?
- Let's get out of here.
- Hold tight.
I already did that.
Just checking again.
Move these people back,
they shouldn't be this close.
Get Schaeffer on the phone,
get him down here, now.
- Precherd, who found the body?
- Right over there, sir.
How you doing, pop?
You found the body?
Not me, daddy, I just reported it.
It was the kid.
- What kid?
- How the hell do I know what kid?
It was the kid
in the funny black threads. Over there.
Thanks, pop.
How's he doing?
I'm a police officer, ma'am.
I have to talk to the boy.
What's your name?
- Samuel Lapp.
- And he's your son?
We were on our way to Baltimore.
My sister is expecting us.
Soon our train is leaving.
We'll get you on another train.
Sam, the man who was killed tonight...
was a policeman, and it's my job
to find out what happened.
I want you to tell me everything you saw
when you went in the bathroom.
There were two.
- There were two men?
- I only saw one.
Does anybody know about this?
No, nobody's had a chance
to talk to him.
What did he look like?
The man that you saw.
He was like him.
He was a black man?
He had black skin?
But not schtumpig.
Schtumpig? What's schtumpig?
On a farm,
when a pig is born small like that...
he's schtumpig.
A runt.
So, he wasn't a runt.
He was a big guy, like me?
Big guy.
Subject is armed. He's wanted
for the stabbing deaths of a narcotic...
I should have been there, John.
I told you.
That's not the point. That's the risk.
Undercover, one mistake,
bang, they kill you-
Where are you taking us?
I'm sorry.
We're looking for a suspect.
We got reason to believe
he's still in the neighbourhood.
I want the little boy to take a look at him.
You have no right to keep us here.
Yes, I do. Your son
is a material witness to a homicide.
You don't understand.
We want nothing to do with your laws.
Doesn't surprise me.
A lot of people I meet are like that.
What did he say?
He asked who you are. Your name.
I told him we didn't need
to know anything about you.
Book. John Book.
Hey, man, where're you hiding?
Have a seat.
Young blood, where're you going?
Looking good, T-Bone.
- Hey, man, how're you doing?
- What the fuck?
- I'll sue you, man!
- Gotta get his arm. Let's get his arm.
Is this the man, Sam? Is this him?
You sure?
- Back off.
- You listen to me.
I want no further part of this,
nor does my son.
Okay. Get back in the car.
Honest mistake, all right.
John, what are we gonna do with them?
- What?
- A hotel or what?
Put them in a hotel,
they won't be there in the morning.
- I'll have to send to Baltimore for them.
- Well, what?
I got it.
This is my sister, Elaine.
This is Mrs Lapp and Samuel.
Where do you want them, Elaine?
The back bedroom, blue room?
Yeah, sure. The blue room.
- Can I help you with something?
- No.
Right back there, Sam. It's in the back.
How could you do this to me tonight?
It's important.
Just keep going straight through,
there's a folding cot for your son.
He turned on the light, good.
I told you I had company.
- Where's Jason and Billy?
- Upstairs, asleep.
You got a man in the house
and the kids are upstairs?
That's none of your business. So keep
your holier-than-thou mouth shut.
- Anyway, they like Fred.
- Fred? Now we got a Fred.
- Who are these orphans, anyway?
- They're Amish.
- Everything okay?
- Yes. Thank you.
- John says you're Amish.
- Yes.
Do we have to stay here?
No, we don't. Just for the night.
Say Your prayers.
- Hi, Captain.
- Hi, Bob.
When can we leave the city?
I'm trying to get this over with
as quick as I can, then you can go.
Samuel's probably going to have to
come back and testify. I'm sorry.
No, you're not, you're glad.
- Glad?
- Because now you have a witness.
Yeah, now I got a witness.
I just don't like my son spending all
his time with a man who carries a gun...
- and goes around whacking people.
- Whacking?
Come here, kiddo.
Big guy.
Now, don't be frightened. You can
see them, but they can't see you.
I want the hats and the sunglasses off.
Straighten up.
I want you to tell me
if any of these men...
are the man that you saw
in the bathroom. Take your time.
Look real carefully.
Make sure.
Are you sure?
Three dogs to stay.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- These, we call Wurst.
- Sure.
Your sister said you don't have a family.
No, I don't.
She thinks that you ought to get
married and have children of your own...
- instead of trying to be a father to hers.
- Oh, yeah?
Except she thinks
you're afraid of the responsibility.
That's interesting, anything else?
She said that
she thinks that you like policing...
because you think
you're right about everything...
and that you're the only one
who can do anything.
And that...
when you drink a lot of beer,
you say things like:
"None of the other police know
a crook...
"from a bag of elbows. "
I believe that's what she said.
Good appetite.
- Yeah?
- Sgt Carter for you on Line 23.
How are you doing?
- I don't know.
- Little boy.
Look, he's shy.
Hey! Knock it off.
Knock it off!
I'll get it.
- Hi.
- Hi, Kathy.
- Hello, Marilyn.
- Hi, John.
It's McFee, Paul.
He's one of them, anyway.
Positive ID from the Amish kid.
McFee? Lieutenant Narcotics?
I hope you don't have
any doubt about that.
It all fits, Paul. Four years ago...
Narcotics runs a raid
in which, amongst other things...
550 gallons of this P-2-P stuff
is confiscated.
They put it in Police Storage.
Philadelphia supplies all the
major cities in the country with speed.
They need this P-2-P stuff
to make the speed.
They pay up to $5,000 a pint for it.
I call Police Storage...
no record of 1055-gallon drums
of P-2-P.
That's $22 million, Paul.
Guess who ran the raid four years ago?
- McFee.
- Right.
- Have you talked to him about it?
- No. On vacation, Florida.
All right,
what do you need to clean this up?
People from outside the department.
Put some guys on this McFee,
watch him, wait him out.
Right. FBI or maybe somebody
from Treasury. I'll take care of that.
I want maximum security on this.
Where's the boy?
At my sister's house.
He's going to have to be moved.
Who else knows about this?
- Just you and I.
- Let's leave it that way.
Twila, get back!
Police! Back in the elevator!
That's our car!
- Get in the elevator!
- I don't give a shit.
You idiot!
Get down!
I know you, asshole!
- t's John. Says you have to leave now.
- What?
He says it's urgent. I don't know.
Get dressed quickly.
Put my car in the garage
and close the door.
John, I don't understand any of this.
You don't know anything. Okay?
I borrowed your car. All right?
I didn't say why.
You never heard of that woman
and her boy.
John, please tell me why.
Just do it.
You said we would be safe
in Philadelphia.
Well, I was wrong.
Did you deliver the kid's interview
to Schaeffer?
I want all the paperwork
on this job disappeared tonight...
you understand?
John, do you know
what you're telling me to do?
Just do it, man.
I'm going to disappear
for a couple of days.
John, what's going on, man?
What is happening?
I'll call you when I can.
And, partner, watch your back.
Schaeffe?s in this thing, too.
- Shit!
- What're you doing?
Working late, man.
What's going on?
That's it.
Hey, Fergie?
Told you I hit him.
He's in trouble. I want to help him.
I want you to help him.
- We need to know where he is.
- What kind of trouble?
It's a departmental matter,
you don't have to worry about it.
f we can just talk to him,
we can straighten it out.
- A departmental matter?
- Right.
You're saying he's involved
in something illegal?
I'm afraid so.
Anybody who knows John
knows that's a goddamn lie.
Of course it is, Elaine.
But as long as there's any doubt...
it's better that John
should come in and clear his name.
It's better you should
get off my property.
I don't want to have to take you in
for questioning.
He left with the Amish woman, right?
- She say where he is?
- I don't think she knows.
- What about Carter?
- Tight.
But I'm working on him.
You should rest.
I'll make us some coffee.
No, I can't stay.
Will you be coming back
to take Samuel to trial?
There isn't going to be any trial.
What happened? Who was that man?
My God,
why didn't you get to a hospital?
No doctor.
Gunshot wound,
they have to make a report...
and if they make a report, they find me...
and if they find me, they find the boy.
- Is the English dead?
- No.
Looks dead.
He's upstairs.
I feel burning.
The bullet entered there...
and came out there.
There's danger of infection.
He's lost a great deal of blood.
I'm not a doctor.
This man should be treated
in a hospital.
- There's nothing I can do for him.
- No.
No. He must stay here.
What if he dies?
Then the Sheriff will come here.
They'll say we broke their laws.
But then we must pray that
he doesn't die...
but if he does, then we must find a way,
so no one knows.
But, Rachel, this is a man's life.
We hold it in our hands.
I know that.
God help me, I know that, Eli.
But I'll tell you if he's found...
the people who did this to him
will come get Samuel.
Then make a poultice.
Three parts milk, two parts linseed oil,
for the infection.
I will send Mary by with some teas
I will brew myself.
Thank you.
Lapp, I'll have to speak with the elders
on this matter.
As you see fit.
You shouldn't.
Don't do it.
I'll fucking kill you.
You asshole.
He's the one...
Are you trying to tell me that there's
no way we can locate this woman?
We're talking about 20th century
law enforcement, Sergeant.
Well, there's your problem, Chief.
Your Amish man doesn't live...
in the 20th century,
doesn't think in the 20th century.
Chief, if the Amish have taken
your man in...
I wouldn't want to hang from a rope
until you find him.
The problem is, about every third
Amish man around here is named Lapp.
And we've got upwards
of 14,000 Amish men around here.
- That's just Lancaster County. Over in-
- Very interesting, Sergeant...
but this is a very important matter.
t involves the murder of a police officer.
Now, there must be a directory of some
sort of these people somewhere.
Sure. Tax rolls, voter registration,
but tell you right now...
I don't have the manpower
to send a deputy to every Lapp farm...
in Lancaster County
to see if they've got your Rachel.
Maybe, Sergeant,
you could do a little telephoning?
Yeah, maybe I could.
But since the Amish don't have any
telephones, I wouldn't know who to call.
Thank you, Sergeant.
It's been an education.
Who are they?
The leadership of our district.
They decided to come see you
for themselves.
Except Stoltzfus.
He came the first day.
- I think he saved your life.
- No, that was not I.
- Who else knows I'm here?
- No one.
How long have I been here?
Two days.
Rest, Mr Book, that's the ticket.
And drink my tea, lots of my tea.
Tell him his tea stinks.
You can tell him when you're able.
We're all very happy
that you're going to live, John Book.
We didn't know what we were
going to do with you if you died.
It's not our place
to ask how he came to us.
He'll leave as soon as he's able.
Don't move!
What are you doing?
Come here.
Come here, Samuel. Sit down.
This is a loaded gun.
This is very dangerous.
Never, ever...
touch a loaded gun.
Now I'm taking the bullets out,
now it's safe. Okay?
Okay, Mr Book.
Look, call me John.
I just don't want you to get hurt.
I don't mean to yell at you.
I just don't want you to get hurt.
Look, it's all right for you
to look at it now, it's unloaded. It's safe.
You want to handle it,
you can handle it while I'm here...
but that, that's not right.
Samuel, wait for me downstairs.
John Book, while you're in this house,
I insist that you respect our ways.
Here, take it.
Put it somewhere where it's safe.
Where he won't find it.
This gun of the hand
is for the taking of human life.
We believe it is wrong to take life.
That is only for God.
Many times the wars have come...
and people have said to us...
you must fight, you must kill.
t is the only way to preserve the good.
But, Samuel...
there is never only one way.
Remember that.
Would you kill another man?
I would only kill a bad man.
Only the bad man, I see.
And you know these bad men by sight?
You are able to look into their hearts
and see this badness?
I can see what they do.
I have seen it.
And having seen, you've become
one of them. Don't you understand?
What you take into your hands...
you take into your heart.
"Wherefore come out
from among them...
"and be ye separate...
"saith the Lord...
"and touch not the unclean thing. "
Go and finish your chores now.
Yes, Grandfather.
- Enjoying your reading?
- Oh, yeah.
Learning a lot about manure.
Very interesting.
What's that?
Your clothes are stained with blood.
I have them soaking.
You can wear these.
- They your husband's?
- Yes.
It's good that someone
can have the use of them.
Besides, in your clothes,
you'd stand out to strangers.
I should tell you that this kind of coat
doesn't have buttons.
- Hooks and eyes.
- Something wrong with buttons?
Buttons are hochmut.
Proud, vain, it's not plain.
Got anything against zippers?
You making fun of me?
Like the tourists.
Staring all the time.
Sometimes they come into the yard.
It's very rude.
- They seem to think we're quaint.
- Can't imagine why they'd think that.
Look, is there a phone
somewhere near?
The Gunter's across the valley.
They're Mennonites.
They have cars and refrigerators.
No, I mean a pay phone, a public phone.
The store at Strasburg...
but you won't be going to Strasburg
for a while.
I'm going this morning.
- But Stoltzfus said that you can't-
- Yeah, I know what he said.
You can go with Eli.
He's taking Samuel to school.
- But you'd better hurry.
- Rachel...
Hurry up, John Book.
You'd better get going.
Hurry up, John Book.
MY gun.
I need my gun.
The bullets?
It's not much good without them.
Of course.
Thank you.
How do I look? I mean, do I look Amish?
You look plain.
He's an Englishman.
- Carter here.
- Hey, partner, how you doing?
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Listen, man, I'm coming in
to take care of business. How hot am I?
Too hot.
Don't do it. Don't come in.
- They're looking for you.
- And the kid.
- Man, I got to make a move.
- Listen, John, don't do it.
You couldn't get
within a mile of Schaeffer right now.
You hear me?
- Yeah.
- What are we going to do?
FBI? What?
Well, what about
one of those reporters?
Those investigative reporters?
No, it's too risky.
They'd want to talk to the kid.
Listen, I'll make a couple of calls.
Let you know when maybe
you can come in.
- I got to go, take care of yourself.
- Yeah. You, too.
Don't put them in the peaches.
See this stream?
It goes to the wheel
and it makes the wheel turn around.
And then it goes, it makes...
this wire pump the pump...
over there, into the well...
and the well's water
goes into the house.
This place really echoes.
- What's up there?
- Corn.
Would you like to hold my kitten?
I'll show you how to do a back rub
on him.
You hold them like that.
You push their head back,
and you start rubbing the neck.
Is that you, Book?
What you doing there?
Just trying to get the car started,
the battery.
f you are well enough to do that...
- you can do work for me.
- Yeah, what can I do?
- Milking, maybe.
- Milking'?
Cows, you know. Cows.
Yeah, I've seen pictures.
Good. You start tomorrow.
It's 4:30, time for milking.
Milking stool.
Milking hat. There's the milk.
Firm grip.
Pinch the top off and squeeze.
Didn't you hear me? Squeeze.
I am squeezing.
You never had you hands
on a teat before?
Not one this big.
I got it!
I think.
- Come on.
- Gently, gently.
Don't frighten her, Book!
Samuel, help him.
- No, please.
- Eat, Book.
What's the matter with your appetite?
I'm not used to eating
in the middle of the night.
Not used to hard work.
That's what makes appetite.
Honey, that's great coffee.
It's a joke.
It's a commercial on television.
- Book, is it?
- Yeah.
You are the Yankee they talk about.
I thought I was the English.
English, Yankee, it is the same.
My name is Daniel. Daniel Hochleitner.
How do you do?
You look plain, Book. Very plain.
I came to see Rachel.
Eli said I could use his tools.
I'm trying to fix that birdhouse.
- I brought you some lemonade.
- Oh, great.
- What happened to Hochleitner?
- He went home.
He's a friend of the family.
He's like a son to Eli.
- You know carpentry.
- Yeah.
- A bit.
- Can you do anything else?
Whacking. I'm hell at whacking.
Whacking is not much use on a farm.
Tomorrow I'll let out those trousers
for you.
I told Eli that you're a carpenter.
Hold this up closer, will you?
He said you could come
to Zook's barn raising.
Well, if I'm still here.
Weenie roasts. I don't know anything
about weenie roasts.
That's a West Coast thing. Let's have
some letters on weenie roasts.
Presenting golden oldies.
We've got some great ones
and some old ones coming right up.
Here's one, takes me back,
I'm afraid to say it dates me.
Maybe it dates you.
This is great. This is the best.
- Come on.
- What are you doing?
What is it with you?
Is this the Ordnung?
I have done nothing against
the rule of the Ordnung.
You bring this man to our house
with his gun of the hand.
You bring fear to this house.
Fear of English
with guns coming after him-
I've committed no sin.
Maybe. Maybe not yet.
But, Rachel, it does not look...
You know there has been talk.
Talk about going to the Bishop
and having you shunned.
That is idle talk.
Do not take it lightly. Rachel!
They can do it.
They can do it just like that.
You know what it means, shunning?
I cannot sit at table with you.
I cannot take a thing from your hand.
I cannot go to worship with you.
do not go so far.
- I am not a child.
- But you are acting like one.
- I'll be the judge of that.
- No.
They will be the judge of that,
and so will I.
- If you shame me...
- You shame yourself.
Why don't you tell me where he is?
You know, don't you?
I just want to talk to him.
I wanna talk some sense into him.
You know, we go way back.
John and I were a team once.
Like you two are now.
I trained him.
He's a fine policeman.
I know he's with the Amish.
God, I'd give anything to see him now.
Can you see John at a prayer meeting?
We're like the Amish.
We're a cult, too.
A club. With our own rules.
John has broken those rules.
As you're breaking them now.
I hear you're a carpenter.
Well, it's been a while.
No matter,
we can always use a good one.
Hurry up now. We have a barn to raise
and a day to do it.
Good luck.
Your hole is better now?
Yeah, it's pretty much healed.
Good, then you can go home.
Yes, sir.
Everyone has an idea
about you and the Englishman, Book.
All of them charitable, I'm sure.
Hardly any of them.
This is Lidia and Amos.
- John Book.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- It's their barn you built today.
- We just got married.
- Yeah?
That's great.
f we'd made love last night,
I'd have to stay.
Or you'd have to leave.
Get off the bus, everybody!
Welcome to Amish country.
This is the most famous Amish
grocery store in the area.
Now, stay close together...
because we're only going to be here
another 15 minutes.
Now, be careful with photographing
the Amish, they don't like it...
but you can sneak one now and then.
All right, stay together.
Young man!
Hello, we're just here for the day,
would you mind if I took your picture?
Now just stand still. Fix your hat a little-
Lady, you take my picture,
I'm going to rip your brassiere off...
and strangle you with it.
You got that?
Did you hear
what that Amish just said to me?
- Homicide.
- Elton Carter.
- Who's calling?
- A mend.
Yeah, Salazar, Public Relations.
Can I help you?
Yeah, I'm trying to reach
Sgt Elton Carter.
Are you a member of the family?
What? No, I'm a friend.
Then I regret to inform you
Sgt Carter is dead.
He died last night,
killed in the line of duty.
Should you require other-
Hello. Yes.
It's John Book.
I'll take it in the study.
How are you, John?
Hello, John.
Calling me at home, I can't trace
the call. That's smart, John, very smart.
- Lost the meaning, didn't you, Paul?
- What?
Isn't that what you used to say
about dirty cops?
Somewhere along the way,
they lost the meaning.
Don't make it difficult, John.
We know where you are.
- We're about to-
- No, you got it wrong, man.
- I'm coming to get you.
- I like your style, John.
I've always liked your style.
I'm going to do to you
whatever you did to Zenovich...
and whatever you did to Carter.
I'm going to fucking do that to you, too,
you asshole.
Come on, you wrecked the fucking road.
- I can't take this up.
- Yeah.
- Just give it a shot.
- Look.
- No look. You look.
- It takes half hour to take back.
t happens sometimes. Do nothing.
I asked you to move this horse.
Come on!
Come on, Goldilocks.
- Don't you speak English?
- You don't hear very good, do you?
- And the chin.
- You look better, buddy.
- Come on down, Jack.
- They are not allowed to fight.
You a man or what?
That's right, no fighting.
They won't fight for their country either.
- t's not our way.
- But it's my way.
Book, no!
- How does it look?
- It looks great, give it to me.
Here comes another one, look at this.
It's all right, Book.
Watch it, Frankie,
he's gonna hit you with his Bible.
You're making a mistake.
Somebody give me a handkerchief,
he's bleeding.
I've never seen anything like it
in all my years.
He is from Ohio, my cousin.
Well, then, them Ohio Amish
must be different.
Round here, the brethren don't have
anything like that kind of fight in them.
Good day to you, Mr Lapp.
This ain't good for the tourist trade,
you know.
Tell that to your Ohio friend.
Broke his nose.
He was with old Eli Lapp.
Where did you get that?
Book gave it to me.
He said it was a special present.
Samuel, time for bed.
You can take the toy with you.
He's leaving, isn't he?
Tomorrow morning.
- He'll need his city clothes.
- But why?
What's he going back to? Nothing?
He's going back to his world,
where he belongs.
He knows it...
and you know it, too.
It's all right, we're police officers.
Check the rest of the house.
It's all right, we're police officers.
Philadelphia Police.
It's all right, Mrs Lapp.
Why don't you sit down.
It's going to be all right.
We're not going to harm your boy.
It's Book we want.
Now, where is he?
Fergie! Come on!
Come on, damn it.
What is it? What are they doing?
Listen, Samuel,
I want you to go to Hochleitner's farm...
as fast as you can and stay there.
You understand me?
- Are they going to kill you?
- I'll be all right.
But you don't have your gun.
Run, Samuel. Run!
Come on!
What's wrong?
- I can't figure it out.
- Where's Fergie?
I don't know, you'd better come on up.
Come on, we're going outside.
Come on!
Stop the boy ringing that bell.
I want you to stop the boy ringing that
bell. I want you to... Stop him now!
Get out of here now!
Let her go, Paul!
- Put the gun down, Book!
- Let her go, Schaeffer!
- I'll blow you away.
- Put that gun down.
I'm gonna blow her head off!
It's down, the fucking gun is down!
- You really fucked up now, you idiot!
- Let her go.
Let her go, Paul. The gun's down!
- Book, put that gun down!
- The gun's down!
It's down. Don't hurt her.
It's all right, Rachel.
Rachel, just go. Go.
It's all right! I'm a police officer!
The man's wanted for murder.
- Now stand back!
- What are you going to do, Paul?
You going to kill me?
You going to shoot me'?
- You going to shoot him?
- Stand back!
You going to shoot him?
Is that what you're going to do, Paul?
Him, the woman, me?
It's over! Enough!
Goodbye, John Book.
Goodbye, Samuel.
You be careful out among them English.