Witness Protection (1999) Movie Script

- Stay here.
- Stay here.
- Daddy!
- Cindy: Oh my god, the baby!
- Daddy!
- Cindy: Baby, Seanie!
Bobby: Get down!
Get down.
Stay in the house.
- Bobby: Stay in the house.
- Daddy.
Bobby: Get down.
Shh, it's all over.
It's all over. It's all over.
Shh, shh, shh.
Suzie, climb in and sit down, quick, quick.
- Bobby: Let me talk to Theo.
- Cindy: What's this all about?
- Hey, Jimmy, Jimmy...
- Tell me what's going on.
Someone just tried to kill me.
I know what time it is!
Wake him up.
Just talk to Theo.
- What are you talking about, he doesn't want to talk to me?
- What?
- Just put him on the phone.
- He's gotta help us.
Bobby: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
There's been a big misunderstanding.
Cindy: Misunderstanding?
Bobby, just talk to Theo.
Just put Theo on the fucking phone!
Sweetheart, just...
look, let me handle this.
Jimmy, are you there?
Okay, this is me talking.
This is Bobby.
I play ball with your son.
Who said
I was doctoring the books?
Because whoever it is is a goddamn liar.
Someone close to me?
What do you mean?
How close?
Jimmy, Jimmy.
Let's go.
We could go to your cousin Frank.
No family.
They'll go there first.
Joe Glinds would help us.
No, he's involved.
Everybody I know is connected.
I can't even go to my own crew...
Anybody even talks to me... they're dead.
Theo is the law.
I'm a leper now.
When I find out who did this to me...
Hey, shh, shh, shh.
We just need some time, that's all.
You've always patched things up before.
This is different.
This is different.
So it's just us?
Us and the kids?
Maybe that's not so bad.
They're after me,
not you or the kids.
I'm putting you in danger.
Hey, hey, don't.
- We have to stick together.
- I know.
We'll do something.
We'll sell the house...
sell the damn house.
We'll go someplace.
They will trace the house sale.
You buy anything, you rent a video,
they track the credit card.
Everything is computerized...
your social security number.
You could be in Iowa
and they can get your name from a sears mailing list
after you buy a freaking garden hose.
I don't know.
It's just...
Hey, what did you do that for?
I was on the phone.
Honey, I let him call Debbie.
Did you tell her where we are?
Yeah, right after I called Theo.
Sean, this is not the time.
Does she have caller I.D.?
Oh my god, no.
This is the plan?
Stay in cheesy motels and eat junk food...
that's the plan?
You give Debbie the number?
We're staying another day.
Where are you going?
I have to get some air.
Bobby: Maybe I stepped out of line.
Maybe I didn't think it through.
But I set up the business, not him.
We've known each other all these years.
You know he's been robbing me,
not the other way around.
I think Theo's time
is passed.
Why not you and I?
We have enough loyalty between the two of us.
now I've listened for all the good times,
but I'm sorry.
And don't trust me again,
for both our sakes.
What are the feds doing in our house?!
The F.B.I.?
What are the f...
when I find out who gave me up...
Hey, baby.
We can't live like this.
The kids have got to go to school.
Things just keep getting worse.
There's gotta be some way out of this,
somewhere we can go, someone.
It's okay.
Just make it go away.
Just make it go away.
- Just make it go away.
- Shh, I'll fix it.
( SOBS )
I'll fix it.
Sharp: Robert Francis Batton,
a.k.a. Bobby Bats, Bobby B,
career criminal
straight out of South Boston,
three years in juvenile hall,
currently the President
of Steel Barrel Democratic club,
a.k.a. The Donkey Club, a local political group.
The funny thing is
that the Democratic Party Association
has never heard of you, Bob, and that of course is because
The Donkey Club is a front for Theo Cruise's
gambling, loan-sharking and extortion activities.
Theo Cruise out of Charlestown.
Just a couple of Crazy Micks, eh?
What, do you guys say the Rosary together?
If you had anything on me,
you would have already arrested me.
Is that right?
We've got a 16-count indictment on you, Bob.
We just didn't know where you were.
And then bingo... you come walking in my front door.
It's kind of ironic, don't you think?
Without a lawyer?
I don't need one.
We at the U.S. Attorney's office,
as well as my colleagues here in the F.B.I.,
were about to move in on your tired asses
when Theo decided to kill you.
Actually we thought you took off on us, Bob.
But we weren't worried,
'cause guys like you always turn up.
So arrest me.
as much as I would love to do that,
we want Theo more than we want you.
No offense.
But we don't just want him
on some wussy little gambling indictment.
We want Theo Cruise for the 1989 double murder
of Longshoremen Association officials
Fred OMalley and Frank Gwynne.
And I think you're just the guy that can help us.
No, no, no, no.
Don't you fuck with me!
Don't you fuck with me.
You walked in here.
You came to us, remember?
Now you shit or you get off the pot
or, so help me, I will cuff you face down
on this fucking floor right now!
We just want to get the guy
that's trying to kill you.
That's all we're doing.
Now come on.
Bobby: I was there when Theo Cruise
told Jimmy Sticks to...
Sharp: Louder.
To cut Fred OMalley's throat,
but not enough to kill him.
Then Theo put a handgun into OMalley's mouth
and fired three times.
Theo then told Jimmy to hang Frank Gwynne
by the neck from a beam,
but again, not enough to kill him.
Then Theo personally beat Frank...
beat him with a tire iron
until he died.
How long did he beat him?
Two hours.
That's just a couple of regular businessmen
like anybody else, huh?
All right.
Sign this contract
saying that you'll repeat that statement in court
and we'll move you into a safe house
and from there into the Witness Protection Program.
Is there a choice of...?
do I take my family or...?
You know what, Bobby?
I don't care if you bring your wife, your girlfriend
or a sheep named Virginia.
Why couldn't Debbie come and say goodbye?
Sweetheart, we told you before, she's not family.
Honey, the federal marshal said stay away from the windows.
God forbid he should be shot and this nightmare would be over.
Please, he's my husband.
We're a family.
And who are we?
What are we?
I can never see my daughter again or my grandchildren
for the rest of my life because of that bastard?
Shh, please, please, please.
Come on, we said we weren't gonna do this.
Let's be nice just one last time.
They won't let us take anything with our names on it.
I'll keep them for you.
I won this one for debate.
This one was excellence in journalism.
At least let Sean stay with us.
He's almost grown.
Both children should live with us and have a normal life.
They're here.
Folks, you have one bag too many.
- They said seven.
- A suit carrier counts as a bag.
And the puppy will have to stay.
But daddy, it's my puppy, right?
Yeah, yeah.
It's okay, honey.
I'd like to ask you one final time
to surrender any weapons you may have in your possession.
Oh my god.
Frank, did you see that?
- It's okay.
- In front of the children.
He's like a killer.
But daddy, you said we could keep the puppy.
You said.
You said.
- Oh.
- God damn it. See?
Now there's seven bags.
Now there's seven bags.
Cindy, how could you live with this?
You son of a bitch!
- Mom, no. Mom, stop.
- Come on, get it all out.
- You throw away your family.
- Get it all out! Get it all out!
Fill my kids full of poison so they hate their father!
- God!
- Help me with Suzie.
Please, please don't go with him.
- Please.
- Bye, Nana.
Folks, we gotta go.
- Sean.
- Put Suzie's coat on.
All right, my darling, my darling.
- My puppy!
- I'll take the puppy.
- Sweetie, get up.
- I promise I'll take good care of it.
- Put your coat on, darling.
- I promise.
I promise, sweetheart, I'll take good care of it.
It's gonna be okay, sweetheart.
You'll see.
It's gonna be okay.
- My puppy.
- I promise you.
Oh, my darling, it's gonna be all right.
Aren't you gonna kiss me goodbye, dad?
Bye, daddy.
Officer: Stay close together.
That's it, sweetheart.
- Mother: Oh my god, don't go!
- Don't go with him!
- Bye, mom.
We'll be okay.
We'll be all right.
Come on, let's go, let's go, let's go.
Okay, when we're on the flight, keep to yourselves.
Don't say who you are or where you're going.
Mom's gonna put you down, darling.
Hi, sweetie.
What's your name?
I'm inspector Steve Beck.
Please come this way.
Watch your step, please.
Watch your step.
Follow me.
Inspector Beck.
Yeah, I'm at four...
Mm-hmm, thanks.
This way.
Here you go.
Go ahead, ma'am.
Can Suzie have some candy?
Make a grocery list and we'll pick up what you need.
Let us know of any dietary restrictions.
There's a few children's videos by the V.C.R.
A video movie list is available upon request.
I'll give you folks a minute to settle in,
but we have limited time.
We'll need to get right to work.
What is... is going on?
I'm missing skateboard magazines.
I'm missing some books.
If your name was in them...
But they're mine.
Sometimes we can remove the name,
and then they'll be returned to you.
While you're in these living quarters,
you'll be locked in for your own safety.
The apartment telephone has no outside line,
but if you need us, just pick it up.
All security measures are here for your protection.
There is a surveillance camera
in the living room
and one in the kitchen.
That's it.
Be back in a minute.
Oh god.
Don't let him upset you.
Oh, it's not him.
It's not him.
We're safe.
- Yeah.
- Oh Christ, we're safe.
Everything is okay now.
- We're all right now.
- Okay.
And I'll just dump the whole package in because...
WOMAN: Introdu...
Suzie, we're not watching this stupid thing.
We've seen it a million times.
It's stupid.
WOMAN ON TV: Well, she doesn't look like that now.
- Becky, come back out here.
And stop biting that disgusting thing.
It's gross.
I don't know why you brought it.
Cartoon channel.
Water? Would you like some water?
I'm not gonna lie to you.
This is one of the toughest things
that you're ever gonna do.
I'm used to tough things.
Not like this.
Welcome, people.
You're in the witness protection
security safe site and orientation center
where you'll begin the process of re-documentation
for your new legal identity.
This is day one.
You leave for your relocation site
on the morning of day five,
No extensions, no exceptions.
- Any questions before we begin?
- Where are we going?
I'll get to that.
We have loads to cover
and an extremely tight schedule.
Every day we're gonna have very specific activities
that we have to complete:
Employment counseling...
Where are we gonna live?
That's the million-dollar question, isn't it?
You know, it's just we're very anxious
'cause we've been through so much.
No, I understand.
It's... you're curious.
The contract in front of you
is the memorandum of understanding
between us... the U.S. Marshals Service...
and you.
In their fervor to get your testimony
the F.B.I. might have made promises
like a big mansion with dancing girls.
The only real agreement between us
is in that contract.
I've read it,
and there are not any dancing girls in it.
They didn't promise us any dancing girls.
He's just making a little joke, sweetheart.
Read, sign and deliver it by tomorrow.
Then we can start the process
of re-documentation
for your new classified name changes.
The new name you choose
should be ethnically compatible with your own.
Changing your first name is optional.
Changing your children's first names
- is usually more trouble than it's worth.
- Look.
When I ask an honest question,
I want an honest answer.
Honey, I think he just has a lot of information to get through.
You're being relocated to Seattle, Bobby.
Here's information on Seattle:
The schools, employment,
I know the climate.
It rains.
- Look, Stan.
- Steve, honey.
His name is Steve.
Yeah, you know,
that's a funny little speech
you got there, Steve.
But how do I put this?
Fuck you.
Not going to Seattle.
You have a choice...
one choice.
You either roll with this program
or you pack your bags and you leave, Bobby.
If you spoke to me
this way out there...
But we're not out there, Bobby, no.
We're in here.
And I did speak to you that way.
I don't really care how many people
used to jump when you spoke, Bobby Bats.
It's not gonna be that way anymore.
It's not gonna be the way you planned.
It's raining whether you like it or not, Bobby.
We understand each other?
Surrounded by mountains and water,
Seattle is a city growing and changing in all directions.
Everywhere you look, Seattle is growing.
Two new sports stadiums, the new Benaroya Concert Hall
the new Seattle art museum and lots of trendy new stores
are all part of an invigorated downtown.
Our ports reach out to the burgeoning trade in the pacific rim
and our airplanes rule the sky.
Boeing, the area's largest single employer...
Hey, how about Cooper?
That would be easy to spell.
Not banks.
I'll think of robbing one.
Smith or Johnson?
No, they sound like aliases.
Come here.
- There's no cameras out here.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- How do you know?
I've been here before.
Oh really?
Who with? Al Capone?
It's not so bad, is it?
Kind of pretty.
What is it, honey?
What is it? Are you okay?
The bad man.
Oh, I got you.
The bad man's gone.
The bad man's gone.
It's okay.
Daddy's here.
Cooper... something easy.
You know, not some Hungarian name
that none of us can spell.
So we would be the Coopers and...
Look at your face.
- And that would make you who?
- Suzie Cooper.
- Good job.
- Right on, honey.
Sean Cooper.
Has a nice ring to it.
So we're the Coopers?
The Cooper family?
And dad's name is William.
We're gonna call him Bill.
Can I still call him daddy?
And I'll be called Joan.
You're kidding, right?
No. No, I like that name.
Joan, like Joan of arc.
I used to love her when I was a kid.
Yeah, because she was nuts.
She heard voices
talking in her brain.
Maybe. No.
It's good to hear you laugh again.
Yeah... no, everything's great.
She gets to start off from scratch with Suzie Cooper.
What about me?
Steve said that he's gonna transfer your grades under your new name.
Just my grades?
None of my extracurricular activities are gonna be counted, right?
Like editor of the school newspaper,
like student government, like debate club.
- Look...
- Sean.
Sean, come on.
I know this is tough,
but you're gonna do well at your new school.
You will.
You will. You always have.
You'll do it again.
They don't even have anything close
to the level of the Latin school in Seattle.
Seattle, Seattle.
Seattle is retarded.
You know that one third of Latin school graduates...
one third get scholarships to Harvard...
one third.
Now I'm gonna graduate from some crap
Public Seattle High school.
And none of my teachers can write college recommendations for me.
Not for Sean Cooper.
Who is Sean Cooper?
Sean Cooper is nobody.
Steve: Cooper,
William and Joan.
Right, yeah.
And Susan and Sean.
No, S-E-A-N.
Put a rush on that, please.
Why is it that every time I call your state, I get the runaround?
I need the birth certificate to originate there.
And I need it now.
Thank you.
You ever had a guy who just rubs you the wrong way?
Every freaking day, champ.
- Incoming. Ramirez.
I swear to god, this guy
is gonna set up a racket in two weeks' time.
- Yeah.
- Hey, let the field agents deal with it.
You know what?
Just process him and forget about it.
You know, maybe this guy could fail his psych eval.
Yeah, like Joey Grasso.
The guy had how many heads?
What, he butchered, like, 20?
Yeah, no problem.
He's mentally stable.
Let's get him a job selling chairs at Kmart.
If I wanted to be dead, would I be here?
No, I'm too busy to get depressed, Doc,
too busy making money.
How's your relationship to your father?
What relationship?
The last time I saw him was at my mother's funeral.
Look, I grew up in a tough neighborhood.
Some guys became priests, some cops
- like you, Stan.
- Steve.
Steve. Whatever.
The rest went into the business.
But it had nothing to do with my parents.
Steve: Why do they call you Bobby Bats?
That's my name... Batton,
Nothing to do with baseball bats?
Sports was never my forte.
I meant on people.
No, that's all right.
I want to be honest.
That's what this is all about, right?
When I was younger, maybe I was a little wild, you know.
Maybe a few people thought I was a little Bats,
But that was a long time ago.
I mean,
I'm a family man now.
I mean, really.
I'm in love with my wife.
I love my children.
Everybody's happy.
I mean, I'm very happy.
I'm very positive.
in a weird way,
I think this is
the best thing to happen for us...
kind of forcing Bobby to go legit.
Don't tell him I said that.
This is confidential, right?
Look, I'm fine.
It's Suzie that needs the counseling.
This isn't counseling.
It's simply an evaluation
to anticipate any adjustment problems.
Suzie doesn't have to be screened.
Adjustment to moving to the new city?
It's more like this, Joan:
Can you...
can you love a guy named Bill Cooper
who works the late shift at Bob's big boy
just as much as you loved Bobby Bats
who wears Armani suits and gets out of Cadillacs?
I'll always love Bobby.
Money doesn't matter.
I see you like getting your nails done.
They're very nice.
Yes, I do.
I enjoy it.
It relaxes me.
What if, with the economics,
you can't get any manicures anymore?
You know, you can be very rude, officer.
You think I'm pampered?
We have money.
We have money because we've earned it.
We've worked very hard for it.
But I would take the safety of my kids over money any day...
any day of the freaking week.
And I'll clue you in on something else, Mr. Marshal.
Bobby is not sweeping floors at Bob's big boy.
The government will sell your house,
two Cadillacs,
all the furniture and the household items
for market value or best price.
They'll liquidate your assets
and they'll deliver the balance to you
once you've settled in Seattle.
But due to what's owed on the second mortgage...
We don't have a second mortgage.
Due to what's owed on the second mortgage,
the revolving credit line,
the credit card debt of $80,000,
When all is said and done, the U.S. Attorney's Office
estimates your net worth to be at a $7,000 deficit.
What... what credit line?
Who came up with this report?
If after the sale of your assets,
a small debt remains
the U.S. Attorney's Office
will pay the debt
so that you can start out even.
Is this a joke?
Is the government trying to pull something?
We have stocks.
We have mutual funds.
This is ridiculous.
Tell him.
So what's our balance?
Cindy: Where did it go?
I know, I know, I know.
It was stupid of me.
I cashed out the investments and I put them into deals with Theo...
- legit stuff, but it's all tied up to the club.
- Daddy.
Theo had financial incentive to come after me as well.
Can't the justice department do something?
- They can't get any of it back. It's gone.
- Daddy.
- What are we gonna do?
- Listen.
I can't believe you didn't let me know what was going on.
You want the pressure? Fine.
I thought I'd protect you from this.
- This is protecting me?
- Daddy.
What, Suzie?
Mommy and daddy are having a serious discussion.
Don't yell at her.
I didn't yell at her.
Don't yell at her.
Look at the picture.
She's five.
Look at the picture.
I didn't yell at her.
I'm just...
Okay. What? A picture?
It's great, honey, okay?
Now listen...
Oh, come on.
Look what you've done.
Oh baby.
I told her it was great.
Hey, Sean!
Sean, would you knock it off?
I can't even hear myself think.
Let's yell at him too.
Great. Thanks.
Jesus Christ.
Someone give me a gun so I can blow my head off.
You know, don't even joke like that.
Who's joking?
You had no fucking right
to tell her about my finances.
We have to be open here, Bill.
Everything's gotta be upfront between you and your wife from now on, okay?
You don't tell me how to run my family.
Yes, we do.
In fact that's a good definition of what we do do.
We tell you how to run your family
so you don't end in this situation again.
Look, I couldn't give a shit, okay?
But Cindy's used to money, okay?
She grew up with it.
That was not the way to break it to her.
I was gonna tell her in my own way.
Thank you.
We have a...
we have an expression here...
"readjustment of expectations."
You know what that means?
Readjustment of expectations means
selling cocaine makes a lot more money
than working nights at 7-eleven.
What are you talking about?
It's a situation, Bill.
It's a situation that requires some humility from you.
Bill, you haven't held
a legal job that you actually worked
since you were a teenager.
You didn't graduate from high school.
You have no office skills.
The marshal's service doesn't provide
a false resume or work history
or letters of reference.
Terrific. Then how am I supposed to get a job?
I'd say your best shot is becoming a laborer.
You work for a few years.
You get a trade.
Then you become a skilled laborer
and then you can join the union
and you can get some family health benefits.
- You're saying the best I can do...
- No, he's not going to do that.
...is to haul shit in a bucket, rain or shine?
The pay is $20,000-$25,000 a year.
- We can't live on twice that.
- We can't live on that.
That's why I've never been a nine-to-fiver.
Don't you understand?
We don't have any money.
Nine-to-fivers don't get whacked, Bill.
did you type in high school?
You were an administrative assistant at a law firm.
1000 years ago, yeah.
You take some paralegal training,
you can move that up to $35,000-$40,000 a year.
We threw a party last year that cost that much, man.
Who looks after Suzie while I'm at work?
You're both gonna have to work.
Cindy: Well, then who looks after the kids?
- It's okay.
- No.
Fine. Let's say I go along with...
Employment is mandatory.
There is no "if" here.
Fine, fine. I'm in Seattle with the lumberjacks
with no work history for the last 20 years.
Now how do I get a job?
You offer to work for free for a month,
show them what a good worker you are.
Work for free.
Is he serious?
You're serious?
That's your answer?
This is the help the marshal's service gives... we work for free?
What were you expecting... that the taxpayers
were gonna pay your way for the rest of your lives?
No, of course not.
But I didn't expect you
to cut my legs out from under me.
I built my business up from scratch, okay?
I'm an entrepreneur, right?
Now let's say I start a new business, legit this time.
What bank is gonna give me a start-up loan
when I'm pumping gas with no work history?
No bank.
And my children are not gonna see their father
as some down-and-out loser.
You think the government owes you a business loan
after you've ripped them off for years?
How long have you been working for the government, Steve?
Are you happy with your Honda,
your 80 grand a year, your pension?
Well, that doesn't work for me, okay?
And this... this isn't working for me either.
Cindy: That's a private school, honey.
we're not gonna be able to swing that financially.
What about a great Catholic school?
All right, hang on.
Steve said that this here
was a great public school.
Hey, who ate the last
of the chocolate chunk cookies, huh?
Who ate the last of the chocolate chunk cookies?
Yeah, yeah, I took one, but it wasn't the last one.
Hey, look, you take a cookie,
there's none left... that's the last.
- I don't know. Maybe.
- Maybe you're a sneak.
It was a cookie.
I didn't know it was yours.
I'm watching you, Sean.
What's wrong, Bobby?
What, no clubs around?
No friends to blow drinks on?
No young guys to show off to?
There's no deals going down, no horses to bet,
no card games to lose,
'cause there's no money to flush down the fucking toilet.
It's all gone.
See, you're stuck with us, so get used to it.
- You don't know what I've been...
- We're poor.
That's what I know.
That's what we are.
No. Just don't.
Steve: Suzie, Sean.
Suzie, Sean.
Come here.
Come here for a second.
Suzie, hey.
Sean, come on, join me.
Join me.
Today we tackle role-playing
With our new identities.
Bill, Joan, ready?
Like we said, I'm a neighbor
over for a barbecue.
Joan, there you go.
Let's just have some fun with this, okay?
Suzie, you know what we're doing?
It's pretend.
That's right.
It's make-believe.
Okay, Joan.
He called mommy Joan.
He did.
I can't believe we have to call her Joan.
Hey, Sean, why don't you help
your dad with the barbecue?
Hey, Bill, how's it going?
Hey, kids.
where are you folks from?
Uh, Ch... Chicago.
- Chicago?
- Mm-hmm.
Used to be on a route of mine when I was a salesman.
What beach you hang out at, Sean?
Uh, just the one on the coast.
You mean lake, don't you?
That's right, lake.
That's what I meant.
Well, what brought you to Seattle?
The rain
and the coffee.
- And Bobby was...
- Bobby?
Bob's his middle name.
- I used to call him when we were dating...
...Bobby Ba-- Cooper.
Bill Cooper.
I... I used to call him Bob.
Hey, kids.
Hey, kids.
How's the new school?
Sean: It's great. It's great.
What school did you go to before, Suzie?
St. Anne's.
Where's St. Anne's?
West Roxbury.
West Roxbury?
In Boston?
That's it.
I'm not testifying.
Hey, wait, wait, wait.
Let's just calm down.
Calm down, all right?
No hard feelings, and cut that Bill crap.
No, I'm just trying to show you how easy it is to give yourselves away.
I don't care what you're trying to show us, okay?
I'm not testifying.
Thank god.
He's not testifying.
Hey, hey, Bill.
Let's go, Cindy.
Get Suzie.
Let's get packed.
Let's get out of here.
Sharp: You signed a contract with the justice department.
We have you on tape saying you witnessed Theo Cruise
murder Fred OMalley and Frank Gwynne.
That carries the same sentence
as if you killed them yourself.
Plus the 16 counts of extortion and racketeering.
You're looking at a life sentence, Bobby.
I was threatened by you guys, coerced into saying it under duress.
You put me in court, I'll deny everything.
I'm not a snitch. I never was. I never will be.
Fine. Fine.
The length of the sentence doesn't matter,
'cause you're never gonna make it to trial.
You're going to prison, my friend, unprotected.
You think Theo Cruise is gonna go easy on you
because you changed your mind?
You're a snitch whether you testify or not.
He's gonna make an example of you
in prison or out.
You recognize your partner Nikos "the Greek" Stephanos?
Oh Christ.
We didn't,
not at first.
His molars told us who he was.
Bobby, we have 3,500 hours
of tape on Theo Cruise.
We dug this one up special for you.
You recognize Theo's voice?
'...cause I know Bats how many years now?
He's gonna screw up.
And when he does,
we're gonna bring him in here.
We'll have a nice little talk with him,
just like we did with the Greek.
Sharp: "I know Bats how many years? He's gonna screw up."
I heard it, okay?
- "He's gonna screw up."
- Why do we have my wife here?
Why does she have to listen to this shit,
look at this goddamn garbage?
Bobby, please, please.
I have to be here.
I have to know what's happening from now on.
You don't think I know you set me up?
You think I'm stupid?
You were all over me and Theo...
surveillance, wiretaps,
undercover guys infiltrating.
You discovered what I was doing
and let it drop to Theo that I was clipping him
to force me into this situation.
You don't think I know
what you have done to me
and my family,
you motherfucker?
I wish I did set you up, Bobby.
I really do,
'cause I'd rub your nose in it if I had.
But you're gonna have to look elsewhere
for the person that gave you up to Theo.
Steve: Vinny "The Fix" Buongiorno.
Jimmy Chow.
Jesus Lopez.
Susan Fiore.
These 30 witnesses
left the program,
all fell back into criminal activity
and got killed.
Without this program,
you'll set up shop within two days.
You'll naturally be drawn back
into the business that you excel at.
You'll be operating in the same circuit.
Something will give you away.
Word travels fast.
Theo's men are in the bathroom stall of your favorite diner.
You think I'm stupid?
I think you're human, Bill.
We will not protect your family.
They'll still be in danger.
Hell, Joan knows enough about Theo to turn evidence on her own.
That's bullshit, Steve.
You know that.
Fine, fine, but does Theo know that, hmm?
Theo may just whack her to be sure.
Or Theo might threaten her
to get you out in the open.
What the hell is this?
Checking on Suzie's school schedule.
Knowing what Theo did to Nikos,
what would you do
if you knew he had Suzie
or Sean?
Sean's talking to Theo.
No, no.
Huh-uh, he's just walking by.
No, his mouth is open.
He's just walking by.
we're just trying to save your life here.
You want to live?
Then embrace your family
and learn how to live in this world legally,
Why do you care?
I don't care.
Then why are you going to all this trouble to save my ass?
It's my job to save your ass.
But that's a lie, mommy.
You said lying is bad.
Well, it is.
It is.
But this isn't.
This is more like...
like pretend, like a game, okay?
And I think it could be fun.
Will daddy play?
Uh-huh. And Seanie's gonna play too.
But this is the tricky bit...
Only we know about it, okay?
Just our family, okay?
So we're just gonna pretend
that we're not from West Roxbury.
I don't want to play this game.
Honey, look at mommy.
If we don't play this game,
that bad man is gonna come back.
If we play make-believe, the bad man won't find us?
That's right.
Okay, that's my girl.
Don't forget.
Don't forget, okay?
Steve: Now we're going to work on potential problems
that we identified this morning, okay?
I'm sorry. I've always been a terrible liar.
You play with your collar.
No, I thought you did good, mom.
This stuff's hard.
- What?
- You do have a tell, Joan.
You play with your collar and you touch your neck.
Now that you're aware of it,
just make it go away.
That's it.
Also, Joan
and everybody,
don't surprise the family with information
that you haven't agreed upon, like...
like you're from Chicago.
- Oh right. I'm sorry. It's stupid.
- It's okay. It's okay.
It's just you guys don't know Chicago.
Remember, less is more.
You've got to become masters in the art of evasion.
What's the best way to sidestep a question?
I don't know.
Throw it back at 'em.
What brings you to Seattle, Bill?
I don't know.
I just got tired of winter.
- How long have you been here?
- That's good.
Hey, Suzie, what's your mom's name?
Joan Cooper.
And your dad?
Bill. It's short for William.
That's great. That's great.
It takes a lot of energy to lie,
so you want to try to do it as little as possible,
especially Joan.
If it makes you feel uncomfortable
just minimize the information that you give out.
Keep the past really simple.
Blend in.
Ma'am, what's your name?
Uh, Joan Cooper.
Um, honey, you're doing that thing with your collar again.
- I can't help that.
- You've got to help it.
You know, she wouldn't have to do it if it wasn't for you.
All right?
Remember that.
What did you say?
- Sean, stop.
- Hey, hey, let's just...
Let's just keep focused here, all right?
- What did you say to me?
- Let's just focus on the exercise, okay?
Hey, what I said was
we wouldn't have to do any of this shit if it wasn't for you.
We're all trying very hard here, so back off.
- Don't speak to your father that way.
- Suzie: Stop yelling at daddy.
You think 'cause these guys have me, you can just speak to me like this?
- Honey, he doesn't mean it. He's a kid.
- You don't tell me how to talk.
You don't get to tell me how to do anything anymore!
Hey, Sean, come on.
Let's deal with this later on.
What, you think now all of a sudden you run this family?
You don't run this family.
You have not been here!
And we've been better off without you.
You have not been here.
The only thing you care about is yourself.
You want to save your own neck.
I wish they had shot you,
'cause if they had shot you, then you'd be dead
and we wouldn't be in this fucking situation!
You wish I were dead?
You thankless little prick.
No! No, Bobby!
- No, Bobby! Stop!
- Hey, hey, hey.
I'm your father! I'm your father!
I know you told Theo on me!
I know you told!
Are you crazy?
Get off of him!
He told on me!
- You little motherfucker!
- Calm down.
- God damn it!
- Just calm down.
- I'm your father! I'm your father!
- Cindy: Go, go, go.
Go, go.
I quit. I'm out of the program.
I gave you everything you ever had, you spoiled piece of shit.
It's all right. It's all right.
Let him go.
Stay here, okay?
Stay here.
Are you okay?
Look... look, I know you're upset right now,
so why don't we just talk about this first thing in the morning?
I'm leaving.
I can get you a single unit.
You don't have to worry about today.
I'm not afraid of him.
And I don't want him alone with my mom.
We had a moment.
That's all.
Nobody's asking you to...
Yes, you are.
I thought this would bring us together,
that we'd become a family...
a real family, like other people.
I've never had
one of those real families, so...
No, we are.
We're your family.
And we don't have anything else now.
We only have each other, Bobby,
and now you don't even want us to have that.
I don't know what happened. I...
Christ, look at us,
How we live.
I've never been so embarrassed
for how you treat your son
who loves you
and wants your attention
and you won't give it to him.
I'm embarrassed for myself,
for all the things I've done and all the things I didn't do,
just pretending that this was all normal.
And now look where it's gotten us.
Please, honey, please calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down after what you just did!
I haven't got upset enough all these years.
The shit I put up with...
look at us.
Mommy, why are you yelling?
It's okay, Suzie.
What, are you the only one who can get upset?
Are you the only one who can explode, Bobby,
Take it out on other people?
What are you gonna do now?
What are you gonna do now that you can't shove people around?
- Are you gonna start pushing us around?
- You know I would never...
- I don't know anything anymore!
- Honey, please.
Stay away from me!
Mommy, don't yell at daddy.
I am a single parent.
You couldn't tell me where Suzie's playground is.
You don't know one of their teachers.
You have never been to one of Sean's debates.
And now look what your son thinks of you.
He wishes you were dead.
I just had to take it,
let it go, let it go, let it go...
for the kids, for business, for Nikos, for Theo.
I won't let it go now.
Let what go?
You don't think I know where you were
for Suzie's third birthday party?
I told you, me and Nikos were in New York.
You don't think I find receipts
for jewelry I never get?
It's business.
I swap merchandise.
You know that.
Shut up!
Shut up.
Do you think I'm an idiot?
You don't think
that rips my fucking guts out?
You think I don't know what you're gonna do when we get to Seattle?
Because you think you can fool these guys.
You're gonna go back to playing your old games.
But you are not fooling me!
You'll start making bets... what's wrong with that, eh?
That's legal in Atlantic City.
Then it'll be running numbers for some guy that needs a favor.
I'm sorry, honey.
Please, I'm sorry.
You say it's for me.
You say that I need a necklace or a new car,
when you know what I need?
Do you know what I really need?
I love you, Cindy.
I love you.
I'm gonna wind up all alone out there,
alone at night in Seattle
telling everybody
I'm someone else with a new name.
And the same stupid, stupid...
I just wanted to get out.
Oh Jesus.
It was you.
What did you do, honey?
What did you do?
You told Theo.
You son of a bitch!
Shut up.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- Good morning.
- Dave, a package come for me?
Not yet, sir.
Hey, you okay?
No, not really, Dave.
Not really.
Steve: Sean, you leave, we can't protect you.
These are children of the witnesses
that left the program.
I'm going back to Boston.
I won't let you, Sean.
I won't let you.
If you go back to Boston,
your family can't go to Seattle.
They'll have to choose new names,
prepare for a new relocation area.
I want to make sure you understand me, Sean.
If you go back to Boston,
the next time you see your mother
may be at her funeral.
You may never see your little sister again.
Are you absolutely certain, Sean?
I'm going back to Boston.
We'll ring the apartment tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m.,
say your last goodbyes,
walk out the door.
That's it.
It's okay.
- Sean.
- Steve: I strongly advise you
not to force him to go with you.
You'll always regret it
and it'll tear at your family for the rest of your life.
Look, Sean is a minor.
He has to come with us.
I can't live the rest of my life without seeing my son.
Do you understand that?
Now open the fucking door!
Sean, Sean.
Once we get to Seattle,
if things don't work out,
can I leave?
Can I take Suzie and go back to my parents?
If you leave Bill in Seattle, you're on your own.
You can keep your identity or not.
We'd have to relocate him, change his name again.
I mean, I tried to help you as much as I can,
but you leave Bill...
you leave this program.
You submitted the alternate names
of James and Margaret Stratton.
Does Sean know anything about that?
Okay. Okay.
Change William Cooper... William Cooper
to James Stratton.
James, right.
And you need to change Joan Cooper to Margaret Stratton.
Margaret Stratton.
That's right.
We got the okay.
Without Sean, we move them to Phoenix.
Champ, I know the superintendent in Phoenix.
I can hook you up with the school records, okay?
Great. No, great.
Yeah, great.
I need this yesterday.
What's up?
It's an idea.
It's a long shot.
And then the Greek, Nikos,
tells me that Bats is holding out on me.
So what, am I a moron?
I'm supposed to believe the Greek ain't in on it?
How else would he know?
See what I mean?
No, Nikos didn't think it through, my friend.
You partner Nikos told Theo that you were fixing the books
and holding back money from him.
It was your partner who gave you up.
You heard it right here from Theo's mouth.
Not Sean, not the Feds, not Cindy... Nikos.
He thought he'd be rewarded for his loyalty.
He was mistaken.
It cost him his life.
Now Nikos... he fucked you over.
He paid for that.
That's done now.
There's no revenge here.
You're the only one screwing yourself right now.
Your family... they're the only ones
in the same situation that you are.
They believe in you.
They followed you here.
They're the only people that you can trust.
Can't you see it in your little girl's eyes?
They're giving you one huge chance
to unfuck yourself.
Bring them with you, hmm?
You don't like us anymore?
Well, of course I do.
It's just that I'm grown up now
and it's time for me to go.
You'll come for my birthday, right?
I'd like to, but I don't think I can.
Okay. Bye.
I understand why you think
I didn't make
the right choices with my life.
But I did what I felt I had to do,
coming from where I did.
I won't apologize for it.
But because of my choices
you're like a suburban kid,
grew up in a nice neighborhood,
had what I didn't.
Maybe how I was with my father...
my own father... makes me no good with you.
You're the first one
who's gonna make it to college.
And I'm proud of that.
Maybe I don't show it.
I don't know.
Everyone wants me to be
this straight guy from Seattle.
I don't see how I can put you through college
if I do that.
if you leave now,
this is how it's gonna end
between me and you.
And maybe that's okay.
But your sister, your mother...
don't hurt them
or yourself
to get back at me.
But if you're sure
you think you can survive better
by yourself like I did,
I wish you luck, son.
I really do.
Bobby, are you all r...?
Oh my...
Bo... Bobby.
Oh no. No, no.
Oh, baby.
Oh god. Seanie.
Suzie: Why is Sean crying?
I'm not.
You don't think Sean would let you go to Seattle
without him, do you, Suzie?
No way.
No, no, I'm not going,
not if you take that dog.
- Suzie: We're all going.
- ( MOUTHS )
No way.
I hate that thing.
The clothes you have on will get you there.
You'll have initial clothes purchase allowance.
You won't have your driver's license and other I.D. for another six weeks.
You're kind of a legal nonentity right now.
You'll be in limbo in a motel without a car
so I'll make sure it's within walking distance of a grocery store.
This is the balance of your per diem.
Once you find an apartment
you'll get $1800-a-month stipend till you get a job.
You're also gonna get a furniture allowance
and three grand to purchase a car.
Well, it's now or never, Bill.
I mean, I think it's great... all you guys together.
Really I do.
Yeah, me too.
Me too.
- Hey, are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
I had these hidden.
You got these by me?
It wasn't too hard.
You can never write or call her.
You understand that, right?
Or any of your friends.
This is for Debbie.
It's goodbye.
If you could get it to her...
You're making the right decision.
You are.
Hi. I'm...
Hi. I'm Joan Cooper.
Goodbye, Cynthia
Looking forward to that fresh air?
You be good, sweetheart.
And you listen to your mom
and listen to your dad, okay?
take care.
The field inspector is gonna meet you guys at the airport.
He'll come by to see you
every day for the first month,
make sure everything stays straight, on track.
That's it.
Good luck, Bill.
Bobby Bats.
Bang. You're dead.
Take it away.
Well, what do you give 'em?
I don't know.
I give 'em a 50/50 shot.
Always the optimist.
ANNOUNCER OVER P.A.: Flight 648, service from Chicago,
has been delayed 30 minutes.
Please check the flight information monitor
for a new gate assignment.
Hi. I'm Joan Cooper.
This is my husband Bill.
- You want to come with us, please?
- Right this way, folks.