Witness to the Mob (1998) Movie Script

What is that, Lou?
- Jewellery and a balaclava.
The car of a thief.
Nice catch.
Where to go?
- The workshop. We demolish him!
Stop, come back.
My car.
Leave that stuff but. What are you doing?
One thing I quickly.
If you show fear,
calculates this city with you.
Rule two: Pick up the spoils
without much fuss.
Rule Three: Do not open your mouth.
Unless you are at the dentist.
Only if you bring it out alive.
And I did it.
The question is: What should I
with life in 't prospect?
Crazy. When I look back,
everything has changed. Everything.
There are a hundred guests
who want to kill me.
I see.
A coward dies a thousand times.
I die but once.
Our gang, the Rampers, was just
the reserve bank of the Cosa Nostra.
Everyone wanted to participate
in the highest division.
The question was: Who is
the first 't field in sent?
"I made him a offer he could not refuse."
- Even my grandmother mimics Brando better.
"If my son by lightning
affected, I blame you."
The best was: "Leave the gun but are,
but take the cannoli's it."
"Fredo, you're my brother and I love you,
but once you never against the family."
Look at that moment.
I get palpitations.
Joey, join us.
- Sammy, how are you?
I'll be right back.
What are you doing out?
- We'll go drinking.
We are going to gamble?
Put Camille greetings.
The best.
- I'll see you in the "Push-Push".
You wish.
There you have it not for tools.
We go.
- Why?
Suzy 'Cream Cheese' wait.
- On a sandwich.
I must go.
- What did you do?
I got up early for school.
For beauticians.
Do you love me for a fool?
Did I say that?
- You're not a sissy?
These girls were to get eaten
and I'm the only normal guy.
What are you doing? This is much too short?
Do you see that?
I want to look like Vogue.
Shut up and let me do my job.
What did you say?
- I'm so ready.
Look what you've done.
In the five years that I come here,
I have never been treated.
Louie with his plans.
You know what you should be?
Construction Worker.
This is not a job.
- Where do you find these broads?
Those broads I do not.
- What then?
If I see her, I know.
Someone with intelligence, character.
Someone who suits me.
- You know Nicky Scibetta's sister?
- That's a girl with class.
Sometimes you have never
seen a girl standing...
But... if you r d better learn
know, it's touch.
So it was with Debra.
Could. I've never been outside
New York.
I did some traveling.
Florida, LA.
- What did you say?
I had to get out.
I wanted to be an actor.
How long have you been there?
- Two weeks.
Then it was really serious.
They said I was too small.
But I have a nice head.
They talk but what.
You also have a nice cup
and I find not too small.
Cute girl, huh?
She is the faithful type.
They will not let you down.
I told you it was a girl with
class was?
I also have one and it's serious.
- You serious? Make it equally.
Her name is Linda, she's a Jewish.
She was five o'clock this morning with me.
Then you must be tired.
- We have hacked phones.
I want to be there
d'r when you propose to your mother.
I love her.
How is she?
- Beautiful.
Lefty, Tony, how is he?
I'll see you later.
- I want that Jewish ever seen.
What kind of job?
- According to my uncle you can.
Someone 'm screwed.
- I beat it well together.
That's not enough.
This is a big job.
I'll do anything you ask.
We went for a drink with Joey Colucci.
We went home.
This would change my life.
And he wins as fifteen thousand.
- And it's still a loser too.
He always wins. I do not understand.
You do not have to be smart to
to win the lottery.
What is this noise?
- T-Rex. From England.
It's not that bad.
- That they prohibit.
I think it's good.
- Is there no Italian music?
Let him listen as he likes.
That I forgot.
This is Joey's evening.
Tony just wanted the wife of Joey.
Shortly afterwards he married her.
The bastard.
The next day I noticed something.
I had no regrets or guilt.
I felt only one thing: Power.
What expectations do you have for?
From the life I mean.
Married. Two, three children...
That's a big garden.
I love horses.
- I also, at the racetrack.
I have not got all day.
Is it going to?
Not bad, huh?
- It's beautiful.
And what do you expect from life?
Give me but Manhattan.
- Do you live there?
No, I mean the building there.
One day I want to be able to say:
"See that building over there?
I've worked on."
You have big dreams. I like that.
- You must also be true.
I will not stay all my life
one hustler.
I've heard about you. You are notorious.
Are you mean?
I will be good for you. I promise.
Toddo Aurello, a capo of the
Gambino family wanted to see me.
I had found the right woman
and I had a goal.
I played in the top division.
How are you?
- Say Toddo.
You know the ropes.
They had seen me fight
with a boy who had stolen my bike.
When they called me Sammy "The Bull"
and has since remained so.
I have orders from the top.
You work for me now.
Paul Castellano.
- No names like.
You apply twice a week with me.
- Clear.
And they can only deal with you
my permission.
Can you handle that?
You bet.
Only Sevito and I play this game.
The other cards and laughing at us.
I know this game.
These are the pawns. Which should
protect important documents.
As the runner and the horse.
In our borgata, our family,
that the capos.
Which in turn protect the king.
These should always be covered.
He should never be free.
Does not matter.
Toddo took me in and took me
under his wing.
He was my second father.
My father was a goeierd,
but that he was cheated.
He had to be protected
by people like Toddo, people like me.
What are you staring at?
Sammy, come here.
This is Sammy 'The Bull'. Let him inside.
- You're a celebrity.
You do not have to wait.
If anything, ask for
Mikey 'The Bat'.
And my buddy Louie?
If he hears you, he's okay.
Have fun.
Toddo let me turn up every day.
I watched as he was at work.
He steamed me ready for life.
I did not bother.
Does not matter. Sit down.
That guy whined but
money on his credit.
Then asked Toddo what to do.
I said: "We are looking at the other guy
and break his legs."
Then Toddo that person come.
And who came up with a different story.
What do you think of these?
This should be your pick.
I think they are equal.
- And yesterday you believed that other.
Everyone has their own story.
But you must listen to both parties.
If you decide to participate, without
either to hear stories, do not you long.
That will be your downfall.
Folks, go all equally stand.
We drink at Sammy Gravano.
Sammy and Debra, I have given you more or
more linked.
But now it's up to you,
so do not come complaining.
I drink to Sammy Gravano.
The nicest guy in Bensonhurst.
- Do not overdo it.
Where's that kiss?
I love you.
You must believe it. Cheers.
A man is nothing without a good woman.
- I 'il drink.
With us is not true.
We do it every night ten rounds.
You need a woman to take you into a
punch down gets.
What is he yet again romantic.
How about you and Linda?
- We are thinking about.
She is a lot, but she can cook?
She is Jewish, she can not boil water.
Then you are a hungry jew.
If you're hungry, you eat it with me.
I'll drink to.
- On the friendship.
I'm here.
I told you what the
would be between you?
Who is this?
- A buddy of mine.
Do you mind?
What is that? That powder in your nose?
We feast.
Your parents are there. Mine too.
Have you no respect?
- Sure I have respect.
Keep it fun. Good?
What a great night.
Everything was perfect.
But I was not reassured.
Nothing lasts forever perfect.
I did not ruin the evening,
So I thought of it no more.
Paul Castellano, Sammy Gravano.
Sit down.
You know why you're here?
Look around you.
Do you know anyone here?
Get your men and respect them?
We allow you to our family
which belongs to the Cosa Nostra.
This insert this brotherhood
above God, above the state...
Above... and your family. Is that clear?
That is clear.
If we call you
and your son or daughter is sick...
Or even dying, then you immediately
and get them back.
I see.
If we ask you to kill us,
do you do that?
Which finger pull the trigger?
They do not come to each other's wife
and kill each other.
If you have this oath,
love you for always secret.
If you violate the law of omerta
or betray the brotherhood...
May your soul... then burn
as this saint.
I see.
You are now part of the Cosa
Nostra as a member of the Gambino family.
In this brotherhood went
to honor, respect and loyalty.
The day of my admission
was the most beautiful of my life.
I no longer wanted to fight
and steal cars for acorns.
I wanted fixed income.
Something tangible.
Go ahead.
- These are your new companions.
I have no companions.
Now it is. You work for us.
Clear? We take over the business.
That's just not.
What gives me that?
You do too. You'll get your cut.
Come here.
And we'll let you live.
That does it for you.
Pour into something.
Do they do it?
- Yes, of course.
A beer from your own tap
tastes a lot better.
Especially because my boys.
My gang.
It's good. It has been running for more
than the "Push Push".
Soon they could close.
What kind of business?
- A construction company.
But the construction is unknown terrain.
We knew nothing of clubs.
Now Phil Catrelli gone,
we can expand.
With our contacts with the Teamsters
will the money will flow.
If you think it is something, I do it.
- I already have an office at Stillwell.
Who does he think he is, Don Juan?
That's John Gotti gang of Neils
of Ozone Park.
He has made Mick still cold?
That Gambino's nephew killed?
I walk a while back.
Gotti was also a rising star.
Now he came with his buddy
View the competition.
John, how are you?
- Nice to see once.
This is my size. Angelo Ruggiero.
Do you know Mickey 'the Bat'?
So now you're here?
- Yes, now we're here.
I hear good things about you.
I about you.
Already long free?
- A few months. That was nothing.
Do not you played baseball?
- At Wake Forest. Until injury.
What do you think of the Giants?
- Worthless. Can not win.
They have given me three grand cost.
Of betting only
the bookies better.
You're right. So it is.
Is also gambled?
A little dice and stuff.
And with you?
We have a lot TVs.
Wish you a few Sony's?
You do not go into details.
Grant my friends in something.
- Coming up.
So you have the funeral
Gambino missed.
Very sorry I was not there
to say goodbye to Carlo.
It was great. Everyone was there.
Police, friends, politicians.
Certainly a thousand people.
He was loved.
- Definitely.
What do you think about Big Paul?
He's the boss. Right?
Not as Carlo. He sits there on that
hill, away from his soldiers.
Carlo never left us in the lurch.
He was a lion and a fox.
He had power.
Real power.
And brains.
On you.
On you and on us.
The future.
I was impressed.
A smart boy.
Something too flashy, but a real guy.
I knew we would ever work.
What are you doing? Everything
is controlled, tires, lights...
Concrete and steel, the
best business there is.
What is it?
- Who are you?
If so, we lay quiet.
How dare you three dollars per cubic
meter questions?
I have magic concrete. Your problems
disappear like snow before the sun.
This is pure theft.
- What is that guy?
What nerve. Here I would like to know more.
Go ahead.
Bring on those cars.
I had other things on my mind.
I had a family to support.
Money is not everything, but it will come
in the first place.
I did everything for money.
Predatory Practices, hospitality,
construction, you name it.
To the delight of Castellano,
which are 20 percent pocketed.
Big Paul was very happy with me.
He knew he could count on me.
I had Johnny Keys cold make.
A wrong capo.
Where is Paul saying?
I had to do this right.
He's on his way.
You just said also al
Should I wait?
He is certainly in a file.
The traffic is a disaster.
Troublesome ball.
You call that wave?
What is your disability, 40?
Why, disability?
What clubs do you use?
I get mine here.
Dirty rat. You tricked me.
Just walking by, nothing happens.
What did he say?
- My heart.
What should we do with him?
- What is it?
I have heart problems.
The pills are in my pocket.
Is it?
If you want me to finish, then do it.
But let me not die of a heart attack.
It's okay. But quietly.
Call Paul. Say that we have him.
You had me pretty tuk.
You have played your part well.
He has no money.
Check it out.
Forget it.
- I'm not doing anything. This is a family matter.
It's not personal.
I get my orders.
35 years. You call that friendship?
So is life.
- That Paul. Dirty liar.
Watch your mouth. Do not talk
about my boss. Clear?
Before you do it,
I want to ask you two things.
He must be an expert.
- That is my size though.
I promised my wife
I would die without shoes.
May I take off?
- Is that all?
That's all.
Why had those shoes now?
That's between me and my wife.
That's a real guy.
He accepted it.
He was a real gangster.
He was not afraid.
I think it's a shame.
Tonight I do not sleep because of that
shoes question.
He was a real guy.
We were called by the White House.
Big Paul was satisfied.
One-third, one-third. I want a third
of money. One third of all.
I pass it on.
The Chinese, the Jews and the rest
get more than enough.
I'll talk to 'Fat Man'.
We get it though.
Would you like a cookie?
All talk to the President.
I want that money.
Something else. We have a
problem with 'Fat' Angie of Gotti.
He deals drugs. And for my part, he
the nephew of the Pope or Neil.
John might be a gambler,
but he is not a drug dealer.
He pays his debts than that
plumbing business?
You can not do with toilet seats sales.
I find this is just out.
- You do that.
Sammy and his buddy there.
I need to stretch our legs.
How are you? Nice to see you again.
Do you already Louie?
You carpentry runs well, I hear.
- It's excellent.
Louie Di Bono's business runs
very well. Right?
I want you to cooperate.
Sounds good to me.
- I'm fine.
I'll talk to the Teamsters.
A little lubrication, then runs it better.
From you we should have.
I'm counting on you.
We will not disappoint you.
We go next week hunt? I must
my new Winchester adjustment.
This life of ours is very nice,
but also unpredictable.
Before you know it, you fucked up.
You must be on your guard for
the people around you.
I will.
Why do not you help at home?
Watch your mouth.
- Can not help pay the boss?
You are in his house.
Something you do not say. Clear?
You made this?
- What can you cook.
Taste my marinara but once.
Mikey is faithful to me.
He's with me, are not you?
That you can shake.
John and I had become friends.
I felt I had to warn him.
You should see what a freak.
That's my brother.
Remember, this is just between us.
He thinks that 'Fat' Angie and you
drugs act.
I only drink sometimes a glass.
Angelo and does not deal in drugs.
If I notice that he is lying,
then he goes out.
Frank DeCicco chose your side.
- He's a good guy.
What are they doing now?
- They seek it out.
I see no evidence of this.
- I know you do not see.
I do not want to ruin it for you,
but keep your eyes open.
Because if you blink,
He cheats on you before your eyes.
Then I will not blink.
John and I were playing chess.
We just did not
how the game would end.
Johnny V, 500.
- Dear guy, Johnny V.
Dog is still showing up?
I'll talk to him.
Should I send Joe?
- No, I see him on Friday at the construction.
Joe, we need you here.
Hurry up with that coffee.
With Debra.
- Hello, how are you?
Say it.
- Can I just Sam? It's important.
Debra I have for you.
I'll call her back.
- She says it's important.
What has he been up to now?
You must help him.
I'm really sorry.
I do not wanna hear.
He called me a sissy.
What was I supposed to?
Who was it?
- Bobby Giordano.
His father runs in the family.
Become anyway once wisely.
If they scold, shoot.
Would you do the same.
Are you still working on that powder?
What did I say?
I quit.
I will improve my life.
And do not lie to me. Never do that.
I swear. I quit.
This was the last time. Clear?
That's not all.
What do you think Scibetta doing?
He insulted the niece of Frankie D.
What did he say?
- That's what I'd rather not.
He used drugs, acting drugs.
He talks too much. He is a sentinel.
Who says that?
- Everybody knows it.
Louie, you know this trade it off.
And Sammy?
- They do not need to know.
He's my best friend.
Should I be his brother...
Then he. Understood?
Where is that steel?
It's hard to get good people.
It is not a vacation.
Hi there Lou. How's it going?
I need to talk. I'm telling you
honest, because we are old friends.
What is it?
I must make Nicky cold.
Go away. He's just a loser.
I could just break his legs?
It's too late. He bullshit too much.
They think he betrays them.
That stupid jerk. He sits me all cross
since my wedding.
Whether you like it or not,
it happens anyway.
Do you understand my position?
He dug his own grave.
For Paul and I went with Di Bono
and I made Johnny Keys off.
When I look back, I know
that Paul was already off me wild.
Nicky, how are you?
For whatever job you?
A jewelry store.
Should I drive? All right.
If I bring in need,
it is also best.
That we discuss later.
What is it?
What is it?
What did I do?
In and around the central building of
Jonestown are 400 bodies were found.
That all those idiots themselves poison.
My parents called.
Nicky's been two days.
He will be at the celebrations.
But he calls them always.
Do not worry.
He'll turn up. As always.
I did not know him
would be cut in pieces.
Lord, the dead are with You and Your saints
rejoice in gladness.
Hear the prayers for Nicholas
Scabetti, who passed away...
And give him eternal joy.
We ask this through Jesus Christ.
In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Our Father who art in Hemele, Your Name
hallowed be Thy Kingdom come...
It's a shame.
Who can do anything now?
He was such a sweet kid.
He had a good heart.
He loved everyone.
Of the children.
I know.
We must find out who did this.
And we need to make them pay for this.
I will say to the boys.
I know how bad this is.
We have also lost a son.
We will always remember you.
Thank you guys came.
Did I say I was?
You get the money.
I give you my word.
I like you,
but you lapse into repetition.
I'm Joe Bertinelli
Gialucci of Concrete for you.
Now, no phone calls.
I'll call him back.
I do not threaten,
So make me not one of them.
I know there is something on.
I have a house in Jersey.
It has long been in the family.
And I want you to have.
Debra had been through a lot. I wanted
her and the children a favor.
And it seemed to me something.
You can have it.
How do you like it?
You did not say it was furnished.
- That was the price.
Our first apartment fits in that kitchen.
Do you remember our first night out?
The horses?
Do you remember that?
This garden is large enough.
Wish you the barn on
fire sometimes stabbing?
Acorn, what are you doing?
This is a robbery.
This one I just bought.
- Are you going to hunt elephants?
Where are your clothes?
You lost yesterday,
you must clean up.
It is well our horses,
I make nothing but clean.
You lost, so to work.
Give him the shovel.
Not bad, huh? She's pretty good.
I must say, this was the one.
How are you?
Come on, now you.
Dad has rescued animals.
How did you get that?
- The butcher wanted to kill them.
Dad has saved them.
What was I supposed to? I saw those eyes
and when I had to.
Get in, we're about to eat.
Good thing you did not cows.
I bought a horse.
Took me 30 grand, 'Golden Passion'.
It's a whopper. In a few years
he goes running races.
Nicky 'Cowboy' is on the phone.
What is it?
We have a problem.
Forget it, Shirley.
How you doin '?
You mess with the books.
- I'm not cheating.
I can show you.
The only thing I want to see is money.
It goes on to bribe
the Teamsters and auditors.
Is it my money?
- Exactly.
I will not cheat.
- I've never stolen money from you.
If you sew me, you're dead.
Di Bono complained to Big Paul I
had threatened him.
He wanted me dead. I had to
Castellano come. This was bad.
You have no evidence against Di Bono.
Deny that you threatened him.
It's your word against his.
I'm not gonna lie.
I tell it like it is.
Sometimes you live in a different world.
If you do, put them
you offside or you die.
You're right, I just deny it.
So it went. 'T One moment I was
the darling...
And... it was another moment my life
at stake.
We are together because Salvatore
Gravano them is accused...
That... he is a holy rule of
Cosa Nostra has violated.
Louie Di Bono says...
That this brother... his confrere has
attacked and threatened with death.
Di Bono has given us access
in his books.
There is no evidence that
he has deceived you.
Or that he has harmed you.
Is it true that you him with death
have threatened?
I threatened him.
Friends I never threatened.
But this scab... He is
a festering, a liar and a thief.
You go too far.
- No, Frankie.
He goes too far. He has everyone
at this table robbed.
Give me a gun, I make you here
cold spot.
I make that fat guy off.
How dare you say that?
Who are you to talk so disrespectfully?
Only I decide on the death of the
members of this family.
I swear...
- You deserve death.
I swear, I'm not lying.
- Calm down.
Sammy has gone too far.
I understand you.
But I am sure that he truth.
He had everything to deny.
But here is a man of honor,
of principles.
Well then.
But the next time...
You... that crosses the line,
you die.
Where was the honor and loyalty?
Where was the brotherhood?
Each week brought Di Bono Paul
the envelopes with my money.
There is a saying: "Keep laughing even
you're screwed."
But after that time it was hard
against Paul to laugh.
Against John Paul has said that
anyone who does drugs, it goes.
He has something against drugs
because he himself never been poor.
Then everything went wrong.
I have some furniture ingested.
So we can talk?
I have everything checked.
This is the phone of my daughter.
How much is it?
Thirty seats. Street Value sixty,
seventy balloons.
Call the movers then.
I say so often:
"Who's dealing, playing with fire.
If they catch you, going down."
Fat Angie and Gene were caught. John
got them free and gave them along.
This was it. It has now ended.
They only have that tape.
You're full of shit too. If the phone
pick up, you hear all those thick cocks.
We have always been together.
Have I ever done something wrong?
I know that you are my friend,
but you cut yourself in the fingers.
With Angie's big mouth the trouble started.
Neil Della Croce, Gotti's capo, was dying.
Yet he did the defense.
Angelo's lawyers refute
those tapes in several ways.
There is a good chance that we are good
come from.
Maybe my name.
Soon I am associated
with them and with drugs.
Your name is not mentioned.
If so, I bring you their heads.
I'm powerless. I want certainty.
The FBI has more to me.
This I can not do.
Angie's lawyers have those tapes yet.
I promise you if we have them,
you get them.
You know, Angelo is a piece of dirt,
he is nothing.
But if you're behind it,
go your whole gang coming.
I swear.
What do I do with those tires?
What do I need? I can see my brother and
my best friend not to burst.
Tell me about it.
Paul gets drug money from anyone.
And I think he suits. He makes
the rules, but not to live there.
He's not a real gangster. He does
in shares and fills his pockets.
I told you so.
Everything goes to his own family.
- That's right.
That the police are the real heroes.
Go away.
- Really.
She lazily against various armed
can get.
Real heroes.
- I can not believe.
Would you say to your men for you
she sends path?
Let him send for the police
a job. Me he should leave it alone.
How do you do this?
- I love him on the line. What else?
If his name is on that
tapes, he gets a thousand years.
That would be nice.
Forward, skip it.
Is it? Nothing wrong with you?
Do I have your moles?
- I could not help it.
You think I'm kidding myself?
What do you think we will let him go?
Hoop it.
Those guys are too strong.
Give me at a pair of gloves.
That's what I hear.
With Mikey can not be mocked.
He is my size.
They seem to be Nixon.
We have no tapes.
We must eliminate.
And do not Gravano.
They are good friends.
Sammy has never done anything.
I do not. I fight it out in
the courtroom.
If they catch me for conspiracy...
- It's okay.
Well, we do so.
If Neil is dead, putting an end
to Gotti's gang.
Then we cut his wings.
Day, sister.
- Hi, Mikey.
Day, Louie.
- Is there Sammy?
Sammy, Louie's.
How are you?
Give this but Sammy.
I go to the car wash.
Come Sunday?
Keep what meatballs.
And remember the breasole not.
Say it again.
That whole thing with horses
gives me a penny on.
That takes time. A matter
of breeding and training.
Gem delivers good bit on?
I have some on order
I need my money.
How can you work with another?
I must do what's best for me.
I do not think you suddenly from
want steps.
Why? Is rumored about me?
Of course not.
- Are you sure?
Go ahead.
You must do what is best.
If you think this is the best,
I can understand that.
Of course not.
Take care of yourself.
What were you with Castellano and Bilotti?
You think I do not notice?
You took the spoils fixed inside.
Big Paul had a capital spent
an alarm.
But it was the FBI succeeded
listening devices to place.
He was arrested for conspiracy.
Not only did Angie's mouth
beyond talk, Paul himself.
How are you?
I looked at John in his club "The Ravenite.
How is life?
Well, are you?
Norman, make the same card table ready.
Where is John?
- They had to get away.
You said he'd be here?
'Fat' Angie is now door number one.
Right, that's 'Fat' Angie.
Who's the other guy?
- Never seen before.
We have a novice at.
They walk to the corner.
I think he will be chatting.
The food remains in my throat stabbing.
I have constant heartburn. Terrible.
You say that all the time.
What are you thinking?
There going to change things.
Paul wants us tackle
So we need him to be.
Was this your idea?
I represent John.
He needs me to say this myself.
Sammy, listen.
You must understand this.
He wants to know if you participate.
Nothing more.
I do not know. This is quite a bit.
This is no small thing.
John does not do anything
without you or Frankie.
And what does Frankie?
Who participates.
I have to think.
I'll talk to you later.
John us dared to imagine,
there was guts.
A murder is easy, but he is a
good boss?
I like him, but he is the best choice?
This shows he still initiative?
Quiet moment.
What about you? Would not you boss?
I can work under him,
but not me.
His ego is bigger than the Empire
State Building.
The question is: Can he'll curb?
As well, can Sammy "The Bull" him?
Also, you and me.
The boss is off.
This was done in thirty years.
That went against everything. All rules.
He is a fish in the desert.
He is a dead fish.
Are you in?
I'm with you.
- Then the war.
We do it.
We polsten the Columbo's, the Bonnano's
and the Luchese's.
We sought support.
The message was simple:
Give the thugs in power back.
If we would not do,
it would be over with us.
If we could do it,
it could be a long war.
When are you coming back?
About a week or so. I do not know.
These are important issues.
Are you home for Christmas?
Tell the kids that Santa
had to leave. I send something.
Is it really matters?
I have really no other. That's not it.
Here I have no sense.
I said it was for business
and that it is therefore also for this.
Frankie would mediate peace.
Paul trusted him.
And that was his fatal mistake.
Without trust there is no treason.
A vodka martini.
- Whiskey with ice.
I hope so too.
Where are they?
Nothing to show yet.
Do nothing and stay where you are.
Wait till I give the signal.
Chanel No.. 5.
Gloria loves that perfume.
She says the money to smell.
Just be careful that you do not mix.
Then your wife desolate.
What do you and Francis for Christmas?
We celebrate it in Lido Beach.
Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
On you.
He stands beside us.
Here beside us.
- I heard you.
If they look, I shoot straight.
I swear, if they look, I shoot.
If you do not touch me.
He stands at the first traffic lights.
They're coming. Caution.
They have been there.
Castellano was gunned down by four men.
These are cold-blooded murders.
- His bodyguard...
According to the police, it
a violent takeover.
Look at that.
It's on all channels.
There is no one arrested. Tommy's
devastated, but that's it.
He's a good guy. He must know
he has nothing to fear.
Now see who our opponents are.
Nobody dares us to challenge.
Who knows? The Chin and brothers
Rotondo worked with Paul.
They see it.
We are not afraid of anyone.
So the "Boss of Bosses" is dead?
Yes, and he has lived.
His servant will'm missing.
But his wife.
He just for that girl
to strengthen his dick.
And now we make him cold.
We are a great couple.
To you and me.
On us.
On that side a little more.
Guess who's here.
Daddy's home.
I felt like a soldier
had made it out alive...
Home... and could celebrate Christmas.
Glad you're here. I missed you.
Me too.
Business is good. The next
year we will have even better.
At the funeral of Carlo Gambino
thousands of people.
That of Paul.
You now have a lot more guts.
You've taught me.
I hear you John as second man wants.
Give me your blessing?
You know, the commission has a rule.
You need permission to a boss
to liquidate.
There are many rules.
Paul did nothing else. You know that.
Without rules, there is no order
and without order no family.
What else is there?
- It had to change.
It did not work.
And I mean not personally.
Loyalty, obedience, honor.
Empty words.
That will always exist.
Only we must now honor and obey John.
I thought I knew a lot. Really.
My whole life I have worked on this.
To us.
You think you are doing something good, but
then something happens. Something goes wrong.
And then you wonder what all those
years have done.
And if you look back,
everything seems small.
Very small.
The 21 heads came together.
In Caesar's East. A restaurant where I
money had been.
Sit all.
We know what we are here.
What happened is terrible.
We do not know who killed Paul.
That is being investigated.
No one here will hurt.
We want no discussion outside the family.
Who has a problem with that,
should say that.
We are as befits a family.
I wear for John Gotti.
Anyone who supports, is now standing.
It's unanimous.
The new head of the Gambino family
is John Gotti.
It is now time to forget
all grudges and hatred.
Everyone here is, the Cosa Nostra.
And so it continues until our death.
Whether it's about an hour, or about
100 years in prison.
It remains a Cosa Nostra.
On the Cosa Nostra.
You do not know how much money is going.
It is as 21 rivers that flow into a lake.
All those years they have it culminated,
but that's over.
This is a new era.
It must return to the leaders and soldiers.
They are eager and are entitled.
There is enough for everyone.
For the whole family.
That is the message of this evening.
He looks at whether the FBI is here.
Look at you.
All they crawl for Gotti.
Is it true that you are the boss of the
Gambino family?
I'm home alone the boss.
Are you not worried about
the charges against you?
I'm not worried. I am innocent.
Ask him for under Castellano.
Gotti has style and flair.
He is the opposite of Paul.
Inside is even better.
So Charlie and I'm full of shit by
on hot coals.
But he does not stop and I'm not leaving.
If I'm tired, I tell him:
"All your stories are the same question:
I molde him."
Typical Charlie.
With you I can enjoy chatting.
That's not going with those guys.
I'm not going to decrease.
You're the boss.
If they give us a few years,
we make something indestructible perch on.
Something about our lives.
That would be nice.
Santa is busy.
- It's been more than a million.
You have a good Christmas.
- This is not a crazy job.
Shall we give agents a cup of tea?
They have fixed the cold.
Who do not celebrate feast.
The whole day?
They never go to the toilet?
I can go and ask them.
Go ahead.
- It's no joke.
They do nothing but wait
till we drop a stitch.
And then they strike.
What are you talking about at night?
Listen carefully. You must know how to
enemy thinks.
You worry too much.
But because you always worry and
everything at once thinks...
Eyes... because you have in mind...
Therefore... I make you my consigliere.
I feel honored.
Consigliere. Now there were only John and
Frank, the underboss, still above me.
I was the third man in the Gambino family.
I hear you. Continue.
Did you get that number for me?
Johnny wants us to speak later in the city.
He may say. He's the boss.
That number is still in the car.
Shall I go get?
That's all right.
Hold on.
You'll never make it.
John said something about food?
Weather Da Noi?
- What were you thinking?
He loves soup.
Every day that you survive, is included.
You can not imagine your life that,
if not you yourself have experienced.
You will always wake up with the same idea:
Who survives and who dies?
Some things you forget.
Some things you have to let go
before you really noticing.
Do you have a bet?
- I, on the Knicks.
Against the Celtics? Are
you sometimes religious?
I thought of the words of Castellano.
Frankie came in the same cemetery
to lie as Paul Castellano.
If Frankie does not own the car was
walked, I had that chest area.
His time will come.
The sooner, the better.
Frankie's killers were there.
As proof that they knew nothing.
I think Bilotti's family was behind it.
He's as cunning as a fox.
He plays theater to stay out of jail.
I saw him in action.
He's a real gangster.
Now Frank is dead, you're my number one.
You are my underboss.
You barks and bites me.
- Exactly.
You're a real tough guy.
Therefore, I will.
I can only trust you yet.
That goes for me.
If anything happens to me,
you take over for me.
Two against one that
nothing happens to you.
Three against one. You need me justice.
If the Chinese did it, I blow him.
I put him out of his eyes.
What did I say about the Chinese?
He wanted us still off.
In a restaurant in New Jersey
they had a secret meeting.
Exactly, in the ladies room.
This is the ladies' room.
- Put it on the street.
Very funny.
- Hoop it.
She is a good customer of mine.
Who said such a thing?
We are here on business. We need to talk.
Where do the Chinese do it cold?
For his club in Ozone Park.
There he is every Saturday.
You blasts him down and you smear him!
I bang Gotti down with pleasure,
but it's not that simple.
I needed professionals.
Say who you need.
I take care of the rest.
I bang Gotti down with pleasure.
- This saves us time and money.
If we match Gotti, Gigante know that we
him eavesdropping.
Then we're back to square one.
I want this guy suits, but then
the legal way.
John, I have some new information for you.
A tip for the races?
- We want to protect you.
Are you now sizes from me?
Pity you nothing to take.
I have a few costumes on.
You're too fat, but you adjust them.
Not everyone likes you.
- Because they do not know me.
Got any more?
- Beware of the man in the bathrobe.
Do you have anything better to do?
Damn those FBI guys.
Who have come to tell me this?
That dirty bastard.
He wanted to challenge me?
He wanted to make me sometimes cold?
These filthy freckle-faced.
I told Frankie that he
had on his conscience?
The Chin is furious because he was buddies
with Paul. These two best eels us.
This is for us a little something,
but is it worth it?
That piece of shit is not worth the risk.
If we catch him, we get the FBI
on our roof.
They know everything about us.
Let this be a lesson to you.
Never say anything that
you do not want to tire.
If you bullshit like 'Fat' Angie, it costs
you life. Never forget that.
We do it.
Eye for an eye. We are boss
Rotondo cold.
Will do.
- And the brothers Falcona.
Frankie who have stoked.
- We take three for the price of one.
No one sews this family.
We are the largest in the world.
How's it going?
- Jimmy, you're in the wrong place.
I thought you sat down to pee.
Sammy, I beg you.
You Frankie and family betrayed.
I swear. I did nothing.
Away with that guy.
Then asked the Chinese to a conversation
between the families.
We are like brothers.
We want an end to the feud.
We said we did not know who Paul
He said he knew nothing about the
murder of Frankie.
We said that we are not people
had been killed and that it was very.
We gave the state debt.
All lies and gossip.
We were a Cosa Nostra.
We are surely a Cosa Nostra.
I was unstoppable.
I did now building and concrete
for the entire Gambino family.
Together with the other families scaled
We construction costs by 20 percent.
This city was not built without
We got paid for it.
Nothing for nothing. We determined the
price and the little guy got the bill.
Our family had everything in hand.
Construction, clothing, garbage,
transportation, Hotels, restaurants.
Everything you can imagine.
We were the boss.
We abused the system at all
conceivable ways.
We knew no mercy.
Not all guys who could fame to.
Guys, you must see this.
What is this?
That's not much.
My mother was sick. That cost money.
You'll get it next week.
Fine, no problem.
The problem is that shit you snort.
I'm just cold.
I have a pill too much.
Do you like a little. Did you hear me?
I heard you.
There's that fucking FBI again.
They can flag it hang.
I have an idea. Give me an ice pick.
Yes, grab at an ice pick.
What that club one evening yields,
is enough for the whole week.
I know Nicky is your friend,
but keep him a bit of an eye.
What does he do then?
I'm not confident.
He does not think. Keep an eye on him.
Well then.
A liar is always looking in his glass
if he's lying.
Mikey was in the wrong camp and I
should have known.
That sound I like to hear.
So I can see it.
Well done, Sal. Very good.
Joe, watch out for your heart.
Are they happy now?
They now come back with reinforcements.
What has this guy done?
You have not said anything.
- Oh, no?
No, you did not say anything.
I heard that guy for themselves
wanted to start.
Can you imagine that?
Driving with that trade.
Then the guy had witnesses he had,
Fortunately for him, amnesia.
The headlines screamed: "I Vergotti.
From this period dates his nickname
"Distinguished Don '.
His face appeared in the
newspapers and on TV.
Everyone was busy with John.
It's the moment.
- Go ahead.
They sit down cards.
Louie was just released
after a short sentence.
I went to greet him.
I wanted to know what he was planning.
And I wanted to know what he did to me was.
Welcome home.
- I'm glad I'm free.
How you doin '?
- I came 's see how you were.
How was in jail?
As always. You're your time.
And you're doing well in construction.
- That's right.
There, you too can benefit.
There I therefore regret.
Thanks for your help when I was stuck.
It was your money. You're still in Tali's.
Imagine. Sammy 'The Bull' underboss
of the Gambino family.
I really did not ask.
Is not it great that a kid from our
neighborhood that has reached?
What actually happened with Paul
and Tommy when I was in jail?
What are you talking about?
You know that.
How you've tackled the boss.
So is life. Those things happen.
How those damn Gotti ever boss
become remains to me a mystery.
We owe everything to Paul.
Why did he kill? And Tommy?
Because he walked away. Since when
do you care about Tommy?
He was a friend.
- Your partner, you mean.
You let me fall for him.
You went behind my back to him.
I know.
You saw the storm coming, and you chose for him.
And now you regret it. Yet?
What should I say.
I did not mean to hurt you.
Understand one thing. That Paul and
Tommy was strictly business.
You simply do not talk about it.
Is that clear?
Let's not more brands.
He continued to haunt us.
It is now the case one after the other.
That dirty bitch Giacoloni would catch me.
40 years to life.
These witnesses are jailbirds who hope
a shorter sentence.
I'm crazy about you.
- Good to see you. Have a nice day.
Do you understand?
- Have you any news?
My old pal Louie Milito bullshit behind
my back on us and Paul.
Indicators can not use.
He knows nothing. I'll make sure he
his mouth.
If he's too much bullshit, he goes out.
Let him now.
I vouch for him, I mean.
But keep him in the hand, for I speak
you pointed to.
I give you my word.
How you doin 'here? What's the score?
Forty-Niners 21 points,
against 10 for Chicago.
Those damn Bears.
I have $ 60 on them deployed.
I need to call.
Deb, it's me.
I'm home late, do not wait for me.
I do not eat at home.
I'm home at ten o'clock.
Norman, come here.
What is this?
A staple.
Do you DIY here?
- I do not.
Look at this' s see.
That's number one.
This tent is secure?
Next time do better.
- You would still guarding the lot?
They are smarter than they seem.
Our informant was an investigator for
the team Organized Crime.
He told us what investigations
there against the family walked...
What they knew about
the case Castellano...
Only the FBI he knew nothing.
Their microphone I could not find.
But I never chatted.
It gave them
4500 hours of tape recordings of me.
And what did they get it? Zilch.
John had a subscription to the courtroom.
Look how he's a hall arrives.
As if he was right.
Whether the court he presides.
That's all invented by the
U.S. government.
They may not be my client Gotti.
Gambling or... are the
people with whom he deals.
But it is forbidden to deal with
people that the state should not?
Is it forbidden your free time in clubs
to spend?
With some cards,
watching TV and drinking coffee?
They want to punish him.
And there is good for nothing.
Think of it like a rotten stew.
The smell remains, the remains rot
and you still have to puke.
You hear this accusation home.
At the other junk.
Talking costs nothing,
until you hire a lawyer.
Or judges who kicked it, I do not know.
How many are you?
To 120.
You're not serious.
- He gets it rough time.
Sixty. And let's say that he with us
person can come whenever he wants.
A different voice is enough.
I can not just guilty.
In the case of the United States
against John Gotti...
Accused of criminal conspiracy...
We consider, the jury, John Gotti
not guilty.
It was Friday the thirteenth.
But it was John's lucky day.
Comments like.
They have no evidence and no conscience.
How you doin '?
We would like to say that we do not
will forget.
That can not be otherwise.
Nice suit. The clearance?
Of a truck cases.
Go catch crooks.
This was madness.
What were all these people here?
He seemed to be the mayor.
All that publicity could we miss
as toothache.
It seems to be Independence Day.
We had good they are.
Now they let us be alone.
According to our man
they get all the microphones away.
At Christmas I want you by my
This is not to believe?
You got it permit?
The crawling with cops.
- So what?
Congratulations. We love you.
All the best.
Previously the old guard is still quiet.
The people did not even know existed.
I like being among people.
I wish them a pleasure.
I do not like Paul.
Not so dicks, entertain you a bit.
Next year I care for a permit.
To you a favor.
All right.
Sammy can not relax again.
The business is going through.
I have one of my boys.
- Then who?
Mikey 'The Bat'. He had
Nicky 'Cowboy' keep an eye on.
But he sat with him in the coke.
Now he chats about it.
He knows too much.
- What then?
Everything, and he is unreliable.
The FBI gets him as on their side.
- Did you say that informant?
We need them just for that.
Debra and you have your wedding here
not celebrated?
Time flies.
It's like it was yesterday that we
together with the Rampers sat.
Listen. You've put me offside.
Would not you tell me again back?
I would like to take part again.
Act like you do?
And you stay on Staten Island?
Give me a little room.
You know I have done nothing.
I'll think about it.
I'll be right back.
I was up at five. I'm tired.
A dance. This is such a beautiful song.
I said I do not want.
You never more sense.
- That's what you think.
Your weakest link determines your strength.
Mikey was a good guy, but he was weak.
By a weak link can break your chain.
Mikey, you got a minute?
I'll come to a few people.
You say it but.
- I'll see you there soon.
Do I need anything else for you?
No, I'll see you later.
That was a beautiful wedding.
What do you hear?
Never mind.
It's still a shame.
A weak link and the chain breaks.
Those two dancing all night.
Mikey was a good guy. A brother.
But he knew it and he knew
the consequences.
Why are you open?
That was Sammy.
You're kidding.
We wanted the killers of your brother
We just wanted to make clear
that they can find us here.
If they have something against us,
we wait for them here.
That is reassuring.
And the mess is neat and tidy.
All the blood is gone.
Otherwise it would not be fun
for you.
Let me not disturb you while you
my brother Mikey drink.
By Mikey. God rest his soul.
Yes, on Mikey.
Maybe he's better now
here with you.
John was accused that he
a union had to murder.
The last two cases he had won.
Would it succeed him?
Why are they so you on the skin?
Is this a vendetta?
This statement is a message
for the accuser?
You guys were great. Without the help
of the press had it ended differently.
This was your third acquittal.
Do you think they are now alone?
Hopefully. I'm building this Sat
What do you think of that
persistent attacks of the state?
Well done. We're all behind you.
Go's delicious food. Drowning not.
Do you have anything else to say?
Then everyone called him the "Teflon Don".
If someone disappears, everybody understands
that they should not mess with us.
Fear keeps the business going.
Provide fear and everything runs well.
Machiavelli said: "If you must choose
between love and fear, fear is better."
Would you like to sign?
- Of course.
Is not that good?
And you, Frankie?
- Sounds good.
Is not that John Gotti?
What does a bottle?
- $ 50.
Say Vincenzo but that he was 200 for
should ask.
This is the wine that Gotti drink.
- I'll say.
I will ensure that they are not as to
watch us?
That his fans. They love me.
Give people a bottle of champagne.
We are the Cosa Nostra. We have
No fans. We did not even exist.
How often I 't said, it urged
not get through to him.
We are not movie stars, we're gangsters.
A gangster boss on the
cover of Time magazine.
It's a disgrace to justice.
Tell them we do our best.
Hey, Paulie.
- How you doin '?
What you got for me?
- You look tired.
I got my share and he
had information for me.
I must tell you something.
There's a guy who constantly
gossips about you.
I did not believe my ears. I had Louie
warned and yet he continued.
I warned Louie yet
he keeps talking.
I told you, over him.
- I will do that also.
It is difficult for you.
Let Genie 't do it.
It's my problem. I should be there.
Have you caught?
- You get it Saturday.
Those lawyers dress me.
How much did you bring?
Eighty-to ninety thousand.
Give it. Every little bit helps.
It was not his attorney,
but for his bookie.
John bet on everything apart and stuck.
Do you see those guys again.
Just as I was when I started.
They think they can handle.
They do not know what awaits them.
Friends become enemies and enemies
be friends.
In this crazy world is none
and nothing is certain.
I freeze some.
Do you not it cold?
I love fresh air.
He said: "He must 't be able to."
Sammy said: "This man has experience."
He referred me.
Then he said: "I promised my wife
I would die without shoes."
"May I now take off?"
Making that up. Nobody says anything.
True or not? Who was it?
- Johnny Keys.
Exactly. Was that true of those shoes?
He had white socks.
- And why was that?
No idea. It was a kind of message
for his wife.
You know what my message to my
woman would be?
You have forced me to do so.
All those years.
We were like brothers.
Why were you so stupid?
You kept talking.
I can not believe it.
Wednesday I saw 'r at the hairdresser.
She said it so well with
Louie and her.
And now this.
Deena that her father must get rid of.
I give them something. I help them.
I'll go.
It's me, Linda.
Linda, I'm so sorry.
Come on.
I need to talk.
I need to talk.
Sit down.
You killed Louie.
What? Why would I do that?
You killed him.
He killed him.
You killed my husband.
- He was my best friend.
That would never do. There was sometimes
what, but I loved him.
They grew up together.
Sammy would never do such a thing.
He did it.
Linda, stop now.
I have everything for that.
She's really upset.
They are looking for someone to blame.
I understand.
The fact is that Louie had many enemies.
Suppose I knew who did it.
She gets him so back?
Let her blame me but give.
But one day she comes to me
her to apologize.
With me. I have a job for you.
Forward Golden Passion.
Now outside.
Good. Forward.
Go ahead.
- You can 't do.
I said 't you think?
He's going to win everything.
- I said it anyway.
Mr. Johnson on the phone.
Norman, for me another glass of whiskey.
How you doin '?
If we do not help, we get a
communist Central America...
That guy's a liar?
Than you.
I did not know that was possible.
The members of the
democratic opposition t...
What is really going on?
Trade unionists who are accustomed Sammy.
They do not talk to one another.
All roads lead to Sammy.
If I send Joe, then they talk with Joe.
So does it work simply.
How it works.
The democratic opposition without
not operate.
Reagan and Italian muzak.
I can not hear.
I do not know which is worse.
Why all roads lead to Sammy?
Gotti raving.
His hairstyle suits him.
Look over there. There's that little
sewer rat in person.
Maybe we hear something.
Is Johnny there?
- Go on.
How you doin '?
- Great coffee.
I need to talk.
I sent Joe to the union.
But they only want to talk to you.
You should also always send others.
Do you like a little, will you?
What do you mean now?
You forget who's boss. They talk
not by me with the right man.
Listen, I care for you.
If you call, I come. I
do everything for you.
I know.
But think how the family sees this.
You're the boss.
I am happy with my place.
Or any other position that you give me.
You tell that bondslui they talk
with Joe or whomever I please.
Otherwise she added.
- I make it clear they do.
How can that be? I hear Sammy not.
Gotti not.
They have not gone back?
Then sleeps Smitty.
I get this dribble through my throat.
I'm going to get something to eat.
Take once a pizza with it.
What nerve. I work me 24 hours a day
and seven days a week bad for him.
He'd be grateful.
He's worried about my ambitions.
He just reads his press releases.
Your chances in life are seven
against five.
And if you stay where you are,
your chances are smaller.
But nobody listened to me.
Only the neon signs...
The more people you kill,
the greater the chance for revenge.
You can get away with
six guys repositioning.
But at number seven...
Suddenly... are all brothers, uncles
and nephews for lurking.
Previously if someone does not commute
in his house.
We live in a different era.
Your attention must never slacken.
I love him like a brother.
But I say it so many times against him.
Take it easy, love you.
You have 15 companies,
you have rebar and concrete...
Marble ..., construction, carpentry, asbestos.
What more could you want?
With each new business he conquers
the market under my flag.
I have more people.
Should I throw it out?
If I wanted to be a billionaire, I would
A selfish boss have been.
But that's not me.
You see this sandwich here?
I just need a good tuna sandwich.
You're easily pleased.
- Exactly.
Exactly. He did not love me.
Sammy can not just his own way.
Under Paul all went to 't construction,
and does Sammy.
He creates an army in a military
and the rest of the borgata is nothing.
Assign him his place.
Should I talk to him?
Sleeve will enjoy.
I take this with you.
Everything all right?
- Everything is checked.
That's better. Come on, let's go.
The whole thing is a circus.
The problem is that everyone is greedy
is. Everyone is after money.
You mean me there sometimes participate?
We 't great example.
I share with my people
and you'll get your cut.
We are the Cosa Nostra.
You and I give it a good example.
Lui stabbing money in their pocket that not
of them.
They give me my part not.
- We have it harder.
The only thing you hear are complaints.
I feel like a sitting duck.
I can not even walk quietly.
I see only agents and traitors.
I've told you so many times.
We have too much familiarity.
Wherever we go, my house,
the cemetery, they are everywhere.
I'm sick of it and it should not.
What a job. Only misery and pain.
Who wants that?
Everyone wants more.
I need that rich life.
I do my best and I do nothing about.
Everyone benefits.
The informers were everywhere.
How much money do you get from him?
- Ten thousand dollars.
I've been waiting six months.
Robert Di Bernardo, the porn king
John had his back to be offended.
John wanted me to finish it.
John wanted to talk to him, but he did not.
So John gave the order.
John gave the orders.
If I myself did not,
I made sure it happened.
Moreover Chair Sleeve.
Gentlemen, good afternoon.
Let's hear that band.
And you know why Di Bono it goes?
He has not shown up.
Before we knew who was Di Bono,
He was already dead.
Now it's over. We count them.
Look what a view.
Fifteen years ago I had not a penny.
And you should now see. The city is ours.
Laugh 's a bit. This is our wedding.
What is it?
What's on your mind?
You feel you might want to,
but I do not.
What are you saying?
When the phone rings, I'm scared stiff.
Every time you leave the house,
may be the last time.
You know I would never let that happen.
The kids and I never see you anymore.
You only think about things.
All day, all night.
Get you and the kids are not everything
what you want? You get everything.
Except you.
I have no one to talk to.
I have no friends.
Linda now lives in Florida.
Dawn would not see me.
Make new friends.
- What, what?
When I talk to someone, I just do
if we are not who we are.
It's like I'm walking on eggshells. Or I
Each time something bad to say.
You knew what you were getting.
This is our life.
I leave you and the kids never
in the lurch.
Well then.
That is precisely the problem.
I cock it no longer.
I want a divorce.
What do you want?
I want a divorce.
That can not be. You are my wife.
Yes, you can forget.
I love you, but sometimes I
not anymore.
We are a family. Nobody goes away.
We started together and we continue
together until the end.
If something goes well, it 's really good.
If something goes wrong,
it 's also very wrong.
Then everything goes wrong.
Sammy's inside.
That's two. Now another.
How you doin '?
- Well, are you?
How you doin '?
John is on the way.
We have not come here anymore.
He just does not listen.
We'll keep it short. I must
Christmas shopping with my wife.
I have fifteen hundred dollars
Christmas lights in the house.
Debra I wanted a little cheer.
I get it.
The boss is also there.
- Gotti is now the club.
Toward it.
I do not want new people. We have
but a handful of good boys.
It is becoming increasingly difficult.
But the men that we have,
and not the loafers...
Which... are becoming better.
In ten years we can be proud
on those guys.
FBI. You know what we're doing.
Do you like it quiet.
We come for Sam, Frank and John.
I knew you would come.
Why are you so nice?
- Only Sammy knew nothing.
Even my coffee drink.
- You will now not much else.
Drink your coffee.
Grab the cannoli's. We will take that.
Walk along with me to your new residence.
Hopefully you have a better cook. Previous
time the chateaubriand some tough.
John is my friend.
Say something nice or shut up.
That's a lot of money grab.
- That's for my wife.
If you want to.
- I just.
I have to make Christmas lights.
Let me know how it is.
I will.
I ran the risk of the rest of my
life behind bars by having to spend.
Never again a free man.
I could not believe it.
Everything that I had built.
For myself, my family, the whole borgata.
It could just collapse.
Obstruction of justice,
tax evasion...
Criminal conspiracy...
And the murder of Paul Castellano,
Thomas Bilotti, Robert Di Bernardo...
Louie Di... Bono and Louis Milito.
The state has shown that
your lawyers Cutler and Shargel...
As counselors have worked for...
the Gambino family.
Therefore they can not occur
if your lawyers in this case.
Mr. Gotti, you should find another lawyer.
I'm not afraid of the fake admissions
of that man there.
He can not fight fair and he
can a fair case can not win.
Thank you Mr. Gotti.
In the normal course, I never
a. Jacoby and Meyers there are not.
That's very funny.
$ 30 you can not score.
- Watch me.
That's because you're white.
- I'm an Italian.
We need to get out of here.
We really can not lose.
Otherwise I escape.
Wish you cross the river?
I certainly do.
That's crazy.
Must we then rot?
You look like a gravedigger.
They are often caught me and I always won.
We always won.
But now we're well into trouble.
We really do not lose.
And otherwise we our time. The
family and the money is waiting for us.
Do not think that we are alive.
We are going to appeal for perjury,
tampering the jury or false evidence.
And those tapes?
What's on those tapes?
A lot of bullshit. Junk, nothing.
I hope so.
We buy the presidential order.
We obtain grace, like Hoffa.
Why, pardon? Am I crazy?
We get fan mail. Everyone hates
the state. They are behind us.
We win again, like the previous times.
We win it. Understood?
Get that ball but now, white boy.
John did not want me without him
with a lawyer talking.
And then came the big surprise.
This was recorded on December 12, 1989
in the room above the Ravenite Club.
Let's hear it.
Sammy said he chatted.
Louie Di Bono has ever behind my
back to chat about me?
Di Bono has never stolen.
Do you know why he's coming? Because
He would not come when I wanted it.
Anyone who is cross, going down.
He makes them.
Now Sammy Gem Atlas Steel.
What else should I say?
We go to court.
About ten minutes by bus.
I never cheated. I did
matters, but I've never cheated.
I know you're angry,
but I take it you're not sorry.
I take nothing amiss.
This was our case.
Where's the loyalty?
I just let myself go.
You gave the orders.
- Calm down.
If someone wants to get rid of
Gotti, make it but then for.
You got some balls after
you've done it me something.
Who said of Milito and Di Bono?
I protected you and this is just
then my reward?
They have tires, no witnesses.
The lawyers know what to do with.
I was still an army into an army?
Do not be silly.
I say strange things often.
You know me?
I trust you. Why you underboss.
You say that I have betrayed the family.
No one is more loyal than me.
How many times have I told you:
"Do you. Take it easy."
Treat the others something.
You pick up everything.
Those three, four million per year
I gave you, did you quite differently.
I need to think about the whole family.
Not only to you.
I arranged your trades and bookies
for you and you never said anything.
We're like bitches. This is beyond
and it means nothing.
Does it not?
For you, maybe.
This is my downfall.
You wanted D.B. finish. I asked Angelo
But you had it right.
I only know what Angelo said to me.
That Sammy said D.B. behind my back
chatted to.
Now I know that Angelo has lied.
Now I know it. Good?
I had my mouth shut.
I chatted too much, but you had to
I should have listened.
We'll get out.
Let this be clear, we are friends.
I never doubted you.
This should not destroy the family.
Do you understand me?
I understand you.
If we are out, we'll straighten everything.
Louie Milito had Gem Atlas Steel.
Sammy said he chatted.
Furthermore, he did nothing.
I heard John me deeper
drilled into the ground.
It was his lawyer, his ego,
his style.
I should never have trusted him.
He sent to my downfall.
I'm through. He pretty...
I... and life behind bars.
I had no choice. I had to murder.
But there would be more to go.
His brothers Gene and Pete and his son
John Junior.
Some I could, others not.
I began to count. I had three men
cool it in four different gangs.
I think there 's about it and
realized that it was not feasible.
Now I delve into the shit Sat
than I ever imagined...
I looked back and I saw
something else.
Without that there remained nothing else
than treason.
What do you want exactly?
My freedom.
You ask the impossible.
What do you have to offer us?
Castellano's murder, the murder D.B.
Di Bono, Louie Milito. You get the 5
families on a silver platter.
Whatever you want.
And what do you want in return?
Immunity. I will testify if I
my life returns.
That's impossible. You'll have to sit.
How long?
- Twenty years.
If I get out after five years.
I'm not the rest of my life witnesses.
Other matters covered by this agreement.
If you want more, I want five years.
Up. Since I do it for.
You want the big boss.
- It's just how you look at it.
It is night.
I know nothing of a transfer.
They have a warrant.
I want my lawyer.
- Talk to the FBI.
- What does that now?
You got the wrong guy.
What do you mean, wrong?
You come for Sammy.
I may burst.
You come for Sammy.
- Bring him back.
Come on John, let's go.
- You're going down.
Do you hear me? You're dead.
Nasty cowardly Judas.
I'll kill you.
The state calls Salvatore Gravano on.
Look over there, a rat in a suit.
Your name?
Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing
the truth?
I swear.
I never looked behind me.
I knew that if I would do anything
I believed, would be destroyed.
Do you have a nickname?
Yes, they call me Sammy "The Bull".
How many murders have you committed?
Eighteen or nineteen.
Traitors, addicts, informers.
People who broke our laws
as I do now.
How many of these murders were ordered
or approved by John Gotti?
Gotti gave the order to murder
by Paul Castellano?
Why is Mr. Castellano murdered?
There were several reasons. He dressed
the family for their own gain.
He was with a few people at loggerheads.
John and Angelo Ruggiero thought
Paul wanted them to finish.
John Paul wanted to be one step ahead.
I told them everything. As I had promised.
And I take that responsibility on me.
But that tape recordings were his work.
The game was out.
And John had lost.
He is bad, disingenuous.
He manipulates and is vain.
He tries to get out of
by nineteen murders to confess.
Nineteen people. Some of his
the relatives present here.
They should be happy if he will for
murder every three months receives.
What is left of our legal system...
Like a deranged serial killer
free to roam?
And for what?
For the head of the man on a
And if you still doubt
his mendacity...
The mother of his two children.
For fourteen years, she did not know...
That her own brother killed.
And it is chopped into small pieces.
A funeral has organized
for what's left of him was over.
A hand.
I want silence in the courtroom.
Suspects, stand.
President of the jury,
what is your opinion?
The RICO Act. Conspiracy to murder
by Paul Castellano. What is your opinion?
The RICO Act. Conspiracy to murder
by Thomas Bilotti, what is your opinion?
The RICO Act. Conspiracy to murder
by Louie Di Bono. What is your opinion?
It was over for John.
He later went to Marion, Illinois.
For the rest of his life.
John Gotti Fri
This is a milestone in the fight
against organized crime.
The smooth Teflon is gone and the Don
is as soggy as hell.
He did not come under these charges out.
The Mafia in New York City and in the
United States can now pack.
For many people it ended.
They were not happy and I took it to them
Now they had to work for their money.
Sorry, we did not have anything better.
Thanks anyway.
Do you want something?
- Coffee, cigarettes?
No, thanks.
- We wait outside.
All these years I thought I knew you.
And all this time the man next to whom
I woke up every morning...
One thing, a beast.
Come on, you knew what I was doing.
How could you Nicky murder?
You lied to me, my parents,
our children.
So it just to you.
The kids and I have decided that
we can not go with you.
You can not stay here. The people
want revenge. Then they grab you.
We're not leaving.
We get protection from the FBI.
It's safer.
Since we were married, I
flee and hide.
That's over.
I want the kids to see.
First Nicky, when Mikey and Louie.
And now you betray your own people.
Do you think John is not also
I was planning?
It leaves me cold.
I turn to anyone in jail.
But remember this well, you should about me
say what you want...
But... I've always loved you.
To you and the children.
You are everything to me.
One day you wake up
and then your whole life wiped out.
Until the last piece.
How should you proceed?
Mafiosi, corrupt police lazy,
union bosses.
I threw them down like skittles.
Never before has a criminal
the level of Mr Gravano...
About... leap from one world
to the other.
Never has anyone organized
crime as disadvantaged.
Those criminal octopus industry
and labor in its grip.
I got five years.
Yes, I did it to save my skin.
I sat my time and went to the West.
When I had it not, but I do now.
Was a big lie.
In reality it one
muck after the other.
One betrayal after it another.
Now there is no family.
Away with it.
Away with it.
How can live with that bastard?
With what he has done to me
and the borgata.
And his family and friends.
Only in this country can such
cowardly Judas rich and also a hero.
Sammy once said: "Indicators
are born, not made."
He would rather die than squeal.
Then will he be dead
and in the sky.
You know what Gotti's problem?
He thought he could walk on water.
He thought that the earth, the moon and
the sun revolved around him.
And everyone bowed to him and kissed
his feet.
His run-beaten ego meant the
downfall of this borgata.
Only the prosecutor, the judge
and the FBI show that bastard as humans.
But that is only to deal with
him to justify.
He's a liar and a coward.
And he will spend the rest of his life
to flee.
But I love it still full.
If a man.
Cosa Nostra until my death.
What exactly goes into your head?
I must say it was sorry?
What should I say?
I'm a gangster.
What happened, happened.
You must understand one thing.
So that was life.
You are no longer protected witness.
You are no longer protected.
Be not afraid for your life?
I think there was a day when they
I want to tackle.
It goes as it should go.
I'm ready.
John Gotti is serving a life sentence
and will not be released early.
He sits in a prison for heavy
criminals in Marion, Illinois.
They accuse him of murder and
attempted embezzlement.
Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano lives
somewhere in the United States.
He is a businessman and he defends
in the proceedings against him.