Witnesses (2019) Movie Script

[anonymous man]
I can say without reservation
that in the 25 years
in law enforcement,
both as a border agent,
and now with the Bureau
of Alcohol, Tobacco,
and Firearms,
I had never seen
anything like it.
New details
expected tomorrow
on the drug tunnel
that was just found
in Otay Mesa.
When a stunning discovery
along the border with Mexico,
a huge drug tunnel
over 800 yards long...
[newscaster] The tunnel
stretching from Tijuana
to the border fence,
then another 500 yards
to a nondescript lot
near San Diego.
We all had been
at crime scenes before,
but none of us had seen
carnage like that.
[man on radio]
The suspect is going
to be close by.
We need responding
officers to lock down
a perimeter
and able to look
for somebody hiding.
[anonymous man]
We got some local
media coverage.
about this drug tunnel,
10News will be there.
[anonymous man]
We got national stories.
One of the most significant
drug smuggling tunnels
between the U.S.
and Mexico
has been shut down.
[anonymous man]
But considering
what happened...
organized crime ring
has been busted.
[anonymous man]
The drugs...
...and inside
a massive haul
of cocaine and marijuana.
[anonymous man] The money...
$10 million worth of drugs.
[anonymous man] The guns,
the human trafficking,
the murders...
We are learning what led up
to a San Diego state student
being killed.
10News reporter
Travis Rice has a look
at the medical
examiner's report
and a timeline of the event.
[anonymous man]
The fact that we
lost one of our own.
Two officers
shot in San Diego.
One of them killed.
This is one
of the most difficult
and heart-wrenching situations
for police officers
to go through.
[anonymous man]
What was in the warehouse
was a clear message
to keep your mouth shut.
And it worked.
It worked on the media.
It especially worked
on the witnesses,
and without them,
the case collapsed.
Nobody wants
to speak on the record.
Shit-- even-- even me.
So, it's swept under the rug.
It's locked up
in an evidence room,
never to see
the light of day.
Completely forgotten.
For all the victims
and their families,
I'm glad that you are
doing what you're doing.
They should
know the truths.
They need--
they need to know the truth.
This has everything.
Everything you need
is on this hard drive.
[911 dispatcher]
911 South San Diego Dispatch,
what is your emergency?
My friends have been shot!
Your friends have been shot?
Yes. And he's
chasing after me.
Who is?
And he's trying
to kill me.
Where are you now?
I don't know.
Are you in
a safe location?
A warehouse-- or-- I--
You have to come help.
He-- he's still here.
I don't know
where he went.
Are you okay?
I don't know.
Everybody's dead.
Everybody's dead.
Send someone.
We're pinpointing
your location.
Hello, Miss?
[struggling] Help! Help!
Keep talking to me.
What's going on, Ma'am?
Get off me, you prick!
Hello, Miss?
Get off me!
Stay on the phone with me.
Keep talking to me.
What's going on?
[heavy breathing]
Stay with me, ma'am.
keep the line open.
[struggling] Help!
Hello, Ma'am?
Stay with me.
[heavy breathing]
Help is on the way.
[dial tone]
[cameraman whispering]
[cameraman whispering]
Oh, that's beautiful.
[cameraman whispering]
Yeah, okay.
[cameraman whispering]
Oh my gosh! Steven,
you fucking pervert.
[cameraman whispering]
Steve. Psst.
[cameraman talking]
Stevie. Hello.
[imitating wet sound]
[imitating wet sound]
[cameraman whispering]
Oh, that's-- okay.
[cameraman whispering]
That's not coming off.
[pumping sound]
[cameraman whispering]
You filthy animal.
[cameraman whispering]
Oh... Oh, nice.
[cameraman laughing]
What's going on?
Oh, wakey-wakey.
[cameraman] Oh, man.
Is that necessary?
[cameraman] You look
like a gangbang,
money shot.
And by the looks of it,
you did not score
with Megan last night.
[cameraman] Wow, dude.
You know, unlike you,
I don't aspire to have sex
with every girl
I meet on campus.
You really need
to re-evaluate your goals.
[cameraman] Tell me, Steve,
are you a closer
or are you a loser?
[cameraman] In the ninth inning,
what are you
going to do?
[cameraman] Put it
in your closer. You didn't
close the game last night,
which means
you did not win.
If you did, she would be here.
You lost, pal. You lost,
and you know what, dude?
[cameraman] I-- I love you,
but I just can't.
I can't give you
the room again for another
jerk-off session.
Can't do it.
Okay, winning and losing
isn't dictated
by how many girls
I've slept with, Luke.
What time is it anyway?
[Luke] It's called "scoring".
[Luke] It's almost eight.
Almost eight?
Why the hell
are you up this early?
[Luke] Because we only have
six more days
to finish our final project,
we haven't even
completed the script yet.
No. You mean I haven't
completed the script yet.
Hey, you know what?
It's just--
[Luke] It feels so good
to watch you take on
some accountability.
Oh, fuck you! I have been
asking you for weeks
now to start this.
Now you want
to take it seriously?
[Luke] Yeah. Dude!
[Steve] You'd better
not mess with my settings.
[Luke] Oh my God.
[Steve] Great. You are
such an asshole,
you know?
No consideration
for anybody, but yourself.
Dude, relax, okay?
All I did was
bump up the ISO
because you live like
a fucking cave dweller
in here, man.
I mean it's dark shit.
[camera bipping]
Whoa. What are you doing?
[Steve] Fixing what's messed up.
Oh, okay.
Just don't delete anything
and don't turn the camera off.
I always keep recording.
Don't stop recording.
[Steve] What? Why?
Because half of our grade
is documenting the film.
[Steve] Yeah, Luke, I know that.
[Steve] Duh! So, blasting me
in the face with lotion
at eight in the morning
has nothing to do
with that, does it?
It's funny.
[Steve] Now the battery's dying,
it's going off, like it or not.
No, no.
Hello, everyone. Luke, here.
We are finishing
the final touches
on our film "The Stalker."
It's about this girl
who thinks
that she lost her dog,
but what's really going on
is that this super creepy,
stalker guy,
who can't score with chicks
stole her dog
and tricks her
to meeting up with him
at this secluded location
where he tries to like--
you know, have his way
with her sexually.
And she has
to like fight him off
and stuff like that.
I think the story
is really relevant
to the happenings
on campus right now
in respect
to sexual harassment
and things of that nature.
So, let's check in
with Steve.
[Luke] Say "Hi"
to the folks, Steve.
Yes. I'm serious, dude.
[Luke] Part of the grade,
Behind-the-scene footage.
[Luke] We need this.
So, let's try it again.
[Luke] Say, "Hi, Steve."
Hi, Steve.
[Luke] How's everything doing?
[sighs] Pretty good.
[Luke] Okay. Would you like
to elaborate on that?
Pretty fucking good.
[Luke] Great. Okay.
I got to edit that out,
and that's just
going to be a bitch.
All right, man.
Don't be a team player.
So, how much longer?
Less if I wasn't being bothered.
Is somebody angry?
Yeah, I think so.
You know what?
Is your blood sugar low?
Do you need a--? Oh!
A sweet treat?
Do you want
a sweet treat, boy?
Yeah, go get it.
I'm going to make
you work for it.
Come here. Here you go.
Go and get the sweet treat,
little guy.
I know you want it.
Mm, that fluffy donut.
It just wants to--
Just have a little taste.
Just the tip.
Right there.
Just the tip.
Just try just the tip.
You might enjoy it,
you never know. You got
to try everything once.
Am I right?
You're an idiot.
Eat the donut.
Well, I could use
some coffee.
Yup, let's get some.
Here you go, dude.
Oh! Thanks.
All right.
What have we got?
All we got left
is the final scene.
A lot of people don't
know this, but these
aren't actually real fish.
You think you can eat
three goldfish
at the same time?
I don't think so,
but you should try it.
Nailed it.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, look at that.
what are you hearing?
What are you hearing?
Yanny, Yanny or Laurel?
Yanny or Laurel?
I'm hearing both, man.
Okay, now he said, "Yanny."
Go get the script
from the printer.
You're done?
Go get it.
Yeah. Okay.
Okay. Yeah, I'm up.
Where's the printer?
This is awesome.
This is awesome, dude.
That fucking
final scene though.
What was wrong with it?
No, I love it.
So, I was thinking
maybe your coach
will let us film
in the athletic
equipment warehouse.
Nope. Nope. Everybody's
going to be filming
on campus, dude.
We got to make
ours more authentic.
But we're required
to shoot on campus, Luke.
Says who?
Professor Scott's
assignment instructions.
[blowing raspberries]
Look, I'm going
to take care of that. Okay?
Let's just focus
on getting some actors.
[car honking]
Hello, everyone.
Luke here.
So, today we have started
the casting process
for a film
by hanging these flyers
around campus
in the designated areas
and not to violate
any campus policies.
And, hopefully,
we get some talent
at our casting tomorrow.
Let's do it.
Mm-Hm. Richard Yang.
[Luke] Another Asian math tutor.
No one's going to give
a shit about that.
Speaking of talent.
[Luke] She's so hot.
[Steve] She can hear you.
[Luke] So, what?
It's a compliment. Here,
hold this. Hold this.
Hi, I see you
checking out our flyer.
We're actually casting
a short little horror film
for our class.
You would actually
be perfect
for the leading role.
It's crazy. You know what?
You should come out
and audition.
It'll be fun.
See what I'm talking
about, dude?
You can't be scared
to go talk to chicks.
They're just people.
How do you expect to cast
a hot one if you don't even
go talk to them?
[Steve] Not by harassing them.
That wasn't harassment, dude.
She was flattered.
She smiled. Right?
What you just witnessed,
my man, was pro level
charm and charisma.
Insight into the thought process
of a sexual predator,
truly fascinating.
You know what,
I actually got some
for you today.
[Steve] Oh, yeah?
Just soak that in.
[Steve] Sweet gift.
Thank you.
[Luke] All right.
What do we have here?
[Luke] Oh, [inaudible].
[Luke] Oh my gosh.
[Luke] Natalie is looking
delicious today, man.
[Luke] I mean,
I would bet her rating
I would, one hundred percent.
[Steve] What?
[Luke] Mm-hm.
Full consent and everything
[Luke] Yum, yum, yum.
Give me them yum yums.
Right? Am I right?
You are being
such a pervert right now.
[Luke] Look at your browser
history and we'll see
who the real pervert is, man.
[Luke] Holy shit, dude.
I just had a brilliant idea.
[Luke] She should be
in our film.
What? No.
[Luke] Mm-Hm. Mm-Hm. Dude,
look at her. Look at her.
[Luke] She's like a sex kitten,
don't you want to ride
that ride all day?
[Luke] All day long?
She would look great
on camera, by the way.
[Luke] Honestly, she looks
just like Jessica.
Am I right?
What? No, she doesn't.
[Luke] Are you serious, dude?
[Luke] Look at her hair.
I mean she's got that--
Wait one goddamn minute.
[Luke] Did you write
the character of Jessica
after her?
What? No. No, no.
I did not.
[Luke] Yes, you did. You did!
No. I did not.
Would you keep
your voice down?
[Luke] Give me a flyer.
What? No.
[Luke] Just give me
a fucking flyer.
No, dude.
You're seriously being
such a creep right now.
Seriously. What did we
just talk about
in the quad? Hmm?
What did we just
talk about in the quad?
You got to be
more aggressive, dude.
Chicks dig
aggressive dude, dude.
Not some Beta male.
Here, pass that to Natalie,
will you?
[Luke] Keep going.
Down one more.
One more. One more.
One more. Not you.
You're cute though. Hey.
[Luke laughing] Hi.
[Luke] Dude, check it out.
You're in,
one hundred percent.
[Luke] You're welcome.
What did you write to her?
[Luke] Closer shit, dude.
[Luke] Look at that.
I'm pretty sure
her nipples are hard.
Nice. What does
this little guy do?
[Steve] Would you
not do that? That is
a 4k Ultra HD camcorder
and it's very expensive.
And what is this?
[Steve] That's a secret.
Oh, I like secrets.
Is this
where you store
your virginity?
[Steve] No. No.
[Steve] That'll get us shots
no one else is going to have.
And when did we acquire
this fine piece
of technology?
[Steve] I rented it,
which means I had to put
a $2000 deposit
on the credit card
my dad gave me
for emergencies.
I think renting
this super-secret camera
for our masterpiece
qualifies as an emergency.
[Steve] Let's get
it back in one piece?
Roger that.
[Steve] Dad is going to kill me.
Hello, everyone.
Luke here.
So, today is a big day.
It is casting day.
And this...
[making clicking sounds]
is the mask
that our antagonist,
the pervert, will be wearing.
Cube shit.
Dude, today's date is
the eleventh, not the first.
[Luke] Yeah, I know that,
and you know that,
but we sure
don't need Scott to know
that we didn't cast
this thing five days
before it was due, yeah?
What if someone tells...
Let me handle the details.
And you worry
about the technical shit.
Okay? Thank you.
you're an asshole.
Yeah, well technically,
you might be into dudes.
We're not really
even sure yet.
[Steve] Hello, please say
your name for the camera.
[Steve] How did you
hear about the casting?
I saw a flyer on campus.
[Steve] Whoa, Wait.
You go here?
I'm in your class.
Wow! Um...
[Luke] How come I've
never seen you?
Maybe you should
come to class more often.
[Luke] Sure, but you
would've thought we've bumped
into each other at like a bar.
[Steve clearing his throat]
Do you have any
acting experience?
Yes, actually,
I did several plays
in high school.
And last year I did some
community theater.
[Kelly] I've been busy
this year. I haven't been
able to do any acting,
but whenever I saw your flyer,
I thought it would be
a fun opportunity.
[Luke laughing] It's
a really cool story.
[Luke] Why don't we jump
into the scene?
You're reading for Jessica,
and Steve is going
to be reading for Mark.
Can you give me
a little background?
[Steve] There's this guy...
[Luke] This really creeper guy.
[Luke] He's been following
you, this is where
you confront him.
[Luke] I need you to be
a little scared, a little angry
at the same time. Cool?
[Luke] Now, I got to warn you,
this is some heavy shit.
Do you think you can handle it?
I think I'll be okay.
What do you want from me?
[Luke] I want your body.
If you lay a finger on me,
I'll knee you
in your balls so hard,
you'll piss blood
for weeks.
[Luke] I like
your style of foreplay.
I'm warning you,
if you come any closer,
you'll be sorry.
[Luke] I think I'm going
to be sorry
if I don't come.
What do you want from me?
I want your body.
You can have a-- your--
How do you pronounce this?
A pervert.
A pervert.
You pervert.
You pervert.
You can't have it,
you fucking pervert.
Then Mark steps
towards Jessica
and into the light.
He has a ski mask on
and Jessica screams.
Ah! [grunts]
[Steve] Jessica screams.
Ah. Ah!
[Luke] There we go.
[Steve] I want
to spice things up.
[Steve] Jessica pulls
a canister of mace
and sprays it in Mark's eye.
[Steve] You got him.
No problem.
Let the pepper spray
burn you, fucking creep.
Oh, fuck!
Ah! Ah, fuck! God!
Let the pepper spray burn
your fucking eyes, creep.
Let the pepper spray
burn you,
fucking creep.
[slowly] No problem.
Let the pepper spray
burn you, fucking creep.
Oh, God, fuck!
Let the pepper spray
burn you,
fucking creep. Khh!
[Steve] Um... Okay,
it's an interesting take.
Send the next girl
on the way out, please.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What the hell?
I-- I--
I don't know, man.
I know a lot of really
slow girls that could read
a lot better than them.
Let's just call
the next girl in.
[door opening]
Oh, fuck!
Just stand on the X?
I'm sorry, what?
I'm supposed to stand
on the X, right?
[Luke] Yeah.
Wherever you're
standing is totally fine.
Oh, can you say
your name for the camera?
I mean,
I know your name,
but we know your name,
but can you just
say it for the camera?
Yeah, sure.
Hello, I'm Natalie.
What's up?
So, should I start?
Yeah, do you need
any background
on the information?
I was reading it in the hall.
I have a pretty good idea.
Just one thing,
who's reading for Mark?
My good friend Steve
is going to be
reading for Mark.
[whispering] One second.
You do this one.
You read the lines.
I got to operate the cameras.
It's embarrassing.
No, it's not embarrassing.
They're fucking words.
Read them. They're good.
You wrote them.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, we are just grand.
So, we're rolling.
Whenever you're ready,
just go ahead.
What do you want from me?
[clearing throat]
I want your body.
You can't have it,
you pervert.
[Steve] If you-- if you
don't give it to me,
then I'm going
to have to take it
by force if necessary.
If you
lay a finger on me,
I'll knee you
in your balls so hard
you'll piss blood for a week.
[Steve] I like
your style of foreplay.
I'm warning you,
if you come any closer,
you'll be sorry.
[Steve] I think I'm going
to be sorry--
Sorry if I don't come.
You can't have me.
[Steve] If I can't have you,
then nobody can have you.
Mark steps towards Jessica
and into the light.
He has a ski mask on.
Jessica screams.
[pitch screaming] Ah!
Jessica pulls from her
back pocket a canister of mace
and sprays it
in Mark's eyes.
Psst! No problem.
Let the pepper spray
burn you, fucking creep.
What did you think?
I mean, I was into it.
She's perfect.
The performance,
it was really cool.
I hope I get to hear
from both of you.
[door opening and closing]
[Luke] Steve's got a boner!
[Luke] Oh my God, dude.
You're getting hard
in the middle of a classroom.
[Luke] Take it easy. Yeah.
This isn't funny.
[Luke] You're going to bust
the camera with your boner.
[Luke] Alright, how many we got?
Looks like... Fourteen.
[Luke] Damn. That's a pretty
little decent turnout.
[Luke] I didn't realize
that there were that many.
Alright. What do you think
about this one?
[Luke] What? Dude, who?
Voldemort's wife? No.
[Luke] If I plan
on summoning a demon
or maybe placing a hex
on my ex-girlfriend,
yeah, we'll go with her.
[Luke] But no,
not for our masterpiece.
She is not that bad.
[Luke] My ass is tanner.
A little startling.
[Luke] What else you got?
What do you think
about this one?
[Luke] Oh, yeah. Ultra babe.
Save her info. I am going
to Instagram her later.
You're such a pervert.
You know that's not
what I meant.
[Luke] Sure, I'm just
wondering when we're going
to be done
playing this stupid
ass charade.
What? What charade?
[Luke] You're acting
like you don't already know
who you're going to cast.
[Luke] How about the girl
you've been crushing on
since freshman year?
What? Who?
What, Natalie?
[Luke] "Who? Natalie?" Call her.
[Luke ] All right, dude. Get it.
Hi, Natalie.
Hey, this is Steve,
from the casting
earlier today.
[Luke whispering]
Yeah, it is.
Um, I'm good.
I'm great. Um, ah...
[Luke] I was thinking about you
and I was whacking off
the other day with my lotion.
Cool. Awesome.
Well, um...
After a lot
of consideration,
we decided
that we would like
for you to be in our film.
Is that something
you might be
interested in?
Cool. Great. Uh.
[Luke making noise]
I'll send you the text
with all the information.
[Luke] Just take it.
Cool. Um, okay.
Well, I guess
I'll see you later.
[Luke] Yeah, she will.
All right. See you.
Um-- Cool, bye.
[Luke] Get it. Get it.
[Luke] You seriously
just asked her
if being in our film
would be something
that she would be
interested in?
Shut up, man.
I choked, okay?
[Luke] In your case,
it's called gag. But you
did it, that's awesome.
[Luke] Great job.
How do you feel?
[heavy exhaling]
I feel good.
[Luke] Like a fucking closer.
[Luke] Give me some knock.
Don't leave me hanging.
[Luke] Pff. Yeah!
[Luke] Now, we got
to cast the perv
that's going to rape her.
[Luke] Hello, everyone.
Luke here. Let's meet
our wonderful cast.
This is my boy Quint.
He's going to be playing Mark.
[Luke] Say "What's up?" Quint.
What's up?
[Luke] What's up? And he
is opposite Natalie,
who will be playing Jessica.
[Luke] Look at her.
Just so stunning, right?
[Luke] And that is Steve,
and he is ugly.
[Luke] But we
still love him, and he's
our cinematographer.
[Luke] So yes. Say "Hi," Steve.
Are you done yet? Hm?
[Luke] Mm-Hm. Yeah.
All right.
Come on. Let's do it.
First off, I'd like
to thank you for being
a part of our project.
Of course.
Tomorrow, bright and early
we're going to meet up
right into shooting.
We'll be shooting
at the practice fields,
the cafeteria,
and the shuttle stop.
And then Saturday,
we're going to be
shooting the final scene.
I've printed out the scripts
and highlighted
the dialogue for you both.
Stick to the script, okay?
One night to memorize
the dialogues? Jesus.
Aren't you
like ultra-nerd,
Miss overachiever?
Don't you
have the highest grade
in Scott's class?
Oh, shit. You're the one
who fucked up the curve
for everyone else?
Dude, you're going
to be fine. Okay?
We'll feed you
the dialogue
if you forget anything.
We'll take it slow.
Uh, where are we meeting
At our place.
Yes, the address is
on the shooting schedules.
We're going
to take Luke's car
and we'll all
drive together
in the morning.
Where are we going?
I thought
that we couldn't
shoot off campus?
Oh! We're going
to be shooting
at this old warehouse
that the baseball team uses.
My coach said
it was cool.
So, yeah. That's that.
So, you guys
want to jump
into a read-through?
Crank through it? Yeah?
Let's do it.
Cool. Well,
there's no reason
to have the camera running
if we're just
going to be reading.
[Luke] Where the hell is she?
She just texted me, man.
Said she'll be here any minute.
[Luke] I sure as hell hope so.
[Luke] I mean
it's pretty fucking simple.
[Luke] Stick to the game plan.
Don't deviate.
[Luke] I planned
a full day of shooting
to perfection,
and we're already
behind schedule, before
we even fucking started.
[Luke] I mean
fucking girls, man.
Fucking, girls.
You looked stressed, man.
I just don't like
deviating from the game plan.
You want some?
[Luke] No. I do not want some.
[Luke] I don't smoke that shit.
Maybe you should.
Maybe you shouldn't.
What's that for?
[Luke] It's the camera.
[Luke] It's part of the process.
I got to document
the making of the film.
[Luke] It's part of the grade.
Oh, I forgot about that.
[Luke] Shocker!
Hey, you want to actually
grab a quick interview
while we're waiting around?
It looks like it's real
but it's fake. So,
it's not as bad as smoking.
So, you want me
to look here
or like at you or...
[Luke] Just look at me, man.
At you? Okay.
[Luke] So, Quint.
What made you want
to come out to the audition?
Um, Natalie's really hot.
[Luke] I know you're
failing this class.
I'm trying to help you.
[Luke] Don't fuck this up.
Yeah, my bad.
[Luke] Quint,
why did you want
to come out and audition?
Um, I was walking
through the hallways
and I saw a line of girls
in front of the classroom
that you guys
were auditioning for.
Um, and I was like
"This got to be good, right?"
So, I went in and I saw
that they were auditioning
for your film.
And uh, and so,
I stayed for a little bit.
So, I could hang out,
and talk to Natalie and Kelly.
And then you guys came
out and said, "Hey!
Are you auditioning?"
And so, I was like, "Yeah."
And then you guys
gave me the part.
[Luke] Are you fucking retarded?
What, dude?
[Luke] I just asked you
to answer. Are you so high
that your ears are fucked?
[Luke] Answer the question
about why
you came to audition.
[Luke] Not about
the fucking poo tang
that you were chasing.
[Luke] Answer
the goddamn question.
All right.
[Luke] Or I'll kick your ass.
You don't have
to fucking yell at me.
[Luke] So, Quint,
what made you want
to come out to the audition?
Um, I needed the credit
for Scott's class so...
[Luke] No, dude.
No, you can't say that.
[Luke] If you want the credit
for Scott's class you got
to act like you're interested.
[Luke] Like you're trying.
Oh, yeah.
[Luke] Help me help you.
Okay, yeah.
[Luke] Just try it again.
[Luke] Why did you come out
to the motherfucking audition?
Um, so, I came out
because I love horror films.
[Luke] Great!
What's your favorite
horror movie?
I don't fucking watch them.
[Luke] Fucking hell, dude.
[Luke] Fucking hell, Quint.
I'm sorry.
[Luke] Uh, oh God!
[Luke] Let's try something
basic. What's
your favorite color?
[Luke] Great.
[Luke] Well,
it's about goddamn time.
[Luke] Hey, I'm really glad
you could make it.
I'm sorry. I hit
every red light
on the way
and then there was
ridiculous traffic.
[Luke] Which is why I wanted
to leave early.
I'm sorry.
[Luke] Cool, but your sorry
isn't going to make up
for the lost time
which is fucking up
our shooting schedule.
Dude. Chill out. Jesus!
She said she was sorry.
[Luke] I guess I'm
the only one that's taking
this thing seriously.
[Luke] Well,
we'd better get moving
because believe it or not,
we're running behind.
Hello, everyone.
Luke here.
So, despite our late start
this morning,
thank you, Natalie,
we finished all the scenes
we planned on shooting today.
And since we are ahead
of schedule now, we've--
I've decided
that we're going to go ahead
and shoot our final scene.
But before that
we're going to chillax,
recharge our batteries,
and eat some of these
wonderful tacos.
[Luke] Well,
this should be safe.
[Luke] Dude, do you see
this bullshit? C, grade-C.
Oh, shit.
[Luke] Yeah. I know, right?
Hell, yeah. They pass.
[Luke] No, it... [groaning]
[Luke] What did you two get?
Cheese quesadilla.
[Luke] What? No meat?
Yeah, I'm vegetarian.
[Luke] Why am I
not surprised?
The-- like
sight of blood
grosses me out.
[Luke] What about you, cowboy?
What you got there?
Some tacos?
Yeah, carnitas.
[Luke] Yeah, it's probably dog.
[Luke] Have fun shitting
that out later.
[Luke] Hey Quint, you wanna
order me something that won't
kill me in jibberish?
So far so good?
It's pretty good,
How is yours?
No, no.
Not the food, the shoot.
I felt like
I really messed things up
when I was late
this morning.
You were--
No. No, you were fine.
We totally made up for that
time with how quickly shot
that last scene.
You're good.
We're fine.
We're doing great.
You're great.
Thank you.
Can I ask...
The quesadilla...
Oh, I'm sorry.
You go first.
No, I was just saying
the quesadilla
is really good.
You were asking
and I was...
I'm usually
a little skeptical
about food served out
of a truck, but, no,
these are good.
They're actually
pretty good.
What were you
going to say?
Uh, nothing.
No, say it.
What was it
that Luke wrote
on that note in class
that made you
come out and audition?
What's so funny?
No, he told me
you were going to ask,
and he said
that I couldn't tell you
until the end of the shoot
because he didn't want you
to ruin the film
by being distracted.
That's Luke.
Always looking out
for numero uno .
Well, whatever it was,
I'm glad
you did come out.
Me too.
[Luke] Oh, all right, partner.
Don't hunt yourself
there, cowboy.
[Luke] Let's do this.
Where the fuck are we?
Right. Well hang tight
cause we are just about here.
What's up, dude?
You don't look so hot.
I'm fine.
You're a terrible liar too.
What's going on?
I don't know,
my stomach is just--
it's killing me.
Yeah, it was
probably those seven
rat meat tacos you ate.
I think I'm
a little carsick
or something.
I'm always skeptical
of a place
that has a health
department grade
of a C.
Catch it?
It's not for me.
What? C?
Why the hell
didn't you say anything?
there was a big-ass,
fucking C in the window.
You didn't see that?
Ah, you noticed it.
I'll be fine.
Here, hold on.
That's my window.
Feel better?
hang tight because we
are just about here.
Pull over.
Pullover. Pullover right now.
What? Okay. Sorry.
[Luke] Oh, man.
[Luke] Yeah.
Get it all out.
Release the demons.
Oh, my God! Are you okay?
Fine. I'm fine.
[Luke] He's just got
a weak stomach.
Oh. I'm good.
[Luke] Lock it up,
because we're here.
What do you mean
we're here?
[Luke] This is
the place we're shooting.
Come here.
[Luke] What's up?
[Steve] Turn the camera off.
[Luke] No. Part of process.
[Luke] Got to film. Fine.
[Steve] Turn it off.
[Steve] What are we doing here?
[Luke] Shooting the final scene.
You know exactly
what I mean.
[Steve] This isn't some
off-site campus building.
Tell me the truth this time.
[Luke] Okay. I took
a set of keys
from my mom's office.
Exactly what I thought.
You're doing precisely
what you said not to do:
deviating from the plan.
[Luke] What's the big deal?
My mom is the real estate agent
for this building.
[Luke] It's for sale.
I borrowed the keys
so we could shoot here.
[Steve] Without her knowing?
[Luke] Yeah, sure.
[Steve] That is stealing.
[Luke] Stop being a pussy.
[Steve] Fuck you.
[Luke] It's Friday,
the parking lot's empty.
There's nobody here.
[Steve] How do you know
it's empty?
[Steve] You realize
property owners sell buildings
with tenants in them.
[Luke] Alright.
[Steve] See the sign?
[Steve] It says
Mexicali Meat Co.
[Luke] Do you see any beef,
Steve? Tell me.
[Steve] I see you conveniently
ignore the fact that it
also says no trespassing.
We have the keys.
It's not trespassing.
Okay, fine, you're right.
[Luke] I should have
told you that I was
gonna deliver you
the perfect location
for our final scene,
but you would have asked
how I was gonna get in,
then you would have
said no. Apparently,
I was right.
[Steve] I make
decisions that don't
get us into trouble.
The deal was that you
took care of the script
and the technical shit,
and I was in charge
of directing in locations.
[Luke] You use
your daddy's credit cards
to get the cameras,
and I use my mom's key
to get the location.
What's the difference?
[Steve] Cameras don't have
the potential
to get us arrested,
and kicked out of school.
[Luke] Oh my God.
[Luke] Nobody's gonna
get arrested or kicked out
of fucking school.
[Luke] You don't want
to deviate from the plan,
continue to focus
on the technical shit.
I'll worry about the rest.
[Luke] How long is it
gonna take to shoot
this one scene, dude?
[Steve] Setting up the cameras--
[Luke] How long?
[Steve] Half an hour,
maybe more.
I don't know.
[Luke] Cool. Okay, we'll be
in and out in 30 minutes.
Done. Finished.
[Luke] This is an awesome
freaking location, dude.
[Luke] We shouldn't
piss it away
because you're paranoid.
[Luke] I shouldn't
have to convince you.
[Luke] I thought you wanted
this thing to be badass.
It's the ninth inning.
[Luke] Let's close
this fucker out
with a win, yeah?
[Steve] I know
if I don't say yes I'm never
gonna hear the end of it.
[Luke cheering]
Stevie, Stevie, Stevie.
[Steve] Thirty minutes.
[Luke] That's what I'm talking.
[metal clanking]
[Luke] You good?
[Quint] Yeah.
[Luke] Let's go.
[suitcases rolling]
[Luke] Okay,
okay, okay, okay.
See we've got here.
[Luke] Going to the fucking
mystery warehouse.
[Luke] There's got to be
another way in here.
You know what? Let me
drive for a sec, man.
[Steve] Don't touch my camera.
[Luke] Just give me the camera.
[Steve] Do not mess
with my settings.
[Luke] Okay, okay.
[keys jangling]
[Nat] Is there a bathroom?
[Luke] Yeah, sure.
[Luke] Let's see here.
You gotta put the key
actually in the lock.
[Luke] Fuck.
Jesus Christ.
What are you gonna do?
[knocking the door]
[Quint] Kiyah! Ah...
[Nat] Jesus! Are you okay?
[Luke] Nice job,
Chuck Norris!
Will you stop
trying by brute force
the caveman way?
We have keys.
There's probably another door
around the corner.
That's true. Let's walk down--
[Luke] Let's follow the bimbo.
Did I look like Bruce Lee?
[Luke] Yeah, you nailed it.
Hell, yeah.
There's got to be another door.
Well, how about we just use
a perfectly good window?
[Nat] Why would you
have keys that don't work?
[dog barking]
[Nat] Do you hear that?
[Nat screaming]
[Luke] That is a big dog.
[Nat] Oh my God.
[Luke] Hey, buddy.
[Nat] Jesus Christ.
[dog barking]
[Luke] Dog's blessed.
That's-- that's
a big dog.
[Steve] It's like The Beast
from the Sandlot.
[Luke] Shut the hell up,
it's a puppy.
[Nat] That is not
a fucking puppy.
[Luke] Okay,
the dog can't even get us.
[Steve] Come on, this is fucked.
No, it's not fucked.
Look at him. Look at the guy.
He's a cute little--
Cute little puppy.
[Nat] There is nothing cute
about that thing.
He's harmless.
That's a Doberman.
[Nat] That thing is vicious.
You know what, hold this.
[dog barking]
[Steve] Let's just go, please.
[Steve] Dude that's my--
[dog barking]
[Steve] Really?
[Steve] It's a credit card
my dad gave me
for emergencies.
Yeah. Well, you know what?
It's fulfilling its purpose.
Whats are you gonna
crawl through there?
[Luke] Yeah.
[Steve] Wait, don't do that.
[Steve] Just give my--
[card breaking]
Looks like
your credit card
has hit its limit.
[Steve] You listen to me
for one second. I was trying
to tell you to use this.
Thanks. I'll get that.
[Quint] Alright,
I'm patiently waiting.
Look, it's foaming
at the mouth.
[Nat] He's probably rabid.
[Luke] Oh, yes.
[Nat] Why does this place
have a guard dog?
[Luke] Alright, people.
You guys ready?
Here. In here it goes.
I mean, how?
I don't know,
get on your knees.
I'm not getting on my knees.
You wanna get on your knees?
[Nat] You're such a pain.
[dog barking]
[Luke] You guys hurry up.
[Nat] Eww, I think there's
spider webs everywhere.
[Nat] Oh, God. Ah! I lost my--
Can you help me?
You're a grown woman.
Didn't your mother teach you
to be a gentleman?
[Luke] This is your fault.
[Nat] God.
[Nat] I didn't sign up
for this.
Well, that was exciting.
Okay, trade me.
[Nat] Steve, are feeling okay?
[breathing heavily]
[Nat] You don't look so good.
[Luke] What's wrong
with you? Stomach?
[Luke] Well, suck it up.
[Luke] Here's that,
by the way. Sorry.
You're a dick.
[Nat] What is this place?
[Luke] The sign outside
said meat-processing,
but I'm not sure.
Oh, they probably did
the dog meat for your tacos
from the taco truck.
[Steve] It's not funny.
This is why I'm vegetarian.
[Luke] Hi, Steve.
What do you think?
What do I-- I think
you've got thirty minutes.
[screaming] There was
a huge rat over there.
Oh my God. First the dog.
Now the rat. Can we cool it
with the jump scares?
Okay. These are
the camel harnesses Natalie
and Quint will be wearing.
We are going
to attach a camera
on to this arm right here,
which will give us
some pretty cool shots.
But I've got
something even better.
Ready to see what's inside?
Fuck, yeah.
This is the Omni.
Each of its six faces
has an HD camera on it,
so it's designed
to capture footage
in every single direction.
Then its software morphs
the video together
into one continuous
nearly 360 degree view.
It's got autofocus,
low light mode,
And at its core,
its battery will run
each of the cameras at HD
for two hours
on one single charge.
God damn it, Steve.
God damn it.
It gets me so hard
when you nerd
the fuck out like that.
I'm telling you dude,
I came twice.
Okay, so this is the part
where Mark, the pervert
confronts Jessica.
There should be plenty enough
space for the chase
between these rooms
here and these.
We'll give that a shot.
Steve, you want
to add anything?
Ah, let's just run through
the entire scene
a couple of times
and get the hell
out of here. Props.
Quint, here's your mask.
And here's your, Miss.
Thank you.
That's real, okay?
So don't press down on it
unless you want to burn out
Quint's eyes.
I'll get it situated here.
Thank you.
[Luke] You're a clown.
Okay, cameras are all on.
Ah. Woah!
[Natalie laughing]
Did you get it?
[Luke] Unfortunately, yes.
We are rolling.
Hello, everyone.
Luke here.
This warehouse is amazing,
the perfect location
for our final scene.
Just the right ominous feeling
we need to close out
this masterpiece.
Alright. Hey, guys,
this is a good spot right here.
So let's get set--
You idiot.
It's funny how
you're the only one
to respond,
you must know
I'm talking to you.
Hell, dude.
Did you even bother
just look at the documents
in this folder? Hm?
Let me help you out there.
You notice anything?
Maybe the fact
that the building
printed on this page,
the same building
that your mom represents,
by the way,
looks nothing like the building
that we're standing in.
Or maybe
that the company
occupying the building
is called Baja Imports,
not Mexicali Meat Company,
or maybe, just maybe,
that the address listed
on the folder and the keys
says 1801, not 1081.
[Luke] Honest mistake.
I mean, come on.
Oh, honest mistake?
So is that
what we're supposed
to tell the judge
if we're all
getting sentenced
for breaking and entering?
Why do I ever
listen to you?
Because you're
a loser, man.
A minor league
or beta male at best.
And it doesn't matter
how bad you want Natalie,
because you're never
going to score there.
You know why?
Because you're
not a closer.
[man screaming]
[Quint] Oh, Steve,
I hope that was
your stomach, man.
[Nat] Hey, guys..
[Steve] It came from in there.
[man moaning]
[Nat] Oh my God.
[Luke] What the fuck?
[moaning] Help me. Help.
[moaning] Help! Ah...
Please help me.
[Luke] Call the police.
[Nat] I don't have service.
[man] No, no, don't, don't.
You have to go.
Go and get help!
They'll be back soon.
[Nat] Who is coming back, Sir?
[Luke] What the fuck?
[Nat] Where are you going?
[rattling and banging]
[Nat] I don't think
we should move the hand.
No. No. Stop.
Stop! Don't move.
[man] No, no, no.
If I'm gone,
they'll kill my family.
[man] Stop.
Stop and listen to me.
[man] I can't leave.
They have my wife and kid.
[man] Please.
My name is Rick Rosen.
[Rick] I'm an attorney with
the Justice Department.
[Rick] I'm prosecuting
cartel boss
Xavier Montalban.
[Rick] His son grabbed me
and is holding
my family hostage.
[Rick] They want me
to give up our star witness
and prevent him from testifying.
[Rick] Get out of here
and give this information
to FBI agent McClendon.
[Rick] McClendon is
the FBI Bureau Chief,
San Diego Bureau Chief.
Just fucking leave him.
[Rick] I have to stay.
We can't leave him here, Luke.
[Rick] Get out before they come!
Listen to what he's saying.
The fucking cartel.
[Rick] If they find you
here, they'll kill you.
[Rick] Yeah, you have
to get out of here now,
before they get back.
[Quint] The door is locked.
Just let me fucking think.
[door opening]
[garage door opening]
Look at this motherfucker,
rolled his ass all the way here.
Thank you for joining us.
We'll be back
with you in a minute.
[in Spanish]
Come on, further back.
[in Spanish]
Come over here.
[in Spanish]
Guiroz, put it into the truck
and bring it in another one.
[in Spanish] How long?
[in Spanish] Two hours.
[in Spanish] Give us one hour.
[in Spanish] Yes.
[in Spanish]
That's great, quick, come on.
[in Spanish] Quicker.
[in Spanish] Let's go, quick.
[in Spanish]
Quick, come on, hurry up.
[in Spanish] Wait. Okay, yes.
[in Spanish] Let's go.
[garage door closing]
[garage door closing]
[breathing heavily]
You were going
to leave without saying
goodbye to your hosts?
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
No. That's not very nice.
where did we leave off?
Where is my family?
Right, right.
We were speaking
about our loved ones.
Where are they?
They are close.
They're-- They're safe.
At least for now.
And their continued safety
depends on how
you answer my questions.
Do-- do you
understand that, Rick?
I start off
with an easy one, okay?
What would you do
for your wife and daughter?
What was that?
I would do anything.
Good. Good.
You see, I have
the very same sentiment
about my father.
I'd do anything for him.
Do you understand me?
You see how far
I'm willing to go.
Don't make me go any farther.
Where are they holding
that chismoso , Rick?
I don't know
what that means.
Where is the rat fuck
Marco Catalan?
Don't know.
Where is
Marco Catalan, Rick?
I already told you.
I don't know.
Why the hell do you keep
lying to me, huh?
Where is
Marco Catalan?
I don't--
I don't have access
to that information.
You're the fucking
lead prosecutor, Rick.
I know you know
where Marco is.
I don't.
I don't have access
to-- to-- to--
Think about my father.
Drop all the charges
against him.
You see, I need one
or the other. I need
my father or his witness.
You give me that I promise,
I will spare the life
of your wife and daughter.
And if you don't,
I'll have 20 of my men
violate your wife
in every way imaginable.
Then I take your daughter
in our place
in a bath full of acid
and I personally watch
as her skin
melts from her bones.
Do you understand me?
Where is he, Rick?
[Rick] Please.
[Rick] Please.
[man] Got to be
honest with you.
In the same way
as my father's life
is in your hands,
so is the life
of your wife
and little girl.
What we did to you
before it's-- it's nothing.
It's nothing compared
to what I will do to you
if you don't start talking.
We were
just getting started,
you know, a warm up.
Do you see him?
You know how they call him?
El Verdugo.
Do you know what it means?
Alright. Your Spanish needs
a little improvement, alright.
It means the butcher.
And that's exactly
what he's going to do
to you and your family
if you don't give me
the information I desire.
Where's Catalan?
I don't know.
The U.S. Marshals, they move him
from place to place.
There's no way
that I can know
at any given time.
Rick, Rick,
Rick, Rick, Rick.
What we do to you now,
worse will be done
to your family, alright?
Spare the life
of your wife and daughter.
Spare them this suffering.
Do you want their hair
dyed in red
with their blood?
Rick, if you don't tell me
where he is,
you will force my hand.
I know you feel duty-bound,
but under
these circumstances,
no one will
blame you for talking.
Where is he?
I-- I can't.
[breathing quickly]
That's nice.
"Happy anniversary.
Our love is eternal.
Well, I certainly hope so,
since you both will
likely be dead soon.
There you are.
Where is he?
I don't know.
You know what, Rick?
I believe you.
No. No!
[hitting the container]
[in Spanish]
What is that? What is that?
[noise continues]
[noise continues]
[Luke] Oh, fuck! Fuck it!
Please, please!
[Luke breathing heavily]
Who the fuck are you?
Ah... Ah...
What are you doing here,
Mr. Nobody?
Just nobody
doing nothing, huh.
What are you
hiding there?
Look, look, please,
I-- I came here alone,
I'm not gonna say shit,
I'm not gonna do anything.
Just please--
please, please.
Huh. You see,
half of that is true.
[in Spanish] Goodbye.
[Quint panting]
[man] Alone, huh?
What is this?
You two trying to rob me?
[Luke] No, man.
[Quint] No, man.
[in Spanish]
Are you a wrestler or what?
[in Spanish] Okay.
We'll deal
with your little bitch later.
I'm gonna deal
with you two first.
Who are you
and what are you doing here?
[Luke panting] Fuck.
Who are you...?
[Luke] We're not doing anything.
Who are you...?
[Luke] Fuck you.
[Quint] We are making
a student film
for school.
[Luke] He's telling
the truth.
Please, man,
please, we are just kids.
I'm to believe one liar
that vouches
for the other? Hm?
[Luke] It's just a camera.
It's camera.
[Luke] Ah!
[man] Fucking stabbed me.
Fuck you, motherfucker.
[man laughing]
[man] You two,
can you fucking hear me?
You were going to stab me?
[man] Look at you now.
Fucking piece of shit.
Ah... Ah! Mm...
You shouldn't
have brought a knife
to a gunfight, faggot.
And you two out there,
you're dead.
You're both fucking dead.
[man] You're both dead,
Just like your friend here.
[clanking sound]
[Quint struggling] No!
No! No!
No! Get off me!
Somebody help me!
Somebody help me! Ah!
Somebody help me!
somebody help!
Somebody help me!
No! No, no, no!
[inaudible] Motherfucker.
[door closing]
[Nat gasping]
[Nat panting]
[Nat] Shit.
[door opening]
[knife sharpening]
[making noise]
[Nat] Shit.
[Nat panting]
Nat, my God,
you scared the shit
out of me.
[Steve] Are you hurt?
Are you okay?
Not sure, I-- I guess.
I found a way
that I think
leads out of here.
Oh my God, where? We have
to get out of here--
we have to go.
[Steve] Let's get
Luke and Quint.
They shot Luke.
I'm sorry. I'm pretty sure
they got Quint, too.
[man whistling]
There is a door over there.
Use the staircase
to go up top, okay?
I'll meet you there.
[whispering] I'm
gonna run that way
and distract him.
[whispering] No,
I'm not leaving without you.
Nat, get out of here.
[whispering] Come on.
[Nat] Shit.
[Nat] Ah!
No. Hey, help us! Please,
you have to get us out of here.
Shh! Please. Please.
Please! You have
to get us out of here.
The cartel is trafficking us.
They are gonna sell us
as sex slaves.
[tinkering with the lock]
That's no use.
We've already tried that.
What do you want me to do?
Just get help, please,
before they come back.
I need to get out
of here first.
They're after me.
Is there a way out?
That way--
I can't go back that way.
God, the other way
is to Mexico.
You have
to find help first.
I will.
Swear it.
I swear.
[clanking noise]
[woman] Holy fuck.
[sharpening knife]
[Steve] Underneath
the warehouse I found
a drug processing lab.
[Steve] Looks to be
hundreds of kilos
of cocaine down here.
[Nat panting]
[Steve] It looks like
they also process meth here.
[Steve] I'm not sure
about what else,
but this must be
what they're hiding
and what they've
been protecting
and what they shot Rick for.
[Nat panting]
[something falling]
[something falling]
[Nat screaming]
[man groaning]
[knife cutting air]
[Nat screaming]
[Nat] Shit.
[squeaking in the distance]
[sliding noise]
[banging and screaming]
[Steve] Nat!
[water running]
[Nat] My friends
have been shot! Yes!
And he's chasing after me.
He's-- he's trying to kill me.
Oh no, everybody's dead.
Everybody's dead.
[man whistling]
[Nat] Please send someone!
We're pinpointing
your location.
[Nat] Help!
[Nat screaming]
Help! No!
You fucking... Ah!
Get off me, you prick! Ah!
[belt unbuckling]
[Nat] Fuck you! Fuck. Ah!
Fuck you! Ah!
[man] Shut the fuck up.
[man moaning]
[Nat crying]
[inhaling and coughing]
[Steve] Are you okay?
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
[Nat crying]
[Nat] You stupid...
Fuck you! Fuck you!
[Nat crying]
[Nat screaming]
[man groaning]
[man groaning]
[man groaning]
[Steve coughing]
[Nat struggling]
[man screaming]
[Nat struggling]
[dog barking]
[spraying sound]
Nat, come on. Let's go.
[Steve] I know it doesn't
seem like it now,
but it's going to be okay.
Okay? You said
you spoke with 911.
The cops should be here
any minute, Natalie.
We will get
through this. I promise.
What was that for?
For helping me.
Is what that says true?
Yeah, it is.
What the fuck?
[Nat] I think
there's someone in the trunk.
Do you see that? Ah!
Don't you move,
bitch, or he dies.
Do exactly as I say,
or I'll slit
your fucking throat off.
Now with your right hand,
your right hand only,
turn the fucking car off.
[man] Slowly.
Now toss the keys.
Toss the keys.
Toss the fucking keys out!
Good boy.
[man laughing]
How is it? Huh?
I bet you like that.
Yeah. I bet you like that.
I bet you like
every second of it.
I bet you liked
every second of it.
Do you hear me, bitch?
Oh, I heard you, fuckboy.
I heard you brought
a knife to a gunfight, bitch.
[sirens blaring]
[camera beep]