Wizards of the Lost Kingdom (1985) Movie Script

(gong rings)
(dramatic music)
- [Narrator] It was
an age of magic.
An age of sorcery.
An age of chaos.
(woman screams)
(weapons clang)
(men shout)
- Be on your way to servant.
- [Narrator] Wizards
fought against wizard.
And warrior against warrior.
(crowd cheers)
For the great sword of power.
(suspenseful music)
And the ring of magic.
A simple peasant,
the brave Tyler,
organized the people.
(crowd shouts)
And destroyed the evil wizards.
The sword was lost but
the ring was saved,
and for a time, King
Tyler ruled in peace.
(cheerful music)
(swords clang)
- Yours friends fight well.
- I suppose so.
- When are you going to
start carrying a sword?
- Aura, I'm a magician's son.
I don't need to carry a weapon.
- You'll have to carry a
sword after we're married.
- Aura, I'm too
young to get married.
- Maybe, you do wanna
marry me, don't you?
- I guess.
- You guess, you're not sure?
- Look, if I do a trick for you,
will you stop
asking me questions?
- If I like it.
(magic hums)
(bird squawks)
(Gulfax grunts)
- Gulfax.
- Why is it your pet
always interrupts?
- Shh, something's the matter.
(Gulfax grunts)
It's my father.
(bird squawks)
- Oh be quiet.
- [Son] Father, what's wrong?
- There's a great evil present.
I can sense it.
(Gulfax grunts)
Yes, Gulfax, I know you do too.
- Knowledge will help us?
- We shall see.
(potion bubbles)
The castle is under attack.
(dramatic music)
(men shout)
(swords clang)
(somber music)
(metal clangs)
- [King] You're doomed
to failure, my queen.
- You underestimate me, my king.
As usual.
- I don't understand.
All the luxuries in
the world were yours
for the asking.
- Yes, and I was
yours for the asking.
- And now you repay
me with treachery.
- You are so naive.
- Never turn your back
on your friends, sir.
(king screams)
- Well done, Shurka.
- All in the wrist.
- You must leave now, Simon.
- No, Father.
Gulfax and I will stay
here and fight with you.
(Gulfux grunts)
- You must go.
Some day you will return
and avenge your king.
(dramatic music)
(ring hums)
Keep this ring, my son.
It is the source
of all my power.
Used for good, it is a blessing.
Used for evil,
it means the end
of all we value.
Now go.
(dramatic music)
(Gulfux groans)
- Oh no.
I lost the ring.
(ring hums)
(suspenseful music)
- Wulfrick.
- I should have known
this was your work.
- Enough flattery.
Where is the ring?
You try my patience, Wulfrick.
(creature grunts)
Very well.
(magic hums)
(creature grunts)
(dramatic music)
As you with, Wulfrick.
(sweeping music)
(creature grunts)
(birds chirp)
(Simon cries)
(Gulfax grunts)
(dramatic music)
Find the boy, eliminate him,
and keep these children hostage
to assure we have
prosperous reign.
(footsteps echo)
By nightfall, my men
will have captured Simon.
- You fool.
That boy is the offspring
of white wizardry.
- Without the ring,
he is powerless.
- What about his young friends?
- I have seen to that.
They have all been imprisoned.
(queen laughs)
(door creaks)
(suspenseful music)
The little princess.
What a pity about your father.
Udea and I are very upset.
Such a delicate thing,
and so very pretty, yeah?
- Oh, Simon.
- We gotta find a way
back to the castle.
(dramatic music)
Shurka's men!
(Gulfax grunts)
- [Soldier] There's the boy.
After him!
- Run Gulfax.
(Gulfax Screams)
(birds chirp)
(dramatic music)
- Hold it.
I said, hold it.
You seem awfully brave
when you're just facing
a mere boy and his furry
Hold it.
Are you sure you wanna do this?
You're sure you
wanna take me on?
(lively music)
Well, come and get it.
(soldiers grunt)
(swords clang)
(suspenseful music)
(birds chirp)
Ooh, that's grand.
Hey, boy, how long have
you been living in a tree?
- Not very long.
- Would you like to
get down from there?
- Yeah, please.
(rope tears)
(Simon and Gulfax scream)
- I'm sorry about that, kid.
(Gulfax grunts)
- Is there any way we
can repay you, sir?
- Yeah.
Have you got any wine?
- No.
- Well, I guess not, then.
See you.
(Gulfax grunts)
- Kor the Conqueror,
are you sure?
(Gulfax grunts)
Hey, sir.
Hey, are you really
Kor the Conqueror?
- Yeah, why?
- Well, I'm Simon, son of
the good wizard Wulfrick,
magician of the kingdom of Axin.
- Magician, huh?
What were you doing
up in the tree?
- Gulfax and I, we
were trying to figure
a way to get out of this forest
when we fell into one
of Shurka's traps.
- And who is Shurka?
- He's an evil sorcerer.
He murdered King
Tyler and my father.
- Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
I have to get going.
- Hey, but wait,
you can't just...
Where are you going?
- Nowhere, really.
- Why not stay in Axim?
It's a fine kingdom.
- Because I'm a warrior, boy,
and warriors who
stay in one place
for more than an hour
usually end up dead ones.
- Well, who's your master?
- You're looking at him.
- Who do you fight for?
- Myself.
- You fight for
the forces of good.
- Always.
- Sir, I wish to employ you.
- I'm not for hire.
(Gulfax grunts)
- Gulfax.
- What did he say?
- Nothing.
- Same to you, buddy.
(Gulfax grunts)
- And I thought you
were a brave warrior.
(dramatic music)
(birds chirp)
(suspenseful music)
(Kor clears throat)
- You changed your mind.
- Yeah, well I've always been
rather fond of the underdog.
So tell me about this Shurka.
(suspenseful music)
- So, they have
themselves a champion.
- He doesn't look like much.
- Never trust
appearances, my dear.
You, for example,
were always considered
a devoted wife, correct?
- And you were always
considered a loyal counselor
to your beloved king.
- [Simon] Kor, do
you believe in magic?
- Well, I tell you, I
believe a lot more in this.
- What's this for?
- 'Bout time you
learn how to use one.
- Won't do us any
good, you know?
- Oh, yeah?
- Because of my
father's knowledge pool.
Shurka could see everything
that we're doing.
- Well, if that's the case,
better do something.
(sword thuds)
- My magic doesn't work
outside of the castle
but I'll try.
Watcher, watcher, evil
eye, Shurka's magic
I do defy, pool of
power, pool of light,
with this spell I
blind your sight.
(dramatic music)
(fountain explodes)
- Damn him.
He has beaten me
this time, oh no!
You have not found
that ring, yet.
- We're still looking, master.
(man screams)
- Anukin, Anukin.
If the wizard's son
finds it before me,
I am finished.
- Isn't this enough?
- What?
- [Simon] Isn't this enough?
- Oh, no, no, you,
lots of practice.
Keep it up.
- [Simon] Why?
- Because you've gotta
get good at it, Simon,
now keep it up, put
your whole body into it.
(suspenseful music)
- [Shurka] So you are
alone, my little friend.
(birds chirp)
(sword hacks)
- The ring.
- I haven't got it.
- Then you'll tell
me where it's hidden.
- I don't know where
it is. I swear I don't.
(suspenseful music)
Help, Kor!
(Simon grunts)
- [Wulfrick] Take
the sword, my son.
- Father?
- [Wulfrick] Take
the sword and fight.
This evil warrior
is only a phantom.
(dramatic music)
You must be brave, my son.
(suspenseful music)
(swords clang)
(birds chirp)
- You know, this is not exactly
a fine state of affairs.
Kor the Conqueror
babysitting a little boy
and his...
(Gulfax grunts)
Are you talking to me, furball?
(Gulfax grunts)
(birds chirp)
(Simon gasps)
- This is ridiculous.
- Well done, Sir Knight.
- Who are you?
- Does it matter?
I've been watching you.
You really know how to fight.
- Well...
The whole trick is to
put your entire body
behind the sword when you swing.
- We've prepared a feast
in your honor, Sir Knight.
We will cater to
your every need,
your every desire.
- Well, you see, I'm
traveling with some friends,
and I really should
wait for them.
- Your friends
will be along soon.
(dramatic music)
- Simon.
(Gulfax grunts)
(dramatic music)
(Gulfax grunts)
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
- [Sorceress] See
the power, Simon.
See the power of evil.
See the power of black magic.
You too can have the power,
more power than Shurka.
You will be the
king of the wizards.
- No!
- [Sorceress] Find the ring.
- Spirits of darkness,
spirits of light.
Arise ye powers
of good and fight.
(creature grunts)
- Metal.
- Magic one, stop this evil.
- What are you doing, stop them!
(dramatic music)
I give you another,
almighty one,
a princess.
(woman screams)
Take her, then.
Now Calgula.
- [Sorceress] You
fool, give us the ring
or we will destroy you.
(magic explodes)
We will destroy you.
(magic explodes)
(woman growls)
(creature growls)
(lighting buzzes)
(woman screams)
(suspenseful music)
- Simon, here.
All that was magic.
- Black magic.
(spider whimpers)
(dramatic music)
Akresha, Akresha,
no, no!
- [Queen] What is it?
- They have killed her.
- Who?
- Akresha, my insect woman.
This wizard boy is
proving bothersome, Udea.
- He would be insignificant
if you had the ring.
- Wulfrick was shrewd.
(footsteps echo)
He has hidden it well.
Gather the king's advisors.
(creature squeals)
(tranquil music)
(birds chirp)
- Who's that?
- Princess Aura.
She likes me,
even though I'm not a prince.
Do you have a girlfriend?
- No.
- Do you have a wife?
- No.
- Do you have a family?
- No.
- Well, you must have a home.
- I don't.
- You know what I think?
- What?
- I think you must
get awfully lonely.
- You know what I think?
- What?
- I think you talk too much.
(horse whinnies)
(Gulfax grunts)
- What is it?
- Riders, coming this way.
Come on, get the
lead out, fuzz face.
(suspenseful music)
(horse whinnies)
- [Masked Man] Won't
escape me now, Kor.
(Gulfax hums)
(insects chirp)
- Kor.
- Huh?
- It's fox fire.
- Where?
- Fox fire.
- What?
- A hundred years ago,
four of the world's
greatest warriors
were buried here,
but with their help,
we could easily defeat Shurka.
- They're dead, son,
and if those warriors
were as brave
as you say they were,
they probably deserve
to sleep in peace.
Now, why don't you go to sleep?
Fox fire.
(insects chirp)
- If they were with
us, we'd be an army,
and they can't get killed,
because they're already dead.
It's not like they're
doing anything,
and when we're done with them,
I could always put them back.
(Simon sighs)
(suspenseful music)
Light and darkness,
day and night,
I bid you collide.
Rekindle these warrior spirits,
breathe life into their souls.
Arise, warriors of the past,
pick up your swords,
and prepare to do battle.
(suspenseful music)
- [Men] Who wakes us?
Who disturbs the dead?
We are tired.
So very tired.
We are lonely, lonesome.
So very lonely.
Join us.
Join the dead.
We need blood, fresh blood.
Who disturbs the dead?
(zombie screams)
We are lonely, so very lonely.
Join us.
Join us, Simon.
Become one of us.
One of us, one of us,
forever, forever.
Leave us.
Leave us be.
We belong dead.
We belong dead.
At rest.
Forever, forever.
- Sleep in peace this time,
my brothers of the sword.
(dramatic music)
- Sorry.
- You should be.
- Look, Kor, I was only
trying to get some help.
- Simon,
soldiers, be they dead or alive,
deserve respect.
(dramatic music)
(man laughs)
- You have spirit.
I like that.
It would be to your advantage
to get used to my presence.
I could very well be your new...
What is it?
- The king's advisors
now await you.
- Very well.
Care to come along?
This could prove very amusing.
Here's something to
think about, dear girl.
I intend to rule Axim.
I will need a queen at my side.
Frankly, Udea is
beginning to bore me.
Don't you think it'd be
lovely to be my queen?
- I hate you.
- We shall have this chat again.
Guard her well.
- Shurka, we don't
know where the ring is.
- I believe him,
my little friend.
(creature grunts)
Perhaps it is wise
to be cautious.
You, the talkative
one, come closer,
come, come.
I want you to watch carefully.
Later I expect you
to tell everyone
that a similar fate awaits them
if I am not told
where that ring is.
Look at you.
Over the loss of your king?
Cowering from me like children?
Of course you are.
You pretend to be men
but what you really are
are a pack of spineless,
squeaking mice.
(mice squeak)
(creature grunts)
(creature laughs)
- Kor.
Kor, wait up, please.
(birds chirp)
I'm sorry about last night.
- Well, there's one good
thing about last night.
- What's that?
- It happened yesterday.
- Sorry but I don't understand.
- Yesterday's gone, Simon.
Today's a new day.
Let's hope today becomes
a great day, okay?
Okay, which way?
- This way, come on.
- Come on, fur ball.
(Gulfax grunts)
(Kor laughs)
- This way, huh?
You're lost, aren't you?
- Totally.
(Kor laughs)
- [Man] Help, help!
- Come on, come on.
- [Man] Help!
Leave me alone, be off, be gone,
I told you, I can't.
I am, I am.
Let go of me, help, help,
let go of me, stop that.
- Enough.
(dramatic music)
(Gulfax grunts)
(creatures grunt)
Oh really, that's not very nice.
You hold onto this
for me, Simon.
You two scamper.
(creature grunts)
Live and learn.
(creatures grunt)
(Kor grunts)
Hold on!
My reputation precedes me.
- Good, very good,
good, good, very good.
Ha ha, what a guy,
what a warrior.
(suspenseful music)
- What is this?
- It's a magic wall.
Pretty neat stuff, huh?
- It's wine.
- Sure is.
- Thank you.
- [Man] Be my guest.
- Yes, it's a good wine, may I?
Could I have just a little more?
Thank you.
(birds chirp)
It's wonderful.
I just wish your glasses
were a little bigger.
So tell me, little
man, who are you?
- Erla, Erla the Hobgoblin.
- Kor, I've heard of him.
He's the forest magician.
- If he's a magician,
how did he end up in that
mess with the lizard men?
- Because his magic doesn't work
outside of the pink stones.
- What were you doing
outside the pink stones?
- I wanted to go to the castle
to stop this Shurka myself.
He sent his beasts to kill me.
(suspenseful music)
You must hurry.
The power of good is fading.
(woman screams)
- [Simon] It's
Shurka's soldiers.
- Where's the boy?
Give him to us.
We know you have him.
- A sword, captain.
- My baby.
(woman grunts)
(man grunts)
- Erla, what's the fastest
way to get to the castle?
- The fastest may be
the most dangerous.
You must be very careful.
(tranquil music)
- Aura, she's still alive.
(horses gallop)
Who are they?
- I don't know.
Never seen 'em
before in my life.
- Shurka's beasts are returning.
(dramatic music)
(beasts giggle)
- Boy, they never
learn, do they?
Those slimy idiots.
The wall.
Thank you, dear.
All right, fellows,
I thought we went
through this already.
(creatures giggle)
(monster grunts)
(weapons clang)
- Use your power.
- But I can't.
- This is a magic place.
(monster screams)
(creatures grunt)
(dramatic music)
(birds chirp)
- Well done, Simon.
- Your greatest
test is yet to come.
Gulfax must stay here
while you face it,
but I have a plan.
We'll join you later
when you need us most.
- But I can't.
- Nothing in this
world is certain.
If you survive,
we will join you.
(birds chirp)
(Gulfax groans)
(dramatic music)
- Oh, come on, Simon.
That's enough of that, now.
I'll see you, fur ball.
(Gulfax groans)
- The fastest way to the castle
is through the suicide cavern,
a place that feeds on fear.
(birds chirp)
(suspenseful music)
- Cheerful place, isn't it?
(ghost screams)
Stay back, Simon.
(dramatic music)
(ghost screams)
There once was a young maiden,
she went for a walk.
She went for a walk merrily.
Sing, boy.
There once was a young man.
- There once was...
- He went for a walk.
- He went for a walk.
- [Together] Did he.
There once was a couple.
- Sing, boy, sing,
sing, sing in the way.
He went for a walk, did he.
We've done it, boy.
See what you can do
with a bit of faith.
(ghost moans)
On towards the castle.
(footsteps echo)
Hold it.
Go ahead.
(dramatic music)
I don't suppose we
could discuss this?
- [Masked Man] You won't
escape me now, Kor.
(suspenseful music)
- [Shurka] So we meet
again, my little wizard.
- [Aura] Help me, Simon.
Come quickly.
Please, help me.
Save me.
You must save me, Simon.
(footsteps echo)
(Shurka laughs)
- [Shurka] This time I have you.
- Aura!
Aura, where are you?
Where are you?
Show yourself.
(wings buzz)
(dramatic music)
(dragon growls)
(footsteps echo)
- Somebody must know
its hiding place.
It is nearby, I can feel it.
- Shurka, what is
the meaning of this?
- Your subjects
doubt my power, Udea.
They keep the ring from me.
- I won't have you
manhandling my servants.
- You no longer have any
say in the matter, my queen.
Come on.
Have you found the ring?
(water splashes)
(birds chirp)
(magic hums)
- Malcon.
I want that ring
and I want it now.
(footsteps echo)
- Do try to find it, Malcon.
We're running out of dwarves.
(footsteps echo)
(birds chirp)
(dramatic music)
(birds chirp)
- Kor.
- What?
- I thought you said
you didn't know him.
You lied to me.
- Well, let's say I
bent the truth a little.
- Has he been
following you long?
- Across three kingdoms.
- What did you do?
- It's what I didn't do.
- What's that?
- I didn't marry his sister.
- Why not?
- Because she's his twin sister.
Look at him.
(birds chirp)
- What are they doing now?
(Kor sighs)
- They're preparing
a big wedding dinner.
I can choose,
be the guest of
honor or the dinner.
(monster growls)
(Kor growls)
- The good friar is very
eager to perform the ceremony,
right, friar?
So do we marry you
or marinate you?
- I'll tell you, cyclops,
I'd do it but I just
can't handle in-laws.
- Laugh while you can.
- Didn't your
mother ever tell you
not to play with your food?
- So it's dinner then,
good, I'm hungry.
(birds chirp)
- You still there?
- [Simon] Yes, Kor.
- Try to untie me.
(birds chirp)
- Mm.
- Reach down.
Reach down and put
some dirt in my hand.
Okay now.
Get out of here as
quickly as you can.
- What are you gonna do?
We don't even your sword.
- Don't worry about me.
Run, I'll catch up with you.
- I see you've put
on a little weight.
More for everybody.
- You know, as they say,
ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
(monster screams)
(dramatic music)
(men shout)
That's my sword, hey, put
my sword down, put it down.
(man grunts)
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
You need training
to use that sword.
- Where are you, Kor?
Where are you Kor?
- I'm right here,
cyclops, right here.
Right here.
Go on.
(monster screams)
- Oh Kor.
I understand you're having
your brother for dinner.
- Huh?
(birds chirp)
- Oh, Simon.
Let's go.
What's the matter?
- You lied to me.
- Yes, I did.
About the cyclops?
- Well, then why did you come?
- Why did I come with you?
Because I like you, Simon.
The first time I'm on
the side of justice.
I like that.
See, treasures get
spent and glory fades,
but justice and honor,
they live forever,
and I wanna be part of that.
Simon, if I didn't like you,
would I still be with you?
Hey, I could have
left you many times.
- But you lied to me.
- Yes, I did.
- How do I know
you're not lying now?
- You don't.
Except think about it.
We've fought side by side,
cheated death side by side.
We're brothers by the
sword, come on, Simon.
You know I'm not lying
to you, don't you?
- Yeah.
I do know.
- Listen, we don't
have much time.
- It's okay, we're almost home.
- Oh.
- Do you hear something?
(dramatic music)
(water rushes)
The castle stood over there.
This used to be a little stream.
- You're kidding.
Shurka's becoming
quite artistic.
- I can't believe we've come
all this way for nothing.
- We'll find a way.
- Back and forth,
golden and smooth,
warm and shining,
jewels for a queen,
a queen for Shurka,
which you've always wanted
to be, Shurka's queen.
Young, handsome Shurka.
- Shurka, have you gone mad?
- You really are beginning
to annoy me, my dear.
- Let the girl be.
Did you forget it is
I who rule Axehom?
- No one rules me, Udea.
It's time you learned that.
- Guards.
Arrest this man.
- I think not.
I grow weary of you, dear lady,
and seeing your beauty
consumed by jealousy
chills my heart.
Most unpleasant situation,
but I do have a way
to end my troubles.
(footsteps echo)
(water rushes)
- It never work.
The current would sweep it away.
- You have a better suggestion?
- You're not even
building it right.
- My young friend, I
have probably built
more rafts than you've
had hot dinners.
- Help, please, help!
- No, Kor!
- Please!
- It's too dangerous.
(dramatic music)
- Save me!
Help me, oh!
Help me!
- Kor!
Look out!
- Help!
Help me!
- I can't find her.
She's gone.
- Greetings, Kor,
greetings, Simon.
- Who are you?
- I am Linea,
mistress of the falls.
I have tested your manhood.
- Why?
- To see if you are
worthy of my help.
- Will you help us reach
the castle in time?
- I will grant you a swift
passage across the falls.
Follow your hearts
to the rainbow's end.
(crowd chats)
(tranquil music)
- [Woman] To me, I
could die in there.
- [Man] It's embarrassing.
- [Woman] I don't even
know what I see in him.
- Yes.
- Screw this, man.
(monster giggles)
- The pleasure will come
soon, my little friend, soon.
- [Woman] My boyfriend.
See you again.
- Gulfax?
(Gulfax grunts)
(Gulfax grunts)
Erla kept his word.
(Gulfax grunts)
- Looking good.
(Gulfax grunts)
You got a new haircut?
(Gulfax grunts)
Come on.
(Gulfax grunts)
(suspenseful music)
- [Kor] Quiet.
(chains rattle)
Which way?
Come on.
(glass shatters)
- The ring.
I found the ring!
(footsteps echo)
(suspenseful music)
Uh oh.
(Gulfax grunts)
(dramatic music)
(ring hums)
(crowd laughs)
(goblet bangs)
- Loyal citizens of Axeholm.
I have the pleasure
of announcing
two historical events tonight.
The execution of a
treacherous Queen Udea
and my marriage,
the new queen of our great
kingdom, Princess Aura.
(crowd applauds)
Before I become too festive.
(suspenseful music)
My queen, any last words?
No, oh, well.
Sipra, are you
ready with your bow?
Good, make it clean, Sipra.
- Excuse me, excuse
me everybody.
I'm sorry to break
up your party,
but, no, no, no, no.
Don't get up for my sake, okay?
Please don't.
Who is Shurka?
- I am.
At last we meet, Kor.
- Thrilling, isn't it?
- Seize him!
(dramatic music)
(men shout)
(weapons clang)
- [Children] Mom, Dad!
(children shout)
(weapons clang)
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
(soldiers shout)
(suspenseful music)
(magic hums)
(dramatic music)
(soldiers shout)
(weapons clang)
(Gulfax grunts)
(ring hums)
(dramatic music)
- Good, Simon, very good.
(Erla laughs)
Sorry, I'm late.
- Better late than never.
(dramatic music)
(crowd cheers)
(Erla laughs)
- Take care, half pint.
- Stop by when you
want a little wine, eh?
- Very little.
(crowd cheers)
(footsteps echo)
- [Simon] Where you going?
- Nowhere, really.
- Why don't you stay in Axeholm?
- What?
No longer needed here.
- No, Kor, I'll be needing
you now more than ever.
(dramatic music)
(Kor sighs)
- You know, we all
feel we need someone,
but I'm just wondering
if that someone
isn't already within ourselves.
You did good, kid.
Good luck, son.
- Kor?
- Rule well, Simon.
Be a good king.
Go on, go on back, Simon.
You've got someone
waiting for you.
(Gulfax grunts)
(sweeping music)