Wizzo School (2023) Movie Script

Please take your seats!
Please, everybody...
- Wizzo.
- No, no
- Wizzo?
- No, no
- Wizzo!
- No, no
She passed by me
She didn't talk to me
-I looked her in the eye, mister
-Don't tease me.
Shame on you.
-Move to the right
-Stop it now.
-Move to the left
Come on, let's move!
Stop that! What are you doing?
You're an underachieving loser
of dance clubs on Haram Street.
On Haram Street, you feel the heat.
"Feel the heat," you say?
What a stupid joke!
Can you explain what you're doing here?
What are you doing in my history class?
Relax. I'm teaching them
the history of belly dancing.
Really? Do you think you're Safinaz,
the famous dancer?
No. Safinaz is nothing compared to me.
- You're right.
- Watch your tongue.
You've surpassed Safinaz
and all the other ones too.
You're such a star.
- Get out!
- Wait. Let me collect my tips.
Your tips? I'm losing my temper.
Get out right now!
- Calm down, man.
- "Man"?
Get out right now!
- Out!
- Okay, okay!
Stop it, girl!
- Hey, look.
- What?
The doctor guy you like is here.
- My love.
- Keep it together.
What? I'm going after him.
Stop, girl.
Stop it.
I just want to kiss him once.
No, I can't stop myself.
Who's there? You scared me.
Please keep going. Can you do this?
You rock, man.
It's love
Your love filled my eyes and my heart
I missed you, my dear father.
I missed you, my sweet daddy.
- Give me a kiss.
- No, no kisses.
- I'm covered in cleaning products.
- I don't care.
I said I don't care.
You're choking me!
- I missed you.
- I'm dying!
- I can't breathe. Get off me.
- One more.
- Get off.
- Don't throw the pillow.
Don't throw it, or I'll have to wash it.
- Don't do it, Dad.
- Take this.
- That will teach you.
- Don't do this.
- Take this one too.
- Dad, stop.
I'm begging you to stop. That's enough.
Stop it. I'm the one who washes them.
That will teach you.
Prepare some grub for us.
"Grub"? Stop using words
from the sewers you worked in.
What's wrong with the sewers?
It paid for your food and education
and made you chubby as well.
Is this thanks to the sewers now?
Yes. I was a big official there.
- An official? Where?
- In the sewers.
- Really?
- Of course.
I was in charge of 30 sewage drains
in Shubra al-Khaymah.
You say that as if they were 30 companies.
Behave yourself. I was a general manager.
A manager? More like a broke man.
No singing, please.
It gets on my nerves.
What's up, Henna?
How's it going, dear?
A magician? What do you mean?
A fortune teller?
Astronomy and star signs?
I see. You mean like Abeer Ellabbad.
What would I want from him?
To know if I'll win the match?
I see.
I'll come after I prepare Dad's meal.
Go now.
I don't want to drop anything. Bye.
Oh, my. He's strong!
What are you doing, Dad?
- Are you flirting with her?
- No, don't be silly.
I'm lifting weights to inspire the youth.
Weights? Come on now, Mr. Fatthi.
Look, lady. He's lifting tin cans
stuffed with sponges.
He tore my pillows apart
to stuff his hefty weights.
Bear witness, people.
My dad is lifting pillows.
What are you doing here, woman?
Get back inside.
I'll show you real weights.
A loser is mocking us because of you.
Come with me.
These are weights, not stuffed cans.
You pillow-lifting idiot!
This is Wizzo. I told you about her.
What is it that you want?
I want to become so hot
that all men fall for me.
- You'll become hot.
- Dad, I've become a hot girl.
You're gorgeous, my dear.
Thank God, my daughter
is beautiful like Nancy Ajram now.
But what's that thing on your head?
We came to see a magician,
so we should wear costumes.
What else do you need?
I want to win tomorrow's match.
You shall win!
- What?
- Turn around and say yes.
Big dreams start as small wishes.
Yes, Dad.
You should remember
that the dreams of poor people...
- No time for that, Dad.
- All right. Go.
- Hang on, darling.
- I can't take it.
I can't, Henna.
You look swollen.
What do you mean?
She's always looked swollen.
Really? It must be genetic, then.
Stand up now. You're healthy as a horse.
Show some sympathy.
Am I not your daughter?
No, you're not.
We took you from our neighbors,
along with some garlic.
Didn't you tell me
you won her in Happy Farm?
That's not funny.
See? A worthless girl is mocking me
because of you.
Don't talk to me.
Pick on someone your own size.
Are you happy now?
She's insulting both of us.
Get out, both of you!
What? You can't do this, Dad.
- You can't. It's late.
- I can.
She's your daughter.
I only lost once.
I won all the other matches.
She's your daughter.
If I go out now,
stray dogs will tear me apart.
She's your daughter.
- Again?
- I'm trying to help you here.
What stray dogs are you talking about?
I just wish one dog had
an interest in you, even if it's rabid.
Just one dog?
Henna? Here it is.
This isn't any dog either.
It's a cute Volpino.
Get out of my house, you peasants!
- Peasants? Help me up.
- Get out.
Do you think you live in a royal palace?
Leave before I have a stroke.
- Leave.
- See?
Idrees, Osman,
prepare the bags and follow me.
- Leave.
- All right.
I hope you have a stroke.
Thank God. I have finally
gotten rid of that burden.
Abu Ahmad, what's up?
- Hey there, man.
- Welcome, sweetie.
Here. Download
the "El3ab Yalla" song for me.
- Okay.
- What are these? They're old as dirt.
- Sales are down these days.
- Whatever. Hurry up.
Excuse me.
Do you have a good car adapter
for this phone?
Give me a second.
I downloaded "El3ab Yalla" for you.
What? I want something classy,
like "El Hob Kollo."
All my love
Goes to you
All my love
All my life
Is given to you
All my life
Oh, love, fill the world
Life is nothing without love
No matter where you go,
you'll come back to me.
- What's up, darling?
- Wizzo.
- Wait, Wizzo.
- What is it, Mr. Jaafar?
Oh, my God, you look amazing.
- Are you on a diet?
- No. Clean your glasses.
- Fine. Tell me, now.
- What?
Why don't you come to my center?
After seven years in high school,
do you expect me to take private lessons?
Do you intend to stay here forever?
Honestly, I feel very comfortable here.
I'm also starting to like someone.
I feel we have a connection.
Plus, you're too expensive.
Don't jinx me, now. Okay, listen.
Since you're not willing to pay,
I want you to do me a favor.
Anything for you.
The principal's planning to start
supporting lessons in the school
for lower fees, but you know me.
I don't like small fees.
If she succeeds,
my center is going to lose so much.
I want you to ruin this plan for me.
I'll pay you generously.
Not only that, I will let you do
whatever you want here.
How do you expect me to do this?
I don't need to tell you.
You're the bully of the school.
You're the big boss.
I want you to scare the students
and deter them from going
to the low-price classes
so they come running to my center.
Listen, mister.
I'll admit I'm terrible at school.
I prefer working and making money.
But I'd never hurt poor people.
As for people like you,
who turned teaching into a business
and charge high prices
for private lessons,
you deserve to be bullied.
You have a conscience now, don't you?
Well, I almost forgot.
Your conscience has led you
to be a part of a group of losers.
Get out of my face right now!
You'll see what I will do.
So, cybernetics involves
investigating and analyzing methods
related to different forms of being.
The definition of a cybernetic system.
A cybernetic system is an essential part
of our daily lives.
It makes use of these methods
and applies them to automated machines.
The definition of...
a cybernetic system.
It's a group of interacting parts
that rely on exchanging data.
So what is a cybernetic system?
What have you done, student?
Focus on cybernetics. Behave yourself.
"So what is the concept of cybernetics,"
you may ask?
Cybernetics encompasses things
we use on a daily basis.
Come back here, boy!
Bring back my glasses!
- What's the matter?
- Teacher, he stole my glasses.
Oh, my God! Be careful, teacher!
Look where cybernetics led him.
The teacher split in half.
Can you explain the new disaster
you brought upon me today?
I didn't do anything, Dad.
- You didn't do anything?
- No.
So why did your school ask me to come in?
What is it for?
Am I the Father of the Year
or the best-achieving one?
Yes, you're a great achiever.
You raised me really well.
- It's time to reward you.
- What did you do this time?
- The logic teacher.
- Did you kill him?
No, I swear he's not dead,
but he's become half-human now.
He has one eye, one nostril and one ear.
I think he has some fingers left.
You think?
- What's wrong, Dad?
- My heart.
My liver and my kidneys.
What? You're talking like a butcher.
May a merciless butcher
cut you into small pieces,
separating the flesh from the fat.
- Are you wishing I were dead?
- Yes!
Okay, I made him swallow his tongue.
Oh, my throat.
I'll save your throat, my dear dad.
May God forgive you.
Dad, don't swallow your tongue!
- What's this?
- I'm opening your airway.
Get off. May God punish you for this.
You're fine now.
Come in.
Come in.
Get inside, Wizzo!
Come in, Dad.
- This is my father.
- Welcome, sir.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello to you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Dad, what's with you?
Don't act like a simp.
I see.
Allow me to introduce myself.
I'm Fatthi Abu Alazm,
a former sanitation manager.
- Nice to meet you. Have a seat.
- Thank you.
You're so polite,
lovely and compassionate,
like bananas, oranges, strawberries,
pears and mangoes.
I'm a vender who loves fruits
I love bananas and mangoes
What did you say?
Oh, and grapes
-Red and green
Wizzo, show some manners.
You're unbelievable.
She's pretty.
You're right.
She's confident. She knows she's pretty.
I mean, what Wizzo did
to the logic teacher was very rude.
She deserves punishment.
I'm here to apologize.
I understand Wizzo's circumstances.
She's like my daughter.
Otherwise, I would've expelled her.
Thank you for treating her
like a daughter.
I wish you treated me like your husband.
He means like a brother.
You know, he's an old man,
and he's starting to get Alzheimer's.
You'll have to pay 1,500
for the logic teacher's treatment.
Come on, Romeo.
Listen, Ms. Afaf is a widow.
It's just you and the goal now.
Shoot the ball and tear the net.
Get out of the way, boy.
- Hey there.
- Can you give me a lift?
- Hop in.
- Thanks, dear.
- May God help me.
- What's this?
You should get on a diet, lady.
Speak for yourself.
I can see envy in your eyes.
Envy is like a fire that burns its owner.
What's the matter, dear?
You don't look well.
- I'm upset, Fatma.
- Why is that?
- I want my crush to fall for me.
- Well, you can use this, girl.
- Oh, my goodness!
- Yeah.
I want him to fall in love, not fall dead.
I see.
How did you seduce men
when you were young?
I would do this.
How? Like this?
And this. Look.
It's as smooth as butter.
- Are you washing yourself?
- Seduce them, girl.
Did it work?
They were like ants in a sugar bowl.
Like ants? Fatma, get out now.
I'm not in the mood for this.
- Get out?
- Yes.
Get out.
- Godspeed.
- May God help you, woman.
Goodness. She rolls instead of walking.
Hurry up, you fool.
I want everything you have.
All right. No need for violence.
Here are the car keys.
- And my watch.
- Thank you.
- My wallet...
- Okay.
...and my phone.
Okay, take off all your clothes.
I want them all.
I will.
- Hurry up.
- Yes, sir.
What's this?
My crush is being robbed?
Oh, my God!
Hey, you!
What's this fuss about, you sheep?
- Who are you?
- I'm the lioness.
I'll teach you a lesson you won't forget!
Your sidekicks ran away.
How dare you rob my crush?
- Was he trying to rob you?
- Yes.
Give me back all the things you took.
How could you steal from this angel?
It's all right now.
What's your name, idiot?
I'll call you Hind.
- What's your name?
- Hind.
Get lost now.
Come on, get...
Is this blood?
Save me, my beloved hero!
- I'm in pain.
- We have to go to the hospital.
No need for the hospital.
Just keep your hand on the wound.
It will heal by itself.
- But it's deep and requires a hospital.
- Deep?
I wonder what you'd say
if you saw my other wounds.
- Want to see?
- No need for that.
This is the most beautiful injury
I've ever had, because you're here.
Listen, I feel dizzy
and could use a glass of lemonade.
- Shall we go?
- Yes.
- Stop.
- What?
Don't take your hand off. Keep it there.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
- How are you now?
- I feel better.
- Give me that. Try this one.
- Please, I can't.
- Why not? Drink it already.
- I'm too full.
Your words are like honey
being drizzled on a tasty pancake.
What's the matter?
Nothing. I just feel
some excessive energy in my body.
You're so funny. What's your name?
It's not important.
Dancing Mayada, White Huda
or Funny Zaabola.
Anything will do.
I want your real name.
- My name is Wizzo.
- Nice to meet you, Wizzo.
- Are you a tuk-tuk driver?
- No.
It's just a side hustle.
- I'm a high-school student.
- High school?
I know. I look like
a primary-school student.
Honestly, I've failed high school
seven times.
Seven years?
But God willing, this year I'll pass out.
- What?
- I mean, I'll pass.
- Let me introduce myself.
- No need.
You don't need to introduce yourself.
Everybody knows you.
Fine. What's my name?
Bchamel sauce.
You're Dr. Atef, an obstetrician.
You read that on my office sign.
I know the sign and its owner so well.
Oh, my. You're so cute!
Good morning, students.
Today, we'll learn
the present form of the verb aller.
It's time for noon prayers in Cairo City.
The verb aller.
This verb has three forms.
- Listen, Henna. She's pretty.
- No, she's not.
She's got footballers' calves.
We have the simple future
and the near future.
This word only means "breakfast" to us.
You know, honey and butter.
Then your mother comes in...
Ululate, girls.
Stop that, Wizzo. Focus with me.
Oh, my God!
- Show some respect.
- Stop, Dad.
- I'm flogging you here.
- That tickles.
Take that.
Take that and that.
Next time, wash those stinky feet.
They smell rotten.
- You should be used to that smell.
- What?
Tell me now.
How have you disgraced me this time?
Honestly, Dad. It's red.
What is red?
I can't say it loudly. I'll whisper.
But there's nobody here.
This is better.
What happened to your knees?
It's joy.
There's more.
What? Is it really red?
Like fresh deer's blood.
Red roses.
Do you accept these roses
as a gift from me?
What's the occasion?
Valentine's Day.
But Valentine's Day already passed.
This gift is for the next one.
Mr. Fatthi, to be honest with you,
you're very weird.
Ms. Afaf, since the moment I saw you,
I've had this weird feeling.
We're in a school, Mr. Fatthi.
Yes, we're in a school.
Listen, are you free today
before my seven o'clock TV show?
What's so important about this show?
I like to watch it every day.
I thought we could watch it together.
I have so many things to tell you.
Mr. Fatthi.
At your service.
Please, Mr. Fatthi.
We are inside a respectable school.
And I'm a respectable principal.
We can't be doing this here,
so I kindly ask you to leave.
Ms. Afaf.
I apologize for what happened earlier.
No problem. It's okay.
You have such a lovely smile.
The world smiles when you smile.
- That's very kind.
- No, thank you.
You're as nice as Chantilly cream
or a lovely ice-cream cone.
Now we're talking. You're so cute.
Why were you strict back at school?
Mr. Fatthi, can you tell me
exactly what you want?
- I want you.
- What?
I mean, I want your number.
So instead of sending me letters
about Wizzo, you can just call me.
Okay, no problem.
And you call me.
Don't ring once and hang up.
You know, ten-pound cards
only have a seven-pound balance now.
Right. Mobile companies
have become greedy.
- Do you have WhatsApp?
- Yes.
Although the Internet service is bad,
WhatsApp will let us establish
work opportunities.
Oh, my God, you're a smart, evil girl.
- I am. Listen, about that girl...
- What?
- What's this?
- What?
- I can't believe it.
- What?
- My crush.
- Answer!
- I can't.
- Answer quickly!
I can't answer.
Wish me luck.
Who's calling, girl?
- It's Tatti.
- Who?
He's my crush, Dad!
Is that my name?
Yes, and these are my lips.
Glad you liked it.
So, Wizzo, what would you like to have?
I won't have anything.
I ate before I came here.
If you eat with me, I'll have an appetite.
All right, I'll have a snack.
Agreed. So what would you like?
Order two plates of lamb legs and one mix.
You mean mixed grills?
No, not mixed grills.
Mombar, lungs, tripe,
liver, tongue, brain, tail,
a plate of basmati rice
and a liter of Diet Pepsi.
- Diet?
- Not for my diet.
The regular one make me feel bloated.
Okay, as you like.
Walking after eating
is good for digestion.
Yes, walking is good,
but not because of digestion.
It's because I'm with you.
- You're charming.
- Wizzo.
Wizzo and all her emotions are yours.
I wanted to tell you something.
Anything you want.
I love you.
- You love me?
- Yes, Wizzo.
- Come again?
- I love you.
Can you say that again?
I love you.
He finally said it
My love has said it
And my heart...
Stopped when I heard it
- You love me?
- Yes.
He loves me, tree.
Did you hear that, car?
Did you hear that, asphalt?
- I apologize. Forget it.
- No, wait.
- Do you see that tree?
- Yes, it's nice.
They say it offers romantic vibes.
Let's see for ourselves.
- Great.
- Let's go.
- Let's walk faster, shall we?
- Sure.
- Faster. Let's go!
- Okay.
He's not answering, Henna.
Oh, my God!
He must be cheating on you.
Are you teasing me now?
Do you think cheating is funny?
But why is he cheating?
Am I lacking in anything?
Well, looking at you,
I say it's the opposite.
Don't make me push you over
and kill you now.
- How can I help?
- No, it's my fault.
- I made a mistake by trusting him.
- What do you mean?
We went behind the tree!
- You went alone?
- We were alone, Henna.
I gave him everything.
I made him happier than ever.
Why did you do that?
He said he loved me.
I seized the opportunity.
I'm glad I didn't take him home.
You foolish girl!
I can't believe it. He's not answering.
- He's cheating on you.
- Yes, you're right.
He's cheating, but what should I do?
- How could I know?
- Fine.
I'll uproot that tree
and bury him under it.
Come with me.
- Calm down.
- I won't calm down.
- What's this?
- What?
What are all these couches for?
Is he a couch doctor?
Did you hear that?
It hurts so much!
"It hurts so much"? What does this mean?
He's cheating on you.
I'll show him. Step aside!
It hurts!
Oh, my God! Look at this, Henna.
He's under the sheet, and she's crying.
Get up. Are you stuck inside?
- Get up!
- What on earth are you doing?
How dare you yell at me?
It's my fault. I was so easy.
I should've expected that.
Just two days ago, we went under the tree.
Now you're under her sheet.
You worthless, cheating idiot!
This hurts so much.
What's wrong with you, woman?
Why are you crying?
He's no longer under the sheet.
How much did he pay you for this?
I'm giving birth! Shame on you!
Of course you are.
That's how all immoral relationships end.
You slept with her, got her pregnant
and are delivering her baby.
This is a patient, you idiot!
A patient? What's that?
Maybe it's her name.
Her name?
You weren't so innocent after all.
You had another girlfriend.
How did you seduce her?
With your money or charm?
Can you stop this nonsense?
How dare you reply to me?
- It's me talking to you.
- What?
Your mouth is closed.
I'm down here. Talk to me.
Oh, my God! Look at this cutie pie.
Oh, my God!
Why are you out of the neonatal incubator?
Want to play?
- Yes.
- Come on.
- Are you ready?
- No!
Coming, ready or not!
My name is Wizzo. What's your name?
I'm her husband.
Where are you, Abu Ayman?
- Her husband?
- Yes.
Aren't you too little to be a husband?
How do you reach up there?
Do you use an elevator?
No, I have a platform.
Really? You're so funny.
I'll give you that.
Aren't children adorable?
Who's a cutie pie?
He's so lovely.
Stop this insanity.
You're disturbing my work.
Get out of here!
Are you kicking me out, you cheater?
- Cheater who?
- An idiot too.
Take your son, woman.
My man and my hero
who always make me happy.
How about we have twins again?
Prices are rising, Hamouda.
Everything has become so expensive.
Knowledge is priceless, though.
Mr. Jaafar, I'm charging students
a hundred pounds at your center.
If we raise it, they might stop coming.
Well, no money, no honey.
Plus, we're only making it 150.
- We should settle things with Jaafar.
- How will we do that?
Let's take a lesson at his center.
What's up, Salah?
He's turning teachers against us.
I'm not afraid of him.
Me neither, but I have a headache
from bringing my parents to the school.
Take a painkiller.
And tell the school your father
is handicapped and your mom is mute.
Are you serious?
Mom, I told you she's so jealous.
She even broke into my office
and made a scene.
No, Mom, it's not like that.
She loves me deeply.
I want to tell you that I'm happy.
I'm so happy.
Each lesson is 150 now.
Ten grand for the course.
- How much for a taxi?
- What?
No, I'll take the bus.
Ten grand for a course?
Will it get us the FIFA World Cup?
Show some respect, students.
Don't study if you can't afford it.
The era of free tuition is over.
If you want to learn, you have to pay.
You bunch of thieves.
All prices are rising, Henna.
Poor teachers are struggling to get by.
- Henna, let's go.
- Okay.
Take care, Wizzo.
I wish you luck and success.
Come see our offers!
History notes by Mr. Jaafar
for five pounds each!
We also have French textbooks.
We also have geography textbooks.
We have cookbooks too!
- Cookbooks?
- I mean chemistry.
- You idiot.
- Wizzo!
What do you think you're doing?
You're stealing my customers.
Well, try to steal them back if you can.
Anyway, why don't you let
the poor learn as well?
But since you honored us
with your visit, wearing this nice tie,
textbooks are now half off.
Two and a half pounds!
It's as good as it sounds!
I've been containing myself
and doing you no harm.
Really? After that threat,
I'll give the books for free.
They're free, guys!
Ms. Afaf, we'll open the center here,
and our fees will be low.
We'll be fighting
the greedy private tutors
and saving parents a ton of money.
Lessons will start after school
to be convenient for students.
This might be illegal, Wizzo.
Use your connections in the ministry
to get a permit for the center.
Great idea.
Are you sure, Hamouda?
It's confirmed, Mr. Jaafar.
I got it from a reliable source.
We either triumph or perish.
You naughty girl!
You disturbed my nice dream.
I told her she should opt for a C-section,
but she insisted on natural birth.
But it couldn't work.
What's the matter?
- What's this?
- Who's there?
What are you doing here, Dad?
Don't change the subject.
What are you doing here? Who's this?
This is a friend of mine. He's an officer.
- What did you just say?
- Hang on, Mr. Officer.
- Does he work at the university?
- No, he's from morality police, Ms. Afaf.
Are you accusing her of prostitution?
Yes. We will report you two
for immoral behavior in a public area.
Everything around you
attests to this immorality.
Shame on you, Wizzo.
Really? I wish I had died
before witnessing this.
Ms. Afaf is involved in depravity.
And with whom? He could be your grandpa.
He wears dentures.
Show some respect, girl.
He is a predator of women.
What are you talking about?
What can I do now?
You can go now, Mr. Officer.
Unfortunately, I'm related
to this man, so I'll handle it.
I'm the officer, and I want to stay.
Go now, Mr. Officer.
- Give me a kiss.
- Just leave.
Okay, bye.
This is a misunderstanding.
We're here to discuss
private lessons for you.
Private lessons in the garden?
Are you going to teach me
how to love nature?
That is enough. I'm so embarrassed.
You're right, Ms. Afaf,
but I will put an end to this.
You have two options
to fix this mess you made:
either ask for her hand from her mom
or never show your face again.
Well, I shall go to her mom
and hold her hand.
I mean, ask for her hand.
You fox, you got what you wanted.
She's got a nice body, huh?
Hush, girl. Your dad's in love.
Good evening, everybody.
People of Bulaq, Imbabah and Sharabiyah.
And a big shout-out to Warraq Street
and its people, the people of Amriyah.
The great people of Muqawlat, Shakush
and the Minshar neighborhood.
And also Sullam Street.
Let's hear a round of applause!
Right, right, right!
Right, right, right!
You're right!
Right, right, right!
You're right!
It's wild in here
Everybody's dancing
I'm among cheerful, carefree people
No need for words
When I hit the dance floor
I'm cheering up this party
But you guys need to wake up
Right, right, right!
You're right!
Right, right, right!
You're right!
When they see me, they stutter
They are scared of me
They run away faster than a bullet
We're always on top
Keep calm and look up to us
We control the scene
Who can escape our hands?
Right, right, right!
You're right!
Right, right, right!
You're right!
Get moving now
To the sidelines, where you belong
-Listen to me, you loser
I took him down with a look
He challenged me and lost
He swung left and right
I messed with his mind
Right, right, right!
You're right!
Right, right, right!
You're right!
When you see me, turn around
Run fast like a hungry hound
I'm the secret code
One click, and you're done
Quickly, without hesitation
Save yourself the humiliation
Get away from here while you can
Right, right, right!
You're right!
Right, right, right!
You're right!
When you mess with the beast
You'll become dinner on his feast
You'll regret your choice to stay
Wishing you had just run away
Listen to me, small fish
I can play with you as I wish
I can make you vanish
Or make you a laughingstock
You're right!
Ms. Afaf, before I congratulate you,
I'm warning you:
Don't try to deprive me of my living.
Well, the center is going
to be opened very soon,
with a ministry permit.
Is that so? Best of luck.
May every single thing be in your favor.
Right, right, right!
You're right!
Listen to me now
This only needs some courage
If I want, I can deprive you of oxygen
Don't speak or argue
You're in deep trouble
I'll be back soon
Take a nap and wait for me
Right, right, right!
You're right!
I want you to commence the plan.
Yes, sir.
Perfectly, okay?
I kicked his back
I knocked him down
I destroyed him
What is he doing here?
Didn't he look in the mirror?
How dare he look at me?
He'll be punched hard for that
Right, right, right!
You're right!
Your father is crazy in love.
Yes, you're totally right.
- What's going on?
- Oh, my God!
Oh, my goodness! Do you hear what I hear?
- I do.
- It's music to my ears.
Oh, my God!
- They're having so much fun.
- I'm so happy for them, girl.
Oh, my God!
Goodness! Dad is a monster!
Dad is a monster!
Oh, my God!
Dad is the strongest man on this street!
Fatthi, man of the sewers!
He's the wrath of nature.
He's like a volcano, like an earthquake!
Without Viagra or anything at all
Fatthi of the sewers scored the goal
Without Viagra or anything at all
Fatthi of the sewers scored the goal
Stronger than a hundred men
Fatthi is a world champion
Do you hear that, women?
Let me hear some ululation
Ululate, woman!
He's a champion!
I'm so sorry for what happened, Mrs. Afaf.
I hope you get well soon.
What happened to you
and Mr. Fatthi was horrible.
Thank you, Mr. Jaafar.
It was unfortunate.
Thank God it wasn't any worse.
I don't understand
how they could do that or why.
I hope they receive their punishment.
Rest assured, they'll receive
the worst of punishments.
No later than tomorrow, the perpetrator
will be crawling on his belly.
I wish you luck.
But be careful, because he seems
like a powerful and evil person.
Powerful people don't crawl.
- Really?
- Of course.
Actually, I think he's a monster.
And I am a monster slayer.
Wizzo, when your dad gets better,
I'll introduce you to my parents.
What? You'll introduce me to your parents?
I told them a lot about you.
They can't wait to meet you in person.
You should come to our villa.
Your villa?
I see where you're going with this!
Don't you dare think I'm a cheap,
stupid girl you can trick easily.
I'll go to your villa
and see your parents aren't there.
Then we go in a dark room.
Next thing I know,
you rip my clothes off and rape me!
Goodness! You're so obsessed
with crime and dark films.
- I'd never do that.
- How do I know?
I'm just another one
of the many girls you know, am I not?
I'm curvy as well.
I don't know what you want.
Do you want to be raped?
I mean, if you tried,
I wouldn't fight back.
I'm afraid I don't intend to rape you.
My parents want to meet you.
- Really?
- Yes.
Okay. Set the date, and I'll come.
Check where she is now.
What if she got lost or kidnapped?
Call her.
Wizzo, kidnapped?
All right, I'll call her anyway.
Go ahead.
There she is.
Who's this?
I'm sure this handsome man
is the prince's father.
- Nice to meet you, Wizzo.
- Hello, Uncle.
Who's this?
Who's that?
- Who's she?
- My mom.
Your mom? Why is she dressed like that?
- Does she have a rash?
- What? Don't be silly.
Give me some ointment and ice and oil.
Just wave your legs to air the rash out.
Or better yet, I'll do it myself.
You're gorgeous, girl.
Your beauty is one of a kind.
Oh, my God, you're beautiful!
- Is this your natural hair?
- Shoo!
Look at this arm!
- It's awesome.
- No!
What do you mean? You're plump, woman.
- I have to go down now.
- No!
This is stunning! Your legs are hot.
We've been married for 30 years,
but this is the first time I've noticed.
- I'm showing you.
- Well done, Wizzo.
Anything you want.
It's true what they say:
Like mother, like son.
- This is insane.
- Look at these thighs!
Your mother's thighs
are something else, Tatti.
Abdo, bring the food!
No, wait. I brought the food.
Abdo, come and take the food
from my tuk-tuk.
Come with me now.
I don't want you to touch the ground.
- I'll carry you, honey.
- Atef!
You have a warm body, woman.
Hey, Wizzo.
- Wizzo?
- Not again.
Oh, God, I hate this class.
Come here.
What do I hear?
Who dares to laugh in the class
of the Elevated Teacher Saif?
Don't you know who Elevated Saif is?
Elevated Saif means manners, ethics
and respect!
What's this nonsense?
What's wrong with you?
You keep yammering
with no respect for me, the carrier.
- Relax, Wizzo.
- Hush. You're only elevated thanks to me.
- I really appreciate that.
- You're a pain in the butt.
- I'm sorry.
- Get to the point quickly.
I apologize, ma'am.
- You gave me a headache.
- I'm sorry. You deserve better.
My dear students,
let's start the first literature lesson,
entitled "Alienation and Nostalgia."
Does anyone know anything about that?
- Yes, I do.
- Go ahead.
Nostalgia has brought me back
after all those years.
Back to the place
where our love was first born.
We shed many tears,
but we also felt the joy of love.
That's the Wizzo we know!
- Why aren't you clapping?
- I won't.
Why aren't you clapping?
She just used Mohamed Fouad's lyrics.
I don't care if it's resurrection poetry
or just modern song lyrics.
She did well by memorizing the lyrics.
You, on the other hand,
don't know lyrics or poetry.
You're wrong. Ask me anything.
Recite "The Evening" poem for me.
Goodness! Have you gone mad, teacher?
It's noon now, not the evening.
Cut the jokes.
This isn't meteorology class.
- Teacher, she's my friend.
- Really?
- Is she really?
- Yes, my best friend.
I'll leave her alone for your sake, ma'am.
Trust me, people. Jaafar was behind this.
Anyway, we have no evidence against him.
But if I find a piece of evidence,
I swear to God...
I swear to God...
- What?
- I'll make him pay.
Will you, now? Hold her hand.
Never mind.
I'll get the ministry permit
for the center in one week,
and we'll be official.
That is great news.
The icing on the cake
will be ruining Jaafar's plans.
Let's march to battle!
Calm down, Virginia.
- Give me your heart.
- And take mine.
- Give me your heart.
- And take mine.
- Give me your heart.
- And take mine.
- Give me your heart.
- And take mine.
- You were always so dear to me.
- Yeah.
- I spent days thinking about you.
- Yeah.
- I kept your love deep inside my heart.
- Yeah.
- But why did you...
- What, are you sad, teacher?
Did all that happen?
Then what did you do?
She said she's leaving
And abandoning my heart
Either teach me how to smile
Or what?
Lend me your smile
- What's with my love?
- Love, love
-I can't sleep because of love
-Love, love
- What's with my love?
- Love, love
-I can't sleep because of love
-Love, love
She teased me so much
I love her so much
She teased me so much
I love her so much
- If she misses me...
- She calls
-No hesitation
-She calls
- If she misses me...
- She calls
-No hesitation
-She calls
She stole my heart and ran away with it
The poor man!
- We love you, teacher.
- Class dismissed.
- See you later.
- Are you leaving?
- I am.
- Let's salute the teacher.
Allow me to tell you
Your love is melting my heart
Allow me to tell you
- Wizzo.
- Yes?
I want to marry you.
What's the matter?
I said I want to marry you.
- Stop the car.
- Why?
- Stop the car right now!
- Calm down.
Stop the car.
O my Lord, give me from your grace
as much as my good intentions.
No, forget about my intentions.
Give me as much as my weight.
Mr. Fatthi, we're honored to ask
for Ms. Wizzo's hand for our son.
The honor is ours.
We'll get her ready
and take her to her new house.
Wizzo, bring the cold drinks.
Cold drinks here.
Come and buy from me.
Cold drinks here.
Here, Dad.
Here you are, Mom.
This is for the old man.
And this...
No, we'll keep this for the bedroom.
All right. I got it.
Get back to your room now.
Mr. Fatthi, everything is ready.
You don't have to do anything.
- I want her.
- Take her.
I mean, may God bless this marriage.
The engagement shall be tonight.
When my villa is ready, we'll get married.
Is he dumb or something?
I guess she had that magician,
Om Khadija, enchant him for her.
No, it's the magic of love.
God willing, the wedding will be
in Egypt's biggest hotel.
The wedding will be held in the street.
I want wedding gifts from my people.
No way. It must be in a hotel.
It will either be in the street,
or forget about it.
I beg you, Dad. Don't be so serious.
I'm not Haifa Wehbe.
Dad, if he has time to rethink,
he will dump me for sure.
I'm playing hard to get, idiot.
You're hurting me.
It's easy. We'll have two weddings:
one in the street and another in a hotel.
My prince figured it out.
Are we done here?
I'm a bride.
- We're not done yet.
- What else is there?
I want a vision test and a medical test.
- This isn't a driver's license!
- It is!
He will drive this truck.
Praised be the Lord!
God bless the bride and groom!
Praised be the Lord!
Get in with your right foot first.
- Listen.
- What?
Don't let him kiss you.
I'm worried about you.
- Yes, Dad.
- Don't listen to him.
- You should let him kiss you.
- And that's what I'll do.
Spring is here and...
Wish for a son.
What? Do you want my kid
to look like this?
Didn't you see my fianc?
He's like Ahmed Ezz and Nicole Saba.
Spring is here, and the weather is great
Let's stop talking and enjoy
Let's stop talking
Let's not say a word
What are you talking about?
Spring is here
- Goodness, it's a boat!
- Yes.
- Hop on.
- No, I'm scared.
- Hop on, Wizzo.
- No, I'm really scared, Tatti.
Don't be scared. I'll catch you.
- You'll catch me?
- Yes.
Are you really going to catch me?
- You'll catch me, Tatti?
- Yes. Come on.
I was riding in a Mercedes.
Now I'm on a wooden carriage.
You jealous, envious people!
Where is that woman who wanted
my kid to be like her ugly son?
- Where is she?
- My dear daughter, what happened?
Something unbelievable happened, Dad.
Didn't I tell you not to let him kiss you?
He didn't kiss me.
- The fish did.
- The fish?
Yes, the fish are here!
Go and cook them!
- Where's Atef?
- You mean the late Atef.
I lost my dear Atef!
Let me sleep a little holding his shirt.
Next time, it's important to be careful.
Seal this center, Officer.
What's going on, sir? What's the matter?
This center is illegal and unlicensed.
What's legal in this country anyway?
Quit this chatter. Are you the owner here?
No. Hamouda is the owner,
and he signed the contract.
What are you doing, Mr. Jaafar?
Are you turning me in?
I have nothing to do with this.
I'm just a cover. He's the owner here.
Save it for the prosecutor.
- Take him.
- The prosecutor?
I have nothing to do with this.
You'll see, Jaafar. You'll see.
You'll see.
I never heard of someone making threats
while being arrested.
You're suspended,
and I'm filing a case against you.
Why is that?
You'll find out from the police.
Please, leave now.
So, I'm suspended from work,
and you reported me to the police?
Hey, powerful.
- I'm just leaving.
- That's okay.
Mrs. Afaf, my dear.
- How are things?
- We're starting tomorrow.
May God bless us.
Listen, don't let anyone see you.
You don't have to warn me.
I'll be invisible.
Just relax and don't worry about a thing.
Okay, here's ten thousand.
When you're done,
I'll give you ten more.
You're great.
I can't believe this.
What's going on?
- My dear son.
- Om Hamouda?
My son is back in jail for 15 more days.
Oh, my God. Again?
Don't be sad, darling.
- My God!
- Take this money until he gets out.
Who's going to take care of me?
He always took care of me.
Here. This is all the money I have.
My dear son.
- God!
- What can I do? I want my son.
Listen, forget your son now, Om Hamouda.
I have a question.
- Go ahead.
- Your son has fair skin,
but your skin is so dark.
- How is he your son?
- I'll tell you.
I was walking by the train tracks,
and Brad Pitt was on the train.
- Brad Pitt?
- And he jumped on me.
It was dark outside.
- Who do you mean?
- Brad Pitt.
- Brad Pitt?
- Yes.
The famous Brad Pitt?
- Yes.
- The star of Troy?
Yes, and then I was pregnant with Hamouda.
Later, my husband...
- Your husband was Brad Pitt?
- No, Hamouda's father.
He opened the window,
and the wind blew everything away.
He said the photo was burned,
and the kid turned out white.
You mean the kid's photo or yours?
- No, the kid's photo.
- Poor you.
Yes. You know Leonardo from Titanic?
- From Titanic?
- Yes.
You saw the girl who was by the window?
- That must be you.
- No, I was downstairs.
- And I was so happy.
- Let me take a drag to get high too.
- Go on.
- Then the ship sank.
He sank, and we couldn't find the body.
We needed his ID for the burial approval.
So I registered the kid
as Abu Hamouda's son.
What could I do?
- So the kid is Abu Hamouda's.
- He's Abu Hamouda's.
- I'll take this to the train tracks.
- Yes.
Maybe what you said will happen to me.
Go. May God bless you.
- My dear Hamouda.
- Yes.
- God!
- Who's going to take care of me?
- Carry on, dear.
- My dear Hamouda!
- My God!
- How will I get Hamouda back?
Thank you.
How are things, dear?
Isn't the villa ready?
The architect said
it'll be done in three months, but...
- What?
- We're not getting married.
Why not?
We're not getting married
until you graduate from high school.
- Graduate? Then it won't happen.
- Fine. It won't happen.
Be honest with me
and stop acting innocent.
Tell me you bought me the ring
so you could be free to hang out
and meet up with other girls.
- Stop it. Wizzo, don't make a scene.
- A scene?
You'd better start weeping,
because you're going to be dumped.
You'd better start weeping,
because you're such a terrible cheater.
Give me your hand.
Wizzo, I can't marry a selfish girl
who only cares about herself.
Selfish? I gave you my love
and everything I have.
Then what will you give our kids?
What will you do when their friends
have lawyers and doctors as mothers,
and you failed high school?
In short,
we'll get married when you graduate,
with good grades too.
- I have to get good grades too?
- Wizzo.
It's your choice.
What did he say? Why did that sound
like motivational speaking?
I should've done
what Atef did to you a long time ago.
But the passing of your mother
made me spoil you too much,
and I let you do whatever you want.
Wizzo, study and succeed
and be happy, dear.
Make your fianc happy, and us too.
- I'm afraid to study.
- Why is that?
Please understand me.
If I study, I'll graduate.
And if I do, I'll leave
the school I spent seven years at.
- I'll leave my friends and teachers.
- So what?
You'll graduate and go to college
and meet new people.
That's how life goes.
Just so you know, if I study,
I'll lose weight.
- Lose weight?
- Yes.
You have enough fat to last
for years of high school, college,
a master's, a doctorate,
and even training years.
Do I look like a camel to you?
Just so you know,
he said I have to get good grades.
That's great. You'll study hard for that.
- How?
- We'll all help you.
- Fofa?
- Yes.
I have a feeling, just a feeling for now,
that if we go to the bedroom,
and you test me,
I'll get a great score.
Stop it.
I already did.
I even gave you private lessons.
And I helped you cheat.
But nothing works with you.
You are what I call an LIB.
What does that mean?
Loser in bed.
Listen, we look so weird
holding books like this. It's a scandal.
I'm so embarrassed, as if I peed myself.
- Listen.
- What?
Forget about this.
What about Tatti's birthday?
Everything is arranged.
- Really?
- He'll be all yours tomorrow.
Yes, that's what I want.
Off you go, Arabic and history books.
English and French too.
I don't need the bag either!
Happy birthday, my love!
- Thanks.
- Blow out the candles.
What do you think of the party?
Thank you so much, honey.
It's been ages since I had a party.
- It's so nice.
- Really? Did you like it?
- It's so nice.
- The cake is from Al-Jehad Bakery.
- Tell him how much I paid.
- She paid a lot.
- I hope you like it.
- I like it because it's from you.
Leave that for our wedding.
Listen, I'll go to the restroom
to fix my lipstick.
Not now. The girls are here.
What? It'll get smudged while I eat.
What do you think, Henna?
- Happy birthday!
- Thank you.
What is going on here?
Step aside. Are you enjoying yourself?
They're the ones who picked me up.
They picked you up?
You think you're in a theme park?
- You like getting thrown in the air?
- What?
Okay, I'll show you how it's done.
- Have you tried that?
- No.
No? Did you see that, Henna?
You're all so rude! How could
you do this while we were away?
- You should've waited for me.
- Quiet.
- It's your father.
- My father?
Hello? Yes, Dad.
I swear I have nothing
to do with the drugs.
I know nothing about this.
I swear on my professional honor
that my wife has nothing
to do with these drugs.
She doesn't even smoke.
I caught her smoking one in the kitchen.
She must've eaten something spicy.
I understand what you and Mrs. Afaf
are saying, Mr. Fatthi.
I'm only following the law.
I got a report that Mrs. Afaf's center
is selling drugs.
When we searched the center,
we found drugs in her purse.
It must be that filthy rat, Jaafar.
You look sad, and if you're sad,
I'll be sad too.
You framed me for the case,
but you never asked about me or my mom.
You didn't even bail me out.
Listen, you idiot.
I couldn't get close
or even ask about you.
- The police had their eyes on me.
- Do you think I'm gonna buy that?
I learned my lesson.
That's fine.
Let's forget the past and start over.
But first,
I want 100,000 for the bail.
100,000? You're greedy.
But you got it.
All right.
Let's talk about that fresh start.
What's the plan?
- We'll reopen the center.
- Again?
And, of course, you want me to rent it
so I get framed if anything happens.
- That's right, smart guy.
- Then I want 50,000 beforehand.
- You're really greedy.
- Where will we do it?
- In the same old place.
- Wasn't it rented to Mrs. Afaf?
- Haven't you heard yet?
- No, I don't follow the news.
Okay, since you don't follow the news,
I threw Mrs. Afaf in prison.
- How?
- Let me tell you how.
Who turned you against me?
Why have you changed?
Every now and then
You torment my heart
Who turned you against me?
Why have you changed?
Every now and then
You torment my heart
If you don't want my love, leave me
Don't pretend to love me...
Freeze, everyone!
What is this? Who are you?
We're the school's police.
I don't want to hear a word.
- Where is he?
- There. Let's get him.
What's going on?
Stay where you are. Nobody move.
It's a family matter.
He's her husband.
He took their money and bought drugs.
Sit down, please.
Good evening.
I've never drunk this before.
My father was so strict.
You idiot, did you put the drugs
in Mrs. Afaf's purse or not?
I didn't do anything.
You fool! Jaafar confessed
and said that you did it.
- Jaafar ratted on me?
- Yes.
So you have to go to the police
and confess that he told you to do it.
- Let's go, then.
- Great. Now we're talking.
Thank your plastic surgeon for me.
You're a piece of art.
- Rest assured.
- Get out.
- Dad?
- What?
- What are you doing?
- Getting educated.
- Let's go.
- I just got here.
I paid 120.
Let's go now, or I swear I'll tell Afaf.
Let's keep in touch, okay, girls?
What kind of father are you?
I can't thank you enough
for what you did for us, Hamouda.
Don't mention it. What you did
for my mom when I was away
and the bail you paid for me
are debts I had to pay.
I didn't think Jaafar could betray me.
That's okay. It's like they say:
Some people aren't built to be loyal.
You turned out to be a real man.
I hope we can repay you.
Thanks, Mr. Fatthi. You're so kind.
I'm reopening the center, Hamouda.
You'll come work with me,
but it's an honest job this time.
I'll do whatever you want, Mrs. Afaf.
- Are you single, Hamouda?
- What? Dad is right here.
Forget about that, and let's have fun.
It's not the time for this.
Wizzo, we still have
bigger challenges to face.
- No wedding before graduating.
- No.
I want the wedding.
I always dreamed of hearing that song.
Oh, bed-maker, make a good mattress
For our well-behaved bride
Forget about this now.
Let's study. It's time to study.
Let's go.
Never say you were forced to do the crime.
When you do it, you have to own it.
Not at all, but don't misunderstand
my presence here.
The officer called me here
to open a center for the inmates.
Yes, I will teach them our history.
A center for the inmates.
- Tatti!
- Yes, love?
Come and teach me our history.
- Of course.
- Make a good mattress
For our well-behaved bride
Make a good mattress
For our well-behaved bride
First question.
The right answer is number three.
This is your dad, Fatthi.
First question.
The right answer is number three.
Second question, Wizzo.
The right answer is number four.
What are you doing, Dad?
Stop this nonsense right now.
I'll pass on my own.
Besides, it's Thursday,
and you should be at the barber's.
You should have seafood soup tonight.
Don't make me say more here.
Go away, Dad.
What are you doing, Fatthi?
What are you doing here?
This is mass cheating.
I'm so worried about her.
Don't worry. She'll pass.
She studied so well, and I helped her.
That's why I'm worried.
Subtitle translation by: Ayman Adham