Wobble Palace (2018) Movie Script

[glass shattering]
[light music]
[light music]
[song in foreign language]
[bluesy music]
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm Eugene.
You did it, you did it,
you hugged me.
Oh my god, this place is nuts.
Let me get this door.
Oh wait, wait wait, don't.
Can you come back from
there, from that threshold?
Yeah, I need you to
take your shoes off.
Oh yeah, I'm sorry, no
[Eugene] It's just
house rules, you know.
Yeah I know, I totally get it.
And now, you may rise and
enter my lair.
[Eugene] Yeah I designed
most of this stuff, I made it.
This is like very Blues Clues,
you know?
Sure, yeah, whatever
works for you.
You mean it's cool
and shit, right?
[Eugene] Oh my god,
what is that?
DSLR camera?
[Eugene] Ah, that's nice.
Wow, with the flash and
everything, huh?
Yeah, I'm a photographer.
Hey, you wanna
see something cool?
Check this out, check it out.
Oh, hey I'm fallin'
on the couch.
You're probably looking
at that and thinking
wow, he looks so comfortable,
that could be me.
You're right.
You could join me on this couch
and we could both
be comfortable together.
I don't know.
[Eugene] Why?
Isn't this kind of weird?
Yeah I could see how
you would think this place
is kooky, weird, whatever.
You'll get used to it.
No I mean it's just like
we don't know each other.
We just met on an app and
you're a complete stranger
and I'm in your house.
Hmm, maybe, I mean
that is actually
the whole contract
with these apps, right?
People sign up so they can
meet complete strangers
and kind of have a "adventure".
Everybody loves shit like that.
[Eugene] What are you
worried about?
I'm a good boy.
Nothing, nothing.
Don't you wanna see the
rest of the house, come on.
Yeah, yeah, show me.
All right, I will show you.
Like this room for instance
is under construction,
you get it.
And so a lot of stuff like that.
[Caroline] You have
a lot of books.
No time for that, okay.
We gotta move it right along.
Now this room is very
private and very special.
You heard of the show
called MTV: the Cribs?
They used to have a line
they said in rooms like this.
This is where all the
Magic happens.
[Eugene] You fucking
got it, exactly.
Wow, this is so normal.
Normal, yeah, I guess.
[Caroline] What is this, IKEA?
IKEA, yeah wow, we're really
Why do you have all
these women's clothes?
Hmm, I have a roommate and
my roommate wears the clothes.
It's pretty cool.
Oh, you have a girl roommate.
Well it's actually kind
of presumptuous
and opposed to gender
society that we're in
but yes my roommate is a girl.
Okay, where does this
girl roommate sleep?
Well I don't know,
take a good guess.
Bing bong, she sleeps
on this bed.
Okay, so where do you sleep?
Where do I sleep?
Kind of like over
here a little more.
Why did you have me over
here if you have a girlfriend?
Back up a second.
We're in an open relationship.
Isn't that very cool and very
BT Dubs, she mandated that,
all the way at the beginning.
She said we need to be
in an open relationship
and I was like no,
I love monogamy.
I'm just a traditional guy.
And then she's like no,
this is the new wave.
I'm hungry.
[Eugene] You're hungry.
You're not freaked out, right?
No, let's have brunch.
I'm in an open relationship,
it's cool, it's fine, good.
Totally cool.
And you know you've
come to the right spot.
This is where people go to
find the ingredients for food
which is why we're here to eat.
And this is perfect.
We could eat a omelet,
a little olives in it.
You have no food.
There's some mustard.
There's prosecco if you
like to get a little drunk.
Omelet, prosecco,
what else do you need?
I think we should
probably go out.
I could also do that,
what a great idea.
There's a lot of food
options in the neighborhood.
Is it good?
It's okay.
You like it?
You noticing those guys there?
Yeah, what are they doing?
They're doing their thing.
It's a ritual,
part of their schtick.
No, no, no, don't do that.
Don't do that.
[Caroline] What are you
talking about?
Did they ask you to take their
Dude, chill out, it's not a
big deal.
How would you feel if
they went to fucking WeHo
and started doing calligraphy?
I'd be just fine with it.
Oh, so what are you gonna
do the rest of the day?
I was actually thinking if
we could go back to your place.
Well I'm gonna do that anyway,
if that's what you wanna do,
yeah, great.
Should we go?
Let's fucking do it.
I'm not done eating my
Oh yeah, duh, let's
finish the sandwiches
and then we'll go.
You really wanna go back huh?
Somehow it always ends up in
and that's the way it should be
And maybe you've changed
your mind about this bed.
You know, open bed, open
open invitation to have an
adventure and have some fun.
You know what I want?
Yeah, I think I could imagine.
I really want you to get
Oh my god, that's exactly what
I want
but sort of vice versa.
Like I would like you to get
naked, so maybe we could,
No, no, no, you, I'll help
You know I love women with
I wanna see you on the bed.
Why don't we start with the,
you know, work our way
up to something magical?
There you go.
Yeah peel that sucker off.
And you could actually do
it a little more sensuously,
like just try that out for size.
Is this good?
Oh my god, yes.
And uh, maybe I can just pull,
And why don't you pull that off?
[Caroline] Ooh.
Yeah, now you got.
You want this too?
Mhmm, the whole thing.
[Eugene] I'll tease, the whole
The whole thing.
Okay, you wanna get
this all the way down.
Okay, I can do that.
And let me do the last one
because it's a little striptease
It's a little sexier if I do it.
Yeah, mhmm.
And now, will you pull it off?
Yeah, like a fucking sensuous
And you should come with me.
[Caroline] Not yet.
Not yet.
Oh shit, that's cool.
'Cause you're a pro.
No, no, don't do that.
No, no.
What are you doing?
Now lay back.
Okay, whatever.
This is fine, I'm fucking cool.
Progressive fucking dude.
Okay, if you're gonna
fucking take photos of me
and all of me, tell me what I'm
Stay right there.
Okay, what else?
What's my vibe?
There we go.
Oh that's great.
Are you getting it?
- Are you getting good stuff?
- That's good.
Exactly, and now that
you're done with that
it's time to get on
and hop in bed with me.
You know, one good turn deserves
Um actually, I gotta go.
Oh, god.
Are you serious?
No you're not gonna go.
No, no, no, no, you're
not gonna fucking go.
[Caroline] What the fuck?
You're not being very
Okay, okay, no, no.
[Caroline] Get off of my bag.
All right yeah I don't wanna
you know, be physical with you.
Okay, bye.
[light music]
[Eugene] Hey, it's me.
Oh hi.
Hey, how's it going?
It's good, I'm Esther.
Yeah, I know, I know.
From the thing, Esther, duh.
Yeah, yeah.
Welcome to my lovely home.
Thank you.
Oh my god.
Isn't it cool?
This is my spot.
So much going on.
Did you do this yourself?
Um, actually my roommate did.
All right, cool.
My roommate is actually my
All right, well, she
seems like a talented lady.
She is talented.
And we're in an open
relationship, so.
Smart woman.
Right, why do you say do?
I'm a smart guy too.
You know what they say,
like why buy the whole pig
for one little sausage?
People say that?
Yeah, some people say that.
Well check out this
couch, it's really nice.
Oh my god, green denim.
Give it a rub, give it a feel.
Oh my god this is so soft.
It is soft, it's nice.
This is very soft too.
Yeah, yeah, it's astroturf.
Yeah, get a feel of this.
Still thinking about the sausage
It's like being in the park.
Right, exactly, it's just
like a day in the park.
So did your girlfriend
make this coffee table too?
Oh that?
[Jane] Why are we carrying
this all the way down?
[Eugene] Come on, it's an
[Jane] Not really.
[Eugene] Come on, what's the
[Jane] It's not balanced.
[Eugene] Okay wait, stop.
[Jane] We're carrying it
Okay, how do we do it right?
How do we do it right?
Like, flip it.
Okay, which way?
[Jane] This way.
Okay, flip it on three, okay?
One, two, three.
I just wanna say thanks for
letting us put
your back seat down.
The hives, sucks.
[Jane] What?
This titus job sucks.
Pay is shit, I'm sick, tired.
If you're tired you might
wanna just,
you know, go home and take
a nap when we're done.
[Jane] Eugene.
[Eugene] Emmett, can you turn
that down?
Yeah, you're being rude.
Pick up the gobbledygoop.
[Eugene] Oh, my gobbledygook?
It's Russian.
[Eugene] Yes.
We're Russian.
Talking in another
language, welcome to America.
Multicultural, man.
Is he retarded?
Your like, your retarded
Russian brother or something.
[laughing] no.
I'm not her fucking brother.
He's my retarded Russian
That we got on Craigslist.
[Esther] Cool.
Yeah, it was actually so cool.
Hey, do you want any water?
'Cause I got some of the
finest water in LA county.
Bet you've never seen
anything quite like that.
[Esther] A sink full of dirty
Uh, no.
This actually makes sense,
so his and hers
and there's a dividing line
between them
and never the tween
shall meet, okay?
No, this ionizer, this water
It's very cool.
But why do you have
a Korean ionizer?
You know it's
a Korean ionizer?
Oh my god, oh my god.
You think I,
you think I must have like
an Asian fetish or something.
No, I wasn't really
getting at that
but you know, it's good to know.
No I don't, 'cause I've
dated a lot of chicks
of all creeds and
colors and races.
And actually you
have lot in common
with the types of girls I
normally date
'cause they're all
like weird and smart
and like, you know, really
Well it sounds to me like
you got pretty good taste.
Oh does it now?
Does it now, Esther?
I'm getting to like
you quite a bit.
I like you too.
You have soft hands.
Yeah I'm really soft,
touch my skin.
It's like, and I never
Like a baby.
Aha, yeah, never done
a day of work in my life.
It's like I have, but not with
my hands.
[phone boinging]
Oh I'm sorry.
Do you mind if I take this?
It's like a
family thing, sure.
Hello, good afternoon.
Mhmm, yes this is she.
Who am I speaking with?
So have you seen
anyone like me before?
Do you get into ABDL, NT,
CBT, things like that?
Uh huh.
And where are you hoping to
serve me?
Three hours?
So when can I expect your
deposit, the next five?
Very good.
I'll keep an eye out for it.
Bye bye.
Sorry about that, so
rude to take a phone call
like right about it.
No, it's all good.
It was a business
phone call, right?
That's right, I'm a Pro Dom.
That's so fucking cool,
that's really cool.
To be honest, kind of
exhausting, you know.
[Eugene] Sure, you're
over it a little bit.
Yeah you know, so many
guys need to get stepped on,
slapped or treated like a slut
or be a human toilet.
Right, human toilet.
It's just like super
Right, men love to be sluts.
Yeah, they do.
So do you get into
any of that play
or I mean you seem to know
what I was talking about?
I'm more like a vanilla
boy, honestly, yeah.
That makes a lot of sense
'cause all my clients are
like high powered lawyers
or doctors or entrepreneurs.
So they really like to just
relinquish all control to me.
Whereas you know, I feel
like maybe you have a more
like fluid lifestyle?
Actually, I'm pretty
Pretty business.
But you don't have
access to that
'cause you don't
really know me fully yet
but you could get to know me.
And if you ever do
have the urge to like
beat the shit out
of me, it's like
okay with it.
That another family
thing, some family stuff?
No, you know I'm sorry.
I have to go get
ready for my session.
Oh my god, I'm so proud of you
and excited for your
bank account.
Well maybe we can
hang out soon, huh?
I had a really good time
I gotta run.
Don't forget your bike.
And don't forget me.
[light music]
Automobile club.
College fund.
Here we go, taking care of
Taking care of all the
important business.
[whimsical music]
[chill music]
Hey yeah.
You know, I'm just ripping
up bills like you saw.
So yeah if you're
into that, totally just
send me a DM and
I'll pop you the addy.
All right cool, bye.
You know I'm just ripping
up bills like you saw.
So yeah if you're,
Feels good, huh?
Yeah it feels cathartic.
Yeah yeah yeah,
don't you kind of wish
that you had your own bills?
Um, I don't really
have too many bills.
[Eugene] Really?
What you have a
kind of trust fund vibe?
I'm taken care of.
Uh well I probably have
enough to go around, so
thank you for helping me out.
Why do we have this light on?
Why don't we have
on the cool lights?
Um, well 'cause it's
good for the video
but I guess that's over now, so.
[Logan] See?
Oh yeah.
Wow, you have a very intuitive
sense of the space, you know?
Yeah and I've
been here before.
Nah, 'cause if
you've been here before
I think I would remember
that, you know, my house.
You weren't here,
I came here with Jane
a couple times.
You were here a couple times
with Jane?
[Logan] Yeah.
And I wasn't here?
[Logan] No.
I find that hard to believe,
you know, 'cause like Jane,
Well it was like a party.
A little party.
Oh, and was it fun?
Yeah it was really fun,
it was cute.
It was cute?
[Logan] Yeah, Jane's fun.
[crowd chattering]
I was stuck.
[crowd chattering]
[Woman] Where is Eugene?
Who cares? [laughing]
Is it okay that I'm
laying here on the floor?
Yeah this is the perfect
Could you like maybe like
send me an invite next time
one of these cool
cute functions happen?
What's up with your hair?
Like what's going on with that?
- My hair?
- Yeah.
This is cool, this is good.
This is called the
floating toupee.
This is like my look.
This is the thing I invented.
Yeah, it looks more like
you're hiding something.
Hiding something?
[Logan] Yeah like,
like a bird.
Like a bird?
Maybe you're like
embarrassed of your baldness.
Well I don't have baldness,
I have just a new look.
Your baldingness then.
Okay so what's like a
different look?
What should I do besides
this, you want like this?
[Logan] Pull it back, yeah.
This, this is a good look?
[Logan] Yeah.
Like a fucking troll doll.
Well like, what if you
just like take it all down,
see what we got to work with.
You're gonna help me out?
Yeah, well.
I'll be there for moral support.
I don't wanna touch it.
What do you think, is
this like getting there
or getting there?
Yeah, I think it
looks a lot better.
You know I'm really
happy you say that
because a lot of the time lately
when like I ask Jane about,
oh how's my hair look,
how does my outfit look?
It's like uniformly negative.
And I feel like I just can't
trust her opinion anymore.
She's very biased.
Do you think the open
just like not working?
No, I think it's working
But you know, there's
like peaks and valleys.
So like we're working through
one of the valleys right now.
Uh huh.
Like this weekend for
like we split up the house.
It's gonna be very positive.
It's already been very
positive for us.
And like the house
is nice, you know.
Do you like it?
[Logan] Yeah, yeah,
the house is great.
And it's super cheap.
The rent is extremely
I don't think that's a reason
to stay in a relationship
I'm not saying that's why
we stay in a relationship.
Of course we're in a
because it's like we're in love.
We have like respect and
admiration for each other.
But it's just a lot
of great amenities
that come with
this sort of thing.
Okay, you're done.
I'm hungry, let's go.
Sorry like, everything's closed.
It's like this, Burger Gods.
Yeah, did you wanna
go here to Burger Gods?
Why would I fucking
wanna go here?
This is like everything I hate.
Burger Gods in
Chinatown, come on.
Uh huh, why is that?
What do you mean why?
It's very disrespectful
of like the flavor of the
And like who is it serving?
Who is it catering to?
All right, you complaining
about gentrification
is like Republicans
complaining about Trump.
Hmm no.
You can't set the foundation
and then be surprised
by what follows.
Set the foundation?
How am I fucking setting the
I don't walk in saying like
here's my new art gallery.
Just by living in this
a guy like you is participating.
What do you mean
a guy like me?
Like a white guy.
Wait a second, oh my god.
I used to live in Highland Park
and I didn't want any coffee
shops there
but they all showed up.
And before that
I was in Echo Park
and I didn't want any health
foods stores
and they opened up all
these health food stores.
I don't like those
sorts of things.
But they go where I go
just a few months later.
Are you just realizing
all this stuff, or is this?
[Eugene] No, I thought
about this before but never
in the context of me.
I know.
So what do I do?
I'm not gonna be your liaison
into cultural redemption.
But I'm going to a Halloween
party if you wanna go.
There's probably snacks there.
No, I think I need
a moment to reflect on
the man in the mirror.
All right, well I'm gonna
leave you here
with your feelings,
let you absorb.
Yeah, okay well
I'll catch you later.
Right cool, see ya.
Right, see ya, bye.
Okay well, I guess I'm the
Actually I should
probably just die.
No one wants to fuck me,
no one wants to talk to me.
No one wants to be next to me.
No one wants me in the
That's fine, it's fine.
You just go to sleep and
forget about everything
and just wake up the next
day and feel totally fine.
I'll be fine.
Just wake up tomorrow morning
and feel totally fucking fine.
[whimsical music]
Batteries, batteries, batteries.
This, this is so stupid.
[muffled voice in distance]
[phone ringing]
[Woman] Hi, Eugene.
Hey, Desi.
[Desi] How do you always
know just when to call?
How are you?
[Desi] Bad.
[Desi] Things are bad again.
I'm even worse.
[Desi] You know I'm feeling
really sick and lonely.
Well, you wanna
hang out together?
[Desi] Yeah, I just took my
costume off.
You need anything?
[Desi] Um, some probiotics?
Thank you, by the way for
getting me
the largest jar of kimchi you
could find.
Sure yeah well I mean
you said you were sick
so I wanted to fulfill any
requests and.
So do you have a, you have a
yeast infection or something?
Okay, you seem excited to
reveal that
and that's fine, that's good.
Well I'm happy you are aware,
you know.
Sure, um.
Now that's not
contagious, is it?
Yeah if we,
yeah, it is contagious.
Oh really?
Okay, well that's fine,
we weren't gonna fuck.
I'm on my period anyways.
Right, that's never
really been a problem
but it should tonight 'cause
not only are you in period
but you also have this,
You don't wanna get a yeast
I would hate that.
It's like yeast coming
out of your dick.
I wouldn't even
be able to get it up.
No, that's disgusting.
'Cause it's just
so fucking gross
and I wouldn't wanna get it
'cause then I'd be itching
I feel really unsexy.
And I feel really happy
just sitting here with you
as just a buddy.
Yeah, we don't do this enough.
[light music]
[tires screeching]
Cuck hairdo?
I can post that.
You like what you see?
I'm a good guy.
I'm a good guy, okay?
I'm a pure guy and
I'm a good guy
and I'm a nice guy
and I mean well.
Just started fucking look good.
I start to fucking look good.
Basically at the
halfway mark here.
Oh fuck.
[whimsical music]
Hey come on, it's time to go.
Hey, hello.
It's time to go, let's go.
I'm not going.
You're not going?
It's time to go, come on.
It's time to go.
Time to go to social club.
We talked about this.
I have a lot of
work to do actually.
[Eugene] You have
a lot of work?
Look at you, you're just
sitting on the couch
eating chips and
watching Law and Order.
You're not really
working, come on.
Let's go out,
let's have some fun.
It's part of my process.
This is your process?
The process is sitting here
not hanging out with me,
not doing anything,
that's your process.
What the fuck are you wearing?
This is my cool
new belt, you like?
[Jane] Is that like a
Halloween thing?
It's not like a
Halloween thing.
You know, it's a no costume
thing attached tonight.
Come on.
Well, you look stupid as fuck.
[Eugene] I look
stupid as fuck?
I look stupid as fuck?
[Jane] Why are you doing this?
Look I'm sorry I'm
not, I don't feel good.
[Eugene] I know,
and I'm just trying
to make you feel better.
You're not.
Then maybe
we should just stay.
Maybe I'll just stay.
I'm not gonna go either.
I'm just gonna
chill here with you.
I'm just gonna
chill here with you.
Why don't you go?
Why don't we go,
why don't we go?
Go find some girls to
fuck if I'm not there.
Find some girls to fuck?
Why do you say stuff like that?
I don't wanna go
there and fuck somebody.
I wanna go there with
you and have fun together
and like let people
see us happy.
All right, I'm gonna
count to three.
When we hit three,
we're gonna get up.
- All right.
- And we're gonna go.
Uh huh.
All right.
[speaking in foreign language]
[car starting]
Mmm, Jane is in her thing.
Good, uh, you're happy for her.
You love her, you admire
her, you're proud of her.
Okay, good,
let her do her thing,
don't fucking smother her.
You're doing your thing,
you know?
You're doing your thing.
[Jane] He thinks
it's all about him.
Doesn't everybody?
Caught up in their own shit.
Their feelings and feeds.
Convinced they're
at the center of it all.
Other people's lives just
scrolling by.
A like here, a comment there.
But it always comes back to you.
I mean me.
This is clearly about me.
Hey, could I bum
a cig from you?
I'll give you like 50 cents.
Thank you.
Do you have a light?
Actually I do.
Look I just picked up the amp,
threw it on the ground.
Oh my god.
The thing exploded in a
million pieces,
everyone was like, oh my God!
It's so cool you're in a band.
Thank you.
Do you sing or,
you have such a nice voice.
I play the drums.
[Jane] Oh, babe,
what happened?
My friend was on
Tub of Baxter,
one of the steepest
hills in the country,
bomb the hill like
I do all the time
not trying to brag, fucking
spilled out and ate shit.
Yeah that's,
Wrecked my arm.
Do you want
some antiseptic or,
No, it's all right.
Come on, come on.
You and your little
friends are gonna be like
backyard wrestling or whatever.
It's gonna get all infected.
I'm gonna help you.
[Jane] Do you like it?
Yeah, super tight.
And this couch.
I made that.
I made all of this actually.
You made that?
I had the foam custom cut.
Then I got the terry cloth.
Yeah hey, my friend
actually builds skate ramps
and I got to help
out a couple times.
Yeah building stuff's
actually not that hard.
Not trying to brag.
That's awesome.
I'm gonna get
something for your arm
so I'll be right back.
So do you live here alone?
Uh yeah.
Oh my god, you must be rich.
[chuckling] Um, I do okay.
I've had a pretty good quarter.
Ooh, aw.
You know a thing
about beta fish?
Uh huh?
Is that you put two of them
in the same bowl for too long
and they always end up fighting.
And usually one of them dies.
It's actually
really fucking sad.
Well, maybe some animals
are just happier alone.
What's wrong?
I have a girlfriend.
Look, two hours ago, I
realized that I'm probably
in love with this girl.
She's honestly everything
I've ever wanted.
She's smart, funny, she's hot.
She has great style, she's sexy.
She's creative.
Okay, I get it.
I'm creative.
Look, I just don't
wanna mess it up, okay?
[light music]
The thing about beta fish is,
that's fish trivia 101.
I shouldn't be fucking
with skaters anyway,
those beautiful
free-spirited idiots.
I should just
buckle down and focus,
keep my eyes on the prize.
Eyes on the prize.
I'm gonna go to the bathroom.
[Man] All right, cool.
I was just about to leave but
glad I stuck around.
What's going on?
[phone beeping]
I could really go for
some Ravi this weekend.
[light music]
A real job?
Do you know how many
fucking jobs I've had?
Waitress, hostess, barista,
personal assistant,
stylist assistant,
photographer's assistant,
research assistant,
cam girl, shop girl,
ice cream scooper, intern,
extra, sugar baby, foot model,
alt model, of course.
The one job I made no money
off of, being an artist.
[crowd applauding]
Leave me alone!
Oh man.
Boy do I have a
treat for all of you.
Here, for your entertainment,
Miss Baby.
Let's take a good old photo.
I love this.
I'm gonna post it.
Hey guys, why do
you think she's crying?
I don't do anything bad.
I'm a good guy.
That's me.
Mr. Good guy.
Baby drama.
You put that away!
Wah wah wah wah.
What are you gonna do with
that knife, little baby?
Probably nothing!
[car honking]
[Jane] I can't believe
I slept on the floor.
With these people, my friends.
I wonder if they really
aspire to anything more
than just living in the moment.
I need to check my privilege.
Here I am in Paz's
great big loft
hanging around a
cool successful artist
with feminist credentials.
Must be nice.
That's a great name too, Paz.
Her art pretty much
sucks but great loft.
Great name, take a breather,
some time to think.
That's awesome.
Paz, hi.
It's actually pronounced pahz.
Hi, Paz.
It's so crazy, it's
like all the children
like move here from New York
and they think they're gonna
be like art stars or whatever
but then they just
end up like handlers.
But I like to watch them sleep.
Me too. [chuckling]
Anyway, what do you do?
I'm an artist actually,
but not from New York.
I'm not delusional.
Not like these people.
I take it really
seriously, you know.
I'm like invested in truth.
And I really, I don't wanna
be like famous or successful.
I just mean,
I'm kidding, you don't
have to answer that.
The way you said that
though, it's amazing.
Because it sounds like really
like a basic
like basic, I don't know
how else to describe it.
But inspiring.
I like have to go to brunch.
Do you want us to leave?
But um, and
thank you for asking.
Like anytime would be great.
Like now or something.
[Paz] See ya.
Hey, are you okay?
[Ravi] Yeah, my neck.
Uh, sorry.
Do you wanna go to my house?
Yeah I'd love to.
Yeah, that sounds great.
That was a cool party.
Kickass, it was pretty good.
I'm excited that we're
not hanging out at a hotel.
For once.
Yeah, also okay, I love
hotels, plastic whatever.
I just, I mean I'm excited
for you to see my house.
Oh, I gotta take some
Do you mind if I
make a pit stop at home?
What do you think?
Holy shit.
[laughing] Pretty nice, right?
[Jane] That's where you live,
Um, I just gotta do
some stuff in here.
Make yourself at home.
Your cat's beautiful.
Thank you.
I got him in
Vancouver last year.
It's wicked expensive
but I love him.
Do you have to feed it?
[Ravi] No, he's got an
automatic feeder.
You have so much shit.
[Ravi] What can I say, I'm a
I love nice stuff.
It's nice how clean it is.
I know.
Juana comes once a week, she's
great, but,
I like my last one better.
Juana puts all my
shit away and just,
you know, I can never find it.
Looking for my
fucking shirts, iPad.
Gone, everything's gone.
Like giving it to
her fucking nephews
and grandkids and shit.
But whatever, I have two of
I like to be the benefactor.
You like the art?
It's cool.
Thanks, I get it from
a bunch of galleries.
You know a bunch of artists
live in this building, used to.
whatever, I moved in.
What's up?
Outfit change?
[Ravi] Yeah, what do you
Your clothes look brand new.
Thanks, just
ripped the tags off.
Did you take your medicine?
[Ravi] Hell fucking yeah.
Let's go.
I'm just gonna freshen up.
I'm gonna finish this outside.
See you in a sec.
What the fuck are
you doing here?
Oh hey.
Are you serious?
Fuck, what time is it?
It's time for you to go.
Um, can you give
me like five minutes?
No, I don't give a shit, you
have to go.
[Eugene] Sorry.
I actually need a couple hours.
I'm sorry.
I really wanna hang out later.
All right.
Well, um, can I use your
bathroom real quick?
Sorry, there's a Starbucks
just like eight blocks away.
I can't wait to see you later.
All right, bye.
What are you still doing here?
I need to walk past
you to leave, you know?
You look like fat Skrillex.
[Eugene] Thanks.
[light music]
[Jane] I wonder what Paz meant
when she said I was basic.
I wish I was basic.
Everyone tries so hard
to set themselves apart.
A flurry of snowflakes.
They call us a generation of
But it's not like we have
anything else
besides student debt and
front facing cameras.
Jane baby.
Hi, hi.
Hi girl.
Where are you?
I'm just doing a little
What are you up to?
I'm just at home.
Yeah you know
I'm not that far away.
Please, come over.
I like your robe.
Remember when you came in?
Did you like that?
That was so funny.
[Jane laughing]
You want me to do it again?
[Jane] Yes, will you?
Do you want me to do it again?
[Jane] Yes, please.
One more time.
[Jane] [laughing] It's so
Eh, it's okay.
It's okay. [laughing]
Where have you been all my life?
[Marcello] Skiing.
Seriously, I just got back.
It was cold.
It was fantastic.
How are you?
I'm okay.
I hung out with the guy
Ravi last night.
Yeah, with the dimples.
[Marcello] Uh huh?
I wanna like sit on his
face for the rest of my life.
Technically that's possible.
But you might get a cramp.
[laughing] We really have fun.
It's not like Eugene, you know.
Where's that thing, that quirk
that's always running
around here?
He's not here.
We split the house for
the weekend actually.
Oh, how can a
man be that kooky?
And so boring at the same time?
White people.
White people.
The worst.
I mean we are
them but, I'm bicurious.
Sometimes it's so embarrassing
to look in the mirror.
Do you think I'm basic?
Better basic than quirky.
No, I mean it.
Of course not.
You're very special.
I just wish there
was a way to know.
Are you ready?
It's just a simple test.
I guess so.
Have you recently
taken any food pics?
Kind of.
Do you love yoga?
It's fine.
Do you own a pair of Uggs?
Don't judge me, they're
super comfortable.
Are you addicted to fro-yo?
Isn't everybody?
Do you love champagne brunch?
Well. [laughing]
Uh, I think I know the
answer to this one.
Do you have a white
cis hetero boyfriend?
Jane, it says you're
kind of basic.
But I wouldn't pay that
much attention to it.
It's just one of
those testicles.
So what are you working on?
Kind of nothing to be honest.
You're so creative, you
need to do your work.
I feel so oppressed here.
In your own home.
Technically it's our
home, but,
I guess Eugene
is like my oppressor.
We need to get you out
from under his yoke.
Seems like I never
have any money.
And I don't know how to drive.
Oh, that's right.
Well driving is freedom.
Let's free you.
Jane, what wonderful driving.
Thank you.
Really strong
stuff I'm seeing here.
It feels good.
[Marcello] You're getting
terrific mileage, honey.
[Jane] It feels like
Very fluid.
I felt that that goofball man
was supposed
to teach you how to
get on the road.
We tried a few times, but,
it didn't really work
out so great.
All right, this is totally
easy, you can do this honey.
Come on.
[Jane] Okay.
So you stick the keys right
in there.
Turn it all the way,
keep going, keep going.
That doesn't sound good.
[Eugene] Wait wait, now put
your foot,
put your foot on the brake.
Put your put on the brake.
Left one, the left one.
[Jane] Left one.
[Eugene] Yeah.
[Jane] The left one?
[Eugene] Yeah, the left
one, that's the brake.
[Jane] Are you sure?
Put your foot on that.
Now grab the stick.
Grab the stick.
And then pull it
down towards you
and then down till D,
so you hit D, see?
There it goes.
And now let go of
the brake a little bit.
And now we're driving.
[Eugene] Now we're driving.
All right.
All right,
the right one is gas
so you can speed up a bit.
And now just
give it a quick brake
to show what you can do, okay.
Whoop, no, that's
too hard, okay.
Okay, I'm sorry.
[Eugene] You don't
wanna brake too hard.
And then okay just keep
going a little more,
go a little more.
This isn't so hard.
[Eugene] Yeah, so if you're
gonna crash,
What do you mean?
[Eugene] Well I mean,
you're just not,
you're not really
doing it intuitively.
Well it's not intuitive.
[Eugene] Uh oh.
See that?
[Jane] What?
Stop, we're coming
to like a dead end.
You're gonna have
to make a turn.
Okay, it's gonna
be kind of hard.
Wait, stop.
Okay, stop, stop, stop, stop,
Put in the brake,
I'm gonna do it.
Put in the brake, I'll do it.
[Jane] You're doing it?
[Eugene] Yeah, yeah.
[Jane] But you're teaching me.
Let's just switch sides, huh?
Don't close it.
Just gonna have to open
it again, all right honey.
All right.
Love you honey.
Don't take it personally, okay?
[train hooting]
I see a breakup
coming on this fucked up
road you're traveling down.
I know.
I think we both
feel that way but
it's just so hard with
the house, you know?
Snap out of it, kid.
Get your tits in gear.
This ain't no pity party.
So see you at the Halloween
parties later?
Yeah, maybe, I don't know.
I love you.
Love you babe.
[Jane] Even though that
drive was pretty triggering,
I think I made good headway.
I'm actually pretty lucky.
I have such great friends,
a date with a promising
young tech entrepreneur,
and we're gonna have our
first female president soon.
My life's really turning
around without Eugene.
It's only been one day, wow.
Your neighborhood's so easy
to park in, it's amazing.
It's actually street
cleaning today.
Huh, whatever.
60 dollar ticket, you think I
give a fuck?
Do you wanna go inside?
[Ravi] Def.
Oh, hello.
So you think you
wanna have kids?
Honestly, no.
What do you mean?
I mean I hate kids.
This world is like a toilet.
Whatever, I'm definitely
having kids.
I'm smart,
I'm good looking, I'm rich.
It's basically my duty.
Wait, couldn't you
picture our kids?
[Jane] Not really.
Hold on, hold on.
Close your eyes,
close your eyes.
Picture this.
Almonds, caramel, mochaccino,
Mercedes, six figures first
year out of the Ivy League.
These are our kids' hashtags.
They sound awful.
No, they sound awesome.
Just like this guy but brown.
I hate kids.
Well, it doesn't
matter anyway.
You know all this turf's
carcinogenic, right?
You probably
have uterine cancer.
Why would you say that?
I don't know, sometimes
I just nag people.
It's like I don't try
but it's just what I do.
[Jane] God, I wish
he wasn't so cute.
Aren't I cute?
Yeah. [chuckling]
Maybe you should
start putting me
in your Instagram photos.
Instead of that cuck Eugene.
He's not a cuck, we're
in an open relationship.
Well, have you seen what
that girl posted of him
on her blog?
Oh, baby.
Look at this shit.
Don't you think
this is fucking funny?
I think it's really sad.
Even when she
calls him a libtard?
Look at that.
This is your boyfriend.
Do you think I'm basic?
What's basic again,
like a loser?
Kind of, like boring,
like a basic bitch.
You're definitely not
boring, you're fucking hot.
Not as hot as Melania.
Are you serious?
What, yeah, I love Trump.
He hates brown people.
Not my type of brown.
Thinks like a white guy, all
the perks of being a POC.
It's fucking awesome.
There's something
really wrong with you.
I love your
little chocolate chip.
Let's get into it.
Stop right there!
Passes only behind this point.
But mister.
I'll do anything to see
the bands at Coachella.
What are some of
your favorite bands?
Bon Iver and Major Lazer.
I know the guys in those bands
and they want me to test your
pussy first.
I don't understand.
If you want all
access to there,
I need all access to there.
It's not really
working for me.
You're kind of bad at this.
Can we just do my idea?
Get out of my way bitch,
I'm about to go
in there and fuck up
those jocks and cheerleaders.
But why?
Because, they've
been fucking with me
my whole life.
I got this gun on Ebay
and I'm about to fucking blow
them away.
You don't have to do this.
Why do you say that?
I've always really liked you.
Oh really?
I've seen you walking these
You've never seen me,
you've never batted an eye.
I've seen you this whole time.
Please let me
show you how to love.
How can I learn how to love
if all I know is hate?
Oh fuck.
What, what, what?
[Jane] We can't fuck in the
[Ravi] Why not?
I don't wash the sheets
and Eugene was probably
eating pizza in there.
Ow, ow, ow ow!
What, what?
I have an air mattress.
[pump humming]
So how long does this take?
Kind of a while.
All right.
Wait, wait.
Check this out.
[both groaning]
Did you come in me?
[Ravi] Uh, yeah.
[Ravi] What?
Why would you do that?
Don't touch me.
I'm sorry, it felt amazing.
[Jane] What the fuck
is wrong with you?
That is so fucked up!
Okay, calm down.
Whatever happens, I'm totally
gonna be here with you
the whole way.
What do you mean?
What are you talking about?
[Ravi] I'll help
you raise them!
Isabelle Gupta.
Stop, ew!
Sarah Gupta.
Stop, ew, ew.
Meredith Gupta.
Ew, I have an IUD,
you piece of shit.
So what's the fucking problem?
You've no respect for women,
you've fucked up my Ph balance,
you get the fuck
out of my house!
What are you talking about?
Get the fuck out of my house!
Okay, fine.
[light music]
There's nowhere to turn.
Ravi's a dead end.
I guess I'll move out,
be homeless.
Maybe Eugene'll move out.
Yeah right.
Why can't he just die already?
Who cares about this
fucking house anyway?
I mean I do.
I made it cool.
Eugene didn't
even lift a finger.
I'll be walking the
streets soon enough.
Can't even afford
a fucking tent.
Where did those
guys get the money
to buy those tents anyway?
Probably their parents.
I wish they didn't fuck
Bernie over the primaries.
We could have been one step
closer to a just society
with equitable housing.
Then we wouldn't
have to live with our
lame ass boyfriend that we hate.
At least he never came
in me without my consent.
Can't even remember the
last time we had sex.
Trump, Trump, Trump,
Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump.
[Eugene] I found these
slippers and tried them on.
I know you're right, it's
better for the astroturf
but not for me.
Yours have been looking
pretty ragged lately.
Why don't you wear these
[light music]
[Jane] Donald Trump.
What a fucking retard.
Although, am I really with her?
I'll be pretty basic.
She does really hate Russia.
Could be interesting to
be oppressed for once.
Definitely make my
work more relevant.
I guess it doesn't really
matter who I vote for.
Hmmm, prop 60,
condoms for porn stars.
Hey you look like an
Obama man, huh? [chuckling]
No, don't worry,
I'm going Obama too.
You know, he did like 300
drone strikes in four years
but he's my guy.
I love Obama.
You know, I'm not so sure
about the birth
certificate but whatever.
I want change
and I'm with Barack.
Just stop, dude,
just stop, just stop.
Barack Hussein,
Hussein, Hussein?
Isn't that the name of...
Dude, stop.
I don't care, I like
him, I'm voting for him.
Worse than potty cock.
You're my brother,
you're my brother.
You my brother.
You do you
and I'll do me, okay?
[Man] All right, yeah.
Looks like you voted too.
Ah, yeah.
First time?
Mhmm, yeah.
It doesn't really matter.
Obama's gonna win anyway.
What's your name?
It does matter.
Every vote counts,
Jane, all right.
And I'm really glad that I voted
against condoms
for porn stars, so.
[Jane giggling]
Did you vote for that?
Condoms suck.
Right, condoms suck,
condoms suck.
Hi, I'm Eugene.
[Jane giggling]
Happy Halloween, pretty lady.
Stay safe out there.
[Jane] God, I fucking hate
[Waiter] Are you ready to
Um, yeah.
[Waiter] Mhmm,
how can I help you?
Can I have the
house special Chow Mein,
[Waiter] Uh huh,
and what else?
The barbecue pork wonton.
Sakam Bean Cake Soup.
[Waiter] Bean Cake
Soup, okay, right, okay.
And um, the fish filet foo
Okay, fish filet egg foo
Okay, I got it.
[Jane] Okay.
Anything else?
[Jane] And a Sing Tao please?
And Sing Tao beer?
Can I see your ID,
you look so young.
Oh. [giggling]
Please, can you show?
[Jane laughing]
Ah, okay.
[light music]
[Woman] Hey.
So you're going to the
party tonight on Beachwood?
Probably not.
Eugene texted me about it.
It's probably gonna be fun.
Are you guys not doing well?
What do you care?
I care.
Is that why you
let him fuck you?
Don't you think he
deserves to be happy?
Okay, well.
Catch you later, cowgirl.
Check please.
[classic lo-fi music]
[singing in foreign language]
Halloween, how obvious.
Crowded parties full of
desperate people
and polyester costumes.
Anxious to be at
the coolest function,
have the best time.
Guess that's all
anyone should want.
I bet life'll be pretty
easy if I just gave in.
[crowd chattering]
I'm with her!
Hey darling.
How you doing?
I'm okay.
Did you drive here?
No, I walked.
Um, I'm gonna get a drink.
You want a drink?
I'm gonna get a drink,
you should drink.
I'm okay.
[Marcello] Be basic.
Guess who? [chuckling]
What's up?
You know?
Who's that?
Wesley Snipes from Blade.
Hey, listen.
I'm really sorry about
coming in you earlier today.
Seriously, it's only
happened one other time,
my first girlfriend.
Now she's dead.
But it means I love you.
Will you get me a drink?
Yeah, sure,
what do you want, a beer?
A vodka martini,
a little bit dirty
with extra olives.
Sure, I'll go get that drink.
See you in a sec.
You know I
really appreciate you
letting me stay with you.
Yeah, of course.
Yeah, and it's like so
nice to get next to you,
so close to you, you know?
But I actually think
I might wanna go.
I'm gonna go.
So I'll catch you later?
ASAP, I hope.
Have fun.
I already have.
How's it going?
I thought you don't like
I don't.
I was actually gonna go.
When did you get here?
Just now.
Well I'm gonna go too actually.
I feel like going too.
You shouldn't,
you're having fun.
I am having fun, but,
I've been here so long,
I feel like I should go.
And I'll take you with me.
Are you sure?
Come on, we should talk.
Don't you think
we should talk?
We should talk.
All right, let's go.
[light somber music]
[air hissing]
How was your weekend?
How was yours?
You wanna talk about anything?
All right.
[light music]
Oh my god, hi.
Oh my god,
this place looks incredible.
Welcome home.
You like it?
Yeah, I like our home.
Did you get the job?
What do you think?
My god, the curtains, astroturf.
Let's feel this,
let's feel this out.
Feels good, right?
[Jane] I missed you.
I missed you too.
What is this?
What is this?
I got us slippers.
Right, why?
So we don't have to
wear outside shoes inside.
Oh, isn't that like the
whole point of astroturf?
It's like, feels
like it's outside.
No, you know how hard
this shit is to clean?
All right, well.
Maybe I'll just like wear my
socks around.
I really don't wanna
wear this kind
of cheesy things, all right?
Well, I'll save you a pair
for when you change your mind.
[Eugene] You will?
This isn't working.
Yeah, I know.
This fucking sucks.
I've never been more lonely.
What do you wanna do?
You wanna break up?
Don't you?
Yeah I do.
I do wanna break up.
Like a lot. [laughing]
Fucking, a ton!
Like every waking moment
I think about that.
Like oh, maybe she'll die today.
Yeah. [laughing]
I'm so happy. [laughing]
We're breaking up.
I don't wanna date you anymore.
Right, I know.
I feel so good.
So when are you moving out?
[jazzy music]
[song in foreign language]
[chill music]