Wolf (2021) Movie Script

[insects trilling]
[leaves rustling]
[birds chirping]
[exhales sharply]
[sniffing softly]
[sound fades]
Promise me you'll try...
to get better.
It's gonna be fine.
I promise.
And I don't blame you.
I need you to know that.
But try, please.
JACOB: I will.
MOTHER: We love you so much.
- [lively chatter and laughter]
- [birds chirping]
[car horns honking]
- [traffic passing]
- [lively chatter continues]
[sound stops abruptly]
Isn't that nice?
Isn't that comforting?
City sounds.
The ebb and flow of humanity.
Now, for the benefit
of our new friend, Jacob,
let's all introduce ourselves.
I'll start.
Welcome, Jacob.
I'm Dr. Angeli.
I'm a psychologist.
Now, this city soundtrack
is how I like
to start our session,
with something
that takes us back
to life outside the clinic,
where you all belong.
Now, Rufus,
would you like to continue?
[clears throat]
Uh, welcome, Jacob.
Uh, I'm Rufus.
Uh, I'm a boy.
I used to believe
I was a German shepherd,
and my favorite food
is corned beef.
[Dr. Angeli chuckles softly]
DR. ANGELI: Excellent.
Uh, Judith.
Judith, please.
Introduce yourself.
Judith, please,
introduce yourself.
Want me to take away
your prop privileges?
[Ivan quacking softly]
Let's move on.
I'm Jeremy,
and I am not a squirrel.
No, you're not.
- Ivan...
- [sobs]: Please.
Just let me be a squirrel.
[Jeremy sobs]
DR. ANGELI: Have you been
doing your diary entries?
Everyone, these are
really important.
They're a big part
of distancing yourself
- from your projection.
- RUFUS: I'm doing 'em.
DR. ANGELI: And you've made
some fantastic progress, Rufus.
Writing is such a powerful tool
for change.
[sighing softly]
[jaunty music playing
over speakers]
[door closes]
[quacking softly]
[rubber duck squeaking]
[quacking softly]
[nickering softly]
[TV beeping]
[door closes]
[tablet clicking and beeping]
RUFUS: Hey, bro.
You know we're family?
I could see it straight off.
First glance, boom.
- Family?
- Sure.
Canidae, Caninae.
We're the same, you and I.
We're pack animals.
- I'm not sure.
- We are.
[stammers] I've known a wolf.
I-I've known a couple wolves.
Um, they're
really popular online.
I chose to be a German shepherd
'cause of
my German shepherd, Sparks.
I have my own pack, you know.
Well, no, it-it wasn't... I-I...
It wasn't my pack,
but I was a part of one.
And my mum got worried
and sent me here.
- She doesn't like systems.
- [quacking aggressively]
That's why I was, um,
- that's why I was homeschooled.
- Right.
[aggressive quacking continues]
Uh, he's an Almost Out.
That's the next stage.
You get there
with good behavior.
They're gonna leave soon.
- Uh, d-don't! Uh, sorry.
- [Almost Out laughs]
Intervention isn't encouraged
in those cases.
- What cases?
- [aggressive quacking]
Well, the Almost Out
is showing him
- the error of his ways.
- [Ivan grunting]
See, he's-he's embraced
his boyhood.
- He's-he's a role model.
- [Almost Out talking low]
- Hey!
- D-Don't, J-Jacob.
If you want to get better,
you have to follow the rules.
Hey, got a problem?
Yeah, didn't think so.
[rubber duck squeaks]
[Louise neighing]
- [Louise neighing]
- Polly want a cracker?
Polly want a cracker?
[Louise neighing]
[electronic music playing]
MAN: What do you want to be?
A beast driven by its needs or
a human driven by its kindness?
Everything is ahead of you.
[over TV]: True You,
back to your true self.
- [dishes clinking]
- [quiet chatter]
MAN [over TV]:
What do you want to be?
A beast driven by...
What animal are you?
For your food.
JACOB: Wolf.
RUFUS: Jacob. Check it out.
Y-You don't have to...
Uh, uh, you can go to the bowls.
Newbies have bowl rights,
so you do.
Could you pat my head?
[whimpering softly]
[barking continues]
DR. ANGELI: Rufus. No.
Hey. Get up.
Why would you do that? Huh?
You've been doing so well.
Go take a seat.
I'll get you a plate.
I thought it was my grazing day.
Sorry, Louise, not today.
You need to have
some real food, too.
Then you get your seeds.
JUDITH: Then you get your seeds.
DR. ANGELI: No seeds, then.
That's it.
There you go.
Good, Judith.
Getting stronger.
You need to bring your chair
closer in to the table, please.
[dishes clinking]
Are you finished?
[dishes clinking]
[Rufus panting]
RUFUS: Okay.
[door closes]
RUFUS: Judith.
Go, go, go, go, go. Go.
[electronic chiming]
[electronic chiming continues]
All right, kids, settle down.
[birds chirping
and gun clicking over tablet]
[gunshot over tablet, chiming]
[Annalisa clears throat]
You just won 100 points.
That will be the highlight
of your week.
Why do they want us
to use these things?
Technology reconnects us
with our human side.
Or some other bullshit.
You don't think
any of this works?
Do you?
[quiet chatter continues]
RUFUS: Jeremy, I'll race you.
Go, go, go, go, go, go. Go, go.
[footsteps running]
Nature is a construct of man.
RUFUS: Quicker, quicker.
will tell you all about it...
His plastic theories.
We call him the Zookeeper.
Keep clear of him.
Dr. Angeli's better.
Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!
ANNALISA: Still, she buys into
his methods, so...
RUFUS: Go, go, go, go, go. Go.
ANNALISA: She says
it's an illness we can cure.
[footsteps running]
Well, what is it, then?
[footsteps stomping dirt]
[wind blowing softly]
[leaf crackles]
DR. MANN: Come on.
ANJA: Hey! Come here.
DR. MANN: Come on, Jeremy.
There's no trick.
Do you need me to help you out?
Come on.
Let's see you at it.
That's it.
Be yourself.
This is who you are.
There, yes.
Don't be shy
in front of our new friend.
Climb this tree.
Come on. Should be easy for you.
That's it.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no. Like a squirrel.
Not like a boy.
Don't you know
how squirrels climb?
You should since you are one.
No, no, no.
Squirrels go vertically.
They use their pads and
their claws to go up, up, up.
So come on, use those pads,
those claws.
Yes. Yes.
Latch on. Yes.
Come on, Jeremy.
Come on, Jeremy.
This is what you are.
Come on, Jeremy!
- [Jeremy groans]
- Come on!
[Jeremy pants, sobs]
- You're free.
- [sobbing]
Come on. You can.
- [grunting]
- That's it. Keep trying.
Come on,
use those squirrel claws.
What's the matter?
- [sobbing]
- What's the matter, Jeremy?
- What's the matter?
- [sobbing continues]
What have you done?
Oh, come on.
It's nothing.
You see now
you can't truly be a rodent?
All right. We'll get you there.
It's trial and error.
Help him out.
You're all tangled up.
He's got a bit of a...
bit of a scratch on his finger.
Anja will take care of you.
Jacob the wolf.
If you're a wolf...
get down on all fours.
Come on.
[Jacobs grunts, pants]
That's it.
Now, if you're a wolf, howl.
Attack me if you're a wolf.
You've attacked people before,
haven't you?
Your parents told me
what happened.
I don't want to be a wolf.
Don't lie to me.
I've known boys
who thought they were wolves
and died because of it.
Now, howl.
- Please.
- Howl!
[Jacob's breath trembling]
Good boy.
Did you see that?
He resisted.
[breathing heavily]
[whimpering softly]
[howls weakly]
[breathing heavily]
[exhales heavily]
[breathes sharply]
[takes deep breath]
[howls weakly]
[stifled howl]
[muffled grunt]
DR. MANN: So we can ascertain
that with these hands,
these lips and this nose,
that, uh...
this is a boy.
Is that right?
You say you don't want
to be a wolf.
Isn't that right, Jacob?
Jacob, isn't that right?
You don't want to be a wolf?
[Dr. Mann sighs, sniffs]
[paper rustling]
Sit down.
Take this, Annalisa.
Read from the marked page.
Do it now, please.
"These eyes limit my vision."
"They focus only
on the biggest things."
"My nose is not long enough."
"Smells can't come in
like they should."
"And so I am a useless hunter."
"My fingers blister
when I crawl.
"My knuckles bony and painful
on hard ground.
They are not the padded paws
they should be."
DR. MANN: Carry on.
- ANNALISA: I can't go on.
- DR. MANN: Why not?
Is this, or is this not a...
a human?
A human that describes himself
as a wolf.
That's just someone's way
of describing you.
She's a Black girl.
He's a white boy.
She's got a skin disease.
He's got eating problems.
Right, so you're saying
that if, uh,
spiritually you're an animal,
then that's it...
You're that animal?
I'll have you living like
your animal for the next week.
And then you can tell me
all about what it means
to be a Chinese bear
when you're chewing bamboo.
DR. MANN: "My bones hurt"
"if I sit directly
where it should be.
"There is always
something missing.
"My missing tail.
"And my penis,
"it dangles down
gross and floppy
"when it should be a sheath
of fur fixed to my stomach.
"My backside is
useless lumps of flesh
- "that my posture does not fit."
- [turns page]
"There's too much of it.
"And the muscles: no use.
"For when I'm on all fours,
my muscles work differently.
"I am always jarring
into my shoulders.
"I'm never led by my head
as I should be.
"My neck strains when I lift it.
"It is a constant reminder
that I don't live
in the body I should."
You wrote this, Jacob.
You know this is just
a part you're playing.
But I promise you that
by the end of your time here
I'll have you free
from this fantasy.
- Get down from there.
- RUFUS: Sorry.
[breathing heavily]
[breath trembling]
I'm not a wolf. I'm not a wolf.
[whimpering]: I'm not a wolf.
I'm not a wolf.
I'm not a wolf. I'm not a wolf.
[breathing heavily]
[insects trilling outside]
[howl fades]
[takes deep breath]
[hissing nearby]
[Jacob howling]
[howl fades]
[howl fades]
- [hisses]
- [howling resumes]
[hisses viciously]
- [groans]
- Stop it.
This is my turf,
and you're gonna get us caught.
I can't.
[footsteps approaching]
[both panting]
[door opens]
MAN: Someone there?
[distant, animallike moaning]
[distant moaning continues]
[door closes]
[whispers]: Not there. Come on.
- [leaves rustling]
- [insects trilling]
[howls softly]
[short howl]
[Jacob howls softly]
[howl fades]
[howl fades]
[dogs barking in distance]
Do you work here?
Not exactly.
How do you have the keys?
I'm connected.
So you're a patient?
Not exactly.
How long have you been here?
Long enough.
Too long.
Ever think of running away?
Only one person ever did.
He was beaten to a pulp
by local thugs
and died of starvation
in the forest.
That sounds made up.
It's not.
It's the truth.
- [Louise neighing]
- [quiet chatter]
Some things for you.
To eat, mostly.
- Thanks, Mum.
- Oh.
[Jacob's father clears throat]
-I have another little bracelet
for you. -[Father chuckles]
I thought you might like
something colorful
on your wrist,
if you're feeling
a bit low or...
It doesn't seem too bad here.
Your brother wanted
to join us, but...
How's he doing?
[indistinct chatter]
FATHER: He misses you.
WOMAN: Come with me.
- I miss him, too.
- WOMAN: Dr. Mann?
Dr. Mann!
Is there a problem, Mrs. Walsh?
Look what you've done to him.
Right, um, you have to trust
our process.
- We only do what's needed.
- Needed?
This is brutality.
I'm not leaving my son here.
Mrs. Walsh, I understand
your anguish. I really do.
It's difficult to see
those we love suffer,
but imagine how much more
he will suffer outside.
Species identity disorder,
it stems from trauma,
isolation, insecurity,
but these patients can be cured.
And my sole mission is to ensure
that I do everything it takes
so they can resume a happy,
healthy and rewarding life.
Is that not what you want
for your son?
Come on,
let's go and speak in private.
You're fine.
Come on, Mrs. Walsh.
[quiet chatter]
You have to get better.
You deserve a normal life.
A family.
- A job.
- Edwina.
MOTHER: Well, he does.
Don't you want
all of those things?
[indistinct chatter]
RUFUS: I... Well, I...
Th-There's some stuff in there.
It's mostly empty pages.
- RUFUS: There's, uh...
- [camera clicking]
- DR. MANN: Two pages.
- RUFUS: Yeah.
DR. ANGELI: That's it,
use the screen as your eyes.
[Rufus speaking indistinctly]
DR. MANN: Yes, I can see that.
This is all you've written:
"me and Squirrel played fetch.
- Yeah.
- "It was fun."
- "I love fetch."
- [chuckling]: Yeah.
Yeah. We-we-we played, uh,
fetch, um, yesterday.
And it was... it was fun.
I'm sure it was fun.
But, Rufus, this is
where you're supposed to put
your inner feelings.
It's picture time, Judith.
It's picture time, Judith.
- Off.
- Off.
Judith, I don't want
to repeat myself again.
It's picture time, Judith.
DR. ANGELI [sighs]:
Come on, you can play later.
You can lay Peter.
She's not having a breakthrough.
- Right.
- [camera clicking]
Well, maybe I should do
some work with you.
No, I think she's too fragile.
I just need
some more time with her.
- MAN: Animal freaks!
- [panicked gasping]
- This is how you'll end up!
- [Rufus barking]
[frantic chatter,
patients making animal noises]
[alarm blaring]
- DR. MANN: Try and stop him.
- [Rufus barking]
Go through
the main entrance, please.
- Rufus, quiet!
- [barking stops]
Go inside, everybody, please.
- Go inside now.
- Inside.
- Come on.
- [alarm blaring]
- Come on!
- That's it. That's it.
I'll go and see if
the CCTV caught anything.
Come with me and see
if they tried to force
- the back doors.
- DR. ANGELI: It's all fine.
They're just some angry,
mean people
with no empathy
for those who are different.
That's it. In you go.
[footsteps receding]
[Jacob grunts softly]
[leaves and weeds
rustling in wind]
CECILE: I've been here
since I was little.
And Dr. Angeli's been
like a mother to me.
This place is all I've known.
The only thing I remember
from before was this water.
And there was a crack
in the ceiling, and...
there was this water that
just never stopped dripping.
I would hear it, and I would...
count the drops all night.
And that's the first thing
I remember.
And I wish I didn't.
What about you?
I've always had this feeling.
These instincts.
Everything I was learning
as a child just...
felt wrong.
Didn't fit.
I can't explain it.
[quietly]: Go on.
We were walking
through the nature park...
when I heard a sound.
I can still feel it.
It felt like
it was meant for me.
I wanted to run towards it.
And I tried.
I tugged away from my father,
and I ran towards it.
I felt...
such lightness.
Every breath.
He pulled me back.
Took me up in his arms.
And he was speaking to me,
but I couldn't hear him.
All I could hear was this howl.
And then I looked into his eyes.
And I remembered I was his son.
What is it about the forest?
JACOB: The smells.
The ground.
[wind howling]
This skin.
These arms, this hair.
I have no human form.
I'm running.
[Judith screaming]
- That's it, go. Fly.
- No, no. No, please.
- Yes. Jump.
- No. No!
- Come on, jump.
- No. No, no.
Are you, or are you not
a parrot?
- You are? Then fly.
- No!
No. [whimpering]
- If you're a parrot, then fly.
- No. No.
No, no, no, no. No, no!
- DR. MANN: Come on!
- No, no!
No, no, no, no! I'm a girl!
I'm a girl, I'm a girl,
I'm a girl, I'm a girl.
DR. MANN: What are you?
I'm a... I'm a girl.
Very good.
[Judith whimpering softly]
DR. MANN: This is freedom.
The will to be responsible
to ourselves.
When you're old,
you'll remember me
as the man who taught you
to walk for the second time.
Take her down.
Go on, through to lunch.
[breathing heavily]
[Jacob breathing heavily]
[shuddering breaths]
- [Jacob snarling]
- [Cecile hissing]
[hissing continues]
[Jacob growls]
- [Jacob snarling]
- [Cecile hissing]
[snarling and hissing intensify]
Stop. Stop, stop, stop.
[Jacob howling]
- [howling fades]
- [wind and rain thundering]
[wind howling outside]
You know what a howl is?
It's you...
wanting to be heard.
There's something
you want to say,
you want to scream out
to the world.
Your, uh... your parents.
Your father.
What kind of relationship
did you have with him?
[teeth chattering]
What's your earliest memory?
Oh, let's see happiness.
Good. Happiness.
I'm seeing that happiness
radiate from your face.
That's it.
See what that does to you, Ivan?
How does it brighten up
your face?
- Can you show me? Look at that.
- [Ivan quacking]
Good. And that's how
happiness begins.
But happiness becomes laughter.
[Dr. Angeli laughing heartily]
Like it's the best joke
you've ever heard.
Yes, Ola, that's it.
Show me that bright smile
coming from deep inside.
[Dr. Angeli continues laughing]
You got to let
that laughter out.
And sometimes
it tightens up your face.
Let's have hysterical laughter.
Yes, Ivan.
[laughing hysterically]
Hysterical laughter
will also come out of here.
See if you can find that.
Let's hear it. [whoops, laughs]
We're laugh... we're laughing.
- DR. ANGELI: That's it.
- We're laughing.
DR. ANGELI: Let me hear
what a giggle sounds like.
[giggling]: A giggle is very
different to everything else.
A giggle isn't a laugh
quite yet.
It's a giggle, and it's
bubbling up all small inside.
That's it. That's good.
Yes, Louise.
Yes, Ivan, good.
[fading]: Yes, yes, yes.
I fancy... [grunts]
some duck for dinner, eh?
[laughs, quacks mockingly]
- [Jacob hissing, snarling]
- [grunting]
Get off me. Get off me.
Yes, I'll-I'll leave him alone.
- Please, please, please!
- [snarling viciously]
[Ivan quacking]
- [Jacob growling]
- [whimpers, quacks]
- [whistle blowing]
- DR. MANN: Jacob!
Jacob, get off!
Get off!
- Come with me.
- Freak!
Get off. Come with me.
We'll get it sorted.
Okay, yeah.
All right. I'll see you then.
Chat soon. All right, bye-bye.
I'm Dr. Sullivan,
the general manager.
And, Jacob,
this is your only warning.
Violence will not be tolerated
in this institution.
Your parents have been informed.
Another episode like this,
and you'll face
serious consequences.
You don't want
to go down this path.
I hope this is
sinking in, Jacob.
For your own sake.
You won't get anywhere
by fighting us.
Rufus, you ready?
[Rufus clears throat]
Okay, so, uh, as you all know,
I've been doing
incredibly well recently.
Exhibit A.
And, uh, as a result,
Mum is taking me out.
I know. She says I've been here
long enough and that...
you know, she wants to give me
a chance on the outside, so...
Everyone's thinking, what's
Jacob gonna do without me?
He's getting emotional,
but yeah.
And look, I'm sad, too,
uh, that I'm missing
the Almost Out graduation
And that I won't be able
to graduate with you guys
when the time comes.
But Mum knows best.
But anyway, we're gonna go
on holiday together.
And, um, I'm gonna be
on my best human behavior.
But I want to leave you
with one message.
- And that's... my success...
- Rufus.
Your mother's not
taking you on holiday.
- She is...
- Your mother is collecting you,
but she's not taking you
on holiday.
We're going on
a-a sort of holiday,
but-but what I wanted to say is
it's kind of a holiday.
It's a home holiday.
my success is your success.
The moment was slightly...
Anyway, my success
is your success.
[classical music playing]
DR. MANN: Now, as is tradition
when our patients graduate,
we like to honor their hard work
with a little ceremony.
So, please, come to the front,
Robert Ward.
Well done, Robert.
Hold it up, Robert,
so the parents can see.
Now, your goodbye consists
with the final severance
from your animal.
When you're ready, Robert.
It's time.
That's it.
- Well done.
- Well done, Robert.
DR. MANN: Bravo.
Good lad.
DR. ANGELI: Nora Noonan.
Come on, Nora. Come here, you.
DR. ANGELI: Well done, Nora.
You've worked really hard
to get to this point.
- [quiet chatter]
- [match strikes]
DR. ANGELI: Uh, yeah, and,
uh... uh, Sophie MacFarlane.
Come down, Sophie. Well done.
- [applause]
- Come on.
DR. ANGELI: Here you go, Sophie.
[match strikes]
Take a deep breath.
In your own time.
[paper ignites]
Big day. Well done.
- [applause]
- [classical music continues]
- CECILE: It's not fair! [yells]
- [clattering]
I'm never getting out of here!
Hey. What's wrong?
- I'm never getting out of here!
- What did they do?
- Hey.
- DR. ANGELI: What's going on?
- CECILE: They get to leave.
- Get out.
- How dare you come in here.
- CECILE: It's not fair.
- Dr. Mann will hear about this.
- What happened?
- [sobbing]
- What did you do?
You know nothing about her.
Get out.
- [lock clicks]
- [Cecile wailing]
- Again? Really?
- [knocking at door]
Every ceremony, the same scene.
[knocking continues]
Those kids...
they're going back
to their parents.
You really want
to go back to yours?
Do you? Do you want to leave?
CECILE: Don't say that!
Do you want to get rid of me?
You're being self-centered.
[sighs] Come here.
[classical music continues]
[livestock bleating]
[birds chirping]
[gate creaking]
[leaves rustling in wind]
- Sit!
- [electrical buzzing]
[whimpers softly]
Is this how you see yourself?
Lie down.
Is this you?
This pathetic,
flea-ridden beast?
Answer me.
But it's a wolf.
One that has been trapped by man
and will be killed by man.
That's why we are
the superior race.
Is that what you think a man is?
Yes, I do.
[Jacob moans gently]
[wolf whines softly]
[Jacob howls]
[wolf whines softly]
[Dr. Mann sighs]
Be careful, Jacob.
When you gaze into the abyss,
the abyss gazes back into you.
Come on.
Let's go.
[breathing heavily]
- [Jacob and wolf howling]
- Move!
[wolf's howl continues]
[howl fades]
[latch clicks]
[door opens]
[Jacob breathing heavily]
[metal clanking]
[Jacob sniffing]
DR. MANN [recorded]:
I'm not a wolf.
Just a violent boy.
I am not a wolf.
Just a very sick boy.
[lock buzzes, door opens]
[door closes]
[whispers]: Jacob.
I was in here, too,
when I first arrived.
I'd used my claws...
to scratch my stepdad.
I tried to hurt him.
But he was always
stronger than me.
I would count the drops
from the broken drain
as they hit the floor.
Knowing that he was coming.
I would close my eyes tight...
and imagine...
that I could jump out the window
and fall to the ground
That I could run.
Run faster than anyone
could ever catch me.
The smells.
The ground.
The trees blurring.
I'm running.
I have no human form.
One day...
we'll run wild together.
[breathing deeply]
[door creaks]
[buttons beeping]
[lock buzzes]
[insects trilling]
Would you like to know more
about your fellow inmate?
He was in a plane crash
years ago.
He was stranded in the desert
with no food, no water.
He and a handful
of other survivors,
they were forced to eat
another passenger who'd died.
When they were rescued,
he was in a state of shock.
He could only roar.
He started to behave
like a lion.
He lived outdoors,
terrorizing the people
of the neighboring villages.
Till his wife went out
to find him and...
and she had him committed here
[moans softly]
He was already past saving.
[man continues moaning softly]
I'm going to let you go back
to your room tonight.
But now you can see, Jacob,
there is always
a point of no return.
[moaning softly]
- [animals grunting over video]
- [utensils clinking on plate]
DR. MANN [over video]:
As humans, we have awareness
of our own mental processes:
our thoughts,
our feelings, our sensations.
We are the only beings
on the planet
that have this type
of self-awareness,
which is called consciousness.
Because of this,
we are superior to animals,
who rely only
on their instincts.
Our ability to be introspective
and to look forward
is why we have succeeded
both in surviving
and dominating nature.
As humans, we have awareness
of our own mental processes:
our thoughts...
[wolves howling in distance]
[breathing heavily]
[howling continues]
[grunting, panting]
[howling stops]
[wind gusting]
[wolf howls]
[exhales heavily]
[snarls, groans]
[wind whistling]
[door opens]
Jacob, this is so disappointing.
You came right back out here.
I gave you a chance, didn't I?
Didn't I?
Come on.
Inside now!
- Jacob.
- [growls quietly]
Inside now.
- [Jacob snarls]
- Jacob.
[wolves howling in distance]
[Jacob continues snarling]
- [Dr. Mann grunting]
- [vicious snarling]
CECILE: Jacob!
- Jacob!
- [snarling stops]
[Dr. Mann groaning]
[whistle blowing]
[Jacob growling]
I've done everything I can
to help you, Jacob.
[Jacob moaning]
Yet here you are.
Chained and gagged.
Like the beast you aspire to be.
[Jacob grunting, panting]
[Jacob moans]
[Jacob howls]
[Jacob growling]
Do you want things
to get worse for you?
'Cause they can get much worse!
[grunting angrily]
[chains clattering]
[Jacob moans]
- [quiet chatter]
- [Rufus barking]
MRS. FLETCHER: I don't...
I don't even understand it.
It was going so well,
and... and then...
Well, no need to panic, okay?
This is what we're here for.
Dr. Mann will be down soon.
This was the only way
I could bring him here.
He, he wouldn't move.
Of course. We understand.
Well, we've got this
all under control.
no, no, no. -Uh... uh...
I... I'm-I'm so sorry.
DR. SULLIVAN: It's okay.
Don't worry. No need to panic.
MRS. FLETCHER: No, Rufus, no.
- [Rufus whimpering]
- Uh... -It's okay.
-I'm really sorry.
I-I'll pay for it. -No worries.
Mrs. Fletcher.
- Hi.
- Hello, Rufus.
-[growling] -MRS. FLETCHER:
I-I'm really sorry.
He, he... he's after...
- [barking]
- He urinated on-on the floor.
DR. MANN: That's fine.
Don't worry. We'll clean it up.
Come on, Rufus,
what's the matter?
- [barking]
- What's the matter?
MRS. FLETCHER: He's been
like this since yesterday.
-DR. MANN: Come on. Come on,
boy. -[snapping fingers]
Come on.
I'm surprised
to see you back here.
You were doing so well. Come on.
He hasn't taken, um...
Come on. That's it, that's it.
There you are.
That's better.
Dr. Sullivan, take
Mrs. Fletcher to the staff room.
DR. SULLIVAN: Of course.
- I'll deal with it. It's okay.
- Come on, let's go.
- I'll deal with it. It's fine.
- This way.
- He's in safe hands. Let's go.
- All right.
- Okay, Rufus, bye.
[door closes]
You've been a bad boy,
haven't you?
Look at the mess you've made.
A very bad boy.
- Look at the mess you've made.
- [whimpering]
Look at that.
A very, very bad boy.
-Now somebody's got to clean it
up, haven't they? -[blow lands]
You should be ashamed
of yourself, shouldn't you?
You've been a very bad boy.
[whimpering continues]
A very bad boy.
Haven't you?
Very naughty.
[pencil cap opens]
[keypad beeping]
[door buzzes, opens]
[door closes]
[sighs softly]
[whispering]: Jacob.
What have they done to you?
[Jacob sighs]
[chain rattling]
[groans softly]
[Jacob panting softly]
Look at me.
[both panting]
[Jacob moaning]
[both panting]
JACOB [whispering]:
When will we escape?
CECILE [whispering]: Soon.
[footsteps approaching]
[keypad beeping]
[door buzzes, opens]
DR. ANGELI: Cecile?
Oh, my God.
[Jacob growling]
DR. ANGELI: Get back.
Go. Go.
[Jacob growling fiercely]
[growls fiercely, whimpers]
[muffled yelling]
[grunting wildly]
[muffled yelling]
Do you really think you can
have a life with that boy?
Don't you remember what happens
to pretty girls like you?
Who have nothing?
by Umberto Tozzi playing]
Here we go.
Welcome to team dance.
Three, four. Go!
One, two, three, four.
Good. Smile!
Six, seven, eight.
And one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, reach!
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight, jump.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, turn.
One, two, three, four...
[music continues in distance]
[lights clicking]
[stun baton crackles]
Why don't you just do
as you're told, Jacob?
- [stun baton crackles]
- [muffled scream]
When I ask you.
- One, two, three, four.
- [music continues]
One, two, three. Last time.
One, two, three.
And back to the beginning.
Five, six, seven, eight.
And one, two, three, four,
- [Jacob screaming in distance]
- five, six, seven, eight.
And one, two...
Jeremy, back in line!
- Five, six, seven, reach!
- [Jacob screams in distance]
One, two.
Keep going!
- [Jacob screaming in distance]
- [music volume increases]
Seven and eight.
- And one, two...
- What are they doing to him?
It doesn't matter. Keep going.
Seven, turn.
One, two...
Annalisa, get back in line!
- [distant screaming continues]
- Five, six, seven, eight.
Best part, Ivan.
JUDITH: How will we all end up
if we stay in here?
DR. ANGELI: And turn.
You're all gonna end up better.
JUDITH: How will we all end up
if we stay in here?
You're all gonna
end up wonderful,
wonderful human beings.
- [music continues loudly]
- [distant screaming continues]
You're gonna feel more you
than you've ever felt before.
-How will we all end up if
we stay in here?! -Last time.
One, two.
Five, six, seven, eight.
How will we all end up
if we stay in here?!
And one, two, three...
How will we all end up
if we stay in here?!
Yes, Judith, you can dance.
[others join in]: How will we
all end up if we stay in here?!
[clamoring]: How will we all
end up if we stay in here?!
You need to get back in line!
and loud music continue]
You need to get back in line!
Get back in line!
Get back...
and loud music continue]
Inside now!
I need you all inside! This way!
Rufus. Come inside.
[music continues
with lyrics in Italian]
[Judith shouting]
- How?! How?!
- DR. ANGELI: This is not okay!
-How?! -I need you all
back in your rooms!
- [stun baton crackles]
- [muffled screaming]
JUDITH: How will we all end up
if we stay in here?!
-Jeremy, get down! -How will we
all end up if we stay in here?!
[stun baton crackling]
DR. ANGELI: Jeremy! Get down!
All right, Jeremy!
[clamoring and music continue]
[cries out]
[clamoring and music continue]
[clamoring and music continue
in distance]
[clamoring and music continue]
DR. ANGELI: Dr. Mann!
- [music stops]
- [clamoring continues]
I couldn't control them anymore.
[Dr. Angeli panting]
[patients barking,
neighing, screaming]
[clamoring stops]
Fuck off.
- Fuck off. Fuck off.
- Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah. You're a girl!
- [screams]
- Yeah.
- You're a girl!
You're a girl!
Say it!
Say, "I'm a girl!"
Say it!
[quietly]: I'm a girl.
[grunting mockingly]
[Louise neighing]
[Louise continues neighing]
DR. MANN: Yeah.
[smacking lips, grunting]
You're pathetic.
[Louise continues neighing]
[neighing mockingly]
[both neighing]
[Rufus barks]
[Rufus barking]
- [growling]
- [barking]
[growling fiercely]
- [whimpering]
- [growling continues]
[Louise neighing in distance]
- [door closes]
- [keypad beeping]
[panting softly]
[Dr. Angeli scoffs]
Give them back.
[door closes]
[lock clicking]
[Dr. Angeli crying]
- The chain.
- [grunts]
Come. I'll lift you up.
[Cecile grunting]
Come on.
CECILE: Wait, wait,
we're gonna get hurt.
We're gonna get hurt.
Look at it.
Wait, wait, wait.
Do you think she's okay?
Do you think she's okay?
- Who?
- Dr. Angeli.
Yes. Come on.
No. No, no, no. Wait, wait.
I can't. I can't.
What life will we have
out there?
Please, stay here with me.
H-How will we...
how will we eat?
Where will we live out there?
How will we earn money?
You know, you need money
outside, and-and-and...
Wait, wait. Jacob, what will
happen to me out there?
Do you know what they do
to girls like me out there?
I can't. I can't go.
No, no, wait, wait.
Please, please.
Just-just listen to Dr. Mann
and-and-and fake it,
and he'll let you
out of the cage eventually.
Fake it? I can't.
But I know you'll survive it.
I know you will.
And then, and then, just think,
we can, we can have
a quiet time together
and-and be released one day.
- It's not about surviving.
- We can have a...
It's about surviving as me.
We'll manage, somehow.
We'll run wild together.
We'll be free.
We'll be ourselves.
But I'm not a wildcat.
I'm sorry. I'm not.
Doesn't mean
I don't care about you.
Please stay.
[alarm blaring in distance]
- I... I can't.
- No.
- I can't stay here with you.
- No, please stay here with me.
- I have to go. Now.
- No, no, no, no, no!
No! Please don't go.
[whistle blowing in distance]
In the thicket
Past the thorns
Where vicious snakes
shed their skin
And mist condenses
Into lakes
No one trespasses
Without sin
Long ago
My flesh was spent
My heart, my limbs
You left behind
A raging war
In my restless mind
The night, the night
Cruel symphony
In which you vanished
You from me
Cruel symphony
In which you vanished
You from me
My paws, my teeth,
my strangled meow
My fur, its shine
is dulled by time
My bones, they're gone
My claws unwound
My past has shriveled
Here I am
Half girl, half cat
Just a child unfound
Like the wind,
you hide my soul
The night
Like a shiver
The night
Like a cold
Life's so vast
That all the forest
in which you vanished
As you leave
You're prey to die
Once you've held my heart
Cruel symphony
To the midnight sky
In which you vanished
The night, the night
- You from me - The night
Cruel symphony
My paws, my teeth
- My strangled meow
- In which you vanished
My fur, its shine
- Has dulled with time
- Like a shiver
Like a pulse,
you've gone away from me
You from me
The forest, as you leave
- You from me
- You're prey to die
Here I am
- Once you've held my heart
- You and me
Half girl, half cat
- Sky - You and me
Just a child
Cruel symphony
My strangled meow
- In which you vanished
- Like the wind
- You hide my soul
- My strangled meow
Like a shiver
- Cruel symphony
- Cruel symphony
These paws
Cruel symphony
In which you vanished
- You and me
- In which you vanished
- As you leave
- Cruel symphony
You from me
You and me
- You from me - Cruel symphony
You from me
My strangled meow
You and me, you and me
My strangled meow
You and me
The night.
[song ends]