Wolf Hollow (2023) Movie Script

["Gym Class" by Infraction]
Hey, Ray.
I wanted to thank you
for having us all out here.
Your brother won't
get mad we're all out here?
He just wants me
to be happy, Kitty.
I like the way
you call me Kitty.
You wanna come play?
I'd rather watch.

[man humming]
Holy shit.
Gonna go check that plumbing.

[low growling]
[low growling]
-Did you hear that?
-Hey. No, no.
It's probably just Ronnie
taking it too deep as usual.
-No. Stop!
-No, no.
I heard something.
[ominous music]
[Matt yelling]
[screaming] Oh, my God!
-[yelling] Fuck!
-This way!
-Let's go! Come on!
[woman screaming]
[man screaming]
Fuck this.
I'm going home.
[wolf growling]
No, no, no, no!
[crunching, squelching]
[man screaming]

Wanna play fetch
or something?
Maybe-- Maybe
I got a treat for you.

[wolf growling]
[cracking, squelching]
[woman screaming]
[wolf growling]
[upbeat country music]
[J. Brownstone] Rise and shine
on all my Orrstownies.
This J. Brownstone.
It looks like after a year
we're gonna finally
be getting that merger
we've been hearing rumors
Orrstown County will officially
be absorbing that
little Podunk speck
known as The Hollow
out in Wolf County.
Tim, this map is bullshit.
You would blame the guide.
It's the first time
being in a production together
in two years and the first
time out we get lost.
You go, we go.
What is that from?
Are you quoting something?
Lucky, is that a quote
from a movie or something?
You tell me, man,
I only work here.
It sounds like
you're quoting something.
I can never tell with you.
It's the way you say it.
Hey, Alex,
we're almost outta gas.
That should put us at the lodge
after four if we stop.
Love a woman who thinks ahead.
Speaking of my mom,
you should probably call her.
Uh, was her getting
you on set her way for--
-Getting you to call her.
-[Tom] Benji, as long
as we stay following Jill,
we'll be set.
I mean, since we're
out here in Bumpkinville.
No offense, Ray.
None taken. Trust me. It's
Pennsyltucky out here, guys.
Pennsa-- what?
Pittsburgh on the left.
Philly on the right.
And, uh, Kentucky
right up the middle.
[Twila] Fuck!
I have to call the lodge
about Marla's bath arrangements.
-They didn't confirm?
-They did.
But Marla wants flowers
picked today for her bath.
It's to be expected, Alex,
this level of diva.
It's pretty common
on bigger productions like this.
Suck a dick.
What was that?
[Gillian] Ladies, I will
separate you two if I have to.
It can always be worse.
Here I am. [laughing]
It's worse.
I hate this film already.
How do they expect me
to relieve myself in that--
that porcelain toilet.
[Beth] Oh, Jesus, Marla.
It's like a dump truck in there.
Grow up, Beth.
I'm on a cleanse.
Twila, come.
We must discuss...
the bathtub situation.
I got it.
Just a small fix.
[birds chirping]
[Sheriff sighing]
Good afternoon, Sheriff.
Marcus, darling,
any decent coffee in this town?
I warned you.
None of us wanted to move
to this shithole to begin with.
[Marcus] Well,
if you looked in the group chat,
I said it was a big mistake.
[sighs] Mayor
still with the Rossis?
[reporter] Do you feel
that Wolf Hollow and Orrstown
has the potential to be
your next big development?
All right, let's pump
the brakes, everyone.
These are exploratory talks
right now, all right?
[Rossi] Mr. Mayor, no.
[reporter] So how long this
has been going on, Mr. Mayor?
-So, Bart's running late?
-Oh, as always.
Well, the town's
praying for y'all, Evie.
-Thank you, Kyle.
-The Neuris.
Hey, Mrs. Neuri.
Naomi Gavin, Orrstown News.
Okay. You know what?
It was no comment last week
and it's no comment today.
Well, actually,
I haven't asked my question.
And when you do--
Is it true that you
and Bart here are thinking
of selling the property
to get out from behind the--
Are you still talking?
Okay, please.
Oh, my God.
No comment!
The Neuris could not
be reached for comment.
-Hey, how you doing?
I don't think
you're listening, Mr. Neuri.
-I am, Miss Rossi.
-About time.
Just don't
like what I'm hearing.
None of us do.
[man] It's not right.
It's not fair.
It's bullshit.
Better secure that lip, girl.
Or what Mayor Shitmark?
All right, let's fact face
over here. All right?
That little animal slaughter
you had at your house
last year cost everybody.
Now you're in the shit.
May have caused
a financial strain.
May have caused?
[Mayor Schuzmarke]
Lawsuits, bribing officials,
negligence alone
should cost you 15 years, boy.
My God.
I mean, all of that blood
just-- [shudders]
makes my skin crawl.
Thank you, Sylvester.
Always welcome, madam.
[Mayor Schuzmarke]
I got a merger down there
with Orrstown County.
-You're now, uh--
$82,000 back
in damages and taxes.
-We've got options.
-You did.
-We've got time.
-You don't.
-What have we got?
-One big shit mark.
-Listen, you bitter fucks--
-Just stop! Okay?
Why don't the two
of you wait outside.
[Rossi] Look,
we all know what happened
at your little fun park.
[Evie] What are we looking
at realistically here?
90 days, 82 grand.
-We'll get there.
-Over my dead body.
I'll remember that.
-[Bart] Goddammit!
-Hey! Hey! Hey!
We can't do this.
Listen, it's gonna be okay.
Gus, Abby and I,
we will fix it tonight.
I promise you that.
Look. Hey.
Who knows how to make you happy?
-You do.
-Come on. That's it.
That's good.
I have to go to the store.
[Bart] No, I'll go.
I'll meet you at home.
-Are you sure?
-[Bart] I got it. I love you.
Okay. I love you too. Okay?
-It's gonna be okay.
-I know.
-I'll see you at home.
-All right. Okay.
[soft music playing]
[man] All right. So
[indistinct] pizza's going off,
catering's on fire.
It's fricking
Hiroshima behind me, man.
Shia's running
around like a mad man.
I come out, not a scratch.
Shia looks over. He is like,
"Dude, you're so lucky, Steve."
And then bam, it sticks.
-Lucky Steve.
-Lucky Steve. I like that.
Man, 13 years doing pyro,
not a scratch.
Not a fucking scratch.
I actually tried to get
the name changed legally.
Your parents must be so proud.
-[Twila] Hey.
-What's up guys?
-[man] Hey.
-[Beth] Hey, Gill.
Where's the satellite phone?
-On the table.
-[Beth] Okay.
Hey, how did they treat you?
I'm having the best time.
I told you you would.
I take care of you.
Are you teaching him
movie quotes back there?
It wasn't me.
It was the one armed man.
Now I'm gonna
have Ghost and Fugitive
quotes coming outta my ass.
No more bad habits.
-[Ray] You're talking to me?
-Oh, my God.
I can't take you anywhere.
All right, let's call it 15.
All right. 15, guys.
-Aye, aye, Captain.
-About time.
Twila, find me a mineral water
and a Percocet dispensary.
[man] Holy shit!
Is that Marla Taylor?
Oh, hello...
[gasps] stranger.
[man on TV] Looks
like Mayor Schuzmarke
from Orrstown
and real estate developer
Audra Rossi are gonna be
formally meeting this--
Have you seen 'em out here much?
Can't say I have, Dwayne.
The more they stay
away from me, the better.
Do not be afraid,
little flock.
For our father has given us
the keys to the kingdom.
Bart will take care of it.
-He always does.
-Praise God.
-[Harp] Praise God. [laughing]
-[door bell ringing]
You think I'm some sort
of Pennsyltucky redneck, son?
I don't even know
what that is.
-Pennsa what?
Hey, you guys
have food or anything here?
All we got's beefy wiener.
Robert De Niro,
I was in a film with him.
-[Beth] Maya--
-Danny Devito.
It's Beth. Get Evan.
And Alfred Hitchcock.
I met Alfie at a party.
[Beth] I do not care
if he's in a meeting. Get him.
He is so grand to meet.
-[Beth] Fine.
-I just adore him.
Tell him he needs
to call me back,
we have
to talk about this...
Alex producer situation.
It is untenable.
Yes. Untenable is a word.
It's a fucking word.
Just tell him to call me back.
-Dark or milk chocolate.
-[man] Dark chocolate.
Y'all headed to war
in that thing?
That's what they say
about making movies.
They say it's like going to war.
Y'all making movies out here?
Oh, we are trying.
You any good?
We are terrible.
That's why they sent us all
the way out here. [chuckling]
[Sheriff Buck] All right,
Hicks, let's hit the road.
It felt good dropping
the kids off at the--
oh, didn't
realize we had company.
-It's okay.
-Sheriff Buck, Wolf County.
Oh, I'm Gillian.
And this is Alex.
And that's our crew.
Movie folks.
Oh, any good?
They're terrible.
Stop it.
[Alex] Yeah, we're just
headed up to our location scout
through Orrstown.
Uh, we're headed to Wolf Hollow.
The Hollow?
-[Alex] The haunted hay ride.
-Neuri's place?
[Alex] Yeah.
Uh, Ray Neuri is my P.A.
-Ray's in town.
-[Alex] Yeah.
He's right outside
if you wanted to say hi.
Just might.
Don't stay out there
too long after dark.
People get themselves
in trouble real quick.
That sounds awesome.
It really doesn't.
Well, we'll see you, Sheriff.
[Alex] Hey.
You didn't tell me
you were a local celebrity.
-[Ray] What?
-Maybe lead with that next time.
Hey, Ray.
[Ray] Hey, Hicks.
[Alex] No place like home,
huh, Toto?
I already took that one.
Okay, Ray. All right.
How about this one?
Who is your daddy
and what does he do?
[Lucky Steve] All right,
move aside, Alex.
Ray, let me
give you a little insight
at the worshiping
at the altar of Arnold.
[Arnold Schwarzenegger
impression] Come on.
Alex, get
the hell outta here. Go!
Thank you, darling. Bye.
-[woman] All right.
-[Beth] Hey, Gill.
-What's up?
-[Beth] I'll take over
-from here.
-[Gillian] Okay.
[country music]
There you go, Bart.
Put your back into it.
Maybe next time spring
for the new tires, Mel. Huh?
We ain't all made
of money like you, Bart.
[Bart] Wish I was.
Don't mind
those Orrstown assholes.
We know you'll make it right.
What kind of man
would I be if I didn't
take care of my people, Mel?
-No kind of man at all.
-You can say that again.
No kind of man at all.
Walked into that one.
Sure did, Bart.
Give Evie my best, will you?

[car engine roaring]
[Bart] Parker's back.
Had to give Mel a hand.
You know
his truck threw another tire.
And you needed to fix it?
-I fix everything.
-[Evie] I know.
I married Norman Rockwell.
Oh, you knew
what you're married.
Uh, yes I do. I did.
And sometimes it pains me.
I am so happy
that you feel much calmer.
I just needed to cool down.
I'm good.
Good. Give me that.
I need to make a meringue.
[Bart] Oh. Meringue.
How's the lever looking?
Still sticking?
What do you think?
[Bart] Let me
know if you need a hand.
We might have
to sell for scrap.
-How are we looking this month?
See what you can salvage.
On it.
[gravel crunching]
What the fuck!
You're welcome, Bronx.
First rule of Fight Club,
schedules change.
It can all change
in a New York minute out here.
Well, this is charming.
Very scary.
[Beth] We are not here
for the scare house, guys.
We're here for the trail.
You don't wanna
see the scare house?
So you spent your childhood
around here, Ray?
Some of it.
Lot of regrets.
Yes, woo,
for Ray's haunted adolescence.
It's like Norman Rockwell
and Rob Zombie had a baby.
But why are we here now?
All right, Ray. Let your brother
know we're here.
Everybody else,
put your hiking boots on.
[all] Now?
Yes, now.
Like now?
As in now, now?
As in we're doing
the scout today now, now?
But I'm not ready now, now.
I have these--
these blemishes to address.
-[Twila] Marla, you look great.
-Yes, Marla.
Coming, Marla.
[Bart] Ray?
Hey, Bart.
What are you doing here?
Came back just
to look around, if that's okay.
Of course.
Yeah, of course it is.
This is Alex. She's my, uh,
our producer on this.
They're actually making a movie.
Yeah. Uh, Alex Romero.
Nice to meet you,
Mr. Neuri.
Please, just Bart.
We were, uh, hoping
to check out the location
and maybe run an out
if the schedules align.
You're friends with Ray.
-Especially friends with money.
-It's the least I can do.
What the fuck!
-Hey, Evie.
Who are your fucking friends?
Movie folks.
Most of them from L.A.
-[Alex] Except for me.
-[Ray] Except Alex.
-She's from New York.
-From New York.
I promised them
a walk out to the point.
Without a goddamn courtesy call?
It's my property too.
-It's Bart's!
-[Bart] It's okay.
I don't mind.
I can walk them out.
Go finish up dinner.
[Evie breathing shakily]
-Calm down.
-[Evie] I am calm.
Okay? I'm fucking upset!
-He came back.
Why? And don't give me some
fucking middle America
nuclear family crap.
Okay? I don't trust him.
And who are these people?
It doesn't matter.
They got money.
This is a godsend, Evie.
[Evie] Get them out of here.
He came back.
Oh, my God.
Bart, why are you so nave?
He's just using you.
He wouldn't do that.
We take care of our own.
It's his place too, you know.
Oh, my God, I can't.
What's the matter, Benj?
The make-up department got
you pushing too many pencils?
If we were back
in Jackson Heights,
her ass would be
on the ground by now.
Tuck that New York away.
Beth is looking for any reason
to shitcan you and Ray.
It's two miles. Let's go.
Let's get the footage.
Let's let Marla's face
do its thing.
Let Beth worry
about her fucking career,
and you take a stab
at being our fearless leader.
I don't need you
falling apart.
[sighing] All right, let's go.
Yeah, let's do this.
[Benji] How long
has this all been here?
About 40 years.
My parents left it to us.
Bart and I share the property,
but he runs it mostly.
-Look at this.
It's a vintage scare house.
I could sell half
this shit on eBay and retire.
Instead it's just
sitting here, rotting away...
like my nana's vagina.
Can we go back down now?
You really don't like it here?
-[Benji] Why?
Because scare houses
are bull-- shit!
You ready?
Fuck off, Bronx.
Let's go.
Chicken shit.
[sing-song] Beth's afraid
of the scare house.
[Bart] Make sure
you all stay close.
[Alex] Make sure you have plenty
of water and stay hydrated.
[Bart] You guys got yourselves
a real leader there.
[Alex] I have my moments.
[Bart] Is that
why Ray likes you?
[Alex] I don't know.
You'd have to ask him.
[suspenseful music]
[Lucky] Last Action Hero
was so underrated, guys.
Oh, up your ass.
What? Jack Slater.
That's like
a Schwarzenegger's wet dream
amped up to 11.
Come on.
Such a boy answer.
[Bart] So what's the movie?
It's called
Liberty's Last Stand.
Working title.
A World War II soldier
is stranded
and loses his eyesight.
He's rescued
by another male soldier
who has to help him
write letters back home--
She pictured it
as Broke Back Mountain
meets, uh,
Saving Private Ryan.
-[Bart] That sounds awesome.
-[Benji] It really doesn't.
[Bart] So how'd you get
mixed up with these folks, Ray?
[Alex] I was finishing up
some film school
at, uh, NYU last year.
He had just moved there
that year, right?
[Alex] Oh, chicken shit.
[Gillian] Oh, man,
do you mind if I get
some B-roll of this?
Never even seen this.
I don't remember building it.
[Alex] Yeah, Ray.
What is that?
[Ray] Kids come out here and do
stuff like that all the time.
Can we move on?
We are not using that.
-[Gillian] Two seconds. Come on.
-[Beth] Gill, it's disgusting.
Come on, everyone.
Hey, you good?
I'm great.
[ominous music playing]
[footsteps receding]
[Ray] The point's
just over the next hill.
Just be careful, everybody.
It's about a 50-foot drop.
[Alex] Thanks, Ray.
Everybody watch your step.
What'd I tell you?
This is perfect.
Oh, this is gorgeous.
I can't wait
to blow this shit up.
I'm not making a boy movie,
Lucky. I'm making art.
Art? Right, of course.
Loud, explosive,
sexy, gay art.
Sorry, guys.
[Alex] Hey. Good call.
All right, guys,
let's get set up.
Calm down, Bronx.
I'm the director.
All right, everyone,
let's get set up.
[Bart] At least I know
where you ran off to now.
New York, of all places?
It's a hell of a ways away.
[Ray] I needed it.
[Bart] Mom and Dad
would be proud,
you comin' back home like this.
[Ray] I'm not back, Bart.
What? What the hell
you talking about?
[Ray] I just figured
you could all use the money.
The rent from you, it--
it will help.
[Bart] You think I want money?
You think
I'm struggling out here?
What? You trying
to buy me off or something?
[Ray] After everything
with Evie last year--
This has nothing
to do with Evie last year.
[Ray] Calm down.
I am calm.
I'm just upset.
So-- so what does
all this mean?
Are-- Are you going back?
Back to New York
instead of being here
with your family
where you belong?
-[Ray] Yeah.
-[Bart] You--
You're going back
with these people?
With Alex, yes.
Give me a break.
Give me a goddamn break.
This, this is your home, Ray.
Home is where I want it to be.
[Alex] Are you okay?
Hey, Marla, are you ready?
Does the Percocet go well
with my morning mimosa?
[chuckling] Twila, help me up.
Here I am. [laughing]
-You look great, Marla.
-It's to be expected.
Who is she exactly?
[Marla] A star,
if you must know, Mr. Neuri.
But for this daring piece
of cinema,
I shall be playing a nun.
Who works in a small church.
Marla, it's not a sexy nun.
Well, just because
she's a woman of God
doesn't mean that she can't
embrace her sexuality.
[Gillian] Marla, we're
losing light. Hit your mark.
No need to be brisk.
Is this where you
want Lee eventually?
Yeah. That looks good
in that light.
[man] Those
aren't practical, Marla.
Well, if someone had
remembered the apple box,
I wouldn't have to resort
to a shoe
that elongates the calf.
Oh, my darling.
I am a woman of God,
but you are my God too.
-Yes, you are.
-Oh, God, Marla,
-you're making it weird.
-You are my sweetheart.
-You are my love. Take me to--
I am committing.
Shut up, Benji.
Take me to heaven.
Take me to heaven
to be with you forever.
[man] Copy that.
You see that?
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
That-- that's cool.
That looks beautiful.
Hey, Marla,
that looks great,
but can you back up
a little bit?
Go away.
Hey, careful Marla.
Shut up, Alex.
[Gillian] Marla,
we're losing light.
Just, uh,
give me some shoulder.
I don't care
if we're losing the light.
It could always be worse.
Kiss me you fool.
-Marla. Marla!
-[twig snapping]
-[Marla screaming]
Shit, shit, shit, shit.
No, no, no, no!
[man] Oh, it's worse.
Marla, are you okay?
[Marla groaning]
[woman] Marla?
Marla, are you hurt?
Someone help.
Oh, my God!
Someone get down here
and help me now.
[woman] Marla, it's okay.
We're coming. Just don't move.
How the fuck
can I go anywhere right now?
Why was she so close
to the edge, Beth?
I was looking at the monitor.
-It's your fault--
-Hey, enough! Enough! Enough!
-I'm sick of your--
-[overlapping arguments]
-Hey! Enough!
Hey! We gotta worry about
getting her the fuck up.
-All right, all right.
-I'm so sorry.
Oh, be my goddamn guest--
-[man] Hey, she's right.
-[Alex] All right.
So what if, um, okay,
what if we rappel down there
and then we walk her back up?
It'd take about three hours
extra on a downward slope.
The best bet
is to rappel down,
Get her up and--
and walk her up.
[indistinct chatter]
Alex, Alex. Hey.
You're gonna need a hand.
It's okay.
All right, all right.
Don't look. Don't look.
-Hey, let's get the rope.
-[Alex] Come on. Come on!
-Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
-[man] Gill, Gill.
-Here, Gill. Come on.
-[Gillian] Thank you.
-[man] Come on.
-[Alex] All right. Ray.
Your brother,
Tim, Benji, all of you.
Okay. We're gonna need
some support on that line.
-[man] You sure?
-[Alex] Yeah, we gotta
take care of our people, right?
-[man] Careful.
-Um, Twila,
get Evan on the phone.
Um, or 911, whatever.
[Alex] 911
is the priority, Twila.
Quit trying
to save your own ass, Alex.
[Gillian] Hey, shut up, Beth!
Hey! Tim, you're in charge.
[Tim] I got you, guys.
I got you, guys.
You're a take charge
kind of girl, huh?
[Ray] That's why
I listen to her.
[man] Hey, get your asses
over here and help out.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on.
Grab it there. We're good.
Hold it taut.
Come on, guys.
Hold on.
[low growling]
Oh, Marla. Shit
we gotta get you
out of here.
Don't touch me.
Don't move me.
[Gillian] Marla,
it's gonna be dark soon.
Then just leave me here to die.
Oh, don't be
so fucking dramatic.
[Marla] My feet are pointing
in different directions
you inexperienced
film school twit.
I have every reason
to be dramatic!
Okay. Hey, Marla.
Marla, look at me.
Look at me.
Hey, I gotta set this and
we're gonna have to splint it.
-Okay? It's gonna be fine.
-No, no! Not now, now.
On the count of three, I need
you to lift and we're going to--
Wait. Wait. I just-- Wait.
I just remembered
I have pills in my gown.
-It will be okay. Okay?
-No, no, please.
All right. On the count
of three, let's lift.
-[bone cracking]
-[screaming, sobbing]
-Oh, God.
-[Gillian] Okay. Okay.
[Marla] You skipped two,
you fuckers!
[Alex] Did you get--
did you get it?
[low growling]
[ominous music]
Might wanna
speed this up, folks.
[Alex] Marla.
Hello, darling.
[Alex] All right.
Uh, Marla,
we're gonna
have to do some walking,
but they're gonna pull us up
up there. All right?
-All right. Here we go.
-Okay. Yeah.
We're feeling no pain,
aren't we?
Okay. Oh.
All right. You got her
so I can get the rope?
-[Gillian] Yeah.
-[Marla] Woo.
[low growling]
[Bart] Tim, pack your stuff up.
We need to move
as soon as we get her up.
-[Tim] You sure?
-[Bart] Yeah. We got her.
[low growling]
[woman] Jesus Christ, Marla.
Oh, I'm okay.
I climbed up all by myself.
[laughing] Oh, wait,
how is everyone else doing?
[woman] Is everybody okay?
[Twila] No, I'm freaked out.
[Bart] We need to move. We don't
need to be out here much longer.
Gear's ready. Let's go.
Oh, we're not
gonna stay for a rest?
No time for love, Dr. Jones.
Come on.
Marla, you're
gonna have to walk.
Okay, Alex,
I take direction very well.
-I am sure that you do.
Okay. Come on, guys.
We gotta go.
-Alrighty. Woo. Let's go.
-Here we go.

[distant growling]
-What was that?
-Hey, whatever you do,
don't move.
Is that a bear?
[low growling]
-Ray, remember the trail back?
-[indistinct] long.
Go, go, go, go.
Come on, please. Hurry up.
Go. Let's go.
Come on. Come on.

Beth, Beth, can you get
the rifle? I've got Marla.
-Beth, slow the fuck down.
-[Beth] Why?
Beth, stop!
We're trying not
to startle whatever's out there.
Beth, Lucky's right.
Okay? Slow the fuck down.
It can always be worse, right?
It's worse.
Hello, back.
[howling, laughing]
13 years, guys.
Not a scratch.
Not gonna start tonight.
Everybody stick together.
Beth, stay the fuck put.
Can't, have to go back.
-Beth, don't!
-Beth, get back here.
I am-- [yelping]
-[gun firing]
I'll be in my trailer
having sex with--
[Twila] Marla?
Oh, shit! Oh, shit!
Marla, you're okay.
You're okay. You're okay.
What do I do? What do I do!
Beth, what the fuck?
Marla, it's okay.
It's okay.
I'm so sorry.
[loud growling]
[Twila] Get it off of me!
[all screaming]
Beth, fucking get it!
[all screaming]
[Twila screaming]
Help me! Help!
Get it the fuck off me!
Get it the fuck off me!
Get it off!
[wolf growling]
You gotta get up. You gotta
get up. Come on! Come on!
-[wolf growls]
Fetch! Fetch!
-[loud growling]
-[Lucky screaming]
Jesus Christ!
Fucking thing got my arm.
-I'm scared.
[Gillian] It's okay.
You're okay. Look at me.
Oh, my God. It's okay.
I'm scared. I'm scared.
I'm so sorry. It's okay.
Hey, hey, just look at me.
You're okay. You're okay.
I'm so sorry. I love you
so much. [sobbing] I'm sorry.

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
[Lucky groaning]
Okay, I need a hand, please.
You think you're
fucking funny, Alex? Jesus!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
It's a poor choice of words.
Okay, we gotta get him up.
We gotta get him up.
-[Lucky groaning]

-[car stalling]
-[Beth] What? It's not starting!
[Tim] You shot Marla, Beth.
I'm sorry, I--
[Tim] You fucking shot Marla.
You're not going anywhere.
[woman] Tim, open the door.
Lock the door.
Lock the door.
Touch my fucking husband
and I'll put a bullet in you.
Get in, get in, get in.
[talking over each other]
[Gillian] Shut the door!
Shut it! Shut it!
Oh, what the fuck!
What the fuck!
-[Lucky groaning]
-[Tim] Okay. It's gonna hurt.
[Lucky] I hate you.
-[Lucky yelling]
-Fuck! [grunts]
-[loud thud]
[woman] It's still bleeding.
It's okay.
It's okay. We're alive.
You fucking bitch!
You fucking killed Marla!
You got her fucking shot!
-[Beth] Fuck you, Bronx.
-Get the fuck off of me.
-You wanna go?
-[overlapping argument]
[Beth] This is my movie!
You're not going to LA!
We have way
more important things
to worry about
than who accidentally shot who.
It wasn't acciden--
You got Marla shot!
You fucking murderer!
[both panting]
Keep it chill,
[indistinct], Beth.
You know what?
Let's just let the cops
decide what to do with you.
-Who the fuck--
-I am in charge!
I am in charge!
Got it?
Y'all okay in there?
Bart, get in here.
There's something out there.
Yeah. That RV
ain't going anywhere.
[Beth] Fuck this.
I'm outta here.
What the fuck!
What are you doing?
Get the fuck off me.
Hand me something
to tie her up with.
It's okay.
Evie gets like this.
She's a hothead.
You showing up, Ray,
Pissed her off
more than I thought.
Hold on.
That-- That thing is Evie?
Ray, get out here and we can
get this all over with.
-No, no.
-[Bart] Ray--
I'm not going
anywhere with you.
Don't start.
Get out here.
He is not going anywhere, Bart.
You don't wanna
challenge me, Alex.
This is family business.
Bart, nobody's going anywhere
until we figure out
what's going on.
I am not losing any more
of my people. You understand?
[Bart] Your people.
Your people.
You know nothing
about having people.
I said, stay
the fuck outta this, Alex!
You don't talk to her like that.
[low growling]
[Ray] Huff,
all you want, Bart.
I don't belong
out there with you.
They're my family now.
Oh, I'll huff!
[growling] And I'll puff!
You stupid West Coast Hollywood
bullshit assholes!
They're not your family, Ray.
We are!
Give me my happy ending,
you little fucking pigs!

Ray, your brother's
a fucking werewolf?
Cool. [chuckling]
[cop over radio]
Mills, you almost there?
Grab some toilet paper
while you're out there.
Anything else?
-[cop] Extra coffee.
-Aye, Aye, Captain.
[door opening]
-[Mills] Oh, you closing up?
-Just about, Deputy.
But you come on in.
Get what you need.
-Thanks. It's Harp, right?
Since I was a boy.
[mayor] You know,
I told you, uh,
we could take over this town
if start running the show.
That's all I need.
Another shithole town
for my personal sandbox.
Give it to Sly.
You know, I was thinking
you'd be a good man
to run things around here.
No, no.
We're almost outta here.
Yeah, these dick shingles
are wrapping up now
and I'm on way
back to the city.
God, I fucking hate that prick.
[Sylvester] Damn right.
I'm gonna party when I get back.
[electricity sparking]
Everyone just stay calm.
I think it's just the fuses.
I'll go take a look.
Well, I guess it's time
to wrap things up, folks.
-What the fuck?
Well, shit, Mark.
You heard that, right?
[ominous music]
[low growling]
-Did you hear that?
[Mark] Holy fuck.
[Zhao] Sheriff, I'm coming up
on your left.
where the fuck is it, man?
Marcus, don't move.
-[Marcus yelling]
Jesus Christ.
-Jesus Christ.
There's a big
fucking wolf in here.
Call Mills.
Tell her to get her ass
back here right now.
[Zhao] Mills, Mills,
Come back.
-This is Zhao.
-This is Mills.
I'm almost done,
you jackass.
[Zhao] We need you back
here, there's--
There's like a--
a bear on the loose.
Something loose in the station.
It's a wolf.
It's-- Okay.
It's a-- It's a wolf.
It's a big fucking wolf.
It's already killed Rossi
and the mayor.
Oh, shit.
All right. I'm on my way.
Hey, Harp,
unlock this door.
We've got an emergency
back at the station.

No one wants you here,
you cops.
And now
these fucking film people!
Wolf Hollow belongs to us.
This is our goddamn fuckin' town
and we ain't going anywhere.
Buck, this is Harp.
Buck, this is Harp.
[Buck] This is Buck,
come back.
We had a little incident
down here at the gas station
but it's all
taken care of now.
Another one to take out
with the trash.
[Gillian] Just a phone.
I had a satphone in here.
[muttering indistinctly]
-It's okay. It's okay, Gill.
-I had it.
It's not your fault.
It's not your fault.
[speaking indistinctly]
[Alex] It's a werewolf.
You might want to consider
leading with that next time
you try to make new friends.
Hey, um,
is any position you do it in
-considered doggy style?
[Ray] She's right.
I'm the runt,
I don't have it.
Evie thinks
I'm keeping her out.
Should've cut me off
a long time ago.
I, uh--
got low about a year ago.
I found a way
that could change me.
This silver dagger,
something that could
change a werewolf
or kill one.
So, I went out...
built the wicker man,
did the ritual, and...
And I ran.
Wound up in New York.
And then I met my best friend.
Ho-- hold on. You said
something about the wicker man?
Gillian, get your camera.
[man] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay. Turn it on. There.
-There's the effigy.
-[Alex] Yeah.
There's the dagger.
[Alex] All right.
Level with me, Ray.
Can we shoot
our way out of this?
[Ray] It'll hurt him
but it won't stop him.
It's either the dagger
or decapitation.
All right.
Well, if we can get the dagger,
then we can at least
stand our ground till dawn.
-I'll go.
-Gill, I'm--
I'm-- I'm gonna go with you.
I'm the best with the rifle.
-I'll back you up.
-No, no, no [indistinct].
-I gotta do this.
It's okay, it's okay.
It's gonna be okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
You're okay, it's all right.
It's gonna be fine,
you're gonna be fine.
-Let's go.
-Yeah, let's go.
It's okay.
[ominous music]
You go, we go. Right?
[phone ringing]
Phone. Phone, phone.
Where is it?
[indistinct] for
the nine o'clock call.
Oh, God. Evan?
Hey, hello? Hello.
-Oh, uh, hey, Beth, uh--
-No, it's Alex. Can you see me?
Yeah, you didn't check in
at the lodge.
Evan, we're in serious trouble.
Okay? Um--
[Evan] Wait, trouble?
I need to know, who's in there?
Who knows what right now?
[Beth] Evan!
Evan, it's Beth, I'm here!
Marla's dead.
You have to come get me.
-[Evan] Marla's dead?
-[Beth] We're stranded,
we're in the woods, and--
Uh, you know, uh, the line
is very garbled right now
and you got to call
back later, okay, Alex?
All right, bye. Cassidy!
Uh, get me in touch
with my lawyer
and check the insurance policy
for Marla.
Uh, we may already be in
the blank if she died onset.
Evan, I can still
fucking hear you.
[panting nervously]
Okay, bye.
Well, that was eye-opening.
See if anybody else
has a signal.
[phone ringing]
Oh, it's fucking ringing.
[911 operator] County 911,
what's the address
-of your emergency?
Hello, 911?
We're at the Neuri's
hay ride in Wolf Hollow.
There's a woman dead and we--
we need medical attention.
Please, please send cops.
-[911 operator] 57-47 county.
-Come back.
[911 operator] Reports of shots
fired and a woman down,
possible DOA
at the dairy farm.
-We're on our way. Goddamnit.
-Don't blaspheme, Buck.
[911 operator]
You're the closest unit.
Kiss my ass, Dwayne.
Your soul, not mine.
[sirens wailing]
[911 operator]
All units in the area
of the haunted hay ride
in Wolf Hollow,
-reports of a wolf attack--
-Hey, what'd I miss?
What happened to your face?
Don't ask.
-You okay?
-Oh, I'm great, Dad.
Fuck them,
I'm not taking any chances.
-Let's go.
-Don't have to tell me twice.
Hold this.
[tense music]
I'm calling for backup.
We're not going out
'til they get here. Understood?
-Copy that.
-Good. Let's go.
Promise me if we get out of
here, I'm on a sandy beach
in Cozumel by
this time next week.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
I'll even spring for
a cabana boy.
And a cabana girl,
in case I get bored.
I've earned it at this point.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
[footsteps crunching]
-[wolf howling]
-Oh, shit.
[Twila] Gilly?
Gill, is that you?
Gilly? Is that you?
You were supposed to save me.
Ah, you were, ah--
I just wanna go fucking home!
[echoing voice]
It fucking burns, Gilly.
It burns!
You were supposed to keep me
safe and now fucking look at me!
Benji, get the dagger!
[growling, screeching]
Oh, God.
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry...
Gill, you gotta gotta get up,
come on.
Please, get up, Gill.
Please, please.
Gill, come on.
We gotta go.
[sirens wailing in distance]
-It's Buck.
-[Alex] I'm in here, Hope!
Hey, hey, Buck,
you gotta help us.
But stay in your car,
there's a wolf out there.
We know, Alex!
It's not my first rodeo.
Bart! Freeze.
[suspenseful music]
Bart, Evie.
We said freeze, goddamnit.
We're not playing.
Bart, I'm sure you're in a mood,
but you got to back off,
you understand?
If you're hungry,
go find you some Orrstown
assholes to chew on.
Look, it's me.
It's Evie out there.
These are my friends.
Just wanna get 'em out.
I am tired of you two
not working your shit out.
How many years
and how many lives? Goddamnit.
-Don't blaspheme!
-Fuck off, Dwayne.
I knew you coming back
would be trouble.
You got to help us.
Ray, no! [sobbing]
-Alex! Alex!
You know that's just gonna
piss your brother off, don't ya?
You two can't work it out
so a bunch of people have to die
and now we're getting
run out of town?
Not. Any. More!
Bart. Evie.
Come and get him.
Nobody else has to die.
Perry should've
put you down years ago,
you fucking runt.

[gasping] Oh, Goddamn it,
Jesus Christ.
-[loud growl]
Somebody... Call somebody.
[whimpering] Goddamn...
That was really unnecessary.
You behave,
you hairy motherfucker!
Lucky, get the door!
Benji, run, goddamn it!
Where's Joanne?
Alex, take a dagger.
Cover me.
[grunts] Come on.
Don't touch my girlfriend,
you hairy piece of shit.
-Come get some.
Come on, pooch.
Don't you want a bone?
Come on. Come on.
[loud roaring]
[gasping breath]
Oh, my God. I gotta be bleeding
even more now. Alex!
-Oh, God, help me.
-Come on.
-You all right?
-It's okay. I'm here.
You-- you go. You go.
[gasping breath]
It's gonna be okay. Just put
pressure on it, all right?
-All right?
-Ah, it hurts.
-Yeah, yeah, I know. You--
-No, it hurts.
-Your knee's in my crotch.
-I'm sorry, sorry.
I've never been shot before.
How you doin' in there?
Really fucking mad.
Hold on. Wait...
Hey, where's Gillian?
Hey, where's Gillian?
Wait, where's Gillian?
Where's-- have you seen her?
Have you seen Gillian?
Has anyone seen Gillian?
Have you seen her?
Please, please,
have you seen Gillian?
[screaming] Fuck!
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
Fuck, fuck!
[muttering] Okay...
Okay, nobody else
is gonna fucking die.
Nobody else
is gonna fucking die.
Nobody else!
You understand?
Do you understand?
[gasping for breath] Okay...
Okay... [muttering]
Alex, it's fine, it's fine...
Where is the dagger?
I thought you--
I have it.
-Oh, that's not good.
-Because I fucking matter.
And this film
does not happen without me.
We are all
going to get out of this.
-Not just you, okay?
-Lucky, Ray, they need medical--
Fuck Ray.
I never wanted him here.
And you can forget about
ever getting into
the Producer's Guild,
you stupid fucking hack.
Your film career is over--
Movies don't fucking matter
right now.
Yes, they do.
It's my life!
I have awards.
And I have six pitch meetings
with Warner when we get
out of here and get back.
-Wait, I'll talk to anyone.
-Fuck you.
-Get her!
-Ah! Fuck you.
Get your ass on the ground.
Fucking Bronx.
Fucking LA, bitch!
Ah! Fuck me!
Fucking rookie. [sobs]
[groaning and grunting]
[grunting in pain]
[fight din]
-[grunting and screaming]
[thudding and screaming]
Hey, guys.
I think I might be immortal.
I don't think I can die.
We have to just
get to Buck's car,
and we can get the keys.
Grab that sling
of shotgun shells, too.
That works.
-I was wrong.
Something's there.
I'm just like him.
Wanna help me
burn this place to the ground?
All right, let me see what I can
do to give you guys some cover.
Go ahead,
tell me what you need.
Uh, I need, uh,
alcohol and lithium batteries.
-Come on.
-[phone dialing]

-Gonna see it through.
-Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Are you not
gonna trust the pyromaniac?
Keep trying her phone.
Hey guys, it's Lucky Steve
doing a live stream.
Yeah, back again.
That's right.
All right, guys, I'm a little
fucking scratched up here.
Look at that.
If you're in Wolf Hollow,
Orrstown area,
call the cops.
I don't think
I can die, actually.
Guys, you listen to this.
I can't fucking die. [laughs]
What the fuck's going on?
I got your call.
Valenti. Good of you to show up.
How many you got for me?
I got you ten,
I got you a few more out back.
Good. That'll do.
All right, everybody, listen up.
We got a female killed
at the haunted hay ride.
We seen some hairy shit tonight.
And when I mean hairy,
I mean werewolves.
-Is he fucking kidding me?
-He's not joking.
Not again.
All right,
stud vests if you got them.
Watch your asses.
Let's go.
So, if I get bit,
do I become a werewolf?
I'll brief you
in the fucking car, man.
-[gun cocking]
-Fucking dogs.
Fucking fleas.
I need a fucking beer.
[siren wailing]
[grunting] Watch out.
-[Alex] Really?
-You never know.
Alex, help!
Ray, I've talked Evie down.
You want to save your friends?
Come out right now.
That's the only
way to save them.
-Alex, help!
-You know what's good for you.
You get out where you belong.
Alex, help!
You don't get to run out
on your family, on your blood.
You hear me?
This is not
what Daddy wanted for us.
No one else.
They've seen too much.
You're right, Evie.
But you gotta let 'em go.
They came to poison you.
-Take you away from your family.
-Look what you've done.
The Hollow is being destroyed
because of you.
They're running us off
our own land.
Bart, I'm back.
I'm here
because I am one of you.
I'm home. Look at me.
He's lying, Bart.
[Bart sniffing]
-It's awake, Bart.
It's bullshit.
Do not believe him, Bart.
It's the fairy tale.
You want it?
You got it.
I'm home.
He's not one of us, Bart.
Yes, he is.
My baby brother.
There you are.
Yeah. Here I am.
[tense music]
Back to burn it all down.
Now, Alex!
-[gun cocks]
-Fire in the hole!
[explosions booming]

Come on--
You want it?


[loud grunting]
[gasping breath]
[distorted screaming]
What are you gonna do,
little girl?
You should've
never come to this town!
Alex, look out.
Alex, get outta there.
Fucking dark chocolate.
Oh, shoot!
Guys, I'm feeling
a little woozy here.
Jesus Christ.
No, no, no!
Fucking ballsy bitch.
[whimpering in pain]
Ray. Ray.
[gasping breath]
Oh, my God.
I thought--
I thought you were gone.
I thought I was, too.
Well, you said you
wanted to burn it all down.
There you go.
[siren wailing in distance]
What are friends for?
Speaking of friends, could you
guys help me [indistinct]?
Oh, my God, Lucky.
Oh, my God,
I thought you were dead.
Oh, God--
I think I'm done
with these indies, guys.
Way too much fucking work.
I feel like shit.
Bro, actually, I'm not bleeding.
I-- I think I'll be okay.
[eerie music]
[Ray] It's Bart.
I thought you got him.
I thought you got him.
It's okay, guys,
I'll just wait here.
[dramatic music]
Go, go.
Go, go, go, go. Go.
[distant snarling]
You know what has to happen.
I can't live.
[intense music]


[sirens wailing]
Neils and Chao,
head over that way.
The rest of you, come with me.
[grunting] Aw...
God, I'd put my arms up, but--
Well, you can see.
Any of you got some weed?
Ah, okay, okay.
[deep growling]
[slow snarling]
[eerie music]

[flare clicks]

[wolf howling]
[deep snarling]
[suspenseful music]

[low snarling]
[music intensifies]

[gasping breath]
Come on.
[robotic voice]
What's the matter, scaredy-cat?
-Don't be a baby.
-Time to die!
[scraping thuds]
Come on, motherfucker!
-[scraping thud]
What's the matter, scaredycat?
[loud growling]
-Time to die.
[toy cackling]

Ray, Ray.
Get out of the fucking way.
-[toy] Time to die. [cackling]
Ray, no!
Move, please!
Ray, no!
[Ray] Now, Alex.
[Alex whimpering]
Ray! Ray! Ray!
I'm so sorry.
Please don't die.
Please, please, please.
You can't. Please.
You can't die. You can't die.
You can't leave me.
You can't leave me.
-Let me go.
-You're my best friend, okay?
You're my best friend.
you're such a good friend.
police radio chatter]
It's gonna be okay,
it's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
[police radio chirps]
It's gonna be okay.
[soft guitar music]
police radio chatter]
police radio chatter]
You did it, Alex.
You got us out, at least.
What good is it
if the only person I saved
turned out to be immortal?
It just means
I'm ready to kick ass tomorrow.
Right after
you grow some new arms.
You never know.
Go ahead and load him up.
[Lucky] I'm telling you,
the biggest damn wolf
you've ever seen.
You okay, Alex?
[Alex] No.
If nobody else saw it, I would
have thought I was crazy.
You are definitely not crazy.
I just don't know how
in the hell I'm gonna write up
a seven-foot tall
werewolf in my report.
Come on, let's get
you back to Orrstown.
It's about the only town
you can trust around here.
[man] All right, Sheriff,
let's get the ambulance
out of the way.
Let's back it up.
[police radio chirps]
Once we reach
Orrstown County,
we'll reach out to the family
and see what they knew.
The rest of the family?
[upbeat rock music]

Okay, Mel.
Run this through again.
I told you, Tom.
I threw another tire.
Lost control, damn near hit
Wilson's prized goat,
and flew off into the ditch.
Can't you spring
for the new tires next time?
If I had a nickel for every time
I heard that.
You can afford new tires?
Laugh it up, fuzz ball.
You know,
I don't want to share a room
with that Lucky guy anymore.
They brought him in.
No arms.
You can't trust
a feller without arms.
-You got that right.
-Hey, Tom,
mind leaving my patient alone
for five seconds?
-Taking a report here, doc.
-It can wait.
Never felt better, doc.
Get me outta here.
-[screaming stops]
-Shoot him, he's got hands!
-No, no, you hold your fire.
No shooting in the hospital.
She bit me.
I am immortal.
[chuckling softly]
Oh, boy.
[sinister music]

What's up, cine-snobs.
It's your boy, Crane, here
on the Film Snob channel.
As you know,
we've been trying
for the last few weeks
to locate Lucky Steve.
Hey, guys, it's Lucky Steve
doing a live stream, yeah.
Back again, that's right.
If you're watching this,
send help.
We're in bad shape, guys.
Now, I don't know
if this is some promo,
but honestly,
it's got some of us
in the film community
a bit worried.
Where are you?
You used to be our favorite
We're trapped on Wolf Hollow.
With some fucking
goddamn werewolves.
I'm not gonna lie.
It's-- it's got your boy
a little worried.
Here's a few reactions.
It's great stuff here.
Marla's dead.
And why haven't you guys gotten
back to my agent about the role?
Bro. That looks like more
than a couple of scratches.
-Wait, did somebody say--
-[both] Werewolf?
[French accent]
Dude, stick to the action.
Your makeup
looks as fake as fuck.
Don't make me
come down to Apollo
because I will find you,
and I will kill you.
What are we saying here?
The pyromaniac
finally blows his arm off.
Oh, fuck you.
Oh, okay, look.
Whoever said that,
I'm gonna fucking hunt you down
like a goddamn beast and ri--
rip your arms off. Okay.
"How did the werewolf
eat Lucky Steve's arm?
He wolfed it down."
Oh, fuck you, man.
You know that's--
That's bullshit, all right?
You be in here right now
and try to fucking
deal with these things.
See here. "This guy
is a fucking weirdo."
Fuck you. I'm not weird.
I'm fucking--
I'm immortal. Fuck you, man.
I don't think
I could die, actually.
Think of the amount
of stunts I can do.
I'm a fucking immortal, guys.