Wolf Hound (2022) Movie Script

[dramatic music playing]
[plane engine rumbling]
How we doing over there, boys?
We have a winner yet?
[over radio] Hey, Friedman,
you reading me over there?
[recorder playing]
Do you really gotta play
that damn thing right now?
Is it, uh, messing up
your concentration?
- Yeah.
- Then, yes, I do.
[recorder continues playing]
Friedman, you're such a pain
in the ass with that recorder.
Watch this.
Whoa, whoa, God, Thompson!
- Hey!
- Dammit, Thompson, I had him!
Oh? You had me?
I had one move and it was over.
- Oh, is that right?
- They seem to think that it's funny that...
Cut the crap!
McAllister, get back
to the top turret.
[over radio] If Jerry's out
there, I wanna be prepared.
I can't believe this.
Skies are clear for miles,
Jerry's still sleeping.
How's it look, Wilson?
Might help if I knew
what I was looking for.
Looks pretty dull
from where I'm sitting.
Which, by the way,
is still very uncomfortable.
For the last time Dixon,
I hear you and I don't care.
- No offense...
- Here we go.
No seriously fellas, what the
hell are doing up here anyway?
You know the answer
to that, Lieutenant.
All they tell us is
"need to know."
[Dixon] Come on, Finn,
it's "Search and Destroy"
find the Nazi base,
take her out.
[Finn] Oh, yeah, sure,
Could ya find
this damn needle, too?
I left it over in this haystack.
Stow it, Sergeant.
Jerry moves this base
every time we spot it.
This time, we're not
giving them the chance.
So I need everyone,
and I mean everyone...
stay focused and keep sharp.
Should be almost there now, sir.
You really think we're gonna
find anything out here?
[Reynolds] That's not our job.
You and I, we just keep
Yankee Lady flying.
Still got that compass
I gave ya?
Yeah. It's fancy.
I don't think
this cute little thing's
gonna point to any Nazi base.
No, but it'll
get your sorry ass home.
It better, too,
I need that back.
That was given to me by
a pretty little thing back home.
Oh, yeah?
Why don't you keep it, then?
Because I'm not the one
afraid I ain't gonna make it home.
I don't know, Jack.
How many Nazi targets
you see bombed daily?
We're hitting them
where it hurts.
[Holden] I mean,
if I'm going to risk myself,
getting shot down,
at least let me do it
on the front lines.
[Reynolds] No, I get it.
I'll call up Berlin,
set up a boxing match
between you and Adolf.
[Dixon] Ha!
Yeah, I'll put my money
on the Jew!
- Smart.
- [Wilson] Yeah, Holden,
I'll bet you
got a lot of relatives
- who'd line up to take a swing at der Fuhrer.
- [chuckles]
[Reynolds] Trust me, kid,
one man can make
an impact on this war.
Just maybe not
the way you think.
I mean, have you guys
heard the rumors
of what's going on down there?
Those are just rumors, David.
And if they're true?
We should be going in there,
guns blazing,
making sure they aren't.
We do good work up here, Holden,
and you need us
just as much as we need you.
- Is that so?
- Lieutenant Rodgers, tell me we're close.
Based on intel,
we should be coming up
on the suspected target's
visual range now, sir.
Alright, everyone clam up.
Radio's off
until further notice.
[tense music playing]
Jack, you see that?
Where? How many?
Seven o'clock.
Looks like two fighters.
Out of range but coming in fast.
Alright, you know the drill.
Do your job and we all get home.
Hold on...
That's not Jerry.
Those are RAF fighters.
Looks like a Spitfire
and a Hurricane.
Crazy Brits.
Harry, try to get them
on the box.
[radio tuning]
Whew, I almost
swallowed my Beeman's.
This is B-17 Yankee Lady
to Spitfire and Hurricane,
please respond.
For a second there
I thought we were gonna
have a rough morning.
This is B-17 Yankee Lady
to Spitfire and Hurricane,
please respond.
I'm not getting anything.
Captain, are there any RAF birds
scheduled to be out today?
No. Not that I know of.
[Friedman] Do you copy?
Please identify yourself.
This is Yankee Lady.
No response, sir.
I'm not getting
anything from them.
Hey, maybe their radios
are down?
[Friedman] Yankee Lady
to unidentified Spitfire
and Hurricane, please respond.
Come on, those are our guys.
Radio shot in battle,
now they're on their way home.
I got a bad feeling about this,
Quit your worrying.
This is B-17 Yankee Lady
to unidentified Spitfire
and Hurricane, please respond.
Still nothing.
[Pace] These fighters
are coming in quick.
What's going on? I'm a
sitting duck back here, guys!
Thompson, they are
right on our tail!
They're not veering.
Uh, Thompson...
Thompson, I need to know
what to do! They're closing in!
They're going straight for you!
[Reynolds] Breaking right.
Breaking right! Holden, on my way.
I'm right with you, Reynolds.
- Report in!
- Ball turret and tail gunner took heavy damage.
Didn't see they were Krauts
until they were right on top of us!
[Reynolds] Holden, don't fire
until you have a clean shot
or you'll run out of ammo
real fast.
You hear me?
Dixon, Pace, report in!
- He's hit! He's hit!
- [screaming]
[groans in pain]
I'll go and check on John.
[Thompson] Reynolds, Holden,
my crew is dropping like flies!
Tail gunner,
top and ball turrets all gone!
Get these goddamn Krauts
off my plane, I don't care how!
Dammit, it's jammed!
Army Air Force piece of shit!
Is this the kind of action
you wanted, David?
Get back on that goddamn gun!
Get on the gun!
[speaking German]
[speaking German]
[speaking German]
Time to split these bogies up.
I'm breaking right.
- Roger, Holden.
- [Reynolds] I'm going left.
Keep them off Yankee Lady
as long as we can.
[intense music playing]
[muttering indistinct]
You bastards!
[Holden] Engaging the Hurricane,
I'm on his tail.
Come on, Finn! Let her rip!
They're coming in too fast!
Ah, shit, I can't line them up!
Aim for the swastikas!
- Son of a bitch!
- [Thompson] Wilson!
Forget the damn gun
and get the hell out of there!
Son of a bitch...
Come on, you dirty Krauts!
[speaking German]
[Friedman] Mayday!
This is the B-17 Yankee Lady...
Come here!
[Thompson] Reynolds, Holden,
where the hell is our cover?!
Holden, tell me something good!
Working on it!
[speaking German]
[in English]
Go get him, little brother.
[Reynolds] Holden, I've got
a little problem here.
[speaking German]
[Reynolds] Holden, I can really
use you on my wing right now.
[Holden] I read you, Jack.
I'm on my way!
This guy's all over me.
Jesus! Jesus.
My controls are failing.
Holden, where the hell are you?!
[speaking German]
David! David!
Jack, get out of there!
[intense music continues]
He made it! He made it, OK.
Friedman, send out
a distress call, this location.
We should...
[in English] No survivors.
Oh, my God...
[speaking German]
[speaking German]
We're hit!
It's critical!
We're going down!
Repeat, we are going down!
No. No! Dammit!
[Thompson] Holden,
you've got one on your tail!
[Holden] Not for long.
We're losing altitude.
Everybody hold on!
Alright, you son of a bitch.
[speaking German]
[speaking German]
[gunshot hits plane]
[speaking German]
Brace for impact!
Landing strip! I see it!
We're gonna try
to take her down there!
Wait a minute, shit!
That's no landing strip!
It's the goddamn Nazi base
and it's crawling with Krauts!
- [indistinct radio chatter]
- Thompson!
[indistinct chatter]
You Nazi bastard.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Oh, come on. Come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Holy shit.
[tree branch creaking]
[owl hooting]
- [bone cracks]
- [groans]
[intense music playing]
Let's see,
Jerry shot us down about here.
North is the crash site.
West is home.
What do you think, bud?
If there's a chance
they're still alive...
OK, Jack.
You win.
[intense music playing]
[indistinct chattering]
Colonel Krieger, sir!
[man speaking German]
- [radio static]
- [speaking German]
[man speaking German]
What is this?
Take him.
No, no, no! No, wait!
- No! Where are you taking me?
- [indistinct yelling]
Thompson! Thompson!
Thompson! Help me!
Thompson! Thompson!
Where are you taking him?
You Kraut son of a bitch!
[overlapping yelling]
I'm OK, I'm OK.
I'm sorry about your friend.
After they take you, well...
Not many come back.
Hey, buddy, why don't you just
mind your own business, huh?
Suit yourself.
Thompson, we gotta find
a way out of here.
Finn, is that you?
Holy shit, it's Lock port!
The RAF guy we did ops with!
Oh, boy,
we thought you was toast.
Well, I can say
I've been better.
They took Johnny...
my wing man.
I wasn't sure
if I should be happy
or cry when the screams stopped.
Lock port, tell me
you guys thought of a plan
to get out of here.
Sorry, old boy.
We're stuck here until the end,
I'm afraid.
[indistinct chatter in distance]
[tense music playing]
[soldiers speaking German]
[in English] Alright, halt!
We will rest for a moment.
[soldiers speaking German]
Two pilots shot down and Standartenfuhrer
has left me to clean it up.
We are lucky they found
the American bomber intact.
Krieger would not survive
such failure.
I do not care for his pilots.
Nor the faith he places in them.
You do not win wars with faith.
Krieger is weak,
you see how he treats them.
The Roth Brothers,
like his own sons.
Would it be so bad
if they were dead?
Two corpses would be much
easier to explain to der Fuhrer.
Do not forget our orders:
no survivors!
[soldiers chattering in German]
[branch snaps]
[indistinct radio chatter]
Fritz! Let's go!
They've found the crash-site.
Move out!
[soldiers chattering indistinct]
[intense music playing]
[speaking German]
Come. Sit.
Talk with me... Harrison.
This is your name, yes?
Harrison... Friedman.
[soldier speaking German]
When I was small,
oh, much younger than you,
a boy of no more than
nine or ten,
I remember my mother
used to sing to me.
Each night she would sing,
"In Stiller Nacht".
Do you know it?
Oh, shame, it's lovely.
When I was sad, she would sing.
[humming "In Stiller Nacht"]
[singing in German]
I fought in the last war,
do you know this?
Oh. [chuckles]
I even fought
beside men like you.
I once called a Jew my brother.
Oh, this was long ago.
After the war ended,
I came home.
It was not the same.
Germany was not strong.
We were not proud.
I remember
how sick my mother was
when the man from the bank came.
You can imagine my surprise
when I saw that it was him,
it was my brother, the Jew!
I told my mother,
"Have no fear, I know this man.
He is a good man."
So I spoke with my brother,
begged him to leave us be.
Do you know what he said?
"Dies ist leben."
"This is life"
This Jew took my home!
This Jew made me a liar
to my own mother!
How she cried.
The way she looked at me!
My mother died, cold and alone,
because my "brother"
stabbed me in the back!
I made sure I was there
when we took him.
I made sure we took
his whole family to the trains.
Do you know what he did?
He begged me!
Begged me to let them stay.
Do you know what I said?
"Dies... ist... leben."
I will cherish
this memory forever.
Do you remember the song
I sang to you earlier?
"In Stiller Nacht"?
It's been so long
since I've heard it.
Do you think you could?
Oh... please...
it would make me very happy.
Go ahead.
[breathes shakily]
[playing the
"Star Spangled Banner"]
That's enough.
[continues playing]
[speaking German]
The bombs bursting in air
Gave proof
through the night
That are flag
was still there
O say, does that
Banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free
And the home...
Let's see how well you play now.
Of the...
[muffled screaming continues]
[birds chirping]
[tense music playing]
At least we get a chance
to say goodbye, bud.
Thank you.
Thank you for everything, Jack.
[breathes deeply]
- [pin clicks]
- [explosion]
[wind blowing]
[gun cocks]
[tense music playing]
[chains jingle]
[music swells]
[man speaking German]
[tense music playing]
[plane engine overhead]
- [gunshot]
- [gasps]
[bird squawks]
[torch buzzing]
[speaking German]
[woman continues in German
over PA]
[continues in German]
- [grunts]
- [groans]
[men speaking German
in distance]
[Armstrong] Cap. Cap! Cap!
You OK? You alright?
[panting] I'm just great.
- Hey! Whoa!
- Oh!
Do you think you're in pain?
Does it hurt?
You don't know
anything about pain.
They will beat you,
they will break you,
and they will do it
all over again.
We do not have the luxury
to be weak.
So wake up!
Do not give them
that satisfaction.
[Armstrong] Come on, easy.
Maybe you are not so weak.
Who the hell is this broad?
Marie St. Laurent.
From what I gather, she's
a French Resistance fighter.
Been here longer than any of us.
Hey, I know we didn't get off
on a good foot before.
But the way I figure it,
we're all stuck here.
So it don't matter what you
think about me or Robert.
Today, we're brothers.
And you are?
Private George Jackson.
Me and Robert Wright were
driving the Red Ball Express
when the krauts got us.
What the hell
is the Red Ball Express?
[Robert] It's a new unit.
We drive trucks
carrying supplies
all over the front.
We were on route
from Cherbourg last week,
bringing repair equipment
for heavy aircraft.
We think that's why they hit us.
They're using our supplies
to repair that bomber out there.
Any news on Friedman?
We overheard one of the guards
saying they were
transferring him.
To where?
You don't wanna know.
Easy, Cap,
you're pretty busted up.
No, we gotta get Harry.
- They're gonna kill him.
- [Marie] We have bigger problems.
We were scouting
this facility for weeks.
They captured us, but not before
we found out what was happening.
What are they up to?
They have developed something
called a "wunderwaffe."
English, lady.
It means "super weapon."
From what I can tell,
it's a single bomb that could
destroy an entire city.
One bomb? I don't believe it.
Believe whatever you want!
OK, so they got a big bomb.
Does it work?
[speaking French]
Great. And if it does,
what the hell are we
supposed to do about it?
We gotta find a way out of here.
I'm telling you, it's gonna take
a miracle to get us out of here.
Then we need a miracle.
[tense music playing]
[Holden] Roth.
Well, now I have a name.
Who needs German
when you speak pilot?
So, we're here.
Which means Yankee Lady...
could have landed right there.
That is not that far.
[dramatic music playing]
Wait a second.
No. No.
They're gonna use our bombers
to level London.
Those sons of...
Well, Jack, you did say
one man can make a difference.
Let's find out.
[woman speaking German over PA]
Please, be careful.
Yes, better.
[muttering indistinct]
are you sure we are safe?
Oh, uh, completely safe,
Herr Standartenfuhrer
But that does not mean
they should not be more careful!
Captain, see to it this payload
is safely installed.
[speaks German]
Show me the weapon.
[speaks German]
[tense music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[Holden] "A pretty little thing
back home."
All this time,
there was only one, huh?
[vehicle approaching]
[tense music playing]
[whimpers softly]
[soldiers speaking German]
I must be out of my mind.
[speaking German]
[tense music playing]
[match scrapes]
[speaking German]
[all yelling]
What's going on up there?
[intense music playing]
[soldiers yelling in German]
Fall back, fall back!
[gunshot in distance]
[man yelling in German]
[speaking German]
[intense music playing]
[chain jingles]
[speaking German]
[in English] My brother.
[dramatic music playing]
[soldiers speaking German
in distance]
Come on, Holden.
[grunts loudly]
[heart beating]
[Reynolds] Is this the kind of
action you wanted, David?
[indistinct chatter
in flashback]
[Reynolds] Holden,
where the hell are you?
[indistinct yelling
in flashback]
Heil Hitler, Major!
We have been searching for you
and the captain,
as well as the American pilot.
The captain is dead.
We were ambushed, sir.
Six dead,
three seriously wounded.
I have our remaining men
searching the forest for the soldier.
Soldier? One soldier?
[speaks German]
You let one soldier
defeat an entire patrol?
We believe he may be wounded.
Captain, your men are in need
of medical attention.
Return to base
and give a full report,
I will find the American.
- My orders were to find you and the captain...
- There is no time to argue.
I know, sir.
[tense music playing]
Your disgraceful display will be
included in my report, Captain.
Unless, of course,
I retrieve the soldier for you.
Perhaps then you
will not seem so inept.
[speaking German]
I am sorry, sir.
I cannot disobey orders.
So, what if one of us
fakes sick?
Guard opens the door,
we jump him,
take his gun
and bolt to freedom?
Yeah, I like how that sounds.
Won't work. These Krauts
don't care about us.
The minute they walk in here,
we're dead.
Well, we can't just sit here
and do nothing,
they're gonna kill us
no matter what!
Maybe we should, uh,
all be brainstorming, here?
Wouldn't waste your breath.
Why, what's her problem?
I don't know how long she's
been here,
but I can tell you
I wouldn't start nothing.
About a week ago, one of those
guards thought he'd get cute.
They yanked her out,
didn't get very far.
She came back real fast,
blood all over her face.
Why, what happened?
Guard tried to get friendly.
She bit the tongue
out of his mouth.
Boy, I gotta get out of here.
We all gotta get out of here.
Now, ideas, let's hear 'em.
What about you, Lock port?
- Lock port?
- Lock port?
[snaps fingers]
Sorry about that.
It's just these walls.
These same goddamn walls.
It's so cramped in here.
Even more than before.
I guess I don't like
being cooped up.
Pilot for a reason, you know.
Cap, I'm not liking
the look in his eyes.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means I don't know you,
and I don't know
what to do with you.
What, you think I'm some spy?
All I know is it was your
plane that shot mine down.
If you hadn't got captured,
I sure as hell wouldn't be here.
Well, by the looks of you,
I'd just assume you're used to
spending time in a prison cell.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Hey.
Hank, knock it off.
Look, I get it,
it's real tight quarters
and none of us want to be here.
But we cannot start playing the
blame game or turning on each other.
We're all stuck in here.
But out there?
That's where the real fight is.
So let's figure out
how to join it!
You don't understand, man?
There is no fight.
We already lost.
Now it's just...
biding our time until the end.
[insect buzzing]
[bird squawking]
No, come on.
I'm sorry, Jack.
I'm sorry.
That's flying too low.
[soft chuckle]
It's landing.
[dramatic music playing]
Come on.
It's not over yet, buddy.
[speaking German on radio]
[Captain Gruber] We are on
schedule. As well, we've obtained
all RAF identification codes
through our contacts in England.
These codes will be crucial
in safely flying the aircraft into...
I see we have
recovered one pilot.
What happened to your men?
Did their plane crash, too?
Sir, we were ambushed.
Ambushed? By whom?
An American pilot.
I shot him down,
but he survived.
And where is this pilot now?
We do not know, sir.
The major's inability
to dispose of this American
has cost der Fuhrer
many soldiers today.
Der Fuhrer does not care
about soldiers like them.
You should be
far more concerned with me.
Major Roth, I will send for you
when you are needed.
Captain Gruber,
please continue your briefing.
The uniforms from the B-17 bomber
crew should fool any RAF scout planes,
but we must explain the missing
P-51 fighters to the Allied ground control.
- I suggest we say...
- [foot stamps]
Major, have you decided
to add insubordination
to your charge
of dereliction of duty?
You were
placed on this assignment,
along with
your arrogant brother,
because you were the best.
I knew your brother
was not up to this.
I'm surprised
he did not kill you both.
Sir, my brother died bravely...
Your brother died a failure!
Be thankful you do not
share his fate.
Let me find the American.
He is weak.
You are the weak one, Major.
You have caused enough...
[speaking German]
Major, tomorrow morning
you will be sent back to Berlin.
You will receive the Iron Cross
and retire quietly to serve
your Fuhrer in another way.
Perhaps training
a new generation of pilots
who someday might be as good
as you... once were.
I do not want a medal.
I want the American.
So, give me the night,
I will find the pilot.
And I will bring his head
back to Berlin as a trophy!
- [speaking German]
- But my mission...
Your mission was
"no survivors!"
Kampfgeschwader 200
can only exist
in complete secrecy.
You are confined
to your quarters.
I will not see you again.
Captain, once again
finish your briefing.
Sir, there is a concern
that the blast radius
may overtake the aircraft.
[Krieger] Captain,
keep your mind on the mission.
Or your next mission
will be on the Russian Front!
[German chatter]
Careful, you fools!
Do you want to kill us all?
Hurry now! Hurry!
But gentle, gently...
But Schnell! Schnell!
[radio tuning]
[speaking German]
[lighter flicks]
[woman speaking German on PA]
What do they feed these guys?
[Thompson] These Krauts
have to feed us sooner or later.
- [Finn] Yeah.
- [Thompson] When they open that door...
Do you remember us?
Josef remembers you.
Why don't you come show him
how sorry you are?
Poor Josef, he cannot speak,
but I know
that he likes you very much.
Don't you like him?
He is very handsome.
- Hey, pal, back off!
- Finn.
Should we give it another try?
Go to hell!
Your cooperation
would be very helpful.
But make no mistake,
we do not need it.
Oh, hell no!
Back up!
Not you.
Come here, sweet girl.
Hey, you don't have to do this.
Yeah, take it easy man!
Put your schwarz dog on a leash
or I'll put him down myself.
We are here
to take what is ours.
No! No!
Get your hands off her,
you filthy Kraut!
[Marie yelling]
You have made your last mistake.
[gunshot echoes]
[dramatic music playing]
- Friend of yours?
- Yeah.
- What's going on up there?
- [soldiers chattering]
- Holden, you're alive!
- Yeah don't act so surprised, Finn.
- We need to move.
- OK, we go back out the same way I came in. Alright?
Hide out in the forest, hit and
run until they send a rescue...
There's no time.
Holden, they've got a bomb.
- A wunderwaffe!
- A what?
Super weapon.
It can take out an entire city.
- London.
- What?
I found their flight-plans.
I think they're gonna
bomb London.
The allies won't know
what hit 'em until it's too late.
Those bastards!
They're using my plane
as a goddamn trojan horse!
[indistinct chattering]
[speaks German]
We can't let them
get away with this.
OK, look, we need to arm up.
Follow me.
Who's this?
[in French]
I can help.
Nice to meet you, Marie.
You guys ready for this?
Follow me.
[speaks German]
[woman speaking German over PA]
[man speaking German]
Follow me!
OK, you two, Thompson and
Armstrong, give us cover fire.
We're gonna make it down to the
first floor, toward the Yankee Lady.
No matter what happens...
we do not let her fly.
[gun cocks]
[woman speaking German over PA]
[tense music playing]
[all panting]
that's where they took Harry.
You think he's still up there?
If he is,
we can't just leave him.
We'll cover you
if you think you can make it.
I can do this.
Just don't stop firing.
[yells in German]
- [gunshot]
- [screams]
[tense music playing]
Auf wiedersehen,
you son of a bitch!
I'm getting you
the hell out of here, Friedman.
it had to be you.
Now I'm never gonna
live this down.
Jesus, what the hell
did they do to your hand?
Nazi bastards.
Come on, come on!
OK, get up! Come on, come on!
Here we go. Come on, buddy.
Come on, stay with me!
Stay with me! Come on!
Move it, soldier!
Grab the rail, grab the rail!
I can't make it!
I can't make it!
Look at me! Move!
- [groans]
- No!
Thompson, get our boys home.
Go! Come on, Hank.
Hank, no, no. [panting]
Come on, Hank. Come on!
- I'm so sorry.
- No, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no, Armstrong,
come on, buddy!
Come on, talk to me!
Look at me, buddy, come on!
Come on! Come on, you're
there, buddy. Talk to me!
We'll come back!
He's gone.
He's gone!
We need to make sure that
the Yankee Lady stays grounded.
Just give me a fucking gun.
Holden, you stop
the Yankee Lady from taking off.
- We'll cover you!
- Alright.
Do not let that bomber
off the ground!
[dramatic music playing]
Let's go!
Home free!
[tense music playing]
It is time.
Move, move, move!
[man yelling in German]
Well done. I am impressed.
We're just getting started!
I'm afraid not.
I do not know how you escaped,
but, as you can see, it is over.
You have lost.
Oh, man, this does not look
good. What are we gonna do?
I am sorry,
but I cannot allow you
to reach your bomber,
my friends.
But if you come quietly...
I will show you mercy.
[soldiers laughing]
Throw down your weapons.
[gun cocks]
I won't go back.
I won't go back!
I won't go back!
[speaks German]
[tense music playing]
No survivors.
[tense music playing]
When that .42 stops to reload,
unleash hell.
Thompson, don't do this.
You're outta your goddamn mind!
I'm going with you!
The hell you are!
[gunfire continues]
The barrels.
- [Marie] What?
- Aim for the barrels!
- What the hell are you talking about?
- Shoot the bloody barrels!
Oh, we're going home today!
[speaking German]
[airplane engine whirring]
[tense music playing]
I'm bringing us home.
No, no, no! Shit!
Oh, shit.
there's gotta be something.
What the hell is that thing?
OK, that I can work with.
Oh, my God!
[dramatic music playing]
This ain't over yet.
Jesus, Cap!
- Are you OK?
- I'm fine! I'm fine!
Light em up!
Oh, hell yeah.
Give me this!
Hurry up!
Locked and loaded.
This is how
we do it in Brooklyn!
OK, here we go.
Hey, Thompson,
we got any more of these?
We've got one shot.
They're out of ammunition!
[speaking German]
Oh, shit!
Oh, this is gonna be good!
[airplane engine whirring]
[speaking German]
Sieg heil,mother...
[gun clicks]
What have you done?!
You have ruined everything!
I will tear you apart!
You are nothing!
And you are weak!
[speaks German]
You cannot win.
I win... I win!
Hey, pal...
You talk too much.
Come on, come on,
let's get the hell out of here!
[dramatic music playing]
Go get 'em, Holden.
[intense music playing]
My beauty.
[speaks German]
So beautiful.
Well, I was tired
of escort missions.
Sir, I think we have a problem.
What is it?!
[man on radio] B-17 Wolf Hound
calling B-25 Wild Cargo,
identify yourself immediately
or you will be fired upon.
- I repeat, identif...
- That's enough of that.
All turrets, open fire!
I said keep this steady!
Do you want to kill us all now?
Back where I belong.
Come on...
What the...?
We have reinforcements, sir.
- It's Roth.
- Tell him to finish his mission.
Shh... quiet.
You'll get to make noise soon.
That fat man Churchill
will never know what hit him.
OK, just a little scratch.
Don't worry.
OK, maybe we should
worry a little bit.
[intense music playing]
Come on!
Where are you??
What the hell is he doing?
Holy shit.
Oh, he's taking me apart
one piece at a time.
This ends now.
Catch this, you son of a bitch.
Come on! Come on!
Holy shit.
Holy shit!
Come on!
[dramatic music playing]
No survivors.
That one was for you, Jack.
We are coming within range, sir.
[dramatic music playing]
Alright... let's finish this.
[man on radio]
This is Allied Command.
Attention inbound aircraft,
identify yourselves immediately.
Boy, we're sure glad
to hear you.
This is Captain Thompson with the
Yankee Lady requesting permission to land.
We've taken heavy damage
and are in need of repair, over.
[man on radio] Roger, Yankee
Lady. Maintain current approach.
Emergency ground crews
will be standing by, over.
Too easy.
[Nazi pilot on radio] Approaching
the drop zone now, sir.
Time to target: four minutes.
[whirring continues]
Come on! Come on!
I'm out of bullets.
- No! No! No, no, no!
- [banging]
The 1,000-year Reich
is almost complete.
Arming sequence initiated,
Colonel Krieger!
Looks like I'm not
making it home.
[Reynolds] Trust me, kid,
one man can make
an impact on this war.
Just maybe not
the way you think.
This is it.
"Not the way I think."
God, I hope this works.
For der Fuhrer.
For Deutschland.
[dramatic music playing]
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I can't believe that worked!
[man on radio] This is Allied
Command to unidentified B-25 bomber.
You will be shot down if you do
not identify yourself immediately.
Repeat, you will be shot down...
Yes! Yes, Allied Command!
This is Captain David Holden.
My P-51 was shot down,
I'm coming in hot
in a recovered B-25.
Requesting permission to land.
[man on radio]
Welcome back, Captain Holden.
You and Captain Reynolds
are long overdue.
We look forward
to your explanation
of what the devil
is going on up there.
You are cleared to land.
Let's go home.
[dramatic music playing]
Excuse me, ma'am.
Uh, you wouldn't happen to be
Miss Katherine?
Yes, I am.
Is this about my fianc?
Men already came
a couple months back, and I...
Yes, this is about Jack.
My name is Captain David Holden.
Jack was my wing man.
I, uh...
I brought something for you.
[sniffles] Please, where
are my manners? Come in.
Uh, no, I really...
I don't mean to bother you,
ma'am, and I can't stay long.
I always knew.
I knew he wasn't coming home.
I begged him to stay,
but he wouldn't listen.
Jack had his ways.
When he made up
his mind about something...
Believe me, I know.
In fact, Jack's the reason why I
had that compass to begin with.
What do you mean?
I told Jack...
that I was worried that we were
never gonna make it back.
And he said that he
had a lucky charm.
And he snuck that
in my bag one morning.
He wouldn't take it back.
And it wasn't until...
Well, until after...
that I found the photo.
He said that one day
it might save my life.
Well, it didn't.
But Captain Reynolds did.
And, uh... [clears throat]
Anyway, I just thought that...
he wanted it to be here.
With you.
I should be on my way now.
Thank you.
Thank you for bringing him
back to me.
You're welcome.
[somber music playing]