Wolf Warrior (2015) Movie Script

Leng Feng Male Rank
Sergeant Role Sniper.
Because of his unauthorized
action during a mission,
the person above shall be given
a penalty of confinement,
in accordance with discipline regulations.
7th August 2008.
According to a tip-off,
a criminal gang
near the southern border
is running a massive operation
smuggling drugs inside carriers' bodies.
Their means are cruel
and this is badly effecting the population.
The authorities decided
to sent a special force
to co-operate
with the local anti-drug police.
In tracking down the criminal gang.
Operational preparations complete.
Ready to attack.
Attack with frontal assault.
Brother. Help me, brother.
Help me.
You are surrounded.
All people in the building,
drop your weapons now.
Don't shoot. Don't shoot.
Don't shoot. I'm coming out now.
I'm coming out.
It's nothing to do with me.
Don't shoot.
Get me a car!
I want a car now!
Back off!
This building was built in the 60s.
It was used to keep hazardous materials.
The whole building has
been specially reinforced.
The walls are made of ferroconcrete.
Its Mohs hardness scale is 8.
The weapons of ours
cannot penetrate it.
It would be a massacre
if we use heavy calibre
anti-materiel weapons
in an urban anti-terrorist mission,
so we didn't carry.
Cease fire.
Everyone stop attacking.
Go back!
Why did you shoot without authorization?
Sir, comrades were down.
Cannot wait.
Your request is negotiable.
First, release the hostage.
You are trying to win
more time, aren't you?
I want a car.
If it happens again,
will you do the same?
What was that?
Who did that?
Sniper, Don't shoot
without order.
Don't shoot without order.
I can shoot his head, right now.
Calm down. Calm down. Calm down.
What was your feeling?
I'm the hostage.
Why did you fucking shoot me again?
Accident, accident.
It was really an accident.
I can shoot his fucking head right now!
Calm down.
Leng Feng, wait for
your confinement!
I wasn't thinking about killing people,
but saving people,
saving my comrades.
It felt good.
Were you feeling good?
Killing enemies in
battle is my duty.
How confident were you with your shooting?
What about the other 50%?
There was no other 50% in my case.
I won.
You can go back now.
Excuse me, Sir!
Am I going back to my old troop?
What old troop?
Confinement room.
"Somewhere Southeast Asia."
Min Deng,
you are under arrest.
For drug trafficking, human trafficking
weapon smuggling and aiding
terrorist activities.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say
can and will be used
against you in a court of law.
Finally, I did something big for you.
Come back. Now!
Brother, come on.
I was always so sure that I can help you.
Wu Ji, run!
You may have already been surrounded
by the Chinese Police.
don't try to scare me.
What Chinese Police?
Police is here!
Brother, help me! Brother!
Help me.
Who did the shooting?
I'm the hostage.
Who did the shooting?
How could you shoot at the hostage?
My brother was just a child
could never grew up.
So eager to prove himself
so he rashly ran into China,
trying to prove himself to me.
He never thought
that he would die in China.
A Chinese guy?
Don't look down upon China.
When you meet them,
you will know what you are up against.
That is the red zone of you mercenaries.
When they meet me,
they will know what they are up against.
Some people think.
A soldier could never disobeys his order,
other wise he should take off his uniform
and go home.
Some others think
that you should be promoted exceptionally
and make you an elite in the army.
I think
you have 50% chance
to be kick out of the army,
I think I have 50% chance
to stay in the army.
There is no other 50% in my case.
Ever heard of wolf warrior detachment.
It is the blue force in the
Special Forces of PLA.
Walf warrior detachment
is formed by the elite of
the PLA Special Forces.
They are equipped with the best weapons,
simulate tactics of foreign special forces
and constantly challenge our elite troops.
They do whatever they
can to smash them
and temper them.
They are the special
force in special forces.
Drinking is not allowed in the army.
Do you think you are still a soldier now?
Am I if I drink?
May I ask who you are?
I'm Long Xiaoyun,
the current commander of Warwolf Company.
Why choose the army?
Choosing the army, I have
regretted for two years,
but I would regret my
whole life if I didn't.
Drink more.
Are you trying to make me drunk
and tell you the truth?
Will you tell the truth?
What do you want to know?
I want to know what you will be like
when you get drunk.
I've never been drunk.
I started drinking when I was three.
At 5,made two boys six years older
than me drunk before I do.
At 12, I peeped at girls in showers
with some Dutch courage.
At 17,
What happened when you were 17?
Has your father disciplined you?
Before I was born,
my father left our current home.
My mum wanted a baby,
so she invited my father
over for a drink.
Dad got drunk, and here I am.
Stop laughing.
Leng Feng, How could you
fight with others again?
Platoon Commander,
take the intelligence and go.
Don't come over any more.
Platoon Commander,
send the intelligence back!
Platoon Commander.
Do your brother a favour.
Make it quick.
Shoot me.
That is a tough one.
Everyone in Wolf detachment is tough.
We don't want weak ones.
See you tomorrow.
See you, Sir.
My name is Shao Bing,
the Deputy Commander of
Wolf Warrior detahment.
My honor to see you, sir.
I don't like you.
Do you know why we are called Wolf warrior?
are social animals.
One wolf
cannot defeat a lion or a tiger,
but a wolf pack
can be invincible.
We need teamwork
not lone wolf.
Or showing off individual abilities.
Yes, sir.
Speaking of individual abilities,
my commander told me
that she found a marvelous sniper,
but I really can't see
what so marvelous about you.
What have you seen?
If we were on the battlefield,
you would have been surrounded.
If you don't have such alertness,
how can you be a sniper?
If this is the real battlefield,
what would be your last words?
That won't happened to me.
Here is a barrier-free open isolation zone,
with armoured cars and tanks.
With such a defence,
if dozens of special
soldiers from the enemy
could have successfully dug trenches
and conceal themselves,
and I just landed
in the middle of the enemy's ambush trap,
there could only be one reason,
which is you have committed treason
with all your men.
To traitors,
we usually damn all their ancestors.
This is a tough one,
like our style.
So close to his face,
they either begin to
flight or begin to kiss.
What do you want to say, sir?
Yu Fei.
Yes, sir.
He is all yours now.
Yes, Sir.
I'm your Squad Commander.
My name is Yu Fei.
Hello, Commander.
I like you.
Welcome to Wolves.
How is this?
The welcome ceremony into Wolves.
Is awesome, isn't it?
Do you know why?
We are the fucking best.
Tell this new guy
what the motto of our detachment is.
Be humble!
I really didn't see.
How is everything going now?
All goes well.
you gave up your operation room
to that girl, Long Xiaoyun
and running around with us in the van.
you have been working hard.
Four old fellows
have been knocked out by her raid.
I don't want to be the fifth.
I need to make my headquarters mobile.
I want to see
that there is no Achilles heel,
how Long Xiaoyun can make her deadly blow.
Leng Feng, tell us your
three-shoots story.
Be careful with your words.
Shit Rubberneck,
you just can't leave things alone.
I'm Shi Rubberneck, not Shit Rubberneck.
That idiot, on the
very first day he came.
Questioned in front of everyone.
"Why is such a tough troop"
"led by a broad?"
He had been tricked for more than 17 times,
then he behaved.
Be careful with your words.
Commander Long is a woman.
A woman is a broad.
Am I wrong?
What's the big deal being?
Can't a woman be a commander?
In my opinion,
there will be no wolves
without Commander Long,
Rubberneck is right.
You should have already
been taught a lesson.
In my opinion,
what this kind of woman needs
is to be conquered by a man.
By which kind of man?
A man like me.
Ah, ah!
We are running into anti-aircraft fire.
Return to base!
Drop the bait.
Opening altitude 300 metres.
Be careful.
New man just joined in.
Run him in as soon as possible.
Yes, Ma'am.
Find massive air-drop
of enemy paratroopers.
this is a tactic used by large formations
during World War II.
They are obviously bait.
If there are high-explosive bombs
and drop on our position,
we will have serious casualties.
If we fire back,
our anti-aircraft fire will be exposed.
Then expose all to them.
Command the anti-aircraft force
to fire all weapons.
Yes, Sir.
We got the command authority
of the blue force.
Ma'am The red force
has penetrated
our operational command system.
We have lost
the command authority to the combat troops.
Contact the artillery regiment now.
Yes, Sir.
When we were trying to
penetrate the system,
and set up a temporary
virtual communication
with the enemy,
Long Xiaoyun used the same method
and sent commands to the
artillery regiment.
One of our mechanised infantry regiments
has been destroyed by our
own artillery regiment.
Yun, well done.
What's more interesting is that
this girl also has installed a virus
in our operational command system.
If we made the call just now,
we would be bombed
within three minutes.
The game has just begun.
you can directly command
the blue force now.
Copy the operation mode of
foreign special forces.
I have been studying how to deal
with foreign forces
for the last twenty years.
Find a military unit the
same size as a regiment.
Find another two military units
the same size as regiments.
We lost contact with the Deputy Commander.
Commander Long,
please reply if you hear this.
Please reply if you hear this.
It looks really fake.
They want us to think this is a fake one,
so they left the real one here.
Let's check it out.
Attention, all units.
Move fast.
When your missions is done,
muster at the assigned place.
Yes, Sir.
What if they want us to think
they would put the real
one in the fake one?
Are you doubting Commander Long's order?
I know the red force's commander.
I think it's probably a trap.
Follow the orders.
if this is a fake one,
The wolf will be lost.
The wolf never loses.
I had just begun to like you,
but now I'm really disappointed with you.
Follow the orders,
Leng Feng has just come
over from the red force.
He must be more familiar
with the way they fight
than us.
Shall I take Leng Feng and Rubberneck
and support from the perimeter?
When the exercise finishes,
you better leave the Wolf.
We are so over.
I told you it's fake.
Armoured cars, tanks.
Dozens of soldiers from our special force
have successfully sneaked
into the centre of enemy's ambush trap.
Commander Shao,
you are taking your men to die
for our country together.
He is good.
Make him one of us.
He is the Deputy Commander of
Wolf warrior detachment.
You must get him for me.
Withdraw the exploring birds.
Yes, Sir.
We won't be a thing to them
even if we rush down now.
It seems like the wolf will lose this time.
Is this a fake one too?
Let's check it out.
Three, two, one.
All gone.
Keep watching.
Brigade Commander,
Hello, Sir.
Brigade Commander.
Don't ask me.
I'm already dead.
The exercise umpire team has judged
that the red force's commander
has been shot to death by our sniper.
Li Zhijun.
Yes, sir.
Find them out.
Yes, Sir.
Guard Company, follow me.
Yes, Sir.
Switch on the video.
Cut off the line.
I want Long Xiaoyun to see
her men disappear one by one.
Yes, Sir.
The video communication with
the operating force is back on,
but cannot send instructions.
Leng Feng,
let me interview you.
What did you feel when you defeated
your old commander?
Will you do the same thing to us?
The old commander said
exercises are actual combats.
tell the truth, No one
is listening now.
We won't trick you again.
Exercises are actual combats.
Bull shit.
Do actual combats fire empty bombs?
The reason I joined the army is to fight,
we fight over and over,
as through we are playing a game.
Why fight?
Nothing is better than staying
with family at home.
This is my little princess.
Not again. Don't show my fiancme's photo
to others.
My girl is only two.
Leave her alone.
Call me dad.
You little bastard.
Commander Shao is coming.
What's happened?
Wolves, wolves are coming.
Where are the others?
All dead.
Yo, it's just a few wolves.
Call the nearest helicopter.
All the helicopters are controlled
by the red force.
Our force is engaging with the red force.
Use the public channel
to call the red force's
commander immediately.
Combat-ready helicopters have taken off
and will arrive within thirty minutes.
Li Zhijun. Li Zhijun.
Support the wolf detachment immediately.
They are in big trouble.
Ready to fight.
Fix bayonets.
Listen up,
We found the target.
However, he is surrounded
by the entire army of the PLA.
Every Wolf warrior wants a wife,
but we don't have enough girls.
You can get a Long Xiaoyun with discipline.
You can have a Shi Qingsong with misbehare.
Their commander has been shot to death.
Why are they still chasing us?
Is it fair?
Isn't it a revenge for personal reasons?
That's not right. I'm going to report
this to the officer.
You shot your old commander
right after you left your old troop.
If I were your Company Commander,
I would kill you.
The old commander said
exercises are actual combats.
Feng, you bad ass.
Let's move faster.
I feel strange.
My old Company Commander
is really black handed.
Watch out!
Live shell!
This is not an exercise.
Call the headquarters.
Inform the force to be
at combat readiness.
Foreign force crossed the border.
Request for armed helicopters.
Live shell support needed.
Fall back.
Their reinforcement is coming.
My little princess.
They are back.
Mount up. Let's roll.
How was he?
He's as faulty as his weapon.
Ha ha ha ha.
That was easy.
I'm sure their sewer will kill me
before they actually do.
Do not underestimate them.
Remember, they are unarmed.
A simple snatch and grab, man.
You should've just killed him.
Now we just kicked the hornets' nest.
Exactly what I want it.
Monkey, How is E&E looking?
Everything is good to go, man.
Report to No. 1.
Eagle spots the target.
This is the territory of
the People's Republic of China.
You are trespassing.
I am ordering you
stop the vehicle
and surrender immediately.
Things about to get real.
Is this a part of your plan, too?
Gentlemen, the show
is about to begin.
That was interesting.
Let's go. Let's go.
You have invaded the territory
of the People's Republic of China.
Stop the vehicle and give up resistance.
This is the territory of
the People's Republic of China.
You are trespassing.
I am ordering you
stop the vehicle and give up resistance.
This is your last warning.
Last warning.
Let's move. Let's move.
Report! All the devices and
instruments in the helicopter
are down, all down.
This is a well-plotted and
targeted armed invasion
started by foreign mercenaries.
We are commanded
to stop the exercise and
turn to actual combat,
co-operating with the armed police force
to completely block the border.
Comrade Long Xiaoyun,
you are taking a part of this mission.
Yes, Sir.
We captured a piece of
a call from a satellite phone
proves that foreign
mercenaries have invaded.
The mastermind behind is very likely
to be an international
broker called Min Deng.
Min Deng.
He is the brother of Wu Ji,
who was shot to death by Leng Feng.
What's strange is
according to the signal we captured,
he has already crossed the border
and was not far from the border.
Where is Tomcat?
Where is he?
Tomcat is busy.
I was told he would be
the escort himself in this mission.
What is he doing?
Tomcat is busy getting to know
each other with the mouse.
Tomcat, Former Seal member.
He has been in the Gulf War
and in Afghanistan twice.
After his retirement,
he has joint in an international
mercenary organisation
and is the most expensive
one at the moment.
He never failed before.
All his members are also retired soldiers
from special forces of different countries.
"Chinese Boy Scouts."
Min Deng sent such elite mercenaries here
just because he wants
to revenge his brother,
just because he wants a Chinese soldier.
Min Deng is a businessman.
He came across the border himself
and show up at the same time with Tomcat.
This is not as simple as that.
Hurry up!
Faster Move.
Be careful More careful Report!
This is a circuit board that
the plot risked his life for.
Graphite powder.
They added massive amounts
of graphite powder
into the rocket bomb.
This kind of thing is only
a thousandth of a millimetre big.
Once the bomb explodes,
the powder will get into
the electric instruments.
And make them short circuit,
even cause arc burning.
It won't be disappeared
in the air in a short time,
so aircraft cannot enter the area.
Notify the relevant department.
Make artificial
rain in the forest.
Use heavy rain
to wash out all the graphite powder
within one hour.
Yes, Sir.
As we surmised,
Tomcat killed one of our soldiers.
He should know that we are going
to block the border,
so the only way he could escape
is just this one.
This forest was a mine
field in former battles,
and is still covered with landmines,
unexploded ordnance and
anti-paratrooper hooks.
To avoid casualties from our side,
I suggest that we use carpet bombing.
look at the comrade who
died in front of you
and tell me,
what is this?
This is a letter of challenge.
The provocation to Chinese soldiers.
Six hours later,
the enemies will possibly cross the border
and escape from China.
Now, I am giving you the order
to take our lost honour back.
If you cannot complete your mission
within the time,
I will call for air support
and carpet bomb the whole area.
The place we are going to protect
is always desolate and uninhabited.
If this battle had not happened,
we might never come here in our life.
There is no pretty views here,
and there is no treasures here,
but in our soldiers' eyes,
here is the most beautiful place,
because it is the border of
the People's Republic of China,
It is the place that we must fight for
with our lives and blood.
let's make a vow for the
honour of our soldiers.
Those who challenge China's resolve
will have no safe
place to hide Salute!
Spread into three teams,
Alpha, hold one.
Bravo, bound back.
Mine field.
Back off.
Change route.
You got eyes on the brass?
Put him down, just wound him.
They have snipers.
Fire suppression.
Lie down.
One o'clock.
The enemy is out of fire range.
Where is our sniper?
Come back.
Don't come again.
This is the order.
Commander, no! Commander.
Company commander. No.
Company commander, no!
What are you doing?
Who told you to come over?
Haven't you heard my order?
Stop coming.
Have you heard me?
I beg you.
Do your brother a favour.
Make it quick.
Platoon Commander.
Help your little brother.
Make it quick.
Shoot me.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Leng Feng,
Confine me if you can come back alive.
How about him?
Won't die.
Continue to outflank I will take care him.
What is he doing?
A good sniper need 2.5 seconds at least.
Only 2.3 seconds for me.
Are you sure you are going to do this?
Action request!
Change position. Move to high ground.
Target, ten o'clock, moving fast.
Take him!
Take him out! Now.
Leng Feng,
Leng Feng,
Are you OK?
Missed my head.
Shot my clothes.
What do you look like when you are drunk?
Come back alive first.
Shit Rubberneck!
Are you really dead?
Wake up!
I will be dead if you keep shaking.
Blame your rubbish marksmanship.
It hurts. It hurts.
Don't you feel hurt?
I can hold.
Police sent photos of Min Deng.
He was meeting with
the head of a bio-pharmaceutical company.
One month ago,
one of our disease prevention
and control centres
was broken by commercial spies.
They successfully stole
a huge number of blood
samples of volunteers,
and genetic data of variant viruses.
If these samples and data
finished up at this so called
international bio-pharmaceutical company,
They would make disease with Chinese genes
that can only infect Chinese people.
Or even increase the
malformation rate of new-borns
by over ten thousand times.
Genetic weapon.
This is from Tomcat.
The border deployment
map of China Military.
He said the border has
been completely blocked,
and let us think of a way out ourselves
to do what we really want to do.
This is the MD-82-B Antipersonnel Mine.
Burst direction 180,
explosion area 30 cubic metres,
probability of kill 98%,
with 100 steel shots inside the mine.
Successful manual disarming
rate is very low.
The changing pressure
cannot exceed 0.5 kilograms if....
Leng Feng,
Listen to me.
Be careful.
You must be very careful.
I'll wait for you back to buy me a drink.
Leng Feng, Leng Feng.
Leng Feng.
Answer me.
Leng Feng, are you OK?
Leng Feng, Leng Feng.
That's hurt.
Long Xiaoyun,
do you have a boyfriend?
He is asking you if you have a boyfriend.
What, what?
She said she doesn't have one.
Shit Rubberneck!
I would have long killed
that big guy without you.
I'm Shi Rubberneck,
Not Shit Rubberneck.
you have to find Leng Feng.
Don't worry.
I will find him.
Are you kicking legs with me?
You know I'll go admit
you may not be the smartest soldier
I have ever seen, but
you are the bravest.
Can you son of a bitch speak Chinese?
You call yourself the mercenary red zone.
You are not but a bunch of boy scouts.
don't even think of going back
when you break into China.
Look at you.
You are willing to die for your country,
but I got news for you, bucko.
Doesn't make a difference.
Doesn't make a difference.
Wanna know what I fight for?
You are fucking...
You want to die for your country.
Leng Feng,
Hold on.
Now what.
Take away.
Every beautiful place has stories.
Those who challenge China's resolve
will have no safe place to hide.
Leng Feng asked me to give you this.
He met the same situation as you did.
He went ahead and
saved his comrade.
He wants me to tell you
it is easy to get killed.
But living with
the guilt and the responsibility is hard.
Platoon Commander,
I beg you.
Do your brother a favour.
Make it quick.
Commander, hard work for you.
Serve the people.
I have met your father.
I'll be more handsome when I get old.
How did you clear the mine you were on?
I can't remember.
How about you buy my some drink.
Wait for your confinement.
"Chinese Boy Scouts"