Wolf Warrior 2 (2017) Movie Script

Attention, pirates alongside!
Pirates alongside!
Take cover. All crew below deck!
I repeat
Pirates alongside!
Initiate emergency procedure!
All crew below deck!
Emergency positions!
Code red! Code red!
Get everybody below deck, now!
Everyone, get down!
Jack, where's that UN convoy?
The chopper's on its way, sir.
ETA 30 minutes.
Get everybody below deck!
I'm waiting for my son.
I need our home for his return!
Wait till the police get here!
Let's see how're you going to tear our houses!
If they wanna die, then let 'em.
Mrs. Yu.
Mrs. Fei.
We brought Xiao Fei home.
Tell these rookies what our motto is.
Be humble.
I became a soldier
because I wanted to be in battles.
And now...
what about the battles?
Much better to be at home with wife
and kids instead
My daughter,
She's beautiful. huh?
You gang of scumbags!
You think you're tough, huh?
Go get them.
Get them!
Officer, see! He's got a gun!
A gun!
put down your weapon.
You're pretty lethal, huh?
Well you'd better kill me now,
because when you're gone,
I'm gonna make them wish they were dead.
Leng Feng!
The reason a soldier is respected
is not because of the uniform he wears,
but because of the sense of duty he carries.
With or without the uniform, his duty remains.
And he continues to be respected.
Hey, hurry HP-
Hey Leng.
There's our hero.
Thanks for saving the lives of everyone.
Let's take a picture together.
No problem.
Thank you!
Ok, see you!
Take care. See you!
Buy some, it's good stuff
There was an outbreak in Taman recently
Because of consuming this herbs,
there were four survivors.
No, thank you.
Please help,
Please consider
Chinese wine.
Hey, hey.-
Come on man.
Ok, this one is 0k.
Nice one.
See you next time.
Get up here!
Welcome back.
This, good for you.
You're not alone.
20 dollars.
Buy one, get one free.
Who am I?
My godfather.
If your godfather tells your mother about this,
what would she think?
Godfather! Godfather! Godfather!
Godfather! Godfather! Godfather!
Who else?
Who else?
Do it, do it.
Fuck it!
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Come on.
I've been sent to the border for a mission.
When I get back,
this had better be signed.
Marriage Application
Why did you join the army?
Join the army, regret it for two years.
Don't join the army, regret it for life.
The truth?
That's the truth.
Comrade Long Xiao Yun
was attacked while carrying out her mission
at the border.
We found this bullet.
Drink again.
What do you want to hear?
What do you want to hear?
You win.
You win.
But I lost...
I've lost completely.
It's been more than a year since you came on board.
During that time, from Djerba to Tolanaro,
I've asked all the chiefs. More than half of Africa,
and nobody has seen that bullet before.
I Will find it,
even if I have to scour the entire continent.
Dear fellow countrymen,
my deepest condolences to the families
who lost their loved ones
during the Batchka Village incident
Earlier today,
the Red Scarf rebel army claimed responsibility
for the Batchka incident.
Our government condemns their barbaric behavior.
Our homeland has been attacked
on multiple occasions.
These are great tragedies.
The rebels continue to advance as the
country grapples with the Lamanla outbreak.
As your government, we will not back down.
The great people's army will fight to the very end.
Quarantine zones have been set up across the country
in an attempt to contain the Lamanla outbreak.
We have declared a state of emergency.
We have declared a state of emergency.
You shorted me 300 bucks.
Be careful with that.
Look, we're both Chinese.
You do this to your own people?
Since 3 pm on the 14th of last month,
lam no longer officially Chinese.
Fresh off the boat?
Hear that?
In times like this,
that's the price you get.
Seen this before?
I've been told that it came from these parts.
Definitely never seen it.
Hey boss.
How are you?
GO! Go!
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot.
Good people.
Don't shoot.
Get the fuck down or you die!
Hail the revolution!
You're now talking to rebels!
Don't lie to me,
Your luck is down!
Hail the revolution!
Guys, look!
What the fuck is this?!
He's a pro-government rat!
You lied to me!
Hail the rebels! Hail the rebels!
Chinese embassy.
Let's go to the Chinese embassy
They'll take us in.
We're Chinese.
What about us?
What're we suppose to do?
Will they accept us?
Hard to say.
That's our country.
Everybody follow me.
Come on.
Slow down!
No, no! We're Chinese!
Go Go!
Go, go: go"
Die! scum! Hail the revolution!
Die! scum!
Die! scum!
Lower your guns!
Put down your weapons.
Put down your weapons.
Lower your guns!
Lower your guns!
Stand down.
We are Chinese.
We are Chinese.
China and Africa are friends.
Go, hurry.
Fall back.
Help! Help!
all foreign vessels are leaving the war zone.
The harbor is unsafe.
Are you certain about docking?
Forward 10 knots.
Set course bearing for 270.
Open the gate.
Ambassador Fan,
well done.
You got here just in time.
What's the situation?
The entire country's in chaos.
The war has destroyed the lives
of so many of our countrymen.
Can you send our troops in to help?
Without the UN's authorization,
our troops aren't permitted to enter the war zone.
Ok, slow down.
Up We go! Nice!
Where are you from?
He can't board.
He's my son.
We have tickets. See, look!
Three tickets
79, 80, 81.
Fine then. 79, 89, 30.
Thank you.
Where are we going?
Mr. Prime Minister, please listen to me.
I'm deeply sorry
for what's happening in your country.
But I believe you
have not forgotten about the help
we provided to your country
and the friendship between our countries.
I believe you understand how important
our citizen Dr. Chen is to Africa.
Please send somebody to protect his safety.
I'm sorry,
you're on your own this time.
Prime Minister!
Where's Dr. Chen?
I will never
tell you.
Let's go.
12 years of hard work.
One war
and it's all fucking gone
The bullet...
what's the story?
If you get off, you can't get back on.
Stop right there!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I want my mom!
I want my mom. I don't want to go to China!
Look at me.
I want my mom!
I want my mom!
Trust your godfather.
Trust your godfather.
OK? Trust your godfather.
Hey brother.
What are you doing down here?
There's something I have to tell you.
That bullet...
I've seen it before.
The pattern,
is a symbol used by the rebel forces.
An arms dealer friend of mine told me
the rebels have hired the most expensive
mercenaries out of Europe.
Whatever grudge you've got against them,
I urge you,
don't go seeking death.
47 Chinese workers
are still stuck at the Hanbond Chinese factory.
What's worse, Dr. Chen is stuck 55 km
behind enemy lines on a medical relief mission.
He's a high value target for the rebel army.
Everything is in total lockdown
from Lochino to St. Francis.
Without the UN's authorization,
my troops aren't allowed to enter the war zone.
This operation is highly important!
We have to evacuate those Chinese workers
and Dr.Chen by all means!
Under current circumstances,
combat troops are prohibited
from entering the warzone!
In order to complete the evacuation,
someone has to undertake the mission alone!
I'll go.
Stop right there.
What's your purpose?
Former PLA, South-East region,
Special Ops Brigade, Wolf Warrior squadron,
Leng Feng.
This child's mother is
at the Hanbond Chinese factory.
I know approximately where it is located.
I promise you,
I will bring your morn back.
We took care of business now, didn't we?
Ambassador Thomas, King Angola, Prince Drew.
That goddamn communications manager.
They're all gone. They all disappeared
real mysteriously.
Stop wasting my time with that crap.
Where is Dr. Chen?
Ah, Jesus.
You tell him what you told me.
Dr. Chen
is at the St. Francis Chinesenvested hospital.
Good boy.
Did you hear that?
That could be the sound of the future.
Sir, why are we helping these fucking idiots?
Welcome to Africa, son.
Alright, let's move out boys!
From the latest report,
the fighting is reaching Semshalemu harbour.
The urgency of evacuating
1536 Chinese nationals waiting there
has just been escalated.
Our vessels are heading over at top speed.
My apologies,
because the conflict is on foreign soil,
you'll have no reinforcements,
no allies and no weapons.
Dr. Chen
and the 47 Chinese workers,
evacuate them all.
My boss asked me
to find Dr. Chen.
Nobody wants to do anything!
I have to try my luck
l have
a special vision.
Let me guess...
Are you Dr. Chen?
I'm not! I'm not!
Are you Dr. Chen?
Are you Dr. Chen!?
She's a child, just a child.
I am Dr. Chen.
You are Dr. Chen?
Looks like Dr. Chen doesn't have balls.
What do you want?
I am Dr. Chen.
Dr. Rachel, no!
She's not Dr. Chen.
She's a very good doctor.
She saved so many lives.
Dr. Chen!
You just killed
Dr. Chen.
Dr. Chen!
Dr. Chen, right?
I was sent by Ambassador Fan to rescue you.
This is my daughter, Pasha.
Please, I beg you, protect her.
Dr. Chen!
Come with me!
Get in the car!
Go east!
What are you doing?!
What do you think I'm doing?
I'm saving your ass!
Let me drive!
What the hell!
Turn around!
Are you 0k?!
Are you ok?
Are you ok?
Are you ok?
Are you ok?
You want food?
We have food.
We have food, ok?
We have food.
Are you ok?
Thank you.
Is that from the quarantine zone?
Pasha, can you please hand me the bag?
I said, did you get that in the quarantine zone?
It's nothing.
I'm not overreacting.
If fact, it's better if I was.
Those people back there were infected
with the Lamanla virus.
Symptoms include the sudden onset of fever,
hallucinations, lesions,
cold sweats.
It's a fatal virus that's transmitted
through direct human contact.
Upon contraction,
death strikes between four hours and five months.
Up until now,
no cure has been found.
Don't worry,
I'm insured.
You're killing the Chinese?
This is big trouble.
Why are you killing the Chinese?
I thought you wanted Dr. Chen.
You found him.
I wanted him alive!
Don't you understand how important it is to me?
That girl.
I like her.
our facial recognition crew uploaded video
of this man fighting off some of the pirates.
His name is Leng.
Ex-member of
a secretive special ops unit out of China
Wolf Warrior.
The Doctors Without Borders
were killed by armed mercenaries.
The lives of Dr. Chen
and other Chinese medical staff were sacrificed.
Comrade Leng,
do you stand by what you're saying?
Are you certain you witnessed
the massacre or our medical team?
I'm certain.
Dr. Chen gave me his daughter before he died.
An African girl.
Her name is Pasha.
Oh, and a nurse too.
What's your name?
You can call me Rachel.
Doctor Rachel. I'm not a nurse.
Report the situation
to Ambassador Fan immediately.
Yes sir.
may I speak to my son please?
Godfather, godfather!
Where's my morn? Where's my mom?
Hey, Tundu, Tundu!
Trust me, trust your godfather.
We are going to the Hanbond Chinese factory
to find your morn right now, ok?
Thank you godfather.
Thank you godfather.
Leng, I have some bad news for you.
The rebel army is sabotaging all major roads,
railways and bridges.
As of 10 minutes ago,
your only route to the port,
the Bowerneja bridge,
was bombed.
We're formulating an escape plan now.
But until then, you're on your own.
Set your watch.
The maximum time we can wait is 18 hours.
After that, we'll be forced to leave.
My deepest apologies.
I have the responsibility to everyone onboard.
I understand
You're going to the Chinese factory?
We should go to the American Consulate.
The US marines are stationed there.
That's our safest bet.
You think the US marines are the best in the world?
That may be true, but where are they now?
I've informed the consulate of the situation.
Where are they?
Tell me exactly how you informed them?
I tweeted at them on Twitter.
Welcome to the American Consulate.
we are closed.
All foreign navy ships have left when I arrived.
As I watched them sail away from port.
Among the countless departing masts.
I saw one with the stars and stripes.
Stop the car.
Stop the car!
Stop the car, I want to get out!
Your Gls are here to get you.
lam Chinese.
I'm here for Nessa.
Tundu's morn.
Anyone home?
I've been sent here to rescue you.
By Ambassador Fan himself.
Rescue us!?
I've got 18 AK-47s,
30 M79 grenade launchers,
enough to arm a platoon.
I have a M1911 pointed at your head right now.
How the fuck are you supposed to rescue us?
Are you Leng?
Are you Leng?
Yes, yes, yes!
What about my son?
He's safe.
He's 0k?
He's 0k.
Oh, thank god!
Thank god!
He's 0k.
Morn, morn. I'm 0k, I'm ok!
Oh, thank God!
Morn, I'm ok!
Because you're on a Chinese warship.
I told you
not to sell that porn.
Here we go.
You definitely won't find
better dumplings in Africa.
I flew in a chef from China.
Fresh, just for you.
Thank you.
What're you looking at?
Seen one before?
Ever shot one of these?
This wolf here,
I killed it myself with this gun.
Who drew this map?
I instructed our head of security,
Laohe, how to do it.
It still needs some work.
come over here for a second.
Sector A to Sector D.
I've told you so many times
Why isn't it done yet?
I'll get on it right away.
write it down quickly.
As our head of security.
What if something happens during the operation?
Then what?
This is a real man's toy.
Don't be afraid.
From now on, your safety
Will be my responsibility.
Leng, thank you!
You're welcome.
Thank you so much!
You're welcome.
Thank you.
Hey kiddo,
it's super yummy.
Try this,
Hey! You brat!
I'm fine. What's the big deal?
I think she's kind of cute.
Good news.
Ambassador Fan just called.
Tomorrow, 0700 hours,
a UN rescue helicopter
will be landing at this factory
to evacuate us.
Just one?
Attention please.
Everybody listen to me.
Quiet down everyone.
Listen to me.
All Chinese employees, stand on this side.
We are only taking Chinese people.
Management goes first.
I will lead the evacuation.
Is that clear?
All the Africans please stand this side, please.
No, boss, no.
Come on, come on.
Get moving.
Get moving.
Anyone else?
Come, move
That side. That side.
What are you doing?
She's my wife. She's pregnant.
Any more Chinese?
Any other Chinese?
listen to me.
Everyone here is my employee.
I'm taking them all with me.
Come on, come on!
Don't stop. Get moving.
Get moving.
For this side,
Fellow Africans
Chinese people, this side.
She married me.
So she's one of us.
I'm taking her with me.
Move, move
Fine. Stay there.
There's perfect.
Come on! Come on!
Guys, guys, please, please move.
Stand that side, please.
Please, African friends.
Trust me
Come on, hurry up. Get moving.
You want to be on this side, yeah?
Fuck off, bro.
What's up?
Give me a line down the middle.
I want to see a clear boundary line.
Show me the line, please.
I brought the helicopter.
I call the shots.
Everyone leaves tomorrow.
Children and women leave with the chopper
The men will follow me on foot.
We leave together.
Old timer,
the defensive formation out front,
that was you, right?
You're not bad yourself.
Former People's Liberation Army of China,
14th Corps, South-West region,
Recon Company Commander.
He JianGuo.
Former People's Liberation Army,
Special Ops Brigade, South-East region,
Wolf Warrior Squadron.
Leng Feng.
At your service.
Drink in your honor.
An hour ago, these people
didn't know if they'd live to see tomorrow.
Why are they so happy?
Our African friends,
it doesn't matter if it's war,
disease or poverty,
once they're around the bonfire
all their cares go away.
Great food.
Nice scenery.
Hot women.
I don't want to ride
my father's coat tails all my life.
I love this place!
Lions, crocodiles,
AK 47s, sniper rifles,
and the melody of gunfire you
can't get in a peaceful country.
That is the most wonderful sound in the world.
Do you want to know why Pasha bit you today?
Because her father
was killed by the AK47s you so adore.
If this were you,
would you still think it's wonderful?
Oh man, look at this.
That's a big party.
I love these things.
Look at them.
Let me go!
Take out the veteran.
Athena, take out the old man.
Stay here!
Let her go!
Like ants when you lift a rock.
Help me!
They got my leg!
You're fine.
I need a reload!
What are you doing man?
Let's split up.
Damn it.
Come on!
Let's go!
Pasha, where are you?
Move out of the way,
We know you're not a soldier anymore.
What the fuck are you fighting for?
Once a Wolf Warrior
always a Wolf Warrior!
Bear, you're on point.
Athena, cover the exit.
I want this son of a bitch.
Team Charlie, spotted target. We are in pursuit.
Sir, Team Bravo has target 12 o'clock.
What the fuck?
Those idiots want us to retreat now?
This is General Auto
everyone return to base.
Return to base.
Big Daddy,
I'm ordering you to get the fuck back here now!
Hey! What the fuck are you doing?
I told you so many fucking times
that we cannot kill the Chinese!
China is a permanent member
of the UN Security Council.
And I need them on my side
if I am to take political power.
You fucking asshole!
Kill Leng,,
and find Pasha,
and you'll be the king of this fucking country.
As you command, sir!
Hold it!
Leng Feng!
Who are you?
We just fought a battle together,
what's your deal?
Brother Fan,
we were pretty safe before he got here.
Ever wonder why the rebels showed up
after he got here?
He's a friend of my son.
He came here for me.
Have you met him before?
My son always talks about him.
I trust him!
He rescued Pasha
and me earlier today at the hospital.
He's been protecting us ever since.
Let me get this straight.
You met him the same time
your doctor friend died?
People are getting killed around him
while he's unscathed.
Speak for yourself.
Get off me!
He has Lamanla!
He is my friend.
He just saved my life.
What about them?
What about them?
Last month,
The comma center 10 km away.
one person got Lamanla
In the end, the whole place was wiped out.
Everyone's life is at stake here.
Look, it's not just my opinion.
Ask them yourself.
I'll leave.
You all know what will happens
to someone infected with Lamanla.
I hope you'll always remember
this dying man
saved all of you
Shame on you!
Shame on all of you!
Leng Feng!
Leng Feng!
Leng Feng!
Leng Feng!
How confident are you with a gun?
There's no place in my team for so-so.
Trying to get me drunk so I blurt out the truth?
Will you blurt out the truth?
What are you like when you're drunk?
I'll let you buy me drinks when you come back.
You're the one who didn't come back.
Come back to bed.
Cut it out.
When I get back,
this had better be signed.
It's an easy death when you're on the attack.
But it's a hard life carrying a survivor's guilt.
But you didn't come back.
It's you who didn't come back.
You didn't come back.
Against who?
Who were we fighting yesterday?
Didn't your morn tell you that
you shouldn't play with a gun?
That was Leng,
only him alone.
It was me!
I was in the military before I worked here.
Does anyone here
look like they can shoot?
You're up.
It's a shame Dr. Chen didn't live to see this.
He discovered the presence
of self-healing properties in humans.
In extremely rare cases,
Lamanla antibodies
can be found in patients.
Among the thousands of Lamanla patients he treated
he chanced upon one such person.
And that person is Pasha.
So Pasha's not his daughter
but his patient.
From the analysis of Pasha's blood
he created an experimental vaccine.
Last night was a dire situation,
so I experimented on you,
what Dr. Chen was planning to do.
The first human trial that he was hoping for
Injecting you with Dr. Chen's
newly synthesized vaccine immunogens.
Honestly speaking,
I didn't know what would happen.
God was on our side.
The population
has lost faith in the government
to contain the outbreak.
whoever takes Pasha
takes the country easily.
That explains why
the rebel army is hot on our heels.
My dad said man walked out of
Africa 100,000 years ago.
Africa is the cradle of modern civilization.
Yet when the "evolved,
civilized" humans returned to this land,
they brought along
with them nothing but suffering,
disease and war.
and over there are the Chinese.
People from all over the world,
people like my father.
For Africa
they gave their best years.
In the end
they got to remain here for eternity
What's her name?
The person you can't seem to forget.
Long XiaoYun
She's lucky
to have a man that loves her so much.
Why didn't she come back?
I want you to round 'em up like cattle.
Make 'em feel safe. You understand me?
Yes sir
We got mountains to the west,
we got forests to the east.
Th only smart place for them to come is right here
and wait for the rescue helicopter.
I sure hope these Chinese people don't die.
I'm about the only thing that
can save them right now.
Round 'em up
Everybody, let's go! Let's go!
Move, move, move
Wait till I get out of here,
I'm going to settle the score with them.
Brother Fan,
cut the fucking bullshit.
How are we going to get out?
And besides,
what are you planning to do?
What can you even do?
Brother Fan,
in normal times, everyone gives in to you.
In battle,
no one will be giving in to us.
Shut the fuck up!
Go to hell!
how are you holding up?
Not as well as back in the day.
Your hands are for saving lives
not taking lives.
How would the Wolf Warriors fight this battle?
Didn't your mother tell you
not to play with the weap.
Didn't your mother tell yo
not to fuck with spoiled brats?
Let's go!
Here's evidence of the rebel army
killing our citizens.
Transmission received.
We will gather up all the information,
and have Ambassador Fan submit it to the UN.
Copy that.
Oh, and one more thing.
The local goverment
has offically requested for our military assistance .
The chopper will arrive shortly.
We're waiting for you.
Copy that.
Get on the chopper.
There are a lot of people here who still need me.
Lin Zhi Xiong!
Women and children must get on the chopper.
Right now I'm not a woman, I'm a doctor.
I'm more professional than you
when it comes to saving lives.
But I'm more professional
than you in protecting lives!
Pasha, are you ready to go on the helicopter?
Can you pass me some gauze please?
Get on the helicopter.
Don't be difficult, ok?
Excuse me?
Excuse you my ass.
Whoa, what was that?!
Mayday! Mayday!
Missile strike! Tail rotor lost!
I have control.
Going down!
Mayday! Mayday!
Brace! Brace!
To the bunker!
Wake up!
Come on! Come on!
Go find LaoHe.
Get up! Come on!
Get to the bunker!
Get ready!
Kill that motherfucker!
I can't aim.
This thing's so heavy!
You wanna die!?
Trigger that fuse and it'll kill us all!
Oh, check it.
Three clicks down.
They found the bunker!
I got it! I got it!
To the left.
Copy that.
We're out!
Hang on!
Son of a bitch!
Move this fucking thing.
Come on, come on!
I guess the Chinese military
ain't as lame as I thought.
Cut the crap.
Don't come out!
Track the signal and verify targets'positions!
Sir, we've triangulated on the phone's position!
Sir, targets locked on!
We've received orders from COMMAND!
Now it's personal.
Long XiaoYun.
Is that your girl?
She's pretty.
...for blood
Please don't fight!
Look at them
You're gonna die for these people.
I was born for them.
People like you will always be inferior
to people like me.
Get used to it.
Get fucking used to it.
That's fucking history.
Welcome back.
The war zone is up ahead.
We can't get through.
Unidentified vehicle convoy at three o'clock.
pass me the flag.
It's the Chinese.
Hold your fire!
Hold your fire!
It's Chinese.
Citizens of the People's Republic of China:
When you encounter danger in overseas
Don't give UP!
Please remember
There is always your home country backing you up!
Leng Feng.
I see you're enjoying your life.
Not planning on rejoining the Wolf Warriors?
Sir, the earliest flight out of here
departs next Tuesday at 14:15.
By Friday, 0900
I will report for duty sir!
There's something I need to tell you...