WolfWalkers (2020) Movie Script

- Get out of my way!
- Move!
Lord, save us.
Back. Stay back! Back.
Sweet Mother Divine, save us.
Oh, my God!
You're a Wolfwalker?
Thank you.
Wolf, wolf, kill the wolf
Hunt them far and yonder
Wolf, wolf, kill the wolf
Till all the wolves are done for
See that, Merlyn? Right on the nose.
What are you saying?
I was aiming for the nose.
I'm glad you agree.
Yes, Father?
Busy with your chores, I assume?
Yes, Father.
Practically finished.
Seems you certainly haven't been idle.
Oh, idle, no.
I've been sweeping and dusting, mopping.
Just can't keep up with it.
I wonder what range that wolf poster is.
Fifteen feet?
No way. Twenty at least.
Although, I'm not sure.
I haven't really considered it.
Too busy cleaning.
Robyn, this is our new home. The bucket
and brush are your tools now, not this.
It's so boring
being stuck in here all day.
I should be out on adventures with you,
like we did back in England.
Oh, lass. Lord Protector has strict rules.
No children beyond the walls,
you know that.
The forest is brimming with real wolves,
and it's my job to hunt them down,
not yours.
I'm not afraid of a wolf.
You've never even seen a wolf.
And I'm still not afraid.
Yes, and that's why
I must be afraid for you.
Well, I'll come with you to the gates.
I'll be back before sundown.
Stay indoors.
Time to practice our tracking, Merlyn.
Yes, now.
Pies here!
You find him, I'll follow.
Fish! Fresh fish!
Good work, Merlyn.
Howls the wolf, wolf, wolf
Hears the wolf, wolf, wolf
Run the wolf, wolf, wolf
Flee the wolf, wolf, wolf
Howls the wolf, wolf, wolf
Hears the wolf, wolf, wolf
Run the wolf, wolf, wolf
Get your pickled oysters,
whelks and periwinkles!
Wash it down with a cup of donkey's milk!
- Just two farthings.
- Where's he gone?
Excuse me. Pardon me. Coming through.
Wolf, wolf, wolf
Run the wolf, wolf, wolf
Flee the wolf, wolf, wolf
I was only gonna track you
as far as the gates.
Really? Then what?
Follow me out and slay
the pack of wolves single-handed?
Yeah, but we could hunt them together.
Wolves, bears, dragons, even!
What am I to do with you?
We could climb mountains and
see giants, meet witches who cast spells,
find mermaids and selkies, even.
Love, you and your fanciful stories.
Wolf, wolf
Hears the wolf, wolf, wolf
Howls the wolf, wolf, wolf
Run the wolf--
Howls the wolf
- Soldiers! Leg it!
- Goodfellowe! Come here a minute!
Yes, sir! Stay here, lass.
Shoot the wolf, wolf, wolf!
Hunt the wolf, wolf, wolf!
Get the wolf, wolf, wolf!
Kill the wolf, wolf, wolf!
Shoot the wolf, wolf, wolf!
Hunt the wolf, wolf, wolf!
- Get the wolf, wolf, wolf!
- Got you now, wolf.
Kill the wolf, wolf, wolf!
Shoot the wolf, wolf, wolf!
Hey, English girl. Where do you think
you're going dressed like that?
I'm a hunter.
"I'm a hunter."
Would you listen
to her fancy dancy accent?
I am a hunter. Just like my father.
He's the best hunter there is.
No, he's not. My father's the best hunter.
Yeah? Well, we're hunting wolves
for the Lord Protector.
Lord Protector put my father
in chains for nothing.
You English think you're so great,
but you're not.
You should all just go home.
But first, give us a go on your crossbow.
- You'll pay for that, English girl.
- She pushed him!
You're dead now!
- What's going on here?
- Soldier! Leg it!
Why must you wander off like that, Robyn?
I was trying to help you,
and then there was a boy,
and he said his father
was better than you,
-and then he wanted my crossbow and--
We are not so welcome in this land yet.
You're better off to stay at home
while I'm working. You're safe there.
But I'd be just as safe
out there with you.
No, Robyn! Stay inside!
Do as you're told.
It's for your own good, Robyn.
this evening, when I'm back,
you can help me make new arrows.
Tell me your stories of giants
and dragons. Would you like that?
I suppose so.
Now then, be good.
No children beyond the walls.
Lord Protector's orders.
If he could just see how good I am,
what a hunter I am,
then he'd have to let me come along.
What are you, Merlyn?
A falcon or a chicken?
Kill the wolf! Kill the wolf!
Leave me alone!
Get away from me!
Got you now, wolf!
Lads, we got a flag! Come on!
Down with the Lord Protector!
- Stop this at once!
- Get out of here!
- Get that flag!
- Get out of here, quickly!
Go on, you little rebels, you!
Well done!
Well done, boys Run! Run!
Yes, I see it.
I won't step in it.
Help! Wolf! Wolf! Help!
Wolf! Merlyn, quick, fly. Find the wolf.
- Run!
- Get back! Get back!
Get away! Get back!
Get back! Get back!
Why, shoot! For God's sake, shoot!
No! That's my bird! Leave him be!
- Robyn!
- Merlyn, he's gone!
- We have to get him back.
- You could've been eaten alive.
What were you thinking?
What are you doing out here?
- I was trying to help you.
- Help me?
I told you, you shouldn't be out here!
This is why!
- Father, they took Merlyn.
- Lass, no.
No, you're not going after him.
Not in there.
But we can't leave him.
Look, I promised your mother
I'd keep you safe.
It's all right, love.
You'll be safe back in the town. Come on.
It's for your own good.
By God, you're one lucky girl.
Did you not see?
'Twas a Wolfwalker, by Crom!
Now calm down, will you.
Everyone knows you
can't be cutting down their woods.
If you do, they'll get you.
Sure, that's the deal.
There's no deal with anyone.
Saint Patrick made it with the old pagans
and you're breaking it, you eejits!
- We need to clear the woods.
- Did you not see?
Actually, I did see the wolf attack.
The way them wolves answered her call.
Them forests is riddled with wolves,
I tell you.
Won't be long before the wolves are gone.
It won't be long before they're
inside the town walls with the hunger.
No. No, we'll tame these lands.
The Lord Protector has ordered it.
Ah, the great Lord Protector.
Renowned for being true to his word.
At least the old king kept us safe.
He's just an upstart. Lord Protector.
Lord Protector.
Protector of what?
Come here!
If you have grievances,
you should speak with me directly.
What are you doing? No!
-Get your hands off of--
-Hold still!
- Jesus, Mary and Joseph. This is a joke.
- Get in.
Let me out of here!
I did nothing wrong!
By Crom! The devil take your head!
- Another wolf attack?
- Aye, my lord.
A few more like him and we have
another rebellion on our hands.
If we do not clear the trees,
the farmers cannot work the land,
and the woodcutters cannot clear the trees
with these wolves.
- This is not acceptable.
- Aye, my lord.
We must show them
the wolves are no threat.
They're just beasts. Finish them.
Yes, my lord.
And this is your girl, yes?
It is, my lord. Robyn.
There should be no child beyond the walls.
Why is she not in the scullery?
My lord, she doesn't work there.
You! See to it that the girl
reports to the scullery.
Do as the Lord Protector commands, lass.
I ride out to deal
with the revolt in the south.
When I return, I want all the wolves
gone from this forest.
- Yes, my lord.
- Goodfellowe, you have two days.
Don't waste them.
Hey, girl.
The one who took your bird,
I've seen her before.
A while back with her mammy.
Cross my heart,
she's one of them Wolfwalkers.
Yeah, Wolfwalkers.
The ones that can talk to wolves, like.
But you know, they can heal as well.
Her mother healed me with some wild magic.
Maybe she'll fix your bird up.
Maybe she'll eat him.
- I don't know.
- I need to get him back.
I'd say once we're behind them walls,
neither of us is going anywhere.
Can you keep a secret?
My sheep.
Lads, you didn't
lock that gate right at all.
You let them sheep out, didn't you?
Oh, yeah. Blame me for that too.
Everything is Sen g's fault!
Get back in the cart, you.
I feel like stretching my legs!
- Help me with my sheep, you langers!
- I'll show them out!
Oi! Get him!
Hey, whatever your name is,
get back in that cart!
Round up those sheep.
Off of me! Have you no manners at all?
Get back in there, you!
An extra week in the stocks for that.
- Where's the girl gone?
- Don't see her.
Maybe in the woods.
You two, look out for a girl.
She ran into the forest.
Get her and bring her back to the castle.
Lord Protector's orders.
- Yes, sir.
- Devil take--
English soldiers. Who do they think
they are? Bossing us around.
- What was that?
- Nothing!
Get a move on!
Yes, sir!
Merlyn? Merlyn!
Wolf, wolf
Kill the wolf
Hunt them far and yonder
Wolf, wolf
Kill the wolf
Till all the wolves are done for
Look at you. You're good as new,
aren't you? How's that?
I'm so glad you're not hurt.
How did they heal your wing?
It was that girl, wasn't it?
What did she do?
Oh, I was afraid she was gonna eat you.
Stay back, now! Back! I'll shoot!
Merlyn. Merlyn, what are you doing?
Get away, wolf! I swear, I'll--
Merlyn, stop that! No! Wha--
Stay away, wolf.
No. Get away.
No! Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.
Get back! I'm gonna get you!
Get away, wolf!
Merlyn! Wait!
You can come out now.
We can smell you. Yeah, you stink.
I knew you were here.
Come out of your hidey-hole.
Let's see you.
Don't kill me.
I do what I like. Come here.
You're a--
A Wolfwalker. So what?
You should thank me.
- Why?
- I saved your life.
Saved me? You bit me!
Well, you kicked me
in the gob enough times.
Well, you were attacking me.
I was trying to get you out of that trap.
And anyway, you came into my woods.
Your woods? They're our woods.
Your wolves are attacking the woodcutters
and the sheep.
They should be staying closer to the town
and so should you, townie.
Now give us a look at you.
- Are you seeing things?
- Get off me!
- How's your smell?
- Stop it!
Smells like townie. Any extra fur?
That's mine! Get away!
Now, stop moving and let me fix it
before it's too late.
Hey, get off me!
Will you stop? Let me fix it!
But what?
Well, fixed now. Never happened.
Off you go.
You did heal Merlyn.
Yeah. I fixed you and your bird
and saved your life.
You're welcome, townie. Bye!
No, wait. Who's that?
Is she your... your mother?
You better go or the wolves will eat you.
What? But I don't--
Oh, no. Too late. They're gonna eat you!
Run away, townie girl!
The wolves are after you!
Can't get away from us, townie!
Get away from me!
But you're so slow.
Scared of your shadows, you are.
What would a townie know about wolves?
Why do you have so much stuff?
Hey, stop! That's my gear for hunting!
Oh, a hunter. A little girl like you?
Well, you're a girl too.
I'm no girl! I'm a Wolfwalker!
Up you go!
When I sleeps, I'm a wolf.
When I'm awake, I'm me, Mebh!
Mebh g MacTire!
What's your name, anyway?
- Robyn.
- Robyn?
I like birdies.
I climb so high to catch them.
I'm too smart for them, though.
They can't get away from me for long.
Caught again. Some hunter.
That's two for me, none for you.
Stop being so annoying.
It's not funny, you know.
Let me down!
All right, townie.
If you say so.
No, wait!
Stop calling me "townie."
All right, Robyn.
Back home with you. Fun's over.
Well, Mebh Ogamacatemera, your idea--
- Do you hear that?
- What?
A man. I'll get rid of him.
A man? Oh, no. Father.
Just one townie.
I'll give him a bit of a scare.
No, stop.
That was too close.
What are you so scared of?
We have a pack of wolves with us.
Hey, I told you.
You can't go out in the daytime.
Mammy said so. Go back to bed.
Is that your mummy back in the cave?
Of course! Sure don't I look like her?
And are any of the other wolves
people too?
No. Jeepers! Are you mad?
How big do you think my family is?
I'm not supposed to be out here.
Listen, I've got to get back.
Great, I'm mad to get rid of you.
Close your eyes.
What? Why?
Don't want you coming
back to my den. It's secret.
But I already found it.
Just shut up and walk.
I'll point you back to the town.
No, I need my crossbow back first.
What do you need that for?
Shooting your bird again?
No, shooting...
Never mind.
This way, hunter-townie-Robyn-girl.
Hey! Stop pushing so fast.
Will you stop complaining?
Smell that?
Town tasties.
"Town tasties"?
What? Where's she gone now?
What did you tell them?
Just she's going home, isn't she?
'Tis obvious.
Ned, say if that wolf bit her, like,
could she turn into one of them?
A wolf?
No. One of them half-wolf,
half-witch, half-people?
Wolfwalkers? Will you stop?
We are cutting down their woods, Ned.
Shouldn't be doing it.
Save me from that nonsense.
Sen g and the soldiers making us.
But if old Lord Ironside
doesn't sort out those wolves,
it won't just be us
who'll stop taking his orders.
No more orders for me, Ned.
Those town tasties are mine.
I'm not after that.
I need my crossbow back.
Oh. All right.
But those town tasties are mine.
- No stuck-up lord in our city again.
- No, we won't, Ned.
- What?
- What is it, Ned?
The wind, maybe.
Hey, what did you do with the spuds?
The spuds, Ned? Hey, the bread's gone too.
No spuds and no bread?
- My hat. Give me my hat.
- My bread. Give me that.
There's someone in there! What the...
My milk!
Something took my milk!
Go! Go! Go!
They nearly caught us.
Nobody can catch me, townie.
How can you stand living in there?
All the smells.
It is pretty smelly.
I don't like being stuck in there.
I miss England.
What's an "England"?
I used to live there.
I could go wherever I wanted,
play with my friends.
It was really nice.
Sounds like the forest.
Merlyn and I even used to help Father
hunt for food.
Now he wants me to stay in town
all the time.
Stay here in the forest. It's great.
- Loads of running.
- Playing.
Eating, messing, climbing.
I can't. I can't leave my father.
He has to work for the Lord Protector
Mebh, you can't stay in the forest either.
They're cutting it all down.
No way! I'll scare them off.
The Lord Protector wants the wolves gone.
Dead! You have to leave.
We were leaving. Me, Mammy, with the pack.
What stopped you?
- Mammy went off.
- As a wolf?
Yeah, to find us a new place to live.
I'm sure it's some huge den
with no stinkers around and loads of food.
It's going to be amazing!
So then, where is she?
Do you think she got caught?
No. She's fine. Nobody can catch my mammy.
And anyway, if she was caught by those
stinkers, I'd get my wolves to eat them!
So, you're waiting for her to come back?
It's just her and me in the whole world.
Like me and Father.
But what if they find the den?
No, they won't. Nobody has.
Well, I did.
Yeah. Only 'cause I let you.
I have to tell my father about you.
He didn't know--
We didn't know that Wolfwalkers are real.
That you were people. I better get back.
Look, I'm gonna help you.
Wait for me at the big tree tomorrow.
I'll bring you some bread--
I mean, some "town tasties."
All right so. Smell you later, townie.
Not if I smell you first.
'Tis yourself.
So, they didn't eat you? That's great.
You were right. That girl healed Merlyn.
Didn't she, now? I told you.
I better get back.
So, you'll know where to find me anyways
if you're looking for me.
I've got to convince him.
We need to tidy this place up
before he gets back.
"My, Robyn, this place is sparkling."
Thank you, Father.
Take a seat. Put up your feet.
"Don't mind if I do, lass."
Hard day hunting?
"Aye. Not a sniff of wolf out there."
Well, what if I told you
I can get all the wolves to leave
and we don't even have to kill them?
"I'd say you're telling tall tales again."
Oh, but I'm not.
Now, promise me you won't get angry.
"I promise."
You see, I met a girl in the forest
who has magic healing powers.
She healed Merlyn.
And she's a Wolfwalker.
"A Wolfwalker?"
It's true. When she sleeps,
she turns into a wolf.
She can talk to the wolves.
Her and her mother were
going to take the wolves away,
- but her mother went missing.
- "Missing? Poor thing."
I know, but if we can
help her find her mother,
then they can
all leave the forest together,
and you will have done your duty
to the Lord Protector.
"Oh, brilliant, lass.
Absolutely brilliant.
Thank you. Our problems are solved.
We can go back to how things used to be."
My girl, come here to me.
Are you all right? How are you
after that wolf attack? A bit shaken?
No, I'm fine.
Take a seat. Put up your feet.
That's nice.
And how was your scullery work?
You must be tired, love.
Well, about that.
What if I told you I could--
And Merlyn is back.
My, you've had quite the day, lass.
Yes, I have. But what if I told you--
My day has been awful.
Every trap I set this week
has either been broken or sprung.
Never seen the like of these wolves.
Father, what if I told you
I can get all the wolves to leave
and you don't even have to kill them?
Now, promise you won't get angry with me.
Go on.
You didn't promise.
I know. Go on. Tell me.
-You see, I went back to find Merlyn--
-You were out in the woods?
Father, listen. She's one of them.
A Wolfwalker,
like the woodcutter said. They're real!
- You went back?
- But, Father--
You left the scullery?
Well, I didn't actually
get to the scullery.
What? The Lord Protector ordered--
-If we can just find her mother and--
You have to follow
the Lord Protector's rules.
He gave you a direct order
and you disobeyed him.
Have you no fear of the stocks?
We need to work together
to stay in this town, lass.
I'll bring you to the scullery
tomorrow myself.
But please,
I thought you would understand.
I can help you. If we just--
Help me by doing your work
and staying in town, away from danger.
Now, promise me.
I promise, Father.
All right. Now, go to your bed.
Mother would have listened to me.
She would have wanted you safe, Robyn.
Sleep well.
We'll find a way to help her, Merlyn.
- Robyn?
- Father?
- You all right?
- It's nothing.
Just a bad dream.
Well, should make an early start of it,
both of us. Let's go.
Nice to have a new girl joining us.
- Keep an eye on her.
- Aye.
- She's to work the full day.
- Aye, aye.
- Work is prayer, Robyn.
- 'Tis all right, child.
Sure wasn't I only half your age
when I started here.
Just do what you're told now,
and you'll be grand.
It's for your own good, lass.
Work is prayer, girl.
Better if you don't stop.
Oh, no.
Jesus, Mary, Joseph.
Get yourself out of this room, girl.
The Lord Protector has forbidden
anyone from entering.
You're lucky 'tis me that found you,
child, not His Lordship.
Put you in the stocks, he would.
The Lord Protector expects his rules
to be followed. Remember that tomorrow.
Now, off home with you.
Oh, now. There you are.
Did you see your new friend again?
Come in.
You'll catch your death out there.
Are you a hunter or a housemaid?
Work is prayer, Robyn.
Then I prayed the whole Bible.
Good lass.
This is still new for you,
but it's a righteous life
for a young lady.
Well, it's no life for me.
I can get the Wolfwalkers to leave.
You just need to listen to me--
Robyn Goodfellowe, enough of your stories.
I can go look for her--
You must do as you're told.
No more fairy tales.
-But the--
-No buts.
-The Wolfwalkers--
-Wolfwalkers are not real.
They are real. Right, Merlyn?
Merlyn, can you smell that?
Merlyn, what's happened to you?
I can see your scent.
What? Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no, no.
What? What do I do? How did this happen?
Oh, no, no, no.
- Wolf! Wolf! Robyn, wake up!
- Father, help!
No, no, no, Father. It's me! Father!
What was that?
Did you see that?
- Mebh!
- Robyn!
Something's happened to me.
Yeah, I can see that.
I thought I'd fixed the bite.
I thought you'd be fine.
Mammy's gonna kill me.
Well, my father will kill me.
Hey! Calm down and give her room!
Anyway, sin . That's it.
Now, I see you like this. It's flipping
great! I thought we were the last ones.
It's great? I'm a Wolfwalker!
I know! Mammy said this would be bad,
like, never to bite anyone, but I love it!
Is maith sin!
It is bad. I'll get killed like this.
What about my body?
It's asleep. Nice and cozy.
Look, you're a wolf when you sleep,
a girl when you're awake. No big deal!
But the soldiers, and my father...
Don't worry about that.
Learn how to be a wolf first. Come on.
Why do you want to be a human?
Being a wolf is way better. I'll show you.
Can you smell me?
Of course. Everybody can.
Well, close your eyes.
You don't need your eyes to see.
And you can hear
every little thing that moves.
And your paws can hear through the earth.
But don't you know
We're stronger now
My heart still beats
And you have four legs now,
so you can run really fast
and jump so high!
And my mind still fears
Hey, wait for me!
But we're running out of time
Keep your nose down! Be a wolf!
All the echoes in my mind cry
There's blood on your lies
And the scars open wide
There is nowhere for you to hide
The hunter's moon is shining
I'm running with the wolves tonight
I'm running with the wolves
I'm running with the wolves tonight
I'm running with the wolves
I'm running with the
Are you letting them out?
The forest is ours at night.
Wait till you see.
My spirit talks
I'm everything
But we're running out of time
All the echoes in my mind cry
There's blood on your lies
And the scars open wide
There is nowhere for you to hide
The hunter's moon is shining
I'm running with the wolves tonight
I'm running with the wolves
I'm running with the wolves tonight
I'm running with the wolves
I'm running with the
I'm running with the
I'm running with the wolves
I'm running with the
I'm running with the
I'm running with the
I'm running with the wolves
I'm running with the wolves tonight
I'm running with the wolves
I'm running with the wolves tonight
I'm running with the wolves
I'm running with the
Well, townie, this is as far as we go.
The woods are getting smaller every day.
I know. I try and scare them off...
but they just don't get it.
How about that?
A lot of smelly people there.
Hey, I'm in there.
Fast asleep, snoring away.
I better go back. I'm scared, Mebh.
Yeah. The town's no place for a wolf.
I know. If they don't shoot me,
they'll cage me.
Mebh, your mother.
Do you think that they might've--
No! Nobody can catch my mammy.
Sorry. How long has she been gone?
She's all right. She'll be back soon.
She promised.
Well, don't worry. Wherever she is,
we'll find her. I can help you.
Yeah! There's two of us now.
I'll sneak out
and meet you back here tomorrow.
I'll be waiting for you, again!
Mebh, we'll find her.
Then you can all leave and be safe.
You promise?
I promise.
Hey, wolf! Get it!
Wolf, there! Shoot!
Wolf! Wolf in the town!
- Wolf!
- Wolf in the town!
Oh, my God!
Lord Protector won't be happy!
- Open it now!
- The wolf!
Get it, now!
- Yes, sir!
- Load your muskets! Surround the beast!
- Kill the wolf!
- Kill the wolf!
Kill it! Kill the beast!
Get rid of that wolf!
Goodfellowe, what is this?
Enough! I will deal with this wolf myself.
Now, back to your beds.
- Do you see it?
- Where'd it go?
Keep looking. It's here somewhere.
That scent.
- I knew it!
- Wolf in the castle!
Do you see it?
Search every corner.
Don't let it get away!
Girl, here. Quick.
Only a Wolfwalker can make another.
When did it happen to you? Where?
Is the wolf that bit you near?
Is she all right?
Is she alive? Where is Mebh?
You're Mebh's mother.
Wait till I tell her I found you.
She'll be so happy.
She's waiting for you in the forest.
You mean she's still here? In the woods?
No, no, no! She must go!
But we have to rescue you.
How do I get you out?
Wolf! Wolf in the castle!
You'll be killed like this.
Listen, girl, get back
to your human body right away.
If I can just get the--
She should never have bitten you.
Get Mebh and leave.
It's not safe for our kind here.
- But Mebh won't leave without you.
- She must not come for me.
She must not wait for me.
She must run. And you too, girl.
Lord, what must I do?
I left to quell rebellion
and returned to more.
This wild land must be civilized.
That is Your will.
So, wolf,
tomorrow I will show them
I have tamed you,
just as I will tame this land.
They will have nothing to fear
if they trust in the Lord's will.
-What the--
Tell Mebh to lead the pack to safety.
Go! Now!
How do I do this?
Come on, come on.
Come on.
Robyn, are you awake?
- What, Father?
- There was a wolf here in our chambers.
Got in while you were sleeping.
It could have taken you.
Father, I was--
This world is such a dangerous
place for you, lass.
- I promised I would keep you safe.
- But that--
- Come with us.
- Lord Protector wants a word with you.
Back, I say!
Ironsides! What are you doing about it?
A wolf here, threatening the town.
It got inside the castle
in my very chambers.
- This is intolerable.
- Sir, I--
Enough! You have failed.
You are no hunter.
From now on, you will serve in my ranks
as a foot soldier.
- Townspeople! Order, please! Order! Order!
- Silence.
Tomorrow, I will show you all.
I will tame this land.
I will find that den.
Every last wolf will be destroyed.
No! Stop!
There is another way!
Release her, the Wolfwalker.
Please! You must listen!
Take her to the stocks.
- No! Sir, please!
- Stop that!
She's just a child.
And I know these woods.
- I can still help you on your mission.
- Silence!
It's safe now! Go to your beds!
Tomorrow, I will make good on my word.
Guards! Guards!
- Move it! Move along, now!
- Get out of here!
I will give you both one more chance.
Follow your orders
or you'll be off to war.
Yes, my lord.
And, girl, come here.
Never speak of such pagan nonsense
in this town.
Follow the rules or you will never see
your father again. Do you understand?
Yes, my lord.
Double the guard. Bar the gate.
No more wolves inside these walls.
Yes, sir. On the double!
Listen to me. We must follow our orders
if we are to stay together.
You must do as you're told, my girl.
Made a new friend, Mammy.
A townie, but a nice one.
Her name is Robyn.
She's taller than me, but I'm stronger.
And she brushed my hair
and gave me this flower.
And she's from a place called England.
And we're gonna meet
by the oak tree tomorrow.
And she promised to help.
And-- Where are you?
You promised you'd come back,
but it's been so long now.
Are you lost?
Has something happened to you?
Robyn will help me find you, Mammy.
She promised.
There's two of us now.
Seoithn seoth
Seoithn seoth
Robyn, time for work.
Merlyn, I can't get out to Mebh.
Find her. Tell her to leave.
Lead her away. She must go.
At least you can be free.
It's for your own good, lass.
Birdie! About time.
Robyn, what you took you so long?
Robyn! Where are you?
What do you mean
she can't come out of the town?
I'm not leaving. She promised.
Help me find her, Merlyn.
Where were you?
Mebh, what are you doing here?
I waited for ages!
You're supposed to be gone from here.
I sent Merlyn to tell you.
What's that, girl? Who are you talking to?
I've forgotten about them knots.
They're supposed to be done.
You must go, Mebh.
Lead the pack away to safety.
I told you. I'm not leaving
without my mammy.
Mebh, you have to listen to me.
You must leave the forest.
Take the wolves and go.
But... you said you'd help me.
- I am helping you, the only way I can.
- You promised.
The Lord Protector will burn the woods.
He will kill all the wolves by sunset.
You have to get them out.
Do you understand?
Now go.
You said you would help me. You promised.
Go, Mebh. Take Merlyn with you. Goodbye.
I hear he's got a wolf.
I hear it's a giant beast to behold.
Much bigger than a wolf.
- Mammy?
- Won't that be a sight.
Do you suppose he's going to kill it?
Oh, yes. 'Tis a monster.
- Mammy!
- Crazy child!
- Careful, girl!
- Watch out!
You'll hurt someone like that.
Come on now, ladies.
Everyone's to go to the courtyard.
The Lord Protector wants
everyone outside, girl. Come on.
They brought out that big cage.
'Tis up on a stage.
Oh, no.
Listen to me! I'm the best soldier!
Push! Push! A little further.
Good. That's enough. Step away.
Return to your positions.
- Mebh, stop! Please.
- My mammy's here! Get off of me!
Mebh. No!
People of Kilkenny,
I have heard your concerns.
Wolf attacks, livestock lost,
a wolf running through our very streets.
- But listen to me. Have no fear.
- Mebh, stop.
Get off of me!
You must get out of here now.
Let me go. Let me go.
Hey! Hey! Over here! I've caught a wolf.
- ...a civilized country.
- Look! She caught the wolf.
We cannot be...
My fellow hunters,
we have a new wolf to kill.
No. No! Get off of me!
I have to find my mammy. Get away from me.
Robyn, stop. What are you doing?
I'm gonna eat you all! Let me out!
Mebh, your mother told me
to keep you safe.
You liar! You knew!
This is for your own good. I'm sorry.
Get the wolf, wolf...
I have been sent here by the Lord himself
to conquer the wild.
And I will show you it can be tamed.
- Wolf!
- Mammy!
- Kill the wolf!
- Kill the wolf!
Kill the wolf!
Kill the beast!
He has got a wolf.
Enough! That's enough! Calm! Calm!
You have nothing to fear from this beast.
Now, open the gate.
- Kill that wolf.
- Come on now.
You see? This once wild creature
is now tamed.
Obedient. A mere faithful servant.
I will rid our land
of all its wretched kind.
Mammy. Mammy! Mammy!
Mebh, no!
- Hey!
- Mammy, Mammy. It's me. I'm here.
- What's this? What's going on here?
- I'm here, Mammy.
Let her go! That's my mammy!
Let her go!
Goodfellowe, take charge
of this wild thing.
Goodfellowe, can you not catch anything?
What are you doing?
Collar that demon
and put her in the stock.
Father! No!
- Guards!
- Stop!
Don't move.
Hold it right there, you wildling.
Father! Don't! No!
Robyn! Stay back!
Father, stop! This is wrong!
Robyn! Get away from here!
- A soldier's been bitten!
- Father!
The wolf bit him!
Pull it back. Pull it back.
- Whoa!
- That's it.
- Whoa!
- Lock it up!
- Oh, no, you don't!
- Cover it, now!
Mammy. What have they done?
Come here, you!
I am a Wolfwalker!
I'm getting my wolves
and coming back for my mammy!
Then we'll eat you all!
People! Listen to me. Listen to me.
Do not fear wild girls and wolves
because tonight we put an end to this.
I will burn this forest to the ground.
I will lead cannons
to the den of these beasts
- and send them all to hell.
- No!
We shall prevail. It is the Lord's will.
- Prepare a squadron.
- Yes, sir.
- Move along.
- Get a move on.
Move along.
Goodfellowe, what have you become?
You can't even catch a little girl?
Prove yourself a worthy soldier tonight
or tomorrow you are in chains.
Now, put an end to that wild beast.
What cannot be tamed must be destroyed.
No, please. You can't.
Robyn! Stop this.
And for heaven's sake, put manners on
that girl, or manners will be put on her.
- Over here. Come on.
- Steady, steady. Move along.
- Come on, lads. Let's go...
- Off home, you lot.
Off the castle grounds.
No, please. Father, please don't.
Enough. Robyn, return to your duties.
- But you can't.
- Now, girl!
Hurry! With that weapon,
our victory is at hand.
Robyn, what are you doing, girl?
The Lord Protector will have us in chains.
He's wrong, Father. All this is wrong.
Don't you see that?
Robyn, step aside.
We must do what we're told.
Why, Father? Why?
I'm afraid.
I'm afraid.
I won't be here to protect you forever.
I'm so afraid that one day
you will end up in a cage.
But I already am in a cage.
Wolves! Wolves!
Wolves! Wolves!
What is happening?
I'm sorry, Father.
- The beast is loose!
- What the...
Grab her!
Cover the gate!
- Lower the gate!
- Incoming!
- No!
- Don't let it get away!
I tried to stop her, but I failed.
She's gonna get herself killed.
It's coming this way!
Go on, then!
Shut the gates!
Draw the bridge up!
Ready your arms!
Aim for the beast!
- Wolf!
- Watch out!
It's time for us to attack those townies!
Let's eat them all!
They have my--
Mammy! Mammy.
Mammy, you're back.
I thought I would never see you again...
until this one freed me.
Mebh, I'm so sorry.
I was only trying to keep you safe.
Trying to help. I didn't know what to do.
I was...
I'm sorry, Mebh.
Come here to me, townie.
I'm not a townie anymore, Mebh.
Thanks for helping Mammy.
Mammy! No, no!
Mammy, what happened to you? No!
Mammy! Mammy! No!
- Mammy!
- Robyn! Run! Quick!
Mammy, what happened to you?
No, Father!
- Come on, Robyn!
- No, Father!
- You shot her! How could you?
- Come on! Robyn! Run!
Let me go! Mebh!
- I have to help her! Let me go!
- Back!
- I said back! Stay back!
- No!
- What have you done?
- Get back!
Get away from here!
Stop! No! Let me go!
- Robyn! No! Stay!
- Stop!
I have to help her! She's dying!
Come on, Robyn!
Let me go!
Mebh! Mebh!
No, Robyn! Why? I don't understand!
Don't you see?
I'm one of them. I'm a Wolfwalker.
No, Robyn. Please.
Stay with me. I can't let you go.
- Forward!
- Ready arms.
Goodfellowe, have you lost your senses?
What is going on here?
Robyn, she's gone.
- Chain him. We'll deal with him later.
- Yes, sir.
That's a fresh track.
Move on! Burn it all!
Yes, sir. Forward.
- Hold still.
- Forward.
- Burn the woods!
- Burn it down!
Oh, God, what have I done?
Robyn... Robyn, wake up, please. Please.
Please, Mammy, breathe.
I've never healed anything this
bad before. It's gonna take time.
I'm not leaving you, Mammy.
I'll hold them off.
Follow her.
- Watch it, boys!
- Ready arms!
Get ready to march!
They're in there! Advance!
Aye, sir! Forward, men!
Continue onward. Push, men! Push!
We can drive them back. We are wolves!
- Formation!
- They have guns. A cannon.
But don't be afraid.
They're in our forest. Let's go!
- Brave on!
- Push, men, push!
Keep going!
Load your weapons.
- Burn them out. Pick them off!
- Yes, sir!
- Spread out!
- More fire!
- Over here!
- Burn it!
- Burn the woods!
- Onward!
- Hey, more fire over here!
- Burn it down!
What on Earth is this?
Spread out!
Get more fire going over here!
Take cover in the trees.
Use the traps.
Oh, bloody hell!
Draw their fire.
Then strike from the shadows
when they're reloading.
Report? Report?
I can't, Mammy. I can't.
I'm not strong enough.
Please, tell me what to do.
The pack. I need the pack.
What? What is that?
Dear God. What was that?
It's a Wolfwalker.
- Run! Get out of here!
- What do you think you're doing?
Reform your ranks!
Get back to your positions!
- We're surrounded.
- Run!
Have mercy! Have mercy!
Fire! Fire at will!
They're everywhere!
Robyn, go!
Gunners, don't let them get away!
Slay the foul beasts!
Quick! Everyone, down here.
I need your help.
Where's Robyn?
Men, run and you will be killed!
Follow my command and we will prevail.
The Lord is guiding us.
- Load the cannon!
- Aye, sir.
Show yourselves, you wicked creatures.
Come, meet your end.
There it is, the devil's lair!
Our victory is at hand!
Gunners, fire!
Take cover!
Get back here!
No, Robyn!
Robyn, get up.
Get up! Run!
Enough, Goodfellowe.
Foul bird!
Stop! She's just a girl.
By God's glory and punishment,
he vanquishes thee.
Robyn! No!
Lord God Almighty, protect me.
Into your arms, my Lord...
I commend my soul.
We have to help Mebh.
Please, Mammy, don't go. Don't go.
Don't leave me again.
I tried. I really tried,
but I'm just not strong enough.
I need her.
I can help like I promised.
Mebh, there's two of us now.
There's two of us now.
Show me what to do, Mebh.
I don't know how.
I'll show you. Follow me.
- What is that?
- Sorcery.
Do you hear that?
'Tis lovely music altogether.
- Mebh.
- Mammy.
Mebh, my little wolf.
Mammy, you're back.
I thought you were gone again.
I've missed you.
Thank you, mo chara.
My friend.
Don't go.
Stay, please.
You're one of us.
Father, you're in our pack now.
All is well, my love.
All is well, Father.
Come on!
Race you!
Wolf, wolf
Howls the wolf
Wolf, wolf, run free
Wolf, wolf
Howls the wolf
Run free
Run free
Run free
Wolf, wolf
Howls the wolf
Wolf, wolf, run free
Wolf, wolf
Howls the wolf
Run free
Run free
The wolf will leave from child asleep
The wolf will run till rising sun
The wolf will guide you in your dreams
Run free
Wolf, wolf
Howls the wolf
Wolf, wolf, run free
Wolf, wolf
Howls the wolf
Run free
Run free
Run free
Wolf, wolf
Howls the wolf
Wolf, wolf, run free
Wolf, wolf, howls the wolf
Run free
Wolf, wolf, howls the wolf
Wolf, wolf, howls the wolf
Run free
Run free